Confessions of Adultery

By: Phil Phantom

Copyright © 1997 ALL Rights Reserved

My husband and I have endured numerous relocations with his job. He opens new territories for his company. We have been married for sixteen years and have seven children; girl 2; girl 4; girl 6; boy, 8; boy 11; girl 13, boy 15. As you can see, they are evenly spaced and each was born in a different area of the country. In addition, each has a different father. My husband has good reason to doubt that any are his, though he has never confronted me with his suspicions.

The reason is simple. During our entire marriage, Mark has used condoms when we make love. For most of our marriage, I have had a lover on the side, at least one in every area we lived. I never ask my lovers to use protection. Mark is well aware that I take a lover. He doesn't ask questions, and I offer no explanations.

I cheat and he has learned to live with it and accept my infidelity as a fact of life. I love being pregnant, especially by another man's child. I get a rush by handing my husband the newborn bastard, christened after the real father, my current lover, a name well-known to my husband.

Aside from that one quirk, we have a loving relationship and enjoy having a big family. He makes good money. We do a lot of things together. The children are good kids. Everything is fine so long as I can sneak away from time to time and fuck my brains out. It is my pressure relief valve. An adulterous pregnancy is a fringe benefit.

Things changed when we moved to Houston. I always suspected that my super-straight hubby derived a perverse thrill from my behavior. He raises bastards too well. I never felt the urge to draw him out. Why look a gift horse in the mouth?

When we moved to Houston, I immediately began prowling the area for a potential lover and father for our eighth child. I prefer married professionals who can treat me right and have more to lose than me if they start trouble or want to get serious. It took four months, but I finally found him in one of Mark's coworkers, a man named Brian. I try to avoid men who know Mark, and I'd always made it a rule never to go after a company man. Brian was just too damned perfect. Besides being brutally handsome, he is bright, witty, cultured, and well-hung. Those combinations I can not resist.

I have no trouble attracting successful men. I look like a model, have big tits, a trim figure, and legs that belong on a bomber. I have long, flowing, chestnut hair; large, green eyes; full, pouting lips; and my vagina is my best feature. I keep it shaved, clean, and perfumed. Though it has passed seven kids through it, I exercise my vaginal muscles and can hold a slippery candle in me while standing with my legs wide apart. Every man I ever slept with goes bananas over my pussy. They like to look at it, touch it, lick it, smell it, mostly, they like to deposit their sperm in it. I have a squeeze box that craves sperm other than my husband's.

Once a month, Brian and I like to get a suite in a fancy hotel and spend a weekend fucking, eating, and talking. We talk more than with any lover I ever had. We talk about lots of things, but he is intrigued by my lifestyle and wants to know everything about it, especially about my various other lovers and the children they fathered.

He was particularly amused that I named each child after the man that fathered it. Even the girls got feminized male names. George fathered Georgette, my thirteen-year-old. Phil fathered Philis (not Phylis) my six-year-old. Bart fathered Bartina, my four-year-old. And the one he liked best was fathered by my most recent ex-lover, Harold--Haroldette, my two-year-old.

He admires the way I handle my affairs. I don't hide or sneak around. I go out on dates, get dressed up in slinky outfits, stay out all night and entire weekends, and always have my date pick me up at the house and return me. I hide nothing from my kids, my husband, my parents, or anyone else. If anything, I flaunt my infidelity. Brian admires me for my stand, and my flaunting turns him on. It turns me on as well.

The kids do ask a flurry of questions, though I always tell them it's none of their business who I'm going out with, when I'll be back, where we are going, why, how, when, what. You name it, they ask it. Even after all these years without answers, they still ask. The older ones have learned that asking questions about Mom's private goings-on will get them nowhere. They rarely bother. Mark never asks.

When I return from a date, the little kids hit me with another barrage of questions, especially when I look a mess, and I often do. I make no effort to hide the evidence. I can usually count on Steve, my oldest boy, or Georgette, my oldest girl, to shush them. They can ask the most embarrassing questions, like, "Mom, what's that sticky stuff in your hair?" or "How did you get snot on your legs?"

That sort of thing. I don't find these questions embarrassing in the least. Far from it. I go out of my way to inspire questions. I only smile in response. My kids like making me smile.

Mark never asks me a question, even if I stumble in drunk and half dressed at six a.m., or have semen running down my face, or leave a seminal wet spot in the bed, or leave my sperm-soiled panties in plain sight for days, or accidentally call him by my lover's name--an accident I have more often than accident can explain.

I also allow my lovers to call and leave messages with anyone; consequently, the family soon knows the name of the man I'm seeing regularly. My last lover, Harold, had a mischievous streak and liked to leave lurid messages with my oldest daughter, Georgette. She faithfully relayed his messages. He also liked to leave messages with Mark. I got one from Mark that said: Saturday night, eight p.m., no bra, no panties, no condoms.

Brian has no qualms about calling, either. Mark learned of my new lover right away, as Brian calls frequently. He prefers to leave a message. I have been home when Brian left cute but lurid little messages. He also enjoys picking me up and coming to the door, actually coming inside, a new twist, but one I enjoy very much. He talks to the children and Mark. When we return, he always sticks around for coffee.

After our first full weekend together, we came home at eight p.m. on Sunday night. All the kids were up. Mark had his hands full and wore an apron. I wore a blouse with three top buttons missing, no bra, no pantyhose, no panties, and I carried my shoes. My hair was a mess and sticking to my face from a marathon fuck right before we checked out. Brian's semen was smeared all over my thighs under my tight micro-short skirt.

Knowing how much Brian got off on the flaunting of my infidelity, I sat carelessly without adjusting my skirt and gave the kids a good look at my bare, sperm-covered pussy and slimy inner thighs. I'd never been so crude, but Brian inspired me.

The older kids would not say anything out loud, but Philis, the six-year-old, I knew would react. I made sure she noticed, and she exclaimed, "Mommy, you aren't wearing any panties? Where are your panties? What is all that wet stuff on your legs? Why? Where? Who?" I silenced her with a wave-off and smiled at Brian who smiled back. Mark wasn't smiling. He served coffee.

When Brian got up to leave, I walked him to the door. His arm was on my lower back and slipped lower down on my ass with each step. I looked up and smiled. At the door, he turned and placed both hands low on my ass cheeks. My back was to my family. He peered past my shoulder and quietly said, "We have a full audience."

"What did you expect? Is Mark watching, too?"

"Yes. I am sorely tempted to bunch up your skirt, put my hands on your naked ass, and give you a passionate kiss."

