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The Landlady's Little Girl
I was about to start work in a new town, and had been searching round for somewhere to live. Finally, I turned up at a fairly run-down house in one of the outlying suburbs where apparently there was a single room to let in a shared house. I was met at the door by a middle-aged woman, and she led me inside and started showing me around the house.
"There's just me and my little girl living here," she explained, "so I want someone I can trust."
At that moment, the back door opened and a young girl came bounding in from the garden. She was a gorgeous little thing with thick shoulder-length blonde hair. She was dressed in pale blue jeans and a white T-shirt, and I could see that she had an almost completely flat chest and very narrow hips.
"This is Sophie." the landlady told me.
The girl glanced over at me with very little interest. Her mind was fixed on getting the TV turned on.
"She's 12." added the landlady, as if that were the explanation for all her problems.
"Ah, yes." I commented, trying to sound sympathetic.
The little girl had me transfixed. She was in her school uniform, a white blouse, a knee-length maroon school skirt, and sexy little white ankle-socks. As she fiddled about with the TV I got a good look at the seat of her school skirt, and could see that she had a really big firm bum, considering how narrow her hips were. Her schoolskirt was very worn and seated, enhancing the sexy shape of her bottom.
"Okay, I'll take the room." I told the woman a few minutes later, making it look like I hadn't reached my decision as soon as her daughter had arrived.
The first few days of my new job went well enough, but the highlight of my days was the time spent back at my lodgings, sitting in front of the TV watching Sophie. One minute she'd be leaning forward, her chin resting on her sweet little hands and her long hair falling loose around her face, and the next she'd be sprawling back on the sofa, legs wide apart, affording me a perfect view up her thin little thighs almost up to her pants.
At the end of the first week, I took a couple of hours off at the end of the afternoon and went home early. I let myself in and went upstairs to my bedroom. I was just passing Sophie's bedroom when I heard noises inside, like she was bouncing about on her bed or something. I had expected that nobody would be in; it was certainly too early for the landlady to be back. Sophie's door was slightly ajar, and I crept over to peer through the crack to see if I could catch a glimpse of her doing something sexy. She was in bed. The surprise was that there was a 15-year old boy in her bed too. Sophie's school uniform was draped over the end of the bed and the two of them were in bed naked. The sheets were pulled back and I could see the two naked young bodies. The boy was lying between Sophie's legs and his cock was right up her cunt! As I watched, he slowly and rhythmically slid his penis in and out of Sophie's little cunt, gently fucking her. He planted his mouth firmly on hers and kissed deep inside her as he screwed her with his cock. I could see that there was no condom - he was right inside the child having full intercourse with her and it was obvious that he was close to ejaculating in her.
After a moment, the boy eased his cock out of Sophie's cunt and pulled her down to the foot of the bed. I got a full view of her genitals from where I was standing, and I could see that she had a gorgeous hairless cunt. The boy stood at the foot of the bed and leaned over her ready to reinsert his penis. He had quite a lot of pubic hair, and it made a really sexy contrast, his near-adult cock and her prepubertal pussy, locked together fucking. Suddenly, the boy rammed his prick up Sophie really hard and froze motionless as he began to squirt his sperm up her vagina. She groaned as she realised she'd been filled with his semen, a cross between half-panic and wild excitement.
The couple started to cool down a little, but the boy's dick was still deeply lodged in the little girl's cunt. I saw my chance. I opened the bedroom door and stepped inside. You've never seen such shock. The boy tugged his dripping cock out of Sophie's vagina and she hurriedly grabbed the sheets, trying to cover up her total insemination.
"Don't panic!" I told them. "It's okay. I've been watching you having sex, the whole thing. I quite enjoyed it. I wouldn't want to spoil your fun by telling anyone."
They visibly relaxed at that.
"I understand what it's like for little girls like you, Sophie. You want to have sex, but your mother would go crazy if she found out. Your secret will be safe with me."
I went over to Sophie's bed and sat down next to her. I stroked her lovely soft hair with one hand.
"Just relax." I reiterated.
I took hold of the sheets and pulled them to one side again, uncovering Sophie's violated cunt. She was already beginning to realise what my silence involved. I put my hand on her soft young leg and gradually stroked my way up the inside of her thigh. I kissed her forehead as my hand reached her cunt. I could feel the fresh sperm all over her labia, and I began to rub my fingers between them, feeling the hot stickiness of the intercourse she'd been having. The boy watched as I fingered his girlfriend's cunt.
"We'll be great friends, you and I." I told Sophie.
I put my lips on Sophie's mouth and started to kiss her, probing deep inside her with my tongue and tasting the sexy young freshness of her mouth. I licked all round her teeth and all over her tongue as I fiddled with her spermed-up cunt.
I got Sophie to lie back on the bed, and then I put my face between her thighs. Her genitals smelt strongly of spunk and her labia were glistening with her boyfriend's semen. I slowly licked the lips of her cunt, savouring the taste and smell of the young couple's fucking. Then I held Sophie's vulva open and slipped my tongue right up inside her. Sperm dribbled out of her cunt into my mouth.
