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I woke up this early morning and gazed about my bedroom, wondering if it were all an outrageous dream I had the night before. I crawled out of bed, my heart still pounding, and made my way out to the kitchen. Reaching into the refrig for some orange juice, I noticed a package of meat sausage. I suddenly felt flushed as I recalled the events of the past seventy two hours that were beyond my wildest imagination. It started a few days ago. I was on vacation from my job at the stock exchange, spending most of my time down on New York's porno row. I'd snicker at the young hookers doing their bullshit seduction routines at the peep shows.

Just to kill time I'd spend a few hours at one of the adult theaters doing little more than dozing off at the boring fuck films they were grinding. Then I'd wind up doing what I go to Eighth Avenue and Forty Second Street to do, browse through the adult book stores and check out the latest fetish magazines, always buying the latest issues of "Tied Up Teens" and "Young Girls in Bondage" and most of the time I'd spring for some videos like "Judi's B and D Slave School" but what I really look for are bizarre novelettes, my favorite one being "Eating Traci Alive". I really get excited about pretty young girls being butchered, gutted, and roasted alive. It was always my fantasy to actually eat some tender flesh.

Lou, the manager of the Evil Eye book store knew me on sight. After all, I was in the place every week, and Lou knew by the dough I'd spend I had a pretty good buck to throw around. He'd always give me the "ok" to go into the back room where his cohort, Matty would have a "special" film for me to see. For two hundred cash I pissed my pants one time watching a teenage hooker get her cunt sliced up. Matty said she held out on her pimp so he took care of the little tart while his partner rolled the pro model SuperBetacam. I tingled as I saw, right there on the screen, her cunt lips sliced off, vaginal canal mutilated, juices gushing out with the blood and urine, her shrill scream almost blew out the little speaker inside the TV monitor.

Two days ago, Lou and Matty had a real surprise for me. I had gone into the "Evil Eye" like I always do, browsing through the fetish rack. Lou approached me and spoke in a low rumble:

"Hey, Pete, come on in the back."

"A new snuff flick?" I inquired.

"We'll talk in the back."

Lou signaled for Georgie, a young kid who also worked in the store, to mind the front. Then, Lou and I went into the back room. Matty was there, looking over some new mags.

"You got the next few days off?" Matty asked.

"Sure," I answered "Why?"

"Wanna go on a little fantasy trip?"

"What do you mean?"

"Didn't you once tell me you had this thing about butchering and eating a young girl?"

"Yeah," I replied as my curiosity started to excite me.

Matty handed me this piece of paper. It read:

Casa Delecta is pleased to direct your attention to some of the unique features of our restaurant...

It went on to talk about their slave waitresses being tortured as part of the evening's floor show, and then you select one of them to become your dinner meal, prepared in front of you to your order.

My eyes widened with disbelief.

"Is this for real?" I asked.

"It's quite real" Lou assured me. I started getting the picture of a "fantasy island" complete with a spanish- accented host with a raspy voiced midget assistant, and Matty kept smiling as if he knew it was hard for me to believe what was being offered to me.

"Look," Lou explained. "We only offer these things to special preferred customers we can be sure of... ten, maybe twelve guys a year, that's it. We checked you out, you seem to be okay. You spend money, you get off on the weird shit. If you're interested, you go, enjoy, don't ask any questions, and keep your mouth shut."

"You mean I can go to this place, and actually get to see a girl butchered right in front of me?"

"Yeah, and you can eat all of her there, or take some home, as long as you keep the meat under wraps.And there's a lot of other things to get off on. You'll have the experience of your life, pal, an experience only a select few will ever get."

"What do I have to do?"

"Two grand cash. That's the fare. Then, meet here tomorrow about three. We'll get you on the boat."


"Place is a small island. I can't tell you where."

I reached into my vest pocket nervously for my checkbook. Lou nodded his head "no". "Cash only," he insisted.

I went over to my bank in a cab, cashed a certified check for two thousand and brought the money back to Lou at the "Evil Eye".

"Be back here ready to sail off tomorrow at three."

