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I did not write this story!
My Sister - A Story of Brotherly Love
by Gobs O'Semen

Part 1
(Chapter 1)

I had just finished my morning jog. It was Friday morning at 4:45 AM as I shut the garage door and started removing my sweat laden clothes. Even though it was early March, I was able to generate a lot of perspiration after running seven miles. I like t o run early in the morning because it's cool and there isn't anyone outside, or inside, to be bothered with at that time. I can also wear almost anything that I wanted to run in. I felt very good about myself and my running. I am 38 year old computer te chnician, 6'3" tall and weigh 195 pounds. I removed my T-shirt, headband, and lycra work out shorts and hung them on the hangers that I had in the garage.

Wearing only my running shoes and my FM headphones around my neck, I entered the house to be greeted by the last sounds of the automatic coffee maker as it strained to pump the remaining water from its reservoir. I went into my bedroom, quietly wrote my times down, and put on an AM radio headphone in order to listen to the 5:00 AM news. I then went back into the kitchen, poured myself a steaming hot cup of coffee and, closing my eyes, leaned back on the countertop to reflect on my morning run.

I must have had my eyes closed for four or five minutes because when I looked up, I was staring right at Toni, my older sister. She was gawking at me, her mouth totally agape, wearing a mid-length night shirt and panties. I hadn't heard her come in beca use of the headphones. As soon as I acknowledged her presence, she approached me. I turned slightly sideways as she spoke.

"WHAT are you DOING?" Toni whispered as loud as she could.

"I'm trying to recover from almost absolute embarrassment." I said as
I removed the headphones.

"Did you forget about your 'company', little brother?" she asked in a
hushed tone, retrieving a coffee cup from the cabinet.

"Er, I guess that I did." I mumbled as I filled her cup.

Toni had arrived late last night, riding from the airport to our house in a taxi. I knew that she was staying with us for two days but I was already in bed when she arrived and had just forgot about her. I have been getting up early and running for seve n years and it's just habit now.

Toni had flown in yesterday morning for a business meeting at the airport and would be leaving this afternoon. My older sister was 41 years old, just a tinge of gray hair, about 5'6", very pretty in the face, big boobs, and an ample bottom. She was bubb ly and full of life. Early on, just like all younger brothers, I had spied on Toni as she showered or bathed and immediately ran to my room to jack off afterwards.

It had been probably over thirty some odd years since we had seen each other naked, and I actually felt somewhat aroused that my sister was seeing me nude. I noticed that the nipples on her huge tits were sticking out through the thin material of her nig ht shirt. I turned and faced her as my courage and excitement of the moment raced for control of my mind.

"Well don't worry about your older sister, I've seem you before." Toni
said as she patted my bare bottom with her hand.

She then turned and walked back to her room. I just stood there, naked and semi-hard, and watched her shake her lavish bottom at me as she walked out. I replenished my coffee and made a couple of pieces of toast. I had just finished my toast when Toni w alked back into the kitchen. I just stood where I was as she poured herself another cup of coffee, looking at me the entire time. She had been to the bathroom and it was now evident that her panties were off.

"Could you please come back to my room? There is something that I think
you need to see." Toni said seriously.

"Sure." I said grabbing the kitchen hand towel and wrapping it around me as much as possible.

Since I had been having trouble with the bathroom and Toni's room was next to it, I rapidly followed her, expecting to find a leak on the carpet. I went through the door of the spare room and she shut it behind us and turned up the table lamp.

"What's the problem?" I asked, bending down in the corner where the
bathroom plumbing ran up the wall inside the sheetrock.

"THIS!" Toni almost yelled.

"Wha....!" I tried to say.

I then spun around to see my older sister completely naked and squeezing her massive mammaries in a circular motion. She had a moderately trimmed bush that covered the length of her slit and the largest nipples that I had ever seen in person. I certainl y didn't remember her like this.

She then got down on her knees and took my flaccid, but rapidly rising, dick into her mouth and started sucking me. I let her do this until I was able to regain my composure and pull her off. I then lifted her up and pulled her as close as my hard cock would let me. I adjusted the position of my dick and then looked her straight in the eyes.

"Toni! What are YOU doing?" I asked softly.

"I'm sucking you off, BIG brother." she said, emphasizing the word big
and grabbing my still rigid shaft.

"We can't do this!" I told her.

"Yes, we can. At least if you will be quiet, we can." she replied.

"You KNOW what I mean. This is not right......." I tried to say.

Toni had got back down on her knees and was again sucking away and it felt great. She was a fair cock sucker but she really seemed to enjoy what she was doing. After about five minutes of this, I pushed her down on her back and straddled her face, still feeding her my huge cock.

My Sister - A Story of Brotherly Love
by Gobs O'Semen

Part 2

For the first time in my life, I touched my sister in a sexual way by grabbing her tits and kneading them. I then leaned down and started fingering her pussy, running three fingers in her hole at once. With Toni moaning, I took my fingers out of her pus sy and started to eat her. I was able to ingest her cunt for only one or two licks before she pushed my head up.

"No. Don't do that. We don't have time for that." she said.

