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I didn't write this story. It's a repost.

If you are offended by ff, bd, ws, sm, teen sex, or are too young to read this story then don't read it!

The story has 15 chapters and was written by F. M. Hazer [ (Hazer)]



++ NaughtyGames ++ (Hazer)

Naughty Games
by F. M. Hazer

Chapter 1: The Frustrated Teacher

It was Friday afternoon and Miss Edwards was packing her things to go home for the weekend. It was nearly 4:00 PM and Miss Edwards was tired after the week's worth of teaching. The 22 year old Miss Edwards was in the second year of her first job, teaching, since graduating with her degree in education and a minor in Math. She was teaching 9th grade Math at a suburban high school of a large mid-western city. It was not too far from where she grew up and went to college. She enjoyed her job. It was fun teaching young minds. She took pride in her ability to make a "dull" subject, like math, fun for her students. She had an ability to motivate her students.

She drove back to her small apartment which was on the second floor of the complex over the parking area. There were no other apartments above or next to her's. It was very quiet and private. She fixed herself a simple dinner and ate it while watching the evening news on TV in her living room.

After cleaning up the dishes, she went to her bedroom, undressed, and took a warm shower, She washed everything, including her short dark hair. She dried herself with a large bath towel and then admired herself in the mirror. She had a beautiful firm body with full, but not large, breasts. Her full pubic hair was dark and curly. She turned left and right to admire her body. She could easily be the object of any man's lust, if she wanted a man.

She combed out her short boyish hair and went into the bedroom. She opened her special drawer and removed her "toys", props for her sex games. She had a pair of handcuffs, an 40 cm. long leather strap, a 60 cm. long muti-thong whip, a cane, a meter long buggy whip, and a two meter long bull whip, her "snake" whip.

She laid the items on her bed and laid down, naked. How sad, she thought, that her sex life had been reduced to this, masturbating while dreaming about her fantasies. For, when you're is a high school teacher, you do not disclose the fact that you're gay; you stay quietly in the closet. It was also more complicated for Miss Edwards; she got off on BDSM.

She had done the usual sexual experimentation when she reached puberty. It wasn't until after she had four sexual encounters with impetuous young boys that she had her first orgasm with another person. That was with an older girl in her high school. Her first true lover knew how to stimulate her body. It was fantastic. That encounter forever set the course of her sexual orientation. It wasn't until she entered college and met others like herself that she discovered the forbidden pleasures of the BDSM scene.

She had been living with a Chinese-American girl, Sally Cheng, while in college. Sally had a very open and out going personality. Sally made a good lover, but she wasn't into Miss Edwards' new perversion. Sally did allow Miss Edwards to spank her a couple of times. Miss Edwards really enjoyed it but it didn't do anything for Sally. They slowly drifted apart after college and Miss Edwards hadn't seen her for nearly two years. The last sexual encounter that Miss Edwards had with anyone was just before she graduated. After that, she entered the current "dry spell."

She was a "top" with no bottom. The only sexual lover she had now was her hand. It was a decision that she had made. She valued her career over her sexual freedom. She loved her career and wanted to teach high school. If anyone found out that there was a "sex pervert" teaching high school, she'd be fired immediately.

Miss Edwards held open the outer lips of her vagina with her left hand and gently caressed her inner lips and clitoris with her right fingers. She laid back, closed her eyes and enjoyed the voluptuous feeling while leafing through her mental "roll-a-dex" of sexual fantasies. "Let's see" she thought "what will it be tonight?" She picked out her sexual fantasy like a connoisseur selecting a vintage bottle of wine.

She's the head mistress of an all girls boarding school. It's Friday afternoon and time to discipline the week's worth of student transgressions. She is in her inner office; in her outer office sit the four wayward girls awaiting their punishment.

She opens the door to see who is waiting. She sees the four girls. There is plump Sara, who was tardy to class twice during the week. There are Mary and Joan who were caught fighting in the hall. And, there was Amy, beautiful Amy who was caught masturbating in her bed while reading a dirty book that she had smuggled into the school.

These are real people. They are all students that she currently has in her classes. This makes her fantasy all the more realistic and enticingly naughty.

She decides to save the best, Amy. for last. She calls Sara into her office. The young girl stands meekly while Miss Edwards reads the offenses. Tardiness is not tolerated and the amount of time that a student is late to class is carefully noted. Miss Edwards reads the total, 52 seconds. Sara know what that means; she's been here before. Miss Edwards removes her 40 cm. leather strap from her desk drawer and says "Over the desk and hold the far side with both hands." The girl does as instructed; her eyes already showing tears. Miss Edwards lifts the girl's short skirt to reveal her shear white panties. Miss Edwards positions herself to the girl's left side and presses the strap against the panty covered bottom cheeks.

As Miss Edwards is about to deliver the first swat, Sara pleads "Oh please Miss Edwards, I can't take 52!" Miss Edwards says "Do you wish to cut your sentence in half?" Sara, who knows what the question means, quietly replies "Yes." Miss Edwards hooks the girl's panties with both hands and pulls them down to her ankles. The girl's bare chubby buttocks are now on full display. Miss Edwards says "Very well, we'll make it 26." Miss Edwards then goes to her desk drawer and removes a cane. She places it on the desk so that Sara can see it and asks "Would you rather have 13 with this?" Sara ponders the choice for a few seconds and then declines the generous offer. She's felt that monster pain before and prefers twice the number of swats from the strap.

Miss Edwards says "Very well then, 26 with the strap" and repositions herself to Sara's left. She then asks Sara "Do you want to count or shall I?" Counting is required when done on the bare bottom. Unmentioned is the fact that the cost of having Miss Edwards count is two extra swats. Sara says "I'll count." Miss Edwards says "Don't forget to hold onto the desk." The threat is that if she lets go and does something silly like rub her bottom, then the swat doesn't count.

Miss Edwards measures her distance, draws back the strap and lets Sara have a full ass biting swat across both cheeks. The leather lands with a load crack which is clearly audible to the three girls waiting in the outer office. Sara draws a quick breath, clenches her teeth and holds the edge of the desk with a death grip. An angry red mark outlines where the strap fell on the white bottom cheeks. Sara utters "one." Miss Edwards readies for swat two and lets Sara have the full force crack on her left cheek. Sara squeals in pain and kicks her feet and sobs "two." Miss Edwards proceeds with the spanking alternating from cheek to cheek and across both cheeks. Sara's sobs become more intense. However, she never looses count nor does she let go of the desk. She's gone through this before and knows that the path of least resistance is to get this punishment over with as soon as possible, even if it is unbearable.

By swat 10, Sara has kicked her feet free from her panties. Miss Edwards now aims each swat to land on the whitest part of Sara's bottom. By the time number 26 is reached, Sara's bottom is flaming red with no white left. Wet drops are visible on the desk from where Sara's tears had landed.

When the punishment has ended, Miss Edwards says "Well done Sara, you may put your panties back on now but remember, no rubbing." The girl gets up off of the desk, her tear stained face is as red as her bottom. She painfully bends over to retrieve her panties and gingerly pulls them back up her legs and over her sore bottom. Miss Edwards says "You may go now and send in Mary and Joan."

Sara walks out of Miss Edwards office into the outer office. Once out of sight of Miss Edwards, she vigorously rubs both bottom cheeks with her hands in front of the three pairs of waiting eyes. She tells Mary and Joan that they are next.

Mary and Joan enter Miss Edwards' office. Their fighting is part of a long standing feud that's been going on between them for so long now that they can't even remember what started it. They are bitter enemies who are always arguing and will fight each other at the slightest provocation.

Miss Edwards decides to have some voyeuristic fun with them. She makes the usual admonishments about their continual fighting and asks how many times they have been caught fighting. Neither can remember. Miss Edwards stresses that this type of behavior will not be tolerated and that she's going to put an end to it here and now. She orders both girls to remove their skirts and panties. The girls look at each other and balk at the idea of stripping in front of each other. Miss Edwards picks up her strap and slams in onto the top of the desk with a loud crack and says in a loud voice "Do it NOW!"

The two girls dejectedly remove their skirts and panties and lay them on the sofa. They try to hide their private parts with their hands. Miss Edwards says "Now, it's going to be 50 swats each for both of you. However, since you two enjoy fighting so much, I'm going to let you spank each other. You'll alternate positions. I'll keep count. If one of you does not complete a round without rubbing her bottom, then the other one will be pardoned the remaining count since she did such a good job with the strap. So, it's in your best interest to spank as hard as you can."

"Mary, you lay over the desk first" said Miss Edwards as she handed the strap to Joan and added "Remember, you both must complete the round before any pardon is given." Mary lays across the desk and Joan positions herself to Mary's left. Miss Edwards sits down in a chair directly behind the bare bottom, she has a front row seat, and announces "Round one." Joan looks at the plump totally exposed vulnerable bottom of her sworn enemy and feels the weight of the weapon in her hand. She's going to enjoy this! Joan, no longer caring that she's exposing her pubic mound, measures her distance, pulls all the way back, and lets Mary have a full force swat. The strap lands with such a LOUD crack that Amy, who's waiting in the outer office jumps in her seat; she knows her turn is next.

Mary yells, momentarily lets go of the desk but quickly puts her hands back where they belong, kicks back and forth on her feet, wiggles her bottom every which way, and starts crying loudly. Miss Edwards admires the large red mark, which outlines the strap, growing on the white cheeks. "Well done!" she says. Joan watches Mary's wiggles and blooming red mark on her bottom and is filled with a feeling of satisfaction and revenge; she almost made Mary rub. Mary finally stops wiggling, and Joan's feelings change to terror when Miss Edwards says "OK, change positions." Joan is now sorry for hitting Mary so hard; Mary will certainly show no mercy.

Mary gets up from the desk and Miss Edwards has to again order Joan to lay over the desk. Mary takes the strap from Joan's hand and Joan lays across the desk. Mary positions herself on Joan's right side; Mary is left handed. The burn in Mary's buttocks encourages her to do her best on Joan's bottom. Mary measures her distance with the strap, quickly pulls back, and whips the strap into Joan's bottom. Again the sound of the crack makes Amy jump in the outer office.

Now it's Joan's turn to enjoy the kiss of the strap. Her performance is a little bit better than Mary's as she did not let go of the desk. However, her wiggling lasts nearly twice as long. When Joan stops wiggling, Miss Edwards announces "Well done. OK round two, change positions."

Mary is now contrite as she again lays across the desk. Joan is now angry. The burn in her bottom reminds her of the hatred that she has for her enemy. She's also determined not to take anymore swats; she's going to make Mary rub her bottom. Joan again measures her distance and lets Mary have a swat with all her strength. Again, Amy jumps in the outer office from the resounding crack. The poor girl is in extreme distress knowing that her turn is coming.

Mary again yells, kicks her feet, and wiggles her bottom. But, she doesn't let go of the desk. She's determined not to give Joan the pardon nor the satisfaction.

The two girls keep up their punishment, each one trying to break the other. After the 10th round, their bottoms are beyond red. They are inflamed, swollen, and bruised. It's obvious to Miss Edwards that they cannot possibly take the full 50. But, she's curious as to just how far they are both willing to go.

It was on round 14 that Joan's swat finally made Mary let go of the desk. Mary dropped to the floor and rubbed her sore throbbing bottom cheeks, crying with great sobs. "Well done Joan" says Miss Edwards. Now if you can finish the round, then you'll be pardoned the remainder."

"Come now Mary, you look disgraceful. Get up. You still have a chance if you can make Joan rub her bottom." says Miss Edwards. Mary painfully gets up as Joan again places herself across the desk. Mary is determined not to give Joan the satisfaction of breaking her. Mary takes the strap in both hands, measures her distance, draws back, and lets Joan have the full force swat across the upper thigh of her right leg just below her buttocks. Joan screams, jumps up off the desk and rubs the burn in her upper leg.

Miss Edwards exclaims "Very good Mary. It looks like Joan won't get her pardon after all." Joan complains that the swat wasn't fair as it hit her leg instead of her bottom. Miss Edwards rules that the swat is legal; any part of her exposed anatomy is fair game.

"Round 14, over the desk Mary." Both girls yell that it's round 15. Miss Edwards explains that the previous round doesn't count since both girls rubbed their bottoms. The girls reluctantly swap positions. As Joan is measuring her distance, determined to give Mary the swat on her upper leg as Mary had done to her, she thinks about the fact that there are still 37 more to go. She's not sure about Mary, but she know that she can't possible take that many more; She doesn't want even one more. She pulls back the strap and hesitates. Miss Edwards asks "What's wrong." Joan complains that it's not fair to have to take 37 more. Miss Edwards offers to finish giving the swats to Mary if she does not wish to. Of course, Mary will still swat Joan. Joan ponders her predicament and instead decides to extend a gambit to Mary. Instead of striking with full force, she gently taps Mary's bottom with the strap.

Mary looks back at Joan with confusion. Miss Edwards is smiling to herself, she finally made Joan see the futility of this punishment, and perhaps of their continuing feud. Will Mary get the message? Miss Edwards says "Change places." Mary gets up still confused thinking that she just got off lightly for this round. As Mary is about to strike Joan, she suddenly realizes what Joan is trying to do. Mary also gently taps Joan's bottom with the strap.

Miss Edwards is overjoyed. "Round 15, change places." And so, the punishment charade continues through round 50. After Joan taps Mary for swat 50, they switch places for the last time. As Mary is about to give Joan the final "swat", she realizes that this is the end. Joan will not have another chance to swat her. She pulls back and is about to give Joan a full force swat when she thinks again, sighs and gently taps Joan's bottom.

Miss Edwards has succeeded. She tells the two girls to stand up. They stand up. She says "Now, I want you two to put your arms around each other and kiss each other." The two former bitter enemies gently hug each other and tentatively press their lips and pubic mounds together. Miss Edwards says "I suggest that you two go put some lotion on each other's bottoms." They both pick up their panties and skirts and walk out of Miss Edwards' office carrying their clothes; their bottoms are too sore to wear anything.

And now, it's Amy's turn. Even though teachers are not supposed to show favoritism, and Miss Edwards does not, Amy is still Miss Edwards favorite student. The 14 year old Amy is beautiful as she nears the end of her metamorphoses from child to woman. Her waist length blond hair and deep blue eyes adorn her angelic face. Miss Edwards always has trouble concentrating during class when Amy is sitting in front of her. Now, she is about to spank the lovely girl, even if it is only in a fantasy.

Miss Edwards calls to Amy to come into her office and close the door behind her. Amy enters with her head down and somber look on her face. She heard all of the preceding punishments and saw the two glowing bare bottoms which just left. She knows her offense is the worse.

Miss Edwards enjoys herself as she toys with Amy as a cat would play with a mouse. "So, I hear that you have acquired a taste for literature. Is that so?" asks Miss Edwards. "Yes mam." Amy replies meekly. "And just what is this book that you find so fascinating?" Amy mumbles something. "Speak up child, I can't hear you!" says Miss Edwards. "The Pearl" Amy says in a barely audible voice. "Ah, a Victorian Classic! At least you have good taste. However, don't you think you're a little young to be reading such books?" "Yes mam." Amy replies. "And, self abuse is not be tolerated in this school. Do you understand?" "Yes mam" Amy again says keeping her eyes downcast. "Just what was the story that got you so excited that you had to masturbate?" Miss Edwards enjoys the total embarrassment on Amy's face as she shifts her feet and the blush blooms across her cheeks. Amy says nothing, she's too embarrassed.

"You know that you're going to be severely punished, don't you?" Miss Edwards says while tapping the palm of her left hand with the cane. Amy's look is now one of terror. "Oh please Miss Edwards, not the cane!" Amy pleads. "Twenty!" is Miss Edwards reply. Amy pleads again but Miss Edwards is firm. Miss Edwards says "Get undressed!" "Oh no, please Miss Edwards, not on the bare!" Amy again pleads. "Stop arguing and get undressed!!!" Miss Edwards shouts. Amy now realizes that her fate is sealed and no further arguments will be tolerated. She slowly reaches up under her skirt and pulls down her panties, steps out of them, and leaves them on the floor. She then stands with her eyes still downcast waiting for the next order. Miss Edwards slams the cane down on the desk and yells "Well??!!" Amy looks up with a look of terror, surprise and bewilderment. Miss Edwards says "I told you to get undressed, everything!" Amy is nearly in tears. Surely Miss Edwards wouldn't make her strip stark naked. The look on Miss Edwards face confirms her worst fear and that Miss Edwards is tired of the procrastination. The tears run down Amy's cheeks as she slowly does as told. She lays each item of clothing on the sofa. She's obviously embarrassed to expose her body to the adult teacher. When Amy finishes, she stands sideways to her teacher with her red face downcast, her right arm trying to cover her breasts and her left hand covering her pubis.

Miss Edwards says "Shoes and socks also." Amy turns her back to her teacher, bends down and removes her shoes and socks. She then stands up with her back still to her teacher. Miss Edwards admires the milky white buttocks that she is about to cane. Miss Edwards instructs Amy to kneel on a padded arm chair with her legs on the arms of the chair. She then tells the young girl to lean over that back of the chair. This has the effect of spreading her legs and exposing her vagina to full view from the rear. Miss Edwards stands behind Amy to get the maximum view. She then positions herself to the left of Amy and taps Amy's bottom with the cane. The girl wiggles her hips and moans at the thought of the coming pain. Miss Edwards says "Remember, no rubbing or the stroke doesn't count." Amy is now crying loudly, even before the first stroke.

Miss Edwards measures her distance, draws back, and delivers a biting stroke across the plumpest part of Amy's buttocks. As Amy's bottom wiggles and the girl screams, Miss Edwards orgasm explodes.

Miss Edwards is again on her bed vigorously rubbing her clitoris as she enjoys the tremendous orgasm. Miss Edwards rolls onto her side and thinks "Damn, I can never get past the first stroke before coming!"

As her orgasm subsided, Miss Edwards slowly came back to reality. She was laying on her side on her bed. She felt mild shame for having such fantasies about her students. But, no harm done as it's all in her mind. She got up, went to the bathroom, and washed off her slippery wet fingers. She was now tired and went to bed. She realized how frustrating her sex life was. It was the price she had to pay for her career. 

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I didn't write this story. It's a repost.

If you are offended by ff, bd, ws, sm, teen sex, or are too young to read this story then don't read it!

The story has 15 chapters and was written by F. M. Hazer [ (Hazer)]



Naughty Games
by F. M. Hazer

Chapter 2: Transgression

The girls were giggling loudly as Amy drew her caricatures of the high school basketball players. It was still lunch break before first afternoon period, Miss Edwards' class, was to start. Amy and the three other girls were the only ones in the room waiting for the start of her class. Amy was at the blackboard with her back to the three other girls while she drew her "artwork." She drew stick figures with the heads in proportion to their egos. The giggling turned to outright laughter when Amy started to draw the heads in elongated shapes in relation to just how big a "dick head" each player was. The coup de grace was a picture of John Goldman who was the handsome leader of the basketball team. He also thought that he was God's gift to women. Amy's picture was a large upright penis, complete with circumcised head, short legs, and arms. The girls were roaring with laughter. Amy was just finishing the beady little eyes on the penis head when the laughter abruptly stopped. Amy turned around and felt the blood drain from her head when she saw Miss Edwards standing there watching. Miss Edwards said in a commanding voice "Erase that!" Amy quickly erase her masterpiece. Miss Edwards then said "See me after class."

Amy sat through class contritely with a knot in her stomach. She knew that she was in big trouble. After class was over, she waited until all the other students had left and then walked up and stood in front of Miss Edwards's desk. She kept her eyes downcast and did not look at Miss Edwards. Miss Edwards said in a stern voice "So, you're quite and artist!" Amy didn't say anything. She just stood there with a somber look on her face; her eyes were on the floor just in front of her feet. Miss Edwards picked up a piece of paper and said with her cold-voice-of-doom "I'm going to write a note to your parents telling them about the dirty pictures that you like to draw. Have them both sign the note and bring it back to me tomorrow. If you don't bring the note back tomorrow, signed, then we'll take this little matter to the principal's office. Do you understand?"

Amy said quietly "Yes Miss Edwards. Except, I don't have any parents." "Why not?" Miss Edwards asked. "They're both dead" Amy replied. Miss Edwards was saddened to hear that this beautiful girl was an orphan. Miss Edwards said in a somewhat softer voice, "Then have your foster parents sign it." Amy said "I don't have any foster parents." Miss Edwards replied "Well, you must have a legal guardian?" Amy said "Yes, my sister." Miss Edwards asked "How old is your sister?" Amy said "She's ten years older". Miss Edwards replied "She's TEN years old!!??" Amy said, "No, she's ten years older; she's 24." "What's her name?" Miss Edwards asked. "Judy" Amy replied. "All right," Miss Edwards said "then have Judy sign the note."

Amy finally looked up at Miss Edwards and said "Oh no, please. It would just kill me for my sister to find out about this." Miss Edwards replied "I'm sure your sister won't kill you." Amy, now in a panic, said "No, you don't understand. She thinks I'm a real good girl. Oh please Miss Edwards, don't tell her. I'll do anything, PLEASE! Just don't tell her."

The words "I'll do anything" rang through Miss Edwards' head. She could feel the moisture in her vagina. She had a vision of Amy turned over her knee while she spanked her naughty bottom. Could she maneuver Amy into such a situation? Did she dare try? Miss Edwards knew she was playing with fire. She felt like a moth being drawn to a flame, a flame named Amy. The flame was enticing and she knew that if she got too close that she could get burned.

Miss Edwards proceeded cautiously and asked "What would your sister do if she found out about your dirty pictures?" Amy's eyes were again downcast and she replied in a barely audible voice "She'd spank me."

There it was, an open invitation to Miss Edwards desires! Miss Edwards had difficulty maintaining her composure and controlling her breathing as she felt her sexual urge rise. The flame was now irresistible! Miss Edwards plunged ahead and asked "Do you think that would be an appropriate punishment?" Miss Edwards now saw a flush on Amy's downturn face as she meekly said "Yes Miss Edwards."

With controlled breathing, Miss Edwards said "All right then, report to my office after school at 3:45. Go now." Amy picked up her books and walked out the door. Miss Edwards' next period was a free period. Her last class of the day was after that. She felt like a child the night before Christmas. She could hardly wait until 3:45. She got up and went to her office. She closed the door enough so that no one could see her from the classroom but so that she could hear if anyone came in. She removed her pantyhose and placed them in her purse. She then sat down at her desk, pulled up her skirt, and put her right hand down the front of her panties. She slid a finger into her wet slit and slowly massaged her clit. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine what it was going to be like to have Amy draped over her knee. She would, at the very least, spank her over her skirt. She wondered if she could get away with lifting Amy's skirt and spanking her on her panty covered bottom. At least then she would be able to see Amy's buttocks redden during the spanking. She could feel the heat of the flame as she "flew" nearer. How far could she go before she got burned she wondered. She knew that what she really wanted, to spank the beautiful girl on her bare bottom, was out of the question. She would never get away with that. Still, a chance to spank Amy, even over her skirt, was irresistible.