As I traveled by cab the next day to go back to the "Evil Eye", I started worrying... maybe this was just a scam... maybe Lou and Matty were closing shop last night and pulled two grand cash out of me before they split.

I envisioned pulling up to the store and finding it boarded up. My mind eased as the cab pulled up in front of two sixty nine Forty Second Street... I saw Lou inside the store that was all lit up. I paid the cab driver and entered the "Evil Eye", eager to begin my sojourn into my ultimate fantasy.

"All set?" Lou asked.

"You bet!" I replied. I handed him the money.

"Go with Matty."

Matty led me out the back door, into a parking lot on FortyFirst, and into a swanky, plush limo. The chauffeur tipped his hat as Matty told him to go. We drove up to the docks. There, a small but luxurious cruise ship awaited. Matty and I got out of the car, and Matty led me onto the boat's entrance plank. He introduced me to a steward and then went back into the limo.

As I was about to walk up the plank, the steward stopped me, and handed me a paper to sign. The paper read:

"I am not a law enforcement officer, not a member of any law enforcement group, federal, state, or local authority..."

I signed the disclaimer and started to board ship. Once inside, I was stopped by a huge guy, had to be at least six and a half feet tall and had shoulders like the entire front line of the Jets. He had to be what passed for a "security" officer on the boat. I was gone over quickly and professionally with an airport style metal detector. He didn't search my luggage, I didn't have any. I didn't need any. Once completely on board, the steward told me I was in cabin six, and that I must stay in my cabin until we docked at the island, I was not permitted to go on deck at any time during the trip. The voyage would take eighteen hours, and refreshments would be brought to the cabin.

I was escorted to cabin six. I entered. Another guy, Jim, was lying on one of the two beds in the room. We said "Hi" to each other, and became friends. Jim was a successful ad agency vice president; his fantasies were into medieval torture and he always wanted to see a girl being tormented to death slowly. I told him about my cannibalistic interests. We bided our time exchanging tales of girls being tortured, gutted, and eaten alive, and glancing through some porn magazines that were set about the cabin.

We both were eagerly anxious, awaiting docking time. Minutes seemed like hours, hours like days. Finally, the steward knocked on the door and announced it was time to debark.

We went on deck for the first time since we set sail more than eighteen hours ago. It was after seven, and the summer sun was about to set. As I walked off the plank, I gazed at the small island, it looked like a little villa. Small vans awaited, taking about twelve of us men over to the Casa Delecta. I guess the other guys made arrangements with other porn shops. Jim came down from Texas after he paid a peep show owner three grand for this journey. I guess I got away cheap! All the men were dressed in expensive suits, one guy carried a Gucci attache.

I noticed a van in back of us, the windows were painted black except for the front window. I couldn't see anything except the driver. We pulled into the long driveway of the Casa Delecta, a castle-like structure, old, but elegant. The van behind us stopped in back of us, it waited until we were inside.

Jim and I decided to stick together. We entered the lobby, a simple red carpeted room with a few leather chairs, coat rack, Renaissance paintings on the wall, and a chandelier. A hostess, clad only in an apron which loosely covered her pussy, greeted us. Jim's eyes popped at her big boobs which dangled in front of him, as she turned around to lead us in, her bare ass wiggled temptingly. What was lacking was an honest smile; I picked up a kind of forced smile as she said to us "This way, please." Jim and I were seated at a round table in the dining room. The room was decorated with red velvet wallpaper with gold stripe, plush red pile carpeting, and dimly lit with a chandelier, much larger than the one in the foyer.

Suddenly, though, the room got brighter as some hidden spotlights in the ceiling were faded up. The semi-nude hostess passed out slips of paper to each of us; then, a man dressed in a formal tuxedo took a hand microphone and stood on a platform located on one end of the room.

"Welcome to Casa Delecta. You have been selected to take part in the most exclusive and unusual resort club in the world. On the paper that Lina has given you, please write your fantasy. You will find a pen in the centerpiece.

Then, get ready to enjoy the most titillating, exciting, erotic evening you will ever spend in your entire lifetime."

