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Clarissa Bangs 'em All

Chapter 1

Clarissa Darling walked through the door of her bedroom and tossed her books on the floor. She pulled the hairband out of her hair and let the lovely brownish blonde hair fall about her shoulders.
She was dying to take a shower. The warm May weather had her sweating. She pulled off her bright blue pullover and tossed it near her books. She looked at herself in the full length mirror next to her bed. She looked at her well rounded breasts as she removed her lacy white bra.
Her breasts were well tanned from a few sessions at the tanning salon. Her areolas were as red as starawberries and about as large. Her nipples, dark red, were at full attention from the removal of her bra.
She unzipped her cutoffs and let them drop to the floor to expose her glorious bush (she wore no panties this time of the year.)
The hair on her mound was the same golden brown color as the hair on her head. She turned slightly to get a view of her perfect ass. It was well rounded with a dimple on either side. She admired her body in the mirror. She ran her hands down her smooth body and began exploring the spot she "discovered" only months before. She ran her fingers through the soft downy hair that covered her sex. She slid her middle finger between her lips and down to her clit. She rubbed it in small circles and then plunged her finger into her glory hole.
The rush was enough to weaken her knees. She slowed down the pace and began sliding her sticky finger in and out of her quim.
She closed her eyes in ecstacy and lost her self in orgasmic thought. She never heard Sam's ladder clanging to her window. She was oblivious to him. At first Sam was shocked and was ready to head back down his ladder that he often used to access Clarissa's second story room.
But he couldn't ignore the swelling in his shorts. He boldly walked over behind Clarissa and gently grabbed her by the shoulder. She didn't even flinch. So he got up his nerve and placed a kiss on the back of her neck. Then he slid his hands around to the front of her body and grabbed her breasts taking one in each hand and kneading them like bread dough.
He slid his right hand down her stomach and into the fur of her crotch. Her mound was hot. She finally realized she was not alone, but at this point didn't care. Sam slid his finger into her cunt and found himelf wrestling with the two fingers she had jammed inside her tight box. They stroked in unison as her sixteen year old orgasm exploded in her body. Her knees went weak and she collapsed to the floor.
She then turned around to face Sam and couldn't help but notice the bulge in his shorts. Without hesitation she yanked his shorts and underwear to his ankles. Sam was speechless.
"I've never done this before," confessed Clarissa. "This is the first one I've seen."
"That's okay, I'm cherry myself."
Clarissa grabbed his dick by the root with her right hand as she fondled his balls with her left. She admired the throbbing member in her hand. It's veins running to the base and the large purple head. She stuck out her tongue and licked the tip. This sent a shiver through Sam. She then placed the head in her mouth and flicked it with her tongue repeatedly. Then she licked the underside to his balls, then back to the tip and shoved the first three inches into her mouth, followed quickly by the the remaining five. She began sucking and licking as though she were devouring a lollipop.
Then Sam lost control and grabbed Clarissa by the back of the head and began ferociously fucking her face. Clarissa relaxed her throat muscles and accomodated the boner in her cute, young mouth. Her hands jerked his cock as he thrust harder and harder. Then Sam threw back his head and let loose. He coated her tonsils with his hot jizz. She kept sucking as it dribbled it's last few drops. Then she licked it clean and started licking the underside of his balls in an attempt to get him hard again.
"Fuck me Sam, Please now."
She kept licking his balls, then scooted under him and started licking his asshole. She ran her tongue along his ass crack and darted it in and out of his rectum. His pubes tickled her nose as she lifted his balls and cock higher for better access.
"Eat my ass then fuck me Sam. I want you to be my first."
"Okay." (What else could he say?)
Sam finished removing the rest of his clothing. He scampered over to the bed and sat on the edge. Clarissa walked over and stood in front of him. She giggled at the look on his face. They had been friends for years and never even kissed. His face was as brightly lit up as was hers. The sexual tension was thick in the air.
He put his arms around her waist and pulled her close. He started lightly pecking her belly and pubic area, scraping his teeth on her pubic hair. She quickly turned around and shoved her ass in his face. He started kissing her right buttcheek, then her left and began alternating planting kisses all over her ass. Then he ran his tongue up and down her asscrack. He spread her dimpled asscheeks with his hands and started returning her oral favors. He licked around her puckered asshole. The tight pink hole kind of winked at him.
Then, taking a breath he plunged his tongue into her tight asshole. Though he lacked experience, this all came almost second nature to him. He then began massaging her asshole with his right index finger as he licked her asscrack and ass region.
Clarissa felt a surge in her pussy and felt another orgasm coming on. The closest she had come to an experience like this before was when she got a little carried away with her masturbating and sunk her middle finger up her ass.
As her climax mounted, Sam wriggled his finger up to the first joint into her now gaping asshole. He then reached around her waist and started frigging her clit with his free hand, causing her body to finally let loose with a crashing orgasm.
Her knees started to weaken and she felt as though she was going to faint. So she stepped away from Sam to sit on the bed next to him. His finger popped out with a moist "plop" noise.
Sam was already erect again. He stood as Clarissa picked up a pillow and propped it under her ass. Sam now had a great view of her firy red sexhole which was sopping wet with her feminine cum. He admired her saliva stained asshole, as if he were a master painter admiring his work.
"Now fuck me Sam. Please." She was pleading in an almost childlike voice. She was so overcome with lust she could hardly say anyhting else.
"I'm afraid of hurting you Clarissa," Sam said realizing the possible pain of her de-virgination.
"Th-that's okay, I broke my hymen a few years ago while masturbating a little too hard. Now fuck me!!!" She was getting impatient now.
Sam then lay on the bed beside her in an act of lust-filled blind obedience. He rolled over on top of her, falling into her now open arms. He kissed her hard on the mouth as he massaged his cockhead against her clit. She kissed him back as she braced her body for the impending penetration.
Then, taking a deep breath, he shoved his cock in up to the head and started rocking a little and shoved a few more inches in.
Clarissa felt a surge of electricity as Sam's cock entered her box. Soon Sam was all the way in and started slowly pumping in and out. Her pussy was very tight and soaking wet.
Then, his hormones took over and he started pumping harder and harder. His balls slapped against her saliva stained ass. She let out a wince as she wasn't expecting the surge and she had never had anything this large in her before. The most she'd had before was three fingers (once before alone and earlier with Sam.)
He felt his balls tighten and started fucking Clarissa harder.
Clarissa also braced for another orgasm. Sam then pulled out as he shot his load. His load coated Clarissa's entire belly and a few drops hit her tits. He then shoved three fingers into her red, swollen cunt so she could get off once again.
Shortly, Clarissa bucked her hips upward and exploded, coating Sam's fingers with even more of her cunt honey. Sam then collapsed onto her ample chest in exhaustion.
"God that was great," Clarissa said in a faint voice. She then kissed him on top of the head and drifted off to sleep, as did Sam.

Chapter 2

Clarissa awoke to a darkened room. She strained to see the clock. 7:45. She couldn't believe she had slept for so long. She looked around and noticed Sam was gone.
"Oh God," she thought, "What have I done?"
Her mind raced to the events of hours past. She was filled with half guilt and half with a tingle of pleasure. She crawled out of bed and walked gingerly into the bathroom. She was still a little sore from her first fuck. Sam's cum had dried onto her belly and now crusty and flaky. She giggled as she thought about the look on Sam's face as he shot his wad.
She was thankful her parents were out of town, though, what if mom had walked in? Clarissa cringed at the thought. Or worse yet, what about Ferguson? Aaaarrgghh!!
Clarissa turned the water on for her shower. She looked at her near perfect body in the mirror. She noticed her face was a little flushed (glowing?). She stepped into the shower and grabbed the soap. She started scrubbing her pubic area and slowly ran the bar of soap over her clit. The sensation got her aroused.
She took her free hand and started massaging around her pussy while soaping her clit. The combination was turning her on.
She parted her pssy lips with two fingers and started to shove the soapbar in.
It was almost too big but she was getting hot. She got part of the corner in and began making cicular motions with it. She kept rubbing her pussy lips, clit and her whole pubic area as she shoved the soapbar a little further in. She felt that tingling sensation coming on. In a matter of minutes she had a crashing orgasm as she inserted her finger into her rectum.
She then proceeeded to wash the rest of her body and rinse off.