When I had enjoyed Sophie's cunt, I got her to stand up at the side of the bed and turn round. Now I could see her bare bum for the first time. She had enormous firm buttocks, clamped together along a really deep-looking bumcrack. The size of her bottom was accentuated by the narrowness of her hips and the thinness of her thighs. I knelt down behind Sophie's gorgeous arse and started to kiss her buttocks. Her skin was so soft and young. I gradually licked my way across Sophie's buttocks, closer and closer to her arsecrack, and then I grabbed her buttocks with my hands and held them apart. An intoxicating dirty smell drifted out of the little girl's bum as I opened up her crack. I kneaded her buttocks with my hands, feeling the sexy shape of them, and then I slipped my tongue up into her ass. The smell was overpowering, but I really enjoyed licking up Sophie's bum and I soon had her buttocks right round my cheeks and my tongue firmly up her little anus. I rolled my tongue round and round in her bumhole until the smell of her was all over me.
Time was getting on, and I didn't want the landlady catching me using her daughter, now that I'd just got the upper hand. I stood up and let Sophie start putting on her vest and pants. Her boyfriend was looking really nervous.
"Don't worry." I said to him. "I don't want to fuck her." I lied. "That's your job."
I left the young couple to discuss matters while I went a way to cook up the next phase of my new relationship with Sophie's body.

The following morning I got up early and went downstairs to make my breakfast. The old woman was still in bed but Sophie was up getting ready for school. As I arrived in the kitchen she was pouring herself a bowl of cornflakes. Once more she had her school uniform on and I couldn't take my eyes off the seat of her skirt. I went over to her and stood behind her.
"Hi Sophie" I said, gently kissing the top of her head.
She didn't reply. I put my hand on the seat of her schoolskirt and began to stroke it.
"I've got to get ready for school!" she said.
"Okay, I'll just be a minute."
I slowly unzipped the seat of her schoolskirt. She had maroon-coloured cotton pants on and I put my hand inside her skirt and started rubbing the seat of her pants. They felt so soft and warm.
"I do like your bum." I told her.
I could hear the landlady moving around upstairs, so I took my hand out of Sophie's skirt and zipped it up again for her. I kissed her ear and then let her get on with her breakfast.
I sat and chatted with the landlady for a while, and Sophie went upstairs to her room. After a few minutes, she came back down carrying a plastic carrier bag.
"Mum, will you wash my gym kit?" she asked.
Her mother nodded and Sophie put the bag down by the washing machine. She left for school.
"I'd better go and have a shower" said the old woman.
I was alone with Sophie's gym kit. I went over to the bag and peered inside. On top was a short maroon- coloured gym skirt. I took it out and put it on top of the washing machine. Underneath was a pair of Sophie's little white ankle socks, the soles of them a little dirty. I took them out of the bag and held them up to my nose. They smelt so sexy - absolutely permeated with the smell of Sophie's 12-year-old feet , a strong sweaty child-smell. I wiped her socks all over my face and then returned to the bag. Next was Sophie's white gym tunic, and I fished it out to see if I could get some of her sweaty underarm smells. I was not disappointed. I pressed the little cap-sleeves of her gym top against my face and got an acrid smell of her sweat that really turned me on. Last in the bag were her pants! Maroon- coloured cotton pants, just like the ones on her bum at breakfast. I opened up her pants and found that they had a white cotton gusset. Although, it was not entirely white. There was a thick brown streak in the seat of Sophie's pants where they'd been rubbing up between her bumcheeks. I held her pants up to my nose and breathed in deeply. The smell of Sophie's shit was strong and sexy, a filthy acrid smell coming from her dirty pants. I pressed her dirty knickers right up against my face, the filthy gusset of them all round my nose. I could smell nothing but her bum, Sophie's bum, that firm 12- year-old arse with those big plump buttocks. I rubbed her pants feverishly round my face getting the smell of her all over me. I wondered whether Sophie would have left her gym kit where she did if she'd known what I was going to do with it.
I heard the water stop running upstairs and I had to start putting Sophie's gym kit back in the bag.
It was only a couple of days before I caught Sophie with her boyfriend again. The landlady was out to her bridge night and I'd made a point of telling her that morning that I'd be out too, ensuring that Sophie could hear me. I crept in about seven o'clock in the evening, and sure enough there were noises coming from the lounge. The door was open, so I could just walk in without making any sound. There they were sitting on the sofa, the boy with his trousers and pants down, and Sophie leaning over his lap with her mouth firmly round his cock. After a few good sucks on her boyfriend's penis, she noticed me and looked up startled.
"Don't worry about him." said her boyfriend. "He likes to watch, don't you remember?"
She looked uncertain but he pulled her head down and she went back to licking her boyfriend's penis. I sat in one of the chairs to watch them have sex.
After a few minutes, Sophie's boyfriend was getting restless.
"Do you want to fuck me, Jason?" she asked him.
"Yeah, ofcourse...I'll tell you what, why don't we do it doggy fashion?"
"What's that?" she asked him.
"Well, you get down on your hands and knees, and I fuck you from behind. You don't have to take off your school uniform."
