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_______________________________ Hello again fellow CUMMERS,
I must thank all of you that responded so well to my last stories. Again I will use this space to say that if you wrote to me (thank you) but have received no response from me it is just because I havenıt been able to find the time. I do appreciate the letters but just canıt get around to answering them all.
I especially want to take time to thank those who took the time to post comments in the news groups. I would do it by name but I am afraid that I would end up forgetting someone and hurting their feelings.
I would like to again thank my friend, Tom, for reading through this to find the typos and mis-spellings that I and my spell checker missed.
At the end of my last story I hinted at telling you about a ³camping² trip that my brothers and I took and I thought that Iıd explain a bit more and plan to do that in this series of stories.
First, though, youıll have to excuse me while I get the legal stuff out of the way.

There, now that the world is safe from my thoughts we can go on. (In a weird sense, censorship is a kind of back handed compliment. By trying to ban your words they are implying that those very words have extreme power. Theyıre just words to me.) <G>



I guess I should explain why, every time I write of our ³camping² trip, I put camping in parentheses. This all happened about a year after I had been fucking my family and about two years after I had been sucking them off. (see previous stories-- ³THE FAMILY THAT CUMS TOGETHER..........²) At the time I was 10-10 1/2 years old with my brother Jim at around 12 and my other brother, Rob, about 14. We had been talking to some neighbor kids who told us of the camping trip that their parents had taken them on and made it sound great so we started nagging at our parents to take us again.
My parents were busy with work and just couldnıt take time off but we nagged more until, mostly to shut us up, they agreed to let US go camping ourselves---in the BACKYARD !!!!
Rob didnıt think this such a great deal (Being the oldest.) but even he gave in realizing it was the best that we were going to get. But Jim and I thought that it was great---real wilderness camping. <G>
Daddy put up our tent, the one that the family uses, and since it was just my brothers and me, we had plenty of room.
That evening, after a hot meal at the house (really ³roughing it² huh?) we couldnıt wait to get to our tent in the ³wilderness² After we got inside the tent and Daddy left us the first thing we did was make up some rules for ourselves and one of the first agreed to (since this was Florida and not the mosquito season) was that no one was allowed in the tent clothed. We also decreed in our new ³kingdom² that we would each do a strip tease for the others. We didnıt have much to strip but we tried.
Now, I know that this does not seem the most sexy of things, three young kids ³stripping² but for three kids who had recently started fucking each other and our parents, it was a real turn-on.
We were fighting over who was to go first when we decided (Why eludes me) to go by age--oldest first.
Jim and I sat toward the rear of the tent as Jim prepared to strip for us. We hugged and kissed a little and Rob finally had to stop us.
³Hey, you guys, you're supposed to be watching me.²
Jim and I broke off our kissing but the hugging and copping of feels continued.
Rob, like the rest of us, had on a T-shirt and shorts. First to go was his T-shirt showing a still youthful chest with the beginnings of a few wisps of hair. Next he slowly slid his shorts down and I expected to see his young cock but he was wearing his new jock strap. (He had just made some team at school.) This was an oddity, for we all tended to go without underwear most of the time and some of the time around home we went nude. (We lived remotely enough that we could do that.)
Rob was laughing at our expressions and turning to show us how his ass cheeks showed when Jim and I ³attacked², Jim held Rob still (Well, sort of.) while I pulled off his jock strap and then we dragged Rob down and pretended to ³get² him for hiding his cock and balls and we wrestled with him and took turns sucking on that cock and kissing him. (Hey, we were young kids, what did we know of homosexuality? We just loved. Well we are rughly 4 years older now, know what the word homosexuality means and we still donıt care, we just enjoy each other. We are all proudly bisexual----enjoying the love of all.
O.K., enough ³preaching² and on with the tale.
When the wrestling and general fooling around had finished (for now) Rob and I moved to the rear of the tent to watch Jimıs ³show². Now that Rob was nude I sat there holding his cock as Jim started.
He also didn't have much to strip but started by pulling his T-shirt off slowly (We thought that was sexy.) and the slowly turned around a few times and started to open his shorts, first the zipper and then the snap and-------as he pushed them down over his hips he showed us that Rob hadnıt been the only one with a surprise. He had some of those Groucho Marks eyelids stuck just above his cock
Of course, Rob and I just had to ³attack² and take those things off of him while he laughed and pretended to resist. Again we ended up wrestling around with many ³accidental² feels to cocks and balls. Which were nicely naked now.
Finally Rob stopped long enough to let me know that it was my turn.
