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devil picture My First Thailady

By Gasolin (

It's time to tell a story about my first thailady. It was my first trip to Thailand, I checked in at Crown Hotel in the Sukhumvit Area.

Man it was hot, so after a shower I went out for a beer. I ended up at Nana Plaza and boy was this new to me !! A lot of beautifully ladies acting like they really wanted me, Hehe Well I needed some beers to figure out if I have gone to heaven :-) I didn't want to take the first one, and I don't want them to be too aggressive.

Anyway I was enjoying the shows drinking some beers, buying some ladydrinks, basically having a great time. After midnight it was time to get serious, I saw a real babe, she came over and said hallow, she was hot, big tits and a nice ass. After some small talk, I noticed something was wrong! The voice - and yes she was a ladyboy ;-( This was too much for me so I said goodbye.

I walked down Sukhumvit and ended up at Beergarden in one of the small sois .

A big bar with a lot of farang men and even more thaigirls. After maybe one minute a real beautiful young "model" came and said hallo, and asked if she could sit next to me. Ohh year the seat was for her.

Her name was Oy she was 22 and her English was quite good. Here I must say that I fit the stereotype sex tourist, I'm 30 p to heavy and I will not be abel to land a real "model" back home. So I was happy! Well her body was absolute fantastic, firm tits, she was small but in excellent shape and her eyes, they where breathtaking hmmmmmm.

We talked for a while, she lost her job in a bank 3 month ago and now she was trying to make some money to her and her family. A bit depressing but her spirit was high and she wanted to have a good time.

Well we finished our drinks walked back to my hotel, I didn't know when to talk about money, so I though I just pay the price and go for it. She laughed when we came in my room because of mirrors in the ceiling and on the wall.

She asked if I wanted the lights on all night and I said yes , she smiled at me

and I started to get a hard on - man - she was beautiful.

After a quick shower, we went into bed, she put herself into my arms and started talking while she was playing with my cheast hair and nipples. I started toughing her body, playing with her breasts and hard dark nipples.

I kissed her and she started to kiss my neck then my chest ,stomach, I had a hard on, her hand was on my cock playing with it and my balls, she was still kissing me all over.

Then she licked my cock carefully, licked my balls and went further down to my ass, where I swear, she tried to fuck me with her tong. Now I was ready, I wanted to taste her so I turned her and started licking her all over her body. She made some sounds that told me that she liked it.

I turned her body around, her taste was a little bit different, spicier you can say.

I licked her clit, sucked it and returned the favor by licking her ass. She moaned in a new tone so I tried to put a finger in her ass and started fucking her.

She went totally wild, turned and started to give me a blowjob. We where both making a lot of noises, She rolled away, still giving be a blowjob, playing my balls and then she carefully put a finger up my ass, ahhhh this was the first time I tried this and bomm - I came in a big splash all over her face Wow

She laughed and asked if I liked it and you can guess my answer ! After a visit to the bathroom she came back to the bed and I asked her if I could give her a massage and yes she really wanted that.

First she was on her front, I put some lotion on her back and started to rub it in - when I came to her ass I used a lot of lotion giving everything a nice rub.

She was smiling and she said she liked it ! On to the front, the breast where still absolute stunning, I really enjoyed my work.

Meanwhile Oy started to play my dick and I got a hard on, luckily the condoms where on the bed and she wanted my to make love to her - now.

I went into her slowly and very carefully, her eyes was closed at first but after I went all the way in, she looked at me and I could see she liked it.

At first we took it very slowly, it felt so good, she was small and she knew when to relax.

After a while she started to pick up speed and so did I, we where giving it all we had. I could feel that something was happening so it was time to find a new position(and get some time).

I wanted to fuck her from behind and she really loved that, she put her face and upper body down on the bed and her ass as high as she could and she wanted me to fuck her hard. Hmmm I went for it, it was feeling great.

While I was fucking her I started to play with her ass, I took some of her juices and slowly started to fuck her with one finger. She loved it, she was yelling, making sounds and pressing her ass back to make me fuck her harder.

I could feel that I was almost there so I gave it all I had, I could hear her cumming and I felt it, she went very tight and then I came inside her.

Wow This was a great first night in Bangkok. We fell a sleep and I woke up at 0830 am the next morning when she was giving me a new blowjob.

I was lying on my back looking up in the mirror where I could see her giving me a great blowjob.

After a while she started to fuck me with a finger then two and I really enjoyed it and I came in her mouth and at that time I was absolutely not able to control anything. What a start on my in Thailand.

Oy spent 2 weeks with me in Thailand, we went to Pattaya, Koh Samui and Bangkok again, she was a perfect holiday sweetheart, an excellent guide and hot in bed.

After the 2 weeks she didn't really want to take my money, but she needed it so 15000 B or 1000 B a day was the deal, she was happy and I had the time of my life.


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