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My fiancee's humiliation
By: Carnal Knowledge

The first time I realized my preference for "sharing" was in the late 60's. I had already had a few threesomes with a couple of my buddies but the girls were just dates, not someone that I really cared about.

The first time I shared a girl that I cared about was when I was in my late teens. I had gone to the beach with two friends and we had met three girls that were close friends with each other. One of the girls, Marsha, was nineteen. The other two, including the girl that I met were seventeen. I don't know what the odds are but all three couples stayed together for quite awhile.

The only problem was that they lived nearly 100 miles from us. After some time all three relationships had become sexual. We didn't have a lot of money in those days so when we went down on weekends, we would rent one hotel room and share it.

At first the girls were real shy and wouldn't do anything in front of another couple. Finally we got them to the stage that we would fuck in the same room but the girls always hid under the covers. They even got dressed under there! One night I was there with one of the other couples and my buddy's girlfriend had to go home. My girl had told her parents that she was spending the night with a girlfriend and she was going to stay the night.

My girl, Juanita, had brought a robe and had put it on under the covers, and had gotten up to say good by to her friend. After Patty left, I went up to Juanita and started making out with her standing up. She was very embarrassed because I was naked and all she had on was the robe and Ted was naked under the covers of the other bed and was watching us closely.

She wanted to get back in bed and turn off the lights but I'd had enough of that! It took a lot of work but I finally got the robe off of her in front of Ted! Juanita was very well built and Ted was getting a good look at her. I think that it might have been a little easier with any other guy because Ted was engaged to Patty and she was Juanita's best friend.

I finally got her to lay on the bed. She tried to pull up the covers but I wouldn't let her. I kept making out with her and she was getting kind of turned on but she kept begging me to stop because we weren't alone. I kept telling her how proud I was of her. I told her about how I had told Ted how I thought she was the sexiest of the three girls. I wanted her to prove to Ted that I was right. Prove that she was the sexiest!

Finally I was fingering her and I rolled to the side so that Ted could get a good look. He very quietly went to the bottom of the bed and he had a great view! Then she looked down and saw him standing there naked! She tried to cover herself up but I wouldn't let her. "Please baby" I begged "I'm so proud of you. Let Ted look."

We didn't know much about threesomes in those days but everyone had heard the stories about the girls with the bad reputations that would do "gang bangs." I think that Juanita knew that she was about to become one of those girls! She knew that I wanted her to let Ted fuck her! She had tears streaming down her cheeks, but she finally just gave in and stopped fighting it!

When I tried to spread her legs even further apart to give Ted a better view, she didn't even try to stop me. Ted saw that she was cooperating and slipped into bed beside us. He didn't waste any time and immediately started feeling up her breasts. I knew what he wanted and I moved my hands to her breasts, leaving her pussy open to him! Once he got his finger in her pussy it was over! She just laid there and let it happen!

I moved to the far side of the bed to give him room. He got on top of Juanita! She was crying softly and we knew that she was very embarrassed but she didn't try to push him away! I think that she had already resigned herself to what was going to happen and she just wanted to get it over with.

We had sex earlier in the evening and he and I had both been fingering her so she was very well lubricated. I watched closely as he searched for her opening with the head of his dick. I expected her to pull away but she didn't. Then it happened! He was pushing forward and Juanita was lifting up to meet him!

He drove all the way into her in one thrust! She had avoided kissing him before but now they were kissing deeply. I just lay back and watched. He had made love to his own girlfriend earlier, so he wasn't in danger of the young man's problem of cumming too soon! He started really pounding into my girlfriend!

We had been making love in such a reserved way because of the other people in the room but there was no reason to be reserved now! He wasn't making love to her, he was fucking her and she was fucking him back!

I couldn't understand my own feelings. I'd watched Ted before, with other girls. It had always been fun but it never really affected me. Now though, it was like my heart was in my throat and I was struggling to breathe! This was my girl that he was fucking! The woman that I loved. And I was actually watching his penis penetrate her!

Ted was very close to cumming now! He asked her if she was close. "Oh God" she moaned "Please don't wait for me. Just cum. Please just finish!" Ted continued to fuck her for a few more minutes. I think that he really wanted her to cum but she was way too embarrassed. Ted finally realized that she just wanted it over with! I watched as he tensed up, let out a loud guttural groan and shot his load into my girlfriend!

Thank God for the pill in those days because he really shot a huge load into her. I had seen him make love to his own girlfriend several times and I had never seen him cum like that.

We took turns with her the rest of the night. I know that we each had her at least three more times. The next morning she was very embarrassed by what had happened! She couldn't look at Ted without blushing and she was afraid that Patty would know what had happened just by looking at her! She told me that it wouldn't ever happen again.

I asked her if she loved me and she said yes. Then it will happen again! It will happen any time that I want it to happen. She wouldn't agree but we both knew that I was right. I couldn't wait until the next week. Our other friend, was supposed to come down next week. Could I get her alone with him? Could I get her alone with both of them? I knew that I would try!

When Ted and I got home after that week-end we could hardly wait to tell Billy what had happened. I'm not sure that he believed us 100%. "You've got to be kidding! You mean you two spent the whole night taking turns with Juanita?" He looked at me and said "I can't believe that you let Ted fuck her! Christ, why the hell did I have to miss out on that?"

We spent the next week trying to figure out how to get her alone with the three of us. Ted kept telling Billy how great it was and how good she looked naked and it was driving Billy absolutely nuts. Billy kept asking me if I really thought that she would do all three of us and I had to admit that I really didn't know.

Billy finally asked, "What are you going to do if she says no?" I asked him what he meant, I mean if she says no, she says no. There's nothing that I can do about it.

That's not what Billy wanted to hear. "Awe Christ man, I've got to have her. It's not fair, Ted's had her!" I had to laugh at his reasoning and asked him what he thought that I could do about it. I mean, I'd ask her but that's all that I could do.

"No man, you don't ask her, you've got to tell her." I told him he was nuts. She might do it if I asked her but I was sure that she wouldn't do it if I told her.

Billy was convinced that she'd do it if I told her to. "What am I supposed to do if she says NO?" I asked. Billy had all the answers, "Tell her that you'll break up with her, she'll do it if you threaten to break up with her!"

"Come on Billy, that's rotten. I don't think that I can do that" I told him. But I think that he saw that I was considering it. "At least try it" Billy said, "If it doesn't work than you can always get back together with her later."

Ted and I both laughed at him and called him a bastard, but at least he'd planted the seed!

We went down there the next two weekends but we never even came close to getting her alone. We lived so far away that we didn't really spend that much time with them and the other two girls wanted to spend as much time as possible with their boyfriends, so it was nearly impossible to get her alone. Besides, I think that Juanita may have suspected what I was trying to do and she made sure that we didn't catch her alone!

We had a long drive home after that second weekend and we were all getting a little frustrated. The other two guys had already figured out what to do but it took them most of the 100 mile drive to convince me. We had already told the girls that we weren't coming down next week. We couldn't afford to go down there every weekend. Ted and Billy wanted me to call Juanita and tell her not to tell the other girls, but that all three of us would come down to visit just her the next weekend!

I really didn't think that it would work. I thought that it would be so much easier if it happened naturally like the last time, but they were getting frustrated and they couldn't see when we'd ever get an opportunity. I finally gave in and said I'd try. They wanted to be there when I called her on Monday night but I said no. I'd do much better if they weren't there listening and prompting me on things to say. The last thing Billy said when I left was "Remember, tell her, don't ask her!"

I called Juanita on Monday night. She was surprised to hear from me so soon. After all, it was a long distance call and I had just seen her yesterday! She asked why I was calling her so soon.

I told her that on the way home, Ted, Billy and I had decided to come down next weekend after all. She was thrilled! "Patty and Marsha will be so happy to hear that" she said.

"No, Honey. I don't want you to tell Patty and Marsha." I said. "We're all coming down there to see you!"

Silence absolute silence I thought that the phone line might have gotten disconnected. She didn't say anything for at least a full minute. Finally, she got up her courage to ask. "I don't understand, what do you mean?"

"Juanita, I'm sure that you know what I mean. Ted and I had a great time two weeks ago and Billy is jealous as hell! We all want to get together next week with just you. We don't want the other girls to know."

"Oh God" she said. "You didn't tell Billy what happened did you?"

"Of course I did, Honey. He's my friend."

She was really pissed. She was so afraid that he'd tell Marsha, and then Marsha would tell Patty and then everyone would know. I had to calm her down. I told her that Billy wasn't going to tell anyone. I told her that he was only upset that he wasn't there that weekend, that he didn't get his turn!

She swore that she wouldn't do it! She wasn't going to do a "gang bang!" I was kind of surprised that she had used the term gang bang but she did. I told her that it wouldn't really be a gang bang. I told her that in a gang bang the girl is a slut that's doing it because she wants to do it, but that it would be different with her. She would be doing it to prove her love for me!

She was crying now. "Ted and Billy wouldn't know that" she said. "They'd think that I was a slut!"

I thought that I heard her waiver just a little and I jumped on it! She was concerned about what the guys would think of her. If I could convince her that the guys would still respect her afterwards, I might stand a chance!

I told her that she was being silly, that the other guys loved her almost as much as I did. They thought of her as a very close friend. They'd never think that she was a slut! "Really?" she said.

I told her that both guys were very jealous of me! I told her that both guys had said that they wished that their girls loved them as much as she loved me and that they would be willing to prove their love like she had! "Do you really think that they would really ask Patty and Marsha to do what you're asking me to do?" she asked.

I knew that I had to be careful but that if I handled this right, I might get her to do it! I swore to her that they would! They both wanted their girlfriends to do the same things that she had done but they knew that their girls didn't love them enough. Not like she loved me! I even told her that they were asking me when we were getting married. They had said that if their girls loved them that much they'd marry them!

That helped! She was calming down a little now. She had stopped crying. I just needed something else, something to convince her that the guys would still respect her afterwards. Then it struck me, I had an idea!

"Juanita, Ted and I spent the night with you two weeks ago, right" I asked her. She said Yes, it had been two weeks but what did that have to do with it?

I asked her if she had seen any difference in the way that Ted treated her. Had she seen any sign that he had lost any respect for her. She was very quiet on the phone and I knew that she was thinking about it. I knew that this might be the thing to convince her!

Finally she admitted it. He hadn't treated her any differently. In fact, she said that she felt that he had gone out of his way to be even nicer to her. I jumped on that! I told her that was proof! They still respected her. They still loved her as a friend!

She had stopped arguing. Had I won? Had I lost. Would she do it? I just didn't know.

I finally told her what we had in mind. All three of us would come down next weekend. I wanted her to tell her parents that she was going to spend the night with another girlfriend. I didn't want to take a chance that her mom would call Patty or Marsha's house looking for her. She could even tell Patty and Marsha that she was spending the night with the other girl. Then she could meet up with us at a dance place near the interstate. Juanita knew that the motel that we often stayed at was very near the place that I wanted to meet.

She wouldn't agree. She said that she needed more time to think about it. She said that she'd call me the next day with her answer. I felt like I'd lost. She didn't say no but I really didn't think that I had convinced her. I hated myself for stooping so low but I was desperate, I used Billy's suggestion. I told her to only call me if the answer was yes and we would set up a time to meet.

She hesitated for a minute and then asked me why I didn't want her to call if the answer was no. I really laid it on thick. I told her that I loved her and that I had even been thinking about something more permanent but now ....... She picked up on that real quick. "Do you mean getting married?" she asked.

I told her that I'd thought about it but now I was having second thoughts. She must have seen how turned on I got by sharing her with Ted. She must know how badly I want her to do this with Ted and Billy! The girl that I married would be willing to prove her love for me! Even if it was hard for her, she'd do it for ME! Maybe I'd made a mistake? Maybe we shouldn't see as much of each other until we were more sure!

She started to cry again. She begged me not to talk like that. She said that she had proved her love for me just two weeks ago. I told her that I knew that. I said that I hadn't even thought about getting married until that night but now I was having second thoughts. I mean if she couldn't do this for me, what was I supposed to think? Did she really love me?

