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GYM COACH I love my job. I'm a private gymnastics instructor. Parents pay me a lot to train their kids, both boys and girls. My youngest students are 6 and my oldest 12. I own the building they train in. It's quite simple, really. A large equipment room with all the varied gymnastics apparatus, two locker rooms with showers, with my office in between them. No one knows about the view ports and cameras I've installed, allowing me to watch my students dress, undress, shower. No one except a select few men and women that also pay me well to let them watch too. Some like to watch the boys, some watch the girls. I like to watch both. With my video cameras I can zoom in nicely, getting great close-ups of tiny boy cocks and mostly bald girl cunnies. Some of the older girls and boys have a little hair but not much, and some of the girls have tiny budding breasts. Gymnastics is an intense sport so all the kids have firm tight slender bodies. This Saturday all the kids are here for the full day. Three men and one woman are in my office with me as the kids enter the locker rooms. Cameras running we watch them undress, two of the men gazing at the young boy dicks and asses, their own cocks already out and erect. They stroke themselves and each other slowly, watching each boy strip naked. The other man and the woman, and I, watch the little girls. The woman is there because the man is her husband. Even with me present she's nude, fondling his hard dick as he stares at the bare virgins next door, staring at their naked cunnies and asses. His wife starts sucking his cock. As I've done before I fuck her ass as she blows him. Watching the girls strip is exciting. We both fill her up with lots of hot cum. As the kids dress and enter the gym my guests leave by the back door. They'll be back later probably, when it's time for the kids to shower. I join the kids in the gym. This is really the best part of my job. A dozen girls standing around me in their tight leotards, nine boys in their loose trunks and shirts. Beautiful bare firm legs. I get to touch them a lot as I help them through their routines, my hands on their firm muscular thighs, helping them do splits and stretches. I love helping the girls the best, their leotards stretched tight across their pussies, pulled up to the very tops of their thighs. As I train them on the uneven bars, the vault, and other routines I frequently have to give them an assist, my hands on their solid little asses, tummies, backs, chests. Occasionally my hand will cup a nice growing breast, but the girls don't notice, concentrating instead on their workouts. I help the boys the same way, getting to feel their legs and butts too. With legs spread wide I can sometimes look up the legs of their shorts to catch a glimpse of the little cocks, covered by their jock straps of course. Every day at least a few of the kids will have a slight muscle pull or just strain too much. Then I get to massage the affected part, my hands wrapped around their gorgeous calves or thighs, my fingers brushing against their cunnies or balls. And sometimes one will need a full massage, my hands feeling them all over, working their tight ass muscles. I love all my boys and girls but never did much more than that, and watch them in the locker rooms, until a few interesting things happened. One evening after everyone had showered I noticed two of the boys lingering behind, taking their time with their showers and drying off until they were alone. These two were the cutest of the lot. Little Timmy, 8 years old, and 11 year old John. As I watched they dropped their towels and grasped each others cocks, both getting hard immediately. John stroked Tim's hard 4 inches and Tim did the same to John. After a minute or so Tim knelt down and started sucking John's rod, playing with his balls with his other hand. John pumped his hips a bit, fucking his young friend's mouth. I stripped out of my clothes, my own hard cock needing release. I stared as John came hard, Tim swallowing all the cum spurting into his mouth. Tim got up and sat on the bench. John knelt between his legs and started licking his tiny balls and shaft, then sucked it into his mouth, but he stopped, then turned his butt to Tim, who immediately knelt behind him and rammed his small cock all the way into John's asshole! This was too much for me! I quickly left my office, thankful there was no one else around, and entered the locker room quietly. I stood there, pumping my own cock as I watched these two boys fucking. Very shortly Tim groaned, fucking John faster and faster until he came too. As he moved away he saw me. Both boys jumped up startled, grabbing for their towels. "It's OK boys. Mind if I join you?" I asked, walking over to them. They both stared at my hairy 8 inch rod jiggle as I approached. "You two do this often?" "Uh, yes sir..." Timmy stuttered. "Uh, at home too." "Looked like you really enjoyed fucking John," I say to Tim, "and sucking his cock." "Yeah, I do...." I take John's towel, see his cock is hard again. "Mind if I suck it, John?" "Uhhhh... you want to?!?" "Sure do," I tell him, taking his rod in my hand. He's obviously surprised by this, but likes it too. "OK," he whispers. I kneel down in front of the boy, take a good look at his hairless boyhood. My fingers at the base of his shaft I lowered my mouth to his cock head, licked around it and across his pee hole. This was the first time I'd ever sucked a boy cock. Needless to say I really liked it! I took his whole cock in my mouth and slowly fucked it in and out, savoring his hardness and the swelling at his cock head, licking him with