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A new story for the moderated site.
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Lois' Condition   Part 2   by Missy Forman  (Fb, FF)

(Viewers should first read "Lois' Condition" to get the entire
background on the story and where we are today. Now, Lois
continues with the story.)

Just thinking about that first night with the three boys would
get me horny enough to masturbate. I had one more opportunity to
"babysit" with them. It was almost a repeat of the first time:
suck the younger ones and fuck the 10 year old. Oh, how I loved
it. Unfortunately, the father had taken a job out of the area and
the family moved. So, where could I find other boys to satisfy my
insatiable lust?

I found an advertisement for a teacher's assistant at an all-boys
boarding school. I researched the school to find out more about
it. It was a private school, with very strict discipline, for
grades 1-8. It sounded perfect. After several interviews I was
hired as an aide to Ms. Higgins. She was the assistant principal.
She was in her thirties, single, good looking and nicely built.

On my first day I was shown around the campus and met other staff
members. They had about an equal number of men and women. I
secretly wondered if any of them had sexual relationships with
each other and/or the boys. My job was to collect and file
paperwork such a class attendance, student information, run the
usual errands and occasionally work an evening shift checking on
the boys doing their homework and later on lights out. That last
part made my clit twitch. It would be a few days before I really
knew how the school operated.

The first couple of weeks seemed to fly by. I got to know and be
friends with a lot of the boys. I also found out about the strict
discipline. For misbehaving, not completing assignments, or
missing class the boys would get spanked. Strangely enough, it
was not the male principal but Ms. Higgins who meted out the
punishment. I was to learn this first hand.

One afternoon I was working in her office when a boy, about 11,
reported for punishment. He was caught skipping a class without a
pass. I asked Ms. Higgins if I should leave the room. No, she
said, I may as well learn what happens when the boys do not "tow
the line". The boy's name was Jimmy. Depending on the severity of
the infraction Ms. Higgins would use either a paddle or a
punishment cane. Jimmy was told to drop his pants and underwear,
lean across a small table in the office (which seemed to be its
only purpose) and hold on to the table legs. Since this was not
the first offense it would be the cane- 10 strokes. When he was
in position she began... one... two... three... taking her time
and making each one a little harder than the last. She seemed to
be enjoying it, breathing a little harder seeing the red marks
appear on his butt. When it was over and Jimmy stood up to pull
up his underwear and pants I could see he had a bit of a hard-on.
Needless to say, this all made my pussy rather wet. Ms. Higgins
also noticed but did not say anything. Her first words were:
"well, young man, let's see if this improves your behavior".
After we were alone she sat down and relaxed. I had to wonder if
she was also turned on a bit. 

As it turned out this was one of my days to work the evening
shift and Ms. Higgins asked me to check on Jimmy later to be sure
he was all right. I could hardly wait. About 9:00pm I went over
to the sleeping quarters and to Jimmy's room. Boys 11 and older
have their own rooms. The younger ones sleep two to a room. I
knocked on his door. I heard a bit of a shuffle and then "come
in". I said "Hi, Jimmy I have come to see how you are getting
along after your punishment". He replied that he was a bit sore
but otherwise all right. I told him OK but let's check to be
sure. He was already in bed so I asked him to pull down his
pajamas and lay on his stomach. He seemed a little embarrassed so
I assured him it was OK. His butt still had the cane marks so I
told me to lie still and I would rub them a bit. After a few
minutes of gentle rubbing I moved up his back a bit to give him a
little massage. He started to rub into the mattress. I slid my
hand under his pelvis and felt his hard-on. He gave a bit of a
start and tried to "explain". I told him to relax. It was all
right. In fact I was going to make him forget the afternoon. I
asked him to roll over. I asked him if he was masturbating when I
knocked on the door. Sheepishly he admitted he was. I said that
is perfectly normal for boys. I knew a lot of them who did it
several times a day. He looked relieved and relaxed. Without
another word I lowered my mouth over his little cock and started
sucking. He just gave a groan of pleasure. My clit was throbbing.
I stopped and asked him if he ever "fooled around" with a girl.
No. Did he masturbate with other boys? Yes, several in the school
would get together and jack off. One of them has some porn
magazines which they would look at while jacking off. "So, Jimmy,
would you like to actually fuck a girl?" His eyes lit up. "Sure".
I told him no one, not even his buddies could know or he would
never see me again. Of course he readily agreed and of course I
knew word would spread. I would have my own fuck farm.

I had already taken my panties off before I arrived. So, I just
lifted up my skirt, got onto the bed and straddled Jimmy. I
massaged his chest and then his cock and balls. I raised myself
up a bit and then lowered my cunt onto his small but very hard
cock. My juices were already starting to cover his balls. I
started to fuck him slowly but gradually increased the tempo. I
wanted him to enjoy his first fuck. It didn't take long for his
cock to pulsate with an orgasm. All he could say was "Oh" and
"Ah". This was a night he would never forget. I kept going a bit
longer until I had my own orgasm (with help from my finger). He
had the sweetest look on his face. I knelt up pulling off his
somewhat deflated cock and leaned down to suck it just a bit
more. I told him if he wanted to ever do that again it would have
to be our secret. I gave him a little kiss and went back to my