Sophie knelt on the sofa and bent over, her great big bum sticking up. Her boyfriend pulled up her schoolskirt from behind, and draped it over her back. Jason's cock throbbed at the sight of his girlfriend's knickers and he started to rub the seat of them and to grope up between her legs. Then he took hold of her pants at the waist and slowly pulled them down to her knees. He held his cock up against her 12-year-old cunt and rubbed the tip of it all over her labia and just up into her vulva. I could see his cock gradually turning wet and shiny as he wiped Sophie's vaginal juices onto it. Then he was ready to fuck her. He thrust his cock up hard into her tight twat, trying to get it right in her in one movement and making her gasp and squirm with sexual excitement. Then he was humping her and screwing her hard and furiously, quite a contrast to the slow gentle sex that he'd had with her the other night. His attitude towards this 12-year-old girl was changing fast! Sophie was really groaning with the intensity of their fucking. Jason was obviously really enjoying the feel of Sophie's oversized buttocks bouncing in his lap as he shagged her, and he occasionally stopped to stroke and squeeze her bumcheeks with his hands. Finally he gave her a couple of good hard thrusts up the cunt and threw back his head as he started to fill her with his sperm. He knelt there with his cock in Sophie's cunt staring at her arse for a minute and then slid himself out of her. A great glob of his sperm hung obscenely between Sophie's labia for a moment and then dripped viscously into her pants.
I went over to the sofa. Jason's cock was softening now and I could see that her had a very well-developed foreskin. I knelt on the floor and held his cock with one hand. I slowly brought my mouth up to his penis and started to lick it, licking the spunk off him and running my tongue all round his foreskin. Then I turned to Sophie. Her cunt was covered in spunk and her sexy anus was on full view between her open bumcheeks. I put my mouth straight to her cunt, licking her boyfriend's spunk off her labia and sucking it straight out of her vulva. Normally she looked so sweet and innocent, and yet here she was now, covered in semen and reeking of copulation.
I licked as much spunk out of her pubes as I could, and then I asked her if she'd stand up for a minute. Then I sat on the floor with the back of my head resting on the sofa, and told her to sit down - to sit down right on my face. She hesitated for a moment but then slowly sat back, lowering her great big buttocks down round my cheeks. The smell of her bum was exquisite. She was really dirty tonight, and with her bare arse all round my face I could smell nothing but the little girl's shit. She sat on my hard, smothering me with her butt. I heard Jason say something to her and she started to grind her arse down onto my face, wiping her anus all over my lips. I licked and sucked at her stinking bumhole for all I was worth, and as her little rosebud started to soften, I rolled my tongue into it and started to lick her round right up the arse.
"We've got to stop." announced Jason. "She's going to come back soon."
Sophie got up off my face and pulled her pants up. I got one last delicious view of the seat of her knickers before she let her skirt fall back into place.
It seemed that things were going quite well.

Jason was anxious to leave before Sophie's mum got back. It seemed that the old woman didn't approve of him. Sophie showed him to the door and then came back into the lounge. By the time her mother arrived, Sophie was looking her normal sweet innocent self, sitting watching the TV. Who would have guessed that her pants were full of spunk? The landlady went off to make some coffee and I thought I'd better point out something to Sophie.
"You know, if you leave your pants for your mum to wash, she'll notice Jason's spunk in them. She'll know he's been fucking you."
This hadn't occurred to her. She looked worried.
"I'll tell you what." I suggested. "Give them to me and I'll wash them for you with my stuff tomorrow."
She reached up under her skirt and pulled her pants down. She handed them to me and I relished the warm dampness of them as I put them in my pocket.
It was a hot night for me that night, lying in bed with Sophie's dirty shitty pants all over my face.
The following day was Saturday. Sophie was up watching the morning kids' programmes and was sprawling on her front on the sofa. She was wearing a white top and little pale blue denim shorts. The seat of her shorts was heavily worn, making them very sexually arousing. Her mother was clanging around in the kitchen making breakfast, so I knelt down on the floor next to the sofa and started to stroke the seat of Sophie's shorts. She just carried on watching her TV programme while I fondled her bottom, and I enjoyed the abusiveness of it. I put my hand on her soft spindly thigh and ran my fingers up the leg of her shorts until my palm was flat on the seat of her warm pants. I wondered what the landlady would think of me having my hand in her daughter's shorts stroking her knickers. I slipped my finger through the elastic in the leg of the little girl's pants and put my hand right inside them. Her buttocks were hot and sticky and I wriggled my fingers into her bumcrack and stroked her up the arse, pressing the tip of my finger into her anus. Then I took my hand out of her shorts and pants and sniffed my fingers. They stank of Sophie's bum and I thoroughly enjoyed licking them clean.
That afternoon, there was a knock at my bedroom door and I found Jason standing there.
"I'm off to the woods with Sophie." he told me. "I'm going to fuck her in the bum." He grinned at me wickedly. "Thought you might like to watch."
I was quite taken aback at being invited. So, Jason was getting a little bit of an exhibitionist. Some ideas started to occur to me.
