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W A R N I N G !




Please note that this story is purely fantasy. No person would in reality enjoy being killed. Please allow this story to be your catharsis, to satisfy any dangerous impulses you might feel. Read this to assuage the dark side of your libido, so that in real life you may be gentle, and not do evil things.

Please feel free to send me feedback. I appreciate constructive critisism. If there is some way you feel that this story might be improved, I would like to hear of it.

A most strange carnival it was that came to town. The second full moon of the month and a misty bizzare night. It simply was there in the morning, nobody saw it coming or being set up. It stayed closed and silent untill sundown.

Tanya and I had spent a dreamy day in bed together engaged in gentle lovemaking and the telling of erotic stories. Tanya, in addition to being gorgeously sexy, had a creative imagination of a gory bent that fit well with my own fetish for blood and impalement. She would never fail to bring me to the height of excitement with her storytelling and roleplaying. Late that afternoon we got hungry and went out for a bite and a stroll.

It was twilight when we noticed the carnival. There were a few young people going through the gate that was shaped as a great grinning mouth with fangs. We stopped to take in the sight. A large sign stood by the entrance with the words "Witness the Ultimate in Passion!" The illustration was of an excited naked woman spread wide before a leering naked demon with a huge sharp pointed phalus. Tanya and I looked at each other and grinned wickedly. The words written over the grinning entrance read "Welcome to the Carnival of Torturous Delights".

I couldn't help but notice the two teenage girls who had stopped near us. They were both exquisitely endowed. Their ample breasts and buttocks strained to burst from their skimpy clothing. The older seeming of the two had long wavy blond hair cascading over her shoulders down to the small of her back. She wore a halter top and cutoff shorts unbuttoned and unzipped to expose the whole of her belly. The younger was dark with rich black hair tied into a long ponytail. She wore a string bikini top and the flimsiest of a miniskirt that rode low on her hips. She was showing pink by jumping up and down excitedly while pointing at anothersign. "Look!" she shouted to her friend.

The other sign at the entrance read: "LADIES and GENTLEMEN! If you are sexy and need a job, we are hiring! Apply at the booth that turns you on."

"Will you look at that", said the blond, "Our lucky day!"

The younger one was chewing her finger. "But isn't this kind of a heavy place to get a job? I mean I only just turned eighteen."

A patronizing smile was the answer. "Don't be such a wimp. It's time you lost your cherry and this is just the place." She took hold of the younger's wrist and led her through the gaping jaws ofthe gate.

Tanya and I followed closely behind. Inside was the most X-rated and perverted spectacle. There were relatively tame kissing booths and massage tents. There were whipping poles where one could whip or be whipped. Slave auctions where one could buy or be sold. Watersports and fetish candy were available. Tattoo parlors where exquisite demonic art could be made. A drooling naked male hung from a pole suspended by threads attached to a hundred needles thrust through his body, exstacy was written over his face. As we passed by we saw that he had been castrated. He hung in front of a bodypiercing clinic.

The two girls we had followed in stood amidst all this with their mouths open, their exposed bellies quivered. "Wow!" they both silently intoned.

Tanya and I stayed close to them so we could catch their reaction. What could be seen was awesome and there was yet much more to see.

The dark girl looked to her friend. "The sign said to apply at the booth that turns me on, but I don't know what turns me on, I'm a virgin!
I mean I've never done anything but masturbate before. Does that count?"

The blond smiled knowingly at her friend. "Of coarse it does. So what do you fantasize about?"

The younger one stopped, closed her eyes and put her fingers between her legs as a blissful look came over her. "What excites me more than anything is the idea of being penetrated deep in my belly." The older girl stared at her friend with her lower lip between her teeth. "Having my soft belly punctured hard and deep and then being fucked as my blood gushes from the gash in my ruined abdomen. As I get fucked I get stabbed over and over till I orgasm and die!"

