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My Sister's a Pervert
An Erotic Story

I always knew my little sister was a pervert. Heck, so am I. I just never realized just HOW perverted she was, until last week.
I had gone over to visit, and Suzy met me at the door, stark naked. I figured something was up; and from the look of it, it was going to be my prick. I was right. Suzy motioned for me to get undressed, before I got out of the entry hall.
Well, this wasn't so bad; except for the giggles from my three nieces, as they watched me struggle out of my clothes. They were used to being undressed, and my sister's rules about "no clothes" didn't bother them. They could shrug out of their short dresses and blouses in less time than it took me to remove my shoes. Besides, they were younger, and didn't have the "problem" I did. Yeah, I had a hard-on. Of course, the girls noticed too; making it even more difficult to remove the last article of clothing.
"Uncle Fred's got a hard-on," giggled Marie. Being the eldest, she topped both her little sisters by over half a head. Marie was the only one of the three kids that didn't resemble one of her parents. To tell the truth, she looked more like me, than either Suzy or Mike; almost as if I HAD succeeded in accomplishing the wet-dream that was the basis for so many of my stories. Brown hair, and blue eyes; just like me. Long STRAIT brown hair; in a cascade that reached halfway down her back. My fingers had itched many times to run through that glorious hair. Just-developing titties made delicious mouth-watering mounds in the front, while her hips had filled out enough to make her look like an advertising man's dream. Wet-dream, that is. A pert little nose, and a laughing mouth made her the unconscious star of almost 1/4 of the sex-stories I wrote. . . And that was fully dressed!
Standing naked, with her smooth skin, and pert little belly- button almost in my face, as I tried to keep my eyes from staring at her developing womanhood. . . Well, what can I say?
Looking at the other two girls was even worse. Lisa was obviously her father's girl. Tousle-haired, and wild, the little brunette could always get her mother to do anything; just by putting on the semi-serious face that imitated her father. While she didn't have the developed bosom of her older sister, gentle mounds on her chest suggested that it wouldn't be long before this little girl was a woman too. Stripped bare, her hips had lost all the baby-fat, and only had a hint of the woman to come. Still, with her flat little tummy, and pouting little slit sticking out for me to see, she was a pedophile's wet dream. (And I should know.)
If Lisa was a wet-dream to me, then what can I say about Jennifer? Jenny was the spitting image of her mother at the same age. In fact, several times photographs of the two had been mixed up, and we couldn't be sure WHICH one of the two they were of, unless the picture had some indication of the age, or other people were in the photo.

Jenny, like her two sisters, was a brunette, only HER hair was cut to shoulder length, and had only a little curl in it. A pert nose, and two cupid lips made her look so much like my sister, that sometimes I almost slipped, and called her "Susan." Below that, was a perfect little-girl body. No hint of approaching womanhood marred the illusion. If not for the indentation that marked her sex, you would never know from the waist down, that she wasn't a boy. Still, her laughing face, the very image of her mother, and the pouting cunny-lips left no doubt that this was a girl. Especially to me. I had left more sperm squirting into an unfeeling tissue than I care to contemplate; imagining that I was squirting into this little girl's tight little hole. Of course, I had never even HINTED this to her. (As I hinted before, I'm a pedophile. . . A lover of little girls. . . That's lover; not child-molester. I was NOT going to seduce my little niece, no matter HOW much she turned me on. I loved her too much to let her even guess how I felt.)
My sister grinned at me, as all this rushed through my mind while getting undressed; then turned to her three offspring. "Don't tease your uncle, girls," she said. "I'm going to be fixing dinner, so Marie, you take care of your uncle, until I'm ready."
By this time, I was surrounded by three giggling, naked little girls; who didn't seem to mind at all rubbing up against me, even if I DID have an erection that wouldn't quit.
Taking her mother's instruction literally, the 13-year-old girl grabbed me by the prick; led me up the stairs and over to where she pulled out the desk-chair; and had me sit down on it. Then, only pausing momentarily to wet her pussy with a little saliva, the pubescent teenager sat down on my lap, facing me, and slid my prick home in her tight little snatch; while her little sisters looked on with interest. I couldn't believe this was happening. I mean; you just DON'T go over and visit your little sister, and end up fucking her daughter before you are two minutes inside her doorway! Only I did.
Suzy glanced in from the kitchen, at her little girl whose tight little slit was squeezing the heck out of my engorged prick; while her two younger kids commented on how good it must feel, since my prick was stretching their big sister's cunny, like their fingers never did. "Now you do it right," she admonished Marie. "Your uncle has probably got a big load of sperm he needs to squirt inside you, after being teased by those girls down at the office."
I don't know how she knew, but she was right. Even if I hadn't though, my little niece's sucking young vagina would have made me squirt an enormous load anyway. I had instinctively wrapped my arms around the little girl; driving my prick up inside her to the root. After only a few strokes, I was ready to deliver my seed into the sexy teenager's sucking young womb. It was only when I was about to do just that; that reality of the situation hit me.

"Oh God, I can't," I said, realizing that if I uploaded the mass of cum I had been working up all day long into my sexy little niece, that she would be nursing our baby in less than a year. I mean, at 13 years old, the little girl was probably as fertile as a turtle. Not that she seemed to mind; working her tight little cunny on and off my prick as if she didn't have a care in the world about getting pregnant. Up she would slide, until just the crown of my prick was trapped in the sparse fur of her tight little slit, and then down, until my prick was buried to the hilt in her tight little belly; leaking pre-cum and probably even a little sperm into her eager young womb.
My sister took pity on me. If she hadn't, my head would have probably exploded, from the effort of trying to keep from cumming, fighting with the need to blow my seed all over the inside of her daughter's sucking young womb. I knew I needed to pull out, but I just couldn't. It was killing me.
"It's OK," she said, poking her head out of the kitchen again, "you can cum in her. It's not as if this was some big surprise to us, you know. I mean, she's been having periods for over three years now. We've had PLENTY of time to be prepared."
"Oh," I said. Then: "OH!" as I finally got the message. Of course Suzy had the kid on the pill by now. Why else would she be so unconcerned about me fucking her daughter, the moment I walked in the door, and no condoms to be had. What a relief!
"Oh. Here it comes, Honey," I warned Marie, wanting to give her one last chance to object anyway. "I'm going to squirt my sperm right up inside that tight little hole of yours, and fill your cute little tummy so full of cum, it'll be coming out your ears." My sister had vanished back into the kitchen, but I still heard her giggle at my remark.
Marie was too personally involved, to giggle; unlike her mother and two little sisters. "Do it," she panted. "Do it. Cum in me. Please, Uncle Fred?" Her voice grew ragged, and her movements on my prick grew erratic, as her orgasm finally grew.
It was enough to get me off too. It wasn't exactly "simultaneous" but it was close enough. My little niece was still squeezing wildly on my prick, when I jammed it in to the root, and began squirting gob after gob of thick greasy incestuous cum in the little girl's slit. Gob after gob; squirt after squirt. It felt like I was emptying my whole body into the kid. God did it feel good to let that load go. Right where it belonged too; into the welcoming young belly of a little girl who seemed to like feeling me squirt my seed in her, almost as much as I liked squirting it there.
It was only when I finished leaving the last sticky drops of sperm inside the little girl, that I became aware of her father observing the two of us shuddering our way through the last of our respective climaxes, while we clutched each other so close it was almost like we were one person. "Oh shit!" I thought. I was dead. No way would her father believe it wasn't me who had seduced his little girl. No matter WHAT I said. I wondered what prison was going to feel like, as I waited for the explosion.