"What's stopping you? Are you afraid of Mark?" That challenge did not go unanswered. Brian boldly pulled the back of my skirt up (baring my ass totally) and grabbed big handfuls of my naked ass cheeks.

I teased, "Oh, you are a bold one, aren't you?" He squeezed, molded, and pulled my cheeks apart. I think he expected me to say something as he moved his fingertips low toward my sex lips. I pulled his loins tight against me, sensuously grinding my crotch on his hardon, and said, "I see you're into giving my kids an anatomy lesson. Kinky. I like that."

That was all Brian needed. His fingers reached my cunt and pulled the lips far apart. I could feel the cool air on my inner membranes and a thrill coursed through me as I realized what they were seeing. I cooed, "Now they know where the wet stuff is coming from."

Brian's lips came to mine and we melted into a deep, passionate, loin-grinding, soul kiss that lasted several minutes. All the while we kissed, Brian's fingers manipulated my sex for greater and greater exposure and obscenity. I gave myself over fully to this lurid display. We parted. He left. I turned to see that all of my kids had moved up to within a few feet of us, and they all had different reactions on their faces. The little ones were simply puzzled. The middle ones were amused. The two older kids looked a little shocked.

Mark wouldn't look at me. I ignored them all and simply went up to my bedroom. I didn't even pull my skirt back into place. I went upstairs undulating my naked ass.

This time Mark followed me up and walked in as I dropped my skirt to my feet. He said, "You created quite a scene. I think you need to talk to those kids." I turned to face him and drew my blouse over my head, tossing it to the floor. I stood boldly before him and watched his eyes go right to my glistening pussy. This was the closest Mark had ever came to confronting me and I thought it wise to nip it in the bud. I said, "They'll get over it. Tomorrow, everything will be back to normal. They'll have their old mommy back and all will be forgotten. It's always like that. This will be no different."

"It will not be forgotten, Linda. Kids don't forget things like what they just saw. That was nothing but lewd and crude."

"I hope they don't forget. I'd like to think I still have shock value. What I meant was, it will be forgotten in our day to day lives. This, too, shall pass."

"And what about the next time?"

I strode up to him forcefully, got in his face, and said, "What about the next time, Mark? You have accepted this situation from day one. You knew how I was when you married me. I had a lover all during our engagement. He went with us on our honeymoon. Steve is named after him. Yes, there will be next times as long as we are married. As for Brian, he is into this kind of thing. If I know him, this was just a prelude to bigger and better, more shocking displays. I don't want to go through this each time we part and he does something nasty for kicks. Adjust, darling. You have adjusted to much worse. I think you are just upset at the prospect of raising one more kid that looks nothing like you."

This last statement struck a nerve with him, and he immediately shut down and cooled off. It wasn't because I overpowered him. It was from my implied reference to the kids being fathered by my lovers. That is something we never openly acknowledged. Judging by the way a mild inference to that fact cooled his heels, I wondered what a direct statement would do. I had a powerful weapon in my arsenal that I never knew I had.

Mark became sweet, docile, affectionate, and submissive right after that. He tried to love on me, but I ignored him, amused by his sudden radical turn. I flopped on the bed and made sure my legs were obscenely sprawled in his direction. I peeked through my closed lids and saw Mark staring intently at the semen I could feel seeping from my cunt. A thrill coursed through me and inspired me to say, "If you want some pussy, Mark, don't expect a live body to go with it. I am exhausted. Have yourself a ball, but be sure to wear a condom."

I feigned sleep as Mark undressed and put on a condom. I grunted and yawned as he positioned me. I gave a slight disinterested moan as he entered me, and laid stock-still as he had his way with me, making squishy sucky fuck noises while plowing through Brian's and my fuck juices. It was all I could do not to wrap my legs around him and fuck back. I was having far more fun playing the rag doll and slyly watching my husband go nuts with excitement. I had never seen him so excited. After he came in his condom, he went down on me.

After the pounding I got from his excited climax, I could no longer pretend to be sleeping, so I opened my eyes and just laid there. It was sheer torture for me to pretend to be disinterested in what he was doing to me; when, in fact, I'd never been so turned on. Mark lapped and sucked my pussy as he used to in the early years of our marriage. He seemed to be feasting on my spermy twat. He brought on two great cums, but even these I strained to subdue. I tensed, clamped my legs to his head, and groaned. I am usually quite loud and active when I cum.

After my second cum, I found it easy to simply lie there and enjoy the lazy tonguing that Mark established as he licked lovingly at my slit. I relaxed and fell asleep on his tongue.

As I had predicted, the following morning was business as usual. We had a madhouse as Mark hurried to get out the door by seven, and then there were kids to feed, clothe, spank, wash, coddle, burp, praise, hug, swat, wipe, and kiss good bye as they ran for the school bus. Then there was the house, the laundry, running errands, taking the young ones to pre-school, picking up the dry cleaning, shopping, and all the other little things a mother of seven must do.

Actually, I love my life, my kids, my husband, and all the shit that goes with them. My only eccentricity is my adulterous sex life. I get off on cheating on my husband, but I am faithful to my lover. I have one lover at a time, for a long time, and date only him. The dates are not that frequent. I go on dates about once a week. A date is defined as seeing my lover for dinner and sex, then returning home before sunrise in condition to function the next day. I date on Friday or Saturday night.

Then there is my monthly fling. A fling can be an over-nighter that ends at one a.m. or noon the next day, but leaves me incapacitated the next day. Usually, a fling takes place on the weekend, and full weekend flings happen quarterly. So my extramarital affairs do not disrupt my home life as much as one might expect. Flings, however, throw everyone into a tailspin. The house becomes chaos as Mark plays mom and dad. Mark tried to explain why I needed to go out on flings and once told the kids that I was blowing off steam. They came to call the event, "Mom's steaming."

I didn't go away to fuck a strange man; I steamed. When I returned, I cooled. I was always cool after a good steam. I was happy, energetic, fun-loving, and playful. When I got bitchy after a month, they'd say I needed to steam. Consequently, my flings came to be seen as positive events in our home, at least as far as the kids were concerned. They didn't care what I did on that weekend as long as I returned cool. They looked forward to my flings. To them, dates were mini-flings. When I got dressed up in sexy clothes, they took that as a good sign. I had been unwittingly training them from birth.

Brian appreciated what I had accomplished. He, in fact, pointed many things out to me. He accurately predicted Mark's reaction to being blatantly confronted by my infidelity. He knew how the kids felt, too. He convinced me that they knew much more about sex and what I was doing than I suspected.