"Holy Fuck!" The shock on her friends face was complemented by a wet spot where her cutoff shorts dug into her cunt. "I think maybe this job wasn't such a good idea." said the blond as she turned to leave.

"No way wimp!" The dark girl grabbed the wrist of the blond and started walking deeper into the carnival grounds. "You talked me into this and we are going through with it!"

"But," said the blond as she was led to her fate.

I had gotten so turned on by what I had just heard that Tanya had to lead me by the hand to follow them. In the delirium of my arousal it took me a moment to realize where the two girls had stopped, when I did Tanya winked at me.

"Holy shit, look!" The older girl swooned as the other creamed herself.

They had stopped in front of an open tent with a large booth whose sign read: "BELLYBUTT. If your first arrow penetrates the center of your targets belly you win three free bellybutt girls and free fuck privileges." There were dozens of gorgeous naked women and a few men waiting in an area under the tent. They each had a little tag tied to a toe and carried a little sign on which was written "Bellybutt", and a number.

A wall of hay bales was erected at one end of the tent. In front of the hay bales a beautiful naked girl stood with her arms and legs spread wide and an expectant look on her face. Twenty feet in front of her a naked man stood with a bow and arrow taking aim. He let loose the string and fired the arrow straight into her stomach. She coughed blood and slowly sank to the ground.

The Matron of this attraction, a woman of demonic sensuality, walked up to the man. "Ah well, better luck next time. Did you take carving or fuck privileges?" The naked man shook his head. "Would you like to buy another bellybut?" She asked.

"I'm afraid I'm broke." he responded.

"Well there are lots of booths hiring men like you. Go get a job at one of them." Her eyes followed him. Her laugh under her breath, evil.

Two women went to the bellybutt girl slowly squirming on the ground with the arrow in her stomach. One checked the ticket tied to her toe and wrote something on a clipboard. The other stroked the bellybutt girl's hair for a moment while the dying bellybutt whispered something to her. She nodded her head then took a largeknife and plunged it into the bellybutt's lower abdomen. The bellybutt let loose a short cry of release as the knife slid deep inside her then lay quietly moaning as the two other women picked her up and tossed her on top of a small pile of dead and dying naked women. The pile of used bellybutts.

"Would you ladies like a job as a Bellybutt?" The naked girl behind the counter of the bellybutt booth asked the two young women whom Tanya and I had followed.

"Yes! We would!" Replied the younger dark girl immediately.

"Good. Step inside and take all your cloths off." The countergirl opened a door in the booth and beaconed them inside.

"Butt." Said the older blond deliriously as the younger girl ledher through the open door and the door closed behind them.

I looked at Tanya, my penis furiously erect. Tanya smiled, nodded and said, "Go ahead, do it. Fullfill your fantasies."

"But," I said before chewing my lip. I looked at the assembled women waiting to be killed. Most of them were looking at me and showing off their bodies so as to attract my attention. A few went so far as to point to their bellies and nod their heads vigorously. Others were masturbating while watching me.

I looked at the pile of women who had already been shot. Most of them were dead. A few however continued to squirm and moan and masturbate. Many of them had been stabbed many times. Some had been cut wide open and gutted. All of them had smiles on their faces. The most mutilated had the biggest smiles. That did it for me.

I walked up to the bellybutt counter and smiled nervously at the pretty naked girl behind the counter. She looked to be about eighteen. She had lots of curly brown hair and a lovely smile ona sensous face. Her full breasts seemed to want to leap up at me from her perfectly curvaceous body. She smiled warmly at me. "Hello, would you like to kill a bellybutt?"

"Um, Yes, but," I paused.

"You have never done this before, right?" she asked.

"Um, No, but," I fidgeted.

"Don't you worry. I"ll take care of you. Now would you like carving or fuck privileges? Carving privileges are free when you take fuck privileges, and the fee is refundable if you shoot your bellybutt right in the center of her belly. You also win three free bellybutts with all privileges if you hit your bellybutt's belly dead center.