Miss Edwards was sitting at her desk in the classroom when Amy arrived. Miss Edwards said "Well, I see that you're right on time." She got up, went to the hallway door and locked it. She then escorted Amy to her office and locked the office door. Miss Edwards wondered if Amy could tell that her panties were wet. Miss Edwards said to Amy "Are we agreed that If I give you a spanking then I won't tell your sister about your dirty artwork?" Amy's eyes were again downcast and a visible flush was on her face. She said "Yes Miss Edwards." Miss Edwards placed an armless chair in the middle of her office, sat down and said "OK, over my lap." Amy moved to the right of Miss Edwards lap. Just as she was about to lay over Miss Edwards' lap, Amy reached up under her skirt with both hands, pulled down her underpants, quickly stepped out of them, and threw them out of sight behind Miss Edwards. She then laid down across Miss Edwards' lap, reached behind her and flipped up her skirt exposing her lovely bare bottom.

Miss Edwards felt a surge of moisture in her vagina. Her mouth was dry as she stared at the lovely globes of Amy's backside. She knew now that the flame would immolate her. She didn't care, she was too far gone with lust. She raised her hand and brought it down with a solid smack on Amy's soft white left hemisphere. Amy let out a squeal. The reddening flesh outlined where her hand landed. Miss Edwards then smacked Amy's right cheek. She looked at the two red hand prints and could feel the gushing wetness in her panties. She then proceeded to spank Amy with alternating smacks to each cheek. Her deepest sexual desire was at last a reality. She covered the whole of Amy's bottom trying to remove all of the white until there was only flaming red left. She smacked and smacked as her breathing became labored and she could feel her orgasm growing within. Amy was breathing heavily too. Miss Edwards marveled that Amy could take such punishment without screaming or making a real fuss such as trying to squirm off of her lap.

Miss Edwards was slapping with rapid strokes as her orgasm neared climax. Amy was now wiggling her bottom in all directions and kicking her legs around. However, she still did not cry out. Miss Edwards was wondering if she could climax quitely so that Amy wouldn't know about her perversion. As Miss Edwards was about to explode, she noticed as Amy was kicking her legs about, there were fingers working away rubbing the clit between the girls legs. Miss Edwards realized that Amy had put her right hand down between her legs and was masturbating. The sight was too much for Miss Edwards; her climax exploded in unison with Amy's.

The two girls gasped as their bodies experienced orgasmic spasms for several seconds. Then, Amy slowly slid off of Miss Edwards lap and knelt quitely on the floor, breathing heavily. Miss Edwards stood up from the the chair and looked down at the lovely girl thinking "My God, what have I done now!" Amy looked up a Miss Edwards with a warm look in her eyes. Amy then reached up under Miss Edwards skirt, grab hold of her panties and pulled them down to her ankles. As Miss Edwards yelled "Amy no!", Amy gently pushed Miss Edwards back down onto the chair. As Miss Edwards ankles were "bound" together by her own panties, she could not maintain her balance and was forced to sit. Amy quickly pushed Miss Edwards skirt up her legs as far as she could, pried her legs apart, and placed her face firmly into the black curly hair between Miss Edwards' legs. Miss Edwards again yelled "Amy! NO!" and placed her hands on the girls head. Amy's tongue started to work. Miss Edwards said yet again "Amy, no!". However, Miss Edwards made no attempt to physically removed Amy's head from between her legs. As Amy's tongue found Miss Edwards' clit, Miss Edwards verbal admonishments turned to swoons "Oooooo, Amy no." Miss Edwards quickly came; and came; and came! It was an Earth shattering orgasm.

As Miss Edwards orgasm subsided, she began to think more clearly, with her head now instead of her clit. She was amazed at Amy's reaction to the spanking. Amy had been excited by the spanking to the point of orgasm. And, Amy was so excited that she "went down" on Miss Edwards. Miss Edwards was thrilled by Amy's reaction. However, allowing a student to perform cunnilingus on her would certainly not be considered "professional behavior" for a school teacher. She realized that all was lost. She had flown into the flame, except the flame was a bonfire and it had consumed her. She knew that her teaching career was over. She would never again be able to teach children. She would most likely have to register as a convicted sex offender, a child molester, wherever she moved. She might even be sent to prison. It was a heavy price to pay for a few moments of bliss!

With great sadness, Miss Edwards looked down at the beautiful girl. Amy was wiping the wet secretions from her flushed face. Her greatest sorrow was that she would never see, no, she would never be able to "touch" this lovely girl again, when they found out. "WHEN they found out" she thought. "Why should anyone find out?" she wondered. There are only two people in the world who know what just happened. Certainly Miss Edwards herself would never say anything. "Could she maneuver Amy into not telling anyone?" she wondered, "Would it be fair to Amy to do such a thing?" As Miss Edwards was looking at the lovely girl, kneeling at her feet, trying to formulate her "battle" plan, Amy looked up at her with pleading eyes and implored "Oh Miss Edwards, I'm terribly sorry. Please don't tell anyone about this. Please. PLEASE!"

Miss Edwards suddenly felt the weight of the world lift from her shoulders; this was too easy. She said "I won't tell anyone if you promise not to tell anyone." Amy said with great relief "I promise I won't tell anyone. Oh thank you, Miss Edwards. Thank you." Amy jumped up and threw her arms around Miss Edwards' neck and hugged her. Miss Edwards returned the embrace. They now held a mutual secret, the initial bonding of what was to follow.

Miss Edwards realized that the hour was getting late and the janitor would be coming soon to empty the waste baskets. She stood up, pulled up her wet panties, and stepped behind the chair to retrieve Amy's panties. She picked up Amy's panties and handed them to her. She started to say "Here, you'd better put these ba..." when she suddenly recognized the familiar cold sticky wetness in Amy's panties. Amy's panties were as wet as her own. No wonder Amy didn't want her to see them. She was turned on by the idea of being spanked, before it happened. And, then she actually "came" when it happened.

Miss Edwards felt like she had just won the lottery. She had found a one-in-a million jewel, a precious gem; her name was Amy. She handed Amy her panties and said with great care and tenderness "You'd better get these out of sight. The janitor will be here soon." Amy put her panties back on while Miss Edwards went to the hallway door and unlocked it. She kept the office door ajar so that she could hear when the janitor would enter the room. She said to Amy, "I think we need to talk."

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I didn't write this story. It's a repost.

If you are offended by ff, bd, ws, sm, teen sex, or are too young to read this story then don't read it!

The story has 15 chapters and was written by F. M. Hazer [ (Hazer)]



Naughty Games
by F. M. Hazer

Chapter 3: Secrets Revealed

Miss Edwards and her young student, Amy, sat down next to each other on her office sofa. Miss Edwards said "That spanking excited you, didn't it." Amy blushed, looked down and said nothing. Miss Edwards could see that Amy was embarrassed. Miss Edwards took hold of Amy's right hand with her left hand, gently squeezed the young girl's hand and said "It's OK, you can tell me." "Yes" replied Amy in a low voice. It took a lot of gentle coaxing to get Amy to open up. It was obvious to Miss Edwards that she was treading in Amy's "secret garden," Amy's deepest fantasies. But Miss Edwards did not want to trample on the precious flowers, she wanted to admire them; she wanted to share them with Amy. She knew that the two of them had much in common.

After much persuasion and reassurances, Amy finally confessed that the spanking had excited her. Miss Edwards said "It's OK Amy, it excited me too." Amy looked up up at her teacher with wonder and said "Really?" Miss Edwards said "Spanking is a very common sexual fetish." Amy again said "Really?" Miss Edwards again reassured Amy "Yes it is." Amy asked "Do you fantasize about spanking?" Now it was Miss Edwards turn to blush. It was a fair question given the intimate probing questions that she was asking Amy. Miss Edwards said "Yes, I do." Amy said "For real? I always thought that I was ... weird for having such thoughts." "No Amy, your not weird. As I said it is a very common fantasy." Miss Edwards again reassured Amy. Amy then asked with all innocence "Do you ever dream about spanking me?"

Miss Edwards could feel the blush deepen across her cheeks; now Amy was invading her "secret garden." Miss Edwards looked directly into Amy's wide eyes and said "Yes, I love to fantasize about spanking you." Amy said "WOW, really? Tell me about it." As Miss Edwards told of her favorite fantasies, the defenses fell. They both now opened up to the mutual invasion of their privacy. It was an intellectual game of "I'll show you mine if you show me your's."

When Miss Edward finished with her fantasies, she asked Amy about her spanking fantasies. Amy confessed that she had always been excited by idea of being spanked on her bare bottom. Miss Edwards asked "How does it feel when Judy spanks you?" Amy blushed again and said "I lied, Judy has never spanked me. In fact until now, I've never been spanked." Miss Edwards was smiling; she was amused by the realization the she had been maneuvered by Amy into spanking her at the same time that she was trying to maneuver Amy. Yes, they had a lot in common.

Amy said that the actual spanking wasn't as stimulating as she thought it would be. She said "I don't think you hit hard enough." Miss Edwards looked at her sore hand, shook it and said "My hand is still sore." Amy said "Really? It didn't feel that hard. Maybe you could use a paddle or something next time." The words "next time" stuck in Miss Edwards' head. Miss Edwards could not believe her good fortune. Amy wanted to do it again! She said "Yes, I'll use my correction strap next time." "Correction strap?" Amy said. "Yes, it's about this long and made of leather." Miss Edwards said while holding her hands apart the appropriate distance. Amy said "Oh, I can hardly wait. When can we get together again?" Miss Edwards said "Not here, let's try for my place. How about Friday afternoon after school?" Amy said with great enthusiasm "OK! I'll bring my reform school uniform." "Reform school uniform?" asked Miss Edwards. Amy smiled teasingly and said "Yes, I had to wear it when I was in reform school." Miss Edwards looked at Amy with a look of "Come on now, I don't believe that!" Amy finally stopped teasing her teacher and said "I made it myself." Miss Edwards said "Oh, I'd love to see it. Please bring it."

Miss Edwards asked more questions trying to probe into Amy's psyche. Amy said that her mother's favorite expression when Amy did something wrong was "Nice girls don't do things like that. Only naughty girls do that." The first time she heard that expression when she was about 5 years old and was exploring her naked body with her fingers. It was an act of childhood innocence. She was laying on her bed. She found the special spot between her legs. She was massaging her clitoris when her mother walked into the room. Her mother's reaction forever set the course of her sexual fantasies. Her mother got very upset and chastised Amy saying her favorite reprimand "Nice girls don't do things like that. Only naughty girls do that." Amy knew it felt good. If nice girls don't do that then they must not have much fun. Naughty girls have all the fun. Her mother added "And naughty girls get spanked, on their bare bottoms." From then on, Amy masturbated while fantasizing about what it would be like to be spanked on her bare bottom for being naughty. She even tried spanking herself several times. However it was awkward trying to spank herself.

When she was about 10, there was a discussion in the newspaper about a nearby nudist colony. Amy asked, in all innocence, what a nudist colony was. Her mother said it was a place where everyone goes around naked. Amy asked "Do you mean both men and women together?" Her mother said "Yes" and then added her favorite reprimand "Of course, nice girls don't do things like that. Only naughty girls do that." Oh boy, another fun thing that only naughty girls do. Amy could hardly wait until the next time she was alone in the house. She went to her bedroom and undressed. She stood in front of her mirror looking at her body, trying imagine what it would be like to run around in public that way. She ventured out of her room and explored the house, buck naked. It felt good and naughty. She rubbed her clit as she walked around. She finally went outside, naked. The cool air on her bare skin felt wonderful. She jumped into pool. She loved the feeling. She got out but did not dry herself; she waited for the water to dry by itself. It felt cool and stimulating. She finally masturbated herself to an orgasm, outside. It was her first "naughty game." After that, she would always undress whenever she was alone in the house.

When she was about 12 and just starting to mature, she read something about "lesbians" and "cunnilingus." in a magazine. Amy asked her mother what the words meant. Her mother wouldn't tell her. She would only say "It's something that only naughty girls do." Amy had found a new fun thing that only naughty girls do! She had to look up the words in a dictionary. She finally put the two together and figured out what it meant. The next time that she was alone, she undressed, opened the door of her bedroom closet and positioned it so that she could see herself as she laid on the bed.

She laid back on the bed with her vagina pointing at the mirror and placed a pillow under her head so that she could see. She held her vagina open with her left hand as gently ran her a finger from her right hand over her inner lips and clitoris. She imagined that her finger was a girls tongue. She explored, determining just how good it would feel to have a girl's tongue licking at her private parts. Amy smelled and licked her fingers, wetting them. She continued rubbing her vagina with her fingers. She said the orgasm that she experienced was "mind blowing." It became one of her favorite "naughty games." Sometimes, she would imagine that her finger was her own tongue licking another girl's vagina. She would practice her cunnilingus technique that way.

Miss Edwards asked "Did you ever really do it to another girl?" Amy said "No, not until you spanked me. Sorry, I just couldn't resist." Miss Edwards said "You have nothing to be sorry about. In fact, You must have done a good job with your 'practice'. It felt pretty good." Amy smiled at Miss Edwards. She was happy that she had given her teacher pleasure. Miss Edwards said "I don't suppose you've ever had another girl do it to you?" Amy said "No." Miss Edwards said, "Well, we'll have to fix that, on Friday." Amy's eyes opened wide and she said "Ooooo, would you do that?" Miss Edwards said "Just try to stop me." Amy threw her arms around Miss Edwards and kissed her. Miss Edwards embraced her young student and returned the kiss.

Amy confessed that she always felt like an outcast when whe was with her school friends. The other girls always talked about boys. Boys did not interest her. She was ashamed to admit her real feelings to her friends. Miss Edwards tenderly hugged Amy. Yes, they had a LOT in common.

Miss Edwards asked more questions about Amy's favorite fantasies. She said that one of her all time favorites is being whipped naked in public. She said "I'm either in a convent, or an all girl reform school, or in a 17th century puritan town. In any case, I've been real naughty and I'm taken outside to someplace public where everyone can see. I'm stripped naked, tied, and whipped." Amy then took hold of her crotch and said "It's makes me wet just thinking about it."

Amy told Miss Edwards about some of the "toys" that she had made. She had a pair if wrist restraints, which she had made from leather belts, that she would use to tie herself up while pretending that she was being whipped. She had made her own cat-of-nine-tails. She said that she had tried whipping herself several times. She'd look at herself in a mirror while pretending that she was tied up being whipped. Her whip made nice red marks on her back. But she couldn't hit herself hard enough to be really stimulating.

"Another favorite fantasy" Amy continued, "is that I'm a slave to a beautiful queen or princess. Of course, I'm always naughty and have to be disciplined by whipping."

Miss Edwards asked Amy about her parents and how they died. Amy explained that they died together in a plane crash. They had charted a plane and was touring the country on business when one night it flew into a mountain. There was a big lawsuit filed by their, Amy's and Judy's, lawyer. Amy said that she and Judy got a big settlement.

Miss Edwards asked about Judy, Amy's sister. Amy got nervous. She said that Judy is quite "normal" and Amy didn't want her to find out anything about Amy's fantasies. Miss Edwards said "Are you saying that we're not normal?" Amy said "No, well, ..., oh you know what I mean. She thinks I'm a real good girl. It would just kill me if she ever found out. Please, don't ever let her find out about what I've told you. Promise me." Miss Edwards said "I Promise." It was an easy promise to make. Telling Judy about their secret was the last thing Miss Edwards would ever do.

The two girls heard the outer classroom door open. It was the janitor. They both got up off of the sofa, Miss Edwards sat down behind her desk, smiled and said in a low voice "I'll see you on Friday." Amy smiled back, waved, and walked out the inner office door. As she went through the doorway, she said in a loud voice "Thank you for all your help Miss Edwards." Miss Edwards yelled back "Your welcome Amy." Amy walked passed the janitor and said "Hi Mr. Wade." The black janitor looked up and said "Hi, ... Amy!" pointing a finger at the young girl. Amy smiled at him and continued out of the classroom.

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I didn't write this story. It's a repost.

If you are offended by ff, bd, ws, sm, teen sex, or are too young to read this story then don't read it!

The story has 15 chapters and was written by F. M. Hazer [ (Hazer)]



Naughty Games
by F. M. Hazer

Chapter 4: Reform School Girl

It was 4:00PM on Friday. Amy had ridden her bicycle to Miss Edwards apartment after going home to pack her duffel bag. This was the first time she had been at the complex even though she had ridden past it many times. She locked her bike out front and climbed the stairs to the second floor. She knocked on the door and she could see a shadow behind the peep-hole. The door opened and Miss Edwards quietly invited Amy inside. Amy set down the duffel bag and embraced her teacher. They kissed passionately.

They finally broke off the embrace and Miss Edwards said "I'm so glad you could make it." "Me too" said Amy. "Did you bring it?" asked Miss Edwards. Amy picked up her duffel bag and said "yes." "I can hardly wait to see it, go put it on" Miss Edwards said pointing the way to the bedroom. Amy went to the bedroom and undressed completely, laying her clothes on the bed. She removed her shoes and socks leaving them on the floor. She opened her duffel bag and removed her "uniform." She pulled it over her head, pulled her long hair free from the uniform so that it hung down her back She buttoned the sides and walked back into the living room. Miss Edwards was sitting on the sofa as Amy entered the room. Miss Edwards' eyes popped open when she saw Amy. Amy was wearing her homemade "reform school" uniform.

It was made from an old sleeveless white dress. Amy had cut both sides open from the bottom of the skirt to the bottom of the arm openings. The front and back pieces were held together the three buttons on either side. One button was at the bottom of the arm opening, one button was at the waist, the the third was halfway between the other two. The sides were open from the waist to the bottom of the skirt. Amy was bashfully holding down the front of the skirt with both hands. It was obvious that the dress was at least two years old and that she had out grown it. The front of the skirt barely reached to the bottom of her pubic hair.

Amy stood in front of the seated Miss Edward and said "It's designed to accommodate spanking naughty bottoms." Miss Edwards felt a surge of moisture in her vagina. Miss Edwards started the examination with Amy's bare feet. She slowly moved her eyes up the young girls legs. Amy had beautiful maturing legs with soft blond down hair on her upper thighs. Miss Edwards continued the examination looking up past Amy's hands held together in front of her pubis, up the front of the dress and at her shoulders. The dress had two wide cloth straps that went over the shoulders which held up the dress. Miss Edwards looked at Amy's face. She had a look of combined embarrassment and excitement.

Miss Edwards softly said "You're beautiful." Amy's face relaxed from the compliment. She was happy that she was pleasing her teacher. Miss Edwards said "Turn around." Amy slowly turned to her right. The bare skin from her waist to the bottom of her skirt was very provocative. Amy completed her turn and stood with her bottom nearly in Miss Edwards face. The shortness of the skirt was evident from the rear as it did not quite reach to the bottom of her buttocks. Miss Edwards could see why it would accommodate spanking naughty bottoms. When Amy would lean forward, there would be an unobstructed bare bottom in clear view.

Miss Edwards breathlessly said to Amy "Put your hands on your head." Miss Edwards voice was betraying her growing arousal. Amy hesitantly moved her hands to the top of her head. As she raised her arms, her skirt rose upward several centimeters. The entire bottom of her soft white buttocks were now on full display. They were even more beautiful today than when Miss Edwards spanked them earlier that week. Miss Edwards could hardly wait to spank them again.

Miss Edwards said "Turn around again and keep your hands on your head." Amy was blushing as she did as instructed. She knew what Miss Edwards would see when she turned around. The front of Amy's skirt was now above the top of her pubic mound. Miss Edwards stared at the beautiful sight. She had never seen Amy's bare pubis before; she had only imagined what it would look like. What she saw far surpassed her fantasy. Amy's nearly mature pubic hair was soft, curly, and golden blond. Miss Edwards was ready to take the girl to bed now and bury her lips and tongue in Amy's beautiful vagina. But, that would have to wait; they were first going to play a naughty game.

Miss Edwards gently kissed Amy's upper left thigh, next to her pubic mound. Amy was no longer embarrassed. She gently bit her lower lip as she enjoyed the deliciously naughty feeling of her teacher's mouth so near her vagina. Miss Edwards pushed the girl away and said in a stern voice "So, you've been a naughty girl!"

The naughty game had begun! Amy said in a mock penitent voice "I'm sorry Miss Edwards, I swear I'll never do it again." They both left her transgression undefined; it did not matter. Miss Edwards said "You know what happens to naughty girls don't you?" Amy replied meekly "Yes." "What?" asked Miss Edwards. "They get spanked" said Amy in a soft voice. "That's right" said Miss Edwards. "Go over there and open that drawer" she added pointing to an end table.

Amy lowered her arms and walked over to the table. She bent over to open the drawer. The bottom of her skirt rode up her buttocks as she bent over. Amy made sure that her bottom pointed straight at her teacher's face. She took her time as she slowly opened the drawer giving her teacher a good view. When she got the drawer open, she saw a leather strap, it was Miss Edwards 40 cm. long strap that she had placed in the drawer before Amy arrived. Amy looked back at her teacher with a look of apprehension on her face. Miss Edwards said "Bring it here."

Amy picked up the strap and slowly walked back to her teacher. A tinge of fear filled Amy as she felt the weight of the weapon in her hand. The bare bottom spanking that Miss Edwards had given her last week was stimulating and really didn't hurt. She had always found the fantasy of being whipped to be extremely sexually stimulating. But now that the moment drew near of being whipped for real, she wasn't sure if it was going to be fun. She knew that this strap which she held in her hand could actually hurt, a lot, when applied to her naked bottom.

Amy handed the strap to Miss Edwards. Amy was filled with a mixture of fear and stimulation. Miss Edwards read the apprehensive look on Amy's face. Miss Edwards wanted Amy to enjoy the whipping and wasn't going to deliberately hurt her. However, she didn't want to step out of character by telling Amy directly. Instead, she decided to let Amy find out by continuing with their naughty game. Miss Edwards said "Kneel down on the sofa and lay over the back." Amy slowly got into position. She could feel her skirt ride up her back as she leaned over exposing her buttocks. The front of her skirt fell away as she leaned over.

Miss Edwards could feel the wetness increasing in her panties as she stared at Amy's creamy white bottom. It was a fantasy come true! She said "Knees apart." Amy knew what her teacher wanted. She spread her legs far apart and stuck out her bottom without any further instruction. The pose gave Miss Edwards a full view of Amy's complete bottom. Amy's vagina peeked out from below her bottom cheeks. Miss Edwards wanted to lick and kiss the whole of her student's exposed bottom. However, they hadn't yet finished their naughty game.

Miss Edwards positioned herself to Amy's left and pressed the wide strap against the plumpest part of Amy's bottom. Just as she was about to deliver the first swat, Amy said in a low voice "Miss Edwards." Miss Edwards thinking that Amy was going to make some mock plea said "What is it now child?" Instead of making a plea, Amy stepped out of character and stammered "Could you ... would you ... first ..." Miss Edwards could tell from the blush on her face that she was too embarrassed to say what was on her mind.

Miss Edwards lowered the strap, stepped out of character, and asked "What do you want me to do Amy?" Amy again stammered "Would you ... first ... undress?" Miss Edwards flashed an amused smile, leaned over close to Amy's face and asked "Do you like your mistress to be naked when she whips you?" Amy smiled back and said in a more relaxed voice "Oh yes, would you, please?"

Miss Edwards gave Amy a tender kiss on her cheek, stood up and moved to the side where Amy could have a good view. She then proceeded to undress. It was a slow provocative striptease. She enjoyed watching the look on Amy's face as she slowly revealed her charms. Miss Edwards was undulating as she pulled her dress upward slowly revealing her shapely legs. She continued until she had pulled the dress over her head. She was wearing only a white bra and panties under her dress. Amy could see the telltale wetness in her panties. It pleased Amy that her teacher was excited about playing their naughty game.

