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The following piece of fiction is intended as ADULT entertainment and has been posted only to an appropriate group on the Internet. If it is found in any other place this is not the responsibility of the author.

All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.

Quin 1995

Captured Caroline. by Quin

Prologue: Just a Quiet Burger

As I neared the state border I turned off the highway and towards the golden arches of an all night McDonalds. When I'd planned the route the month before this had seemed the best place to stop, food bought from here would still be warm when I parked up to change the plates.

I parked towards the back of the lot close to one of the lights. I figured no one would be likely to park close by, I'd taken a lot of trouble to ensure that she was tightly gagged and that she was tied in such a way that she couldn't attract any attention. Still it paid to go to a little extra trouble and it also reduced the chances of some passer by spotting my home made tags. I still felt nervous and unsure, copying a stranger's tags so that you don't have to cruising a neighborhood with out of state plates is smart thinking and pays off when the jobs over and the cops are looking for clues. Yet I couldn't help feeling that this would be the night the idiot got his car stolen or his wife was rushed to hospital and that every cop in the state would be after that license. I was at most twenty minutes from the layover when I could switch mine back, I hoped to stay lucky that long.

I got out and pantomimed looking for my wallet so that I could hang around near the trunk. Nothing, not a peep. I have to say that I started to worry, maybe she'd choked or something. She was a smart girl, a college student, she must see her situation, bound and gagged in the trunk of a car being taken who knows where, her best chance is when we stop. Then, just when I was about to panic and open the trunk I heard it, a faint muffled cry, so soft at first I thought it was imagination. I listened and there it was again full of desperation and hope, saying just one thing `Help me.'

Satisfied that she couldn't be heard more than a few feet away I `found' my wallet and headed towards the doors. She was smart all right, she'd waited until she thought I'd gone before making any noise. A good idea spoiled only by the tiny amount of noise she could make. In some ways I was pleased, she was living up nicely to my expectations.

The McDonalds was almost deserted, and was just about to switch to cooking to order. My fellow patrons consisted of a couple of truck drivers and a state trooper. I have to confess that threw me at first, but from conversations between him and the staff it appeared he stopped off here every night after his shift. I ignored him and carried on. I got them to refill my coffee flask for `later' and took a coke and the quarter pounders they had left as I didn't want to wait around for them to cook my order. The trooper said his good-byes and it was with some relief that I saw him drive away. Once my order was filled I too hit the road nerves on edge but keeping to a nice legal fifty as I headed towards the layover.

I ran through all the events of the past few days again to see if there was anything that could tie me, Richard Cody successful thirty-something computer journalist, with Caroline Conway the struggling eighteen year old psych major currently in my trunk.........

I can't exactly say when the idea of taking a sex slave first came to me. I suppose every man who has ever been lead on by a woman harbors certain fantasies, any guy with a female boss, any guy stood up or embarrassed or humiliated. What I suppose made me different from "any guy" was that I had been provided with the means, both financially and practically to carry out those fantasies and make them real. I could have a woman who couldn't say no, one over which I would have total control.

I suppose in reality this started six months ago. At the time I was dating Samantha Prescott, former model and an assistant editor at Vogue. I must confess that I had fallen, she was lovely of course, but she also had an elegance and charm which completely won me over. I suppose I read more into the relationship that she did, certainly I was ready to commit. I was at that time building a house in New England and contemplating the Great American Novel. Then out of the blue she called everything off, the next time I saw her was in a tabloid escorting some baseball star to the Grammies. When she finally answered my calls she as good as told me that I was just a fashion accessory, that literary men had been a feature of the Fall season and that now that Spring was here she and her friends preferred more "physical" escorts.

About a month later one of my editors called and suggested that I did a blab piece on computer porn. The newspapers and television were in a feeding frenzy about girlie pics on bulletin boards and S&M on the internet. Apparently a company in San Diego was marketing an S&M Multimedia CD-ROM, and had just won a court battle to allow it's distribution. With some reluctance I'd agreed, chiefly because the Samantha thing had caused me to fall behind with my column. A few days later the CD arrived. By then I'd done the few thousand words of condemnation required by my middle class publisher but I thought I'd try it anyway just to get some specific quotes.

In the game you play "Dak Forest" a porno film actor. When the costar of his next flick " Nympho Nurses From Hell" is kidnapped by a Colombian drug cartel, Dak has only three days to rescue her and save the movie. The script was poor, the video clips included painful acting and in the course of the game just about every female character ends up bound and gagged either naked or in some kinky outfit.

Part way through the game a character is introduced called Samantha Pressman, she is the editor of a fashion magazine who is kidnapped by the cartel and turned into the nymphomaniac sex slave Kitty, who acts as Dak's sidekick from then on. To anyone who knew her the similarities between this character and Sam Prescott where overwhelming, the actress even looked a lot like her. I found myself playing the same section again and again. Sam kneels before Dak and begs him to whip her, spank her, humiliate her. Dak of course refuses, but that and some of Sam's heavier scenes kept me hooked on the CD weeks after my article was printed.

I started to ask myself if it was really that difficult to take a woman and make her your sex slave. I had a secluded house with a large basement that I'd originally designed as a computer lab. I had few friends who lived nearby so impromptu visits were unlikely. In addition I had the money and the time to make it work. Suddenly it became clear what I should do. I couldn't take Sam of course, the history of our relationship was too well known. For a wild second I even considered taking `Kitty' and driving her back from California. In the end I realized that I needed a woman with whom I had no contact, a complete stranger preferably from some distance away so that the police investigation wouldn't get too close to home. I looked at a map and selected a college town about three hundred miles from my home. Colleges mean young female students a good starting point for the selection of a slave..........

By now I'd reached the turnoff I'd been waiting for. This lead down a tree lined lane into a wooded hollow. I had come across the place by accident whilst scouting out the area a few months before and could hardly believe that I'd found somewhere so perfect. I'd spent a couple of nights here to assure myself that this wasn't the local lovers lane, or the favorite route of poachers. In the end however I had to accept that it was what it appeared to be, a rough dirt road leading to a small wood, and that the place was deserted at night.

I drove carefully into the hollow, this wasn't the night to slide into a ditch or have a flat. I assured myself that we were far enough from the road and that no one was watching. Finally I got out, went to the back of the car and opened the trunk. Two large, frightened blue eyes stared back at me over the mass of Ace bandage that covered her lower face. The bandage was tight and her cheeks bulged out over it, in places there was a flash of silver where the bandage failed to cover the duct tape underneath. She made a mewing sound and started to struggle, I carefully checked her bonds. In a sense we were both acting out our roles, she as victim, I as kidnapper, we both knew she couldn't get free. She was dressed in the same outfit she had worn that morning to her Saturday job, a fairly expensive blue blazer and skirt, a white blouse, heels and stockings. I had pulled her long blond hair back into a kind of ponytail and secured it with some rubber bands, it cascaded onto her back like a horses mane. I had considered removing the blazer before tying her but this power dressing had reminded me of Samantha, so instead I had added to the ensemble. Her ankles where cuffed, good solid black leather bondage cuffs bought from a sex shop in New York, in many ways they matched her pumps and proved I could "Accessorize". At the moment they were fastened together with a padlock and linked by a long leather strap to her wrists. Smaller straps clinched her legs together just above and just below the knees effectively immobilizing them. I had done the same at her elbows but had used duct tape to secure her wrists and hands. Even her fingers where covered in a mass so thick it appeared that she was clutching a bowling ball. As well as securing her hands the mass also stopped another leather strap from biting into her wrists and it was this strap that was also secured to her ankles.

After checking everything was secure I removed the strap that formed the hogtie. She groaned with relief and started to straighten her legs. I grabbed her by the arms and pulled her clear, then slung her over my shoulder and carried her round to the open passenger door and placed her inside. Closing the door I entered via the drivers door. For a second we sat looking at each other, then she started to struggle and I went back to the job in hand.

"Stop that!" She turned and looked at me, her eyes framing a silent question.

"No I'm not going to kill you if you don't force me to. If I'd wanted to kill or rape you I could have done it back in that alley and saved myself a lot of trouble. Now stop struggling, you've been alone in the trunk for the last three hours, if you couldn't get free then what chance do you have with me here?"

She stopped and sat watching me with a nervous expression on her face.

"Look, I have a proposal to make, we've got a long way to go and things are going to get quite unpleasant for you unless we can come to some arrangement." She continued to listen, her large accusing eyes watching me. "You probably need the john and you must be thirsty. I have a drink for you and some food. For you to eat it I have to remove the gag, you can scream all you want out here and no one will hear you, all you'll do is piss me off, clear?" She looked out of the car window at the quiet secluded woods.

"Is that clear!" I snapped.

She turned back to me and nodded, her ponytail bobbing behind her.

"Ok, I want you to promise that IF I remove the gag, you'll let me replace it again when it's time to go. You'll be quiet, you'll eat the food then we'll head off again." She looked at me incredulously and I began to realize just what expressive eyes she had.

"I suggest you think about this, you weren't able to stop me gagging you in the first place, and you won't be able to stop me now, all you'll do is force me to hurt you. Besides cause me trouble now and we simply don't stop until we get were we're going, I know which of us will suffer most." I could see the calculations in her eyes, here was definitely a bad place for her with no chance of rescue. I could see her thinking that the next stop may offer more possibilities and that she shouldn't blow it now. At length she nodded.

"So let's check that we're clear on this. The gag comes out, no screaming or carrying on, you eat then you let me gag you again with no trouble?" Again she nodded so I told her to bend down whilst I undid the bandage. Pushing the ponytail away I worked on the knot then I unwound the bandage and dumped it on the floor. She started to protest when I started pulling the duct tape free but at last I removed it and the dense sponge rubber ball that packed her mouth.

She licked her dry lips, "Water?" she croaked. I put the straw to her lips and she started to drink greedily.

Finally she stopped and looked up at me, "Why are you doing this?" she asked looking at me with those big expression filled eyes.

"Shut up," I said, "I didn't say you could talk." "You didn't say I couldn't." "You'll learn," I said and reached for the sponge ball. "No! " She said quickly, "Look I'm sorry. I'll be quiet, promise!" Without a word I held the first burger to her lips and she started to eat. There continued a strange silence until she was finished. I reached back, plucked the toy bag from behind her seat and started to root around inside. At length I found what I wanted and pulled out her collar. Seeing it she started to protest but then she caught my eye and sat meekly as I locked it around her neck. Then I pulled out a leather gag, this time she couldn't stop herself.

"What..." "It's your gag." "But I thought...." She nodded towards the sponge ball. "That design is very effective but the adhesive from the tape damages the skin. This is a better long term solution. Now open wide.." "But..." "Are you breaking your promise?" "No but..." "Then open up!" She sighed resigned to her fate and opened her mouth to let me put the gag inside, then she bent forward as I secured the straps. The gag had a wide padded leather section that covered her lips and a strap that tightly fastened around her head. I could tell that she'd worked out that the ball in her mouth was a lot smaller that the last one. She made a number of muffled sounds that were much quieter that they should be. I think she thought that I'd overestimated the gag's effectiveness and she could exploit that later. I reached into the bag and got the pump. At first she didn't recognize what it was and it was only when the ball in her mouth started to inflate that she realized the truth. Eyes wide and bulging she started to protest, her whines becoming steadily more muffled as the ball inflated. When I was satisfied that she was gagged as effectively as before I replaced the pump in the bag and withdrew the padded leather blindfold that matched the gag. She spotted this and wanted nothing to do with it she shook her head, struggled and whined as I strapped it in place. I pulled back and she sat there shaking. Deprived of sight she felt even more vulnerable. Her almost covered face, gag and blindfold scanned the car as if waiting for something to happen. I left the car and walked around to the passenger side with the bag. Opening the door I swung her bound legs out and clipped a short length of chain between the D rings of her ankle cuffs. I removed the padlock joining the cuffs and then the two leather straps leaving her legs free but hobbled at the ankles. Then I secured another chain to her collar to act as a leash and pulled her upright. A little unsteadily she followed me to a tree where I secured the leash to a low branch.

"I'm going to leave you here while you pee is that clear?" She tried to say something. "The panties?" She nodded, "No problem." She squealed as my knife cut them off. I watched her squat against the tree then returned to the car. In the trunk next to the spare wheel was my license plates, with some relief I removed my clever fakes and replaced the legal ones. I watched while she shivered by the tree. I wasn't concerned, even if she somehow slipped the leash she couldn't get far in a wood blindfolded and hobbled. At length I collected her and returned her to the trunk. I re-secured her legs and hog-tied them back to her wrists. She moaned and struggled back to her role as victim.

"Hey sweetheart." Her leather covered face turned towards me. "I'm not a bad guy I know it can be boring in here. I have some entertainment for you." With one quick motion I slipped the vibrator into her pussy and turned it on low. A strangled moan came from behind the gag and she started to struggle as I secured her knees and trapped the buzzing intruder inside her. The moans and groans continued but the hogtie deprived her of the movement necessary to remove it, if of course that was her intention. Her hips moved as much as they could and muffled moans came from behind the gag. Once again I tucked the blankets around her for sound insulation and shut the trunk. In the eerie silence of the woods I could still hear her faint moans. Satisfied that the vibrator, with it's long life batteries, would keep her distracted until we returned home I returned to the drivers seat and drank my coffee.......

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The following piece of fiction is intended as ADULT entertainment and has been posted only to an appropriate group on the Internet. If it is found in any other place this is not the responsibility of the author.

All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.

Quin 1995

Captured Caroline. by Quin

Chapter 1: The Selection and Capture of a Slave.

It had been fate that delivered her to me. I discovered that a small software house was holding a product demo in the town I'd selected as my hunting ground. A small startup company made up of young graduates, they where based near the university. I was preparing another blab piece on innovation in the computer industry and so had an excuse to go, it seemed like a good opportunity to scout around. I think the company had been surprised when I accepted, I was the only recognized hack that had bothered to attend. In any case they were all over me, I got a private demo and enough disks and promotional material to supply the whole press corps. They were keen young men desperate to make a good impression. One even showed me the local night life and over some beers he told me of the best student hangouts, information which I stored away for later.