He said, "Steve, at fifteen, knows all about blow jobs, eating pussy, and ass screwing. He is sure to share what he knows with the others. They are all curious, even the four-year-old. Bartina knows you suck dicks, and Philis knows very well what the wet stuff on your thighs was. She was trying to be cute and get attention."

When I thought about it, I could see he was absolutely right. Steve and Georgette certainly knew what semen was. They'd both seen plenty of it on me over the years and now Steve could produce his own. The children are very close. As in all large families, the big ones look after the little ones and answer their questions honestly. They don't beat around the bush and bullshit as grownups do. My kids are very good about parenting the young, and my Georgette knows more about sex than Steve. I told her all I know.

Georgette is fast to follow in my footsteps. She already has three boyfriends. She has given two of them blow jobs. She allows all three to see her naked and play with her body. I know, because she gives me a running report on her activities. I don't tell her not to do it; I tell her how to do it safely, and I praise her for her accomplishments. She confided her interest in letting Steve fuck her. I told her she could go for it if she makes him wear a condom. I let her use dirty words in our talks. She loves using them excessively and acting slutty. She also loves it when I talk and act slutty.

Brian was right about Philis as well. Philis does know what semen is. Georgette told me that she caught Steve letting Philis jack him off. Steve agreed to let her watch if she promised not to tell. She promised and told. I promised I wouldn't tell that she told. It's all very complicated, but the fact remains that my oldest boy is molesting my six-year-old and I am powerless to stop it without destroying the trust I have developed with Georgette. I'm not sure I'd interfere anyway, not over hand jobs--blow jobs either.

I learned to trust Brian's judgment. He advised me to be even more open about my infidelity. He wants me to put Mark in a more submissive and subservient position. He thinks I should be more sexually open with the kids than I already am. That scene at the door was a sample of what he wanted to do, but by no means the limit. As I expected, that scene caused no change in my family relationships other than between Mark and me. That change was welcome and long overdo.

The next time I had a fling with Brian, he felt me up while we sat together in the living room prior to going out. The whole family watched his hands roaming over intimate parts while carrying on a casual shop-talk conversation with my husband.

Mark was not casual. He broke out in sweats as Brian's hand crept up my inner thigh. He shushed Philis when she made a comment as Brian's hand closed over my pussy. He almost shit when I reached over and squeezed Brian's prodigious manhood until it tented his thin slacks. He did shit when I unzipped Brian's slacks, drew out his cock, and lazily stroked its length while Brian fingered my pussy. Georgette was visibly impressed with Brian's cock and gave me a supportive smile. I also noted Steve's smile as his eyes devoured my pussy, seen between the fingers of my lover.

We had a great weekend. We shared fantasies. I told Brian that one of my favorite fantasies involved forced exposure. I like to imagine a family kidnapping scene where I am forced to satisfy my kidnappers with my family looking on. I also fantasize about having my history of infidelity laid bare in a court of law with Mark and the kids watching from the gallery. Each child finds out who his or her father was and the circumstances of conception. Brian's fantasies were the hodgepodge of the stereotypical male: threesomes, foursomes, and moresomes, women on women, dogs on women, etc., etc.

When he took me home, I knew to expect something big. He made a big mess in my crotch by depositing three loads without allowing me to clean between them. My micro skirt had a big wet spot in the rear after the ride home. We entered the house, arm in arm, cum trails ran into my high heels. We took seats in the kitchen as Mark put the coffee on. All the kids were there and gathered around. I sat with my knees lewdly parted. Philis, once again, pointed out my pantiless condition and asked what the stuff running down my legs was. This time, I looked to Brian, smiled, looked to her, and said, "That's love honey, sweetheart."

At the door, we went through the same act as before. This time he started right in by unceremoniously raising my skirt past my hips, grasping me low under my ass, and getting his fingers on my sex lips. While he massaged my cunt, I massaged his rampant hardon. We were nose to nose, playing with each other's genitals and giggling at our daring act. He said, "I dare you to take my cock out and kiss it goodbye."

I thought for only a moment, then slid down his front to my knees and went for his zipper. I could hear a mass movement behind me as our audience got into better positions. I was not the least bit surprised when Philis came up along my right side as I reached in to extract Brian's huge cock. She had nothing to say as I fisted his mighty erection and brought his balls out with my other hand.

Georgette had come up to draw Philis away, but froze in place when she got a good look at the cock I had in my hands. When I didn't chase them off, the other kids came in closer. I looked up to Brian's smiling face and continued stroking his cock, keeping it on display as my two middle boys, Bill and Matt, edged in on my left side. Steve came to stand behind them. When Bartina and Haroldette squeezed in, I had them all. That's what I waited for.

I brought my face to the base of his cock and nuzzled it, making cooing moans. I then kissed my way up one side, having to pull down his arching rod to reach the crown with my mouth. I opened wide and slipped my mouth over it, fully engulfing him, moaning, groaning, and making all kinds of yummy noise as my hands pumped his shaft.

I sucked his cock and licked the shaft. I kissed it all over and even kissed and sucked his balls. I worshipped his cock for at least five minutes before planting the kiss to the head and rising to stand nose to nose once again. I basked in the approval I saw in his eyes and felt driven to do more.

With my tight skirt still bunched around my waist, and with my children all standing around in a tight circle, I boldly reached between us and took his cock. While looking Brian in the eyes, I bent his cock down and slid it between my legs. He wasn't inside. His cock rode in the groove of my cunt and the head poked out the rear as I stood on tiptoe and slid my cunt back and forth over it.

Little Bertina and Haroldette got behind me and were grabbing for the head of Brian's cock each time it appeared from between my cheeks. I could feel their tiny fingers on my cunt and ass and Brian certainly felt them as they closed on his knob like a baseball. We almost cracked up at this. We both stifled laughs.

I still had my hand on his cock and had pulled myself back until the head was poised at my hole. I widened my stance, tilted my pelvis, and Brian squatted. I made sure they all had a good look at my pussy as I moved the head of his shiny crown through my lips. I centered the head at my hole and gave a wiggle to firmly lodge his cockhead inside my cunt, then whispered, "Do you dare me?"

His answer was to reach down and grab my ass, low. I thought he was just going to open me, but instead, he lifted me a foot off the ground. His cockhead followed and was still lodged in my hole as I wrapped my legs around his waist. Seven little heads dipped below my ass level. Seven pairs of eyes feasted on the cock/cunt connection. He smiled and said, "I dare you to stop." He then let off and I eased me down over his cock, inch by delicious inch.

