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This story contains graphic descriptions of pre-teen children having sex with each other and adults. If you are offended by this, STOP NOW AND DO NOT READ THIS POSTING.

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This story is fantasy, and has no basis in fact, and no relation to persons or events past or present.

Ralph was staying with his friends, Dan and Mary, and their two kids, Barry 9 and Laura 10. He had just moved from another state, and they were putting him up until he could find a place. It was working out well for them. Dan and Mary could go out without having to worry about a sitter, as Dan was more then happy to sit with the kids. One day Ralph was alone with the kids. He thought they were kind of quiet for kids that age, so he went to see what they were up to. He peeked in the door to Lauras room, and caught the kids madly fucking !!! He watched as Barry drove his little 4 inch cock as hard as he could into his sisters pussy.

So that's why they were so quiet !!! Ralph began to stroke his cock through his pants as he watched the two little kids fucking. He had the sense to wonder where the hell they learned to fuck like that, but it was a fleeting thought at best. The kids were bucking and humping and groaning, obviously nearing their cums. Ralph's own cock throbbed under his stroking hand. Then he heard Barry scream, "I'm cumming sis, I'm cumming !!! " Mary moaned and rubbed her hairless little pussy hard on his cock, and came at the same time as her brother, and Ralph did. As the kids collapsed on the bed, Ralph tip toed away from the door. He made up his mind to keep a close eye on these two, after all, he wondered what he would see next. He went to his room and changed his cum filled pants.

A few weeks passed and he didn't see the kids fucking again. He thought it was mostly because Dan and Mary were home alot during that time. He resigned himself to not having that pleasure again for awhile. Then things changed. Dan and Mary wanted to take an extended vacation. They wanted to know if Ralph would mind living with the kids while they were gone. They thought they might be gone as long as 6 months. Without a thought, Ralph replied, "of course I will stay with the kids! You two go and enjoy yourselves and don't worry about the kids, we will be fine." In less then 2 weeks, Dan and Mary were on their way. Ralph thought, I know those two kids will be fucking again!!

As Dan and Mary drove away, Dan asked his wife, "well, do you think the kids will have fun with Ralph?" She smiled and said, "I am sure of it. You know they told us he watched them fucking and came in his pants. He loved it, and I have noticed he has been watching them closely. He is interested alright, and they will have a ball with him." Dan reached over and squeezed her hand. "Remember the first time we taught them to fuck? Quite a sight wasn't it? Me holding our little girls hairless pussy open, and you guiding our little boys hard cock into her hole, as we told them how to do it. Then we taught them to lick and suck each other off." She smiled at the memory then added, "It got even better when you taught them to eat my pussy, and I taught them to suck your cock, and better still when I guided your hard cock into them. What a night !!! Your cock buried in our little girls pussy, then our little boys ass!! She chuckled as she remembered. "And we find out you like fucking your cock into our little boy's ass, as you pull on his little cock. You like stuffing his tight little ass more then you like fucking pussy!!! He laughed and said, "yea well, it turned out that you liked our little girls hot mouth on your pussy better then you like cock in it!!!" They laughed together, driving into the night. "

Ralph kept a close on the kids that night, but again they did nothing. He was disappointed at that, but what the hell, maybe it was a one time thing? The next night the kids lay stretched on the floor in front of the tv, Ralph was sitting on the couch. The only light in the room, was from the tv. At some point during the movie, Laura had reached over and slid her hand under Barry. He lay tummy down, and it was obvious that Laura had hold of his little cock. Ralph's own cock was instantly hard. He watched, and waited. Wondering just how brave these kids were. Barry humped his sisters stroking hand, and Ralph watched his little butt move up and down and wiggle getting all he could from his sisters hand. Then they stopped and Laura said it was time for them to go to bed. She and Barry shared a room since Ralphs arrival. He knew, just knew they were going in there not to sleep, but to fuck!! They hugged him good night, and as Laura turned away, her hand brushed his crotch. Even in the tv light, he could see the surprised look in her eyes. As she followed Barry out of the room she turned around to look at Ralph, a question in her eyes.

He realized that she had felt his hard on. He was rock hard, and at full attention, he measured 10 inches. He surmised that her look of surprise was because she had felt the size of his cock. He wished most feverishly that she could feel all 10 inches stuffed in her hairless little pussy!!! He gave them a few minutes to get started, then went to peek in the door. Sure enough, they were at it, but not fucking. They were eating each other out !! My gawd he thought as he stroked his cock. Who the hell had taught these kids? He watched as they sucked each other off, and he shot his own cum in his pants again. He did not know how, but he knew he had to have that little girls beautiful hairless little pussy. As he moved away from the door, Laura and Barry kissed good night, and smiled. Laura whispered tomorrow Barry, tomorrow. Then they slept in each others arms.