The next day was to have been the main demo and having seen the package already I had intended to send my apologies and use the time to check out prospective targets. In the end however I elected to turn up for at least the first half hour. They had hired a couple of girls from a local modeling agency to look pretty during the presentation. Neither was exactly what I was looking for but on a whim I hung around until lunch to practice my stalking skills. The girls headed off downtown to a small restaurant where they met with friends. It was here that I first saw her, tall, shapely, blond, Caroline. With a decent makeup job and some reasonable clothes she could have made a good living on the modeling circuit. As it was she had a fairly poor dress sense, which reduced her from stunning to just good looking. I knew then that this was the one I wanted. Not only could I train her as my slave I could eventually mold her into the kind of escort to make the Sam Prescotts of this world seem ordinary.

After her meal she said her good-byes and left. Once outside I followed her back to a local department store, here she worked as a cosmetics saleswoman. She seemed to be fairly junior, supplying free makeovers to women brought to the counter by more senior staff. I went to a rival company's stand and made some excuse about needing a last minute birthday gift. The girl was helpful and I managed to keep her distracted enough that I could watch Caroline across the floor. She had a certain intrinsic elegance that shone out despite her dowdy looks. Trade was slow and from the banter I picked up between the other saleswomen it became clear that Caroline was a student working here part time. Realizing I couldn't continue to hang around without attracting attention I purchased enough perfume to keep the girl happy then left and headed off for the rest of the day.

I had bought a late model medium sized domestic sedan to use during the abduction. My researches had shown that this was a popular type and color and indeed I saw a number as I drove around. In the end I selected one and followed it to a small car park. Here a guy got out and went into an office building. I noted his plate then headed back to the store in time for closing. I followed from a distance as she left work and headed down a set of back alleys to a place where a small car was parked. I nearly lost her as she drove away but fortunately the traffic slowed her until I could catch up in my car. I followed her to a small apartment building near the university. I had caught her first name in the restaurant and from the bell box I saw that she was Caroline Conway and lived in 23C.

The morning she was working in the store as usual, during the night I'd formulated a plan. First I hired a cell phone from a local company that were happy for me to take it for a few days when I claimed mine was damaged. This gave me a local number. I had spent most of the previous evening filling a small notebook with cryptic notes and I put a woman's name on the cover. I had noticed that Caroline carried a small black leather purse with her at all times. I guessed that they may be available from the store where she worked. Another quick `birthday gift' shopping trip and I had it's twin together with a woman's billfold. In the stores toilets I assembled my decoy. I placed about $300 in the wallet and dropped it into the bag, then added some old keys, some change, the notebook, a pen and some of the perfume I'd purchased the day before. I figured it would weigh about right and that she may not immediately realize it wasn't her own purse. I assumed that she would eat lunch in the same place and again fate was with me. I sat on the next table just behind her as she sat and gossiped. I paid for the salad I bought and while the waitress took their order I quickly swapped purses, stuck hers under my coat and left. I explained to the cashier that I was waiting for a friend who hadn't shown and that I was off to find out where he was. Would she hold my table for fifteen minutes until I got back? A large tip ensured she would. I knew I had little time, there was a key and heel place down the block and a hardware store a little beyond that. Out of sight I removed her apartment and car keys and ensured they had no ID. I stopped at the heel bar first, dropped off the car keys and paid for a duplicate set. With the excuse that my lunch break was almost over and I had shopping to do I left them with the promise that the keys would be ready when I returned in five minutes. Then I went to the hardware store where I got the apartment keys done quickly. In their toilets I quickly went through the rest of the purse. I was relieved to see that she had no bottles of medication or cards indicating a serious medical complaint. What she did have was a large number of unpaid bills, and of course a motive to disappear. Collecting both sets of keys I headed back.

In all it had taken me ten minutes before I was back in the restaurant. The decoy had worked well, and it was still where I left it. If I couldn't get the purse back to her she would find the decoy and assume some mistake. If she dialed the number on the notebook she would reach the cell phone and I had a plausible story prepared about my absent minded wife and her talent for mislaying her purse. I would then arrange a place for an exchange. I doubted she would be suspicious but I was still relieved that she and her friends ordered coffee and were too distracted to notice when I successfully switched her purse back.

I tailed her back to the store to ensure this wasn't a college day, then went to her apartment. I rang the bell first in case there
was a room mate or a boyfriend, then went up and scouted things out. I discovered that she was a psych major struggling to meet the demands of the course and of her day job and that she apparently lived alone. She had awful dress sense seeming to choose baggy clothes that hid her figure and colors that didn't suit her. Although this was puzzling her wardrobe did provide me with details of her clothes sizes that would let me order some of the more exotic outfits before I collected her. The absence of a boyfriend and estranged letters from the family assured me she wouldn't be missed for some time. I was almost tempted to wait and take her then, but I didn't want anyone to place me near the scene so instead I decided to wait a month and returned home to prepare...

The dungeon was close to finished. I had managed to do most of the work myself and the little extras I'd had to get my contractor to do (like putting water into the small basement room) were easily explained by my love of photography. Before collecting my model I went to New York on a fetish buying spree. Gags, cuffs, whips, chains, harnesses, toys and a reasonable fetish wardrobe started to fill the dungeon. I managed to pick up some reasonable strong secondhand furniture to liven up the place, the only problem now was collecting Caroline.

And that wasn't going to be easy. I mapped out her movements as I knew them. Up at seven, out at eight thirty, work by nine, lunch twelve to one. The problem was not what she did but the fact that everyone else did them at the same time. At least a dozen people left her apartment building within fifteen minutes of her every day. I as I looked into it in detail it began to seem that there was not a moment when I could reasonably expect to have her alone long enough to get her and make off unseen.

First her apartment was on the third floor of a small student tenement, there was frenetic activity all the time. Though I had keys to the apartment and could easily ambush her there day or night there was no method I could use to get her out of the place unnoticed. I had no doubt that I could take her, but someone was bound to mention the guy with the "drunken girlfriend" or the dude with "the big box" when the police started asking questions. I could wait until the early hours but then the back door leading to the car park would be locked so I'd have to take her through the front doors. I determined that it was never quiet enough for that to work.

The apartment's car park was above surface and at the back of the building. Between 7AM and 8PM there was a back exit open to allow access. Unfortunately it was clearly visible from the road and worse it was a short cut to the nearest bar. Therefore an ambush in the car park wasn't on either.

On TV of course it's all terribly easy, the heroine leaves her apartment and gets into her car. Suddenly the menacing bulk of the bad guy looms behind her and a gloved hand closes over her mouth. In the next scene she's unconvincingly bound and gagged on her own back seat as the bad guy telephones the hero to arrange a meet. Of course the heroine always drives a big domestic car, if she were wise and had bought a small compact Japanese model like Caroline she would have only needed to worry about midget and contortionist kidnappers.

The only real opening was that she left the store slightly later than everyone else. I could in theory jump her in the back alleys leading to her car. Unfortunately *MOST* of them were well used short cuts which was probably why she felt safe using them. The only exception was an alleyway close to the store, here at that time I could expect to have her alone for perhaps fifteen to twenty minutes. Unfortunately the alley was too narrow for a car, it did however lead into an wider alley linking two blocks. This wide alley was quiet enough that I could get perhaps five minutes parked there before I congested traffic but simply put it was too busy for me to leave a car there during the kidnapping. For a while I played with the idea of stashing her in a dumpster while I went for the car, but even with the best gag in the world she'd make too much noise for me to leave her the twenty minutes I needed. I started to wish I knew more about drugs so that I could knock her out, but I knew that unless I was very careful I could kill her. What I needed was a way to overpower her and to make her invisible for perhaps twenty minutes.

Then fate again stepped in. During another shopping trip to NYC I made the mistake of taking a short cut through a particular alley. About half way through I became aware of someone by my side, before I could react someone pushed something into my side and it was all over. A cop told me later that it was a stun gun, an electrical device that delivers the victim a debilitating charge. I figure I was out of it for perhaps ten minutes, which had been enough time for the guy to make off with my wallet. The police had got there so fast because a bum sleeping in the alley had flagged them down. I had to confess that I hadn't noticed him, and neither it seemed had my attacker, as the cops caught him at the next block. I slipped the bum a C note for his help before heading off to my destination. I was more careful from then but it got me to thinking.

Over the next few weeks I practiced my capture technique using an inflatable doll part filled with sand. Counting in my head, I choreographed, handcuffing the wrists, gagging the mouth, securing the legs. When I could bind my unresisting vinyl victim in under three minutes I returned to the Big Apple and hired a woman who advertised as a "Professional Submissive." She made it clear that she wasn't into "rough stuff" but apparently rape fantasies were common to both her male and *FEMALE* customers.

We worked out what she called a "scene." She would enter her bedroom as a "tired business executive." I as a passed over rival would jump her, bind and gag her then "punish" her for getting "My promotion." The plot was lame but apparently a popular one with her other customers, she offered several others but all I wanted was to refine my technique on a real struggling body. After the first time I made some changes, she was to make as much noise as possible at all times, she would get a hundred dollar bonus if she kept me from tying her for two minutes and I was allowed to tie her as I wanted. The first couple of occasions she was up by two hundred bucks but after that it became easier to subdue her. I tried out several types of ties and gags looking as much for the type of movement and sounds the victim could make as for the degree of immobilization or silence. Finally I was happy I had found what I wanted so I packed my equipment and started the long drive that would end with Caroline.

That Friday I followed her around. I kept fairly clear of the store as it had security cameras and store cops but I attended her regular lunch break. Her two model friends were off to a trade fair in Chicago, bad news it seemed as she needed somewhere to stay for a few days. The landlord was apparently evicting her on Monday and she needed to move that weekend. With a put upon sigh one of the girls offered a spare key to her apartment but made it clear this couldn't be a permanent arrangement. For a second I considered rethinking my risky plan in favor of taking her there but I figured with my luck this apartment would be even worse than the current one. What was clear though was that I needed to move quickly, for some reason and despite the fact that I had intended to kidnap her the next day I felt compelled to move things forward. Trailing her back to the store I slipped off down back alleys to the place where she parked her car. Then I stole it, simple when you have the keys. I'd already been warned about the "bad" side of town so that was were I headed. I parked in a back street and left the car open with the keys inside before making it to a more busy street and flagging down a cab. I had been away from the car perhaps five minutes before the cab drove past the back street. By then the car had gone, destined for the chop shop or perhaps a new identity like it's mistress.

I was dropped off in the town center and recovered my car from the car park. Next I drove out to her place. The block was as quiet as it got as I walked up the back stairs in my disguise. I was wearing jeans and a hooded track suit top and had a couple of books under one arm. As the "instant student" I went into her apartment unobserved. To my surprise the contents of the rooms had been packed into a number of largish boxes. Only a little food and the pillows and bedding were still out. Good fortune having smiled on me again I started to move the boxes down the back stairs to my car. Several people seemed to be moving at the same time and it became easy to loose myself coming in and out. I ensured that I was relatively unobserved loading the car and hung around in the stairwell to ensure no one saw me enter her apartment. It took perhaps twenty minutes to do the whole thing. I searched afterwards to ensure that nothing valuable was left behind but deliberately left the place untidy. As a final gesture I left the final notice on the table together with enough cash to cover the back rent. I reasoned the super would find it on Monday and assume she'd moved out. I'd put the boxes on the back seat of the car but I put the pillows and comforters in the trunk as added sound insulation.

Driving to a secluded spot I got ready for the final assault. Under the track suit top I put on a harness to which were clipped the items I would need quickly. Looking back I wonder why I did this, my "appointment" with Caroline wasn't for some time and the harness was bulky. I reasoned it was best to get used to it so I didn't appear odd when I approached her. I drove back to the town center with the intention of hiding behind the dumpsters in the alley until she left work. Taking a large cardboard box half full of equipment to the alley I quietly moved one of the dumpsters a little to allow a six foot gap between them.

I had just unpacked the box when a sob alerted me to someone's approach. Dumb as it was I peered around the dumpster rather than hide immediately. It was her! I couldn't believe it, she was walking down the alley sobbing quietly over an hour too soon! I panicked, there were just too many people around at this time for it to work, the store would be closing in a few minutes and the alley would fill with her fellow workers. The cold realization hit me that I'd overplayed my hand, that after all the planning and expense I'd been just a little too impatient. I couldn't take her now, but if I didn't she would discover her car missing and the things gone from her home. There would be police reports, questions, in essence Caroline Conway would become too noticeable to just disappear.

I had failed and beyond that I was mad. Mad with Samantha for starting this thing in the first place, mad at myself for my impatience but above all mad at her, at Caroline, for having the ill manners to be early the one time it really mattered. Then before I knew what I was doing I was standing next to her. "Caroline?" I asked and as she raised her tear-filled eyes to mine I pressed the stun gun into her side and pushed the button. She made an "Uhhug" sound as her contracting diaphragm forced the air from her lungs. A pained and surprised look spread over her face as she started to fall. I directed her on to the open sleeping bag I'd just spread between the dumpsters, I looked down the alley both ways and saw no one, then I proceeded on autopilot.

The handcuffs were first, unclipped from my harness and then fastened, one pair on the wrists the other on the ankles. Next came a dense sponge ball apparently designed for people to practice games near glass windows. It was quite unyielding and despite the lack of resistance it took some pushing in. I sealed it there with two quick strips of duct tape, each starting along the jawline, crossing over her lips and ending on the opposite cheek. Again I checked for people aware that this alley would be at it's busiest in a few minutes. Fortunately I was still safe so I continued to cover her mouth with strip after strip of tape. Then following the plan I strengthened the bonds before she could move again. Four leather straps, two above and bellow the elbows, the same at her knees. I quickly removed the handcuffs from her ankles and from the box pulled out a pair of bondage cuffs already locked together with a padlock. I strapped them on her ankles and she attempted to kick me and made the first sounds since the stun gun was fired. The sound was soft but still wasn't quiet enough, turning her on her side I gathered her hair into a single bunch, holding it with my right hand I used my left to move an elastic band from around the right wrist on to the hair. A couple of quick flips and the hair was bound into a pony tail and kept out of the way of the next stage.