my tongue and cupping his smooth sack to feel his small balls. Tim sat on the bench watching me suck his friend's prick. In no time I felt John tensing. I put my hands around his solid ass cheeks and sucked him harder and faster, holding his body to me. I was quickly rewarded as his cock jumped, spurting his salty warm cum deep into my throat. I swallowed quickly, just in time for the next load to explode out. I kept sucking and licking him until he was done, moaning as he came. I took my mouth off his cock, stroked him a bit to milk out the last drop, then licked him clean, including licking his sack a bit. Then we both sat down on the bench, me next to little Timmy. I reached over and put my hand on Tim's hard thigh, rubbed it up and down, then let my hand slide up to his now erect dick. I held it between my fingers and masturbated him a bit. "Like that, Tim?" "Yes sir...." he moaned. "I didn't now you liked boys." "Sure do. I like your cock a lot Tim. Can I suck it too?" "Yeah...." So I knelt down between his legs, licked his sex all over. I really liked sucking his little sack into my mouth and gently caressing his boy balls with my tongue. That just drove him wild, yelling and moaning as I licked him. When I took his small dick in my mouth I only sucked on it for a moment before he came hard, fucking me with his tiny rod. He didn't have and cum for me to swallow but his cock throbbing in my mouth was great! When Tim was done cumming I sat next to him again and wrapped my arms around both boys, hugged them to me. I asked John if I could kiss him. He told me he'd never kissed a guy, not even Tim, but he said OK. I gently kissed his lips, licked them. "Like that, too?" I asked. "Uh huh...." "I'm going to kiss you again. This time open your mouth." The shock of my tongue feeling his was enough to electrify me! I kissed him passionately, and he kissed me too. When I asked Tim to kiss me he didn't hesitate, putting his arms around my neck, plunging his tongue into my mouth. We kissed several times before he laid his head on my chest and started caressing my thigh. I moved his hand up to my cock. "Geez it's big!" he exclaimed, his fingers running up and down my shaft. John then reached over to feel me too. "Wow!" was all he could say. "Would you boys suck my cock for me?" I asked. Again it was Tim that didn't hesitate. He got down on the floor between my legs and wrapped his lips around my cock head, licking it furiously. Then his tongue slid up and down my rod all over, down over my sack too. I watched him licking and sucking me, caressing John's smooth back as I did. John knelt down and told Tim he wanted to try too. Tim moved over so John could lick and suck my cock. Neither boy could get much of me into their little mouths but their tongues gave my cock head a good workout. John's hand pumped my shaft as his mouth sucked on the head. God it was wonderful! "I'm... I'm going to cum, John," I groaned. He didn't stop so I let my cum spurt into his mouth. He swallowed hard but my load was just too much for him. Another swallow and he started gagging from the volume, pulled his head away. A few spurts landed on his chest but Tim stopped the flow, his mouth on my cock as the last of my cum emerged. Tim swallowed the last of it, then licked off the final drop. This was definitely the best blow job I'd ever had! We all showered together then the boys left. I relived the whole thing again in my office, captured by my camera. I jacked off twice more, watching these young lads fucking each other, sucking me off. The next week they stayed behind again. I sucked them both, then they started sucking me just like before, but I stopped them. "Boys, I'd love to fuck your asses," I told them. They were a bit frightened at the though of my huge cock inside them, but agreed. I had them both lean over the bench and lubricated them with some K-Y. I entered John's tight butt first, and it did hurt him a little. I couldn't believe how tight and hot his ass felt! I fucked him very slowly, pulling almost all the way out before pushing in again, stroking his cock as I did so. A minute of this and I pulled out, moved between 8 year old Tim's legs, pushed my cock head beyond his sphincters. He groaned a bit as I slowly stuffed all 8 inches deep into his boy rectum. And I thought John was tight! Tim's tiny ass almost crushed my cock as I fucked him slowly too, gliding in and out of his hot smooth rectum. Tim actually came as I fucked him and pumped his small cock. I moved back to John and plunged into his ass again, fucking faster this time. He came too, his cum splattering on the floor. I pulled out and fucked Tim again, holding his slim hips as I pumped his ass hard and fast, fi nally exploding deep in his body, my cum filling his butt and leaking out. When I finished fucking them I sucked their cocks again and kissed their young bodies all over. We were all exhausted and laid down together on one of the mats to rest a bit. I held each of them to me, their legs over mine. We talked and kissed, caressed each other lovingly before showering and ending the day. Now Tim, John and I have sex together quite often. Not after every workout because most of the days it's after school and they have to get home, but at least once a week. A few months later two other of my boys joined us. 7 year old Bob is a real fiend about it, wanting to suck everyone's cocks and loving it when we fuck his taut asshole. 12 year old Karl is almost as bad! He's in puberty now and has a tuft of beautiful light brown hair at the base of his cock. His cum is real sweet. I love to watch them doing each other, almost as much as I love fucking each of them.