The Kids 2

Ralph realized that he was hot for both kids, not just Laura. He found himself wondering what it would be like to have Barrys little hands and lips on his cock, wondered how tight the boys asshole would be if he fucked it. And Laura, god, he wanted to see her hairless little pussy bursting full of his hard 10 inch cock. He nearly drooled as he thought about them writhing on his cock, fucking them hard and long, and oh so deep.

They came home from school, ate and ran out to play with their friends. He straghtened the house and watched TV for awhile. At 8 he called for the kids to come in and get ready for bed. They bathed, kissed him good night, and went to bed. He could not concentrate on the movie, so he turned off the TV and decided he would call it a night too. He undressed and crawled into bed. His mind began to wander, thinking about the kids. His cock got hard and he began to stroke it. Then he heard his door open. He opened his eyes to see Barry standing there. "What's wrong Barry?" he asked. The little boy said, "nothing. I just wanted to sleep with you." Ralph instantly thought about the boys lips, and cut the thought off. "Ok, kid, climb on in." Barry asked "would it be ok if I take my pajamas off? I don't like to sleep in them, they get all twisted up." Geezus, Ralph thought, how much was he supposed to be able to stand? He sighed and answered, "yes, if you want to." The little boy took his pajamas off, then crawled under the blanets and curled up to Ralph. There was no way around it, Ralph felt the kids hard little dick on his thigh. His mind began to run wild, and his own cock throbbed.

He was about to tell Barry to go back to his own bed, when he felt the kids hand on his cock. He groaned. Barry asked, "can I lick it, and suck it for you? I can make you feel real good. You can cum in my mouth if you want too." Ralph spoke no answer, he just put his hand on the boys head and pushed him down on his cock. The little boy licked up and down the length of his cock, licked around and under his balls, then back up to the head of his cock. He opened his little mouth and began to suck on the tip of Ralphs cock, as his small hands stroked the shaft. He sucked and then licked, sucked and then kissed Ralphs throbbing cock. Then suddenly the boy stopped. He looked at Ralph and said, "you can cum in my mouth like I said, but you can cum in my ass too. I like being fucked in my ass, would you fuck me?" Ralph said, "Yes, god yes!" He rolled the boy over and lifted his hips until his little ass was high in the air. He spread the boys ass cheeks and saw the little pink puckered hole. He pushed his cock up to it, and his pre-cum dripped lubricating it.

He began to push, and Barry wiggled his little ass. Ralph was amazed that his cock began to enter the boy's ass so easily. He did not think the boy could take all 10 inches of his cock, but he was going to try and give him all he could take. He told the boy, "I am going to hold still Barry. I want you to move your ass on my cock, fuck yourself onto it as hard and as deep as you want to. When you take as much as you can, I will fuck you." The boy began to move, he pulled his asshole almost all the way off of Ralphs cock, then pushed back and took another inch. Several more moves and he had another 2 inches in his ass. Ralphs cock was throbbing, pulsing, as he watched his cock disappear into the boys tight little ass. Again and again Barry pulled himself off of, and pushed back onto the hard cock in his ass. Finally he pushed back and took all 10 inches of cock into his tight little boy ass. "AAAAAAAAAHhhhh fuck me, fuck me!!!! Fuck my ass and make me cum!!! " he cried out. Ralph began to fuck the boy, harder and harder, driving his stiff cock all the way in on every thrust. The boys ass was so tight, so warm so willing to fuck him that his orgasm was comming on fast. He reached under the boy and grabbed his little cock. He started pumping the boys cock as hard as he was fucking his little ass. He felt the kids cock jerk in his hand, and he groaned. "I'm cumming Barry, I'm cumming in your tight little boy ass !!! Cum with me Barry, shoot your cum !! " Ralph buried his cock in the boys tight asshole, "AAAAAAHHHHHH YESSSSSSSS !! " He moaned as his cock emptied in the little boys belly. Barrys little cock, throbbed and pulsed, he squealed as he ground his ass onto Ralphs cock. Ralph stroked his little cock harder, and Barry shot his load all over the bed. When the parted, Barry complained, "Hey ! My side of the bed is wet ! " Ralph got a chuckle out of that and told the boy, well you made the wet spot, you sleep in it." Barry stuck his tongue out at Ralph and burst into giggles. They finally lay down to sleep.