"When you two are done fucking, you'd better both wash up," commented Mike, before walking past me to join his wife in the kitchen. "You two kids had better go first, while your big sister and uncle recover."
"Yes Daddy." With squeals, the two younger children headed down to the bathroom to get ready for dinner, in a semi-fight to be first; now that the "interesting" stuff going on between their uncle and big sister seemed to be finished. It was like stepping on a step that wasn't there.
Groaning, my niece and I slowly extricated ourselves from each other. For all the sperm I had ejaculated inside her, it was amazing how little came running out. She must be incredibly tight inside. I grinned, as I remembered just how tight she had felt around my prick. At least, she hadn't been a virgin. At least, I didn't THINK she had been a virgin. There had certainly been no blood, and no yelps of pain from Marie.
While musing on this, Marie and I had gone to the bathroom; chased out her two siblings; and cleaned up enough to be presentable for dinner. All the time, we remained so close together it was almost as if we were glued-together at the hips. We felt SO close. There's something incredibly friendly about having had sex with somebody. While before, Marie and I had gotten along about as well as an uncle and niece could, this was different. Even if we never did it again, the two of us would always be closer than ever before because of what we had just shared with each other.
I found myself grinning, and the grin grew even bigger, when I saw Marie copying me. Like a couple of blooming idiots, we went in to have supper. If her father was going to let me have it later, then it had been worth it.
Somehow after dinner, I found myself sitting on the couch watching TV, with Marie's two younger sisters, while the older girl had retired to her room to do some schoolwork; not being the slightest bit embarrassed when she got up from the table, and a thick liquid dribbled out of her cunny; running in an obscene drool down her leg.
Marie gave me a big open-mouthed kiss, right in front of her father; said, "Thanks, Uncle Fred," and left. The smell of fresh cum from her dribbling snatch was unmistakable.
I found myself being escorted to the living-room by two giggling little girls, where to my embarrassment, they both sat on either side of me; each with a hand wrapped around my once- again erect prick. Lisa had her hand gripping the lower part, while her little sister's friendly fingers kept the head excited.
My little sister had cuddled up in her husband's lap in the big chair, and for the most part they both ignored the giggles coming from the two little girls so obscenely engrossed in playing with their uncle's prick. I couldn't believe it.
Eventually however, I started to relax, as it became obvious that neither parent minded the obscene by-play going on between their daughters and the little girls' uncle.
I don't know what shows were on TV that night. All I was aware of, was two sexy little hands stroking my erection, until pre-cum started drooling out the tip, and Lisa began smearing it over the head; bringing an "Oooh," of delight from me.

My little sister looked over at me; grinned; and returned to snuggling her butt down against my brother-in-law's swelling penis. Neither one seemed to care that their little girls could see their father's prick pushing up against the furry snatch of their own mother, before the tip vanished inside her.
By this time, my prick was drooling rivers of pre-cum, and both Lisa and Jennifer were smoothing it all over; threatening to bring me off with their bare hands. I found myself scrunching down in the seat; slipping a finger in each of the little girls tight little cunnies in gratitude. I wasn't really frigging them; just tickling their little clits, and getting my fingers sticky in the slick wetness that flooded in response.
At Lisa's squeal of delight, my sister looked over at where I was sitting in the most compromising of positions; with two little girls stroking my dribbling prick, while the index finger of each hand was stroking the swollen clit of each of her two youngest daughters. I blushed red in embarrassment, but couldn't bring myself to stop. After all, Suzy had started the whole thing the moment I had arrived, and hadn't objected to her daughters' sex-play yet.
"Don't tease the girls, Fred," said Suzy.
"Huh?" I yanked my fingers from between the little girls' thighs; bringing more squeals from them; of disappointment this time. Obviously, I was doing something wrong. Either my sister was annoyed at me for playing with her daughters' holes, or she wanted something else. Surely she didn't expect me to FUCK the kids, did she?
"Don't STOP," said Suzy; in exasperation. "If you're going to frig the girls, then at least do it right, and stick your finger up inside them, so they can get off too."
Oh. I didn't really believe it, but that didn't stop me. I forced a thick finger up in each of the two little girls; bring another squeal of delight from both of them. I just hoped I didn't wake up too soon from this wet-dream. I also hoped that I could hide the obscene thoughts I would forever have about my cute little nieces from my little sister; so she didn't ban me from her house forever, as a child-molesting pervert. Well, I WAS a pedophile, and my little sister knew that already, but playing sexy-feely with her two youngest daughters, after fucking the older one; leaving great gobs of incestuous seed in the child's womb, with her own mother's permission yet, just HAD to be a wet-dream. No WAY, could this be real.
Only it was. The feel of two tight little sleeves squeezing on my fingers as I slowly slid them into the giggling little girls was too thrillingly sexy for even a wet-dream. Suddenly my prick was no longer drooling pre-cum, but thick white gobs of the real thing were oozing out the tip in spite of my straining efforts to hold it back. By now I had a thick finger buried to the hilt in Lisa's 11-year-old little slit, while the other was surrounded by the even tighter tunnel of her 10-year-old little sister.
A second big curd of thick white formed at the tip of my prick. The girls had smeared the first big gob up and down my prick; making it feel incredibly good, as their slick little fingers stroked and tickled.

I let the little girls do what they wanted; closing my eyes, and enjoying the feel of a clasping little hole around each big finger, while my prick oozed yet another big drop of sperm from the end. I hated to waste it, but the two little girls gave me no choice. Besides, it felt too good to stop. I relaxed; not caring WHAT the little girls did any more; as long as I kept a finger in each one of them, and they didn't let go of my prick, that is.
Only it turned out that I DID care. I felt something warm and wet surround the head of my penis, just as another gob came squirting out this time.
"Mmmm. . . It tastes GOOD," said Lisa; removing her mouth from my suddenly spewing prick, to let her little sister have a taste. "You try it."
I watched in shock, as Jennifer did; placing her mouth over the tip of my swollen prick; just in time to catch yet another thick squirt in HER mouth.
Only Jenny didn't stop once she got one squirt like her big sister had. The little 10-year-old started sucking like a baby on my prick; stripping each squirt out with her tongue; while her tiny little cunny went into spasms around my invading finger. The little girl was actually getting OFF on having me cum in her mouth! I looked up to meet my sister's gaze, as she proudly watched her little girl sucking her brother off like an experienced whore. I could see shocks running through her body; as the stimulation of seeing her little girl give her big brother a blow-job made her cunny strip her husband's prick of HIS thick sticky sperm.
Yes, my sister was actually fucking Mike by this time; not caring that her two little girls could see his thick prick sliding in and out of her furry little snatch. Well, if she didn't mind the little girls giving their uncle a blow-job, then why should I be surprised that she didn't mind them seeing their parents making love? I relaxed, and let the last of my seed flow into the mouth of the incredible young girl. Jennifer only stopped when Lisa poked her, so she could finish the job.
The two little girls took turns lapping up every drop of cum from my prick, until it was limp and shriveled.
"Thanks, Uncle Fred," said Lisa; wriggling her sopping-wet cunny back at my big finger. Somehow the older girl had also managed an orgasm, while I had been distracted by her little sister. Both girls pushed back at me one last time; forcing my thick fingers to the hilt in each of their now sloppy-wet little slits, before turning to kiss me, now that their pussies were satisfied.
THEY were thanking ME? "Thank YOU," I started, before my mouth was covered with Jenny's. The little girl had obviously been told something about french-kissing, but equally obviously had never done it before. Still, she learned fast. Before a minute was up, I was sorry I had already blown a wad in the little girl's mouth, as I wanted to do it again, and my prick wouldn't respond! The slippery taste of my own semen in the little girl's mouth was more a turn-on at knowing she liked it enough to take it and not spit it out, than a turn-off at tasting my own cum.

After a bit, her older sister got impatient, and wanted her "turn."
Lisa was more experienced at kissing than her younger sister, but the younger girl's enthusiasm and innocence almost made up the difference. . . Almost.
The 11-year-old was so good, I actually felt stirrings again in my crotch. By the time we finished practicing kissing, and I showed each of the little girls a few tricks of my own, it was almost bedtime.
My sister sent the little girls off to bed, and invited me into the kitchen for a cup of coffee with her husband, before we went to bed also.
"Now get to bed, you three," instructed Suzy. "Your uncle will be in to join you in about half an hour or so."
"Yes, Momma," chorused the three sweet voices of the little girls. The little girls all gave me "thank-you" hugs, before scampering off to the room they shared with their big sister.
I had almost choked on my coffee, when my little sister implied that I was to sleep in the same bedroom with her daughters. All three of them naked underneath the sheets, and only two beds. I knew that none of the beds were big enough for all three girls; being twin-bunk-beds.
After recovering from coffee up my nose, and the incredibly sexy feel of three little naked girls rubbing their sexy young bodies against mine, I finally managed to choke, "You mean you really want me to sleep in their bedroom with them?" Even after fucking one of the girls, and getting the best blow-job of my life from the other two, I still couldn't believe that my own sister would turn me loose in her little girls' bedroom to crawl in bed naked with one of her daughters. I mean, what if I. . .
No. . . I couldn't. I've long known I'm a pedophile (by that, I mean I'm sexually turned-on by young girls.) but I am a TRUE pedophile, a "child-lover" not a child-molester. Or at least I hadn't been a child-molester, until tonight.
In any case, I could no more hurt those little girls in the other room, than I could cut off my own arm with a dull butter- knife. I loved them too much. I already felt guilty about what I HAD done with the kids. The only thing saving my sanity, was the fact that the usual thing that hurt little girls the most, from having sex with an older man, hadn't happened, and very much looked like it never would.
The "worst" thing I am talking about, is the reactions most parents would have if they ever learned their little girls were having sex with an older man. . . you know the sort of thing I'm talking about. . . Yelling, screaming, wild accusations, shame, put-downs, calling the little girls, "sluts," if they enjoyed it, and rape-victims if it was anything less than full participation on their part. At the very LEAST, the children would see their lover taken away, and even if he (or she) didn't end up in jail, they would never see him again. Sometimes THAT could be the worst pain of all.