But that's not all that happened. When I watch the girls dress and undress there are several I especially like to look at. One is Jennifer, Tim's sister, a knock out 9 year old red head, tall at 4 feet 7 inches, yet very slender, all of 75 pounds. All legs, and what legs! Firm muscular thighs and perfectly curved equally muscular calves. She has a long slender face, big green eyes, soft pouty lips, cute freckles on her face and flat chest. Her areolae are large for her age too, a good inch across, soft pink, slightly puffy as I think she's about to start developing. In the center of each is a hard protruding nipple. She doesn't have much of a curve at her waist since she's so thin, but her torso does widen at her hips. And what an ass! Hard, muscular, heart shaped from the back it sways nicely as she walks. When I watch her in the locker room I stare at her young cunt, hairless flat outer lips that separate a bit all on their own. Jenny is always the slowest at undressing, showering, and dressing, giving me a long time to gaze at her youthful figure and beauty.
She's also one of the best girls I train, constantly trying the toughest routines, and generally succeeding. Of course this requires a lot of help from me. I get lots of opportunities to touch her nice body as she works out. She's also the nicest kid you'd ever want to meet, smiling, cheerful, helpful to the other kids.
One afternoon Jenny's mom couldn't pick her up right after training. Since I stay in my office for several hours after the kids leave that was no problem. She asked me if she could stay and workout a little longer by herself. I said sure and went to my office, knowing she wouldn't try anything dangerous on her own. A short time later she came limping in.
"My... my... leg is... is cramping," she whined, tears streaming down her face. I walked over to her and helped her limp to the table and lie down on her tummy. Her calf muscle was all knotted up. I got the ointment and began massaging it for her, loving the feel of her leg under my hands and staring at her round buttocks. The cramp slowly relaxed and I rubbed her leg a bit more to ease the pain. She rolled onto her back and sat up. I handed her a tissue to dry her eyes and sat down on a chair.
"Thanks coach. That REALLY hurt!" she said. She hopped off the table and limped over to me. Without warning she plopped herself down on my lap and put her arms around my neck! "Your hands felt nice, though," she said, then KISSED me!
"Jenny..." I muttered, but she kissed me a second, longer time.
"Tim told me about you and the other boys..."
"He told you?!?"
"Oh don't worry, I won't tell. Don't you like girls?"
"Uh, yes, I do, better than boys actually."
"Then why haven't you done anything with me? I'd really like you to. I think you're so handsome and strong," she said, kissing me again, her tongue parting my lips this time and entering my mouth. I held her to me and kissed her back, feeling her thighs pressed against mine.
"Ummm nice..." she whispered. "Tim told me you liked to kiss like that." I ran my hands up and down her back, over the tops of her buttocks. She squirmed against me as I caressed her.
"Do you think I'm pretty?" she asked.
"I think you're gorgeous and sexy," I told her. She smiled, her eyes twinkling. I put my hands on her shoulders and slipped her leotard straps down. She helped me lower it to her waist. Close up her young nipples were heavenly! I pulled her to me and kissed her again, caressing her smooth soft back. She leaned back and pulled my shirt out of my shorts. I held my arms up as she pulled it off over my head. Her hand ran through my chest hair and across my nipples as she kissed me again.