Jim and I wrote down our fantasy. The hostess came to our table to collect the paper and asked if we wanted our waitress clothed or nude. Somewhat embarrassed, I said somberly "Nude," Jim said "Damn right!"

Minutes later, a nude teenage girl, she looked about seventeen, appeared at our table. She seemed scared, shy, and was trembling. The guy who made the announcement, seeing my concern, came over to our table and said "Don't feel sorry for her, she's your slave. You can fuck her before you kill her if you want to!" He stared ominously at the curvaceous, five foot six, blond, blue eyed teenage girl, visually commanding her next move. "I'm Alicia, W-w-would you like to have me roasted alive and served as your dinner?" she asked me. The svengali-like master looked at me and said "Is she to your liking, Sir? Would you like her prepared as your entree?"

I was kind of stunned; her skin was so velvet like, her flesh so tender, I guess he could see my mouth watering... could he actually read my mind?

"You can always fuck one of the other girls, after you've eaten. Sometimes it's better that way. Get's your juices flowin', so to speak. This one's got a thirteen year old sister... nice, virginal teenybopper. Ought to be a great fuck. Especially if you make her watch you eat her sister!"

"Yes," I said quietly, "and I believe I'll have the thirteen year old sister as well."

The nude seventeen year old girl broke down and sobbed. "No, please, not Kristy, too..." Without a flinch of emotion, the master of ceremonies clapped his hands. Two big, burly men, unshaven, wearing dirtied chino pants and aprons, sprung out of the kitchen. One grabbed the girl by her legs, the other by her arms, and carried the hysterical muffin out as the master commanded "For the gentlemen, one teeny, name; Alicia, gutted, butchered, and roasted... He will attend and bring the little sister."

Then be said to Jim, "Now for you sir..."

I was speechless as another nude young girl was dragged out to the stage platform, her hands and legs were shackled to the wall, spread eagled. Her breasts were huge, a C-cup. She was a brunette, brown eyed, a ball gag that had been stuffed in her mouth was roughly removed. Circus type music, an organ playing stuff like "The Loveliest Night Of The Year," began as breast clamps were squeezed onto her big teenage tits. She screamed in agony as sharpened knitting needles pierced each of her clamped and bloated tits, blood oozed out as she was speared like a whale. The audience applauded, as the masked sadist, clad in leather and studs, prepared his next feat. The hostess escorted Jim onto the stage so he could watch close up. Jim was handed a whip, and he went almost insane lashing her about the torso, the girl whimpered in pain with each stroke. Then, Jim helped the sadist drive a board, embedded with nails, into her abdomen. At this point, the hostess came over to me and said "Please come with me, sir."

She led me to a room which looked like a doctor's examining room. She called it the "preparation room". The master of ceremonies entered, followed by the two apron clad workmen who dragged in the nude seventeen year old girl who was about to become my dinner. Her mouth was taped, but she was still sobbing and tears were rolling down her eyes. They placed her on her stomach, back side up, on a table, and strapped her down, with one leg free. One of the men held that leg knee-bent as the other set up an enema bag. He hung the bag, which looked like it held about three gallons of some foul liquid - I learned later that it was a rather good California Chardonnay, over her, and proceeded to assemble the tubing, I could see the teenager struggling, fighting back with her free leg, but the humongously strong guy who was holding it twisted it until the ligaments in her knee almost snapped. Shrieking in pain, she ceased the struggle.

The business end of the enema tube, the part that would be forced up the pretty teenager's ass, was a phallic shaped metal device almost three inches in diameter with a series of holes in a spiral pattern for the liquid to flow out and into the girls waiting bowels. After assembling the device, one of the guys dipped his hand in some sort of grease and forced three fingers up the teenager's anus and deep into her rectum. She screamed piteously. Then the other guy forced the metal "business end" of the tube end up the girl's anus.

Her pretty blue eyes twinged as she felt the device go up her anal canal. The water valve was opened, and the yellowish liquid from the filled enema bag gushed into the writhing teenager.

I could hear her plead "take it out, please take it out" through her taped mouth as her stomach bloated, but they held the enema tube in tighter and tighter until she was almost ready to burst.