Miss Edwards reached behind her and unhooked the bra. She slipped the shoulder straps down off of her shoulders while holding the cups over her breasts. She turned around and dropped the bra to the floor. She then moved her arms to the top of her head giving Amy a good view of her back. She covered her breasts with her arms and turned around hiding her breasts from Amy's view. She again turned her back to Amy and put her arms on her head. She then slowly turned to face Amy keeping her arms on her head. This was the first time Amy had seen Miss Edwards' breasts. Except for her own and the girls in her gym class, this was the first time she has seen any women's breasts, those of a mature woman. Amy devoured her teacher's body with her eyes. Miss Edwards' firm medium size breasts were beautiful.

Miss Edwards ran her hands over the front of her body, cupping her breasts. She was deliberately being as provocative as she could for her young student. Amy enjoyed the show. Miss Edwards again turned her back to Amy and slowly pulled her panties down her legs. She stepped out of them, spread her feet apart, bent forward slightly, and wiggled her bottom at Amy. She slowly turned around and faced Amy keeping one hand over her pubic mound and the other arm covering her breasts. She slowly brought her hands up together until they were on top of her head. She slowly undulated provocatively in front of Amy. This was the first time Amy had seen a mature woman's pubic hair. Amy admired the full black bush of hair and hoped that her's would be that bushy when it finished growing.

Finally, Miss Edwards went back to the sofa. She lifted the back of Amy's skirt and laid it up against her back. This left Amy entirely naked from her waist down. She picked up the strap, and said "Is the naughty girl ready for her spanking?" Oh boy, was Amy ready! She still had a fear that the reality of a real whipping would be not be as stimulating as her fantasies. She watched her naked mistress position herself behind her, measure her distance, swing back, and deliver a light swat to her bottom cheeks. Amy gave a light gasp. Miss Edwards again swatted her bottom, on the left cheek. Amy bowed her head down and let her teacher deliver several more swats. Amy realized that it wasn't at all painful. It wasn't stimulating either, it was disappointing. She was correct about her fear, it was not as stimulating as her fantasy, but not for the reason she thought.

After about 12 swats, Amy moved her right hand down between her legs and started to rub her clit, at least that would stimulate her. Miss Edwards saw the busy hand and said "Try to come without playing with yourself." Amy looked back and said "I don't think I can. I can't feel anything. I don't think you're hitting hard enough." Miss Edwards smiled and said "That's easy to fix. Tell me when it feels right."

Miss Edwards slowly increased the force of the blows, testing Amy's tolerance to the increasing pain. Amy finally began to gasp and move her hips back and forth as the swats increased in severity. The reddening of her buttocks told Miss Edwards that Amy must now be feeling something. Miss Edwards continued to swat the reddening bottom at the increased severity. Amy turned around and said in a labored voice "Try it harder, but slower."

Miss Edwards smiled, she was enjoying her new "bottom." Amy was great! Miss Edwards then gave Amy a moderately hard swat and waited to see the reaction. Amy gasp and threw back her head. She held her breath as her body stiffened. Then she slowly exhaled and relaxed. She slowly moved her hips back and forth. She said, "Ooooh yes, that's it. Just a little bit harder and wait after each one."

Miss Edwards could feel her orgasm growing. She wasn't sure which one of them would come first. She was going to try to time her orgasm to Amy's. Miss Edwards gave Amy another solid swat across both cheeks. Amy again gasped and held her breath. When she relaxed and started breathing again, her breathing became noticeably labored. It was now obvious that she was enjoying this naughty game.

It took six more of those hard swats to make Amy reach her orgasm. She fell forward over the back of the sofa as her body shook and twitched. The sight of Amy was enough to push Miss Edwards over the edge. Her orgasm exploded and she dropped to her knees to enjoy the pleasure as she watched Amy's bottom twitch.

After their orgasms subsided, they both got up and hugged and kissed each other. The naked teacher then lead her student into the bedroom. They moved Amy's clothes off of the bed. Miss Edwards unbuttoned the three buttons on both sides of Amy's uniform and pulled the garment over her head. Miss Edwards stepped back to admire Amy. This was the first time she had seen Amy complete naked. Amy's maturing body was beautiful with her waist long blond hair. Miss Edwards tested the firmness of Amy's nearly mature breasts. Amy was enjoying the attention.

They laid on the bed and Miss Edwards showed Amy the joys of the 69 position. Amy was laying on her back and Miss Edwards was on top; she kissed and licked Amy's open vagina. She eagerly licked and sucked on Amy's clitoris. Amy returned the ecstatic pleasure to Miss Edwards' clitoris. They both enjoyed two orgasms before they rolled over. They enjoyed three more intense orgasms with Amy on top.

After their carnal desires were satiated, they laid on the bed arm in arm. They discussed the naughty game that they had just played. It was mutually satisfying. Miss Edwards asked about the spanking that Amy just took. She said that it was very stimulating once Miss Edwards started to hit a little harder. She didn't think that it was a very hard spanking. Miss Edwards laughed, got up from the bed and said "Come over here, I want to show you something." Amy got up and walked over to where Miss Edwards was standing. Miss Edwards said "Take a look at you bottom." pointing to the mirror on the wall. Amy turned and looked in the mirror. She couldn't believe how red her bottom still was. She felt her bottom cheeks with both hands. They were still hot. She could still feel the pleasant burning sensation in them. Miss Edwards said "That was a real hard spanking that you took." Amy was amazed; it didn't feel that hard while she was being spanked. It just felt tremendously sexually stimulating.

Miss Edwards took Amy in her arms and tenderly kissed her. Amy kissed her back. They laid back on the bed and discussed the spanking some more. They learned that Amy liked moderately hard blows but spaced far apart so that she could recover from each one first. In that way, she enjoyed each stroke to the fullest.

Miss Edwards complimented Amy on her reform school uniform. Amy said that she designed it that way, with the buttons up the side, so that it could be removed while her hands were tied, ready for a whipping. Miss Edwards said that it would be fun to have an all girl class where the students wore such uniforms. Amy giggled. She was happy that she had pleased her teacher. Amy said "You should see my 'slave girl' costume." "Slave girl costume?" said Miss Edwards, "Tell me about it." Amy started to explain when Miss Edwards interrupted "No, on second thought, don't tell me. You'll have to show it to me sometime." Amy smiled brightly and said "OK."

They made plans for their next "date." Amy suggested that they meet at her place next Friday. She said that her sister Judy always worked late on Fridays and would not be home until after 9:00PM. Amy would show Miss Edwards her "play room" where she played her self bondage and SM games. She would show Miss Edwards her home made cat-or-nine-tails whip. Amy said that she would tell Judy that Miss Edwards was going to tutor her for an advanced Math course in case there was any question as why she was there. Amy said that she would wear her "slave girl" costume. They both felt like it was the week before Christmas, they could hardly wait.

Amy got dressed, kissed her teacher goodbye and went home. Miss Edwards no longer felt frustrated. She had found a fulfillment for her life.

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I didn't write this story. It's a repost.

If you are offended by ff, bd, ws, sm, teen sex, or are too young to read this story then don't read it!

The story has 15 chapters and was written by F. M. Hazer [ (Hazer)]



Naughty Games
by F. M. Hazer

Chapter 5: Slave Girl

It was late Friday afternoon. Miss Edwards and Amy were in Miss Edwards' office making plans for their date at Amy's ranch for later that evening at 6:00 PM. This was the first time Miss Edwards would visit Amy's home. Amy had given her directions to the ranch. Judy always worked late of Fridays and never came home before 9:00 PM, most times she came home later. They would have the house to themselves for at least three hours. The house would provide time and privacy for them to play their naughty game.

Miss Edwards asked "Did you study your special homework assignment?" Amy smiled and said "Yes Miss Edwards, I memorized the code words." The day before, Miss Edwards had given Amy a list of special code words. These were words and phrases to be used during their naughty games as signals from Amy to Miss Edwards as to how to proceed without having to break character during the game. The list included the emergency word, "crackers", which meant STOP NOW!

Amy removed a small gift wrapped box from her purse and handed it to Miss Edwards. Miss Edwards unwrapped the package and opened the box. The box contained an expensive 60 cm. gold chain. A gold plated key was secured to the chain with a single link of heavy gold wire. Miss Edwards held up the chain to admire it. She looked curiously at the gold key. Amy grinned and said "It's the key to my heart." Miss Edwards chuckled and Amy added "Be sure to bring it tonight, it's the only key. See ya' at six." After Amy left, Miss Edwards looked again at the key. Intrigued, she put the chain around her neck and placed the key inside of her blouse.

Miss Edwards arrived on time at Amy's front door. Miss Edwards rang the bell. The door slowly opened a crack and Amy's eyes peeked from behind the door to confirm who it was. Amy's head disappeared behind the door and the door opened to admit Miss Edwards. Miss Edwards walked into the foyer; the door closed and locked behind her. Miss Edwards turned around and beheld the vision. Amy was dressed in her "slave girl" costume. It consisted of a pair of thick polished brass bracelets which Amy had pulled up over her elbows and rested snugly around her biceps. Their presence would provide a constant reminder that she is sub-human, a lowly slave. Amy was naked to her skirt. Her long blond hair hung down over her shoulders nearly to her waist. It was parted on either side of her head so that part of it fell down her front on either side of her face. The rest of her hair fell down her back. Her beautiful breasts were hidden behind her hair. Her "skirt" was made from costume jewelry chains and consisted of a long gold chain, which was made from two necklace chains hooked together, and was clasped around her hips halfway between her navel and the top of her pubic hair. There was a row of eighteen chains each a half cm. wide which were attached to the front of the belt chain and hung vertically. This row of chains was closely spaced. The chains were about 16 cm. long at the center and tapered off to about 3 cm. at the edges. It formed a U shaped curtain that hid Amy's pubis. If she stood still, then her golden blond pubic hair was discretely hidden from view. When she moved, the chains would swing and glimpses of her hair could be seen. An observer's eye was naturally drawn to the impromptu little "peep-show" whenever she moved. It was more alluring than if she were totally naked.

Amy's hands were bound together at her front. She had her belt restraints on her wrists. Miss Edwards took Amy's hands in her's and lifted her arms to have a close at her wrists. Miss Edwards marveled at the simplicity of the bondage implements. The wrist restraints were made from two reversible leather belts, one for either wrist. They had been cut to about 25 cm. in length; just long enough to fit around Amy's wrists with about 5 cm. of belt remaining beyond the buckle. Small holes had been punched to accommodate the tongue of the buckle. There was a slight difference between the way that these buckles were fastened and the way a buckle would be fastened around the waist. The tongue of the buckle for a belt around the waist prevents the belt from becoming looser because the tension on the belt is from the loop side of the buckle. The tongues on the buckles of the belts around Amy's wrists prevented the belts from tightening. This is because the tension of the wrist belts came from the loose end of the belt rather than from the loop. The source of the tension was a single padlock which passed through a larger hole in both belts just outside the buckle. The padlock prevented either belt from being loosened or removed and locked the two wrists together. They restraints formed an effective pair of handcuffs. Because the belts would not tighten on Amy's wrists, she could be hung by her wrists with these belts and there would be little discomfort. Miss Edwards looked at the small polished brass padlock that secured Amy's wrists. Amy smiled mischievously. Miss Edwards remembered the golden key that Amy had given her earlier. Miss Edwards reached inside of her blouse and retrieved the key which hung on the gold chain. She held the key in one hand and the padlock in the other. She brought the two together, slipped the key into the key slot on the padlock, turned the key and the lock popped open.

Miss Edwards felt great joy. Amy had given her a precious gift. Amy had given her a slave girl to do with as she pleased. Amy had given herself, willingly and without reservations. Miss Edwards closed the padlock again and smiled warmly at Amy. She then said in a curt tone "The slave will stand at attention!" Amy gave a startled look as she wasn't sure what that meant. Miss Edwards continued "Hands behind your head." "Yes mistress" replied Amy as she raised her arms and put her hands and wrists behind her head. "Feet apart" said Miss Edwards. "Yes mistress", Amy obliged. "Farther" was Miss Edwards reply. "Yes mistress", Amy spread her feet as told. Miss Edwards continued her instruction "Eyes down" as she pointed to the floor in front of Amy's feet. "Yes mistress", Amy looked down as instructed and Miss Edwards said "Now stand at attention and hold still." "Yes mistress" said Amy.

Miss Edwards admired the submissive girl as she stood there practically naked. When Amy stood still, her dress showed no more than a bikini clad body that one would see on a sunny beach. Her hair covered her breasts and the chain curtain covered her pubic bush. Miss Edwards slowly walked around Amy to Amy's right. Miss Edwards admired and touched every centimeter of Amy's skin so prominently on display. She caressed Amy's right breast with her right hand. Miss Edwards admired the smoothness of Amy's skin as she slid her hand down Amy's front to the front of her stomach above the chain belt. She moved her hand to Amy's right leg and placed it inside of her thigh just above her knee. She slowly moved her hand up the inside of Amy's thigh until she reached Amy's vagina. Amy's eyes were half closed enjoying the sensual feeling of the fingers exploring her body. Miss Edwards slid her fingers into Amy's now sopping wet vagina. Amy moaned. The knowing fingers explored the most intimate parts of Amy's body. They found the inner lips. They found the clit. They found Amy's hymen. Miss Edwards removed her hand and rubbed her thumb against the fingers admiring the slippery wet lubrication. Miss Edwards put her wet fingers to her mouth and sucked Amy's love juices from each of her fingers.

Miss Edwards continued her tour and stood behind Amy, she saw that the back of Amy's gold "skirt" was similar to the front. The back also had a U-shaped curtain of chains which covered Amy's bottom crack and just barley reached down to the bottom of her buttocks. Miss Edwards looked at Amy's back which was partly covered by her long hair. She admired the smooth curve of Amy's back from her shoulders to the small of her back and down to her buttocks. She wondered how well her back would mark when whipped. "Whipped?" she thought. She remembered seeing a whip somewhere. She continued the tour around Amy to Amy's left side. There on the left hip of the belt chain was a small hook that looked like it had been taken from a dog leash. The hook was attached to the belt. Hanging from the hook was Amy's 45 cm. long homemade cat-of-nine-tails.

Miss Edwards held up the 15 cm. long handle of the whip while the end was attached to the hook. She ran the fingers of her left hand through the nine leather thongs. The thongs had been made from leather boot laces. The metal tips had been cut off. Amy said "That is for my mistress to discipline me when I displease her." Miss Edwards almost broke character by laughing out loud. "Displease?" thought Miss Edwards, "How could this beautiful submissive girl ever displease me?" Miss Edwards finished the examination of Amy's homemade whip. It was light and could be used with considerable force and not cause Amy any damage. It would be a good prop for their naughty game.

Miss Edwards said in a stern voice "Did the slave have permission to speak?" A sexual thrill filled Amy; the naughty game had begun! Amy replied "No mistress, I'm sorry. Please discipline me" Miss Edwards unhooked the whip from Amy's belt. Since she wasn't sure just how Amy wanted to play this game; she decided to let Amy take the lead. Miss Edwards held the whip in front of Amy's eyes and said "Well?!" Amy took her cue and dropped to her knees. She swung her head to the side and grabbed her hair with her handcuffed hands to keep it out of the way, leaned all the way forward and placed her forehead on the floor with her hands flat on the floor under her neck. Her long hair was thrown out over her head and lay on the floor. This kneeling posture left Amy's entire naked back exposed from her neck down to the top of her belt at the top of her buttocks. Amy then said in a pleading voice "Please discipline me mistress."

Miss Edwards could feel the wetness increasing in her vagina. Never in her wildest fantasies had she imagined anyone this submissive. Miss Edwards felt true love for this girl who lay at her feet, a girl whom she was about to whip. Miss Edwards slowly walked around the kneeling girl while letting the thongs of the whip slide over her back. Amy would twitch as she felt the leather tickle her back. Miss Edwards wasn't sure if she could finish this game before her orgasm burst. Amy was so beautiful as she laid there submissively.

Miss Edwards started to gently slap Amy's back with the whip. Amy's breathing slowly became labored. Miss Edwards slowly increased the strength of the blows. She was proceeding slowly testing Amy's tolerance and desire for pain. She slowly walked around the girl while she whipped Amy's back, striking all parts of her back from different directions. She kept increasing the strength of the blows until the blows became full force. The whip was now leaving red marks where it would strike. However, there were no welts, the whip was too light.

Amy's breathing was now panting. Amy pleaded "I'm sorry mistress. Please don't whip me anymore. I'LL DO ANYTHING!" This was a code phrase which meant that Amy was enjoying the naughty game but wanted to be hit harder. Miss Edwards was already striking as hard as she could with the whip. The whip wasn't heavy enough to provide Amy the stimulation that she needed. Miss Edwards had an idea how to provide Amy the necessary stimulation. However, as she had arrived barley 15 minutes earlier, she felt it was too soon for Amy's orgasm which would end this marvelous naughty game. She wanted to enjoy her slave a little longer. She said curtly "Stand up!" Amy stood up with a look of disappointment in her face; she was ready for her orgasm. Miss Edwards hooked the whip back on Amy's belt.

Miss Edwards said "Get me something cool to drink slave. This exercise is making me thirsty." Amy led Miss Edwards to the kitchen where she fetched Miss Edwards a tall ice filled glass of lemonade. She offered the glass to her "mistress." As this was the first time Miss Edwards had been in Amy's house, she didn't know where any of the rooms were. She again decided to again let Amy lead and said "Carry it to my easy chair." Amy took her cue and led Miss Edwards to the comfortable sofa in the cozy family room. Miss Edwards said "I need to cool off" and proceeded to undress.

Miss Edwards knew that Amy preferred that her mistress be naked while being whipped. Amy watched her beautiful teacher as she slowly stripped completely in front of her. Miss Edwards laid her clothes on one end of the sofa. Miss Edwards was deliberately performing a provocative little strip-tease for her student. Amy explored Miss Edwards' body with her eyes. She had medium size firm breasts which Amy admired. Miss Edwards pubic hair was thick, black and curly. Miss Edwards stood still while Amy's eyes feasted on her body. Miss Edwards slowly turned around so that Amy could see her back side. Amy gazed at Miss Edwards full firm buttocks.

Miss Edwards turned and faced Amy. She said "Did the slave have permission to look at her mistress' body?" Amy's eyes went down and looked at the floor just in front of her feet. She said "No mistress, please discipline me." Miss Edwards said "I will, ... later. Right now I need to cool off. Kneel down there" as she pointed to a spot in front of the sofa. Amy knelt down as instructed facing the sofa. Miss Edwards sat down in the comfortable sofa and sipped her lemonade while watching her beautiful slave. Amy sat quietly with her head and eyes down. Miss Edwards said "Turn around, I want to see you back." Amy turned around as instructed. Part of Amy's hair hung down her back and obstructed the view. Miss Edwards leaned forward, parted Amy's hair down the middle of her back and pushed her hair over her shoulders so that it hung down her front. Miss Edwards admired the crisscross of red marks that covered Amy's entire back. It had been a good whipping even though the whip was light.

Miss Edwards finished her lemonade and said "Time to finished your discipline" and stood up. Amy immediately unhooked the whip from her belt, handed it to Miss Edwards, and leaned forward and put her forehead on the floor. Miss Edwards said "I think your back has had enough. We need to find somewhere else to whip. Stand up!" Amy wasn't sure what Miss Edwards had in mind but was ready for a new twist to this naughty

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I didn't write this story. It's a repost.

If you are offended by ff, bd, ws, sm, teen sex, or are too young to read this story then don't read it!

The story has 15 chapters and was written by F. M. Hazer [ (Hazer)]



Naughty Games
by F. M. Hazer

Chapter 6: The Exercise Room

Miss Edwards, Amy, and Amy's 24 year old sister Judy spent a nice evening together on Wednesday. The two sisters had cooked a simple spaghetti dinner. Judy was anxious to meet Miss Edwards who was "tutoring" Amy in advanced math. If only Judy knew what Miss Edwards was really teaching Amy. It was a get acquainted meeting as Judy and Miss Edwards had not previously met. Judy expressed her gratitude for helping Amy and said that she felt better knowing that there would be someone there on Friday evenings when she had to work late. When the evening was over, Miss Edwards expressed her thanks for the hospitality and left.

On Friday afternoon in school, Amy gave Miss Edwards a key to her house. Miss Edwards asked why Amy wanted to give her a key to her house. Amy said "Just in case I'm tied up sometime when you arrive." Miss Edwards had to think twice about what she said before she understood. She grinned at Amy and "See you at 6:00." Amy said "Be sure to bring your toys." "I won't forget" said Miss Edwards.

Miss Edwards arrived at Amy's home at 6:00 carrying a small suitcase. She knocked on the door and Amy let her in. Amy was again dressed in her slave girl costume, which Miss Edwards loved. Amy was not wearing her wrist restraints. The two girls kissed and hugged. Amy said "Did you bring your toys?" looking at her suitcase. Miss Edwards said "Yes" as she held up the bag. Amy said "Ooooh, I can hardly wait. Let's go to the exercise room." "Exercise room?" asked Miss Edwards. "Yes, follow me" said Amy. Amy led the way down the steps to the basement. The basement had been finished off into several rooms. Amy led Miss Edwards to one of the rooms. It was a real exercise room, a small gymnasium. The room was about five meters square and had mirrors on all of the walls. It had several pieces of exercise equipment. Amy said "This is where I like to play many of my naughty games. I like to tie myself up and pretend that I'm being whipped. I like to watch myself in the mirrors. Of course, I really can't tie myself completely and whip myself at the same time. But, now that your here ..."

Miss Edwards could feel the sexual excitement growing within herself thinking about tying Amy and whipping her. Amy said "Let's see your toys." Miss Edwards set down her suitcase and opened it. She had brought all of her "toys." She had a pair of handcuffs, her 40 cm. long leather strap which she had already used on Amy, a 60 cm. long multi-thong whip, a cane, a meter long buggy whip, and a two meter long bull whip, her "snake" whip. Amy picked up each item and examined it carefully. She tested each whip by striking it through the air. Each whip made its own distinctive sound. Amy loved the "snake" whip. She practiced with it, trying to get it to crack. With some practice, she was able to get a nice loud crack. She held her left hand to her crotch and said "It makes me wet just thinking about being whipped with it." She continued, "But won't it cut and draw blood?"

Miss Edwards got up and took the whip from Amy's hand and said "Yes, it can draw blood." She then put the whip around the back of Amy's waist and drew her near. She kissed Amy tenderly and said "But, I would never hurt you." Amy kissed her back, passionately. Amy said, "Let's try it!" Miss Edwards was ready! Miss Edwards asked if there was any special that she would like to be tied. Amy said "Yes, wait a minute."

She ran out of the room and returned a few minutes later with her special equipment. She was tying the leather restraints on her wrists as she entered the room. She went to a horizontal bar which was part of the exercise equipment and hooked two spring loaded boat shackles to eyebolts on the bar. The shackles were about one meter apart. Amy said that she always wanted to tie herself this way but couldn't figure how to do it so that she could get loose later. She took a short stool and placed it directly below the bar. She adjusted the height of the bar and stepped up onto the stool. She raised her arms and hooked her left wrist restraint to one of the shackles. She told Miss Edwards to hook her right wrist to the other shackle. This left her standing on the stool with her arms raised and hands tied apart to the bar. Amy then lifted herself up with her tied wrists and told Miss Edwards to remove the stool. Miss Edwards removed the stool and Amy lowered herself so that she hung by her wrists, her toes just barely touching the floor.