I wrapped my arms around her, kissed her lovingly, my hand slipping around to touch her puffy hard nipple. She rubbed her chest against my hand, moaning. She leaned forward again as I lowered my mouth to her chest, licked her nipple slowly, sucked it into my mouth. "Ohhhh... I like that..." she whispered as I nursed at her immature tit, feeling it get hard and engorged. I moved to the other and nursed it too. I kissed Jenny again then had her stand up. My hands on her waist I grasped her leotard and slowly pulled it down. She stepped out of it. I put my hands on her wonderful ass, drew her close, kissed and licked her stomach and chest all over. She sat on my lap again and we kissed some more, my hands ranging over her back and thighs.
I caressed her silky inner thighs gently. She spread her legs a little as my fingertips reached her pussy, feeling her flat lips, already spread some. I slipped my finger between them, stroked her small inner lips, found her clit. At my first touch she groaned, rocking her hips back and forth, her firm thighs massaging my stiff cock through my trunks. "Ummmm... I've never even touched myself like that!" she said. "It feels so goooood!" I felt her pussy get wet, moistened my finger with her girl juice, returned to flick her clit, press it, as she panted and gasped in pleasure. I few moments more and her arms tightened around my neck. Her body shuddered as she screamed into my shoulder, wracked with her first climax. "OHHHHH! GOD! UNHHHHH!" she yelled, cumming hard and long. She finally relaxed, limp in my arms.
"What... what happened?" she whimpered.
"You had what's called an orgasm, honey. Did you like it?"
"Ohhhh yesssssss....." I held her close, softly kissing her face, shoulders, lips. After she recovered I asked her if she'd like to give me one too.
"How?" she asked. I had her stand up, stood in front of her and removed my trunks. Her big green eyes widened and her mouth dropped open when she saw my hard cock pointing straight at her.
"Wow! I've seen Tim's penis sometimes but it's not THAT big! Uh... Tim says that he... he... sucks your penis. Do you want me to do that?"
"I'd love it if you would, Jenny," I say, sitting down again. She knelt down between my legs, just stared at my rod. Her hand finally came up and hesitantly touched me, my cock jerking in response. I took her little hand and wrapped it around my shaft, moving it up and down.
"It's so HARD!" she gulped as I took my hand away, letting her masturbate me on her own. "Do I... do I put it in my mouth?"
"Please sweetie. It'll feel so good."
"O... OK..." She opened her mouth and took my cock head in, her tongue licking around and over it. "Oh God Jenny, That's it! That's great!" I groaned, watching her blow me. She stopped and smiled up at me, then sucked my cock again, her hand still pumping me. I stopped her again, told her she'd make me cum in her mouth like this and asked her if she wanted that to happen.
"Tim told me that too. Yeah... I want to try it." With that she licked my cock, took it into her mouth, really started jacking me off while her tongue licked all around. "OH GOD JENNY!" I screamed a minute later, filling her tiny mouth with my semen. As with John there was just too much for her to handle. She swallowed twice, then pulled back, my cum dripping from her mouth, the rest squirting from my throbbing cock and splattering her nipples and chest. She giggled watching it stream out.
"Was that all right?" she asked me, smiling.
"Perfect lover," I told her. She smiled even more at the compliment. She used her fingers to get my cum off her chest and swallowed it too. I got some tissue to wipe her off, then she sat on my lap again as we cuddled together. After a while she spread her legs and reached down between them to play with my cock, getting it hard again.
"Tim says you... uh... you... fuck him in his rear end. Want to do that to me?"
I kissed her, told her there's nothing I'd like better. I decided the easiest way would be for her to kneel in front of the chair and lean over it. I lubricated her tiny puckered hole, then guided my cock head to it, telling her to relax. She cried a bit as I penetrated her virgin hole, sinking all 8 inches into her. I waited until she said it was OK, then reached around her to caress her cunny as I slowly fucked her tight girl ass. Her smooth wet warm rectum was fantastic, clamping down on my cock. "Oh Jenny, this is so good..." I whispered. She squirmed as my fingers massaged her hard clit and my cock sunk into her again and again. I felt her thighs quivering against me, then her body strain as she came. I fucked her faster, my cum exploding into her young body just as she peaked. We wound down together. I leaned over her, kissing her back and shoulders until my cock softened and slipped out.
