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Lois' Condition, Part 1 (Fb,bb)


My name is Lois. I am 24 years old. I know I am not exactly
normal but I can't help it. My clit is almost always "puffy". If
I was a man I would have a constant hard-on. It all started when
I was about four. I didn't quite understand it at the time but
when I went into my parent's room they were watching a video of
both men and women sucking off young boys. Mother was on her
knees sucking off my 6 year old brother as my dad was on his
knees fucking her from behind. I can't explain it but suddenly my
"private" parts felt warm and moist. Instinctively I started to
rub myself "down there". When my dad spotted me he pulled out of
mother and pulled me up on the bed. He asked me if it felt good
"playing with my privates" I said it did. Well, he said he always
want you to feel good down there. He spread my legs a bit and
circled around my clit with the tip of his cock. It was slippery
with mother's juices. It gave me a tingly feeling I would never

By this time mother had stopped sucking on my brother. She gave
me a hug and asked if I would like to make my brother feel good
like I did. I love my brother and said yes. Mother showed me how
to suck on his weenie and massage his balls. Mother started to
finger me while I was sucking. She massaged my clit and then
pushed her finger in my cunt a little bit. I became addicted to
that wonderful feeling. For the next few years I would regularly
suck off my brother and occasionally my dad when he got really

By the time I was 12 I was surfing the Internet looking for porn
pictures and stories. I liked men and women fucking and sucking
children but particularly women with young boys. I would
masturbate as women sucked and jacked off the older boys watching
cum shoot from their cocks. Some of the women would have the
younger boys pee in their mouth while they masturbated, I was
totally hooked on porn but I really wanted to be one of those

At 13 I lost my virginity to a schoolmate a year younger. For the
next year or two I had a couple of boyfriends that I would suck
off or fuck. Still, I would masturbate to the thought of sexual
encounters with a child.

When I was 17 I watched the neighbor children while their parents
went shopping or to the movies. They had three boys, Bobby, four;
Peter, six and Tommy, 10 years old. One evening, the parents were
going to an overnight function and were going to stay the night.
Tommy would be at a scout camp for several days.  Shortly after
dinner Bobby had to pee. I decided to take a chance and went with
him to the bathroom. As he started to pee I reached around him
and took his hand holding his cock and aimed his pee here and
there. As he finished I gently started to pull it back and forth.
I asked him if that felt good. He said yes so I continued for
another minute or two. Although he didn't get hard I could see he
enjoyed it. I told him I would make him feel even better at
bedtime. As I looked around there was Peter staring at us. He
said "what are you doing". I told him I was making his brother
feel good. He was already feeling himself through his pants and
asked "Will you make me feel good, too"? I told him to wait until
bedtime and I would give him the best feeling ever. 

As he watched TV I could see he was fidgeting a bit in
anticipation of what was to come. So, at 9:00pm I told him it was
time for bed and followed him to the bedroom. Bobby was not far
behind. I told Peter I would help him undress. As I unbuckled his
belt I slid my hand down his abdomen and into his underpants
gently cupping his little cock and balls. His body twitched a bit
and settled down. I stroked his cock back and forth for a few
seconds. He didn't get hard but I could tell it started to react.
I went ahead and removed the rest of his clothes and had him lay
on the bed. Massaging his balls I started sucking on his cock. It
didn't take too long for it to get rather firm. In the meantime
my own pussy was dripping. After a few minutes I took his cock
and showed him how to jack off. As he was exploring this new
feeling I quickly took off my own clothes and had Bobby get naked
too. I was sure my firm little tits would excite him more and I
started fingering myself and massaging my tits as he watched.
Poor little Bobby didn't know what to do. He also started
imitating his brother so I helped him a little leaving my orgasm
to a little later. I could see Peter was getting close so I
cuddled next to him, and with my tits up against him I massaged
his balls. In another minute or two he arched up and shuddered
with and orgasm. No cum but still an orgasm. 

I sucked on Booby a bit more but it would be another year or two
before he could enjoy the same feeling. In the meantime I showed
then how they could pleasure each other. Now, it was time for
sleep. We all slept naked together in the same bed. If I woke
during the night I would give them each a nice feel.

In the morning I had them watch me as I spread my labia and peed.
Something else they will likely give them pleasure in the future.
Then a shower and breakfast. After breakfast the kids went out to
play until lunchtime. I took the opportunity to take a warm bath
and think about the night before while I masturbated. I had to
wonder what the evening would bring.

At lunch not much was said about the night before but I could
tell it was on their minds. They spent a little too much time in
the bathroom together. That afternoon while the kids were again
outside I decided to watch a little television. By accident I
found a channel that had a parent lock. Given the kids were not
very old I figured the code could not be too complicated. I tried
0000 through 9999 and then 1234. Nothing. Well, how about 4321?
It worked. Well, it seems the parents have a healthy sex life.
The channel had lots of fucking, sucking and other sexual moves.