I could hear people leaving the shops down the alley. I thought of leaving her like this but she was still too noisy. Quickly and brutally I wound an elastic bandage around her head and over her taped lips. I knew it was really tight but at that moment all that mattered was the effect it had on her cries. Not only were they more muted, they also became lower and more guttural as she had to do more with her throat. I could see shadows moving in the far end of the alley. By now it was too late to escape. I would have to hide and hope that my idea would work. Rolling her on to her stomach I used a spare strap to hog-tie her wrists to her ankles. Satisfied I threw the other end of the sleeping bag over her and zipped it up. After some fumbling it was zipped, because she was near the bottom of the bag it closed over her head. Quickly dumping the other rubbish from the box, I used the top of the sleeping bag to pull her head up and pushed the box down over her upper body. Dumping half a bottle of cheap whiskey and some rubbish on the bag I stood the half bottle strategically next to the wall and slid behind the dumpster.

She must have heard them because she tried to struggle and scream as the first people walked by. Of course she was too late, the passers by smelt the strong alcohol, saw the ripped sleeping bag and cardboard box and "saw" a bum not a kidnapped girl. Social conditioning being what it is the more sound she made the more she became invisible to the passers by. Just another street person best ignored lest they tap you for pocket change. I hid and watched, pleased that the plan had worked but still a little disturbed at how faceless society had become. As I crouched there I went through her purse, found a hastily written notice of dismissal from the store and understood the tears. Just before it was quiet enough for me to leave for the car, two of the women from the cosmetics counter where she worked stopped by the dumpsters. I froze convinced they had recognized something that I'd forgotten. In the end however they just lit cigarettes, and gossiped about how "that stupid bitch, Caroline" had pushed her luck too far.

Perhaps recognizing the voices she tried to struggle and scream again, one commented that the cops should lock such people away and they flounced off with a self congratulatory waddle. Looking down on her as she sobbed inside the sleeping bag I began to think that I could be doing her a favor and that of all the people she knew only I her kidnapper, her rapist, her MASTER really cared what happened to her. With this in mind I checked the coast was clear and opened the bag. The handcuffs on her wrists were already biting, cutting off her circulation. The extra strain from the hog-tie was making it worse, she must have been in agony.

I released the hog-tie and started wrapping duct tape around her wrists, when I had built up enough I removed the handcuffs and continued over her hands. I was able to force her to lace her fingers together with threats of a knife and taped her fingers into a solid mass. The result was that when I reapplied the hog-tie strap it bit into the tape not her wrists. She seemed happy that the pain had stopped so I re-interred her in the sleeping bag and box. Then I piled other rubbish around her and went to get the car. That trip took me twenty minutes and it was with some trepidation that I approached the dumpsters again. I pulled off the box and was relieved to see her gagged face rather than the street cop I'd half expected. She was sobbing, huge tears ran down her face. Quickly I blew her nose and warned her to stop blubbing or risk suffocation. I don't know how many people walked past her as she lay bound and gagged in the alleyway, but the experience of being so helpless yet so close to rescue had filled her with despair. She gave me little trouble as I moved her from the alley into the trunk of my car. I quickly packed the blankets and pillows around her to further muffle her and to minimize the risk she could somehow pound on the metal of the car. Satisfied I quickly cleaned up, dumping most of the stage dressing for my "bum" in the dumpsters. I started to throw the whiskey in too but an impulse stopped me and instead I placed it where only an invisible man would look and left to take my prize to her new home.

Path:!!!!!!!!!!!!!usenet From: (Hunter Rose) Newsgroups: Subject: Captured Caroline (PT2: "intro to slavery" M/f, NC, B&D) Date: 20 Jul 1996 19:28:58 GMT Lines: 327 Distribution: world Message-ID: <4src1q$> Reply-To: NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Newsreader: NeoLogic News for OS/2 [version: 4.5c 999]

The following piece of fiction is intended as ADULT entertainment and has been posted only to an appropriate group on the Internet. If it is found in any other place this is not the responsibility of the author.

All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.

Quin 1995

Captured Caroline. by Quin

Chapter 2: An Introduction to Slavery

Sitting there sipping the coffee and reviewing the past few weeks I felt the tension slowly drain from my body. I had her. Not only that but as far as I could see I had left no clues other than ones that pointed to her leaving of her own free will. Police don't handle missing persons cases promptly anyway because the majority of people turn up in the first few days. Seen from their point of view we have Caroline Conway, struggling student already being evicted who suddenly looses her job then disappears with all her possessions. Not a good candidate for being a criminal case. I packed everything away and started to put the pieces of her gag into the McDonalds bag along with the wrappers. At length I picked up a piece of tape with traces of her lipstick on it. The color seemed in some way wrong for her and it struck me as being a little odd that someone who made money applying makeup should botch her own so badly. Still this was a mystery I would have plenty of time to investigate at my leisure.

Starting the car I left the hollow and headed back to the highway. I was about four hours from home a distance I intended to take in one go. I'd held out the hope of other layovers and chances of rescue to buy her cooperation and I wondered how long it would be before she realized she'd been tricked, assuming that she noticed anything above the persistent throbbing in her crotch. Not that it really mattered of course as she didn't have a chance to complain. The rest of the drive was fairly uneventful, I stopped for gas once at a small self service station. If I had been unlucky I suppose someone could had driven up and heard her, but it was about 2am by now and the cashier and I were the only ones for miles.

It was about four when I pulled up outside my house. A stand of trees and a high brick wall shields it from the road so I could remove her without attracting any attention. Again I hobbled her legs, though this time she was more cooperative probably to speed removal of the vibrator that still buzzed inside her. Her thighs were slick with her cum and the sweat told of her exertions. Taking the leash I lead her into the house and down into the basement. I'd left part of it unfinished so that the odd nail or hole wouldn't look out of place. Originally I had planned a large lab under my office but now that section of the basement was hidden behind a swinging bookcase in the corner. For now I locked the leash over an exposed beam and left her there. Racing upstairs I changed into my master's outfit, a cotton shirt, black leather pants, boots and matching gloves, after all my first act would be to dress my slave appropriately and the least I could do was reciprocate. I returned to the basement where she was trying the extent of the leash and screaming behind the gag. Without saying a word I moved the bookcase and stepped beyond. This space had been designed to be fairly large. Originally I had intended to surprise my friends with this room and so had kept it a secret. That was useful now it's purpose had changed as it stopped embarrassing questions.. At the far end I had built a small room with a heavy iron door. Inside was quite spacious, enough room for a double bed, a chair, a table and a chemical toilet. That was her cell the rest of the place could best be described as the dungeon. On one wall I had cemented in a steel latticework that stood out a couple of inches from the wall itself. This provided ample anchoring points for straps and restraints. The other wall had a number of large rings for the same purpose. Near the door was a locked steel cabinet and an old wooded wardrobe.

Going to the wardrobe first, I selected an outfit for her to wear from the clothes I kept there. The visit to her apartment had shown me that she was a conservative dresser. This outfit screamed slut and sex and was guaranteed to embarrass her. I had no doubt the kidnapping had rattled her, now I had to keep her hesitant, uncomfortable and unsure as I started to mold her as my slave. Most of the clothes here were off the shelf vinyl, leather and rubber stuff from the sex shops of New York. Being her first night however I went for something special. I'd ordered this ensemble from a specialist shop in LA. using the measurements I'd taken from her clothes. Their catalog had contained several more specialist creations which I intended to order once I'd broken her in. Next I unlocked the cabinet a removed some restraints, a new gag, a pair of shears and a small riding crop then returned to the main basement.

By now she had given up struggling and just stood in the center of the room shifting her weight from foot to foot. I let her stew a little longer as I walked around and surveyed her fine body. Then I walked over and removed first her heels then the cuffs from her ankles. The sudden loss of height made the leash pull tighter at the collar and she whimpered slightly. I reached down, placed the shears against the hem of her skirt and with one movement cut it all the way to her hips. Of course I could have removed the skirt without cutting, but these clothes were her last personal possession, the last vestige of her personal identity. Destroying them was a symbolic act. The skirt was relatively simple, the jacket took more time, the blouse shredded in seconds. By now she was yelling and thrashing around, but the ever present bite of the collar kept her in check. I felt a little guilty cutting off her bra and garter belt, I loved lingerie, but accepted it had to be done. Finally I pulled off her stockings and she stood before me naked but for the bondage, her blindfolded face tracking backwards and forwards waiting for the next attack. Her breasts heaved as she sobbed silently. I looked at the matted triangle of her pubic hair, damp from the vibrator but still too thick for my taste, she had an appointment with a razor tomorrow.

Next I moved a small table close enough to her that she could reach it with some effort and placed the outfit on it Then I cut the tape from her wrists and her hands before removing the

She stood blinking as sight returned. then immediately her hands flew first to the back of her head where the gag was secured then to her neck and the collar. In both cases she found small padlocks making removal impossible. She murmured something then turned to face me. I flexed the crop and smiled.

"From now on I will call you slave or cunt, you will call me master or sir. You have no rights, I own you completely, even your body is mine, understand?" Her big blue eyes just stared at me incredulously.

"I want an answer slave, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" This time when there was no answer I slapped her breast with the crop, she jerked to attention. I pulled the crop back as if I was going to strike her face, she held up her arms and cowered.

She nodded. "Good, lesson one obey first time every time and you'll avoid punishment. If you don't you'll soon understand what pain really means. Clear?" She nodded, this time the response was much quicker.

"You are here as a sex slave, as your master I will use your body as I see fit for my personal pleasure. You will obey me immediately and do the same for any others I designate. If you obey orders and don't try to escape you will avoid punishment, if not the severity of the punishment will increase. I won't kill you unless, you threaten my life or my security but push me too far and I can permanently disfigure you. Understand?"

Again the nod, this time however she was looking at the ground so I put the end of the crop under her chin and raised her head so that I could stare into her frightened eyes. I pointed to the clothes on the table with the crop.

"Put those on."

She looked at them, on top was a shiny black latex bustier, at various points the rubber had been ribbed to provide support making it resemble a space age corset. She turned to me and I could see that she was thinking about it.

"Put it on."

She continued to just stand, I had brought some handcuffs with me in case she was difficult. I was going to cuff her hands and punish her when suddenly I saw a better solution. I pulled the table back out of her reach and smiled. "We'll see how you feel in the morning." I said and turned towards the stairs. I was halfway up them when I heard her frantic mewing. She had realized that eventually her legs would tire and that she would be choked by the leash. I went back down stairs.

"Ready to cooperate?" She looked at the floor, then nodded. I offered her the bustier, but when she reached for it I snatched it back. "First, dance for me." She looked confused. "Obey me first time, every time remember? This is your punishment, I'm going to go easy on you this time. Now dance or I'm off to bed." Slowly she started to gyrate as much as the chain would let her. "Is that the best you can do? Sexy, Slave I want you to dance sexy." I didn't think she was really trying so I applied the crop to the sections that didn't move enough. She yelped a little but after about the first dozen she was doing the best she could. I could tell that the nakedness troubled her. Right now she would rather wear the kinky clothes than stay like this. Most of my blows had been to make her move her hands from breast or crotch, I figured if she wanted to touch them that much I should encourage her. I smiled, "I'm afraid that you've proved you don't deserve this fine outfit. If you want it then you are going to have to earn it piece by piece. Now cup your breasts and offer them to me. A muffled sound came from behind the gag." "First lesson!" I said as I settled back in a chair. She cupped her breasts in her hands and thrust her chest at me while all the time gyrating to some imaginary tune. "Now play with the nipples. When she hesitated I flicked the crop towards her. She sobbed but her hands slid up her breasts and her thumbs flicked the brown nubs which soon hardened before her. I tossed the bustier to her. "Slide it up and down your body." This time she complied quickly, making involuntary crooning sounds as the cold latex touched her hard, sensitive nipples. Finally I'd seen enough. "Ok now put it on." She struggled into it, all the time eyeing the crop fearfully. It fit her better than expected, forming a shiny second skin from just below her nipples to just above her crotch. It was so tight that her navel was clearly visible and her tits were trust up and out making them appear even more prominent. The hard brown nubs of her nipples stood to attention just above the top of the cups and just cried out for attention. I began to regret not bringing some clamps with me. Still there was time for that later.

I held up a long black latex glove. "Play with yourself, you don't get it until you're wet." She glanced at the glove then at the stairs. Then, while one hand continued to stroke and fondle her latex covered breast and nipple, the other drifted to her clit where she started to finger herself. I looked at her, the eyes where now glazed and full of silent tears. I tossed her the glove. "Get off with it, " I said. She looked up eyes full of both humiliation and confusion. Grabbing the other glove I passed it between my legs then with one hand holding from the front and the other from the rear I slid it backwards and forwards across my crotch. She looked on horrified and I was sure she would die rather than do it. Then slowly with hands shaking she copied my action dragging the slick glove backwards and forwards across her cunt until the surface was wet with her cum. I made her repeat the procedure for the second glove. Her hands were shaking when she slowly pulled the gloves up her arms. I made her continue to play with herself and the tactile stimulation of the smooth latex seemed to seize her. Suddenly she closed her eyes arched her back and started to play in earnest, oblivious to my presence. At first I was tempted to whip her, then I remembered the discomfort she had shown at my seeing her naked. Quietly I slipped back to the dungeon and took a loaded camera from the cabinet. By this time she was so far gone that she didn't realize what I was doing until I already had three shots. She stood there horrified at what she was doing and of the thought that it was captured on film. I seized on her confusion and quickly tossed her the latex stockings with instructions to put them on. I took more photos as she pulled them up her legs and fastened them to the garters of the bustier.

Next I passed her one of the five inch stiletto boots.

"Fuck yourself with the heel."

By now tears of humiliation and frustration were following down her face, she looked at the floor sniffed and brought the heel up to her cunt.

"You don't get the other one until I see you cum, understand?" She nodded and started to move the heel in and out. I snapped more photos, she stopped, sobbed and tried to say something.

"Keep it up," I said, "We don't have all night."

She tried to say something again. I brought the crop down on one of her exposed nipples. She let out a muffled scream.

"You'll get one every 30 seconds until I see you cum, now do it cunt or my god I'll make you suffer!"

She started in earnest ramming the heel in and out of her hole. True to my word I slapped her when the 30 seconds were up, after that though it was unnescessary. She bucked and moaned her upper thighs and the tops of her stockings now slick with her juices. Finally she shivered and groaned, I just tossed her the other boot.