She said this wasn't easy for her and that I had to give her more time. She promised to call tomorrow. I stuck to my line. I told her to call if the answer was yes. If I didn't hear from her that I'd know the answer was no and that I'd give her a call. .... Sometime ....

I called Ted as soon as I hung up with her. He immediately asked how it went. I told him that she hadn't given me an answer and that she would call tomorrow. Ted was my best friend and I couldn't keep anything from him. I told him that I was very of ashamed of the way I had handled it. I admitted to him that I had implied marriage as a possibility if she did it and threatened not to call her back if she said no. Ted knew that wasn't something that I would normally do to a girl that I cared about and he asked me why I did it.

I had to think about it for a minute and then I realized that I really, really wanted her to do it. I wasn't doing it for him and I wasn't doing it for Billy. I was doing it for me! I had to admit that I wanted to watch them fuck her! When I had made love to her two weeks ago, after he had fucked her, it was probably the best sex that I had ever had! She had been sopping wet and full of another man's cum and I had loved it.

That was it! I wanted them to use her. I wanted them to fuck her and fill her full of cum and then give her back to me to make love to! I thought that Ted would be shocked when I admitted my motives but all he said was "Well, Billy will be proud of you for threatening to break up with her. Hell, he'll probably take all the credit because he suggested it."

I was exhausted. I asked Ted to call Billy and fill him in.

Tuesday night finally came. I couldn't go out because I didn't want to miss her call, if she called. Juanita knew that my parents went to bed fairly early and that I couldn't receive calls after ten. At nine-thirty the phone finally rang. It was Ted. "Well, has she called?"

I had to tell him no, she hadn't called. I told him that if she hadn't called by now that she probably wouldn't call. She had called my bluff. I guess we're going to break up. Ted said that he was sorry and I'm sure that he meant it. He didn't want to see it end like this.

A couple of minutes before ten, the phone rang again. This time it was Juanita! I could tell that she had been crying. The first thing she said was "I just called to say that I love you." I told her that I loved her too, and I really meant it. I waited for her to go on but she didn't. Finally I asked her what she had decided. She said that she had just given me her answer. I told her I didn't understand.

Juanita said "I just told you that I love you. I really don't understand why you would want me to prove my love for you that way. I don't understand at all, but I'll do what ever you want me to do." She hesitated for a few seconds and then she asked if I thought that we'd ever get married.

I didn't even have to think about it. I told her that I'd go shopping this week for a ring. If she didn't like it I'd make sure that it could be exchanged but I wanted her wearing my ring when we got together on Saturday night! She was very excited and told me again that she loved me.

I told her that I loved her too. That's why I wanted her wearing my ring on Saturday night. When I undressed her for Ted and Billy for the first time, they wouldn't be looking at my naked girlfriend, they'd be looking at my naked fiancee. "I understand" she said. And when they FUCK YOU, when they both FUCK YOU they'll be fucking my future wife. "Oh God!" she said. "I love you, Honey, and if that's what you want me to do, then I'll do it! I'll do whatever my husband wants!"

I asked her to remember one thing though. Her parents and her friends didn't know that I was coming down next week, so I'd have to take the ring back after our night with Ted and Billy. I'd bring it back the next weekend and we'd announce our engagement then. She told me that she understood.

I asked if she had made arrangements to get out on Saturday and she said that it was all taken care of. A couple of friends of hers were going to the beach and Juanita had told her parents that she was going along. The friends knew that she was meeting me and agreed to cover for her. Of course they didn't know that she was meeting two other guys also!

I suggested that we get together at the dance place about six. That's pretty early but I wanted to have time for each of us to have a couple of dances with her and still get back to the room fairly early. I had a big night planned! Juanita had her own ideas.

She wanted me to drop the guys off at the dance place and then come back to the motel and check in. She wanted to meet me there instead. I asked her why and she said that her parents thought that she was going to the beach so she'd be wearing her beach clothes. She wanted to have time to change into her nicest clothes, do her hair and put on her makeup before we went out to meet the guys. I told her that wasn't necessary. The guys would understand.

She was adamant! "When I walk into the dance with you, I'll be wearing your ring. It will be the first time that Ted and Billy will see me as your fiancee and I want you to be proud of me!" Then she said something else but it was almost a whisper. I couldn't hear her. I had to ask her to repeat it.

She repeated it very quietly, "I know what you want me to do when we get back to the motel and I'll do it. I just want you to be proud of me there too. I want to look really pretty for Ted and Billy so that you'll be very proud of me!"

We made plans to meet in front of the motel at five. I went over and picked up Ted and then we went over to Billy's to discuss the plans. I'd drop them off first, check in at the motel and then I'd meet Juanita. After she got dressed up I'd take her to the dance to meet up with them at six. I told them that I didn't want to stay too long. I wanted to be back to the motel by seven or seven-thirty at the latest.

I told them about the ring that Juanita would be wearing. Of course it was Billy that asked if it was just a trick! A trick to get her to do this. I told them that the ring was for real, that Juanita and I were really going to be engaged on Saturday!

Ted was a gentleman and asked if I was sure that I wanted to go through with the gang bang. After all, she would be my fiancee. I could see the look of panic on Billy's face as he thought that he might miss his chance at Juanita. I told them that I was sure. Juanita was going to prove her love for me and she was going to do it in the motel room on Saturday night! Billy looked awfully relieved!

We got down there fairly early on Saturday. Ted and Billy had agreed that they should pay for the room, so we went to the motel first and Ted rented the room. We still had a couple of hours before I was supposed to meet Juanita, so we went out and got something to eat.

I think that all three of us would have to admit to being a little nervous. We had set several girls up in the past for threesomes. We'd even set a couple of girls up for small gang bangs but they were always just girls. They were never "our girl." We were all a little bit intimidated that it was Juanita that we had set up! We were going to do a gang bang with Juanita! One of "Our Girls!"

Finally, it was time. I took Ted and Billy to the dance place and dropped them off. Then I went back to the motel and waited for Juanita. She showed up right on time! We kissed in the parking lot and then I took her to the room. I pulled out the ring box and was going to give it to her but she said no. She wanted to get dressed first and do her hair. She wanted to be beautiful when she put on my ring. She went into the bathroom and I heard the shower running. I turned on the TV to wait. She knew that we were supposed to meet the guys in an hour and she was ready on time. Forty-five minutes later she came back into the room.

God, she looked beautiful! She must have gone shopping for tonight because I had never seen the outfit before. It was a long sleeve "silky" blouse that clung to her figure, accentuating the curve of her waist and her large breasts. She also had on a fairly tight, very short mini-skirt. She looked great! And Sexy as Hell!

She asked if I thought the guys would be pleased. Very honestly, I told her they'd be thrilled! She asked if I was going to be proud of her. I took the engagement ring out of the box and put it on her finger. I asked if that answered her question. She didn't answer, she just slipped into my arms and kissed me hotly.

She was still in my arms when I told her it was getting close to six. We should be going. She pulled me closer to her and whispered in my ear, "I'm scared, Honey. I'm really scared!" I asked her if she was going to back out. "No, I promised I'd do it and I will" she said. "I just want you to know that I couldn't do this for anyone but my husband. For the rest of the night we're already going to be married. I'm going to do this for you, my husband!" I told her that for tonight, she'd be my wife and that someday she'd be my wife forever!

I took her to the dance to meet Ted and Billy. We saw them about the same time that they saw us. Believe me they weren't discrete at all about checking out Juanita. She looked better than they had ever seen her Their mouth's dropped open and they just stared at her! We went to the table that they had reserved and ordered sodas. (Not old enough to order a real drink). Billy loves to dance and he immediately asked Juanita. She looked to me and when I nodded, they went off to the dance floor. Ted and I waited for them because it was agreed in advance that we wouldn't ask anyone else to dance but her. After all, it was her night!

We each danced with her a couple of times and it was getting close to seven, the time we said that we'd leave. She wasn't ready to go yet. She wanted to wait for one more slow dance and she wanted to slow dance with me. I looked at my watch and was getting pretty anxious to go but she insisted! We didn't have to wait very long. There were a lot more slow dances in those days.

We danced very close and she kissed me several times during the song. After the song was over she continued to hold me in her arms. Then she whispered in my ear, "I want you to know that I love you." I started to respond, but she cut me off. "No matter what you see tonight, I want you to know that I love ONLY you. No matter what you see Ted or Billy doing to me, I want you to know that I'll be thinking of you. I'm going to pretend that you're doing it to me, not them!"

I didn't know what to say. I told her that I loved her too and then I led her to the door where Ted and Billy were waiting.

Thank God that the trip to the motel was a short one. No one said a word the whole way. We were all good friends and never had those moments of awkward silence until now. I guess we were each caught up in our own thoughts.

Once we got back to the motel, we broke out the cooler full of beer that we had brought with us. We weren't old enough to buy it ourselves but there were always ways to get it. Juanita usually doesn't drink beer but she took one this time. There were two queen size beds in the room. Juanita and I sat on one and Ted and Billy sat on the other. We each drank a couple of beers and everyone was starting to relax. I knew that it was time to get it started and I knew that it was up to me to start it.

I got up and held out my hand to Juanita. She took my hand and I helped her up. She asked where we were going. I told her that we weren't going far and I led her over to in front of the door. There was a small foyer there. It was the only place in the room where there was a decent amount of room to stand. And it was a place where everyone else in the room had an unobstructed view of her. I kissed her and then went back and sat on the same bed with Ted and Billy. All three of us just looked at her. She started to sit back down but I held out my hand and said "NO! I want you to just stand there for a minute."

She was on display and she knew it. The tears were starting to well up in her eyes and she was almost crying when she said "Please Honey, I don't know what you want me to do." I told her that I thought that she knew what I wanted her to do. "No I don't" she said. "I don't know what you want."

I could barely find my voice, but I managed to tell her that she could start by taking off her blouse!

She knew that it was starting. She looked at Ted and Billy. I looked at them too. I had known these guys for years but I had never seen them like this. There was a look of pure lust on their faces. They looked like wolves checking out a helpless lamb.

She held out her left hand and showed them her new ring. She looked down at the floor and said that she had to prove to her husband that she loved him and that she was worthy of being his wife.

Then she looked back up at the guys. "But, Please!" she said "Patty and Marsha are my best friends. You have to promise that you'll never tell them about this. I'd just die if they ever found out." Both guys promised that they'd never say anything. The girls would never know. Juanita looked at her new ring one more time and smiled. When she lowered her left hand, we all knew that it was time to start.

All three of us were sitting on the bed closest to her. We were just staring at her. I know that she was embarrassed as hell and I really expected her to chicken out. I thought that I'd have to go up and take her blouse off myself. She looked at us for a minute and then untucked her blouse. Very slowly, she unbuttoned it. She took hold off both sides of it and then looked at me. "Are you sure this is what you want?" I still couldn't find my voice but I managed to utter that I was sure.

She took off her brand new blouse. She didn't want to drop it on the floor, so she walked over to the dresser and put it down. Then she walked back to her position by the door. She must have bought new underwear for tonight too. I had never seen this bra before. It was very small and showed a lot of cleavage. It was also sheer enough that you could see the dark shadows of her nipples right through it.

We looked at her for a minute and then I told her to take off the skirt. She really blushed and didn't move at first. Then she reached for the button on the side of the skirt. We watched her lower the zipper. The skirt was tight and she had to tug at it a couple of times to get it over her hips. Once it was off her hips it came down easily and she stepped out of it. She carried it over to the dresser and put it with her blouse. Then she went back to her spot by the door.

She was wearing panty hose over panties. I never did understand why the girls did that. Why wear both? In this case I guess it didn't matter because she wasn't going to be wearing both for long. I ordered her to take off the hose. I told her that we wanted to see her in her underwear! She didn't hesitate this time. It took a minute but then she was stepping out of them. She tossed them towards the dresser and then turned to face us.

Her new panties matched her new blouse. They were the small bikini type and quite sheer. You could easily see the dark triangular path of hair beneath it! My God, she looked beautiful. I just couldn't believe that Ted and Billy were seeing her like this. I glanced over at them and I was very proud of the way they were looking at her!

Of course Billy had never seen her in her underwear before and he was obviously enjoying it! Then I remembered that the time that Ted was with her, she had started out in a robe. Even though Ted had seen her naked, he had never seen her in her underwear. Isn't it funny the things that you think about at a time like this?

