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I did not write this story &

I don't know who the author is.




WARNING ... This story contains graphic descriptions of sex among

pre-teen children and between adults and pre-teen children.  If you

find this offensive stop reading now.


This story is entirely fictional and any similarity between persons

and events depicted in it and actual persons and events is purely

coincidental.  The story is pure fantasy and none of the events

described herein are practiced, advocated or condoned by the author.




        "Ok, Tina.  This is what a man's cock looks like when the man

is really

turned on.  And these", he said lifting his cock up to his belly, "are


testicles.  There are 2 of them here and that is where the semen is

made."  He

reached down to her lap and grabbed her hand.  "Go ahead and touch

them, just

cup you hand around them.  That's good.. That feels nice." he said as

he held

her tiny hand to his balls.

        He held her hand against his balls and rubbed them back and

forth. To

Tina they felt huge and soft and .. strange.  She was looking at where

her hand

was touching his nuts when he pulled his cock back down to her face,


touching and moved her hand onto it.

        "Now touch my penis, Tina.  Try to put your hand around it.


good.  Now you're touching me, like I touched you.  It feels good when


touch me.  Your such a pretty little girl, you should learn more about

sex, so

you can grow up real pretty.. yeah.. that's right.  Put your hand

around it and

hold it.  Look at it real close.  Your gonna get to know it real

good... That's


        Jim Phillips was just talking to cover any hesitation on the

part of

this preteen girl.  He had put her hand around his cock and held it

there with

his own, slowly using her tiny hand to jerk himself off in her face.

He talked

even though he knew she wasn't hearing any of the words.  She was

transfixed by

the sight of his erection in her face.

        Tina could not believe the size of Mr. Phillips penis.  He had

put her

hand around it and her finger tips did not reach her thumb.  It was

rock hard

underneath, but soft and smooth on the outside.  He was pushing her

hand up and

down on it and the skin moved back and forth with it.  She could feel


pulsing each time she stroked it.  More of the clear pre-cum fluid was


out the end of it.  She could smell it, and it wasn't unpleasant.

This was

amazing.  Tina was starting to feel turned on by the wickedness of

this, and by

the fact that this grown man thought that her little, hairless,

flat-chested 11

year old body was so pretty that he wanted to be naked with her.

Suddenly, he

swayed forward and his hard cock just bumped her face.  Tina started

to jerk

back, but his hand was behind her head, and she couldn't back up.  His


backed up and was again inches away, but Tina was remembering little

Debbie in

the video.

        "Are you gonna ...  Are you gonna put it in my mouth?" she


looking fearfully up at the man.

        "Do you want me to put my penis in your mouth?  I'd really

like to feel

your mouth on my penis, and I'd really like to cum in your mouth. I'm

so turned

on by looking at your little naked body, I think I would cum real

fast.  Is

that what you want?"

        "I don't know.  I...I'm scared."

        "No, honey.. don't be scared.  You saw all those other little


doing it.  They didn't look scared, did they?  Remember the little 7

year old

licking that man's testicles.  She was smiling afterward, remember? So

don't be

scared.. your just nervous because it's your first time, and you don't


what to do.  I won't put it in your mouth now if you don't want me to.

But I

will want you to do it a little later, is that ok?"

        "Yeah.. Ok.. What do I do now?"

      Jim could hardly believe it.  Little Tina was so glad that he


going to ram his cock into her mouth that she was actually asking what

to do.

"Why don't you use your hands to give me an orgasm like I did to you.

Just take

both your hands and put them on my cock... that's right... now start


them up and down my cock... that's good.. go ahead and squeeze

tighter, Tina..

Yeah.. that's good.  Just keep doing that and I'll ejaculate on your


that will help your breast grow someday... ohhhh, god.. Looking at a


little girl like you really has me turned on.... I'm going to cum real


        Tina had both hands on his penis now.  He showed her how to

stroke his

hard cock.  It wasn't to difficult, but his cock was so big in her


After she got the rhythm of it down, he put one hand on her shoulder

and the

other caressed her head and hair.   Tina kept pulling on his cock,

watching the

fluid that kept coming out of it, wondering what it would be like to

see him

shoot his semen on her like the men did to all those other girls in

the video

she had seen.  She didn't have long to wait.

        Jim Phillips was so turned on by this innocent little preteen


She was watching his cock, concentrating on it while her tiny hands

jerked it

up and down, urging his seed to come out and cover her prepubescent

body. He

held her shoulder to keep her from backing off, but she didn't seem to

want to.

 Her fine blond hair felt nice to touch, and he had to restrain

himself from

slamming his rigid pecker into her mouth and making her eat his cock.


orgasm was building and he continued to urge the little girl on.

        "Good... Girl... Tina.. I'm going to cum, Tina... I'm going to

cum on

you.. on your pretty chest... yeah.. Stroke me, Tina... Faster..

gooood.  Uh..

Faster, honey... That's it.. That's it... Get ready, honey.. I'M GONNA




        Tina felt his huge cock get even larger!!  She felt one hand

clamp down

on her shoulder while the other grabbed her hair.  She couldn't move,


then.. she didn't really want to.  His cock started to buck in her

small hands.

 Once.  Twice.  And suddenly the semen shot from his cock onto her

lips and

chin.  It burned where it landed and splattered down her body.

Another shot

burst forth as strong as the first, and again, Tina got hit in the

chin with a

load of cum.  She kept stroking his bucking erection, as it sprayed

cum all

over her 11 year old body.  His next shot was not as strong, and it

landed on

her neck where it rolled down her flat chest.  More semen was shooting

out of

his body and onto hers.  His body spasmed, and his hands twitched.  He


her closer until his hard cock was against her neck pointing up at her


His hot semen spurted onto her neck and chin. She was getting soaked

in his

cum.  Finally, his orgasm started to subside. His cum was rolling down


body, over her two little pre-breasts, down her flat belly and where

it seeped

into her tiny hairless slit.  He reached down and took her hands off

his cock

and made her lay back on the bed.  He sat down next to her and started

to rub

his cum all over her body.  He rubbed it all over her chest and belly

until her

body glistened with it.  He rubbed it into her tiny cunt until he'd

oiled her

slit all the way to her even tinier asshole.  Finally, he reached up

and rubbed

the cum on her chin up to both her cheeks and across her lips.

