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Subject: Mother's Milk (inc,cons)[B. Traven](all parts)


This story contains explicit details concerning a consensual sexual relationship between a mother and son. If any of this offends you DO NOT READ any further.

The following story was given to me for posting by B. Traven who does not have USENET access. It is part of a series of stories never published before that supposedly describing true case studies investigated by Dr. Traven. I'm not completely sure that Dr. Traven is not pulling my leg, but I'll let judge for yourself.
Dr. Traven is very interested in any comments or criticism on this story. I will be glad to forward any messages about this story to Dr. Traven, but note that it may be a while before he is able to respond since he is still on sabbatical in Mexico. I may post more of the Dr. Traven's stories, depending on Dr. Traven's wishes and reader responses.
This particular story is actually *part VI* of Dr. Traven's TABOO series that cover related themes. Only one other story, TABOO I, in the series has been released as of this date. There are are also a number of other stories outside the TABOO series that have yet to be released, (only Hot for Hillary has been released outside the TABOO series). What's the holdup? First of all I need Dr. Traven's permission, who is not always the easiest person to get hold of. Second of all, I can not scan most of the stories because they are handwritten in Dr. Traven's chicken scrawl. Transcribing all this material by hand is not easy. Even worse, some of the older dog-earred manuscripts are even written in German. My high school German is a little rusty, and I'm quite sure my German vocabulary does not extend to some of the terms used in these stories! If you are interested in any of these stories please email me, and I'll see what I can do about releasing more.
Believe it or not, there is actually more to the "Mother's Milk" story itself. The following represents only about a quarter of a novella. Dr. Traven asked that I only release this portion of the story at this time because the remainder of the story branches off into other areas including a pregnancy, and relationships with Aunt Jane and Sara Jo among others, that Dr. Traven feels detracts from the original theme. Dr. Traven asked that I hold back the remainder of the story unless there is "sufficient reader interest".

Copyright (C) 1992, Bernhard Traven

Mother's Milk [TABOO VI]
By B. Traven

"Many mothers find great emotional - even sexual - satisfaction in
breastfeeding, for it is the culmination of the sybiotic unity with the
child." - Dorothy L. Marlowe, RN Ed. D., "Pediatric Care", 1977
"Oedipus was blinded because the light
of truth was too much to bare" - B. Traven
"[A] Mother/son [relationship] is the one relationship-type
where both parties get exactly what they need from the other
party and the relationship, and the power status
between the parties is the most equitable."
- Dr. J. Boswell,
Institute of Advanced
Sexual Studies
"There is *enormous* senusal pleasure suckling at a lactating woman's
breast. The act is more giving and emotional on both parties
part in addition to the simple sensualistic satisfaction."
- Dr. Avis Oegel, MD,
"Sexual Assertiveness Techniques", 1993

Jack pushed the door open with his foot awkwardly and entered his house. Both his hands were occupied; he was carrying with a large plastic bag of disposable diapers in one hand and two bags of groceries precariously balanced in other arm. Jack set the packages on the kitchen table.
"Mom?" No answer.
He looked in her bedroom, and saw his mother cradling his baby brother. A half-empty plastic bottle was lying near her feet. Both mom and baby were fast asleep. The scene looked so peaceful compared to night before when Bobby kept them both up with his frantic crying. He tried to help by preparing his bottle and bouncing the little guy, but nothing seemed to help. Finally, his mom had told him to go back to sleep because of the Chemistry test he had tomorrow. Under protest he went back to bed while Bobby still wailed. He thought he would have trouble going to sleep but he must have gone out as soon as his head hit the pillow.
Jack stood there for a moment in the soft light of the bedroom. His mom must be exhausted - she was still awake with Bobby went he got up this morning to go to school. She was a strong person, someone who had more than her shares of hardships in life but someone who rarely complained. She was still a young woman, only 32, and still young to be hopeful that happiness could still be found in her life. With her sparkling eyes, golden blond hair, and good figure men found her attractive. She had no trouble finding suitors, but she always managed to end up with the wrong guy.
He watched his mom as she dozed. She was beautiful even without makeup and with mussed hair, and beautiful even wearing an old yellow-print sun dress. Jack noticed that the buttons in front of her dress were undone and a large wet pink nipple was protruding. Jack felt a sudden flash of shame and looked quickly away. She had been trying to unsuccessfully to breast feed Bobby again. Contrary to popular opinion it is not at all uncommon for babies to have difficulties breast feeding. Dr. Powers explained to Mom that many factors may be to blame including the mother's diet and level of stress. Fortunately, almost all babies who have trouble breast feeding have no problem feeding from a bottle. Mom was heartbroken, feeling like a failure as a mother. Bobby was doing fine with formula but Mom kept trying to get him to nurse.
Jack secretly found the idea of breast feeding exciting. Since puberty he had the usual teen-aged boy's fascination with breasts. At 16 his sexual experiences were confined to some groping in the backseat of his car where a few times he had managed to slip his hand into Sara Jo's brassiere and feel the softness underneath. When he attempted to remove her bra she had protested, and the mood was broken. Sara Jo was a little on the chubby-side but had a healthy bust line that sent tongues wagging throughout high school. Sara Jo was nothing compared to Jack's own mother, however. His mom had had a slender frame with large, heavy breasts. Secretly, Jack had looked through the laundry to find one of his mother's brassiere. Feeling both ashamed and excited Jack read the faded tag on his mother's brassiere -
Hoping his mother would not notice, Jack hid the brassiere under the frame of his bed from which he would sometimes take it out to study when alone. Jack, in his readings on his favorite subject, learned that a women's breasts could increase up to two cup sizes during pregnancy; and, sure enough, the new nursing bra his mother had purchased was an incredible 38DD. Jack had wondered why size DD was used instead of E, but he decided that this was yet another of the many mystery's privy only to women and unknowable by men.

At the time of her pregnancy Mom's boyfriend Bill was living with them. Bill was a crude man who would periodically come home drunk and angry at the world. When Bill came home late one night he slapped Mom hard across the face because dinner was cold. Jack tried to intervene, but the bigger man threw him across the room.
"Please, Bill, leave Jack alone." His mother screamed. Jack felt dizzy and hurt but he got managed to get back on his feet. He started toward Bill again.
"Jack, please." his mother pleaded.
Bill ignored Jack, and pulled Mom toward the bedroom roughly by the arm. His mother looked toward Jack with a look of resignation.
"I'll be OK, Jack. Please stay out of it.", she whispered to him painfully as Bill pulled her.
Bill slammed the bedroom door behind them, leaving Jack standing outside feeling impotent and weak. Their voices through the door were angry and loud at first. After a few minutes the voices were softer, and Jack could hear the familiar rhythmic creaking of his mother's mattress.

