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Disclaimer: I did not write this story. This story is for adults only! WARNING !!! WARNING !!! WARNING !!! WARNING !!!

This story contains graphic descriptions of pre-teen children having sex with each other and adults. If you are offended by this, STOP NOW AND DO NOT READ THIS FILE!

If you are underage in your country/state, EXIT this story NOW!!

This story is fantasy, and has no basis in fact, and no relation to persons or events past or present.

by Red Rose

Jerry and his wife had two little girls. Jan 10, and Terri 9. The girls were very cute, looking much like their mother, with long blonde hair and soft brown eyes. Jerry loved his family, and they were quite happy. His wife got a call one evening, about her parents. Her father was ill, and her mother wanted her to come home for awhile, and help take care of him. Rhonda and Jerry discussed it, and she packed for an extended stay with her parents. She left the next morning. Jerry and the girls watched her drive away.

It was summer, so there was no school for the girls, and Jerry being a teacher, was also off for the summer. He decided he would spend more time with his girls. He packed a picnic lunch, and drove them to the beach. He watched them play in the sand, and run in and out of the water laughing and giggling. God how he loved his girls! It was getting late when he called them to get ready to go home. It was then that he noticed Jan. At 10 she was a lovely little girl, her voice like music, her eyes shining. Jerry saw that her little nipples were standing erect in the cool evening breeze. Before he realized it, he was wondering what it would feel like to suck on her little nipples. He jumped when he realized what he was thinking, and scolded himself, "jesus she's your daughter!"

During the drive home, the girls laughed and played, and Jerry was quiet, feeling ashamed of his thoughts. When they arrived home, he told the girls to get ready for bed. They took their baths, then came to kiss him good night, like they had all their lives. But this night, it was not the same for Jerry. When Jan ran in to kiss him, she wore her baby doll pj's the same as always, but now, Jerry was looking at her crotch. He could see her panties pulled up tight against her mound, see the outline of her little cunt lips as they pushed against the fabric. His heart pounded in his chest, he felt his cock stir. What the hell was the matter with him? he wondered. He tucked the girls in and sat alone thinking. Sometime during that long night, he discovered a part of himself, a part he had so carefully denied. He had always been attracted to little girls, very young girls. He had never admitted it because that would brand him that awful word ' pedophile' . He had hidden the truth even from himself. He was frightened, because the little girl he wanted was his own daughter! He tried to sleep that night, but he couldn't, he tossed and turned and finally got up. He went to his daughters' rooms to check on them. Each had her own room, and was quite proud of it.

Jerry opened the door to Jan's room and stepped inside. The light from the hall caught in her hair, and it shone like a halo around her head. She had kicked the covers off, and he could see her little panties quite clearly. He softly moaned as he felt his cock grow stiff again. He reached beneath his robe and began to gently stroke it as he looked at his daughter. She was a heavy sleeper, so he was not afraid he was going to wake her. Something came over him and he just had to masturbate, right there in her room. Without realizing it, he had moved closer to her bed. His eyes were glued on her crotch, he licked his lips and stroked his cock harder. How he wished he could taste her sweet fresh little cunt! He groaned and shot his cum all over Jan's bed. He was mortified !! He hurried and grabbed some kleenex and wiped it up, then quickly left her room. As he climbed into his own bed, he promised himself he would NEVER do that again !!!

Jerry could hardly look at his little girl the next day. Between embarrassment, fear of getting caught, and a raging desire to have her virgin pussy, he was afraid of what he might do. She looked at him quizically as she went out to play that morning. Jerry kept busy, allowing the girls to play outside all day. That night at dinner Jan asked, "are you mad at me Daddy?" He looked up at her in surprise, and said, "no!! of course not." Then she asked, "why won't you talk to me Daddy? All day you did not say anything to me at all." Jerry wanted to hug her when he saw little tears in her eyes. "I have a lot on my mind honey, I'm sorry if you think I was mad at you." She rose from the table and went to him. She hugged him tight and whispered "I love you Daddy." Jerry almost died. His cock was instantly hard at the touch of her little body against his. He would later remember that this was the instant that he decided he had to fuck his little girl.

That night, he found himself in her bedroom again. He could not seem to stop himself. He had his cock in his hand, stroking it as he thought of her tiny hairless slit wrapped tight around it. He groaned then, and his cum boiled in his balls. Just then he heard a sound from the hall. He turned and saw his 9 year old daughter Terri !! She was watching him, a smile on her face. Jerry quickly closed his robe and turned to leave Jan's room. "What are you doing up?" he asked Terri, trying to avoid speaking about what she had seen him doing. His heart pounded in his chest as he waited for her answer. What if she told her mom, his wife, what she had seen him doing?!?!?! Jerry was dying inside. Then Terri smiled at him and said, "Daddy, can I see your thing? I never saw it so big before."

Jerry looked at his youngest daughter. She was as lovely as her sister, and he felt his cock grow hard at her suggestion. He groaned and picked her up. He carried her to her room and put her in bed. He sat beside her and opened his robe. Terri reached over and took his hard cock in her little hand. Jerry was stunned at the feeling of her cool little hand. He looked down to see that her hand could not even fit all the way around it. He whispered to her, "use both hands baby." She giggled and wrapped both of her hands around it. He moaned and reached down. He began to move her hands up and down his hard shaft. "Play with it like that baby, up and down!" Terri was glad to oblige. She could feel his cock throb in her little hands, and she liked the feeling of it. "That's Daddy's cock you are petting Terri. You make it feel so good when you stroke it!!" She giggled and said, "I like stroking it Daddy! It's neat!!" Jerry could not hold out. The sight of his little 9 year old jacking his cock off was to much. He thrust it up into her hands and she felt it swell then saw his cum as it squirted out all over her hands. "WOW !!!" what's that Daddy?!?!?! Did I hurt you?" He sighed as his spasms stopped, and smiled at her, "No honey, you didn't hurt me. That is how a man tells you that you made him feel real good. He squirts that hot white stuff called ' cum' or 'sperm'. It is the stuff that makes babies when it is squirted into a woman."