She really looked sexy in her new underwear and we took the time to enjoy it. I walked over to the cooler and passed out another round of beer. I told the guys to sit back and enjoy the show because things were about to get really good.

I turned back to Juanita and told her to take off her bra. "Please honey," she said "wouldn't you like to take it off of me?" I realized that it would be easier for her if I did it for her. It would be less embarrassing for her then if she had to do it herself. I thought about it for a second and then I realized that I wasn't interested in making it any easier for her. She had to prove her love for me and this is how I wanted it done.

I told her that I didn't want to do it, I wanted her to do it. And I wanted her to do it now! Slowly, her hands went behind her back. You could see her bra loosen and you knew that she had undone the clasp. The tears were starting to roll gently down her cheeks. She had to try one more time. "Please Honey, don't make me do this!"

I didn't even bother to answer. She knew that I wanted her to do it. She knew that she had to do it. She let go of the bra and lowering her arms she let it fall all the way to the floor! I didn't even look at her tits. I turned to look at Ted and Billy to get their reaction. They were practically drooling! Especially Billy. He's always been a horny bastard and he was hot as hell right now!

I turned back to Juanita. She didn't know what to do. She didn't want to just stand there and let us gawk at her but she didn't know what else to do! I knew what she should do. I let her stand there and squirm beneath our gaze for a couple of minutes and then I told her to take off her panties!

She reached up and took hold of the top of her panties but she couldn't seem to get up the nerve to pull them down. She looked at me and begged me to at least tell her that I loved her first!

I told her to look at her left hand. She looked down and saw her brand new engagement ring. I told her that the ring was how I had proved my love for her. And I told her that she knew what she had to do to prove her love for me! She never took her eyes off of the ring. Very slowly, she pulled her panties all the way down, looking at her ring the whole time.

When she stood back up, she stepped out of her panties. Juanita was naked. She was finally naked in front of all three of us! She was still looking at the ring. Finally, she looked up to see us staring at her. She started to sob a little and I thought that she was going to start to cry but then she looked back at her ring. It calmed her down. She wouldn't look at us gawking at her nakedness, she'd just look at her new engagement ring instead!

Ted and I had been teasing Billy all week. Both of us claiming that we wanted to be the first to fuck her! In all fairness, Ted had screwed her several times, just a few weeks ago. I had slept with her many times. Billy was the obvious choice to go first! I asked Billy to stand up. When he did, I ordered Juanita to undress him.

I don't know which one of them was more surprised. Billy took a couple of steps forward so that he was right in front of her. Juanita walked past him and came up to where I was still sitting on the bed. I told her to go back where she was and do what I had told her! She ignored me for the moment. She leaned over and whispered in my ear. "Remember what I told you" she said. "I'm going to pretend that he's you. No matter what he does to me, I'm going to pretend that it's my husband that's doing it!"

She walked back over to Billy. He turned a little to the side so that he didn't block our view of Juanita. I couldn't believe it. She just started to undress him. In a matter of a minute, she had his shirt and undershirt off. Then she was working on his pants! I kept expecting her to beg me to let her stop or at least some tears but there was nothing. The look on her face was completely calm. I realized that her trick was working. She was pretending that he was me. In her mind she was undressing me!

Before I knew it, she had his pants off. Billy was only wearing his undershorts. Then Juanita had taken hold of the waistband of his undershorts! She wavered just a little. She turned and looked at me. I just nodded for her to go on. Then she looked back at Billy. She looked at her hands holding the waistband of his shorts. She took her left hand off of him. She held it up at eye level for several seconds, she smiled and admired her new ring.

Then she put her hand back on his shorts and she did not hesitate this time. She pulled Billy's underwear all the way down to the floor! Billy was naked, Juanita was naked, something had to happen real soon. Billy took hold of Juanita's hand and put it on his dick. He started stroking her hand back and forth on his dick, showing her how he wanted her to rub him. He took his hand away and she continued to stroke him! Billy was going to lose control if she kept this up! He took hold of her hand that was stroking him and he led her to the other bed!

Ted and I had to get up and move to the other side of the bed that we were on to get a good look. Billy helped her lie down on the bed and then he lay down beside her. He started making out with her and feeling her up at the same time. She looked up and saw me watching closely. She held out her hand for me, beckoning me to come to her. I shook my head no and pointed to Billy. I wanted her paying attention to him!

"Please Honey, just for a minute. Pleeaase!"

I went over to her. Billy backed off just a little. She begged me to kiss her and to tell her that I loved her. She wanted me to tell her again that this was what I wanted her to do.

I did exactly what she asked me to do. I leaned over and kissed her deeply. I told her that I loved her. And I told her that she was doing exactly what I wanted and that I was very proud of her.

That was apparently all she wanted to hear. I sat back on the other bed and she turned her attentions back to Billy. All three of us heard her whisper "I'm doing this with my husband. This is my husband!" Then she reached for Billy and pulled him on top of her. It was apparently going to happen very fast.

Ted and I both moved quickly to the bottom of the bed to get a better view. We barely made it in time. Billy had taken hold of his dick with his right hand and had forced the head of it into her opening. I knew that she couldn't be ready yet. He had barely played with her pussy and she's the type that needs a lot of foreplay. That didn't stop Billy. Ted and I watched as he pressed his dick into her. She started to cry softly.

She was way too tight and I know that it must have hurt her but she never pulled back! As soon as he forced a couple of inches into her, she started humping back against him. She was pulling back and forth to help lubricate herself. She was trying to help Billy to get inside of her. Billy pulled back a little and gave it one more very hard shove!

Finally, he was all the way in! Billy was fucking Juanita! Billy was fucking my future wife! I was still fully dressed but I reached down and stroked my own raging hard on through my pants as I watched. Oh God! I was way to turned on to do that! I had to stop or I would cum in my pants!

I walked up to the front of the bed to see her expression. Her eyes were closed and there were tears on her face. I could see that her lips were moving. She was saying something to herself. I moved in very close so that I could hear. Over and over, she was still repeating "this is my husband, this is my husband."

Billy was fucking her hard now! He was slamming into her with short hard strokes. I was sure that he would cum very soon. All the sudden he stopped and pulled all the way out of her. I was impressed. Billy had much more self control than I had given him credit for.

Billy rolled off to the side. He took the two pillows from the top of the bed and put them on top of each other in the middle of the bed. He asked Ted to give him the two pillows from the other bed and he stacked them on top of the others. Billy pulled Juanita up and told her to lie down with her ass on top of the stack of four pillows.

Juanita did as she was told.

Billy leaned back to admire his handiwork. It still wasn't what he wanted. Her ass was sinking down into the pile of pillows and the view was partially obstructed by the pillows themselves. Billy told Juanita to "lift up a little." Then he shoved the pillows a little further forward, up under the small of her back. When she lay back down this time he had the view that he wanted.

Juanita's head and shoulders were down flat on the bed. Her ass was way up in the air and it was hanging over the edge of the pillows. At first Ted and I didn't really understand what he was trying to accomplish, then he moved Juanita into position and we understood. He took hold of both of Juanita's knees and pushed them forward towards her chest and spread them apart at the same time. In that position, Juanita was suddenly spread wide open in front of us.

I had been dating her for a long time, and I had never seen her so exposed! Her ass cheeks were spread open and the lips of her vagina opened up like a flower! You could see everything that she had from the cute little pucker of her ass hole, through the now wet hole of her pussy, to her little hooded clit!

Juanita must have finally realized the view that all three of us had of her! She suddenly looked like a little deer that had gotten caught in the headlights. You could see the look of panic in her eyes. She obviously wanted to run away but just like the deer, she just froze and let us look at her!

I think Juanita finally realized what Billy was doing! He was making sure that Ted and I got a perfect view of what he was doing to her! He was kneeling between her legs and his dick was almost level with her vagina. Billy reached down and guided his dick into her and as he did, he kind of leaned backwards. He finally had the view that he was after! Ted and I had an unobstructed view of his dick sliding in and out of my fiancee!

Juanita was blushing a deep red! She knew that her future husband could see another man's penis inside of her!

Our view was so good that we could see how her pussy was stretching to accommodate him. His dick was sliding easily in and out of her. We could see everything from the ridge of the head of his dick when he pulled out, to how his balls nestled up against her ass hole when he pushed back in.

I had always thought of sex as something beautiful. I had never thought of it as "dirty." But believe me the view that Billy had arranged for us was Dirty! It was actually filthy, and he was doing it to my future wife!

I could see by the look on Billy's face that he was losing it. I watched him pull out slowly until just the tip of his penis was in her, and then he pushed back in her about an inch. That way the snug entrance to her vagina was around the most sensitive part of his penis, right behind the head. In that position, he moaned and started to squirt his load into her! I couldn't move. I couldn't look away! In the position he was in I could actually see his dick pulsing as Billy squirted a huge load of cum into My Future Wife!

Juanita knew that he was cumming in her! She was still crying softly and I could hear her moaning to herself "He's my husband. I'm doing this with my husband."

I know that saying that was making this easier for her but she knew that it wasn't her husband. She knew that it was Billy that had just Fucked Her. We all knew it! We had all watched it!

We all heard a little popping sound as Billy pulled his rapidly shrinking penis out of her. Billy slipped off the end of the bed and stood beside Ted and me as we looked at her. Billy was obviously proud of the show that he had put on! It had been a great show and I gave him a pat on the back!

Juanita hadn't moved since Billy had pulled out of her. She was still laying before us with her legs spread wide open. All three of us were looking at her but I noticed that she was only looking at me. She was still sobbing softly and there were large tears in her eyes. I asked her if she was Okay.

"Yes" she said. "I'm Okay" Then she added "That was the hardest thing that I've ever had to do. Is that what you wanted? Is that what you wanted me to do? Please tell me that you're proud of me."

I looked down at my fiancee. Her hair, that had been so lovely at the dance, was disheveled. Her makeup was streaked by her tears. Her legs were spread lewdly apart. Her well used vagina was gaping so far open that you could actually see the puddle of Billy's cum inside of her! I thought that she was beautiful! I had never loved her more than I did at that minute!

I told her that she had done exactly what I wanted and that I was very proud of her. I also told her that I loved her very much. You could see the relief in her eyes. She wanted me to be so proud of her!

I wanted to make love to her right then! I really did. But it wasn't my turn. I looked at Ted. He knew that it was his turn. He started to get undressed. Juanita didn't want to watch him strip. She watched me the whole time, never taking her eyes off of me. Once Ted was naked, he took charge.

Ted went over to the side of the bed and told Juanita to lift up. Then he pulled the four pillows out from under her. I didn't know why. I thought that position looked great and I had expected him to take her in the same way that Billy had. Ted had other ideas.

He reached for her hand and helped her off the bed but she never did get to a standing position. As she was getting up, he put a hand on her shoulder and forced her to her knees between the two beds. I immediately knew what he had in mind and I knew that it would never work.

Juanita would not even go down on me, she'd never do it for him!

Juanita looked at me with terror in her eyes. Her eyes were begging me not to make her do this. I didn't say anything. Ted was in control. Juanita was crying again. She had both hands on Ted's naked hips for support and he was holding her head, trying to push her face to his dick. I was sure that I was right. She'd never do it!

"Please Ted," she begged "You can fuck me, but please don't make me do that! I've never done it before, not with anybody!"

Ted was getting frustrated. He was trying to force her lips to his penis but she kept pulling away or turning her head. It was almost impossible to force her to do it without hurting her. Then Ted had an idea. It had worked for Billy, it might work for him.

He took hold of both of her shoulders and let her kneel up straight. He told her to stop fighting for a second! She did relax a little but she was still very upset that his hard dick was only a few inches from her face. He held her in that position until she calmed down a little more. She looked at me. She obviously wanted me to help her but I just watched. I was sure that he'd have to give up and fuck her like before. She'd let him do that!

Very calmly, Ted said "Juanita, I want you to repeat after me. I'm doing this for my husband"

"Oh Ted, I can't" she said.

"I'm not Ted, I'm your husband! Now repeat after me. I'm doing this for my husband."