        "That was fantastic, Tina.. God, it felt great.  You got

covered in my

semen and you look great..  Here", he said, reaching down to squeeze a


of drops of cum from his cock head, "taste it sweetheart Go on.. Open


mouth and taste it."

        And Tina did.  She parted her lips and he slipped his cum


finger into her mouth.  She sucked his finger clean and rolled the

semen around

on her tongue.  It didn't taste bad, in fact, the excitement of what

she had

just experience made it taste special.  His fingers were in front of

her mouth

again, and this time she accepted it without his having to ask.

        The pre-teen girl was glistening with his cum.  Her naked

little body

shone in the light over the bed.  Her hairless mound glinted with his


Jim Phillips was in heaven, as he feed her his spunk, scooping it off


pre-pubescent body.   He never even lost his erection, and he knew

that he

would be ready again to take her in just a few minutes.  This time he

was going

to blow is wad in her hot little mouth, whether she wanted to or not.


reached to the bed-side table for a towel and started to wipe her body


before his jism had a chance to get to sticky.

        "Did you like that?", he asked as he wiped his cum off her

body. "Did

you like how that made you feel?  I sure did."

        "Your penis is so large and there was so much ... It was neat.

Did it

feel as good as my orgasm?  It was hot too!!  It got on my mouth ! Did

I do Ok?

 Did I do it right?"  Tina was full of questions all of a sudden.  All


hesitation was gone now.  She had done it and she wanted to know more.


it really help my breasts grow?  I want to have big breasts so I can

be a


        "Whoa.. Hold on there..", he said as he finished cleaning the

cum from

her hairless pussy and dropped the towel on the floor.  "One question

at a

time.", he chuckled as he laid out on the bed and cuddled next to the


girl, his still hard cock resting on her slender thigh.  "That felt


Tina.  You did really good for your first time.  There are some things


could do to make it better, but I'll teach you those later.  For now

you did

really great.  And yes, my cum will make you pretty; it will help your


grow; get your hair growing down here", he said placing his hand on

her tender

moist pussy, "and make your figure start to develop. But your going to


more that just one load, and you'll have to take it in your mouth


        "Does that mean your gonna stick your penis in my mouth?  I

mean.. your

semen didn't taste bad or anything, in fact, it's kinda neat, but..

well your

penis is to big to go in my mouth,  isn't it?"

        "No, Tina.  Your mouth will stretch to hold my cock, and if I

push hard

enough, even your throat will stretch so that maybe I can get my whole


into your mouth.  You'd be surprised.  I mean, I know that my cock is

a bit

larger than average, and with you being 11 years old, your body is

quite small,

but I think, if you and I really try, I'll be able to fit my penis

into all

your holes.  But first, let me ask you a question. How do you like

your sex

lessons so far?"

        Tina thought for a moment.  "At first I was scared because I


know you were going to be so nice.  I mean, my father would beat me if

he found

out about me and David, but you've been real nice.  And I really like

it when

you make me orgasm.. uhh.. cum.  I really like that part.  I guess I

was scared

when you took off your clothes too, but I made you have an orgasm too,

and that

was neat."

        "Would you like me to make you cum again, Tina?"

        "Oh YEAH!!", she said, spreading her legs for him to have easy


to her tiny, but willing pussy.  "I'd love that."

        "Ok, sweetheart, but we're gonna do this differently.  I'm

going to

show you how a man can use his mouth on a girl.  Come on...", he said,


up the bed.  "Get up her and straddle my chest facing me.  No, you

have to put

your cunny closer to my face.  That's good."

        Tina wanted another orgasm like an addict needs his next fix.


would do anything for it.  When Mr. Phillips layed down on the bed and


her arm for her to climb on top of him, she didn't understand what he


She climbed onto his chest, but he had to get his arms under her legs,

so she

scooted forward a little.  Her little bald pussy was wide open next to


chin.  She was a little embarrassed by that, but didn't have time to


The next thing she knew, he had taken one of her small round ass

checks in each

of his large hands and pulled her forward onto his mouth.  His tongue


caressing her slit, paying close attention to her clit.  Tina

instantly felt

the excitement begin to build.  'God this is great!', she thought to


all feelings of embarrassment and fear forgotten.  His tongue felt

large on her

little pussy, and his breath was hot on her hairless mound.  She loved

the way

it felt, even when he probed into her virgin cunt, pushing his tongue

deep into


        Jim Phillips didn't wait for the girl to get comfortable on

his chest

but grabbed her tiny ass and pulled her onto his face.  He began

licking her

pussy in earnest as soon as his lips touched hers.  He held onto her

butt, it

felt so small and tender in his hands, and used his hold to push her


onto his mouth.  Her little slit opened for him, and his nose was

pressed up

against her smooth, hairless mound.  Her body felt so smooth and warm.


cunt started to get wet, and her taste was pure virgin girl. He looked

up to

her face and saw her looking down at him, her eyes half closed,


starting to feel the building sensations his tongue was giving her.


this was one hot little bitch, he thought to himself. One minute of


lapping and she's getting ready to pop.  This turned Jim on even more,

and he

pulled the girls body harder onto his face.  He pushed hard with his


into her tiny pussy, loving the feel of her tight inner lips gripping

his oral

digit.  He kneaded her tender ass with both hands,  letting one slide

down so

that he could probe her asshole with his fingers.