None of these things seemed to be happening here. In fact, my slutty little sister seemed to be PROUD of her little girls for doing such a good job of seducing their own uncle. Not that I'm all THAT hard for a little girl to seduce; at least, if I know her parents don't mind.
That's STILL the part I found hard to believe; but my sexy little sister's next words just confused me even more.
"Well," she said; with a twinkle in her eye, "you don't HAVE to, if you don't want to. I mean, Mike and I COULD make up the couch, and you could sleep out here. We just thought you might PREFER sleeping with the girls."
I almost choked on my coffee all over again.
"You KNOW what I want to do," I accused my little sister.
"Uhuh," she giggled. "We've read enough of your stories."
"Then why? . . ." I just couldn't understand.
"Poor Fred," giggled Suzy; coming over to stand beside me. The sexy smell of my little sister's body was enough to give me a hard-on, even after all the abuse my cock had received that night. Suzy always DID get me hard, and she knows it. Maybe that's the reason I'm a pedophile; still dreaming of sneaking down to my little sister's bedroom, and "showing her the facts of life." Of course, I never had; but sometimes I wish. . .
"Poor boy," repeated Suzy, "He's dreamed all his life about having a little girl to fuck; who wants him to fuck her, just as much as he does. Now he's got three of them waiting for his big prick in the other room, and my big brother gets an attack of conscience. I feel SOOOO sorry for you."
My sister's tits were dangling in front of my face, and I couldn't resist. Sticking out my tongue, I licked on an erect nipple, then sucked the plump mound into my mouth. The smell of my little sister was driving me wild. Somehow I no longer cared that her husband was watching; as Suzy shoved her mammary gland in my face; allowing me free reign to suck, as she stroked my hair.
"Mmmmmm," she said, offering me the other nipple to suck on, "That feels good. But I'm not the one you should be doing this to. There's three horny girls waiting in the other room for this kind of service. . . Don't you think you'd better go take care of them first?"
First? This was the first time my little sister had EVER even intimated that she would welcome my advances. Now she was hinting that I would be welcome to. . . to. . . to. . . whatever, AFTER I took care of her little girls?!
Somehow I managed to remove my face from my little sister's beautiful breasts. I looked over at her husband, and looked at him inquiringly. I LIKE Mike. No way was I going to spoil our relationship, no mater HOW long I've dreamed about getting in my little sister's cute little panties.
Mike looked at me, and shrugged. Whether he liked the idea or not, I knew my brother-in-law would not be angry if I took my little sister up on either offer, or both.
"Why me?" I croaked; looking pointedly at Mike. After all, if my little sister wanted her little girls fucked, she already had one handsome male in the house.

Yeah, handsome. Mike was probably three times as good- looking as I was, and had a personality to match. No wonder my little sister fell for him like a ton of bricks; chasing him halfway across the country when he was in the service.
"Mike doesn't like little girls," explained Suzy; snuggling into her husband's caress, while somehow managing to hold out a delicious boob for me to suckle on. "He likes mature women. . . With furry cunts, and bountiful bosoms," she added, showing me the other one, to demonstrate. "Besides, he's scared he might hurt the kids, if their own father came on to them. . . So we chose you, when we found out the girls were going to have sex, whether we wanted them to or not."
"Why me?" I repeated; barely pausing long enough to ask.
"Because we know you're a pedophile," explained my little sister.
That startled me. She COULDN'T mean that. "Huh?" I asked; looking her straight in the face. Of all the cockeyed reasons. . . Most people would be throwing me out of the house, if they knew I was a pedophile. They CERTAINLY wouldn't be turning me loose on their 10, 11, and 13-year-old little girls!
"Fred, Fred," chided Suzy. "Mike and I have read ALL your stories."
"All of them, I croaked; remembering "The Raping of Debra." If she'd read THAT story, it's a wonder she allowed me on the same BLOCK with her children, let alone in the same house with them.
"ALL of them," emphasized Suzy; looking me straight in the eye. Oh shit!
"Even 'Raping Debra' was a love-story," she said confirming my fears. "You make it plain in ALL your stories, that you LOVE little girls, and would do anything to keep from hurting them. . . So who else would make a better choice, than a man who'd go to any lengths to ensure that they don't get hurt?" Suzy looked at me, as if expecting me to deny it.
What could I say? I wrote myself into my stories.
That's why, previous to this, I had never even HINTED how much my sister's little girls turned me on. . . Just like I never had told Suzy, when she was young.
My sister looked at me somewhat sadly. "Besides," she said, "if you were able all these years to keep your feelings for ME a secret; not wanting to force me into a relationship I wasn't ready for; then I think I can trust you with the affections of my little girls, who ARE ready for it."
"Oh," I said, dumbfounded. Obviously, reading between the lines, my sister had figured out the crush I had on her all these year. . . And she wasn't mad!
"Now you'd better get to bed," said Suzy; ushering my unresisting body down the hall to where her little girls were waiting. "And Fred?"
"Huh?" I asked, wondering what I could say, if she decided NOT to let me continue into the girls' bedroom.
"You know, you MIGHT have just asked me," she said, before turning to follow Mike into the other bedroom. Oh shit! When I thought of all those lost years. . .

I forcibly reminded myself that if I didn't get moving, there was going to be another whole SET of things I would be regretting years from now. Three of them, to be exact.
It had been over an hour, that we had been discussing things in the kitchen. The only one still awake, was Marie. The two younger kids had obviously wanted to wait, but had fell asleep leaning against each other sitting up in bed, I smiled at my eldest niece, and together we slid the two little angels down under the covers, so they could be more comfortable. The feel of the little girls' skin against my hand was so sexy, I had to fight to keep from leaking cum all over the bed, while tucking them in.
My touch must have partly waken Jennifer.
"G'night, Uncle Fred," she said sleepily; clasping my hand to her front, while snuggling down into the covers. I was almost tempted to crawl in with her, instead of her big sister. The feel of the two little bumps on the child's chest was SO erotic. Still, three things made me decide, "No."
First, she was too sleepy to really appreciate it.
Second, she was too young. I mean, 13 years old is bad enough, but 10?
Third, and most important, her 13-year-old sister was still wide awake, and waiting for me to slide into bed with her. After tucking in the two younger girls, and whispering "Good-night," in their ears, I did it. Uhuh. I crawled into bed naked with my own 13-year-old niece, who was equally naked. And if you think we just slept. . . Heh, heh.
I wanted to try something that had been a fantasy of mine for years. . . Only no woman I had ever met had ever gone for it. Not that I ever HAD all that many women. A bachelor's life is NOT a steady stream of sexy women parading in and out the door, like some people seem to think. At least MINE hadn't been. The best I had ever done, was dating a girl for three weeks, before she dropped me for a creep who beat her up about three times a day. Makes you kind of wonder what some women really want, doesn't it? Somehow I could never treat a woman like that. The REAL trouble seemed to be that all the NICE women, (like my little sister,) were already married. . . Damn.
Anyway, I had always dreamed of spending the night with my prick tucked up inside a little girl. . . Not fucking her, mind you; just inside her; maybe leaking a little cum, but mainly just feeling the pleasure of being joined. Some of my stories had been about this, but I had never been able to really try it. To my surprise, Marie liked the idea. So, I snuggled up to Marie, and slipped my prick up inside her.
Surprisingly, she was still wet and slippery from my cumming inside her earlier, Marie must have been carrying my seed in her tight little snatch all evening long. I almost gave her another healthy squirt, just at the thought. Wow! A girl who LIKED the feel of my sperm soaking in her womb. Most of the women I had fucked before, couldn't wait to douche afterwards. Come to think of it, neither of Marie's two sisters had left for the bathroom after swallowing my sperm, there in the living-room. Wow!

