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DISCLAIMERS: This story includes descriptions of rape, bondage, and torture. If descriptions of such activities offend you, DO NOT READ THIS STORY! If you are under twenty-one years of age, DO NOT READ THIS STORY! This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. This story may be reproduced and distributed electronically where the laws allow so long as it is not changed in any way and authorship is acknowledged. I welcome comments and suggestions from readers. All flames will be ignored. I would like to thank the people who have helped me write and post this story. It is dedicated to Yoda, who told me to be as one with my word processor, and to a lady who would make a great Bobbie PROLOGUE: This story takes place in the Balkans in October 1996, shortly after the elections there and during the accelerating unraveling of the peace process as the NATO forces prepare to withdraw. At the same time, the American elections have paralysis the ability of American military forces in Bosnia to act. The result is the embolden of the Serbian factions seeking a new war. This story examines what happens when two of the women now serving as combatants in those forces are caught in the middle of this new war.


For the one hundredth time, Navy Lieutenant (j.g.) Bobbie Malone looked at her pilot calmly reading a magazine and wondered, "How does she do it?". This was a common enough thought for Bobbie to entertain about her pilot and mentor, Lieutenant Diedra Volksrye, A.K.A. "the Valkyrie" to everyone in their F-14 squadron. The older woman was everything Bobbie wished that she was- big, confident, and one of the boys. But right now, what Bobbie was wondering was how she stood the smell. She knew that the U.S. Navy had been feeding its sailors boiled eggs and beans for Sunday breakfast since John Paul Jones. It was a tradition. She just didn't understand why. She thought that they would have figured out by now that such a combination produces enough flatulence, what her male squadron mates so quaintly called their Sunday farts, to make the carrier uninhabitable for normal people. Spending her Sundays cooped up in a ready room ripe with the smell of breakfast and half washed male bodies was not what she had in mind when she signed up for Naval ROTC 5 long years ago. Exactly what, she wondered, had been my reason for signing up- the white uniforms maybe?

Her digression into ancient history ended as the squadron operations officer for VF-142 entered the ready room and called for their attention.

"Good news Gentlemen...and ladies. We have a Mission! "

Even Bobbie was happy to hear that they finally had something to break the monotony of cruising up and down off the Bosnian coast and waiting. For once, the room's aroma was forgotten.

" We know that Serbian forces of the so-called Republic of Serb Krajina have besieged the Bosnian town of Brcko, located here on the Sava River. These people are pretty much the loose cannon at the current round of peace talks. With the withdrawal of US troops back into their camps, they have been attempting to expand their area of influence to the south by taking on both Croat and now Bosnian Moslem forces. The good news is that they are not thought- I stress the word thought- to have any antiaircraft weapons beyond the SA-7 shoulder fired missile and some 20mm guns. You should be safe as long as you maintain at least 15,000 feet altitude above ground level. We have been given the mission of "deterring" the Serb attack on Brcko. We are to do this by flying a photo recon mission over the town. No bombs; just pictures. Washington wants us to remind the Serbs that we are watching, but they don't want to hurt anybody! It is possible that the photos will be used to plan a later strike , though just between us I won't count on it. Valkyrie, since you're TARPS qualified, you'll fly the recon pod; Gumby and Goose will fly escort. You are to let them get a good look at you as you do the flyover; remind them that we are here. Just don't go below 15,000 feet; those shoulder launched SAMS can spoil your whole day! The takeoff time is 1440 local. Brief-back is at 1340 so you'll have two hours to plan. Here is the target folder. Bad news folks. No air-to -ground munitions will be carried on this mission. Air-to -ground now requires the CINC's approval to even load. You get shot at; just grin and bear it. You will have ARM and air-to -air. You still have the ability to use either at first warning of hostile intent by a radar site or - we should be so lucky- any aerial target. Any questions... OK, see you in two hours."

As the three named pilots crowded around the table, Bobbie stood back. Her job was radar-intercept officer, operating the F-14's powerful radar which was used to track other aircraft. But since the various sides in this nasty war lacked the aircraft necessary to challenge the NATO air patrols, she really had nothing to do except tag along in the backseat and watch. Valkyrie would plan the flight, Bobbie decided; she didn't need the help of a "nugget", a rookie on her first cruise.

" Fuck Me!", Valkyrie exclaimed as she studied the map, " What fuckin staff wennie wrote this? We gotta fly down a valley- under the cloud cover- so we'll be right at or below 15,000....and us with nothing to shoot back with! To take a bunch of pictures nobody will ever look at. This is ridiculous!"

"Hey, I can't help you with the tasking; Mr. Bill doesn't want us to annoy the local butchers. But I can help with the 'fuck you' part if you'll promise to deep six the Wagner", promised Goose with a grin.

" Sorry Goose, I don't do anything scary, and the thought of fuckin you is definitely scary, without my trusty theme music.", laughed Valkyrie before she turned serious again. " Look at the approach here. It looks like we have to come in from the west. What do you think?"

The town of Brcko sat in a deep valley; approximately 100 mostly stone buildings set along the road and river which traversed the valley together. It had changed hands several times during the war, most recently when it was given back to the Bosnian side at the most recent "peace" accord. For a time, the town had been garrisoned by an American Armored unit; but with the American retreat back into their camps, the town's defenses were left to a handful of local militiamen. Now the Serbs were preparing to take it back.

They had deployed their rag tag forces to attack the town in a manner typical of the Balkans. With the populated areas in the fertile valleys, there were simply too many hills which dominated the towns to be defended with the resources available. The Serbs had only to occupy one; then they could bring the town's defenders as well as its civilians under fire from heavy weapons firing over open sights into the dwellings, thus making the town uninhabitable unless the heavy weapons were destroyed. The same thing could have accomplished through the use of indirect fire with heavy guns; but the level of skill in both the Serb and Bosnian armies was so low after years of warfare that neither could master the basic art of directing fire upon an unseen target. So they fought with the tactics of the 19th century and the weapons of the 20th century. At Brcko a single 85mm antitank gun was destroying the town house by house from its hilltop perch safely out of range of the defenders small arms. Surrounding the town on three sides were the Serbian irregulars, a private militia whose members called themselves the Tigers though they were officially the 11th Special Forces Brigade of the rump army of the Krajina Serbs. The ":Special" in their title had nothing to do with any military skills. They were "ethnic cleansers' rather than combat soldiers. Now they were waiting for the antitank gun to do its work. Once the defenses were leveled, they would pour into the rubble to loot and then rape and murder the survivors. The Serbian irregulars were preparing for the task in their usual manner by drinking slivowitz , the locally produced brandy. Even men such as these who were experienced in the savagery of Balkan's warfare needed to numb the mind and soul before the slaughter. Once, they could have counted on the Bosnian Moslem defenders to surrender when the situation was, as now, hopeless. But there had been too many massacres of unarmed prisoners for them to expect that now. The defenders would either die under cannon fire or attempt to escape over the side left unoccupied, but covered by the fire of two truck mounted triple 20mm automatic cannon sited to sweep the open fields connecting the town with the wooded hillside.

On the hillside with the antitank gun holding a bottle of slivowitz in his hand was the leader of this private Army, Zelijko Aleksico, better known by his nom de guerre, Arkan. Tall, heavy set, and with a full, black beard, he was the perfect image of the mountain hajduk, the traditional folk hero bandit from the centuries long wars with the hated Turks. But he was no simple mountain man; this was just the latest in a series of identities he had assumed. Born a member of the old Communist elite, he had been a business suited blackmarketer until he had killed a policeman. Arkan had spent the next 3 years in the emigrant communities of western Europe and the United States where he was still wanted for a rape-murder and drug trafficking. With the break-up of Yugoslavia, he had returned home to find his talents in demand. Under the patronage of the secret police chief in Belgrade, he was encouraged to form a private army, the Tigers, from his criminal connections. In the ethnic war against the Croats and the Moslem Bosnians, his men were the cutting edge in the effort to terrorize the non-Serbian populations into abandoning their lands. In return for carrying out Belgrade's policy of ethnic cleansing, he and his men were allowed to take whatever they wished from the refugees. Cars, women, VCR's, jewelry, kitchen sinks, even copper wiring were all carted away by his men, making him one of the richest men in Serbia as well as allowing him to indulge himself in his passion for raping and torturing women. He operated one of the most notorious of the Serbian rape camps in the hotel he had comandeered from its Croatian owner, a rape camp which he had kept active even after the peace accord. All in the name of patriotism. It was, he thought, the most satisfying time of his life. He no longer had to hide what he did; now he was proud of what he did, a patriot fulfilling a centuries old mission. He was so proud, in fact, that he recorded it for posterity. Arkan had as one of his hangers-on a young man who had before the war been studying the cinema. Equipped with a video camera that had once belonged to an overly curious BBC stringer, it was this man's job to record the great things Arkan was doing for his country. It would, he told his leader, make a great movie. At the moment, he was busy filming Arkan's assault on the town of Brcko.

A little over two hours later, Bobbie was strapped into the rear seat of Valkyrie's F-14A+ as it moved toward Bosnia at a leisurely 425 knots. Bobbie was always amazed at the age of the Navy's fleet of F-14's; this one had been built the same year she was born, making them both 23. With only fuel, a pair of sidewinder air-to -air missiles under its wings, and the bulky TARPS pod with its three cameras under its belly between the twin engines, the plane felt unusually quick and maneuverable under Valkyrie's sensitive touch. Bobbie could tell that Valkyrie was nervous about this flight since she had brought along her lucky Wagner tape and was playing it - thankfully at a low volume- over the intercom. The sound of the tape made Bobbie think of the stories that she had heard of Valkyrie's first month in the squadron. Valkyrie had been the first , and only, woman assigned to the squadron when she arrived a year ago. To say she was unwelcome would be an understatement. The squadron wits took one look at her Germanic name and her 6' muscular build and dubbed her " the Valkyrie". The name stuck since it fitted her " don't fuck with me, I'm bulletproof" attitude. A couple even began humming Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" everytime she appeared. Compared to Bobbie's own inability to gain acceptance in the squadron after two months, it took Valkyrie less than a week to make her mark in the unit. She appeared in the officers' club one evening to meet her date, a F-14 driver from another squadron. Valkyrie had been wearing her party clothes: a black leather miniskirt, black high heels, and a black blazer with nothing apparent underneath; and she had her long brown hair down so that it reached her shoulder blades. One of the men from her squadron, who had a little too much to drink, tried to hit on her. When she ignored him, he put his hand on her ass to get her attention. What he got was a hard blow to the chest with her elbow, followed by Valkyrie grabbing him by his gonads. Then she lifted him up on his tiptoes as she said, " You didn't say, may I?" Bobbie knew that Valkyrie was a weightlifter and could easily believe she could have lifted him by his privates if she had wanted to. As she held him on his tip toes, she smiled and said, " Ask nice and I'll grant you a wish. What would you like, numbnuts?" Bobbie had heard that the male pilot didn't hesitate. " Ughh, I'de like my balls back, please ma'am... Lieutenant....Valkyrie?, ", he croaked. After that, she had been one of the boys; proof that her philosophy of " Grab em by the balls and their hearts and minds will follow" did work, particularly on aviators. Bobbie knew that it was all part of a role Valkyrie had chosen for herself; that she really bought into the female Tom Cruise- Top Gun idea. Bobbie also knew that Valkyrie told her that story because Bobbie had been having trouble being taken seriously by the male pilots. She wished she could be more like Valkyrie. Still, Bobbie simply could not imagine herself doing anything physical like that. At 5' 8" with an athletic body from four years of college sports, Bobbie had always been proud of her body; until, that is, she joined the Navy and found herself surrounded by 6 foot plus flyers. Now she felt like a Lilliputian, and it was beginning to depress her. Bobbie was not even sure any more that she had what it took to be a Navy flyer. She was , Bobbie knew, terminally cute, not macho. That is not a good thing to be in a Navy fighter squadron. When she had reported in two months ago, the second woman in the squadron, the squadron leader had taken one look at her and told Valkyrie to take her under her wing. Bobbie's lost look reminded him, he told Valkyrie, of the look of a deer caught in the headlights of a Mack truck. Valkyrie had done just as he ask, becoming a mentor, taskmaster, and big sister to Bobbie. A month later to Bobbie's discomfort they were famous. A Newsweek reporter visiting the carrier had written them up as the "beautiful, but deadly duo" to the varied disgust and amusement of their fellow flyers. Now they were one of the must see features of the ship, trotted out for every visiting media hound and VIP tour that came to the Eisenhower. Valkyrie loved the attention; she had a true fighter pilots ego, as Bobbie knew well. She even had her set speech which she used on each gap jawed interviewer when they ask the inevitable question about how she felt about combat. Valkyrie would smile and start about how her fangs were just as long as a man's. She was the one who did the talking while Bobbie kept quiet, content to bask in the older woman's reflected confidence. Bobbie found that she liked being the sidekick; she liked having someone else take charge of things.

There was just one thing wrong with their relationship. Bobbie was beginning to fall in love with the Valkyrie. Bobbie was uncomfortable with this growing attraction; she had never had or wished to have a sexual relationship with a woman. But she could no longer deny her desire for the older woman. Being bunked together did not help. Bobbie was constantly and uncomfortably aware of Valkyrie's muscular body , so close yet so impossible to touch. For, as she knew, Valkyrie was aggressively heterosexual. Anything male that was tall, good-looking, and not assigned to VF-142 was fair game for her trophy collection. One night Bobbie had returned unexpectantly to the quarters they had shared ashore to find Valkyrie having sex with a man. She had been embarrassed but could not look away. Bobbie watched Valkyrie's sweaty muscular, heavy breasted body in action as she sat astride the reclining man. Staring from the half open door, she watched as Valkyrie rode him, her hair flying, grunting and moaning as the man roughly milked her breasts. Valkyrie made love with the same intensity that she threw into her flying, Bobbie saw. She watched the two fuck , oblivious to their surroundings, until the man appeared to come. Although Bobbie knew that Valkyrie must have had at least one orgasm as she watched, she saw that her pilot was still unsatisfied. Bobbie watched in amazement as Valkyrie moved forward to mount the man's face with her cum -dripping pussy. Despite the man's muffled protests, Valkyrie covered his face with her dripping pussy and begun riding it as she screamed at him to "finish it". At that point, Bobbie closed the door and withdrew. Since then, the image of Valkyrie's sweaty body had haunted her awake and asleep, though in her mind's eye it was her face Bobbie saw licking Valkyrie's pussy, not the man's. That image always made her pussy dripping wet, as it was doing now.

" Bobbie? can you hear me?"

The intercom brought Bobbie back from her thoughts abruptly, " Roger, sorry, Val. What is it?"

"We're approaching the target. Beginning descent. Get ready to start flare countermeasures; lets give em a real show."

In the valley below, Arkan was growing nervous. He did not fear American or NATO retaliation for his attack on the town; as a result of his travels he understood the paralyzing effects that elections have on democracies. Rather, he was afraid that the American airplanes would not come. The primary purpose of this attack was not to destroy a Bosnian town but to burn the Americans' fingers. The attack was the lure to attract their planes. By destroying one or more planes, the Serb leadership hoped to make the Americans and thus all of NATO reluctant to act later in the month when the Serbs began a major offensive aimed at retaking the land they lost in 1995 to the Croats. To that end, Arkan's masters in Belgrade had arranged a surprise for the American flyers. They had purchased a battery of four SA-8B, Gecko surface to air missile launchers and the mercenaries to operate them from their "friends" in the Russian military. Unlike the older, larger SA-6 missiles which the Serbs had used to shot down an American F-16 in June of 1995, these launchers had the capability to track their targets optically, thus eliminating the tell-tale radar transmissions which had identified the firing location, and thus identified the side firing, and provided a convenient target for a counter strike during the 1995 incident. Since the SA-6 had never been fielded by the Army of Yugoslavia, its use would be a complete surprise; with no radar transmissions to detect, the Americans would be hard put to identify what had happened to their plane and , more importantly, who was to blame. Having the ability to reach up to 18,000 feet and a speed of mach 2, these missiles would be able to reach the hither-to-for invulnerable American planes. With two of the boat shaped launcher vehicles at each end of the valley, Arkan had been assured by the Russian operators that they would be able to hit any plane which came below the winter cloud cover.