A few months later Mom had discovered that she was pregnant. Bill acted happy and said they would now get married; but he didn't come home the next evening. Mom tried repeatedly to call Bill at work, but Bill just hung up on Mom when he heard Mom's voice. Mom was, of course, broken-hearted. She had dealt with men running out on her before, but this time she was pregnant. Jack's own father had also left shortly after Jack was born but at least he and Mom had been married. Mom broke down and sobbed in Jack's arms. Jack told his Mom not to worry.
They didn't need anyone else. He would be the man of house. And Jack did help take care of his Mom. He took over cleaning the house and doing the grocery shopping, and even had gotten a part-time job at the local fast-food joint to help supplement their income. When his Mom enrolled in Lamaze classes at the local hospital, Jack volunteered to be his mom's coach but Mom's younger sister, Aunt Jane, said it wasn't proper and took his place as coach.

Some women look overwrought when pregnant, showing the weight of the demands pregnancy places on their bodies. Other women bloom like flowers, glowing with the radiance of the life growing within them. Mom was in the latter category. Her face was positively beaming with the promise of life, and her slender figure blossomed into Rubenesque proportions with Mom's already large breasts became heavier and fuller.
Most of Mom's Lamaze training became useless because some complications arose and a Cesarean had to be performed. He was forced to stay outside in the Waiting Room while Aunt Jane with Mom in the delivery room. He was overjoyed the nurse announced that he now had a healthy baby brother, 9 pounds 7 ounces. The nurse led him into the hospital room where his mother laid dreamily in the bed holding the little baby. He kissed Mom on the forehead and held his sleepy baby brother cautiously.
"Meet your new baby brother, Robert Joseph - Bobby." she announced proudly.
His mom unbuttoned the top few buttons her nightgown. Casually, she reached in, and an enormous white breast capped with a glistening pink nipple flopped out.
"Uhhh, Mom. Do you want me to leave?" he said nervously.
He averted his eyes quickly, but he kept finding his eyes drawn back where he would steal quick peeks of his mother's bare breast. He rarely saw his mother's breasts except for quick glances when she would lean over in a low-cut nightgown. He was actually shocked - and excited - at his mother's sudden casual display of nudity in front of him.
"Don't be silly, Jack. I'm going to try to get Bobby to nurse."
She took Bobby to her nipple. Booby mouth was against the nipple but he didn't suck. She lifted her heavy breast to position it better, and a thin white liquid squirted in the air from the top of his mom's nipple. Jack was fascinated.
"I hope he's hungry - I've been uncomfortable lately since I started lactating." Jack just nodded nervously and tried to look away. She tried to coax little Bobby to nurse, but he just looked bewildered with his unfocused eyes. At one point some of the drippings of Mom's milk got on Bobby's lips but he still didn't get the hint.
"He's probably still tired. I try later."
She put Bobby back into the hospital bassinet where he immediately fell asleep.
"The doctor says I should be ready to go home the day after tomorrow." She held Jack's hand warmly.
"Thanks, Jack, for all the help you've given me. I know that this hasn't been the best of times for you."
"It hasn't been the best of times for you either Mom, but I'll always be there for you, Mom." he said tenderly.
"Jack!" she was smiling mischievously, "you're staring at me!", Jack looked away ashamed from his Mom's bare breast. Mom pushed her exposed breast safely back into the folds of her nightgown.
"Don't be embarrassed, Jack.", she said warmly as she unhurriedly re-buttoned her nightgown. "I certainly know from personal experience about the fascination of teen-aged boys with breasts", she laughed. He was hot with embarrassment but his mother held his hand re-assuringly.
"Breast feeding is the most natural thing in the world. Please don't be embarrassed when I'm nursing Bobby, OK?" "OK, Mom." He hung his head down. He crossed his legs slightly to hide his erection, and prayed to God that she didn't see that!