"Why not?" I asked, disappointed.

"You have to go to work and I don't want to get caught like this." Toni

"You're right, as usual." I said.

I stood up and looked down at Toni, her pussy juices starting to run down the slit to her ass, with her big thighs slightly parted. Overcome by extreme horniness, I jumped back down and implanted my 10" dick into her cunt. Although she was a little tight , it went almost all the way in with no problems. Toni jumped as I hit bottom and started moaning louder as I fucked her.

I leaned down and kissed my sister as I pumped her pussy so she wouldn't wake anybody up with her groans. She arched her back up and wrapped her legs around my back, squeezing me tightly as she came. Putting my hands on her bottom and caressing her skin , my dick then swelled up and exploded deep inside of my sister, sending cum to the very bottom of her cavernous cunt. We bucked and fucked each other 5 more minutes before I pulled out of her and gave her the kitchen towel to cover her crack so as not to
stain the carpet with my jizz.

"Thanks, BIG brother." Toni said with a grin on her face.

"Your welcome, sis. I wish I had more time to eat your pussy right."
I said as I helped her off the floor.

"So do I. You better leave or someone is going to hear us." she

"Do we need to talk about, er, this?" I asked, as I circled her nipple
with my finger.

"Maybe, but not now. Nikki and the kids are taking me to the airport
early this morning for my flight home. I think their flight to
Tennessee departs before mine. They will enjoy seeing Aunt Wanda for
the weekend." Toni told me.

"Oh yeah. I forgot that they were leaving this morning also."

Toni gave me a peck on the cheek and pushed me out of the door. I went back to the kitchen, got some more coffee, and went to my bathroom to shower, still thinking about what had happened between my sister and myself. I had some guilt but it was overrid den by the fact that I truly loved my older sister.

Toni was always beautiful, as a child and teenager, with a round, bubbly face that would charm anybody. She is employed as a CPA for a plastics manufacturer, having went to college to study accounting, where she met her husband, Rick. They have been mar ried 21 years and have two children, a boy, Richard, who is in the service and a girl, Traci, who is about ready to graduate from college. She started gaining weight and size after her last child and has fluctuated ever since, and is about thirty pounds overweight now..

This apparently has never bothered Toni, or Rick, because she dresses very refined. When she and Rick were down last summer, Toni wore a high cut, one piece swimsuit that showed off her ample bosom and nipples. I found myself looking more than once as h er tits almost popped out of her suit as she was bouncing around in the pool.

Since it was Friday afternoon, I left a little early for home to beat the traffic. I parked my truck in the garage since Nikki's car would be at the airport until Sunday afternoon. I went inside and started undressing. I was clad only in my briefs and coming out of my closet when Toni walked in.

"Hello, little brother." she greeted me.

"Wha...What are you doing here?" I finally managed to ask, somewhat

"I had to stay over for another meeting that I found out about just
before my flight was to leave. It lasted only an hour, so I caught a
cab to your house. Nikki told me how to get in the garage. I've been
here all afternoon." she said.

"Well, you sure were quiet. I didn't hear anything." I said as I
approached her.

"I can be quiet. When I need to." she said as she reached for my
hardening dick.

"Don't you think we need to talk about what happened between us this
morning." I inquired.

"I want this big dick in me first. And quick, too!" she announced,
taking my throbbing cock out of its confinement.

My Sister - A Story of Brotherly Love
by Gobs O'Semen

Part 3

Toni was wearing what appeared to be lounging pants and a short kimono that wrapped around the waist. I untied the belt and opened the kimono exposing my sisters enormous boobs. I bent down and kissed her hard on the mouth as I fondled her tits.

My hand then made its way into her pants from the top. To my delight, she wasn't wearing any panties either. I fingered Toni's pussy as she groaned in ecstasy. Sliding my other hand in the waistband of her pants, I slid them down to her ankles. She th en stepped out of them. Getting down on her knees, she took my underwear off and started sucking my dick in her succulent mouth.

I let her suck me a little longer and then I raised her up. Wet kissing her on the lips, I guided her back to the bathroom counter top. She stopped when her butt hit its edge. As I kept pushing, she then stood on her toes and sat down on the counter to p.

Placing her heels on the counter top edge, she spread her legs as wide apart as she could. Grabbing my dick and drawing me as close as possible, Toni used the head of my cock to massage her clitoris. She put her hands around my neck for balance as I plu nged all the way into her juicy pussy. This caused her to have an immediate orgasm. I took Toni's feet and placed them around my waist as I frantically pumped my older sister.

"I NEED this, Adam. You don't know how much I need this." she said as
I continued to long-dick her.

"It's here anytime you want it, Toni." I responded, panting.

"I've wanted this from the first time that I saw you this morning."

"I probably shouldn't have been in the kitchen like that."

"I saw you while you were stretching for your run. I had gotten up for
some water when I heard your alarm and then saw a small light come on.
You came into the kitchen to get some water and take some pills. I had
no idea that you had a weapon like this." she huffed as she squeezed my
dick with her vaginal muscles.

"Spying on your brother, eh?" I laughed.

"Turn about is fair play, don't you think?" she told me.