This may sound like radical impulsive behavior. It was. I had not planned to go this far; but, by then, I was a raving slut. Having my kids watching from so close only fueled that lust. I go crazy when I get a stiff dick in my cunt. I didn't care who was watching. I wanted them to see how much fun fucking was, so I let out all the stops and put on a visual spectacle, highlighted with impassioned declarations of joy and wild excited abandon. I threw my head about and tore my blouse off. While Brian held me by the ass, I unhooked my skirt and drew it up my body, tossing it off. I wanted to be naked for this fuck. I yelled, "Fuck me, fuck me hard, Brian!"

Brian gave me the fuck of my life. He pounded his cock in me and toyed with my tits while he did it. When he came, I threw my upper body back and he guided my head to the floor as kids made way. In this inverted position, with his spurting cock deeply inside, I lolled like a rag doll while Brian pumped my cunt full of his sperm. The children had a magnificent view as my legs were out wide doing the splits in air. Brian held me by the hip bones and sawed his softening cock in my wide-open snatch for several minutes. He then eased out and gently let me settle to the floor.

He put his cock back, zipped up, and departed. I laid there with all my kids hovering around me. Little four-year-old Bartina said, "Are you cooled now, Mommy?"

I smiled dreamily and said, "Oh, yes, sweetheart. Mommy is very cool now. No school for anyone tomorrow. We are going to the beach."

The kids were elated. They danced and cheered and praised me. I got to my feet and cupped my pussy to hold Brian's sperm inside, then made my way upstairs. Mark was right behind me.

As soon as we were behind closed doors, Mark started in. I pressed a sperm-coated finger to his lips and silenced him, then whispered, "I'm not interested in anything you have to say right now. I am exhausted, and I want to rest. If you would like some pussy, put on a condom and have at it."

With that said, I collapsed on my bed. Seconds later, my irate husband rolled my limp body onto my back, pulled my legs apart, and glued his mouth to my very wet pussy. He ate ravenously, then licked my ass and legs. He screwed me with a condom on, then ate what he stirred up. I went to sleep with his tongue in my snatch, and awoke the following morning the same way. He never said anything about what had happened the night before. We went into our morning routine as we got ready for the beach and he went off to work.

We had a great time at the beach. The beach wasn't crowded as it was early in the season, a school day, and we went to a secluded area; still, there were others. My kids were keyed up and acting silly, trying to outdo each other with childish lewdness. The little ones went naked. The middle two boys played grab ass with Georgette and kept stealing her top while she made weak but loud protests and seemed to enjoy chasing them while holding her naked tits. They yanked her bottoms down a few times and we all got a good look at her lightly-downed maturing pussy.

Steve would not leave my side. If I went in the water, he went. If I tossed a beach ball, he was there to catch it. He admired my figure in my new itty bitty bikini and found it difficult to keep his eyes where a boy should keep them when looking at his near-naked mother. I found his attentions amusing and gave him quite a bit to gawk at.

Later, I laid out for sun, rolled onto my belly, and undid my top. I asked if he'd rub oil on me. I laid resting on my elbows, slightly raised. Only my nipples touched the towel. Steve was nervous and unsure, at first. With my coaxing to get it all over, his hands wandered over the sides and made passes along my breast swells. When he tentatively made first contact with my tit flesh, I could feel his nervous tension. To ease his mind, I said, "Yes, that's good, son." After that, he took more liberties and spent more time massaging on the sides of my breasts than he spent doing my entire back.

I carefully calculated my next move. I waited for his hand to make another sweeping pass on my left breast. I raised up quickly and turned to my left. Steve's hand went right over my breast with my hard nipple between two of his fingers.

I ignored this and untied the tie on my bottoms. I laid back down with Steve's hand still cupping my tit. I settled my weight on it and my fleshy tit trapped his hand. I acted like I just noticed. I said, "Oh, sorry," and raised up. He reluctantly removed his hand. I said, "If there's no strangers near, undo my other side and get my butt real good. I want to try to get rid of my cotton tail. Just push the material down between my legs. If someone comes near, cover me, okay?"

I obviously shocked Steve. He undid the tie, but paused before taking the bottoms off. He said, "Mom, this will make you naked, you know?"

I looked at him and said, "I know, Steve. Does seeing me naked bother you? I'll cover up if it does."

"No! No, it's not that. You're my Mom. It's just a little weird, that's all. You know, being out on a public beach and all."

"Well, I'm not concerned. With Georgette running around half naked most of the time, any strange eyes will be riveted to her, don't you agree?"

He pulled the bottoms off my ass and laid them between my thighs. I took this opportunity to widen my legs, as though they needed widening. A thrill coursed through me as I realized I was indeed naked, in the open, with my son's hands running freely over my flesh. I wanted to get more daring still. When Steve first ventured his oily hand on white ass, I said, "Now, don't get bashful on me, Steve. I don't want a burn anywhere down there. Get it all real good, and keep a good eye out while you're at it."

This helped relax Steve a great deal. His hands moved with a purpose over my entire ass. He gradually inched closer and closer to my ass crack and his sweeping fingers dipped lower and lower between my legs. The other kids were down at the water's edge, so no one paid attention to us and the beach seemed clear. The next time Steve's hand went near my cunt, I moved my feet apart by another twelve inches sending as clear a signal as I could to feel my pussy without giving an engraved invitation. Steve's response to this was a timid but sure pass over my cunt lips. I gave out a disappointed groan when his fingers went back up to my ass cheeks.

The next pass to my pussy was much less timid and covered more area, with greater pressure, for a much longer time. I let out a moan to signal my approval.

Steve's next encounter with my cunt involved his oily hand rubbing the full plane of my aroused flesh, fingers trailing through my wet slit, and a shifting of his position to afford better viewing. I widened my legs to their fullest, drew my knees in a bit, and lifted my pelvis in wanton submission, saying, "That's what I always admired about you, Steve. You've got balls, son. Any other fifteen-year-old boy would be shaking like a leaf if his fingers got within a foot of his mother's crotch. Not my son, no way. This isn't bothering you one bit, is it?"

This was like a can of spinach for Popeye. His rubbing became a groping, cunt-penetrating, feel-up--exactly what I wanted. While slipping a finger in my hole, he said, "That's right. I figure if you don't like it you can ask me to stop."

I wiggled sensuously on his finger and said in a throaty sexy bedroom voice, "Oooh, you said that like you might honor my request and might not. Women like that in a man. It's very sexy and becoming."