She woke up, smiling when she saw him standing over her.
"Rough day, eh, Mom?"
She rubbed her eyes. "Yeah. He didn't calm down until after you left this morning. I tried again to get him to nurse but I had no luck." she said sadly.
He took Bobby from her and placed him in his cradle in the nursery. He wrapped him tight in the knit blanket Aunt Jane had made. Mom was still sitting in the chair when he returned, trying to shake the sleep from her eyes. He noticed that her dress was still unbuttoned and his mother's bare breast was still hanging out. He could see that it was heavy with milk. Since he moved the baby he now noticed that the front of her dress was soaked. She was lactating heavily.
She looked down at herself. "God, I'm a mess." She lifted the front of her dress slightly, which opened the unbuttoned portion of her dress further, exposing the white nursing bra underneath. She lifted the breast that was exposed to close the cup flap of the nursing bra, and her nipple shoot a white spray of warm milk that landed on Jack's shirt.
"Oh, I'm sorry, Jack." She closed the flap on her nursing bra, securely tucking away her breast.
"Uh, that's OK, Mom." He felt the warm wetness of her milk against his chest as it soaked through his shirt. It was a not unpleasant sensation.
"Excuse me, Jack, while I clean up.", his mom said as she finally got up from the chair.
"Sure, Mom." he left the room, closing the door behind him.
He checked on Bobby who was still fast asleep. Poor little guy must have exhausted himself. He, then, put the groceries and was deciding what to fix for dinner when his mother suddenly called for him from the bedroom.
He opened his Mom's bedroom door. He was surprised to see his mother half- naked sitting on her bed. Her wet sun dress was laying crumbled in a ball on the floor. His mother was dressed only in panties and nursing brassiere. The flaps on each cup of the bra were open, exposing his mother's heavy, swollen breasts. The nipples were bright red and engorged, and dripping with milk. Her figure since the pregnancy was softly padded voluptuous curves instead of the trim figure she had had previously. In spite of himself Jack grew immediately hard with the cock throbbing almost painfully.
"Jack, the pump isn't working." She said desperately. She didn't appear to be aware of her nakedness in front of him - or the effect it was having on him.
The pump was an electric pump that she had rented from the hospital to pump the milk from his mom's breasts when they became painfully engorged. Since Mom couldn't get Booby to nurse, she had to use the pump every few hours to relieve the pressure. He never actually saw her use it since she would always use it in private with her door closed. Since his Mom had no problem exposing her breasts in front of him to try and nurse Bobby, he suspected the real reason for her modesty about the pump was that the pump represented her failure to breast feed.
He looked over the pump. The electric connections at least visually seemed to be good. He pressed lightly on a few mechanical pieces, but he saw no problem.
He flicked on the switch. Nothing happened.
He felt around the moist cup of the machine. "Mom, maybe you have to ... stick it in to activate it." His mom lifted her heavy breast and gently pushed her left breast inside in pump's cup. Since his hand was still touching the outside cup of the cup, looking for a microswitch of some kind, his mom's breast rested lightly against his index finger. It felt warm and full. He was too scared and too excited to move his hand, but she said nothing. He flicked the switch with his other hand. Nothing. It seemed like an electrical problem and he tugged slightly on the electric connections again and flicked the switch one more time.
"I can't get it, Mom. Maybe we can take it back to the hospital for another."
"They're closed now, Jack. Their rental office is only open 9-5." She pulled herself out of the pump, brushing against his index finger as she did. She started to cry.
"Jack, I'm a failure as a mother. You shouldn't have to take care of me."
"I want to, Mom." he interrupted.
"I can't even nurse my own baby. I can't do anything right." she sobbed.
"Dr. Powers ..." he tried to say.
"I know what Dr. Powers said, Jack, but I still feel like a failure. I even have to use this damn machine to pump myself out, and even that's not working!"
"Mom, don't cry." He hugged her and felt his mom's bare breasts pressed heavily against his chest. Immediately, he backed away.
"Jack, they hurt!" she said desperately cupping her breasts.
"Maybe, we should call Dr. Powers's office, Mom."
She looked at him questioningly.
"What, Mom?"
"Jack... I nursed you when you were a baby. You didn't have any problems. I nursed you until you were nine months old."
"Mom, what are you saying?"
"Jack, if you don't want to do this its OK, I'll understand." she looked at him pleadingly.
"Jack, would it be so wrong if I asked you to ... suck out my milk." Suck out her milk? His heart was racing.
"Jack, you're still my son just like Bobby. Please nurse me." His cock was painfully hard now and his mouth felt dry.
"Please, Jack. Do this for me."
"Uh, yeah, M-mom." he stuttered.
"How are we going to do ... do this?" he asked nervously.
She crawled up further on the bed and sat up with her back against the bed frame. The was a fantasy of Jack's secret-most dreams. Settle down. That's your mother there, he thought. She only wants you to do what the pump is supposed to do. Nothing more.
"Come here, Baby." his mother said lovingly.
He looked at his mom waiting for him on the bed on the looking like every man's innermost fantasy. He didn't think of the nursing bra as something sexy before but now he realized that it could have been something out of Frederick's of Hollywood. It supported the heavy weight of his mother's breasts, lifting them high as if putting them on display. With the cup flaps open, exposing only the front of his mom's breasts, the bra actually accentuated their nakedness.
Dreamily, he climbed up on the bed to his mother. She pulled him to her. Her nipple was bright red and glistened with the milk that was leaking out. She held him by the back of the head, gently bringing him to her breast. A hard nipple brushed against his lips and released more fluid. He opened his mouth instinctively and took in the nipple. It tasted sweet from the milk. He reached under and cupped the breast. It was heavy with milk. He tentatively sucked, and was surprised at the gush of milk that suddenly filled his mouth. His mother's milk was like cow's milk except it was thinner and sweeter. He savored the warm milk. The milk started to overflow his mouth and drip down his chin onto his chest. He swallowed his mother's milk to stop to overflow, and discovered that that action caused even more milk to flow from his mother's teat. He sucked harder, drinking deep from the fluid of life. As he drained more milk from mother's breast he could feel the swelling of her breast slowly diminishing. Her body started relaxing as he relieved the painful pressure. While he sucked, the other nipple brushed against the side of his face, causing milk to drip down his cheek.
"That's it, Jack. You're doing fine." She kissed the top of his head and ran her fingers playfully through his hair.
He sucked hungrily at his mom's breast, and greedily swallowed the milk with loud gulps. He held on tightly with both hands to the soft abundance of her breast. Jack knew that this was all he ever needed. As he sucked at his mother's tit he knew all other experiences in his life would pale compared to this. He could feel his mother's body start to stir with excitement. She pressed his head firmly to his breast and started spreading her legs.
"Oh, Jack." She started moaning. He continued to suck hard until the flow drained to a tinkle. Without even thinking or looking his mouth found his mother's other nipple. A fresh gush of milk filled his mouth. His mother's legs were now wrapped around Jack's knee.
"Come on, Jack." she moaned softly. Jack's cock was throbbing. Unconsciously he started rubbing it against his mother's thigh through his trousers. He found a rhythm, and continued to suck deeply at his mother's nipple. Jack decided to test the nipple with his tongue as he sucked. When his tongue lightly touched her nipple he felt the electricity go through his mother's body. He played with the nipple as he continued to suck, and his mother's body started quaking. He could feel her wetness even through her panties and his trousers as his mom ground her crouch against his knee.
"Oh, baby..." she now moaned loudly.
Her breast was almost completely drained. Jack continued to suck the last of the milk as he teased his nipple with his tongue.
"Oh ... oh ... oh!" His mother's body was jack-knifing now as she moaned.
Jack felt faint as he ejaculated in violent spasms in his pants. They both laid there silently. Jack's lips where still on his mother's breast but he had stopped sucking.
"Jack?" He was almost asleep. "Jack?"
"Uh." He laid there almost catatonic against the warmth of his mother's body.
"Jack, I think its time we got up." she said in a soft voice. Jack forced himself to sit up. He looked at his mom and felt embarrassed and guilty. But she only smiled back sweetly at him. Her mother's breasts were wet with milk as was the rest of her front. He was a mess himself, with milk on his mouth and dripping down his chin to his shirt, which was completely soaked through with his mother's milk.
"Thanks, Sweetie. I don't know what I would do without you." He felt his mother's breasts brush against him as she kissed him on the cheek. Jack was dazed. His head felt like it was full of cotton. Had this just taken place? He felt like he was dreaming. Did his mother really come? He didn't have enough experience to judge such things. He had certainly come. He felt the wetness at his groin. Did she know?
"Jack, can you give me some privacy while I clean up?"
"Uh, sure, Mom." said slowly. He lifted himself awkwardly off the bed.
"And clean yourself, too". He looked backed at his mother still sitting half- naked on the bed. She gave him a wink, which made tingles travel down his spine.
He closed his mother's door behind him; and now felt very alone and confused.
Jack checked on Bobby who still sound asleep. He fixed some hamburgers and tried to keep himself busy so he did not have to think about what had just taken place. Had it really happened? The bedroom door creaked open. His mom emerged dressed in a frilly white robe.
"Uh, hi Mom.", he said nervously.
"Ouch!" He burned his hand on the stove.
His mother ran to him. "Are you all right, Jack?" She held his hand and gave it a kiss.
"Yeah, I'm OK, Mom."
"Jack, are you bothered by what we just did?" she asked seriously.
"Uh, I don't know, Mom." He was unsure what to say. She held each of his hands, and looked him lovingly in the eyes.
"Jack, you did me a favor. I was suffering because the pump wasn't working." She held him by the shoulders.
"You - we - didn't do anything wrong in there, Jack. You're my son just like Bobby is. Because you're older doesn't mean that its wrong for you but right for him." He nodded quickly.
"Look - I know you probably enjoyed it. I told you I knew about teen-aged boys and their fixations." She smiled slyly.
"And I'll confess that I enjoyed it, too. It's the way a woman's anatomy is designed so that breast feeding encourages bonding."
"Jack, you helped me out when I desperately needed it. And the fact that we happened to both enjoy it doesn't mean it's something to be ashamed of." She gave his a motherly kiss on the forehead. He did feel better.
"Besides, we're going to have to do this later tonight when I fill up again." Despite himself he grew immediately hard.
"We have something to look forward to later." his mom added with a hint of seduction.
They ate dinner together saying little. Afterwards, Bobby woke up. The long sleep must have done him good because he was more pleasant than he normally was just waking from a nap. He was scheduled to work tonight from 8-10, so he kissed his mom and Bobby good-bye and drove off. At work he couldn't keep his mind off of his mother. He kept looking at his watch as he bagged groceries.
When work was over he left immediately rather than stopping to chat with Sara Jo or some of his buddies. A couple of times he had to slow down after he glanced down at the speedometer and realized how fast he was driving. When he finally got home it was dark except for his mother's bedroom. He walked over to his mother's open doorway. She was sitting on the side of her bed wearing the same frilly robe. The bed was now made with the covers turned neatly down.
She smiled at him. He smiled back nervously.
"I've been waiting for you, Jack. I'm getting sore." She stood up and removed the robe. She let it drop to the floor. Jack was startled. Instead of the nursing bra and the plain white panties from Sears, his mom was wearing only a fancy pair of panties. The panties had the French cut with the leg of the panties sexily rising up her hip. He did not even remember seeing these panties in his secret excursions into his mother's lingerie drawer. His mom's breast were large and swollen, but still hung high by themselves. The nipples were engorged and pink, and glistened with the wetness of her milk. He stood there in awe at his mother's nakedness.
"Oh ... Mom." He heard his voice saying. He immediately felt embarrassed and had to look away.
Seeing his embarrassment, his mother smiled.
"Don't be embarrassed, Jack. Come to your mother." She took his hand and led Jack to her bed. She sat up against the headboard as before and spread her legs slightly. She pulled Jack to her and Jack immediately began to suck. It was better this time. He knew what to do as he steadily drained his mother's boob. He felt her mother's body relax against him as he removed the pressure in her breast. He drank deep from her warm, sweet milk. With his tongue he started teasing the tip of her nipple, and as before his mother's body starting stirring under him. She wiggled against him while he sucked and played with his mom's nipple.
When the breast was drained he automatically switched to the other. A gush of warm milk shot into his mouth as soon as his mouth clamped onto the nipple. He could feel the excitement starting to build in himself and his mom. They pressed their bodies against each other. In their squirming they unconsciously - or was it deliberate - re-positioned themselves until their hips were pressed tightly together. Jack's throbbing erection was pressed against his mother's couch through the layers of his trousers and her panties. Jack finally drained the second breast but kept sucking hungrily at his mom's breast. She didn't seem to mind, though, because they were now pushing rhythmically against each other.
Caught up in the fever of the excitement, Jack cautiously reached down under him to the waistband of his mother's panties. His mother quickly grabbed his hand and pulled it away. Scared he had gone too far with his mother, Jack started pulling away from his mom, but she pushed him back onto her. She was setting her limits just like Sara Jo did. He sucked his mother harder now and let his teeth scrape very lightly against his mom's nipple.
"Oh, Jack - Jack - Jack ..." His mother's hips jerked against him. His mother's excitement caused his dam to finally burst. He bucked rhythmically against his mother and came in a shuddering climax.
"Mommm...." he heard himself moan.
They laid still for a few minutes not saying a word. He felt the warmth of his mother's body against him. Unlike last time there was not mistaking what each of them had felt this time. Jack had never seen a woman orgasm but now had no doubt that this is what his mother had felt. He thought it pretty obvious to his mother that he had came too. Another thing was different, too; this time Jack did not feel the shame he had felt before. He still felt somewhat unsure but he knew that this second time he and his mother had known what they were doing. The first time could have been accidental, but there was no mistaking their intend this time.
"You OK, Jack?" He rolled off his mother.
"Yeah, Mom, I'm OK."
"It was good wasn't it, Jack?"
"Uh, Mom, ..."
She looked at him and smiled. "It's OK to say you liked it, Jack. We didn't do anything wrong." his mother said in a clear voice.
"Yeah, Mom, ... I liked it. I liked it a lot." he beamed. He did feel better.
He didn't want to leave but his mom told him it was time for both of them to get ready for bed - in own separate beds. Jack stripped, cleaned himself up and put his pajamas on. He heard his Mom getting Bobby his bottle. Jack said goodnight to his mother, and gave her a kiss on the lips that lingered for just a while longer than a kiss that a son gives his mother.
Jack laid in bed in the dark. He masturbated earnestly. Instead of Sara Jo or some Playmate, Jack was now openly fantasizing about his mother. He came, pumping more semen than he had thought was still left in him. He fell in a sound sleep soon after.