³Joanie itıs your turn now but I doubt you have anything to show us.² (Brothers--sheech)
My big comeback to that------²OH, YEAH!!!!²
This exchange of philosophical points of view (There, how do you like that?) <G> led to the inevitable playful wrestling until Jim said, ³O.K., Joanie, prove you have something for us.²
Rob and Jim sat looking at me now. (with light strokes to each otherıs cocks) and now the pressure was on so I got out our radio and turned on some music and started to swivel my hips and shake my little ass like I had seen in the movies. I slowly started to lift my T-shirt but as it got to my waist I turned around and lifted it slowly up and off and then I turned to show what seemed like a bare back but then I turned to face them and showed that I had on sort of a sheer lace thing that today I would call a teddy but the back was bare and the one strap around my neck was hidden by my hair. (thatıs why I had turned)
Rob right away said this wasnıt fair but I protested that they had ³stuff² on when they stripped and besides it was sexy (I thought anyway.) and it was cumming off.
That seemed to quiet Rob, for now, and I went on after the boys settled back down.
Next I unzipped my shorts and opened the snap but I would only flap it open and shut fast at first letting them get a rough idea of how my lacy ³teddy² covered my pussy but then I turned and leaned over sticking my ass right up there and shaking it before standing up, still with my back turned, and slowly lowering my shorts showed them how the back of my ³teddy² was like a thong bathing suit, one lacy strap up the crack of my little ass. I lowered my shorts all the way and turned to face my brothers who were staring avidly at me.
This was when I noticed something that I love to see, As my brothers sat there their cocks were semi-hard to start with but as I stripped for them those cocks started to grow and I WAS THE CAUSE OF IT!!!
I reached behind my neck and unsnapped the strap and let it drop as I very quickly put my hands on my hips to keep it from falling completely off right now.
Being only 10 I rally had no boobs to show off so I didnıt even bother but I did turn around again and shake my ass at them and then straightened and slowly lowered my lace ³teddy² to show-off the my completely bare ass but then I turned and spread my legs and humped my pussy forward and back like I was fucking. I was pleased to see two VERY hard cocks pointing up from my brothers and as I was finishing I could feel a little wetness running down my thigh.
I walked over and stood in front of Rob and asked him, ³There, how did you like that?²
His answer was to stick out his tongue (I thought he was being a ³brother² again.) He then held me by the ass and pulled my cunt right onto that tongue. I could feel that warm thing wiggling around in there until he broke off with a loud and wet smack of his lips.
³Jim, I think our little sister has turned into one sexy girl.²
I gave Rob a slight slap on the top of his head.
³OUCH! What was THAT for?²
³THAT was for taking until now to notice.²
This little love tap of mine started another round of wrestling and just general messing around but this time there were some differences. One, of course, was that we were all quite naked while another was that we were all horny by now as evidenced by my brotherıs hard cocks and my wet pussy and as we rolled around those places came in for more that their fair share of caresses and not a few kisses and licks.
As we rolled around I could feel someoneıs lips brush my cunt and then someoneıs fingers there and a hand on my ass as I would ³accidentally² brush my hand or lips against one of those raging hard-ons or feel up someoneıs ass.
We were screaming and yelling, having a good time when my Daddy yelled to keep it down. That calmed us in a hurry and we stopped with the wrestling----------for now. We sat there in kind of a circle sitting with our legs crossed and my brotherıs hard cocks nice and visible. Of course, I was making no attempt to hide my pussy either, in fact I was trying to open it up to them and show it off as much as I could. (Had to live up to that new found sexy image.)
We tried to think of something to do now that was a little quieter and Iıd said I suck them off but they also wanted to eat me so we were in a bit of a bind and then one of the boys (Theyıre each taking credit to this day.) came up with a plan. I hope I can describe it for you.
First, think of a triangle lying flat on the ground for that is the general shape our position took in the end. Rob lay down on his side and since it was decided that he would eat me out first I lay down and wiggled and squirmed till my pussy was just above his lips and his head was between my legs, one over his head and one under. Jim was to get sucked off so my head went in his crotch and, hereıs a good part, his head went in Robıs crotch so we had Rob eating me out, me sucking Jimıs dick and then back to Rob as Jim sucked his cock.
We were all pretty pleased with ourselves and after we got into position wasted no time getting started.
Jimıs method for sucking cock is what you might describe as the direct method--He took Robıs cock deep right away and then he let it out to the tip licking and sucking all the time while I stared on Jim by flicking my tongue over his thighs and then moving to his balls for many licks and not a few sucks.
Rob, meanwhile was starting on me. He, like me, stared by licking the thighs but when he got close to my little pussy he backtracked a bit and licked the skin between my cunt and asshole and let his tongue graze against that puckered bud. As I waited in anticipation, he, very deliberately, ran his tongue around the rim and then just as I was getting used to that he jammed his tongue inside causing me to jump with a start,
The unintended, I think, result of Robıs action made me give Jimıs balls and cock one long lick to the top resulting in a moan of pleasure from Jim.
Rob, after some licking to the sides of my asshole, started to work his way back to my pussy, which, by this time, was more than a little wet.