"Put them on."

She stood before me a vision in leather and latex, no slut or whore could look more perfect. From the bondage elements of collar and gag, though the sheer kinkyness of the outfit to her juices streaming down her latex clad thighs I surveyed my slave. Behind the shame and humiliation in her tear-filled eyes there still burned a trace of defiance, something I could break over the next few months
as I molded her into my creature.

"If you had obeyed me first time an hour ago we could both have been in bed by now and you could have saved yourself all this trouble." She nodded, tears still rolling down her face. I tossed her some leather cuffs. "Wrists and ankles, NOW!" She put them on without hesitation all the while looking at me with those big eyes. I stepped behind her and fastened the wrist cuffs together before adding a hobble chain to the ones at her ankles. Then I removed the leash and lead her to the chair next to the small table. Using some of the straps I'd removed earlier I secured her to the chair. She was unresisting, all rebellion temporarily crushed by humiliation and shame.

I removed the gag and offered her a drink. She accepted then asked, "Why me?" "Because I wanted you," I said. "But I ha..." I slapped her mouth. She looked at me stunned. "Not *I*," I said, "Only a person can be an *I*. You are not a person, you're an object like any possession. *YOU* don't exist anymore and haven't done since the moment I took you. The only identity you'll have from now on is the one I choose to give you." She looked up, terrified tears welling in her eyes again. "From now on you will refer to yourself as `slave', understand." That's all you are for the moment, just a thing for my pleasure. I may give you another identity some day but you'll have to earn it first. Say, `I am a cock sucking slave slut.'" She shook her head her self esteem denying this last humiliation.. I brought the crop down hard on her right nipple, she yelped. "Say it!" "NO!" I spun the chair around. Now had access to her uncovered cunt and her legs were strapped to the chair where she couldn't close them. I whipped her exposed pussy. "I am a cock sucking slave slut! Please Master stop... " she screamed then started sobbing. I pushed the ball gag I'd taken from the cabinet between her teeth and fastened the strap. Her brief show of resistance had crumbled, I unfastened her from the chair and lead her into the cell. There I fastened the collar to a steel wire attached to a pulley wheel on the ceiling. The wheel ran on a small track which lead from the bed to the toilet. I kept her hands cuffed behind her but removed the hobble. She lay on the bed sobbing. "Hey cunt," She looked up, "Just something to contemplate, I haven't punished you for your insolence back there. I have something in mind but it will have to wait until morning, you might want to ponder that." I closed the cell door on her muffled cries.

Path:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!usenet From: (Hunter Rose) Newsgroups: Subject: Captured Caroline (PT3: "Opening Events" M/f, NC, B&D) Date: 20 Jul 1996 19:29:59 GMT Lines: 774 Distribution: world Message-ID: <4src3n$> Reply-To: NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Newsreader: NeoLogic News for OS/2 [version: 4.5c 999]

The following piece of fiction is intended as ADULT entertainment and has been posted only to an appropriate group on the Internet. If it is found in any other place this is not the responsibility of the author.

All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.

Quin 1995

Captured Caroline. by Quin

Chapter 3: Opening Events

I don't think there has been a moment in my life that compares with the realization that I'd got her. My mind was full of possibilities, of the things I'd planed and of my slave. I fell to sleep that night with the image of my slave, bound, gagged and subdued in all her fetish finery burning itself into my brain.

I awoke full of life, reveling in my achievement. Although I'd read of many cases of sexual abduction (in fact studied many in preparation for this) no one had achieved what I had done. I had a pretty coed bound and gagged in my basement, kidnapped from a busy alleyway in plain sight of at least a dozen people.

I felt like a god, now at last I had a woman who couldn't say no, who wouldn't lead me on and then dump me as Samantha had. I chuckled to myself, for now she was my prisoner but soon I would start to train her as my slave. Slowly over the coming months, using torture, humiliation and sex I would slowly break her, destroying her identity, her self worth and gradually crushing her will until there would be nothing no mater how low or vile that she wouldn't do if I ordered it.

I gradually let the megalomania sweep over me savoring every moment..... then I pulled myself back into line and started exercising the personal discipline expected of the master of such a beautiful slave. One feature of the house that had been in the design from the beginning was it's audiovisual distribution system. In happier times I'd intended it to allow Sam and I to access cable, satellite or video from any part of the house. It had proved extremely flexible and coupled with hidden camera's from an enhanced security system gave me access to any room in the house. Reaching for a remote I turned on the bedroom monitor and entered the security code that accessed the camera in Caroline's cell.

Caroline slept fitfully under the dimmed lights of the room. Her position had changed little since I'd left her. Her hair was tousled though still held it it's makeshift ponytail. A few blonde strands had escaped and lay on her pillow next to the damp patch where she had drooled past the gag. She looked so helpless that I was half tempted to go down and wake her, but I'd been planning this for months and could wait. With remarkable resolve given the circumstances I turned off the monitor, bathed, dressed and went downstairs.

In my haste to get Caroline inside last night I'd left the car next to the side door instead of in the garage. Whilst this wasn't a problem (the driveway has a gate) part of me wanted to get the car out of sight as soon as possible.

I backed the car into the garage then started to transfer it's contents into a small storage room at the back. Most of Caroline's sparse belongings were destined for the bonfire, I'd only taken them to support the idea that she had moved out.. Some things however were more important and as I stacked the boxes for later sorting I came across exactly what I'd been looking for, a small box full of her personal papers. Finishing up I took the box inside and made myself breakfast.

The box contained the sorts of things you'd expect, High School diploma, family photo's, letters. The real find for me though were the diaries, about a dozen of them ranging from exercise books to pretty little things with brass colored clasp locks. The collected thoughts of a girl from her early teens to the present, invaluable stuff for her kidnapper. Ultimately these would be the skeleton keys that would allow me to unlock her mind and give me access to the deep personal places I'd have to violate if she was ever really to be my slave. For now however they had a more practical use.

The kidnapping itself had gone without a hitch, my "Bum" rouse had allowed me to take her in broad daylight surrounded by people. In addition the loss of her job and apartment had given her a good motive to disappear. For the moment her friends would think she was at home and her family would think she was still at university, it was perfect. Unfortunately it was also temporary. Sooner or latter some friend would try calling her at home or family letters would be returned unanswered. Eventually the alarm would be raised. The police would investigate and it could be that they would find something I'd overlooked.

Alternatively they could find a witness who remembered the strange student in Caroline's building on the day she disappeared or someone who could place a man in the alleyway that evening. I needed to buy time for memories to fade or better yet, direct people's attention away from that area all together. In short I needed letters, cheery postcards sent to favored relatives, excited jottings to friends all in saying the same thing. "I'm alive, free and happy living in another state." I had no doubt I could get her cooperation, apart from physical torture I controlled all aspects of her life from food and drink to when and if she went to the toilet. Eventually when she'd been conditioned to obey that would be unnecessary, but for now I needed information.

I needed a source from which I could verify birthdays and the existence of relatives. Whilst I intended for her letters to appear self absorbed and mention as little as possible that could be verified, missing a favorite aunts birthday could give the family a clue that something was wrong. Yet I had to be able to check her writings so that she could not pass a distress message in the letters. The diaries would be my verification. I started sorting through the books wondering how difficult it would be to break the spines and scan them into a database. Then suddenly I came across something odd. One of the pretty notebooks with the brass clasps had been forced. At first I assumed she'd lost the key though this didn't make much sense as the locks are principally decorative and a key from any of the earlier diaries would fit. Then I noticed that some of the pages had been torn out. The book covered summer of three years ago around the time of her fifteenth birthday. I decided to look into this later, for now however I divided my time between eating breakfast, reading her mail and watching "Caroline TV".

Her bound form was just as tempting as ever. She thrashed around on the bed in a feeble attempt to wiggle free. Then she spent about twenty minutes rubbing her mouth against the edge of the bed trying to work the gag free. Finally, realizing that escape was futile she lay back down and sobbed.

Looking down I found I was hard again. Summoning up my self control I managed to go to my study and knock off a quick thousand words on "Power PC vs. Pentium" for my New York publisher. In breaks for inspiration I continued through her mail and made a startling discovery. Caroline was the daughter of the REVEREND Charles Conway and his wife Judith. Quickly I paged through the photo albums until I found what I wanted. The family portrait was not inspiring, an older dour looking man, the picture of a bible bashing Baptist stood next to his younger dowdy, once pretty wife. He looked fierce and unbending, Judith looked down, the perfect picture of subservience. One of the reverend's eyes seemed fixed on the girls Caroline and her younger sister Anna, who stood with military stiffness before him. Now Caroline's drab taste in clothes began to make sense. Suddenly I could also see a way to get her to write me those letters. It would require some planning so I shelved it for now but the thought of it
clawed at my mind and in the end I could resist no longer. I quickly finishing up the article, hurried to the kitchen and made her a light breakfast of cereal and coffee then took it down to the dungeon. In one corner of the room was a large heavy wooden kitchen table I had bought at a garage sale. It had looked like the kind of thing grandma Walton used to bake pies on. For my needs numerous D rings were attached to the frame, legs and top giving it a more sinister purpose. For now however I needed it to be just a table. Pulling it into the center of the room I cleared the top of bondage paraphernalia then added an old wooden chair to which I had also added straps..
Pausing I realized that this would be a good time to test the most impressive addition I'd made to the chair. Putting breakfast on the table I went to the locked cabinet and removed some extra pieces one of which I bolted to the chair the other I pocketed. Then I went to awaken the slave. She was lying much as I'd last seen her still bound and gagged, still in the latex outfit. My erection returned as I unfastened the wire from the collar, hobbled her and lead her whining and struggling into the dungeon.

When we reached the chair she stopped struggling and stared in astonishment. From the center of the seat a long polished wooden phallus emerged making the chair look like it had an erection. She turned to look at me, eyes wide, head starting to shake. She tried to say something, mouth chewing helplessly on the ball. I pushed her towards the chair, she attempted to resist. Needless to say I won, five inch stilettos being hard enough to walk in let alone anything else. Hobbled, she couldn't even brace herself and soon she was hovering over the wooden cock.

"It's lubricated," I said, "And it's not that thick. It's going to hurt less than the punishment you've just earned yourself." She continued to struggle, I really hadn't expected anything else, but when penetration by the wooden rapist was inevitable she relaxed and allowed me to settle her on it.

Reaching into my pocket I produced its twin and waved it in front of her eyes. "Guess where this one goes slave." She looked at me beseechingly, knowing that she was helpless and silently begging for mercy. I crouched down and started to strap her ankles to the chair legs. It was a tough fight as she struggled to keep her legs closed. But she was in an impossible position and once her legs where strapped open I found it surprisingly easy to slide the dildo inside. The back of the phallus had a large bolt fastened to it and after burying the 7 inches of wood in the girl I pushed the bolt through a hole in the chair seat and fastened a nut to the other side. There was a small wrench velcroed to the bottom of the seat which I used to tighten the nut before pocketing it.

Caroline and the chair were now effectively bolted together, there was no way she could stand or walk and without a wrench and a lot of time no way she could get free. Now, with her legs strapped open the wooden intruder was obvious but I could see that hidden beneath a full skirt it would be difficult to see anything amiss. I thought of the other chair I had upstairs, the one with the nice finish and just the mountings for the dildos. Dressed in regular clothes and bolted to the chair I could take photo's of Caroline with no obvious restraints. I smiled, the family could expect a few pictures with her letters. Returning to my slave I chained her collar to the table, freed her hands and pulled the gag from her mouth. Rather than remove it completely I let it hang around her neck like a strange fetish necklace, a constant reminder that I could enforce her silence at any time. She picked up the coffee and drank greedily, I topped up the cup.

She drained that also, then as I moved the cereal towards her she spoke. "Sir....." "I prefer Master," I said with a smile. "Err, Master.... Erm please let me go...... I promise I won't tell anyone about this. I want to go home, please." I suppose that my sadistic side had free reign at that moment because instead of telling her to shut up and eat her cereal I decided to play with her. "You must realize, Cunt, that taking you wasn't a whim. I've invested quite a lot of time and money in this affair. To return you now would put me at a lot of risk even if I could trust you not to run to the police. What could you offer me in return?" She swallowed nervously, calling her `Cunt' like that had rattled her self confidence. "I...I could suck you...." The look on my face must have told her this wasn't enough for in a whisper she added, "Or we could do it..... If you want." "I'm sorry," I said, "Where you offering sex?" She nodded, speechless. "In that case I want you to say, you can FUCK me Master, If you want." "You can.... fuck me Master. If you want." "Louder!" "YOU CAN FUCK ME MASTER, IF YOU WANT..." "Much better. Tempting as your offer is, the reality of your situation is that I could tie you to this table in five minutes and fuck your brains out whether you liked it or not. I could do the same tomorrow and the next day and the next. You can't bargain with what you don't own, and your body, together with the rest of you is now mine." She looked dejected then she started jabbering. Telling me I would be caught and punished and she wished I was dead and... In the end only the threat of the gag got her to shut up and eat.

When she'd finished I hobbled her again and unbolted her from the chair. As I helped her up off the shit covered phallus I was reminded of something.

"Did you use the John?" She looked at me speechless. "The chemical toilet, did you use it?" She nodded. "Good 'cos that's the last chance you'll have for a while." I took her to the wall and chained her to the gridwork whilst I collected a few things from the cabinet.

First thing I did when I got back was try to gag her again. The gag was not strictly necessary as the room was soundproofed but it helped reinforce her helplessness and a knew she didn't like it. The ball gag was decorative but not very effective so leaving it where it was I held a padded gag against her mouth. This type of gag has a very large soft rubber mouthpiece fastened to a padded leather section that is strapped over the mouth. It was, I suppose a non inflatable version of the gag I'd fitted her with the night before. This time however she closed her mouth firmly and refused to open it.

I smiled. "You must really like to be punished," I said, "It's going to take me most of the day just to work off what you've earned so far." Her eyes widened. "Oh yes you're going to be punished for last night, you didn't think I'd forgotten did you?" I could tell by the look in her eyes that *SHE* had forgotten."