Jack slept restlessly, tossing and turning. A kiss. Another kiss. He opened his eyes and saw his mother peering out of the darkness. He realized that his cock was hard and sticking out of his pajama pants. He quickly put himself back in, hoping Mom didn't see. Although, did it matter any more?
"Jack, its time again." she said very somberly for something that was exciting to both of them. He sat up and held his head.
"Uh, OK, Mom." he said groggily. He looked at his digital clock and saw it was 3:15am. She stood there a minute silently.
"In my bedroom, Jack." she finally said.
He followed his mother into the bedroom. The room was dark. She opened her robe. He could see the outline of his mother's nakedness. Was she still wearing the panties? He smelled the earthy dairy smell coming from her milk. She climbed up on the bed and Jack followed.
He went to his mother's breast and suckled. Efficiently, he drained away the pressure and felt his mother's body start to relax against him. He teased her nipple, biting it lightly while he continued to nurse from his mother. Instinctively, his mother opened her legs further and started squirming her ass.
He pushed himself up against his mom's body. His cock slipped out again from his pajamas and pressed against the coolness of his mother's panty. He was prepared to move but his mother showed no resistance. With both hands he squeezed his mother's tit and engulfed the stream of warm milk that shot into his mouth. They were both excited now as he started dry-humping his mom.
"Jack!" she blurted out loudly. But she must have shouted his name of excitement rather than concern that things were going too far because she made no move to stop him. He drained his mother's tit and immediately went for the other one. He clamped onto the nipple and drunk down the stream of milk. His cock, having a life of its own, pressed at his mom's inner thigh and tried to gain entrance to the dark mysteries underneath the panties by snaking its way under the leg band. He pressed and pressed by he couldn't get in!
Emboldened by his mother's writhing he very cautious reached down to the leg band where his cock was probing. Slowly, he pulled at the elastic. He was prepared to quickly withdraw his hand if his mother showed the least resistance, but she continued squirming against him as if she didn't notice. He pushed his cock into his mother's panty. The elastic pulled tight against his cock, but it was not an unpleasant sensation. The tip of his cock found the entrance to his mother's pussy. It was definitely wet, and emanated a warm from within.
He paused for a moment not sure to really wanted to go through with this step. Did he really want to do this? Was he prepared for this? He bit at her nipple while continuing to suck his mother's milk. She was moaning now and wrapped her legs around him. He wasn't sure if this was to encourage him, or whether his mother in her excitement was really oblivious to what he was doing. Jack could not see how he could turn back at this point. He was feverish, and felt beads of perspiration on his forehead. This wasn't just his doing, or was it? He was so confused, but he knew he had to do it. He could not go on with his life not knowing, not plunging into the mysteries of his mother after having come this far.
Jack pushed slightly, and felt himself slid into his mother's pussy like butter. It was so easy, and, yet, this was an act that would forever change his relationship with his mother. Everything they had done previously was, by and large, innocent. She needed him to suck her milk to relieve her discomfort. If they both derived pleasure from it, there was no shame. Despite the heated play, they were still acting as mother and son. Now with his single act they had crossed the line from mother and son to - lovers. He could not undo what had been done, but he was not sure he wanted to undo it.
They both paused for a minute. Now fully aware of what had been done - and what could not be undone. His mother, then, reached behind him and grabbed his buttocks. She pulled him to her, making him slid all the way inside of her. The feeling was indescribable. It was like a tight, wet, warm velvet glove was lovingly grabbing his cock.
"Oh, Jack. Oh, my baby."
Mom's last breast was now almost drained. Jack and his mother started slowly fucking while Jack continued to suckle the last of her milk. He pushed his pelvis; and his cock slid effortlessly the rest of the way into his mother's warmth. His origin. His source. It felt like heaven. I should have felt dirty and perverted, but it felt so natural and wonderful to make love with this beautiful woman who gave him birth.
Tentatively he pulled out slightly and pushed back. The friction send fire into his loins. He knew his mother felt the same because he felt her return his thrusts by arching her hips. Was this fucking? In Jack's private readings on the subject he had heard of many dysfunctions and problems regarding sex. He had thought it hopelessly complicated, but nothing could seem as natural to Jack, then, than fucking his mother.
"Jack..." his mom moaned. Jack knew that she was close.
Jack lifted his body up a bit and kissed his mother. He could feel her bare breasts pressing his chest. Milk still leaking from them was soaking his pajama shirt. His mother returned his kiss, and soon his tongue snaked its way into her mouth. Mother and son embraced and kissed deeply while their hips banged together.
Tension built in his loins, and Jack fought for control against his own body. His mother pinched his buttocks tight as she forcefully pulled him to her.
"Mom!" he tried to shout in warning. But it was too late. He came in a violent eruption, ejaculated in waves into his mother.
"Oh, Jack..." His mother wrapped her legs around him, and pushed her hips back and forth against him.
"Jack ..." Her cry softening into a whimper.
Jack could feel his mother's body relax against him. He tried to climb off his mother but she pulled him back to her. They were both silent. Jack could feel his mother's heartbeat against him slowly climb back to normal. Eventually, he rolled off his mother and laid next to her. Both exhausted, they both fell asleep holding one another.
The next morning the sun woke Jack up. He was immediately disoriented. He looked around and saw he was in his mother's room. He looked over and saw his mother naked sleeping next to him. Panic set in. What had he done? What should he do?
Jack laid there next to his mother staring at ceiling. He discovered that he too was naked - he must have removed and kicked off the rest of his pajamas during the night. He felt his mother stirring. She opened her eyes groggily and also looked disoriented. She met his eyes, and Jack looked away guiltily.
"Morning, Jack." she said in a flat voice.
"Morning, Mom." Jack muttered in reply.
"Mom, ... I'm sor.." she pressed her finger to his lips.
"Don't be sorry, Jack. I should have known it was going to come to this. It just ... felt so good. And its been too long for me, Baby." She stroked his cheek tenderly.
"It was good, Jack. Better than I would have thought. But we can't let this happen again. It's wrong. You've done so much for me, and now I feel I've taken advantage of you."
"M-mom, you didn't ..." he started to stutter.
She cut him off. "Jack, let's never discuss this again, please?" she said firmly. Jack nodded in agreement.
"Now, Jack could you please give me some privacy while I get dressed?"
Jack got out of bed, and quickly grabbing his pajamas that were in crumbled ball next to his mothers panties. When had she taken them off? Embarrassed, Jack clutched the pajamas to his groin, and quickly left his mother's bedroom. He closed the door behind him and put on his pajamas.
His mother, dressed in a loose white dress, came to the kitchen table carrying Bobby. They ate breakfast together mostly silent. He tried to busy himself reading the paper while his Mom held the bottle for Bobby while at the same time ate her breakfast.
Jack looked at the clock.
"Mom, I'd better - I'll be late for school." He tried to look away as he gave his mom a quick peck on the cheek. As he was almost out the door, his mother said,
"Jack, you're coming home at lunch time, right?" He looked back at his mother puzzled.
"You have to ...", she cupped his breast, "you know." Jack didn't know what to say.
"Ah, sure Mom."
His mom gave him a sly look. "... unless you want to get another pump from the hospital." she added. "M-momm, I-I won't have time to stop - I'm running late." Jack stammered. She looked back at Jack and smiled.
"OK, you can pick up it when you want - but I'll need you."
"Yeah, Mom, sure."
In a whisper she added, "But like yesterday, Jack - not like last night."
"Yeah ... sure."
Jack was so confused that he muttered a good-bye to his mother and hurried out the door. In school Jack was listless, and had trouble concentrating. He got the results back on his Chemistry exam and found gotten an "A". At least some things in his life where going all right. Sara Jo tried to make eye contact with him during class but Jack just returned her a forced smile and looked away. Jack kept looking at his watch nervously.
Jack rushed out the door as soon as the noon bell rang. He found himself speeding again, and had to make a conscious effort to slow down. Jack was going home for his - noon feeding?
His mom was in the bedroom sitting on the bed waiting for him. As before she had the nursing bra on with the flaps pulled back to expose her swollen breasts. Unlike before, though, his mother wore no panties. She was nude - bare except for the nursing bra that only emphasized rather than concealed her nudity. She laid there inviting before him. With his eyes Jack traced the outline of his mother's smooth legs up to her soft blond fuzz of public hair.
She looked at Jack somewhat sheepishly and seductively at the same time. "Surprised, Jack?" she looked at him.
"Jack, I don't know if what we did together was right or not, but I know I don't want it to end." His mother sat up more on the bed which caused her breasts to juggle delightfully.
"I've been getting all worked up this morning just thinking about, Jack. God help me, but I know I don't want what we had together to stop.". Tears were welling in her eyes now."
"My life has been such a mess, and now I've made a mess of yours." "No, Mom!" He protested.
"I wonder if its so wrong to be intimate with my own son. It should be wrong, but it feels so good - and not just the physical kind of good." She looked at him with pleading eyes.
"Jack, if you don't want to - I'll understand - but please don't think badly of your mother."
Jack's cock was throbbing so badly he was afraid he was going to come in pants just standing there. Without saying a word he stripped in front of his mother. He surprised himself by not feeling any embarrassment. He threw his clothes on the floor and joined his mother on the bed.
He grabbed his mother's tit with both hands, firmly and almost roughly, and His mother's milk poured into his mouth, and he drank deeply.
"Oh, Jack.", she moaned as he relieved the pressure from her breast. Jack heard himself making loud slurping sounds as he hungrily sucked at his mother's breast. Jack almost jumped out his skin as he felt his mother's cool hand at his cock. She tenderly and expertly stroked it just like he would have done it for himself. He almost felt himself climaxing, but his mother backed away just in time, leaving his cock quivering with excitement and frustration. She guided him to the source of her warmth between her legs. His cock slid into his mother effortlessly. She was hot and wet.
"Ooh, Mom." he moaned with sheer pleasure.
As he suckled he let his teeth scrap lightly against his mom's nipple. She bucked her hips against him, pushing him further into his mother's pussy. Jack reached under his mom and felt his mother's rounded buttocks.
"Come on, Jack, *fuck* me." his mother said in a strained whisper. He was a little shocked and also not a little turned on by his mother's use of profanity. Jack drove his hips into his mother as he bit gently into her nipple. His mother returned his thrusts and soon their bodies were moving in a heated rhythm by themselves.
"Fuck your mother." she moaned. Jack switched breasts and felt a fresh spray of warm milk in his mouth.
"Mom ... Mom ... Mom." he heard himself moaning involuntarily. Their hips bucked wildly against each other as mother and son came together in a shuddering, cathartic orgasm.
"God, that was good, Jack." his mother smiled. "That was so good and I don't feel the least bit guilty, do you?"
Jack shook his head and couldn't help but smile back. It was true. He didn't feel guilty or ashamed. He actually felt a genuine love and closeness to his mother that he never had dreamt of. There was absolutely nothing wrong with making love to this beautiful and lovely lady who gave him birth.
"I love you, Mom." He heard his voice crack as he hugged his mother tightly.
"I love you, too, Jack." They embraced and he could actually feel himself stirring again.
"Oh, Jack, I wish we could do it once more, but you've got to get back to school." His cock was erect again.
"I could call in sick ..."
"No, Jack, we can't let this part of us displace other things in our life. "Besides, we've got tonight to look forward to." she said playfully as she ran her hands through his hair.
He looked down at his mother without doleful eyes.
"Tonight." she reminded him.
In school Jack was distracted. I actually fucked my mother, he though with a mixture of excitment - and shame. He realized that this was a fulfillment of a sexual fantasy he had long suppressed. He didn't know what this meant for him and Mom but he knew he didn't want it to end.
"... Jack Baker?" Jack was startled from his reverie. He realized with alarm that Mr. Humbert his geometry teacher, was addressing him.
"Huh, could you repeat the question, Sir?" He replied awkwardly.
The class roared with laughter, and Jack just wanted to crawl under the desk.
"Sorry to disturb your sleep, Mr. Baker." Humbert said sacastically. "Now, class who knows the answer?" Hands all around Jack were immediately raised in response.
Finally, the 3:00 bell rang and Jack quickly darted out the door. He raced to the exit but was stopped before he could reach the door.
"Why are you avoiding me, Jack?" said Sara Jo, giving him a hurt look.
"I'm not avoiding you." Jack tried to reply in reassuring voice.
"Well, it certainly seems that way, Jack Baker."
She looked him in the eye. "Is there some else, Jack?"
"No, Sara Jo, God no. I've been busy. With my mother. I'm trying to help her out around the house. She has her hands full with the new baby."
"Of course, Jack, I feel so foolish. How is your mom doing, anyway?"
"Well, she's doing just much better. I'm just trying to help out where I can." he said in voice that sounded to him a little too nervous.
"If there's anything I can do to help please let me know, Jack" she said sympathetically.
"Thanks, Sara Jo. Look, I've got to run. We'll talk later, OK."