As Arkan tilted back his head to take a drink of slivowitz, a series of lights in the sky caught his eye. Flares, he thought; the Americans are finally here. He watched as the tiny plane, black against the gray of the clouds, moved down the valley towards him, dropping flares every few seconds to decoy heat seeking missiles. He cursed, thinking that if the missiles were not fired soon, the Americans would escape. To his relief, he saw two streaks of flame appear behind and below the plane; the missiles were on their way. By the time the plane was overhead, the missiles had closed the gap. One veered to the right, decoyed by the flares at the last minute; the other flew straight into the plane, detonating as it seemed to touch the tail. A bright ball of red, and then Arkan could see pieces flying off the stricken plane. As the nose wavered, he could see another, dimmer flash as two tiny forms rocketed out of the plane before it began it final short journey down.

"Alert the hunting teams" He ordered the man next to him, " I want those pilots."

The missile's explosion came as a complete surprise to Valkyrie. She had no warning alarm from her radar warning receiver nor had she seen the missiles' smoke since they approached her plane from below and behind. It took only a micro-second for her to realize that the F-14 was doomed and that she and Bobbie would share its fate unless they ejected immediately. Without hesitation, she jerked the yellow, shovel handle shaped ejection handle, sending both of them into the empty sky above. As the explosive device jolted her upward, she prayed, "Oh God...Oh God...OH SHIT!!! ".

Due to her low altitude, the separation of the ejection seat and the opening of her parachute occurred almost as soon as she had cleared the aircraft. Things were happening so fast that she had no time to think. She lost sight of Bobbie as she concentrated on the side of the hill which was fast approaching. As she prepared herself for the shock of landing, she saw an unwelcome sight. A small truck was approaching the edge of the field she was headed for. Valkyrie could see the soldiers leaning out of the back pointing at her. Stories of what had happened to that female Air Force pilot who had been captured by the Iraqis during the Gulf War came to her mind. Valkyrie swore that was not going to happen to her. She would not be captured and raped.

Valkyrie hit hard but immediately gained her feet and began shucking her parachute harness. She saw that the truck had been stopped by the stone wall at the edge of the field, but that the men inside, ten at least, had dismounted and were running across the field toward her. The nearest was only about fifty feet away with the others spreading out in a line behind him. Valkyrie knelt and brought her 9mm Beretta pistol up from its holster. Holding it in both hands, she fired eight rapid shots into the approaching men. Without waiting to see the results, she turned and ran toward the tree line a dozen feet away, abandoning the chute and, more importantly, its attached survival rucksack with twenty odd pounds of food, water, and survival equipment.

Valkyrie crashed through the first few feet of the tree line, then found a tiny game path running at an angle. She took it, running as hard as she could to put some distance between her and her pursuers. There was a light coat of snow on the ground , just enough to leave footprints. Though she saw this, Valkyrie had no choice but to ignore them; there was no time for subtlety now. As she ran, Valkyrie counted. When she reached a hundred, she slowed and stepped off the trail, burrowing under the thick branches of some sort of evergreen until she thought she was hidden from view. As she caught her breath, she checked what equipment she had left; she found she had a pistol- half empty- and the contents of her survival vest: a short range radio, a hand-held GPS, a med kit, six small flares, a tourniquet - she hoped she won't need that!- and her blood chit, a piece of cloth carrying a promise in Serbo-Croatian to pay fifteen hundred dollars in gold to anyone returning the attached pilot to US control. Briefly, Valkyrie tried the radio, broadcasting " Any station, Chevy five-one" repeatedly without receiving any response. Though she knew that the radio was line of sight and as such vulnerable to disruption by the surrounding hills, the lack of response left her with a tremendous sense of being alone. As the first burst of adrenaline subsided, Valkyrie felt herself slipping into a feeling of fatigue and the desire to rest which she knew was a luxury she could not afford. She forced herself up and began moving again, this time avoiding the paths. She moved painfully slow, taking care to avoid making any noise by moving one foot at a time from bare spot to bare spot as she listened for the sounds of men coming after her. She had to get to higher ground where she could make contact with her radio.

By the time the Sergeant had returned from the tree line, the rest of the squad had gathered around the body of the man Valkyrie had killed. The shared experiences of the years spent together had effected even these, the least sentimental of men. There was a cold anger in their faces as they looked at the still body. Their Sergeant, a policeman in better days, welcomed it. Having hunted men before, he knew the difficulties which lay ahead; their anger would be useful if they were to find this American killer.

" Get the flashlights from the truck. We've got a long night ahead of us."

Bobbie had been blown clear of the aircraft along with Valkyrie, but the peculiarities of the wind had forced her away from Valkyrie and into the valley. As she descended, Bobbie could see men on a knoll about half a mile to her right but there was no sign of Valkyrie. Ahead she saw a weed covered field, her landing area. The field was , fortunately, empty when she landed, allowing her to roll up and hide her chute and then take shelter among the bushes in a small stream beside the field. She was very frightened; to her disgust Bobbie realized that she had already pissed in her pants during the ejection as her wet panties began to bind underneath her flight suit. Bobbie felt as though she were living a bad dream. She could not believe that this was real. Without Valkyrie, she felt lost and hopeless! Suddenly, she heard the sound of men approaching from upstream. Briefly, Bobbie considered fighting, but rejected the idea almost immediately. What effect, she reasoned, could my pistol have against men armed with assault rifles? Resigning herself to surrender, Bobbie felt a surge of hope when the men came into sight. They were in civilian clothes, and they did not look like any of the pictures of Serbs she had ever seen. They were slight, dark skinned and heavily bearded- almost middle eastern in appearance. She didn't even care who they were, so long as they weren't Serbs. Holding both hands above her head, she stepped up to the field and called to them as she waved her blood chit over her head.

" Help! I'm an American flyer. Can you help me?"

The first man jumped as she appeared and leveled his weapon at her but did not fire. In a moment there were three men clustered around her with others hiding in the brush to cover them. Bobbie could not understand either the rapid fire sentences they exchanged with each other or the slow, halting words in a different language which one of them addressed to her. The men had examined her chit but, to Bobbie's confusion, obviously could not read it She took off her helmet to reveal her short blonde hair, pointed to herself, and repeatedly said with a smile, "American".

This produced an immediate response, though not the one she had hoped for. The man who had been trying to speak to her thrust his weapon into her face as he screamed orders to the others. In a moment, she had her pistol taken from its holster and her hands were tied behind her back. When that was done, the man who had been holding his weapon on her stepped closer and grabbed her by the hair.

" Great Satan", he spat, as he slapped her across the face with the flat of his hand. Then, apparently having exhausted his English, he unloosed a torrent of foreign words of which Bobbie understood three, " Allah Ahkbar" the Moslem affirmation that God is Great and "Infidel!".

Oh shit, thought Bobbie, Mujahideen. She knew that there were fundamentalist Islamic volunteers from Iran and even Afghanistan fighting with the Bosnian side, and that their numbers had grown with the breakdown of the peace accords. She also knew that they were rabidly anti-American. But she had never expected to meet one!

"Please, we're on the same side. We're both fighting the Serbs.", Bobbie said weakly, bringing her another powerful slap. She could only watch as three of the men argued, presumably about her. She could see that two of them were looking at her hungrily, eyeing her breasts which the rope bindings were forcing forward invitingly if involuntarily. She felt very exposed and helpless now; fearful that these men wanted to rape her. The fear began to grow inside her, an icy ball in the pit of her stomach. "Please, please no", she begged as one of the men began to stroke her face and hair. As he stroked her, the third man spat into the dirt and walked away from the other two. He gathered the bulk of the waiting men and rapidly left. She was, Bobbie realized, on her own.

The two men were joined by three others who had stayed when the others left. The men half carried her to the edge of the field where a single large tree stood. As Bobbie cried and begged them not to hurt her, the men laughed among themselves. When they reached the tree, the men forced her down onto the ground and held her down as they untied her and began stripping her. They stripped her of the survival vest without difficulty but found the rubberized G-suit to be a problem. Two of them brought out their knives and slashed it free while two other men held the screaming Bobbie down. Her flight suit was simpler; they unzipped it and pulled it off, leaving the struggling young blonde in her boots and long underwear.

" NO! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!.......ARRHHH....NO!!"

The knives came back out as a terrorized Bobbie watched, fearful that they were going to cut her as well as the underwear. In a moment, she was nude except for her combat boots and her panties, the bra being cut away with the underwear. The cold hit her for the first time, raising goosebumps and causing her nipples to be come erect. One of the men began to caress them, pinching and rolling the plump red nubs as she lay on the cold ground.


Under the leader's direction, one of the men retied her hands behind her back while another began cutting lengths of rusty barbed wire from a nearby fence. Bobbie froze in fear as that man approached her with the lengths of barbed wire. She was afraid they were going to hang her! Instead, two of the men held up her feet as the other man wrapped one end of a strand around each boot and tied the other ends to the large limb above her. Bobbie was left with her legs spread in a wide V, her ass a foot off the ground, and her weight resting on her shoulders and bound arms. Suddenly, she understood; they meant to rape her, not hang her! While she was not a virgin, Bobbie was inexperienced in sex. She had intercourse with only one man in her 23 years; he had been her boyfriend in college, and she had really expected to spent the rest of her life with him. The thought of five men using her sexually against her will terrified the young Naval officer. In all her life, no one had ever hurt her physically; the thought of being raped sent shivers through her !


When he saw Bobbie's parachute pass his position on the knob, the half drunk Arkan suddenly decided that he would be the one to capture the American airman. And he would have his man film it; it would be a great scene for his movie. Gathering his cameraman, he set off in his land rover accompanied by a dozen of his bodyguards in a truck. After some confusion, he arrived at the area of the field where Bobbie had landed. Dismounting, he heard screams and recognized that they were in English in which he had some fluency as a result of his enforced exile. Arkan had by now sobered enough to recognize danger. He sent a man ahead to see what was happening. The man returned with a confusing tale of five Moslem fighters struggling with a blonde in the next field. Arkan returned with the man to a point where he could see the Moslems and their victim. It took him a moment before he realized that the blonde must be the American flyer he had come to capture. Women pilots, he thought, American foolishness! The Moslems, he noted, had laid aside their weapons and were too busy with her to watch their rear; it would be easy to surprise them. But before he gave the order , a better idea came to him. He sent back for his cameraman.

"Demrtri, can you film that?" he ask, referring to the cluster of men attacking Bobbie. "Film it so that you can see the face of the girl and the faces of the men raping her?"

" Yes, Boss. I can do that"

Frantically, she struggled, shaking her head No! and trying to scream through her gag. The leader of the Mujahideen stood between her legs, caressing her. He smiled evilly at her as he ripped her panties away. Bobbie had never felt so exposed and helpless as at that moment. With surprising gentleness, he traced his finger over her blonde cunt hair and to the delicate, pink lips of her cunt. The look of fascination on his face would have amused Bobbie if she had not been frightened half out of her mind. He began to probe her cunt with increasing roughness, pulling painfully on the tender cunt lips and spreading them uncomfortably. He said something in a hushed tone and the others all laughed. Immediately, he became rougher, forcing two fingers into Bobbie's almost virgin cunt. His penetration was a shock to the young woman; it was also very painful. Bobbie tried to be brave as he explored her pussy but could not stop a whimper as he penetrated her. As he smiled at her whimper, Bobbie realized how much this man was enjoying hurting her. Immediately, he pushed another finger into her and pressed deeper inside her unlubricated, unprepared cunt. Then with another evil smile, he withdrew his fingers, stood up, and began to unfastened his pants. He withdrew a large uncircumcised cock which he displayed to her as his companions cheered. He knelt between her legs, and without any preparation began to force himself into her dry cunt. Bobbie felt as if he were tearing her open as he forced himself into her unlubricated cunt. She frantically looked around her for someone to help her but could see only the grinning faces of the other four Mujahideen. The leader forced himself deeper into her as she struggled futility against his cruel cock. The pain burned its way down her body to her brain as she hung suspended head down from the tree limb. Bobbie felt as if he were ripping her apart, but there was nothing she could do to stop him. She screamed at the pain and the shock of the penetration. Never had she been so stretched. Tears rolled out of her open eyes and down her cheeks to the ground as she looked pleadingly up into the smiling, bearded face of her rapist. Bobbie choked back another scream; she would not give the man the satisfaction of hearing it. But she could not stop the whimpers and moans which escaped her mouth as he forced himself inside her, stretching her painfully. By now, he had penetrated as far into her as she thought he could possibly go; his wiry black cockhair mixed with her soft blonde vee. Bobbie could hardly breath; it was as if his cock was completely filling her and leaving no room for air. She begged him to stop hurting her; he only gloated back at her. He gripped her legs and began to pump in and out of her cunt. He fucked her brutally. Bobbie's body jerked with each of his powerful thrusts, pushing her back with the force of his thrusts and then pulling her hips toward him again as he withdrew. Then he would slam into her now open cunt again, painfully rubbing her shoulders back and forth in the dirt. One of the other Mujahideen was running his hands over her bouncing breasts, squeezing the soft breast flesh, twisting the nipples painfully as his leader fucked her. Bobbie thought he was trying to lift her up by her nipples as he grasp each one in his fingers and pulled. As she was fucked ,Bobbie moaned and whimpered, tears streaming from her eyes. Val, she thought, where are you?

The leader of the Mujahideen continued to fuck her as she hung there helpless, suspended by her feet from the tree limb. Her awkward position allowed him easy access to her cunt, which he took advantage of to drive his cock into her with great force. The head of his cock was soon battering against her cervix as he forced himself into her sore, abused cunt. Bobbie had never experienced such a deep penetration. She was sure that the man was tearing her apart inside; that he would kill her if he continued. But, there was nothing she could do except lie there helplessly. She could feel her cervix opening under his brutal assaults. It seemed to her as if the man was going to impale her on his cock; that it was going to keep penetrating her until the head came out her mouth!

The bearded man fucking Bobbie could hardly believe the tightness of the woman's cunt. It seemed to grip his cock like a fist, massaging it as he thrust in and out. He stared at the blonde's slender but firm body as it moved sensously in response to his thrusts. He savored the way her strong body fought his penetration, futility trying to deny him his rightful pleasure. To his mind the woman was a Western whore, a tempter of men, with her shameless display of her face and body. She, like all the other women he had seen in this country of Infidels, had no idea of what a woman should be. She deserved this, he thought; it was a fitting way to deal with any woman who defied God's commandments and fought against men. He would show her; he would show all those shameless Western women who had tempted him with their filthy lust. He was determined to break her, to hear her scream for mercy and then to show her none. He gripped her thighs, feeling the muscles under the soft skin, as he pulled her cunt towards him to meet his thrust. He fucked her brutally, determined to break her will with his cock, to hear her scream. That she would not do so enraged him. Her moans were not enough. Repeatedly, he thrust into her with all his might, using his rock hard cock like a weapon to subdue the infidel. Around him, the other members of his band of man- hunters cheered him on as they feverently stroked their cocks at the sight of the blonde woman being beaten into the ground by their leaders cock. Finally, he succeeded in forcing the scream out of Bobbie.


It was the scream plus the sight of her pleading face and its tears which drove him over the edge. He thrust himself into her one more time and then held himself inside her as he filled her womb with his hot, white cum. Then he withdrew and allowed the next man to enter her. He felt a great sense of pleasure at dominating the Western whore. He would take equal pleasure watching his men take the blonde; he wanted to watch her face as his men raped her.