Terri thought about that for a minute, then asked him, "where do you squirt it to make babies Daddy?" Jerry knew he was lost now. He reached over and pulled his little girl's panties down. He cupped her tiny hairless slit, and told her, "A man puts his cock into a womans pussy and moves it in and out then squirts his cum deep inside. That is called ' making love' or 'fucking'." Terri looked at her Daddy wide eyed and asked innocently, "Daddy, will you put your hard cock in me and fuck me?" Jerry groaned and his cock was instantly hard. He leaned over and kissed his little girl, deeply like he would have kissed her mother. Terri felt all grown up, and she really wanted his cock in her pussy. Unknown to Jerry, Terri had seen her parents fucking, and she had been curious for some time. It seemed to make them feel real good, and love each other more. She wanted her Daddy to fuck her. She lay back on the bed, and Jerry pulled her nightie from her. He pushed her knees up and her legs apart. He dropped his robe and crawled between her legs. He leaned down and licked his little girl's hairless pussy lips, then spread them and dipped his tongue inside of her. She tasted so sweet, so fresh!! He had to fuck her, there was no stopping now.

Terri wiggled and sighed as his tongue found and caressed her little girl clit. New feelings had begun to course through her young body. She liked this!! Liked it alot !! Finally, Jerry knelt between her legs and aimed his cock at her tiny hole. "The first time always hurts a girl Terri. I want you to hang on to me, and bear with it, ok baby? I promise it won't hurt long." She replied, "Ok Daddy." though now she was just a bit frightened. Jerry took his cock in his hand and rubbed it up and down her little slit, over her clit and down to her asshole. She sighed as it felt so good. Then he positioned it at her little hairless fuck hole. "Hang on honey" he told her as he thrust his hips forward. He watched as just the head of his cock began to penetrate his daughter's little pussy. "UMMMPHFT" Terri moaned. Jerry held her hips in his hands and pushed still harder, breaking her cherry as his cock began to stretch her wide and slide in. Terri squeezed his arms and cried, "OH DADDY IT HURTS!!"

Jerry eased up, and waited a few minutes for her pussy to adjust to his hard cock. "Terri baby, your pussy is so warm, so tight !!! I love how my hard cock feels in your little pussy!! Oh baby, I know you will love it too!!" Terri cried and he kissed her tears away as he began to move his cock in and out of her. He was right, the pain was going away, and it was starting to feel better. She stopped crying and Jerry smiled at her. "That's my baby girl !! Take my cock in your little pussy, I wanna cum in you!!" Still holding her hips, he began to fuck her. Gently, slowly, ever deeper. He watched as his cock spread and filled her tight little hairless cunt. Terri moaned, "oh Daddy!" as she began to relax and accept his cock. Jerry knew he was not going to last. The first time in a little girl pussy was driving him mad. He reached down and stroked her little clit as he began to fuck her harder and faster. She wiggled and groaned as some of the pain returned, but Jerry was beyond caring right then. Terri screamed when he suddenly pulled her hips up as he drove his cock into her and shot his hot cum against her little girl womb. He kept stroking her little clit, and felt her pussy spasm on his now softening cock. He pulled out of her then, and held her tight. He kissed away her tears, afraid that she did not like it, and would never let him fuck her again, or worse, tell her mother or someone else about it. He was incredulous when he heard her whisper, "when can we do it again Daddy?" Jerry had to laugh as he hugged her tight. "Soon, baby real soon!!" Then he explained to her that she could not tell anyone what they were doing because if she did, he would go to jail for a long time, because some people did not like it when men fucked such little girls. She promised to keep their secret. Jerry waited for her to fall asleep, then went to his own room, a wide smile on his face.

Jerry forgot all about fucking his 10 year old daughter. He was very happy fucking Terri. Her tight 9 year old cunt was all he needed, all he wanted. He loved seeing it stretched so tight around his hard cock, loved filling her with his sperm. Things did not change to much around the house. He still treated the girls as he always had, and no one noticed any difference. But Terri was a wild little girl. Once he started fucking her, she did not want to stop. Whenever the opportunity presented itself, she would tease him with a flash of her white cotton panties, or a carress to her own pussy as he watched. Sometimes she did not wear any panties, and would flash her naked hairless little pussy at him! Oh she was wild. One day as he was watching tv, she came up to him and slid into his lap. Nothing both girls had not done 100's of times before. But when she slid into his lap, she wiggled her cute little butt against his cock, and felt it grow long and hard against her. Jerry moaned in her ear and told her, "you have to stop that!" She giggled and rubbed her butt harder into his lap. Jerry could not stand it!!! He sent Jan to the store about 10 blocks away. She did not want to go, but he made her go. As soon as she was out of sight, he locked the door and carried Terri to his bedroom. He pulled his pants down, and sat on the edge of the bed. He nearly ripped Terri's panties off, and pulled her into his lap. "OH DADDY FUCK ME!!" she cried out as he pushed her down onto his hard cock. He fucked her hard and fast, watched as she ground her hairless little pussy at the base of his cock. He watched her clit grow hard and pulse as he fucked her ever harder. "Yes Daddy, fuck me!!! FUCK ME!!" she screamed as she began to cum. Her tight little pussy milked his cock, sucked every drop of his hot cum deep into her. He closed his eyes and moaned and held her tight. As his cock grew soft, Terri giggled and told him, "I really do like fucking you Daddy !! It is so goooooood." Jerry kissed her and told her, "I like fucking you to honey, but you have got to be careful. We can't let anyone see us!!" "I think it is a little to late Daddy." Jerry's eyes shot open and he saw his daughter Jan standing in the doorway. He nearly dropped Terri in his rush to pull his cock out of her. OH shit, he thought as he looked at his other daughter, busted!!! Then his darling Jan said to him, "unless you fuck me too, I will tell mama about you fucking Terri". He was stunned. He had expected anything but that !! Jan saw the look on her Daddy's face and smiled. "Why should Terri have all the fun? I want some too Daddy!" Jerry knew then that he had probably died and gone to heaven.

