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F+g, M+g, best, inc, ped, religious, cons
The Academy
By Annie Teall
Chapter 8
The Blessing

It was Friday afternoon and school had just let out.  The girls
were talking excitedly amongst themselves about the upcoming
weekend while they waited for Annie and Sophie's mom to pick them
up.  Mollie and Sophie were making plans to see the movie,
Frankenweenie on Saturday. Sophie watched as the two 4th graders
held hands, "Hey, you guys want to come with?  It's supposed to
be a funny movie." Lexie whispered into Annie's ear, "You're
gonna come over tomorrow and hang out with me, right?" "Sorry, we
have plans," said Annie to her younger sister. It was colder than
usual and all 4 huddled into a tight circle. Mollie would hang
around til Jennifer showed up, and then walk home.

"There she is," cried Sophie. Jennifer pulled up and the side
door automatically opened. "Get in quickly, girls. We're not
heating the outdoors." The three preteens jumped in, as Mollie
stood at the curb. "What are you waiting for, Mollie? Come on,
I'll drive you home," said Jennifer. "I have something for you

Mollie clambered into the cabin as the girls made room for her.
"I have something for you too, Lexie," said Jennifer as she
handed two thermoses over the seat. "What is it?" asked Mollie,
even though she had an idea. "I thought you two might like some
nice warm horse cum to drink or play with." "Ooh, thank you, Miss
Jennifer," said Lexie. Mollie smiled as she unscrewed the top and
poured a little into the cup. She inhaled deeply and took a sip,
and then downed the rest, "Mmm good. Nice and creamy too. Thank
you, Miss Jennifer, I wish that you could be my Mommy." Jennifer
looked at the 6 year old thru the rear view mirror, "I wish so,
too. You're such a good, little girl."

	Cassie Hudgens pulled her coat close. "Brrr. It's getting colder
every day." Winter had indeed arrived and the leaves had long
left the trees. The teen was taking the short walk to Mollie
Harris's house. She had brought her laptop with, because she had
some ideas for the reception. The wedding had been postponed
because one of Mollie's nipples had become infected. The process
of healing had taken a lot longer than they thought it would. It
had been nearly 2 months since the piercings, and Mollie was now
completely healed. 

	The wedding planner and the bride to be had become extremely
close during the delay. They were almost like sisters, only with
benefits. Mollie let her in and quickly shut the door, "Man its
cold out." Cassie took off her jacket and hung it on the coat
rack. "Mmm. It's nice and warm in here, tho. Feels good. Where's
Dex?"  The teen wife was wearing skinny jeans and a fuzzy sweater
that hugged her tight body. "My Uncle Bill borrowed him for the
day. Daddy said something about a doggy gangbang. They are
probably having sex right now. I like your sweater. Let me know
if it gets too hot in here. Daddy and I like to keep the heat on
high cause we spend a lot of time naked." Mollie had recently
introduced her to dog sex and now Cassie was trying to get the
images of a doggy gangbang out of her mind. 

	She set her laptop on the dining room table and turned it on. "I
have some ideas for the reception. We'll use one of the large
halls at the Academy. It'll be perfect! If anyone that lives off
campus gets tipsy, they can sleep in the unused dorms. The
caterer can use the school's kitchen." The two excitedly
discussed the upcoming nuptials until Mollie, who, out of the
corner of her eye, saw her favorite actress, Bella Thorne on the
TV. "Cassie, do you know who she is?" she asked, pointing at the
screen. Cassie smiled, "Yeah. That's Bella. I just love reading
about the Hollywood lifestyle. I'm kinda into it, ya know? I read
all the magazines, and go to the websites that have pictures of
celebrities attending different events." 

Mollie smiled as her friend went on about her obsession, "Cassie,
who do you think is the biggest slut in show business?" "Miley
Cyrus," replied the blonde without hesitation. "Did you see her
on 2 and half Men last night?" "Yeah I did," said Mollie. "She
has a nice set of tits, and she was pretty funny too. I bet she
comes back as Jake's on again, off again gf." Cassie chimed in,
"I didn't agree with her about Walden, I'd fuck him in a
heartbeat." Mollie agreed, "He has the dreamiest eyes."

