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Archive-name: Young/ndn-01.txt Archive-author: TC Archive-title: My Little Neighbor

I live in a pretty normal suburban neighborhood, with pretty normal neighbors. Right next Door is a single mom, Claire and her two daughters. Cathy is 15 and Roni (short for Veronica) is 11. Claire also has a 13 year old son, but he was living with his dad out of state.

Cathy always hung out with her high school friends, so I didn"t see much of her. What I did see was outstanding. She would wear just the right clothing to show off her perfectly shaped tits, slim waste, and little bubble of an ass, and I"ll admit it made me sigh with lust whenever I saw her cute, fresh young body in something new and sexy.

Ronnie, on the other hand, was a bit of a tomboy, and a bit of a pain in the ass. She always knew when to come over and bother me. It was her greatest talent. One very hot Saturday morning, I came out to the garage to do an oil change on my car that I had been putting off for too long. It was very hot, and humid, too. But I decided to get the job done fast, before it got any hotter.

When I opened the garage door, who else did I see? Oh, perfect, its Roni. Ronnie was dressed in a white one piece bathing suit and was pulling my garden hose out into the yard with a sprinkler on the end.

"Our hose got flattened on the end, Mom ran over it, can I use yours?' she asked. She was going to play in the sprinkler to cool off.

"Go ahead', I said, and tried to get busy real fast.

The next voice I heard was Claire"s. "I have to go out for several hours. Would you keep an eye on things here for me?'

"Sure' I answered. We looked after each other pretty well in the neighborhood. With that, she left, and I continued my oil change.

I was having some trouble with the old oil filter and was doing what any good mechanic would do, I used foul language on it. It didn"t work.

Next thing I knew, something was dripping on my belly.

And then the voice, "Whatsamatter?'. It was Roni. I slid out from under the car and standing over me with on leg on either side of my face was an 11 year old girl.

What"s more, the white bathing suit was now wet, and basically transparent, so I was looking at an 11 year old"s pussy.

After I got over the initial surprise, I explained to Roni that the oil filter was stuck, and she crouched down over me and tried to look under the car.

"Maybe you haven"t noticed' I said, "but you"re dripping on me.'

"Oh, sorry', she responded, and stepped back.

I could now see a perfect head-to-toe view of Roni in the see through bathing suit. And, I was rather surprised at the tightness it created in my pants.

To get my mind off her, I went back to work on the car, and found that I now had the strength to get the filter off.

But, I kept sneaking peaks at Roni. Her cute little pink pussy and almost nonexistent tits were actually getting me hot.

Finally, when I had finished, I announced that I was heading for the showers (a cold one), and went inside.

Once in my bedroom, I striped down and started the shower. Then I decided to turn the jets on in the hot tub in my bedroom courtyard, which was full of cool water for the summer, and soak for awhile.

Before I got into the tub, I decided to go to the kitchen for some ice water. So I went treading, naked, to the kitchen.

As I was putting the water in the glass, I heard the door from the garage to the kitchen open, and turned around to find Roni walking in as if going into her own home, as she normally did since we were close neighbors.

I don"t know who was most surprised, because both of us just stood there and looked at each other.

About that time, I realized that the door was wide open, so I pointed to it.

I rather expected Roni to go out and close the door as she left. Instead, though, she closed it and stayed inside, an went back to staring at me.

I wanted to get control of things and get her outside, but my pecker had other ideas, because it rose to attention involuntarily as my exit from the room was filled with a little girl with a see through bathing suit.

Suddenly, I got bold, and asked, "Haven"t you ever seen one before?'

"My brother"s', she responded, "but it didn"t look like that.'

"You know, I can see you too, your bathing suit is see through.' I boldly proclaimed.

Believe it or not, this was news to her. She hadn"t her suit was see through until I told her.

She started to cover up, but I was feeling really bold and told her not to cover herself.

With that, she uncovered her privates, and let me see them again.

I told her I was going to cool off in the hot-tub, and asked her if she wanted to join me.

After a brief stuttering pause, she said okay.

By now I was feeling really bold, and very nervous. I wanted this little child"s body.

As we got into the tub, I said "Since I can see though your suit anyway, why don"t you just take it off. We"ll go skinny dipping.'

I couldn"t believe what I was saying, but I didn"t much care at this point. I was already scheming ways to sneak the first touch of that little girls pussy.

Roni pulled the straps of the bathing suit over her shoulders, and silently peeled it down to the floor, and stepped out.

That was it, I thought was going to cum without even being touched.

Standing there before me was a tiny, boyish and thin but softly rounded 11 year old girl. Her titties were just small mounds with light pink cone-shaped nipples, and her now naked pussy was no more than two completely hairless mounds separated by a little crack.

After savoring every inch of her body with my eyes (while hers were glued to my now rock-hard shaft), I suggest ed that we get into the tub.

As we got in, she went to the other side of the tub, but I told her to come sit with me. She did it without a word.

As we sat there in silence, I got up the courage to reach over and put my hand gently between her legs. My heart was pounding with excitement, and fear. It was incredible.

