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"Why so chipper?" I asked of the incredibly sexy young woman as I put my lunch down beside her. It was a rather bold way to meet a stranger but nothing ventured, nothing gained. It was a very hot day and she was wearing nothing but a string bikini, I couldn't resist! "I just got a job. The job of my dreams!" The smile on her face was exstatic.

"That's great!" I replied. "What kind of job is the job of your dreams?"

"Fantasy really," she looked at me coyly. "The job of my fantasies. It doesn't pay much but it is the ultimate fulfillment of my life! I got a job as a bellybutt at the carnival. I'm working tonight!"

"I didn't know there was a carnival in town. So what is a bellybutt?"

"Yeh, it's a strange carnival though. The Carnival of Torturous Delights. But heh! Why look a gift horse in the mouth." She smiled.

"That sounds very interesting, I'll be sure to check it out. So what do you do as a bellybutt?"

She was beatific as she replied. "I get to fullfill somebodies fantasy at the same time as I fullfill my own."

I started to get an erection as I asked, "What kind of fantasy? Do you mean a sexual fantasy?"

"Oh yes! As sexual as you can get!" She leaned close to me. "If you come tonight, maybe I'll be your bellybutt. I'ld like to be your bellybutt."

One hell of an erection! This lady was gorgeous! "Lady, you will be my bellybutt. I will follow you to the carnival and be the first in line!"I stated adamantly. "So what is a bellybutt?"

"Really!" she exclaimed. "You swear that I will be your bellybutt?"

"My oath, I swear it!" I put up my right hand sincearly. "So what fantasy are we going to fullfill together? Just what does a bellybutt do?"

"I'm an archery target. My belly is the butt for your arrow. You are supposed to shoot an arrow into the center of my belly, right here."She put her finger two inches below her navel, closed her eyes, bit her lip and pushed her finger hard into her belly. I came in my jeans! "After you shoot me you can do anything you can imagine to me. Cut off my breasts, cut my belly wide open, do anything you want." She excitedly said. "Of course I hope you'll fuck me as you gut me!"

"But! You mean I'm going to kill you!"

She stared at me for a moment with an innocent blank look on her face, then she recited, "The Bellybutts motto is 'If you experience the pleasure of the moment to the fullest, all else is irrelevant.' "

I was speachless. She asked, "You will fuck me as you gut me won't you?" I nodded my head. "Good." She dreamily continued, "The idea of being butchered turns me on more than you could possibly imagine!" She paused then shyly asked, "May I ask you a favor?"

I gulped and got out of my mouth, "Uh hu."

"Not all the bellybutts get fucked and cut up after they get shot. I'ld really apreciate it if after you shoot me in my belly you would not only fuck me me but also if you would gut me while I'm still concious. Cut my belly wide open from my cunt to my sternum! Will you do that for me?"

"You really want me to kill you?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"Promise me!" she begged, "Please!"

I hesitated a moment then affirmed, "I promise. I will do everthing you ask." As I looked her over I knew that I wanted to do to her what she wanted, almost as much as she wanted me to. Every part ofher just oozed sex and begged to be penetrated and opened up. She was tall and athleticly muscled, with long blond hair running down her back. She had big dark eyes, a small nose and full lips on a perfect face. Her large breasts were round and rode high. The curve of her belly was acsentuated by full firm hips and ass and long shapely legs.

"I feel sorry for the bellybutts that just get shot once then get tossed on the pile." She mused. "They last a long time sometimes so I guess it's not so bad, but still. I bet if you cut me up real well they will let you cut up the rest of the used bellybutts as they get tossed on the pile. You'll have a lot to do as there was a large pile of used bellybutts late last night when I signed up."

"Are there a lot of women like you, women who are willing to be bellybutts?"

"Enough for a large pile at the carnival each night." She answered. "They look so cute, the girls on the used bellybutt pile with arrows sticking out of their bodies, their eyes rolled back and their tongues hanging out. Do get a picture of me when I'm laying on the pile with my belly split wide open to keep as a souvenir."

I shook my head in amazement. "But doesn't it bother you? I mean the idea of you being dead?"

"Let's not talk about the future, it isn't the point, live for the moment.The point is your pleasure, and mine. What is important is that I be as sexy as possible while I do my job and as I lay atop the other used bellybutts. I want to know that for the rest of your life you will, every morning and night look at the picture of me laying there gutted, and masturbate remembering how much fun we had."

"Actually I'm a bit of a photographer. I wouldn't mind a few pictures of you now, alive, before I kill you." I ventured.

"OK. I have nothing to do this afternoon before I go to work." She amended with a giggle, "Before WE go to work. You are going to follow me to work to make sure nobody else uses me first. Why don't you take me home."