"He'll take the fuck privileges." Tanya spoke from beside me. "How much?" She asked taking money out of her pocket.

"Thirty dollars for your bellybutt and another twenty for fuck privileges, and you get a complementary carving knife."

I shook my head, "I don't understand why it's so inexpensive."

"Well, it's really quite simple," she answered, "this attraction is very popular and we always run out of bellybutts before we close. That means we don't have to pay them. This is one of the most profitable attractions in the carnival." She put Tanya's fifty dollars into a drawer.

"But who are these women? I mean where do you get all these women who are willing to be killed?"

"Why they are women who seek the ultimate in torturous delight of course. Like the name of the carnival, `The Carnival of Torturous Delights`." She smiled at us both.

"Ok, now what?" I asked nervously.

"First you take your cloths off and then take these," she said handing me a bow and arrows and a dagger, "over to where the Bellybutts are waiting and pick out the girl you want to kill. Then you take your Bellybutt over to the hay bales and give her any special instructions you might have for her. Then you shoot her in her belly with your arrow and then gut her while you fuck her to death." She kept an angelic smile on her face all the while saying this.

"Ahem... special instructions," I asked, "what kind of instructions?"

"Well, for instance you might tell her not to clutch the arrow or her belly when the arrow strikes, and to keep her back arched as she sinks to the ground, and to keep her legs spread while she bleeds to death. But you don't really need to tell your bellybutt these things as they have already been instructed to do that. We aim to please." She smiled and gave me a wink.

"After I shoot my Bellybutt can I still fuck her and cut her up even if

don't hit her right in the middle of her belly?"

"Absolutely, your bellybutt is yours to do with as you please. There is no reason for us to put a limit on both your pleasures."

"Where exactly do you mean when you say the center of her belly?"

She smiled, took a half step back and looked down at her belly as she thrust it forward. She caught her lower lip in her teeth as she pushed her finger hard into her belly two inches below her navel. She stayed in that position as she looked up at me shyly. "Right here," she said huskly and wet her lips. I almost came as I saw a drop of cunt juice trickle down her leg.

I stood staring at her belly. I fidgeted while my cock strained in its erection. "I really want to, but..."

She kept her finger pressed into her belly and started to massage her clit. "It's alright you know. The bellybutts want to be killed. All their lives they've fantasized about this moment. Go ahead, go pick a girl and kill her."

Still I hesitated. I looked over at the waiting bellybutts who stood expectantly. I looked back at the counter girl and bit my lip nervously.

She laughed sweetly. "Look, it's not so hard." She paused and took a deep breath. "I'll coach you through it." She blurted out. "OK?"

"Um, OK." I paused, "Thanks."

She winked. "Just a second while I get the matron to send a replacement for me." She opened the door to the booth and excitedly ran towards the matron. I turned towards Tanya who had started to undress me. "Thank you." I whispered.

"Any time love, any time." She kissed me and as she tossed the last of my cloths into a basket she took my cock in her mouth and sucked me for a moment. She rose, put the bow and arrows and the knife in my hands, then gave me a slap on the rump. "Go get them."

The counter girl came running back. "By the way, my name is Sofie." She took my hand and led me to the hay bales. Sofie crouched down to tie a toe tag to her toe. Responding to the confused look on my face she explained, "Oh, the toe tag is so that they can identify my body after you cut me up. You will I hope." She said longingly.

"Uh?" was all that came out of my mouth.

She stood with her back ten feet in front of the hay bales and took the bellybutt pose. She spread her arms and legs wide, thrust her belly forward, her shoulders back and leaned her head back all the way. "Do you have any last moment instructions on how you want me to die?"

"But, what? You want me to shoot YOU?!" I exclaimed.

Her disappointment was obvious. "Don't you want to shoot me in my belly? I want you to shoot me. I want to be killed by you." She looked at me pleadingly. "Please kill me."