Amy said "OK, I'm ready." So was Miss Edwards. She could feel the juices flowing in her vagina. Her "slave" was now completely helpless as she hung there waiting to be whipped. Miss Edwards went to Amy's front and unhooked the chain belt of her skirt. She laid it aside and stood admiring the lovely white "canvas" of Amy's bare skin that she was about to mark with her whips. Amy's breathing was becoming labored as her excitement grew. She had never been helplessly bound before, bound by her beautiful mistress waiting to be whipped.

Amy watched her mistress as she slowly undressed. Amy loved having her mistress naked when she whipped her. After Miss Edwards had removed her wet panties, she stood close to Amy and started to feel and touch every centimeter of Amy's bare skin. Miss Edwards moved behind Amy, reached around her slave and cupped the girls breasts with her hands while pushing her own breasts into Amy's back. Miss Edwards slid her hands down the front of the girl to her pubis. She held Amy tight with her left hand against the girls lower stomach and slid the fingers of her right hand into the girl's now sopping wet vagina. She gently massaged the girls clitoris while rubbing her own pubis against the girl's bare buttocks. Miss Edwards just couldn't get enough of her young lover. Amy had her eyes closed and was quitely moaning while she enjoyed the voluptuous feeling of the exploring hands of her mistress.

Miss Edwards returned to Amy's front and kissed her lips gently. She asked tenderly "Are you ready for your whipping?" It was a stupid question, Amy was ready!! Miss Edwards said "Let's just proceed slowly. We'll see which whips you like and how hard you like them to strike." Amy was now panting. She had no fear that Miss Edwards would really hurt her, she trusted her mistress. Miss Edwards said "You've already felt the strap, so we'll skip it for now. Let's try the cane first, OK?" Amy breathlessly said "OK."

Miss Edwards picked up her cane. She stood to Amy's left and placed the cane against the girl's bottom cheeks. Amy was gasping with labored breaths waiting for the first cut. Miss Edwards drew back and gave Amy a moderate cut across both cheeks. Amy gasped, threw her head back, bent her right leg at the knee and rubbed her right leg against the left. When that didn't relieve the sting, she rubbed the left against the right. She alternated legs until at last she let both legs hang straight. Miss Edwards admired the welt that had sprung to life. Amy did not scream, she was panting. Miss Edwards said "How was that?" Amy said "Ooooh yes. Do it slowly just like that." Miss Edwards gave Amy three more licks with her cane waiting until Amy recovered from each one before delivering the next. It was obvious to Miss Edwards that Amy was about to come.

Miss Edwards put down her cane and said "I think we'd better rest for a moment, you're about to pop." Amy groaned, she was ready for her orgasm. Miss Edwards dropped to her knees behind her lover and gently kissed and licked the welts on Amy's bottom.

After a couple minutes when Amy had cooled down, Miss Edwards said "Would you like to try my 'snake' whip on your back?" Amy was ready for the naughty game. Miss Edwards parted Amy's hair down the back and threw her hair over her shoulders so that it hung down her front. She then picked up her two meter bull whip, positioned herself the proper distance behind and to Amy's left and gave Amy a moderate cut across the middle of her back. The leather landed with a load snap. Amy squealed as she threw her head back. She brought up both knees against her chest and twisted about. It took nearly a minute for her to recover from the shock. When Amy again relaxed, Miss Edwards went to Amy's back and kissed and licked the vicious looking wound. The whip had drawn a large welt but the skin was not broken. Miss Edwards, who was now nearing her own climax, asked breathlessly "How was that?" Amy swooned and said "WOW, I had no idea ..." Miss Edwards went to Amy's front and gently kissed her lips. She asked "Would you like try another?" Amy said "Oh yes, that was GREAT!"

Miss Edwards re-positioned herself and gave Amy another stroke, across the small of her back. Amy again responded to the shocking pain. Miss Edwards was ecstatic over her new bottom's ability to take and enjoy such hard strokes. It really makes the naughty game fun when the bottom enjoys it so much. Amy took four more strokes from Miss Edwards' "snake" whip before Miss Edwards called a halt. She said "Any more and both of us will climax. There's still two more 'toys' to try." Amy again groaned. Her mistress was being cruel for teasing her and not finishing her off.

Miss Edwards laid down the "snake" whip and picked up her multi-thong "flogger". This was a real cat-of-nine-tails as opposed to Amy's home made version that they had used the previous week. Miss Edwards looked at Amy's back and said "Your back looks like it's pretty much had it. Do you want to try this on your front?" Amy was ready but she wanted to be tied in a different position. She had Miss Edwards replace the stool so that she could again stand up and relieve the tension on her wrists. Miss Edwards freed her wrists and Amy ran out of the room and returned quickly with some rope. She laid on her tender back on the exercise table and had Miss Edwards tie her hands out to the side above her head. Miss Edwards then tied her legs tightly in a spread eagle position. Amy was tied with her vagina complete exposed and ready for the whip. Miss Edwards proceeded slowly with her flogger. She whipped the whole of Amy's front, across her stomach, gently across her breasts, across both of her inner thighs, and finally into her exposed vagina. Amy was again breathing heavily; she was enjoying it. Miss Edwards increased the strength of her blows until they were leaving reals welts.

She continued to whip randomly across Amy's front with moderately hard blows. She then struck Amy's left breast with a moderately hard blow. Amy gasped a breath and screwed her eyes shut. As Miss Edwards drew back to strike the girl's right breast, Amy suddenly opened her eyes and yelled "NO! CRACKERS!!!" Miss Edwards froze in mid-swing with the whip over her head. She said "What happened?"

Any again screwed her eyes shut in real pain. Miss Edwards saw a tear run out of the corner of her right eye and down the side of her head toward her ear. Amy then opened her eyes and looked at her left breast and said in an accusing voice that was totally uncharacteristic for Amy and her naughty games "That HURT!!" Miss Edwards was mortified; she had actually hurt her precious lover. She felt like she had smashed a priceless porcelain doll. She feared that it could never again be fixed. Amy would never again want to play their naughty games.

Miss Edwards dropped the whip and gently caressed Amy's injured breast. She said "I don't understand. That stroke was no harder than the others." Amy was still recovering from the injury and laid quietly for a few seconds. She then said "It felt like you punched me in the boob! That whip is too heavy." Miss Edwards said "Oh Amy, I'm really sorry." She reached over to untie Amy's right wrist. Amy said "No, don't untie me. Give me a moment. Don't ever hit my breasts with that thing again!" Amy had learned a lesson. If one likes to play naughty games with real weapons, one had better trust the person who wields them. Had it been someone who didn't care, she would now have at least two sore breasts, possible worse.

After a few minutes, Amy took a deep breath and said "I'm sorry I yelled." Miss Edwards gently kissed Amy on the lips. Amy kissed her back, all was forgiven. Miss Edwards went over to her toys, picked up the buggy whip and asked "How about this, it's light?" Amy took a look at it. The whip was about a meter in length, stiff but flexible, and had a short 16 cm. long leather "stinger" at the end. Amy said "OK, but watch my breasts."

Miss Edwards smiled warmly at Amy. She then proceeded to gently flick Amy with the buggy whip. She was now "gun shy" about hurting her. Miss Edwards started on the girls stomach and worked her way down to her legs. Amy was starting to breath heavily again. Amy whispered "harder." Miss Edwards increased the strength of the blows. She worked her way up the insides of Amy's thighs to her vagina. She then worked the whip across her pubis and again up her stomach to just below her breasts. She was afraid to strike the girl's sore breasts. Amy's body began to writhe about. She was now panting. The tell-tale moisture was visible in her vagina. It was clear that her climax was again building. Miss Edwards worked her way back down her front to her pubis and thighs. Amy was now wiggling about and moaning between her gasps. Amy the said "Oh please mistress, don't whip me any more. I'll do anything!" Oh yes, Amy was enjoying it. The code phrase "I'll do anything" meant that she wanted to be struck harder. Miss Edwards struck with moderately hard strokes. The whip left short light welts wherever it landed. Amy's writhing and panting was erotic. Miss Edwards could feel her own orgasm building. Finally as Amy was moaning loudly, she stiffened and lifted her hips off of the table as her orgasm erupted. The sight was too much for Miss Edwards; her orgasm exploded. She dropped to her knees and put her head next to Amy's exposed pubis and looked closely at the welts as they both enjoyed the waves of pleasure.

After they had recovered, Miss Edwards untied Amy. Amy was stiff and sore as she got up from the table. Miss Edwards packed her toys into her suitcase. She picked up her clothes and they went to Amy's bed. They enjoyed the pleasure of mutual cunnilingus for several more orgasms.

After the two girls had relaxed together on Amy's bed, Amy looked at her lover and said "I wish you could live here with me." Miss Edwards hugged and kissed Amy; she also had the same wish. Miss Edwards said "I don't think that would be possible. It would look very suspicious to everyone." Then Amy's eyes lit up and said "Maybe I could convince Judy to rent you the apartment." "The Apartment?" said Miss Edwards. "Yes, it's over the barn. My parents had the barn renovated just before they died. It was supposed to have been the servant's quarters" Amy said and then jumped out of bed and added "Come, I'll show it to you."

Miss Edwards got up from the bed and started to dress. Amy said "Don't bother dressing, no one can see." Miss Edwards looked at the mischievous look on Amy's face. Miss Edwards thought about it for a moment and said "OK." Amy added "However, you'd better put you shoes on." The two "nudies" walked out the back door of the house toward the barn. The late afternoon Fall sun was about to set. The air was getting cool. This was a new experience for Miss Edwards. She had never walked out of doors naked before. It felt good. She had a certain feeling of freedom not having to worry about preserving her modesty. It was about 50 meters from the house to the barn. Miss Edwards admired Amy's young slim body as they walked. Except, Amy looked more like a red stripped zebra than a girl. The welts from the various whips had faded leaving only deep red marks which covered her entire body, front and back. About halfway there, Amy stopped, turned around, put her arms around her lover and kissed Miss Edwards with a deep sole kiss while rubbing her pussy against Miss Edwards'. When done, Amy said that it felt wonderfully naughty doing that outside where anyone could see.

They walked to the side of the barn and Amy unlocked the door with the key that she had brought with her. They climbed the steps and entered the upstairs apartment. Miss Edwards was amazed at the size of the place. The two bedroom apartment was almost twice the size of her one bedroom apartment. The master bedroom had its own private bathroom. The main bathroom was off the hallway. The second bedroom was smaller than the master and would make a good office. The living area was essentially a single large room. The kitchen area was separated from the rest by a counter divider. The dining area and living areas flowed together. Miss Edwards admired the modern kitchen which included dish washer, garbage disposal, microwave oven, and a large frost-free refrigerator. Miss Edwards thought about the last time she had battled the ice in her freezer. Amy then pointed to the opposite wall of the kitchen near the hallway. There was an over-under combination clothes washer and dryer. Miss Edwards thought about all the times she had to carry her laundry basket down to the laundry room and all the coins that she had fed into the machines. What a convenience to have one's own washer and dryer!

The large living area had a free standing circular fireplace. The stove pipe went up through the ceiling. Amy led Miss Edwards to the sliding glass door at the far end of the living area. It opened onto a large balcony which overlooked the main house and the rest of the 10 acres of property. She could see that it was very private. Amy asked "So what do you think?" Miss Edwards was at a loss for words; the apartment was a dream of luxury. She explained that the offer was very tempting. However, she had reservations. What would Judy say? How would it look for Miss Edwards' landlord being her own student? Would other people become suspicious? Miss Edwards said that she would like to move in there but they needed to proceed cautiously. They hugged and kissed each other.

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I didn't write this story. It's a repost.

If you are offended by ff, bd, ws, sm, teen sex, or are too young to read this story then don't read it!

The story has 15 chapters and was written by F. M. Hazer [ (Hazer)]



Naughty Games
by F. M. Hazer

Chapter 7: Teacher's Surprise

It was now 5:42 in the afternoon and Miss Edwards was nearly 45 minutes late as she reached Amy's front door. An unexpected teachers meeting was called just minutes before she was to leave. She tried to call Amy at 4:30 to tell her that she'd be late but there was no answer. She was concerned because Amy had stopped by her office after school at 3:30 to confirm that Miss Edwards would definitely coming to her home at 5:00. The front door was locked. As she reached into her purse for the key, she remembered that Amy made sure that she would bring the house key. Miss Edwards opened the door, went inside and locked the door behind her. She did not see Amy anywhere. She called out but got no answer. She then noticed the type written note laying on the table in the foyer. She read the note. It said

Amy is waiting for you in the exercise room.


Miss Edwards was somewhat confused since Amy' big sister Judy was not supposed to be home until at least 9;00 that evening.

Miss Edwards went downstairs to the exercise room. The door was closed. She opened the door and walked inside. Her eyes grew large when she saw the scene that greeted her. In the center of the room was a low wooden table, about 30 cm. high and about one meter square. The table had been covered with a soft carpeting material. A naked Amy was kneeling on the table with her back side aimed directly at the door. Her legs were spread wide apart and her ankles were secured by strips of Velcro to O-rings which had been bolted to the top of the table. Amy's knees were similarly secured wide apart. She was bent forward and had her head out of sight. Her posture had the effect of fully exposing Amy's vagina, clitoris and rectum to whomever entered the room. Miss Edwards had to walk around to the side of the table to fully grasp the spectacle. The leather belt restraints were on Amy's wrists. A similar belt was around Amy's neck. All three restraints were locked together with the familiar padlock which also passed through an O-ring which was bolted to the top of the table near the center. The effect was to render Amy completely helpless. She couldn't use her hands nor lift her head up off the table. In fact, her head was held so close to the table that she had to rub her nose across the carpeting to move her head from one side to the other. Miss Edwards saw that Amy had a rubber ball stuffed into her mouth, secured with a scarf tied around her head. Thus, Amy was forced to stay in that obscene position, helpless and mute, while exhibiting her most intimate body parts to whomever entered the room. Amy looked at Miss Edwards with apprehension in her eyes.

Miss Edwards then noticed the 60 cm. length of bamboo that was laying directly below Amy's clit between her spread legs. The rod was about seven mm. in diameter. On top of the rod was a handwritten note. She picked up the note and read:

Dear Miss Edwards,

Amy has been a very naughty girl. I caught her playing with
herself while she was reading a filthy book. She knows that
nice girls don't do things like that. She also knows what
happens to naughty girls, they get canned!

Unfortunately, I have to go to a meeting right now and don't
have the time. Would you be a dear and please do me a big
favor? Give Amy a good thrashing?



P.S. I won't be home until after 9:00 PM.

Miss Edwards heart was pounding. She had a stab of fear as she realized that Judy might know about Miss Edwards' secrete and expose her. She looked at the note again and the truth suddenly struck her when she recognized the handwriting, it was Amy's! Amy was playing a naughty game. Except that this naughty game was one of Miss Edwards favorite fantasies that she had told Amy about.

Miss Edwards looked closely at Amy's bondage with wonder. Amy had bound herself into that obscene position. Miss Edwards also realized that only she had the key, the golden, key, to unlock Amy. Miss Edwards looked at the clock on the wall, it was now 5:57. Miss Edwards now understood why there was no answer when she tried to call at 4:30. Amy had already bound herself. She obviously wanted to enjoy her self bondage for a while before Miss Edwards arrived. It must have been very frustrating and frightening for her when the phone rang and she was unable to answer it. It could have been her sister who would have come home to see what was wrong when no one answered. Poor Amy must have really been in a frightful state of mind when no one showed up at 5:00. Every minute after 5:00 must have added to Amy's apprehension.

Miss Edwards picked up the cane. She swung it through the air a couple of times as it made a nice whistling sound. She could see Amy's hips flinch from the sound of the cane. Miss Edwards felt a flush of energy surge through her vagina. She looked at Amy's beautifully exposed labial lips and saw the telltale moisture within. Miss Edwards was overcome with a mixture of emotions. She realized that Amy had placed her complete trust in Miss Edwards' hands. With Amy's bottom so completely exposed and her mouth gagged, she could cause Amy a lot a real pain and damage with the cane and Amy couldn't speak the code word for her to stop. Miss Edwards realized that Amy held no resentment toward her because of the real pain she had previously caused to Amy's breast with her whip. The position that Amy had locked herself in showed that she had complete trust in Miss Edwards. Amy knows that Miss Edwards would never really hurt her. Miss Edwards felt true love for her helplessly bound young lover. She wanted to drop to her knees behind Amy and kiss and lick those moist lips that were so prominently on display.

However, that would have to wait until later. Amy had gone to a lot of trouble to arrange this naughty game for her teacher. Miss Edwards would play it out, not just for Amy's carnal desires, but because Miss Edwards was now consumed with burning lust. She wanted to cane Amy!

As Miss Edwards walked around to Amy's left side, she could feel that her underpants were now soaking wet. She said "So, you've been a very naughty girl." Miss Edwards was testing the cane by tapping it into her left. She was trying to determine just how hard to strike to give Amy the maximum stimulation that she so much desired without causing her real pain. "You know what happens to naughty girls, don't you?" She said. Amy's bottom was squirming as Miss Edwards pressed the cane to the plumpest part, measured the correct distance to stand, pulled the cane back and delivered a smart cut.

Amy gasped, and wiggled obscenely as she tested the limits of her bondage. Miss Edwards watched the welt develop on Amy's bottom. After the welt had grown to is maximum, Amy started breathing again in a heavy labored manner. Amy had her forehead pressed down on the soft carpeting with her eyes closed. Since Amy wasn't trying to scream through her gag or look at Miss Edwards with pleading eyes, Miss Edwards judged that the cut must have been satisfactory. Miss Edwards placed the cane to Amy's bottom and struck again. Amy again wiggled her bottom against the restraints. Miss Edwards would wait each time until the wiggling stopped before delivering the next cut. After Amy had six strokes, Miss Edwards walked behind Amy for a close inspection. She admired the six parallel welts. She noticed that there was a drop of goo on the carpeting of the table directly below Amy's clit. She looked closely at Amy's vagina and could see that the child was so wet than that the slime was running down past her clit and dripping off of her curly blond pubic hairs. Amy was obviously enjoying their naughty game!

Miss Edwards walked back to the left of Amy's head. She still had her forehead pressed down on the carpeting and had her eyes closed. She was breathing heavily. Miss Edwards removed the scarf and Amy's ball gag and said "Well, is the naughty girl learning her lesson?" Amy looked at Miss Edwards and said "Oh please Miss Edwards, don't cane me any more. I'll be good, I promise I'll be REAL good. I'll do ANYTHING!" Miss Edwards could feel her orgasm blooming. Amy had used the code word "anything" which meant that she was enjoying the naughty game but wanted to be spanked harder. Miss Edwards said "Sorry, but we're only half way done." Amy let out a groan. Miss Edwards wasn't sure if it was a mock plea or sigh of masochistic pleasure. Miss Edwards said, "I need to get out of these clothes. They inhabit my swing." That was only an excuse; Amy preferred that her mistress be naked while being whipped. Miss Edwards unzipped her dress and pulled it off. She let it lay on the floor. She unfastened her bra and removed it. She then caressed her breasts with both hands and squeezed her nipples. She kicked off her shoes, pulled down her panty hose and stepped out of them.

Amy noticed the obvious wetness in the crotch of her panties. Miss Edwards hooked her thumbs into the waist of her panties, pulled them down and stepped out of them. Miss Edwards was now stark naked except for the golden key which hung on the gold chain between her breasts. Amy felt a sense of pride and of belonging when she saw the key next to her lover's heart. Miss Edwards help up her panties for inspection. The crotch was soaking wet. She turned them inside out and folded them until she found a dry spot. She walked back behind Amy. She first mopped up the little puddle of goo that had landed on the carpeting of table. She then proceeded to wipe Amy's vagina dry. It was a hopeless effort. The more she wiped Amy's exposed genitals, the more moisture Amy secreted. Miss Edwards Kept wiping and folding the panties until there were no dry places left.

She walked back and stood beside Amy's head, holding the panties in her left hand, and said "Time for the rest of your caning." She picked up the ball gag with her right hand and said "Open up." Amy open her mouth expecting the ball to be inserted. Instead, Miss Edwards stuffed the soaking wet panties into her young lover's mouth. Miss Edwards held the panties in place with a finger until the scarf was again tied securely around Amy's head. Miss Edwards watched the expression on Amy's face as she tasted their combined love juices. Amy looked up at her naked lover. Miss Edwards looked back at Amy's face and saw pure love in her eyes. Miss Edwards smiled warmly at Amy, puckered her lips, blew Amy a kiss, and positioned herself to the left of Amy's glowing buttocks. She measured off her distance with the cane, brought it back, and gave Amy's exposed bottom a good lick. This was a harder stroke than the other six had been. Amy let out a muffled squeal, and her bottom gyrated. Miss Edwards watch as the welt sprang to life. It was much larger and darker than the other six. Amy's bottom continued to wiggle. She moved her bottom from one side to the other as she first tried to lift one knee and then the other.

When Amy again became still, Miss Edwards looked at her face carefully. She wanted to make sure that the stroke wasn't too hard. She had nothing to worry about. Amy's forehead was again pressed down on the carpet with her eyes closed; she wasn't trying to plead. Miss Edwards noticed that the pool of goo on the table below Amy's genitals was growing. It took only two more of those moderately hard strokes for Amy to achieve her orgasm. As Amy's spasms started, Miss Edwards dropped the cane and vigorously rubbed her own clit. It took only two seconds of rubbing for Miss Edwards' orgasm to explode. Miss Edwards dropped down on her knees to the floor and enjoyed the waves of pleasure wash over her body as she watched Amy's welted bottom and clit twitch with orgasm. She also saw Amy's sphincter muscle move in and out as she spasmed.

After few minutes of rest, Miss Edwards got up and untied Amy's gag and removed the panties. Amy had her head turned to the left with the right side of her face resting on the carpeting. Amy said "Oh, Miss Edwards, that was wonderful!". Miss Edwards knelt down and tenderly kissed Amy on her left cheek. She then moved her mouth to Amy's left ear and whispered "I love you." Amy was filled with pride and joy. She whispered back "I love you too." Miss Edwards said "I really enjoyed your naughty game. This was the best surprise I've ever had." Amy said "I was really getting scared when you didn't show up at 5:00." Miss Edwards explained what had happened. Miss Edwards was correct about the unanswered phone call. Amy had tied herself up when she got home from school, before 4:00.

Miss Edwards got up and walked to Amy's behind. Amy said, "Aren't you going to untie me?" Miss Edwards said, "No, not just yet. There's something I must do first." Amy was puzzled, what could there be left to do? Amy soon found out. Miss Edwards knelt down behind Amy's beautifully exposed vagina and planted her mouth down on Amy's sopping wet labial lips. Amy squealed in delight. Miss Edwards then went to work on Amy's vagina with her tongue lapping away at it like a thirsty dog drinking water. Amy swooned and again laid her forehead down on the carpeting. She enjoyed the deliciously naughty feeling of her teacher's tongue as it worked away on her private parts. It took less than a minute for Amy to reach her orgasm. "That's what I've been wanting to do since I first walked through that door and saw you there!" said Miss Edwards. Amy giggled and was happy that she had pleased her teacher and lover.

