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I don't know how much is true, but here's a story:

Recently a New York psychologist, known to me only as Dr. L., passed away. He specialized in cases of sexual deviation, and many of his patients were pedophiles. He had planned to write a book about the many cases of pedophilia he had come in contact with over the years. Well, he never did, but he did keep a pretty good journal, and some people have been passing it around the social circles, keeping it quiet, I guess. I managed to get a copy of this jornal entry, and I decided to send it off into cyberspace. It's pretty raunchy, but I figured some people here might like it. If anyone knows about this guy whatever his real name is), or how to get their hands on the rest of the journal, please do so and post it. I've been assured by a close friend of both mine and his that this is indeed real, and he really treated the patients he talks about. None of this is made up, though I changed the names so I couldn't get in trouble. I also gave it a simple title.

by Dr. L.

Story 1: The Daughter (Written Oct. 15, 1993)
Phil was a thirty-year-old banker who, upon his last visit to me, had been dating his 32-yeend Janet for five years. The last year of the relationship had been somewhat infested by argument and turmoil in the relationship, but Phil had stayed with Janet for one reason above all others: her 14-year-old daughter, Tara, whose father had died seven years earlier.
He had watched Tara grow "from a chubby, flat-chested 9-year old to a dazzling 14-year-old with bright blue eyes, flowing brown hair, long legs, and a curvaceous body." His attraction to her, and consequent visits to my office, began in 1991, when the girl was twelve. It seems he had been at Janet's house late one night (which was usual because they normally went to his house, where they would be alone), watching a movie with her, when Tara came walking out from her room in her nightgown. As the young girl made her way down the hall, he couldn't keep his eyes from her. He observed that "she was developing breasts, and her legs were nice." Before this time, he claims never to have had any attraction to the girl, but after then, he saw her in the new light of sexuality.
He began inviting Tara on dates with her mother, trying as hard as possible to avoid any suspicions from either of them. Janet began to love him all the more for accepting her daughter as his own, but the guilt he felt due to the knowledge of his real motivations was overwhelming. He loved both of them.
In time, the problem grew worse. While engaging in intercourse with Janet, he began to fantasize about Tara. As he put it: "We'll be fucking and all, and I'll close my eyes and picture that it's Tara I'm fucking. That it's her little tits I'm sucking. Then I'd come and feel bad about it."
No matter what measures I took, it seemed impossible to cure Phil of his obsession with Tara. We tried conditioning, talking it out, and even once resorted to hypnosis, all with little result. Within a week of beginning any form of treatment, all obsession would always return.
In May, 1992, when Tara was thirteen, the situation worsened as Phil made his first advance of any kind on the girl, although he still managed to avoid any suspicion. Until this time, he had never made any suggestions to her in any way. As he put it: "I love her like a daughter, but still I want her. Her face, her legs, her ass, even those cute little feet of hers - she drove me crazy." At this point I should also note that Phil had a substantial foot fetish, and many of his fantasies revolved around feet.
Here is Phil's account of what took place:
"I came over to see Janet, all ready to go out that night. When I got there, though, Tara answered the door and said her mother wouldn't be home for like a half hour 'cause she got held up at work. So I think to myself, 'Classic porn movie set-up' right?
"Well, then I come in and sit on the living room couch, and Tara goes into her room to get ready because she's going out with her friends or something. Next thing I know, while I'm watching TV, she comes out of her room in the skimpiest little towel, headed for the bathroom. I made believe I didn't see her, but it was so hard not to look. She went into the bathroom, then. I think, 'Man, if only I could go into that bathroom and see her without her seeing me.' Then I realized that Janet told me the night before that the bathroom door lock was broken, and that she needs to get it fixed. So I start scheming. Man, I was torn. I felt so guilty about thinking it, but the urge was too much. I waited 'til I heard the shower turn off, then I heard that lovely voice of hers, singing some song I didn't know. I get up, all sweaty just from thinking about her, and go to the bathroom door. I stood there for a minute, then did it. When I threw the door open, She was standing there naked, facing me. I saw everything - her tits, which were bigger than I realized now, her pussy, with that wet pubic hair all around it, and her legs and feet. And I saw that shocked look on her face when she wrapped the towel around herself. I apologized, making like it was an accident, then stepped out. I heard her call behind me that it was okay, it wasn't my fault, that the door was broken. I felt like I was in heaven, after seeing that. I plopped right back down on the living room couch and jerked off. I never came so fast in my life. When she finally came out, in that towel again, I apologized, and she seemed embarrassed, but understood."
Needless to say, Phil began to feel very guilty about what he had done. At the same time, he felt like he'd finally gotten away with something. I told him that he had to stop, that he was headed down the wrong path, but he only said he knew and couldn't help it. Our session ended in argument, and he missed the next two months' appointments.
He did eventually start seeing me again, probably more out of habit than anything else. He was totally unwilling to follow any advice, but who was