"And just what do you mean by that." I said as I purposely hit the
bottom of her pussy with my cock.

"As I recall, you used to spy on me. Remember?"

"Oh, I can remember seeing one of these every now and then." I said,
circling her areolas with my fingers.

I started fucking her faster and she had her third orgasm of the afternoon. Soon we were both covered in sweat. Toni kept biting her lip whenever she came, which was now quite often.

"Scream all you want to. Nobody will hear you." I reassured my sister
as she let out a roar as she came again.

"Damn. DAMN. You're good. I know while Nikki smiles a lot now." she

"She smiles. But it's not from this." I told her as I emphasized the
word 'this' with a deep thrust in her pussy.

"Tell me about it later. I'm just going to enjoy this now."

I continued to pump my sister over her moans and sobs, as she sat on the edge of the bathroom cabinet. I could see that this was an uncomfortable position for Toni by the way she would sometimes move around. I backed up and my dick came out with a 'plop '.

Toni, looking somewhat relieved, jumped down off of the cabinet and took my shining dick, which was pointing straight up in the air, into her warm mouth. I pinched her nipples and then stood her up. Kissing her deeply on the mouth, I lead her to the bedr oom and layed her on the bed.

I knelt in front of her and proceeded to give my sister the best cunnilingus she had ever experienced. I continued eating her watery pussy until she pushed me away, saying she couldn't take it any longer. I rolled her over on her stomach and brought her
butt up to my dick. I implanted my cock deep inside of her cunt, grabbed her hips and started humping.

Looking at my sisters ass sticking up in the air and fluttering back and forth like that sent me ballistic. As Toni came for the seventh time, my dick swelled up and I shot a load of jizz inside of her pussy. Exhausted, I fell down on the backside of my
sister and she layed flat on the bed, my dick still inside of her.

When I finally became limp, I twirled over on my back and ran into the kitchen to get some paper napkins so that we wouldn't mess up the bed with our come. I handed Toni a napkin a went to the bathroom to piss.

My Sister - A Story of Brotherly Love
by Gobs O'Semen

Part 4

I then ran some warm water and put a wash cloth under it. Seizing a bath towel from the rack, I took them into the bedroom where Toni was. I remove the jizz covered napkin from her pussy and began to wash her with the warm wash cloth. I toweled her gen itals off softly and gave her another wash cloth to put on her pussy so she wouldn't drip.

Toni took the dampened cloth from my hand and began to wash my dick. As she was cleaning my balls, she gently suckled the head and shaft in her mouth. She then dried me off with a towel and hugged me around the waist.

"Thank you so very, very much." she said.

"You're oh so welcome. You're also one hell of a fuck. I don't know
how Rick stand it. I'd want to come home every day at lunch for some of
that." I told her.

"Rick's not quite as gung-ho about this special activity as you might

"How's that?"

"He's just not really into sex. If we make love, I have to initiate it
and he participates only because he loves me. He's not queer or
anything like that and he's not seeing anyone else. He just doesn't
care for sex."

"I know what you mean. Nikki is a lot like that. I practically have to
start everything. Once, she told me she was sleepy, so I had better
hurry up and come inside of her."

"I want to thank you again. I have been so horny that I really didn't
know what I was going to do. I don't want to have an affair, especially
with someone that I don't know, what with all of this AIDS shit and
everything. I was reaching the end of the rope."

"Do you think that it is right that we made love to each other? After
all, we ARE brother and sister."

"I don't know what is morally 'right' anymore. I DO KNOW that I've had
all of the kids that I'm ever going to have and so have you."

"That's right." I told her. "I've been shooting blanks for years."

"We aren't planning to have any children together, so we won't have to
worry about insanity or hairy palms or anything else like that. You
just don't know how much OR how long that I have craved a really hard
pumping like the one you just gave me. Rick tried to eat me once and

thought that he was going to be sick. That's why I'm so ticklish down
there. I'm just not used to it."

"I'll be happy to rectify that, anytime, but what made you pick this
morning to, er, shall we say, sow some wild oats? I stand naked like
that in the kitchen every morning and this is the first time anything
this enjoyable ever happened to me." I asked her.

"I couldn't sleep early this morning. I had bought one of those sexy
pocketbooks and was reading it when I heard some kind of a noise. I got
up to check it and saw your bathroom light on. Not hearing or seeing
anything, I peeked around the corner and saw you sitting on the floor,
naked, in what looked like a lotus yoga position. I ran back into my
room after that and started playing with myself. I still hadn't seen
the lethal weapon that you pack between your legs. If I had, you
wouldn't have make it out the door."

"You probably heard me getting a drink of water. When you first saw me,
I was doing some stretches to warm my muscles up before I went out to

"I just know that I've needed a good, hard, extended fucking for a long
time. A LONG TIME! I waited and WAITED for you to get back in from
your exercise in hopes that I could at least see your dick. I was
absolutely astonished when I snuck in the den and saw you standing naked
like that in the kitchen. Your dick was hanging down and your eyes were
closed." my sister said to me.

"What made you come in and confront me? Wouldn't you have been content
to stay in the darkness and watch?" I asked.