"I'm sorry, it's just that I didn't realize when you said you would coach me that you ment for me to kill YOU." I hesitated a moment, then sheepishly said, "But I'ld like to."

She sighed with relief and her smile came back. "Whew. You had me worried for a moment. So how would you like me to die? Do you have any special requests?" She winked at me again.

"Just the standard I guess. Don't cover yourself after you've been shot. Keep your back arched through out and your legs spread wide." I thought for a moment. "Also."

"Yes. Anything." Sofie licked her lips. "Absolutely anything."

"Well, I'ld like it if when, just after I shoot you in your belly,you don't fall immediately. Rather try to stay standing with your back arched and your arms wide while the arrow quivers inside you and your blood flows."

"Yes, I like that." Sofie said. "I'ld like to admire my being killed."

"Also, as I kill you, let your tongue loll out of your mouth. As you die, roll your eyes back and die with your eyes open."

"I think all that would be my natural tendancy anyway, so I'm sure it won't be a problem." Her cunt was glistening, she was so turned on. "Are you going to fuck me after you shoot me in my belly? Will you fuck me while you cut me up?" She asked hopefully.

"Yes, I'm going to fuck you while I stab you over and over." I told her while notching the arrow. I stood about fifteen feet in front of her and drew back the arrow.

Sofie smiled exctaticly as she presented her belly to be shot. "I'm a bellybutt," she said wonderingly to herself, her back arched, arms and legs spread, head and shoulders back, her bellythrust forward quivering in the anticipation of its impalement. "I'm to be killed." She licked her lips.

"You don't seem to need much coaching anymore." she said.

"You've been an excellent coach. Thank you." I replied.

"May I ask you a favor?" She asked.

"Yes." I said, taking carefull aim at that point in her belly she had so aptly indicated.

"After you shoot me, before I loose conciousness, gut me like a fish!"

I hesitated.

Sofie kept her head back, panting from her open mouth. Lust had overwelmed her face. The Matron took a picture with a polaroid.

Sofie begged, "Do it. Kill me!"

I let go of the arrow and wathched as it plunged straight into the center of her belly!


"OH!" She cried as her bellies shock spasmed through her body! "YES!"

Keeping her back arched she looked down to see the arrow quivering deep inside her fluttering belly, her blood started to flow. The arrow bobbed gently as she panted with her belly. She looked up at me with her eyes and mouth wide in shock. The Matron took another picture.

"You did it!" Sofie gasped. "You've killed me!"

Her body shook with her first death orgasm. She gasped and arched more.

"Thank you." She moaned then started to pant faster as she watched me notch another arrow. The lust was back in her eyes even more intensely.
She tried to smile. I shot the arrow into her navel!

"OH!" Her blood gushed! "God!"

Her body quaked with shock! Tremors surged through her belly as slowly she sank to her knees. Through the haze of her lust and agony her amazement showed in her face. "You're a," Gasp! "good shot!"

She sank down to sit her ass on the ground, her knees spread wide and bent so her feet were beside her ass. She put her arms behind her and slowly lowered her shoulders to the ground. I approached knife in hand and marveled at her skill. She was in the ultimate position of arched back and legs spread, not comfortable but wide open to my cock and my knife. The bellybutts applauded her. The Matron took another picture.

"I'm glad you," she moaned softly, "picked me to," as she panted, "be your bellybutt."

I knelt between her legs and caressed her dying body. I fondled her clit with one hand while the other explored her belly and the wounds where the arrows impaled her. I kissed her mouth and her tongue thrust deep into my mouth. She kissed with vigour as she lay dying.

I grasped the first arrow and pushed down hard to make sure that it had penetrated Sofie's belly all the way. She groaned with the sensation of it. Then I slowly pulled it out. Sofie writhed as it slid out of the depths of her body with a long slurp.

"More," she groaned, "kill me," she begged, "some more."

"Use your," she moaned as I pulled out the other arrow, "knife."