She dressed in a pink button up shirt, light blue shorts and her favorite red leggings. She headed downstairs to get a bite to eat. On her way, she passed Ferguson's room.
She thought she heard moans coming from his room.
"He's probably jacking off," she giggled to herself.
Then she moved closer to the door to hear better.
Then, she realized, it sounded more like crying.
She knocked on the door, "Fergwad, what's wrong, are you okay?"
She heard what she thought were muffled screams.
She threw open the door, now panicked. She couldn't believe what she saw. Ferguson was tied to his bed by ropes attached to both wrists and ankles. He was naked except for a blue towel around his waist, a blindfold covering his eyes and a bra shoved in his mouth as a gag.
"My God what happened?" she asked removing the bra from Fergusons mouth.
"W-well y-y-y-ou know that b-bitch Laura Fishington?" he stifled the tears, "Th-the ch-cheerleader? She t-t-ricked m-me."
As Clarissa leaned over to untie one of the ropes, Ferguson noticed she wasn't wearing a bra and could see down her shirt. He fought the urge to stare. After all, this was his sister.
Being male, Ferguson couldn't help but to stare. Her boobs swayed side to side as she struggled to untie the rope. Her perfect niples and perfectly tanned breasts were amazing to him. He felt the towel twitch as his cock started to harden. He couldn't believe his arousal. He had noticed over the last few years her developement but had never known it was so spectacular.
Clarissa looked at his face and noticed he was staring. She stood up straight and pulled the top of her shirt to her body. "Fuckin' perv. What the hell are you lookin' at?"
"Sorry sis, but they look so nice I couldn't help it. I'm sorry."
Clarissa felt a little uneasy but also a little complimented. Now, she noticed the growing bulge under the towel on around his waist. It continued to grow.
Suddenly, Clarissa felt a little mischievious, then realized, "God this is my brother..."
But she was overcome with lust and started not to care anymore. She had to admit she was curious about her brother who was maturing in his own right.
"Hey Fergface," she teased "what's under the towel?"
"Uh, nothin' sis. Now get me untied, this isn't funny anymore."
"No, you looked at my tits, I'm gonna see what you got."
She removed the towel. She gasped in amazement at the sight. How could Laura have missed this? Ferguson's cock must've been about eight inches long and was still growing. She couldn't figure how Sam who was three years older than Ferguson was about two inches smaller. Ferguson's cock was skinny but long. He had a little tuft of red pubic hair above his hard cock and a little covering his wrinkled ballsac.
She wanted that cock and didn't care if it belonged to her brother. "Sorry about this Ferg, but I'm so hot I can't help myself," she said as she grabbed his cock.
Ferg was both excited and confused. He threw back his head as Clarissa stroked his dick. Her fingers were loose around it, and she would squeeze ever so gently as she stroked.
Then she stopped. Ferguson opened his eyes and
looked at her in shock.
"I can't do this, Ferguson, as much as Ilike, it just wouldn't be right."
"But, you started it, you gotta finish it. I mean I respect you sis and love you dearly even though I tease you, but sis, c'mon. At least jerk me off. Anyways, if it feels so good, how could it possibly be wrong?" He couldn't believe he was trying to get his sister to do something even his girlfriend wouldn't do (Or Laura Fishington).
"Uh, you didn't let me finish," Clarissa lied, "I was going to say it wouldn't be right for you to be naked and me to be dressed."
She started unbottoning her blouse. She teased Ferguson by flashing a little tit then covering herself and undoing another button. Finally, she took the blouse off and Ferguson's eyes got wide. he couldn't get over her great tits. His eyes went from her shapely neck to her stiffening nipples then down to her flat, tanned stomach and to her inny belly button. Clarissa turned her back to him and slowly started to lower her shorts. She flashed her asscrack then pulled them back up. Then yanked them down to below her anal cleft. She bent over as she slid them the rest of the way down her slender legs, leaving on her red leggings. He could see her dimples clearly as she kicked her shorts off. Then she turned around and covered her bush with her hands.
Ferguson looked a little confused.
"Beg me, Fergie, or you can't see it."
Ferguson couldn't believe it, his sister had just put on a little strip show for him and now wanted him to beg for a look. "Okay, sis. Can I please see it?"
"Say the word or no way."
"Okay, can I please see your p-p-," he struggled to say it but this wasn't the way he talked. "... pussy."
"Why of course," Clarissa said, "thank you for
She removed her hands to reveal her bush. The silky brownish-blonde hair covering her lips was incredibly arousing to Ferguson. He had seen it in magazines but never in real life, only mere feet from his face. He could smell the fresh smell of soap. Clarissa threw her hands in the air.
"Tada, what d'ya think, bro?"
She walked over to the bed. She again took his penis into her hands. It was warm and she liked the feel of the veins and the solidness. She slowly began to stroke it and blew hot air onto it. A shiver went up Ferguson's spine.
She darted her tongue out and licked the tip, tasting a little pre-cum that she hadn't noticed on Sam.
She sat down on the edge of the bed facing his feet. She swung her hips up around to his face and straddled his face. She moved her ass back and pushed her pussy into Ferguson's face. He could smell the fresh soapy smell. His nose brushed her asshole. Instinctively, he jabbed his tongue into her cunt. He licked like a little boy licking an icecream come.
He was a little sloppy but Clarissa wasn't going to complain. She stared intently at his hard on and started licking the head of his cock. Then shoved his cock into her mouth and started masturbating him with her right hand.
She kept her head steady and just pulled and jerked his cock into her mouth.
On the other end of the brother-sister sixty nine Ferguson had inserted a finger into Clarissa's asshole and was trying to improve his licking technique.
Clarissa moved forward to take his shaft deep into her mouth. As he tried to lean forward the ropes attached to his wrists began cutting into his flesh. The pain was excrutiating but also somewhat exciting.
"Please," he managed to say with his face buried in cuntjuice, "untie me."
She looked back at him, "No way, not yet." Then went back to work on her oral copulation. Ferguson felt his balls tighten. He tried to tell Clarissa he was going to come, but couldn't get the words out in time.
He shot his wad and filled her mouth, but to his suprise she kept sliding her mouth up and down his cock. It was starting to tickle now.
The strain of the ropes was now burning as he lurched forward to try to stop her.
His dick finally slowed to a dribble. A little spilled out of the corners of her mouth as she raised her head. Undaunted, she licked the rest off his now sagging pole.
"Now make me come, or you're not getting up for awhile."
With that, Clarissa swung around and sat on his chest facing him. She smiled as she saw the sweat brimming on his forehead. She gently wiped off the sweat.
She moved up and plopped her pussy on top of his face, catching him off guard.
She pried her pussy open with both hands and lowered herself further onto his face.
He could smell her pussy juice which was quickly covering up the odor of the soap. Ferguson could hardly breathe, as her pussy covered both nose and mouth. He adjusted a little to get his nose free so he could breathe.
He started licking ferociously. The harder he licked, the harder Clarissa slammed her cunt into his face, coating with her sweet nectar. Ferguson feasted on her snatch like a baby nursing on a bottle of juice. Ah, but this juice was better.
Clarissa felt the buildup in her loins and knew the moment was near. She grinded into Ferguson's face so hard he thought she might break his nose. As she neared the moment of truth, she pulled his face up to her and leaned back a little. A rush of cool air hit her pussy causing goose bumps. The strain caused the ropes to dig further into Ferguson's wrists causing welts. He didn't care... he knew his mission.
Clarissa let out a howl as she creamed Ferguson's face. The force caused her whole body to shake. She collapsed off to the side. She moved her body down so she was laying on top of him. Their hot bodies meshed. He could feel her heart beating in her chest.
She leaned forward and kissed Ferguson hard on the lips and stuck her tongue in his mouth.
"Now, it's your turn to take over and make me your slave Fergface."
She finished untying him and went down the hall to get a glass of water.
When she returned Ferguson was standing beside the bed. She gulped some water and stepped toward him.
"Well what do you want?" she queried, actually a little worried now. Even though she had just gave him a blow job, her mind raced to all the mean things she had done. The evil grin on his face scared her a little, but figured she had to keep her word.
"Well sis, first come and sit on the bed."
She did as instructed. She sat on the edge of the bed. She noticed Ferguson's long, skinny dick stiffening back to life.
Ferguson walked over to her and grabbed her right tit in his hot hand. He gently caressed and kneaded it, then the same with the other. He leaned down and kissed her hard on the mouth.
His dick was now at full strength. He reached down
and grabbed his dick and guided it between her tits. Due to his shortness he didn't even have to lean much to get it there. He grabbed both breasts and surrounded his cock with them. He slid it up and down.
"Now, you hold them, Clarissa."
Clarissa grabbed her breasts and squeezed his dick
with them. She rubbed them up and down his shaft as he pumped his cock in between. The softness and warmth of her tits caused his balls to stiffen. He pulled back, he wasn't ready to come yet.
"Now, roll over and lay on your stomach on the bed."
Upon Clarissa rolling over, Ferguson Quickly tied her right ankle to the bedpost. Then, he manuevered around to tie her other ankle. He cinched it tight to cause her legs to pull further apart.
She reached back to say something but he snapped "Look forward" and landed a firm right hand on her ass, leaving a red handprint. She quickly obliged.
The stinging on her spanked ass actually was a bit stimulating.
Ferguson Quickly moved to the head of the bed to tie her wrists. Now she was completely helpless. Ferguson walked around the bed admiring her ass. God it looked so good. He leaned over and placed a small kiss on her right asscheek. He then straddled her back and began massaging her shoulders.
"Don't worry sis, this won't hurt much..." He quickly slid down her body so his dick was wedged between her buttcheeks. He kissed the back of her neck. Then reached down, grabbed his dick and perched it against her clit.
"I'm new at this, so bear with me."
He slid his cock slowly into her pussy. Soon it was in about 3/4 of the way. The warmth of his sister's cunt was heaven to his cock. He could feel the smootheness of her pussy walls. He slid his cock the rest of the way in and started slowly pumping. Clarissa clinched her asscheeks closed then open then closed and started a little rythum.
The sensation was incredible. Ferguson pulled his dick out because he wasn't ready to come just yet.
Clarissa buried her face into the pillow. Then her head was lifted and a blindfold was placed over her eyes and tied behind her head. She was excited and a little scared at the same time. She felt something wet on her ass and it felt like...oh God! Ferguson was lubricating her asshole. This must've been what he had been talking about. Then she felt something she didn't understand. It felt like... another set of hands massaging her ass as Ferguson slicked up her bunghole. She thought she felt...long fingernails?
She then heard a stifled giggle that sounded very feminine. Could it be?
Then she heard the voice, "Hiya Clarissa, nice ass." It was Laura Fishington.
Ferguson then giggled, "Gotcha sis."
Clarissa was intrigued rather than shocked. She had seen Laura at a football game at the high school. Laura was the head cheerleader. She had long, brown hair that flowed to the small of her back. She sported a pair of 40 DD's. Her eyes were almond shape and and dark brown in color. Her features were delicate and her complexion was that of an indian princess. Almost Pocahontas-like.
She felt a tongue running up her spine. Ferguson or Laura? Clarissa wasn't sure but the surge in her loins made her not really care. "This is a dream come true" came the whisper. It was Laura. Clarissa wasn't ready for what happened next...
Ferguson shoved his cock in her ass. The combination of shock, pain and ecstacy was enough to send Clarissa over the edge with an earthshattering orgasm.
Ferguson slowed his pace. He pumped in and out,in and out. His dick was being pinched by his sister's tight asshole but he loved it. It wasn't as smooth an interior as her other tunnel of love.
Laura spoke, "Clarissa, I'm going to untie your right hand so you can turn a little, but I'm keeping the blindfold on."
"Okay" Clarissa squeaked out.
Her wrist was untied and she turned to the right. She felt a firm hand on the back of her head and felt the weight of Laura's body on the bed.
Laura swung a leg over Clarissa's head and shoved her shaved pussy in Clarissa's face.
Clarissa stuck out her tongue and was suprised that Laura's bald pussy was hot. Clarissa shoved her tongue into the hot opening of Laura's glory hole. She noted a slightly sweaty/salty taste. She instantly liked it. She Licked blindly, tonguing Laura's clit, inside her pussy and the surrounding area. Her sloppy technique quickly turned into a rythum.
Laura threw her head back as Clarissa hit all the right spots. She grabbed Clarissa's head and began to grind it into her face splattering it with juice.
Ferguson felt his balls tighten as he picked up the pace. His balls slapped against Clarissa's clit.
Clarissa felt her body go numb in passion.
The beauty she was tonguing let loose with an orgasm. Clarissa kept slurping up every drop of her first lesbian induced cum. Ferguson shot his wad deep into Clarissa asshole causing her to shudder and buck. Her quivering body continued to shake even after the crashing orgasm. Ferguson collapsed to the side of Clarissa and kissed her on the neck. Laura moved down and started licking Clarissa's asscheeks and legs. She quickly darted down and shoved her tongue deep into Clarissa cunt. She then smacked Clarissa on the ass. The instant pain sent a sensation to her cunt. Then came another spanking.
Her ass was now the same color as her now-soaked leggings.
Clarissa screamed "God, I don't think I can take
another orgasm, I'll never be able to wake up from the deep sleep I'll fall into."
Laura stopped and layed on the other side of Clarissa and kissed her hard on the mouth. Clarissa kissed back and could taste her own pussy on Laura's tongue as she frenched her.
"Thank you" Laura murmured.
Ferguson got up and untied his sister then layed back down beside her. Laura removed the blindfold.
Ferguson and Laura kissed Clarissa on each cheek,
then everyone fell asleep. All three arm in arm.