"I figured that it would be now or never. It took every bit of courage
that I had to walk in on you like that. I had to see you in some decent
light. I just HAD to."

"How long can you stay and does Rick know where you are?" I questioned.

"My return flight is Sunday morning at 11:13. I called Rick from the
airport and told him about the meeting. I also told him that I would
just stay at a hotel at the airport because I didn't want to impose on
you again." she said.

"You wouldn't be imposing and you know it." I replied.

"Adam, if you think that this is wrong for you to be intimate with your
sister, I'll get dressed now and leave...." Toni tried to say.

"Come on, lets shower." I said, stopping her with a kiss.

As the shower warmed up, I got two large towels from the closet and placed them on the rings outside of the stall. Toni finished using the toilet and flushed her dirty napkins to get rid of them. She stepped inside of the shower first, leaving the door open for me.

My Sister - A Story of Brotherly Love
by Gobs O'Semen

Part 5

I then got in and closed to door. Toni's back was to me and I started giving her a neck massage. She bent her head and began to rotate her neck in a circular motion, relaxing more and more each minute. I pressed my groin into the small of her back and then put my hands around her waist and hugged her.

My hands then made it up the short distance to her huge breasts and I began to circle the areolas with my index fingers. We were exciting each other by the minute as she reached around behind her and grabbed by swelling dick with her hand. I dropped one
of my hands to her vagina and began to finger her clitoris.. Toni was panting again as she began to rub my dick up and down her ass hole.

"Fuck me. Fuck me right here in the shower." she demanded as she spun quickly around to face me.

"You don't have to tell me twice." I said.

"You know what I mean. Besides, I hope you don't mind fucking a fat
woman." she smiled.

"You're NOT fat, Toni. You've just lost control of your body.
Temporarily." I said to her.

I pushed Toni back against the wall and lifted one of her thighs with my hand. At the same time, she guided my dick into her twat, stopping once to rub her clit with its mammoth head. We were both almost stimulated to the point of no return. Toni had two screaming orgasms, one after the other.

I fucked her some 10 minutes in this position before I flooded her cunt with my warm, white jism, as she came twice again. I withdrew right after I shot my load and Toni reached up and kissed me firm on the face, slipping her tongue in my mouth at the sa me time. We took turns washing and rinsing each other and then got out of the shower and dried off.

As we finished drying our hair, she told me that she had let her weight go on purpose so as to preclude her from having any affairs. She said that if she was fat, she wouldn't appear nice enough for anyone to come on to her. Toni also said that looks we ren't particularly important in her job and that Rick would love her just as much fat as he would the way she was before. I informed her that she was not fat, just a little overweight and I could show her how to work it off.

"Lets go get your suitcase. I'm going to dress you myself and prove to you just how wrong you are about something." I shouted at her.

"I guess that will be fair. After all, I used to dress you when you
were small." she said to me as she tugged on my flaccid dick.

After rummaging around in my sisters suitcase, I wasn't able to find exactly what I was looking for. I was able to put on one of her giant bras and parade around in front of her until she chased me down and took it off of me. I told her that I would dres s her tomorrow.

We then got dressed in the proper clothes and I suggested that we go to Don Vitos Mexican restaurant to eat. Toni said that was fine with her. I told her that I needed to stop at a store first but that it wouldn't take long.

We got into my truck and Toni put her head on my lap so that we wouldn't be seen together. I opened the garage door and backed out and left. Toni had unzipped my jeans and was sucking on my dick by the time we were far enough away for her to sit up. Sh e grudgingly replace my dick in its place, promising to return later that night. I told her that I had planned to hold her to that promise and she said that I had better.

Just before we got to Don Vitos, I turned into a small strip shopping center/mall and told Toni to wait in the truck. I went inside where Toni couldn't see me and made some purchases and returned. We then went to eat.

Upon our arrival home at midnight, Toni was still asking what I had bought and I kept telling her that she would just have to be patient. We got undressed and got in the bed. I immediately went to Toni's side only to be met my her coming over to mine. We hugged and caressed each other as my hand found her erect nipple. She started giving me a hand job and my hand then made its way down to her twat. After fingering her almost to orgasm, I spun over on her and penetrated her pussy with my hard dick.

She jumped and tensed up as I hit bottom. I started slowly, stroking her in and out with deliberate motions. Like two crazed lovers, my sister and I fucked each other in this manner for the next half an hour before I sent a torrent of my jism inside of her sweet pussy. Toni came five times as I pistoned her and we both climaxed together in the end. I gave her a paper towel and she put it between her legs. I wiped myself off and threw the towel away. I kissed my sister and we both went soundly to sle ep.

I woke up Saturday morning at 8:30 with my sister in my bed and immediately ran to the bathroom to piss. Since Toni was still asleep, I made some coffee and went out to get the paper. After the coffee was ready, I poured two cups and went back to the be droom. I delicately got in the bed and caressed my sister as she moaned and squirmed around. I tongued her mouth as I lightly fingered her pussy.

"You'd better stop that unless you want a bed full of pee." she said.

"We sure wouldn't want that." I told her as I yanked the covers off of her revealing her generous body.