It was a hot sunny afternoon, ideal for a good fuck in the woods. Quite near to Sophie's house were some particularly dense woods stretching for a few miles, and it was easy to find a secluded spot. Sophie seemed nervous about having me along - she still hadn't got used to the idea of me watching her being used. Jason seemed to know his way around the woods quite well, and led us to a sunny clearing surrounded by dense undergrowth. Straightaway he got Sophie to get down on the grass on her hands and knees. He didn't say anything to her but just reached round her waist and unzipped her shorts. He pulled her shorts and pants down to her knees and started running his fingers all over her cunt. He was learning fast. This time he was really using the girl, concerned only with gratifying his own lust for her 12-year-old body. He stuck two fingers up her cunt and started finger-fucking her. After a good poke around inside her, he pulled his fingers out again, all wet with her juices.
"Ah yes, you're really ready for it aren't you, you little slut." he told her.
The sweet little girl could hardly be described as a slut, but he seemed to be enjoying talking dirty to her. He started to unfasten his trousers and his cock sprang out of his pants hot and hard for little Sophie's body. He had a tube of lubricant in his pocket and squeezed out a length of it onto his cock. He started to smear the lubricant all over the length of his penis, partly wanking himself as he did it, and all the while staring at Sophie's bare bum. Then he held his cock up to her body, but this time it wasn't her cunt that he was aiming for. Instead, he put the tip of his penis right up against Sophie's anus. She gasped with excitement as she felt her boyfriend's cock start to press up against her bumhole for the first time, and then she yelped as he pushed the head of it into her backside. He stopped for a moment until she was relaxed and then he carried on shoving his hairy phallus deeper and deeper into her bum. He kept pushing and pushing, making her gasp and squirm as he fully penetrated her arse and filled her rectum with his penis until the entire length of his cock had disappeared up her bum and his balls were pressed tight up against her cunt. The he started to fuck her bum, pumping his cock in and out of her arse, her buttocks slapping against his hips and wobbling around obscenely with each hard thrust. I loved to watch this shameless child arse- fucking and to see Sophie on her knees there, taking a cock right up her bum.
"Come on, down on the ground!" Jason demanded, pushing Sophie down until she was lying her length with his cock firmly up her arse.
"Oh my God!" moaned the little girl as her bum was violated beyond her wildest imagination.
He held her legs together with his and held her buttocks together with his hands as he carried on shagging her in her plump young backside. Sophie could barely stand it, her eyes closed and her mind clearly totally absorbed with the ruthless fucking her arse was getting. Jason for his part had a lecherous wide grin on his face as he pumped his dick in and out of the child's bum.
"I'm going to spunk in your arse, Sophie." Jason informed her, whispering through his teeth.
He thumped his cock up her one last time and Sophie moaned again, feeling his penis spasm inside her as it started shooting sperm deep into her bum.
"You have got a big arse, Sophie." Jason commented as he knelt with his penis up Sophie's backside. "It's much better fucking your bum than your cunt."
Jason slowly pulled his penis out of Sophie's bottom. I could see thick streaks of the little girl's filthy brown shit all over his cock and her shit was all caked up round his foreskin. One last bead of sperm dripped from the end of his satisfied phallus. I went over to him and knelt down to his cock. The smell of Sophie's shit on his genitals was intoxicating. I started to lick his penis, licking the girl's filthy shit off it. He pushed his cock further into my mouth, and I was overwhelmed by the smell of Sophie's bum. I licked all of Sophie's shit off his prick until it was clean and then I turned to Sophie's bum. She was on her hands and knees again, slowly recovering from her ordeal, and I could see her boyfriend's sperm dribbling out of her bumhole, across her labia and down her legs. I put my mouth straight to her anus and began sucking the spunk out of her, swirling my tongue round in her filthy bumhole and then letting the sperm run out of her into my mouth. This time it was not only sperm that I could taste but Sophie's shit too, and that made it even more exciting.
Sophie got up off the floor and pulled up her pants, her body utterly used and exhausted.
As we walked back, Jason started whispering to me.
"I've got 3 friends at school who want to fuck Sophie too. It's her birthday next week and they'll all be coming. So, once the party's got going, I'll take her upstairs for sex and then they'll sneak in and we'll give her a group fuck! What do you think?"
"I think she'll love it. Look...I've got a camcorder. I could make a video of you all using her."
" that would be good."
His wicked smile was back.

Sophie's birthday party began in the afternoon. The landlady was out. Jason and his 3 friends stuck out like sore thumbs - 4 fifteen year old boys amongst a party of 12-year-olds. They were good as gold though, sitting there quietly playing cards, not willing to blow their first chance to fuck Sophie's little cunt. I stayed upstairs while the party was going on apart from a few trips through to the kitchen. After a couple of hours, I heard someone creeping upstairs. Sure enough it was Sophie and Jason. He was walking behind her, petting her bum as it wobbled up the stairs.
"We'll go in the lodger's room." Jason told her. "We don't want your mum finding spunk in your bed. He won't mind anyway."
They stepped into my room and as they started kissing I reached for the camcorder.
"What's he going to do with that?" Sophie asked.
"Don't worry." Jason told her. "It's just that I'd love to have a video of you and me making love, just for the two of us to keep."
"Well I don't want one."
"Listen, Sophie. It's perfectly normal. You see all those camcorders in the shops, you think people use them to film their holidays? No! It's so they can make a film of themselves making love. It's like a special thing between two people."