The Kids 3

At some point during the night, Ralph woke up with a warm wet feeling on his cock. He sighed as he looked down and saw Barrys little blonde head bobbing up and down as he tried ever so hard to suck quite a bit of Ralphs big cock into his mouth. He did not try to stop the boy, instead, he took the boys head in his hands and began to thrust into the warm wet mouth. "Relax Barry, just relax your mouth. Let me do the work, let me push my cock into your mouth. You just hold your mouth open and when I tell you to swallow, you swallow ok?" Barry nodded yes eager to please. He held his little mouth open wide and Ralph pushed his cock into it.

He groaned as the boy sucked on the head of his cock. "Relax Barry, don't suck now, just let me keep feeding my cock into your mouth." The little boy stopped sucking and held his mouth open as far as he could. Ralph pushed another 2 inches into the boys hot mouth. The little boy gagged and Ralph backed his cock out, just a bit. When the boy had stopped gagging, he pushed his cock back in, plus another inch. He continued stopping and starting, telling Barry all the while, "just relax, let my cock in your mouth." He fucked the warm little mouth, until he could stand it no more. "Suck it Barry, suck on it now!!!! Suck my hot cum, drink it down!!"

The little boy did as he asked. Ralph's cock swelled when the boy closed his lips and sucked. His cock throbbed and pulsed as he watched the little blonde boy suck it. He begand to stroke the shaft and told Barry, "Just open your mouth and hold out your tongue!!" The little boy was happy to do this and he opened his mouth wide and stuck his tongue out as far as it would go. Ralph stroked his cock, rubbed it across the boys tongue and lips. Then he groaned and began to cum. He aimed so that his hot cum landed right on Barrys little tongue. He came and came and watched as his hot sperm filled the boys mouth, and ran down his throat. "MMMM" Barry said as he swallowed each and every drop of Ralphs hot cum. Ralph took Barry in his arms and held him tight. "Barry, I am a little tired right now, is it ok if we wait until tomorrow and I'll suck on your little cock and then fuck you in the ass?" Barry nodded and then asked, "Will you push all of your big cock in me again?""Ralph laughed and said, "I will sure give it a try!! " Barry looked like he was thinking, then he smiled and said, "Ok! " Then Ralph cuddled the little boy in his arms and they slept again.

In the morning Laura pranced into Ralphs room and found them still sleeping. She was curious to see if Barry had succeeded last night. She lifted the blanket, and smiled. Yep, they were both naked and snuggled together. She let the blanket down and left the room. Tonight, was going to be her night !!! She absently rubbed her little 10 year old pussy as she thought of such a big cock shoved in it. Ralph was bigger then her daddy, and she wondered what it would feel like to have his big hard cock in her pussy. She had already decided she was going to try and get it all inside her. Mom and dad had told her and Barry, "if you kids want to fuck Ralph, go ahead and do it, we don't mind." As soon as Laura had felt how big Ralphs cock was that first night, she knew she was going to fuck it.

It was Saturday, so Laura began making breakfast for them. Ralph heard the noise and woke up. His first thought was of bacon, which he could smell cooking. His second thought as he stretched was Barry. OH SHIT !! He thought. I got to get this kid out of the bed before his sister sees him in it !! He gently shook the little boy. As Barry groaned Ralph told him, "Come on Barry, get up. We don't want Laura to find you here!" The little boys sleepy reply was, "why?" "Come on Barry, up and into your own room now, hop to it kiddo." Ralph said as he tossed the boy his pajamas. Barry grudgingly got up and dressed. Ralph threw on a robe and headed for the shower.

When his shower was done, he went into the kitchen. Breakfast was on the table, and the two kids were waiting for him. They said good morning to him as he sat down to eat, he told Laura, "You did not have to fix breakfast, you should have woke me up, and I would have made it. This is very nice of you Laura." She smiled and replied with us two kids to take care of, you need rest and energy !!" she giggled.

Was he imagining it, or did he hear a slight touch of excitement in her voice? The two kids gave each other a conspiritorial grin and ate their breakfast. Later as Ralph did the dishes the two of them went out to play. Laura asked Barry, "Well, did he fuck you???" Barry giggled and rubbed his little butt. "You bet he did sis, and man, his cock is so big !! He was gentle and let me fuck it, so I wouldn't hurt. I had to have it all up my ass. It felt so good! His cum tastes good to sis, and he has lots of it ! I want him to fuck me again too, only harder ya know, make me really buck on his hard cock!!!" Barry giggled, and ran off to play with some of his friends.