The thought, coupled with my sexy niece's quietly squeezing young vagina milking on my prick, got the best of me. "Oh shit! I'm. . .," I groaned, as I jammed my squirting prick to the hilt in my niece's belly.
"It's OK," whispered Marie; trying to keep from waking her little sisters up, "I don't mind. You can squirt me as much as you want to."
The thought that the little girl, "didn't mind" feeling me squirt my seed in her welcoming young belly was the last straw. >From a feeble spurt, my orgasm grew into a frantic spasm as I ejaculated rope after big slippery rope of incestuous sperm in the little girl's tight little tunnel. Ooooh! Did that feel good!
Surprisingly, Marie seemed to like it just as much as I did; murmuring, "Cum in me. . . Cum in me," under her breath; while her slick little sleeve milked and squeezed on my spewing prick. "Oh God, that feels good," she crooned in my ear, as my frantic efforts to breed her slowed down to just a trickle of cum leaking into her sexy little belly. "Thanks. Uncle Fred."
Once again, I was astounded. SHE was thanking ME?
"Thank YOU," I responded; barely able to get the words out. I was exhausted.
When my prick finally shrunk and slipped out, it was followed by a flood of warm sticky cum. This time Marie's tight little cunny wasn't able to hold all the sperm I had squirted inside her, along with the load I had left there previously.
"I'm sorry," she apologized, "but if I don't wipe up, we'll make a big mess on the bed, and Momma will make me clean it up."
I told my cute little niece not to worry, and just get back as soon as she could.
Marie apologized again, telling me that she "Hated to waste it," but she had to go clean up before things got worse. Damn, she looked sexy, there in the half-light of the night-light, with clear streaks of sex drooling down both legs; one big streak running almost to her ankles. MY cum, in such a pretty girl. God, what a turn-on. I was almost getting another hard-on, at the very thought.
It must have taken longer than I figured. . . Maybe Marie took a shower too, or maybe something else. In any case, the let-down after having sex three times in one night, after having gone without for almost a year, was too much. I fell asleep.
When I awoke for a minute an hour or two later, Marie was already back in bed, the night-light was out, and all three girls were sleeping peacefully. I tucked my half-erect prick up between the little girl's legs, and went back to sleep myself. Maybe some other time I could try that trick of sleeping with my prick inside a girl.
At about 4:20 in the morning, I woke up. Funny, even without an alarm-clock, I still wake up at the same time as I usually do to go to work.
I slipped out of bed, took a pee to keep it from bothering me, and slipped back in bed with the sexy little girl. After all, Today I didn't HAVE to go to work. . . Not that my boss would mind if I did.

Marie instinctively pushed her cute little butt back at me, as I slid in behind her. Perhaps I COULD realize my fantasy about having my prick in a sleeping little girl. Only it wouldn't go in.
All the cum I had squirted inside her must have dried out, and she had cleaned up a little too well. I had to use a little saliva to wet my prick, before it oozed enough pre-cum to be slippery enough to slide inside her.
Even then, it was incredibly tight. Marie whimpered a bit in her sleep, but didn't wake. I slid my prick in and out a couple of time; getting it wet on her secretions, before pushing it all the way home.
"Ow!" said Lisa; sitting up in bed; almost pulling my prick completely out of her.
Oh shit! The girls had swapped in the night, and I had just taken my 11-year-old niece's virginity.
"Ha!" snickered Marie from the other bed, "I thought YOU were going to surprise HIM." Well, she sure had.
Once the damage was done, Lisa wanted me to fuck her, "Just like her big sister, so she could feel what it was like."
Thank God she didn't add that line, "to make a baby," that had been part of so many of my sex-stories. As it was, I must have pulsed the little girl's womb full of what felt like 50 gallons of baby-juice. I DID maintain barely enough sanity to ask Lisa if it was OK to cum in her, before doing it though. "it's OK, Uncle Fred," she responded, "you can come in me."
I was already letting her have it, when I was barely aware of her finishing the sentence. "My period was about a week ago." Oh shit. It was too late. Anyway, the little girl SAID it was safe.
Yeah, sure. Safe, like a lit firecracker. While her big sister might be on the pill, from their mother's reassurance; at 11, I knew Lisa probably wasn't. And as for her timing of her period, that was almost as bad. True, the chances weren't as bad as if it was a week later. . . That didn't mean she was safe. Far from it, in fact. Still, I couldn't stop now, and it wouldn't have done any good anyway. I had already left enough pregnancy-juice in the little girl's belly to knock up a whole squad of girls like her, so I might as well enjoy squirting the rest inside her. I did. Much to my shame, I enjoyed it very much.
Surprisingly, so did Lisa. Feeling me pissing my sperm in her tight little cunny wasn't quite enough to "get her off", but she did enjoy it, and she let me know it too; with moans and "oooh's" of satisfaction each time she felt my prick bulge, and another thick squirt of cream would spit into the child's tight little slit. God that felt good!
I had always dreamed of fucking a 12-year-old girl, or even one younger, but had never expected to have the chance. Fucking Marie had been like a wet-dream come true, as she wasn't that much older than my fantasies. Now, to have an 11-year-old girl's tight little cunny squeezing the sperm out of my prick, while she tells me it's "OK" to cum inside her. . . I felt like I had died, and gone to heaven-for-perverts. I might regret this later, but Lisa didn't seem to regret it, so for now I would just enjoy.

To repeat: "Damn, that felt good."
"Wow!" said Jennifer. "I can't wait 'til it's my turn."
Oh shit. Her turn? Well, I guess I should have expected it. I hadn't known that Jenny was even awake, so her comment caught me by surprise. Spasming her year-older sister's tight little sleeve full of baby-making cum was incredibly sexy. Having the cute little 10-year-old watch me do it, and knowing she expected me to "do" her too, was something else.
As I've said before, little girls turn me on. Most particularly little girls in the range from 10 to 14 years old. . . Right on the breaking edge of puberty. They're so unselfconciously sexy; their bodies have developed enough that they CAN get pregnant (a real turn-on for me) but it's still pretty safe to squirt inside them; and they are old enough that even the 10-year-olds can still take a full-grown cock up in their tight little slits without tearing. (The thought of even accidentally causing a little girl pain, is enough to make me lose an otherwise proud erection.) That's why my wet-dreams had all revolved around a little girl in that age-range, who wanted me, (as her big-brother/father/grandfather/uncle) to fuck her and cum in her, without worrying about whether or not she got pregnant. Now, to have THREE little girls, in the prime range of my sexual fantasies sounding like cast-members of one of my sex- stories, was too much.
Ignoring the danger, my prick expanded in Lisa's cunny, and I blew yet another load of thick sticky cum up against the pre- teen's sucking young womb.
By this time, Marie had joined her little sister in watching me impregnate their sibling. Since both girls seemed to want to watch, I decided to "go with the flow" and let them. I lifted Lisa's leg, so both girls could watch me sliding into their sister from behind, and they could both could see each bulge of my prick as yet another thick wad of incestuous cum was forced into the little girl's belly. Finally we stopped, with the last sticky drops of my seed slowly oozing into the pubescent 11-year- old's sucking young slit. Lisa had her leg draped over mine, so both of her sisters could have a good view of our sexual joining.
By now I had figured things out. I had been set up; and by my own little pervert of a sister. This scenario was just TOO much like so many stories I had written.
So, it was with no surprise, that I heard little Jenny say, "That was AWESOME, Uncle Fred. . . C'n I go next? Please?"
I resolved that I HAD to talk to my little sister. . . Later. I was NOT going to barge into her bedroom at 5:00 in the morning, and wake her up; accusing her of who knows what. Besides, Suzy seemed to WANT me to fuck her little girls; the girls themselves seemed to want me to; and for sure I did too. The only person who might have raised an objection, was Mike; and he hadn't. If I passed up this chance, I would be kicking myself the rest of my life. Even if it landed me in jail, the chance to fuck not one, but THREE pre-pubescent little girls would be worth it.
Even if I accidentally got one pregnant. Hmmm. I wondered if my little sister had set me up there, as well.