Chapter Three

Clarissa walked home from school, it had been days since her tryst with Ferguson and Laura. The thoughts were still fresh in her mind and the burns from the ropes were all but gone.
Even the mere thought of those events caused her to get hot. She fell in love with masturbation a few years ago, but actual sexual contact was so exciting to her that that's all she thought about. Whenever she was in class or even talking to friends at school she couldn't help but think about them naked. Even her female friends. She had always championed gay rights but never thought of having sex with another girl...until that night with Laura.
Passing the constuction site on the way home, Clarissa recieved the usual whistles and hoots. This time she didn't really mind. She decided to have a little fun. She was dressed in a flimsy yellow blouse, a red vest, her favorite red leggings (washed since her menage-a-trois), her blue cutoffs and her favorite green Doc Martin's. She knew she looked hot, especially with her hair up in two pigtails.
One of the crane operators yelled, "Hey, baby, what's up?"
She unbuttoned her top four buttons of her blouse and her vest and flashed her right tit at him. Her nipple stiffened to the slight breeze.
He almost fell out of the crane. The sight of this teen goddess had a few jaws dropping, and brought several more whistles.
Then she twirled her pigtails to keep up the flirt. She walked toward the construction site, and got a better look at the crane operator.
She almost lost her breath when she got a better look at this Adonis. He was about 6' 2" (almost a foot taller than Clarissa), had dark curly hair that hung out of his orange hardhat almost to his waist, and a set of dark blue eyes that made Clarissa's heart and loins spring to life.
She also saw a few other men that made her want to become the slut she was on the way to being. She walked over to beside the crane and looked up at her new crush. "Hey, sexy," she said gazing upward, wanna have a good time?"
He looked shocked at her forwardness. All he could do was nod in the affirmative. She motioned him down with her finger. He blindly obeyed. This started the whoops and whistles again. She whispered "Bring them too." and motioned at a few of the other guys.
One guy stepped forward, a tall, skinny, somewhat geeky kid.
The crane operator, Bob, took her hand, "Where to little lady?"
"Where do you want it?" She was in a kidcrush afterglow.
He extended his hand, which she took, and led her toward the almost finished building. When inside, she looked around. There were several sawhorses and piles of sawdust strewn about. She almost had second thoughts. After all, she had five guys following her and the rejected studs following for a peak.
Once in the middle of the barren room, Bob planted a kiss on her mouth. She kissed back. As he removed his shirt, she scoped his body. It was a mass of finely crafted muscle. Barely an once of fat covered his near perfect chest and stomach. She dropped down and started tonguing his half-dollar sized nipples. First she swirled her tongue around his right nipple, then switched over to his left and back. She saw two of the other guys go around behind her. One of the guys, Ted, started unbuttoning her shirt from behind to free her bra covered breasts. The third guy, Don, helped her out of her blouse and vest as she kept sucking Bob's nipples. She stood back and started to unzip her cutoffs.
"Oh, my boots." With that barely out of her mouth, the fourth and fifth guys, Jeb and Ray, lifted her off of the floor. Jeb held her by the waist and Ray by the knees. They turned her onto her back so she was at a ninety degree angle on her back, in mid-air. Don and Ted unlaced her boots and removed them. Then off came her socks. Then off came her red leggings. Bob removed her cutoffs. She was now naked except for her red leggings and her lacy, white bra. That was soon removed by Bob. Her breasts flattened out as she leaned back.
The men repositioned themselves so that Jeb and Ray had her by the arms and offered back support. Ted and Don held her legs, holding them wide apart so that everyone could now see her honeyhole. Bob blocked the show by repositioning his head between her legs. The other men lifted her a little higher to offer him better access with having to bend over too far.
Clarissa Let out a moan of delight as Bob started licking her inner thighs. Then he stuck his long, pointed tongue into her cunt, gently running it in and out and up and down her inner and outer folds. He was a skilled cunniliguist. He swirled his tongue to get the full flavor of her leaking loins. The salty taste appealed to him egging, him on and making him tongue a little faster. Clarissa threw back her head and closed her eyes. "Ahhhhh!!" she moaned as her gentle lover sent her into a dizzying exstacy. Her ears ignored the cheers of the onlookers.
By now Jeb and Ray each had a nipple in their mouths. The two tongues ran in synchronization across her nipples. Jeb was a little smoother and his mouth was a little bigger, so he was able to get a little more of her tit in his mouth.
Bob was now slurping away with slurping noises coming out his mouth. He put his hands up and spread her legs a little further apart to get his tongue in deeper. Ted decided he didn't want to miss on the oral delights he was witness to. So, he took her big toe into his mouth. Clarissa giggled a little at the tickling situation. Her big toe was now fully covered by Ted's mouth. His tongue flicked at the underside of her foot as he sucked her toe.
Bob 's intensity increased, sending Clarissa into her first oragsm since the Ferguson/Laura incident. Her teencum flooded Bob's suckling mouth. He slurped it like a thirsty dog at his bowl on a hot day. Jeb and Ray kept their oral hold on her now fulley erect and excited nipples. Ted lifted her left leg, so she was doing a midair, inverted legkick.
Then Ted started licking the underside of her leg from her ankle down ever so slowly and gently to her thigh just under her buttcheek. Then he moved Bob over a little (who was still feeding at her cunt.) Bob licked her right lip as Ted licked her left cuntlip.
Clarissa dropped her leg over Ted's shoulder so it wouldn't cramp. Ted worked his way down to her rosebud and shoved his tongue in. He had to duck a little so he wouldn't bang heads with Bob.
Bob moved back upto her clit and bit it gently as Ted con- tinued his analiguis. His tongue caught the bitter taste of her asshole. He started licking her asscheek and the crack between, then shoved his tongue back into her bunghole as Bob reinserted his tongue into her snatch. Their tongues swirled in unison. Clarissa started to get light-headed and was on the brink of cumming again.
Then Bob stepped back and started to unbutton his fly. Clarissa opened her eyes and raised her head to look at the cock that was ready to push her into her second (and third?) orgasm. It almost looked like an optical illusion. It must have been ten inches long and four inches around. The men holding her lowered her a little for easier access for Bob.
She worried if Bob would be able to get that thing into her without ripping her apart.
Bob walked forward and slowly rubbed the tip against the opening of her love canal. She held her breath as he pushed the head through her tight opening. Her pussy gushed with the pressure of his massive cock against her inner pussy walls. He stepped a little closer,sliding his rigid pole in a little further.
Atfer a little adjustment, his cock was in her all the way. Clarissa groaned in a combination of pain and pleasure from this huge intruder. She threw her head back. Bob placed his hands under her near the small of her back to hold her. The other four guys rotated. Jeb unzipped his fly with one hand as he held her arm with the other. He whipped out his manhood and grabbed her head. He turned her head so she was staring at his cock. It was long and fat, but not quite as big as Bob's.
Clarissa opened her mouth to accept his ever-growing cock. He shoved it in gently and started a series of small thrusts. His cock filled her mouth quite well. In her position she was a little limited in her technique. She moved her head back and forth.
Bob picked up his pace which sent that burning surge to her cunt. Clarissa gushed again. The orgasm sent her body into little spasms which forced everyone to get a little better hold. Despite the minor shift Clarissa kept a firm oral grip on Jeb. Her right hand dropped down and reached for Ted's growing bulge. She worked his zipper down and reached inside his fly to fish around for his balls. She reached inside the waistband of his underwear and found her treasure staff. She jerked his cock gently to and fro. It grew with each stroke. It was hot in her hand. She would squeeze every other stroke.
Bob felt the buildup in his balls as he began thrusting in and out of her soaking wet pussy. His balls slapped against her pussycum stained asscheeks. He pulled out and shot a load on her belly. The wad coated her pubic hair and belly button. A few drops rolled off and spattered onto the floor. This filled the room with cheers from the onlookers.
"Let's move her over there." Bob commanded, pointing to a table. Clarissa let go of her grip on Ted and Jeb's cocks.
She was placed gently on the table. Her head hung a little over the edge. Jeb, whose cock was still exposed and as hard as ever maneuvered his cock by her face and slid it back and forth across her lips. Clarissa's tongue darted out and would moisten the thick tube as Jeb slid it across her lips. Jeb started sliding it back and forth faster and faster.