Her bedroom was dark. For a moment Jack thought she wasn't home and paniced. But when he peeked into his mom's bedroom he saw that she was waiting for him. The soft flickering light from many candles outlined his mother's nudity and she laid across the bed smiling up at him. They made love slowly in the candlelight. He started to learn how to sense responses in his mother's body and pace himself accordingly. Jack and his mother took their time exploring each other bodies. They slowly built up their passion as they fucked until they came together in a warm embrace.
Later that night they changed tactics and teased each other mercilessly as they fucked each other hard, almost rough; and came together in a violent orgasm. Throughout the night they took turns waking up one another and fucking. In the morning they were exhausted and sweaty, and the bedsheet was full of come stains and milk. Jack woke up groggily with a raging hard-on brushing against the crack of his mother's bare ass. His mother, feeling him stirring against her, awakened; and they proceeded to fuck in the morning light.
A few days later Jack moved into his mother's bedroom. Since he spent most of his time there anyway, it made perfect sense to both of them. Jack and his mother could not keep there hands off one another. They fucked every four hours during Jack's 'feedings', and would often find time in between. They tried everything together; and were constantly finding new ways to tease and excite each other. She introduced him to oral sex; and Jack went wild as soon as his mother took his cock into her mouth. Mom sucked him and teased his with her tongue until he shoot his load into her mouth in a screaming orgasm. Jack also tried oral sex on his mom which he did not particularly enjoy himself but he did get off on how excited his mother became as she locked her legs around his head and bucked her hips wildly.
Jack and his mom enjoyed when he loving applied lotion to her body to avoid scars from streach marks. He would spend hours lovingly rubbing in the creamy lotion into her swollen breasts, rounded hips and buttocks. They would always end up fucking during these sessions. One time his mother greased up his cock with liberal amounts of the lotion, and got down on all fours so he could fuck her ass. Jack had heard about anal sex and always considered it somewhat perverted. But he was not prepared for the exquisite pleasure of his mother's tight ass as he pushed his cock past his mother's sphincter and deep into her rectum. He fucked slowly at first because he was concerned about any pain he might be causing his mother, but she egged him on with breathy obscenities which caused him to start fucking his mother's ass harder. He finally came in an intense orgasm in which he pumped his mother's ass with his semen. After that first time, anal sex became one of their favorites. He knew it caused her some discomfort but strangly enough to Jack the small amount of pain that accompanied the pleasure seemed to be part of the excitment for both of them.
His mother enjoyed teasing him. Knowing his facination with her underwear, she would dress up in lingerie and strut around provacatively until Jack grabbed her and threw her on the bed. Since his mother's breasts were now two cups sizes larger, her cleavage would overfill many of her old brassieres - which of course enhanced the effect for Jack. His mother would pick out entire outfits with a dress, jewelry, stockings, high heels and lingerie, and do a slow strip tease in front of him. She would dress topless, bottomless - anything to drive him wild. After finding out Jack's facination with garterbelts, she went shopping one morning and met him at the door when he came home from school wearing nothing but siver earrings, a black garterbelt, seamed dark sheer stockings, 5" spike heels - and a wicked smile. They didn't even make it to the bed that time as they fucked with abandon on the living room floor.