As my hand made contact, she made a little sigh, and let her legs spread open.

Yes. She was excepting my advances.

I turned to her and looked deep into her eyes. She obviously had no idea what was going on, but she was enjoying it. Then, we joined lips in a deep kiss.

She knew how to kiss, but she didn"t really have any experience at kissing. She learned fast. We started with our mouths closed, but soon our mouths were wide open and our tongues were interlaced. It seemed to come naturally to her.

As we kissed, I rubbed her pussy with one hand, and reached around her back with the other and grabbed a hold of her little ass. I t was so soft and tiny. I could almost get both cheeks in one hand.

I then couldn"t keep my hands still. I had to touch every inch of her, and every part was perfect. Her skin was soft and smooth, and she was so small. It was like I was making love to a scale model of a woman.

As our lips parted, my eyes met hers and I asked her if she wanted to stop. She just nodded her head, no.

I told her that no one could ever know about this. And she just moaned and nodded her agreement.

All the time I was talking, my left hand was rubbing up and down the slit of her little bald pussy. She was so turned on that she couldn"t even talk. She just let out little girlish moans and was breathing deep and fast.

After another deep kiss, I said "come with me', and led her by the hand inside to my bedroom.

When we got to my bed, I turned to her and looked at her standing in front of me. The young child only stood as tall as the bottom of my chest.

I lifted her up under her arms, and she wrapped her arms and legs around me instinctively, like a baby clings to her daddy. She probably weighed about 70 pounds.

I stood there kissing her as she clinged to me, our wet bodies melting together. The top of my erect penis was sandwiched between my abdomen and her smooth, hairless pussy, and after a few moments, she began to rub herself against it.

Without drying off, we fell onto my bed, and we continued to kiss and rub against each other for several minutes.

Then, slowly, I moved down and began to lick and suck on her soft, pink nipples as my hand rubbed her little bare pussy. She definitely liked that.

As we began to dry off, the bed sheets and her little pussy got wetter.

I made my way down to her pussy and put my face just inches away.

Wow, what a sight. It was completely bare, and was nothing more than two puffy mounds with a now soaking wet slit.

I gently spread the lips of her sweet pussy, and put my right forefinger into her canal.

It was tight, but my finger went in quite easily. Maybe the gymnastics classes she took made her more pliable. I don"t know. I just figured it would be hard to get even a finger inside such a young child.

As I worked my finger slowly in and out of her little hole, It got wetter and more slippery. I started to get the idea that I could possibly get my penis inside her.

The thought of being on top of a little girl of 11, with my manhood inside her tiny body was too much for me to pass up. I just had to try.

I got up over her and spread her legs. Placing my penis against the little slit of her pussy, I hesitated. She was looking me right in the eye, and I wanted to give her every opportunity to tell me to stop.

She just smiled as my penis poked delicately at the opening of her virgin pussy, and I took that to be an approval, so I began to very tenderly work myself inside her.

It took several minutes of gentle probing and short strokes to finally get about one forth of my shaft inside her. Then it happened. As if someone turned a switch, her pussy relaxed and her barrier was broken. With all the lubrication available, my penis slid the almost all of the way in. It was as far as it could possibly go in such a little body.

The penetration made her whimper for just a moment, and I held still while she adjusted to having a cock in her body for the first time. Then I gently pumped in and out in delicate strokes and she looked at me and asked, "Are we fucking?'

I answered, "Yes, we are.'

That made her very happy and she smiled proudly, then moaned with her pleasure.

The pleasure I was experiencing was unbelievable. Her pussy was so snug around my shaft, and so warm and wet.

Within minutes, I felt my climax coming. It was going to be a major explosion. I could tell because of the aching feeling in my scrotum. And Roni was in outer space somewhere from the look on her face and the sounds she was making.

Then it came, a climax like a cannon going off.

I could feel the semen fill her tiny cavity, and squirt out around my shaft as I continued to pump and shoot my full load. When she felt my ejaculation fill her little cavity, her eyes opened wide in surprise, and she let out a little gasp. Wow. She was cumming, too. She arched her little back and held her breath for awhile, then let out several long whimpering gasps. With that, she turned limp and I melted on top of her like hot butter.

For several minutes, we kissed and rubbed our now sweaty bodies together. And the feel of her wet, smooth body against my skin was incomparable.Then we just laid together for awhile.

When it was over, I was a bit worried about what would happen if this got out.

She didn"t have any regrets, and even asked if we would be able to to it again.

I told her I"d think about it, but I already knew I would fuck her again.

I hope you liked the story. I have more ideas about sex with Roni . . .. her sister . . . her Mom . . . her little friends . . . maybe even her brother. I just have to get around to typing them up. Maybe someone else out there can continue the story for me, or collaborate on the continuing adventures. I"ve also got some ideas about creating erotic stories with pictures to go with them. Any suggestions? You can upload your comments under the "' label following Rusty"s rules for uploading. Dare to fantasize. TC

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