Her face looked stormy and it seemed like she wasn't going for it.
"It'll only be for you and me." he continued. "He's agreed to take the film for us, as a thank-you for letting him lick you, so it'll be better than just having the camera sitting there in one position. Then he gives us the tape and it's just private between us. See? There's no problem."
She was thinking it over.
"You know Melanie at school? She was saying that she's made lots of films with her boyfriend and she likes to sit and watch them before they go to bed."
"What, you mean Melanie in my class?"
"I didn't realise she was having sex with her boyfriend."
"Ofcourse she is. Everyone fucks, it's just that noone likes to talk about it. The adults get jealous if they hear about their kids fucking, and then they start making trouble, you know, like stopping you going out and that."
She looked up at the camera.
"And we get to keep the tape?"
She didn't exactly say yes, but she started over towards the bed. I clicked on the camera to start filming her undressing. She was facing away from the camera and I was able to get a good shot of the seat of her jeans, tight full of her great big arse, as she started to unzip them. She pulled her jeans down and I zoomed in further for a close-up of the seat of her pale blue knickers. Her cotton panties really showed off her firm plump buttocks. Jason went over to her and slowly pulled the seat of her pants down for the camera. I got some superb footage of Sophie's bum being uncovered, and then Jason kneaded her buttocks with his hands, occasionally opening her arse up wide enough for me to get a good shot right up her bumcrack. Jason turned her round and pulled down the front of her pants too, exposing her soft hairless cunt. He immediately started to finger her labia and then to rub her little clitoris. Gradually he worked a finger into her tender immature cunt and started to finger-fuck her. Sophie's legs were starting to melt beneath her and Jason swung her onto my bed ready for screwing. He got her on her back with her legs open and held his hairy cock up against her sweet hairless cunt. He rubbed the tip of his penis all over the lips of her little genitals until the juices started to run out of her. He wiped her juice onto his cock and then he shoved the thing up her, one firm slow movement enough to get his whole penis up the child's vagina.
"I do enjoy fucking you, Sophie." Jason told her as he started to pump his penis in and out of her little pubes.
I took some close-up footage between the couple's legs showing Sophie's tight labia straining around Jason's cock and showing his balls bouncing against her crutch as he slammed himself up her genitals over and over again. It would give Sophie's mother a heart-attack if she ever saw what her little daughter was up to in this movie.
"Okay Sophie," said Jason, sliding his dick out of her cunt for a moment. "I'm going to lie back on the bed and you're going to climb on top of me and fuck yourself on my penis."
They changed positions and Sophie straddled his hips, a little uncertain how to do it in this position. Jason gave her no help. Finally she used her hand to hold his cock up straight and she slowly lowered her genitals down round his penis. He was in ecstasy as the little 12-year-old girl smothered his prick with her hot tender insides and started to fuck herself on him. I got a superb shot of her big bum bouncing up and down, her buttocks splaying out wide as she thrust herself up and down on her friend's cock. He was going up her all the way to the root as she put her full weight into shagging herself on his phallus.
"Okay, that's enough." Jason told her at length, sliding the little kid off his cock. "I've got a special birthday treat for you now. You know those 3 friends of mine that I invited?"
She nodded.
"Well they're all going to come in here and fuck you."
"No!" she wailed.
"Come on Sophie, you'll love it, getting fucked by 4 penises in one day! And on your birthday too. Think of it!"
"No! I don't want to!"
"Don't be silly sweetheart." Jason persisted. "Look, we've got you on tape having a fuck. Our friend here has been very careful to get your face all over the film, but naturally not my face."
I didn't think I could back him up on that one!
"If that tape should get round school, well...what would your friends think of you? You'd be the school slut."
Sophie was looking white, whilst Jason was looking triumphant.
"But there's no problem. Like I said, it's just between the two of us. All you've got to do is be a good little girl and let me and my friends have it off with you. Like I said, you'll love it."
Jason went over to the door to call his friends in while Sophie sat on the edge of the bed not knowing what to do about her hopeless situation.
The three boys came in all looking very excited about the prospect of using Sophie.
"Here she is." said Jason. "Come and use her."
He got Sophie to lie back on the bed with her legs open so that the boys could have a good look at her body. Two of the boys got their cocks out and started to have a wank. Jason reached in between Sophie's legs and held her labia open so that his friends could peer right up her cunt. Then the first boy started to undress. He pulled his jeans and pants down and climbed into bed with Sophie. I got into position to make sure that I got a good shot of the boy's penis sliding home into her cunt. The boy got between Sophie's legs and began to rub the end of his cock on Sophie's labia.
"She's got a gorgeous cunt, hasn't she." he commented to Jason. "Much better than Melanie's."
Sophie looked shocked as she heard her friend's name mentioned.
"Yeah, she's a tighter fuck than Melanie too." Jason added. Sophie looked at him dismally, aware now that everything he'd ever told her had been a lie and that she was just one of many little girls that these boys had used. The boy shoved his penis up her vagina with a deep sigh of satisfaction. This was the second penis to enjoy itself inside her little body. She felt ashamed, even though the sensation of the fat cock tasting her vagina was so exciting. One of the other boys had taken his trousers and pants off and he knelt next to Sophie and leaned over her with his penis poking in her face. He fed his cock into her mouth and started to fuck her face while the other boy fucked her cunt.