Steve fucked me with two fingers while I ground my raised ass and moaned my pleasure like a cat getting screwed. In a weak, teasing voice I said, "Oh, son, you shouldn't be doing that to Mommy's sexual orifice."

Steve took the hint and played along. He increased his fucking, went deeper, and said, "I'll stop when I'm finished."

I heard feet running on sand and heard Georgette's voice exclaim, "Steve, what do you think you're doing to Mom?"

"I'm fingering her cunt. What's it look like?"

"Cool! Mom, Bill and Matt tore my bottoms off. They're ruined, and that's not all, they lost my top. It drifted out with the current. I'm totally naked, Mom."

I casually rolled onto my back and reset my legs in a wide part. Steve went right back to playing with my pussy as I casually looked up to my naked daughter, shielding the sun from my eyes. I said, "So you are. You should have been more careful. That suit wasn't cheap."

"Mom, I need that towel you're on. There are some people beachcombing. They'll be here soon." I lifted my head and looked down the beach. Indeed, two elderly couples were very close and would pass by in a few minutes. I said nothing, and made no attempt to hide myself. She whined, "Maaauuum! I need something. We only brought that one beach towel."

"Maybe next time you'll be more careful."

"Mom, they can see us. They're looking over here. Please, get your suit on and let me have your towel."

"Sweetheart, I'd love to put my suit on, but as you can plainly see, Steve won't let me. When he gets finished and gets his hand out of my pussy, I'll put on my suit."

"Steve! Stop fucking with her cunt! Let her put her suit on. You can finish finger-fucking her after they pass." Georgette was enjoying herself immensely. Her free overuse of extremely foul language in my presence was for Steve's benefit. The people drawing closer had her excited as well. She gave them another glance and said, "Steve, you can play with Mom's cunt all you fucking want to when we get home. She'll fucking let you. She loves having her cunt finger-fucked. She won't stop you, and you know it. Look, at least let me put her bottoms in place while they go by."

I raised up on my elbows to see just how things were. The people were already close enough to see I was bare breasted and that Georgette was naked. Georgette plopped down by my hip and sat cross-legged in their direction. She said, "Don't you care if they see us naked, Mom?"

"Not really. I'd rather they not see a young boy fingering my cunt. They might tell the police about that, but people sunbathe in the nude out here quite often." Steve's body blocked their view of my crotch so he kept fingering me until the last possible second. The people eyed us with shy curiosity. I smiled to them as Steve stopped fingering me and poured more oil on my belly. My smile brought the nearest man over. The others bashfully followed. The women were tittering and stifling giggles. They were all grinning.

The man came and stood directly between my parted legs a few feet away and said to my pussy, "Catching some sun I see."

Steve rubbed the oil around on my belly as the others came closer and smiled self-consciously. Their eyes devoured Georgette and me and seemed intrigued by my wide open bald pussy. I said, "Yes, I'd like to get rid of these tan lines."

One of the women said, "I admire your courage." The other added, "I think an all-over tan is much nicer than tan lines." They looked to Georgette as she relaxed and leaned back on her elbows, moving her legs apart in imitation of me, but doing it in such a way that clearly showed she wanted the attention focused on her beaver.

I suppressed a smile as the first man to come over said, "Are you working on an all-over tan, too, sweetheart?" She impishly said yes, and he offered, "Would you like me to rub some oil on you?" He looked to me and said, "If that's all right with Mommy."

I said, "Please do. That's very kind of you to offer." His smile almost cracked his wrinkled old face as he quickly dropped to his knees at her hip. Steve tossed him the bottle and he squirted a trail up one side and down the other. His wife--I assumed--said, "Chester, honestly!" He looked up innocently as his hands pressed flat to Georgette's body and moved in large circles that over-rode her small, pert breasts, and said, "I'm just trying to help out, dear."

I watched with amused interest as he ran his hands down her legs and up, purposefully steering clear of her beaver. By the way he kept his eyes on her crotch, he wanted nothing more than to massage there too. Steve, meanwhile, became daring and worked his massaging fingers back into my crotch. They watched in awe as his fingers made trails and passes through my slit and over my clit. I said, "That's it, Son, get those areas good."

Addressing the grinning man, I said, "Be sure to massage the oil everywhere. We wouldn't want a burn in her tender female areas."

He smiled a lascivious grin, amazed at his good fortune. His hands went right between Georgette's legs and rubbed oil on her cunt, in her cunt, and gave her little clit a thorough anointing. The little slut moved her legs out as wide as her position allowed and drew her knees up. She gripped her inner thighs to pull her pelvis back so she could see his fingers working over her pussy.

He took advantage of the vulgar spread to delicately trace his oil-coated finger inside her cunt lips and around the inside of her tiny hole. I said, "Yes, that's the way." Steve did me as he saw the man was doing his sister. He, in fact, went one better by fully entering me with his two middle fingers. One lady had her hand cupped over her mouth, but the other looked on in undisguised interest.

She whispered something to her husband. He came up on my side and said, "Would you like me to do your upper body?" I nodded. His friend tossed him the bottle. He squirted the oil over both breasts, then aimed it at my cunt. Steve pulled my cunt lips open and the man squirted a liberal dose on my clit and in my parted slit. Some ran down the crack of my ass. Steve caught it and massaged the oily run into the rosette of my asshole. When he pressed his finger in the center and I made no protest, the finger slowly sank to his palm. All this went on as bony, leathery fingers mauled my tits.

Steve took his inspiration from the man fondling Georgette. He managed to get his index finger fully inside her ass and was fucking it in and out. Georgette drew her legs further back and held herself in that obscene pose to facilitate his efforts. His wife said, "Chester! Control yourself."

Bill came into the group and stood between the two ladies with his mouth agape. Matt knew better than to leave the little ones unattended. They were playing at the water's edge and not interested in what a bunch of grownups were doing. Bill watched for several minutes, then relieved Matt. That's what I like about my kids: they look after each other. Matt was quite amused and interested in all that was going on. The two men did not limit their groping hands to their own areas. They were soon reaching across to sample everything. Steve stayed in my asshole so they could avail themselves of my cunt.

This little scene of debauchery went on until another larger group loomed down the beach. Georgette was beside herself and at one point said, "You can finger-fuck my pussy too if you want." He looked to me for my okay and I nodded. He went right to work, surprised not to find a hymen barrier, sinking in to the palm. His friend took a turn as well.

The ladies had seen enough. They weren't upset, quite the contrary. They were amused, but unwilling to see their husbands sink any lower. They had to drag them away. They hustled their husbands off after thanking us profusely. We definitely made their day.