Terri giggled as her Daddy's mouth dropped open, and he began to stutter, "yy-you want me to fa f-fuck you too?!?!?!" Jan stood there and nodded her head yes. She said, "I have heard you and Terri, and it sounds like fun, and I want to try it." She put her hands on her little hips and stated firmly, "I am after all the OLDEST !!" With that Jerry burst out laughing and could not seem to stop. Jan ran to join them on the bed, and he ended up wrestling with both his lovely little daughters. He managed to get Jan's clothes off of her, and his hand slid between her legs. He felt the heat of her tender hairless pussy against his palm. His cock was instantly hard. He was so tempted to fuck her right then and there!!! But other, nastier thoughts crossed his mind. Now that both of his daughters were his to play with and fuck, he wanted to see them play with each other. He groaned out loud as he thought of those two lovely little girls licking each others pussies!! He lay on the bed with them and told them both, "I want to watch you two lick each other between the legs. I want to see you both lick pussy!" They were not sure they understood and it was Jan that spoke up, "huh? what do you mean Daddy?" "I'll show you." he said.

He positioned Jan on the bed, and then had Terri kneel over her sister's face. He then pushed her face into Jan's pussy, and told them both, "now, stick out your tongues and lick each other, find out what makes your pussies feel real good!" He lay back to watch as the two little girls gingerly stuck their tongues into each others hot slits. Jan got the gooier of the two, for she was licking her Daddy's hot cum out of Terri's little pussy. She liked the taste of it, and licked harder and faster. Terri moaned and ground her little pussy down onto her sister's licking tongue, and licked her pussy harder. Jerry was stroking his cock, and stopped to tell the girls what else to do. He spread Terri's pussy lips wide, and pointed to the small nub of her clit, which was already hard. "Suck on this spot Jan, suck on your sister's clit, and make her cum for you!!! " Then he moved to spread Jan's pussy and told Terri, "you know that is her clit, suck it!! Suck it and make her have her first cum on your hot tongue!!" He then sat back as the girls eagerly began sucking each others clits. They gyrated, and ground their pussies into each others faces, and finally Jan began to scream, "OH OH OH IT FEEL SO GOOD !! SUCK ME TERRI SUCK ME!!!" into her sister's hot pussy. Terri responded by moaning and flooding her sister's face with her own cum, just as Jan's body convulsed, and she had her very first cum. Jerry beat his cock, and groaned as he shot his hot white cum all over his little daughters. That night, the three of them slept in his bed.

The next morning, Rhonda called, and spoke to him and the girls. They all told her that everything was fine, she needn't worry about them. They asked how grandpa was doing. Rhonda said he was not so good, and she did not know when she would be home. She talked to each of the girls in turn, and satisified that all was well gave them her love and hung up. Jerry and his cute little girls grinned at each other.

Jerry had been caressing Jan's ass while she talked to her mother, and now his cock was hard. He picked her up and lay her down on the kitchen table. She put her feet on the table, and srpead her knees. Jerry could see her gorgeous hairless little slit. He spread her pussy lips, and began to lick her. She was wiggling, moaning begging him to fuck her in just minutes. Jerry stood up and aimed his cock at her tiny little hole. Terri reached out and stroked her sister's hair, and told her, "this will hurt a little bit." Jan nodded, and Jerry pushed. He watched as his cock began to spread his 10 year old daughter's naked pussy. He pushed again and moaned as his cock hit her hymen and stopped. He took her small hips in his hands and held her as he thrust harder. She screamed as his cock broke through and impaled her. Terri was playing with her own pussy now, as she watched her older sister full of their Daddy's hard cock. Jerry watched as he began to fuck her. Watched his hard cock disappear into her tiny hole. He groaned and said, "I love your tight pussy Jan!!! It feels so good on my cock!! Move your butt girl, and fuck Daddy!!" Jan began to move under him, adjusting to his cock in her cunt. She began to grind her little pussy up to meet his thrust. Terri reached between them and began to stroke her sister's clit. "Cum for Daddy, Jan, give him all your cum!! Feel it when he fills you up with his sperm!!" Jan went wild then. Her ass came off the table as she fucked her Daddy's hard cock. He groaned and thrust harder, deeper into her tight little cavern. He felt her body go rigid, her pussy begin to spasm, and he could not hold out. "I'm cumming in your pussy, baby!! Oh I'm cumming in my baby's pussy!!!" he cried. Jan met him thrust for thrust until their orgasms subsided. Several minutes passed before they noticed Terri. She sat on the floor, her fingers covered in her cum, grinning. She looked up at them and said "WOW !!!" She and Jan burst into a fit of giggles, and Jerry had to laugh.

He tucked the girls into their own beds that night. He had some hard thinking to do. What the hell had he done? What had ever possessed him to make him fuck his little girls? How the hell was he ever going to stop? He couldn't give up their tender hairless pussies. What was he going to do when Rhonda came home? He had to fuck them, just had too!! There had never been anything in his life that felt as good as their cute little girl pussies impaled by his cock. Never had he seen a sight so erotic as when he watched his cock slide in and out of them. NO he could not, would not give them up. There had to be a way to keep on fucking them once their mother came home.

In the next few weeks, Jerry always had his cock buried in one of his little girls, or the other. He loved both of them. When he watched them share his cock, licking and sucking it, almost fighting over who would get to suck down his cum, he usually came harder and more then he ever had in his life!!! Rhonda had called at least 3 times a week, and was always assured that they were fine, and she should not worry about them.

Then one day, Jerry answered the phone to find Rhonda in tears. Her dad, the girl's grandpa had died. Jerry told her they were on the way. He quickly explained to the girls about their grandpa, and threw some of their clothes in a bag and hustled them to the car. On the way there, he told the girls, "You must behave, like proper little girls. No fucking, and no teasing. Keep your panties on and up!!" The girls giggled but promised.