I put a towel on the chair for her to sit on so my cum wouldn't stain the chair. I spread her legs open and knelt between them, leaning forward over her to kiss her over and over, her arms around my neck.
"I really like doing this with you," she said.
"Me too Jenny. You're a beautiful girl with a lovely sexy body. It's almost time for you to leave but I want to make you cum again first. I'm going to lick your pussy."
I kissed down her sweet body, kissed her pussy lips, looked between them at her erect clit and glistening cherry. My tongue licked her cherry, between her lips, over her clit. "OHHHHHH..." she moaned, clasping my head in her hands, her thighs squeezing my cheeks. She smelled and tasted a bit sweaty from her workout, not having showered yet, but it was a heady aroma to me. I kissed and licked her firm thighs, her lower tummy, then all over her girl sex, loving its sweetness. I licked over her clit, making her squirm and groan as I sucked it into my mouth, my tongue massaging it. It took no time at all before she arched her hips up to me, cumming three times in rapid succession, screaming again and again as my mouth drove her wild.
She was so exhausted when I finished that I picked her up, sat down with her on my lap again. We'd been at it a whole hour and a half. I cuddled with her, talking and kissing for a few minutes, then we showered together. After Jenny left I wished I had a camera in my office so I could watch everything we'd done. I solved that problem the next day.
Jenny's mom called me a week later and thanked me for letting Jenny stay late, then explained that she wouldn't be able to pick Jenny up until later every Tuesday evening. I told her that was OK. Boy was I excited!
Every Tuesday since Jenny doesn't even continue her workout after the other kids leave. We shower together then head straight to my office where we enjoy each other for several hours. A few weeks later, after I'd licked Jenny's lovely cunny and fucked her ass, we were lying on the couch cuddling. My soft cock was pressed against her pussy lips as she laid on top of me. She started squirming, rubbing against it until it got hard and popped up between her legs. She rubbed her pussy up and down against my cock.
"Put it in me," she whispered.
"In your vagina?" I asked.
"Yeah, I want you to." She didn't have to beg. We rolled over with me on top, on my elbows. I rubbed my cock head against her cunny, getting it nice and wet with her juices. "Are you certain you want to do this?" I asked her. She assured me she did. I guided my cock to her virgin cunt, pressed in until I felt her cherry. I told her it might hurt but she said go ahead. I pushed a bit more, feeling her cherry stretch, then pop as my cock entered her tight vagina. "OHHH! OWWWW! OUCH!" she cried, tears running from her beautiful eyes. I felt her warm virgin blood flow around my rod. I stayed still, not moving, holding her sweet body and kissing her until she calmed down. "It.. it's OK now.." she whimpered.
I pushed more of my cock into her hole, stopping at 5 inches when I felt her cervix. I pulled out, then pressed in again. I fucked her very gently for a few strokes, then held her to me as we rolled over again, her on top. She looked down to see my cock inside her cunt, smiled at me. God she felt good! Her cunt was near as tight as her ass, but better! So velvety smooth, tight, wet! I showed her how to fuck me so her clit pressed against my pubic bone, then caressed her thighs and nipples as she moved.
"Oh this is soooo nice..." she whispered. "I like your cock in me!" She fucked me slowly, rocking back and forth, my cock entering and re-entering her. I watched this 9 year old girl fucking me, hardly believing how wonderful it was! She started moving faster and faster and I knew she was near to climax. Moments later she sat bolt upright, her hips grinding into me, yelling as she came. She collapsed on top of me and I held her, caressing her back and buttocks, pumping my cock in and out of her until I came too, my cum filling her completely and leaking out to soak my balls.
We held each other close, enjoying the sensations for a long time. This I did capture on video and I've watched our first fuck many times. Jenny's my Tuesday lover now. Her brother and the other boys are my usual Saturday lovers. The kids never mix as Jenny doesn't want to, although Tim knows she fucks me too. I keep hoping to get to fuck some of the other kids too, but so far no luck. I content myself on the other days watching them in the locker rooms, pretty boy cocks and girl cunts all over the place. Maybe someday....

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