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Subject: {ASSM} RP: A Stick of Butter {Hoisington} (flash)
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A Stick of Butter

My sincerest thanks to Denny Wheeler for editing this story.

"Coming!" cried Irma Goldstein. She dropped her spray wax and dust cloth 
on the end table, restrained some escaped white hair, and scurried to 
the door. It was the neighbors' daughter. "Tabytha!" she squealed. "Come 
in, my dear!"

Rose McGowan had wanted a daughter since she was five. On their fifth 
try, Rose and Fred had Tabytha, a sweet, innocent, wholesome 
twelve-year-old who always looked like she'd stepped out of a 1950s 
family sitcom.

"Good afternoon, Missus Goldstein," Tabytha said, smiling sweetly in her 
green apron over a crisp white blouse and red plaid skirt. "I was 
wondering if I might borrow a stick of butter."

"Of course you may." Irma waved Tabytha toward the kitchen. "Are your 
parents back?"

"No, ma'am. The hospital released Aunt Susan. She's really really 
better, so they'll be back Wednesday. I'm cleaning house so Mommy won't 
have to."

"That's wonderful. I suppose your brothers will be happy."

Tabytha sighed. "I really really think so, ma'am. It's such a bother 
being responsible for me."

Irma poked in the fridge, withdrew a stick, and gave it to Tabytha. 
"Here you go, dear. You are always so considerate. Are you making your 
delicious shortbread cookies for your brothers?"

"Thank you ever so much," Tabytha said, beaming a smile bright as 
sunshine. "No, ma'am. I made them cookies and frosted cupcakes this 
morning. That's why I'm out of butter now. Billy Lundberg is watching 
football with Sean. He brought beer, and the guys are really really 
drunk and can't drive to the store."

"Oh, my! And you're such a loving sister that you need butter for 
something else to make your brothers and their friend happy?"

"Yes, ma'am," Tabytha said, smiling angelically. "We're out of K-Y 
jelly, and the guys really really want to fuck me in the ass."

Copyright(C) 2007 by Russell Hoisington

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights
reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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