They were there for only 4 days, and Jerry and the girls wanted to go back home. It was then that Rhonda sprang a surprise on Jerry. She wanted a divorce, and she was staying with her mother. She expected him to bring the girls things down to them. There was a shouting match and Jerry yelled at her, "what makes you think the girls want to stay with you? Have you asked them?" Rhonda shook her head no. Jerry called the girls, "Jan, Terri, come here please." The girls had heard the shouting and came running. "Go ahead Rhonda, ask them what they want." he said. Rhonda turned to her girls, and asked, "would you like to live here with grandma and I? Daddy and I won't be living together anymore, and I want you to stay with me." The girls began to cry, and went to their dad. He hugged them both. Rhonda was not to surprised, she had never been close to her girls, not like Jerry had. "We want to go with you Daddy!!" They said together. That afternoon, Jerry packed his little girls up and took them home. He was in shock that Rhonda wanted a divorce, but relieved too. Now he did not have to worry about her catching him fucking the girls. That night, Terri crawled into bed with Jan and whispered, "why did mama want to stay with grandma?" Jan answered, "she doesn't love Daddy any more. She wants to find a new husband. But that's ok, cause Daddy has us, and we love him!!" The girls fell asleep in each others arms.

The next morning, Jerry woke to a pleasant feeling in his cock. He saw Jan her lips fastened on the head of his cock, gently sucking on it. He moaned. Terri had been watching, but now she climbed over her Daddy's face and said, "lick my pussy Daddy, lick it real good !!" Jerry grabbed her little butt and pulled her pussy down onto his lips. He kissed her slit, then probed it with his tongue. He licked from the top of her slit, back to her asshole, and there, he plunged his tongue in the warm depths of her virgin territory. Terri wiggled and fucked his tongue, moaning, "oh yesssss Daddy !!! lick me!!!" Jan watched her Daddy eat Terri's little pussy, and sucked his cock harder. She used one hand and stroked what she could not get into her little mouth, and her other hand fondled his balls. Jerry's cock began to swell and throb. He opened his mouth and covered his little girl's entire hairless little pussy. He fucked his tongue in and out of her, sucked her entire little cunt. She yelled, "I'm cumming Daddy !! I'm cumming on your tongue!! Oh yessss Daddy, I'm cumming!!' She reached down and grabbed his hair, and drove her little pussy still harder against his sucking mouth. Jan opened her mouth and took as much of his cock into it as she could. She sucked hard as she felt the first pulse of his orgasm. "MMMMMMMMMM" she moaned around his cock. Jerry lost it then, and came in her hot little hungry mouth, while Terri's little pussy flooded his face with her own hot cum. Jerry was exhuasted, his cock limp as a dish rag. He held his girls tightly, then told Terri, "your sister did not get her cum, make her cum Terri."

He watched as Terri immediately buried her face in her sister's cunt. She spread the lips wide and licked Jan's slit. Jerry loved watching his girls lick and suck each others little pussies!! It was one hell of a hot sight. Then an idea occurred to him. He reached into the night stand drawer and pulled out one of Rhonda's many toys. It was a rather large vibrating dildo. Jerry's cock measured 7 inches long and about 4 wide, but this thing, this thing was all of 10 or 12 inches long, and probably 6 or more around. He had an overwhelming urge to see Jan impaled upon it, to watch it stretch and fuck her. He held the dildo in his hand and lay beside the girls. As Terri licked her sister, Jerry told her, "make her nice and wet Terri honey, Daddy has a surprise for her." Terri almost giggled with her mouth full of pussy. She fastened her lips over Jan's clit and began to suck gently. Jan thrashed and pushed her pussy up onto her sister's hot mouth. "Yesssss Terri, suck me!!" she cried out. It was then that Jerry gently pushed Terri aside. He brought the dildo up between Jan's legs. Terri saw it and her eyes grew very wide. "Dad !! You gonna shove that thing in her pussy?!?!" Jerry grinned at her and Jan looked to see what she was talking about. She saw it then, the huge hard rubber cock. "OH Daddy, it will hurt !!! It's too big!!" Jan protested. Jerry gently hushed her and lay his arm across her tummy. "Jan, I want to fuck this into you, I want to see it fill your tight little pussy, I want to stretch you and watch it fuck into you."

Jerry brought the dildo up to her tiny little cunt hole. As he did he wondered, would it really be able to stretch her and fuck into her? He pushed, and the head of the dildo was between her pussy lips. "Terri, spread your sister's pussy lips open, and hold them!" he told his other daughter. Terri hurried to obey him, and Jan's little fuck hole was exposed. Jerry pushed the dildo up to her hole and she wiggled trying to get away when it touched her. He held her down, and told Terri, "Ok, now sit between her legs and hold them open while you watch!" Terri was instantly between Jan's legs. She was hot at just the sight of that big hard cock, and wanted to see it fuck into her sister's pussy. Jerry began to put a steady pressure on the dildo, ever pressing it into Jan's tiny little 10 year old pussy. His cock had stretched her some, but not nearly enough for this monster he was fucking into her now. She began to cry as the big dildo entered just inside her cunt, stretching her so much it hurt.

"Daddy!! It hurts!!" she cried. "I know pumpkin, I know, but it will feel better, and you know I want to watch it fuck you, relax baby, and let Daddy fuck it into you." She relaxed only the smallest bit but Jerry felt it. He took that opportunity to push the dildo hard. Jan screamed as about 6 inches of the hard cock was rammed into her tender little cunt. Terri watched, and played with her own clit. Jerry hushed Jan and began to fuck the dildo in and out of her slowly, gently. God!!! How her hairless little pussy looked stuffed full of that dildo!! Jerry's cocked throbbed. Jan had stopped crying and was beginning to moan. Jerry reached down and stroked her little clit, as he fucked the dildo into her. He saw her juices begin to coat the dildo, and decided she was ready for more. He held her down and pushed the dildo up and into her. Jan thrashed as another 3 inches sank into her. "Oh Daddy, OH IT HURTS!!" she cried. Jerry was lost now, he did not even hear her. He continued fucking the hard dildo into her little pussy, loved how her tight little girl pussy looked stretched around that big monster. He moaned.