        "Ohhhhhh.. That feels good.. Mr. Phillips...uhhhhhhhhmmmmmm


        She was starting her rhythmic moaning, letting the man under

her know

he was getting her off.  Her hips started to buck and she pressed her


down on the grown mans face even harder, trying to get the most out of

sensation.  Jim let his hand wander further into her crack. His

fingers found

the opening of her pussy and started to probe while he concentrated

his tongue

action on her swelling clit.  He pushed his finger into her small

opening up to

the first knuckle.  Tina didn't seem to notice or mind.  Her hips were


his face now.  She had let her body fall forward so that her clit was


on his mouth and her cunt even more open to his probing.  She was

grunting with

each thrust of her hips; an animal sound that turned the man on all

the more.

'This little cunt is so hot!!! I'm going to love fucking her!!!' he


thinking as he let his finger probe deeper into her cunt hole.  The

little girl

was so wet that his finger slid in easily to the second knuckle where

it hit

the barrier of her cherry.  Jim was so turned on he almost plunged his


in the rest of the way, just so he could feel her tight little cunt

sucking on

his finger, but he held off, wanting to save that sensation for his

cock, which

now stood straight up from his crotch.

        "uh  uh  uh.. uh... uh... uh.... Uhh.. Uhh.. Uhh.. Uhh.. UHH..



        The little pre-teen was bucking wildly on the grown man's

face. Her

pussy was pulsing on the man's mouth, sending small floods of her cunt


into his mouth.  The man was shaking his head on her bald slit,

beating her

clit with his tongue as his fingers probed her virgin pussy and ass.

Both of

them were in heaven.  Tina was in convulsions that she hoped would

never end.

Jim Phillips wanted to taste this little girl forever, the sensation

of her

losing all control because of his tongue one of the biggest turnon's

he could


        Tina kept fucking Jim's face until her orgasm died.  By then

she was

too exhausted to move.  She was on her hands and knees, her cunt

resting on Jim

Phillips mouth, her flat belly just above his face. Jim could look

down and see

her hairless mound, and look up to see her flushed face hanging down,


closed above her flat chest.  He took his fingers out of her cunt and


massaging her little brown shit hole.  Tina gave a small jerk when is


popped free of her tight pussy, but she was too exhausted to react


Jim took his hands off her ass and pussy and reached up to her waist.


pulled the spent little girl into a kneeling position, her pussy on

his chest

and then guided her fall to his side on the bed.  Tina's eyes barely


during all this.

        "Tina.... Tina.... That was good wasn't it?"

        "uh huh", came her whispered reply.

        "That was better than just my fingers, wasn't it Tina?"

        Again, a whispered, "uh huh"

        "Now you understand why a man's mouth feels so much better

than his

hands.  And you can guess that a girls mouth feels just that much

better on a

man's cock than a girls hands... Right?"

        "uh huh"

        "Tina, I'm really turned on.  Watching you cum for me like

that and

feeling you cunny on my mouth has got me really turned on.  Feel?", he


taking her limp hand and putting it on his erection.  Her hand went

around it

and held on, moving slightly up and down.

        "uh huh"

        "I want your mouth, Tina.  I want to feel your mouth on my

cock. I want

to fuck you in the mouth, sweetheart.  Ok?"  He didn't wait for her to


but started to get up.

        "I uh.. guess so...", Tina said.  She opened her eyes and

watched the

man lift his leg and straddle her small flat chest, pinning one arm


against her side.  His balls hung down between her small pre-breasts

and his

cock pointed over her head.  He leaned forward, his penis brushing her


and grabbed a pillow from the head of the bed.  His cock felt hot

against her

cheek, and it pulsed a few times before he leaned his weight back. He

put a

hand behind her head and propped it up with the pillow so that his

prick was

pointing straight at her mouth.  He reached down and started to stroke

his huge

penis just 3 inches in front of her innocent face.

        "Tina.  Tell me you want me to do it, please.  Tell me that

you really

want to make me feel as good as I made you feel.  Tell me you want to

suck my


        The 11 year old girl looked up at Jim Phillips and in a still


voice said, "I do want you to feel good.. I do want to suck your


but....I don't know how."

        "Don't worry sweetheart, this time I think I just want to fuck


mouth.  Later you can learn new things, OK?"


        "Take it in your hand, sweetheart.  Take it and show me you

really want

to suck me.  Put it in your mouth for me, precious."

        Tina reached up with one hand and took his huge cock.  Clear


fluid dripped off the end and onto her chin.  She looked up into his

eyes one

more time, then pulled his cock forward to her mouth.  She stopped as

her lips

touched the end of his cock.  'God, it's huge', she thought to her

self.  It

felt hot against her slightly parted lips.

        "Go on precious, show me you really want me.  Lick the end of

it, Tina.

 Lick my cock.  Give it a taste.  You'll see.. You can do it, Tina."

Her breath

on his cock was making it twitch in her hand and on her lips.  His


dripped onto her precious lips where it slid into her mouth.

        The little girl was mesmerized by the huge cock pulsing

against her

lips.  Her tongue slipped out almost on it's own and touched the end

of his

penis.  Ok.. that wasn't so bad.  She did it again.  This time making

an effort

to lick the clear fluid that was dribbling from the end of his cock

onto her

lips.  It didn't taste much like anything, but the act of doing it

turned Tina

on.  She could feel her pussy getting wet in response to this new sex

act.  She

licked his cock again.  This time running her tongue all the way out

and down

the underside the head.  It jerked strongly in her hand, and she knew

she was

turning him on.

        "Do it, Tina.  I want you to put my cock in your mouth now.

Open your

mouth wide and put my cock in now, sweetheart.  God, your face is so


licking my cock.  I want to see you suck me, baby..  Go on... put it

in that

hot little mouth of yours and suck me off, Tina"

        This was the moment of truth.  Tina opened her mouth wide and


pulled the man's hard penis into her mouth.  The head went halfway in


she had to open her mouth even wider.  As his enormous dick moved into


mouth it jerked rapidly, pressing against the roof off her mouth with



        "Ohhh God, baby.. That's it.. Suck me now.. Suck me...."