"Open up like a good girl and I'll forgive you this time. This is pointless anyway, the room is soundproofed so even without the gag you are just as helpless." She shook her head defiantly, I could see that a lesson was in order. Going to the cabinet I retrieved a posture collar and a roll of duct tape. Removing the ball gag from her neck I fitted the posture collar firmly in place. Of course she resisted but the ponytail made an excellent handhold and after five minutes her old collar was replaced by a high stiff one that stopped her turning her head. A couple of straps between the gridwork and the collar and she was fastened to the wall facing me. Slowly, deliberately, I stuck strip after strip of tape over her closed lips. I think she thought I was trying to gag her a different way because she just stood there smugly. She seemed a little amused when I went into her cell and returned moments later with a strip of toilet paper. One thing was certain however she wasn't laughing when I shoved a small ball of toilet paper up each nostril and sealed it there with tape. She started to cry out and thrash as much as she could. I just added tape if a leak appeared in her mouth covering and waited. All the activity burnt the air in her lungs quickly and before long she stopped thrashing, face red, eye's bulging as she strained against the bonds, lungs screaming for the oxygen I'd denied them.

"Perhaps I should gag you this way instead," I suggested, watching as wild panic and desperation consumed her. Then suddenly I reached out and in one move tore the tape mask from her lower face. She let out an explosive breath and with mouth wide open drew in her first lung full of life giving air. I gagged her, shoving the mouthpiece into her wide, open mouth just as she finished that first breath. It was large enough to stay put without the straps so next I removed the tape and paper from her nose. Then I tightened the gag. I think she was just happy to breath as I had no further trouble. I held one of the toilet paper balls in front of her wide eyes..

"This is a lesson. You are helpless, so helpless I can take your life with toilet paper if I wanted to. First time, *EVERY* time slave, this is not optional. Next time you try to stop me gagging you the tape stays on twice as long, keep it up and I may decide that you aren't worth the trouble and leave it on, understand??" She nodded.

That settled I continued with the preparations. I replaced the hobble with a spreader bar forcing her legs open into a wide triangle. I could tell that she didn't like being this exposed, but experience was starting to teach her that resistance could offer worse things than just pain. I left her wrists cuffed together but added straps to her upper arms that also helped to pull her shoulders back and push her tits out. To help this along even further I threaded a rope from her elbow straps to her wrists then from there through a D ring in the center of the spreader bar. Pulling on it pulled her arms down, arched her back and thrust the tits out further. Releasing her from the wall I dragged her under a ring to which I attached her collar. Next came the butt plug. She looked at me puzzled as I approached her with it then as I pushed it's greased surface inside her ass she squirmed and made small noises behind the gag. I started to unwind the wires attached to it, before packing her cunt with a large metal studded rubber dildo with similar attachments. I fastened the wires to a small metal box which I clipped to the spreader bar, covered twat and ass with a pair of snap on leather panties and I was almost set.

I finally got to do something I'd looked forward to since I'd seen her nice tits. The nipple clamps had a small length of chain between them and must have looked like jewelry because she didn't start struggling until I clipped the first one on. Even then there was little she could do her body being forced into a tight stiff pose by the strict bondage. I clipped the second one on the other nipple then freed the rope fastened to her wrists and pulled until she was bent back as far as I thought she could stand. Then I tied the rope to the nip clamp's chain. Now any attempt to lean forward would drag on the chain which in turn would pull on the clamps, these were the type that bit harder as pressure increased.

She moaned and tried to say something looking at me with large accusing eyes, still that I could fix. I fitted her with the padded blindfold I'd used on her the night before. The posture collar stopped any of the struggling nonsense this time and when I was finished only her nose was not covered by shiny black leather. Next I attached a couple of small arms from the box to the wrist rope where it went through the spreader bar. Then I attached two cables from the box to the wall, one AC power the other to the building ethernet.

Caroline started to twitch as the dildo and butt plus started their low frequency vibration. As she squirmed she pulled on the rope attached to her nipples and slowly tortured herself. I looked at her as she winced and writhed, vision in leather and latex. The butt of the dildo was pushed tight, straining against the leather panties looking for all the world like a small cylindrical dick. As I watched it began to move as her cunt muscles squeezed it out and the tight panties forced it back in. I knew that the vibration though stimulating was not enough to bring her off instead she would have to stand there in a state of sexual frustration until I chose to release her. However being a considerate sort I'd arranged a small distraction.

"Slave," She ignored me trapped in her private world. "Slave," I slapped her right nipple with the crop which got her attention.

"Frustrating isn't it?" Of course she had no way of answering, the posture collar stopped all head movement and gag and blindfold dealt with everything else. "The good news is that the vibrator will go faster the further forward you lean. She lent forward a little and sure enough the pitch of the vibrator increased, of course the clamps did painful things to her nipples. She leaned back and suddenly when crazy struggling and screaming in pain. "Lean forward!" I commanded. she seemed in too much pain to notice me so I grabbed her shoulders and pulled forward. Immediately the pressure on the nipples increased and she tried to struggle more. I held her there and the pain subsided.

"That was the bad news, periodically a small electrical shock will be administered to your cunt and anus. To switch it off you need to lean forward and hold the pose for five seconds. Every time the shock comes it will have a higher intensity and will take longer to shut off."

Again she tried to say something. I continued, "Just before the shock you will hear my voice giving you an instruction. Obey it and the shock will be avoided. fail and you know what happens."

I looked behind me at the camera that would let me watch all this from the comfort of my office then prepared to leave. Reaching up I released her hair from the pony tail and let the blond locks cascade around her shoulders. Finally I fitted her with a pair of light headphones which I attached to the AV. grid. She twitched and leaned forward obviously too late to stop the shock. I stood silently for a few minutes watching her move the little she could in response to my computer generated instructions. The moans issuing from behind her gag showed me that she had discovered the other benifit of obedience, the sudden high speed burst from the vibrators that came when she reacted immediately. The rewards were short so that she wouldn't be able to cum but in her painful position these flashes of pleasure would be very welcome. She started to obey the commands with increasing enthusiasm and I noticed that her cunt was already juicing up again. I watched for a few more minutes hen left to watch "television".

The rest of the morning I worked, easily clearing the backlog that had built up during my preparation for the kidnapping. On the TV I watched as Caroline continued to thrash around. A window on my PC monitor showed the current score. Shocked twelve times she was currently on her 150th order and getting tired. I smiled, Caroline would have spotted immediately that I was using an aversive conditioning technique. As a method of brainwashing it was slow and primitive but it was also effective. As a Psych major Caroline probably understood that her brain was being conditioned to obey my voice. She may even have noticed that the headphones, gag, gloves and blindfold had enforced a kind of sensory deprivation and that the insistent buzz of the vibrator was robbing her of the ability to focus. However just as you can shoot a ballistics expert, her skills could not protect her against this application of her science.

The persistent computer continued to pound orders into the primitive areas of her brain offering pleasure for compliance and pain for disobedience.

I imagined the horror, to understand exactly what was being done to her mind, to realize that in a few weeks her will would be broken and she would obey me like a dog eager to get my approval. Perhaps some part of her mind realizing what was happening but powerless to resist...... Another rush of megalomania and then I shut down the program and went downstairs.

She stood, legs trembling. I could tell that she wanted to slump down but the tether at her collar prevented it. Her latex stockings were again coated in her juices her body covered in sweat. I freed her ankles first holding her steady as she moved her legs for the first time in several hours. Next I disconnected everything, though I left the vibrator and butt plugs in their respective holes. Finally I freed her neck and fastened a leash to the collar. Taking the spreader bar along I lead her up from the dungeon and into the house. This is not as risky as it sounds, I have an excellent security system that warns me of any visitors and a gate ensures that they can only reach the house if I want them to. I sat her on a kitchen chair and gave her water. She said nothing but "Thank you Master" at the end all fight temporarily gone.

In fact she seemed so submissive that my hard on returned and this time would not be denied. I decided to do something about it.

With the gag still hanging from her neck I took her to the living room where I replaced the spreader and used the remaining ropes to secure her wrists to it. This resulted in a kind of hog-tie which left her kneeling before me as I sat in my chair. Unfastening my leather pants I pulled my hard dick free then pulled her head towards it.

"I'm giving you the honor of blowing me slave, do it well and you will be excused punishment for the rest of the afternoon." I did consider telling her what would happen to her if she bit me, but I thought that could give her idea's. I had a ring gag for just this occasion but it was downstairs in the cabinet so I watched with some trepidation as her mouth engulfed me.

I was intending to give her demerits based on lousy technique. Sam gave great head and I had come to expect a lot from my partner. It soon became apparent though as the tip of her tongue played lightly over the engorged head that Caroline was a virtuoso on the skin flute. I gasped, struck dumb as she sucked on my balls, next she deep throated me quickly and easily with no hint of gagging. I looked down at her blindfolded face, mouth around my dick a dribble of my precum on her chin and the only thought on my mind was that I was glad she couldn't see the stupid grin on my face. Somehow through the haze of rapidly mounting pleasure I remembered what I'd planned to do during this occasion. Hands trembling I reached for the remote control unit on the table beside me. I still don't know how I found the right button (she was licking the length of my dick like a lollipop at the time), yet I managed to push it. Then I sat back enraptured whilst somewhere in the bowels of the house a computer executed it's program.

Ten seconds later the phone rang. We both stiffened I through release of anticipation, she in shock. Her mouth was still around my dick so using one hand to hold her head in place I answered the phone.

The voice on the other end was that of the house management computer telling me the internal temperature, the selections on the VCR, the states of the lights, but for Caroline's benefit I pretended it was a friend a few miles down the road wanting to visit.

"Sure Bob come on over," I said aware of the faint noises coming from my dick gagged slave, "But give me a few minutes ok, I was just playing with a new toy and need a few minutes to tidy up."

I hung up, pleased she hadn't decided to bite me. It had been a risk without the ring gag but a small one. I figured the gag incident would stop her from trying anything too extreme for a while.

I grabbed the side of her head, actively fucking her face for the first time. She wasn't stupid, she took this as a signal I wanted to finish, stopped teasing and instead started sucking hard and bobbing backwards and forwards in a strong persistent rhythm. I could hear the tiny metal clanking noises that the nipple clamps chain made as it struck the tight leather of the bustier. I felt I would die in ecstasy and wondered if Caroline would be rescued with me gone. My hazy mind was full of the headlines "Noted writer dies in kinky sex session, girlfriend unable to free herself dies of exposure." Then suddenly I exploded in her mouth.

"Swallow every drop slave, every mark on the carpet is one on your hide." She needed no extra encouragement swallowing the cum with a terrified look on her face.

I took hold of the gag around her neck and pushed the rubber mouthpiece against her lips. "Open wide slave, we have guests coming and it's time to make sure that you stay good and quiet!" She hesitated, but only for a second until she remembered the repercussions. The gag lesson was one that had been well learned.

I strapped the gag tightly ensuring that she could make only the slightest of noises, then I dragged her across the room and behind a large couch. The spreader bar hog-tie arrangement was strict enough, but to avoid her rubbing her crotch against the floor I turned her on her back so that her heels and shoulders formed a tripod arrangement with her knees and pussy thrust high in the air. She moaned slightly at the uncomfortable position but hey, she's the slave. Still I did feel a little guilty after she gave such good head so I ran quickly to my office and got a little battery box for the dildo and butt plug. A few second to connect everything and she was buzzing away again. I'd set the device to a level that I thought was close to her orgasm point; it was possible she could get lucky and cum but restricted as she was I doubted it.

"My friend is coming here slave," I said with maximum malice, "If he even suspects that you are here I'll make you suffer."

Retrieving the remote I sat in a chair where I could see her clearly, then I punched in some numbers and waited. The house has an excellent surround sound system, over fifty compact speakers in discrete places in all the main rooms. Sam had contacts in the music industry and we had talked about hosting private concerts once we were married. With this in mind I had extended the system installing a number of mikes and a multitrack recorder so that I could record the events for later enjoyment. When Sam had dumped me the system had languished and the only use I'd made of it was during an impromptu game of "blindman's buff" I'd hosted during the house warming party. Still the success of that trick had inspired me to use it to test Caroline.

Across the room came the sound of the door opening. "Ah Bob," My disembodied voice said, "What can I do for you?" "Sorry to trouble you Dick, but the portable printer I have seems to be broken." Bob Cummings was perhaps my closest neighbor and one of those people who are destined to be victims of technology. When he had discovered that I was a computer columnist he had immediately assumed that I would provide free technical support for his every problem. I had recorded this incident a few weeks before when his inkjet had run out of ink ("Oh, you mean I need to refill it??"). Since then I'd spent a couple of weekends making sure that it would sound like a real live event to someone on the floor in Caroline's position. The test was clear, she had been ordered not to draw attention to herself, yet as far as she knew a total stranger had just walked into the room.

I watched her as the conversation turned to printers and refills. She moved occasionally, mainly thrusting her crotch in the air, but it was unclear if her intention was to get off or get free. In either case she made no obvious sounds. I began to wonder if she had discovered the deception, but I couldn't see how. The floors were concrete ensuring no conduction of footfalls and the sound quality was excellent. I sat and watched her as she made small movements behind the couch. This was not the thrashing and screaming I'd expected at this point but by now the voices could be heard only faintly from one of the other rooms. Several minutes passed then the conversation reentered the room from my study with Bob asking about the list price of my desktop printer ("I guess you don't know huh? I mean you journo's get given this kind of thing...")

Phantom Bob was leaving, if she thought that there was any possibly of rescue she would have to make the move soon. I held my breath, waiting for the faint muffled scream the sudden thrashing of limbs but it didn't come. The posture collar made head movement impossible but with the little leg movement she had left she had turned on her side to face the departing sound. Yet despite the fact that "Phantom Bob" and I held a conversation just in front of the couch behind which she was hidden and she must have known that her gagged screams would carry at least that far; she made no attempt to alert him to her presence.

Phantom Bob left and the recording ended. I went over to her and removed the hog-tie and spreader. I didn't bother to hobble her as high heeled boots are difficult enough to walk in. Attaching the leash I lead her downstairs. I removed the posture collar and replaced it with her usual one, removed the blindfold, then I removed the dildo and butt plug along with the leather panties. She was as expected very wet, and the slight moans that accompanied removal of the dildo seemed to confirm that she had still been denied an orgasm. I removed the pad gag and replaced the ballgag around her neck.