Miss Edwards pulled the gold necklace over her head, inserted the golden key into the padlock and unlocked Amy. She undid the Velcro strips which bound her legs. Amy stiffly got up off of the table. She had been bound in that position for more than two hours. She stretched her arms and legs. It felt good to be able to move again. Amy stood admiring her striped bottom in the mirror, running her fingers across the welts and feeling the heat in her cheeks. Amy threw her arms around her teacher; they hugged and kissed each other. Miss Edwards led Amy to the exercise table. Miss Edwards laid down on her back on the table, and spread her legs wide apart. Amy needed no further instruction. She knelt down between Miss Edwards' legs and placed her mouth and tongue into Miss Edwards' wet vagina. Amy worked her tongue on Miss Edward's clit. It didn't take long for Miss Edwards to orgasm. After Miss Edwards' orgasm subsided, Amy started in again. Miss Edwards enjoyed four intense orgasms before she was too drained to continue.

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If you are offended by ff, bd, ws, sm, teen sex, or are too young to read this story then don't read it!

The story has 15 chapters and was written by F. M. Hazer [ (Hazer)]



Naughty Games
by F. M. Hazer

Chapter 8 Another Secret Revealed

It was a lovely early Spring Saturday. Miss Edwards had enjoyed a fulfilling naughty game with her lover, Amy, the previous evening. She was downtown in the "big" city doing some needed shopping that only the big downtown department stores could provide. It was nearing 12 noon when she was about to enter one of the stores. As she was about to step into the revolving door from the street, two girls came out through the door together. They were giggling and holding hands, completely oblivious to any witnesses that there may be waiting on the outside. The two girls nearly ran into Miss Edwards before they noticed her. They both immediately let go of their hands. They both stared at Miss Edwards as Miss Edwards stared back at the two girls because both girls recognized Miss Edwards as Miss Edwards also recognized the two girls. They were Judy, Amy's older sister, and Sally Cheng, Miss Edwards' previous lover from college.

Miss Edwards stared at the two with bewilderment, not knowing what to say or do. The two girls both started at Miss Edwards. Judy said "Miss Edwards!" simultaneously to Sally saying "Bunny!" The two girls then simultaneously turned their heads and looked at each other. They then simultaneously turned their heads back and again looked at Miss Edwards. They then again turned their heads at looked at each other and said in unison "Do you two know each other?" They then turned back and looked at Miss Edwards.

Miss Edwards knew Sally quite well having lived with her for nearly three years. Miss Edwards knew that Sally would not be wasting a Saturday shopping with a "straight" girl. Miss Edwards said "I think we need to talk."

They picked out a quite restaurant for lunch. They sat in a secluded private booth. Sally, being completely open and out had no secrets. While Sally had talked about her previous lover in college, she had never told Judy her name. She knew that Miss Edwards was now a teacher and respected her needed privacy. Judy had mentioned to Sally that Amy's teacher was giving her special instruction on Friday evenings. She had never mentioned the teacher's name.

The conversation started as a comical farce. Judy and Miss Edwards were like territorial animals. Each circling the other sniffing for weaknesses and trying to gain the advantage without giving any ground. Judy would not admit that she was a lesbian. Miss Edwards would not say anything about her intimate relationship with Amy. Finally, Sally, who had no secrets and even less tact asked Miss Edwards in jest "So Bunny, are you sleeping with Amy?" Miss Edwards glared at Sally. Sally looked at the guilty look on Miss Edwards face and said "Oops." She had spilled the beans.

Judy became very defensive of her younger sister. Judy made vague accusations about Miss Edwards taking advantage of her young sister. Sally, now trying to fix the damage that she had caused, came to Miss Edwards' defense. She said "Come on Judy, lighten up. How old were you the first time?" Judy did not admit that she was just 12 when she lost her virginity. Instead, Judy said "That's different, it was with a boy!" Both Sally and Miss Edwards gave Judy an insulted look. Sally said in a totally sarcastic tone "Wwwwweeeeelllllll EXCUUUUuuuSSSSssssE ME! Why didn't you say that you prefer boys?" Now Judy was on the defensive. She said "No, that's not what I mean. My first time was with a boy my own age." Sally said "Oh, so you'd rather have Amy fucking some 14 year old boy."

Judy could see that she was loosing the argument. She finally relented and said "It just doesn't seem right that a teacher should be sleeping with one of her students." Miss Edwards was silent. She had no argument against that statement, her relationship with Amy WAS as act of impropriety. Sally broke the embarrassing silence and again came to Miss Edwards' defense. "Judy, I've known Bunny for three years and I know that she would never do anything that would hurt your sister." Miss Edwards added "Sally is right. My relationship with Amy is very special and I have only greatest respect for her. She is a willing participant and I would never take advantage of her. Your sister is very emotionally mature for her age, don't you agree Sally?"

Sally said "I don't know, I've never met Amy." Miss Edwards looked at Sally with a puzzled look and said "Do you mean you've been going with Judy and you've never met Amy?" Sally looked at Judy and said "I think she's ashamed of me." Judy was now defeated. She took hold of Sally's hand and said softly "No, I'm not ashamed you. I'm ashamed of myself. Amy thinks I'm straight and I don't want to ruin her opinion of me."

The barriers were falling. The three girls now conversed openly about their relationships. Miss Edwards learned that the late Friday work nights were in reality the intimate times that Judy spent at Sally's apartment. Miss Edwards learned that the "business" trips to her San Francisco condo were a chance to get away with her lover and enjoy an open gay lifestyle, if only for a few days. They talked for nearly an hour, enjoying lunch.

Judy and Miss Edwards were rapidly becoming friends. They found common ground. While Judy was still uneasy about Amy's relationship with Miss Edwards, at least she accepted it. The luncheon was coming to an amicable conclusion when Sally dropped her bomb. "Say Bunny, are you still into all that kinky stuff?"

"What kinky stuff?" asked Judy. The totally uninhibited Sally looked at Judy and plunged ahead "Oh she was always trying to spank me. You should see her collection of whips. She has this cane about this long ..." Sally was holding here hands apart to show the size and continued "and she has this really mean looking bull whip ..." Sally stopped in mid sentence when she noticed that Judy was glaring at Miss Edwards. Sally looked at Miss Edwards, her face had guilt written all over it. Sally said "Oh oh!" and wished that she were the invisible woman and could just disappear. She had done it again!

Judy said to Miss Edwards in a "holier than thou" voice "What have you done to my sister?" Miss Edwards almost laughed out loud at the thought of what an honest answer would sound like. "Oh, I like to tie up Amy naked and whip the shit out of her. I also enjoy peeing on her." Miss Edwards desperately searched for a diplomatic answer. She said "I have done nothing to Amy that she hasn't been willing to do." Judy asked, still with her protective sister voice "Have you spanked my sister?" Miss Edwards was visibly uncomfortable with the probing questions. She said "Amy made me promise never to tell anyone, especially you." "Are you saying that she liked it?" asked Judy. "Yes" said Miss Edwards.

The lunch took more than an additional hour. Judy probed, prodded, and pumped Miss Edwards for the entire story. Judy was visibly shaken by her sister's "perversion." Sally, however, became more excited with each detail. Sally finally said "Do you suppose we could watch sometime when you whip Amy?" Sally looked at Judy's glaring face and once again said "Oops." Miss Edwards reminded them that what she had disclosed was against Amy's wishes. Amy thinks that Judy thinks that she's Judy's nice little sister.

Miss Edwards asked "How about you Judy, don't you think it's time that Amy knew about you?" Now it was Judy's turn to be uncomfortable. She said "Amy thinks that I'm her straight sister. I don't know how she would take the news." Miss Edwards said "Well, there's one was to find out." Judy said "Yes, I suppose it should all come out. However, let's be sure we pick the right time and place."

It was more than a month later, at Amy's 15th birthday, before it all came out.

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I didn't write this story. It's a repost.

If you are offended by ff, bd, ws, sm, teen sex, or are too young to read this story then don't read it!

The story has 15 chapters and was written by F. M. Hazer [ (Hazer)]



Naughty Games
by F. M. Hazer

Chapter 9: The Birthday Surprise

"I don't know about this. Are you sure she'll want to go through with it?" asked Judy. "Well if she doesn't, she knows the code word and can stop at any time." said Miss Edwards. "Oh come on Judy, it sounds like fun!" said Sally. "This will be a birthday she'll never forget." added Miss Edwards. "Weeelllll, Ok." Judy reluctantly agreed.

"I know that your birthday party is tomorrow but I wanted you to have this gift today" Miss Edwards said as she handed Amy the colorfully wrapped box. "Happy 15th" she added. They were sitting alone in Amy's living room on the late Friday afternoon. Amy took the box and pulled the bow apart on the ribbons. She then ripped the paper off of the box. It was a brand-name clothing box which obviously contained an expensive dress. With wide expectant eyes, Amy opened the box. Inside she saw a rather drab looking off-white material. She took it out of the box and held it up. It looked like an off-white nuns habit. Amy said "It's ... it's ..." and turned to Miss Edwards with a puzzled look while searching for the words to describe it. The words were not forthcoming for there were no words to describe it. "Go put it on" Miss Edwards said "now! Be sure to wear only what's in the box." Amy took the box to her room. She undressed completely and then took the items out of the box. She pulled the habit over her head and put her arms into the sleeves. The habit had a string tie in the front. She tied the string and then looked at herself in the mirror. The habit was, in a word, UGLY. It was obviously make from some kind of very cheap material. The stitching was amateurish and the sleeves were not quit the same length. Amy wasn't sure just what kind of a costume party this was going to be.

Amy put on the cheap sandals that were also in the box and walked back to the living room. Miss Edwards was not there. Amy looked around wondering what was going to happen next when Miss Edwards walked back into the room. She was dressed in a similar "costume" except that her's was all black. "Oh you look cute" Miss Edwards said, "Bring me your wrist belts and the padlock." Amy then realized that Miss Edwards was going to play some kind of naughty game with her. She had a mild sexual rush as she tried to figure out what Miss Edwards had in store for her. She ran out of the room and then ran back moments later with the requested items. "Hold out your hands please." Amy held out her hands as Miss Edwards buckled the familiar belts around her wrists. "Turn around and put your hands behind you" she said. Amy did as she was told and held still while Miss Edwards inserted the padlock into the wrist restraints. Miss Edwards then pulled a hood that was on her habit up over her head. She now looked more like a monk than nun. Amy's habit had no hood. "OK, outside" Miss Edwards said as she led Amy to the side door.

They walked outside into the late afternoon Spring sunshine. It had been a mild day and now it was getting cool. The early Spring air smelled good. Miss Edwards directed Amy to the small pasture behind the barn. Amy could feel the dampness growing between her legs; this was going to be a new naughty game and her lover, Miss Edwards, had something special in store for her.

As they came around the corner of the barn into the pasture, Amy saw the old swing set that she and Judy used to play on when they were kids. There were now two short chains hanging from where one of the swings used to hang. There was also a milking stool on the ground directly below and between the two chains and a small step ladder next to it. "Over there" Miss Edwards directed as they walked toward the stool. When Amy got to the the stool, she noticed that there were two other people standing off to the side. The two other people were also dressed in the same type of black habit as Miss Edwards with the hoods pulled over their heads. Amy could not see their faces. Amy turned to Miss Edwards with a frightened puzzled look in her eyes. Miss Edwards kept a stone cold expression on her face and gave the curt order "Get up on the stool." Miss Edwards held Amy's arm as she stepped up onto the 30 cm. high stool. Miss Edwards reached down the inside of her habit and retrieved the key that was on her necklace and unlocked the padlock on Amy's wrist straps She then climbed up two rungs on the step ladder to Amy's left. Miss Edwards took Amy's left arm and held it up to the chain on the left. She attached Amy's wrist strap to a hook that was on the end of the chain. Miss Edwards then got off of the step ladder and moved it to Amy's right side. She then attached Amy's right wrist to the right chain.

Miss Edwards stepped down off the ladder and moved it well out of the way. Amy was standing on the 30 cm. milking stool with her arms held straight up and to the side. While her arms were straight, her weight was on her feet. The two strangers moved closer to Amy's front but the hoods were still hiding their faces from Amy's view. The three black hooded people looked at Amy for a few minutes enjoying her consternation. The simple bondage was having an effect on Amy. She could feel the wetness increasing between her legs.

Finally, one of the strangers stepped forward and unwound a small scroll. A loud feminine voice read in a slow and emphasized manner "Amy Snyder, you have been found guilty of wanton sexual misconduct, unlawful fornication, and sodomy. As punishment, it is the judgment of this tribunal that you be brought to this public place so that all may see your shame, hung by your wrists, stripped naked, and whipped until your soul is cleansed."

A sudden sexual flush filled Amy; this was one of her favorite fantasies! Miss Edwards had planned a good naughty game for today! While the pasture that they were in was out in the open, it wasn't really "public" as it couldn't be seen except from their own property. However, this new naughty game did have extra spice as there were two strangers who were going to witness her "punishment". This also caused mild fear and panic within Amy. She didn't know who the two strangers were nor if they could be trusted to keep her secret. At the moment, however, her sexual urge far outweighed her fear. Plus, she completely trusted the her lover, Miss Edwards.

Amy's thoughts were abruptly brought back to reality as Miss Edwards yanked the milking stool out from under Amy's feet. She was now hanging by her wrists with her feet three cm. from the ground. By pointing her toes straight down, she could just barely feel the grass on her big toes. Miss Edwards came to Amy's front and took hold of the habit with both hands. In one great gesture, the habit was torn open. Miss Edwards continued tearing the cloth until it lay at Amy's feet; it was now a useless rag. Miss Edwards removed Amy's sandals and tossed them away. Miss Edwards picked up the tattered garment and tossed it aside. Amy was now hanging by her wrists, stark naked, in front of two strangers.

Amy could feel the cool afternoon spring air on her bare skin. A flush come to her face as she was awash with a mixture of emotions. She had never before experienced such a combination of humiliation, embarrassment, fear, and overwhelming sexual stimulation! She had her eyes closed and head turned to one side as if she were trying to hide from the eyes of the strangers. As she slowly moved and bent her legs, as if trying to find a place to put her feet, she could feel what was now a sopping wetness in her secrete spot as the cool Spring air gently blew across her blond pubic mound.

The three figures watched Amy for several minutes. She looked so innocent and helpless as she hung there totally exposed. She was beautiful! Finally, Amy opened her eyes and looked at the hooded figures who were watching her. Her breathing was becoming heavier and more labored as her arousal steadily increased. The hooded stranger who had thus far been quiet handed Miss Edwards a whip. Amy recognized it as Miss Edwards' (and Amy's) favorite two meter "snake" whip. Miss Edwards took the whip, let the length of it fall onto the ground and walked around behind Amy. Miss Edwards parted Amy's long hair in back and moved it so that it hung down both sides of her face in front.

Amy's breathing was now laboring. She was staring at the "quiet" stranger when the first stroke of the whip kissed her back. It landed high across her back on her shoulders and made a nice loud snapping sound. Amy saw both strangers flinch as the whip landed. And then the strangers watched Amy's performance.

Amy's head jerked back eyes wide open, her breath quickly inhaled through clutched teeth. Amy pulled both knees up against her chest. Her body went stiff and her breathing stopped. Three pairs of eyes beheld Amy's beauty. The two witnesses were sure that they would hear Amy scream the code word, "crackers", to stop her punishment. However, Miss Edwards had played enough naughty games before with Amy to know just how much pain Amy needed to stimulate her. While the lash may have seemed cruel, and it may have been to anyone else, it had just the right degree of pain; any less would have been unstimulating, any more and the pain would have overcome Amy's growing sexual urge.

Amy slowly relaxed. She lowered her legs so that they again hung straight down and her body became limp. Her breathing continued again at its labored pace. She slowly rubbed her thighs together, one leg in front of the other. Her head was now bowed and her eyes were half closed looking at nothing. She was in a world of her own.

The second lash landed across her shoulder blades below the first. Again, her knees jerked up to her chest and she gasped. But this time, her head stayed bowed. It took less time to "relax" her legs back down after the second stroke than it took after the first. The rubbing of her thighs increased.

The "cleansing of her soul" continued with each lash landing a little lower than the previous. Her breathing was now more like panting. She continued to rub her thighs together. It was now blatantly obvious to everyone watching that the entire inner surface of both thighs were slippery wet; Amy was gushing! It was a lewd exhibition.

Each time Amy lowered her legs, which was now the unofficial signal that she was ready, Miss Edwards would deliver the next stroke to the back of her young lover. When the eighth stroke reached the small of her back, Amy's orgasm burst. Her head shot back, her knees came up and pressed tight against her chest her body twitched this way and that, and a muffled sound came from her mouth. Miss Edwards seized the opportunity and delivered a moderate lash to Amy's tight round bottom cheeks. A piercing shriek came from Amy's mouth as her body shook with orgasmic spasms.

The three pairs of eyes watched Amy's spectacle which lasted for nearly 20 seconds. The stranger who had read Amy's sentence was now rubbing the front of her habit between her legs not caring about exhibiting the fact that she was horny. Amy's gyrations at that moment were indistinguishable from a grand mall seizure. Yet, she was in ecstasy!

Finally Amy's spasms ceased, her breathing slowly returned to normal and her legs dropped back down. She was now hanging limp; she was drained. This had been the most intense sexual experience she had ever had. To be stripped naked and whipped in public was deliciously naughty. Now however, her feelings and emotions were no longer masked by her sexual urge. She now felt true embarrassment and a tinge of real fear because she didn't know who the two strangers were. After all, "nice" girls don't enjoy being whipped naked in public to the point of orgasm. She could also now feel the real pain in her back, although it was becoming a pleasant throbbing sensation.

Miss Edwards announced "I believe her soul has been cleansed." This was the signal that the two girls were to return to the house. The girl with the scroll pulled down her hood and started to walk back toward the house. Amy could see that she was a beautiful Asian girl. The other "quiet" girl joined the Asian girl and they both walked together. As they passed Amy's side, the "quiet" girl pulled down her hood just before passing out of sight. Amy was shocked when she recognized the girl. It was her own sister Judy!

Amy's feelings of humiliation and fear increased. But now, a new feeling joined the others, betrayal. Miss Edwards had revealed Amy's darkest secret to the last person Amy would ever want to know, her sister.

Amy moved her feet out of the way as Miss Edwards replaced the milking stool. Miss Edwards gave the brief order "Stand up." Amy slowly put the weight back onto her feet as she eased the weight off of her shackled wrists. Miss Edwards placed the step ladder to Amy's side and proceeded to free Amy's left wrist. Miss Edwards looked at Amy's face as she let Amy's left arm drop. She saw real tears running down Amy's cheeks. Miss Edwards was puzzled. She wasn't sure if those were tears of joy or sadness. In all of naughty games that they had played together, Miss Edwards had never seen Amy cry except for the single tear when the whip had hurt her breast.

Miss Edwards moved the step ladder to the other side and freed Amy's right arm. She looked at Amy's face again and saw her lower lip quiver as she burst out crying. There was no doubt now, those were not tears of joy; something was wrong! Miss Edwards was truly puzzled. Amy had obviously enjoyed their naughty game. Why was she now so upset? Finally through choked sobs, Amy said in a low voice "Oh Bunny, how could you? ... in front of my own sister!"

Miss Edwards felt like shit. She had, in fact, betrayed Amy's confidence to Amy's sister. For what had been planned to be the ultimate sexual experience for Amy had now turned into a disaster. However, Miss Edwards knew that Amy did not yet know the whole story. So, Miss Edwards, still keeping in character, said in a stern cold voice "The prisoner will remain silent!" Amy stood passively on the milk stool, tears running down her cheeks, while Miss Edwards again locked her wrists behind her back.

Miss Edwards escorted the naked girl back to the house. Amy walked passively with her head bowed. They walked quietly through the open door of the exercise room. Amy's eyes opened wide at the sight that greeted them. The two girls were naked. The Asian girl was laying on her back on the table with her bottom toward the doorway. Her feet were pulled up close to her bottom and her knees were spread wide apart. Amy could not see the girl's vagina because Judy was straddling the Asian girl's head and had her own head between the Asian girl's legs. It was obvious that both girl's tongues were busily working on each other's clits. Amy was again awash with a mixture of emotions. She couldn't believe that she was seeing her own "straight" sister lapping away at another girl's genitals.

Miss Edwards said in a stern voice "So, I see that you two couldn't wait for us!" Judy looked up with a surprised look. Her mouth, nose and chin were covered with wet secretions. She quickly got off of the other girl, stood up straight and looked at Amy. Amy looked back at her naked sister and realized that she had never seen Judy naked before. Judy was a fully mature woman. Her large full breasts were to be envied. Amy wondered if her own growing breasts would develop like her sister's. Judy's full pubic bush was sandy brown and much darker than Amy's golden blond fleece. Amy slowly moved her eyes from her sister's mound to her beautiful breasts and finally up to her face. Judy's hair was shorter than Amy's and only came to the bottom her neck. Her sister smiled knowingly at Amy and Amy blushed from yet another emotion. "Nice" girls aren't supposed to have lust filled thoughts about their siblings.

The Asian girl bounded up and quickly stepped over and stood in front of Amy. She had long jet-black hair which fell below her waist. Her breasts were small with small nipples. They were smaller than Amy's still growing breasts. The girls small pubic bush was covered with fairly straight black hair. The warm smile on her face was infectious. The girl said "Sorry about that but we were both too horny. That was the most exciting show we've ever seen. One more minute and I would have popped off just watching!" The girl kept on talking with boundless excitement. "Wow Amy, you were beautiful!"

"By the way," Miss Edwards interrupted, "this little bundle of energy is Sally Cheng." Sally looked at Amy and said "Hi Amy, pleased to meet you." Amy said "Hello Sally, please to meet you too" as if formal introductions were necessary between two naked girls, one with her hands locked behind her back. "Sally and your sister are lovers" Miss Edwards added. Amy looked at her sister with a shocked look of disbelief. Judy looked back at Amy, smiled, and nodded her head affirmatively. Amy's head was again awash with a mixture of emotions.

Sally's hands were busy exploring every centimeter of Amy's bare skin. Sally tested the firmness of Amy's breasts with tender caresses. She felt the smoothness of Amy's skin as she moved her fingers down Amy's front. Amy was no longer crying but her head was still spinning from the events of the day. She was still experiencing a mixture of strong emotions. But more importantly, Sally's probing fingers were causing her favorite "naughty" emotion to start its return.

Sally's fingers reached the blond curls of Amy's pubic mound. Sally's fingers combed through the golden hairs gently pulling them out to their full length. Sally turned to Judy and said "Wow, look at that Judy. Your sister is a real blond!" "Yes, I can see" Judy replied, "She is beautiful." A new emotion was added to Amy's list, pride. While she was the youngest girl in the room and did not have the most beautiful body, she was still very proud of her body and proud of the fact that the other girls liked it.

Sally slid a finger into Amy' slit and rubbed across her clit. Amy instinctively spread her feet apart so as to give Sally full access to the most private parts of her body. Amy blushed again when she realized that "nice" girls aren't supposed to do things like that. But, she didn't care; Sally's probing fingers felt good! Amy was again feeling the glow of her increasing sexual urge. She still had a hundred unanswered questions about her sister; How long has Judy known about her secret? When did she find out? How long has she been sleeping with girls? ...