I put my cock to her cunt and entered her. "Oh, Yes!" she panted,"Fuck me," she gasped, "while you," I started to fuck her, "kill me!"

As I fucked her I put the knife to the bottom of her belly and slowly pushed it deep inside her. She shrieked with the sensation of it, "Yes!" she writhed, "Yes!" I pulled out the knife, "More!" then plunged it back in! "Yes!" She tossed her head left and right over and over, "Kill me!" as I fucked her, "Gut me!" and stabbed her again and again as she cried, "Yes!"

I could feel her beneath me throbbing with agony, ecstasy, and orgasm as I fucked her and killed her. As I felt myself coming I plunged the knife again deep into the bottom of her belly. As I came I sawed the knife upward cutting her belly open from crotch to sternum. Her guts spilled out. I saw my come spurting out of her wide open belly.

"Thank you." I heard her whisper followed by a long sigh as her body shivered. The other bellybutts applauded again for such exellent dying.

I withdrew from her almost dead body and knelt beside her to admire the ruin of her beautifull physique. Her head was facing me with her mouth open and her tongue hanging out, her eyes open and rolled up. The lines of her body were exquisite and her breasts were like perfect round melons. She was really an incredible sight as she lay quivering near death. Not a spot of her skin was not colored red by her blood. Her arms were folded above her head in a cushion of thick hair and her intestines spilled over one side of her gaping open belly. She was breathing with barely audible short pants.

I took one of her breasts in my mouth. I took as much of it as I could and filled my mouth with Sofie. Then I bit hard and felt my teeth sink deep into the flesh of her breast. Sofie squealed and squirmed, not dead yet! I bit as hard as I could but try as I might I couldn't close my teeth, I had too much of Sofie in my mouth. Little squeals and subdued writhing from my beautifull dying bellybutt accompanied my efforts as I sawed my teeth and worked my head back and forth. She seemed to strain to push more of her breast into my mouth. Slowly I ripped off the half of her breast I had in my mouth.

I spat it out and looked at it. A perfect round nipple surrounded by an inch of skin sat atop a mound of quivering bloody fat. The little squeals Sofie had been making changed back to short pants with the occasional gagging moan. I put it inside her open belly then with my knife cut off her other breast, I didn't miss a bit. I put it also inside her open belly then stood up.

The little noises and movements Sofie was still making were happy ones. My first bellybutt was dying content.

Two women came and tossed Sofie ontop of the pile of other used bellybutts where she lay face up, back arched, spread eagle. Her belly gaping open, her guts dangling, she lay there trembling, still making cute little dying bellybutt sounds.

The bellybutts applauded me. They wanted to be killed the way I had killed their countergirl.

The Matron approached and said, "That was very good, we hope you will be a regular of this attraction. Any of the bellybutts would consider themselves fortunate to be killed by you." She smiled and indicated the waiting expectant bellybutts. "As you hit Sofie dead center in her belly you have won three free bellybutts. Go ahead and pick another."

I looked over the assembled women, over fifty of them all wanting for me to kill them. Fifty naked sexy turned on women dying for me to plunge my knife deep inside their bellies. Then I noticed the two girls Tanya and I had followed here and immediately had eyes for no others.

They were perfect. They both had enough muscle to give their physiques beautifull lines and just enough body fat to make all their curves soft. They each had full breasts erect with youth. They stood in such a way that their bellies cried out to me, "Slay me! Slay me! Don't let me live a moment longer." Their faces were delicate with wide eyed innocence. Their full lips held open in silent wonder. They each held a little sign saying, "Bellybutt" followed by a number and their names. They each had a little tag attached to a toe. A body tag to keep track of their dead bodies after they were used. They were Bellybutts!
They were there to be killed!

I knew their names now. The older blond was Molly. She looked nervously over to where Sofie lay, now dead, atop the pile of the other used bellybutts. The raven haired virgin beauty beside her was named Sylvia, and she was visibly very excited.