I couldn't resist testing the premise.
"Ooooh!" I said; sliding my half-hard prick out of Lisa's clasping little sleeve. My white-streaked prick, and her cum- oozing little slit just emphasized the risk we had been taking.
"I don't know, Honey," I warned Jenny. "If I cum inside you, it could be dangerous. . . I don't want to knock you up by accident."
"It's OK, Uncle Fred," soothed Jenny; looking in awe at the swollen member dripping her uncle's dangerous seed, "You can cum in ME, as much as you want to. . . I don't mind."
I KNEW it! If the little girl hadn't added that "I don't mind" part, I might have figured she was just too young to get pregnant. Her qualifying the statement just made me sure she could.
"Oh?" I asked. "You're sure?" I couldn't believe it; but my prick sure did! Even after filling one little niece's tight little cunny full of baby-juice, the very thought that an even younger one wanted me to plant a baby in HER tummy was getting me hard all over again. I NEVER was able to get it up this fast; but my horny nieces had found a way to do it.
"Uhuh," said Jenny; squirming around to lie on her back, legs-spread, so I could press my cum-dribbling prick up against her equally slippery little hole. "Momma says it's OK; as long as WE want to. Please, Uncle Fred?"
"You WANT me to get you pregnant?" I asked.
Both older girls looked at each other with startled looks on their faces. AHA! I KNEW it! Still, if you think I stopped, you don't know how I think very well. Obviously, all three girls were in on this. Equally obvious, they WANTED this; and so did their parents. . . Or, at least their mother did.
Sneaking a baby into a little girl's belly, when she didn't know I was doing it, had been one of the main plots of many of my stories. Almost as often, had been the plot where a little girl got her father, grandfather, or yes, even uncle, to knock her up, when HE didn't know he was doing it. Obviously, my slut of a sister had been reading too many of my stories!
Jenny was too involved in feeling my prick splitting her cunny-lips to notice she was giving things away. "Uhuh," she said, "Please, Uncle Fred. I'm not too little. . . Really! Momma says she plans on having at least three kids by you, now that we can afford it, and while Marie and Lisa aren't sure they want that many, I do. Please, Uncle Fred," she repeated.
As I said before, Jenny was the one that looked the most like my little sister, except for the fact that my sister now had breasts and a furry snatch, and well-rounded hips. The face, the look, even the voice were all Suzy. Sliding my prick into the little girl's hole was just like my all-time fantasy of slipping into my little sister's bedroom so many years ago, when she was 10, and I was an oversexed boy of 14, and teaching my little sister what the hole between her legs was meant for. I slammed my prick to the root in my little sister's belly.
Only this WASN'T my 10-year-old little sister and I wasn't her 15-year-old brother. It was Suzy's 10-year-old daughter and I was her uncle; well-past old enough to know better.

"Aaauuugh!" She screeched. I felt an incredibly tight ring slide down my prick, as it slid all the way up inside the little girl. "Ouch, that hurt," she added, almost conversationally.
"Oooh! I'm sorry, Suzy, I couldn't help myself," I said; lost in the fantasy of finally fucking my little sister.
"It's OK, Big Brother," said Jenny. Obviously she KNEW what I was thinking. "Now fuck me, and cum in me, so I can feel my handsome big brother's baby growing inside me. Your little sister wants to learn how to make a baby."
For all the fantasies I'd had about fucking my little sister, none of them had me squirting her sexy little tummy full of incestuous sperm not two minutes after I got my prick inside her. Jenny's acting as surrogate for her mother was too convincing however. Every fantasy I ever had about fucking my little sister; cumming in her; knocking her up; her begging me to "teach her how to make a baby;" and EVEN the fantasy of having two MORE sisters waiting, watching as I did so for their turn, was "cumming" true. I could no more have held off cumming in my niece, than I could have stopped a freight-train with my bare hands.
My prick had already been leaking sperm from cumming in her 11-year-old sister. This was more than just a leak though. I squirted again; almost as hard as I had just done in Lisa. Then again! Still a third time. It seemed to go on and on, until my groin ached with dry heaves, as I tried to plant more sperm that I didn't have in the little girl's belly. Over and over, until my balls ached, and I still didn't stop. I couldn't. I don't know how long it would have continued, with me blindly jamming my prick into my (little sister?) if the little girl hadn't eased me by hugging me close, and wrapping her arms and legs around me, so I couldn't thrust any more.
"It's OK, Big Brother," Jenny soothed me; still playing the fantasy. "You can make as many babies in me, as you want to. . . I don't mind."
"Uh, Jenny," I said; slowly pulling back, as sanity returned. . . I wanted her to know that I knew who she was. . . "Are you sure?"
Jennifer gave me a smile that seemed to light up the room. Another thing the little girl got from her mother. "Uhuh," she affirmed, "I really want to."
Oooh. I snuggled down against the child; trying not to flatten her with my weight; while keeping my prick comfortably ensconced in her warmly squeezing little hole. "Thanks Jenny," I said. Even if she decided later that it would be too much, I was eternally grateful for the way she made me feel right now.
I mean, after having one kid, the little girl might decide that having another would be more pain that it was worth. From her actions, I was NOT worried that Jenny or any of her sisters would stop. Not at least, until all three were carrying my babies in their cute little tummies, and probably not even then. Still, getting pregnant was fun. . . Having babies, was (if you'll pardon the expression,) a "pain in the snatch." For the girl. For guys, it was all fun; except for seeing someone you love go through that much pain; just to have your child.

"Uncle Fred?" prompted Jenny; squeezing my wilting prick with her tight little cunny, to get my attention.
"Mmmm?" I replied; enjoying the feel of the little girl's body next to mine; all slippery with my sweat and hers, and smelling deliciously of sweat, cum, and just plain sex. "What?"
"Promise me you won't stop at just one baby? . . . I want at least three kids, and I don't want to wait until I'm 'old enough' to get married. Please?"
What could I say? "Well, if you still feel that way, after this one," I temporized. That would give the little girl a chance to change her mind later. I love my niece.
"Me too, Uncle Fred," chimed in Marie. "It's not fair if that little twerp gets all the fun!"
"Who you calling a twerp?"
"Hey! What about me?! Uncle Fred!"
I rolled off Jenny; sliding my half-hard prick out of her with a sucking sound. "Hold it!" I said. "OK, you guys win. . . I know you guys set me up on this," (Here all three girls looked at each other and grinned; confirming my suspicions.) "But I'll do it. IF," I emphasized, "you each still want to, AND your mother doesn't mind each time. . . OK? I'm NOT going to force any of you."
The fight stopped as quickly as it had started. It seems that all three girls DID want me to father children on them, and each one was just scared of losing out to the other two. . . Amazing.
Now that things had calmed down, it was time to clean up. "Let's go take a shower," I said; indicating Jenny's cum-drooling crotch, and my red-and-white streaked prick still showing evidence of having taken two of the little girls' virginities. "We've got to get cleaned up, and it can be fun together," I explained; planning on enriching these cute little sluts' knowledge of sex. It turns out, they were way past me.
"I've got a better way to clean up," said Lisa, suggestively; licking her lips. My niece looked at her two sisters, and got nods. The next thing I knew, the three little girls were forcing me gently but firmly back down on the bed. Then Lisa, as the instigator I guess, bent her cute little face down to my prick, and started licking it clean.
THAT was amazing enough. What followed was astonishing. Both of her sister started one on each hand, and started LICKING their way up my arm; cleaning every drop of sweat off. They did a careful, thorough job. When they reached my armpits, they each lifted an arm, and licked me there too! I couldn't believe it. Each girl licked every drop of smelly sweat out of my armpit, until it was fresh and sweet-smelling, before continuing to my face, and chest, and there down. Lisa, in the meantime, had cleaned every drop of sperm, sweat, and blood from her and her sister's virginity, and even licked me under the balls, and then continued down the legs, on the inside; meeting her sisters coming down the outside. What an experience! The three girls were giving me a COMPLETE tongue-bath.

