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Recently while I was on a business trip for a few days I had what was a
rather unexpected but delightful experience. I was staying in one of
the new suite hotels and was traveling alone planning on spending my
time at company meetings and watching tv in my room. I went down to the
lobby to get a drink as the hotel offered free cocktails between

and 7:00. As I had little to do and knew not a soul I began to wander
around the lobby watching the people as they milled around and
socialized. The Lobby was quite crowded and it took me a while to find
a place to sit but eventually I sat down at a table somewhat removed
from the main activity and quietly sat back with my drink pondering
dinner options. After a short while two women came up to my table and
asked if they could join me as there were no other tables available.
The first was an woman was about my age 40 and was trim and wore a skirt
jacket and blouse and looked like a business professional. She had
blond hair and was quite attractive having a slim figure and nice firm
breasts. Although she was not very tall 5' 5" I would guess, her figure
was in keeping with her height and she wore one of the new shorter
skirts showing she wasn't afraid to show her legs which were slim and
attractive. The second woman was quite a bit younger and than the first
and as I quickly found out was the first woman's daughter. She wore a
trim dress and was a bit taller than her mother with red hair and a
fantastic figure, in short she was quite beautiful and I would have
jumped at the chance to take her back to my room. After a brief period
of conversation I learned that the mother, Sharon and her daughter Lisa
ran their own travel agency and were in town to attend a meeting at the
hotel. I found myself aroused by these ladies but figured with mother
and daughter together I would stand little chance of getting either of
them to spend some time with me privately. After another drink and some
polite conversation I asked the ladies what their dinner plans were as I
was alone and would like to share my table with them. I figured any
company was better than eating alone, to my surprise they accepted and
we adjourned to the hotel resturant to eat.

Throughout dinner we kept up an interesting conversation and I learned
that Sharon had opened the travel agency after she had gotten divorced
and that she and her two daughters ran it as a family business. As
were finishing dinner I felt a bit dejected knowing I would now go back
to my room and sit around and watch the tube until bedtime. Not wanting
the evening to end I suggested we go out together and see if we could
find some interesting night spot. Sharon said she was a bit tired and
really wasn't up to going out but said she and Lisa had planned to go
for a swim in the pool and asked me if I would like to join them.

immediately answered yes as I wanted to get a better look at both ladies
and this would offer me a good reason for not slumping down in front
the TV. We all went to our rooms to change I and learned that Sharon
and Lisa were sharing a room on the same floor as I. Changing quickly I
went down to the pool and got some drinks of us and jumped in to refresh
myself. Just as I was finishing some laps I saw Sharon and Lisa and sat
down offering them the drinks. After a bit Sharon and Lisa took off
their robes and we all jumped in the pool. Sharon was wearing a yellow
bikini which was quite small and showed off her large firm breasts
nicely. Her stomach was flat and hard and she had great hips and a nice
firm ass despite her age. Sharon's nipples hardened as soon as she got
in the cool water and I had all I could do to not stare at them openly.
Lisa was a knockout, she was wearing a tank suit of very clingy white
material which showed her figure off well. Lisa's firm tits sported
hard nipples even before she got wet and once she was in the water her
wet suit clung to her like a second skin and clearly showed off her firm
mound with a hint of red bush around her crotch. I was having a
difficult time making polite conversation and even in the cool water
cock was beginning to harden.

We swam for a while then went to the low end of the pool and just stood
around swapping stories and talking. Lisa was a bit fidgety and circled
around her mother and I for a while until she ducked under the water and
pulled Sharon's legs out from under her dumping her in the water. This
set off a friendly scuffle with Sharon going after her daughter Lisa and
ending up with her dunking me. Well things were getting friendlier
every minute and soon I was after both ladies bent on revenge. I
grabbed Sharon around the waist and tried to pulled her into the deeper
water but she wiggled around so much I couldn't get her where I wanted
so I just pulled her legs up and down she went. You can't imagine my
surprise when she surfaced missing her top. Her tits were better than I
had imagined full firm and with stiff nipples, I immediately apologized
and said I was sorry. Sharon made no move to cover up and as it was
late and we were the only people left in the pool area she started after
me determined to pay me back. By this time I already had a raging
erection and was planning to let her catch me if only to feel those full
firm tits against me in the struggle. To my surprise I felt a pair
hands grab my suit and pull it to my ankles in one quick swipe. Lisa
seeing what had happened had beaten her mother to the punch. I
struggled to keep my balance but with my suit around my ankles and
Sharon closing in for the kill there wasn't much I could do. I decided
to just stand still and see what developed so to speak so I didn't move
and just let Sharon move in on me with my suit around my ankles and my
cock sticking out hard as a rock. Sharon reached down into the water
and grabbed my prick and slowly drew herself to me. I watched as Lisa
closed in on us as Sharon brought her firm tits up against my chest and
rubbed the head of my cock against her crotch. I reached out and put my
arms around Sharon and held her close to me feeling her stiff warm
nipples against my chest. I kissed Sharon forcing my tongue deep into
her wet hot mouth. I felt Sharon's bikini bottoms being tugged down and
turned to see her daughter Lisa the top of her tank suit off her
shoulders and her firm young tits exposed as she struggled pulling her
mothers suit off her hips. Sharon kept holding me and once her suit was
down pushed the head of my fully erect cock between her hot pussy lips.
I let out a low moan as my cock entered Sharon's hot slippery channel.
Sharon smiled and wrapped her legs around my hips taking my full 10
inches into her hot tight pussy.

