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Teaching our Daughter
An Erotic Story

"'You remember yesterday, when we showed you those pictures?" I asked our 10-year old daughter.
"Yes Momma."
"Do you remember the part, wher the man squirted white-stuff in the little girl, then her tummy got big with his baby growing inside her?" I deliberatly mis-mentioned the fact that the "girl" in the book who got pregnant, was MUCH older than the rest of the young models in the sex-education manual. I figured that Diane would remember all the little boys with swollen peters, and little girls with slick little cracks, and adjust her memory to agreeing with the idea that one of the pre-teen girls was the one who had the baby. At least, I hoped so.
Diane's brow furrowed. "I THINK so," she replied.
"Well," I continued, "a lot of those girls in the book, were even younger than you are. Some of them, were even younger than your little sister. I got to thinking last night, that if they were old enough to have babies, then why shouldn't you? So, I talked to your father and we decided." I stopped, changed my mind, and decided to be at least partly honest. "Well," I continued, "at least I decided. I convinced your father, that since you were now a woman; and that OTHER girls your age were already getting to have babies; it wouldn't be fair, to hold you back."
I didn't mention, that there were less than 1 in a million "other" children her age, who were precocious enough to get pregnant. After all, Diane was ahead of all her classmates in everything else, why not in having a baby, as well?
"So," I concluded, "since you don't have a brother to fuck like the kids in the book, or even a boyfriend yet, I'm going to let you practice making a baby with your father, instead."
Diane's eyes got real big.
"You mean?" she asked, slightly scared.
I nodded. "Uhuh," I told her. "Your father and I figure it's time you learned how to make a baby, so Daddy's going to show you how. That way, you'll not only learn how to fuck, but you'll also get to feel your father's baby growing inside you after you do."
Diane's eyes got even bigger, if possible. "You mean Daddy's going to. . ." She couldn't say it.
I could. "Yes," I said, Daddy's going to teach you how to make a baby. He's going to put his penis inside you, just like the man you saw in the pictures did to HIS little girl. That way, Daddy can squirt his sperm inside you, where it belongs, so that you can get pregnant."
"Daddy's going to make a baby in me?" It was almost a whisper.
"He's going to try," I answered. "That is," I amended, "unless you don't WANT him to. Not many parents would even LET their little girls do this. Your father and I both love you enough to think you deserve the chance." I made it clear by the tone of my voice, that I would be VERY disappointed, if my daughter didn't take me up on the offer.

"I don't know if I want a baby." Diane shivered.
"Well," I said, "don't worry. In the first place, you're kind of young, to get pregnant anyway. In the second, you don't have to raise it, if you don't want to. Daddy and I will adopt it, so you can have a baby, without having any of the worries."
"Oh," Said Diane. "Well, If you say so."
That was all I needed. I motioned to my husband to get on the bed, and show our little girl the "Facts of Life."
Dan's big cock looked twice as big around, as our daughter's tiny little slit. Still, I knew it would stretch. Mine had, when I was even younger than she was.
"Momma! It won't fit, said the little girl.
"Shh!" I said. "Just let Daddy do it."
I watched my husband put the head of his penis up against our little girl's tight little hole. He rubbed it up and down, getting the child slippery with his pre-cum, then kind of ROLLED the head inside.
Diane's eyes were almost popping, but she only gave a slight "Ow," when her father's cock first entered her body. It was almost unbelievable, but somehow my husband was managing to slide his enormous prick right up inside our little girl's body. I knew how tight the little girl must be inside.
Diane showed only a little discomfort, as her father's cock slid farther and farther into her body. After about two minutes, Dan had almost 4 inches inside the little girl, and it wouldn't go any deeper.
"Uh, Diane?" asked Dan.
"Yes Daddy?" Diane sounded a little strained, but not hurt.
"I want to put my cock all the way up inside your womb," said the man. "It might hurt a little, but that way, there's a better chance of getting you pregnant."
"If you say so Daddy." Diane didn't seem to be too happy about the "hurt" part, but who could blame her?
I couldn't believe I was actually going to see my husband put his big prick right up inside our little girl's womb, but I was certainly going to watch him try!
Slowly, Dan inched his big cock farther and farther into our little girl's belly. Diane grit her teeth, and her fingers turned white, as she grabbed the sheets, but she didn't yell, or ask Dan to stop.
I watched my husband's hairy groin meet our little girl's bare little cunny-lips. I couldn't believe it. My husband had his adult-sized penis all the way up inside our little girl's body. The head of his cock must have been leaking pre-cum into the little girl's womb.
"Do it," I whispered. "Fuck our little girl. Squirt your sperm in our daughter's womb, so Diane can have a baby by her own father."

I was interrupted by a voice at my elbow.
"Momma, what's Daddy doing to Diane?"
Diane's little 7-year-old sister wasn't shocked to see her father with his big cock buried in her big sister's belly. She was just curious.
"Daddy's making a baby in your sister," I explained. Then,with a burst of genius I continued, "If you're REAL good, maybe I'll have Daddy make a baby in you too."
"OK, Momma." The first-grader didn't seem to mind the idea at all.
This exchange was too much for Dan.
I watched my husband begin jerking and grunting on top of Diane. I knew he was filling our little girl's womb with his incestuous cum. I hoped the little girl got pregnant. It would be so cute, to see a little 10-year-old girl running around the house, with her belly swollen by her own father's baby inside.
Of course, it was even sexier, to think of a little 7-year-old kid in the same condition. I hoped that Dan had enough sperm, to plant some in Ginny's tiny little womb as well.
Luckily, he did.

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