Terri was breathing heavy, her fingers madly stroking her own clit. "Fuck it into her Daddy!! Fuck it in deep!!! Make her take it all inside her!!" she cried. With her other hand, Terri reached for her Daddy's hard, pulsing cock. She squeezed it as she began to stroke it, running her thumb over his piss hole. Jerry nearly yelled in pleasure. He gave one last push to the dildo, and it would go no further into Jan's little pussy. He began fucking her hard and fast with it as Terri stroked his cock. Jan had adjusted to it, and was now moving her hips, moaning, sighing, "it hurts so good Daddy!!!" When he heard that from her lips, he turned on the vibrator. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHARRRGGGGGGG AHHHHHHHHHHH" Jan screamed as the sensations in her tight little pussy were magnified 1000 times. Her ass came off the bed and she screamed, "FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME!!!!" Jerry held the dildo tight in her little pussy as her hips gyrated madly. He shot his hot cum into Terri's little hand, just as she herself came on her own fingers. Jerry fell back exhausted. Though Terri had just cum, she could not take her eyes off the vibrator in her sister's pussy. It was still going, and she could hear it. She reached down and began to slowly move it in and out of Jan's pussy. She liked the way it felt in her hand, liked how it made Jan wiggle. Jerry watched as his youngest daughter got turned on fucking her sister with the vibrator. Suddenly, Terri moved so that she could lean down to Jan's pussy. Her tongue probed between the lips, she licked and kissed Jan's clit. "OH YESSSS TERRI !! LICK ME PLEASE!!! FUCK ME, LICK ME!!" Jan cried out. Terri closed her lips on her sister's hard pulsing clit and sucked as she pushed the dildo back into her as hard as she could. Jan reached down and grabbed Terri's hair, pulled her face tighter to her pussy, and fucked. Jerry watched his little daughters, his cock already hardening. Jan came long and hard on the vibrating cock, and her sister's hot tongue. Terri came without touching her own pussy. She found she loved fucking, and sucking her sister, and it made her cum so good!! Both girls sighed as their orgasms subsided, and lay still beside Jerry. Though his cock was hard, he wanted to rest, and let the girls rest too. He caressed each of them and smiled.

Jerry and the girls fucked almost daily. It was like they could not get enough of each other. Even when Jerry wanted to rest, his darling little daughters wanted to suck or fuck him. Often he would watch as they licked and sucked each other. He never let them use the vibrator without him watching and helping, That pleasure he held in reserve for himself. (greedy ain't he?) He had to be honest with himself. The thrill of having so much young hairless cunt on his cock was wearing a bit thin. Oh he did not want woman pussy any longer, he just wanted new ways to fuck his darling little girls. He began to think of new ways to fuck them.

As he fell asleep that night, he decided he wanted to fuck them in the ass. The thought of spreading their cute little ass cheeks, and shoving his burgeoning cock up them was almost to much to bear. He was also wondering just how good it might be to spank them, as they either fucked or sucked him, or each other. An endless array of possibilities presented themselves to his drifting mind. He slept peacefully, his plans made, a smile on his face.

It was several days before Jerry found the courage to begin his experimentation with the girls. He had them in bed with him, and both of them wanted to be fucked. Though he loved both of his girls equally, it seemed to him that he enjoyed fucking Terri, more then he enjoyed fucking Jan. He sometimes wondered if it was because Terri was the youngest, his baby. Tonight, he wanted to fuck her asshole. He left the girls on the bed and went to the bathroom. He returned with a jar of vaseline. He opened it and told Jan, "I want you to suck Terri's pussy, make her get all hot and wet. While you suck her, I want you to rub some of this vaseline into her butthole." Both girls looked at him in surprise, but did not question him. Terri straddled her sister's face, and eagerly responded to her probing tonuge. Jerry scooped some vaseline into Terri's ass crack. Jan reached up, and began to rub the vaseline into her sister's ass.

"That's it Jan, rub it in, use your finger and push some of it into her asshole." Jan obeyed, and Terri gave a yelp of surprise as her sister's finger invaded her tight virgin ass. Jerry was already stroking his cock, moaning as he watched. Terri adjusted to the finger fucking into her ass, and even liked it. She sighed as she bucked her pussy into her sister's hot sucking mouth. "Push another finger into her ass Jan !" Jerry told his little daughter. Jan did as he asked. Again Terri cried out a little as her ass hole was once again stretched. Jerry took some vaseline and slathered it on his cock. He then mounted Terri from behind as Jan kept sucking her. His hard cock poked into Terri's ass crack, grazing Jan's probing fingers. He gently took Jan's hand and pulled it away from the opening he so urgently wanted. He spread Terri's ass cheeks wide, and said, "Terri, Daddy's going to fuck his big hard cock into your tight little asshole. It may hurt, just bear with it baby, and it will feel good." He felt her tense, but she whispered, "ok Daddy".

Jerry pushed his cock up against the tight puckered ring of her little ass. He held her hips, and pushed. As Terri cried "OOOMPH" he told Jan, "lick her baby !! suck her pussy!!" Jan latched onto her sister's clit and sucked hard, just as her Daddy pushed again, and buried half of his hard cock in Terri's tight little virgin asshole. "ARRRGGGHHHH it hurts Daddy!!" Terri cried out. Jerry held still and let his little girl get used to his cock in her ass. "I know baby, I know it does. But it won't in a few minutes, I promise!! I have to fuck your ass baby!! It's so tight, so hot, so wonderful !!" He could hear Jan making slurping noises from beneath them. Terri began to move, fucking her sister's hot mouth, and her Daddy's cock which was lodged halfway into her ass. Jerry held her hips tightly and pushed again. Terri moaned, but did not cry out. Again he pushed, and this time, his cock was completely inside her asshole.

He began to fuck her slowly, gently, taking care to move with her as she fucked Jan's mouth. He watched his cock as it slid in and out of her ass, the tight pink ring grasping his cock, milking it. He groaned. Terri began to shudder, and he knew she was going to cum. He started to thrust into her harder, pulling almost all the way out, then all the way back in. Her ass grinding against his pubes. She began to fuck him !! As she got closer to her cum, she moved her ass wildly. He was not going to be able to hold out !! Suddenly Terri screamed, "OH YES DADDY !!! FUCK MY ASS !! I LIKE YOUR HARD COCK IN IT !! FUCK ME!! I'M GONNA CUM ON JANS TONGUE DADDY !!" Jan latched onto her sister's little pussy and sucked harder then she ever had before. Jerry shoved his cock to the hilt in his little girl's ass and she felt his cock swell with in her. "I'M CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG" she cried as Jerry's cock exploded into her belly, drenching her insides with spurt after spurt of hot creamy cum. He released her then, and she fell back onto the bed. Jan's face was covered with hot girl goo, and she was smiling. Jerry felt that he was going to pass out, the pleasure had been so great. The three of them lay quiet, and soon, Jerry and Terri were asleep. Jan was not, and she wasn't happy either. She was deciding when she should tell her dad that she wanted to go live with her mom.