"We only taped her mouth to avoid irritating your ears," I was told "we could remove it, if you prefer." I said "No, leave it on." I figured her pleas might get to me.

Finally, they took out the tube after the huge enema bag was emptied. They stood her up over plastic covering and punched her in the stomach. She defecated immediately, streaming shit for a good five minutes before she completely emptied her bowels onto the plastic sheet. They had to hold her up as her left leg almost gave out from the ligaments being twisted when she was being held. With a wet cloth, they wiped and cleaned her ass. The hostess came in and picked up the shit-filled, reeking plastic, carrying it out.

Then, the two guys repeated the entire process. This time the blond teenybopper didn't struggle. Seemingly resigned to her fate, Alicia calmly laid face down on the table and even held her firm ass cheeks apart, giving the two guys much easier access to her, now dilated, rose colored asshole. "...beautiful", I thought. On this second go round they forced her to retain about a half gallon of the liquid... that's when they told me it was wine. "Make's `em sweeter, ya know." Said the burlier of the two.

They placed the teenager back on the table, this time face up, the two men spread and held her legs wide apart. An assistant chef came in, introduced himself and took a clear latex urinary catheter out of one of the drawers on the side of the table and fed it up into the girl's virginal pisshole, the other end of the catheter was lowered into an empty wine bottle that had been prelabled with her name and a photograph, as well as the date. She looked like she'd be a good vintage, for connoisseurs of that sort of thing. She whimpered as the catheter slid up inside her, and her urine soon filled the bottle. To make sure all her urine was emptied, one of the men pressed down hard on her abdomen. The catheter was taken out of her, and she was led out by the two men in aprons.

"Bring the younger one in next!"

The thirteen year old sister was carried in, fully dressed in a parochial school uniform, kicking and screaming.

"We abducted her and her sister as they were walking home from school" the master of ceremonies bragged.

"Take off your clothes" he demanded. She hesitated."Now," he commanded her, as the two men looked at her threateningly.

Trembling and crying, she sat down on the table and took off her white saddle shoes and white socks. She stood up and sobbed. "Continue," came the order. Tearfully, she unbuttoned her blouse. One of the men tore it off of her as she moved slowly, shaking in fear. "The skirt!" She unhooked the waistband; the skirt fell to the floor, revealing her panties. The only other garment on her was the training bra.

I guess I just couldn't wait. I reached out and snatched away the flimsy bra, uncovering the most gorgeous set of immature little titties I could have imagined. The thirteen year old Kristy just looked up at me and cried as I caressed her tender, never been touched by anyone before, tits. Her small, pink nipples stiffened under my fingertips.

"I'm going to fuck you. You know that don't you?" I said. "And, I'm gonna make you watch while they roast your sister alive... then I'm going to eat her!" All the while continuing to caress her little titties.

I moved my hand to Kristy's rounded little belly, slid lower and cupped her plump adolescent cunt. "I might even make you eat some of Alicia's `special' parts. Are you hungry?"

"Please Mister, no!" She sobbed, her eyes rolling back in her head before she fainted dead away.

"Are you sure, sir?"


"Take her away," the master of ceremonies ordered "Get her cleaned up and bring her into the 'prep room so she can say goodbye to her sister." The men carried the unconscious little girl out.

The hostess was summoned to take me down the corridor to the meat processing room. The seventeen year old girl was bound hand and foot to a butcher block table,

"You have a choice of slaughter, sir. She can either be beheaded, or we can gut and quarter her alive."

"Butcher her alive. But I don't want her quartered. I want her roasted whole." I said, for the first time being assertive.

The other two men entered to assist. One of the men forced Alicia's mouth open and an apple was pushed into her mouth by the chef, who I saw for the first time. Selecting a razor sharp knife from a rack at the side of the butcher block table, the chef slit the blond seventeen year old girl from just above the top of her vagina, about two and a half inches below her sweet belly button, up to her breastbone. He spread the incision apart, and blood and other body fluids spilled out of her.

"Come here, take a look at her" the chef said.