He felt it getting ready to explode. He pulled back a little. Clarissa opened her mouth as wide as she could. Jeb grabbed his cock by the root and started jerking it. His body twitched and he shot his load. He slowly jerked it above her mouth and let the cum drip into her open mouth. She moved her tongue back and forth in a licking motion so she wouldn't miss a drop. When his dick slowed to a dribble he bent it downward and Clarissa nursed the last few drops of cum into her mouth. Then she licked the rest of his cock clean.
By this time, all the others were naked and ready to go. Ray jumped up on the table and moved Clarissa to the side. He prompted her to raise up a little so her could get under her. She raised up and he moved under. She hovered over his belly and spun around in a sixty nine position. She grabbed his burning cock firmly and started jerking it. She was so turned on she didn't quite realize how hard she was tugging.
Ted didn't really mind, though, he just shoved his face up by her cunt and started to work. Bob's cum, which was still a little wet on Clarissa's belly, squished on Ted's belly. He stuck his tongue deep into Clarissa's hot cunt. He brought his hands up and spread her asscheeks apart and stuck a middle finger in her asshole.
She put Ted's cock into her wet mouth and started slurping. She would move her mouth down about half way then slide back up and nibble the sensitive head, then flick it with her tongue. She slowed her jerking speed down and started fondling Ted's balls. She ran her finger down the smooth underside and made small, circular motions. She brought her finger to her mouth and took Ted's cock out long enough to moisten her finger, then, went right back to sucking his huge boner. She ran her now wet finger down to the underside of his balls and started worming it in and out of his asshole. Ted flinched at the immediate pressure on his prostate. As soon as Clarissa got a rhythm, he relaxed.
He had to move his head out of the way as another hard cock headed staright for Clarissa'a s snatch. It was Ray. Ted moved his head and body to the side a little, so Ray
wouldn't smack him with his balls. Ray was standing on a box so his long, skinny dick could reach the lovely teen's cunt. He buried his cock to the root on his first thrust. Clarissa let out a groan.
"Ahhhhh, God.Yessssss!!!" she moaned, taking Ted's cock out long enough to catch her breath. She kept a steady stroke on his cock. Now Don was standing in front of her.
"Oh, God" she thought to herself, "I don't know about two at the same time."
Don, who was taller than Ray just shoved his cock in her resting mouth. She pulled back a little and then started licking his cock while holding it with one hand and continued to jerk Ted's cock. She lowered her mouth a little and eased Ted's cock into her mouth.
She now had two cocks in her mouth. (Not all the way, her mouth wasn't that big.)
Ted's cock was stacked underneath Don's cock in Clarissa's mouth-- she would alternate between pulling Ted's cock out to lick Don's cock, vice versa, and putting both in and shoving them in as far as they would go. She gagged one time as Don got a little excited.
The cheers in the room grew to almost deafening. Her cries of pleasure were muted by the sounds (and the thrusting/sucking/licking of two cocks).
Ray, kept up his thrusts and was getting ready to cum. She spit the other two cocks out to turn and say "Tell me when you're ready to cum, maybe, I'll swallow all three, that is if you all can do this together." The heads nodded positively in unison. Ray felt the continuing rise in his balls and jumped off his box to run around to the front with box in tow.
He shoved his cock towards Clarissa's face while climbing the box. She let go of the other two cocks. She grabbed Ray's cock and started jerking and sucking. She felt Ray's balls tighten in her little hands. He shot a load that almost choked her. Being the trooper she was she accomadated his fluid the best she could. Several drops dibbled out of her mouth and onto the legs of Ted. After cleaning off Ray's cum/saliva covered cock, she bent her head down to Ted's cock and grabbed Don's again and started jerking it. He had softened a bit, but she was going to change that.
She ran her tongue down Ted's cock with one slow lick,
then back to the top. She mouthed his cock and nibbled a little as she slurped it. Ted started pumping his cock into her mouth. Clarissa scraped her teeth across the top of Ted's cock and the friction was enough to send a torrent of cum into her hot, young mouth. About half dribbled out because her jaws were starting to ache. She was a trooper about it and licked it clean.
Don's cock was back to performance level. Clarissa swerved around, knocking Ted off the table to flash her cunt at Don. Don climbed onto the table and buried his cock into her cunt. Clarissa took command (which brought cheers) and flipped the big, long-haired construction worker over so she was sitting on top of him with his dick buried in her pussy. She slowly rose up and down clenching her cunt muscles arounf his massive cock. She picked up the pace and started to move her hips in circular motions.
She leaned forward and let her pigtails brush against his hairy chest. She ran her fingers through his chest hair and continued her wild ride.
"Ugggghhhh!!!!! Yessssss!!!" she squealed as she impaled herself on Don's pole.
She leaned back a bit and reached behind her. She grabbed Don's balls and started to gently squeeze them as she slowed down again. She was starting to wear a bit, but she was so near her next orgasm, she got selfish and kicked it in a little. She reached around the front and started to frig her clit ferociously as she neared the swell of heat from her impending orgasm.
Don then swung his legs around so they were dangling off the table. He was sitting up, facing Clarissa, while sitting on the edge of the table. He hopped off and stood on the floor with Clarissa sitting on his upturned dick. They fucked as he carried her towards a pile of carpet padding. He laid her on the pile, but as he did, his dick popped out. With one thrust, he was back in her soaked pussy. That alone sent Clarissa spasming into another orgasm.
Don kept pumping away. His balls started to fill and he could fel the cum building in his balls and start to surge through his vas deferans tube. At that point he pulled out and shot a huge load on her young, beautiful tits. As she got up to get dressed she realized Jeb was hard again and heading toward her, dick in hand.
Being a good sport, Clarissa laid back and motioned him over. He shook his head, "I want on the bottom." She stood up as he lay on the pile of padding. She lowered herself onto his prick. She looked him staraight in the eye, "Hang on stud, I'm gonna fuck your brains out!" (More crowd cheers)
She leaned forward and rubbed her breasts against his chest. She loved the feel of his smoothe chest against her sweaty breasts. She grabbed him by the back of the head and got a handful of his long, blonde curly locks. She barely noticed Ray who was behind her aiming his dick at her dimpled ass. He grabbed her buttcheeks and spread them apart, catching her by suprise. Bob produced a jar of vaseline from his toolbox. Clarissa looked back at the two as Bob dug his fingers into the jar of jelly. She slowed her strokes down as he stuck his finger in her tight asshole and lubed it inside and out. Bob stepped out of the way as Ray got back on his knees and shoved the tip of his cock into the opening of her asshole. He could feel Jeb's cock through her rectal wall. He slid in a little further. He didn't want to hurt her. After all, she had been more than generous.
He slid it in about five inches figuring that's as far as he could comfortably. He started slow withdrawing and entering motioons. The feel of the two cocks sent Clarissa into orgasmic delight. Jeb gave a moan and announced his orgasm. Clarissa jumped off, still holding Ray's cock between her asscheeks. Jeb shot his wad all over her stomach. Most of it dribbled back onto his stomach. Clarissa started to flex her buttcheeks and started pushing back against Ray's body. His balls smacked against her clit.
Clarissa opened her eyes to see Bob's large cock staring her in the face. She sighed a little and wondered how the hell she would get that monster in her mouth, which was aching. She stuck her tongue out and licked it slowly, then brought her hands up and grabbed his cock with both her hands, which looked small in comparison to his manhood.
She got about half of it in and relaxed a little, letting her tongue swirl around it and flick the peehole like a snake. She reached down to fondle his balls and looked up at him.
Bob looked down into Clarissa's eyes. Her beautiful blue eyes were gazing up at him like a lovesick puppy as she sucked his cock. The sight of this alone built up the cum in his balls. He grabbed a pigtail in each hand and slowly moved her head back and forth along his shaft. He sped up as he felt the rush of cum reach his cock. He shot his load screaming down her throat. She bobbed back and forth trying her best to accomadate him, but most of it dribbled out the side, as his cock took up most of the room in her mouth.
She licked him clean and turned to look at Ray whom she was still slamming her ass against. He pulled out his cock and released a torent of cum on her back. She collapsed onto Jeb's body. He had fallen asleep. She placed a gentle kiss on his forehead.
In the distance, the whistle went off. Evryone started to file out of the room to head home. Bob and Ray helped wake Jeb and brought some rags over to Clarissa so she could clean herself off. She stood and slowly walked over to her clothes which someone had folded neatly and placed on the table. She gingerly put her clothes back on.
Bob gave her a ride home. She knew she would have to straighten up the house, because her parents were due home tomorrow.
Clarissa couldn't wait to get in and take a shower.