"You've got her very well trained, Jason." commented the other boys as they watched the little girl being sexually abused.
"Oh...I'm coming in her" moaned the first boy as he thumped his cock faster and faster in Sophie's 12-year-old cunt.
He froze motionless as he ejaculated into the prepubertal vagina and then slid his cock in and out of her one or two last times as his orgasm subsided. The boy slowly eased his cock out of Sophie's cunt and his sperm dribbled out of her vulva onto my bed.
"Okay, now it's my turn." said one of the other boys.
He climbed into bed with Sophie and stuck his cock up her.
"Oh yeah! What a cunt!" he groaned as he got his penis firmly lodged in her tiny pubes.
The boy who had been fucking Sophie's mouth was approaching orgasm. He suddenly pulled his penis out from between her lips and proceeded to cover her face with his sperm. Thick viscous globs of spunk shot across her lips and cheeks and yet more of it spat across her ear and into her long blonde hair. Sophie flushed, utterly humiliated by what these boys' cocks were doing to her, one boy's cock still firmly up her cunt shagging her.
The last of three newcomers climbed into the bed ready to use her mouth with his penis. He held the tip of his foreskin against her lips.
"Lick me." he demanded.
She put out her tongue and licked around the boy's foreskin until he was fully erect. Then he shoved his cock right in her mouth and down to her throat. The other boy continued to have a good fuck with Sophie's cunt while he fucked her mouth. It seemed that Sophie's mouth was too much for him, and it was only moments before he shot a torrent of sperm all over her face. She shut her eyes as a big glob of spunk shot across her eyelids, covering her eyelashes and her eyebrows.
"Before you cum in her cunt," suggested Jason, "let me show you something."
The remaining boy eased himself out of the little kid's cunt and let Jason take his place. Jason turned Sophie over and made her kneel.
"Now, watch this!" he told the spectators.
He held his penis between Sophie's buttocks and started to push.
"God, she's letting him arse-fuck her!" exclaimed one of the other boys.
I was not sure that 'letting' was quite the word, but it would be all the more humiliating for her, the boys being unaware of the blackmail that she was under.
Jason forced the whole length of his cock up Sophie's bum and started to sod her. Her buttocks were slapping obscenely against his hips as he thumped in and out of her bum and he was in ecstasy again as he enjoyed the feel of her oversized backside rubbing around his genitals as he fucked it. He screwed Sophie's 12-year-old butt for quite a few minutes before he finally ejaculated into it and filled her bum with his sperm.
There was one boy left who hadn't spunked-up in Sophie's body, and he had already tried her cunt. So he decided that, like Jason, he'd fuck Sophie's bum. He got Sophie to lean over the end of the bed and he stood behind her and shoved his cock up her bum. He had very thick dark pubic hair for his age, and it was very sexy watching him fuck the prepubertal girl's arse. He humped her backside and finally threw back his head with a primitive groan as he flooded Sophie's bum with his spunk.
The boys had finished with her, and it was my turn. I put the camera down. Sophie was lying on the bed exhausted. I looked at her young face all covered in spunk. Then I looked down at her hairless little cunt and saw the glistening beads of semen all over her labia. I leaned over between her legs and kissed her violated cunt. Then I ran my tongue across her labia, getting the thick copious semen all over my tongue. I slid my tongue slowly up into Sophie's vulva and the thick viscous cum from the boy's cock dripped out of her into my mouth. The smell of sex was all over her and it was driving me wild licking her freshly used genitals. I rolled her over to see what they'd done to her bum. Sperm had been running out of her bumcrack onto my bed and the sheets were quite damp. I ran my tongue along the very edge of her arsecrack, just close enough to pick up the filthy smell of her bottom. Then I slowly licked deeper and deeper into her bum, licking the sperm out of her filthy arse and enjoying the corrupt smell of boys' spunk and girl's shit. Finally my face was right up her backside with her bumcheeks wrapped firmly round my face and my lips touching her anus. I rolled my tongue round in her bumhole and more sperm came trickling out of her arse into my mouth. It was obscene, and I loved it!
Finally, we'd all finished with her and Sophie slowly put on her pants. She was in a state of shock. I helped her put on her jeans, giving her bum a good rub as she struggled to zip them up. Then we all went back downstairs. The other kids were all listening to records. Sophie stood in the doorway for a moment staring at one of the other girls.
"That's Melanie." whispered Jason.

One day, Sophie came back home from school with Jason, Melanie and Melanie's friend Steve. They sat around in the lounge for a while watching TV, and I had a chance to get a better look at young Melanie. She was ofcourse the same age as Sophie, with neck-length dark brown hair and dark sparkling eyes. She was wearing a bright red clasp in her hair that made her look really sweet and innocent. Her school uniform was much the same as Sophie's, with a bright white blouse, little white ankle socks, and a sexy maroon-coloured schoolskirt. Steve got her to sit on his knee as they watched TV, and I could see that her bum was almost as big as Sophie's. I watched Steve fondling the seat of her skirt and had an absolute yearning to get my face up the little girl's bum.