        Tina had stopped pulling on his prick, but Jim Phillips had

not stopped

entering her.  His hips continued forward after Tina stopped pulling

him into

her mouth.  His cock filled her 11 year old mouth, the spongy head

making it's

way to the back of her mouth.  Tina's hand was still on his cock, but

it hung

there limp.  Her lips were stretched around the shaft of his huge

pecker.  She

could feel the veins on his cock, pounding with blood as her little


stimulated him.  She gave an experimental suck on the mass that filled


mouth, and his penis responded with a large jerk.  She heard him moan,


looked up to see his face.  He was looking down at her, his eyes wide.

        "That's right baby..... Try to suck it... Ohhh, God your mouth


hot...  Go on, baby.. Use that pretty mouth of yours."  His hand

reached for

the back of her head.

        Jim Phillips was in heaven.  He looked down and saw his huge


disappearing into the little pre-teenagers face, her eyes looking up

at him,

waiting for instructions.  His cock was jerking in her mouth so hard

that her

head bounced with each twitch.  Experimentally he gave a small shove

with his

hips, and more of his cock disappeared into her mouth.  She tried to

suck, but

her mouth was spread so wide that she couldn't manage it very well.

No matter.

 Her little virgin mouth was so small and tight Jim knew that just by


her face he would soon be dumping his load down her throat.  He

started to fuck

her face in earnest, one hand cupping the back of her head making sure

she had

no where to go to get away from his oncoming penis.

        Jim Phillips grabbed the back of Tina's head and pulled her

deeper onto

his cock.  Tina didn't think any more would fit, but the Mr. Phillips


pushing it harder and harder into her mouth. She was having trouble


and soon realized that she would have to breath on his out stroke in


with his thrusts. He was thrusting harder and harder.  The head was

hitting the

back of her mouth and little Tina started to gag.  'God, I can't take


It's too big!!!'  The giant cock was pushing hard on the 11 year old


throat.  She was beginning to panic, but there was nothing she could

do. Much

of his weight was resting on her chest.  She couldn't move her head


because he held it in a firm grip.  She couldn't cry out because her

mouth was

totally stuffed with his enormous cock.  She tried to make some noise,

but the

only sound that escaped were rhythmic moans in time with his hard


        "Good girl... Good girl.. Oh, god you look beautiful with your


mouth on my cock!!   Uh... Come on, honey... Relax... You can take


Uh... Uh... More, baby..." He was pulling on her head hard now, and

about half

of his rigid erection was buried into the pre-teen's face. He held

back his

load as best he could.  Jim wanted to feel her throat around his cock,


he'd give her a load of jism she'd never forget. "Baby.. uh... I'm

gonna shove

it in real...uh.. hard now.. You gotta relax your throat... uh... just

let it

in....Baby.. uh  Pretty baby... Here goes...UHHH" And he rammed his



        Little Tina heard his warning, and panicked even more.  Her


mouth was being raped and there was nothing she could do.  She felt

his hand

tighten in her hair and felt his huge thighs on either side of her

flat chest

flex to ram his cock into her face.  The head of his cock hit her

throat, but

did not ease off any pressure, instead Mr. Phillips pushed harder with

his hand

on the back of her head.  Tina flipped out.  'It's gonna KILL ME...


GOD!!!'  Slowly his cock pushed into her virgin throat.  She felt more

of his

pecker slipping past her lips, over her tongue, and into her throat.


GOD!!! I DID IT.  IT WENT IN!! I DON'T BELIEVE IT!!' she thought to


In her panic she had somehow opened her throat to accept the man's

giant organ.

 And down it went.  Tina's throat bulged out as Mr. Phillips shoved

his cock

all the way into the small girls face.  The next thing Tina knew his


testicles were pushed onto her chin, one on either side, and his rough


hair was pressed onto her nose.  He held her there for just a second,

and then

slowly eased his cock back out of her throat until just the head was

in her




best.. OH JESUS.. your tight there. baby.  You DID IT!! You DID IT,


 You took my WHOLE COCK... Oh, god what an angel you are!!! Do you

feel ok?

Oh... Sweet Jesus that felt good.  Oh, honey, you got the best mouth

I've ever

felt!!!"  Phillips was praising the little girl left and right,

knowing he had

scared her by forcing his tremendous penis into her virgin throat.

He'd felt

her panic.  He'd felt her small struggles. But he'd rammed it to her


and loved it.  Now he was ready to shoot her mouth to overflowing with


cream, and he wanted, yet again, for this little pre-pubescent child


IT!!!   "Tina, you're fantastic!!  Are you okay?"  He pulled his hips


slightly so she could answer.

        His cock pulled back out of her mouth, and it's weight resting

on her

lower lip.  Tina took some deep breaths before trying to answer, the


feeling like a cool drink in the desert.  She had heard is praise, his

down-right adulation, and it turned her head completely. 'No one has

ever said

anything like that to me', she thought.  'He really loved it.  I did

it really

great!!  It's like I was a grown up and he's my lover, like in a


book!!'  She was thinking that just to hear such praise from anyone

she would

do just about anything when he tenderly touched her cheek and she

looked up at


        "Are you okay, sweetheart?"

        "uh.. Yeah, I guess."

        "You did that really well and your mouth feels fantastic!  I

know it's

hard to do, honey.  Do you think you could try again?  I'm really

turned on,

and I'm ready to have an orgasm.  Do you want me to have an orgasm in


mouth, honey?  Tell me you want a hot load of semen in your fantastic


mouth, baby.  Go on, tell my you want my penis in your mouth pumping

you full

of hot cum..."

        Tina saw the lust in his eyes.  Part of her knew that it

didn't really

matter what she said, she was going to get a mouthful of cream. But


part, the part that listened to the flattery, the part that needed to

be loved,

wanted to please Mr. Phillips.  That part started talking.