"Who else do you think is slutty?" Cassie thought about it for a
moment, and opened a folder on her laptop. "This is my collection
of celebrity photographs. Let's see. You're talking just girls,
right? Cause I have a binder full of men. Just girls? Ok. Most of
these women become involved with their costars, but as soon as
the film wraps, they move on."  Mollie eyes lightened up,
"Sluts."  "Yep. Also, most of them at one time or another, will
wear see thru clothing. I've got tons of pics if you'd like to

Cassie brought photo after photo of celebs wearing revealing
outfits. "You probably don't know some of these older stars, but
believe me, they flaunted it back in the day. Some of my faves
are Alexis Bledel, Cote de Pablo, Kaley Cuoco, she's on the Big
Bang Theory. Amanda Bynes is a hot mess right now, but she has
killer legs. Who else? Oh, Lindsay Lohan is quite a slut. Taylor
Momsen has a hot body. She played Jenny on Gossip Girl, but now
she's the lead singer for The Pretty Reckless. They're a pretty
good rock band. 
I don't know if she's a slut, but Summer Glau is pretty to look
at. She used to be on Terminator, the Sarah Connor Chronicles,
but now she's in Alphas on FX." Cassie continued, "It's just a
matter of time until Chloe Moretz does see thru." "Oh I know who
she is," said Mollie. "Daddy and I watched the Kickass DVD last
week. Isn't her middle name Grace? She's way cool." Cassie
concurred, "Yeah, she was the only good thing about Dark

Cassie changed the subject, "How are your nipples feeling? Can
you pull on the rings yet?"  Mollie unbuttoned her shirt and what
Cassie saw made her mouth water. The bride to be took a ring in
each hand and pulled. Her flat chest had no padding, so just the
nipples stretched outward. The tyke moaned as she pulled and
twisted. Cassie  ripped off her sweater and pushed the child onto
the couch. "It's getting hot in here, Mollie. Let's get naked and
have some fun." Mollie looked at her backpack and then remembered
that it was Friday. "No homework tonight," she thought as she
removed her uniform.

Mollie was facing Cassie, her legs wrapped around the older
girl's waist. She groaned as she felt fingers along her wet slit.
"I need your fists up my cunt," begged Cassie between kisses.
Mollie jumped up, "I have a better idea." 

She returned a few minutes later with two items, and a bottle of
lube. The first was a realistic model of a horse penis that had
been scaled-down to comfortable human proportions. The Equinox
Horse Penis Dildo was 10 and a half inches long, by 1 and a half
to 2 inches in diameter. Mollie set it on the coffee table,
"Check this out Cassie. When you squeeze this bulb, the lower
half of the shaft gets bigger." Cassie's mouth began to water as
she watched it swell. "It squirts too. Ya fill this other bulb up
with cum and squirt it out when you're cumming!"

The other toy was a large, dark red phallus. The coloring was
marbled, and the surface was smooth to the touch. The
non-business end of the dildo was shaped like a cross, and Jesus'
arms were stretched out. The business end mushroomed out like a
big dick head. "It's called the Jackhammer Jesus. Here, feel it,"
said Mollie as she handed it to her friend. "We haven't used
these in a while. Jennifer picked them out the day I got my
makeover." "Who's Jennifer?" asked Cassie. Mollie raised her
eyebrows, "Oh that's right. You two have never met. She's Annie
and Sophie's mother. My Dad hired her and her daughters to teach
me how to be a slut. Cassie smiled, "Well, they certainly did a
good job."