Once Sharon was fully impaled on my cock I began to gently thrust in and
out of her hot wet pussy as Lisa pressed up against her mother's back
and my hands which were around Sharon's back. I reached one hand out
and began to fondle Lisa's firm breast and rolled her hard nipple gently
between my fingers. Lisa reached around her mother and cupped her
mothers full firm tits bringing them above the surface of the water and
began to squeeze them as she rolled her mother's nipples in much the
same way I was teasing hers. I could not speak for almost a minute and
I just kept staring at these two hot women, mother and daughter enjoying
the pleasure of their bodies. Soon Sharon began to tense up, her climax
approaching and as she began to quiver with orgasm I poured my own hot
river of cum up her clutching pussy. After her climax Sharon released
her legs from around my hips and slowly slipped to a standing position
next to me. She turned to her daughter Lisa and kissed her as she
cupped her daughters tits and rubbed her thumbs over the nipples. She
told Lisa she should have worn her bikini so she could enjoy the fun
too. I told both ladies I wanted them to come back with me to my room
so we could enjoy the evening together and Lisa answered by grabbing
cock and looking at her mother saying I think we should he's still hard
and I need some fun too. I reached down and pulled the crotch of Lisa's
suit to one side and gently rubbed her pussy opening her slippery lips
and inserting first one then two fingers into her tight young cunt.

rubbed her clit with my thumb as her mother continued to fondle her
daughters breasts and rub the stiff erect nipples. Lisa was begging
to make her cum but the cool water made it impossible. Sharon seeing
her daughters dilemma suggested we all go upstairs to some more private
location to continue our lovemaking.

We put our suits on got out and dried off and finished our drinks. I
told them to come over to my room but they insisted I join them instead
so we went back upstairs and I left them to change out of my wet suit.
I could barely contain my delight at the prospect of fucking this mother
and daughter pair and I could tell that they wanted it too as well as
each other something that turned me on all the more. When we reached my
door Sharon gave me her room key saying Lisa had hers and grabbed my
still stiff cock thru my suit. I reached down and pressed my hand into
Sharon's crotch and then into Lisa's promising I would be right over.

As I closed the door my mind raced with thoughts of Lisa and Sharon
sprawled on the bed naked and open to my desires. I quickly stripped
off my suit and grabbed a quick shower washing the chlorine off me and
shaved so I would not be scratchy when I went between their legs to lick
and suck their pussies. I finished quickly and put on some jeans and a
shirt combed my hair and headed out for room 429. I knocked on the door
and then remembered I had a key and used it to open their door. As I
stepped in I saw Lisa standing behind the small bar her tits were
exposed and she was fixing a drink.