Laura had begun playing with her pussy as Barry told her about his hot night with Ralph. She couldn't wait to have at that big hard cock. Laura had her first cum ever when she was only 6 years old. Her mama and daddy had taken turns licking and sucking her little hairless baby pussy, and fucking their fingers into her until she shuddered and came for them. They made her cum alot after that, and she learned to make them cum too. They taught Barry to lick and suck her little pussy too, and taught her how to suck him. Barry had his first cum when he was 7. Laura remembered watching her daddy suck on Barrys little cock, saw Barry scream and his body shake. Nothing came out of his little cock, but Barry liked it anyway, liked it alot. He went around for two days asking his daddy to suck him again. Laura giggled as she remembered that. Now, the two of them had Ralph. Between them Laura figured her and Barry could and would fuck him silly, and get good hard cums out of the deal for themselves. She pulled her fingers out of her pussy. She wanted to save her cum for Ralphs big cock.

The day passed quickly and evening found them at dinner. Ralph was pleased that the kids had come home on time. He had wondered if he was going to have to chase them down. After dinner, Laura did the dishes as Barry and Ralph played a game of 'go fish'. When the dishes were done, Laura went to take a shower. Some minutes later, she came out wearing a very short pink nightie. It barely covered her ass. Ralph looked at her and his cock nearly popped his jeans it got so hard so fast. Damn but she was cute !!! He tried to concentrate on the card game and couldn't, so Barry won. Ralph suggested they all go and watch a little TV, and they went into the living room. Barry went to his usual place on the floor, lay down and was quiet as a disney character lit up the screen. Laura sat cross legged, on the floor beside him. Ralph sat alone on the couch, and was glad of it. He did not want Laura to see the bulge in his jeans.

Just as his cock started to go limp again, Laura spun around on her butt, and looked at him. He nearly choked to death right then. She was grinning broadly as she gave him a clear shot at her hairless little girl pussy!! She was wearing no panties!!! He could clearly see her pink folds, and her clit just barely peeking out of her slit. His cock was immediately hard as a rock, and drooling pre-cum into his jeans. His breath was coming in short pants and Laura heard it. She smiled and asked, "anything wrong Ralph?" He couldn't even talk, so he just shook his head no. Then she reached down and began to stroke her clit, right there in front of him and her little brother. "LAURA!!! " Ralph cried out, "do you know what the hell you are doing?" he demanded to know. She giggled and said, "Yes, I am getting you hot so you will fuck me." She stood up and moved to him. He was in shock now, and she pushed him back on the couch. She undid his zipper, grabbed his throbbing cock and pulled it free of his jeans.

Ralph just sat there as this little 10 year old girl climbed into his lap. Barry watched as his sister positioned her pussy above the hard cock that had been in his ass the night before. He wished it was him getting fucked again, but hey, sis had a right too. Ralph came alive as her hot little pussy touched the tip of his cock. He grabbed her little hips and pushed her down hard. She wanted it, and by god he was going to give it to her good!!! She squealed as his cock entered her, and stopped about 6 inches of the way in. He looked down and seeing his cock in her hairless little pussy made him groan. He thrust his hips up as he pushed her down again. "OOOOOO yes!!! she cried "FUCK IT IN ME, FILL ME UP!! "

Barry watched in awe as Ralphs cock began to sink another inch or two into his sisters pussy. Ralph groaned as Laura began to ride him. She pulled herself off his cock, then sat back down hard. She cried out as the last of his huge cock was in her pussy. Ralph stood then with his cock buried in her. He lay her on the couch, and on his knees she was at the right height for him to fuck her good. She lay back and he pulled his cock almost all the way out, then drove it into her hard. "YESSSSSS" she cried out, and her hips went wild bucking up to meet his every thrust.

Barry moved to sit on the couch beside his sister so he could watch her get fucked. He told Ralph, "yea, fuck her Ralph, fuck her good. She really wanted your hard cock in her pussy!!! Fuck her!!! " Ralph groaned. The fact that Barry was watching him fuck Laura, and encouraging him to do it, made him that much hotter! Barry reached over and began stroking his sisters clit. It was hard and he could feel her pulse in it. "She's gonna cum Ralph !!! She's gonna cum real good !!!" he proclaimed. Ralph could hold out no more. Laura bucked and writhed on his cock, moaning and screaming, "FUCK ME!!" He felt her pussy as it began to squeeze his cock hard. He held her hips, and buried his cock all the way in her and nearly screamed himself as he filled her little pussy with his hot cum. Her pussy bathed his cock in her warm little girl juice as her cum met his and drenched his cock and the couch. Barry removed his hand and grinned at his sister. "See, told you his cock was big and he fucked good." Ralph was to tired to care that Barry had obviously told his sister about their night together.