Dinner finally arrived and we had some soups and sandwiches. As I
cleaned up I told them they could watch television until time for
bed. Peter asked if we could do "it" again tonight. I squeezed
his cock through his pants and told him we would see. I knew that
would keep him a little excited. What I didn't tell him was that
I left the TV set on the adult channel. In a few minutes I
decided to discretely check on the boys. They were staring at the
screen mesmerized. Peter was feeling himself as he watched a
young woman getting fucked. I decided to let them watch a few
more minutes before walking in on them. As I strode into the room
I said that channel is real not appropriate for you and then
changed it. Peter looked a little disappointed. By this time I
knew the boys were more than ready to experience even better

I told them although it was a little early why don't they get
into their pajamas. While they were doing that I took off all my
clothes and slipped into a sheer nightie, When they came out of
the bedroom I could see Peter had a little bit of a hard on. I
gave them both a hug while squeezing their cock and balls. OK, I
said, would you like to do what we did last night? That didn't
really require an answer as they headed back to the bedroom.

I pulled off their pajamas and had them lay on the bed. I started
with Bobby- massaging his balls and sucking his cock. Out of the
corner of my eye I could see Peter already starting to jack off.
I lifted my head for a moment and told him "not too fast, I will
be there in a minute". I gave Bobby more head, stopped to remove
my nightie, and then moved to Peter. I started sucking on him
while having him squeeze my tits. I was getting very horny and my
pussy was wet. Now was the time for Peter to experience something
new. I fingered myself for a few minutes and then took that
finger, told Peter to relax and gently inserted it into his ass.
It took a few seconds for him to relax but then he realized how
good it felt. I sat up a bit and started jacking him off with my
other hand while my finger worked his ass. Not more than a minute
later he came- wave after wave. While he relaxed a bit I went
back to Bobby and suck him as close to an orgasm as I could.
While they rested they I laid back and masturbated until I had an
explosive orgasm.

After about an hour we had a repeat performance although not as
intense. After that I had them suck my tits for a little while
before cuddling up and going to sleep.

The next morning their parents were due home. I told them that
what we had done was a secret and if their parents found out we
could never do it again. Things were pretty much back to normal
then the parents arrived home. They paid me and said they would
let me know if they needed me in the future.

About three weeks later I received a call from one of the
parents. For a minute I thought I was in big trouble. But, no. It
seems they had to go out of town for a night and the boys asked
if I would baby sit them. Only this time all three boys would be
there. I was more than happy to say yes.

Well, the time had come and I arrived at their house. When I
walked in I could see the boys were happy to see me. I noticed
that Tommy had glanced at my tits and then my crotch as he
greeted me. I had to think the other boys had told him of their

Several hours after the parents left Tommy came up to me and
asked: "Is it true?"

"Is what true" I replied.

"That you had sex with my brothers?"

"Well, why don't you wait until after dinner for the answer to
that question"? I could already see a little bulge in his pants.
I figured by dinner time he would be more than a little anxious.
I know I was.

At dinner of hamburgers and fries I watched as the boys looked at
me and then exchanged glances wondering when the subject of sex
would come up. When dinner was over I told them to go watch TV
and I would clean up the dishes and join them in a few minutes.
My pussy was already wet and I just had to finger myself a few of

After the kitchen was in order I went into the living room and
asked them to go ahead and get into their pajamas. As they were
doing that I got into my sheer nightie and then asked Bobby and
Peter to come to Tommy's room. They all gathered on Tommy's bed.
I looked sternly at Bobby and Peter and said "You told Tommy our
secret, didn't you?" Peter admitted he did but only because he
caught Tommy jacking off one night and just had to tell him. But,
they did not tell anyone else. Peter had to share his experience
of being sucked off and being fingered in his ass. After that, he
said they often masturbated together and once in a while would
suck each other.

By this time both Peter and Tommy had hard-ons. So, I said:
"Let's get naked" With that all clothing disappeared. I told
Peter and Tommy to start massaging each other while I spent a few
minutes sucking off Bobby. As I sucked on Bobby I also played
with his ass just a little bit so he would get used to the
feeling. Eventually I know he would love to be penetrated.

Leaving Bobby to rub his cock and balls I asked Tommy to squeeze
my tits as I sucked on Peter. I put my pussy soaked finger in
Peter's ass. He didn't last long. Now it was time to tune my
attention to Tommy whom I really wanted to fuck. As I sat up from
Peter I could see Tommy had a raging hard-on. I had Tommy lay on
his back as I straddled him. As I lowered myself my cunt
enveloped his 10 year old cock. Not very big but enough to feel
and squeeze. As I slowly fucked him I also rubbed my clit so I
was sure to have an orgasm. It was only another minute or two
before I felt Tommy's cock pulsate with an orgasm. He was in
ecstasy. I followed seconds after fucking him even faster. After
it was over we all sat up and tried to relax. I told Tommy that
when he was older he could always brag that he got his first
"piece" when he was ten. Bobby and Peter were still stroking
their cocks.

We put our night clothes back on and watched TV for a couple of
hours before it was time for bed. As they climbed into their beds
I sucked each one of them again and reminded them that this was
our secret.

This all happened when I was 17. I knew I was perverted but
couldn't help it. I also enjoyed sex with men but there was
something about the smell, taste and feeling of boys that gives
me the greatest orgasms. I get horny just thinking about it.

End of Part 1.


I enjoy reading your comments, suggestions and what turns you on.
You can email me at: Since I have written
several stories let me know which one you are writing about.

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