I decided to shoot Molly first because I wanted to streach out the virgins excitement. "That one." I told the Matron pointing to the now shocked looking sex kitten, Molly.

Sylvia clapped her hands together, joy and envy on her face, and turned to her friend and said, "You lucky slut! As soon as we get out here you get picked!"

"Butt," said Molly.

"Don't worry Sylvia," I told her, "you're next." She beamed.

The matron went over to Molly and led her to the killing grounds. Sylvia followed knowing it would be her turn soon and to lend moral support to Molly. "Butt." said Molly.

Sylvia and the Matron positioned Molly in the customary bellybutt pose, with Sylvia coaxing Molly into a truely alluring spectacle. Molly was to be a joy to kill.

"Any last minute instructions?" the Matron asked as I notched an arrow to my bow.

"Just the usual." I replied walking up to Molly.

Molly stood arms and legs spread, her shoulders back and her back arched to lift her breasts and spread her belly. The point of her tongue rested on the bottom lip of her open mouth. Her eyes were wide staring at the arrow. She stayed in bellybutt pose as I gently caressed her cheek. Without moving she looked into my eyes, questing. I stroked her hair and looked back into her eyes, loving her for what she was doing for me. Hesitantly she smiled then bit her lip as I cupped one of her breasts in my right hand. My left hand held the bow ready with the notched arrow.

Her breasts were large and firm with pink erect nipples. She moaned as I suckled them. My hand searched the curves of her back and buttocks as my mouth explored under her jaw. I slowly ran my hand down her soon to be sundered belly and with my index and ring finger, spread the lips of her vagina while my middle finger lifted her very wet clitoris. She gasped and looked wonderingly into my eyes. She licked her lips as my open mouth slowly went to hers.

She kissed me timidly at first, then with increasing passion as I masturbated her. I knelt in front of her, put my chin between her legs and took her now fully erect clitoris between my lips. She groaned, low and deep, as I expertly sucked her clit in and out over and over. Her body shuddered as a huge orgasm started to build. She held her bellybutt pose while her breasts heaved with her gasps, "Oh Yes! Oh God! Oh! I'm ready!"

I rose, took two steps back, drew the arrow and fired it deep into the center of Molly's heaving belly just as her orgasm hit her full force!

Her body surged with a loud gasp as she spasmed to the tips of hertoes!
Her head flew back as her belly thrust forward and she quivered, "OOHHhh h h h!" She started to fall and Sylvia caught her so she could gently sink to the ground with her back still arched and her impaled belly fully displayed. On the ground Molly kept her back arched as she spread her legs wide and squirmed seductively. Her orgasm never stopped as I knelt and continued to suck her clit. She moaned and groaned with ecstacy.

I lifted my head a moment to ask Sylvia, "Would you like to stab her while I suck her?"

"Oh Yes!" Sylvia nodded her head vigourously.

I handed the knife to Sylvia and while sucking, with eight inches of slurp, pulled the arrow out from deep within Molly's belly. Sylvia raised the knife over her head with both hands then slammed the knife deep into her friends navel! Molly spasmed spread eagleand cried out, "Oh God! Oh God! Yes!"

Sylvia left the knife in her friends belly and kissed her deep with her mouth and tongue. I slid my cock into Molly's cunt and as I started to fuck her, pulled the knife out. Molly continued to kiss Sylvia as I slowly pushed the knife into the bottom of Molly's belly. Her back arched and her belly strained to meet my knife. As I fucked her vigourously with both my cock and my knife, Molly slowly disappeared into the intensity of her experience. "Wow", was the last thing she said.

Sylvia and I lingered over Molly's body, admiring her devastation. Sylvia caressed her friends face, frozen beatifically in the ecstacy of her death. "See," she whispered, "I told you you would enjoy this job."
She kissed Molly one last time then pulled the knife out of Molly's belly.