"Very good slave. As a reward for your obedience I will leave you ungagged for the rest of the morning as long as you don't speak, understand?"
She nodded her agreement.

Then I took her back to her cell fastened her hands in front of her, with a chain to a ring on her collar ensuring that her crotch was out of reach. Then I refastened her collar to the wire and told her to get some sleep. She settled down happily, glad that the gag was still around her neck and not in her mouth.

It was about twelve when I took her from the cell and back into the dungeon. She started to ask questions so I regagged her, she gave me a betrayed look but didn't kick up a fuss when I lead her to the table. I did have some trouble when I strapped her down so I upped the pressure. "Well well well Cunt. So this is a demonstration of the of your obedience to your MASTER. All you are doing is making your punishment far worse." She stopped struggling and looked at me with big frightened eyes, I continued to tighten straps. I stood back and surveyed my handiwork. Her gloved hands where cuffed above her head, her collar fastened to the table. I had fastened her waist to the frame of the table with a wide leather belt and had cuffed her ankles to the two table legs. She was spread and vulnerable, her pussy on the very edge of the table and at the perfect height for sex. She must have realized this because she continued to struggle as best she could as I went over to the basement room. Here I collected a towel and a basin I had brought from upstairs. Coming back to the table I put the basin down next to her and reached inside. The gag barely muffled her scream when I opened the straight razor in front of her. It was a family heirloom left to me by some great uncle. He had apparently taken it with him in his journeys around the world but I suspected that he had never taken it where I was about to.

Gently I used the warm water to dampen the bush of fine brown hair between her legs. She stiffened beginning to see what I had in mind, I could see her pondering it. A minute ago she had been convinced she was about to be raped, now she faced this which was in many ways worse. I started to soap her crotch, being carefull not to touch the bustier or the latex stockings. By the time I had brought the blade near
to her helpless body she had decided that she wanted no part of it and
started to squirm as best she could.

Holding the razor up menacingly I smiled. "I'd stop that if I were you, this isn't the kind of place I'd like a nick." I played the light reflecting from the blade across her face.
She froze, eyes firmly closed, breathing in short bursts, as still as a statue as I shaved her pussy. I didn't completely denude the area, I left a small oval patch just above her clit for decorative purposes. I had to confess that I'd done a good job as I ran my fingers over her smooth soft flesh. She groaned a little and I was suddenly aware of my almost painful hard on. Reaching down I opened her cunt lips and lowered by face onto her exposed clit. It would appear that the shave had been stimulating to her also, for the little nub was already engorged. Gently my tongue touched it, she heaved in a huge gasping breath, her hips straining against the imprisoning belt. I licked and a muffled groan issued from her gagged lips. I started in earnest, each lick, nibble or suck accompanied by a gasp groan or murmur from the far side of the table. I thrust my tongue deep in to her, savoring her salty flavor mixed with the smell of the soap and listening to her muffled whinnies as she went wild. I paused and looked up, fingering her with my gloved hand as I watched her, tear-filled eyes closed, hard thrusting nipples, mouth straining against the ball. I smiled, my slave on the brink of orgasm. She noticed the drop in sensation and looked up. "Want me to fuck you Slave?" She shook her head defiantly, I just fingered a little faster. One set of her lips slid helplessly over the rubber ball, the others over my leather fingers. Her breathing and moans came in staccato bursts and I knew she was close, so I stopped. She squealed something and tried to trust her hips up against my hand. Helpless, so close to cumming but unable to stimulate herself that extra little bit, she thrashed against her bonds.

"I'll only ask once more Slave. Do you want to be fucked?" Her eyes were full of the terrible internal conflict, she so desperately wanted to cum but the humiliation of her position, to have to beg her rapist to fuck her...... I helped her out, I turned away. She gave a muffled squeal and strained against the bonds, gloved hands and booted ankles tugging in futile desparation, the fire in her crotch burning away the last of her self respect.

I turned, "Well Slave?" She closed her eyes, and nodded. In seconds I was in her, my shaft buried in her warm tight hole. As I thrust her pussy started spasming, drawing me further inside, her passion expressed as little gagged screams her body straining all the time. Under any circumstances she would have been a good fuck, but combined with her complete helplessness she turned me on more than any woman in my life. All thoughts of Samantha were swept away as we came together, her muffled scream filled the air as I pumped my load into her.

I pulled out and cleaned us both up with the towel I'd brought to dry her. She seemed quiet so I leaned over and removed her gag. There was silence for a few minutes as I rehobbled her legs and prepared to unstrap her from the table.

At last she spoke, "You raped me!" "WE had sex," I corrected, "Rape implies lack of consent, YOU asked me to fuck you twice and that nod wasn't my imagination either." "I'm your prisoner, you would have done it to me anyway." I smiled, "Be very careful what you say Cunt or you could make life hard for yourself. Truth is that you wanted it so bad you begged for it, and now that it's over you are horrified that you actually got off on it so suddenly you are the poor victim again."

She was silent deep in thought as I eased her off the table and fastened her hands behind her. I reached for the gag. "Please don't," She smiled at me, a warm deep smile that convinced me that I had chosen the right girl. "Please Master, I thought we could talk for a while, if you explain what you want....." "Humm, obviously you paid more attention to your psych lectures than your grades suggest." She went pale. She swallowed nervously. "Who are you?" She asked, "I never said I was a psych major."

I smiled, happy at her discomfort. "I am your master," I said. "I told you once before you are not a random choice. If you were then the police would probably be looking for you now. As it is I moved you out of your apartment, and left your back rent so that Mr. Philips will be happy that you're gone and won't ask any questions."

I stepped back so she could see me counting things off on my fingers.

"Lets see, I disposed of your car, YOU successfully got yourself fired, Alice and Brenda are at that trade show in Chicago and your mother complains that you never write regularly. Nobody knows you are gone, no one will even notice that you are missing. Even assuming that anyone reports you missing the police will think you left yourself. There will be no rescue because no one cares that you're gone." I saw her eyes fill with tears, "Lets face facts here, Caroline Conway was an easy victim, but she doesn't exist anymore, all that's left is a slave who doesn't know when to shut up."

"Please," She said her voice full of desperation, "You don't have to gag me again. I hate it, I can't swallow properly and it hurts. This place must be sound proof or you wouldn't have risked leaving me ungagged earlier. You don't have to do it I'll be quiet I promise." I smiled. "You misunderstand Cunt, you are gagged because I want you gagged. You're right about the room being soundproofed, but the real point here is that I own you. Whether you are, awake or asleep, hot or cold, noisy or silent *I* decide. If you want to talk to me, that is a privilege you earn through your obedience, not a right. Property doesn't have rights slave I suggest you remember that." I looked at the despair in her eyes as I pushed the bright red ball between her teeth. Reaching behind her head I tightened the strap. "Later today you'll get a chance to show your obedience slave, If you follow orders you'll have a few hours ungagged, we'll talk then."

My gloved thumb traced the line of her lips as they formed an O around the ball. "There, that's MUCH better. Trust me slave in a few years you'll feel uncomfortable when you're NOT wearing a gag." My finger caught the single silent tear that ran down her cheek, she sobbed as the full impact of her situation hit home. "Get use to the idea slave, it isn't as bad as it first appears." I lead her back to her cell, attached the wire to her collar and left her sobbing on the bed.

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Part 6 of an ongoing story. Thanks to everyone who wrote with suggestions some of which are enacted in this chapter

Sorry for the delay in writing this section, put it down to two finger typing and a hectic schedule :-)This will also be the only section for a couple of months as I move into my new home.

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No as much sex in this piece as in the others but nescessary to advance the plot.

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Quin 1996

Captured Caroline. by Quin

Chapter 6: "Paper Chains"

When the alarm went off the next morning I felt compelled to get "medieval with it's ass". Yesterday had been too long, my physical and mental exertions with Caroline too intense (and the wine too potent) for me to get up just yet. So I drifted in that strange twilight between sleep and reality and started to dream.........

I woke with a start, cold but sweating. Scared, confused, I had the weird feeling that I'd just had a bad dream,. Since childhood I'd been unable to remember my dreams, even the nightmares. I racked my brain but it was gone, leaving a creepy feeling behind. My shaking hand found the remote and turned on the TV. I punched up Caroline's cell my half conscious mind afraid of what I might find there. Much to my relief she was as I had left her. She was still dressed in the leather lingerie, still masked with her hands strapped behind her. I watch uneasily, looking for an indication that something might be wrong but she slept deeply even snoring a little and after a few minutes I accepted that she was OK.

I did a quick personal audit. I was thirsty, the taste in my mouth and the suggestion of a headache convinced me that I'd had far too much wine. I stumbled to the bathroom and stuck my head under the cold tap for a full minute. After the first thirty seconds I even remembered to turn it on.

I've never been an excessive drinker, I am what is best described as a "depressed drunk" beyond a certain point I'm no longer having fun. Still I'd never had the shakes before, and though I could rationalize the incident as a combination of bad booze and bad conscience it had left me with an uneasy feeling that I was missing something important.

I popped an aspirin and a couple of vitamin pills. Before taking a particularly long shower. I dressed and though still a little woolly remembered to get Caroline's pills from the bathroom before heading downstairs. I wrapped the pills in tissue paper and placed them in my pocket. Then I padded into the kitchen and started making breakfast. While I was waiting for the coffee I punched up Caroline's cell again. She lay on her side, her mouth slightly open and she was drooling a little as she slept. It looked as if I wasn't the only one who would wake up with a headache.

I watched her as she slept. Just last week she had been struggling to make enough money to save her apartment. Now she was dressed like a whore, tied up in some guy's basement. I wondered what her dreams were like? One thing was clear, the "honeymoon" was over, the breaking of Caroline was about to begin.

So far it had been a promising start. After three days of captivity Caroline seemed to be adjusting well. I was especially pleased with her obedience. Not only was she less trouble than I expected but it seemed to take a lot to make her disobey me. She was learning very fast, her use of the words MASTER and SLAVE was far beyond what I expected at this stage and the adjusting of her sentences to avoid the personal pronoun was well underway.

As a cock slut she was exceptional, and though I could take no credit for her technique I was more than happy with her obedience and enthusiasm. Now I needed to push things further, towards my goal of a completely submissive and obedient slave. Although I wanted to accelerate matters, I wouldn't take things too fast. I still needed to watch her despair as I robbed her of her identity and destroyed her independance. The first part of the great game was now ready.

The first step was to destroy that one tiny flicker of hope, the possibility of rescue and to make things even better she would help me!

Sipping my first coffee of the day and with breakfast well underway I headed downstairs. Slipping into the darkroom I recovered the photos. I'd had rather more wine than I'd intended and though I hadn't been drunk I was a little concerned that I'd processed the films before I had a clear head. I'd half expected to find everything ruined but in fact I'd done a pretty good job. Photos of Caroline hung from all of my drying lines. Caroline as young professional on her night out, Caroline as slut, Caroline as sexy mistress, Caroline as leather slave....

I selected the best ones then went back upstairs. A quick look at the cell showed her still asleep so after checking the progress of the toast I went to my office. Probably the best part of computer journalism is the access to new and interesting equipment. Manufacturers are well aware that the endorsement of a well known columnist can boost sales significantly. One of my editors has eight computers at home only one of which he actually paid for (and that was at a substantial discount). Over the years my stated interest in graphics had resulted in a variety of equipment, most of it state of the art at the time. My current scanner is on long term loan from a major Japanese company. A 48bit color drum scanner with a clever sheetfeed mechanism and a ten thousand dollar price tag. It was intended for publishing and photo process houses but it was also perfect for my needs. I loaded the pictures into the sheetfeed and setup the computer to dump each successive scan into a working directory on my network. I hit start and the machine sprang to life weaving the invisible chains that would tie Caroline to me forever.

I took breakfast in my office surrounded by the material from Caroline's box. For now I set the diaries aside and concentrated on her recent mail and the letters she'd stuck to her refrigerator door. Almost immediately I got a real find, an unposted begging letter home to mommy. No real news just brief and to the point "wire money or I'll be evicted." The writing was very neat especially considering the difficulty of the subject. As a hunch I sifted through the box looking for the pad and envelopes that matched the letter. Opening the pad I found I'd hit paydirt. Caroline seemed to work by writing a rough draft first then copying the final version out neatly. She left the originals in the pad, giving me names addresses and a basic understanding of her writing style.

Just then I saw a slight movement on the monitor. I realized she would be awake soon. I'd been deliberately keeping her hungry since the kicking incident, still she'd been a good girl in the photo session last night so I figured I owed her breakfast.

Returning to the kitchen I started into making a smaller version of what I'd just eaten all the time watching the monitor. The food was almost finished when I started to see the first real signs of life from my slave. I went to the closet and pulled out a couple of those Styrofoam coolers you get at gas stations. I've often wondered why it is that no matter how much you spend on a cooler you always forget it when you really need one. I must have five or six of the disposable kind which I keep siting around "just in case" and yet I always forget them too. However for once they were proving useful as I loaded foil covered plates into them. I made a flask of strong, sweet coffee then headed into the dungeon.

The room was still decked out as a photographic studio. Drapes covered the furniture and the rings and other restraining points on the walls were covered by blue shower curtains. Soon I'd have to rip it all down but first........

I poured some sweet coffee from the thermos into a plastic cup and headed for the cell. Caroline was awake and trying to swing her legs over the end of the bed. Her groans told me that the hangover was just starting. I put the cup down and helped her upright.

"Feeling a little fragile?" I asked. "Urggg," She said, which seemed quite apt at the time. I put the coffee cup to her lips and she drank greedily. I stopped short of letting her finish it all and set the cup aside.

With some effort, as her legs were a little unsteady, I helped her over to the toilet. On the way we passed the mirror (not glass obviously) that I'd screwed to the wall. She caught sight of her masked reflection and paused for a moment as if mesmerized. I looked but could not see what fascinated her, in the end a slap on her bare buttocks persuaded her to hurry along.