"One more thing!" Mollie ran to the kitchen and came back
carrying a thermos. "Jennifer gave this to me this afternoon.
Guess what it is?" Cassie looked perplexed, "Chicken soup?
Coffee?" "No, silly. It's horse cum, and it tastes almost as good
as dog cum. Wanna try some?"  The impure tot poured some into the
thermos cup and handed it to Cassie. The blonde sipped at the
horse slime, swirling it around in her mouth before swallowing.
"You're right. It's good, but Dex's cum tastes sweeter." "The
trick is to pour honey over his food," said Mollie wisely. "The
horse dildo will feel better than my hands. Help me fill the

They covered the carpet with an extra large leak resistant pad
and the 19 year old wedding planner and the 6 year old bride to
be resumed the fun. "Squeeze the bulb a little while I'm sucking
on it," urged Cassie, but before she could get it in her mouth,
Mollie squeezed, and a big wad of jism splashed onto the teen's
face. "Let me clean you up," offered Mollie as she again
straddled Cassie's lap. The horse cock aiming upright between
their bodies.

Mollie slurped the warm cum from Cassie's cheek, and offered her
open mouth to her lover. The two whores swapped the treat back
and forth until Mollie took another squeeze at the bulb.  The cum
travelled up between the two, again hitting Cassie full in the
face. "You're a lucky girl," laughed Mollie. "Fuck me with that
thing," cried the milf.

Mollie lubed up the horse penis and placed it at the entrance of
the Headmaster's wife's pussy. "Do it. Come on. Fuck me with that
monster." The first 5 inches went in easily. "More, baby," sighed
Cassie. Before Mollie continued, she filled the slut with more
cum. "Oh God, that nice." The child pushed the horse dildo in to
the hilt, and slowly began fucking her friend. "Oh, and I thought
doggies were good. Shoot some more cum inside me, please."

Cassie liked to keep her pussy as bare as it was when she first
met her husband. The Headmaster's cock had stretched her out a
bit, so she was comfortable with the Equinox's diameter, until
Mollie started inflating it. She had never been this full of
cock. Mollie slowly inflated the horse dildo, letting Cassie
adjust to the size. When it was a little larger than the diameter
of a Coke can, she stopped. Cassie gasped as Mollie pulled all 10
and a half inches out, and then slowly fucked it back in.  The
blonde's pussy lips clung tightly to the prong as Mollie picked
up the pace. The horse cum was now serving as the main

"Do you want some more cum, whore?"  Cassie had her head propped
up on a throw pillow. Her legs were splayed out obscenely and she
had both of her small breasts cupped in her hands. The teen's
breath was ragged, "Yes, please may I have some more." The horse
spunk was now seeping from her stretched out hole. "Leave the
cock all the way in and let me grind on it." Mollie pumped the
inflator bulb a few more times, thus effectively tying Cassie to
the thing.

Cassie took the base of the horse dildo in her hands and ground
her swollen clit against it. Mollie climbed up from between her
friend's legs and cradled Cassie's head in her arms. She nibbled
at an earlobe and then traced her tongue along the outer ridge,
eliciting a moan, "Oh God, keep doing that, Mollie." Instead, the
tot began kissing the back of Cassie's neck, swirling her tongue
around, tantalizing all the sensitive nerve ending there. "Oh
Mollie, I'm about to cum. I'm so close." 

She was bucking against the hilt of the dildo like she was riding
a horse. The little redhead had the bulb in her hand, waiting for
the right moment. She was now planting hot, wet kisses on
Cassie's face. Licking obscenely at her gasping lips and coating
them with saliva. "Yes! Do it now!" she commanded. "Fill me up.
Shoot it. Do it. Yessssss. Mmm, Mmm, Mmmmmm." The orgasm hit full
force when she felt the cum squirt into her womb. Spittle flew
from the thin blonde's lips as she screamed out. A light sheen of
perspiration coated her forehead. Her face was contorted as the
waves of pleasure coursed through her body. She rocked back and
forth on the horse cock, and Mollie held her close as the orgasm

"That was so nice. Do you suppose I could borrow this every once
in a while?" Mollie looked at up from where she had been cleaning
Cassie's leaking pussy, "Sure, or you could just come over, and
I'll fuck you with it again. I don't think this horse cum is
gonna last very long, tho. It's a good thing that Daddy doesn't
like the taste of it."