I looked inside her. I could see her guts... her intestines.... all of her internal organs... and she was still alive... in trauma... in shock... but still alive. The butchered blond teenage girl screamed silently. The apple in her mouth effectively gagging her. Her blue eyes practically bulged out of her head, so great was her agony. She seemed to be silently begging me to put an end to her misery. Whatever, Alicia's silent pleading fell on deaf ears. I had never been so turned on in my life. My cock was at rigid attention, straining to burst through my trousers. I could feel the moisture leaking from the end of my dick, no doubt leaving a huge wet spot on my pants.

The master of ceremonies entered and said something to the two assistants. Explaining to me that he would be back soon, he exited with the two men.

The chef started to pull out the young girl's intestines with his bare hands, then thought better of it and asked me if I'd like to remove her intestines myself. He asked me to feel around inside her. I became intensely excited as I took my hands and prodded her organs. They felt like hot jelly.

I asked if it were possible that she were still alive. The chef prodded open the incision just below her chest, and I could actually see that indeed her heart was still beating...erratically, but beating.

Under the chef's watchful eye, I carefully began to remove the teenager's intestines and other "non-vital" organs. He explained that it was important to proceed slowly so she wouldn't bleed to death and he give me little lengths of basting twine to tie off any major blood vessels as we encountered them.

I removed her kidneys and the chef chopped them up, saturated them with olive oil, and placed them back inside of her as stuffing. Then he brought over a large mixing bowel filled with breaded stuffing and small vegetables. He handed me a big wooden spoon and we spent the next fifteen minutes filling Alicia's abdominal cavity with stuffing and a variety of vegies.

I stopped and noticed just how beautiful her legs were.... long, silky, very shapely just like a teenage schoolgirl's legs were always supposed to be back in high school. I looked at her firm tits and then at her gaping cunt. I knew I'd missed something and made a request..

"Ah, you `ave the makin's of a grand chef yourself, Sir." He said as he handed me a pair of largish Maui onions and placed a small platter of Morrel mushrooms on the block. "Fill `er snatch up with these an' you'll be havin' a fine meal."

"I'll need some minced garlic and about a quarter pound of butter as well," I said.

The chef called out to one of his assistants, who returned momentarily with the required ingredients. The I spent the next ten minutes lovingly feeding the onions and mushrooms, one at a time, into Alicia's well buttered cunt. Even though the girl was in shock, her swampy cunt responded to my ministrations with a generous outflowing of sweet, girlish nectar.

Still, feeling there was something more I could add to the gastronomical delight that Alicia was rapidly becoming. I carefully sliced open her pear sized uterus, a meaty little female organ if ever there was one, and filled it with a mixture of chopped Maui onion and garlic butter before sewing it back up with basting twine.

We were just beginning to sew up the huge incision in the blond teenager's belly when I looked up and saw the two assistants reenter, carrying in the thirteen year old sister, screaming and wriggling. She was totally nude, her legs and hands bound with rope,

The little girl saw her seventeen year old sister gutted on the butcher table, with me sewing up her belly. Kristy passed out from the shock.

One of the assistants held Kristy while the other slapped and pinched her until she woke up. "You killed her! You killed my sister," she screamed accusingly as she awoke.

"No I didn't, she's still alive. Look!" I commanded as I dragged the struggling little girl over to the edge of the butcher block table. "Look, she's still alive. See how delicious she is. She's gonna be the best dinner I've ever eaten, and..." I added venomously, "your last meal!" With that, the butchered blond teenage girl's eyes popped wide open and looked at her little sister. A single tear gathered at the corner of her eye and rolled down her cheek.

I had just about finished sewing up Alicia's belly as I saw, from out the doorway, two nude women being led by. "Mother-daughter team," commented the chef.

With the stuffing in place, her abdomen sutured, one thing was left to do before roasting. The chef shaved the teenage girl, her long legs, under her arms, and most importantly, her pubic area. Then he coated her blond mane with some sort of jelly he said would protect it from the heat of the oven.

"Ya know lad, Presentation is everything."

Alicia was alive enough to put up some resistance as the two assistants picked her up off the butcher table and placed her into a gigantic iron broiling pan. Unable to control myself any longer, I bent down and kissed the teenager on the lips just as I slid her and the pan into the soot blackened oven and slammed the door shut behind her.