Sylvia turned to me with an intense lust. "It's my turn," she whispered, and crawled to me with a vigour that forced me onto my back.
She took my cock into her mouth and sucked me erect again quickly. Then she surged forward, put my cock to her cunt, rose up over me and slowly sat. I sank deep inside her and she started to fuck me. She stayed vertical, back arched, and fucked with abandon.

She put the knife in my hand, leaned her head and shoulders all the way back and continued to ride me. "Plunge your knife deep inside my belly!" she commanded. "Stab me! Kill me now!" I watched in amasement as she fucked me, her head back and arms wide, her belly begging to be pierced! "Kill me! Stab me!" she kept imploring.

I waited only a bit before I put the point of the blade to the center of her belly. "Oh Yes!" she exclaimed at its touch. "Push it in! Push it in all the way!" She kept fucking me as very slowly the knife sank all the way, deep inside her as she squealed, "Oh Yes! Oh Yes!" over and over.

She never broke her rythum as she looked down to see the knife buried to the hilt in her belly. She looked into my eyes, the look on her face a bizarre mix of lust, satisfaction, and horror. I pulled the knife out and her eyes went wide with the shock of realization of what she was doing. I plunged the knife into the bottom of her belly and she shreaked with a spasm that arched her back. She grasped her heels such that all I could see of her was the belly she was giving me and her heaving breasts. She fucked me with the orgasmic throbing of her vagina as I drove the knife deep inside her over and over to the shaking of her head and her accompanying cries of, "Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!"

I came as slowly she subsided, her cries fading away, her body sinking back. I came as she died from the ruin I had made of her belly.

Two bellybutts lifted Sofie's body off of me and tossed it on top of Molly's body on the pile of used bellybutts. They made a pretty picture, I admired it. Less than an hour ago they were two sexy vivatious women having fun and now they were two sexy dead bellybutts, their blood and guts spilt for my pleasure, their lives spent for my orgasm.

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The matron broke through my thoughts. "Wow. That was quite something, but I have to tell you that you only win free bellybutts if you shoot them with an arrow. As it is you still have four more bellybutts to kill. Pick another." She beaconed to the assembled now very excited crowd of soon to be killed women.

I started to walk towards them and stopped short. I looked in amazement at Tanya standing front and center among the bellybutts, totally naked, wearing a toe tag and carrying a little sign saying "Bellybutt". She stood shoulders back, belly forward, the look in her eyes like that of a deer caught in onrushing headlights. Her belly quivered. She touched it. She licked her lips.

I turned to the matron with dismay! "But that's Tanya, my girlfriend! I don't want to kill her!"

"Too late," the matron said, "she's a bellybutt now. If you don't kill her somebody else will."

I looked back at Tanya. Her cunt glistened. She tried to smile.

The matron continued, "Go ahead and kill her. There will always be more bellybutts."

"But," I said, "won't the carnival be leaving in the morning?"

She smiled wickedly, "Yes, but you won't."

I stared at her and trembled. Tanya reached out to touch my cheek. She said, "I'm a bellybutt now." She adopted the standard bellybutt posture, arms and legs spread, head and shoulders back, belly forward. "Please. Shoot me in my belly." She was a good bellybutt.

"But Tanya," I implored, "I don't want you to die."

"Too late," said Tanya. "I died when I signed the paper. All that's left now is for me to be used, for you to sunder my belly and toss me, dying, on the pile with the rest." For just a moment a hint ofthe old Tanya came back. "I've always been afraid to admit it, but I've always wanted this." Then she was pure bellybutt again,existing only to be killed.

I looked long into her face. "Please." she whispered.

I took her hand and lead her to the hay bales. She adopted the bellybutt pose. I took her in my arms and kissed her. She held her pose, pure bellybutt, waiting for me to kill her. I stepped back a few feet and picked up the bow and an arrow, notched the arrow and drew back.

She presented her belly.

I said, "I love you." and fired the arrow straight into the center of Tanya's belly!

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