Just then, the front door opened, bringing with it a blast of
cold air. The two naked girls cried out in discomfort as Mark
shut the door. "What's up girls?" he asked as he hung his coat on
the rack. "Shit," muttered Cassie, "What time is it? Mark looked
his wristwatch, "5:15 p.m." Cassie jumped up from the floor and
got dressed, "I have go, I have a friend watching my Frannie
Bananie, and she has to leave at 5:30. Sorry Mollie. I know it
was your turn. Thanks for the wonderful cum. I definitely owe you
one." She said her goodbyes and quickly left. 

Mollie donned her bathrobe and the incestuous couple headed to
the kitchen. "I'm hungry, Daddy. I think that there is some
leftover spaghetti in the fridge. After we eat, can we mess
around? I'm super horny. Cassie kind a left me hanging, if ya
know what I mean." Mark smiled at his little whore, "Yes baby,
but not here. You and I are going to the Chapel. The good
Reverend wants to give you his blessing." Mollie beamed with
delight, "You mean, he wants to fuck my tight little ass." Mark
tousled the imp's curly hair. "You do know that I love you more
than anything in this world, right?" Mollie batted her eyelashes
and looked up at the man that would soon be her husband, "Yes
Daddy, and I love you back times a hundred."

Father and daughter discussed their day as they ate. "When is
Uncle Bill bringing Dex back? I miss him terribly," asked Mollie.
"And what did you mean by, doggy gangbang?" Mark explained that
his brother and a friend also wanted to borrow Annie and Sophie's
dogs, but Jennifer's brother Jack insisted on whoring the dogs
out, like he did Jennifer and her daughters. "Turns out, he
charged more for the dogs, than he did for his own sister. That
must have turned her on. She is quite the submissive." He looked
up from his meal to see Mollie humping Paulie, her stuffed doggy
doll. It took him back to the days when it all started. "Daddy,
doesn't Uncle Bill have a doggy? I want to have sex with 6 dogs,
too. God, I'm so horny. I don't think I can wait till we get to
the chapel."

The little redhead pouted as she marched up the stairs to their
bedroom. She heard her father yell up from the kitchen, "Make
sure you wear something sexy for the Reverend. I want you to
really whore it up." She stood in front of the full length mirror
and smiled approvingly. Mollie had chosen a see thru white
camisole. It was lace and had floral patterns, and her pierced
nipples were clearly visible. Her father purchased another
Daddy's Little Slut necklace, but in gold, so it matched her
nipple and engagement rings. She paired the camisole with a
yellow, pleated miniskirt that fell to mid thigh. She donned a
pair of white stilettos. The whore had been practicing wearing
high heels the whole time that her nipples were healing. 

Mollie sat at her vanity and did her makeup. She wanted to make
her green eyes pop, so she used plum hued eye shadow, and a
natural brown eye liner. Jennifer had told her that dark brown
mascara would lift and extend the lashes and really make her eyes
shine. She made sure to apply glitter to her red lipstick. When
she was done, she carefully made her way down the stairs. 

"Very nice, my little slut," commented Mark, "You're going to
have to wear that trench coat I bought you or you're going to
freeze." Mollie caught sight of the Jackhammer Jesus that was
still resting on the coffee table, "Can we bring Him with us to
the Chapel?" Mark laughed out loud, "I think that that is an
excellent idea. Good girl!"

Even though it was a short walk, they drove to the chapel. It was
after hours, so Mark used the heavy brass door knocker. The knock
was answered shortly by the good Reverend. Leroy Lovejoy was of
average height, and a little overweight. He had a deep rumbling
voice that carried very well when he did his sermons. God had
been good to him. He lived a good life, wanting for very little.
"Come on in. I've been expecting you."