Bobbie felt the man's cum burning deep inside her; then she felt an emptiness as the man withdrew. Immediately, that feeling was replaced by the fullness of another hard cock. This time the pain was not as great; the cum from the first man was acting as a lubricant. She looked up to see another bearded, grinning face looking down at her. Bobbie was beginning to slip into a state of shock from the brutal assault. She closed her eyes and tried to close her mind to the pounding of his cock against her sore cunt. The second man was fucking Bobbie with the same brutal force as the first man. Bobbie felt so degraded, so dirty, that she could not stand it. She wanted only to die. She turned her face to the mud and screamed in her mind, Val, somebody, where are you? Somebody help me!

The cameraman was sweating heavily as he followed the rape of the American woman through his eyepiece, filming everything. He could see her nude body clearly as she struggled against her bonds: her small but perfectly formed breasts moving wildly as she fought, her long, smooth legs flexing against the barbed wire ties, and delicious ass hanging a foot off the ground. Her face was occasionally visible as it turned first to one side then to the other. He thought she was pretty, particularly with that short mop of blonde hair. He just hoped he would have the chance to fuck her like those filthy ragheads were doing. For now, he concentrated on following the action in his viewfinder.

The second man had entered the blonde, kneeling hunched over the suspended woman as his bare buttocks worked to and fro. The blonde's body was moving in response, back and forth as if it were on a swing. He shifted his camera to her head as the man who had just raped her knelt beside her face and whipped his blood and cum covered cock on the crying girl's face. The camera caught it perfectly, even recording the smears of cum and blood left on her smooth cheeks.

Bobbie was brought back to reality by a sharp pain as the man fucking her changed his angle to hit a different part of her uterus. She opened her eyes to see the Mujahideen leader standing over her smiling his evil grin as he watched his men using her. The second man used her as brutally as the first one had, pounding into her with all his strength as if to stab her to death with his cock. When he had spent himself inside her, another took his place. They began to run together in her mind. As soon as one would finish , another would take his place; all of them fucked her with equal brutality. Man after man used her, fucking Bobbie's increasingly cum filled cunt. The soft pink lips of her virginal cunt were now red and swollen from the brutal pounding they had received. The man cum dripped out of her distended cunt to coat her asscheeks and anus with its white scum. Despite the cold, Bobbie's taunt body was shiny with her sweat as a result of her constant struggles to escape the cocks invading her body. She could hardly breath. The men fucking her were literally knocking the breath out of her with their thrusts.

From approximately fifty meters away, Arkan and his cameraman watched the rape. He had sent some of his men around to the Moslem's rear where they awaited his signal. Still, Arkan waited as if transfixed as they watched four of the men complete their rape of Bobbie. The Cameraman was recording it all: the moaning, struggling blonde woman, the laughing men standing over her, and the brutal thrusts of the kneeling man.

Through his viewfinder, the cameraman could see the cum covering Bobbie's crotch area. The whitish film covered her cunt lips and was now dripping down towards her asshole. The blonde cunthairs above her crotch were saturated in the same stuff, leaving them matted and awash in the men's cum. He shifted back to her face to record the agony evident there as she endured the vicious gang rape. Bobbie's face was turned toward the camera, allowing it to film the tears streaking down her cum stained face and record the silent screams now pouring from her mouth.

By now, Bobbie had lost count of the times they had fucked her. Her pussy was one solid mass of pain from the pounding she had received. Nor did it recede as man after man fucked her. Instead, the pain built with each new attacker. Throughout it all, she could do nothing except sob, helplessly shaking her head no as the men used her brutally. By now, all five of the Mujahideen had used her. But the leader was not satisfied. Breaking off a slender, flexible branch from the tree, he stood over her swishing it through the air as he ordered two of the men to take off their belts and use them on the bound young Naval officer. As he concentrated on her breasts, the other two men used their thick, leather belts on her cum covered asscheeks. Now Bobbie's screams took on a new, full bodied quality as the switch landed across her sensitive nipples. As the thin red lines appeared across her untanned breast flesh, the two men with the belts were turning her asscheeks a bright red. As they whipped the young woman, their cocks began to harden again, stimulated by the cries pouring forth from Bobbie. Again and again Bobbie screamed out for them to stop, begging, pleading, promising anything if they would just stop.


But her cries were neither understood nor heeded. Instead they were savored by the leader of the Mujahideen as he shifted his blows from the young woman's breasts to the cum covered area between her legs. With the first blow falling across her swollen cunt lips, Bobbie thought that she would go crazy with the pain. Her body spasmed as she tried vainly to bring her bound legs together to protect her much abused sex. Then after six incredibly painful blows, the switch shifted back to her already whipped breasts. Then she felt the belts stop, leaving her ass almost numb. Next, she felt a man's fingers probing her whip swollen asshole. Slowly, painfully; he inserted the finger into her virgin asshole. She raised her head painfully to see the leader of the Mujahideen kneeling between her spread legs. Bobbie's moans increased in intensity as he penetrated her, mixing with the weak screams when the switch fell across her abused breasts. He withdrew his fingers and collected cum from the river flowing out of her abused cunt, using it to lubricate his cock. Then he pressed the head of his cock into her anal ring, pushing into the puckered, star shaped spincter until it disappeared into a wide, smooth O around his cock. As he forced himself into her bruised ass, he watched Bobbie's face, savoring the look of pain in her eyes. Her voice failed her, reducing her screams to weak moans. The leader forced his cock into her tight asshole as Bobbie fought with the last of her waning strength to keep him out. But she could not; his anger and desire were too great. Deeper and deeper he sank into her as the others watched, too absorbed to do more than occasionally lash her breasts with their switch or belts. They watched and stroked themselves as they thought about how they would take her in the ass when their turn came. Their leader began to fuck her ass, thrusting in brutally to fill Bobbie's asshole totally with his cock. To Bobbie, every movement was torture; each time he penetrated deep into her ass, she would involuntarily clench her muscles. This spasm sent a new wave of pain through her while it pleasurably squeezed the cock of her anal rapist. Deeper and deeper he drove into her ass. It felt to Bobbie as if a burning brand was being forced up her ass rather than a cock. The pain and the humiliation were incredible.

Suddenly, the man raping Bobbie's ass collapsed onto her , his head falling forward onto her breasts. A millisecond later, Bobbie heard the shot. This shot was followed by a dozen others before the sound of the first had died. There was silence followed by more shots. Bobbie could see the bodies of three of her attackers lying around her but nothing else from her inverted position. Thank God, she thought, they've come for me! It seemed an eternity before she heard the approach of feet. As she waited fearfully, the weight of the man atop her suffocated her as she was forced to endure the sticky, wet warm feeling of the man's blood flowing onto her stomach. Then she saw a huge, bearded man standing between her legs, smiling down at her.

"I've come to help you. I am a friend"

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DISCLAIMERS: This story includes descriptions of rape, torture, and bondage. If descriptions of such activities offend you, DO NOT READ THIS STORY! If you are under twenty-one years of age, DO NOT READ THIS STORY! This is a work of fiction. any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. This story may be reproduced and distributed electronically where the law allows as long as it is not changed in any way and authorship is acknowledged. Comments and suggestions from readers are appreciated. All flames will be ignored.


"Please...get him off ME", cried a nearly hysterical Bobbie, referring to the dead body of the Muhajideen leader lying over her.

"Certainly, young lady", replied Arkan smoothly as he bent to grab the man's body, " I am so sorry that this happened. We saw the Moslem swine shot your plane down and came as quickly as we could to help you. We must work quickly; where is your pilot? Is he all right?"

"Valkyrie?", said the shaken Bobbie, " Oh my God! I don't know what happened to her?"

A thoroughly confused Arkan looked up, still holding the bloody corpse of the Moslem leader, " Her?... The American pilot is a HER?" Despite his guise as the noble rescuer, Arkan could not help smiling ferally at the thought of two American women literally falling into his hands. Since he recovered rapidly, his lapse went unnoticed; Bobbie was too shaken, and too happy to be rescued from the Moslem's gang rape, to be looking closely at who had rescued her or why.

" We must find her. They will be after her too! You must help us find her before something terrible like this happens to her!"

" The radio!", exclaimed Bobbie through her sobs, " I forgot about the radio. Maybe we can reach her on it. Its in my vest somewhere around here. They threw it on the ground when they .....attacked me."

Valkyrie had by this time reached the top of a small knoll. With an unhindered line of sight, her hand held survival radio was able to reach Goose, still circling his F-14 overhead. Because of the cloud cover, neither he nor Gumby had seen what or who had downed her plane. They had been forced to circle helplessly overhead, waiting for some word after they had lost contact with Valkyrie's F-14. They had been within five minutes of leaving, their fuel barely enough for the trip back to the carrier when they heard Valkyrie's voice.

Valkyrie could only tell them that there had been no warning on the radar receiver and that she had seen nothing. She also told them about the men who had come after her. Her voice choked as she told her squadron mates that she did not know what had happened to Bobbie, hoping that they might have heard from her via her survival radio. Goose's laconic, " Negative, Chevy one" cut through her like a knife. She had grown so close to the younger woman.

"That's her. That's Valkyrie. She's alive." exclaimed Bobbie happily as she heard Goose's reply. Though they could not hear Valkyrie because of the intervening terrain, the meaning of the transmission was clear to Arkan; the woman pilot was alive and in contact with her comrades. She would, he feared, be rescued before he could get to her. The next transmission calmed his fears.

"Negative, Chevy one. Mother says that you are to proceed to the preplanned PUP. A TARP will extract you there. I say again, since we do not know what got you, Mother will not authorize pick up at your current location. There will be a bird overhead to monitor this frequency. Do you Roger?"

There was a brief burst of static, then the voice returned, " Roger, Chevy one.....sorry, Valkyrie. You're on your own until then. Good luck. Out"

Bobbie reached for her radio which Arkan was holding. " Please, let me tell them I'm OK.", she asked. Bobbie was wearing her flight suit now, the only part of her clothing besides her combat boots which had survived the attack upon her. Having her clothes back made her feel at lot better, though the sticky feeling of the men's cum inside her cunt and slowly dribbling out of her gave her a feeling of being unclean. Nor did she like the looks of the men around her except for their leader; she felt safe around him.

But Arkan held onto the radio. " Later perhaps. My superiors may want to make the announcement. You understand, don't you? First, what did he mean about "Mother" telling her to "PUP"? What is a "TARP"? It is important we get to your friend quickly. You do not want her to be captured and attacked like you were, do you?"

Still trusting in the man who had saved her, Bobbie answered without thinking, " No, of course not. "Mother" means the higher headquarters, the Carrier we are from, the Eisenhower. A "PUP is a pick up point, a place to hide near an open area where a helicopter can land. Our PUP is in the next valley. The TARP is a team of Marines with helicopter gunships to secure the area."

" I see!. Tell me where this "PUP" is. We'll pick up your friend there so she'll be safe. We'll surprise her, hmm."

Valkyrie had just finished talking to the aircraft when she saw the lights below her, moving towards her like fireflies in the growing twilight. She could see half a dozen lights moving through the trees in a line, obviously searching for something. My footprints, she thought; they're following my tracks in the snow. She looked to the West, toward the location of her pick up point. The sheer side of a cliff loomed between her and the next valley; she would have to move around it and then over the mountain to reach her pick up point. With a sense of urgency, Valkyrie moved down the side of the knoll, taking care to stay within the wooded fringe. She did what she could to make it harder to track her, but she realized that she did not have the time to be clever. She had to use the waning light to get some distance between her and her unknown pursuers.

Valkyrie was growing colder now as the sun disappeared. Her flight suit and long underwear were little protection against a Balkan winter night, even in October. The temperature was freezing now, she thought, it would be zero or below by dawn. She would have to keep moving or freeze. As she moved into the low ground, Valkyrie choose to move to her left, uphill, to go around the cliff. Her mind was racing, trying to remember something- anything- from her training which could help her now. What she remembered was a scene from an old John Wayne Western she had seen a dozen times as a kid. She would use the mountain stream running in front of the cliff to cover her tracks, just like the Duke. She carefully laid a false trail past the stream and then walked backwards to the stream by stepping in her own footsteps, silently praying that whoever was after her was not a fan of old John Wayne movies. The water was brutally cold; but it was, she knew, the only way she could avoid leaving tracks for her pursuers to use against her. As the dark engulfed her, Valkyrie fought her way up the stream. Frequently, she stumbled on rocks until she was soaked to the waist, letting the cold further sap her strength. Branches from the banks of the stream racked her face and caught her long hair. Only her will and the fear of what capture would mean kept her going. Her lower body was soaked; her upper body was covered with sweat from her struggles. She paused every now and then to drink a little of the water to quiet the growling in her stomach. She had no food; that had been abandon with her parachute. Her feet had grown numb from the cold water, her legs were leaden from the ordeal of struggling up hill over the rocky stream bed. Still, she persisted until there was no more stream. Then, too cold to risk the luxury of rest without shelter, she forced herself upward to the crest of the ridge. Below her in the darkness was, she knew, the valley where she was to be rescued. She checked her position with her hand held GPS and got an azimuth to the pick up point. Carefully, she began to pick her way down the rocky slope in total darkness. The thought of rescue was all that kept her putting one foot in front of another. After the events of the last ten hours, a flyer with less will power would have long ago given up to the cold and the fatigue. Slowly, she made her way down the mountain side. The gnawing in her stomach was growing painful now, but Valkyrie knew that it was her constant shivering that was the greater problem. She knew that she had to get something to eat to starve off hypothermia from her prolonged exposure to the cold water. As dawn appeared, Valkyrie saw a barn like building at the edge of the woods she was using for cover. Her need drove Valkyrie to risk entering the building. Cautiously, she explored the empty barn, her pistol ready. She found nothing eatable until she opened a small storage area beside the cattle pens. There she found a small pile of half rotten turnips, cattle feed in this part of the world. Valkyrie stared at them with disgust for a moment; then with a resigned sigh picked one up and bit into it. The mushy, bitter taste of the half rotten, frozen turnip filled her mouth, but Valkyrie forced herself to keep chewing. She choked down the mess and forced herself to take another bite. It took all her will power to finish that raw turnip. It took just as much to pick up the next one.

Arkan smiled and said, "Thank you Lt. Malone. No, that is too formal; I shall call you Bobbie. You have been very helpful. Particularly, I found what you said about your friend, Valkyrie, to be very interesting. She sounds like a remarkable woman. I shall enjoy meeting her. We will meet your friend at this PUP of your's. Now,... there is one more thing I want you to do. Face the car window, Bobbie."

Bobbie looked at her rescuer without understanding. It took her a moment to realize that he was holding a pistol, pointing directly at her.

"Wa ..What are you doing?....I don't understand."

" FACE THE WINDOW! You silly whore, the Moslem's didn't shoot you down; my men did! You Americans are so naive. You go around the world pushing people around, and then you are surprised because everyone hates you. FACE THE WINDOW!"

Still not comprehending, Bobbie turned to the window of the land rover's backseat. Arkan roughly took her arms and handcuffed them behind her back with cuffs the grinning guard in the front seat handed him. Then he jerked her around to face him. Putting up the gun, he now opened the zipper on Bobbie's flight suit to expose the bare skin underneath. Grinning widely, he pushed the flaps of the suit aside to free her small, pert breasts. He stroked them softly until the red nubs of her nipples were erect. Bobbie cringed under his touch.

"Pleaseee....don't do this to me.....please don't.", Bobbie begged. The shock of having Arkan betray her, coming so soon after the ordeal of her gang rape, overwhelmed the young flyer's will to resist. She felt paralyzed, totally helpless to resist him.

"I am going to show you something, my little American aviator. A little trick I like to use to get a woman's attention."