The kids however were not tired. Barry knelt between his sisters open legs and leaned down. Ralph watched as the little boy began to lick and suck the cum out of his sisters pussy. Laura moaned, and opened her legs wider to give him what he wanted. He watched the little boy lick the length of her slit, up and down, rimming her asshole, then her cunt hole, and back to her clit. He lapped up every bit of cum he found dripping there. Then he closed his lips over his sisters well fucked hole and began to gently suck. Ralph heard the slurping noises as the boy literally drank the cum from her cunt. Laura was thrusting her pussy into Barrys face now, fucking him. Ralphs cock was hard again as he watched the scene before him. Barry licked up her slit again, and his lips closed on her clit. Laura put her hands in her brothers hair and held his mouth to her pussy as she fucked her clit into his sucking lips. She moaned and came for him.

Ralph was stroking his cock when the two kids looked at him. They smiled at each other, then Laura leaned over. She began to lick his hard cock. Barry got on the other side of Ralph, and they began to take turns licking and sucking his cock. He groaned. As Barry took Ralphs cock into his mouth, Laura grasped it and began to stroke it. She was actually feeding her little brother this big hard cock. Ralph groaned and began to thrust into the warm hands and sucking little mouth. "oh yes, that's it, suck it Barry !! suck it!!" he moaned.

Then Laura surprised him again. She released his cock and asked, "Ralph, can I watch you fuck Barrys asshole?" Her little brother raised his head off the cock in his mouth and cried out, "OH YES, PLEASE FUCK MY ASS !!! YOU PROMISED!!! " Who was he to deny these kids what they wanted? Without a word he lifted Barry into his lap, facing away from him. He told Laura, "come on, give me a hand, put my cock at his asshole!" She gripped his cock and aimed at her brothers pink little hole. He began to lower Barry onto his cock. It started sliding in easily, having just been fucked last night, the little boys asshole was stretched. Barry moaned and pleaded, "more !! I want all of it in my ass !! Fuck me, fuck me hard!!" Ralph literally dropped the little boy onto his cock. Barry screamed as the entire length of Ralphs 10 inch cock filled his tiny ass.

Ralph held the boys ass in his hands, and lifted and lowered him onto his cock. He groaned and pushed the boy into his lap even harder. Ralph told Laura, "come on, suck his little cock, suck on it good!! Make him cum in your mouth!!" Laura leaned in and took all of her brothers cock and balls into her hot little mouth. She sucked hard, wanting please Ralph. She used her hands and fondled Ralphs big balls as he fucked her brothers ass. It did not take long, and both Ralph and Barry screamed together "YESSSSSSSS I'm cumming!!" Laura felt her brothers spasms in her mouth, and Ralphs spasms in his balls as she squeezed them to get every drop of cum into her baby brothers ass. Ralph and Barry collapsed back onto the couch, and Laura grinned at them. Then Ralph said, "I want to know, who taught you kids to fuck and suck like this?" The kids giggled and said, "Mom and dad, who else?"

The Kids 5

This was a very educational time for Ralph. He was learning all about his best friends kids, and what they had taught them. He asked Laura, "Tell me about it, tell me when your parents started teaching you sex." Barry was all excited, and Ralph hushed him, "you can tell my your story after Laura, ok?" "Ok" he said. Laura began.

"I was only 5 when it started. Mama called me into the bedroom one day, and told me to get in bed with her. I did and she pulled my panties down and started feeling me between the legs. She asked me, "do you like your little pussy rubbed?" she asked. I did, and I told her yes. Then she leaned down and started licking me. It felt so good, I did not want her to stop !!! She liked licking my pussy, and she did it alot. Then while giving me a bath one day, she put her finger into my pussy. It hurt for awhile, but then it felt better. After that she always pushed her finger into me when she licked and kissed my pussy. One day daddy caught her. We thought he was gonna be mad, but he wasn't. He pushed mama away and said, "you are a greedy bitch Mary, share our daughters sweet little pussy!!" Then he leaned down and he licked me, and pushed his fingers in me while mama watched. I started sleeping between them so they could feel my pussy whenever they wanted to. They would lick and kiss it together, and sometimes both of them would push their fingers into me at the same time, then they would have me watch them fuck."