to turn away the business? I felt guilty about letting a man like this stay loose, but I feared that if I brought his case to higher authorities, not only would I be violating his trust, I would risk exposure of my own past experiences, which I certainly did not want. So, like the coward that I am, I let the man keep seeing me, just listening to his stories.
Finally, In January 1993, the story came to its climax. In the months since the bathroom encounter, Phil had become extremely suggestive towards Tara, often taking risks such as "accidentally" touching her breasts or kissing her neck instead of her cheek. And he had become convinced that she was returning the suggestions. I was sure it would all come to a very sticky ending, with me getting caught in the middle of it, but there were certain factors I didn't realize.
What follows is Phil's account of what happened on the night of January 13, 1993, four days after Tara' fourteenth birthday:
"I came to the apartment and all, like usual. It was around eight or so last Friday night. The three of us were supposed to go to the movies. When I knocked, Tara answered the door. My jaw just dropped. If I didn't just jerk off that day I would have came right there. She was wearing this night shirt that just barely got down her thighs. On her feet, nothing. Just those awesome toes of hers. I knew she had no bra on because her nipples were showing through the nightie. Her tits are nice now. Not big, but real perky and firm. Anyway, she tells me that the movie thing is off, but she has something to show me. She leads me into the apartment, and I see it's all dimly lit. I ask her where her mother is, but she doesn't answer. I just follow behind, watching those beautiful legs and feet of hers. Okay, she led me into her room, which surprised me. Then she told me to wait a second and bent down like she was getting something from under her bed. I watched the night shirt ride up her legs, and suddenly I realized she had no panties on. Man, right there was her cute little ass and tight little cunt. That was what she wanted to show me. I pulled out my cock and started moving forward. She couldn't have been more suggestive. Then I shoved it right into her pussy. Bang, just like that. She lost her virginity to me. She lets out this gasp, and I thought maybe I did the wrong thing, but she says to keep going and pulls the night shirt off. So now I've got my girlfriend's daughter bent over the bed, and I'm fucking away at her, confessing every dirty feeling I ever had for her. Man, her cunt was tight and moist. Then she sits down on the bed and starts jerking me off, then starts blowing me. I'm wondering how she knows how to do all this, because I know she's never done it. So I start fingering her while she blows me, and somehow we get into a 69 position. I'm in heaven because I'm eating out her 14-year-old cunt while she sucks my dick - and does a really good job, too. Then I start fucking her again, sucking those tits of hers.
"I think to ask where her mom is again, for some reason, and suddenly my dick goes limp. Right there in the dark corner I can see Janet. I think, 'well, that's it. I'm dead," but then I see that she's naked - and she's fingering her pussy. Tara looks at me with those dazzling blue eyes and tells me to keep going, it's okay. As I fuck her, Janet comes over and kneels with one leg on each side of Tara's head. I couldn't believe it. Tara started eating out her own mother. I was so worried about my feelings for Tara, but Janet's were even weirder. She had an incestuous lesbian desire for her daughter. I sat back in disbelief, and Janet took the opportunity to lean over and begin eating out Tara's pussy. Right in front of me, mother and daughter engaged in wild and passionate lesbian sex. I go and put my dick to Janet's face, and she takes it and puts it into her daughter's pussy. I fuck Tara while Janet licks her clit, 'til finally I come all over both of them. Then they went at it for a while themselves."
Naturally, I doubted the truthfulness of Phil's story. It sounded like a very bizarre fantasy - one which never could really have happened. But any doubts I had were destroyed a few days later, when he brought the others in to meet me. I couldn't believe that the beautiful, sweet, innocent looking girl in front of me had done the things she'd done. To hear such a girl talk of her fondness for the newfound taste of semen - I'd call it sick, but who am I to speak, after what I've done.
Phil and Janet ended up getting married that April, and the three of them moved to a very secluded abode in Pennsylvania, where no one can disturb them in their bizarre sexual practices. Last week, I got a letter that all is going well, and that the three of them are all very happy now.

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