We got up and hand in hand walked to my place. We introduced ourselves as we walked. Her name was Sabrina.

"But aren't you afraid?" I asked Sabrina as she reached behind her to untie her bikini. I was taking pictures.

"Being afraid would be very unprofessional. We bellybutts take our jobs very seriously. Don't you take your job seriously?" She was increadibly sexy as she frolicked about for the camera, totaly naked and very exposed.

"I think I will make a good bellybutt." She looked down to examine and caress her belly. "My belly is soft and firm at the same time. It is round and deep so an arrow can plunge deep inside me." She lay back on the bed and started to masturbate with both hands.

"I love to imagine how it will feel as your arrow penetrates my belly. Your arrow will plunge through my skin and muscles, sunder my organs, burst my bladder, and impale my vagina! My blood will gush as I quiver in the excitement of my being shot! I will sink to the ground slowly and you will come to me knife in hand to stab me over and over and gut me while you fuck me." She moaned in extacy. "You'll slice me wide open and my guts will spill out over the ground while we come."

"Gods! I'm so turned on. Come and fuck me now! Come and sample the flesh you will soon sunder!"

We fucked and we fucked!


"OOHHhhhhh......" Sabrina gasped and arched her back even more as my arrow plunged into the depths of her lower belly! She stood and quivered as she looked down to see the arrow that impaled her. Blood gushed out from inside her. She looked back up at me, her eyes and mouth wide with shock and wonder.


"Uhng!" My second arrow pierced deep into her navel and her body embraced it! Her moans as deep as her heaving breath. Her belly surged with huge pants as the arrows bobbed inside her. With an imploring look she gazed at my third arrow. She licked her lips. "More." She begged. She brought her hands to the nipples of her beautifull breasts. "Shoot me here too." Then she spread her arms once again and looked at me expectantly.


"Gah!" My third arrow penetrated the nipple of her left breast to bury itself deep inside her lung! Her ecstatic smile showed blood in her teeth.


"Ah!" The next arrow punctured her right breast through the nipple to lodge itself deep within her. Sabrinas body was one spread eagled spasm as she shivered and stared at me, eyes and mouth as wide as could be and gasping one huge gasp that couldn't stop! Four arrows lodged deep inside her. Her insides ripped to shreads by the broad heads of the arrows.

She was trying to say something but couldn't get it out. I approached her knife in hand as she held her pose. I marveled that she still stood after four arrows. I pulled back my hand, the knife clenched in my fist. She nodded her hed vigourously. I plunged the knife into her stomach right to the hilt, just under her chest! Blood burst from her abdomen with a POP!

Her body started to relax and her head fell back. I caught her before she collapsed and held her erect. She gazed into my eyes happily. I kissed her mouth and she responded with hunger. As I continued to kiss her with my tongue deep inside her mouth I drew the knife out of her stomach and put the knife to her side, just under her floating ribs. Slowly I sank the blade into her and as I did her kiss became feverish.

I kept kissing her while finding fresh spots in her breasts and belly to slowly thrust the knife into. She kept kissing me lustfully as over and over my knife sank deep inside her, cutting her guts to pieces.

"You are a wonderfull Bellybutt." I whispered to her and she moaned happily. Her arms moved weakly to embrace me over my shoulders. I hugged her and watched as my hug squeezed blood out of all the fatal piercings of her body. It was so beautifull to watch that I sqeezed her a few times and watched each time as blood welled out of her. Then Iayed her down.

I knelt between her legs and put my cock inside her. Slowly I pulled the arrows out of her body and began to fuck her. From the look on her face I imagined that she started to come instantly! Her blood soaked body surged with each of my pelvic thrusts, her breasts bobbing. Her eyes looked happily into mine. I put the blade to the bottom of her belly and she weakly nodded her head and smiled.

As I fucked her I slowly pushed the knife deep into the bottom of her belly, such that my cock could feel its edge with each thrust. Then slowly I started to pull it back out then push it back in, over and over, fucking her with the knife at the same time as with my cock. After a bit I put a slight upward pressure on the knife so that it ever so slowly started to cut her open. Slowly the split in her belly got longer and longer and reached her navel. She kept smiling at me.

I kept fucking her and cuting her open even wider, and she kept smiling at me. When the knife reached her sternum and her belly had been split wide open I felt myself starting to come. I buried my fist clenching the knife inside her belly. My hand and knife disappeared in among her chopped up guts and as my body tightened with my orgasm I drove the knife upwards into her heart and throat. My orgasm went on and on as I worked the knife around inside her, slicing her heart to pieces.

She was right about the girls on the used bellybutt pile being really cute, but Sabrina was the cutest dead bellybutt of them all.

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