Arkan took a piece of nylon fishing line out of his pocket and laid it over his lap. With a few rapid movements of his hands he tied one end into a tiny noose. Then, his eyes still fixed on Bobbie's, he did the same to the other end. As Bobbie sat there transfixed, he looped one of the tiny nooses over her right nipple and gently tightened it until Bobbie gave a little gasp. He repeated the process on her left nipple with the other end of the almost invisible line. Bobbie was so terribly frightened; she was unable to even breath. Holding the line, each hand a few inches from Bobbie's now elongated nipple, Arkan pulled slowly, drawing her forward and off the seat as the thin thread cut cruelly into her sensitive nub. He guided her onto the floor of the land rover between his legs, using only the fishing line to maneuver her. When he had her in place, Arkan toyed with the line, jerking first one side and then the other to draw an agonized response from the kneeling young woman. To Bobbie, it felt as if he were cutting her nipples off her breasts. the pain was sharp and intense.

"OHHH!...Pleasee don' hurts so!.....pleasee, I'll do what ever you want; just don't hurt me any more...AHHH!.. Pleasee!"

She looked up at him, her face just above the level of his crotch as he sat straddling her. He used one hand to open his pants and extract his cock. The erect organ was almost touching her face. Bobbie involuntarily flinched.

"Lick it, Bobbie", Arkan ordered, emphasizing his words by pulling on the line attached to her right nipple. Bobbie cried out as the pain intensified yet again.

Sobbing and with tears streaming down her face, Bobbie bent her head forward and put out her tongue. She touched her pink tongue to the warm flesh of his cock with its sour, overwhelmingly masculine odor and then licked across the head of his cock. Her mind mercifully blank, Bobbie licked the head and then the top of his cock. He held his cock in one hand, raising it to allow her to lick the sensitive ridge along its underside. As Bobbie licked his cock, making it shiny with her salvia, Arkan guided her actions with the line encircling her nipples, using them like the reins of a horse to guide and dominate the kneeling woman. Arkan savored the sensation of her warm, soft tongue caressing his cock for as long as he could. When he could stand it no longer, he dropped the fishing line, grabbed her short hair with both hands, and began to fuck her face, brutally using her mouth as if it were a cunt. He thrust into her mouth until his cockhead was pounding at the entrance to her throat, choking the handcuffed American flyer with each thrust.

"Yes..Is that too much for you, bitch?.. you can tell your friend Valkyrie about how it feels in your throat...SUCK IT SLUT!"

Trying hard not to panic, Bobbie forced herself to breath during the few seconds when he had withdrew his cock for the next thrust, desperately trying to suck air to her tortured lungs around the cock still halfway inside her mouth. Harder and harder Arkan rode Bobbie's mouth, his cock gliding over the girl's hot, moist tongue to hit her throat before withdrawing to repeat the process again and again. Bobbie's jaws were stretched to their limits to accommodate Arkan's male member. She was gagging involuntarily each time his cockhead forced its way into her throat. She could not breath. As his thrusts went deeper and faster, Bobbie was unable to draw any air into her lungs. Her lungs were burning as her mind began to swim into blackness. Helpless and frightened, she could only crouched there on the car's floor as he raped her mouth, moving her head back and forth over his cock as if he were masturbating with her face! Just before Bobbie lost consciousness, she felt for the first time the hot bitterness of a man's cum filling her mouth. But instead of withdrawing, he kept his cock inside her mouth as his sticky white cum poured down her throat, cutting off what little air she could suck around his cock. Then blackness overwhelmed her.

Bobbie did not know how long she was unconscious. When she came to, she was still on the land rover's floor, still handcuffed. The nylon line was still around her nipples though she saw that it had been retied from a single strand noose. Now she had the nylon line wrapped repeatedly around her nipples, making the tip swell from the blood trapped there. Still, she felt only a dull ache there rather than the sharp pain she had felt when he had repeatedly tightened it around her nipples. She stared sadly at her exposed breasts, the nipples distended into an hourglass shape by the fishing line. She could feel the car moving and hear Arkan talking on a radio. The salty, sticky taste in her mouth brought back the painful memory of what he had done to her. As she lay there exhausted by her ordeal and lulled by the gently rocking of the car, the realization of what she had done hit her. Oh Val, she thought, oh God, I told him how to find you.

At dawn, Valkyrie approached the wooded hill near the meadow that was her pick up point. Cold and hungry, she nevertheless felt elated at the prospect that she was only an hour or two from rescue. She knew that she had only to check out the area and then call in the rescue party, the TARP. Carefully, she moved through the wooded area to the edge of the meadow. It was then that she saw the small figure at the corner of the field. Valkyrie's heart jumped as she recognized the blonde haired figure; it was Bobbie! She ran toward her backseater and then stopped in her tracks. There was something wrong; Bobbie, who appeared to be leaning against a tree, had her flight suit open to expose her breasts. Valkyrie could see that Bobbie was shaking her head though no sounds came from the woman. As she stared at Bobbie, a camouflaged uniformed man rose from the bushes at Bobbie's feet.

"Surrender, Lieutenant. My men are all around you. You cannot escape!"

Valkyrie looked around her. At the sound of the man's voice, other men had appeared at the top of the hill to her left. She saw that she was cut off from escape. Valkyrie reached into her holster for her 9mm pistol.

" Do not be foolish!", the man yelled as he pressed a pistol against Bobbie's forehead, " I will kill your friend if you fire! Drop your pistol!"

Valkyrie hesitated for a second but then complied. In a moments time, she had survival vest torn off and her hands cuffed behind her back as one of the men held her own pistol to her head. Valkyrie did not resist. The men then walked her toward Bobbie. Valkyrie saw a gagged and bound Bobbie was being led towards her- by something pulling her exposed breasts! She saw that Bobbie's nipples were horribly distended, being pulled at least two inches beyond their normal length. From the expression in the younger woman's eyes, Valkyrie knew that the pain must be tremendous. Valkyrie saw that Bobbie's face was covered with a whitish scum. The men had raped her, thought Valkyrie; I'll be next. But her fear for herself was less than her anger at the men who had hurt her friend.

"Bastards!... big, brave men... How many of you did it take to rape one woman half your size? ..... that the only way you assholes can get it up?"

Of the Serbs, only Arkan could understand her words though all understood her tone. To Valkyrie's surprise, his response to her outburst was a laugh. In his own language, Arkan told his men that they finally had a woman who would be a challenge, a welcome change from those cringing Moslems they had been used to. Then he turned to the seething Valkyrie.

"Ah! Lieutenant Valkyrie! I have been looking forward to meeting you. Bobbie has told me so much about her big, strong pilot. I have such plans for you."

Valkyrie was flabbergasted at the man's response but recovered quickly. " I'm not afraid of you! There's a lot of Marines on their way here. You better be the one who's worried, you Rapist!"

" I might be.... if you had ever told them you were here." Holding up the radio he had been monitoring- Bobbie's radio, Arkan gloated, " but you never told them, did you."

An hour later, Arkan led a thoroughly frightened Bobbie into an abandon barn, pulling her after him by the lines attached to her swollen nipples, exposed in her unzipped flight suit. A rope was tied around her neck. The other end was wrapped around Valkyrie's neck, forcing her to follow or , between her resistance and Arkan's pulling, rip Bobbie's nipples off. Valkyrie was trying to put up a brave front for Bobbie's sake but was sweating from her own fear. The pair was led into the filthy interior, littered with rusted farm equipment. Valkyrie was positioned under a heavy, exposed beam. As one of the guards held a rifle to her chest, two men tied ropes to her booted feet and ran them to a plow and the wheel of a derelict tractor. They pulled on the ropes, painfully spreading Valkyrie's feet beyond the width of her broad shoulders before they tied them to two of the heavy pieces of farm debris. Arkan untied the rope around the still gagged Bobbie's neck and threw the end to one of the guards. The guard ran the rope end over the exposed beam and pulled, forcing the handcuffed Valkyrie up on her toes as she struggled to keep from choking. Once she had been immobilized by the ropes at her feet and neck, one of the men unlocked Valkyrie's handcuffs. As two men held her arms, he tied a rope around each of her wrists and ran the other end over the beam as well. As one man continued to hold her left arm behind her back, two men pulled on the other rope until her arm was forced to the beam. They tied the rope off to an upright and proceeded to repeat the process with her left arm. Valkyrie now was suspended by her arms, her toes barely scraping the dirt floor as she scrambled for support. Her weight bore painfully on her shoulder joints, forcing a short cry from her. The rope around her neck was no longer choking her, but it was forcing her to keep her head up in order to be able to breath. The men then stood back and watched. Arkan took a long single edged knife from his belt and held it in front of Valkyrie. He smiled at Valkyrie as he pulled the zipper of her flight suit down. He inserted the knife blade where the zipper stopped and slashed downward. Valkyrie involuntarily flinched. Slowly and silently, Arkan cut the woman's clothes from her body as his men and Bobbie watched. Valkyrie tried to remain still as he cut her clothes away but could not keep herself from moving away from the cold metal of the blade whenever it touched her skin. In moments she was left naked but for her boots and her dogtags. Arkan stood back to admire the results, staring hungrily at her large breasts with their quarter size auroras and erect nipples and at the thick patch of dark hair between her legs.

" will do very well.", Arkan gloated as he ran his hands over her flat stomach to her large breasts, weighing them in his palms as he pressed his thumbs into her large nipples.

" You can't get away with this! This is a war crime! I demand to be treated in accordance with the Geneva Conventions.", demanded Valkyrie.

"Oh, but I can get away with this. I have been getting away with this for three years. There is none of your stupid Geneva Convention here. And no one can help you here, my big strong American. You are mine now, the spoils of war."

As Arkan spoke, he was already tying his fishing line into a nipple noose. While Valkyrie watched horrified, he slipped the thin nylon line over her right nipple. Slowly he tightened the line until her nipple was encircled by a ring of pain. Then he tightened it more.

"AHH!, ...You Bastard!....AAHHH!...Stop it! AHHH!......STOP"

Then he slipped the fishing line over her left nipple, turning its red tip into an hourglass shape as he tighten it slowly. Valkyrie could not believe the pain coming from her nipples; they felt as if they were being sliced off. Arkan pulled the fishing line tight; then he slowly wrapped more line around each nipple until the tips of Valkyrie's nipples bulged with the trapped blood. Finally he began pulling on the lines, making Valkyrie's breasts bob up and down. She was filled with rage at the man standing in front of her, pulling on the nylon line attached to her nipples as if they were the reins controlling a fractious horse he was breaking. But she controlled her anger. Valkyrie knew that she could only hold out so long under torture; that everyone breaks sooner or later. She knew that she had to give him something to buy time until someone could find her. She reasoned that she could always lie, pretend to cooperate to stall.

" AHH! OKAY!... I get the point. What do you want to know?"

" Know? I don't want to know anything...except how much pain you can stand. I don't care about your stupid military secrets. I can see them on CNN anytime. They mean nothing to me. I am a man of simple pleasures; I just want to hear you scream...and beg."

Valkyrie could not believe her ears. The man was obviously insane! This thought was reinforced as Arkan again attacked her blood engorged nipples with his fingers. He rolled them between his thumb and forefinger, squeezing the swollen red flesh until the bound woman screamed again and again.


"Well, I will let you think about that. I am going to see if those Turkish rats back in Brcko have been driven out of their holes and finished off yet. When I come back, I shall rape you. We will see how long it takes you to learn to beg. Your little friend is quite good at it already. She told us how to find you , you know. While I'm gone, my men will get you ready ."

As Arkan moved out of her narrow field of view, Valkyrie tried unsuccessfully to look at Bobbie. But the rope around her neck prevented her from seeing Bobbie's face. She knew instinctively that he had told the truth; that Bobbie had betrayed her. She had to believe that her friend had only done so under torture, but the thought still angered her. And what, she wondered, did he mean by "get you ready"?

Arkan bodyguard took the gag from Bobbie's mouth. Then he used the lines attached to her nipples to drag her screaming to Valkyrie. He positioned her with her face inches from the bound pilot's crotch, staring at her friend's pubic hairs. The man forced Bobbie's head back so she could see his face, grinned obscenely, and made a pantomime of licking with his tongue as he pointed at the hair between Valkyrie's legs. When he forced her face into Valkyrie's pubic hair. Bobbie began to blindly lick the hairs pressing into her face. He kept her at it, kneeling beside her and pulling on the nipple lines to encourage her. Then he pulled her face away from Valkyrie's soggy cunt hair and pressed a short, razor sharp knife against the woman's flesh. Slowly, he scrapped the salvia soaked cunt hairs off the bound pilot's crotch.

Valkyrie found the thought of another woman licking her cunt to be repulsive. All of her life, Valkyrie had fought the stereotype that a tall, muscular woman must be gay. The thought of having sex, even unwilling sex, with another woman sickened her. That it was Bobbie made it even worse. Valkyrie flinched at each touch of her friend's tongue, her stomach churning with disgust. The scrape of the knife frightened her; she feared the mutilation of her sex as much as any man would. But both these were of minor consequence compared to the other agonies she was experiencing. Her nipples were on fire. Her shoulders felt as if they were being slowly pulled from her body. Even worse, Valkyrie's mind kept returning to the stories she had heard about the terrible gang rapes inflicted upon an Air Force pilot, Major Diana Barker, after she had been captured by the Iraqi's in the Gulf War. She feared rape, the prospect of being taken against her will, more than anything else. Compared to those thoughts, the feeling of Bobbie's tongue- loathsome thought the act was to her- and the even the feeling of the cold knife scrapping across her sensitive skin were almost a welcome distraction.

Inch by inch, the hulking bodyguard scrapped the hair off Valkyrie's cunt. As he finished with a patch, he pushed Bobbie's face back into Valkyrie's dark pubic hair to lather another patch with her salvia. Slowly, the man and his unwilling ally denuded the bound woman's sex. When he reached the sparse hairs around her cunt lips, the man simply grabbed her sensitive outer lips and brutally stretched them to expose the hairs to the knife. Overwhelmed by the pain of her shoulders and burning nipples and lost in her thought of what was to come, Valkyrie could only manage a weak moan at this new indignity.

Bobbie cried as she applied her soft tongue to Valkyrie's sensitive flesh. Though it had been her fantasy to make love to Valkyrie, Bobbie felt horribly guilty about this. The humiliation of being forced to lick her friend's cunt as these horrible men watched and the knowledge that she was helping them prepare her friend and mentor to be raped made her feel even worse about the excitement which she had to admit that she was feeling. When the guard reached Valkyrie's cunt lips and forced her to lick her friend's sensitive sex, Bobbie was appalled at the excitement she felt as she tasted Valkyrie's soft, clean tasting cunt for the first time. She licked the other woman's cunt lips softly, trying to comfort her friend, even as she hated herself for doing it. How, she wondered, could she be so excited while Val's suffering so much.

When they had finished, Bobbie was allowed to crouch by Valkyrie's feet and wait, still clad only in her open flight suit. Above her Valkyrie hung motionless, sweat pouring from her nude body despite the chill in the unheated barn. Aside from an occasional moan, Bobbie heard nothing from Valkyrie and was too frightened, and ashamed, to speak to her.

It seemed an eternity to both the women, lost in their own fears as they were, before Arkan returned. He was, Bobbie saw, carrying a half empty bottle of a clear liquor though he appeared steady enough. He ordered her to her feet and , to her surprise, took the handcuffs off her. For a moment Bobbie hoped that he had changed his mind; that he was going to be the man she had thought he was when he had rescued her from the Mujahideen. Then he spoke, his words slightly slurred from the alcohol.

"Take off your clothes. Show us all what you have to offer, American slut."