Not unsurprising breastplay was a regular part of their sexual repetoire. They would frequently fuck with Jack laying down and with his mother sitting on him with her pendulous breasts hanging over him. In this position they could confortably fuck while Jack sucked his mother's swollen tits. He would usually end soaking in his mom's milk as his mother rode him to a blissful orgasm. When Jack and his mother discovered the delights of anal sex, they found they could use the same position. Jack would stick his cock up his mother's tight ass while he sucked milk from her breasts. She liked the control that this position gave them as they butt fucked; and Jack thought this gave him the best -or was it breast- of both worlds.
One day after Jack and his mother were going at it hot and heavy on the bed, his mother suggested something new.
"Sure, Mom." Jack said eagerly. He was always willing to try something new.
She laid on her side, which caused both of her heavy breasts to flop together.
"Jack, lay on your side facing me, and slide up a little, Baby."
She took his engorged cock and inserted in between her breasts.
"Mmmm, I like this, Mom." he said as he revelled in the feel of her smooth, warm breastflesh against his cock.
"Now, just fuck Mom's tits, Honey" she said in a Mae West imitation.
Jack needed no further instruction and started fucking his mom's cleavage. This was true delight. Warm milk started leaking from her nipples and run down his cock.
"God, Mom." He squeezed both of her breasts together tightly around his cock. Milk started squirted in the air and on his abdomen.
She was squirming now. Jack knew his mother could orgasm just from heavy breast play. With both hands he kneaded her breasts and fucked her cleavage. Her breasts were heavy and full and posessed a inner warmth that radianted into his cock. His mom's breasts were slick with her milk which provided the needed lubrication as he fucked her tits. Jack didn't survive this ecstasy for long because he soon came to orgasm. Alarmed suddenly, he tried to move himself away from his mom; but he discovered too late as he shoot wave after wave of white jism into his mother's face.
Jack sat up suddenly and looked at his mother concerned. Big wads of his semen hung from his mother's left cheek and chin.
"Sorry, Mom, I got kinda carried away."
"Don't be silly, Jack." She gave him a smile that warmed his heart.
"It's supposed to be good for the skin." she said as she rubbed the mess into her face. She saw his horrified reaction and smiled.
"It's OK, Jack." she said reassuringly.

