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I, ******, being of sound mind, do hereby swear the following oath.

My only pleasure is your pleasure.

I am your slave and your property.

With these sentences, you own me completely, my body, my mind, my heart, and my soul.

The body: This slave is but a piece of meat for you to butcher at your leisure.

The mind: This slave has no thoughts in her mind except of how to please you.

The heart: This slave has no will or desire except for your own.

The soul: This slave is merely an object that you may find erotic or usefull.

This slave shall at all times, when refering to this slave, use the term: "Your Bellybutt" in place of the words "I" "Me" "Myself" etc.

This slave shall study the various writings of her master in order to understand how she must behave, and pay special attention to the "Bellybutt Manual".

This slave is your Bellybutt to kill.

With this oath this Bellybutt dies!

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