Chapter Four

Clarissa arose from her sleep and looked at the clock. It was 8:30. "Thank God it's Saturday" she thought, "I can go back to sleep."
It had been three days since her tryst with the construction crew, yet she was still slightly tender. Thoughts were still rampant in her head, especially those of Bob. She kept finding herself thinking of his long flowing hair and hard chest. She had walked past the site a couple of time since then but never recreated the events of that day. She did look for Bob, though. He was always smiling and always offered her a wink.
Clarissa was dozing back off to sleep, when she heard a knock on the door. It was Janet Darling, her mom. "Clarissa, sweetie, what do you want for breakfast, dear?"
"Uh, I dunno Mom, but I need a little more sleep."
"Okay, dear,but don't sleep more than an hour, we have to go see Ferguson at the science fair at ten-thirty." Clarissa just groaned. She didn't feel like going to the science fair to be surrounded by a bunch of science nerds. Her thoughts went back to Bob and his buddies. She drifted back off to sleep.
A few minutes later there was another knock on the door.
"Clarissa?" It was Laura. Clarissa bolted up and eeked out, "C'mon in Laura."
She was a little excited. Laura opened the door, "Hiya, I though I'd come visit for a while."
"Are you going to the science fair to see Ferguson?"
"Yeah, a little later-- he and your dad just left to set his exhibit up. Oh and your mom told me to tell you she's going next door for coffee with your neighbor and won't be back for a bit."
Clarissa got out of bed to get dressed. She was wearing a short, white, lacy nightgown and a pair of matching panties. Laura unintentionally stared at Clarissa's body. She noticed Clarissa's firm breasts jiggling in the lacy material. Her eyes swept down to the lacy panties and she could see the soft, dark patch of Clarissa's pubic hair through the skimpy material.
The staring did not go unnoticed. Clarissa did a little looking up and down of her own. Laura was wearing a short red summer dress. Her long legs stuck out from below the skirtline which was bearly midthigh length. Her ample breasts were restrained by the material but looked nice and firm. One thing that stood out in Clarissa's mind was Laura's shaved snatch. She had wanted to ask about it, but never did.
Breaking the stare, Clarissa said, "I'm going to go grab a shower. Be out in a bit."
Laura just smiled. Clarissa pulled the nightgown over her head and tossed it on the bed. Laura's smile widened as she stared at Clarissa's now hardened nipples. Her eyes flowed down Clarissa's neck to her firm breasts to those gorgeous nipples.
Clarissa turned and walked into the bathroom, leaving the door open. Laura followed slowly. She peeked through the door and watched Clarissa remove her panties. Her eyes followed the jiggle of Clarissa's asscheeks.
Clarissa turned the water on and stepped into the shower. She lathered up her body with the soap. Laura, who could barely see Clarissa through the shower curtain, squinted to see Clarissa soap up her perfect body. Laura stood against the doorjam. She slid a finger down her belly and up under her skirt. She moved her panties to one side and started to rub her clit. She stuck her finger into her shaved pussy. She increased the intensity and started to move her hips in circular motions.
She couldn't contain herself any longer. She pulled her finger out of her wet pussy and pulled off her summer dress. She walked boldly toward the shower. She stopped to slide her black panties to the floor and kick them away. She slid the curtain back and stepped in. Clarissa, eyes closed, murmured, "I thought you'd never get in."
Laura kissed Clarissa hard on the mouth. Clarissa kissed back. She slid her tongue between Laura's lips. They clenched each other, their breasts jammed together. Clarissa felt passion overcome her and intensified her kiss. Her tongue was now swirling around wildly in Laura's mouth. They let their tongues wrestle for mouth space.
Clarissa slid her hand down Laura's back. She rubbed her hands across Laura's back and asscheeks. She pinched them ever so gently. Laura presed her body harder against Clarissa, forcing Clarissa's back to the wall. Laura stood back a bit grabbed Clarissa's left tit in her hand. She squeezed the firm breast as she manipulated the nipple with two fingers. She gently pinched the nipple. Clarissa threw back her head and moaned. The gentle touch of Laura was mezmerising.
Clarissa moved her hand around to the front of Laura's body. She ran her hand down Laura's flat stomach. She inserted a finger into Laura's belly button and down to her bare mound.
Clrissa stuck her middle finger into the smooth opening.
She pushed her finger in up to the second joint and started moving her finger around, exploring the inner walls of Laura's sex. Clarissa planted another kiss on Laura's lips.
Laura ran her finger between Clarissa's breasts and down her smooth stomach to her furpatch. She slid a finger between Clarissa's pussy lips. Laura pulled away from the kiss and spoke, "Clarissa, why don't we shave you? You might like it."
Clarissa nodded her head in the affirmative. The two girls stepped out of the shower. Laura grabbed a nearby towel and placed it on the counter. She motioned for Clarissa to hop up on the counter. Clarissa obliged. Laura turned the faucet on and let the water get hot. As she waited, she grabbed the shaving gel off the shelf next to the shower. She also grabbed a razor.
Clarissa muttered, "Is this gonna hurt?"
"Not at all, Clarissa, I do it to myself every other day."
Laura bent down to apply the gel to Clarissa's bush. She lathered it up, causing Clarissa to buck a little. Laura ran the razor under the hot water. Clarissa held her breath as Laura touched the top pubic hair line with the razor. Laura ran the razor down to Clarissa's opening in one smooth stroke. With four or five swift downstrokes, Clarissa's pussy was as bare as Laura's. Laura grabbed a nearby washcloth and ran it under the hot water. She applied it to Clarissa's freshly shaved snatch, relieving it.
Laura then stuck out her tongue and touched it to Clarissa's belly button. She ran her tongue down Clarissa's lower torso and to the smooth mound. She licked the surface area, her tongue catching some slight stubble she missed. She brought her hands up and parted Clarissa's pussy lips. Clarissa slid forward until her ass was on the edge of the counter.
Laura licked around Clarissa's bare opening then ran her tongue up and down the slit. She spread Clarissa a little further and stuck her tongue in and began to swirl it around. She rubbed Clarissa's clit with her left finger as she continued to lick her shaven lover.
Clarissa grabbed the back of Laura's head and got a firm hold on a chunk of hair. She started grinding her hips towards Laura's face. She felt the build up in her pussy and then let loose with a moan as she orgasmed her sweet juices into the mouth and on the face of her lovely partner. Laura stood up. "Let's go into your room."
Clarissa hopped off the counter and followed the tanned princess. Laura lay down in the middle of the bed. Clarissa climbed in beside her. They embraced passionately and smothered each other's faces with kisses.
Clarissa's hand quickly darted down to frig Laura's pussy. She rubbed the smooth area, slipping her finger in and out of the tight opening. She massaged Laura's clit as she moved her flicking tongue to Laura's huge tits. She ran her tongue between the two massive globes, then ran her tongue over the large brown nipples that instantly hardeened in her mouth. She used her free hand to knead one tit while her mouth satisfied the other, then switched back and forth. Laura's body bucked and she came with a deep groan. Clarissa kept the friction on Laura's bald cunt at a fast speed as she continued to manipulate the huge mammary in her mouth. She sucked like a newborn on the enormous breast.
She placed a kiss on Laura's nipple and started kissing down her stomach. She stopped at Laura's navel and ran her tongue across and in and out of the innie belly button. Clarissa brought her hands down and spread Laura's tight pussy. She kissed her way down Laura's bald mound and ran a stiff tongue down her clit. She nibbled the clit and plunged her tongue deep in the gash that was staring her in the face.
Laura closed her eyes and put her hands on the back of Clarissa head. This intensified Clarissa's licks. Now she would alternate a nibble on the clit and a flicking inside the velvety folds of Laura's pussy. She shoved a finger in for good measure.
Clarissa's tongue went wild, dodging out of Laura's cunt. She lifted Laura's legs to expose her glorious asshole. Clarissa plunged her tongue deep inside. Laura raised her legs up to her chest giving Clarissa full access to the tight pink pucker hole. Clarissa ran her tongue up and down Laura's asscrack sticking a finger into her asshole.
Clarissa and Laura were so wrapped up in their little lovefest that they failed to hear Janet Darling open the door. Janet was shocked at first. She kept silent and sat on the floor to watch. She remebered back to her college days when she experimented with lesbianism.
She was getting hot. Part of her mind was saying "Janet, that's YOUR daughter." and the other half was saying "God, I'm so hot I don't care."
She watched her daughter's analigus with a sense of wanting to be between the legs of this Laura gal. Her lovely dark and huge chest. This gal didn't look her age. Janet slid her hand down into the waistband of her slacks and into her underwear. Her pussy was soaking. She rubbed a finger against her clit.
Then Laura opened her eyes. She bolted upright and gasped, "Mrs. Darling! Oh God I-I..."
Janet waved a hand. Then Clarissa bolted up, "Mom, I can explain."
Janet pulled her hand out of her pants. "Don't worry, dear. I understand. You two look so hot together. Does Fergie know?"
Clarissa and Laura giggled at the inside joke and nodded yes. Janet boldly stood up and walked over to the bed. Clarissa didn't know what to say or do. She just slid to the side as Janet removed her slacks. She was wearing red cotton panties that were soaking wet. She pulled them down to reveal a light blonde bush.
She kicked them off and started unbottoning her lacy white blouse to raveal a white lacy bra similar to the ones Clarissa wore. Clarissa never realized how firm her mother's 36 year old breasts were. Janet let them out of their confinement. She revealed a lovely set of pink nipples that were about the size of quarters. Her nipples stood erect and proud. She had a slim waist and a flat stomach. Her legs were long and slender.
Clarissa admired her mother's body.
Janet wasted no time climbing in between Laura's legs and started to show these teenagers a thing or two about eating pussy. She stuck her tongue out like a small erect cock and snaked it in and out while lapping up and down. She pressed her face aginst Laura's cunt shoving her tongue in as far as it would go. She moved her tongue exploring this hot cavern of lust. She brought a finger up to the sensitive clit that was pressed against her nose.
Clarissa climbed up by Laura's head and squatted gently onto her face. She rested her knees on either side of Laura's head. Laura stuck her tongue out and lapped like a thirsty puppy. Clarissa reached down and rubbed her clit furiously, bobbing up and down on Laura's face. Laura reached up and spread Clarissa's hot pussy lips for deeper access.
Clarissa looked down at her mother hard at work on that gorgeous pussy. She leaned down keeping her pussy hovering over Laura's hard working tongue and started to lick Laura's belly button. She reached down a little further. Janet brought her face up and kissed Clarissa hard on the mouth. Clarissa kissed back, shoving her tongue deep into her mother's mouth. The tingle from the kiss surged through Clarissa's body and down to her cunt. She came with a fury and Laura struggled for every drop of that tasty teencum.
Clarissa spread Laura's pussy lips and held them open for her mother. Janet kept on lapping and rested her hand on the flat stomach of Laura. Clarissa grabbed her mother's finger with her mouth and started to suck it like a cock. Without using her hands she moved her mouth up and down the slender finger and made little sucking motions. Laura came with a scream that the neighbors possibly heard. Janet had moved her free hand down and was fingering her own clit.
Clarissa withdrew her mother's finger from her mouth and said,"Oh God, I'm sorry Mom, we're being so selfish."
She helped her mother up and her and Laura got off the bed. They gently forced Mrs. Darling onto her back on the bed. Clarissa spread her mother's legs as she lay at the foot of the bed. She started lapping at her mother's wet pussy. Laura crowded onto the bed beside Clarissa. Together they shared Janet's treasure. Their tongues intertwined and they tag lapped the hot pussy in front of them. They would pull away long enough to share a kiss, then back to work. Clarissa spread her mother's pussy for Laura and Laura lapped it with a strong enthusiasm. Then they switched. Clarissa noted Janet's pussy was a little muskier than Laura's. Clarissa ran her tongue down to her mother's bunghole as Laura resumed her licking of Janet's pink snatch.
Janet started bucking her hips. Laura smashed her face against the slamming pussy. Janet came with a moan. Clarissa shared the cum with Laura. Clarissa moved up and started kissing her mother on the mouth. She brought her head down and started licking the nipples of her beloved mother. Janet reached out a hand and grabbed Clarissa's breasts and started to massage them. Clarissa brought her pussy up and planted it on her mother's mouth. Janet Darling sucked her daughter's honey. She intensified the grasp on Clarissa's breasts as she stuck her tongue into the teenage honeypot that hovered over her face. She noted the pleasant taste of her daughter's charms. She rolled her tongue around inside Clarissa snatch and brought her hands up to spread Clarissa's lips and asscheeks. She pulled her tongue out of Clarissa's cunt and buried it into her asshole. She enjoyed the musky flavor of her daughter's wrinkled hole. Clarissa bucked her hips down onto her mother's face. She came with a thundering orgasm, with Janet swallowing every drop except for that that was smeared all over her face.
Clarissa climbed off her mother's face and kissed her on the lips, getting the flavor of her own pussy juices on her tongue. Clarissa felt a little tingle as she stared at the glow on her mother's face.
Laura got up and planted a kiss on Janet's cheek then kissed Clarissa hard on the mouth, "I love you." Laura said to Clarissa.

