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Warning - This article contains passages which are sexually explicit and contain graphic descriptions of sexual acts. If you are under the age of 18 or are offended by such material, please read do not read this article. If you are a parent of a child under the age of 18, please take appropriate measures to ensure your child does not have the opportunity to read this article.

Begin Chapter One.

The last thing I remember is that awesome looking redheaded chick offering me a cigarette. I don't even think I finished it before the room started spinning around me. Someone helped me to a car and then the world went dark. By the size of the lump on my forehead, it went dark before they could get me into the the back seat. Damn.

I woke up in a dark room on what felt like an Army cot. A tiny beam of light fell right in my eyes. Using my hand, I followed it to its source. It came from a tiny scratch in the paint of a painted-over window in a locked (LOCKED?!!!) door. I started hammering on the door and yelling for someone to let me out. Pretty soon, I heard a key in the door. It opened, blinding me.

"Step away from th'door!" a deep voice shouted. Siilhouetted in the door frame were two beefy men with what appeared to be clubs of some sort. I'm not the kind of guy who backs down from a fight, but my head was still spinning like a top, so I decided to wait and find out what was going on.

Beefy guy #1 stepped in and grabbed my shirt front (hey! who took my shirt and gave me this piece of crap T-shirt?!). "Awake are ye? We'll that's nobbut a wee problem. W'all just put ye to work if yer so to mind, then." He spoke with a gaelic accent, maybe Irish or Scottish. He grabbed my left arm and twisted it behind my back and marched me out of the room. The one time I tried to ask what the hell was going on, Beefy guy #2 gave me a fist in my gut for my trouble. I shut up quick.

After about five minutes of walking down a brightly-lit hallway, we came to what appeared to be a factory. I couldn't really see it too well, but hundreds of men were lined up in front of what looked like low conveyer belts or troughs or something. All of them were hunched over and sawing at something or pulling or whatever. I couldn't tell. It stank like hell. Nobody had told these guys about showering, I guess. There were all kinds from tall athletic looking dudes to short balding accountant types. They all seemed pretty interested in what they were doing. Nobody turned around to look at me,.

Beffy Guy #1 pulled me over to an empty spot between two nebishy pencil-necked geeks. Then I saw what all the guys were doing: they were jacking off! No way! I thought to myself. What the hell is going on here? "Get ye to work, now. Yer quota is five loads, and ye get nae dinner 'till yer done." I got the picture, but why in hell did he think I'd do what he said? True, he did have just my left arm twisted behind my back, leaving the other free for "work," but I there was no way I'd stand in between two guys and wack the weasel into- I leaned over and took a closer look- a ceramic trough!

"Listen, now. If ye dinna do as I tell ye, I'll have to call the missus," growled my large friend. "Ye don't want to be on her bad side." "Aye, that ye don't," agreed his partner.

I had had enough. "Listen guys," I don't know who you are or why you have me here, but somebody's going to be in big trouble when the police find out about this place!"

"The police aren't going to find out about this place, and if they did they couldn't get here," said a woman's voice behind me. I twisted in my captor's grip and looked back to see the same redhead from the bar. Only now she was wearing a tight rubber getup that would have given me one hell of a hardon if I hadn't been surrounded by hundreds of guys jacking off. No wonder the air smelled like a junior-high boys locker room!

"Boys, you can let go of him. It's his first day, and besides, I'd like to do the honors myself. This one's quite the man, don't you think?" She almost cooed the words. The accent was there, but you couldn't really hear it unless you listened really closely. Under different circumstances, I'd find it very sexy. Especially when it was connected with a face like an angel and a body like a texas tittie-bar dancer. Even with my head still realling from whatever was in that cigarette, I couldn't help staring at her.

"Aye, missus. To be sure, missus," the two lugs fairly fell over each other trying to defer to the woman. They let go of me and backed away In his haste to obey, one of them to bumped into a guy just as he was cuming, causing the sperm to fly wildly, soaking the man next to him.

"You IDIOTS!!! Look what you did!" screamed the woman. With a motion too fast for me to follow, she pushed me aside and slapped the face of Beefy Guy #2 (he was the one who caused the "aiming problem"). Shreds of flesh fell down his face, and blood started to flow. Holding his face, he ran back towards the hallway I had come from. She turned to me. "Come along, now. I don't have all day!"

