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This file contains depictions of incest and child/adult sex. If you are not a fan of such stories, don't read it.

Mommy's Little Girl

My name is Jenny and I'm very excited to be writing to you. My mommy wanted me to write to you because she says that lots of people like to read about little girls who play fun games with their Mommies. My mommy just showed me lots of fun games that little girls can play with their mommies. I just turned 11 years old so my mommy decided that it was time for me to start learning these things. It all started like this...

I got home from school at 3:30 as always, and went to my room to find a note:

My little Darling: Hope you had a good day at school. Mommy will be home from work about 4:00 and there are some things that you need to do. I have a very special surprise for you when I get home. Go into my bedroom and open the middle drawer on the big dresser. There are some little panties in there that I bought just for you. Put them on. You don't need to wear anything else, just the panties. Mommy wants to see her little baby girl dressed real pretty. Love, Mommy

I'm a good girl and le black panties in Mommy's drawer and put them on. I felt kind of funny when I went out into the living room- the panties barely covered my little pussy and my bottom was almost all exposed. I turned on the stereo and laid down on the couch and waited for Mommy to get home.

"Jenny, you look wonderful!!" Mommy said when she opened the door. She came and sat down beside me on the couch. She gently rubbed her hand around my tummy and then my hips, around and around, gently over my shoulders and arms and then my small breasts. "You dresssed so nice for Mommy. Come help Mommy get her work clothes off." I followed Mommy to her bedroom. She closed the door and turned to give me a big warm hug. "Jenny, you're gonna love the games that Mommy is gonna teach you. Be a good little girl and take Mommy's blouse off."
I was surprised and a little confused, but I reached out and began unbuttoning Mommy's blouse. When I had opened the last button, Mommy took off her blouse and tossed it on the floor. Now I could see her big boobs straining against her low cut bra. She turned around so her back was facing me and told me to unhook her bra. As she turned back around I got a full view of her big boobs and her brown nipples. I just couldn't stop looking at her! "I see you like your Mommy's boobs Jenny- be a sweetheart and rub them for me. I've had a long day at work and they're a little sore." I reached out and touched them softly. "Don't be afraid- lots of daughter's touch their Mommy's breasts. It feels good and it will be fun for both of us. Come over and lay down in Mommy's bed and we can snuggle." Mommy took me by the hand and led me over to her big soft bed. She laid down and I laid down beside her. She took my hands and began rubbing them all over her boobs. "There now, you like to touch me don't you?"
"Yes Mommy- you're very soft and warm." I really liked being so close to my Mommy. She put her arm around me and held me closer while I was rubbing her breasts.
"Give Mommy a kiss honey." Our lips met, and I knew right away that this was not a typical motherly kiss. Mommy kissed me like she was really enjoying it and I liked it so much I kissed her back the same way. Soon she opened her mouth and began licking my tongue and my lips. Her hand slid down between my legs and under my panties. It was really slippery down there. "My goodness Jenny, you have a wet little cunt!! Do you know why your little pussy is all wet?"
"No mommy" I replied, "but it feels really good."
"Yes baby- your pussy is all wet because you like the way Mommy is touching you and you like to touch me. Now I have a little secret for you...Mommy really likes to touch you when you are all naked- do you know what that does to my cunt?"
"Does it get all wet too, Mommy?
"Yes it does, Jenny. Mommy is gonna lift up her skirt so you can see. Would you like to see Mommy's wet cunt?"
"Yes I would Mommy!!!" Mommy lifted up her skirt all the way so I could see her pussy.
"Look at Mommy's pussy, honey. See how wet I am? Mommy loves it when you look at my pussy like this. Give me your had now, honey." I held my hand out to her and she guided it to her pussy. "You're such a good little daughter to listen to your Mommy, Jenny." Mommy guided my middle finger into a very wet hole down there. It made her gasp. "Good girl, Jenny- your finger is inside your Mother's pussy now. This is called fingering. Move your finger around in there to make Mommy feel good." I learned really quickly what my Mommy likes me to do with my fingers. I made her squirm around a lot, and she told me that I was really good at it. Mommy took my fingers out of her pussy and held them up to my mouth. "Your fingers are all wet with Mommy's pussy juice. Be a good little girl and lick the juice off your fingers so Mommy can watch you." I really like Mommy's juice. It's all warm and sticky and tastes really good. While I was licking my fingers, I felt Mommy put her hand down between my legs. I knew what she was going to do! "Spread your legs for Mommy Jenny- Mommy wants to finger you now!
My mother began gently with me- slowling caressing my little cunt with the palm of her hand. Her fingers began a gentle rhythm as she stroked my slick lips down there, and she began to probe around the opening to my hole. Mommy spoke to me softly, but with a sense of urgency in her voice that came from my fingers wiggling inside her, "Girls who like to do this are called sluts, Jenny. You are Mommy's little slut. I love little sluts. Do you like my fingers in your cunt, you little slut?"
"Yes, Mommy, yessss!!! I love to be your little slut."
It got my Mommy all excited when I told her that. She was breathing very hard as we fingered each other. I had never felt this way before. "Mommy is gonna lick your little pussy now, slut. You're gonna love to have Mommy's tongue in your cunt." Mommy slid down on the bed and began to lick all over my clit and she even stuck her tongue into me and wiggled it around. I loved fingering, but this was heaven. I had my very first orgasm as her tongue was strumming my clit.