She was crying again. "Please don't make me do this"

Much more forcefully, Ted said "Repeat after me. I'm doing this for my husband."

Juanita finally said it. "I'm doing this for my husband." He told her to say it again and she did. "One more time, Juanita. Say it once more." Ted told her. This time she was much calmer and she said it very quietly. Much more like she said it when Billy was on top of her!

Ted let go of her shoulder and took hold of his cock at the base and aimed it. It was still two or three inches away from her but it was pointing right at her lips. Very calmly, Ted told her "Juanita, I want you to say it again but this time, I want you say it to yourself and I want you to kiss the tip of your husbands cock."

I couldn't believe that he thought that this would work. I felt like hollering "Come on Ted, she knows you're not her husband." No one in the room said anything for several seconds. Juanita looked at me. In a voice so quiet that I could barely hear her, Juanita asked me "Is this what you want?"

I wanted to say NO. It's not what I want! You've never even done that for me! But I couldn't say it! I had to know what would happen next! I couldn't say anything so I just nodded! I nodded yes, it's what I want.

Juanita looked back at the penis that was only inches from her. I glance from Ted to Billy. They were both staring at her. We were all frozen, waiting to see what she'd do. I wondered if their mouths were as dry as mine. Were their stomachs churning as much as mine was?

Juanita's mouth was moving. You couldn't hear any words but you could almost read her lips. "I'm doing this for my husband" Then she closed her eyes and the tears that had welled up in them rolled down her cheek. You could almost see her thinking "I'm doing this for my husband."

With her eyes still closed, she leaned forward and placed a very gentle kiss on the tip of Ted's penis! You could almost hear the exhale as all three guys breathed for the first time in several minutes.

Juanita leaned back and opened her eyes. From her kneeling position, she looked up at Ted. She had a pleading look in her eyes. She wanted approval! She wanted him to say something nice about what she'd done. Ted picked up on it too. He reached down and gently stroked her hair. "That was very good, Juanita. Very, Very good!" Juanita smiled for the first time in a long time.

Then Ted asked Juanita if her husband loved her. She looked over at me. She smiled at me. She looked back to Ted and said "Yes, my husband loves me very much."

Very quietly, Ted told her "I'm your husband, Juanita. I'm the one that loves you!" He started gently stroking her hair again and caressing the side of her face. "I love you very much." Kneeling in front of him, Juanita looked up at Ted and said "I love you too."

Ted had played his hand very well and now it was time to put all of his cards on the table. "Juanita, I want you to keep thinking about how much your husband loves you. Keep thinking about how much I love you! Now, take me into your mouth."

Juanita looked at the hard penis in front of her as if she was considering it. Would she really do it. Would she take another man into her mouth right in front of me? God, it was tearing me up! She'd never even done that for me! How could she do it for him? Part of me wanted her to do it more than anything in the world but another part of me wanted to scream, don't do it, you're mine!

Juanita looked over at me. A small tear rolled down her cheek. Then she told me that she loved me! "I know that you're my husband. I know that you're the one that loves me. I really am doing this for you! I'm doing this because I know that you want me to!" She turned back to the penis in front of her.

I wanted to scream out Stop! But I couldn't get the words out in time! Juanita leaned forward and gently took Ted's penis into her virgin mouth! No matter what else happened, I had to remember that she was doing it for me. She was proving her love for me! My stomach was in knots but my God, what a view. Only a few feet from me, my beautiful fiancee, my future wife, was kneeling stark naked in front of my best friend and was holding his dick in her mouth. I'll never forget that view!

Billy had come up beside me. "I can't believe that she did that for you! You're really a lucky guy!" I looked at him to see if he was being sarcastic. Had he seen the doubt on my face. Did he know that I had almost begged her not to do it? No, he was being sincere. He really did think that I was lucky to have a girl that would do that for me. I guess that I am!

Juanita was still holding Ted in her mouth, but wasn't doing anything else. "Go ahead" he told her. Juanita leaned back and allowed him to slip from her lips so that she could talk.

"Go ahead and what" she asked.

"Go ahead and give me a blow job!" He answered.

"I don't know how." She said. She was crying again. "I told you that I've never done this before. I've never even seen it done. I don't know what you want me to do!"

Ted tilted his dick upwards at an angle. He told her that the underside of a man's dick was the most sensitive. He told her that she could start off by running her tongue up and down the underside and then licking it like a lollipop.

I couldn't believe that this was happening. Was Ted going to teach my fiancee how to give her first blow job right in front of me?

Juanita held his penis by the base and tilted it even further upwards, until it pointed straight up, exposing the entire underside. "You mean you want me to run my tongue up and down here?" she said, while running the tip of her finger up and down the shaft.

Ted groaned in response to her touch and said "Yes, yes, tongue me right there!"

Juanita looked very nervous. She looked up and Ted and then she looked at Billy. Her eyes finally came to rest on me. I don't know what she was hoping for. Maybe she was hoping someone would say "that's Okay, you've done enough." When no one said anything, she turned back to the penis that she was holding in her hand. She stuck her tongue out just a little bit and very tentatively licked it just under the head!

Ted had been trying to get her to do that for so long that when it finally happened he let out a loud moan. Juanita jumped back at the sound. She looked up at Ted and I think she was scared by the look of pure lust on his face.

For the first time in awhile, Juanita tried to get up. She caught Ted by surprise and she got all the way to her feet before he caught her and tried to force her back down. "Please" she begged "I want my husband to hold me. Please, just for a minute."

Ted was still trying to push her back down and he had forced her to one knee. "No, he said "you won't come back." "Yes I will!" she promised. "If my husband wants me to I will ."

I guess Ted figured that was safe. After all, I'd already set her up for this much. I'd let Billy fuck her, and I'd let her kiss his dick. I'm sure he felt that I'd send her back to him! "Okay" he said "but just for a minute. Then I want you to come right back"

As soon as her released her, she came running into my arms. I was the only one in the room that had any clothes on. It felt so strange to be holding her, completely naked, in my arms. She felt so small and vulnerable as she wept uncontrollably on my shoulder.

"Please Honey" she cried softly, "Please don't make me do any more."

I'd been watching her with Billy first and now with Ted for over an hour. I was so incredibly horny that just holding her naked in my arms was nearly enough to make me cum in my pants. I reached down and cupped her ass cheeks in both hands and pulled her tightly against my groin. I'd never been so horny. I had to have her. I wanted her now!

Then I looked over at my best friend Ted. I realized that he had to be just as horny as I was. Maybe even more so. After all, he'd watched the same show with Billy that I had but he'd also felt her kiss on his penis. I realized that he had to be dying!

I pushed her away from me slightly, just enough to get her head off of my shoulder. I asked her to look at Ted. She did. She looked quickly to Ted and then back to me. Very softly, I asked her "did you see how excited he is?"

She glanced quickly at Ted again, this time she looked directly at his raging hard-on. In a whiny voice she said "Yes, but ...." I interrupted her before she could continue. "Now look at Billy."

Billy had been watching Ted trying to get Juanita to blow him and had already recovered from his first climax. He was almost completely hard again. Juanita saw that he was erect again and let out a soft cry "Oh God, Honey"

I reached up and caressed her cheek. "Can't you see that they think that you're the sexiest girl in the world right now!"

"Yes, but.." again I cut her off. "Don't you know how proud I am of you. How proud I am that the sexiest girl in the world has agreed to be my wife?"

"I know that you're proud of me, but ..." I interrupted her "Juanita, we can't leave Ted like that."

In a timid voice, Juanita said "I know we can't ... but he can fuck me. I promise that I'll let him do that."

"I know that you would Honey, and Ted told how great is was when he fucked you before. I know that he thinks that you're great in bed. And I know that Ted is going to fuck you many, many times in the future. But that's not what he wants right now, is it?"

She answered so softly that I couldn't hear her. I asked her to repeat it. "No" she said "that's not what he wants."

"What does he want Honey?"

"He wants me to do it with my mouth" she sobbed.

"Don't you know how proud that would make me of you?" I asked her.

She came into my arms and clung to me. She buried her head on my shoulder and sobbed "Yes! Oh Honey, I want you to be proud of me. I really do!"

I asked Ted to toss me a pillow from the bed. Putting my arm around Juanita, I led her to the spot in front of the door where the evening had started. I turned her sideways to the room so that Billy and I would have a good view. Then I put the pillow on the floor in front of her. "Kneel down, Honey"

She completely lost it and stood there crying for almost a minute. Then she regained a little control, but was still sobbing when she asked "If I do this, do you promise that you'll marry me? Please, you have to promise that I'll be your wife!"

"You ARE my wife Honey" I told her. "I wouldn't ask you to do this unless I thought of you as my wife." As I said that, I put both hands on her shoulders and was pushing her down gently. "Oh God" she sobbed as she dropped to her knees on the pillow.

I walked back over to where Ted and Billy stood watching all this. I just nodded to Ted and he understood. Billy and I sat down on the bed to watch as Ted walked over and stood in front of Juanita!

Ted looked down at Juanita and asked her "Juanita, what did I ask you to do?"

Juanita didn't want to look at him, she didn't want to look at the penis that was right in front of her either, so she looked at the floor. "You wanted me to lick it"

"I still want you to lick it" was all he said.

Juanita reached out and took a very gentle hold of the base of his penis and lifted it upwards like it was before. She looked at it for a few seconds as if trying to decide and then started at the base of his cock and ran her tongue all of the way up the shaft to the very tip!

Ted groaned just like he had before and Juanita let go of penis and dropped her hand to her side as if she was finished. Ted told her not to stop. Not to stop until he told her to! Juanita took his penis into her hand again and this time she started to run the tip of her tongue up and down the entire length of his penis over and over! Ted looked like he was in ecstasy!

Juanita's inexperience was obvious. She didn't vary the licking at all. Using only the tip of her tongue and just going back and forth. Finally, Ted told her to stick her tongue out further and to lick it like a lollipop. Juanita did stick her tongue out further but was still using just the tip. She didn't know what he wanted.

"Pretend it's an ice-cream cone and it's melting. Lick it all over to keep it from melting" he begged.

This time Juanita got the picture. She flattened her tongue out on the shaft and gave it a wet and sloppy lick all the way up and over the top! "That's it, Baby" he hollered. "Now you've got it! Keep doing it like that!"

Billy and I were both enjoying the show immensely. But now I was starting to get nervous again. I knew that this part of the blow job was almost over and that very soon Ted would be asking her to take him into her mouth again. How would I react?

I had to admit that the last time had shaken me. I would never admit it to Ted or Billy but I had almost gotten sick to my stomach when I watched Ted's penis slip into her mouth before!

I wanted her to do it! I really did. I mean, I'm the one that set her up for it. I'm the one that was making her do it! And yet? Why was my stomach churning like this? Why couldn't I breathe while it was happening before? I was about to find out! Just then, Ted laid his hand on her shoulder. "That's enough Honey, that's enough." From her kneeling position on the floor in front of him, Juanita looked up at Ted. From the questioning look on her face, you could see that she wanted to know what he wanted her to do next.

Ted sounded almost breathless "Take it into you mouth now"

Juanita just froze. She had to know that this was coming, but she froze anyway!

"Go ahead" he begged "Your husband wants you to. Your husband wants you to do it!" She still didn't move. "Prove to your husband that you love him" he urged. The tears started coming down her cheeks but she still didn't move. Ted took his penis and pressed the tip to her lips. She didn't pull away but she clenched her lips together tightly. He couldn't get in!

Ted was getting frustrated! He finally looked to me for help. The expression on his face told me that he wanted me to do something. He wanted me to do anything, but that he couldn't stop! He'd gone way to far to stop!

God what a position he was putting me in. He wanted me to get Juanita to do something that I wasn't even sure that I wanted her to do. I mean what if I couldn't handle it? My stomach was already churning. What if I got physically sick when I saw it happen? What should I do?

Then I looked at Ted. He was my best friend and he had been since Jr. High School! He'd watched Billy, just like I had and he'd been trying to get this blow job for almost an hour now! He had to be horny as hell. I looked at his cock. It was still pressed up against Juanita's clenched lips. He was so hard that he could probably drive nails with his cock and he had been for a long time. He must be hurting by now. I couldn't leave him like that. I had to do something.