"My bladder in fuller than I thought." she replied, running to the
bathroom as her tits and hips shook.

"You'd make a hell of a jogger!" I shouted to her as I could hear a
steady stream of urine hitting water.

"I'd shake thing up way too much." she said as she walked back into the
bedroom, grabbing her tits as she spoke.

My Sister - A Story of Brotherly Love
by Gobs O'Semen

Part 6

I handed her a cup of coffee and she sat down on the bed. She finished her cup and I refilled it for her. Toni then reached over to me and placed her hand under my robe to see if I had anything else on. She found my semi rigid dick and pinched it light ly. I stood up and let the robe fall to the floor, displaying a cock that was roughly parallel to the floor. Toni took it in her mouth and began to suck in tenderly.

I let her do this for a while and then I pushed her away from me and down on her back, knees folded over the side of the bed. I then genuflected directly in front of my sisters pussy and began an absolute labor of love. I started eating her pussy.

She sighed and whimpered as my tongue circled her labia and flicked her erect clitoris. Every now and then my tongue would make its way down to her anus but just for a brief period of time. I didn't want to scare her by doing something that she might no t be prepared for yet. I did this for an hour, taking her up almost to climax and then allowing her to settle down. I fingered her cunt, once getting four fingers up her as I savagely sucked on her ripe clit. As she was again almost to orgasm, I tender ly inserted the tip of my little finger in her ass and she didn't stop me.

Soon after that I was able to insert an index finger into her anus and she didn't seem to notice. I then took Toni all of the way to orgasm with both my tongue and finger. She started bucking and jumping and ultimately pushed me off of her lush bush as she came in a blitz, her pussy dripping like she had douched with come.

I stood up and Toni pivoted around on the bed, over onto her back and took me deeply inside of her mouth. I positioned myself atop her and began to do deep knee-bends in and out of my sisters mouth. I did this until my cock got so hard that it would no longer bend down enough to go inside her mouth. Toni then took my immense, hairy balls, one at a time, in her mouth and suckled them.

I took this loving until I was about to explode, then I ran around to the other side of the bed and jumped on Toni, my dick entering her pussy easily. I pumped her until I was well lubricated when I backed out of her and climbed on her chest. I then star ted rapidly tit-fucking my sister, my dick sliding effortlessly back and forth between her tits.

Toni started licking the end of my cock with her tongue as it approached her face. I compressed her boobs tighter around my engorged shaft and erupted in a massive load of jism. It didn't hit Toni in the mouth, but she licked up the spunk that was near her mouth. I looked down and saw my prim, proper sister, the consummate business-woman, with sweat and jizz all over her face and hair. I got off of her and she stood up next to me and gave me a deep kiss and rubbed all of the come all over me.

I was then led into to the bathroom. We each cleaned up enough so as to eat breakfast. Sitting at the breakfast nook nude, we had dry toast and another cup of coffee. We talked and read the newspapers for the next hour. I hadn't realized what a great person my sister was until we had our talk. I came close to convincing her that she was extremely desirable, regardless of her weight or size, promising to do so later tonight.

We drank the last of the coffee and spot cleaned the kitchen. We went to the bathroom where I started shaving and Toni ran the shower to get it warm. She got in the shower and just let the water hit her back. I finished shaving and jumped into the warm
shower with my older sister. At once, I took her in my arms and began to cuddle her, and she returned my affections. I found her pussy with my hand and fingered her love canal. She reciprocated with my cock until she turned around and looked me in the

"Adam, I've got a problem." she said.

"What kind of a problem?" I asked seriously. "How can I help?"

"Er, um, ugh. I've got to go to the bathroom." she blushingly said.

"WHICH ONE?" I questioned, part in jest and part sincerely.

"I have to pee. All of that coffee is talking to me." she replied, not looking me directly in the eyes now.

"Do you want to get out or what?" I said, almost giggling.

"It's not funny!" she shouted.

"I'd get the floor soaked."

"Surely you can hold out till you get to the commode." I laughed, not able to contain myself any longer.

"You ass hole. That's NOT WHAT I MEAN!"

"You want me to whistle or something."

"I'm going to kick your ass." she finally smiled.

"Piss in the shower. I do." I told her.

"Do you need to now?"

"Yeah. I do." I said soberly. "Watch."

My Sister - A Story of Brotherly Love
by Gobs O'Semen

Part 7

I stepped away from my sister and proceeded to do something that all American males do but few own up to. I pissed in the shower, aiming directly for the drain and hitting it perfectly, due to years of practice. I then grabbed both of Toni's nipples and told her that it was her turn. She squatted down over the drain, as I helped her, held her pussy wide apart and opened the floodgates. She pissed a strong, yellow stream for what must have been three minutes, always hitting the drain in the bulls eye.
As she was going, I commented that this probably was not the first time that she had peed in a shower but she just ignored me.

Toni finished peeing and then dropped down to her knees and usurped my limp dick into her mouth. I was flaccid, but the sight of my sister peeing right in front of me really got me off as I attained an immediate erection. She sucked me and I fucked her mouth until the water started to cool off. Since she apparently wanted me, I was going to oblige her. I ejaculated in her mouth and she was able to swallow every drop.