It wasn't more than a few more days before another lad was
brought in for punishment. Davy was eight and had not done his
homework. He was to be paddled. This was a little different from
the cane. Davy was told to drop his pants and underwear and lay
across Ms. Higgins lap. I thought this rather odd but then I
noticed what was going on. She had hiked her skirt up so that his
little cock and balls were resting on her legs. To hold him "in
place" she also had him put one hand under her crotch and the
other holding on to her leg. Before she even started to paddle
him I could see was starting to breath heavy. I decided to take a
chance. As she started to paddle him I came up beside her and
started to massage her tit. She glanced at me but continued to
paddle Davy, even a bit harder. I could see was going to come
quickly. I moved behind her so I could squeeze both tits. The
paddling became a bit erratic as she came, shaking a bit. As she
recovered she stopped paddling and told Davy to get up and pull
up his drawers. All I wanted to do was suck Davy's cock and
balls. But that could wait for a bit. When Davy left the room she
looked at me and didn't know quite what to say. I looked at her
with kindness and told her that made me very horny too. I sat
back in a chair and started to finger my clit. That caused her to
relax and open up to me. She said that spanking the boys had
always made her extremely horny and she ended up masturbating
afterward if she didn't have an orgasm while spanking or canning
them. She even had a secret desire to suck off the boys after she
had finished. She was still horny and seeing me masturbate she
came over to me, squeezed my tits and asked if she could eat me
off. She said she was not a lesbian but in fact preferred young
boys and men. But, she enjoyed it when I helped her cum and she
would now like to help me. It was new for me but given my horny
state I pulled off my panties and spread my legs. As she sucked
on my clit she squeezed my tits and in minutes I had a mind
blowing orgasm.

As we were spilling our guts to each other I told her that I also
preferred boys and that was the reason I took the job. She asked
if I had "had" any of the boys yet and I told her about Jimmy.
That got her horny again and she asked for more details as she
started fingering herself. I told her everything and the fact
that I want to go to Davy and suck him off. By this time she was
almost in a frenzy. I told her to remove her panties and I would
return the favor. I had never sucked off a women before and was
not sure what to expect. But, I found I liked the taste and
before long she was screaming with an orgasm. When we both calmed
down she explained that, in her position, she could not have sex
with any of the boys. However, she would make it possible for me
to have access to the boys either in their room or the infirmary.
The only condition was that I would share the most intimate
details with her while they had a sexual relationship. Having
enjoyed sucking her off it was a deal that I willing accepted.
Then she told me to check on Davy that evening (hoping for some

Davy shares a room with Carl (who was seven) so I wasn't sure how
to proceed. I got there around 9:00pm. They had just gotten into
bed. I told Davy I was there to see how he was feeling after the
paddling. He said he was fine. But to be sure I said I wanted to
check. Like with Jimmy I had him pull off his pajamas and lay on
his stomach. His butt didn't look bad but I massaged it anyway.
Clearly he enjoyed it. I told him that I noticed his penis and
testicles were resting on Ms. Higgins legs while he was being
spanked. Did it hurt? Did it feel good? He admitted it felt good.
"Well, let's see if anything got bruised", I said. I had him turn
over. I did a "careful examination" of his cock and balls. As I
massaged them I could feel a little twitch. I continued to see if
I could get even the slightest erection. Well, maybe a little
one. Clearly he was enjoying the attention. "You know", I said,
"I think I can make you feel even better". With that I took his
cock and balls into my mouth and sucked on them while I
discretely fingered myself. When I stopped after a few minutes he
told me that he missed that as his mother used to do that. Carl,
who was watching the whole thing, was pulling on his cock. I told
him I would do the same for him in a few minutes. I wasn't
finished with Davy yet. I went back down on Davy and massaged his
asshole with my wet finger. As he relaxed a bit I pushed it in
and massaged his rectum. All of a sudden he shuddered with an
orgasm. A dry one, but one nonetheless. I then turned my
attention to Carl who was still trying to jack off. After a few
minutes he also had an orgasm. For all I know it might have been
his first one. But given the look on his face, it would not be
the last. I kissed both boys, told them this was our secret and
to tell no one if they wanted to do it again.

It was about 10:00pm when I finished and, true to my word, I
decided to go to Ms. Higgins house and tell her what happened.
She answered the door in a sheer negligee. Clearly she was
excited to know what happened. She poured us a glass of wine
which we took to her bedroom. I could see she was more than a
little horny. I decided to take off my clothes and we could
cuddle while I gave her all the details. She discarded her
negligee and we got into bed. I decided to tell her every
salacious detail to give her the feeling of being there. As I
talked I slowly massaged her tits. Her nipples were hard. She
returned the favor. Between words I sucked her nipples and then
started to finger her cunt. Clearly she had not experienced this
before. She was starting to finger me and touch me all over. It
was time. I slid down the bed and took her cunt into my mouth. As
I squeezed her nipples I licked and sucked her clit. It was not
long before we both had fantastic orgasms. I decided to stay the
night. Before daylight we had pleasured each other again.

The next day all was again business except for the fact we had to
find some poor boy to discipline and then fuck or suck off after
which Ms. Higgins would have an enjoyable evening. I stayed with
the school for three years until I was 20. It was an enjoyable
time with wonderful sexual experiences. But, it was time to move

End of Part 2


I enjoy reading your comments, suggestions and what turns you on.
You can email me at: Since I have written
several stories let me know which one you are writing about.

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