I walked over to Juanita. I walked around to the far side so that I wouldn't block Billy's view. Juanita saw me coming and tried to get up. Ted had a hand on her shoulder and held her down but she did turn her head towards me and away from his penis. We'd been through this before. I just didn't know what was left to say. I'd tried everything. With tears in her eyes, Juanita said "I love you Honey. I really do, but I just can't do this!"

I reached out and started to gently rub her back. "Honey, I want you to think about next weekend." She just looked at me. She wasn't sure what I meant. "Won't we announce our engagement next week" I asked. She smiled through her tears "Yes, Honey." I asked her who she'd tell first. Without even thinking she said that she'd tell Patty first. I told her I was surprised, I thought she'd tell her parents first. She realized her mistake and said that Of course she'd tell her parents first. Then she'd tell Patty and then Marsha!

"What about your other friends Honey? Don't you have other friends that you'll want to tell?" I asked. Juanita was getting excited now. She said that there were a lot of people to tell. She'd have to tell all of her friends. And family, she'd have to call all of her relatives!

"What are you going to tell them" I asked her. "I'm going to tell them that were engaged" she said "I'll tell them that were getting married!"

I couldn't look her in the eye. I looked at the floor. I'm not sure that were going to be able to tell them that, Juanita. There was a look of confusion on her face, maybe even a little panic. "Why Honey" she asked. "How can you even say that?"

I asked if she remembered why I promised to buy her engagement ring. "You bought it because you love me" she said. I told her that I did love her. I loved her very much but that I had promised to buy her ring after she promised that she'd prove her love for me this weekend. "I have" she insisted "I have proved that I love you!"

I tried to keep my voice calm but this was tearing up inside. "Honey, you did prove your love for me with Billy. You did very, very well and I was very proud of you. But you haven't proven your love for me with Ted. I don't think that you love me enough to be my wife!"

Juanita protested immediately. She swore that she loved me. That she loved me more than anything in the world. Tears were rolling when she said that what she'd done with Billy was very hard for her to do and that it proved her love.

I told her she'd come close but that she still didn't love me enough or she'd prove it with Ted. I felt sick to my stomach. I couldn't believe that I was doing this to the woman I loved. "Juanita, I think that you should give me the ring back. Maybe someday you'll love me enough and we'll get back together but right now you don't love me enough to be my wife."

"Oh No, Honey! Please don't say that!" she cried.

I held out my hand "I'm sorry Honey, but give me back the ring"

Juanita lifted her left hand and looked at her brand new ring. She begged me to let her keep it. She said that she'd do anything to keep her ring. I told her that it was too late. She'd had her chance but she'd refused to prove her love for me. She begged for one more chance. If I gave her one more chance, she'd do anything to prove her love.

She didn't even wait for my answer. She turned her head and looked up at Ted. Then she looked down at his penis, only inches from her lips. She begged Ted to help her! She begged him to help her prove her love for her husband! Help her prove that she was worthy to be his wife!

Ted pushed forward slightly and pressed his dick back to her lips. "Go ahead" he said. Even with his penis against her lips, she managed to say that she didn't know what to do. He'd have to help her.

Ted repeated his original order "Take it into your mouth now Juanita"

This time she didn't refuse. She closed her eyes, and whispered "I love you." I knew that she was talking to me and I knew this time she was going to do it. It was what I had been asking her to do. She was doing it for me. Why was I so nervous? Why had I broken out into a sweat? Why couldn't I breathe? Juanita opened her mouth and slowly took Ted back into her still virgin mouth!

Oh God, it really wasn't any easier than the last time. It literally took my breath away to see my beautiful fiancee let another man put his dick in her mouth! Ted's eyes were closed. He was obviously enjoying the sensations. The he looked down at her. He ordered my fiancee to suck it!

It was very subtle, but you could see her cheeks indent slightly! She was doing it. She was very, very gently sucking on his penis! Ted's hands were on her shoulders. I could see his grip tighten and his fingers were digging into her shoulders as he struggled to keep control. "Not like that" he moaned. "Suck it hard!"

Juanita opened her eyes. With several inches of hard penis stuffed into her mouth, she looked up at him. There was a hurt look in her eyes. It was as if she couldn't believe that he had spoken to her like that. Then you could see the change in her cheeks. The subtle indentations in her cheeks became large hollows.

She was doing it! It had taken almost an hour, but she was finally doing it! I couldn't believe it! Juanita was really SUCKING HIS DICK!

My knees suddenly went weak. I almost fell down. I was fighting back the urge to be sick but I couldn't take my eyes off of it! My own cock was throbbing inside my pants and I was afraid that I was going to cum without even touching myself! I had to sit down!

I started to walk back to the bed. Juanita saw I was leaving her side and grabbed my leg. She pulled her head back and Ted's penis slipped from between her lips. She begged me not to leave her. I told her that I had to sit down. I was going to be right there with her but I'd be on the bed beside Billy. Before she'd let go of me, Juanita had to know, was I proud of her? Had she proved her love?

I looked down at my fiancee. I knew that everything that she had done, she had done for me! She couldn't possibly know how hard it had been for me to watch! She couldn't know that it had torn me up inside! She only knew that she was proving her love for me!

I told her that I was very proud of her! She had proved her love, and next week we'd announce our engagement to the world! She just beamed, she was so happy! She let me go and I walked over and sat on the bed by Billy. When she saw me sitting down, she asked me if she should go on. Despite the butterflies in my stomach, I said yes. "You have to go on, Juanita. You have to finish what you've started!"

She didn't hesitate at all this time. She turned back to Ted and took him back into her mouth. Her cheeks indented deeply and I knew that she was sucking my best friend's dick!

On the bed beside me, Billy was as excited as I had ever seen a guy get. He told me this was the sexiest night of his life! He'd had a lot of blow jobs in his life but nothing like this. She just had to do it for him too!

I guess I knew that was coming. I never took my eyes off of what Juanita was doing for Ted but I told him that it was Okay. She'd suck his dick too before the night was over.

Juanita was doing just what Ted had told her to do but she really didn't know how to give a blow job! She was sucking him hard but she wasn't moving her head at all. I guess that's the way Ted wanted it a first. At least until he got control and wasn't in danger of cumming too soon. Now, apparently he was ready. He started to slowly pull back a little and then slide it back in. It was very subtle at first but now he was picking up speed. He was starting to fuck her mouth! She was my future wife, the woman that I loved and he was Fucking Her Mouth!

He pulled his dick all the way out and I think that Juanita thought that she was finished. He just wanted to take a longer stroke. He pushed his dick back in further than ever! She'd only been taking two or three inches before and at least four inches were still outside. This time I could only see about two inches on the outside. God, she really had a mouthful of cock! She started to gag a little. I knew that she couldn't breathe with that much cock in her mouth!

He pulled back a couple of inches. She had stopped sucking when she started to gag but she started again now. He told her to relax and to try to breathe normally. He fucked her mouth with several four inch strokes and then pulled all of the way out again. This time he rammed it in harder than ever. She couldn't take it this time and she pulled her head back. He reached down with both hands and held her head and shoved it right back in!

Oh my God! I could only see an inch of his dick now. He had almost his whole dick in her mouth! She was gagging again but she couldn't pull away. He was holding her head firmly. The tears were streaming down her face again but this time it was from fighting the gag reflex. He told her she had to relax her throat and she had to breathe through her nose. He finally pulled back a few inches. She was trying so hard to please him! As soon as she caught her breath, she started sucking him again!

This time he fucked her mouth for several minutes with fairly long strokes. Finally, he pulled all the way out again. Again he told her to relax, to relax her throat. This time Juanita knew what was coming. She looked a little scared but she closed her eyes and you could tell that she was really trying to relax. Then Ted slammed into her again.

My heart felt like it was in my throat. I couldn't breathe. There wasn't any dick outside of her mouth this time. Ted's balls were pressing against chin! He had his whole dick in her mouth and at least a couple of those inches had to be down her throat! She was trying to do what Ted had told her. She was trying to relax and breathe through her nose but she was still gagging a little.

Ted turned and looked at Billy and me. He had shoved his whole dick down her throat and he wanted to make sure that we saw it! Once he saw that we were watching, he pulled back a little and you could hear Juanita gasp for air. Almost immediately, she went back to sucking him! God what a trooper!

The constant sucking was getting to Ted. He started fucking her mouth again. At first he was taking long slow strokes but it wasn't long before the strokes were getting shorter and he was pumping faster. Billy and I just looked at each other. We both knew that Ted was very close to cumming!

What was going to happen now? Surely she wouldn't let him cum in her mouth! I was sure that she'd wait until the last minute and then pull away and let him shoot his load onto her tits. I'd had girls do that for me before. That must be what was going to happen!

Ted reached down with his hand and grabbed his own dick a couple of inches below the head. There was only a couple of inches of cock left in her mouth so he couldn't really fuck her mouth much but he had started to rapidly jerk on his own dick! Billy and I realized what he was doing right away! He was jerking himself off right into my fiancee's mouth! Billy reached over and patted me on the back. He knew that it was going to be over very soon. He must have thought that I wanted to watch Ted shoot into her mouth as much as he did but ....

Why didn't she see what was about to happen? Why didn't she pull away and finish him off with her hand? His whole body was tensing up. His jerking motion on his own cock was just a blur. He was going to cum right now! Should I warn her? Should I scream at her that he's about to cum? Then it was to late!

Ted threw his head back and screamed "Oh God! I'm cumming!"

Juanita didn't even try to pull away! I could see that squirt after squirt of his cum was shooting into her mouth! Finally, he stopped cumming and Juanita started to pull away but he stopped her. Using the hand that was still on his dick, he milked the last little bit of sperm out of his dick and into her mouth and she just let him do it!

I realized that I had been holding my breath and I started to breathe again. My beautiful fiancee, my future wife, had just let Ted cum in her mouth. It was incredibly erotic and I had never been so turned on in my entire life but my stomach was still churning and I was still in danger of getting sick. Why did this cause such conflicting emotions?

Then I saw Ted pull his cock from between her lips. I knew that Juanita would jump up and run for the bathroom. She'd want to spit his cum into the sink and rinse out her mouth! Instead, she stayed on her knees in front of him. Juanita looked up at him and asked him how she had done. She wanted to know if she was as good as Patty!

He told her she was much better than Patty. He had never gotten anywhere near that deep into Patty's throat and besides, Patty wouldn't let him cum in her mouth!

How could my Juanita talk with her mouth so full of cum? Why wasn't she running to spit it out? Oh my God! My stomach rolled again! She didn't have to spit it out. She'd swallowed it! My beautiful future wife had swallowed every drop of that huge load of cum that my best friend had shot into her mouth!

Ted had taken her mouth's virginity completely. She had never even kissed my dick but she had sucked on his. She had let him ram it all the way down her throat and she'd let him cum in her mouth. She had even swallowed every drop of his hot cum.

Juanita finally got up and was coming over to me. I got up to meet her. She seemed to melt into my arms. "I did it" she said "It was the hardest thing that I've ever done in my life but I proved my love for you just the way you asked me to. Aren't you proud of me?"

Of course she did! What was I thinking? How could I have been so upset? She had done it all for me! I had nearly forced her to do it! She never wanted to suck his dick, she did that for me. She surely didn't want him to ram his cock all the way into her throat, she had done that for me too! No wonder she didn't pull away when he came, she had let him cum in her mouth to prove her love for me!

"God Yes!" I told her "I'm very proud of you. I don't think that any girl has ever done more to prove her love for her future husband!"

All Juanita ever wanted was for me to be proud of her. When I told her that I was, she put her arm around my neck and lifted her face to mine. She kissed me passionately! She had kissed Billy tonight as he was fucking her. She had even kissed Ted's cock but those kisses were sex, not love. Our kiss was an expression of our love. I tasted an unfamiliar mustiness in her kiss. I probed her mouth more deeply with my tongue. Of course! I was tasting the cum that Ted had squirted into her mouth only a few minutes ago. She had swallowed that load of cum to prove her love for me and our sharing of the taste of it only deepened our love for each other!

We broke off our kiss and the questions started "Can I keep my ring? Will we get engaged next week? Have I proven that I'll be a worthy wife for you?"