His mother was washing dishes as he entered the kitchen.
"Hi, Babe." she said with turning around.
Without saying a word he reached around his mother and cupped her breasts through her dress. He reached into the front of his mother's dress and slipped his hand into the top of of her brassiere, feeling the warmth of her bare breast inside.
"Mmmm. Let's go in the bedroom, Jack."
"No. I've got a better idea, Mom"
With the other hand he lifted the back of his mother's dress to her waist. He pinched his mother's nipple and felt her warm milk drop down his fingers while he yanked down his mother's panties over the swell of her ass.
"Oooh, Jack.", his mother moaned.
Jack took the plastic bottle of dishwashing detergent from the counter and squirted a big glob of the green liquid onto his palm. He unzipped himself and spread the goo onto his erect cock. He transferred the remainder of the glob onto his index finger, and, then, rubbed it into the crack of his mom's ass.
His mother squirmed. "Brrr, its cold, Jack."
"I'll warm it up for you, Mom." His finger found his mother's anus. He poked it into his mother's ass and spread the goo with a circular motion. Used to anal play now, she relaxed her sphincter and spread her legs at his intrusion.
"Jack, do it. Fuck your mother's ass." she said in growing excitment.
Jack placed his cock against his mother's asshole. He pushed and slid with little resistance into her ass.
He kissed the back of her neck as he pushed into his mother's butt.
"Oh, Mom." he heard himself moan.
He bit her earlobe lightly as he started fucking her ass.
"Motherfucker." she goaded. She knew calling him a motherfucker always excited him.
"You love it, Mom." He was thrusting harder now. His mother was bucking her ass back against him in sync with him. He knew they were both close now.
"Oh...oh...oh!" he grunted as he came in his mother's ass. He felt his mother's body tighten and relax under his embrace.
They both collapsed to the cold kitchen floor and held other tenderly.

