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Sally was basically a good girl, but the other girls in her fourth grade class were always getting her into one bad situation after another. Her friends were always trying to steal make-up and clothes from the department store, but she usually didn't get involved in their "shopping" trips.
All of Sally's friends had training bras, but Sally's mom wouldn't here of such a thing... Her biggest argument was that Sally had no reason to wear on yet and that it would just be money spent on something that didn't exist. Sally knew this was true, but all of her friends were wearing them and she felt left out and hopefully she would need it someday.
One fateful Saturday, Sally and one of her friends, Michelle, took the bus downtown and headed for the department store. Michelle told Sally that she would help her steal a training bra and a few other things. Sally was quite nervous, but she wanted that bra so bad that her fear was overridden by her excitement.
The arrived at the store and headed for the underwear department. Michelle and Sally looked through all the bras until Sally found the one that was very pretty. It was pale pink with a small pink bow between the cups and just enough padding to make it look like she had a reason to wear a bra. Michelle instructed Sally to take several into the dressing room and try them on, but to leave on the one fit the best and just bring the others out. Sally agreed.
On the way to the dressing room, they spotted a table with lots of sexy panties. Michelle said, "You just have to have matching panties", and smiled slyly. Sally was getting nervous again, but took several pair of some shear pink nylon panties in the dressing room with her.
Sally pulled her sweater over her head and hung it on one of the hooks. Next she unzipped her denim skirt and let it drop to the floor and slid her panties down her thin legs and stepped out of them. She then hung the skirt and panties on one of the other hooks. She stood in front of the full length mirror for a second examining her young body. She wished she looked more like a woman, but that was hard with your hair in pigtails, nothing but soft peach- fuzz between you thighs and no tits.
She picked up the first bra and tried it on... too big. She next tried a smaller one and it fit very well. Next she slipped on one pair of the panties and much to her surprise, they fit perfectly. They were just a little to shear for her taste, you could actually see her little slit between her legs, but what the heck, she wasn't going to pay for them anyway.
She pulled her skirt back on and slipped her sweater back over her head. Sally could really notice a difference when she looked in the mirror... She could see two small lumps in the front of her snug sweater. Now maybe someone would pay attention to her. She opened the dressing room door found Michelle. Michelle saw the improvement and game Sally a big smile and a thumbs up. They left the bras and underwear on the table and headed for the door, when a large black man in a brown security uniform grabbed Sally by the arm and said "And just where do you think you're goin' little missy!"
Michelle knew exactly what to do... RUN, but poor Sally's knees went weak and she just stood there looking up at the security guard, jaw slack, eyes practically in tears. The guard yanked her arm hard, almost pulling her off her feet. "You're commit' with me girl", he said gruffly, "...we gotta have us a little chat about some clothes you forgot to pay for." He marched Sally through the store to the back and through a door marked "PRIVATE...

He closed the door and locked the deadbolt lock behind him. The room was bare except for two metal chairs and a sturdy table with a metal top and metal legs. A large briefcase was laying on it's side at one end of the table. Sally's mind was racing... what was going to happen now, where her parents going to find out about what she had done, was the large black man going to call the police, would she go to jail? She tried to imagine the worst, but really had no idea what was about to happen.
"OK, first things first...", he barked, " with that sweater." At first Sally didn't believe what she was hearing, did he really tell her to take off her sweater?!! "DID I STUTTER?!!", he yelled. "I said off with that sweater!" "Why do I have to do that?", she asked sheepishly. "So I can get the store's merchandise back, you fuckin' thief!" There was no doubt in Sally's mind this time and she reluctantly began to pull her sweater up over her head. "Come on, come on..." he complained, "...I don't got all day, just drop it there on the table". As Sally dropped her sweater on the table, he yelled again, "...and the skirt too." Sally obediently removed her skirt and set it on the table as well. "Well, well, looks like you have some of our merchandise", the guard said as he smiled like a cat with a canary. "I sure the store would like you to give them back, little missy", he said as he grin grew wider.
His grin wasn't only thing that was getting bigger. Sally noticed a huge bulge growing in the front of his tight brown uniform slacks. She began to remove the training bra tried to cover her self as she slipped it off onto the table. "Panties too!" he said gleefully as he leered at the fourth grader. She covered her chest with her arm and tried to remove the panties with the other. She struggled a bit, but was finally able to remove them. Sally grabbed for her sweater and skirt to try to cover her embarrassment, but he yelled at her... "NO! Did I tell you that you could get dressed... Sit in that chair, you little bitch!".