Bobbie hesitated and then complied with his humiliating order. Reluctantly, she shed the imaginary protection of her flight suit and stood naked in front of Arkan and the half dozen men watching. She hated being forced to expose herself this way; she wished he had just ripped the clothing off her instead. More embarrassed than she had ever been in her life, Bobbie stood before them, trying to at least hide her pussy with its neatly trimmed blonde patch from their hungry stares.

"Put your hands at your sides. I want to see you!"

Reluctantly, she complied. Staring at the floor in shame, Bobbie waited for his next order.

"YOU SON OF A BITCH!....LET HER ALONE!" , screamed Valkyrie.

"Ah. Still full of fight? Good, I like that. I think you're going to be even better than that Croat fighter bitch I captured two years ago. She was a strong one too. She lasted almost a week. She had a lovely screaming voice."

Arkan smiled as he stared at the spread eagled pilot, her nude body illuminated by the light through the open door. He noted with satisfaction that her nipples, still wrapped in his fishing line, were now extremely swollen, the tips almost purple from the blood trapped there. From each nipple, a few inches of fishing line dangled, waiting his use. Her muscular body struggled against the ropes holding her arms to the ceiling beams and her legs to the rusted debris on the dirt floor of the barn. He stepped away from her, searching the machines littering the dim interior of the barn. He returned with a short length of electrical cable which had formerly connected the distributor and a spark plug on the tractor. Valkyrie watched fearfully, constrained as she was by the rope around her neck forcing her to keep her head up or choke. She was more afraid now than she had ever been in her life. She wanted to beg, to cry or scream- anything to stop what she knew was going to happen. but her pride stopped her; she wouldn't cringe before these animals.

Arkan used a knife to strip the insulation from the wire; then he untwisted the thick strand of copper wire, creating a makeshift scourge- small but potent with its mass of tiny copper wire. Arkan tested his new whip on Valkyrie's thighs, casually striking first one then the other with the unyielding wire scourge. It left her inner thighs marked by a mass of faint red lines. Valkyrie groaned with each blow, half strength though they were. Arkan slowly moved up her body, the strength of each blow increasing as he moved up her flat stomach toward her exposed breasts. Valkyrie frantically pulled at her bonds, her muscles flexing futility as she sought to protect her vulnerable breasts. Foolishly, she refused to give him what he wanted; her pride would not allow her. But when his first blow hit her already tortured right breast, Valkyrie forgot her pride.


Arkan put all his considerable strength into each blow, striking the swollen nipples with the exposed wires. Valkyrie felt as though the skin was being flayed right off her nipples; it felt as if red hot needles were being used on them.. The tender flesh absorbed each blow with a faint slapping sound as the metal struck her flesh, followed by Valkyrie's shrill scream. The breast flesh bobbed as it absorbed the blow; the nipples turned a dark angry red. The pain was incredible. Valkyrie could not think for the pain; she could only react instinctively by screaming out her pain and pleading for it to stop. She knew she could not endure this.


Arkan continued as if she had never spoken.

Valkyrie screamed ever louder and longer as he flayed her vulnerable nipples. The pain was horrible. She feared he would destroy her breasts; the thought of losing them terrified her. Valkyrie screamed again and again as her fear and pain consumed her.

Bobbie was stunned to see tears pouring down Valkyrie's face. At the sight of her idol's tears, Bobbie finally found her voice and a little of her courage. She lunged at him, screaming.


Arkan drove her back with a single careless swipe to her pert breasts; then one of his bodyguards grabbed her. Without missing a stroke, he continued to torture Valkyrie's breasts with his metal scourge.

"SCREAM BITCH.........LET...ME....HEAR....YOU.....SCREAM!"

He continued striking Valkyrie's bleeding nipples. Again and again the makeshift flail struck her soft flesh with a faint "thunk" followed by Valkyrie's scream. All thoughts of resistance were gone from her mind now. All she could think about was the agony filling her mind. Without even knowing what she was saying, the proud woman began to beg.


Arkan stopped and examined her sweat covered, bruised body. Then he took one last swing with his scourge, striking Valkyrie on her exposed clit with all his strength. Valkyrie screamed again, a horse yell combined with a deep sob. Arkan was, for now, satisfied with the ascendancy he had established over the American flyer. He had Bobbie forced to the floor beside Valkyrie's right leg. Then he had her handcuffed with her arms around Valkyrie's muscular leg, positioning her with her face at Valkyrie's bruised cunt. Arkan went to the table where he had left his bottle and took a drink. Then, still carrying the bottle, he positioned himself in front of Valkyrie.

"Lick her cunt, bitch. LICK IT!"

Bobbie licked Valkyrie, trying to soothe the brutalized flesh of her whipped cunt with her tongue. Arkan allowed her to work on Valkyrie's cunt for long moments as he savored the sight of the two women. Valkyrie was almost unconscious from the beating she had endured. The feeling of Bobbie's tongue on her cunt brought her back to reality. She cringed at her friend's touch, trying to will herself to ignore the perverted act Bobbie was performing on her.

"No Bobbie...don't ... don't...wrong..can't."

Then Bobbie's soft mouth was gone, and she felt the pressure of the bottle against her cunt. Involuntarily, she tightened the muscles there. Arkan grunted and pushed harder, making the long neck of the bottle sink inside Valkyrie's cunt as she moaned weakly. Arkan sank it all the way to the base of the neck and then began to fuck her with it, pushing the bottle in and out of her as he rotated it from side to side, laughing. The penetration of her still dry cunt was painful to Valkyrie as well as humiliating. It was all she could do was to keep herself from losing control; she knew that she had been just a few more strokes away from sinking to Bobbie's level of submission when he had stopped using his wire whip. After a moment of abusing her cunt, Arkan withdrew the bottle and held it up to the light. To Valkyrie's amazement and disgust, he sniffed it and then brought the bottle to his mouth and licked his tongue along the length of the neck.

"Bah!, nothing...the bitch is dry!... She isn't much of a woman", he told his men with a grin.

Arkan moved around Valkyrie. From behind her, Valkyrie heard him muttering as he stroked her ass. For all her sexual adventures, Valkyrie had never let a man use her ass. It was, she thought, too humiliating and too painful. Now she knew that Arkan meant to sodomize her, and that there was nothing she could do to stop him. Valkyrie tried to will herself to relax, to accept the inevitable. Still, her muscles tightened involuntarily as the bottle pressed into the puckered star of her anus. Harder and harder he pressed until the bottle penetrated her, painfully forcing its way inside her asshole. Arkan pressed harder, pushing the bottle in and out of her stretched spincter in a parody of the rape to come.

" Yes. Tight. You are very tight. Since your cunt is so cold, this is how I am going to rape you my big, strong, American Navy slut. Like a man! What do you say to that., American slut?"

Valkyrie remained silent. The pain was intense; the humiliation was even greater. She closed her eyes and tried to use the noose around her neck to choke herself into unconciouness, or even death. But she couldn't do it; Valkyrie's fear of death overcame even her fear of sodomy.

Arkan slowly withdrew the bottle from her ass. Then he pulled Bobbie around by her short blonde hair until her face was against Valkyrie's ass and presented her with the shit stained bottle neck. "Clean this, you little slut.", he ordered, holding the bottle at her lips. Bobbie grimaced as she leaned forward and thrust out her pink tongue. She licked the glass, tasting Valkyrie's feces as the brown stains disappeared under her tongue. Arkan thrust the mouth of the bottle into her mouth, forcing it down her throat until she gagged at the invasion. She gagged again as a large slug of the colorless, potent liquor poured down her throat, throwing a wave of fire back up her throat when it hit her stomach. Arkan laughed again as he took the neck of the bottle out of Bobbie's mouth and put it in his own. He swallowed a mouthful and then ordered her to lick Valkyrie's asshole. Her head reeling from the liquor, Bobbie fitted her mouth to Valkyrie's still open asshole and thrust her tongue into the hot, foul tasting hole. She pushed her tongue as deeply into Valkyrie's ass chute as she could, taking a perverse pleasure in this humiliating contact with her idolized superior officer. She moved her tongue around inside Valkyrie, causing the older woman to thrust her hips forward to escape the invading tongue.

"No...Bobbie don't..this is not right......STOP IT, BOBBIE!"

Bobbie ignored her, continuing to suck and eat Valkyrie's ass in a masochist, intoxicated daze. She felt that she had to open Valkyrie's ass and lubricate it with her salvia. Bobbie reasoned that she had to do whatever she could to save Valkyrie from as much pain as possible. So, she kept feeding her salvia into her friend's asshole until Arkin pulled her face away and thrust his cock into it. Bobbie took his cock into her mouth and laved it with her tongue, repulsed by its foul taste but determined to lubricate it for Valkyrie's sake. She slavishly suck his cock, drooling her spit onto it despite her disgust and humiliation at being forced to suck her rapist's cock again. Valkyrie could not avoid hearing the loud sucking sounds Bobbie made as she serviced Arkan's cock. The thought of her friend and subordinate degrading herself in this manner disgusted her. Valkyrie wondered bitterly how Bobbie could act like such a slut. But she remained silent. Bobbie did such a good job that Arkan had to pull her face away to avoid cumming there in her mouth. Now, his cock longer and harder than before, he was ready to rape Valkyrie.

Arkan pressed his cock into Valkyrie's spincter. Despite Bobbie's preparations, he found Valkyrie's asshole still resisting him, allowing only the tip of his cock to enter her tight asshole. He grasp her hips and thrust into the tiny opening with all his strength.

"AHHH!.....NOOOO!", Valkyrie moaned.

Now his cock was a quarter of the way inside the moaning American woman. He stopped for a moment to enjoy the heat and grip of her ass chute. Arkan moved his hands from her hips up Valkyrie's sweaty torso to her red, swollen breasts. He weighted them in his hand for a moment before taking one hand and pulling on the nylon cords encircling her nipples. Regripping her hips with his other hand, Arkan slowly forced his cock deeper inside the squirming Valkyrie as he simultaneously tormented her nipples by tightening the nooses around her nipples even further. As he forced his cock into her, Bobbie crouched by Valkyrie's leg, her cuffed hands clinging to the muscular leg. Her face was only inches from Arkan's cock as it forced its way into Valkyrie. Bobbie stared at the man's cock as it expanded Valkyrie's star-shaped anus into a wide circle. She was afraid that it would tear Valkyrie in two. Bobbie gripped her friend's muscular leg and waited, unable to help Valkyrie as she was brutally sodomized. A feeling of guilt overwhelmed Bobbie. I should be the one he is torturing, she thought bitterly.

Arkan had the head of his cock inside Valkyrie now. Inch by inch, he pressed his cock forward, forcing his way into her hot, tight passage. It felt to him as if a hand were squeezing his cock; he didn't know, or care, if the moisture he felt inside her was Bobbie's salvia or Valkyrie's blood. He just forced himself into her even more, trying to impale Valkyrie on his cock. Not satisfied with her moans as he forced himself into her, Arkan began making short, brutal thrusts with his hips, opening her ass by sheer force. As he forced himself into her, he used the nylon line to torture her breasts, tightening the noose around her swollen nipple until the tip bulged obscenely. Arkan pressed himself against her sweaty back and taunted her.

"Feel my cock inside you Bitch!... do you like it?... No matter..You will learn to like it. You are nothing but a whore now...whore!"

Valkyrie's moans were reaching the level of screams from the twin torments of the burning log being forced up her ass and the thin line cutting into her sensitive nipple. She thought that she would be driven insane by the pain and the humiliation! She could feel him deep inside her now; it felt to her as if he were shoving a burning stake up her ass. Valkyrie no longer cared about hiding her fears; she wept unashamedly , tears running down her pain contoured face as she begged Arkan to end her suffering. But he ignored her pleas and drove even deeper into her asshole until she could feel his cockhairs pressing against her ass. He paused for a moment to enjoy the feel of her guts encircling his cock. Valkyrie felt for an instance the hope that she could begin to adjust to the terrible, painful pressure she was feeling as he drove his cock ever deeper inside her body. But then she totally lost her precarious grip on sanity when Arkan suddenly began to fuck her with jackhammer like strokes. A long terrible wail came out of her as he brutally raped her ass.


Harder and harder the man thrust into her , his cock a blur as it slid in and out of her asshole. Arkan was in a world of his own now. All he cared about was the feeling coming from his cock as it plowed into Valkyrie. That and the sound of her screaming. The force of his strokes was lifting her an inch each time his hips collided with her butt. Arkan could only endure the powerful friction generated as he impaled her on his cock for a few short moments, but it seemed an eternity to the screaming Valkyrie. Finally, he came, filling her abused ass with a flood of hot seed; Valkyrie could feel it scalding her insides as he withdrew his cock. Now all she felt was an obscene sense of emptiness as her distended asshole slowly began to close. Valkyrie felt an immense sense of relief mixed with feelings of intense humiliation- of being used. At least, she believed, her ordeal was over, if only for the moment.

Arkan used Bobbie to clean his cock. He simply forced his cum and shit covered cock into her mouth and ordered her to clean him. Bobbie obeyed, the mingled taste of his cum and Valkyrie's filth filling her mouth and making her gag. As she cleaned him with her tongue, Bobbie shut her eyes and hugged her friend's leg for strength, desperate to hang on just a few seconds longer until all this was over. Then the cock was gone from her mouth.

Arkan walked away from the two women. Bobbie crouched against Valkyrie's leg, stroking the firm flesh gently and crying, "Oh Val, I'm so sorry. Please forgive me." Above her Valkyrie hung in her ropes, panting as if she had just run a mile. But for the rope around her neck, her head would have dropped to her chest and she would have lost herself in tears. As it was, Valkyrie broke down, sobbing uncontrollably. As she cried, her muscular body remained erect, her long dark hair hanging down her back, the cum slowy dripping out of her still half open asshole.

Since she was facing the door, Bobbie first realized that something was wrong. Men were entering the barn and closing around them, stripping off their equipment and opening their pants as they approached. Arkan saw her frightened, puzzled look and spoke.

"Yes Bobbie, more men for your friend to service! She killed their friend. She will be punished for that. Her punishment; their pleasure. And you will help."

The men formed a loose line behind Valkyrie, who now understood what was about to happen. Her face bore a look of sheer terror at the prospect of repeating the horrible anal rape again and again. Her agony deepened as a klieg light suddenly illuminated her. Standing in front of her was Arkan's cameraman, recording her gang rape. The thought that others would see her being raped, that her family and the other pilots in the squadron would see this, tore at her very soul. The humiliation of that seemed worse to Valkyrie than the rape itself.


No one paid any attention to her cries. The first man was already using Bobbie's reluctant mouth to prepare himself. Now he positioned his cock at her still open asshole and pushed. He sank into the depths of her ass with his first powerful stroke. Aided by the cum still coating its interior, his cock meet no resistance as it penetrated her. Valkyrie screamed as the burning fullness returned. The camera captured all of her agony since the rope noose around her neck prevented her from hiding her face. All Valkyrie could do was scream in pain and humiliation at this double rape; one by the man using her ass and the other by the camera recording it.

Bobbie stared at the cock hammering Valkyrie's ass, her face inches from it as it pounded in and out of her friend's horribly stretched spincter. Bobbie thought that this was a hundred times worse than the rape she had endured; she could not imagine what Valkyrie must be feeling. She watched the first man spend himself inside Valkyrie and withdraw, leaving a trail of his cum on her ass. Then it was her time again. She was forced to lick the cum and shit off the rapist's cock as he and his friends laughed at her. The twin feelings of humiliation and helplessness overwhelmed her. Bobbie did not think that she would ever be able to get the foul taste of cum and shit out of her mouth. It would be with her always to remind her of this moment!