Chapter Five

Clarissa sat up in bed. She was hungry. She peered at the clock, it was 11:10. She figured her mother was still at her Tupperware party-- those things lasted until 1:00 or so. She decided to go down and get something to eat. She was craving chocolate.
She got out of bed, dressed in a pair of light green silk pajama shorts and a matching nightshirt. She loved the feel of the sheer material against her supple body. The looseness of her top allowed her breasts to bounce freely.
She figured Dad and Ferguson would be crashed, so she didn't bother grabbing her nightgown.
She crept down the hall quietly so as not awaken her dad or Ferguson. When she got to the kitchen, she noticed it was a little warm. She walked over to the fridge, opened it and peered in. She looked at the cucumbers in the crisper and giggled a little. She looked at the whipped cream and giggled a little louder. She decided to go for the chocolate ice cream. She grabbed the container, a spoon and bowl, and sat down at the dinner table.
Marshall Darling awoke form his sleep. He was craving a sandwich. He looked at the clock on the nightstand and realized Janet wouldn't be home for another hour or so. She would freak if she knew he was breaking his new diet by snacking at night. He knew he had to hurry. He got out of bed and headed downstairs.
When he swung open the kitchen door, he saw his daughter sitting at the table. The kitchen was dark. The moonlight shone through the window and highlighted her hair. She was immersed in a bowl of... ice cream? Her back was toward him. He finally spoke startling
Clarissa, "Hey Sport, how's it going?"
Regaining her breath and composure, she uttered, "G-great, Dad. J-j-just having a little snack-- ice cream."
"Well, I'm gonna join you for a little snack, just don't tell your mom-- she'd go nuts if she knew I was cheating on my diet."
They shared a snicker. Marshall walked over to the fridge. He opened it and couldn't find anything appealing. He turned to ask Clarissa a question and in the refrigerator light he caught a glimpse of the shadow of her breasts in her top. He was speechless as he was unable to tear his eyes away from the sight. "Uh, uhm, what do ya... think... uh, I should... eat?" he squeaked out trying to hide his nervousness.
"The ice cream is great." Clarissa smiled. That's when she noticed the bulge in her father's pajama bottoms. She could tell he was nervous. She had forgotten that she was wearing the flimsy top. That was the obvious reason for her father's reaction.
She stood up to go get the ice cream for him. She wanted to downplay his nervousness and put him at ease. That actually made things worse. When she stood up the light from the refrigerator and the moonlight made her even more appealing to the eye.
As she now stood beside him, he couldn't help but look over at her firm breasts that were mere inches from him. He tried to act unobvious, but failed. Clarissa smiled as she looked down at his still growing bulge. She saw the outline straining against the fabric of his pajamas, and couldn't believe how big his cock was. He had a little bit of a gut, but his cock stuck out quite aways.
Clarissa got bold and feigned trying to reach for something on the bottom of the fridge and brushed his cock. It was rock hard. He flinched a little.
In his mind he kept thinking,"My God, Marshall this is your daughter. You shouldn't be in this state of mind. Maybe you should go back to bed and forget about it."
Clarissa bent forward and gave her father a peek at her tits. Marshall really started to lose his composure. He could see the fullness of her breasts and just a slight glimpse of her nipples which were rock hard against the silk fabric. The cool air of the refrigerator made them even a little stiffer.
She purposely grabbed a bottle of chocolate syrup and squirted a little on the crotch of his pajamas. She feigned suprise, "Oh,God, I'm so sorry dad,here, let me clean that off," she lied. She reached down to wipe the chocolate syrup off his pajamas and started rubbing the crotch of his bottoms. She rubbed against the fabric causing her dad to jump a little.
She looked him in the eye and put an innocent smile on her face. She figured she had fucked the rest of the family, why not include Dad in the action? She reached up and kissed him on the lips. This caught Marshall off guard. He kept trying to rationalize and refuse to give in. She was making it tougher. She kissed him harder and stuck her tongue in his mouth. He finally gave in and kissed her back, pulling her into his arms and squeezing ever so gently.
Clarissa stuck her right hand into the opening of her father's pajama bottoms. She found what she was looking for. She grabbed his warm cock. The chocolate syrup was seeping through the material. She couldn't believe how big it was... and fat. She squeezed his throbbing member gently, in an affectionate way. Marshall ran one hand down the smooth fabric of her top and brought it around front to rub her belly. Then with a deep breath, he slid his hand up under the fabric and grabbed one of her breasts. It was soft and doughy in his hand. He kneaded the breast and pinched the nipple. He was amazed at his daughter's developement. He had noticed her sprouting a bit in recent years but never really thought about it much... not in this way.
Clarissa kissed her father on the neck, then made her way down, unbuttoning his pajama top one button at a time as she kissed her way down. She got down to his warm, furry belly and stopped to rub her fingers through the hair and stick her tongue in his belly button. Marshall threw his head back and closed his eyes. Clarissa tugged at his pajama bottoms and brought them down to his ankles. His cock, finally released from it's confines, stood stright out at her. It was about seven inches long and three inches thick. She stuck out her tongue and touched the tip, tasting his precum. She licked the head round and round.
Then she had an idea. She reached over and got the whipped cream from the fridge. She shook the can and sprayed some on his cock. Marshall flinched a little at the cold of the whipped cream. She covered the head
completely and most of the rest of his cock in a helter- skelter manner. She enveloped her mouth around his member. The feel of her warm mouth and the cold whipped cream sent pleasure ripping through Marshall'sbody. She slowly slid her mouth down her father's fat cock. He gently placed his hands on the back of her head. She grabbed his balls and started to massage them. She could feel the build up. She couldn't wait to taste his cum mixed with the sweet cream. This made her move her mouth faster up and down his pole.
Beads of sweat covered Marshall's forehead. Clarissa looked up at him from her kneeling position and looked him right in the eye. He looked into those pools of blue and felt his balls start to tighten. He couldn't believe his daughter was going to eat his cum. His wife never would, hell she would barely lick it. Her eyes were so innocent, he thought. Then he felt that surge and his cock started bucking.
Clarissa slurped away as the cum shot into her mouth. She could taste the mixture of her dad's jism and the whipped cream. She gulped hungrily. When his cock had slowed to a dribble she licked it clean. It was still sticky from the whipped cream and her saliva.
Marshall got bolder. He reached down and grabbed Clarissa's top and pulled it up and over ner head. Her glorious tits bounced out. He reached down and grabbed one in each hand. His cock, now limp, slid against Clarissa's cheek.
She reached around him and pulled the chocolate syrup out of the fridge. "Your turn Daddy," she said handing him the syrup.
She lay back on the warm kitchen floor pulling her breasts away from groping hands.
Marshall kneeled down on the floor next to his daughter. Her body looked so smooth and gorgeous in the refrigerator light that bathed the kitchen.
Marshall grabbed the syrup and turned the bottle upside- down. He squeezed the bottle and let it drizzle out of the spout and onto his daughter's flat stomach. He swirled the bottle letting the syrup cover the surface. He ran the dripping bottle up near her breasts covering them in the chocolate goo. Most of her young upper torso was now covered. Marshall set the syrup on the floor and leaned over and put his tongue to her navel. He bagan the lick upto her pert breasts. He stopped along the way to smear a little syrup on his nose as he licked under her right breast. His mouth covered her nipple. The sweet chocolate covered breast was being sucked into his mouth almost choking him.
As he continued cleaning the chocolate syrup from his nubile young daughter his hand darted to her satin shorts. He tucked a finger into the waistband and gave a gentle tug to pull them to her knees. His eyes fell to her crotch. That's when he noticed it was bare. The fact that his daughter shaved her pussy made him hornier than ever. His limp cock quickly sprang back to life. He stood up and opened the freezer part of the refrigerator and pulled out an icetray and popped out an ice cube. He knelt back down.
Clarissa flinched as he sat the cube on her freshly licked belly and started to run it down towards her bare pusy. Her body became rigid as the ice cube was run over her clit. Marshall slowly rubbed the ice over her pussy. He leaned down and placed a kiss on her outer pussy lips. He than stuck out his tongue and started licking up and down her slit.