Putting the key down I went around the bar and confirmed my suspicion
the she was naked. I could hear the shower running and asked her if
Sharon was in the shower she told me mom will be out in a minute and
asked me if I wanted to get comfortable. I told her yes and she began
to strip me taking off my shirt and pants and pulling off my shoes.
While Lisa was stripping me I rubbed and stroked her slim body feeling
the heat rise off her naked flesh. Once she was done I sat her up
the edge of the bar kissed her and made my way down her hot body licking
and sucking her tits as my hands and fingers played with her sweet
pussy. I licked down her flat belly until my tongue reacher her wet
cunt and I spread her pussy lips with my tongue and drove it deep into
her slippery vagina. Lisa had a great looking cunt and she had shaved
off all the hair on her pussy lips leaving only a small dense patch
flaming red hair on her mound. I spread her legs further and pushed two
fingers into her cunt as I began to lash her erect clit. My dick was
like iron and I wanted to fuck Lisa's hot pussy but I was determined
make her cum before I fucked her and continued to eat her pussy until I
felt her climax. Lisa came with a gush and wet my face with her sweet
sticky juices as she withered and moaned in orgasm. Just as I finished
licking her juices up I felt a pair of warm hands grab my ass and spread
my cheeks. I looked back and saw Sharon behind me and nearly came as I
felt her hot tongue lick my balls and follow up swirling around
asshole. I stood transfixed as Sharon probed my anus with her hot stiff
tongue and massaged my cock and balls. Lisa slid off the bar and knelt
down in front of me taking my stiff cock deep into her throat and
reached between my legs to squeeze her mothers big tits. I was close to
cumming anyway and I started to shoot my load down Lisa's hot mouth as
Sharon pushed her finger deep into my asshole. I filled Lisa's mouth
with my thick creamy sperm which Lisa sucked down her throat I was still
spurting my creamy load as Sharon grabbed my cock from her daughters
lips and rammed it down her own throat milking the rest of my load into
her hot mouth and swallowing my sperm in quick gulps. I could not stand
any longer and dropped to my knees with pleasure. Mother and daughter
kissed licking my sperm from each others lips as I regained my strength.
As soon as I could I moved these hot women into the bedroom and layed
them out on the bed determined to fuck them thru the night.

I first went down on Sharon spreading her legs and licking her stiff
clit as I probed her hot cunt and asshole with my fingers. While I
worked on her mothers pretty pussy and ass Lisa straddled her mothers
face and lowered her wet pussy to Sharon's face and Sharon ate her
daughters sweet slit while probing her cunt and asshole. I short order
both Mother and Daughter climaxed, Sharon filling my mouth with her
sweet juices as Lisa poured out her climax on her mothers lips and
tongue. I move up to fuck Sharon's hot wet cunt but she stopped me
telling me to fuck Lisa first as she still had not felt my cock in her
pussy. I moved to Lisa's rear and pushed her head down into her mothers
pussy and she began to lick and suck her mom's cunt and clit as she
pushed her long slim fingers up her mothers cunt and asshole. Sharon
looked up at me from between her daughters creamy thighs and grabbed
cock, spreading Lisa's swollen pink pussy lips Sharon placed the head of
my hot hard cock into her daughters pulsing cunt. Sharon started
sucking Lisa's clit as I rammed my cock deep into Lisa's hot wet pussy.
Lisa climaxed almost immediately but I kept up my pounding pace in her
slit until she was close to another climax. Licking my finger I slowly
pushed it up Lisa's twitching asshole making her climax again. I
started to cum as I watched Sharon's legs thrashing around signaled she
had also reached orgasm. I pumped my sperm deep into Lisa's hot vise
like cunt as Sharon licked up the overflow of my passion from her
daughters hot slippery pussy. I withdrew my now withering prick from
Lisa's hot cunt and continued to finger fuck her asshole while Sharon
licked and sucked my cock clean. Sharon now demanded my cock and I had
them reverse positions with Sharon on top and Lisa looking up into her
mothers pussy. Lisa stroked my stiff prick and guided me into her
mother's hot wet pussy.

Once I had buried my cock balls deep in Sharon's hot wet slit I began to
probe her asshole with two fingers. Lisa had her mouth firmly planted
on her mothers pussy and was sucking and licking her mothers stiff clit
as I banged away in Sharon's tight hot cunt. Sharon had pulled her
daughters legs up and was eating Lisa's cum filled pussy while she
probed her cunt and asshole with long firm strokes. I felt the by now
familiar feeling of Sharon's cunt and anus clamping down on my cock and
fingers as she approached her orgasm. I pounded my cock up her cunt and
flooded her pussy with another load of sticky cum as she and Lisa
twisted in orgasmic bliss. The ladies layed on their sides recovering
and slowly licking each others pussies as I watched and enjoyed the
show. Shortly my cock began to rise again and I moved around to Lisa's
cunt and began to probe her hot slippery cunt while her mother continued
to lick her daughters sweet pussy. I spread Lisa's anus and began
finger her tight ass pucker while I slowly pushed my cock in and out
her wet twat. Sharon grabbed Lisa's ass cheek and spread her daughters
ass open even more as if inviting me to fuck her there. I pulled out
and Sharon grabbed my cock wetting it in her mouth then placing the
throbbing head at the entrance to her daughters pulsing rectum. I
slowly pushed into Lisa's hot tight anus bringing a moan of pleasure
her lips. Once I had forced my full ten inches into Lisa's hot ass
Sharon began to tongue fuck her daughters hot pussy while she fingered
my asshole in time to my pounding strokes up her daughters anus.
Looking at Lisa I saw the she had her thumb rammed up her mothers cunt
and her index and middle fingers deeply up Sharon's asshole while she
lashed at her mothers stiff protruding clit. I continued to fuck Lisa's
asshole until she climaxed twice and I filled her tight little asshole
with my sperm. Pulling out I moved quickly to Sharon's rear and Lisa
begged me to fuck her mothers hot asshole.