Mommy held me close to her breasts as my body shook and then began to relax. "I love you, my baby slut Jenny. You're Mommy's little slut, honey, and Mommy is going to play with you a lot." She gently pulled my mouth to her nipple. "Suck your horny Mother's nipple while I touch you. Good Girl. Mommy loves you so much. " Mommy's hand was between my legs again, rubbing my bare little pussy. What a wonderful feeling for a little girl!
It was almost time for dinner, and Mommy and I were both getting hungry. Mommy suggested that we go out for a nice dinner. "We are not just a Mommy and daughter anymore, honey- we're lovers now and lovers spend a lot of time together and do special things with each other. I'm so proud of you, Jenny. You've been such a good little girl for Mommy today! First we have to dress you to go out, honey. All the women would go crazy if they saw you dressed like a little slut in your new panties. They would be so hot for you they'd be rubbing their pussies! But don't worry, we'll give them a little peek of you."
Mommy had me put on my high heels and my short, short skirt that she just bought for me. She told me that since I started wearing that skirt I've been making her horny as hell. She instructed me not to wear any panties so she could show off her baby girl. At the restaurant we sat at a table facing a row of booths. My Mommy quietly instructed me to spread my legs so that the people facing us could see up my skirt. "Look at the people on the end, Jenny. See how they're staring at you? They're getting really horny looking at your sexy cunt. Now I want you to put your fingers inside your pussy while they watch. Give me your hand." The people stared shamelessly, as if mesmerized by us as my Mommy licked my middle finger. "Put it in now, slut. Show the people how Mommy taught you about fingering."
It was so much fun to finger myself while the couple watched me. The man and the lady both stared intently at me. "Good girl, Jenny" Mommy said, "Look at them- they like to watch you so much." Mommy stroked my hair softly as they watched. Soon Mommy ordered me to take my finger out of my cunt. She licked the juice off of my wet little finger as the couple stared in disbelief. We finished our meal and then Mother took my hand and we walked over to the couple's table. "I see you like my little girl" Mother said to them. They blushed with embarrasment. The man stuttered "uhhhhh, I ummmm"- Mommy cut him off. "It's okay, there's no reason to be ashamed. My name is Elaine, and this is my daughter Jenny. Shake hands with the nice people, Jenny." I extended my hand to the man. He grasped my hand softly. "Hello Jenny, I'm Mike." The woman extended her hand to me. She was very beautiful with blond hair and blue eyes, and very big boobs like my Mommy. "My name is Joan, honey." She held my hand and stroked it softly with her other hand. "How old are you, sweetie?"
"I'm eleven"
"You're a very pretty little girl, Jenny," Joan said. She turned to my Mommy. "Do you have plans for the evening? Mike and I would love to have you and your daughter over as our guests."
"That sounds wonderful" Mommy said.
We followed Mike and Joan out of the restaurant. "We don't live far from here," Joan said to my Mother, "would you like to ride with us?"
"That's fine with me" Mommy said. Mommy turned to me "Jenny you sit up front on Joan's lap, okay?"
"Okay, Mommy." It seemed kind of funny for me to be sitting on this lady's lap. After all I'm not a little kid, but I always do what my Mommy tells me to. Besides, I really liked Joan and she was so pretty and nice.
Mommy sat in the back seat and Mike was driving.
"Jenny," Mother said to me, "Do you love Joan?" I blushed a little and smiled.
"Yes, Mommy."
"Then why don't you tell her?"
"I love you Joan." I said to her. She looked to happy so hear that.
"I love you too, Jenny." Joan said with a smile.
My mother told me "Jenny, when a little girl and a woman love each other they kiss like we do. Give Joan a kiss, baby."
I kissed Joan like my Mommy kissed me after school. Her mouth was warm and wet like my Mommy's mouth, and she had pretty red lipstick. Joan really liked kissing me, I could tell. Mommy turned to Mike, whose eyes were darting back and forth between the road and me and his wife.
"My goodness, Mike, look at how your wife likes my daughter. You would almost think that Joan is hot for my little baby girl. But Jenny is only eleven. You don't think your wife wants to play with my little girl's pussy, do you Mike?"
Mike was panting as he answered. "Yes, Elaine, I think she does."
"Joan, oh my, you are a hot one" Mommy said. "Why don't you put your hand under my daughter's skirt? Jenny, spread your legs like a good little slut for the nice lady. Jenny has never had anyone's fingers in her young little cunt except for mine, but she seems to like you so I think it'll be okay." I spread my legs open so Joan could touch my cunt. She stroked me gently as she spoke to me.
"Oh Jenny, you have a nice little pussy. It's so nice of your Mommy to let me touch you like this. You have a very good Mommy." Joan licked her finger and I knew what she was going to do next. She slid her wet finger along my pussy lips, gently stroking me. My Mommy seemed very pleased by what Joan was doing to me. Mommy began stroking my hair as Joan worked her finger into my little hole.
"Isn't she a darling, Joan?" Mommy said.
"Yes, she is!!! And she's so wet! I've always loved playing with little girls like this." Joan turned to me, "Is my finger feeling good, honey?" I couldn't possibly tell her how good it felt.
"Ooooh, it feels so good!! Put it in deeper, okay?"
"Yes, Jenny, of course I will." I felt her finger plunge in as Mommy spoke.
"It's so nice to see you enjoying my little girl, Joan. I've always wanted my daughter to be a little whore just like I was when I was a little girl. My dream is coming true."