Juanita, you know that I have to take the ring home with me this week. I'm not even supposed to be here this weekend. You'll get it back next week when we announce our engagement. And yes, you've proven that you're a worthy wife!

Juanita said that she was glad that she had proved herself worthy and she said that she'd prove it to me anytime I wanted her too!

I looked over her shoulder to Ted and Billy and only half kidding I told them that they had better start making up some excuses to Patty and Marsha because we were going to have another private trip to see Juanita in a couple of weeks. Billy laughed and said "Is that right Juanita?" Juanita never looked at him but while still looking into my eyes she said "If that's what my husband wants me to."

Oh God, I had a feeling that there were going to be a lot of these trips from now on!

Juanita looked up at me and said "Honey Please, I want you to make love to me now. Ted and Billy can only have sex with me. You're the only one that can make love to me! I need you to make love to me now."

I started unbuttoning my shirt. God was I ever ready to make love to her. I'd never been so horny. I was afraid that I'd cum as soon as I touched her. Billy stopped me from getting undressed.

Awe, come-on man, you can have her anytime that you want. It might be a month before Ted and I get another shot at her! I told Billy that he was right but I was horny as hell right now. Besides, it was my turn.

Billy told me to think about it. Think about why I was so horny. I had to laugh. "I'm this horny because I just watched you two guys fucking my fiancee for two hours."

"Exactly," Billy exclaimed "think how horny you're going to be after you've watched us a second time. I bet you cum in your pants this time!" I told Billy that I didn't want to cum in my pants, I wanted to cum in my wife. "Just hold off a little while longer" Billy said "you'll be so turned on by then that it will be the best sex you've ever had. Besides, you promised me one of her blow jobs tonight."

Juanita looked a little shocked when he said that. She asked me if I'd really said that. I had to admit to her that I did. Juanita looked at Billy. He was still naked but all this talk had caused him to lose his hard-on. She looked down at his limp penis and then said quietly "I guess that I can blow him if you really want me too."

Ted immediately said "Hey, if you blow him, he'll have had a piece of ass and a blow job and I'll only have had a blow job!" He reached over and patted MY fiancee's naked ass and said "If you blow him you'll have to give me a piece of that ass!" Juanita smiled at him! She reached over took his still limp penis in her hand and gave it an affectionate squeeze. She said that she had a feeling that her husband was going to let him have a lot of pieces of HER ass!

Juanita asked me if that's what I wanted. Should she let Ted and Billy have her one more time first and then we'd make love? I wanted her right now but I also had to admit that I wanted to watch her some more. I had to admit that I wanted to see Ted fuck her! And I wanted to know what would it be like to see her blow Billy. Would that cause the same strong emotions in me that I had when she blew Ted? I had to find out!

"Okay," I said "but don't take so long this time guys. I'm horny as hell and want my turn too!"

Juanita came back into my arms and kissed me. I was still dressed but I felt her nipples right through my shirt. I pushed her back slightly and looked at her breasts. I was right. Her nipples were hard as little rocks! I had never seen them that hard. That's when I realized that in all the excitement, Juanita hadn't cum yet either! She hadn't cum when Billy fucked her and I knew damn well that she didn't cum during Ted's violent assault on her mouth.

That's when I knew that the hard part was over. There wasn't going to be anymore crying or anymore fighting. My future wife was as hot as a firecracker. She wanted Ted and Billy as badly as they wanted her. She was horny and needed to be fucked.

I pulled her back close to me and whispered in her ear. "Juanita, I want you to give Billy his blow job. Then I want you to let Ted fuck you. I want you to be a whore for him and let him use you anyway that he wants. I want him to fill your pussy with his hot cum and then give you back to me! I want to make love to you in your dripping wet pussy!"

"Oh God baby, YES" she said. She kissed me deeply and then turned and went back to Ted and Billy! She new that it was Billy's turn and she new that he wanted a blow job, so she went back where she was before and knelt back down on the pillow!

Billy walked over and took her hand and pulled her up. He told her that he didn't want to do it here, he wanted it in bed. Juanita looked surprised. She had only given one blow job and she didn't even know that you could do it in bed!

Billy went over to the unused bed and pulled the covers off. He also pulled the top sheet off and dropped it on the floor on top of the cover. He got on the bed with only a sheet on it and laid down on his back. He spread his legs so much that the view was obscene. His dick was still limp and Ted and I had a much better view of his hairy ass than we ever wanted.

Juanita looked over at me, I think she wanted to be sure that I was watching. I smiled at her and nodded for her to go ahead. I could see her mouth the words "I love you" to me and then she joined Billy on the bed. Of course she had never given a blow job in this position before and had no idea what to do.

She thought that he wanted her to sit on his penis, so she started to climb on him there but he pulled her forward, almost to his chest. He told her to lean way over and dangle her tits in his face. She sure didn't have problem with that! She was horny as hell and her tits had gotten very little attention. She leaned over and let her tits hang down to his face. She swayed back and forth so that her nipples were brushing lightly across his lips. That's it he told her. Keep doing it just like that but slide down and rub your tits on me from head to toe!

Ted and I were still standing at the foot of the bed but the best view was obviously from the side. Ted walked over to the other bed and sat down, while I walked to the far side and watched standing up. Juanita did what she was told.

She let her dangling tits drag across his chin, down his neck and out onto his chest. He told her it was great, just keep going down. As she slid down, her pussy brushed across his dick, causing him to moan slightly. By the time her mid-section got to his feet, her breasts were brushing lightly across his penis.

I couldn't help but notice that his dick was not hard yet. He was obviously enjoying her tit rub, but he wasn't getting hard. I had a feeling that she might have to suck him to get him hard. Oh well, that might be fun to watch.

Billy told her to keep going down. Her knees were at the bottom of the bed already, so she had to hunch up a little bit as her tits dropped down between his spread legs. He told her to take turns with her tits. Let them slide between his legs on at a time. She let her left tit brush his balls. When she leaned down, her left tit slid down between his legs and the right tit slid down the outside of his leg. Then she reversed it and her right tit was between his legs and the left tit was on the outside.

Billy was loving it! I took a step closer for a better view. I could see that her tits were sliding up and down the crack of his hairy ass! What a pervert! I had to laugh.

Billy told her to keep going down and she did. This time her tits dangled down one leg and then she pushed forward and let them brush gently down the other leg. She did that several times, first one leg and then the other. Each time she did it her face came within an inch of his still limp penis. This time as she slid down, she planted a kiss on the head of his dick. Billy squirmed and moaned but his dick still hadn't started to grow!

"Okay baby" he said "that's enough. Start sucking on it!"

Juanita dragged her tits across him one last time and stopped when her face was at his dick. She took his limp cock in her hand and stood it up. Then she leaned forward and sucked the whole thing into her mouth. She made a face as she did it. I realized that Billy had not even had a shower after he fucked her before. She had to be tasting a combination of both of their juices. It couldn't be a very pleasant taste or smell! Juanita seemed to get used to the taste very quickly. She started to suck his dick really hard.

Billy hollered for her to ease off! He had seen that Ted liked his dick sucked hard like that but every guy was different. He wanted it much softer. She slowed her sucking way down. "A little harder than that he said." She tried again. Then he moaned and said that was it. That was perfect!

My beautiful fiancee now knew how both of my friends like their dicks sucked!

Then it occurred to me that a couple of hours ago Juanita hadn't ever even tried oral sex. She wouldn't even do it for me when I had tried to get her to do it. Then Ted took her mouths virginity! He had fucked her mouth like a pussy, shot his load into it and I had even watched her swallow his cum! Now she was sucking on Billy and she still hasn't done it for me. I not only wasn't the first guy in her mouth I wasn't even going to be the second. Damn!

I watched as Juanita continued to suck him. Billy reached down and took her head in both hands and encouraged her to go up and down as she sucked. Billy took his hands away and Juanita kept up the motion that he had started. She was sucking his dick and bobbing her head up and down on it like an expert!

She was doing great. She was perfect. Billy was still having a problem. He still wasn't hard. He may have been a little harder then he was at the start but it was a long way from a hard-on! I guess Ted felt that he'd been patient enough because he finally told Billy that if he couldn't get it up a second time, to get off the bed and let him show him how. Billy looked frustrated. He wanted this blow job bad and he knew that Ted and I would never let him live it down if he failed to get it up!

Billy told Juanita to wait a minute. He knew some thing that might work. Juanita looked up at him to find out what he wanted her to do. I don't know why Billy wasn't responding because I thought that she looked sexy as hell. She had stopped sucking and bobbing up and down. Her face was still buried in his crotch and she had just turned her eyes to look at him with his dick still in her mouth!

He told her to lick his balls, that might get him hard. Billy was a very hairy guy and Juanita looked at the hairy ball sack in front of her. I really don't think that she wanted to lick that thing. She made a small face and asked him if he was sure that would make him hard. Billy said that it should, that it usually worked. Juanita must have really wanted to please us. I know that she didn't want to but she started licking his balls.

Billy laid back and closed his eyes. He moaned a little as she licked all around his sack. She tried everything. She was flicking her tongue back and forth on it, she tried using the tip and drawing imaginary circles on it, she even tried flattening her tongue out on it and lick it like an ice-cream the way Ted had taught her! Nothing was working. Billy told her to try it a little lower, lick it on the underside. Juanita dropped her head a little lower and tried licking up under his balls. He told her that was it, she was going to get it. She looked encouraged but I didn't see any sign that he was getting harder.

Billy's legs were spread wide and Juanita was kneeling between them. He told her that the angle was wrong. He told her to get flat on the bed and to lick him under here. He had pulled his ball sack up and was pointing to the spot where it meets his body between his legs.

She scooted down and let her legs hang off the bed. She laid flat on her stomach and lifted his sack the way he had and started licking the very base of his balls. Billy cried out that it was working and he did seem a little harder. Just a little lower he begged. There was only an inch or two flesh between his balls and the start of the crack of his ass! Juanita hesitated but it did seem to be working and she really did want to please him. She started licking the little area under his balls. Billy said that felt great. It was fantastic. He knew that it would work. Then he told her to go just a little lower.

That's when I realized what he was doing. There wasn't anyplace lower. If she went any lower she'd be licking the crack of his ass. That was it! The bastard was trying to get my fiancee to lick the crack of his ass. How could he expect her to do that. He had the hairiest, ugliest butt crack I'd ever seen. She'd never lick it and I wouldn't ask her too.

I walked over and put my hand on her shoulder. I told her that was enough. She had tried hard enough. She looked up at me and then back down at the crack of his ass. I have to do this she said. I have to make you proud of me. Before I could stop her, she leaned forward and ran her tongue through about an inch of his butt crack.

Billy's whole body flinched and he moaned in ecstasy! His cock flinched too and seemed to be coming back to life. I couldn't believe what I had seen. My future wife had licked his ass! I wanted to tell her to stop but I had to see what would happen next. I stepped back a couple of feet to where I was before and didn't interfere. Billy told her that was perfect. The best he'd ever had. Then he told her to lick the entire crack!

I couldn't believe that she'd do it. I mean that man's ass was disgusting! Juanita leaned forward and let her chin rest on the bed. She stuck her tongue into the crack right where it met the sheet and lifting her head, she ran her tongue all the way up his ass! Billy loved it! And I guess it was working because his dick was semi-hard now!

Billy moaned "That's it baby, lick my ass!" I couldn't believe that he'd talk to my future wife that way. Then he told her to alternate between his ass and his cock. Juanita went up and sucked his cock for a few seconds and then dropped back to his ass. She repeated this over and over and he was going crazy. He kept moaning that she was the best!

Juanita came back up to his cock and was sucking on it gamely. I watched as Billy put both arms down by his side. Then he reached under himself and grabbed both of the cheeks of his ass and spread them wide open!

My God. The next time Juanita went back down to run her tongue in the crack of his ass she was going to find him spread open. She won't be licking his crack, she'll wind up licking the bastards ass hole! I should stop her. I should tell my wife that she doesn't have to do anything that disgusting to please me! For some reason I couldn't move.