I picked her up from the floor and we hurriedly washed and rinsed. As the water was getting cold, we turned it off and jumped out and stood in front of the heater. Toni's nipples stood out almost an inch because of her coldness and I couldn't wait to get dry. We ran and got into the warm bed and held each other. I then told Toni that I had to eat her and she told me to go for it.

I had her lay on her back with her legs hanging over the edge of the bed. I then sat down on the floor directly in front of the feast that I was about to ingest. Toni then placed her knees on my shoulders and I started eating her. I licked her up and do wn, starting at her anus and ending at her clit. She didn't jump or flinch when I buried my tongue in either hole.

I had started very slow and was now up to full speed and Toni was coming and yelling every five minutes. Finally, she wrapped her legs around my neck and drew me tightly against her pussy. I sucked her juices from deep inside of her love canal as I fran ticly fingered her ass hole. Not being able to take it anymore, she rolled backwards and away from me.

Now equipped with another thundering hard on, I hopped on the bed and plunged thoroughly inside of my sisters cunt, all the time her butt was up in the air. I was only able to last 20 minutes this time as I deposited a sizable load of jizz further inside
of her pussy that ever before.

I got the damp wash rag and washed my dick off. I then tossed the rag to Toni who washed her butt and cunt. I also gave her a towel to sit on. Consumed by fatigue, we layed down and fell fast asleep in each others arms.

I woke up that afternoon to find Toni in the shower. I decided that she deserved her time alone so I went out to the truck and got the package that I had purchased the night before and put them under the bed.

"How are you doing?" Toni shouted, as she climbed out of the shower.

"I'm sore, if you really want to know the truth." I told her, as I
rubbed my dick.

"What's on the agenda for tonight, besides the obvious?" she asked.

"I'd thought we'd go out for some dinner and drinks afterward." I

"When am I going to see what you bought last night?" she finally

"Don't worry, you'll find out soon enough." I said, grinning ear to
ear. "By the way, don't bother to put any clothes on until I get out of the shower."

Toni gave me a puzzled looked and started brushing her teeth. I shaved again and got into the shower. I gingerly bathed my dick as it still had a lot of work to do tonight. After I dried off, I donned the first pair of underwear that I had on since Ton i and I started fucking yesterday on the cabinet.

I walked into the bedroom and Toni was still totally nude. She still looked good enough to eat but I would just have to wait. I retrieved a pair of shoes and a long skirt, with buttons all down the front, from her suitcase. I got the package from under the bed and opened it up. Inside was a blouse, a garter belt and a pair of textured stockings with a black seam up the back.

Toni's eyes got as big as her areolas when I tossed the garter and hose to her and told her to put them on. She tried to reach for a pair of panties but I gently slammed the suitcase on her hand.

"You've GOT TO be KIDDING." she said.

"Not in the least." I calmly replied.

"Brother knows best. I guess." she retorted as she sat down and put
the garter belt on.

"Now, put the shoes on." I insisted.

My Sister - A Story of Brotherly Love
by Gobs O'Semen

Part 8

I was getting another hard on as I watched my sister, the lady that I had fucked almost all weekend, put these sexy clothes on. Toni still hadn't seen the blouse unfolded, so she was in for a small surprise. I tossed her the skirt and she knew almost ex actly what to do with it.

As she was zipping up the side, I shut her suitcase and put it on the floor. I threw the blouse to her, still in the package. She opened it and held it out in front of her and her eyes got even larger than before. The blouse was completely sheer with sl ightly thicker material where the breasts would normally hang. The caveat was that Toni's tits weren't normal. They were huge and would be easily seen through the thin material of the blouse.

I had dressed as Toni reluctantly put on the blouse and I still had a hard on. I decided to allow her to wear a light jacket because this was a transparent blouse. I did completely unbutton the snaps on the front of her skirt though. It was now slit up
the front to just about 9 inches below her pussy, which had no cover on it.

It was dark as we backed out of the driveway, Toni's teeth nibbling on my dick as she layed her head in my lap. We drove across town for dinner and looked exquisite in her attire, or lack of it. We sat in a booth at the back of the restaurant where I pl ayed with her pussy and tits the entire time. Toni was getting used to her apparel and was actually starting to feel good about herself. We were finished eating at 9:30 PM.

I then drove to a bar that I was aware of but had never visited. We walked in, arm in arm, and found a table near the back. Like most bars, it was dimly lit and it took our eyes some time to get used to the lack of light. I ordered us some drinks and a tray of snack food and we sat and talked. After the third round of drinks, Toni was feeling warm, so she removed her jacket on her own.

The urge to pee struck her nearly as fast as it had in the shower earlier and she jumped up and ran to the bathroom WITHOUT her jacket. Every eye in the place was on her as she returned, tits bouncing everywhere. I stood and kissed her when she got to o ur table. As she sat down, her skirt opened fully and anyone looking could have gazed upon the most succulent pussy in the bar.

"Let's go sit at the bar." I told her.

"Okay." she said, grabbing her jacket and carrying it with her, draped over her arm.