I, after licking up all the pre-CUM from Jimıs cock head (For now), gave his cock shaft several more long licks and the used my lips to nibble my way up from the base and then licked his piss hole clean again and covered his dickıs swollen head with my lips. I decided to try something I had been thinking of and tightened my lips and swiveled my head right to left rubbing my lips on the edges of the head. It must have worked because I did get a moan or two from Jim.
Jim must have liked the idea for he then did the same thing to Robıs dick which caused Rob to moan into my cunt which caused me to......... well, you get the idea. One thing about this position is,as the old saying goes, ³what goes around CUMS around...and around and...........etc.
Now,as I said, Jim has sort of the direct approach to sucking cock but he does revert to my style after a while. He pulled back till just the tip of Robıs hard cock was between his lips and took hold of the cock shaft with one hand.. He stopped here, as usual, to let the cool air dry the wet shaft sending a chill of pleasure up Robıs spine and causing him to flutter his tongue in my pussy.
Jim then started to lick and kiss down the side of Robıs cock as he held it to one side a bit but when he reached far enough down to tickle the balls with his tongue tip he pressed the cock shaft to his cheek with one hand while he cupped Robıs balls with the other hand and licked them until the hair (Rob was old enough to have some) was matted to the wrinkled sac.
Jim then licked back to the tip letting the ball sac cool in the air giving Rob another chill up his spine and right into my pussy. and I passed it along to Jim who was beginning his licking of the other side of Robıs cock and getting the ball sac wet there. Rob had, as indicated, started to lick inside me and was repeatedly making the ³rounds² of my depths and every so often flicking his tongue tip up to my clit until that little bundle of nerves was swollen and poking out from itıs fleshy hood. His tongue seemed to lick more and more over it till he move a slight bit and covered it completely with his mouth, flicking his tongue tip over it repeatedly while he kept sucking.
By the time that Rob was doing such wonderful things to my clit I had started to take Jimıs cock deeper into my mouth but inch by slow inch, licking all the way till he was several inches in and I had a good suction going. Thatıs when I stopped, backed off till the tip of his cock was just in my mouth and then tightened my lips and started to mouth fuck him, slowly at first but then I sped up, pressing his cock between the roof of my mouth and my tongue.
By this time Jim was back from his trips up and down Robıs cock shaft and had also taken in his dick and was starting his own mouth fuck.
Now here is where this position CAN pay off. If all the people involved have gotten to pretty much the same point of arousal, as we had, then oneıs orgasm can set off the next and so on around the group (And you can, of course have more than three people) till everyone is passing the joy around to everyone else. Now this doesnıt happen that often but when it does you will NOT forget it!!!
Another thing that you will notice about this position is that it is pretty quiet. All the cries, shouts, and what have you becum muted groans, moans, and grunts.
As it tuned out, Rob was the first to ³lose it², if you will. Putting it more bluntly, he came, shooting load after load of hot CUM into Jimıs mouth. Even though I didnıt have much of a view of the other proceedings, I could tell that something was going on even before I heard all the muffled moans and groans from Rob. , The way I could tell was because his tonguing of my clit stopped for a few moments and then, as the first of his CUM passed, he started to lick and suck me all the stronger.
I mentioned the effect that one CUM can sometimes have on the others and this proved it to me. Jim, having a spurting hard-on in his mouth went right to the edge of CUMMING and the finger I shoved up his asshole drove him right over. Jim tensed his body (And tightened his thighs around my head.) and then he pushed his cock deep to my throat and started to shoot HIS load. The first strong squirt went almost right down my throat but then I was able to back off a little and take the rest on my tongue and the roof of my mouth.
I finger fucked him in the ass at the same rate that I started to mouth fuck his lurching dick, lurching, but beginning to soften. That was when I first noticed that certain tingle in my pussy and it built outward to my clit in Robıs eager mouth. But it was when he started to finger my ass, as I had Jimıs, that my clit seemed to explode and that orgasm flooded over my body.
I too, tried to call out my joy but found that rather hard with a mouth full of my brotherıs cock. And the fact that I was still swallowing the last dribbles of CUM didnıt add to the volume, About all that I could manage, between swallows, was several loud moans and groans.
At first we all just lay where we were but then having gotten our breath back a bit, we all climbed under one light cover and were cuddling together when my Mom stuck her head in the tent.
³Itıs awfully quiet out here, you kids all right?²
We all just looked at each other and smiled and then Rob said, ³Oh weıre all right Mom-------VERY all right.²
Then we all started to laugh and Mom just shook her head and left.

End of camping trip-part 1.
to be continued in part 2
I should explain here that, of course, it was not possible for me to see everything being done to the others and have interviewed my brothers to get them to help me fill in the story.
I hope that you liked the beginning of our ³GREAT² adventure in the wilds of our back yard. Why we even took a ³hike² to the local ³water hole² and.....................(well, next time.) <GIGGLE>
Till then keep CUMMING,
the Œole CUM sucker,

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