Before the larger group got too close, I decided to put my suit back on. Georgette got her beach towel. We all had a good laugh at what we'd pulled off as we watched the animated foursome move on down the beach, constantly looking back, probably unable to believe what happened. We smiled at the family of seven that passed by minutes later. Georgette accidentally on purpose let her towel fall completely. Matt stole it, and the family watched Georgette chase him like a naked nymph.

If the kids were excited on the way out, they were impossible on the way home. I said nothing as they let loose with a flurry of filthy words. Steve sat beside me while I drove and played with my tits or fingered me all the way home. Matt and Bill had naked Georgette between them and gave every opening and lump of flesh a thorough fondling. The little ones took it all in with childish delight. Philis sat beside Steve and fished out his cock. I reached into his lap and masturbated it for him as she sucked it. Traffic was light, so I merely steered clear of other cars, especially trucks.

As we neared home, I called a halt to everything and had them sit quietly in their seats. Everyone responded but Steve. I told Steve to get his fingers out of my pussy. He ignored me, and inserted a third finger. I thought that was great and said nothing about it. While Steve fingered me, I lectured, saying, "Okay you guys. We had our fun. Now we're back in the real world again. I don't want to hear anymore fucks, or cunts, or pussies, or cocks, or any other of those words, at least not unless we are completely alone, understand?"

They agreed. I said, "And no fucking around in front of other people. That includes your Dad." Again they agreed. "And do not ever tell your friends about anything that goes on in this family. That's rule number one. It's the golden rule. Everybody must raise their right hand and swear to God." They did that with sincerity.

Georgette said, "Can we go naked at home?"

I said, "Sweetheart, you could always do that. I'm sure your dad would appreciate seeing you girls naked."

She said, "Tell me about it. He even gets off on seeing Philis. She's always showing her pussy."

Philis fired back, "So, I've seen you doing it too. Mom, Georgette hardly ever wears panties."

Georgette shot back, "Yeah, well at least I don't finger myself while Dad is looking. Mom, she's always sticking things in her pussy. It's not just her fingers. She isn't a virgin, at least she has no cherry."

Steve still had his cock out. I reached down and squeezed it. I said, "Did she ever get this in her pussy?"

Steve looked me over, saw my smile, and said, "Yeah, I fuck her pussy, her asshole, too. So does Matt and Bill. We all fuck her except for Dad. He wants to fuck her and Georgette. He gets super horny when you go fuck your boyfriends."

I smiled, widened my knees to give him easier access to my horny pussy, and said, "Why do you think I like fucking other men so much? It makes him fuck me better. You know what else I like to do that makes him horny? I make him wear a rubber when we fuck, but I let my lovers cum in my pussy. Your dad's sperm has never been in my cunt. He isn't the biological father of any of you kids. He's still your dad, though. Don't ever forget that."

Steve said, "Mom, we've known that for years. Why else would you name us after your lovers. Haroldette? Come on, give us credit."

Georgette said, "Yeah! You come home from every date with Harold's cum running down your legs. You walk around for hours like that sometimes so everybody gets a good look at it. You sit so your pussy shows and we can see the sperm leaking out from your pussy hole. You make Dad keep his rubbers out in the open on your dresser. You always end up pregnant after seeing a new lover for a month or two. As soon as you know you are pregnant, you gather the whole family together to make the announcement."

Steve added, "Yeah, like the last time. You aren't even showing, but you tell us you already have a name picked out and say, 'If it's a boy, he will be named Harold. If she's a girl, I'll name her Haroldette.' As if that wasn't enough, you go, 'Oh, that reminds me. I have to meet Harold in less than an hour. I better get a move on.' We all wondered why you didn't just come right out and say, 'I'm having Harold's baby.'"

I smiled my mischievous smile and said, "Don't think I didn't want to. I did everything but. This time I will. If you think I was outrageous before, you guys ain't seen anything yet. Did you guys enjoy watching Mommy get her pussy fucked by Brian's big cock?" The car erupted in loud affirmatives. "Well, you'll see that big sperm-shooting fuck-stick making a baby in Mommy's horny pussy many more times, I'm sure."

I pulled the car into the drive and turned off the engine. I said, "Come on, I think we've shared enough for one day. Your dad will be home soon. Let's try to act normal, at least normal for us, huh?"

The doors flew open and kids piled out. I was still impaled on my son's fingers. We were alone in the car. I looked to Steve and said, "Son, you must let me go. If you'll let me move freely when I need to, I won't do anything to stop you any other time. I promise. I won't even wear panties around the house. How's that?"

"Mom, I didn't take the oath. My right hand was busy finger-fucking your cunt."

"I noticed. What are you trying to tell me, Steve?"

"There's someone I want to let in on this. Greg. He's my best friend, Mom. I have to tell someone. He's nuts about you, you know. He's always getting your old panties out of the dirty clothes and sniffing the crotches. He sucks on them while he beats off."

"Kinky. I knew there was something about that kid I liked."

"He wants to fuck you so bad. Why don't you let him?"

"All right, Steve. If you will agree to what I said, I'll let Greg fuck me. We'll bring him in on our family secret, but I have to check with Georgette first. Greg is one of her boyfriends. She may not want to share. If she does agree, I want it done my way."

"Great! What's your way?"

"With a condom while I take a nap in the nude. You two come in while I'm napping and Greg can have his way with me. You can tell him I sleep like a rock. I won't wake up."

"Great! Suppose I want some, too?"

"I thought you might. I have no problem with incest, sweetheart. If you want to fuck Mommy, fuck me. Remember the condom, though."

"Why? Don't you want a baby by the son of a former lover?"

"Hummm. I'll have to think about that one. It does have a certain perverse appeal. You would certainly be more convenient than Brian. That would frost your dad's cake, wouldn't it?"

"Yeah, especially if he was always catching us screwing without a condom."

I shivered with wicked excitement at the thought. The idea grew on me. Brian wasn't all that keen on the idea, anyway. He planned our meetings to fall outside my fertile period. Steve would be easy to work with. He was virile and always ready. I could picture Mark under those circumstances. I could condition him to accept it, I was certain of that. I stroked Steve's seven-inch cock and said, "All right, you little mother fucker. If you want to knock me up, I'm game. We'll have to go slow with Dad. We need to build up to this. Perhaps he should catch us doing other things first."

"You mean like letting him see me fingering you?"

"Yes, and giving you blow jobs."

"Yeah, let's do that now. Let him catch you sucking my dick in the car."