Juanita left his now hard cock and dropped back to her prone position between his legs. She was going to lick his crack when she realized what he'd done! His cheeks were spread wide and his ass hole was inches from her face. She stared at it for a few seconds as if trying to decide what to do. I'm sure she'd never even seen an ass hole this close up before. Billy could see her hesitation and begged her to do it. "Go on baby, Do it! We all want you to!" She still didn't move, she was just looking at it. Billy tried again "Do it Baby, make us all proud of you!"

Billy had hit on the key word that time. She did want us to be proud of her! She had told me several times that she would do anything to make me proud of her. She bent her head slightly, stuck out her tongue and very tentatively started licking his ass hole! Billy screamed and lifted off the bed pressing his ass hole tighter to her tongue!

Oh God, I felt sick again. Just watching this was turning my stomach but I couldn't look away. I knew that it would help if I kept telling myself that she was doing it for me. I knew that it was true. I knew that everything she'd done all evening was to please me. To prove that she was worthy to be my wife. But that didn't make it any easier to watch. I mean, my future wife was stark naked between another man's legs and was licking his ass hole.

Billy begged her to push it in! Push her tongue into his ass hole! My God, Juanita was trying to do it! She was pressing down with her tongue but his ass hole was too tight or her tongue was too soft! Billy was jerking his own dick now! He was very close to cumming. He pulled his knees way up. It opened him up just a little more and Juanita's tongue slipped into his ass! That was more than Billy could take and he screamed out as he erupted like a volcano!

The first shot of cum went shooting up in the air. Juanita jumped forward and took his erupting dick into her mouth and caught all of the remaining squirts of cum!

Finally, Billy dropped back exhausted onto the bed. Juanita took her hand and milked the remaining cum from his dick into her mouth, just the way Ted had taught her! The first shot of cum that had gone off in the air had landed on his chest. It was lying there in a small puddle right near his nipple. Juanita moved up to it and placed her open mouth over it. Juanita sucked his chest clean of cum!

I watched as Juanita licked her lips. Then she swallowed and I knew that all of the cum was gone. My future wife had swallowed her second hot load of cum in one day!

Juanita moved up a little and kissed Billy on the lips. I couldn't believe what my beautiful fiancee said to him. "Thank you, Billy. That was great!" Then she added "Does Marsha do that for you?" Billy had to admit that she didn't. She had let him cum in her mouth a couple of times but had always spit it out and she'd never licked his ass. Billy told Juanita that she was definitely the best cock sucker in the group. Juanita beamed at the complement!

Ted didn't bother to disturb Billy. He laid down on the other bed and called for Juanita to join him. Ted asked Juanita what position she wanted. Juanita looked at me the whole time she answered him. "I don't care, Ted. My husband wants me to come back to him filled with cum. I don't care how you do it as long as you fill my pussy with cum for my husband!"

"Would you like it doggie style?" he asked. This was a position that she knew well because we did it that way a lot. "Okay" she murmured as she assumed the position with her head down low and her ass up in the air. She was looking right into my eyes as Ted came up behind her on his knees. He used his hand to get lined up and them slid his cock into my future wife! He started fucking her hard right from the start.

I knew that Juanita liked this position because the guy could get deep inside her this way but she would rarely cum like this because of the lack of stimulation on her clit. After a couple of minutes, Ted solved that problem by reaching under her with his right hand and started to manually manipulate her clit. She started to respond! She still hadn't come all evening but that wasn't going to last for long.

As his fingers massaged her clit, she started to buck and twitch and press her pussy back against him. It was obvious that Juanita was going to have her first climax of the night! She had always cum very quietly before. She could cum with the other girls in the same motel room and no one would know. She'd bite her lip and suppress any sounds. Not this time. She didn't have anything to hide from Ted or Billy. She just relaxed and let it go. Suddenly she was cumming.

For the first time, I heard my fiancee howling like an animal when she came. Less then five minutes later, she was howling again! This time Ted howled too and shot his cum into her! Ted was totally satisfied and laid down beside her. She was still on her knees when she leaned over and kissed him on the lips. She thanked him. She told him he was great!

My future wife came over and stood before me. She held her arms out and looked down at her own naked body. "Is this the way that you wanted me?" she asked. She knew that it was. I had wanted the guys to use her. I wanted them to treat her like a whore and then send her back to me. That's exactly what they'd done. They'd both raped her mouth and used her pussy. She was dirty and used and full of cum. Oh God how I loved her!

Billy moved from the bed he was on I took Juanita over to it. I let her lie down and I got undressed. When I was naked, I joined her in bed and immediately mounted her. There was no need for foreplay. She'd had hours of foreplay with Ted and Billy. I eased my dick into her pussy and started stroking in and out.

I was horny as hell from all of the watching and I knew that I wouldn't last long. I wanted her to get something out of it, so I started to fuck her harder. "Please don't" she said "Ted and Billy have already fucked me. That's not what I want you to do. Please, just make love to me." She held my ass and slowed down my stroke. I kissed my wife. I could taste the cum that Ted and Billy had both squirted into her mouth. I could even detect a sour taste that I thought might be from Juanita licking Billy's ass. I continued to kiss her deeply. She had done all of that for me and I loved her for it!

She felt me tense up and she knew I was coming. Juanita held me tenderly and whispered that she loved me as I add my cum to the mixture already inside of her! I came more completely than I had ever cum before. I was completely drained. Completely satisfied! God, how I loved her for what she done for me!

Next week, we'd be engaged! Someday, she'd be my wife!

We went down the next weekend and Juanita and I announced our engagement. Patty and Marsha were thrilled! The both came over and kissed me. They encouraged their boyfriends to kiss Juanita! Juanita blushed profusely! Patty and Marsha laughed at her. How could she be so embarrassed by a kiss from Ted and Billy. After all, we were all such close friends!

It was over a month before we could get together again. That time I brought a fourth guy. Another close friend. He was an amateur photographer. He had some great ideas of his own!

Path:!!!!!!uunet!!!mindspring!!!news From: (Carnal Knowledge) Newsgroups: Subject: RP by author. My fiancee's humiliation (2 of 3) The new sequel Date: Sat, 23 Nov 1996 04:16:45 GMT Organization: Not organized Lines: 234 Message-ID: <> NNTP-Posting-Host:

WARNING..This story is intended for adults only! If you are younger than 18, are religiously impaired or are otherwise lacking in the maturity to handle adult material, please stop reading NOW! If you are in a location where you are precluded by law from reading sexually oriented material, please sell your house, and move NOW!

My fiancee's humiliation
By: Carnal Knowledge

The Sequel Part 1

Juanita and I couldn't be happier! We had been engaged for about 3 months now. Her parents had finally started to let her come up and visit me on weekends. My parents let her stay in the guest room. I'm sure that they knew that I was sneaking into her room at night but, after all, we were engaged!

My mother was the type of person that half of the neighborhood called Mom. She loved my fiancee and insisted that she call her Mom too. My father would have preferred that I not get engaged so young but he did like Juanita and he had even asked her to call him Dad!

I personally think that for such a young couple, we had a very good sex life. Juanita knew that I loved to share her with my friends and even though she hated it, she had proven her love for me on three occasions.

The first time was a spontaneous thing with my best friend. The second time, I set her up for a small gang bang with my best friend, a friend of ours and myself! This was much harder for her because it was planned in advance! The third time, we actually acted out her first gang bang again for a photographer friend of ours to take pictures! He got laid that night too and Juanita had actually taken on four guys in one night!

It sounds pretty easy but it really wasn't. Juanita had been raised very conservatively and I had to put a lot of pressure on her to get her to please me this way. I had to threaten to break up with her, to get her to do it with my friends!

This weekend, Juanita had come to visit on Friday night and was going to stay all weekend. My father was going fishing with his brother-in-law, Uncle Jim. They were going to leave real early on Saturday morning and camp out by the lake that night. My mother was going to spend Saturday night with her sister because my aunt hated to spend the night alone.

Juanita was looking forward to having the house to ourselves on Saturday night, but that is not what I had in mind. I finally told her that I had invited a close friend over to spend the night with us on Saturday and that he was bringing a friend!

Juanita was really pissed! She asked if it was Ted or Billy. It would have been easier for her if it was someone that she had done this with before. I told her that it wasn't one of them but it was a close friend of mine and that it was someone that she knew.

That was driving her crazy! She wanted to know who it was but I wouldn't tell her. She'd find out on Saturday night! She asked if this person knew what I had made her do with Ted and Billy. I told her that I had told him the whole story.

That really embarrassed her. She said that he must think that she was a slut. I told her that wasn't true. I had told him that everything she had done, she had done for me. He understood that she had done this to prove her love for me!

We had fantastic sex Friday night. I kept whispering in her ear that I was going to be watching her get fucked by two men tomorrow night. She knew how much that turned me on and she was enjoying how great the sex was in anticipation of her gang bang! She finally seemed to resign herself to what was going to happen and she stopped fighting me on it!

Saturday night finally came. I told her that my friend and the other guy would be here at 7:00 o'clock. I knew he would be very anxious and he wouldn't be late.

Juanita took her shower and got ready early. When she was ready, she came into the living room. She looked great! Very shyly, she told me that she wanted me to be proud of her in front of my friends. She had on a very tight pull over sweater and a very nice, very short skirt.

She did a little twirl and asked me if I thought my friends would approve! I didn't have to think twice about it. I told her they'd love the way she looked and that I was going to be very proud of her!

I poured her a glass of wine and I had her pose like a fashion model in front of the fireplace. She said she felt silly and I know that she was very, very nervous but she posed like I asked her too. We were both watching the clock but we didn't have to wait long. At exactly 7:00 there was a knock on the door.

I went to the door. I turned around first and looked at Juanita. I wanted to see her just as they would when they walked in. She had the glass of wine in her hand and was standing in front of the fireplace in her sexiest pose! She looked absolutely beautiful. Very nervous, but beautiful!

I opened the door, with the chain still on it, to make sure that it was who I was expecting. It was, so I closed the door and removed the chain. I slowly opened the door.

Juanita's glass of wine dropped to the floor. She looked like a little kid that had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar! She sounded totally shocked when she exclaimed, "Mr. Wallace! What ... "

My father walked in, followed closely by Uncle Jim. "Juanita," he said "I've asked you to call me Dad!"

Juanita looked at me. I know she was hoping that my father had come home unexpectedly but she knew as soon as she looked at me that I had been expecting him! "Juanita," I said "my father and I are very close. I consider him to be more of a friend than a father."

"Oh God, NO!" she cried. She ran upstairs before I could catch her! I started to go after her but my father stopped me and told me to give her a couple of minutes. He told me to sit down and have a beer with him and Uncle Jim. Then I could go up and get her. He said if she was still there and hadn't left to go home, we would be half way there!

We turned on the TV and watched part of a ball game and drank our beer. We never even mentioned Juanita. When my beer was gone, I went upstairs to get her.

She was crying on the bed in the guest room. She hadn't packed her clothes! She looked up at me when I came in the room and didn't wait for me to speak. "I can't do this," she cried "Not with your father!"

"Juanita," I said "I have told my father everything! He knows what you've done with my other friends! He's going to think that you don't like him if you don't come back downstairs."

"It's not that I don't like him" she cried. "It's because he's your father." I told her not to think about that. Don't think about him being my father, just think of him as one of my friends. She was crying and said that she couldn't do it!

I took her by the hand and pulled her to her feet. I started to lead her back downstairs. She tried to pull away. I started to raise my voice. I told her that she was embarrassing me! I told her I had promised her to my father and that he had promised her to Uncle Jim! It wasn't a matter of choice. She had to do this!

"Please don't yell at me!" she whined. This time when I started to lead her downstairs, she followed behind me !

When we walked into the living room, Dad was on the couch and Uncle Jim was in one of the two chairs. Uncle Jim was the first to speak. "Hello, Juanita" "Hi" she said.

Then my father said hello to her. "Hello, Mr. Wallace" she said.

"Please, Juanita" he said. "call me Dad." He patted the couch next to him for her to sit down. She looked at me and I nodded to her. "Okay" she hesitated for a minute and then finally said "Hello, .... Dad" and sat down on the couch beside him. Juanita was still holding my hand and tried to pull me onto the couch beside her but I pulled away and sat in the other chair beside Uncle Jim.