I held little Kristy firmly. forcing her tight, muscular little butt into my hard cock, which I'm sure she could feel through my trousers. I forced her to stay with me and watch her sister being roasted alive, through the greasy tempered glass door of the oven.

I was surprised it took as long as it did for Alicia to stop struggling in the immense heat of the oven. The gauge on the oven door indicated that the temperature was slightly over 350 degrees! No matter, I made Kristy stay and watch with me until her sister's skin began to turn a golden brown and sweet juices began to weep from her tender flesh.

The hostess led me, dragging a sobbing Kristy, back into the dining room. I sat back down at the table next to Jim, forcing the naked barely pubescent girl to sit on my lap.

"How was it?" Jim asked. "And who's this little girl?

"Unbelievable," I replied. "This is Kristy, I'm going to fuck her after I eat the other one. I made her watch while we roasted her sister!"


Jim told me after I left, he was allowed to beat his victim into a slow death. Another guy, Jim said, who had a doctor fetish, was in another room dissecting a sixteen year old girl alive. First he pulled her teeth, then gouged out her eyes, cut out her tongue, then opened her up for a real feast, taking out each organ one by one. "After I was done with mine, they let me watch his. He wanted an audience.

I was hardly paying attention to Jim; my mind kept wandering, thinking about that delectable seventeen year old girl roasting in the oven. I heard a couple in the table next to us chuckling over the thirteen year old girl being boiled alive in the soup vat cooking on the big stove.

The two men pulled out this huge piece of machinery. It was a large steel contraption with a large plexiglas window on the side facing the dining room. What the hell was it? I heard someone in the room call it a "girl grinder."

Sure enough, a nude girl, a real cutie, freckle faced with red hair, was carried out and placed into it via a hatch on the top of it. The girl screamed as the lid was slammed shut, the master of ceremonies entered, plugged in the power cord and turned the machine on. The girl's screams were heard over the gruesome grinding noise. Through the thick plexi window we could see the girl being ground to bits. Blood splattered everywhere and eventually coated the window so heavily you couldn't see through it. Several minutes later, they stopped the machine and slid out a metal tray from the bottom. It was filled with ground bits of her, dripping with blood, urine, and other body liquids.

The audience applauded. The machine was wheeled out, another device was rolled in, a large roaster. Another nude girl was inside, a thick steel rod skewered through her anus and out through her mouth. Somehow, she was still alive. Wiggling around, trying to get off the skewer, no doubt. The roaster was plugged in and turned on. The infra-red coils barbecued the girl as the skewer turned her around slowly. Everyone gawked as her flesh began sizzling and turning a golden brown.

Meanwhile, on stage, an older woman dragged out a fourteen year old girl fully clothed. She sat down, pulled the girl over her lap ass-up as the two burly men guarded, slid down her jeans and panties, and spanked her repeatedly for almost a half hour. The girl's bare butt turned beet red as she pleaded for the "madame" to stop.

Jim enjoyed the floor show. Spanking's not really my thing, but when they finally stopped, there was hardly a spot on the girl's rear end that wasn't blistering. Then the fourteen year old, who was by this time crying almost continuously, faced the audience and began removing the rest of her clothes. Once completely nude, she turned to the older woman. The woman stood and motioned to the two men, one of whom knelt and pressed a hidden mechanism on the floor of the stage. With a sinister "snicking" sound a gleaming steel spike about five and a half feet long and two inches in diameter sprung up from the floor.

The girl turned to face the woman, who apparently said something and she again turned to face the audience. One of the men placed a small step stool behind the gleaming spike and the girl walked up to it. It could now be clearly seen that spike was longer that the girl was tall.

Silently, with tears streaming down her pretty face, the teenager climbed to the top of the stool. She carefully adjusted her position and placed herself so the tip of the spike was at the entrance of her almost childlike cunt.