 He ushered them into his office and offered Mark a drink. "I
think I have some soda in the fridge for you Mollie. I'm sure you
don't want the hard stuff." When Mollie took her trench coat off
the Reverend gasped. His eyes wandered all over the girl's body.
From her radiant eyes, to the whorish makeup, and then down to
the necklace. He could see the gold nipple rings underneath her
sheer top. His prick started to rise. "Reverend, I've had the
hard stuff before. It tastes yucky, but it made me feel good.
Daddy, can I have a small drink?" Mark turned the Reverend,
"Leroy, do you have any rum?"  

The three sat at a round table that was obviously used for
playing poker. There was a deck of cards and a couple of ashtrays
strewn around. They made small talk about the wedding until Mark
opened the bag that he had brought with them. He placed the
Jackhammer Jesus in the middle of the table. "What's that?" asked
Leroy. "It looks like a crucifix. Is that what I think it is?"
Mollie brazenly declared, "Yes Reverend, it's a big Jesus cock.
While you are blessing me, I think my Daddy should fuck you in
the ass with it." The rum was doing its job. The six year old
walked around the table to where Leroy was sitting. She straddled
one of his thighs and reached between his legs. "My Daddy told me
that you have a beautiful penis. Can I see it? Would you like me
to wrap my pretty little lips around it? I'm a really good

Without waiting for an answer, the totty dropped to her knees and
began undoing the Reverend's trousers. Leroy took a drink from
his cocktail and grinned at Mark, "I think that you have found
yourself a perfect little mate. I approve of this marriage." "It
is beautiful, Daddy," announced the preteen slut as she inspected
his package. She rubbed her lips along one of the rigid veins
that ran the length of his shaft, and slipped her glittery lips
around the cock head that so resembled a mushroom. She rammed him
down her throat so that her nose was tickled by his pubic hair.
Leroy groaned when the child began swallowing, "What are you
doing?"  Mark explained that she was giving him a throat massage.
Mollie continued with the blowjob until she could take it no
longer. "Reverend, I'm so horny. I haven't cum all day, and I
need you inside me. Please give me your blessing." 

Her face was a mess. Drool hung from her red lips. The strumpet's
lipstick was smeared. Her eyes were filled with need, "Fuck me."
Mollie climbed up on the poker table, and got on her hands and
knees. She swayed her tight, little ass back and forth, enticing
the man. Leroy's prick was as hard as it had ever been, and he
made to join her on the table. "Leroy, I don't think that the
table was made for this kind of action. Let's go somewhere more
suitable," suggested Mark.

Leroy showed them to his bedroom. Robin had tidied it up before
he had gone home for the day. Very soon, the good Reverend's
glittery cock had found its home. He and Mollie maintained a good
pace and were rutting nicely. "Oh, Reverend. You are filling me
up," cried the bride to be. She had one hand between her legs,
diddling her twat, while the other pulled at her nipple rings. 

Mollie's face was jammed up against a pillow. The girl needed to
cum so badly. Cassie had worked her up. Her Daddy had worked her
up with all that talk of a doggy gangbang. She was now rubbing
the inside of her wrist against her sopping wet hole. "Oh God, my
clit is on fire. Keep fucking me Leroy. Your cock is so hard."
The Reverend grabbed a handful of her curly red hair and began to
ride the bitch. "That's it. Shit. Fuck. Ahhh...FUCK ME! HARDER!"
Leroy was fucking her so fast that his cock was a blur. The bed
was creaking and the headboard was knocking against the wall.
"I'm cumming," wailed Mollie. Her high voice was muffled by the
pillow, "I'm cumming at last......."

The Reverend slowed his pace down so he could catch his breath.
He was hunkered over the child, almost engulfing her small frame.
Leroy began muttering obscenities under his breath, "Oh my sweet,
young child, your asshole is so tight. You are God's whore! Fuck
toy of God. Can you feel God inside you?" He raised his deep
voice a little, expecting an answer, "I said can you feel God
inside you? Mollie groaned as he thrust harder, "Yes, I can feel
Him. Oh, oh, oh. He's so good."