"Hey, slow down. Let's build up to that. Give it a week at least. Don't be in such a hurry. My pussy isn't going anywhere. I keep it between my legs. You know where to find it."

Steve excitedly got up on his knees and aimed his stiff dick at my mouth, saying, "Come on Mom. Just suck it a little. I've never had a grownup woman suck my dick before."

He boldly wiped the head of his dick through my slack lips, earnestly trying to gain entry. I was amused at his eagerness and opened wide. I gave him a deep, hard suck and pulled off to say, "Just a sample. You watch for your dad." I returned to deep-throating his cock as he moaned his pleasure and fucked my mouth. He didn't last long before spraying the back of my throat, drowning my tonsils in his youthful sperm. I sucked, slurped, and swallowed. I kissed the head, smiled with it still in my lips, and said, "Delicious. I love sucking your cock, sweetheart. Fuck my mouth whenever you want, but not when Dad is nearby, at least not until I say the time is right, okay?"

"Sure, Mom. You don't care if the other kids see us fucking or sucking, do you?"

"No, dear, I rather like the idea. I'm sure they will enjoy watching. Look, Dad just drove in. Sit down." Steve sat, but got another handhold in my snatch. I was bare from the bikini top down, sitting on my bottoms with the front flap dangling below my crotch. Mark was out of his car advancing towards us. I smiled at Steve and said, "It appears you want to get this ball rolling right away, huh?"

"Yeah, why not?" I just smiled as Mark came up and kissed me through the open window. While kissing me, he glanced to my crotch and saw Steve's fingers buried in my beaver. He backed away as though he'd seen a ghost and said, "What the ...?"

I said, "I can't get up. He's been in there all the way from the beach." Mark never was the disciplinarian. I handled all that. He never could deal with Steve. He meekly implored, "Steve, please don't do that to your mother."

Steve ignored him. I turned innocent eyes up to Mark and said, "See what I mean."

"You know what brought this on, don't you? You know why he's treating you this way."

"No, Mark, just why is he treating me this way, and exactly what do you mean by 'this way?'"

"You know, like a slut. He's treating you like a slut, Linda, because of what he saw last night."

"That may be, but I can't undo what he saw."

Mark opened my door and said, "Just get out. I'll shield you with my body."

With the door wide open, Mark had a much better view of Steve's three fingers lewdly fucking my cunt. Furthermore, I was able to widen the plane of my beaver with the door open. I moved the seat back fully and slumped in the seat with my pelvis tilted back. I brought my hands down to my inner thighs and framed my sex, saying, "I couldn't get out if I wanted to, Mark. See how he has my pussy trapped."

Mark looked on in astonishment as Steve removed his fingers from my hole. Though free, he saw me use my index fingers to open my pussy and expose my stiff, shiny clit to Steve's fingers. I looked up to Mark with dreamy eyes and said, "See how trapped I am."

"Linda, you are out of control. Have you lost your mind?"

I said, "God, he reminds me so much of Steve Hind. Remember Steve Hind, dear? He's the guy you caught me fucking nine months before little Steve was born. Steve is so much like him, don't you think, dear?"

Mark was silent. His face was a deep red, not with anger, with humiliation. I continued, "Remember all those times Steve Hind would horn in on our dates and do this to me while you had to watch and wait your turn? He looks like Steve Hind, too, doesn't he? You can especially see it in his cock."

I could see the arousal building in Mark with each teasing word. I decided to advance my schedule. I took Steve's rampant hardon in my hand and displayed it with pumping motions. I said, "You must remember Steve Hind's cock as much as you saw of it going in my mouth and in my pussy on our honeymoon. It's funny, but I can't remember you even getting a hand job. All I remember is seeing you in that chair, watching Steve Hind pump his sperm in my fertile womb. I remember it was my fertile womb, because we planned the honeymoon to fall between my periods."

Mark was speechless, numb, in fact. He watched our son slide down the seat to make room for my descending head. I laid my head on his naked belly and teasingly licked at his cock, planting loving kisses all over it while talking. His hands were no longer in my pussy as I sprawled obscenely with one hand in my pussy. I said, "I know what I have to do to gain my freedom, Mark." For show, I slipped my mouth over the crown and sucked. I let it pop free and said, "I'm sure you don't want to watch this, dear. Why don't you go on up and wait for me in the bedroom. This won't take long, then we can talk. Go on!"

Mark reluctantly heeded my dismissal. I sucked Steve in earnest while he praised what he'd seen. Soon, he was squirting his seed and I let him cum on my face, especially over my lips. Afterwards, we disengaged. I said, "There, we're off to a good start. Now, I'll go cement the deal."

"Are you going to kiss him?"

I smiled wickedly and said, "What do you think?"

I walked into the bedroom with Steve's sperm drooling down my chin and neck. Mark met me with questioning, aroused eyes. I took his head and brought his slack lips to mine, moving my face to bring semen to his lips. I had him actively licking the sperm before a minute passed. I released his head and he kept licking. I threw my head back to offer the trails of semen running into my cleavage. Mark dutifully started between my breasts and licked his way up as I stood passively admiring his work.

When he finished, I went to the dresser and tossed him a condom, saying, "You were such a good husband, I'll give you five minutes of pussy starting right now." Mark excitedly tore open the condom and didn't bother removing his pants. I leaned over the dresser with my ass offered to him as he nervously rolled the condom on his aching cock and quickly penetrated me. I stood stock-still watching the clock as my husband humped feverishly trying to beat it.

It took all my strength of will to shake free when his time ran out. Like him, I was about to cum as well. He fell to his knees with a groan, clutching his cock. I stood looking down on him without mercy and said, "I think you can finish on your own."

I stood over him with my hands on my hips and watched him slowly, pathetically start masturbating with the condom still in place. Seconds later he filled the nipple. I smiled and went to the bed, sprawled on it with my legs wide, and played with my still-aroused pussy. I watched him slowly regain his feet and gaze on me with doleful eyes.

I said, "I want you to go tell Steve that his mother needs him right away. Bring him to me, or better yet, just follow. Before you go, place that chair up to the side of the bed. You remember how."

I could see he wanted to say something, but he did as I instructed and left. I decided to go all out. I had him in my control and did not want to lose it. He was still horny and excited, as was I. Besides, I needed a good fucking and if Steve junior was anything like his real father, three times in thirty minutes would not be out of the question. They entered the room a few minutes later. Steve smiled down on me as I finger-fucked myself and smiled back.

While Mark looked on from the rear in helpless awe, I said, "Steve, Mommy needs a good fucking in her horny pussy. I know I sucked you off twice in the past thirty minutes, but could you fuck Mommy's pussy for her? Please?"