Clarissa grabbed the back of his head and applied gentle pressure. Marshall ran the ice cube over her clit as he continued to lick her slit. He parted her lips with his free hand and shoved his tongue in. He was greeted with a little warm pussy juice as his tongue moved around probing her cunt. He mashed his face against her crotch as he stuck his tongue in as far as it would go.
Clarissa started bucking her hips against his face. This egged him on. He licked and rubbed faster and faster. The ice cube had melted to barely a thin wafer. He let it fall to the floor between her legs. Then his daughter came with a fury filling his mouth with warm pussycum. He slurped and slurped.
"God," he thought, "She's as tasty as her mother."
"Oh, Daddy" Clarissa moaned, "That was great!!! More, please more!!! Fuck me!!!"
Marshall glanced up at the counter and noticed a dishtowel hangng over the edge.
He stood up and grabbed it. He looked down at his daughter still reeling from her oral climax. He knelt down prompted Clarissa to raise her head. He tied the dishtowel around her head like a blindfold. Clarissa layed her head back down.
Marshall reached over and grabbed a carrot out of the crisper. Clarissa was curious. She heard the rustling and tried to speak. Her dad put a finger to her lips and said,"Hush, Sport,you'll like this. Your mother and I used to do it in college all the time."
He rubbed the tip of the carrot around Clarissa's lips and playfully slid it in and out. Clarissa flicked her tongue at it, chasing it a little. Her father continued to tease her with the carrot, allowing her to nibble it, then he would pull it away, then push it into her mouth a bit. He ran the carrot down her neck and between her breasts, which were still covered in chocolate. Then he ran it over her areolas and stiff nipples, one breast, then the other. He dropped the carrot to the floor. He leaned down and kissed Clarissa on the lips, ever so gently, then pulled back as she tried to kiss him back. He kept up the tease.
Marshall reached over to the fridge again and came out with a bowl which contained some cold pasta noodles. He pulled some of the noodles out and set the bowl on the floor.
He tickled Clarissa's belly with the thin strands of pasta. He ran them uop and down her firm, young body. Then ran them up to her lips which awaited them eagerly. She managed to nibble a little. The pasta/chocolate combo wasn't very pleasant but she was so hot, she didn't care. Then he gently slapped the noodles on her breasts. It sent a stinging sensation through her. He slapped a little harder. Clarissa was really getting turned on and jutted her hand out to grab a firm hold of her father's cock which was now burning hot. He tossed the pasta aside and grabbed Clarissa by the waist. With a tug he rolled her over onto her stomach ripping his cock from her hand. Her breasts squished against the warm floor with a little splatter of chocolate. Marshall kissed Clarissa on the back of the neck. He ran his hand down and gave her a slap on the ass. A bolt of ecstacy surged through her body.
He gave her another slap, this time leaving a red handprint. He leaned down and placed a kiss on the handprint. His finger dropped down and rubbed her clit from behind. He teased it with his finger, then ran the finger up her crack and across her pink rosebud. He reached up and into the fridge and came back down with a tub of margerine and a quart of milk. His took the top off the milk. The fact that she couldn't see what he was doing, made Clarissa hotter than ever. Her pussy was sopping wet.
Marshall poured the milk in a drizzle down the outline of her spine. He leaned down and licked the milk off, running his pink tongue down her spine. He licked down bewteen her asscheeks, stopping just short of her asshole. He was unsure of continuing.
He took the lid off the tub of margerine. He scooped out some with his fingers and started coating her ass and massaged it down to her asshole. He stuck his margerine-coated finger into her asshole. He swirled it around and spread it evenly.
Clarissa moaned,"Ooh, oooooh, yessss!!!! Fuck me in the pussy first Daddy, please, then you can stick it my ass!!! Please!!!!"
Her foul language surprised Marshall. But the frankness of it spurred him on. He jumped around behind his daughter and grabbed her by the waist. He pulled her up onto all fours. He lifted her enough to slide her shorts all the way to her ankles, then off. He brought them to his face and sniffed. The fresh washed smell mixed with his daughter's vaginal juices were a pleasure to his nose. He lovingly placed them on the floor. He grabbed his own pajama bottoms that were on the floor next to him and placed them under Clarissa and guided her onto them, so she wouldn't hurt her knees on the hard floor.
He reached into the crisper and pulled out a basket of strawberries. He removed a plump juicy one. He squished it between his fingers. He mashed it against Clarissa's cunt and smeared it all around her opening and rubbed it inside her fiery hot lips. Clarissa, still blindfolded and not knowing what to expect, jumped a bit. He placed his lips by the pussy and started to lick at the strawberry mess he had made. The sweetness mixed with Clarissa's juices urged him to lick harder.
Clarissa screamed out, "Ddady, pleeeaaassse fuck meeee noww!!!!"
Marshall was a little startled. He moved up behind his daughter, his penis against her pussy lips. He rubbed the tip against her soft flesh, the stickiness of the strawberry still evident. With a little push, the tip of his jutting cock was nestled between her bare lips. He pushed a little further in.
"Don't worry, Daddy, it's gone," Clarissa retorted.
Marshall was overcome with a feeling of both relief and disappointment.
He pushed his cock deeper into the folds of his daughter's sex. Marshall started pumping his pole in and out of his teenage daughter. She started pushing back against his body. He matched her thrust for thrust-- as she would slam back he would lurch forward.
At times, his penis would plop out and be slammed back in. The feeling of his balls slapping against her bare cunt brought his impending orgasm closer. He picked up the pace.
"Oh,yes, Daddy,please don't stop!!!!Pleeeeasse!!" Clarissa whimpered almost in tears with horniness. She felt the warm build up in her loins. Her pussy juice soaking her father's pubic hair. He was now burying his cock up to the hilt with each thrust.
He pulled out just short of cumming. He wanted to fuck that sweet little dimpled ass. He wanted it NOW!!!
He grabbed the back of Clarissa's hair and brought her head back. With one quick motion Marshall had the head of his bulging cock in the folds of Clarissa's asshole. She let out a little yelp. The margerine, which was now melting in her hot asshole, softened things, lubricating her dad and her asshole.
Marshall slowly pushed forward and his cock was now half- way into her ass. The size of his cock made it difficult to shove it in much further.
He pulled back a little and thrust forward again. He started making short strokes. In and out. In and out. Clarissa flexed her ass muscles and pushed back a little to fuck her father with her asshole. Marshall held onto Clarissa's hair with one hand as he slid the other down under her and started stroking her bobbing tits. The chocolate had set up now and was real sticky. He quickly brought the hand down and stuck a finger into her gaping pussy. He started to finger fuck his daughter as he fucked her ass. He could feel his massive cock through the thin wall that seperated her cunt and bunghole. Soon he stuck another finger in, then a third. He was now fucking her cunt with three fingers. They were snug inside her hot pussy. Clarissa bucked her hips up and back toward her father and came with a scream. She collapsed down to the floor. Marshall followed her down, keeping his cock jammed in her ass. He eased down on top of her and started to stroke harder. He pulled his fingers out of her box and brought them up around and placed them into her mouth. She sucked her young juices off his soaking wet fingers. Clarissa loved the taste of her cunt with the hint of strawberry and chocolate.
A moan built up in Marshall's throat as his balls tightened and he shot his load into her asshole. Clarissa moaned with delight as her dad continued to pump and shoot out his last few drops of jism.
Clarissa turned around pulling her dad's cock out of her ass with a lewd wet plop. She reached blindly for her dad's cock. He guided it to her lips. She flicked her tongue out and licked the tip. He teased it away from her mouth, then grazed it against her lips. She grabbed his limp cock and placed it in her mouth. She licked the cum off of it. She loved the feeling of his limp cock in her mouth. She continued to suck and slurp.
"Sorry, Sport Marshall said looking down at his blindfolded daughter,"I don't think there's anything left. Twice is about all I got."
"Oh yeah," Clarissa replied, "Wait until mom gets home. Hee Hee."
Marshall felt his cock spring back to life. He knew his wife would be home soon. He reached down and kissed his daughter on the forehead. "Well, Sport, she'll be home soon. We'd better shower up and get ready for her."
"I love you Daddy," Clarissa said with a smile.