Again, the bar almost came to a standstill as Toni elegantly waltzed across the floor and sat down on one of the bar stools, repeatedly exposing her garter-hosed legs. I continued to peck at Toni as we made small talk between ourselves and a very appreci ative bartender, who was getting an eyeful.

Following two more drinks, I told Toni that we needed to leave. I certainly didn't want to cause any trouble and besides, I was getting horny myself. With her skirt split all the way up to her beautiful pussy, she swung her legs around and gave everybody
in the room a gorgeous view of her delectable assets. Smiling broadly, she walked outside with me, again arm in arm.

I helped her into my truck and again she showed excellent pussy as she got in. Toni sat next to me as we drove to my house and we discussed the nights events.

"I told you that you are damn attractive." I said. "It's what's on the inside, not necessarily what's on the outside. You have to feel good
before you can look good. When you became the center of attention, your ego rose to the power of 100 and you felt confident about yourself."

"You're just saying that because I'm your BIG sister." she replied.

"No I'm not. Did you see the way everybody looked at you. Sure, the
men basically have only one thing on their minds but you could tell that the women were jealous as hell. I've had the pleasure of having you all day and I still got horny."

Tony put her head on my shoulder and remained in that position for the rest of the drive home. It was so late when we arrived, I didn't even bother to have her lay on my lap. After the garage door closed, I helped her out of the truck, helping myself to
a feel of her crotch as she got out. We stood with the truck door open and kissed one another like two teenagers on their first date would.

As we walked into the bedroom, Toni turned around and kissed me again. She then started undressing me very slowly, using her talented tongue as much as her hands. When I was completely naked, I told her that it was my turn. I got on the floor and undid
her shoes and slipped them off of her. Caressing her legs the entire time, I unzipped the skirt and pulled it off of her hips and down to the floor. Slowly, very slowly, I unbuttoned her blouse, playing with her tits as I did so. I purposely left her garter belt and stockings on.

Toni and I both went to the bathroom and I got back on the bed first. As Toni exited the bathroom, she was carrying something in her hand but I couldn't tell what it was. She knelt down and started sucking my ever stiffening cock. I pulled her over me so that we were in the classic '69' position and commenced to lick her pussy and anus all over. She got off of me after 20 or so minutes.

My Sister - A Story of Brotherly Love
by Gobs O'Semen

Part 9

"I have a special favor to ask you, Adam." she said.

"Your wish is my command, madam." I replied, making a sweeping gesture to the floor with my hand.

"I want you to fuck me in the butt." she continued. "I've read about it in books and magazines and have found it to be intriguing."

"You may not be ready for that just yet." I told her. "I'm a little
longer and a lot thicker that most guys. I'm afraid that I'll hurt you and I don't ever want to do that."

"You're a LOT longer than most men and you're thick as a fire hydrant.
But I still want that thing in my ass. This may be the last chance I
get." she sid to me as she handed me the Vaseline Petroleum Jelly she had brought from the bathroom.

"I doubt that it will be the last chance you get." I remarked adding, "Okay, roll over Rover."

Toni crawled back on the bed, facing away from me on her hands and knees. I got behind her and started licking her ass and pussy, slathering the juices all over her butt. I then took my rock solid cock and rammed it into her pussy. When my dick was goo d and juicy, I withdrew it and started pressing the enormous head against Toni's sphincter. Her ass was very tense so I knew that I would have to use artificial lubrication on her.

I opened the jar of Vaseline and smeared a glob on her ass hole and then on my finger. I ran my finger inside her ass and finger-fucked her until she relaxed some more. I then put a generous amount of Vaseline on my dick and smeared it all up and down t he steel-like shaft. I again pressed the cock head towards Toni's ass and this time she accepted the head. I continued wallowing my cock in Toni's ass and she was finally relaxed enough to start enjoying her first true butt fucking.

I grabbed her by her ample behind and pulled myself closer towards her behind. She was starting to have multiple orgasms now, almost screaming for me to ram it all the way in. When I was approximately half way in, I paused in order for her ass hole to g et used to the constant size of my dick. As I did, Toni reached between her legs and began to stroke my balls with her hand. I then reached under her and began to finger her clitoris, driving her to still another shuddering climax.

Without letting her back down from cloud nine, I drove my grease covered magic wand as far into Toni's bowels as I could. She lurched forward so much when I hit bottom that her hands and knees buckled and we fell together on the bed. I recommenced my at tack on her anus, this time laying on top of my sister as she was spread eagle on the bed.

I fucked her long and hard in this position for what must have been the better part of thirty minutes when Toni complained that her back was beginning to hurt from all the forces upon it. I then withdrew from her butt and layed on my rear on the bed, gre asy dick sticking up in the air. Toni immediately squatted on the imposing shank, and guiding it in with her hand, took all she could on the first downward thrust. I began to gouge her from the underside as she impaled herself from the summit, all in th e same motion.

I sat up so I could caress her pussy using both hands, and in doing so, caused her to experience her most intense orgasm with me to date. Hearing my sister scream and come like that, I wasn't able to hold back any longer as my dick swelled up and I satur ated her intestines with warm, creamy jizz, as she screech her lungs out. The pressure was so great that some of my come blew out from the seal that her sphincter made around my dick and got all over my groin.