Steve grinned broadly, proudly, and stripped naked in a hurry. He crawled across the mattress, fisting his new erection while looking at Mark and saying, "Sure, Mom. I'll fuck your cunt for you, but I ain't using no rubber."

I loved it. I said, "You know I never make my lovers use a condom. Only your dad uses those awful things. Your father never did, did he, Mark?"

Mark looked sheepish, but shook his head. I made him say it out loud. He did. As Steve got poised to enter me, I said, "Sit down, Mark. It will be like old times." Mark dutifully took the seat and watched Steve easily sink his cock to the balls in one pass. Steve let out an impassioned moan and began fucking as I brought my heels to my ass and raised my ass for easier penetration and better viewing. I cooed, "Oh, yes, baby, fuck Mommy good. Take all the time you want, sweetheart."

I looked to Mark while uttering these words and added, "Mommy's womb is wide open, sweetheart. I can feel the egg waiting for your sperm. Make a baby for me, darling."

These words excited Steve. For Mark, it must have felt like deja vu. He'd heard these words before, on his honeymoon. Mark was so sure things would change after we married. He was so sure he'd finally get to sample what I freely gave Steve Hind. He wanted a big family and planned the date of our honeymoon because he thought it would be romantic to conceive our first child then. He was, in fact, still virgin. I went along with his plans and married him, because I knew he was the perfect husband for me, for what I craved.

Steve Hind and I meticulously planned the post wedding activities. When we emerged from church under a shower of rice, there was Steve's car decorated with typical just-married shit and trailing strings of cans. Mark stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Steve behind the wheel. A hush swept the assembly that had moved outside. I had to take his elbow and march him to the car. I opened the back door. Mark plopped in. I closed the door on him and got in front with Steve, sliding over and snuggling up close.

Mark's friends and family, along with other guests gradually inched closer when we didn't immediately pull away. What they saw was me and Steve in a passionate embrace with my wedding dress rucked up to my waist to reveal me naked underneath. I got so excited with all those faces peering in that I slumped lower in the seat and brought my right foot up and rested it on the right side of the dash, hooking the lip of the dash with my high heels. I threw my other leg over Steve's lap to present a full naked beaver. Steve fingered my cunt while we kissed.

This was not as big a shock as it might first appear. All those who gathered near were accustomed to seeing the three of us together. While we dated, Steve was often with us. We spent a great deal of time at Mark's house. Steve and I started right away trying to shock them on a lark, making out beside Mark in their living room with Mark's whole family looking on.

Mark's mother was a shy, quiet woman, but his dad got off on watching my antics. Mark's younger brothers and sisters thought it was neat to watch as well. We gradually progressed from groping make-outs to open naked genital feels, on to blow jobs, and then to getting naked and sweaty on the couch. No one ever tried to stop us, so we kept going deeper and deeper. We never planned to actually fuck in front of them, but that's what we ended up doing.

After that, we stripped for action right after entering the house and started right in putting on the most vulgar sex acts in every conceivable position. It grew tiresome after a few months. The act at the wedding was just to let them know that the wedding changed nothing. Mark got the message. The honeymoon proved that. Now Mark was seeing it all over again with the product of that glorious week of debauchery pounding his lust in my willing beaver. He brought me to three orgasms before emptying his balls in my cunt.

When he pulled out, I assumed my post-fuck honeymoon position. I rolled back and raised my ass, supporting my hips with my hands, elbows tucked in to my sides and my legs in the splits. I explained to Steve, "This is to let your sperm soak in my womb. Why don't you go let your dad lick you clean."

Mark knew the drill well. When he saw me assume the position, he expected my words. Steve crawled over on his knees to the bed's edge and thrust his wilting, slime-coated cock towards his dad. Mark dutifully began licking his son's cock as Steve exclaimed, "Man, this is great! Lick my balls, too. Yeah, now suck it. Suck my cock, Dad!" Mark took Steve's cock fully within his mouth and sucked hard. Steve looked to me and said, "Look, Mom, Dad is sucking my dick like a queer."

"I know, sweetheart. He did that for your father, too. Steve liked to have him suck him off while we made out in front of his whole family."

"Do you mean Steve's family or Dad's?"

"Dad's. All of them--Grandpa, Grandma, and all of your aunts and uncles on his side. They all know who your real father is. They've all seen us fucking, and they've all watched your Dad go down on us before and after."

"Far out! God, Mom, you are such a slut."

"Why thank you, dear. When you get through, let him come over here so he can clean the mess you made of Mommy's slutty pussy."

Steve pulled away and said, "Shit, go to it, Dad. Let me see you eat her box."

Mark came and knelt between my legs and began lapping my pussy and licking my mound and inner thighs. Steve reclined with his head by mine. Together, we watched Mark lick my cunt. Steve said, "Mom, we have to let the other kids see this."

"I plan to, dear. Let's wait until they can see it from beginning to end. There's no need to hide anything, now. Your dad knows what his place is in this family from now on, don't you, dear?" Mark nodded. I went on. "You'll let me humiliate you and crawl back for more, won't you?" Again he nodded, more vigorously than before. "You will serve my sons as you served their fathers, won't you?"

This time, he raised off to say, "Yes, I will. You know I will."

I patted his head as he devoured my hole, trying to get at more sperm. I said, "See why I love this man, Steve. I do love him. He's such a good husband. I might just let him fuck my daughters. Of course, he'll have to wear a condom." This sparked renewed life in Mark. He attacked my hole with his mouth. "Yes, he'd like fucking their little twats. Philis has a cunt that's just the right size for his little pecker. Georgette would probably prefer a cock like yours, Steve, but if he begs real nice, I'm sure she'll throw him a mercy fuck once in a while. You won't mind begging for some of Georgette's pussy, would you, dear?"

"No, I'll beg. I'll beg in front of the whole family. I'll beg in front of Brian, too. I'll get naked and suck his cock. I'll guide it in your pussy, and lick you both while you fuck. I'll lick up his come and clean him afterwards. I'll thank him for fucking my wife in front of me and my kids, I mean your kids."

"That's all right, Mark. You may call them yours as long as you openly acknowledge none are yours."

"Oh, I will, Linda. I'll make sure they all know I'm not their real father. I'll tell each one about their real father. From now on, they can call me Mark."

"No, I want them to call you Dad, but never Father. If they ever slip, I expect to see you correct them, and I don't care what company you are in at the time."

"Yes dear!"

The End

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