Jerry woke up about an hour later. He got out of bed leaving Terri to sleep. He looked for Jan and found her in the kitchen. "Hi honey" he said as he hugged her. Jan thought, well now is as good a time as any. She sighed and said, "uh Daddy, I want to ask you something, but I don't want you to be mad at me." Jerry raised a brow at her, and said, "what is it Jan, I won't be mad." She looked at the floor and said, "I want to go live with mom." Jerry sat down hard in the chair and asked her, "why, honey? Is it because I fuck you girls?" She looked at him in surprise and said, "no Daddy it's not that, I like what we do!!! But I miss mom, and I think she needs me." Jerry hugged her and told her, "if this is what you want, of course you can go live with mom. I would never stop you. But you must never tell her what we have done, or all hell would break loose, do you understand?" Jan nodded her head vigorously yes, and said, "I can still fuck you when I come to visit can't I?" Jerry laughed and snatched her up into his arms. He hugged her tight as he said, "always honey !!! " He set her down and she ran to the phone. She called her mom and said, "I want to live with you mom!!" From there on for the rest of the day, the house was crazy as Terri helped her sister pack. That evening, Jerry and Terri watched as Rhonda drove away with Jan. Mother and daughter looked very happy. Jerry shut the door, feeling an empty space in his heart. He really loved Jan, and he was going to miss her. Terri took his hand and said, "come on dad, let's watch tv for awhile." He followed her. Terri was secretly glad Jan was gone, she would miss Jan sucking her pussy, but she would have their dad all to herself, and that pleased her greatly.

Father and daughter enjoyed a full and complete sex life with one another. After they got out of school, (him teaching) he would drive her home and they would make dinner together, then clean up and watch TV awhile before heading off to bed for what they both really wanted... a nice, long, hot and sweaty fuck! Jerry could never get enough of Terri's tight little body. He wanted to fuck her all the time, and she him.

One night, as they lay in bed, Jerry licking her tasty little pussy, he reached for the huge vibrating dildo. Terri was hot wet and ready for fucking. Jerry put the dildo up to the entrance to his daughter's little cunt and began to push. His cock throbbed as he watched the dildo begin to stretch and enter her. "OH DADDY !!!" she moaned as about 3 inches of the hard rubber cock filled her pussy. She began to thrust her hips, wanting more of the cock in her little cunt. Jerry was happy to give it to her. He pushed it hard, and watched as the entire length of it drove deep into her hot little cunt. "AARRG" she cried as the dildo hit bottom. Jerry held it within her and said, "come on Terri baby, move your ass, Daddy wants to see you fuck this dildo !! " She groaned and began to wiggle her ass. He held the dildo as she began to hump it. What a sight!!! Her beautiful hairless 9 year old cunt, stuffed full of hard rubber cock!! Jerry's own cock throbbed almost painfully. Then he had an idea. He knelt before Terri and grabbing her ankles, lifted her legs high. He pushed a pillow under her ass so that he had access to her asshole. Her hot little girl juice was greasing her ass hole as it flowed out around the dildo.

Jerry aimed his cock at her pink puckered ring. The dildo still shoved in her cunt, he shoved his hard cock into her tight little ass. "OWWWWWWWWWAHHHHH OH DADDY IT HURTS !!!" Terri screamed as he buried his cock in her ass. She felt as if she was being torn in two with the cock in her ass and the dildo still in her pussy. Jerry hushed her and gently began to fuck her asshole. Her crying stopped and soon she was moaning, moving her ass to meet his thrusts. The sight of his little daughter's cunt filled with the dildo, and his cock fucking into her ass drove Jerry almost insane with the need to pump his cum deep inside her. He began fucking her harder, pounding his cock into her ass, his pubes hitting the dildo and driving it into her pussy. When he could hold out no longer, he reached down and turned the vibrator on. Father and daughter screamed in estcasy. Jerry felt the vibrator against his cock, Terri felt it against her womb. His cock swelled, pulsed, spewed his white hot cum into his daughter's asshole. Terri's little pussy spasmed on the dildo as she came and came, and came, moaning "oh Daddy, oh Daddy, oh Daddy !!!" The two came apart, and Jerry removed the dildo from his little girl's pussy. She smiled at him and curled against him to sleep. Jerry was awed by his little fuck partner. Daughter be damned, she was the best fuck he had ever had !!

Time went on, and as children often do, Jan stopped coming to visit so often. She was growing up, and now exploring her sexuality with boys her own age. Her mother encouraged her. Rhonda often tried to convince Terri to come and live with them but Terri always responded, "dad needs me, and I need Daddy." And so she remained with Jerry. The two of them loved each other, and their way of life.

When Terri was just 13, she became pregnant. Rhonda was furious when she found out, Jerry was elated. Knowing the child growing in his daughter's belly was his, made him want her all the more. Rhonda demanded to know who the father of the child was. Terri refused to answer. "How are you going to take care of a baby when you are only 13??" Rhonda demanded to know. Jerry stepped in then and told her, "Don't worry Rhonda. I will take care of the child, as if it were my own. Terri and the baby will be well taken care of, now just leave her alone, okay!! You're getting her upset." Rhonda looked at Terri and shook her head. "I've had it with you girl. From now on I don't even know I have a daughter named Terri." You'd think Terri would be upset, instead she replied, "you have NEVER had a daughter named Terri !!" and ran out of the room. Jerry asked that Rhonda leave then, and he shut the door behind her. He went to his little girl and cradled her in his arms. He hushed her and kissed her tears away.