"Why don't we go for a walk out to that cottage?" asked Steve. "The girls would enjoy seeing that place."
Jason turned to me.
"Would you bring your camcorder?" he asked. "It'd be great to have some pictures of this place."
It was another hot day, perfect for walking, though I doubted there would be much of that done in the end. We set off down to the bottom of the street and then along the disused railway embankment until we came to the open fields. The first field was cultivated but then there was a sizeable wooded area. A bridle path took us some way into the wood and then an overgrown trail led off to the right. Through the trees I could make out a run-down cottage. There were slates missing from the roof in places, and the windows were grimy with one or two broken panes. It was obvious that the place had been empty for some years. The front door was shut but Jason strode round to the back and proudly showed us the rotting back door, hanging off its hinges.
"Look at this place!" he said. "We found it a couple of months back."
The door led into the kitchen. There was no furniture apart from a broken chair. A small hall led on to a bedroom where there was a fairly clean sleeping bag spread out on the floor.
"This is where we fuck girls." announced Jason, flashing a wicked smile at Steve who was grinning widely. "...So, you two had better get down on the floor." he added, turning to the little girls.
Melanie lay down on the sleeping bag and pulled up her schoolskirt showing her pants straight away. It was obvious that the boys had been using her for a long time already. She was wearing the regulation maroon-coloured school knickers and they looked really sexy against her narrow hips and soft thin legs. Steve got down on the sleeping bag with her and he pulled her pants down. Her cunt was just beautiful - a tiny hairless little slit tucked in tight between her little legs.
"You too." Jason told Sophie as she watched her friend being stripped.
Sophie hesitantly got down on the sleeping bag next to Melanie, and Jason pulled up her skirt and pulled down her knickers. The two young couples slowly undressed, the boys first of all stripping the girls' clothes off them piece by piece, and then taking off their own clothes. Finally the boys got between the little girls' legs and started to fuck them. Although Melanie's cunt was smaller-looking than Sophie's, she took Steve's cock whole, right to the balls, and it was clearly not such a tight fit as Sophie's. After a few minutes, the two boys changed over and began fucking each other's girlfriends. I could tell that Melanie had been used by Jason already, but it looked like the first time that Sophie had been fucked by Steve.
After a few minutes, Jason called me over.
"Hey, you haven't tasted Melanie's arse yet, have you. Come and try it."
Melanie looked a bit uncertain, but she was very co-operative and Jason rolled her over onto her front. Melanie's buttocks were really gorgeous, big plump lumps with a deep sexy- looking crack between them. I knelt down on the floor and leaned over the schoolgirl's bum. I kissed her buttocks and then slowly began to lick them, swirling my tongue all over her sweaty young flesh. Then I took one of her buttocks in each hand and gently opened up her bottom. A filthy smell drifted out of her bum as I parted her buttocks and I immediately pressed by face into her dirty backside. The smell of her arse was even more sexy than Sophie's and I started to lick all round her little anus. I got Melanie to kneel with her bum sticking up in the air and then I once more put my face between her buttocks and started to suck her shithole. The bitter taste of her arse and the filthy smell of it really turned me on. Her arsehole started to soften as I licked it and I was soon able to slide my tongue right into her bum.
Once I'd licked Melanie's arse clean, I let Jason carry on fucking her and went back to the camera. Suddenly one of the floorboards in the hall creaked loudly.
"Shit! There's somebody out there." hissed Steve.
The girls reached for their skirts trying to cover themselves up, but it was too late. The door burst open and two men stood there.
"What the fuck..." said one of them, his jaw dropping open as he saw the naked young bodies spread out on the floor.
"Don't you know this is private property!" yelled the other.
"And those girls are too young for you to be messing about with them!" added the first.
He went over to the two little girls.
"How old are you?" he demanded, glowering at Sophie.
"12." she replied, almost whimpering with fright.
"12 years old." he said, shaking his head.
He turned to me.
"So you're the cameraman, eh?"
He exchanged glances with the other man.
"You kids are going to be in a lot of trouble." he said, looking from face to face. "What's your name?" he asked Melanie.
"J..Judy." she replied.
"You're lying."
He turned to the other man again.
"What should we do about this?"
"We ought to tell their parents. But...I don't know."
The first man looked thoughtful, and turned back to Sophie.
"I suppose you two girls think you're good little fucks, do you?"
She shook her head.
"You don't mind letting the boys have a good screw with you, eh?" he said, turning to Melanie.
She was looking down at the floor.
"Well, if you give me and my mate a good time, we'll say no more about this little incident. How about that?"
The girls looked up.
"What do you want us to do?" asked Sophie.
"Well, I think you could suck our cocks to start with, don't you?"
He started to unzip his trousers. He pulled them down and rolled down the front of his briefs. He had a big fat cock with a long foreskin.
"You can do the film, cameraman." he told me.
I started the camera and then the man turned back to Sophie.
"Tell me how much you'd like to lick my cock." he told her.
She hesitated for a moment and glanced shyly at Melanie. It seemed that her friend's presence embarrassed her more than anything.
"I...I'd like to lick your cock." she whispered.