A cold chill ran up Sally's spine as her naked bottom came in contact with the cold metal chair. The guard walked over to the table and opened his briefcase. He pulled out a sheet of paper with some sort of form printed on it, then placed it on the table. He pulled his pen out of his shirt pocket and set it on the form. He stood there for a second and looked at the fourth grader sitting there in the chair, completely naked except for her shoes and kneesocks, then he reached into the briefcase again and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. He walked around behind the chair that Sally was sitting in and told her to drop her hands to her side. As soon as she did, he pulled her hands behind the chair and handcuffed them together. "That's so you don't get no ideas about gettin' away, girl.", he explained.
Sally was beginning to suspect that he had something else in mind, but there wasn't much she could do, nude, handcuffed and she did get caught red handed stealing from the store. He sat in the chair across the table from her and started writing on the form. Finally, he looked up from the paper and asked, "What's your name, girl?" "Sally." she whispered. "NO, your
name", he yelled. "Sally Morgan", she replied.
He continued to ask all sorts of questions, address, telephone number, parents names, where she went to school. When he was done, he put the form back into the briefcase and the pen into his pocket. He stood and moved to the other side and sat on the side of it facing Sally's chair. He was only about a foot in front of her, sitting on the edge of the table, with his legs spread. She was looking right at the crotch of his brown uniform slacks. She could see that he bulge in his pants was even bigger than before and a smaller, but sizable bulge between his legs. Sally had never seen a man without his clothes on before, but she had heard from her friends about what men looked like. Whatever he had in there was much bigger than anything her friends had described. She was getting very frightened because her friends told her that men always wanted to stick there "thing" inside girls and Sally wanted no part of that.
The guard reached out his large black hand and began to stroke on of Sally's blond pigtails and said, "Why does a pretty little thing like you want to rip off our store". "I guess that there are a couple of ways we can do this... I can call the cops and have them take ya' away and then your mom and dad will have to be informed...", he paused, "or you can do everything I ask and no one will have to know about this at all." Sally looked puzzled. "You don't get it do you?", the guard asked.
He stood up next to Sally's chair. His large black hand began to caress her small white shoulder. She tried to pull away from him, but couldn't go far with her hands cuffed behind the chair. His hand slowly moved down across her chest and down her belly. Finally, he started to slide his hand down between her thin legs and he pushed his fingers into her soft bald flesh. She tried to clamp her legs together, but he was very strong and dug his fingers deeper into her. Sally tried to yell "RAPE", but he clamped his other large hand over her mouth.
The pain of his long fingers inside her was almost more than she could take... Her eyes rolled back in her head and she felt herself start to go limp. Just as she thought that she couldn't take it any more, he pulled his fingers out of her. They were covered with blood. "Oh a virgin, huh?" he chuckled. He wiped his fingers on her leg and then stood up again. The guard fumbled with his zipper then reached deep into his pants, pulling out a huge black penis. With his one hand still covering her mouth, he took his huge tool in his free hand and started rubbing it against the side of her face, while stroking it up and down. He grabbed her jaw and tilted her head back, forcing her mouth to open wide. The guard slipped his semi-hard manhood into the young girl's mouth and began thrusting in and out with his big black thighs. His huge balls were swinging back and forth, slapping against the youngsters chin.
Sally's tear filled eyes looked up at him, pleading, but there was no stopping now. His cock filled her entire mouth, stretching her lips, pushing hard against the the back of her throat. As the head of he cock pushed it's way into her throat, she started to gag. He slapped her hard across the face and yelled, "Don't do that bitch... swallow it... ALL of me." His huge balls separated and lurched upward and a hot stream of sperm squirted into the little girls mouth. He finished and pulled his cock out of her and cleaned himself by wiping his cock off on her face.
He reached down and undid the handcuffs then stood in front of her again. He told her that he would not tell her parents or the police about what Sally had done. He also said that he knew who she was and where she lived and that she would have to come down to the store every Saturday and suck his cock or he WOULD tell her parents and the police. She picked up her clothes, sobbing, and got dressed.
Sally came by every Saturday, just like clockwork and sucked off the security guard. Just like she was told to because Sally was basically a good girl

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