I guess I was still woozy, or maybe I was just being stupid. Hell, maybe I couldn't stand the sight of that tight ass swaying in front of me without following it to get a better look. Whatever the reason, I took off after her. She was a fast walker, but I definitely enjoyed the view. After a while, we got to a carpeted area which lead to a series of offices.

We entered one of the offices. Nice. Whatever you could say about this lady, it wasn't that she didn't have style. The office was big, and decorated with tapestries and various objects d'art. There was a large conference table and a sectional couch with leather cushions. "I hope you got an eyeful of my ass," she quipped, "didn't your mother tell you it's not polite to stare?"

"To hell with that, lady." I said. "Just tell me what's going on here and then let me get the hell out."

"Well, I'm afraid you're not going anywhere, but I'd be glad to tell you what we're doing here. You see, we're on a farm and you're a farm animal. You're like a cow, really, except that you'll do your own milking." (I think I knew what that meant). "Today, however, I think I'd like to do the milking for you, just to get you into the swing of things. Sit down on that couch over there and take your trousers off."

"Hell no! What's to stop me from just walking out of this little farm of yours?" I was getting really angry, and the buzz was wearing off. I took a couple of steps toward the door, but before I could reach it, she lept in front of me. I couldn't believe how fast she was! I could have sworn I was at least 10 feet closer to the door than she was, but she got there before I even knew she had moved.

"Listen. I'm going to give you one more chance. Take off your trousers and sit down on that couch! You aren't going anywhere. If you did manage to get more than ten feet before I rip you to shreds, where are you going to go. Look!" She touched a plate on the wall and the curtains on the far side of the office opened. Outside the window I saw blackness, and then stars, and then a tiny blue round disc. I looked harder and realized what that disc was: the Earth. I was in space! I fell backwards onto the couch without even thinking.

"Close enough, big boy." She quiped. She dropped to her knees and crawled over sensuously. She ran her hands up my legs and with a savage rip, she pulled the loose hospital-style trousers I had been dressed in off me. I looked down. The pants were in shreds. I took a closer look at her hands and saw that her nails were as sharp as claws, and made of some shiney metallic substance. I edged back as if I could disappear into the couch.

"No need to be afraid. Mommy won't hurt her little boy." She chuckled. With a leap, she buried her head in my lap. My cock, still soft (hell, I'll admit it- it was soft with fear!) was sucked into her mouth whole. She pulled off, and I could feel my cock starting to expand. "That's right. Get nice and hard. I'm going to have a real feast tonight, and you're the main course."

"What the heck?" I thought as her lips surrounded my now fully erect cock. "I might as well enjoy myself before I get thrown into hard vacuum." And vacuum it was, because her mouth was sucking so hard on my cock I thought it was going to burst. Then she started with the deepthroat. Her hands were all over me, massaging my balls, pinching my nipples. Although I'm not known for being a hair trigger, I couldn't take much of that kind of treatment. Less than a minute of hard sucking and I my super-soaker 9000 was coating her throat with hot cum. Unlike most women I've known, she didn't pull back when I started cumming- she just kept my cock deep in her throat. What a feeling!

After a few monumental spurts, I started to cum down from the mountain of sexual bliss to the valley of satiation. But apparrantly, my suckstress had another idea. She pulled off of me, grabbed my cock with one hand and my balls with another and said "that was just an appetizer. I want a full-course dinner. Get ready to give me more, or I'll tear your nuts right off. I'm eating NOW!" With that, she pulled my half-hard cock into her mouth and began sucking like a demon.

I was in agony! Her hands never left my balls, squeezing just enough to cause a little pain- a reminder that I had to produce. My cock's head was super-sensitive, but she didn't seem to care. She just kept sucking and sucking. She didn't seem to need to breath either. I don't think my cock left her throat more than twice after she started. I like sex as much as the next guy- maybe more! And getting head is probably my favorite way of spending an evening, but this was rediculous. Despite my reservations, my cock was starting to respond, though. I was getting harder and harder, and the head was starting to swell in her throat, making it really tight.

Then, without warning, her throat tightened even more around my cock. She was milking me, and it was working. My cock shot sperm like a machine gun. Round after round of milky white bullets sped their way down as her throat convulsed with the motion of swallowing. My eyes rolled back in my head and I passed out.

End Chapter One.

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