Mark had been playing with himself as he watched the perverted
scene. Upon hearing Leroy's question, he knew it was time for the
Jackhammer. He lubed Him up and nuzzled the head of the dildo
against the Reverend's asshole. When Leroy asked the question
again, Mark shoved the Jackhammer Jesus in. He slid in easily,
and Leroy groaned loudly. Mark had a wicked smile on his face as
he fucked Leroy. "Good Reverend, I have a question for you. Do
you feel God inside you? Cause Jesus is about to start
jackhammering you. The good Reverend responded, "God is Good." 

With that said, Mark began using the dildo as it was intended.
Leroy moaned and was practically panting. He had stopped fucking
Mollie, but his rock hard penis was still entrenched deep in the
girl's bowels. Mark jammed the Holy rod in with quick intensity,
twisting Him around, blessing the Reverend in a beautiful
reversal of circumstance.

Leroy could feel it coming and began expressing himself as he was
wont to do, "He is joyous! Mollie, this is your covenant with
God. Do you feel it?" His baritone voice filled the room.
Mollie's small tenor was mild in contrast, but just as filled
with need, "Yes, Leroy. I feel it. God is so good." Mark slowed
up on his thrusting and let Leroy resume fucking his daughter.
The Reverend's face was twisted with passion, he was nearly
there. Just a few more thrusts would do it. He pulled out of the
child and flipped her over. "Do you want it?" She looked up at
him and hissed, "Yes." "Do you want God's love?" "Yes, please."
He was jerking furiously on his cock while Mark fucked him with
the dark red Jesus cock. "Are you ready for your blessing?"
Mollie replied emphatically, "YES!" "Are you ready for God's love
to rain down upon you?" Mollie screamed, "FUCK YES! SHOOT YOUR

The good Reverend aimed his spurting cock at Mollie's face,
plastering the lass with the first blast. She whimpered as she
wiped it into her mouth. He aimed his pistol at her piercings and
shot big wads, coating the nipples with hot slime. The good
Reverend then placed his shooting cock at the entrance of her
hairless vagina. When Mollie felt the cum hit her hymen, it
caused another orgasm to flash through her young body. She took
him in her hand ands humped her clit against the head of his
dick. "Fuck!" she groaned, "Reverend, you make me cum so good."

His cock was still hard as he pressed the swollen head against
the child's cum puddled right nipple. He could feel the nipple
ring poking his sensitive meat, "I bless you in the name of the
Father," he moved to the other nipple, "The Son," and then down
to Mollie's beautiful pouting pussy, "and The Holy Ghost."  His
duties finished, Leroy made to get cleaned up, but Mollie grabbed
his hand, "Thank you, Reverend. May I kiss it one more time?" 
She took the now pliable cock and pressed her lips against its
head, kissing it devoutly while looking up at the Reverend with
her emerald green eyes. He smiled down at her, "Mollie, you are a
true whore, and I give you both my blessing."

When they got home, Mollie let her father use her mouth as a
fuckhole. The newly christened girl lay on her back with her head
over the side of the bed. She was still covered in the Reverend's
dried up God seed and her makeup was a complete mess. He held the
whore's tiny body in place while he fervently fucked her face.
His balls were slapping against Mollie's forehead when he began
to complete. His cum shot down the back of her throat. He was so
deep in her mouth that the slut couldn't even taste it. When he
finished, he pulled out and threw himself on the bed. 

Mollie went to the kitchen and warmed herself a nice mug of horse
cum. She thought about her upcoming marriage while she nursed on
the unclean beverage. Her tummy was full of the thick slime when
she crawled up and rested her head on her father's chest. "Very
soon, Daddy. I'll be your bride." She smiled as she drifted off
to sleep.

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