There is a certain humiliation value associated with watching someone use the toilet. She squatted over the pan really wanting me to go away. I just smiled sweetly and watched what she was doing with great intensity. Worse was to come as she couldn't clean herself with her hands still bound. Though ungagged she had some difficulty asking for my help. While she figured it out I retrieved the coffee and took the pills out of my pocket. I didn't let her see them until they were under her nose.

"Take these." "W...what are they?" "What are they MASTER!" I corrected, "In answer to your question, they are aspirin for the headache." She seemed unconvinced. "Look slave if I wanted to poison or drug you I could do it anytime. Now, do you want them or not?" She opened her mouth and I popped them inside using the remainder of the coffee to wash them down. It was only a little lie, one was an aspirin, the other was a contraceptive pill, one of which would form part of her daily diet from now on. Then while she was still thinking how to ask, I stripped off a glove, bent her over and cleaned her up.

She blushed as we reentered the "studio", memories of last night still obviously fresh in her mind. I had her sit on one of the covered tables as I replaced her shoes with her usual high heeled boots. A butterfly vibrator held in place by a pair of snap on panties (to wake her up a little quicker) and she was almost ready to start the day.

I pulled her head forward so that I could get at the buckle of the leather mask and found her strangely resistive. "Please master..." "You like the mask slave?" She nodded and looked down avoiding my eyes. "Why slave?" I asked genuinely puzzled. She remained silent kicking her heels against the leg of the table like a shy schoolgirl. "Answer slave!" I said pressing on her crotch and increasing the butterfly's stimulation of her bare clit. She gasped and shuddered a little. "Please master..... It makes me...feel sexy." She seem embarrassed I was sure that there was a blush hiding behind that mask. " Not good enough slave, but I'll do you a deal. You can keep it IF you can give me a good psychological analysis of why you need it." Her shocked eyes peered out from behind the soft leather. "Well slave? You were a psych major, you should be able to give me a good technical answer." Her eyes filled with conflicting emotions, her mouth worked silently. She wasn't an accomplished liar, I'm sure I would have come up with some bullshit in her position and it was obvious that the anonymity the mask offered some attraction to her, perhaps a way that Caroline the reverend's daughter could distance herself from the slut I was turning her into. Yet I also felt, as I watched the struggle behind those pretty blue eyes, that this was an ancient demon she was fighting, not one that had surfaced in the past few days, traumatic as they were. In the end she didn't speak so I removed the mask and pulled her over to a chair.

I retrieved some rope and a collection of other bondage bits from the cabinet and returned. quickly retying her wrists and body to the chair frame. I increased the number of ropes until I had what I needed. Caroline the Republic heroine was back, though in far kinkier underwear than was usual in the thirties. Bound to a chair in the villains hideout she struggles against her tight bonds. Of course some things had to go. Her collar and the remaining bondage jewelry was replaced by a simple costume necklace and earring set that were more in period. Reloading the camera and quickly positioning the lights I started to snap away.

The first couple of shots I had her smile at the camera as I took her from several different angles. She looked great. Her blond hair fell on her naked shoulders and framed her face. Her arms were visible, bound to her sides by rope wrapped tightly around her body and the back of the chair. Her wrists were bound with cord to the chair's underframe leaving her gloved hands in plain view. One set of ropes pushed her tits up firmly against the cups of the leather corset. Her long legs had to be pulled back quite a way so that I could tie her booted ankles to the legs of the chair. This exposed the creamy white surface of her uncovered thighs framed as they were by the stocking tops and leather garters. This also seemed to push the butterfly harder into her clit for after a few minutes her eyes rolled back and she groaned loudly.

I gagged her, brain and heart in bitter conflict. I had originally intended to just tie a cloth loosely over her mouth in the unconvincing way seen in many films. Yet my master's pride couldn't bear the idea of a photo of a slave of mine with such an obvious fake. So in the end I compromised. I stuffed a sponge ball into her mouth and duct taped it firmly in place. I used the white tape (I have every color) and after tying the cloth tightly over the tape it was impossible to see. I took my shots. Caroline still looked like a Republic heroine, gagged in a stupid movie way but when I looked at the photos I would know that she had been firmly silenced up to my usual standards.

Next I untied her from the chair and removed the boots. I tied her arms and legs as I had the day before, clinched rope around ankles and knees with a matching set for wrist and elbows. I wrapped some more rope above and bellow her leather covered tits to bind her arms behind her before removing the gag. I'd found before that kneeling she was at a perfect height to service my engorged cock which was by now pressing painfully against my leather pants. Without saying a word I unzipped my fly and shoved my dick into her face. In three days Caroline had already accepted her role as my cockslut, no other commands were necessary. She licked and sucked, teased and tormented as I started knotting the length of cloth. When I seized her head she finished me off, deepthroating and sucking with the same wonderful mind numbing intensity she had shown the first time. One thing seemed clear, one day I had to find the guy who taught her this trick and thank him personally. I came and came, noticing in a strange detached way that she swallowed every drop. Sam, though she gave great head, would always spit it out afterwards which had left me feeling dirty and awkward. Caroline swallowed it greedily and I realized that my cum was the closest thing Caroline had to a meal in the past few days.

Pushing her head back I forced the knotted part of the cloth into her open mouth using the tail ends to tie it tightly in place. Then I ordered her to smile, hard with her mouth gagged so tightly but not impossible. I took smiling shots of her kneeling and sitting down then I had her struggle in as many differing positions as I could think of. I finished off the film with her screaming into the gag, her face contorted and mouth straining against the cloth muzzle. She was left panting on the floor, I waited until she had recovered her breath and then picked her up and took her to the table.

I sat her down and she waited quietly, bound legs tucked gracefully under the seat of the chair while I unpacked the food. I sat her on my knee as I had the day before but this time I pulled the gag from her mouth and started to feed her by hand as you would a favorite pet. This was probably not lost on her, but by now she was so hungry that she would accept even this indignity.

We finished with pancakes and syrup which she seemed to really enjoy After the pancakes I had her lick the syrup from my gloved fingers Then I picked up the gag and forced the knots back behind her teeth, before tightening the knot behind her head. She gave me her "Bambi in the headlights" look and chewed on the gag as she tried to say something. I smiled then pulled her tits free of the restraining leather. As before I spread a little syrup in her nipples and began to lick and suck it off. She moaned and more muffled sound emerged from her gagged mouth though it was unclear if she wanted me to stop or wanted more. Her nips however had no doubts, standing out hard and firm as my tongue danced over them. It was time to up the stimulation a little so I started to press the butterfly against her clit feeling her body stiffen and tremble.

More unintelligible sounds erupted and she started to rub her gagged mouth against me as she had done the day before. Without breaking my rhythm I reached up and pulled the knot free. For a few seconds she just gasped and then she panted out, "Please..".

I stopped and looked up, her face was flushed, her breath came in sort pants. She was attempting to avoid my gaze but I brought my fingers to her chin and eased her head back until her eyes met mine.

"Please what," I asked, "Please stop, please continue, what?" She didn't say anything. Every other time I'd fucked her she'd been gagged and all I'd ever heard was her muffled cries. This time I meant to know if they were of agony or ecstasy.

Her eyes were full of doubt and some strange kind of fear but above all need. That need shone out from behind those embarrassed blue eyes and finally her mouth echoed them "P..Please fuck me master! ... The.... this whore needs to be fucked!"

I smiled, now I had my answer but I intended to play a while longer. I bent down and licked again, enough to ensure she was kept on the brink but no more.

"Please master......." "Want to cum slave?" She nodded silently, I pressed the butterfly a little harder smiling at her startled gasp. "Well slave if you want it you're going to have to do something for me." She glanced down at my crotch, it was obvious from her expression that she felt she'd done enough already, that the blow job was payment for bringing her off. I just smiled.

The idea had formed in an instant. If she wanted this orgasm, and I could tell that she did, I wanted something personal in exchange. I wanted her first sexual encounter to be described in graphic and lurid detail. I would link that first time, good bad or indifferent, with her begging her kidnapper to fuck her. This was an act of violation as real as anything physical I could do to her. My mouth watered with anticipation.

"I'm going to ask you a few questions slave. Answer them for me and I'll see you right." She looked into my eyes. By now she was panting she was so close, she just nodded and looked away.

"How old were you when you had your first fuck." She hesitated, I had no way to verify her answers but I was betting that she would have difficulty lying effectively while she was this turned on. I began to stroke her, upping the general tactile stimulus while keeping her erogenous zones as they were. My hand moved quickly over the leather of her panties and came to rest on the inside of her thigh which I gently caressed.

"Six....sixteen." She panted. I let my hand stray a little closer to the buzzing butterfly.

"Did you have an orgasm?" She shook her head and moaned. Right now all she wanted to do was cum. Still this was interesting information. She was almost nineteen now, so the next question was obvious.

"How many orgasms have you had slave, approximately?"

To be honest I really didn't want to know the answer. I suppose I saw this as just another embarrassing question, a stepping stone before I forced from her the story of her first clumsy fling with some farm boy. So when she answered it came as quite a shock.

"F..ff four or five," She gasped.

That was low, I'd expected at least a dozen in nearly three years and there was always masturbation.

"How many did you have before you came here?" The question popped out without me thinking about it. I had also started to unconsciously fondle her again and she was now very close.

"Twice...." She shuddered as she said it, drawing her breath in explosive bursts.

"Who was your first," I demanded realizing that I didn't have a lot of time.

She stammered, gasped and trembled.

"You will tell me slave!"

She didn't answer so I reduced the stimulus. She felt the wave of the orgasm dying. "Please..."

"I need an answer cunt," I said viciously. "No answer and I know a horny little slut who's going to be very disappointed."

Her hips moved up suddenly as she tried to brush her crotch against my departing fingers. She whimpered and pleaded but the orgasm died. I made it clear that all I needed was a name. In her position I would have lied but she just sat there and cried. In the end I got fed up of the noise and gagged her, refastened her collar and went to the wardrobe.

As much I liked Caroline in strict bondage, I had always known that I couldn't keep her like that forever. She would need at least some freedom of movement if she was to stay healthy. This left me with a problem not so much of security (locked in a soundproof cell she was equally helpless bound or not) but of ownership. She was mine, mind and body. Bound as she had been the past few days Caroline hadn't really had much chance to fuck herself. Now I intended to enforce my ownership of her sex with leather and steel.

Chastity belts are usually large clumsy things with huge menacing locks and countless straps. Part of this is for effect, like having a large heavy door, and part of it is the "one size fits all" mentality of the ready to wear suit.

By contrast Caroline's device was made to measure. It essence it was really a pair of heavy gauge leather panties that was fastened to the waist with a narrow leather belt. The sections of leather near the base of the hips had been modified so that a drawstring would pull them tight around the wearer's thighs in a similar way to plastic diapers. A formed plastic section rested on the hips and made a dome over the wearer's pubic area so that the victim could not bring herself off by rubbing the panties against herself.

As an extra touch the designer had covered the plastic former with the same leather as the rest of the pants and had added an indentation that suggested pussy lips.

Once on they looked like a large pair of leather briefs pulled tight over a woman's hole. The victim however could not gain access to her clit for stimulation and as an added bonus a thin brush attached to the indent on the inside would prove maddening as it teased the clit just enough to keep the victim frustrated. There was a stiff matching corset which of course denighed access to the breasts. Once on it looked like a soft corset with the woman's nips pressed hard against the leather but as with the pants the "nipples" were parts of a plastic former used to isolate the breasts.

I fastened her collar to one of the vertical chains and had her strip to her gloves and heels. I had to slap her with the crop a few times as her hands drifted downwards. She removed the butterfly like she was loosing an old friend. I was tightening the second drawstring when she realized what was going on but by then it was too late. The belt snapped firmly in place around her waist and it was over.

I left her for a few moments watching her deft leather covered fingers as they probed poked and shoved but it was to no avail. She soon found that she could not move the former and the drawstrings at her thighs prevented her from working her fingers between the plastic and her body. I decided that the design was quite successful though it was still obvious that the former was not her real mound. Still now that I had her I could make the necessary measurements to get even tighter ones made. The designer had even provided instructions for making casts of the necessary areas.
By now Caroline had realized that it was futile. She gave a strangled, frustrated moan behind her gag, stamped her booted foot and then turned to look at me accusingly.

"When you are prepared to tell me what I want to know I'll see that you'll be all right."

Surprisingly she gave me no trouble with the corset and once it was locked in place and it's garters attached to her stockings I stepped back and looked at her. In truth she looked not much different that she had before, she was still the leather angel of my fantasies. Yet I had now taken ownership of her tits and cunt. She was a sexless neuter without me and any sexual pleasure she would feel from now on would be by my command.

While she was mourning I threw her the cuffs. "Put them on slave," I said, "It's time to put you away." She complied, what else could she do? I also had her change the cloth for a leather pad gag to match the outfit. Then I attached her right wrist to the belt of the chastity pants but kept her left hand free.

I took her to the cell and refastened her collar, hobbled her legs and locked the gag in place. Her left hand still rubbed mournfully at the smooth carapace covering her crotch so I decided to give it something to do.

I went to the cupboard and removed some books before returning to the cell. I threw one to her. It was a spiral bound group of papers I had culled from the internet and extensively edited. I called it the "Slaves Handbook" and it detailed general concepts and the duties of a slave. On the cover were the words, "This material will be tested and wrong answers punished." She saw this and looked doe eyed at me.

"I expect you to know all of it, understand?" She nodded. "If you have time read this." I threw her a copy of "The Joy of Sex". She tried to say something. "Read it! You are a sex slave now. All I want you for, all you need to be good at is in these two books. Your life is in these pages so read them real carefully. Otherwise I may have to replace you." I stuck enough menace in those words to convince her just what replacement would mean.

I closed the door and heard the faint sound of something impacting against it. I made a mental note for later then went upstairs.

When I returned to my office the scanner had almost finished. A series of messages in the window of my graphics workstation indicated that the first few pictures had been analyzed. I pulled up the first, a picture of Caroline standing demurely in her evening gown, and started to work.

Graphic manipulation is hard and time consuming even with the best conventional software. Fortunately over the past year and with Andy's suggestions I'd been helping to develop a revolutionary program.