For now the questions will have to wait. A more important matter had to be taken care of first, her growing orgasm. Sally's fingers continued exploring the slippery wetness of Amy's vagina. Sally ran her fingers up and down Amy's inner lips. Amy's eyes were half closed and she was no longer looking at anything. She was totally absorbed with the deliciously naughty feeling that Sally's probing fingers evoked. Sally slipped a finger into Amy's love tunnel and was met with the resistance of her maiden head. Sally looked at Judy and exclaimed in great excitement "Oooooo, she's a virgin!!" Amy looked at Judy's proud smile. Amy no longer felt embarrassment. Amy no longer felt fear. Amy no longer felt humiliation. Amy longer felt the pain. Amy no longer felt betrayed. Amy felt only one thing, lust!

"I've never had a virgin before" Sally continued, "All the pussies that I've ever had, had been previously stuffed with cocks!" Amy wasn't sure if Sally fully appreciated the implication that she had just made. However, a quick look at Judy's blushing face confirmed that the implication was correct. "Oh well" Amy thought, "She's a big girl. Besides, I'm sure that there are not many 24 year old virgins."

Sally moved around Amy to her back side. She looked at the parallel red welts on her back. "Oh wow, come look at this, Judy" Sally said with excitement. Judy joined Sally behind Amy. Judy said in a shocked voice "WOW! that's really something. We couldn't see your back while you were being whipped. Bunny really did a number on you. It must have hurt like hell!" Amy tried to explain the feeling. But it was hard to explain the sexual emotions she feels while actually being whipped. The two girls ran their fingers across the welts on her back to feel the ridges. They also felt the single beautiful welt on her bottom. They asked if the wounds still hurt. Amy explained that it was now a pleasant throbbing sensation which will last for about a day. She said that one of the nice things about being whipped was that the sexual sensations last for hours afterward and make her wet. They asked how long the marks will last. Amy said that they should be gone by Monday morning.

Sally moved back to Amy's front and noticed a drying tear on her cheek. Sally's smile changed to a somber look. "Were you crying?" she asked in a very concerned voice. Amy's mind was still swimming in confusion and she wasn't sure what to say. Miss Edwards broke the impasse and said "I think she's overwhelmed with everything that's happened today." That was, if anything, an understatement! Miss Edwards continued "Let's tie her down on the table." Sally's infectious smile returned and said enthusiastically "OK, sounds like fun!"

The three girls led Amy to the exercise table. Miss Edwards unlocked her wrists and Amy laid down on her tender back. The girls secured her wrists above her head and out to the sides. They then spread her legs wide apart and secured her ankles with strips of Velcro. Sally then said "Let me go first!" Miss Edwards said "No, she's mine. You can go next. Take her nipple there" pointing to Amy's right breast. Sally came to Amy's right side, knelt down, and put her mouth to Amy's right nipple. Sally's tongue traced a circle around Amy's little bud. Amy swooned and laid her head back as she enjoyed the "assault" on her nipple. Amy felt a second tongue on her left nipple. Amy looked down and watched her sister working her tongue. Amy again laid back, closed her eyes, and just enjoyed the pleasant feeling in her nipples coupled with the now sensual throbbing in her back.

Despite the fact that Amy was securely fastened to the table, she felt free. She felt free from guilt. She had no more secretes to hide. She was free to fully enjoy the voluptuous sensations that her body was providing.

A third tongue started its work on her clit. Amy looked down and saw the now naked Miss Edwards between her legs. Amy laid back, closed her eyes, and relaxed while enjoying the wonderful feeling of the powerful orgasm building within her. It took about 50 seconds of the three-fold "tongue lashing" to bring Amy to her climax.

After Amy's orgasm subsided, Sally said "Now it's my turn!" Amy thought that Sally wanted to trade places with her on the table. Not so, Amy wanted to trade places with Miss Edwards. Sally was determined to have a virgin! Miss Edwards suggested that everyone shift one position to the right. Miss Edwards went to Amy's left side, Judy went to Amy's right side, and Sally eagerly went down between Amy's legs. The three-fold tongue lashing commenced again. Amy could tell by Sally's experienced tongue that she was really enjoying her work. Amy also realized, to her chagrin, that Sally was much better at cunnilingus than was Miss Edwards. Amy's second orgasm exploded within 20 seconds.

When Amy's spasms ended, Sally looked up at Judy and said "Next." The three girls again shifted one position to the right. Amy's realization, that the tongue which would now service her clit would be her own sister's, was deliciously naughty. "Nice" girls don't go down on their sisters. A sexual surge flooded her vagina. For the third time, the three-fold tongue lashing commenced. Amy could tell that her sister was no stranger to the "art" of cunnilingus. It took less than 10 seconds for her body to explode. Her body went stiff as she lifted her hips up off of the table to better feed her vagina to the hungry mouth of her sister. This was the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced, surpassing the one from the whipping that she had just had. Her spasms lasted for nearly 30 seconds. Finally, she relaxed and laid back down. She was limp and totally drained.

Miss Edwards said "I'm next." Again, the shift-one-space-to-the- right operation was performed and the girls returned to their original starting positions. As the tongue lashing started again, Amy's hips jerked and jerked; she cried out in an exhausted but urgent voice "crackers ... crackers!!"

Judy whispered into Amy's ear "Happy birthday sis."

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I didn't write this story. It's a repost.

If you are offended by ff, bd, ws, sm, teen sex, or are too young to read this story then don't read it!

The story has 15 chapters and was written by F. M. Hazer [ (Hazer)]



Naughty Games
By F. M. Hazer

Chapter 10: The Best of Times

It was Summer. These were the times that the four girls would look back on in years to come and reminisce about "the good old days."

Amy had finished her first year of high school. She would now enter the 10th grade. Miss Edwards had moved into the apartment over the barn. Since she would no longer be Amy's teacher, there should be little problem with any look of impropriety. As an added precaution, Miss Edwards had obtained a post office box as her official mailing address. While Miss Edwards technically "lived" in the apartment, she had never slept there! She now slept with her young lover, Amy, in the master bedroom of the house. Miss Edwards had never known such happiness. Her life now had meaning; Amy had filled the void.

Sally was now living in the house and slept with Judy in Judy's room. Sally no longer felt like "Judy's dirty little secret." She now felt she was really part of Judy's life. Sally had taken over one of the other bedrooms and turned it into her studio. Sally had studied liberal arts in college and was now the proverbial "starving artist." She dabbled in several mediums, oil and water color painting, sculpture, and photography. It was obvious looking at her work as to who the models were. The other three girls liked posing for Sally. However, they wanted insurances that what ever Sally sold would not be recognizable as to who the models were. Judy had always posed for Sally. Miss Edwards enjoyed the naughty exhibitionist feeling of a school teacher posing nude. And, Amy was always ready for anything. Sally really liked Amy as a model. Her youthful looks were refreshingly innocent. Sally took black and white photographs, which she developed herself, of Amy doing everything, in the nude. There were pictures of Amy sleeping, Amy taking a shower, Amy drying herself afterward, Amy swimming, Amy sunning herself, ... They were not pornographic. The pictures possessed an erotic innocence.

Sally wanted to take pictures of some of Amy's naughty games, especially where she was whipped. However, Judy would not allow it. She felt it was too dangerous should the pictures ever fall into the wrong hands.

Amy and Judy were wondrously happy. They were finally out to each other and had no more secrets. They were also happy that their lovers were living with them. They now felt like their house was once again a family.

While Judy and Sally shared another room, it was not uncommon for the four of them to sleep together in Amy's king size bed. They would try out every combination there was for four mouths and four vaginas. They may have been two couples, Miss Edwards and Amy plus Judy and Sally, however they all shared each other without jealousy; they were a single "family."

They discovered a curious thing after living together for a while. They all got their monthly periods at the same time, or they all started within a day of one another. It made for messy love making!

The girls traveled together to Judy's condo in San Francisco and Miami. It was refreshing to get away from the small town mentality and enjoy the open gay life style of San Francisco. Miami offered the glamor of the sun and the beach. The girls made a trip to Boston and visited Cap Cod. They traveled to Provincetown, P-Town as the natives call it, at the tip of the cap. Provincetown is an open gay community. For the first time in their lives, they walked down the street, Amy with Miss Edwards and Judy with Sally, with arms around each other and no one paid any attention because all the gay couples did the same.

Back at the ranch one evening toward the end of summer, Miss Edwards had finished giving the naked Amy a blistering hot spanking with her strap as she knelt on the arms of a chair and laid over the back. This was one of their favorite positions as it showed off Amy's bottom to its fullest. Amy enjoyed the naughty exhibitionist pleasure when Sally and Judy watched. Sally always became excited while watching Amy's masochistic naughty games. Judy also became excited although she would not admit it. After all, "nice" girls don't get turned on watching their siblings get whipped.

Amy was standing in front of Sally, enjoying the afterglow of her spanking and orgasm, while Sally felt the heat in Amy's flaming red bottom with her hands. Sally gently pressed her left cheek to Amy's right bottom cheek to feel the heat. She gently kissed Amy's cheek and turned to Judy and said "How come you never spank me like that?" The silence was deafening as the three girls looked at Sally and at each other. Miss Edwards said "I thought you didn't like being spanked?" Sally looked at the three faces and realized that she had put herself on the spot. She said "Well, I don't ... didn't ... I mean ... Oh, I don't know. I always get horny as hell watching Amy get whipped. It looks like it might be fun, if I'm in the right mood." "Like horny?" asked Miss Edwards. Miss Edwards realized that she must have done something wrong in college when she and Sally were lovers if Sally really has these feelings. She had spanked Sally a couple of times but Sally really didn't "get into it." Miss Edwards didn't have enough patience with Sally then to bring out her masochistic streak.

Sally looked at Judy and said "Yes, God I'm horny now! Would you do it for me please?" Judy could feel the surge of moisture in her vagina. She had never thought about spanking Sally before but now that she asked, the idea excited her. She was also a little embarrassed to admit that she was excited. Miss Edwards' and Amy's perversion was contagious!

Judy asked "How do you want to do it?" Sally said "How about over your lap?" Sally was about to lay over Judy's lap when Miss Edwards said "You're over dressed." Sally looked at Miss Edwards and realized "Oh yes." She reached up under her skirt and pulled down her moist panties and stepped out of them. She was about to again lay over Judy's lap when Miss Edwards again said "Everything!" Sally looked at Miss Edwards and realized that Miss Edwards wanted her to strip naked. Sally wasn't sure why but she was embarrassed by the thought. She had always paraded around naked in front of everyone before and thought nothing about it. But now that she was about to be spanked, she found the idea of being naked both embarrassing and stimulating.

Sally slowly undressed. She could feel the three sets of eyes watching. When she was naked, she found the feeling of the humiliation to be a real "turn on." Her breathing was becoming heavy. Sally laid across Judy's lap painfully aware that all eyes were on her bare bottom. Judy looked at her lover's buttocks. This was a new experience for Judy. She raised her hand and lightly slapped Sally's left bottom cheek. Sally made a slight gasp. Miss Edwards said "You'll have to do better than that." Miss Edwards' voice betrayed that fact that she was getting excited watching the spectacle. Judy raised her hand again and gave a modest slap to Sally's right cheek. Sally squealed and wiggled her bottom. Judy could see the pink outline of her hand growing on the cheek. Judy could also feel her arousal growing. This was fun! Judy continued to slap Sally's bare bottom


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I didn't write this story. It's a repost.

If you are offended by ff, bd, ws, sm, teen sex, or are too young to read this story then don't read it!

The story has 15 chapters and was written by F. M. Hazer [ (Hazer)]



Naughty Games
by F. M. Hazer

Chapter 11: The Execution of Amy

The four girls were laying nude on Amy's king size bed. They were exhausted from their naughty game that they had just finished playing. The welts on Amy's body were fading as were the red stripes on Sally's back. They were watching the projection TV. when Sally said "I have an idea for a photo album that I'd like to do." The other girls all expressed interest. Sally continued "I got the idea from Amy's birthday whipping." She then explained the concept for the photo book. After the explanation, Judy was very concerned about such a project and was being protective of her younger sister. Amy, however, was thrilled at the idea. They discussed the potential impact of such a project, including the legal aspects. Sally assured them that it is not illegal to photograph and publish pictures of naked children as long as it's not for sexual exploitation. This is, in part, thanks to the American Sunbathing Association which regularly publishes pictures of nude children in their monthly magazine.

Judy was still concerned about the pornographic nature of the proposed pictures. Sally assured Judy that while the picture would be erotic, they were not pornographic. It took a while for Sally and Amy to wear down Judy's resistance. Miss Edwards remained neutral in the argument. She was excited by Sally's idea but also shared Judy's concern. Judy suggested that perhaps she could do the book but she would reserve the right to not publish it after she saw what it looked like. Sally said that it would cost several thousand dollars to produce the book and no publisher would extend an advance without assurances that the book would be free to publish. Amy suggested that she would loan the money to produce the book. In that way, Judy could veto the project if she didn't like the final product. Also, it would lend additional credibility to the legality of it since Amy herself would be the producer. Judy was starting to concede but wanted one more assurance; the book would not be published in the US. It would be published elsewhere, like Europe. Sally agreed. They worked out an agreement as to ownership, royalties, etc. Amy was granted ownership to the book since she would be the producer. This would also support their defense should any legal problems arise. Sally would get the lion's share of the royalties.

The project involved Sally preparing for each picture during the week. There was a lot of logistical work in preparing the props, costumes, and extras for each photo. The actual shooting took place each Saturday afternoon at a rented studio. That meant that their usual Friday night naughty games had to wait until Saturday night. It wouldn't do for Amy's body to be covered with welts during the shootings. It took three months to complete the shootings plus another few weeks to put together the rough draft of the book. Finally, the big day came. Sally brought home the first draft of the finished book. Miss Edwards and Judy sat next to each other on the sofa as they were presented with the book. Amy and Sally stood behind them so that they could watch.

The book was titled "The Execution of Amy; a Fantasy Photo Expose of Execution. by Sally Cheng" The photo journal contained 10 scenes which represented the final act of a different form of execution. As the reader turned the pages, the left page of each scene contained a written explanation of the scene, the form of execution that was being depicted, when and where it was practiced. The right page of each scene contained a black and white photograph depicting the actual execution. The common thread of all of the scenes was that the condemned victim was Amy, a totally nude Amy. Judy and Miss Edwards turned the pages and looked at each scene.

The Hanging - The nude Amy is standing on the trap door of the gallows. The view is just forward of her right side. The front of her can be plainly seen as can her arms which are bound behind her back. Her hands are bound by a generous amount of rope wrapped around her wrists with her hands palm-to-palm. Her elbows are similarly tied behind her back with a generous amount of rope. The effect is to thrust out her breasts. Her ankles are also bound with rope. Her long blond hair is gently blowing to her left side. The hangman's noose is around her neck with the knot laying on her right shoulder. The executioner can be seen in the background about to pull the lever which will open the trap door. Amy is looking straight ahead at no one. The expression on Amy's face is one of passive resignation to her fate.

Drawn and Quartered - The nude Amy is seen with both wrists and ankles tied to ropes which are being pulled in four different directions. Amy is hanging by the ropes about sixty cm. off of the ground. The view is from her left side near her left foot. Her head is laying back and her face cannot be seen. Her long hair can be seen laying on the ground. Her vagina is on prominent display as her legs are spread apart at a 90 degree angle. It is obvious that there is considerable strain on her limbs as her body is about to be torn into pieces. Even though the picture was staged, Amy must have been in great discomfort to hang that way by her wrists and ankles.

Crucified - The nude Amy is "nailed" to a cross in the traditional crucifix position. Her head is laying on her left arm and her eyes are closed. Her long hair falls down the front of her body on her left side. Trails of blood can be seen dripping from the wounds in her hands and feet. The look on her innocent face brings to mind the words "Father forgive them for they know not what they do."

The Burning Witch - It's 17th century Salem. The nude Amy is chained to a stake with her hands above her head. Her feet are covered with a pile of wooded sticks. The town folk, dressed in traditional puritan garb, are about to watch Amy go up in flames as one of them is shown about to set a burning torch to the pile of wood. The angelic look on Amy's face speaks of innocence and injustice.

Beheaded - It's the middle ages. The nude Amy is seen kneeling with her neck laying on the chopping block. Her hands and elbows are tightly bound behind her back. Her long hair is laying over her head on the ground. Her small neck is exposed. Her face cannot be seen. The view is from Amy's left side. On her right side is the executioner. A giant man dressed in leather pants and no shirt which shows off his hairy chest. There is a hood covering his head. He's holding a large hatched over his head ready to deliver the fatal blow.

Firing Squad - It's world war I. The nude "Mata Hari" Amy is tied to a post with her hands behind her back. The firing squad is aiming their rifles at her heart. The commanding officer has his sword raised about to give the order to fire. Amy is looking down passively waiting for the bullets to rip through her body.

Electrocution - The nude Amy is strapped into the wooden chair. One electrode is strapped to her inner right thigh. The other electrode is tied to her SHAVED head with a harness. Her bald head is a striking contrast to the other pictures of her long hair. Behind her, the warden can be seen with his hand on the switch. He is about to close the switch.

The Gas Chamber - The nude Amy is strapped into the metal chair. The view is through the chamber window. Amy's head is laying back against the chair and her long hair is falling down her front on her left side and lays in a pile in her lap. She is staring blankly straight ahead. A cloud of gas can be seen rising up from under the chair.

Pirate - The nude Amy is seen about to take the last step off of the plank from the side of a sailing ship. The view is from just forward of her left side Her wrists and elbows can be seen tightly tied behind her back. A pirate can be seen shoving Amy onward to her fate with a prod to her back with his sword.

Vampire - It's Bram Stoker's finale. The town's people have opened her coffin revealing the nude Amy with flaming eyes; she's wearing some kind of contact lenses. She has her mouth open revealing long fangs. She looks like a snake about to strike. One of the town's folk is holding a wooded stake to her chest between her beautiful breasts. Another is about to strike it with a large mallet.

There is one final photograph at the end of the book. It is a picture of a fully dressed Amy, seen from the waist up, with Sally standing behind and to Amy's left. They are both smiling warmly. The write-up is from the author and photographer Sally Cheng, expressing her appreciation and thanks to her good friend and model "Amy." The write-up further explains that this photo-book was produced with the full knowledge and cooperation of both Amy and her family.

All of the photo-scenes were designed to evoke a sense of erotic horror. The viewer if filled with a sense of outrage that this beautiful innocent looking creature, Amy, is about to be destroyed.

Judy and Miss Edwards sat in stunned silence after finishing viewing the book. Sally asked what they thought. Judy couldn't find the words. Finally, Miss Edwards expressed their feelings perfectly with the oxymoron "It's grotesquely beautiful." Sally smiled broadly and said "Good, that's what you're supposed to feel!" Judy and Miss Edwards finally admitted that it was a good piece of artistic work, even if it was bizarre.

They then discussed each scene and all the work and preparation that was required for the pose. Amy said that, in general, it was hard work. There were only a couple of times when she got any sexual thrill from the pose. These were the times when she was tightly bound. She said that the "Drawn and Quarter" pose was especially stimulating. Sally and Amy explained how the pose was done. The ropes were attached to posts which were out of sight of the camera. Amy was laying on a stool while the ropes were being tied and drawn tight. Then, the stool was removed and she actually hung by the ropes while the pictures were taken. Amy said that while it was very stimulating it quickly became uncomfortable and she could only hang like that for a few minutes before her wrists and ankles really hurt. It was just long enough to take the pictures. There were several pictures taken but only the "best" one was selected for the book.

Judy and Miss Edwards asked about the "extras", the other people who were in the scenes. Sally explained that they were all good friends of her's, and all gay. Judy asked about the big hairy "ape" with the axe. Sally said that he's also gay and is a line backer for a professional football team. He agreed to pose for the photo provided that his face was not shown. Amy added that he is really a kind gentle person and they become good friends.

They finally asked about Amy's bald head in the electrocution scene. Amy said that it took nearly two hours of makeup work to hide her hair under a latex skull cap.

Judy again got reassurances from Sally that the book would not be published in the US. Sally agreed and further stated that there would be nothing in the book that would indicate Amy's true identity. As far as the reader could determine, this English language book could have been produced in England, Australia, or South Africa. Judy finally agreed to sign the release forms so that Sally's photo book could be published.

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I didn't write this story. It's a repost.

If you are offended by ff, bd, ws, sm, teen sex, or are too young to read this story then don't read it!

The story has 15 chapters and was written by F. M. Hazer [ (Hazer)]



Naughty Games
By F. M. Hazer

Chapter 12: Sally's Birthday Surprise

It was late Winter. Amy was back in school, the 10th grade. Miss Edwards was again teaching 9th grade Math. Sally's 24th birthday was fast approaching and Judy was soliciting suggestions from Miss Edwards and Amy as to what gift or gifts to get Sally. After the usual suggestions, clothes, shoes, etc., Amy described the perfect gift. Judy's face lit up with excitement and Miss Edwards complemented Amy on the novel idea. It took a lot of logistical work to get the gift assembled, without Sally finding out.

It was the evening of Sally's birthday. They had enjoyed an intimate home cooked meal. It was now time to blow out the candles, all 24 of them, on the birthday cake and open the presents. Sally closed her eyes and made a wish, verbally so that the other three girls could hear, "I wish that we will always be together as a family." She then blew out the candles, with one breath. The girls all applauded. Then Sally opened her presents. She got the usually things, a beautiful new expensive dress from Sally. Amy provided the equally expensive matching shoes. Miss Edwards gift was perfume; she had a limited budget. They saved the best for last.

Judy handed Sally the gift wrapped present. The three girls eagerly watched Sally as she removed the paper and opened the box. At first Sally was puzzled by what was in the box. Then, she realized what it was and her eyes grew large as she stared at the contents. Sally said "WOW! Look at that!" Judy said "Go put it on, I'm dying to see how it looks." Miss Edwards said to Amy "Put your's on too."

The two girls ran upstairs to the master bedroom, Sally carrying the gift box. They both undressed completely. Sally removed the main item from the box and held it up to examine it. It was a chain skirt, a custom made slave girl costume, similar in design to Amy's, made just for Sally.

Amy helped Sally hook the long chain around Sally's hips and adjusted the height so that it just covered her pubis and bottom of her buttocks. The chain belt was midway between her navel and her pubis. Sally removed the gold arm bracelets from the box and pulled them up over her elbows so they rested snugly around middle of her upper arm. Amy removed the gold plated handcuffs from the box. Sally held out her hands while Amy clasped the cuffs loosely on Sally's wrists. They were just tight enough so that they could not be slipped off of her hands. Sally asked "Where's the key?" Amy smiled, shrugged her shoulders and said "Ask your mistress." The final item in the box was a black leather multi-thong whip. The weapon was light and could be used with considerable force without causing Sally any real pain, just the way Sally liked to be whipped. Amy hooked the whip on the gold spring loaded hook on the belt at Sally's left hip. Amy adjusted Sally's hair so that part of it hung down either side of her face and covered her small breasts. The remainder hung down her back. Her hair was so long that it nearly touched her chain skirt.

Sally admired herself in the mirror. The parallel chain U-shaped curtain covered her pubic mound and her hair hid her breasts. She turned around and looked at her back. The U-shaped curtain of chains in back modestly hid the crack of her buttocks. She then said to Amy "Put your's on. Let's see how they look together." Amy quickly retrieved her costume from her dresser and got dressed. She fastened her wrists restraints and locked her wrists together with the brass padlock. Amy hooked Miss Edwards "flogger" onto her belt. Amy enjoyed being whipped with the flogger, as long as Miss Edwards did not whip her breasts!