Several days went by and Jerry and Terri sat down and began to talk. Jerry asked her some questions, telling her to wait until he had asked them all before she gave answers. "First Terri, do you really like and want the fucking we do? Second, have you always liked it? Third what made you want it? Fourth, what do you think about in your mind when you masturbate. Fifth, what is it you really desire, honey?" Terri smiled at her Daddy.

"Answer number one, yes, I really and truely do like the fucking we do. Every bit of it. Answer 2, I have always liked it and wanted it. Answer 3, I used to watch you and mama fucking, and I wanted you to fuck me too. Answer 4 when I masterbate, I think of you and me, and some times the way Jan used to suck me off. I do miss her tongue still. Answer 5 what I really desire, well you will think I am bad, but I want a girl to eat my pussy, and a pussy to lick and suck. I used to love watching as you fucked your cock into Jan, and I loved fucking her with the dildo too. I miss that, and it would be nice to have it again."

Jerry was stroking his cock through his jeans. Terri was big with child so they were not fucking any more, but she still loved sucking cock, and she fell to her knees before him now and unzipped his jeans. His cock sprang free and she captured it between her lips. He groaned as she ran her tongue over the head of it, and played with his piss hole. He gently held her head in his hands as she closed her lips upon him and sucked. Oh how she sucked! He closed his eyes and reveled in the warmth of her mouth. Slowly, she sucked up and down, fondling his balls as she did so. Ever at a loss to her lips, Jerry's cock throbbed and he shot spurt after spurt of hot cum into her eager mouth. When he was finished, Terri smiled at him, a drop of his cum on her lip. He watched her tongue snake out and lick it up. He held her tight and said, "I love you baby girl". She hugged him back and said, "I love you too, Daddy".

Terri had a baby girl on the 9th of July. She was a very beautiful baby and they called her Tina. One thing that was outstanding on the baby girl no one could miss if they changed her diaper. Her clit was the largest that Jerry had ever seen on a girl, of any age. He resisted the impulse to stroke it. However, Terri did not resist. She stroked her daughter's little clit, every time she gave the girl a bath or changed her diaper. By the time Tina was 2, her mother had already broken her cherry. When she was 3, Terri began licking her daughter's little pussy, and sucking on that wonderful clit. Jerry did not know any of this, until one day he walked in and saw it. Terri looked up at him and smiled. He was shocked, but not angry, though he was jealous! "Jesus Terri !! Why didn't you tell me?!?!? You know I would love to watch you suck our daughter!" "I wanted to do it, and no, I was not real sure you would let me. I thought you would tell me she was just a baby." Jerry shook his head and said, "no, I will not tell you she is just a baby. I want at her little pussy too!! How long have you been doing this?" Terri smiled and replied, "I've been at her clit since she was born, I took her cherry last year." Jerry shot his cum right into his pants as the image of his daughter sucking her baby daughter's pussy flashed in his mind. From then on, Jerry and Terri took turns licking their little girl's pussy.

They continued to teach her sex, and made her cum when she was just 6 years old. It was at this age that they decided she should learn to please them. They began easily enough. Terri lay back on the bed, naked her legs spread wide. Jerry placed Tina between her legs. He spread Terri's pussy open, and told Tina, "now little one, lean down and kiss your momma's pussy." Tina, used to sex, did not hesitate. She leaned down and began to kiss and lick her mother's pussy. Jerry was elated, no less then Terri !! Tina looked up and smiled asked, "am I doing it ok mama? I try to do it like you do me!" In answer, Terri reached up and pulled her daughter's face back to her pussy. She thrust her hips up and fucked her little 6 year old daughters most willing mouth. Jerry stroked his cock, moaned as he watched the beautiful sight before him. It throbbed and pulsed, and he wanted to cum so badly. He aimed his cock at Terri's pussy. Moving Tina just a bit, he shot his cum all over Terri's slit. Without hesitating, Tina licked his cum up. Terri moaned, and came hard into her daughter's hot mouth.

At 6 Tina's little mouth could not take in her fathers big dick, but she could lick it, and kiss and suck on his balls, and that is what they taught her to do. Jerry would watch as his lovely 6 year old daughter/grandaughter ran her little tongue up and down his hard cock. When he was ready to cum, Tina would sit back just a bit, and open her mouth. Then Terri her mother, would jack his cock off into her little mouth. Jerry watched as his cum splashed on the little girl's tongue, and she waited until she had all of his cum in her mouth before she closed it and swallowed. She always licked the last drop from the head of his cock. Terri and Jerry were glad their daughter liked the taste of cum.

Jerry could not wait for Tina to hit age 9. He had promised himself that he would not shove his cock into her tight little pussy until she was at least that old. He never wanted to hurt her. Until that time, he and Terri took Tina to bed with them, and they managed to work things out. Terri would use a lubricant and grease her daughter's little slit, then Jerry would pick the girl up, and slide her pussy against his hard cock. Terri would watch as her father rubbed his cock against their daughter's slit, making the girl's clit stand out rock hard, and oh so long. The more they sucked and stroked Tina's huge clit, the bigger it seemed to get. As she slid along her Daddy's cock, Tina always shuddered to a big orgasm which left her smiling and wanting more.

Time went by and Jerry did not fuck Terri so often anymore. She had grown up, and it was not the same for him. He loved hairless little cunt, not adult woman cunt. It was just before Tina's 9th birthday when Terri realized her dad did not want to fuck her anymore. She noticed that every time he looked at Tina, his cock got instantly hard, and she could see it pulse in his pants. She smiled. She was not jealous of her daughter, not at all, but was anxious to see her little one's pussy stuffed full of hot, hard adult-male cock. The thought of that made her pussy juice. She was probably as anxious as Jerry was.

The three of them were in bed one night, Tina sliding her little greased cunt up and down Jerry's cock. Terri watched, and as Tina slid up to the end of it, she grasped her fathers hard cock, and pushed it. When Tina slid down, she impaled her little 8 year old pussy on Jerry's cock. She let out a scream, and tried to raise up, but her mother held her down on it and said, "Come on Tina, fuck it !! Fuck Daddy's big hard cock !!" Jerry moaned in surprised pleasure as the little girl's tight cunt spasmed and throubbed around his cock. Her pussy was so tight it was almost painful for him. Terri began pulling on Tina's clit, insisting, "come on baby, ride Daddy's cock!!! Slide up and down!!! Fuck him!!" Tina cried and began to fuck him. Terri moaned as she watched her little daughter's cunt stretched wide, move up and down Jerry's hard shaft. "OHHHH yes !!! Fuck him baby girl !! Momma likes seeing your pussy full of Daddy's cock !! OOOhhh yes!!"