        "Oh, yes.. I want your penis in my mouth.  I want to make you

cum like

you made me cum.  I really want to feel you orgasm in my mouth."

        That did it.  The cock that had been resting on her chin

surged back

into her mouth.  The head spreading her lips, almost before the last

word was

out.  It rammed back to her glottis, stretching her jaws.  Jim

Phillips began

fucking this 11 year old mouth in earnest.  He was blind to anything


drowning her in his hot white seed.  It was only going to take a few


he was totally turned on by hearing his little naked school-girl ask

for his

hot cock in her tight mouth.  Only a few more pumps....

        'Holy cow', thought Tina.  Mr. Phillips had rammed her so hard


he'd almost lost a grip on her head, but not for long.  He pulled her


rapidly on and off his cock.  Her battered little mouth was filled

with hot,

jerking meat.  He pushed so hard that he re-entered her tight throat.

She felt

the spongy head go down before she even knew what happened.




        The huge penis in her mouth expanded even more.  It spasmed

hard. Once.

 Twice.  And suddenly Tina was drowning in cum.  It shot from his cock

to her

throat, where it gagged her.  Her gagging just tightened her mouth on


pulsing throat.  The next shot filled the remaining room in her little


with hot sperm.  She tried to swallow the semen that was in her throat


she dealt with the jism in her mouth, but the third shot came as

powerfully as

the first two.  With nowhere to go, jism exploded out the sided of her


and down both cheeks. His cock bucked again, and more sperm flooded

her mouth.

'God, I have to drink this as fast as I can', she thought.  And she

drank.  As

fast as she could swallow, more spunk shot into her mouth.  It was hot


thick.  Hotter than the last of his semen that she had tasted because

it was

fresh from his cock rather than scooped off her flat-chest.  It tasted


but not bad, though she didn't have alot of time for tasting.  Little

11 year

old Tina, who up to that morning had never even seen a boys "thing",

now had to

drink cum as fast as she could from the erect penis of a 42 year old

man, if

she didn't want to have it running down her face.  And drink she did.

        Finally, Mr. Phillips cock stopped shooting cum into her face,


it didn't stop jerking.  She wiggled her tongue experimentally, and

got it to

jerk harder and she heard a long groan from the man on top of her.

His hand

had came off the back of her head and landed hard on the bed above her


supporting the spent man. His cock began to feel smaller in her mouth,

but the

Mr. Phillips wasn't moving.  It still throbbed between her lips, but

it didn't

seem as hard and large as it was before.  Tina couldn't understand it,

and she

didn't know what to do.  Mr. Phillips was just sitting on her chest,

not moving

with his cock in her mouth, but his cock was slowly retracting from

her mouth.

Tina was confused.  'Did I do something wrong?  What's wrong with his


she wondered to herself.  She was starting to think that she'd done


wrong to cause Mr. Phillips to go so quiet and still, and for his

penis to seem

to be retracting itself from her mouth.  Finally, she relaxed her lips

and his

spent cock fell from her mouth onto her chest.

        "Are you okay, Mr. Phillips?  Did I do something wrong?", she

asked in

a small voice.

        He paused to catch his breathe before answering.  "No, Tina.

That was

fantastic.  You did great."

        "What's wrong with your wiener.. uh I mean penis?"  She tried

to look

down her cum covered cheeks to see the limp cock resting on her chest.


not hard anymore."

        "I know....  Hold on... I gotta lay down."  He swung his leg

over the

small pre-teen and lay down next to her.  He put an arm under her and


her close.  "Wheeeew... God that was good", he said when he got


"First, are you okay?  I was pushing pretty hard and you drank alot of


How's your mouth?", he asked reaching up an massaging her jaws.  "Is

your mouth

sore?  Did you like me cumming in your mouth?"

        "I'm okay.  Yeah.. My jaws hurt.  You cock is.. err was so

big. You

really scared me when you pushed it all the way in."

        "I'm sorry, sweetheart, but you did it.  You managed to take

my whole

cock in your mouth!!  You were great."

        "Really?  Did it really feel good?"

        "You can't begin to imagine, baby.  How did you like your

first blow


        "Blow job?  What's that?"

        "That's one word for a girl using her mouth to make her man

cum. What

did you think of me cumming in your mouth?"

        "God there was alot of it.  At first, I didn't know what to

do, and I

got some in the back of my mouth, so I had to swallow.  Then I just

tried to

swallow it all.  That's okay isn't it?  I mean, I won't have a baby or


will I?"

        "No, Tina.  That's not how babies are made.  I'll explain that


You gotta trust me though.  I won't get you pregnant.  It's good that


swallowed my cum, it'll help you grow up pretty.  How'd you like that


Was it okay?"

        "It's kinda sour, but it's not too bad.  There was just so

much, I

couldn't keep it all in" she said, reaching up to touch her cheek,

still wet

with his semen.  "I think I could do it again, if you really wanted me

to.  Did

I really make you feel as good as when I had an orgasm?"

        "You sure did, honey."

        "But what happened to your pe.. uh cock?  It was all big, but

now ...",

she let the sentence taper off, looking down at where his limp dick

resting on

her smooth thigh.

        "A man's cock isn't hard all the time, Tina.  That's one of

the things

that your friends probably learned in school.  It only gets hard when

the man

is turned on or sexually attracted to something.  It could be nude

pictures, or

someone touching his body in certain ways, or even pretty little girls

who want

to learn about sex.  You really turned me on, honey.  God, your little

body is

great.  Hey.. you want to look at my cock now that it's not so hard?"


        "Well, sit it and take a good look, sweetheart", he said,

flopping down

on his back next to her.

        The naked pre-teen got up on her knees nest to the man.  She


down his body until she could look down on where is now limp cock

rested on his

balls.  She reached out and touched it with a finger tip.

        "You can handle it, if you want.  It won't bite."

