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This story is fiction. Any resemblance to actual individuals, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

This story is for the erotic enjoyment of open-minded adults who
might enjoy reading it. If you are under the age of 18, don't read
this -- read some less explicit story.

This story contains extremely strong hardcore stuff, including
graphic depictions of sex and murder. Don't read any further if this
bothers you.

The following is a purely fictional account. Any connection to real persons living or dead is purely coincidental. It is not meant to inspire or condone but merely inform and entertain the reader. The action in the story is of an extremely graphic,violent and gruesom nature and not for the squeamish. It goes without saying that the author does not promote or condone such behavior unless those involved are consenting adults. However, in the realm of FANTASY everything is possible....

Hanging Eileen
copyright 1995

I wanted it to hurt, I wanted it to hurt her until she couldn't stand it anymore. The thin wire. Thin but flexible. I wrap it around her fat boobs, around one and then the other.

I looked at her gagged face to see the pain there. It was beautiful. She was a beautiful cow...and she was mine...had told me so before I gagged her.

Hurt me...she'd said. I'm yours...

So I did. I wrapped the wire tight around the tender titflesh and pulled it real tight, as tight as it would go. Her teeth clamped down on the cloth rag as she took the pain for me. Eileen had always been among my favorite slaves, incredibly obedient and submissive and able to stand the limits of physical torment.

Pain was her element. It was where she lived. It was the way she showed me her love. And for the last two months I had been demanding and demanding more and more love. And she had been giving and giving, her body bruised and scarred from my vicious onslaught.

Now, after she had stripped off her robe I had tied her hands behind her and slapped her around until her cheeks were flushed then I had punched the wind out of her. Beating a naked defenseless woman always gets me going. Bent over from the blows her tits hung down and that's when I got the idea. I hadn't punished her tits for almost a month now. I'd been spending more time on her legs and ass. The last couple of days I'd been mostly flogging and clubbing her and she had black and blue welts and bruises all over her pretty thighs and asscheeks.

A few times I'd fucked her up the ass while I whipped her and as the blows rained down on her she'd cum and cum. She's such a filthy whore. Anyway, I'd gotten the idea of tying up her boobs in wire. So I did it, noosing the titglobes so tight they jutted out like pears. Then while she stood there helpless I took hypodermic needles and began to make pincushions out of her boobs.

She gave out little cries each time I stuck a needle into titmeat. Little shudders went through her. When her tits were festooned with about 20 needles each, I took the nipples, raised them up, pinched between thumb and forefinger and drove the needle right through them. She screamed into her gag and looked at me pleadingly. Tears rolled from her big brown eyes.

You love me, pig? I asked, my voice mean and husky.

She nodded slowly and before she could even finish nodding I pierced two more needles through her nipples. She sobbed and shook and tried to back away.

I cuffed her head.

You trying to get away from me? I asked her angrily.

She shook her head and looked at me panicking. nnnggghhffff!

You tried to get away from me and now youre lying about it! I shouted accusingly.

She shook her head some more but it was too late I already had the flogger in my hand. It was a cruel flogger of my own design with thumbtacks on the end of each leather tongue. Now youre gonna stand still! I told her.

She whimpered then closed her eyes, quivered, waited...

I let her wait. I like to make em wait. They know its coming, sooner or later. Goddamn sluts...make em wait until my cock's big and hard and then..

I let her have it. I slash the flogger across her pierced tits.


I see the pain on her face. I read it and feast on it. With knowing viciousness I flog her boobs, back and forth making the bound fleshjugs jiggle like jello, like needle pierced egg custards. I step back to make the blows fall harder on their targets.

She stands her ground now knowing that to move will bring hell down on her so I hit her harder and harder trying to make her do exactly that, trying to break her obedient stance, tearing the lash across her tits and belly, occasionally swatting her face with it until she's crisscrossed with bright red welts and pinpoint pricks where the thumbtacks have pierced the tender skin.

The fucking bitch takes it and takes it.

I pick up a thin metal rod now, made of flexible aluminum.

She looks imploringly at me... ...nnnggg...ngggg..nnn-aahh...nnn

SSSSSLISSSSHHHH! wicked slicing rod across her thighs.


Oh yeahh, I whip those creamy legs again, across bruises and welts, slici ng into her.
SSLLLISSHHH! the thin rod scores long thin cuts into her and finally with a gagging gasp she steps back unwillingly.

STAND STILL! I shout angrily and lay into her again. Five, six, seven... ten.....fifteen blows...blood trickling down, dripping off her knees ... and again she stumbles back... YOU GODDAMN SHITBAG...YOU SAY YOU LOVE ME?

I'm in her face and she can't even look at me.


I grab her by her head and force her down to her knees. I pull the cloth gag out of her mouth I stand in front of her naked and jerking off. Take my cock in your mouth, you useless slut...

She does it with a soft moan. Goddamn she makes me hard. There's nothing like a beaten bloody slut on her knees with her tits full of needles and her mouth around my prick. Especially Eileen.