Lisa spread her mothers wet anus and pushed the head of my still swollen
cock up Sharon's pink puckered asshole. Sharon's anus was hot and tight
and I probed her rectum with long hard strokes burying my cock to my
balls with every thrust. Soon Sharon was nearly incoherent as her anal
induced orgasm swept her body. Her asshole clamped down hard and I felt
like I had my cock in a velvet vise this made me climax and I filled
Sharon's hot ass with a load of my sticky juice. I continued to fuck
Sharon's tight rear as I watched Lisa's face fill with pleasure as her
mother worked her magic on Lisa's cunt and asshole bringing her daughter
to a massive climax. Even with all this stimulation I found I was
unable to get hard right away and sat and watched as mother and daughter
continued to pleasure each other for the next few minutes. After they
had wound down their passion a bit Sharon got up and went to the dresser
retrieving a large strap on double dildo. Wetting one end in her mouth
Sharon spread her legs and slowly pushed half of the 18 inch monster
into her swollen pink pussy and secured it with the straps. Sharon
looked great with that monster cock up her pussy, the free end swinging
back and forth as she approached Lisa and I on the bed. Lisa pushed
back and started to suck my semi hard cock as her mother got into
position behind her and slowly rammed the fat plastic shaft up her
daughters pussy. Lisa was deep throating my cock now taking my fully
erect 10 inched deep into her throat with each downward plunge. Sharon
had grabbed her daughters tits and was fucking that dildo up Lisa's cunt
with hard fast strokes. Lisa began to climax as did her mother and I
had all I could do to keep from spurting my load down Lisa's silky
throat. Lisa crawled up on me and Sharon grabbed my prick guiding
thick cock up her daughters slippery tight vagina. Lisa slowly forced
her cunt down impaling herself on my hot prick as Sharon licked and
sucked her daughters puckered anus. Sharon moved in again with her fake
cock and slowly forced the entire exposed nine inches slowly up her
daughters exposed asshole. Lisa let out a scream and began to thrust
herself into the twin assault on her cunt and asshole pounding my cock
up her cunt as her mother reamed her tight little butt with enraged
passion. That big dildo forced up her anus made Lisa's cunt tighter
than ever and she climaxed quickly milking my cock and forcing my sperm
to shoot up her hot tight pussy.

Totally drained by the experience Lisa collapsed on my chest while her
mother continued to fuck her asshole until that fat plastic cock in her
pussy brought her to orgasm too. After Lisa had regained her strength
She move to her mother and licked her clit as she removed the dildo
Sharon sucked my cock restoring the hardness I had just a few minutes
before. Sharon Climbed up on me as I helped push the dildo up Lisa's
cunt and secure the strap. Lisa positioned her mother over my hot prick
and guided me into Sharon's hot wet slit forcing her mother down my hard
fat shaft until I she was fully impaled on my throbbing prick.
Sharon began to fuck her pussy on my stiff prick Lisa moved behind her
mother and licked Sharon's anus wetting it and then slowly forced the
dido up her mothers tightly packed asshole. I could feel the stiff
plastic shaft slipping in and out with the rhythm of my thrusts and each
double invasion of Sharon's cunt and ass brought a low moan from her
throat. I grabbed Sharon's large firm breasts and pulled at her nipples
as we ground our way to climax. I came first filling Sharon's tightly
packed pussy with my spunk as Lisa called out her climax. We continued
to stroke Sharon's pussy and ass until she came and passed out on my

We all slept together that night and in the morning I fucked mother and
daughter both before I left. I have continued to keep in touch with
these ladies and plan to get together with them and Sharon's other
daughter the next time I am in california. I'll let you know if I live
thru that experience.

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