Barry still had not moved off of Ralphs cock, and now that cock was hard again. Barry rocked on it, cooing "oooooohh ooohhhh". Ralph grabbed the boys hips and held him still. He did not want to cum right now, he wanted to hear Barrys story. "Tell me Barry, how did your parents start teaching you about sex?" Ralphs cock throbbed in the boys ass as he waited for a response.

"I was 5 too, but it was daddy that started me. He was drying me off after my bath one day when he leaned down and kissed my thing. It felt funny. I giggled and he picked me up. He had me put my legs over his shoulders so that my thing was right at his mouth. I could look down and see his mouth on my thing. He sucked it all in, my little balls and all. His tongue felt so good, my thing got hard. I got scared and daddy told me, "it's ok son, it's good that it gets hard" then he went back to sucking me. Then one day he took me to mama, and said, "Barry would like you to suck his little cock." I just knew she was gonna be mad, but nope, she wasn't. She smiled and lay me on the bed, then sucked me. From then on I slept with mom, dad and Laura. I watched mom and dad fuck too. Then one day, me and Laura wanted to fuck.."

Ralph listened in awe, began fucking Barrys tight little boy ass again as Laura picked up the story. "Yea, so mom and dad helped us that time. Daddy held my pussy open real wide, and mama licked it to make it wet, then she sucked Barry to make him hard. Then she put Barry between my legs, and pushed his butt so that his little pecker went in me. They told us to do what we had seen them do. We did, and it felt real good. We liked fucking. Then they taught us how to lick and suck them. Both Barry and I would take turns licking and sucking them until we made them cum. We did this until last year, when I turned 9 and Barry turned 8. That's when daddy started fucking us."

Barry began to slowly ride Ralphs hard cock. He moved his ass back and forth enjoying the slow fucking. Ralphs cock pulsed and jumped in the boys tight little ass. Laura continued.

"One day daddy called me and told me to take my clothes off and sit in his lap. He was already naked and his cock was hard. I took off my clothes and went to him. He lifted me into his lap, facing away from him, and his cock slid over my slit. Mama came over then. She took daddys cock in her hand and put it at my little fuck hole. Daddys cock was lots bigger then Barrys, and I didn't think it would fit. Mama held his cock as he began to lower me onto it. I could feel it start to stretch me, and I cried. Mama hushed me, and she helped daddy push his cock into me more. It hurt, and I cried, but they still kept putting more and more of his cock in me, until it was all in me. Then mama watched as daddy started fucking me. He didn't fuck me long before I felt his cum in my pussy. I was glad it was quick cause it hurt. Then mama said, "let me kiss it, and make it better honey." As daddy pulled his cock out of me, he held me in his lap. Mama licked and kissed, and sucked my pussy. She licked all of daddys cum out of it, and sucked my clit til I came in her mouth."

Geezus!! Ralphs cock was burning with the need to cum now. He had never heard such a story!!! He did not want to cum just yet, so he lifted Barry off his cock. He sat back and tried to relax, even as Barry cried out "HEY !!!" for having the cock removed from his hot ass. No one spoke for several minutes, then Ralph asked Barry, "can you tell me about the first time your daddy fucked you in the ass?" Barry giggled his little boy giggle and said, "sure!!"

Barry began, "me and dad were sucking each other when mom walked in. She smiled and watched for awhile. Then she said to dad, "why don't you fuck his hot little ass? I'd love to see you, even help you put your hard cock in him and fuck him." Dad said, "fuck my own son's ass?" Mom said, "sure, why not, you fuck your daughters little pussy." Then dad shrugged and said, "ok". He made me get on my knees. I felt him spread my butt cheeks, and then I felt his tongue in my butt hole. It felt so good!! I was scared his big cock would hurt, and I was right. When my butt was real wet, he lay me on my back. My mama told me to put my feet on daddys shoulders. I did, and this opened up and exposed my butt hole. My cock was hard from the butt licking, and mama rubbed it for me. Then she took daddys cock in her hand and stroked it til it was real hard, then she pulled it to my butt hole and said, "fuck him Dan, shove your hard cock in his tight little ass and fuck him!" She held it as he started to push it in. When the tip of it got in me, it hurt and I cried out. But mama hushed me.