They even licked between my toes! And they continued, until every part of my feet was clean. When they finished, I was about to get up, when they stopped me, and motioned to me to "roll over."
"No," I thought, "they wouldn't!" They did.
Retaining their positions, the girls licked every inch of my back and legs. . . Uhuh, EVERY inch. . . Even my asshole. Lisa didn't even flinch, when she spread my asscheeks, and licked me clean between them; even sticking her tongue in the hole to clean THAT out. Only when every inch of my body except my hair had been licked clean, did they stop. God, was that sensual!
I got up, and was starting to reach for my clothes, when luckily, I looked at the bed. Lisa and Marie were approaching their little sister from each side, while the little girl had spread her legs in my direction in such an open invitation, that I knew I would forever spoil my relationship with all three children if I turned her down. I gulped, and did it.
Cleaning the sperm, sweat, cum, and blood from the little girl's crotch wasn't as bad as it looked. All essentially non- toxic body-fluids.
When it came to her backside though, I just steeled myself, closed my eyes, and did it. Yes, I licked her ass clean; and I didn't stint on the job; any more than Lisa had stinted on me. Remembering what my niece had done, I even stuck my tongue into Jenny's ass, and cleaned that out. It wasn't NEARLY as bad as I imagined it might be.
When we finished with Jenny, Lisa lay down on the bed. I started to get between HER legs, to repeat what I did with her little sister, but Marie got in the way. "MY turn," she said; motioning me to the right arm of her little sister. She seemed to be slightly disappointed, that I would want to "hog" the best part. "Oh," I said, surprised at first, then realizing the etiquette. I made sure to do as good a job on Jenny's arms and smelly armpit as I had on her big sister's asshole.
We repeated the process on Lisa; only this time I took the LEFT arm. I had finally realized that the girls had invited me into something very private and personal. (You couldn't GET much more personal than this.) Having made love to each of them, they now felt comfortable enough in my presence to invite me to share with them what had up-to-then been a private ritual. I learned later, that even their parents had never even known that the girls took care of each other this way. If I had refused. . .
Thankfully, I hadn't. In a way, this "cleanup" had been more intimate, and more like a "marriage" than all the sex I had enjoyed with the three little girls. But the sex had been the ice-breaker. It wasn't until we HAD sex, that the little girls trusted me enough to share themselves fully with me. Even their kinky "sharing" of their bodies and "clean-up." I felt ashamed that I had even THOUGHT of turning Jenny down.
When we finished with Lisa, and were standing there looking at each other, Marie looked at me and grinned. "There's one trouble with baths like these," she said with a twinkle. I grinned back.
"What's that?" chorused Lisa and Jenny. Obviously, they had rehearsed this question many times before.

"You need a bath, afterwards," said Marie, deadpan.
I couldn't help it; I burst out laughing. She was right. While technically being "clean," I was now sweaty from licking all three of the girls. (It was hard work.) AND, saliva is NOT the best cleaning fluid to leave you feeling fresh and scoured. In fact, while it gets you clean, it leaves you with a slightly sticky feeling.
We all ended up rolling on the floor in laughter, until Suzy came in and told us to "go take a bath," which left us laughing even harder.
THIS time, we followed my earlier suggestion of taking a shower together. The fun three sexy naked little girls can have with their horny uncle in a shower can't be described. . . It has to be experienced to be appreciated. Suffice to say, that we only quit when FORCED out, by suddenly cold water, as the water- heater ran out of hot water. GOD, was that fun!
Still giggling, we all went into breakfast together.

I STILL had a "bone to pick" with my little sister, though. Maybe if we tried, we could "work things out between us." I still planned on "getting something straight between us." OH GOD, the humor of the little girls had warped my brain.

The hassles of getting breakfast, getting three sexy little girls off to school, and her husband off to work, curtailed any chance to brace my sister, until Mike had pulled out of the driveway, and the last of the three giggling little girls had climbed on the bus.
Oh my GOD, the clothes kids wear these days. The girls all looked like invitations to an orgy! No, not just Suzy's kids; ALL the girls. Naked bellybuttons, skin-tight blue-jeans, mini- skirts and micro-minis, halter and tube tops, with more skin showing in one bus-load of little girls, than I saw in the whole time I was in school myself.
My neices were no exceptions. Only, since they were Suzy's daughters, THEIR clothes were stylish, clean, and well-fitting, as well as being incredibly sexy. Short little mini-skirts, with matching panties that almost looked as if they weren't wearing any. Matching strapless halter-tops that looked like they were defying gavity barely covered the older two girls' budding young breasts. As for Jennifer, a one-piece outfit with padding over her almost non-existant breasts made her look the very image of the "kindersluts" that some rock-music teenage stars try to create. The dress was so short, that you actually COULD see the plain white cotton panties, dimpled in front, when she stood up. It was only sitting down, that she looked demure. I never dreamed that plain white cotton panties could look so sexy.
The girls all knew it though. Every one of the girls on that bus seemed to exude sex; seeming to say, "I like to fuck; why don't you try me out?"
Only, being an adult, you knew better. Even TALK to any of those imitation-sluts, and you'd hear them yelling "Child Molester!" so loud. . .

On the other hand. . . I might be mistaken. . . Last week, I would have said the same thing would happen, if I even accidently touched any one of my three nieces in an intimate spot. Now, I had not only "touched" them, I had FUCKED each one of the little girls, and all three of them were going off to school with my sperm wriggling up in their tight little bellies, in search of their waiting eggs. Not only hadn't they screamed about being molested, but all three girls were actually HOPING I had knocked each one of them up.
Maybe those girls WEREN'T being just teases. Maybe they WOULD like to fuck, just as much as their clothes screamed they would. <Sigh.> Sadly, there was no SAFE way to find out.
Meanwhile, I "had a bone to pick" (Giggle.) with my little slut of a sister. Luckily, I had Friday off. . . Of course, Suzy had probably figured on THAT too.
"You set me up," I accused Suzy; idly stirring the coffee while looking at her angrily. After all, she might have given me some warning, or even ASKED me. I mean, what if I didn't WANT to have children? After all, I'm over 35 years old. And just because I like to read (and write) sexy stories about little girls having sex, doesn't mean I wanted to molest my own nieces!
Actually, I had never PLANNED on letting the girls ever find out about me an my proclivity for young-stuff. At least, not until they were LONG past that age themselves; preferably comfortably married, so they would know from first-hand experience that I COULD control my body and emotions. That way, they would feel safe leaving me around THEIR children.
That Suzy had known about me lusting after her when she was young, but not putting the "make" on her, I figured was why she had trusted me alone with her girls up to now; even when she started the "nudist thing" around the house. I had never offered to even touch her daughters, even when they gave me a rousing erection; just ignoring it until it went down. It seemed my little slut of a sister HAD noticed my erection, and so had her slutty little girls. Now, I wasn't sure if I could ever trust MYSELF, if left alone with a sexy little girl any more. . . (Of course, the way things looked, I wouldn't be EXPECTED to "leave the little girl alone." Far from it.)
And it was all my sister's fault.
Suzy didn't say anything, as I poured this all out in her ear; just picking up the breakfast dishes and putting them in the diswasher, tidying up the kitchen, wiping down the table, picking up the towels in the bathroom from where we left tham after that incredible shower, and continuing into her bedroom, where I half expected her to shut the door in the face of my continuing tirade. Only she didn't.
Suzy pointedly held open the door to let me follow her, while she picked up some of her husband's underwear and threw it in the clothes-hamper and finally sat down on the bed and started to remove her earrings; placing each carefully on the bedstand.
"And why me?" I asked for the umpteenth time. "You DON'T offer an alchoholic whiskey! Why did you offer ME, a known pedophile, the chance to boff your poor innocent little girls?"