        She did.  She put her small hand around this an lifted it off


testicles.  Some small bit of cum still clung to the end and she

touched this

with her other finger.  The little girl turned his cock in every


noting the veins that ran down the side; the way the head looked like

a long

bulb on the end of a stalk; how is testicles were attached to the

bottom; how

his testicles seemed to move on their own inside the sack as she move

is cock

this way and that.

        "Can I touch your testicles too?"

        "Sure honey.  You can call them balls if you want, that's the


Go ahead and feel what they are like, but gently."

        She reached out with her other hand and cupped his balls in

it. There

were 2 of them, and they seemed to move around in her hand.  They sure


like balls, and they were really warm.

        Jim Phillips couldn't ask for a nicer ending to this session

with Tina

West.  The little pre-teen kneeling over his body, fondling his cock

and balls

with both hands while he relaxed from fucking her virgin mouth.  His


rested on her smooth round buttocks and he let his fingers gently

probe her

nether reaches.  Her initial fear of being naked with a grown man was

completely gone.  He'd given her a taste of days to come, and she

seemed to

want more.  Now to seal the deal.

        "So, Tina, what do you think of your sex lessons so far?  Did

you like

learning about orgasms?"

        She looked up from her examination of his limp organ, "Yeah, I



        "You know there's alot more I can teach you if you want to

learn. You

have to go home pretty soon, but would you like to come back and learn


about sex?"

        "I guess so.  What sorta things are there?"

        "Oh gosh, Tina, there's all sorts of things to learn.  We've


barely scratched the surface.  I'll teach you everything about sex, if


really want to learn.  I'll teach you stuff they NEVER teach in

school.  I tell

you how babies are made, and your body develops, and all about

fucking.  I

teach you about anal sex, lesbian sex, bondage, and group sex, and all

sorts of

stuff.  But you've got to tell me you really want to come back for my


And of course, you'll be having alot of orgasms, if you come back.  I

can even

show you how to masturbate yourself so you can have your own orgasms

any time

you want.  You'd like that wouldn't you, honey?"

        "Oh YEAH", she said. Tina didn't understand most of what Mr.


had told her.  Terms like 'anal sex', and 'lesbian sex' had no meaning

for her.

 She didn't know what 'bondage' meant, and couldn't picture what

'group sex'

was, though the words were both meaningful to her.  Having more

orgasms, and

learning how to make them happen herself sounded like a great idea,


"I'd love to come back and learn all that stuff.  I'd love to learn

how to



        "Yeah... Masturbate, so I could have an orgasm.  Will you show

me that,


        "Sure, sweetheart.  That, and a whole lot more, but for right

now, we

better get you cleaned up.  It's almost dinner time and you should be


home."  He got up off the bed, and left the room, coming back minute

later with

a towel and a damp dish cloth.  Tina liked watching him walk around

with no

clothes on.  His penis hung down between his legs and moved back an

forth as he

walked.  She thought it was neat.

        He sat with her on the bed and gently cleaned the drying cum

off her

face.  Some of it had gotten in her hair and he cleaned this as best

he could,

knowing that it would not be noticeable once her hair dried. He wiped

off her

small body with the warm damp towel, paying careful attention to her


hairless pussy, which had some dried cum on the puffy clam-like outer

lips.  He

had her lay back and spread her legs while he made sure she was clean

all the

way to her tiny anus.

        Tina tingled with delight.  No one had ever paid her this kind


gentle loving attention in her whole life.  Mr. Phillips gently wiped

her whole

body down, and her small pussy responded to his touch.  Tina was ready

for him

to give her yet another orgasm.  She wanted him to massage her in her


until the blind spasms once again rocked her little body.  She was


when he dried her off and got up to put the towel and wash cloth away.

        Jim Phillips delighted in cleaning her small body.  She

willing parted

her legs to give him access to her cunt.  He massaged her there for a

minute to

give her a taste of possible future delights, but made sure to leave


hanging so she would want more.  After throwing the towels in the

laundry, he

helped the little girl get dressed in her white panties, shorts and


While she was putting her sox and shoes on, he pulled on his pants and


        "Ok, Tina.  Now tomorrow is a school day.  You can come over


school and we can have some more fun, and some more lessons. But one


Tina.  You can't tell anyone about what we're doing here, alright

honey.  If

you did, we'd both be in plenty of trouble. And don't forget about

David.  He'd

be in the fix with both of us. And your parents wouldn't be to happy,

now would


        "I won't tell anyone.  I promise.  I'd be in big trouble if my


found out about David and me.  He'd probably beat me up."

        "I don't want that to happen, sweetheart.  So I won't tell

anyone about

any of this.  I promise.

        "I promise not to tell too."

        "And you'll come back after school tomorrow.  I know you have


after school because I've seen you playing after school in the park,

and don't

both your parents work?"

        "Yeah.  They don't get home til 6:00 most nights.  There's a


that takes care of us, but most of the time she doesn't care what we

do, so

long as we don't make a mess."

        "Good!  Then you and I can have some more fun tomorrow.  I'll

see you

then, okay?"

        "Okay.  Bye"

        "Bye, Tina", he said as he let her out the back door.  To


watching it would just appear as if Tina was cutting through Jim

Phillips yard.

 No one would guess that the little girl was just coming from his

house after a

wild sex session with this grown man.

        Jim Phillips watched little Tina West skip out of sight toward


home.  Half an hour later, he made a phone call, and 10 minutes after


David Wallace, the boy he had "caught" Tina playing doctor with was

knocking on

his front door.

        "Come on it, David.  Here you go.  50 bucks, just like I

promised. Good


        "It was easy, just like you said," the 14 year old boy

replied. "I just

kept saying she was cute and that we could be friends, but I wanted to

see just

how pretty she was, and she went along with it.  How did you know

she'd do it?"

        "I've been watching that family for a while.  Her Dad's a loud


abusive drunk, and her mother's just given up.  Give those kids a few


words and they'll do anything for you.  Believe me.  I've seen it a


times before."

        "Okay. .. err  Do I still get the other thing.. you know.."