I tried not to cry as daddy groaned and shoved his cock again. More of it sank in me. I wiggled and tried to get off of it, but he and mama held me tight. Mama said, "don't fight it son, relax and let daddys cock in." I relaxed a little bit and it helped. Then with one big push, all of dads cock was in my ass !! He moaned and started fucking me. Mama reached down and stroked my little cock. She made it hard again, and I forgot my butt hurt, and it started to feel real good. She played with my cock as she said to my dad, "yea Dan, fuck our little boy, fuck him good. Bury that big cock in him and fill his ass with hot cum!! " I started to cry out as I came, then came again. It felt so good!!! Dads cock swelled up and stretched me more, and mom pulled my cock harder and told us, "yes, that's it, let me see you both cum!!!" I felt dads cock shoot his hot stuff in my ass, and I came for a third time. My butt was sore for days. Now I like my ass fucked."

Ralph had his eyes closed, imagining the scenes just described by the kids. He was absently stroking his cock. Then he had an idea. "Laura, Barry, get on your knees in front of me, and open your mouths.I want to shoot my cum on your tongues." Both kids giggled and did as he asked. In only seconds, he was covering their hot eager tongues with his cum. They swallowed every drop. Ralph fell back on the couch exhausted.

For another week, Ralph and the kids slept together, well you could not call it sleeping exactly. He watched the kids as they fucked and sucked one another and him. He fucked them both many times, they licked and sucked him off and drank his cum so many times, he lost track of the days. He went shopping one day while they were at school and he bought some ' toys' for the kids. He bought a rather large, wicked looking dildo, a cock ring which he was going to make smaller for Barry, and a paddle. He figured he was just expanding on the kids sex education. He thought up silly rules that he knew the kids would break as soon as his back was turned. He smiled as he thought of the punishment they would receive.

When they came home from school, he told them, "look you two, no more fucking around, and I mean it, not with me, and not with each other, is that understood?" "Why????" they both asked at once. "Because I said so, that's why !" is all he would say. They looked crushed, and he almost called it off, but the thought of the toys and what he could do with him firmed his resolve. He sent them to bed early that night, and then sat and waited for about an hour. He crept up to their room and peeked in the door.

Sure enough, the two horny little monsters were at it. He pushed the door open and stormed in. "I told you kids no more fucking !!! He shouted. They looked up, a bit of fear on their faces. "Now I am going to have to punish you ! " He exclaimed. "Both of you, to my room, now!!" He ordered them.

They hurried to comply, and he smiled, then followed them. When they were all in his room he began, "you know you have to be punished for not obeying me don't you?" Both of them shook their heads yes, but did not understand. They had NEVER been punished for fucking. He went to the drawer and took out the cock ring, and the paddle. He sat in a chair and called Barry over to him. The little blonde boy stood before him, slightly trembling. He then began to stroke the boys cock until it was hard, and Barry was moaning. When the little boys penis was swollen and pulsing, Ralph lifted the boys little balls, and strapped the cock ring around them and his little cock, tightly. Then he pulled Barry over his lap, and raised the paddle.

Laura, her eyes open wide in fear, silently watched Ralph swat Barry on his bare little ass. Again the paddle rose and fell on the boys tight little ass cheeks. Barry yelled and cried, as the paddle stung him yet again. Then Ralph slid one hand under the boy, and grabbed his cock.

He started stroking the still hard little thing as his other hand brought the paddle down again on the boys now red ass. "ARRRGGGG AHHHHH!!" Barry cried out, in pleasure and pain. His little ass smarted, but his little cock throbbed more. Ralph raised the paddle again and said to Barry, "cum for me Barry, cum for me while I spank your little ass and stroke your cock!! Fuck my hand Barry, fuck it and cum!!! Let your sister see you cum on the floor from your spanking!!!" Barry yelled and moaned all at the same time, as Ralph pulled on his little cock harder, more determined, and again swatted his ass with the paddle. Barry began to fuck Ralphs hand, and this caused his ass to rise up and meet the paddle. "Ohhhh yesss little boy, cum for me!!!" Ralph whispered. All of a sudden, Barry let out a yell, "OH GOD, OH GOD, I'M CUMMING !! I' M CUMMING !!! SPANK MY ASS!!!!!! OH YES, SPANK ME HARD!!! " Ralph brought the paddle down harder then before and Barry screamed, "AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRHHHHHHGGGGGGGGG!! " and shot his little bit of cum on the floor.

He lay on Ralphs lap and did not move for several minutes. Laura her eyes glued to his red little ass, had never seen Barry cum so strong, or heard him scream so loud when he did cum. Now she was curious about her own punishment.