Tina began to move faster as the pain subsided. Her tears dried up, and she moaned. Terri pulled on her daughter's big clit, essentially jacking it off as she rode the hard cock. Tina moved faster, pushing herself down hard onto Jerry's cock. Jerry groaned and grabbed her hips. He held her as he began to thrust his hips up, and fucked deep into her now stretched and bruised cunt. "OH GOD TERRI !!! OUR BABY'S CUNT IS SO FUCKING HOT AND TIGHT !!! I'M GONNA BLAST MY CUM INTO HER!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGGGGGG" Jerry cried out, and held Tina on his cock as he shot spurt after spurt of cum into her childs belly. Terri squeezed Tina's little clit, and Tina screamed and added her spasms to those of her father. When the two had finished, they saw Terri smiling at them. "How was that for a first time fuck Tina?" she asked her daughter. "It hurt a bit Momma, and my pussy is sore!!" Terri laughed and said, "well, that will go away, once you get used to it." The three of them lay down to sleep.

The enevitable happened. Terri met a man and fell in love. She went to her father and told him, "Dad, I want to marry Tom, but I have to ask you if you will keep Tina with you. We can't afford to take care of her right now. Would that be ok with you?" Jerry was happy for his daughter, and elated that Tina was going to be staying with him. She was only 9 now, and Jerry could not imagine being without her hot tight little girl cunt wrapped around his cock. He told Terri, that was fine with him, and that he was happy for her, if this was what she wanted. Of course he would keep Tina with him, after all she was in all ways, ' Daddy's little girl'. Terri married and moved out, and now it was just Tina and Jerry. An arrangement that they both seemed to like.

Tina was a very horny little girl. Having always been taught that sex was ok, not to mention fun, she was very free with grabbing Jerry's cock whenever she was in the mood. He loved it !! They shared the same bed, and often slept with his cock still within her little pussy. Sex was never better for Jerry. He figured he had everything he could ever want. He was wrong. There was more, much more.

Because Tina grew up learning about, and accepting sex, she thought others should too. She knew she was not supposed to talk about it to others, for the law would not understand, but she felt she had to tell her friend Amy. Amy was all of 9 like Tina, and she was very inquisitive. She often asked Tina questions about sex, some of which Tina answered. Then one day Tina said to Amy, "look, how would you like to learn about sex? My dad and I can teach you, but you could NEVER tell anybody. You have to promise never to tell a soul !!" Amy swore, and Tina said, "ok, lets ask your mom if you can spend the night with me." They ran to Amy's house and got permission for her to stay the night with Tina. They did not take any pjs for Amy, telling her mom that she could wear some of Tina's. The two little girls giggled as they walked to Tina's house. Jerry was not home yet, and that was just fine. The girls planned to take a nice hot bath, and talk about what they were going to do that night. Tina asked Amy, "have you ever seen your parents fucking?" Amy blushed and admitted she had. Tina smiled and said, "it's ok, my dad and I fuck all the time!!" Amy looked at her and just stared for a full minute. "You and your dad fuck??!!?" she muttered. "Yes, we do, and I love it !! I would die if I could not fuck my Daddy. He likes to lick and suck my pussy too, and for me to suck his cock. It all feels real good!! Tonight, I want to lick your pussy Amy, while my Daddy fucks me. Then we can do other stuff too." The girls finished their bath, and were in the living room in their robes when Jerry came home. He was surprised to find Amy there, and even more surprised when Tina informed him that Amy was going to spend the night. He looked crest fallen, thinking oh well, no sex tonight. That's when Tina couldn't help it, she began to giggle, and Amy followed. Jerry was at a loss and totally confused, why were they giggling?? When Tina whispered to Amy, Jerry had to know what was going on. "Tina, what's going on here? Why are you and Amy whispering and giggling?" He waited for an answer.

Tina got up and went to him. He stood there in shocked surprise as she unzipped his pants, and reached in for his cock. "Tina !!! " he yelled. She giggled and said, "I told Amy we would teach her about sex Daddy. We can teach her can't we?" At the mention of teaching this georgeous little virgin 9 year how to fuck, Jerry's cock throbbed in Tina's hand, and grew to its full ten inches. Tina asked Amy, "do you want to touch it? It feels good, and you can feel it move." Amy came forward and gingerly held out her hand. When her small cool fingers touched his cock, Jerry moaned. He watched as Tina told Amy, "hold it, and move your hand up and down on it. Like this. " She took Amy's hand in hers and moved it up and down Jerry's cock. Tina looked up at her Daddy and knew he was going to cum. "My Daddy's gonna cum Amy, he likes your hand. Some white stuff is gonna come out of this hole (she points to his piss hole) and that is cum. I like it when he cums on my tongue, you want to try it?" Amy nodded yes. She liked the feel of Jerry's hard cock in her hand, and she wanted to know about sex. "Open your mouth wide and I will help him cum in it !! " Tina told her. Amy knelt down and opened her mouth wide. Jerry saw her waiting lips and tongue. His cock throbbed and then he groaned as Tina jacked him off. He watched as she aimed his cock at her little friends mouth, and his hot cum hit the little girl's tongue. She was surprised and closed her mouth, and he watched the rest of his cum splash on her face. Tina began to giggle as his cock softened and Amy groaned, "yechhhhh ! " Jerry almost fell to the floor, he had cum so strongly. Amy wiped his cum off her face, and said, "I really want to learn about fucking, Mr. Smith, and I am glad you and Tina are going to teach me!" Jerry reached out and pulled both girls into his arms. He kissed them and held them tight, running his fingers deep into their hot, hairless little cuntslits. "And we're REALLY going to love teaching you Amy!!", he grinned. 

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