Their lives were changed, forever changed, by their new relationship. They were still mother and son but so much more. They were lovers and best friends and confidants. The intensity of their sexual relationship scared them at first. Was all there always this sexual tension between a mother and son that is normally suppressed, only to be unsatifactorily fulfilled in proxy sexual relationships? Maybe this sheer intensity of the sex between a mother and son is the real origin of the incest taboo. It was a obsession; a sexual addiction that could easily threatened to displace everything else in their lives. Jack and his mother knew they had to control the flames of their passions to keep it from consuming their lives. They still fucked like rabbits around the clock; but his mother was always careful to make sure that the mundane matters of everyday life were still attended to. Jack not only kept up at school but actually starting excelling. Jack knew at the end of each day his mother would waiting for him - usually with some new sexual kink that would drive them to new sexual heights as they fucked through the night.

His mom insisted that he keep up relationships with other girls. She reminded him that he would grow tired of her when she was old and gray. He vehemently protested, but she told him it would be healthier for him anyway to maintain other relationships. Grudgingly, he agreed and called up Sara Jo. Sara Jo was happy to hear from him, and they chatted amicably. They finally agreed on a dinner date for Saturday evening.
Sara Jo was eager to resume their relationship. Jack was surprised to find that he had actually missed her. His yet-unfullfilled relationship with Sara Jo could never compete with the depth of his emotional and sexual relationship with his mother, but there was no reason why they had to compete at all. The innocence of his relationship with Sara Jo was simply in a different category with the overwhelming intensity of the one with his mother. Perhaps there was room for both relationships in his life. His mother, as unsual, was right.
Later that evening he drove Sara Jo to a secluded spot on a hill overlooking the lights of the city. They kissed for a while and soon progressed into heavy petting. He smoothly slipped his hand into her blouse and into the top of her bra. His breasts, although large by the standards of most highschool girls - and boys- were much smaller that his mother's and lacked the heavy plumpness he was accustomed to. Still they were warm and soft and had a certainly perkiness that added to their charm. He reached for the snap of her brassiere, but as always before Sara Jo reached out in alarm to stop him. This time, instead of pulling away, Jack kissed her deeply while lightly caressing her nipple with his hand that was still in her bra. He moved to her earlobe and bit it gently while he pinched her nipple between his fingers. He sensed when the resistance left her body. Looking at her directly in the eye he casually reached behind her and unsnapped Sara Jo's bra. She sat there tranfixed as he slowly unbuttoned the remainder of her blouse, leaving Sara Jo topless. He studied her body while Sara Jo looked away in embarassment. She was overwhelmed by the sudden confidence Jack was displaying. This confidence came easily to Jack now after a month of fucking his mother day and night. He now knew a woman's body almost as well as his own. He knew what subtle responses in a woman to look for that revealed resistance
or surrender. Sara Jo was no match for him.
Sara Jo's breasts, although lacking the voluptuousness of those of his mother, were sexy in their own fashion. Like her face, Sara Jo's breasts were sprinkled with light brown freckles. Her nipples were a much lighter pink than his mother's, and her areolas were more distinctly rounded. Judging from his mother and his own private studies of Playboy, Jack had come to the conclusion that the areolas of very large breasts tended to be somewhat distorted, maybe due to the streaching of the skin. Sara Jo sitting before him naked from the waist up was pretty and genuinely sexy in a way that different from the way his mother was sexy. He kissed Sara Jo gently and helped removed the remainder of her clothes. They made love tenderly in the back seat of his car. He enjoyed teaching her and guiding her as they slowly fucked. With his mother he was the student - and probably always would be - but with Sara Jo he could be the teacher.
After they came they held each other silently for a few moments.
"Jack, I've never seen like this. You see, so different, so much more grownup." she whispered. She thought for a moment and, then, said in a voice that revealed a crack, "You haven't been with any other girls, have you Jack?"
"Just my mother." He grinned. He laughed to himself at his private joke.
"I was afraid there was someone else, Jack." she said in a relieved voice.
"No, Sweetie." He kissed her on the forehead.

Jack came home after dropping off Sara Jo. His mother was waiting for him wearing the short babydoll nightgown that he had been so infatuated with lately. Her huge breasts protruded through red transparent material. He could see that she was not wearing the matching panties that came with the outfit.
"Well, how was it?"
"It was nice, Mom." he said in a guarded voice.
"Did you fuck her?" He winced slightly at his mother's coarseness. He and his mother were of course accustomed to using profanity in the heat of their passion. But it sounded somewhat course and rude to Jack's ear to use that term in reference to Sara Jo. Jack realized his thought was somewhat silly, though, because he and Sara Jo had certainly fucked.
"Yeah, Mom, but I don't really want to talk about it." He started removing his clothes.
"Was she as good as me?", his mother teased. She got up all fours with her back to him. Her big bare ass hung out obscenely from the bottom of the short nightgown.
"No one is as good as you, Mom." he said as he climbed up on the bed and mounted his mother. She had already pre-lubricated her ass with KY jelly, and his cock slid into his mother's rectum with little resistance. He reached under his mom and grabbed her full breasts. Milk immediately leaked into his palms. His little adventure with Sara Jo excited them both, and they rutted like dogs. His mother was a bitch in heat who pleaded with him to fuck her ass harder with a string of heated profanities. They moaned harshly in unison with each stroke until they came together in a screaming climax.
They held each other close and kissed fondly with genuine affection.
"No one could ever replace you, Mom." he said as he absent-minded played with his mother's breasts.

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