She's such a slut...mmmm...her mouth is heaven...moist warm heaven. Moving up and down my shaft getting me harder and meaner. I grab her hair and fuck her mouth shoving my cock down her throat and pinching her nostrils shut so she can't breathe. She tries to take air through her cock-filled mouth but with my other hand I hold her lips sealed to my prick. She looks up at me and I watch her face turn dark blue...her eyes start to glaze over...she starts to sag weakly...I step back and slap her hard... then I repeat the process, gag-choking her with my cock and reviving her, a few more times.

While she sucks my cock I reach down and pull the needles one by one from her boobs. Rich dark blood-drops ooze from the needle wounds and speckle the floor. She groans and sucks me urgently. I take the needles from her nipples and cruelly stab them through her ear lobes. I take a stretch of rope and tie her hair up in a disheveled bun while I thrust-fuck her face. I like the way her hair looks like that, like some kind of fucked-up salon style, like she just had her hair done by someone on acid.

She's taking me further and deeper... into dangerous territory. I pull her up by her tied up hair to stand again. From a pulley line in the dungeon ceiling I lower the thick rope with the noose on it. She's in a daze as I put the noose around her long slender neck. I tug on the pulley line until the noose closes and pulls her up straight

Spread your legs! I order.

She does so moving her bare feet apart on the floor.

More...MORE!...CMON!....Wide as you can get em!

As she slowly spreads her legs apart she's forced to lower herself and the noose tightens. When she's gone as far as she can on her own I get the spreader bar, cuff her ankles to it forcing her legs another half-inch apart. She's beautiful hanging by her neck, legs wide open, tits and thighs bleeding...

Th-thank you, m-master... she moans. Y-you can pull me hi-higher... I look at her. Yes I can pull you higher...scumbag...are you ready for that?

Her pretty brown eyes look at me tearfilled. Oh yes, master...yes. I'm ready...

I reach over and gently take her pussy in my hand.

...mmmmmmm.... Her head tilts back as I peel the lips back and tease her wet sex, fingering her hard clit. I work her for a while letting the pleasure move through her, rubbing her a little harder. I go down on one knee before my noosed captive to take her cunt in my mouth and eat her like sweet fruit.

She thrusts against me with desperate groans, totally unable to control what is happening, completely at my mercy. I take her to the threshold of orgasm and hold her there. Suddenly, I stop, rise to take two of the hypodermic needles from her ear-lobe. Blood jets on to her shoulder from the wounds as she cries out then I'm down on one knee again. I pull her labia down and pierce the needles, one through each cunt-lip. Her screams are so shrill!

Then holding her pussylips open by the needles I start eating her again until she's shuddering and near orgasm, her legs tensing and jerking but firmly ankle-bound to the spreader bar. Now I reach for the pulley line and while I lick at her clit I pull her up by her neck, up...up...up.... I see her go up on her toes...way up on her ankle-bound feet... shivering and grunting and gasping for air. I look up at her face to watch her as I pull on the noose and nibble on her cunt.

With my other hand I pull the needles from her labia and taste her blood. I pierce the needles deep into her thigh. I pull her up and up. She's almost off the floor now. UHGG!UHHG!uh uh-AHH-AHHH!uh uh uh uh uh AAHHHGHGHH! Her cries are desperate as she cums. I swing her around now and put my cock up to her warm little anus between her fat whipped asscheeks. I let her down a bit and she sighs and grunts as I ram my huge cock up into her asshole. I fuck her now lifting her and dropping her by her neck as I sheath and unsheath my cock in her churning guts. Ohhh yesss I'm going into very very dangerous territory. I want to kill you bitch... kill you...kill you...kill you...

...ohhgghh...yeahh....k-kill me! do it!...kkhhillll meeee, m-maahhster.. to DIE for me, slutttt?!

Uuhhmmmm...mmm...gggahhhh..yyesss!..ohh Godd!..uhh! y-y-yesss!

Goddamn you...uhh...this is so...fucking GOOD!..uhh...

I yank the pulley line down and she goes up off her feet. I have to stand on my toes now to fuck her, guiding her body against mine one hand clenched on her belly, the other on the rope...her whipped thighs bleed on mine...her tit blood trickles down on my hand...


OOGHHHGGGHHH...YEAHHH! hgghhghhh...uhh!uh!UHH!


She shudders violently now as I haul her way up off my cock, up and up, her neck snapping with a loud CCRACKK! she goes stiff, a mewling choking gasping rattle in her throat as I pull her up to the fucking ceiling. Piss and shit pour out of her and I see her spasming in orgasm, eyes roll ing back in her head, blue tongue rolling out of her mouth, spit oozing from her lips.

I hold her up there a good five, ten minutes then slowly I lower her down back on to my cock which slides up her shitsmeared pussy to the hilt. I fuck the dead woman and explode inside her my cum dribbling down my shaft into my balls as I sink my teeth into her back to rip a bite out of her still warm flesh and eat it.

Later I will cut her to pieces and bury her in the woods that surround the house. But I will keep her pretty head in the jar of formaldehyde on the shelf with the other dead slaves, her lovely brown eyes staring forever into the darkness of the dungeon...

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