Raytracing in the technique used in computer graphics to make computer generated images appear real by adding highlights, shading and shadows to an object as if it was really 3D. Inside a computer program you position your computer generated objects and a set of virtual lights. The computer then works out how the object will look to a virtual camera, where the shading and shadows and reflections will be. Once all of this is worked out the image is generated sometimes with unbelievable realism.

What my program did was the same in reverse, given an image it works out the positions characteristics and relative magnitudes of the light sources that lit the original object. This lighting map can then be applied to another image, overriding the lighting conditions that were present when it was recorded. This allows multiple images to be assembled and appear to be lit by the same sources.

In this case I removed the background of the dustsheets from behind Caroline and transplanted her to another background that I'd already scanned and analyzed. Then the computer went to work, matching the lighting of Caroline's picture with that of the new background. It added shadows, highlights and reflections to both parts until it appeared that she belonged in the other picture. The technique isn't perfect, the composite image still needs a lot of manual adjustment to appear totally realistic and I didn't have the time for that now. Fortunately even the simple run through looks wonderfully effective and that was all I needed. Caroline stood on a damp, well lit street after nightfall. She smiled at the camera, the streetlights glinting from her jewelry and her heels reflecting in the puddles on the sidewalk....

I worked all afternoon assembling images and pasting them into a document I'd prepared earlier. I rolled between computers on my office chair checking first one, then the other, then Caroline with mechanical precision. When I'd left she had initially thrown the books at the door in a sudden act of renewed spirit. Finally though after trying desperately to get at her covered crotch, boredom overtook her and she started to read. Every couple of hours I looked in on her, partly so that she could drink but mainly because the chastity pants stopped her from going to the toilet without my help.

Around five the last document finished printing and I was ready. I put my work into a folder along with other papers, collected a snack from the kitchen and headed downstairs.

After setting up the table I freed her and lead her into the dungeon. I fastened collar to table, and strapped ankles and butt to the chair. Then I removed her gloves, this was one time I wanted fingerprints. Finally I removed the gag, but as always I left it dangling around her neck.

"I thought we should talk," I said sitting across the table from her. I pushed over a diet coke, "I know you have questions about your new life here and I really haven't given you any answers." She gulped down a huge swallow of coke, which seemed to restore her confidence.

"Who are you? Why have you brought me here?" She asked her voice high and anxious.

I rolled my eyes, back over the same old ground. "I am your MASTER, I have selected you to be my sex slave. Your principle job is to obey me completely and to give sexual pleasure to me and to any others I indicate. I've told you this before." I knew what the next question was so I cut her off. "As to why I chose you, that is my concern."

"Now that we have covered all your old questions AGAIN, is there anything else you want to ask?"

"How long do you intend to keep me here?"

"Until you bore me. Then I'll replace you with a new girl." A frightened look spread over her face.

"You aren't the first," I lied, "And you are certainly not the last. The longer you please me, the longer you stay alive and the longer your replacement keeps her liberty."

"How long?" She asked her eyes large and frightened.

"The current record is five years," I said smoothly, "But she was exceptionally obedient. Those who refuse training usually don't last a month." I could see her absorbing the information. "In the end I grew quite attached to her, when the time came I sold her to a friend rather than do anything unpleasant." I smiled at her, "There is always a place for a good obedient slave, the difficult ones bring the inevitable on themselves."

I looked into her eyes, "I wonder what type you'll be?"

"Please master......." her questions were now ended. All the horrors that had been forming in her mind as she lay, bound and alone in her cell had now be confirmed. What more was there to say?

"Now I have a question for you slave," I said noting the renewed tension in her shoulder muscles. "A couple of days ago when my friend Bob came over and I hid you behind the couch, why didn't you try to scream to him?"

"I was gagged..."

"But you must have realized that he could still hear you that close by."

She swallowed. "He was in on it with you," she cried, "You had plenty of time to move me away I figured you wouldn't risk him finding me if he didn't already know. You wanted me to disobey you so you could punish me!"

It was a good reasoned argument. With all the ease I'd had until now I'd forgotten that I was dealing with a college undergraduate and not a simple farm girl. She was bright all right but I was better. An evil thought came to me.

"You were half right slave," I said, "Bob wouldn't have freed you but he isn't part of all this. You see I told old Bob that my latest girlfriend is kinky, into bondage and the like, just in case he discovered your presence. If you had screamed I'd have just introduced you to him and let him go on his way. He'd think it odd but he wouldn't think that you were being held against your will."

I smiled as a sudden look of realization spread across her face. I could even guess what she was thinking. If "Bob" had seen her then maybe he would have recognized her from a missing persons report. "Phantom Bob" had just sporned a "Phantom Opportunity" for rescue that she had failed to take..

I waited until the look of despair had started to subside. "Don't knock yourself," I smiled, "You didn't know and besides no one knows you're missing so he wouldn't have recognized you anyway."

"Someone will know," She said looking me defiantly in the face, that look of hope in her eye. "Sooner or later I will be reported missing and....."

"And nothing," I cut in. "Thousands of people go missing every year, far more than can be put down to foul play. There are people running from the law, from creditors, bad marriages. That's the beauty of a country this size, it's easy to get lost in. Most missing people turn up in the first few weeks, the police probably won't look at your case for a month. Then I'm sure that there are a lot of college and bank loans outstanding, a lot of moneys owed?" I could see from her face that there were. "The police don't look for people who want to go missing and the evidence is that you ran away."

The light in her eyes still shone a little. Now it was time to extinguish it for good. "All we have to do to make sure is give them a good reason for you to leave town. I have one right here."

I opened the folder, took out her pen, paper and envelopes and a piece of laserprinted paper.

"This is the text of a letter I will send to your mother. You will copy it onto the writing paper EXACTLY as it is written. I have enough samples of your hand writing to recognize if you try anything stupid."

I watched as she read the text. It was simple and workmanlike in Caroline's usual style and said that she had been offered a summer job in a private psychiatric clinic near Seattle. The job as a nursing assistant was really nothing more than a glorified Candystriper, but her professors had agreed that the experience could count towards her final end of year grades. With this in mind she would be leaving immediately now that exams were over. She would forward her address once her new employer had assigned her accommodation.

"Well what are you waiting for?" She shook her head and read the text again. It was a plausible explanation for her leaving town. Styles, pet names and general writing mannerisms were all hers, once it was copied by her own hand onto her own stationary it would appear perfectly normal. She knew as well as I did that once her parents received this the hunt would be over. Eventually the alarm would be raised, but they would start looking in the wrong place and by then the trail would be long cold.

I watched while she pondered it. "All I need is a plausible explanation for why you disappeared," I said. "This one is the best because it seems most natural, but a girl in your position, owing money and with unsympathetic parents can have lots of reasons to disappear."

I tossed her a large white business envelope. She caught it and looked at it blankly. I watched as her eyes scanned it, they darted quickly over the return address, someone in an unfamiliar sounding street in Seattle. Her reaction was more pronounced however when she saw where the package was going. It was addressed to her but the address was her parent's house in Iowa. With trembling fingers she opened it. The package contained four pages pinned together. The top sheet was a piece of good quality company headed note paper bearing a stylized almost art deco logo of a beautiful woman bringing a wine glass to her lips, underneath in a tasteful script font were the words "Cachet Escorts." The company's office was the same unfamiliar address as on the envelope which I knew to be in a half empty office block in a rundown suburb of Seattle.

I was proud of the letter and I watched as her eye's widened in horror. It was dated a few days before the kidnapping and read.

My Dear Caroline,
I wish to thank you for your dedication over the last few weeks, it could not have been easy to fit our interviews and photo sessions into your busy schedule. I trust your preparations for the move to Seattle are well advanced. I can only say again that you will not regret your decision. Washington is a very beautiful state and Seattle can offer a host of entertainment for a young lady such as yourself.

However, I must admit to feeling a little uncomfortable about your proposed Seattle address. Although your friend is right in saying that the neighborhood has low cost accommodation, it is the kind of area a girl cannot walk alone in safety. If you contact our offices we can provide a list of clean low cost hotels that you would find much more suitable. If money is a problem I am sure we could arrange a small advance until you have found your feet.

I have enclosed a copy of the information we keep on file. Please check it, correct if necessary, sign and date the bottom, and return it as soon as you can.

I have also included draft copies of your pages from our various directories. These are the results of your photo sessions and the information you provided. Although we foresee no problems it is our policy to allow our girls to check and if necessary modify their entry before we have the final copy printed. Rest assured that the directories do not leave our offices, although we sometimes provide a copy of a new girl's entry to our regular clients upon request.

We have also included your entry from our special services directory. Again I must complement you on your decision to try this area. As we discussed the work is varied and well rewarded. The gentlemen who have these special needs are amongst our most generous patrons and a few of our girls have removed themselves from our general roster to concentrate on these clients exclusively. The photographs used in these pages are by necessity more explicit. Some of our girls in the past have expressed doubts over their entry's but now agree that we where right in our decision. The special directory never leaves the offices and is only shown to special trusted clients.

I will say again that these are only draft copies for your approval. The quality of the final printed versions will be much better.

Finally when we last spoke you were still unsure if you wanted to use the name Elizabeth. As you can see our draft pages are currently using this name. If you wish to change it, please do let us know as soon as possible. We reserve the right to approve the professional name of all of our young ladies. It is our policy that each of our girls chooses a unique name on a first come first served basis. This is to avoid confusion and reassure our clients that they will get the right girl if they ask for her by name.

In addition we discourage the use of names too close to the girl's real name as it can cause embarrassment. For example in your case we would discourage the use of "Carol" or "Carolyn" but names such as "Catherine" or "Carrie" would be fine.

Please contact me the moment you arrive in town and we can arrange to have lunch and discuss your plans.

I remain as ever yours.

Brenda Evans.

It didn't take a genius to realize that Cachet was a high class call girl agency. I had first come across them a couple of years before when some of their girls worked a party organized by a well known software company. Their girls were hand picked to be courteous, sophisticated and well read but it was no secret that for the right amount they could be persuaded to stay the night. I knew a lot of men who used their services when in Seattle and while not being a client myself I had heard enough by word of mouth to know how they operated. One indiscreet client had once given me a girl's file entry with the recommendation that I try her. I had used this as a model for Caroline's entry.

Cachet was now out of business, it's offices raided amongst great scandal a few months before. I had no doubt that there would be at least another two or three 'Cachets' by now hoping to pull in the defunct agencies clientele, so my fake would probably be written off as a short lived imitator. By now Caroline was scanning the second sheet. It was a supposedly the agencies private file entry giving age, height, weight, interests, address and next of kin. Not too different from the personnel file any company would keep.

"Look at the addresses," I said with some pride.

Under her name was her parents address, under her parents names as next of kin was her college address.

"It's what laymen call a computer error," I said, "In the industry we call it garbage in, garbage out. You see when the thing was transferred from paper an unfortunate substitution took place which means that the agency 'accidentally' sent this to your parents house. When they can't find you they will of course open it and...."

She had found the 'and'. The first page seemed innocent enough. It was Caroline's entry in the agencies directory. Most of the sheet contained pictures of Caroline in her evening gown. The first was a picture of Caroline on the street a departing limo in the background. Second picture, a smiling Caroline offers a gloved hand to the camera, hotel bedroom background. The rest of the pictures were in much the same vein. Caroline handling and drinking Champagne and looking suggestive. The text hinted that after a night at the opera 'Elizabeth' may be persuaded stay a little longer.

Sheet two was very different. Supposedly from the 'special directory' it showed 'Elizabeth' in her full leather finery. The first shot was just of her standing with her high heeled foot on a stool showing off her leather panties pulled tight over her crotch, hands on hips, smiling. There was a corresponding "Elizabeth drinks Champagne" shot then a three frame sequence of a smiling 'Elizabeth' gagging and handcuffing herself. The final shot was of the dominant 'Elizabeth' flexing a riding crop and looking stern. The text was also more explicit talking of 'Elizabeth's' wish to make her client happy no matter what his 'special needs' may be.

Caroline looked up in horror, "NO please..."

"I'm posting one of these off tomorrow," I said pointing to the large envelope and the letter pad. "It really doesn't matter to me which they receive. Either would explain why you would disappear and either will draw attention away from the idea of a kidnapping. It's really up to you. Your parents are never going to see you again. Question is, how do you want them to remember you, as their little girl or as a evil little slut selling her body for money?"

Caroline started to weep. I could see the despair in her eyes. I slapped the crop on the table, "Choose!" With a trembling hand she picked up the pen and started to write.

I rejected her first attempt because the writing was too unsteady, the next two because of spelling errors. Number four was perfect but I rejected it anyway and warned her not to give me any more trouble. I yelled and threatened punishment and in the end got her into the frame of mind I needed. She wrote the letter, addressed the envelope and even licked the stamp to provide comprehensive forensic evidence. I then placed the letter in a ziplock and handed her the second item. When she started to read it I slammed the crop down in front of her.

"Slaves obey, they don't need to understand," I said viscously.

So she started, writing postcards, signing documents, filling in forms in her own name and a variety of aliases. As each was finished it went into a separate ziplock. She seemed bewildered and I never gave her time to think things through. Were a document wasn't unique I would often venomously reject the first one she did just to keep her off balance. When she signed and dated a complex legal document near the end she wasn't even aware that she had just signed her freedom way.

I finished up with her signing a couple of checks. Then I produced a tape recorder and a few sheets of paper.
"This is a script," I said pushing the paper over to her, "You will say the words exactly as written, understand."

She nodded and did fairly well on the first couple of messages, but then when she started on one obviously meant for her parents she started to sob uncontrollably In the end it took a lot of threats before I had the performance I needed.

"You did well," I said as I reached over and shoved the gag back into her sobbing mouth. "I'll forgive you for the temper tantrum this morning. Tell me slave, are you still horny?" Still sobbing she nodded her head. "Good. I have to put you away for a while because I have to finish upstairs," I gentily stroked her thigh. "Afterwards though I'll reward you." I had her replace the gloves with a clean latex pair and replace the cuffs. I strapped her arms behind her and freed her from the chair. I pulled her close to me felling the hardness of the chastity corset as it pressed into my chest. The light of hope was gone from the tear filled eyes that stared at me over the gag.

"I am your master slave, and now your training begins."

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