This brought a snort from Suzy. Well. . . Maybe she was right. Virginal they may have been; but my nieces were FAR from innocent.
"Because I knew you would accept," replied my little sister; finally deciding that I had run down enough to listen to her.
"Huh?" Well, I never SAID I was all that bright.
"Oh Fred, Fred," sighed Suzy; opening her legs, and pulling me between them, so my head was buried in her bountiful bosom. "You poor man. All your life, you've been dreaming about getting into some little girl's panties, just like you should have done to your little sister when she was 10 and you were a horny teenager of 15."
While speaking, my little sister pulled my face up to meet hers, so I could see the love in her eyes while she continued. Somehow my prick slid into her wide-spread hole, with no effort on either of our parts; as if it knew where it belonged, and needed no directions.
"You've been dreaming about this all your life," My little sister Susan continued, while rocking her hips slightly, so my prick would slide in the rest of the way, "and now that you've finally got it; not one, but THREE little girls letting you inside their hot little panties, you don't know what to do. . . You poor boy."
"But Susan," I said; now using the name that nobody but mother had used for her since she got out of her teens, "I took Jenny's virginity! And I'm fairly sure I got Lisa's too." Both of us seemed to ignore the fact that my prick was sliding in and out of my little sister's slick wet hole; where it felt like it had always belonged.
"So, did they complain?" she asked; squeezing my prick almost unconciously.
"No, but. . ."
"But what?" she asked; directing my mouth back down to her now fully-erect nipples.
"But I came in them!" There! Now maybe she'd understand. I grabbed a beautiful breast with both hands, to lick it better, while she answered.
"So?" she asked. "Of course you did. That's generally what happens when you fuck somebody," she continued reasonably. "Sometime this morning, I HOPE you're going to cum in ME," she said; looking down at the fat cylinder connecting her to her brother. "Only I hope it's not TOO soon," she added with a giggle.
Me either.
"My God, Suzy. I could get your little girls pregnant by cumming in them," I said; jamming my prick up in HER belly, for emphasis. "I mean, Marie may be on the pill, like you said last night, but for sure Jenny and Lisa aren't!"
"I never said Marie was on the pill," corrected Suzy; confirming my earlier suspicions. "I said it was OK to cum in her. . . And it was. Did she mind?"
"No, but," I started.

"No 'Buts,'" she teased me. "That's what matters; if she minded. All three girls know what happens when a man squirts his sperm inside a girl who's having periods. . . She gets pregnant. Isn't that the whole idea of squirting your cum inside a girl?" she asked; looking pointedly down at where my prick was about to do just that. Looking me straight in the eye afterwards, somehow I KNEW Suzy was telling me that SHE was not on the pill, just like her little girls.
"But Mike. . ." I raised one last frantic objection. I didn't want to hurt my best-friend, and the man I knew Suzy loved more than she could ever love me, or anybody else. SOMEHOW, I would have to pull out, but I didn't know how. At least, if I DID accidently squirt inside my little sister, the chances were that any kids she had would be his. I had watched them fuck at least once the previous night, and my little sister hadn't acted all that horny this morning; even though she just HAD to know that all three of her little girls had been screwed royally the previous night, by her own horny big brother. Ergo, my brother- in-law had been treating my little sister right. Of course, I always knew he did. Mike was almost as horny as I was, and loved my little sister almost as much as I do.
"Don't worry about Mike," soothed Suzy. "He had a vasectomy about three years ago. That's why we both want YOU to help me this time. Please?"
Oh shit. Mike. . . Suzy. . . WANTD me to "help" her get pregnant? As I said, "Oh shit." I could no more stop the coming eruption, than I could tell Suzy I didn't like the idea. I did. . . far too much. Still, that didn't stop me. If both my sister AND her husband wanted me to impregnate her, then I wasn't about to say, "No." I did it. I squirted my sperm in my own little sister; just like I had dreamed about for so many years. Running through the back of my mind, was a comment one of my nieces had made the night before, about her mother expecting me to father four or five kids my little sister. At the time, I had dismissed it as just part of the wet-dream seduction.
Oh shit. I did it again; squirting yet another thick glob of incestuous cum in my little sister's belly; as if I could do the job of keeping her pregnant for the next five years, all in one big squirt. I was finally realizing my dream of not only fucking my little sister, but doing my best to get her pregnant. Not only that, but both she AND her husband seemed to want me to? I HAD to talk to Mike. If for no other reason, than to thank him for trusting me with the woman he loved most in the world. AND for loving my sister enough to let her do this. I wondered HOW I was ever going to be able to repay this debt. Knowing Mike though, HE would be thanking me. If I was a girl, I think I'd fight my sister for the chance to marry the lug.
Finally we pulled apart. Suzy looked down at the white drop oozing from the tip of my prick; matching the white goo dribbling onto the rug from her furry little snatch. "Thanks, Big Brother," she said, looking at me with a smirk on her face, "I hope I'm pregnant now."

I grabbed a pillow and swatted her. That line came from page-3 of the first story she ever admitted knowing was mine.
Suzy giggled; grabbed the other pillow; and swatted me back. By the time we recovered our senses, the room was strewn with feathers, and the furry mattress streaked with obscene streaks of half-dried cum. What a mess.
Suzy just grinned when I pointed this out to her; threw the bedspread in the laundry; the tattered pillow in the trash, and helped me pick up most of the scattered feathers, before vacuuming the remainder up. "No problem," she said, with a smirk. this almost started us up all over again. . . ("The kids in the Basement", page-15, paragraph-4.) I LIKE my little sister. . . She's a pervert. . . MY kind of pervert.
Since Suzy had made dinner last night, and breakfast for me this morning, I invited her out to lunch. I am NOT poor. No, I'm not as rich as Mike and Suzy, but I do OK. Software is a fairly good paying business, IF you're any good at it. While I don't make as much money as Bill Gates (Who else does?) and I don't own any high-buck software-houses, I DO get paid pretty well for what I do. I have a house, Mercedes, boat, three cats and a dog, all paid for, and a fair amount stuffed away in a retirement account. I've been told I would be a pretty good catch for some girl to marry, (Always by married women) but I never seem to meet any that are bright enough that I would have, but still dumb enough to have me. (Well, how man girls do YOU know who are bright enough to discuss politics, quantum theory, sex, baseball, and the internet, and yet would put up with an admitted pedophile, and writer-of-porn involving little girls who like to have sex? Not many, huh?)
Over coffee afterwards, Suzy explained everything. Now that I had "started the job," my sister figured I wouldn't back out now until it was finished. My little sister knows me all too well. Now that I had left at least ONE good squirt of my seed in all three of her daughter's tight little cunnies, and another good squirt or two in hers, Suzy figured I would at least stick around long enough to see that they were all either properly knocked up, or that I had "Mr. Completely" on all four counts. She was right. No WAY could I quit until I saw all four flat little tummies bulging with my baby growing inside each one. Now that I KNEW they wanted me to, the only way I would quit screwing the little girls, was if the sheriff came and physically pulled me off them. Suzy too, if SHE was willing.
Knowing this, my slutty little sister decided I deserved to know the whole story. Well! It was about TIME someone clued me in on what was going on. I told Suzy this, and she giggled. We must have talked for almost two solid hours in the corner of that coffee-shop. Following, is the gist of what she told me:

"It all started about 4 years ago, when Mike first got hired at Phenotype-Systems Inc.; before the big stock-split, and the management changeover. For the first time we started getting enough money to do more than just enough to feed us and the kids, and pay the bills. Not enough that we figured we could afford MORE kids, but enough to feel fairly comfortable.