        "Sure, Dave.  You'll get to fuck her.  I'll make sure of that.


both her sisters too.  You just be patient and let me arrange


You'll be hearing from me."

        "Okay, great.  I guess I'll be seeing you."

        "Okay, Dave.  And remember pal.  Not a word of this to anyone.


all, I still got those pictures, and you wouldn't want all your macho


to see them would you?"

        "uh.. no", he answered in a small voice.  The carrot and the

stick. It

had been a few months, but Jim Phillips still had the stick.  How he'd


himself get into this situation, he'd never be able to figure out. But


he had 50 bucks in his pocket and the promise of some sex with a near


Dave Wallace didn't figure it was too bad.

        "Good.  I'll be in touch when things are all set up, or if I


another favor in the mean time.  Bye", and he closed the door.  'Not

bad', Jim

Phillips thought to himself.  This is going to work out pretty good.


get up there and start editing that tape.  Gonna need some of that


when little Tina show's up.'  And with that thought, he locked the

door and

returned to his special video room to see how today's pictures had

turned out,

and to edit little Tina into his private collection of kiddie porn.

"Not bad",

he said to himself.


                  Chapter 2 - The lessons continue


        Tina's next day at school passed like a dream. She couldn't

pay any

attention to what was going on in class because she kept thinking

about going

to Mr. Phillips house at the end of the day and having more orgasms.


looked around at the other girls in her 6th grade class at Our Lady of


Elementary to compare her looks to them.  Mr. Phillips had said she

was pretty,

but Tina had never really thought of herself that way. Jennifer Colton

was the

prettiest girl in her class, with her long blond hair that went all

down her

back, course the Nun's made her keep it in a pigtail, but anyone could

see how

nice it would look.  And Sally Simmons had the biggest breasts of any

girl in

the class, though they still didn't need more than a training bra.

Tina began

to think that maybe she didn't look as bad as she had always thought.


certainly turned on Jim Phillips.  He'd really covered her in cream..


yeah.. Now she knew the right words.  He'd really cum alot.  And she'd


all of his cock into her mouth.  Right down her throat.  She bet


Colton or even Sally Simmons, with her biggest breasts in the class,


done that.  Maybe all these other girls had gone to that sex ed class.


deal.  She had her own teacher, and she knew things that Jennifer and



        Such thoughts filled her whole day, until the final bell rang

and the

kids made their usual chaotic exit from Our Lady.  They all had plans

for after

school, most of them consisting of various forms of play, but Tina

West had

plans that none of the others could guess, and it made her feel

special.  She

didn't know what today's lessons would be, but if it involved Mr.


rubbing her little pussy then anything else would be ok.  It really

made her

feel special to have this secret that the others would never know.

She grabbed

her books and started her usually walk home, cutting through old Mrs.


yard like she always did.  Mrs. Jenson was in her garden, and never

minded the

kids going through her yard. She waved, "Hi, Tina"

        "Hi, Mrs. Jenson", she answered.  'Bet you can't guess where


going', she thought to herself.  She skipped down the street and then


through the Dickerson's property to get to the back yard of Mr.

Phillips.  She

walked up to the back door, just a little hesitant, now that the time


been thinking about had finally arrived, and knocked on his door.  It

opened a

second later, and Jim Phillips beamed at little Tina.

        "Well, hello, Tina!  Nice to see you.  Want to come in?"

        "Uh huh"

        "Ok, come on in", he said, double checking to see that none of


other children were in sight before letting Tina pass in her little


uniform.  "So, sweetheart, you really did come back after all.  I

guess you

really want some more special lessons, huh?"

        "Uh huh.  I kept thinking about it all day!  I bet none of the


girls know the stuff I know, even if they did go to that dumb class."

        "Well, Tina. Don't be so sure.  There are lots of men out

there who are

willing to help young girls learn about sex.  Hey, you saw some in the


yesterday.  'Member the scene with little Debbie sucking those guys

off.  And

she was younger than you.  So, don't be too sure about all the other

girls in

your class.  Just like you can't tell anyone about your lessons, they


tell anyone about theirs."

        "You mean other girls in my class might be learning about sex

too? I

mean, with like.. men?"

        "Tina, I know for a fact that there are girls in your class

who are.

And I know the men doing the teaching.  I know girls younger than you

who are

doing things you don't even know about yet."

        "Wow... I didn't think of that."

        "Maybe later, I'll let you meet some of the other men I know

who are

into young girls.  Maybe they could even bring their little friends

with them,

so you can meet some other girls who know the special secrets you're

going to


        "That'd be neat.  I never knew that men did this.  The nuns at


always make out like sex is so bad, and that we have to wait til we're


before we even let a guy touch us."

        "Well, the nuns in your school just reflect what society

thinks of

little girls, Tina.  Problem is, society keeps right on treating you

that way

even after your all grown up.  They say there are things that women


supposed to do, and that men should be the bosses of everything.

That's what

the women's liberation movement is all about.  Trying to make society


telling women, and young girls, what they can and can't do, or can and



        "Wow.. I never thought of that."

        "Yeah.  But until the day comes when people are allowed to be


free, and I mean sexually free as well, we have to keep what we're

doing a

secret.  Okay?"

        "Okay.  I can keep a secret, no problem."

        "Okay, good girl.  So, are you ready to learn something new


        "Yeah. What do you want me to do?"

        "Well, honey, today we're going to explore your body some

more. I want

to explain your sex organs to you so you know all about them, and how

they can

give you pleasure.  First, I want to show you some video pictures that


help explain it all.  That's the easiest thing, since you can't really

look at

your own cunny very well, except with mirrors. So let's go back up to

our room

and settle down to watch some pictures while I explain, okay?"

        'Our room...', she thought, 'He called it OUR ROOM... God, he

makes me

feel really special'.  "Yeah.. That would be great.  I always wanted

to look at

myself, but I can't see it so good."