Another man replaced the first. This man did not even bother to use Bobbie's mouth; he just plunged into Valkyrie's ass with tremendous force, as if he meant to stab her to death with his cock. Brutally, he raped the bound woman's ass, accompanied by his animal like grunts and by her screams as he churned her intestines. He fucked her ass as brutally as he could, venting his anger about the death of his friend at her hands. Valkyrie knew that he was going to kill her; that he had torn her insides to shreds. But he did not kill her. He pulled out before he had cum and spent himself on Bobbie's upturned face. He covered her face with his hot, sticky cum and then used her mouth to clean himself. Then another man was inside Valkyrie, raping her now wide open asshole with all his strength. He would fuck her ass as hard as he could for six or seven strokes; then he would jerk his cock totally out of her and then brutally shove it back into her stretched asshole causing Valkyrie to spasm in her bonds as he again impaled her. At one point, the man jerked it out of Valkyrie and thrust his slimy cock in to Bobbie's waiting mouth, forcing her to taste the vile mixture of his masculinity, his friends' cum and Valkyrie's asshole. Then he returned his cock to Valkyrie's stretched spincter.

As he sodomized her, the camera recorded Valkyrie's cruel impalement. It saw and made a permanent record of the screams pouring out of her mouth and the agony in her eyes. It lingered over the obscene dance her bound body was doing as a result of the brutal thrusts the men were making into her asshole. The camera's lights made the sweat covering her skin glisten as it watched the play of the muscles underneath that skin. Her head was held almost motionless by the rope around her neck. The agony apparent in her face continually drew the lens back there, to her face, to record the tears streaming down the face of this proud woman. As the camera watched and recorded, a bound and helpless Valkyrie was brutally sodomized by man after man.

With each new attacker, her struggles grew weaker. By now, her asshole was numb; the friction of the cocks moving inside her was made tolerable for the sensitive lining of her intestines by the flood of man cum coating her ass channel. But neither the burning sensation nor the painful feeling of fullness diminished as her attackers continued to have their way with her unresisting body. So it continued until all of the men, fourteen by Bobbie's count, had used the now unresisting woman's asshole. Valkyrie's asshole was leaking a river of cum onto her upper legs, where it had formed a sheet of whitish scum halfway to her knees. At Arkan's direction, the last man held Bobbie's head and forced her to lick the man cum off Valkyrie's legs, inch by humiliating inch. Bobbie could not conceive of anything that could be more humiliating than this. The taste of their cum, flavored by the taste of Valkyrie's ass chute, filled her mouth and overwhelmed her with its pungent essence. Unable to spit out the vile tasting cum, Bobbie was forced to swallow it. It coated her throat, hanging there and gagging her until she could force herself to choke it down. Slowly she licked Valkyrie clean until she came to the woman's asshole itself. Staring at it from two inches away, Bobbie could see the cum still pooling inside the distended asshole. The pressure on the back of her head forced her face into the gapping hole. As she thrust her tongue out, Bobbie thought, forgive me, Val.

Suggestions for future adventures of Val and Bobbie are always welcome at "". Next month, Val and Bobbie check into Arkan's notorious "Rape Hotel".

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DISCLAIMER: This story includes description of rape, torture, and bondage. If descriptions of such activities offend you, DO NOT READ THIS STORY. If you are under twenty-one years of age, DO NOT READ THIS STORY. This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. This story may be reproduced and distributed electronically where the law allows so long as it is not changed in any way and authorship is acknowledged. I would like to thank those whose comments and suggestions have made this story possible. Comments and suggestions from readers are appreciated. All flames will be ignored.


The two nude women hung in darkness. Valkyrie could sense Bobbie's body hanging beside her; but her blindfold prevented her from seeing what was happening to her friend. Instead, the blindfold forced Valkyrie to concentrate on the agony consuming her own body. Both had been suspended head down above the concrete floor in the basement of the hotel which was Arkan's headquarters. Ropes had been run from the rafters to their still booted, widely spread feet; then they had been hoisted into the air. Their wrists and elbows had already been tied tightly together behind their backs. A rope was run from the wrist of each American flyer to another rafter, forcing her arms upward and bending her into a fish hook like shape where their breasts were the part of their bodies closest to the floor. It was their own weight which was torturing them, slowly stretching their shoulder and thigh muscles beyond human endurance. Valkyrie had no idea how long they had been hanging here. It seemed an eternity. Her thigh muscles burned from supporting her weight; it felt as if they were being pulled away from the bone. Her back ached from its unnatural arch. Her stomach muscles were cramping as they were stretched by the upward curve of her body. Her shoulders were on fire as the muscles there struggled to hold the weight of her upper body while being forced back and up into a cruelly unnatural position. Even her neck hurt. A noose of thick hemp rope had been put over her head and into her mouth, a combination of gag and bondage since the noose filled her mouth and prevented speech while the running end was tied to her bound elbows, bending her head upward at a very painful angle. Valkyrie's only contacts with the world around her were Bobbie's soft moans and the muffled sound of her companion's labored breathing as Bobbie struggled to endure her bondage. Occasionally, the sounds that Bobbie made were drowned out by a new sound, the approach of booted feet on the concrete. This inevitably heralded a new agony in the two women's private hells, for the unseen men inevitably came to rape either Bobbie or Valkyrie. When the sound of footsteps stopped beside them, they would both wait breathlessly, dreading that they would be the one the man chose to assault. Each would passionately wish the other to be the victim of this attacker, and then one would feel the guilt of knowing that her wish had come true. She would hear the muffled groans of her companion and the animal like grunts of the man attacking her. The men would use their bodies almost indifferently, invading their cunts as they hung suspended and helpless. There was nothing either could do to save either her companion or herself.

Valkyrie shivered at the man's touch. He explored her swollen and sore cunt flesh with three or four fingers, prying her open and feeling inside to find the leavenings of his predecessors. The pain as he filled her cunt with his fingers was mild compared to the burning in her shoulders and thighs, but the humiliation of being at his mercy, of having no control over who used her body, cut Valkyrie to her soul. She feared that she would go mad if this incredible combination of pain and humiliation continued. When the man replaced his probing fingers with a hard cock, the feeling of humiliation overwhelmed her. Valkyrie had struggled wildly against her bonds. She began to cry as he fucked her, loud uncontrolled sobs penetrating her gag to mix with the curses and grunts coming from the man. He used her suspension, swinging her onto his cock and then away as if she were the one fucking him. He swung her faster and faster, her momentum ramming his cock deep inside her. His cock was the only part of his body touching her; his hands were on the ropes pushing her back and forth. Valkyrie had to struggle to breath around her rope gag; the force and depth of his penetrations were knocking the breath out of her. Even the pool of cum left inside her by the others was not enough to lessen the burning sensation generated by his fast moving cock. It felt to Valkyrie as if the man's cock was scraping the sensitive lining off of her cunt's walls as he repeatedly impaled her. His brutal fucking seemed to go on forever. Finally, through her sobs, Valkyrie felt the man's cock empty itself in her cunt, a hot, wet, and dirty feeling. The unseen man savored the warmth of her body around his softening cock, running his hands over her sweat covered body and down to her heavy, hanging breasts as he caught his breath. Then he abruptly withdrew, abandoning her to the loneliness of her pain and humiliation.

After the man withdrew, Bobbie could hear the soft sounds of Valkyrie's weeping. The realization that her strong, seemingly invulnerable idol was being broken by these terrible men came as a shock to her. She was so use to depending on Valkyrie. Through the waves of pain engulfing her, Bobbie struggled, vainly trying to move her sweat soaked, nude body closer to Valkyrie's to let her know that she was not alone. Bobbie tried to ignore her pain; she to be strong for Val's sake.

Two floors above , the Serb leader, Arkan, was watching a CNN broadcast about his captives. He had to laugh out loud at his own cleverness. Hiding the women here, among the captive Moslem and Croatian women he kept for the use of his men, had been brilliant. No one would find anything unusual about captive women here. But anonymously selling that tape of Bobbie being raped by the Mujihadin fighters to a German news crew had been a stroke of genius. Now everyone, including his political masters in Belgrade, thought that it was the Moslems who had them. Arkan watched as the flickering images on the screen changed to a heavily edited portion of that tape. It showed a close up of Bobbie's screaming face while the announcer sanctimoniously droned on about the ordeal of the two American women. The picture expanded into one showing Bobbie lying on her back with her feet tied above her as a bearded man stood between her legs raping her. Though the broadcaster had electronically distorted Bobbie's breasts and the obscene union of her body with his, the tape was still a powerful depiction of a brutal rape. The fear in Bobbie's face was evident even in the edited shots. Arkan felt his cock beginning to stir. Much more of this, he thought, and I'll have to go back to the basement.

The image changed again as Valkyrie's face appeared on the screen. It was a clip from an interview done months earlier on her ship where she was talking about how she was just as capable of combat as any man. Arkan's interest increased when the picture shifted to an earlier still shot of Valkyrie in a very short miniskirt and blouseless blazer. Arkan turned up the sound to hear the voice talking about something called "Tailhook" which had happened years ago in America.

The President leaned forward in his seat, his French fries forgotten for the moment as he devoted all his attention to what his pollster was saying.

" Ok! Let me see if Ah understand the focus group results. They want me to do "something", but they don't know exactly what. Is that it?"

"Yes, Mr. President. They want you to act "Presidential". As long as you are perceived as doing that- acting forcibly, it will satisfy the group's expectations."

" Okay...then all Ah've got to do is launch a few cruise missiles at somebody, hold a press conference, and declare victory. Like Ah did with Saddam. Nothing is more Presidential than being the Commander-in-Chief. Then the whole matter will be over...right? Ah mean, they don't actually think Ah'm going to get those two girls back do they?"

"No sir. Their expectations are rather low. They just want you act Presidential. But you must act soon. The public mood is ..volatile."

Arkan was pleased to see that General Labad was no more than 15 minutes late. For someone with the General's ego, that was, Arkan knew, the equalivant of being on time. He knew that for Labad his pride was all that he had left. Labad commanded the Russian brigade which was that country's contribution to the peacekeeping forces in the Balkans. Unfortunately, Russia could no longer afford such prestige gestures; they could not even pay for food for their Army or even provide their soldiers with their salaries. So, Labad's brigade was dependent on the Americans for food. That fact enraged the General; to be dependent on the charity of his enemies was to him the ultimate insult. For the cash to pay his troops, Labad came to Arkan. In exchange for a few weapons and for looking the other way when Arkan's men violated the terms of the Dayton Agreement, Arkan provided him with enough Deutsch marks to keep his force from dissolving into another band of Balkans brigands. But Arkan had plans to get more from Labad, he planned to use the General to gain control of a force of modern tanks and , more importantly, the men who could operate them. With that degree of military muscle behind him, Arkan believed that he would no longer be dependent on the whims of his masters in Belgrade. Then he would have enough firepower to keep the war going, at least in this corner of the Balkans. To Arkan, the war was everything, his source of wealth, power, prestige, and women. He was determined to keep it from ending. He knew that General Labad would never sell him those tanks. Labad was, Arkan had decided, just another of those timid Appartchiks like those Arkan had bribed, bullied, or blackmailed a dozen times during his days in the Belgrade black-market before the war. The General would, however, give him those tanks if Arkan's estimate of his character was correct. If he were as angry at the Americans' humiliation of his country and as sexually repressed as Arkan believed, then Labad could be manipulated into a situation which would so compromise him that he would do anything to keep it secret. To make sure that the man would be his, he had his cameraman ready to film the General's fall from grace. Then the Russian would be tied to Arkan forever by a shared guilt just as Arkan's "tigers" were tied to him by the war crimes they shared.

After the money had changed hands, and General Labad had consumed several vodkas; Arkan invited him to the hotel basement to see something "interesting". Intrigued, the General agreed, hoping that this was a prelude to fucking one of the women Arkan held captive in his rape camp cum brothel. He had done this several times before and had been surprised at how much he had enjoyed the feeling of power that came from the woman's helplessness. He had never done such things with a woman before. In truth, he had little experience with women before he came here. He was eager to savor that feeling of power again. It was unlike anything he had ever experienced before, better even than the thrill of commanding his soldiers. Leaving his bodyguards behind, the General followed Arkan down the stairs and into the brightly lit room. His first sight of Bobbie and Valkyrie froze him in his tracks. It was the most erotic scene he had ever witnessed.

He drank in the picture the two women made. Nearest to him he saw the figure of a tall, muscular dark haired woman, her body shiny with its own sweat. Her heavy breasts moved gently, seductively, with her labored breathing; their large red nipples pointing toward the floor as drops of sweat rolled off them and fell to the concrete. The woman's magnificent body actually seemed to quiver from the strain of her suspension, the muscles of her arms and thighs flexing as she fought the ropes suspending her. Her head was up to expose her face to his view, forced into that position by the rope gag running from her mouth to her bound elbows. Drool dripped out of the corner of the woman's mouth and ran down her chin. The look of agony on her tear stained face was, the General thought, magnificent, like the face of a woman in the agony of childbirth. Her pain was clear even though her long, dark hair along with the narrow blindfold half hid her face. As he moved around her, the General could see her shaven cunt, its lips red and swollen. Covering this most intimate part of her were streams of cum which had flowed out of her cunt to dry into a white scum covering the cunt lips and the prominent clitoris.

The General moved past her to the second woman, a smaller blonde. Her more slender body was bound in the same torturous rope suspension. Her body also gleamed in the harsh lights; the sweat covering her body made it shine as if she had been oiled. Her blonde hair was soaked with sweat and clinging to her scalp, giving him a clear view of her fine features and delicate ears. There were, the General saw, also traces of tears running from her blindfolded eyes. How beautiful, he thought. The agony was there as well in the set of her jaw and the way her body quivered and shook with the spasms of muscles strained beyond their endurance. The General reached out to touch her cum covered cunt. The woman jumped when he touched her; it was as if she had been hit with an electrical shock. Her shaven cunt was also encrusted with dried and not so dried cum, white stains on a delicate, red vagina. He ran his fingers along the woman's cunt lips and then traced her athletic leg to the sweat pooling in the back of her knee. The General then ran his hand forward to her well rounded ass cheeks and onto her smooth back. Kneeling, he traced his fingertips over the quivering muscles of her stomach to the medium size breasts hanging beneath. He took one of the elongated nipples in his fingers and rolled it between them, marveling at the size of it, not knowing that its swollen condition was the result of prolonged bondage with Arkan's fishing line. Sensing Arkan behind him, the General stood and turned to face him.

"How long have they been hanging like this?"

"Only 6 hours, though I suppose that it must seem longer to them. I am teaching them to follow orders; I think that is a necessary trait in a woman just as it is in a soldier. Which one do you want General? The blonde or the dark haired one?"

The General hesitated for a moment. There was to his mind something not right, even for Arkan, in this. But the women were appealing helpless. He couldn't think for his throbbing cock. What did it matter he reasoned; everyone turned a blind eye to what happened to women captured by the other side in this war of ethnic cleansings.

"I'll take the dark haired one. She is almost Russian with her strong body and her dark hair."

"Yes, very Russian. I'll lower the ropes holding them up; that will let us use their assholes. Much ...neater that way, don't you agree?", said Arkan as he gestured to Bobbie's cum strained cunt.

The President waved his hand at the collected Generals and Admirals, gesturing for their silence.

"Ah've made up my mind. It is imperative that we respond with force to this outrageous act. The prestige and credibility of the Nation are at stake. We will launch a cruise missile attack on the barracks of the Bosnian Moslem forces at Vitez which we know is sheltering a group of Mujihadin. "

"But Mr. President, what about the two flyers? Executing a cruise missile strike could inadvertently result in their deaths or lead to their executions! We don't even know that the Moslems have the women; there was no indication that the Moslems at Brcko had any weapons capable of downing the F-14. And bomb them? With all due respect Sir, I thought we were there to save the Moslems. We need to wait until we can gain more information about where they are and who is holding them."