I fell backwards after I shot my wad, with Toni not far behind, falling on my chest. We layed there for ten minutes, my dick still buried to the hilt inside of my sisters bowels. She then got off of me, my rapidly softening cock coming out of her butt w ith a 'plop', and ran to the bathroom. After relieving herself, she returned with some warm wash cloths and we proceeded to clean each other up.

"You were FANTASTIC, little brother!!" Toni said to me after she
returned from putting the towels back in the bathroom.

"I didn't hurt you, did I?" I asked her.

"You did, right at first, but it's okay now. That's an awful lot of
dick you've got there." she said as she held my flaccid penis between her thumb and forefinger, wiggling it back and forth.

"You seemed to enjoy it, if I do say so myself." I continued.

"I think that I might have worn myself out."

"Yeah. But what a way to do it."

"I want you to recommend some exercises that I can do to loose some of this." she said as she pinched some of the flab around her stomach.

"Are you through draining?" I inquired of her.

"Let me put some panties on, just to make sure this pad stays in."

My Sister - A Story of Brotherly Love
by Gobs O'Semen

Part 10

Toni got some panties out of her suitcase and put them on over the garter belt and hose that was torn during our last love making session. We then walked to my exercise room where I had a stationary bike, a weight bench, a dip station, and a rowing machi ne. She sat down on the weight bench.

"My recommendation would be for you to start with a stationary bicycle, similar to this one. It has a revolution counter and a timer. With that, you can determine the approximate number of calories you burn per minute of exercise. It's also easi er on your knees and ankles than running. This will allow you to build your cardiovascular system while at the same time burning calories. Also remember that weight is not a true sign of fitness because muscle weighs more than fat on a per-volume basis. You will also have to watch your food intake, especially fat."

I explained to my sister.

"How often and for how long?" she asked.

"If you are feeling all right, get on it and pedal with the tension set to zero for a week or so. If you still don't have any problems, start working slowly up to a tension that taxes you but isn't so hard as to be impossible. If you would put a m irror in front of the bike and wear
leotards, that might help also." I continued.

"How's that?" she questioned.

"It will force to look at yourself and see the body you want to improve on, which seems to help some peoples willpower. Do you want to try my bicycle out before we go to bed?" I asked.

"No. I've sat on all of the long things I can handle for one night,
thank you very much!" Toni giggled.

"Lets go to bed, I'm bushed."

"Me too." she replied, as we walked back to the bedroom arm in arm.

We brushed our teeth and each used the restroom. I went to the kitchen to make the mornings coffee and put it on the timer for early in the morning. When I returned to the bedroom, Toni was fast asleep. I got in next to her, felt of her tits and kissed her on the cheek, turned over and went to sleep.

I awoke five hours later to a ringing alarm clock and smelling fresh brewed coffee. I peed and went to the kitchen for two cups of coffee. I purposely didn't get us anything to eat, remembering our discussion the previous night. I sat down on the edge o f the bed as Toni turned to me and opened her eyes.

"Good morning, STUD." she said to me.

"Well good morning to you, princess." I replied, as I extended her a
cup of coffee. "How'd you sleep?"

"Well, besides feeling like I had to shit all night, I guess okay."

"They tell me that is one of the initial hazards but you'll get over

"I feel good enough now that I believe that I want a quickie, if you're UP to it." she said as she reached for my cock with her free hand.

"Are you sure? What if Rick decides to jump on you when you get home?
You may still be running." I said.

"I seriously doubt that he will, but even if he does, he wouldn't even to be able to touch the sides of my vagina, thanks to you." Toni responded.

Sitting her now empty cup on the night stand, she started sucking my limp dick. I fell back on the bed and just appreciated the attention that I was getting. After awhile, I decided that I wanted some of the action myself, so with Toni still sucking on my rod, I rotated around my dick and got under her legs.

I pulled her pussy straight down on my tongue and began to flick my sisters erect clitoris. She was already dripping come from her cunt and I sucked every drop from her honey shaft. I suddenly lifted Toni off of my dick and layed her down on the bed. I
got on top of her and my dick entered her pussy at once, at which point she came for the third time. I pumped my older sister for five minutes and then erupted inside of her pussy, bringing another large smile to each of our faces as we climaxed togethe r.

I got off of Toni and she ran to the shower with her legs pinched together to prevent our come from running down her leg. I refreshed our coffee cups and started shaving. Toni finished her shower and I stepped in at once. As I stepped out of the shower , Toni was waiting for me with my towel in her hand. She dried me off and gave a back massage afterwards.

"Thank you for everything." she said.

"I'm always here." I reassured her. "I hope that I can see you again.
Like this."

"I'll look forward to it." she replied as she draped the towel around my shoulder and went into the bedroom to continue dressing.

I drove Toni to the airport, kissing her fully on the lips before we arrived at the crowded areas. I watched her walk up the ramp as she waved back at me. I knew that I wouldn't be able to see her again soon enough.

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