        "Well, Tina, these pictures will explain everything.  Believe

me."  As

he said this he put his arm around the little girl in her catholic


uniform and led her up the stairs.  She looked great in her

knee-length green

plaid skirt, white blouse, white sox and saddle shoes.  She was every


molesters dream.  'But she's mine to molest', he thought as he led the

11 year

girl to his special video room.  After sitting her down on the edge of

the bed,

he put today's video on the player and switched on the set.

        "Okay, Tina.  Now I'm going to show you some pictures of


vaginas..  That's the correct word for cunny.  I'll stop the picture

now and

then to explain what's going on, and if you see anything you don't


you let me know and I'll explain it, okay?"


        "Good."  He started up the video tape.  The first segment was

of a

woman masturbating for the camera.  She reached down and rubbed her

pussy for a

minute and then took both hands and spread the lips while the camera

zoomed in

to take a close-up of her juicy cunt.  Jim Phillips stopped the

picture.  "Now

this is a really good picture of a woman's vagina. Now you can see

that a grown

women has hair on her vagina that you don't. Don't worry, someday it

will grow

just like that, only blond for you. Now the small bump that is

sticking up at

the top is the clitoris, or just clit.  It's the part that is the most

sensitive.  Remember when I rubbed you yesterday and made you cum?"

        "Uh huh"

        "Well, that's the part I was rubbing.  If you rub it yourself,


called masturbation.  You can rub your little clit yourself, and have

an orgasm

that way, though it's almost always better when someone else does it

for you.

Now if you look down a little lower, you see between her lips...

there's a hole

there.  Now that is the part that a man uses during intercourse."

        "What's that?"

        "Well, intercourse is how men make babies inside of women.

When the

man gets turned on and his penis gets hard, like you saw yesterday, he

can push

it into that hole and shoot his semen in there.  If the woman is ready

for a

baby, then she gets pregnant."

        "Your kidding!!  A man sticks his thing inside the woman's


        "That's right, honey.  Another word for intercourse is

fucking. When a

man fucks a girl, he pushes his cock into her vagina.  Then he can

either shoot

his semen in there, or pull it out and shoot it someplace else, like

in her


        "And if he shoots in the girl, she has a baby?"

        "Not every time.  You see, the semen from a man is only half

of what is

needed to make a baby.  The woman must have an egg in her body, an egg

that her

body makes.  When this meets the semen, then the woman can get


        "Would I get pregnant if you did that to me?"

        "No, Tina.  Your probably too young to get pregnant.  Your

body hasn't

developed yet to the point of producing eggs.  And if I were to fuck

you, and

cum inside you, you couldn't get pregnant because I had an operation


stops me from making any women pregnant."


        "Now, let's watch this pretty woman masturbate for us.  Then

you can

try masturbating on your own."  He started the video again, and the


massaged her pussy lips apart and then together, and then apart and


The camera stayed in a tight close up, and Tina stayed glued to the


She'd never seen a vagina really close up before, she'd always been

told it was

bad to be to curious about it. Now she paid real close attention

because she

was going to learn to master.. master.. she couldn't think of the

word, but it

meant being able to have an orgasm.  That's what I really want to do,



        On the screen, the woman played with herself for another

minute before

getting into really serious jerking off.  Once she started, there was

no doubt

that she enjoyed what she did.  Her moaning, and the look of pleasure

on her

face were clues that Tina didn't miss.  Her finger was working her

clit quite

hard, up and down, and up and down, then some circular jerks, and back

to up

and down.  'Is that all you gotta do?', thought Tina.  'I can do that


Just rub the clit...that's not hard', she thought.  The woman on


continued playing with herself, her other hand massaging her ample

tits.  Her

motions became more frantic, and the speed of her finger on her clit


She was panting, like she was finding it hard to breath.  "Oh... God..


God... Oh... God.. I'm gonna cummm..", she said.  Her finger was now a

blur on

her pussy.  Her other hand was gripping the bedspread.  "OH




bucked in time with her pleasure.  Tina understood what the woman was


she wanted to feel that way herself.  Unconsciously her hand had

wandered down

to her crotch and she was beginning to massage herself there.  "AHHHH


AHHHH AHHHH AHHHH AHHH AHHH.." the woman on the screen continued.


though, she was spent, and she relaxed on the bed moaning for the

camera.  The

camera made a zoom into her face to capture the look of relaxed

pleasure there.

Then Mr. Phillips froze the picture.

        "Ok, Tina.  That's how a girl can have an orgasm all by

herself. All

you have to do is rub your clit until it feels good.  You'll have to


a little to see what is best for you, but it's really not too hard.

Would you

like to try it?"

        "Yeah..", she said, her hand already putting pressure on her

cunt. "I'd

really like to learn how to do that!!"

        "Ok, sweetheart, just pull down your panties and you can try

it. Here,

I'll help." And with that he pulled up the portion of her skirt she

was sitting

on and reached for the waist band of her panties. Little Tina

cooperated by

lifting her slim butt off the bed while he worked her white cotton

panties down

her slender legs and over her sox and saddle shoes.  Then he lifted up


front of her skirt to reveal her bald vagina, and reached in to touch

her clit.

        Tina jumped at his touch.  His finger probed her hairless slit


found it already wet from watching the woman jerk off on screen.

        "Lay back, sweetheart.  Pull up your skirt and spread your

legs. That's

a good girl.  Now give me your hand.  Feel yourself honey", he said as


guided her hand to her naked cunt.  He pressed her small fingers into


slender little clam, pressing on her lips until they parted and he

could guide

her own fingers into her juicy cunt."

        "It's all wet.  Why's it all wet?"

        "It means you're turned on, sweetheart", he replied, guiding


fingers up and down in her own vagina. "When a man gets turned on his

cock gets

all hard and ready to put inside the woman.  When a woman gets turned

on, her

vagina gets wet to make it easier for a man to put is penis into her.


really wet, honey.  It means you want a cock inside you."

        "It does?"