Finally, Ralph carried Barry to the bed and looked to Laura. "Your turn little girl" he told her as he took her arm and pulled her with him to the chair. He reached into the dresser and pulled out the huge dildo. Lauras eyes opened wide. "You can't get that in me!!" she cried out. Ralph grinned and said, "maybe not, but I am going to try. Maybe the paddle on your ass will make you fuck it harder and take it all." She tried to pull away from him, but he pulled her down over his knee, and used the other leg to help hold her down. He took the paddle first, and swatted her tender little behind. "OUCH !!!" she cried out. He grinned and swatted her again.

After several more swats Laura was pleading with him, "oh please stop! It hurts so!! please stop!!" Ralph told her, "I might stop, if you beg me to stuff this dildo in your pussy." Laura shook her head and said NO ! Ralph raised the paddle and swatterd her harder. She cried out again. Barry watched as his sister received her spanking and he found that he liked watching her wiggle and squirm, he wanted to see her wiggle and squirm on that giant cock too. Another swat on her ass, and Laura cried "OK OK, fuck me with the big dildo Ralph, fuck me!"

Ralph did not want to make her beg to much (this time) so he relented. He positioned the huge cock at her cunt and pushed. She cried out as it tried to enter her and began to stretch her. The dildo was fully all of 9 inches long and at least 6 around, and her pussy, though it had been fucked, was still very small compared to this monster of a cock. Ralph would not give up. She squirmed, rubbing the warm flesh of the tummy against his hard cock. He pushed and pushed, making her scream on his lap as her pussy finally began to give way and let the dildo in. He watched as it began to slowly disappear into her. His own cock still throbbed and ached from spanking Barry, now it grew and throbbed even more. Laura cried, "please, please take it out!!! spank me instead!!" Ralph grinned. He kept one hand pushing the dildo into the squirming girls cunt, and raised the paddle in the other. He brought it down in a hard swat that caused laura to jerk her ass, and drive even more of the intruding dildo into her helpless, hairless little pussy. Ralph kept pushing the dildo, and swatting her ass until 8 inches of the cock were buried in her pussy. Then he dropped the paddle and told her, "come on Laura, fuck it, let me see you fuck this big hard cock!! Fuck it for me!" He began to carress her hot red ass, and she moaned. It stung, but it felt good too. She began to move. In minutes, she was writhing on that big hard dildo, Ralphs hard cock pressing against her naked tummy. She was moaning and crying "yesssss, oh yesssss it feels so good!!" Ralph pushed it in and out, watching as her pussy juice coated the big cock. He looked at Barry and saw that the boys cock was once again hard, and he was pumping it like mad as he watched his sister fucked and spanked.

Ralph pushed the dildo harder, and she cried "YESSSSSS fuck me, fuck me harder, faster!!! FUCK ME!!!" He fucked the dildo in and out of her faster, deeper, harder, and felt her body start to shudder. When he was sure her spasms meant she was cumming, he raised his bare hand and brought it down hard on her ass. She screamed, jerked and impaled herself on the rest of the dildo as she came, and came, and came, screaming, "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHYEEEEEEEEEEE !!! Ralph groaned and shot his own wad of hot steamy cum onto her belly.

When her cum was over, she lay limp in his lap. He gently he picked her up and carried her to the bed, and lay her beside her brother, who had cum again down his own thigh. The two kids fell asleep in Ralphs bed, and he left them there to rest. He went to their room and fell asleep immediately, worn out. All of them slept through the night.

When Dan and Mary arrived home 5 months later, they found some very interesting things had happened. Both of their children now liked to be spanked and fucked, and fucked hard. As well as the usual fucking and sucking. Even more, they found that Laura was pregnant. Ralph thought for sure that they were going to be mad for that alone, but he did not think that Laura was old enough to get pregnant. Now when it was to late, he knew better. Dan and Mary were not mad though. They actually seemed quite pleased. Ralph was confused until Dan explained. "We are glad Laura is pregnant. We are not even 30 yet, and we will have a grand child. Imagine how much fun it will be to teach this child sucking and fucking?" He rubbed his cock through his jeans and grinned at Ralph. Then he asked, "won't that be something Ralph? Able to fuck your very own kid someday soon?" Ralph had never thought of that, but now that he did, the idea excited him immensely. Mary and Laura were in the kitchen talking girl talk, and Dan suggested that he and Ralph have a go at Barry. "I missed my sons sweet little ass and cock while I was gone. Now I want to fuck him and watch him suck your cock and swallow your hot cum."

Ralph knew he was part of this family for a long, long, time to cum, er come.

The End

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