" Ah feel your pain here, Admiral. But we must look at the big picture; action is demanded to preserve American credibility. Action now. We cannot be seen as weak or irresolute. We have identified one of the men in the film as Iranian. That's Moslem enough for me. Given our CIA's well known inability to find its own ass with both hands, there is no sense in waiting for them. And Ah'm certainly not going to start sending troops all over the place looking for the women. Oh, the media would love that sort of a circus. We get it over with; bomb them...NOW."

"Yes, Mr. President."

"That will be all gentlemen. Ah'de like to be alone now. You too, George."

When all of them had left the room, the President carefully extracted a video tape from his desk and put it into the machine over the TV. Taking care to sit in the chair with its back to the secret service peephole, he leaned back and hit the play button. An image of Bobbie being raped appeared on the large screen, an image with none of the electronic censorship of the newscasts. The President avidly watched as the man's cock penetrated Bobbie's cunt, his large cock disappearing entirely into her tiny hole. As he watched, the President's hand slid down his body until it rested on his hardening cock. He slowly stroked his member through his trousers, staring at the pictures of the blonde aviator being assaulted. As he watched the rape unfolding on the screen in front of him, his fevered mind began to wander, substituting another woman's face for Bobbie's- a blonde face from his own life. He smiled at the image of the Bitch, who had caused him so much pain and humiliation, getting her just deserts. He sat up now, his hand freeing his erect cock and gripping it firmly as his favorite scene approached. When the bearded man knelt by Bobbie's pleading face, the Leader of the Free World began to stroke harder, knowing what came next and trying to time his climax with it. He imagined himself to be there at the rape, an accepted member of this male hunting pack. He saw himself bonded with these men, united with their hatred, showing the Bitch his power, secure within their numbers. As the man's cock battered Bobbie's face and covered it with the remains of his cum, the President stroked his cock one last time, producing a thin stream of cum which shot half way to the TV screen before disappearing into the thick shag of the rug.

Hidden inside a box in the basement of Arkan's hotel HQ, his cameraman sweated. The perspiration ran into his eyes, blurring his vision as he tried to keep his camera focused on the figure of the Russian General. His assignment was to film the General fucking the American pilot, but his film school background kept drawing his attention back to the abused body of the American woman. She seemed to radiate pain and suffering, so much more than the blonde. He wished that he had chosen the big brunette earlier, but then he remembered the warm, tight feeling of the blonde one's cunt and the soft, sweaty feeling of her skin under his hands. He smiled as he remembered the way her body had shaken as he fucked her, so helpless and vulnerable.

Putting his thoughts aside, the man tried to concentrate on filming the Russian officer as he sodomized the muscular American woman. Valkyrie was hunched over on her knees, her face resting on its side on the rough concrete floor. Her hands and elbows remained tied behind her strong back; the rope gag now serving as a noose around her neck while its running end remaining tied to the ropes forcing her elbows together. The Russian's half nude form rested on his knees between the woman's widely spread legs as he fucked her exposed asshole. He was holding her by her muscular thighs as he pressed his cock deeper and deeper into her asshole. The woman's face was largely obscured by her dark , sweat soaked hair and the blindfold; still it managed to convey perfectly the pain and humiliation she was experiencing. The intensity of the suffering reflected in her pain ridden face reminded the cameraman of some Church's religious painting of one of the martyrs. The woman's muscular body was being repeatedly forced forward across the concrete and then roughly jerked back by her attacker, scraping the swollen nipples of her tender breasts across the rough concrete with each of his bull like thrusts. Reluctantly, the cameraman panned to Arkan who was sodomizing the blonde American. Unlike the time he had filmed Valkyrie's rape in the barn when he had avoided filming his boss, he had orders to include Arkan today, to show the General and Arkan side by side assaulting the American women. Carefully, he panned from Arkan's smiling, bearded face down his hairy chest to the sweat shiny body of the woman underneath him, lying face up on her bound arm with her legs held in the air by Arkan. He moved from her pert breasts, bouncing with the force of her attacker's thrusts, to her agony filled face. He noted that her face was turned to her side, her blindfold removed, staring not at Arkan but at her suffering female companion.

"That's it General! Fuck the bitch in her ass. That's the best place to fuck a woman. Her pain: your pleasure."

General Labad said nothing in reply. He felt uncomfortable both in the man's familiarity and in having sex which another man present. But the excitement of raping this woman far outweighed his discomfort. Arkan was opening up a new world of pleasure to him; it would be churlish to rebuff the man. So, he smiled at Arkan and said nothing, concentrating instead on the tight hole he was plundering. His cock actually seemed to lengthen and grow harder if that were possible as he sank it deeper into the woman's small anus. Never had he felt such pleasure and such power. He gripped the woman's firm hips and stared down at the sight of his cock sawing in and out of her tiny anus. The feeling of holding unlimited power over this strong woman intoxicated him. She looked so strong and yet so vulnerable as she crouched there under him, her legs spread open to expose her abused cunt and asshole.

Though Valkyrie could not understand the meaning of the words in Serbo-Croatian, she could sense the gleeful malice behind the words. Valkyrie had been driven to the edge of madness by the prolonged pain of her suspension compound as it was by the humiliation of multiple rapes by anonymous assailants. Now she had been thrown face down on the concrete and her ass obscenely raised to offer her vulnerable ass hole to a new attacker. Frantically, she strained her exhausted muscles, pulling vainly against her ropes. Her muscles flexed helplessly under her tanned skin as she struggled. Her ungagged mouth screamed pleas for mercy.


Her body thrashed weakly in her ropes. Her arms remained tied securely at her wrists and elbows; her feet remained tied to the bench where Arkan had bound them when he lowered her to the floor. She felt so vulnerable at that point, her strong body trembling as she fearfully waited for the man to take her. At that moment she would have done anything, betrayed anyone, to gain a moment's relief. But no matter what she promised, or how earnestly she begged, the unseen men ignored her. She sacrificed her pride and self-respect for no purpose. Instead, she felt the painfully familiar burning sensation of a cock penetrating her anus. New pain and fear overwhelmed her, bring in their wake a deep sense of hopelessness. She would, she realized now, spend the rest of her life like this; no one would save her. She had been reduced to nothing more than a fuck hole for a gang of uniformed terrorists. The feelings of utter hopelessness overcame her. She could no longer resist. Valkyrie stopped struggling and let her body slump in the ropes, her face pressed against the cold concrete. She surrendered her body to her attacker. Only the involuntary clenching of her anal muscles continued to resist him as he penetrated her asshole. She could feel him sinking deeper into her back passage, producing a dull, burning pain as he forced her colon to expand to accommodate him. Loud sobs shock her body as the man's cock slowly borrowed its way into her. It felt to Valkyrie as if he were going to split her in two, as if he were shoving his arm up her ass rather than his cock. Still, she did not resist him. She had accepted his dominance over her. Her mind was mercifully blank. Though pleas for a mercy which these men did not possess poured from her lips, Valkyrie did not even know what she was saying.

Arkan watched the General's introduction to sodomy with the smile of an indulgent teacher watching his star pupil's first science experiment. It was, he thought, far more pleasant that his own introduction to anal sex at the hands of his two hundred pound cellmate. Still, he knew the General would never understand the mind of the woman beneath him until he had been on the bottom as well. Perhaps, he thought with a smile, that too could be arranged once he had the tape of the General unknowingly fucking the American. Anyway, his own rape had happened a long time ago when he was only a teenager. Now he was a man and the one on top, fucking a beautiful American flyer in the ass. He rode Bobbie harder, his cock plowing into her tight ass chute with all his power. He had never felt more powerful than he did at this moment with his cock embedded in the tight hot hole that was Bobbie's ass and with the General firmly caught in his honeyed trap. He fucked Bobbie with short, jack hammer like thrusts, expanding her tiny anal passage a millimeter at a time while he stared down at the profile of her beautiful young face. His cock felt as if it were being squeezed in a vise, the muscle contractions accompanying each of the captive blonde's deep sobs gripping his cock like a strong hand. Harder and harder he fucked, his half nude, hairy body dripping sweat onto the nude body of his helpless victim. Her helplessness was an aphrodisiac for Arkan, driving him to fuck ever harder into Bobbie in an attempt to possess her totally, body and soul.

Underneath Arkan, Bobbie grunted and moaned softly with each of those terrible thrusts into her ass chute. Exhausted from the pain of her prolonged suspension; she could not have resisted him even if she had not been bound. Bound as she was and immobilized by the weight of Arkan's huge body on top of her, Bobbie could only lie there helplessly as this evil man used her body in a painful and humiliating manner. The pain from his sodomy was ten times worse than the multiple rapes her cunt had endured earlier. Bobbie felt as if a tree limb were being shoved up her ass instead of a cock. Her ass was a solid mass of pain as the man's cock kept penetrating deeper into her. She wanted to scream, to plead; but the sight of Val crouching there beside her, sniveling and crying, stilled those screams. Bobbie was transfixed by the way Val looked so completely crushed, so totally dominated, by the gray haired man raping her ass. The sight of Val, her spirit apparently broken -begging incoherently, terrified Bobbie. She called out Val's name but there was no response. Val was, she thought, in another world. Bobbie stared across the floor at Val. She could see the other woman's red, raw cunt looking like an open wound, still dripping cum from the earlier rapes. Looming above her cunt, the older man's huge cock had spread Val's tiny spinster open far beyond anything Bobbie would have believed possible. She saw the sweat rolling off Val's strong body as Val crouched there submissively, moaning and pleading. Bobbie could not believe the words pouring out of Val's mouth.

"Please...please...don't hurt me any more...I'll do whatever you want...I'll be good..I will...don't...No.. please?"

The General looked over at Arkan and ask in his language, " What is the bitch saying?"

Arkan smiled and replied in the same tongue, " She likes it. Fuck her harder; the bitch likes it!"

This is all my fault, Bobbie thought. The plight of her idol made Bobbie's pain and humiliation seem unimportant, almost a kind of justice since, in Bobbie's guilt-tortured mind, she was the one who had caused Val's capture by telling Arkan where their pick-up point was located.. Val, she believed, was too smart and too tough for them to have captured if only she had kept her mouth shut. Bobbie embraced the pain now as pentenance for betraying Val. As she tried to steel herself to be strong for Val's sake, the words of some German from a long forgotten college philosophy class came unbidden to her mind; "That which does not kill us, makes us stronger". For a moment, she had the crazy urge to laugh; obviously, she thought, that Kraut had never been fucked up the ass.

Arkan's thrusts were shaking Bobbie's whole body now, making her clench the muscles in her ass. Bobbie tried to pull her self together , to relax and accept what this horrible man was doing to her and by doing so to regain some control over her own body. But her rapist had control; she could not take it back. She could only lie there and suffer, mentally and physically, struggling to even breath as the man's cock pounded into her with the force of a locomotive. With drool, snot, and tears streaming down her face, Bobbie could no longer even think. Her mind was a mass of pain. She was totally paralyzed by the brutality of Arkan's ass rape. She feared that it would go on forever. Finally, she felt the cock inside her stop its thrusts and then quiver as it emptied itself into her ass channel. She felt his hot cum fill her. Eventually, Arkan pulled out of her, dropping her legs to the concrete. Painfully, Bobbie rolled onto her side to look at Valkyrie. As she watched, the gray haired man pulled Valkyrie's ass hard into his crotch and held it there as he humped frantically into her ass. Then he abandon Valkyrie, allowing her to collapse face down on the concrete. Valkyrie's body was now stretched full length on the cold floor, her face turned away from Bobbie. Bobbie stared at her companion, taking in the sobs still periodically shaking her muscular body. She was appalled by the sight of Valkyrie's wide open ass hole- a red raw open wound between her perfect ass cheeks, still dripping man cum. Bobbie whispered to her.

"Val? Val...... please, you're going to be OK; I know it. We'll get out of this somehow. I'm so sorry Val. It's all my fault."

Valkyrie had no idea how long it had been since the man had stopped using her ass. She still lay on the concrete floor, her arms bound tightly behind her back. Now she could see though; her blindfold was gone. Mercifully, the noose around her neck was loose, no longer tied to her bound elbows. This allowed her to breath freely again for the first time in hours -days perhaps. She could not see Bobbie. A few feet away Arkan and a distinguished gray haired man, both nude to the waist, sat on benches at a rough table eating, drinking, and laughing. The faint aroma of their food carried to her, making her realize how hungry she was. Valkyrie could not remember the last time she had eaten anything. She watched them with her half closed eyes, being careful not to move for fear they would begin the torture again if they knew she was awake. She could not prevent a shutter at the thought of more abuse. God, she thought, please make it stop.

Her involuntary movement had not gone unnoticed. Arkan stood and walked to where she was laying. In his hand was a piece of salami. He waived it in front of her as he taunted her.

"Ah, the great American television hero is awake. Good, I am in the mood for another "Ride of the Valkyrie". Hmmm, ready for another ride, whore?"

The General's head came up at Arkan's words. Though he did not speak English, he recognized one of Arkan's words. In the Serbo-Croatian they shared, he angrily ask,

"AMERICANSKI! What do you mean. Who are these women?"

"My General, don't you recognize them? I thought you recognized them. They are the American pilots everyone has been looking for." Improvising rapidly, he continued at a frantic pace, " After all the Americans had done to fuck your Homeland Russia, I thought you should have the opportunity to fuck one of them. It is my gift to you. She is an officer in their Navy, you know. A Lieutenant. Of course, no one else will ever know. Do you think I am crazy? Don't worry, they will disappear soon. Then you and I will be the only ones who know. It will be our little secret. Come let me show you what these two whores can do."

Drunk and fascinated by the sight of the nude woman, General Labad accepted Arkan's lies at face value. He was distracted by his thoughts. He had fucked an American officer. The idea fascinated him. He had possessed one of the almighty Americans' whores. He had fucked the American whore officer in her ass. These thoughts kept running through his mind.

Determined to keep the General distracted, Arkan cast about for something to capture his attention. Then he realized that the woman was staring at the sausage in his hand. An idea leaped into his mind. With the General's help, he put both the women on the bench, sitting facing each other. Taking the loose end of Valkyrie's noose, he tied it to the bench behind her back, forcing her to lean back and support her weight on her still bound hands, bracing them on the bench top behind her back. Then he took the remaining 2/3's of the salami that they had been eating and pushed one end into Valkyrie's cunt. Quickly, he and the General forced Bobbie's cunt up against Valkyrie's by putting one leg over and one leg under in a scissors and then fed her cunt the remaining half of the hard, greasy sausage. Then they tied the running end of Bobbie's noose to the bench behind her so that both leaned away from each other- their weight supported by their bound hands- with their sausage filled cunts hard against each other. As the General admired their positioning, skipping around them like a schoolboy, Arkan tied his familiar nylon fishing line around each of their nipples. In a moment, each man had two thin lines in his hands which were to be used in the manner of a puppeteer to control the women's every movements.

"Fuck each other! Make yourselves cum or we'll rip your nipples off!"

Bobbie could feel the warmth of Valkyrie's cunt touching her, rubbing against her clit. The idea of touching Val there aroused her despite her shame at being forced to masturbate in front of these men. The feeling of the salami inside her was not unpleasant; her cunt had been so expanded by her earlier rapes that there was no discomfort there. She experimented by carefully moving her hips back an inch, letting the sausage slip part way out of her cunt, and then moving back toward Val until their clits made contact in an electric sensation. Val stared angrily at her without moving until the General used one of the nylon lines to jerk one of Valkyrie's sore, swollen nipple away from her body, the line tightening around the nipple's tip until it bulged obscenely. Valkyrie moaned as her body moved forward involuntarily, rubbing their clits together. A pull on the other nipple, and Valkyrie was moving her hips slowly in a parody of Bobbie's. The two women appeared to be fucking each other as they fell into a rhythm by which they came together and then pulled apart, alternatively revealing and engulfing the red salami connecting the two aviator's cunts. Bobbie stared at Val, her breath becoming increasingly ragged as she became more and more aroused by the sight of her idol's nude sweaty body. She could see Val's nipples being tormented by the gray haired man, making them stand out from her heavy breasts and turn a purple red with the trapped blood. Then she felt the same pain as Arkan began to pull on the lines around her nipples. Slowly, one at a time, he tightened them until her nipples were duplicates of Val's swollen rosebuds. She welcomed the pain of this; it was something she was sharing with Valkyrie. Bobbie fucked harder on the sausage inside her, carefully keeping her movements in time with Val's irregular hip movements. She stared at Val's face, which was an expressionless mask. Bobbie's face was a bright red, a mirror of her embarrassment. But she could not help herself.