Chapter Six

Clarissa stood in the shower, the hot water spraying the chocolate syrup crust off her breasts. She ran the soap bar up and down her upper torso. She scrubbed to get all the chocolate off.
She ran the soap bar down to her bare pussy. The combination of chocolate, strawberry and milk had crusted over. She scrubbed and srubbed. Her entire pussy area was bright red from the scrubbing.
She became aroused, not only by the scrubbing, but the thought of what could happen when her mother got home. Clarissa played out a few fantasies in her mind. She closed her eyes in thought. She found herself scrubbing harder with the soap. She startled herself when she realized she'd been in the shower too long. She turned off the water and reached for her towel...

Janet Darling walked through the living room door. She took off her jacket and headed upstairs to the bedroom. She was horny and wanted to fuck Marshall badly. At her Tupperware party she'd overheard two women talking about their husbands wanting to tie them up. The thought of it made her hot. Marshall had never really done much in that area other than an occasional blindfolding. She wanted to explore the joy of submissiveness and maybe even being in charge and ordering Marshall around like a dog.
She giggled gently to herself. She opened the door to her bedroom. It was dark. She looked over to the bed seeking the body of her husband. He was gone. Janet took a breath and sighed alittle. Where could he have gone? The bathroom light in the hall was off so he couldn't be there.
She walked down to Clarissa's bedroom. She put her ear to the door and heard faint whispers. Several things ran through her mind. Could it be the bond she had with Clarissa was now shared between Clarissa and Marshall? Perhaps, Clarissa was having a bad dream? Problems? Taking a deep breath, She eased open the door.
Clarissa was laying in bed with the blankets pulled up to her neck and Marshall was sitting on the bed. The were giggling.
"What are you two doing?" Janet said almost embarrassed she'd expected anything.
"Oh, I dunno, Mom, talking. I've got a problem and dad was helping me."
"What problem?" Janet asked, concerned.
Then she noticed the devilish grin appearing on Clarissa's face. Marshall had almost the same look.
"What to do with this." Clarissa answered pulling down the blankets, revealing she was naked.
Janet didn't quite know what to do.
"It's okay, Mom, he knows about us and what we did. He's okay with it."
Janet seemed a little rlieved. She started to unbutton her blouse. She had a light blue bra on. She reached around the back and unfastened the bra, letting her gorgeous breasts fall out. Marshall was standing in front of her now. He grabbed her and kissed her passionately on the mouth. His hands reached around her back and unzipped her skirt letting it fall to her ankles. He slipped his hands into the back of her panties and squeezed her rounded buttcheeks. He fondled and caressed, then ran a finger down to her cunt and tickled the opening. He slid her panties to the floor and knelt in front of her. His tongue ran down her slit. He parted the lips with his tongue and swirled it like an ice cream cone.
Clarissa threw off the covers all the way exclaming, "Hey, what about me?"
Marshall stood up and he and his wife headed for the bed, "Sorry, Sport. Got lost in the moment."
Janet laid on the bed beside Clarissa. She gave her a soft kiss on the lips. Marshall sat at the foot of the bed. He leaned over and spread Clarissa's legs. Her stuck out his tongue and shoved it deep into Clarissa's bare cunt. He spread her bare lips with his fingers as he stuck his tongue straight out like a little penis.
He moved his head back and forth fucking his daughter with his tongue.
Janet moved her kiss down to Clarissa's neck, giving it a playful bite. She proceeded to those two magnificent globes and started tonguing Clarissa's stiff little nipples. She flicked them with her tongue as her mouth roamed the breasts. Janet grabbed Clarissa's breasts firmly and buried her face between them, soaking them with saliva.
Marshall pulled himself up and buried his shaft into Clarissa's moist cunt. He sat up on his knees a little so as not to crush Janet's head which was buried in her daughter's bosom. Clarissa started bucking her hips to meet her father's thrusts. Janet made her way down to Clarissa's flat stomach. Marshall kneeled all the way back so he was sitting on his legs. He grabbed his daughter's slim waist and started fucking her harder.
Clarissa's moans filled the room. Her mother was tonguing her belly button. Clarissa lifted her head to watch the performance of her parents.
Janet licked Clarissa's pubic mound and would occassionally lick Marshalls cock as he pulled it out. He slowed his strokes so his wife could lick his dick as he fucked his daughter. He felt Clarissa quiver as she came. Her body went into little convulsions, causing his balls to tighten. He felt the cum building up. He pumped in and out, in and out. Janet could barely keep up.
Marshall felt the cum leave his balls and start coursing through his thick dick. He pulled his spurting cock out and plunged it into his wife's waiting mouth. Janet felt the first few drops cascade down her throat, then felt the full rush of cum as her husband pumped his cock into her mouth. She swallowed as much as she could, but some still dribbled out of her mouth and onto Clarissa's red pussy lips. After cleaning Marshall's cock with her tongue, Janet licked the little cum puddle off of her daughter's cuntlips.
Marshall collapsed onto his daughter.
"Oh no you don't," exclaimed Clarissa, "you still gotta satisfy Mom."
Janet was proud of her daughter for not being selfish. "Thank you, Clarissa."
She pushed her father off and onto his back as Janet got out of the bed.
Clarissa made her way down to her father's now limp cock. She grabbed it by the base and placed her lips to the tip of his cock and gave it a kiss. She stuck out her tongue and ran it over the head. Her tongue swirled around the tip and slid down the vas defrans tube. She licked his balls and lifted his cock for better access.
Janet got up on the bed and climbed on top of her husband. She straddled his face and lowered her wet cunt to his waiting mouth. His tongue probed around inside her genital folds as he brought his hands up to spread her lips wider. Janet started grinding her pussy onto his face. Marshall kept getting his licks in and grabbed his wife's narrow hips.
Clarissa had her father hard again and was stroking his cock. She looked up to see her mother smother her father with pussycum.
Clarissa got up off the bed and went into the bathroom. Janet moved down so her pussy was hovering over her husbands cock. She grabbed it and lowered herself down inch by inch. She was full to the hilt of his cock and started to grind her hips. Marshall pumped his hips to keep the rythum Janet had built up.
Marshall flipped Janet over so they were in missionary position. He started pushing his cock in and out of her throbbing cunt. Marshall mashed his mouth down on Janets jiggling breasts as he fucked her pussy.
Clarissa appeared from the bathroom. She had a devilish grin on her face. She was carrying the ropes she and Ferguson had used and the can of whipped cream from the firdge. Her mother was in such ecstacy that she didn't even notice Clarissa.
Clarissa quickly grabbed her mother's right wrist and tied it to the bed post. Her mother came out of her sexual trance and gasped, "What the hell?"
Clarissa just smiled. Janet looked into her husbands face and he wore the same smile that Clarissa did. Janet wasn't sure what to expect. She was a little nervous. She relaxed her left wrist as Clarissa leaned over and tied it to the bedpost.
Clarissa's tit rubbed against her mother's face as she tied the rope. Janet couldn't resist sticking out her tongue and taking a lick. Clarissa just smiled as her mother tweaked her nipple with her tongue. She reached down and gave her mother a sweet kiss on the forehead.
"Now, I'm in charge." Clarissa commanded, "Dad, tie up her legs."
Clarissa suprised even herself as the words fell out of her mouth. She had never even raised her voice to her mother, and now was going to control her.
Marshall did as he was told. Clarissa reached under her bed and produced the can of whipped cream from the refrigerator.
Clarissa placed a dab of whipped cream on each of her mother's stiff nipples. She reached down and grabbed her mother's right breast in her hands and leaned down to lick the whipped cream. She enclosed her mouth around her mother's nipple.
Clarissa looked up at her dad and said, "C'mon Daddy, you take the other one."
Marshall quickly enveloped the cream covered nipple with his mouth. He darted his tongue out and flicked it along the nipple as he sucked it. He gave her tit a gentle squeeze.
The swirl of tongues sent a tickling sensation through Janet's body. She flinched and made the ropes tighten. They dug into her flesh. The combination of the burning and tickling brought a crashing orgasm to Janet's cunt. She moaned in ecstacy.
Clarissa lowered the can to her mother's navel and dropped some of the creamy stuff on her mother's hot quim. Marshall swept down and quickly licked Janet's belly button. He slurped at the sweet cream nestled in his wife's navel. Clarisa, wanting a little sweetness of her own, quickly moved to the foot of the bed and slammed her cute face onto her mother's cream-covered muff. Clarissa swirled her tongue around in the mixture of whipped cream and pubic hair. Clarissa ran her tongue down her mother's sticky slit and took a nibble on her clit. Clarissa rammed her tongue into the heated hole of her mother. She brought her hands up and spread her mother's pussylips. She had to lean over the rope for the best access. Her weight pulled the rope tighter cutting into her mother's left ankle. The pain/ecstacy was enough to cause Janet to squeal. Clarissa thrust her tongue in and out, up and down. She moved her head vigrously to enhance her mother's pleasure. Marshall had moved himself behind his daughter. He had his prick in his hand and was aiming it at her juicy, bald cunt. He stroked her clit with the tip of his cock. He stepped forward and inerted his penis into her bare cavern.
Clarissa lurched back, causing her father's cock to fill her pussy. He started thrusting, slapping Clarissa's ass with his hairy balls. Clarissa, who was still standing over her mother, tonguing her pussy, started pushing her ass back toward her father. Marshall sped up his strokes causing Clarissa to lick harder and faster. Clarissa's pussy was dripping with juice. She and her mother moaned in orgasm at the same time. The simultaneous orgasm of his wife and daughter caused Marshall to thrust harder.
Clarissa reached down and started stroking her cunt wildly. She inserted a finger in her cunt. The feeling of both her father's pecker and her slim finger in her quim made it all the more intense. Marshall, ready to cum, stepped out from behind his daughter and started jerking his cock wildly. Clarissa quickly dropped to the floor and started flicking her tongue on the underside of her dad's dick. Marshall shot his wad all over his wife's belly. The cum mixed with what was left of the now dried whipped cream on her pussy mound and stomach. Clarissa shoved her father out of the way and started lapping at the mixture like a thirsty puppy.
Marshall sat at the head of the bed and kissed his wife hard on the mouth as his daughter finished cleaning the cum/cream off her mother's stomach.
Marshall started to untie the rope when Clarissa interrupted, "Wait, we're not finished with her yet."
"Sorry Sport," her father replied, "but I don't think I can handle anymore. Your poor mother looks tired too."
"But what about me?" a voice squeaked out. All looked across the room. There standing in the doorway was Ferguson with a camcorder. He had been videotaping the whole thing. Only Clarissa was in on it.
"Oh yeah," she replied, "I had almost forgotten about you Fergwad."
Ferguson set the camcorder on Clarissa's desk and removed the blue terrycloth robe he was wearing. He walked toward the bed, his cock sticking straight out. Janet gave a little gasp at the endowment of her young son. He stood beside the bed and grabbed the can of whipped cream. He sprayed a generous amount on his cock. He shoved his jutting boner at his mother's shocked face. He pushed past her lips with the engorged purple head of his cock. He pushed harder and his cock was halfway in her mouth. Janet started to move her head to and fro. She engulfed almost all of his cock. He hurried his thrusts, causing his balls to slap against his mother's cheeks.
Fergeson pulled his cock from his mother's mouth with a loud pop. He climbed on the bed and sat on her chest. He lowered himself and stuck his sticky cock between his mother's breasts. He squeezed her breasts around his cock and started to tit fuck his mother. The warmth of her breasts was heating up Ferguson's drive. He twisted the nipples as he mashed his cock with his mother's tits.
Not wanting to be left out, Clarissa sat down on the edge of the bed and leaned over to kiss her mother on the mouth. She shoved her tongue deep into her mother's mouth. The hot mother/daughter team allowed their tongues to wrestle in each other's mouths.
Clarissa broke the kiss and started to kiss her mother's soft tits. Ferguson kept fucking away at his mother's breasts. Clarissa brought her mouth down and flicked her tongue at the tip of her brother's penis every time it would peek out from between the two fleshy mounds. Ferguson pushed Clarissa back and shoved his cock into his mother's mouth. He grabbed her hair and began fucking her face, his balls slapping against her chin. He felt the surge in his groin and thrust harder. He emptied his seed into his mother's mouth. He was fucking it so wildly that it spurted everywhere. Only part of his spunk went down her throat, the rest coated her chin, neck and face.
Without missing a beat Clarissa licked the cum off her mother's sweaty face. She leaned over to Ferguson who had finally stopped his thrusts and kissed the wet tip of his cock.
Clarissa struggled to her feet as Ferguson hopped off his mother. They started untying the ropes.
"Wait a minute, Ferguson honey," his mother choked out trying to catch her breath from her family workout, "Let's try that on for size." She pointed to his long, skinny cock.
Ferguson was flattered that after all she'd been through, his mother wanted to fuck him. He blushed. "I don't know, mom, I... uh um..."
Clarissa stopped Ferguson by dropping to her knees in front of him and grabbing his cock, "Don't worry, little bro, I'll help you."
Clarissa took Ferguson's limp cock into her mouth. She flicked her tongue at the tip, which brought his cock slowly back to life. She grabbed the base of his cock and started stroking it. She bobbed her head to and fro, taking him deeply into her mouth. Soon Ferguson was hard and ready to please his demanding mother.
Ferguson climbed on the bed and got between his mother's parted legs. Kneeling, cock in hand, Ferguson aimed his throbbing boner at his mother's awaiting pussy. He edged forward sinking the tip of his cock into his mother's warm folds. He pushed in inch by inch until he was balls deep into his mother's cunt. He withdrew slowly then slammed forward into the velvety folds. He picked up the pace. He could feel the scorching juices of his mother's cunt soak his cock.
Clarissa pushed her mother and brother over to the edge of the bed and lay beside her mother. She started kissing her mother hard. Ferguson leaned forward placing his whole bodyweight on top of his mother. He massaged her breasts as he kept up his hard strokes. Clarissa continued to kiss her mother, their tongues swirling around in an incestuous wrestling match.
Marshall decided to join the Darling family orgy. He grabbed his daughter by her slender waist and rolled her from her side onto her back. He got on top of her and shoved his mighty cock into her teen pussy. Clarissa let out a yelp. She soon caught up to her father's rythm and was fucking him furiously with her hips. Soon all were at the same rythum.
Ferguson felt his balls tighten as his mother screamed out in orgasmic glory. He pumped harder and harder. He shot his wad deep into the womb that had birthed him fourteen years ago. He kept pumping as his cum drained out of his mother's cunt and onto the bed. Marshall felt his own orgasm brewing. He kept pumping.
Clarissa felt her pussy churm and explode into a glorious orgasm, "Come inside of me daddy pleeeaaassssseee!!! Don't worry, I've been on the pill for a while now. Come insiiidddeeee offf meeeee!!!!!"
Marshall pumped harder, his balls slapping against his daughter's ass turning the flesh pink. He groaned as a stream of his white goo shot deep into his little girl's cunt. As he slowed to a dribble, Clarissa kept pumping her hips toward him until his dick turned limp and plopped out of her cunt. Ferguson, collapsed onto his mother's chest, leaned over to meet Clarissa for a kiss.

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