One of the perks of Mike's new job as Sales-Manager, was a computer. He got to like it so well, and used it so much, that he managed to convince upper-management that it would pay for them to have him connected at home, as well as at work. . . Just like his cellular-phone. Well, it did pay. In fact, it paid so well, that his boss GAVE him the computer as a bonus that Christmas. They also paid for the big disk-drive, and the high- speed modem, to allow him to 'connect' to work and elsewhere.
Well, being a computer-junkie yourself, you can imagine what came next. . ."
(Here I had a quiet giggle.)
"Yep. . . the internet, and Usenet, and IRC, and lord knows what all else. For about a month, I was almost a 'computer widow' until Mike got tired of sitting down there chatting and reading sex-stories, and 'networking' while a sexy young wife got all horny upstairs. Yeah, reading sex-stories. I didn't learn about THAT, until later.
Anyway, just about the time Mike started getting bored with the computer, the kids discovered it. Particularly Marie. When she found she could pull in various games, 'off the net' for nothing more than the time it took to download, well she was hooked. Within a month, she had rigged up her own web-page, with links to more free software from all over the world. Then she got on IRC, where one of the horny old men who browse there, tried to 'meat' her. <Giggle.> All he really accomplished, was to tell her about the stuff on Usenet. Uhuh.
Well, the first Mike and I heard about this, was one night when Marie-Ann came into our bedroom stark-naked one night, and proceeded to climb into bed with the two of us, as if she did it all the time. She seemed to expect Mike to just snuggle up to her, and fuck her with me there, and not think a thing about it.
OH? You've heard that story? Really?
(Sorry, I'm being sarcastic.)
Yep. . . 'Martha's Little girl'. Marie had been reading a whole set of stories like that, that someone named 'Fred Flintstone' had been posting. (Really, Fred. . . 'Fred,' I can understand, but 'Flintstone?' Who was your partner in crime? Barney Rubble? OOOh! You're Kidding! He WAS named Barny? That's RICH.) Anyway, this 'letter' she got from the net purported to be a girl telling how she got her father to 'teach her about sex,' by crawling into bed between her parents, where her mother slipped her husband's big prick up inside her little girl, so the kid could 'learn how to make a baby, and help her mother.' Such garbage, but the kid fell for it.
Well, so did Marie. She thought this happened to a REAL girl, and from this and a few other stories (She learned quickly to avoid stories labeled SM, NC, snuff, and TG.) the kid began to think that almost ALL women were just dying to see their little girls get fucked by their husbands, while most men were wishing they could fuck their own daughters, but were scared to. So, Marie decided to make it easy for both of us. She wasn't scared of getting pregnant; not having periods yet; so she figured that we could all have some fun, and she could make her poor daddy feel good.

(The stories all made it sound like the poor man was suffering so badly; not being able to stick his prick up inside his little girl.) What a bunch of hokey. Very sexy hokey; but hokey, nonetheless.
Anyway, we finally figured all this out, and corrected our daughter's misconceptions. Mike was NOT achingly horny; just waiting to slip his thick prick up in his little girl's belly, and fill her full of baby-juice. In fact, he'd never even thought about it before.
Marie was disappointed. Didn't Daddy LIKE her? Was she ugly or something? All these OTHER girls had fathers who loved THEM. Why didn't Daddy love HER, enough to make a baby in her, like all the other girls? (I must say Fred, that in writing a story you make even Mike look like a piker when it comes to selling things. I always thought that Mike could sell ice-cubes to an Eskimo, but you could sell the poor guy his own igloo, and make him think he was getting a bargain.)
By the time we finished convincing Marie that her father not only loved her, loved me, and that we did NOT think she was ugly, somehow we found that we had promised that Mike would fuck her. Just once, so she could feel what it was like, but the real thing. Uhuh. I think we were as naive as Marie was.
Well, you don't need a diagram drawn to figure out what happened after that, do you? Uhuh. It didn't stop at 'just once.' Once Marie found out how good it felt to have a man really make love to her (Mike did it up brown, the first time.) she kept coming back, to feel it 'Just once more, Mommy.' And Mike could no more deny her, once he'd felt her tight little slit squeezing the cum out of his prick, than he could hurt her in any other way. That was the problem, you see.
We both knew that Marie was too young to appreciate the way she was getting hooked on sex with her father. But making her stop, would hurt her even worse. So we continued. After a while, we didn't feel so guilty about it, as Marie seemed to enjoy it so much, and nothing bad ever seemed to happen. Once we got over the shock of a man screwing his own daughter that is.
Well, That may have been the first story, but it wasn't the last. Marie liked pretending that she was the little girl in 'Martha's Little Girl' so much, that she kept an eye out for other stories by the same author. . . Now that she knew they were stories.
Next came 'Daddy's Little Girls' and Marie acted out all three parts, (Once we convinced her it would NOT be a good idea for her 6 and 7 year old little sisters to get involved. Mike was just too big.) Within a year, we had acted out ALL of the stories we could find by 'Fred Flintstone'. Uhuh, ALL of them.
It was about a year later, that Marie had her first period. Yep. and she would NOT go on the pill; insisting that she wasn't going to 'cheat' Mike out of making a baby in her. Still, 10 years old? We couldn't do it. Besides, with the sudden downturn in the economy we couldn't afford another child in the house. We couldn't stop having sex either. . . So Mike got a vasectomy.

Marie was a little disappointed, but not too much. She had read a lot by now about having babies, and how it hurt. Still, she had been willing to do it for her father. When Mike decided HE wasn't going to father a child on his own daughter, she accepted it. It was nice for another reason too. . . I could go off the pill. So I did.
Then, about two years ago, 'Fred Flintstone' left his email address on the web, and Marie recognized it. That was the first time I ever realized my big brother had been having horny fantasies about me, ever since before I was even a teenager. Sometimes I almost wish he had let me know. For sure, I would never have turned him down. . . Even if I had gotten pregnant. But it's probably better not. Our parents would NEVER have understood their little girl having a baby by her own big brother. <Sigh.>
So that was when I confronted you with the story.
Which pretty much brings us up to about six months ago. Then, first Jenny and then Lisa started having periods.
Next, Mike ended up in the big stock-deal, where with his stock-options and other things, he managed to acquire almost a third of the voting-stock, and ALL of the confidence of the Board-of-Directors. As CEO, his income is now high enough that we can afford all the kids we ever wanted. And we had wanted a LOT, when we were younger. With Marie to help, maybe we could make up for lost time. Even the younger kids might help out.
So, we started leaving the stories around where Jenny and Lisa would find them. At the same time, I started the 'nudist' thing, so the girls would be used to seeing each other and their father naked. We never planned on ever asking the kids to have sex. We thought that they would come around asking US, just like Marie had. . . Only nothing worked out as planned.
First, and worst, Mike's vasectomy turned out to be irreversible. Scarring of the tubes, or something like that. Second, <Giggle.> the girls didn't get all horny for their father, from reading your sex-stories, they got all horny for the author! Something about just knowing somebody who writes all loving stories like that just got the little girls all creamy in the snatch. When I told Mike how our plans had all been ruined, he laughed! Now I know why Mike is such a great salesman, that other people are always asking his advice on how to do things. He sees things from an angle that other people don't.
Like a book I read about, called the 'Consultant's Handbook' where the essence of consulting is using somebody else's watch to tell them what time it is. Mike pointed out that if we just got you properly IN the family <Tee Hee.> that our problems would all go away. You would not only get to finally fuck your little sister, like you had dreamed about for years, and properly knock her up too, but you would also realize your pedophile's wet-dream of fucking not one, but THREE little girls who were not only willing, but EAGER to have you plant a baby in their tight little bellies.

WE on the other hand, would get the children we wanted. (Mike says if the kids can't be his, at least they're mine and partly his through the girls. Besides, he'd rather have YOU knock the kids up, than have them go out with some punk kid who'd get them on drugs and we'd possibly never find out who the father was. He likes you, Fred.)
And me? I would finally get to feel my own handsome big brother's babies growing in my tummy; like I've been dreaming about ever since I read, 'Big Brother's Little Sister' Mike says it will be worth it to have you knock me up, as long as you give him lots of grandchildren too. What do you say, 'Big Brother?' Want to give your 'Little Sister' a big belly? I thought so."

Well, I could bore you with what happened after that. (OK, so reading about me screwing my little sister and three nieces; leaving great gobs of incestuous sperm making babies in their tight little tummies is the very reason you're reading this.) But I won't. (All together now, "AAAaaawwW!") I'm tired, and I need my sleep. Wouldn't YOU be tired, after knocking up your little sister, and her three daughters in one week-long marathon of almost non-stop fucking, where the only time you got to rest, was when your prick got so limp from squirting sperm in your nieces sucking young wombs, that it wouldn't rise when all three little girls combined to give you a blow-job that would make a pedophile's wet-dream look pale and stale?
God, there's NOTHING like squirting your white sticky sperm up in the tight little tube of a pre-teenaged girl who not only wants to fuck, but wants YOU to teach her how to make a baby, and there's actually a good chance you might be doing just that.
Unless it's doing the same thing, all night long, with the little girl's fertile young mother, who just happens to be your own sexy little pervert of a sister. Now THERE is a pedophile's dream of heaven. Your sexy little sister with a big belly by you, AND her three underaged daughters in the same condition; with all four girls happy about it. Now THAT is sexy.
Damn. I need a little girl to fuck. How about you, Jennifer? Want to get pregnant by your own uncle?
It's a deal.

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