She stood next to Sally and the two girls admired and compared the two costumes. It was immediately obvious that Sally was wearing something special. Amy's crude homemade costume had been made from inexpensive costume jewelry chains. Her arm bands were made of brass. Amy's "handcuffs" were made from cheap leather belts. Sally's professionally made costume was made from real gold chains. Her arm bands were solid gold. The gold belt of her skirt was adorned with multi-colored jewels. The gold arm bands sparkled with diamonds. Sally's real handcuffs were gold plated. Compared to Sally, Amy looked dowdy.

Amy said "Oh, you're beautiful!" It was an obvious statement. Sally could see for herself that she was beautiful. She felt beautiful. Sally turned and looked at herself at every angle. She could feel the moisture building in her vagina. She had never felt so sexy in her life. Amy looked at the open door to ensure that she could not be heard and said softly "Judy really loves you. Your's is made of solid gold; mine is made from cheap stuff. Those are real emeralds and sapphires on your belt and real diamonds on your arm bands." Sally looked at Amy with an expression of amazement and said "Really?!" Amy again looked at the open door to ensure that she would not be overheard and said "Yes, I shouldn't tell you but you're wearing more than thirty thousand dollars worth of jewelry!" Sally's eyes bulged out and she said "You're kidding!?!?" Amy said "No, for real. You should have seen the look on the jeweler's face when we told him what we wanted. We did some fast talking about it being used for a movie. I'm not sure he believed us, especially after we asked him to gold plate the handcuffs. But he didn't care, I'm sure that it was one of the biggest sales he ever made." Sally was trying to comprehend the fact that the single most expensive item that she now owned could only be worn in private, for her "mistress." She didn't care, she loved her costume and she loved Judy.

Amy said "Let's go show it to Judy and Miss Edwards." The two "slaves" returned to the living room where Judy and Miss Edwards were anxiously waiting. The two slaves stood at attention in front of their respective mistresses, their hands behind their heads and their feet spread apart, heads up, eyes down. Judy and Miss Edwards examined both slaves. The two slaves made a striking pair. Amy's light Nordic features contrasted beautifully with Sally's dark Asian features. Amy's hair, all over, was blond; Sally's hair was jet black. Amy's eyes were deep blue; Sally's eyes were dark brown, almost black.

Sally and Miss Edwards examined the two slaves carefully. Miss Edwards admired Sally's sparkling costume. Sally was beautiful! Miss Edwards felt a sense of inadequacy because of Amy's "cheap" looking costume. She wished she could afford more for her slave.

Judy stared at her "slave," running her eyes up and down Sally's gorgeous body. She finally breathlessly said "God, your beautiful!" Sally looked at Judy, smiled and said "Oh Judy, this is the most beautiful gift I ever got." Sally held out her handcuffed wrists and asked "Where's the key?" Judy reached inside of her blouse and removed the gold plated key which was hanging on the gold chain. Sally said "Oh, how can I ever thank you?" Judy knew the answer. She and Sally had watched Amy and Miss Edwards play their slave girl and mistress naughty game many times before. Judy got up and stood in front of Sally. She said in a strict voice "Did the slave have permission to speak or move?" Sally felt the surge of energy in her vagina. Judy was going to play the slave girl and mistress naughty game with her! She was horny and ready! Sally came back to attention, looked down and pleaded "No, I'm sorry mistress. Please discipline me."

Miss Edwards quietly called to Amy and made her kneel on the floor in front of her chair to the right of her feet, facing Sally. They would be spectators to the unfolding naughty game. As they watched the show, Miss Edwards gently stroked Amy's head with her right hand as one would pet the family dog. Amy laid her head on Miss Edwards' lap.

Judy removed the light whip from Sally's belt. Judy could feel the wetness in her panties. She had never imagined that playing a naughty game like this would make her so horny. She was enjoying herself with her new slave. Judy pointed to the floor and said "Kneel down." Sally knew the position having watched Amy and Miss Edwards many times. She knelt down, swung her head to the side and brushed her hair forward with her hand cuffed hands. She leaned forward and put her forehead on the floor leaving her entire back exposed, ready for Judy's whip. Sally said "Please whip me mistress!"

Judy struck Sally's back lightly with the whip. Sally wiggled slightly. Judy struck again, harder. The whip was light and left light red marks on Sally's back. Judy was now getting into it. She whipped Sally's back with hard strokes. The whip made a nice whistling sound as it struck. But because it was light, it left no welts, just nice red marks. It was just the way Sally liked to be whipped. Judy slowly walked around her kneeling slave as she whipped her back in all directions. Both Judy's and Sally's breathing was laboring. Judy kept whipping, building to a crescendo. Finally, Sally groaned as her orgasm erupted and rolled over onto her side, her body jerked in spasms. Judy's orgasm exploded and she dropped to her knees next to Sally. This was the first time that Sally experienced an orgasm while being whipped. This was also the first time that Judy had an orgasm while whipping Sally. They had consummated their love.

The four girls went to Amy's bed and enjoyed themselves. Amy removed her costume and Miss Edwards unlocked her wrist restraints. Sally removed her precious "skirt" but left her arm bands in place. Judy undressed leaving the golden key on the necklace around her neck. She offered to remove Sally's golden handcuffs but Sally would not let her. Sally wore them during their love making. She wore them all night and all the next day. They gave her a feeling of belonging to the person she loved.

It appeared that the birthday whipping had become a tradition for the slaves in their "family.

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I didn't write this story. It's a repost.

If you are offended by ff, bd, ws, sm, teen sex, or are too young to read this story then don't read it!

The story has 15 chapters and was written by F. M. Hazer [ (Hazer)]



Naughty Games
by F. M. Hazer

Chapter 13: Skinny Dippers

It was late Spring. Amy was now 16 and had her own car. It was the big material birthday gift that she had gotten this year from her sister. The car was her "vehicle" to independence. A person always remembers his/her first car, their first love. Summer recess was a week away. The weather was already turning warm and Amy and the girls were already making good use of the swimming pool. The frolicking around the pool resembled a small nudist resort. None of the girls ever wore a bathing suit.

Amy was dressing in the girls room of the gym after the last gym class of the year. She had just returned from the shower and was putting on her panties when a familiar voice from behind her said "Oh Amy, I just love your tan." Amy turned around and saw her naked classmate, Pam, standing there looking at her. Pam was the same age as Amy and had light brown shoulder length hair and brown eyes. Amy said "What?" "I like your tan, it's so even. Look at my tan." Pam said pointing to her breasts. Amy looked at the girl's firm breasts and realized that they were pale white compared to the rest of her body. The outline of the girl's bikini was clearly visible around her top and her bottom. Amy then looked down at her own breasts and realized that they had the same tan as the rest of her body. She had never paid any attention to the fact that since she wore no bathing suit she had no tan lines. Skinny dipping now seemed the natural way to swim.

Amy said "Oh, thank you." Pam pressed on "Where do you sunbathe that you can go without a suit?" Amy said "At the pool in my backyard." Pam became excited "Oooo, you're lucky. We live in an apartment. We'd be kicked out if I ever tried skinny dipping in the pool. What do your parents say?" Amy explained about her parents and that she lived with her sister. Pam said "I'm sorry about your parents." They were silent while they finished dressing. Amy noticed that Pam kept staring at Amy as she dressed. As they were about to leave Pam asked "Do you suppose I could come over some time and, ... you know, sun bath?" Amy chuckled and said "Sure." Pam may as well join the rest of the "nudies." Amy then thought about it again and realized that it probably wouldn't do for Pam to see Miss Edwards there, especially in the all together! She added "However, I'd better ask my sister first" leaving herself an out.

That evening, Amy told the other girls about her conversation with Pam. Sally asked "What does she look like?" Amy described her in vague terms. Sally asked "Is she pretty?" Miss Edwards said "Oh yes, I remember her from my class. However, she wasn't in the same class as you" looking at Amy. Amy said "That's right, she was in a different class." "Is she pretty?" Sally asked again. Miss Edwards said "Yes, she's very pretty." Sally said "Do you suppose she'd like to pose for me?" The three other girls stared at Sally. Sally said "Oops." Judy said that she and Sally will be out of the house, tomorrow, until after 5:00 and Miss Edwards agreed not to return home until after 5:00. That would give Amy and Pam time to skinny dip after school if Pam really wants to do it.

The next day, Amy met Pam and told her about the opportunity that afternoon to "sun bath" if she wants to. Pam got real excited and said "OK! I'll call my mom and tell them I'll be home later, I'll meet you after school at your locker." The two girls met at Amy's locker after school, at 3:30. They went to the parking lot to Amy's pride and joy, her car. Pam "flipped" when she saw Amy's car. It was a 60's vintage white convertible Thunderbird. Pam said "You must be rich!" Amy wasn't sure how to answer that. She didn't want to say "yes" and sound snobbish nor did she want to lie and say "no." She said "My sister got it for me for my 16th birthday." Pam asked "How old is your sister?" Amy said "26." Pam said "I wish I had a sister like that!"

The two girls got into Amy's car and drove to the ranch. Amy explained that her sister Judy and a friend would be home around 6:00 and they would have better than an hour to themselves. Plenty of time to get a sunburn. They walked into house and Pam again said "You must be rich!" Amy realized that this was the first time that any of her classmates had seen her home. She essentially had no close friends at school as she always felt like an outcast. Amy said "We can go up to my room and change." They went to Amy's bedroom. When Pam saw the room she said "Is this YOUR room?!" Amy said "yes" and Pam again said "You must be rich!" Amy explained about her parents death and the master bedroom. Pam said "Your bedroom is nearly as big as our apartment." Amy said "You can just lay your clothes on the bed." The two girls undressed. Amy was aware that Pam was staring at her body. She found it exciting to be examined so carefully. Pam said "You're very pretty." Amy felt proud. She examined Pam's body. Pam had medium size breasts, just a little larger than Amy's and an abundance of dark curly pubic hair. Amy said "You're pretty too." Pam smiled and said "Do you really think so?" Amy said "Sure."

Amy retrieved two beach towels from the closet, handed one to Pam and said "Let's go outside." Pam started to wrap the towel around herself when she saw Amy walk out the door, naked, just carrying her towel. Pam draped the towel over her arm and joined Amy. Pam found the feeling of walking naked through someone else's house both naughty and exciting. Pam couldn't keep her eyes off of Amy's beautiful body. They went out back to the pool. Amy laid out her towel on one of the chase lounges and dove into the pool. Pam laid her towel on another lounge and joined Amy in the pool. This was the first time she had ever gone skinny dipping. The cool water on her bare body felt great. The two girls swam and frolicked in the pool for 10 minutes.

They got out and laid face down on the lounges. They made small talk. Pam said "This is great! Do you mind if I come here again?" Amy said that she doesn't mind as long as Judy doesn't mind. After their backs had dried off, they both turned over. Pam had never been naked outside before. It was exciting. After they had lain quietly for about 5 minutes, Pam asked "Have you ever done it?" Amy said "Done what?" Pam said "You know, have you ever done it, ... with a boy?" Amy felt that was a rather personal question to ask. However, she didn't know what "small talk" girl friends really talk about having never before had a friend her own age. She wasn't sure if she should make up some wild stories like the other girls in her class. However, Amy wasn't ashamed of what she was, she answered honestly "No." Pam got excited and said "Really! I thought I was the only one left in the class. To hear the other girls in our class you'd think they've laid everyone in the state." Amy said "I think it's all talk." Pam said "Me too." She paused for a moment and then added "I almost did it last year." Amy said "Oh ya, with whom?" Pam said "John Goldman. Do you remember him? He graduated last year." Amy remembered, she said "Oh yes, I remember him, God's gift to women." Pam laughed and said "Oh that's right, I heard about the little picture you drew in Miss Edwards' classroom." Amy said nothing.

Pam continued "Anyway, I dated him once last year. What a creep! He wouldn't keep his hands off of me. I finally slapped him. Would you believe it? He called me a frigid dyke!" Amy said "Yes, I can believe that. Boys are all alike." They laid quietly for another two minutes. Pam asked "What happened with Miss Edwards?" Amy said "Miss Edwards?" Pam said "Yes, after you drew that dirty picture." Amy said "Oh, I had to see her after school." Pam said "I heard she spanked you." Amy gave Pam a shocked look and said "Who told you that?" Pam smiled and said "No one, just guessing, ... She did, didn't she?" Amy played dumb and said "Did what?" Pam said "Spanked you." Pam's questions were becoming uncomfortable. Amy decided to cut her off with the outrageous, but true, statement "Actually, she tied me up naked and whipped me with a bull whip." Pam's eyes grew wide and she said "Really?, WOW!" Amy rolled her eyes in disgust. Pam said "Oh, you're just kidding." Amy got up, and said "Let's go back in the pool."

The two "nudies" jump back in the pool and played for another 15 minutes. They got out and again laid face down to dry. The afternoon sun felt good on their bare skin. After a few minutes Pam asked "Do you think Miss Edwards is sexy?" Amy said "Yes, I think she's pretty." Pam said "Me too. I dream about her all the time. What was it like?" Amy said "What was what like?" Pam replied "Being spanked I mean." Amy could feel a stab of fear in the pit of her stomach. Just how much does Pam really know? Or, is she guessing? Or, is she just making "small talk"? Amy shrugged her shoulders an said "What do you think, haven't you ever been spanked?" Pam said "Not since I was a little girl. However, I wouldn't mind if Miss Edwards spanked me; she's so sexy." Amy looked at her and thought "Be careful what you wish for!"

They laid quietly for a while and then Pam asked "Did you ever make it with a another girl?" Pam's questions had now gone beyond being uncomfortable; they were hitting too close to home. Amy said "Why do you ask, have you?" Pam said "No, but I've thought about it. I think girls are more understanding than boys." Amy said nothing. Amy realized that she and Pam could be very good "friends." However, she wasn't ready to reveal her secret. To do so would disclose the confidences of the other members of her "family." Pam said "Well, did you?" Amy again played dumb trying to buy time to think of a good answer "Did I what?" Pam said "You know, make it with another girl?" Amy could think of no good answer nor could she think of a good reason why she should lie. She was no longer ashamed of what she was. She sighed and said "Yes."

Pam sat up and with great excitement said "No kidding!!?? What was it like? With who? What did you do? Did you come?" Amy felt like she had just opened Pandora's box. Pam would now not let it go until she had the entire story. Amy looked as Pam's body and decided that actions speak louder than words. Since Pam was asking such leading question, Amy would show her what it was like. Amy got up and sat down next to Pam on her lounge. Pam realized that she had unleashed the "genie" from the bottle. Pam knew what Amy was about to do, she was ready!

Amy put an arm around Pam's back, stared into here eyes, and gently kissed her lips. Pam at first was passive, not sure what to do. Amy gently stuck out her tongue and licked Pam's lips. Pam relaxed and put her arms around Amy. Pam kissed Amy passionately, their tongues exploring each other's mouths. Amy explored Pam's breasts with her hand; Pam reciprocated. Amy gently pushed Pam down onto her back. Amy laid on top of Pam and ground her pubis into Pam's as they kissed. Amy moved her hands down Pam's front and explored Pam's body. Amy ran her hand through Pam's pubic hair and pressed firmly on her pubis. Pam's breathing became deeper as her arousal increased. Amy slipped a finger into Pam's vagina and explored its secretes. Pam's arousal increased and her breathing became labored. Amy wet her fingers on Pam's increasing lubrication and gently massaged Pam's clitoris. Pam open her legs to give Amy better access and closed her eyes enjoying the voluptuous feeling.

Amy moved her mouth down to Pam's breasts. Amy gently kissed and sucked the nipples. Amy ran her tongue around Pam's nipples. Pam's eyes were closed, she was enjoying the wondrous feeling. Amy ran her tongue down the front of Pam, passed her stomach, to her pubis. Amy gently moved Pam's legs and repositioned herself between them. Amy gently kissed Pam's vagina and then slowly pushed her tongue into Pam's now very wet genitals. Pam was now breathing heavily. Amy's tongue went to work on Pam's clitoris. Pam was now moaning and panting. Pam moved her hips to give Amy better access. Pam let out a little shriek as she climaxed. As Pam's orgasm subsided, Amy started again with her tongue on Pam's clitoris. Pam groaned loudly and again laid back and enjoyed the ecstatic feeling. Pam enjoyed three orgasms before her appetite was satiated.

Amy got up and laid down next to Pam on the lounge and asked "So, what was it like? Did you come?" Pam giggled at Amy's questions which she realized were a mimic of her "naive" questions that she had asked Amy. Pam now knew the answer! Pam said "Oh, that was great! Let me do it to you." Amy laid back on the lounge as Pam went between her wide spread legs. Pam wasn't as practiced as Amy's other lovers but Pam's tongue still felt good. Pam brought Amy to an orgasm.

As Pam started in again on Amy's second orgasm, Sally's voice from behind them said "It looks like you two are having fun!" Amy looked up and saw Sally's infectious smile as she was staring at the naked Pam between Amy's legs. Pam looked up in shock at being "caught in the act, naked", jumped up and hurriedly tried to wrap the beach towel around herself. Amy said, as if nothing were amiss, "Oh hi, is it 5:00 already?" Sally replied, as if there were nothing out of the ordinary, "No, we got home a little early. Who's your friend?" Amy said "Oh I'm sorry, Sally Cheng, meet Pam Jones." Sally said "Hello Pam, I'm so glad to meet one of Amy's school friends." Pam was mortified and embarrassed, she didn't know if she were going to be condemned for doing such a "naughty" thing. She stammered "Hi ... Sally, ... pleased ... to meet you." Sally said "I have to go help Judy put away the groceries" and went back inside.

Pam was aghast at having been caught in such a compromising position. She was also surprised at both Amy's and Sally's blas

attitude. Pam said to Amy "Oh God, I hope she doesn't think I'm a lesbian or something!" She made it sound like "lesbian" were a dirty word. Amy gave Pam an insulted look and said "Let's help them with the groceries." Pam bowed out and said "I really think I'd better go." They went back inside toward the upstairs. As they walked passed the kitchen door, Amy said "Oh, you have to meet my sister." She called out and said "Hi Judy, this is Pam." Pam wanted to slip out of the house as quickly as possible but Amy wasn't going to make it easy for her. Sally looked at Pam, flashed a smile,a and said "Hi Pam, glad to meet one of Amy's friends." Pam said "Hi, ... Judy. I really have to be going now." Pam was thinking that Sally was telling Judy all about what she was doing to Amy.

Pam and Amy went back upstairs and the two girls got dressed. Pam said "I hope I didn't get you into too much trouble." Amy played dumb and said "What trouble?" Pam said "You know, what we were doing." Amy said "Oh that's OK, we all sunbathe in the nude." Pam said "No, I mean the other." Amy said "What other?" Pam was still confused and said "Never mind, I have to go." The two girls went to the front door. Amy called out "Judy, I'm taking Pam home." Judy called back "OK, see you later." The two girls left the house. After they left, Sally told Judy what she had seen. Judy said "I hope Bunny doesn't get jealous."

Later that evening at dinner, the four girls were sitting around the kitchen table. Sally asked Amy "So how come you didn't invite us to your little party." Miss Edwards asked what she meant. Sally told her what she had seen. Miss Edwards teased Amy and said "So, I turn my back for one moment and you're doing it with someone else." Amy thought Miss Edwards was being serious and profusely apologized for not being "faithful" to her lover. Miss Edwards smiled warmly at Amy and said "I think you need a good caning." The only time that Miss Edwards ever whipped Amy was during an act of love. Amy knew that Miss Edwards would never whip her out of hatred. Amy realized that Miss Edwards was not jealous and said "Oooo, that sounds lovely!"

The girls then asked questions about Pam. Amy told them everything that Pam had said to her. When she finished, Sally asked "Did you say she's a virgin?" Miss Edwards said "Sounds like she might enjoy playing a naughty game." Sally asked "Did you say she's a virgin?" Amy said that after what Pam had told her she was sure that Pam would enjoy playing naughty games. The four girls made plans as to how they could safely get Pam involved in their naughty games. The planned a special naughty game for Pam the week after school finished for the year. They were all excited with expectation. Sally asked "Did you say she's a virgin?"

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I didn't write this story. It's a repost.

If you are offended by ff, bd, ws, sm, teen sex, or are too young to read this story then don't read it!

The story has 15 chapters and was written by F. M. Hazer [ (Hazer)]



Naughty Games
by F. M. Hazer

Chapter 14: The Pleb

The four girls had carefully planned their first naughty game with Pam. It was the Friday after the last day of school when Amy called Pam and invited her over the next day to "sunbathe." Pam was cautious given what happened last time. Amy assured her that everything was alright and that no one, meaning her sister and her friend Sally, would be home until late that evening. Pam finally agreed, however Amy would have to pick her up at her home. Amy agreed to pick her up at 1:00PM.

Judy, Sally, and Miss Edwards hid in Miss Edwards' apartment over the barn until after Amy and Pam had arrived. While the Pam and Amy were frolicking nude in the pool, the three girls quietly came back into the house. Sally and Miss Edwards waited in the living room while Judy waited in the kitchen. They were ready for Amy to lure the naked Pam into the house which would spring the trap and start their naughty game.

After Amy and Pam had been out of the pool for a few minutes, Amy said "Let's go in the house and get something to drink." Pam started to wrap the towel around herself and Amy said "That's OK, just leave it here." Pam thought about how nice and naughty it feels walking around naked and said "OK." The two girls walked, nude, to the back door and into the house. As they came through the door, Judy, who was hiding behind the door, closed the door on them, trapping them inside. Judy said in a stern voice "Ha, there you are!" Pam was shocked to again be caught naked. She tried to cover herself with her arms, putting one arm over her breasts and the other hand over her pubis. Judy said in a manner not to be argued with "OK you two, into the living room!" Amy played innocent and walked toward the living room. Judy was blocking the door and Pam had no choice but to follow Amy. As they entered the living room, Pam saw Sally sitting on the sofa and Miss Edwards sitting across from her in a padded arm chair. Pam was embarrassed at being naked in front of her former school teacher. Pam turned around and tried to exit the living room but Judy blocked her way, pushed her back and said in a loud voice "Get in there!"

The two girls stood naked in front of Sally and Miss Edwards. Judy then said in a very stern voice "Sally told me what you two were up to last time. We've had a lot of trouble with Amy before and I've asked Miss Edwards to come here to personally handle this little matter." Miss Edwards took her cue and proceeded "Amy, you should know better. You've been caught doing this before, how come you don't learn?" Amy said in a soft and contrite voice "I dont' know, it just feels so good." Miss Edwards held up her cane that had been laying in her lap and said "How good do you think this is going to feel?" Amy responded with a mock plea "Oh Miss Edwards, please don't cane me!" Miss Edwards said "You've been warned before and now you're going to pay the price." Miss Edwards then looked at the blushing Pam and said "I would have thought better of you Pam. I'm surprised that you would do such a dirty thing. Do your parents know that you do these kinds of things?" Pam was squirming, trying to hide her body with her arms and hands, and blushing profusely. She also felt a sense of guilt for getting Amy into so much trouble. Pam said quietly "No." Miss Edwards said "Well, should we tell your parents about the dirty things you do?" That struck a nerve with Pam. She pleaded "Oh please don't tell my parents." That was the "hook" that the girls were waiting for. They now had some control over Pam and her actions. The naughty game could now be played!