We pulled into Mike and Joan's driveway while Joan was licking my pussy juice from her finger. They led me and Mommy inside to the big soft living room couch. Mike disappeared into another room, and Mommy and Joan sat on each side of me on the couch. They had their arms around me and Mommy began to speak to me.
"Jenny, I'm so proud of you. Some little girls are afraid to let adults touch their pussies but you really seem to love it. You're a little whore, just like I was at your age." Mommy was lifting my skirt up while she spoke to me. "Joan, what would you like to do to my little daughter?"
"Can I lick her pussy?" Joan asked, but I knew that she didn't have to ask. I knew that my Mommy would let her do anything that she wanted to me. And I knew that it would feel really good.
"Jenny, spread your legs open nice and wide so Joan can show you how much she loves you."
"Yes, Mommy" I said.
My Mommy held me and Joan got down on the floor and started gently kissing my pussy. It felt so good! Mommy told Joan that she looked beautiful doing that, and encouraged her to lick me. Joan's tongue was heaven! She ran it up and down the length of my little cunt while my Mommy watched. She began putting her tongue inside me and I thought it was pure heaven!
Mike had reappeared and he approached us. Mommy spoke to him, "Mike, your horny wife is just ravishing my daughter. See how she is tongueing my little baby girl?"
"My God Elaine, my wife sure knows how to eat a little girl's cunt, doesn't she? And little Jenny is rather enjoying herself. Tell me, Elaine, has little Jenny ever seen her Mommy get fucked?"
I knew we were in for quite an evening when I heard that. I'd often thought about guy's cocks and how they fuck women with them, I'd even thought about my Mommy getting her pussy fucked. But I never expected to see it, much less to see her getting fucked by a strange man while a strange woman was licking my pussy right beside them! I feel sorry for the little girls who never get touched by their Mommy. It feels so good, and it's the best way for a mother to show love to her daughter. My Mommy loves me so much that she wants other people to fuck me and lick me and suck me too. I love my Mommy!
Mommy spread her legs beside me on the couch as Mike took his pants off. His cock was so big, and it stood straight out. Mommy turned to me, "Honey, I want you to watch while the nice man puts his cock in Mommy's cunt. Watch your horny Mommy getting her pussy fucked, baby."
It was wonderful! Mikes cock went way up inside her. Mommy was gasping like she did when we played games after school. He kept pumping his cock in her and she kept breathing harder and harder. "Ohhh Mike, Fuck me, Mike, Fuck me while my daughter watches. Fuck me while your wife eats my baby's cunt. Jenny, you keep watching, honey. Don't look away, watch Mike fuck me. You need to see this so you learn." Mike was breathing hard, too, and he kept going faster and faster into my Mommy's cunt. Then he stopped and pulled it out and this white stuff squirted all over my Mommy. Mommy got some on her finger. "Jenny, open your mouth honey. This is called cum and you will like it." I opened my mouth and Mommy put the cum on my tongue. "Lick it off Mommy's finger, honey. Lick the cum up." It tasted kind of funny, but not bad. Then Mommy told me to kiss Joan on the lips and tell her thank you for eating my cunt and thank you for letting me taste Mike's cum.
Mommy had me lick some of the cum off of her pussy, and then she turned to Mike and Joan. "My little Jenny has never had a cock inside her before. Will you fuck my little girl, Mike?"
"I'd love to fuck Jenny!"
"Mike is a sucker for virgin cunt." Joan said.
Mommy and Joan settled down on each side of me on the couch and held my legs open. Mommy spoke to me softly "Jenny, Mike is going to put his dick inside you now. Don't be afraid- it will hurt a tiny little bit at first, but the more you get fucked the better it feels. I've been fucked so many times it feels very, very good." Mike started by rubbing his dick along my pussy. It felt wonderful, and it was so neat to have Joan and my Mommy holding my legs open. I felt so special- like I was the center of attention. They all seemed to like me and want me so much. Soon Mike started to push his dick into my little hole down there. It felt so big and full. It hurt a little, but having my Mommy there made me feel safe.
Mommy seemed so pleased with me; "Good girl Jenny, let Mike fuck your pussy. He likes to fuck you so much. See the look on his face?" I knew that look. Mommy had the same look when we were playing our games in her bedroom after school. Soon Mike began breathing harder and harder, then I felt his dick start to pulse. "Mike is coming now, Jenny. He is squirting his cum in you." Mike pulled his dick out and his cum began to run out of my cunt. Mommy and Joan rubbed the cum all over my pussy.

End Part 1

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