"Oh.. relax..Val.....It'll be...OK...Ahh...God...Oh, Val!"

Across from her Val stared in distaste at her companion. She wondered how the little bitch could be enjoying this terrible degradation. All too aware of the eyes of the two leering men- and the pain they were inflicting on her much abused nipples- Valkyrie seethed with repressed anger. She longed to strike back at the men torturing her- and at Bobbie as well. But she was too afraid to defy the men. Instead she fucked the salami. It felt good! Especially when Bobbie's clit rubbed against her own. It was the first time sex had not meant pain since she had been captured. She tried to relax , but the pain in her breasts and her aversion to lesbian sex prevented that. As the two women fucked each other with the sausage like it was a dildo, Valkyrie could not avoid beginning to feel arousal. No enough to get off on, she was afraid; but enough to make her wet. This became apparent as sucking sounds began to come from the women's cunts. First from Bobbie's cunt and then, to her disgust, from her own, came the slippery sounds. The men found this very amusing. Using his fingers to investigate, Arkan declared,

"So, you're getting hot. You are a slut. A dirty, lesbian slut just like the blonde slut!"

Valkyrie was humiliated! But she could not deny the truth of his first observation. She was getting hot. She leaned back, resting more of her weight on her arms to allow her to thrust harder into Bobbie's cunt, searching for the smaller woman's clit with her own. She found Bobbie matching her thrust for thrust, pressing into Valkyrie's cunt with her own until the sodden salami entirely disappeared within their cunts. Again and again they fucked the sausage, now finding its narrow diameter a disappointment where a moment earlier they had been grateful for that narrowness. Valkyrie was panting, her sweat soaked chest heaving with each breath as she rubbed herself against her friend. Bobbie cried out to her,


As soon as she spoke, Arkan grabbed Bobbie, pulling her away from Valkyrie's hips and dislodging the salami from her cunt. Valkyrie grunted helplessly; now she had nothing to friction herself against. Frantically, she tried to hump the bench itself to bring herself off. She heard Arkan's hated voice.

"No, sluts! It is not time for you to have any fun yet. Its time for you to go back to work again....whores!"

Valkyrie cried in frustration as he dragged her to the floor and onto her knees beside Bobbie, their necks still tied to the bench. She had been so close. Valkyrie could see by Bobbie's face that she had not reached her climax either. Valkyrie felt a moment's satisfaction at that. Arkan reached down to her cunt and pulled the soggy salami out of her. The motion of the dildo/sausage almost brought her off. Then she was looking at the salami as Arkan held it inches from her face. She could see that it was limp now, saturated with the spendings of both their vaginas. Its color was even different, a paler red. It was so close that she could smell it, a mixture of spicy meat and a woman's cunt- her cunt and Bobbie's.

Arkan held it before her and smiled. "There is something in your Geneva Convention about feeding prisoners, is there not. Don't say I never gave you anything. I'm giving you this sausage. Enjoy it, whore."

He held it out to her after reversing it so that the portion which had been inside Bobbie was offered to her. Valkyrie stared at it, her disgust evident on her face.

"Eat it whore! Or I'll hang you up again..... forever!"

Valkyrie opened her mouth and slowly leaned forward to close her lips around a chunk of the warm, cunt flavored salami. Closing her eyes , she bit down, tearing it off and chewing the tough meat. Valkyrie could taste the meat, the spices, and the fat in the salami. God, she was hungry! She could also taste something else, strong and almost sweet on her tongue. It was, she knew, Bobbie's taste. It filled her mouth. The taste was not bad, but Valkyrie could not keep herself from gagging on the piece of meat. She was eating another woman's cunt! The very thought disgusted her. She gagged again; then she forced herself to keep chewing until she could force the meat down. But the taste lingered.

Arkan held the sausage out to Bobbie, offering her the end which had been in Valkyrie's cunt. Without hesitation, Bobbie took the meat into her mouth, tearing it off with her strong, white teeth. She chewed it slowly, savoring the taste of Valkyrie as well as the sausage. Bobbie swallowed it and held her mouth open for another.

Arkan offered another piece to Valkyrie. This time one from the end which had been in her own cunt. He smiled at the look of distaste on the bound woman's face as she consumed this tidbit of flavored salami as well. He fed them alternately, offering each a mix of meat flavored with her own juices and those of her companion. Obediently, the women ate the morsels he offered them. Valkyrie was humiliated by this, grimacing at the thought of where the meat had been. Bobbie ate the proffered meat willingly. When there was no more sausage, Arkan told them,

"Now for something to drink. You will have to work for your cocktails though!"

Smiling at his own witticism, Arkan opened his pants to offer his cock to Bobbie while the General watched. The two women knelt side by side in front of the bench, their faces at the level of the men's crotches. Arkan reached down to recover one of the thin nylon lines, the one tied to Bobbie's right nipple.

"Use this to control her; she'll do whatever you want after a few pulls on her tits!"

To demonstrate, Arkan gave a sharp tug on his line. Bobbie moaned and arched her back in response, inadvertently offering her pert breasts up to Arkan for more punishment. Arkan toyed with her nipple, stretching it and then giving a moment's respite before repeating the process as Bobbie squirmed and moaned in response. He held his cock to her face with one hand and switched to English to order her to lick his cock. As Arkan stretched and tormented her tit, Bobbie extended her tongue and ran it up the sensitive underside of Arkan's cock. She licked it slowly, between moans, caressing the man's cock with the tip of her tongue. She could taste her shit on his cock; it was bitter on her tongue. Goaded by the pain from her breast, she frantically licked Arkan's cock, using her tongue to remove all traces of her shit and his cum and leave his cock erect and shiny with her saliva. Arkan grasp her by her short blonde hair and held her head motionless as he slowly inserted his huge cock into her open mouth. Without pausing to allow the young flyer time to adjust to the sudden invasion, Arkan sheathed his cock inside Bobbie's mouth and throat. He forced it down her throat until Bobbie's nose was buried in his foul smelling cock hair. Bobbie's face turned red as she tried, and failed, to breath around the cock filling her mouth and throat. He held his cock motionless inside her until he could see Bobbie's eyes begin to roll up in her head. Only then did he relent and pull half of his cock out of her mouth, leaving the head resting on her soft tongue while Bobbie tried to suck air into her starved lungs. After only a few seconds, Arkan again buried his cock inside her hot, wet throat, cutting off the young woman's air and forcing her to suck frantically on his cock as she tried vainly to draw air around it. Only when Bobbie was again ready to pass out from oxygen deprivation did Arkan partially withdraw his cock and allow her to suck in enough oxygen to remain conscious for a few more moments. He toyed with her, using his cock to torture her.

The General watched Arkan for few moments before he turned to the frightened Valkyrie. He grasp both of the lines connected to Valkyrie's huge, swollen nipples. He drew the lines taunt, then slowly pulled harder as if he would lift her off her knees by her breasts. Valkyrie leaned back in her pain, a moan escaping her lips. The General grinned down at her as he pulled harder, tormenting her breasts; he turned to Arkan and demanded:

" Tell the American Whore to lick my boots! Tell her!"

Arkan smiled, " Excellent General, you have the heart of a sadist". Then, switching to English, he said, " VALKYRIE!, lick his boots, whore!"

The agonized Valkyrie looked up at him and then at the General. The pain from her stretched breasts was consuming her; she had no heart left to defy these men. When the General loosened his grip on the lines attached to her nipples, she bent forward at the waist and brought her face down to the level of the man's highly polished boots. Valkyrie could see a distorted reflection of her face in the toe of the boot. She closed her eyes and reached out with her tongue. She felt it touch the leather of his boots; the leather tasted bitter to her tongue. Hating herself, she began to lick, covering the toe with her saliva. When she had slobbered enough over that toe, the General nudged her to the other boot with the wet leather of his boot. Again, Valkyrie went through the humiliation of licking the man's boot. She had almost finished making the toe of that boot shiny with her saliva when the General suddenly jerked her up. He used the lines attached to her breasts to pull her up. Valkyrie screamed at the sudden pain. She tried to get to her feet, but the line around her neck stopped her. She fell back to her knees before General Labad. Imitating Arkan, he used one hand to hold her by her long dark hair as the other hand guided his cock into her half open mouth. In her fear and anger, Valkyrie thought about biting his cock off! She did not resist as he forced his cock into her mouth, allowing him to thrust it down her throat. Her mind told her to do it, to strike back at them. She tried to make her jaw clamp down and bite off the man's cock. She could not make herself do it. They had broken her. She was too afraid. Shocked at the depths to which she had fallen, she submitted passively to the man's cock. He used her hair to force her mouth back and forth on his cock, making her mouth fuck his cock. Valkyrie was gagging with each thrust as the cock rode over her tongue and its head struck her pharynx. She struggle for breath as he brutally fucked her mouth, barely drawing enough oxygen from around his cock to keep from suffocating. All Valkyrie could see was the man's hairy crotch pressing against and retreating from her face. All she could think about was how this cock in her mouth had been inside her ass just moments before. Mercifully, she could not understand the words the man raping her was screaming out.



Her whole world was now reduced to just the cock raping her mouth and the hairy loins around it. Valkyrie moved her tongue, using it to caresses the sensitive underside of the man's cock. She was trying to speed his climax, to escape the brutal rape of her mouth even at the cost of pleasing his man. Regardless, the man's cock continued to thrust in and out of her mouth, raping her throat as if it were her cunt. The Russian General held Valkyrie by her hair as he fucked into her mouth, bruising the woman's lips with his powerful strokes. Her strangled grunts and the liquid sounds his cock made as it traveled in and out of her mouth were the only counterparts to the grunts of the gray haired General. Valkyrie felt helpless as she knelt there, her sweat soaked, muscular body held immobile by his hand in her hair. On and on the cock raped her mouth in a seemingly unending, machinelike motion. Valkyrie's mind lost track of the time as she struggle to breath. Suddenly, the man stopped fucking her mouth; instead he held his cock in his fist with its head almost touching the soft, sweaty skin of her chin. He pumped it once, then twice, before it began spewing his hot, sticky white cum over her face. The substance covered her chin and cheeks, squirted into her gasping mouth, and even shot into her eyes and onto her forehead. He covered her entire face with his cum, leaving her with a white mask. When the burning cum stopped hitting her face, Valkyrie dared to look up into the man's face. What she saw before she dropped her gaze was terrifying; the man's face was a mask of hate glaring silently down at her. He did not put away his cock. He continued to stroke it as he stared down at her. Without warning, another burst of hot liquid hit her face. It was a moment before Valkyrie realized that the burning, foul smelling liquid was not more of his cum. It was his urine! He was pissing on her face!


Laughing, he directed the stream across her cum covered face, washing the cum away so that it mixed with the piss; the vile combination ran off her face and down onto her breasts and torso to fall onto the cold concrete. Valkyrie could not move; her shock was total. She could only crouch there helpless, his fist in her hair, as he pissed in her face. Her humiliation was complete; the man was using her as his toilet. Valkyrie did not think she could sink any lower. The man's cum already filled her ass; now her face was covered with his cum and piss. She wanted to die!

Beside her Arkan was still fucking Bobbie's mouth. He continued to torment her by thrusting his cock down her throat, cutting off her air, until she was about to pass out from the lack of oxygen. Then he would withdraw his cock just enough to allow her to breath- for a few seconds- before he began suffocating her again with his cock. Crouching at his feet, Bobbie gagged and whimpered helplessly. Arkan continued to torture her nipple even now, as a result of which her right nipple had swollen to twice the size of its twin. As he watched the General rape Valkyrie's mouth and then cum all over her face, his slow thrusts picked up speed. When he saw the General piss on the proud woman's face, Arkan could not hold himself back any longer. He thrust his cock into her throat one more time and then pulled out to empty himself on Bobbie's upturned, panic stricken face. He covered the young blonde's face with his cum, coating her chin and cheeks with the sticky white substance as she gasped frantically for breath. Then he stepped back; the two female flyers exchanged fearful glances at each others faces, covered as they were with the men's spendings, wondering fearfully what more these men would do to them..

"Excellent work, General! Excellent! You really know how to put a woman in her place. Do you mind if I borrow her for a small task?" Without waiting for an answer, he switched to English and told Valkyrie, " I want you to lick your friend's face clean. Or would you rather go back to hanging from the ceiling while my men fuck you?"

Obediently, Valkyrie leaned over to Bobbie. For a moment, she stared in revulsion at the cum covering Bobbie's face. Then a jerk on her nipple wires overcame her reluctance, and she began to lick Bobbie. Slowly, she cleaned the younger woman's face, inch by painful inch, of the sticky cum. Bobbie remained motionless as Val's tongue worked over her face, her eyes never leaving Val's. The delicate sensation of Val's tongue licking her skin made Bobbie squirm, exciting her sexually despite all she had been through. Even the strong odor of urine clinging to Valkyrie's face did not disturb her pleasure in Val's touch. For Valkyrie, the task was very distasteful and made more so by the obvious expression of pleasure on Bobbie's face. That was worse than the foul taste of Arkan's cum covering Bobbie's face. Controlling her anger, Valkyrie continued until she had licked and swallowed every bit of Arkan's cum, leaving Bobbie's smooth face clean and shiny with her saliva.

The two men had one final indignity for Valkyrie. They forced both her and Bobbie to stretch out on the floor facing each other. Using the ropes still around both their necks, Arkan pulled their faces into each other cunts. He brought the running end of the rope over their heads and tied it to the other woman's bound arms. Then the men tied each woman's feet tightly together, completely trapping Valkyrie's head inside Bobbie's crotch and Bobbie's head inside Valkyrie's. Valkyrie's face was pressed against Bobbie's cunt, which was still dripping cum from the earlier gang rapes. Bobbie's face was similarly nestled against Valkyrie's cum and piss covered cunt. Valkyrie recoiled at the smell and taste of Bobbie's cunt. She tried to move her head away but could not. Reluctantly, she accepted that she would have to endure this perverse arrangement. Then she felt the light touch of Bobbie's tongue on her cunt. She could not believe this! How could she have taken Bobbie under her wing, lived in the same room even, with this pervert. Frantically, she tried to protest, to order Bobbie to stop. But her words were muffled by Bobbie's cunt; nothing came out except indistinct sounds. Valkyrie felt as if she were being raped again- this time by Bobbie! In her mind she cried out for an end to these assaults. Struggling as best she could within the confines of her perverse bondage, Valkyrie tried to scream out "NO..LEAVE ME ALONE"!

Bobbie had wanted only to comfort Val. With her hands tied behind her back, all she could do was use her lips and tongue. The fact that they were tied in a position approximating her fantasy did not enter her conscious mind. She just did what seemed natural. To her joy, she felt Val responding, stimulating Bobbie's cunt and trying to call out to her. Encourage, she licked harder, searching for and finding the larger woman's prominent clit and strumming it with the tip of her tongue. The more her lover thrashed and yelled, the more excited- and the wetter- Bobbie became, and the harder she sucked and licked on Val's clit.

end part 3/4

TO BE CONTINUED IN 4 TO 6 WEEKS. If you have any suggestions about part 4, please let me know-

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