"Pardon?" asked the man.
"I'd really like to lick your cock." she said again, more loudly.
"Well, kneel down then." he said.
Sophie knelt on the floor and the man held his penis up to her lips. She opened her mouth and the man put his partly- erect prick onto her tongue. Sophie closed her lips round the end of it and I could see her mouth working on the man's cock, sucking and licking round it. The man started to fuck her face as she sucked him off. Meanwhile, his friend got his cock out and went over to Melanie. He took the little girl's head in his hands and drove his prick into her mouth, immediately starting to screw her face.
After a few minutes, the first man pushed Sophie off.
"I suppose you want me to fuck you too?" he asked Sophie.
She said nothing.
"Come on, tell me." he said impatiently.
"Yes...yes...I want you to fuck me." Sophie replied, not a trace of honesty in her tone.
"Tell me again."
"I want you to fuck me and screw me." said Sophie.
She lay back on the sleeping bag, knowing the man intended to fully use her. She opened her legs wide and he climbed in between them ready to insert his adult cock into her 12-year- old vagina. He rubbed the tip of his penis all round the vulva of her little cunt until she closed her eyes and parted her lips, succumbing to the thrill of this new sexual humiliation. That was when the man shoved his cock right up her. He gave the little girl a much heavier fucking than Jason could and she was writhing around on the sleeping bag moaning and sweating, absolutely consumed with what this man was doing to her cunt.
"You do like fucking, don't you, you little slut!" the man told her as he rammed his dick harder and harder into her genitals.
"It's no good Dave." he said to his friend, sliding his penis out of Sophie's cunt. "I'm going to have to give her the full treatment. Go and get the bandages out of the first-aid kit in the car will you?"
He got up, pulling Sophie to her feet and leading her off down the hall. He took her into the bathroom.
"Right, sit on the toilet." he told her.
Sophie sat down as she was told and we waited for Dave to return. Then the two men set about tying Sophie down to the toilet. They tied her ankles together round the pedestal and then tied her wrists to the sewer-pipe at the back of the toilet bowl. Finally they wound some bandage round her waist and tied it down securely to the back of the toilet seat. Sophie was helpless, her bottom perched on the edge of the toilet seat and her cunt sticking up in the air available for anyone and everyone to use as they wished. Her new lover climbed on top of her, and I got a close-up shot of his fat phallus pushing home into her little schoolgirl cunt once again. The man shagged and humped little Sophie and finally spunked up in her cunt while she was tied up on the toilet. As he eased his penis out of her vagina, his spunk ran out of her vulva and down the inside of her leg. It was so obscene and sexy.
Now it was time for Dave and Melanie to make love. The two men untied Sophie and strapped Melanie down to the toilet in her place. Melanie had such a tiny little body and such thin gangly legs. Dave climbed on top of her and stuffed his cock into her vagina. She frowned for a minute as her genitals took the strain of the big adult penis and then as she started to relax Dave began to give her a methodical fucking. His big hairy dick looked very good in Melanie's little hairless cooch. First of all he gave her some slow stroking inside her vagina and then he started humping her hard and fast as he tried to reach an orgasm with her. It didn't require too much effort before he was filling Melanie's genitals with his sperm, and I saw her bite her lip as she realised that she'd been flooded with this man's spunk, a man she'd never met before.
After they'd used the two kids, Dave and his friend were ready to leave.
"Let's not catch you kids here again!" said the first man as the two of them left. "You know what'll happen to you if we do."
Melanie was still tied down to the toilet. I knelt down in front of her dripping cunt. There was a big glob of spunk between the lips of her genitals and a trickle of sperm running down her leg. I put my lips to her hairless cunt for the first time. She was really stinking of sex. I ran my tongue all over her violated pubes and then slipped it right up inside her, letting the man's sperm run out of her cunt into my mouth. She had a truly lovely cunt. As soon as I'd licked Melanie clean, I turned to Sophie who also had semen all over her genitals. The same heavy smell of intercourse between her legs nearly drove me wild with excitement. I licked the little girl's labia and then licked up into her vulva. Sperm dripped right out of her onto my tongue.
There was no water-supply to the cottage, so the little girls had to get dressed without washing their cunts.
"I'll take your pants." I told the girls, and picked up their knickers.
I slipped the two pairs of girls' panties into my camera bag to enjoy later. The girls put on the rest of their school uniforms and then we started back to Sophie's house, the two little girls looking most uncomfortable about having to walk all the way back with no pants on.
Later that evening, as I was going to bed, I spread out the two pairs of 12-year-old girls' panties on my pillow. There was a little label in Melanie's pants, "Melanie Salter". Smeared across the crutch of her pants was a really sexy streak of shit. I held my nose up against her knickers and breathed in the filthy smell of the little girl's bum. Then I pressed my face right into her pants and started rubbing that shitty mark right onto my nose and cheeks. The smell was really exciting and I tried to picture the little 12-year-old girl's naked bum as I breathed in the filthy smell of her. Sophie's pants were as dirty as ever, and I was able to enjoy even more dirty smells, rubbing them round my face. I spent the whole night with my face in those girls' school underpants.

--- To Be Continued ---

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