The silence in the room was almost palpable. The little teenager's cunt had been shaved so there could be no doubt about the position of the spike. The lights in the dining room dimmed, as single spotlight illuminating the center of attention, The girl's cunt and the wicked steel spike. Music suddenly filled the room, changing slowly to an ominous dirge. Slowly, the girl began to slide forward.

The music reached a crescendo. The teenager slid off the stool and onto the spike. Her full body weight momentarily supported on the sharpened steel tip of the cruel spike that penetrated deeply into her immature vagina. Something inside her burst, blood gushed out of her cunt and asshole as delicate tissues ripped and tore. One of the men charged up to her and pulled her head back. Just as she clasped her hands to her internally ruined belly and started to scream in agony the bloody tip of the spike tore up through her throat and out of her mouth.

The spotlight continued to focus on the impaled girl for over five minutes as blood bubbled up out of her mouth and nose. And yet more blood, and other bodily fluids steadily flowed from her ruined cunt.

The two men dragged the still bleeding, impaled teenage girl offstage, the older woman stood up and bowed. "Thank you. Thank you," she said. "My daughter would thank you, but..." she trailed off. The applause was deafening!

Finally, after a wait of about an hour, dinner was being served. The hostess came over and handed Jim and I a menu, which read:

El Casa Delecta Presents Tonight's Specialty of the House Appetizer: Meatballs Susanne This absolutely fabulous redhead, who so recently helped us test our new "Girl Grinder"has given her all for our guests! A delicate mixture of Susanne's flavorful meat, herb and spices rolled and sauteed to divine perfection. Served with baby asparagus miniature broccoli crowns.

Entree: Amy & Jill au naturale Both of these delightful youngsters were featured performers on stage for your entertainment tonight. In our unceasing efforts to fulfill your every fantasy and provide the ULTIMATE in dining pleasure, These two teenage beauties have been lovingly spit roasted by Dolcett, our world renowned Chef. Their succulent meat has been basted in a mixture of pure creamery butter and fine herbs for your dining pleasure.

Dessert: "Pink Surprise" cherry a la mode A number of girls have given something very "special" to make this divinely decadent dessert.

It's a good thing I had my Diner's Club card with me. No one told me dinner was additional. Another new waitress walked over, nude; she was a petite brunette, small breasted, with a cute little ass, button nose, and hazel eyes.

She brought bread, butter, and the soup. Jim slurped it down; he didn't much care that a thirteen year old girl was boiled alive in it. Then came the entree, my special order. The delightful Alicia. A juicy roast, a tenderloin delight, and we wasted no time in digging in.

Alicia's entire golden brown body, placed invitingly on a large platter, surrounded by a mixture of delicious vegetables. Her blond hair had been perfectly arranged. Just a hint of makeup, enough to give her a rosy glow of health. The chef had contrived to place her on her back with her legs spread open as if waiting for someone to fuck her delicious teenage cunt... or eat it! Oh, and her breasts! Those firm, succulent mounds of flesh dripping with melted herb butter just waiting to be thinly sliced and savored.

Kristy, who had remained on my lap the entire time, at first refused to eat. But I think she eventually relented to the absolutely divine odors rising from her sister's superbly prepared meat. It was impossible that her appetite could fail to be aroused. Either that or the fact that the master of ceremonies came over and reminded her that if she resisted me in any way, she would be forced to "take the spike" on stage for the next performance and her mother would end up on the menu the following week.

Alicia, however tasted superb along with the jacket potato, delicately seasoned asparagus, avocado wedges, and a simply delightful honey mustard sauce. The dessert was a mind blower, a sliced clit and a pair of little pink nipples in chocolate, and mint leaves with cream.

Eventually, it was time to leave. I haven't told you about the other two days on the island. Little Kristy "lived" up to expectations, if only briefly. But, I'm afraid I'll have to save that story for another time. As I boarded the boat, the hostess made sure my "doggie bag" was safely on board.

Was it all just a dream? I opened my freezer and took out a little something from the "doggie bag". In it was tonight's dinner.

One of Alicia's luscious teenage tits.

By the way, I'm having a few special friends over for dinner next week. You're invited. Please try and be there. I've got an incredible menu planned. You don't want to miss it.

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