Miss Edwards said "We'll see about that!" Miss Edwards stood up and said "OK you two, come over here" pointing with her cane to the floor between the sofa and the arm chair. Amy walked to the designated spot, Pam followed. Miss Edwards told Pam "Kneel down there!" Pam kneeled down in front of the padded arm chair, her back to Sally, still trying to cover herself with her arms; she had a front row seat for the "show." Judy sat down next to Sally on the sofa behind Pam.

Miss Edwards pointed to the arm chair and said to Amy "You know the position." Amy was putting on a good show. She pleaded "Oh please, not in front of Pam." Miss Edwards said "From what I've heard, Pam has already seen and tasted it all." Pam's blush deepened. Amy slowly got into the required position. She knelt on the arms of the padded arm chair and leaned over the back. Miss Edwards said "Bottom out!" Amy slowly stuck out her bottom to its fullest. With her legs spread apart and her bottom out, nothing of her vagina or rectum was left to the imagination; all was visible. Judy and Sally could see the moisture already building up in Amy's vagina. Having her friend Pam watch added spicy humiliation. Amy was enjoying this naughty game! Pam stared in fascination at her friend's most private parts. Miss Edwards asked Pam "Can you see all right?" Pam, who realized that it was obvious that she was staring, was too embarrassed to answer. Her face was now beet red.

Miss Edwards positioned herself to Amy's left and placed the cane against Amy's bare bottom measuring her distance. She said "Let's see just how good this feels" drew back and struck. The cane whistled in the air and landed with a nice crack. Pam visibly flinched as the cane landed. Amy emitted a small shriek and wiggled her bottom from left to right as she shifted her weight from knee to knee. The four girls watched as the welt on Amy's bottom grew. Pam's eyes never left Amy's bottom. When Amy finally stopped wiggling, Miss Edwards asked "Well Amy, did that feel good?" Amy again gave a mock plea "Oh please Miss Edwards, don't cane me any more. I'll be good, I'll be real good!" Miss Edwards pressed the cane against Amy's bottom, said "I'm sure you will." and struck again. Pam stared at the second welt growing on Amy's bottom as Amy again wiggled her bottom in a most obscene manner.

Miss Edwards continued to cane Amy. By the sixth stroke, it was obvious to everyone that Amy's vagina was sopping wet and Amy's heavy breathing betrayed her arousal. Pam was confused by the incongruity of what she saw and felt. Amy was being severely punished, yet it was obvious Amy was getting close to an orgasm. Plus, Pam could now feel the wetness in her own vagina from her growing arousal. Pam felt embarrassment at being naked in front of everyone, fear from knowing that her turn is next, and shame for being sexually excited by Amy's punishment.

On the tenth stroke, Amy climaxed. Her body went stiff and she emitted a series of small grunts as the orgasmic spasms shook her body. When her orgasm subsided, Amy collapsed onto the seat of the sofa, weak from her intense orgasm. Miss Edwards said "Well, I hope you've learned your lesson!" Judy and Sally almost laughed out loud at the absurd statement. Pam was embarrassed for Amy because it was so obvious that Amy came in front of everyone while being caned.

Miss Edwards said to Pam "All right young lady, stand up!" Amy stood up still trying to cover herself with her arms and hands painfully aware that her buttocks were on full display to Judy and Sally behind her. Miss Edwards said "So, what's it going to be. Are you going to take your punishment like Amy or do we tell your parents about your filthy deed?" Pam pleaded softly "Please don't tell my parents." Miss Edwards said "Very well, then you agree to take a caning and we won't tell your parents?" Pam replied in a barely audible voice "yes." Miss Edwards said "Amy, kneel down there" pointing to where Pam had been kneeling. Amy got up and knelt down. Miss Edwards said "All right Pam, get in position" pointing to the chair. Pam's blush burned on her face as she got into the obscene position. She could feel the wetness between her legs which added to her shame. Miss Edwards said "Bottom well out." Pam pushed her buttocks out to its fullest well aware of the show she was making for Amy, Judy, and Sally. Miss Edwards said "Amy, can you see OK?" Pam closed her eyes in humiliation. Miss Edwards said "Pam, keep your head straight ahead and don't look back. If you look back, you'll be sorry that you did!" Pam wasn't sure why she was being ordered not to look back but she had no desire to show her blushing face to the other girls. Pam could hear the rustling of clothes but she dared not look back to see what was happening. Pam then felt Miss Edwards' hand on her buttocks testing the firmness of her skin. Miss Edwards rubbed both cheeks and slid her fingers between the crack into her vagina. Pam gave a small squeal, wiggled her bottom, and started to turn her head. Miss Edwards reminded Pam "Don't look back!!" Pam kept her head straight while she felt Miss Edwards exploring the slippery wetness of her vagina. Miss Edwards found Pam's clitoris and gently massaged it. Pam was beyond embarrassment. She was now too shocked to do anything about her former teacher's assault on her genitals. The knowing fingers on Pam's clitoris did its work and brought Pam's arousal near the point of climax. Pam was now just enjoying the sensation, too embarrassed and humiliated to do anything else. Miss Edwards removed her hand and announced "Plenty of moisture there." Pam could feel the blush spread down her neck.

Miss Edwards placed the cane against Pam's bottom to measure her distance. Pam gritted her teeth for what was to come. Miss Edwards brought the cane back and delivered a moderate stroke against the plumpest part of Pam's bottom. Pam gave a strangled scream and brought her right hand back to rub and protect her bottom. Miss Edwards reminded Pam "Don't look back!" The four girls watched Pam try to rub away the pain with her hand. Miss Edwards said "Oh don't be such a baby!" With great effort, Pam moved her right arm back in front of her and again leaned on both arms. Miss Edwards felt the welt with her hand and again slipped her fingers into Pam's wet vagina. Pam gave another small shriek and again enjoyed the voluptuous feeling as Miss Edwards rubbed her clitoris bringing her almost to a climax.

When Pam's heavy breathing indicated that she was near her climax, Miss Edwards again gave Pam a good lick with the cane. Pam again gave a strangled scream and wiggled her bottom. However, this time she made no attempt to rub her bottom. When the wiggling stopped, Miss Edwards again masturbated Pam's clitoris to the brink of climax. When Pam reached the edge, Miss Edwards again gave Pam a good lick with the cane. The difference between pain and ecstasy was becoming lost for Pam. Miss Edwards continued with the canning, each stroke being delivered with Pam on the edge of her climax.

On the sixth stroke, Pam went over the edge. Her climax exploded with a force she had never known before. She crumpled down on the chair into a fetal position with here eyes screwed shut as her body shook with spasms of delight.

The next thing Pam was aware of was that Amy was kneeling beside here gently stroking her head. Amy said softly "Well, how was it? Did you come?" Pam looked at her bewildered. She had never experienced such an intense orgasm. She then noticed that Judy and Sally were sitting naked on the sofa, their hands in each other's private parts. Pam looked at Miss Edwards and was shocked to see her former teacher standing there stark naked! Pam's eyes were wide open as she stared at Miss Edwards, examining the front of her. Amy said "You're right, she is sexy." Pam looked back at Amy's smiling face then at the smiling faces of Judy and Sally and finally at the warm smile on Miss Edwards' face. Amy said "Well you did say that Miss Edwards could spank you any time." The realization finally hit her. This was no punishment! She had just undergone an initiation. She had been inducted into an exclusive and secret cult of forbidden carnal pleasures. Her embarrassment and humiliation evaporated to nothing. She felt pride that she had passed the initiation test.

Judy and Sally got up and joined Miss Edwards in front of Pam. Miss Edwards said kindly "Stand up." Pam got up and stood in the middle of the circle of girls. Sally flashed her infectious smile and said "That was a wonderful show!" Pam said "thank you" and realized realize how absurd the situation was. She was being complemented for a "performance" over which she had little control. Miss Edwards said "Now we won't tell your parents, will we?" Pam understood that the word "we" also included herself. Pam said "Oh on, I promise." Miss Edwards said "That's a good girl" and put her arms around Pam. She drew Pam against her naked body and kissed Pam. Pam returned the kiss. They kissed passionately, their tongues working in each other mouths. The three other girls started giving cat calls and whistles at the affectionate display.

Pam felt that she had found herself; she was now a full fledged member of their secret cult. Pam and Amy stood side by side while Judy and Miss Edwards knelt behind them. They examined and compared the marks on the two pairs of buttocks. Judy and Miss Edwards complemented Pam on the lovely welts. Pam felt like she was modeling some form of high fashion. Sally stood to Pam's right and was busy exploring Pam's body with her hands. Sally's fingers felt good. Sally slipped the fingers of her right hand into Pam's slippery wet vagina, searching for the answer to her question. Sally found the answer, Pam's hymen. Sally exclaimed excitedly "Oooo, she IS a virgin!!" Amy said to Pam "Please forgive Sally, she has this thing about virgins." Pam giggled.

Sally was like a kid with a new toy. She said "Let's take her upstairs to Amy's bed." The five girls went upstairs to Amy's king size bed. They laid Pam on her back, spread her legs, and Sally insisted on being "first." While Sally worked on Pam's clitoris with her tongue, Amy and Judy worked on Pam's nipples. Miss Edwards straddled Pam's head and Pam licked Miss Edwards' clit while Pam enjoyed the pleasure being inflicted on her own body. The five girls enjoyed orgasm after orgasm as they experimented with the various combinations of five vaginas and five mouths.

Later, Pam called home to ask if it was OK if she stayed overnight at her friend's house. Her parents said OK. The five "nudies" enjoyed a barbecue dinner by the pool. After dinner was finished, the girls again went to Amy's bed and enjoyed their love making on into the night. They were totally exhausted by the time they all fell asleep in the wee hours of the morning.

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I didn't write this story. It's a repost.

If you are offended by ff, bd, ws, sm, teen sex, or are too young to read this story then don't read it!

The story has 15 chapters and was written by F. M. Hazer [ (Hazer)]



Naughty Games
by F. M. Hazer

Chapter 15: Bladder Control

Pam was now a regular visitor to the "family." She was a fast and eager learner for the various BDSM naughty games that her new friends enjoyed playing. It was always fun for Miss Edwards to lead a new "bottom" through her "training" period. It was a time of experimentation to see what Pam liked and did not like. It was the honeymoon to determine just what turned her on. Thus far, Pam was turned on by every naughty game they played.

It was the fourth of July holiday. Pam had gotten permission from her parents to spent the day and night with her new friend Amy and her family. Her parents were happy that Pam had finally found a real friend. If only they knew ... The girls had planned to attend the big fireworks display that evening at the county park in a neighboring county. Miss Edwards was being careful not to be seen in public with her former students. They had planned to take a picnic dinner with them and eat in the park before it got dark and the show began. As the five girls were packing the van with the baskets and coolers, Sally held up one of the gallon jugs of lemonade and said to Miss Edwards "Hey, do you know what we haven't played in years?" Miss Edwards looked at the jug that Sally was holding and said "Oh no, you don't mean ..." "Yes" said Sally, "Bladder control!" Judy, Amy and Pam all said in unison "Bladder control?"

Miss Edwards looked at the three girls and said "Yes, it's a naughty game we used to play when we were in college." Pam and Amy asked excitedly to explain how the game was played. Miss Edwards and Sally explained the general rules. Judy, who was laughing hysterically, said "You can't be serious!" Sally said "Yes, it's a lot of fun." Pam and Amy were anxious to play the new naughty game. Miss Edwards and Judy considered themselves to be too old and sophisticated for such a juvenile prank. However, they found themselves being outvoted. Miss Edwards and Judy finally agreed to play. They all first needed to agree on what "stakes" they would play for. This amounted to 10 side bets, one bet between each each pair of girls. The game would result in one big winner and one big loser. The rest would be winners and losers. There was much negotiation between Judy and Miss Edwards with the girls with regards to the bet. Judy and Miss Edwards both realized that they may lose and have to play "bottom" to either Amy or Pam or both at "pay-up" time. They also had trouble deciding on the bet between them as one of them would lose. The agreed upon stakes for all the bets were written down on paper so that there would be no argument later.

Miss Edwards said "I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm not going to wear these shorts if we play this game. I recommend wearing skirts, the shorter the better. I also recommend that you don't wear panties. So, I'll leave the skirt length to your discretion. Amy said "I know, I'll wear my reform school uniform!" Judy and Miss Edwards looked at Amy in shock knowing that she just might do such a thing. Pam said "Reform school uniform?" Judy said "No you won't!" Amy said "Oh, ... then how about my slave girl costume?" Pam said "Slave girl costume?" Judy glared at Amy. Amy smiled and said "Just kidding." Pam asked again about the costumes. Amy said "I'll have to show them to you sometime. Let's go change." Pam said "I don't have a skirt with me, all I have are these shorts." Amy said "You can wear your bikini, you may as well get SOME use out of it!" Pam had always brought her bikini with her even though she never used it. It diverted suspicion from her parents. She always dunked it in the pool before she left for home so that it would be wet. Pam said "But people will see!" Miss Edwards teasingly said "See what?" Pam said "You know." Miss Edwards said "Oh, you mean that you can't hold it?" Pam could tell that Miss Edwards was teasing her. She said "It's going to be too embarrassing." Amy suggested that Pam take a beach towel with her to wrap around herself afterward.

Miss Edwards reminded everyone to make sure that they made one last stop in the bathroom before leaving, just to be sure that everyone gets an "even and fair start." The girls went off to change their clothes and do their duty. They returned to the van a few minutes later. Pam was in her bikini, and the four other girls all were wearing short skirts. Amy twirled around and let her skirt fly out revealing the fact that she was not wearing panties. She said "This is fun!" Judy admonished her and said "Don't do that in the park!" Amy teasingly asked "Why not?" Sally then twirled around to reveal her best body parts. She said "You're right, this is fun!" Judy rolled her eyes in disgust. Amy said to Miss Edwards "Let's see yours." Miss Edwards thought that flashing like that was too juvenile and declined the offer. Pam and Amy pleaded "Oh please." Sally snuck up behind Miss Edwards and lifted her skirt, revealing her generous patch of curly hair. Miss Edwards grabbed her skirt and pulled it down and said to Sally "Hey, cut that out!" Pam and Amy were holding their sides laughing. Judy was also laughing. Miss Edwards said to Judy "What's so funny? Let's see yours." Judy realized that all eyes were on her; it was her turn. She sighed and slowly lifted her skirt to show off her sandy colored pubic patch. Sally started smacking her lips and made loud kissing sounds; Pam, Amy, and Miss Edwards all laughed.

Judy pushed her skirt back down and said "Let's go." Miss Edwards made one last check to be sure that she brought a stopwatch, paper, and pencil with her. They all climbed into the van and Judy drove for nearly an hour to the park. They arrived after 6:00PM and the parking lot was already starting to fill. Pam wrapped the beach towel around her waist and the five girls carried the baskets of food and jugs of lemonade into the grassy park. They picked a spot that would give them a view of the fireworks but was away from the general crowd. They didn't want to draw too much attention to themselves given the naughty game that they intended to play. Miss Edwards felt naughty pleasure being a teacher and walking around in public in a short skirt without panties or bra. She hadn't done anything like that since college. The thought of standing in front of her class dressed like that made her wet.

The girls spread a blanket out on the ground and they all sat down around it. Judy and Amy watched as Sally and Miss Edwards, who had both play this naughty game before, spread their skirts and sat with their bare buttocks on the grass. Their skirts discreetly hid their bottoms from view. Judy and Amy copied their technique. Pam removed her towel and sat on the grass in her bikini. They opened the baskets of food and passed around the fried chicken, potato salad and coleslaw. Miss Edwards poured out five large cups of lemonade. After they had eaten some, Miss Edwards held up her cup and said "Drink up!" They all held up their cups as in a toast and took a drink. The four girls were about to put their cups back down when Miss Edwards said "Drink up, all of it!" They all looked at each other. The naughty game had begun!

They all finished their cups of lemonade and Miss Edwards filled them again. After they had finished eating, Miss Edwards again held up her cup and said "Drink up!" They all picked up their cups and drank down the entire contents. Miss Edwards again filled the cups. She had now opened the second jug of lemonade. The girls cleaned up the paper plates and put away the utensils leaving only the cups.

It was now after 7:00 PM and the sun was getting low in the West. The girls were starting to feel the effects of the two full cups of lemonade. Miss Edwards picked up her cup and said "Drink up!" The four girls reluctantly picked up their cups. Miss Edwards said "Well, you wanted to play this naughty game!" They again drank down the cups of lemonade. Miss Edwards poured out the last of the second jug into the cups. They could all feel the pressure building. Pam and Amy were squirming trying to find a comfortable position to sit. Sally started in "Hey, have you guys ever visited Niagra Falls? That sure is a lot of water pouring over the edge!" Miss Edwards picked up on Sally's teasing and said "How about Hoover dam? There's a hell of a lot of water pressure coming out at the bottom!" Judy was now groaning and shifting around trying to find a comfortable way to sit.

Miss Edwards, maintaining a stoic posture, picked up her cup and said "drink up!" The discomfort on Pam's and Amy's faces was obvious. They all watched each other as they simultaneously finished the lemonade ensuring that everyone finished together. Miss Edwards got out her stop watch, paper and pencil. Miss Edwards looked at Amy and Pam and said "Well, from the looks of you two, it won't be long now." The four girls were shifting around in discomfort. Miss Edwards maintained a stoic posture and sat still. Miss Edwards picked up the first gallon jug, opened it and looked inside. The ice had partly melted leaving some of water in the bottom. She held the jug in the air, opened the spigot and let the water flow out in a stream. The sight and sound was too suggestive for Amy. She groaned and the sound of her gushing water joined that of that from the jug. Miss Edwards closed the spigot and started the stopwatch. The four girls watch the relieved expression on Amy's face as she emptied her bladder. Her skirt hid from view what was happening.

Sally chastised Amy "That's disgusting, urinating like that in public." The girls all laughed. Miss Edwards announced "Well Amy, looks like you're the big looser." Sally said "You should have seen those people over there looking at you." Amy turned her head and looked. She saw some people glancing at them but she didn't think they could have heard her. She said to Sally "Oh, you're just kidding." Miss Edwards picked up the other jug and shook it so that the sound of the ice could be heard. She said to Pam "Would you like some more?" Pam let out a moan as her bladder let go. The gushing fluid soaked the bottom of her bikini. As Pam's water was flowing, Amy said "Oh look, here comes your old boy friend John Goldman!" Pam, with a look of horror on her face, suddenly knelt up and sat on her feet but couldn't stop the flow. The urine ran through her bikini bottom and soaked her feet and ankles. She look at where Amy was looking and saw nothing. Amy was roaring with laughter. The other three girls joined in. At first, Pam didn't think that it was so funny, then she too laughed. Miss Edwards noted the time. That was two down and three to go.

Sally and Judy were shifting around uncomfortably. Miss Edwards never moved. The minutes dragged on. Even though they would have to pay a large "penalty" on their bets, Pam and Amy were glad to have relieved their pressure. Miss Edwards kept trying to provoke Sally and Judy with comments. "Does that kitchen faucet still drip?" "Have you ever noticed how fast the water flows through the coffee maker?" Suddenly the girls all heard that familiar sound of gushing water. Miss Edwards, Judy and Sally all had blank looks on their faces and said nothing. Miss Edwards then realized that Sally was keeping a poker face as she was relieving herself. She said to Sally "Hey, that's cheating! Just for that, I'm waiting until you're finished before I mark the time." Sally moaned a sigh of relief as her pressure dropped. When Sally finished, Miss Edwards recorded the time. Two more to go.

It was now a test of wills between Judy and Miss Edwards. Judy was in obvious discomfort and kept moving positions trying to find relief. Miss Edwards maintained her stoic posture and never let anyone know that she was uncomfortable. Finally, as the sun was setting, Miss Edwards clenched her teeth and whispered "Oh shit!" as her bladder let go. The stream sounded like a hose. Sally looked at the stopwatch and noted the time. Judy was the big winner. It was now up to Judy to see just how big a winner she was. The four other girls all tried every trick to break Judy. They shook the melted ice in the jugs. They talked about how good it felt to relieve the pressure. When none of that worked, Sally reached over and pressed against Judy's bladder on her lower abdomen. That did the trick! As Judy yelled "Stop that!", her bladder burst. It sounded like the proverbial pissing race horse. The girls all laughed and applauded; Miss Edwards stopped the watch and noted the time. The people around them were looking wondering what they were applauding.

They stayed and watched the fireworks display. The show lasted about 30 minutes. Then they carried the baskets and jugs back to the car. Pam wrapped the towel around herself to cover her wet bikini bottom. By the time they drove the hour home, their bladders were again full. Miss Edwards said "I suggest we all shower first before we pay up on the bets. I don't know about the rest of you, but I have to go again." They all agreed that they too had to go. Amy said to Miss Edwards "Don't waste it, you can give me a golden shower." Pam said "Golden shower?" Amy said "Oh yes, you can get one too. It's a lot of fun." Sally said to Amy "You're incorrigible!"

Judy and Sally went to the main bathroom while Pam, Amy and Miss Edwards went to Amy's bathroom in the master bedroom. They all quickly got undressed. Pam was about to sit on the toilet to relieve herself when Amy said "Don't do that, come in the shower with us." Amy wasn't sure just what they were up to but she was anxious to play the naughty game. They all got into the shower stall. Amy laid down, face up, between Miss Edwards' feet and said "I'm ready." Pam watched in shocked disbelief as Miss Edwards urinated on Amy. Amy held up her hands into the gushing stream as if she were washing. The fluid splashed in all directions hitting Pam and Miss Edwards on the legs. When the front of Amy was soaked, she turned over and soaked her back.

When Miss Edwards has emptied her bladder, Amy got up. Drops of urine were running down Amy's body. She said to Pam "Your turn." and pointed between her spread legs. Pam slowly laid down between Amy's legs as if in a trance, not sure she could really believe what she just saw or was doing. Amy grunted and let go. The stream hid Pam's chest with a great splash. Pam moved so as not to splash in her face. Amy aimed the stream at Pam's pubis and then moved back up to Pam's breasts. Pam quickly rolled over to avoid getting it in her face. Amy moved the stream down Pam's back and finished her duty on Pam's buttocks.

When Amy had finished, Pam stood up laughing. She had never done anything so kinky before in her life. Pam said I have to go too. Amy said "Hmmm, who didn't get a shower?" Pam and Amy looked at Miss Edwards. She could feel the blush in her face knowing what was going to happen. It was only fare that she should also get one. She was both embarrassed and excited as she slowly laid down between Pam's feet. Miss Edwards had never before had a golden shower. Now, the first one would be from her former student! Miss Edwards laid between Pam's legs as Pam tried to relieve herself. Pam's face grimaced in pain as she tried to do her duty, but she couldn't relax. The harder she tried, the more painful her bladder became. Finally, Amy reached out and tickled Pam in her ribs. Pam, who was extremely ticklish, screamed with uncontrollable laughter and her bladder burst forth with a heavy stream. Amy kept tickling Pam as she urinated, screaming and wiggling around. Her urine not only soaked Miss Edwards, but it also sprayed on her own feet and Amy's

When Pam's bladder finally emptied, Amy quit tickling Pam and Miss Edwards got up laughing. She was laughing not only at what Amy had done to Pam but also at the spectacle that they made. She was wondering what the school board would think if they could see her now! Miss Edwards turned on the water in the shower and they all washed each other. Miss Edwards shampooed Amy's long hair. They dried off and Miss Edwards dried Amy's hair with a blow dryer. They then went down stairs, naked, to join Judy and Sally in the living room. It was now time to pay up on their bets.

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