The ball game was still on TV but Dad hit the remote and turned it off. Most of my friends would have been all over her right away but Dad was a lot smother than that. He started off by asking her about the college that she was going to start attending in the fall and gradually got her involved in a conversation.

I had gone over and cleaned up the wine that she spilled when they walked in and I poured her another glass. After I handed it to her, my father put his arm around her and tried to pull her a little closer to him.

"Please," she said "let me finish my wine first." My father kept his arm around her but he didn't try to pull her any closer.

After nearly twenty minutes of small talk, she was finished with her wine. She leaned forward and put the empty glass on the coffee table. As she leaned back, my father pulled her up against him. This time she let him. She was still very stiff and very upright but she was sitting right up against him.

He started to rub her shoulder and down her arm a little and he told her to just relax. She looked at me with a pleading look in her eyes. I told her "Just relax, Honey"

This time when her pulled her closer to him, she relaxed a little and snuggled up to him. With a little encouragement from Dad, she laid her head on his shoulder. Dad reached across with his other hand and lifted her chin a little and kissed her on the lips. I could tell that Dad was trying to slip his tongue into her mouth but it was closed tightly.

Juanita made the mistake of moaning "Mr. Wallace, please don't." Dad took advantage of her talking to slide his tongue into her mouth. At first she just seemed to just tolerate it, but a minute later, I could see that she was kissing him back! My beautiful fiancee was making out with my father!

Maybe I'm a little too trusting, but I believed my father when he told me that he had never cheated on my mother. I really believe that this was the first woman, other than my mother, that he had kissed in 20 years. He was taking his time and enjoying it!

He let his hand that was under her chin, slowly graze down the side of her neck, across her shoulder and slowly down the front of her sweater. His hand was just reaching the swell of her left breast when she took hold of his hand. "Please, Mr. Wallace," she begged "don't do this to me!"

Tears were streaming down her cheeks. Dad looked her in the eyes and said " I thought that you loved my son"

"Oh God, I do! I've proved that I love him." she cried.

"Juanita," Dad said "you know what my son wants you to do right now, don't you?"

Juanita looked at me with tears in her eyes. She never took her eyes off of me when she answered him. "Yes, I know what he wants."

"Then make him proud of you, Juanita, make us all proud of you." he almost whispered.

Juanita sobbed as she let go of his hand. Dad's hand slowly cupped her sweater covered breast. She looked down at his hand and watched him caress her breast. She was starting to calm down a little when Dad said quietly, "lets get this sweater off."

"Please, No" she sobbed. "Don't do this Mr. Wallace." Dad had hold of the bottom of her sweater and was trying to pull it up as he said "Call me Dad, Honey!"

Juanita knew that she was going to lose her sweater but she wanted to say some thing first. "Mr. Wallace" she said. "You have to know something first. I'm a nice girl! I never thought that I'd ever do anything like this. I never would do this for anyone else but I love your son! I love him so much that I'll do anything for him!" She paused and very quietly added, "I guess I'd even do this!"

Path:!!!!uunet!!!mindspring!!!news From: (Carnal Knowledge) Newsgroups: Subject: RP by author. My fiancee's humiliation (3 of 3) The new sequel Date: Sat, 23 Nov 1996 04:17:26 GMT Organization: Not organized Lines: 216 Message-ID: <> NNTP-Posting-Host:

WARNING..This story is intended for adults only! If you are younger than 18, are religiously impaired or are otherwise lacking in the maturity to handle adult material, please stop reading NOW! If you are in a location where you are precluded by law from reading sexually oriented material, please sell your house, and move NOW!

My fiancee's humiliation
By: Carnal Knowledge

The Sequel Part 2

Juanita stopped holding her sweater down. She looked at me and whispered loud enough for all of us to hear "I love you!" Then she raised her arms and let my father pull her sweater up over her head and off!

Uncle Jim and I only got a quick peek at her lacy brazier before my father's hand blocked our view. He started making out with my fiancee again, kissing her deeply and feeling up her brazier covered tits! He was really enjoying himself and was not in any hurry at all!

I finally got up and got Uncle Jim and I another beer. Uncle Jim and I had been talking quietly for quite a while when he stopped me and nodded at Dad and Juanita over on the couch. I looked over just in time to see Dad's hand slide up under her skirt. She didn't try to stop him but her legs were pressed tightly together!

We couldn't see very much because Dad's hand was under her skirt but we could tell that he was trying to get into her panties! He wasn't having much luck because the skirt was very tight and her legs were pressed tightly together.

Dad never broke their kiss as he took his hand out from under her skirt and reached for the button on the side. In a few seconds, he had the button open and the zipper down! He had both hands on the sides of her skirt and was trying to pull it down, when Juanita broke their kiss.

She looked over at me to be sure that I was watching. When she saw that I was, she lifted her bottom up off of the couch and let Dad pull her skirt down! She wasn't wearing pantyhose. Just a cute little pair of bikini lace panties that matched her bra!

Dad immediately started making out with her again. This time when his hand slipped between her legs, Uncle Jim and I could see everything! Dad was gently rubbing the front of her panties. Her legs were still together, so he couldn't rub down very far but he still seemed to be loving it!

In a few minutes, Dad's hands had gone behind her back. Uncle Jim and I nudged each other. We knew that he was trying to unhook her bra. Suddenly, Juanita pulled back from him. She looked at me. I noticed that even though she had been making out with Dad for quite a while now, she still had tears in her eyes. She was still crying softly.

There was real anger in her voice when she said "I'm not going to let your father take off my bra and panties! If you want me naked in front of your father and uncle, you'll have to take them off for yourself!

I was a little pissed off by the tone of her voice. I went over to the couch and reached out and took her hand. I helped her to her feet. Then I turned her around so that she was facing my father. I know that she was hoping that I wouldn't be able to strip her in front of my father.

I stood behind her and unhooked her bra. She looked over her shoulder at me and I'm sure that she wanted me to stop but I couldn't! I slowly lowered her bra until her beautiful tits were exposed to my father's view! Then I let it fall to the floor.

Uncle Jim got up from the chair and walked over to end of the couch to get a better look at her. Juanita didn't even seem to notice. She was so embarrassed by the view that my father had of her that she didn't even care about Uncle Jim.

I took hold of the top of her panties and started to pull them down. "Please," she whined, "tell your father that you love me first!"

"Dad, I love Juanita more than anything in this world. Someday, she's going to be my wife! She's doing this to prove her love for me and to show you how much she wants to be your daughter-in-law!"

I pulled her panties down slowly until Juanita's vagina was exposed to my father and uncle. She sobbed loudly as I let them drop the rest of the way to the floor. She stepped out of them and was completely naked!

My father stood up and took my fiancee into his arms. She was sobbing when she said, "Oh God, Mr. Wallace."

"Call me Dad." he said. "Oh God, ..... Dad!" she moaned.

Dad kissed my naked fiancee, and then he pulled her away from the front of the couch. He told me to pull out the bed of the sleeper couch. He was looking into Juanita's eyes when he said "I'm going to fuck your future wife now!" She started to protest but he covered her mouth with a kiss!

Uncle Jim and I moved the coffee table and I pulled out the bed from the couch. I had checked earlier in the day to be sure it had fresh linens. Once the bed was made, Dad laid Juanita down on it.

Uncle Jim and I stared at my naked fiancee as Dad got undressed. Juanita didn't want to watch Dad, so she looked up at the ceiling. Then Dad was naked and walked over to the bed. I hadn't seen my father naked since I was a very little boy. I know that Juanita was just as shocked as I was. My dad had a very large penis!

I had been Juanita's first lover. Since then, I had made her sleep with three of my friends. All of us were pretty much average or maybe just a little above average! 6 or 7 inches long and an inch of so in diameter. I know that my pretty little fiancee had never seen a dick like Dad's. He had to be at least 9 inches long and close to 3 inches in diameter. She'd never be able to take that monster!

Dad got into the bed with her. Uncle Jim and I moved our chairs to the side of the bed to get a better view. Dad started making out with Juanita.

Dad wasn't in a hurry. He knew that she'd have to be really ready to take what he had to give her. After several minutes, he started kissing my fiancee's tits. He was nibbling at her nipples and she was just starting to moan. Then I saw his hand slip down between her legs. She spread her legs slightly and I watched as my father caressed my future wife's pussy!

He slowly worked a finger inside of her and then it was two fingers. Then three. I saw that he was trying to work a fourth finger inside of her. He knew that she would need a lot of room to take all of him!

Finally, Uncle Jim and I saw that Dad had all four fingers buried inside of my fiancee. He was sawing most of his hand in and out of her! Dad pulled his hand out of her and pulled her legs apart. He was getting on top of her!

Juanita looked at me with panic in her eyes. We both knew what was about to happen. My father was ready to fuck his future daughter-in-law. Dad was on top of her now. He reached down between them and took hold of his own dick. He wedged the huge head of it into Juanita's small opening. Even as much as Dad had stretched her during foreplay, I couldn't believe that he could get it in her!

Dad pressed forward. Nothing happened "Oh God, Mr. Wallace" she moaned.

Dad pulled back and tried again. This time the head of his penis popped inside of her. "Oh my God!" she moaned. I couldn't believe how far her pussy lips had to spread to take the head of my fathers large penis.

Dad pulled back again and this time he really slammed into my fiancee! "Ohhhhhh Godddd" she groaned "Mr. Wallace!" "Call me Dad" he moaned. He had a couple of inches of that monster inside of her!

I looked over at Uncle Jim. He was watching as closely as I was. You could see a bead of sweat on his forehead. He never took his eyes off of my fiancee's widely stretched pussy!

My father pulled out again. He rammed back in as hard as he could. Juanita's whole body shook from the impact! "Ohhhh Goddd ..... Dad" she moaned. "Oh my God, Dad!" My father had most of that monster in her! She had done the best she could but I was sure that she'd ever be able to take it all!

Dad reached down and grabbed both of her knees and pulled them up to her chest. He spread them apart and slammed into her again. "Oh God, Dad" she moaned. "Oh my God, Daddy! My Daddy!" He had done it! My father had buried that monster all of the way in her. His ball were up against her ass and that whole thing was inside of her!

My father started fucking my future wife. Juanita looked at Uncle Jim and then she looked at me. She must have known how spread open she looked with that huge dick inside of her. I know that she didn't want to respond to him but she couldn't help it. At first it was subtle. She was pressing back to meet his thrust. Then it wasn't so subtle. She was fucking him back!

She was so embarrassed by what she was doing that she couldn't look at me! She had tears streaming down her face as that large penis finally got to her. She clutched my fathers back and wrapped her legs around his ass. This time when she moaned "Oh Daddy, Oh God Daddy!" I knew that my beautiful fiancee's pussy was throbbing around my father's large dick with her first climax of the evening!

My father ground into her. He looked like he was trying to get that monster even further into her but it was impossible. He was in her to the balls! Then he groaned out loud and I knew that my father was shooting his load of cum into my future wife!

Dad laid on top of her for several minutes. Then he kissed her and rolled to the side. He looked down at his future daughter-in-law and said "Welcome to the family!" She laughed a very embarrassed little laugh and said "Thank you Daddy!"

While this was going on, Uncle Jim got undressed. He crawled onto the bed and right onto Juanita. He slid into her in one thrust. He was not anywhere near as large as Dad and he had really stretched her open! He didn't seem to mind though and he gave her a great fuck.

I could tell that Juanita was close to cumming again. She was humping back against Uncle Jim's thrusts. Finally, she was moaning and I knew she was cumming. I'm sure that's what Uncle Jim wanted. He wanted my dad to know that he could make a woman climax too, even if he wasn't as well built.

I had gotten undressed while watching Uncle Jim. I got on top of my fiancee. I knelt between her legs and looked down at her. Her pussy was gaping open. I could see my father's and uncle's cum running down between her legs. She held her arms out to me. "Please make love to me" she said. "I did all of this for you!"

I slid my penis into her well used vagina! My God had they ever stretched her! I could even push my balls half way up her! She was wet, sloppy and full of cum. I told her how much I loved her and how proud I was of her as I added my cum to Dad's and Uncle Jim's!


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