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*When six-year old Ellie came to visit, she wanted to be taken on the river
for her school project. So I took her.

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Taking Ellie on the river
(Mg, extr-ped, scat)

For two idyllic years I lived on a converted Thames sailing
barge, moored on the river near Windsor. And of course lots of
friends-and friends of friends, even-wanted to come visit, and
occasionally sleep over. The barge had a little tender: a
varnished wooden skiff; so some of the visitors would ask to go
out rowing on the rural Thames.
One summer day two old friends came, bringing another couple with
their eight-year old son and younger daughter. After lunch on the
barge's deck, everyone was feeling stuffed and lazy, except for
the kids. As I'd largely ignored them while we'd been cooking and
eating the meal, I asked them if they wanted to go rowing on the
river and give their mum and dad some slobbing time in the
The son wasn't interested: he wanted to try out his new fishing
rod in manly solitude. But the little girl said she was doing a
school project on marine life, and could we go on the river and
look for things to collect. I asked her mum and dad if they were
ok with that. They were more than ok; downright grateful, in
So I pulled the dinghy alongside and stepped down first to hold
it steady and help the little girl in. She climbed gingerly down
the boarding ladder, carrying a small bag. I admired a glimpse of
her little white knickers as she took one step at a time,
sunlight dappling her legs through her thin summer frock. I
lifted her down the last bit, and sat her on the aft thwart. She
smiled excitedly at me and trailed her hand in the water as I
cast off and pulled away from the barge.
"Well," I said, "I think the first thing is to know who you are.
So, tell me your name, and how old you are, and what class you're
in, and anything else you can think of."
"Ok," she said, placing her hands firmly on her lap in a
businesslike manner. "My name is Ellie-that's short for Eleanor,
but I don't like being called that. And I'm seven. Well, nearly
seven. I will be in… um… nine weeks, I think. And I'm in Mrs
Mitchener's class, and she's really nice, and she says I'm one of
her best pupils, and sometimes she gives me a star for being
"That's great, Ellie, thanks. I feel I sort of know you now.
Beginning to, I mean."
She smiled again. I rowed slowly upstream, keeping near the bank.
"So what's this school project you're doing, and what sort of
things do you want us to look for?"
Ellie rummaged in her bag and pulled out an exercise book. She
turned the pages and I saw her drawings of frogs and tadpoles,
and a dragonfly, and different water plants. She came to a list,
with tick boxes beside the items. She ran her finger down it.
"Um. Waterboatmen. Toad. Newt. Fishes. There's a list of fishes.
"Sticklebacks?" I suggested.
"Let me see… yes, sticklebacks. And chubb, and… don't fish have
funny names!"
"I suppose they do. But then, I suppose they'd think Ellie was a
funny name."
She giggled.
"Fishes, Ellie, we might be lucky. But things like waterboatmen,
and dragonflies, and toads even-they live more in ponds, not
moving rivers. So let's concentrate on the fishes, yes?"
"Alright," she said enthusiastically. "Shall I start looking in
the water here?"
"No, not here. A little way upstream there's a better place. I'll
show you." I rowed on for about a quarter of a mile while Ellie
stared into the murky water. We came to a little inlet with
overhanging willows.
"Right, honeybun, lean over and look into the water. You have to
sort of look right through your own reflection, and then you
ought to be able to see some little fish."
Ellie stared into the dark water.
"I can't see anything," she said, disappointed. I searched with
"There!" I whispered. "There, look: a whole group of them. Little
black minnows, all drifting along in the shadow. See?"
"Oh yes!" she said, delighted. "Wow, squillions of them!"
She leant back, reached for her book, and triumphantly ticked the
Minnow box.
I let the dinghy drift slowly back on the current till it came to
a spot where a half sunken branch made a small whirlpool, bending
the green rushes with it. I peered intently, and at last was
"Look, look Ellie!" I whispered urgently, pulling her close and
pointing. "Deeper down. See? It's our local pike. Don't move or
it'll whizz off and hide." Ellie suddenly focussed on the pike
and a tremor of excitement went through her little body.
"Wow, it's huge," she whispered in awe. "It's got a horrible
face, hasn't it-all turned down and cruel like a witch."
"Why don't you do a quick drawing before it disappears," I
suggested softly. She sat back carefully on her thwart, took a
pencil from her bag, and drew the pike, giving it a truly
monstrous face. When she'd finished she put the pencil in her
mouth and absently opened her legs to briefly squeeze her vulva.
We decided to move on, and the pike darted away. As I rowed,
Ellie sat looking at her book and occasionally wriggling her
bottom on the thwart.
We looked for sticklebacks, but couldn't find any. Ellie began to
get fidgety.
"Have you had enough?" I asked her.
"No," she said uncertainly. So I rowed on, round a couple of
bends in the river.
We found more minnows and a frog, which ticked another box. But
Ellie was beginning to look as if her mind was elsewhere. She was
wriggling her bottom more frequently, and clearly feeling
uncomfortable; but she said nothing.
"Are you having fun, sweetie?" I asked innocently. "Shall we go
further up the river?"
She didn't answer, so I rowed mercilessly on. She began pinching
her vulva as she squirmed on the thwart.
"We've got lots of time," I said cruelly.
She screwed her face up and looked unhappy. She leant forward
with her legs tight together, making small rocking movements. I
pretended to ignore the obvious signs. Finally she said meekly,
"Can we go back now?"
"Really, Ellie? We've hardly found anything on your project list.
Are you bored already?"
"I'm not bored," she said unhappily.
"So why do you want to go back so soon?" She didn't answer, but
looked more and more uncomfortable. I toyed with the idea of
observing her wet her knickers. Finally I relented. I leaned
forward and took her hands.
"Ellie, it's ok, darling," I said sweetly. "You need to do a wee,
don't you?"
She looked up, blushing but grateful for the relief of being
"But there's nowhere to go," she complained anxiously, looking
around at the rural absence of convenient toilets.
"I'll show you how you can do it. Step carefully over to me,
honeybun. Hold my hand and keep in the middle of the boat."
I sat her beside me on the centre thwart and put an arm round her
narrow shoulders.
"Now," I explained carefully, "there's no one around here for
miles. I think the best thing is for you to take off your
knickers and I'll hold you up so you can wee over the side of the
boat. Would that be ok?"
She was silent, struggling between her urgent need and the
impropriety of it. Finally she admitted, "My mum says I mustn't
ever let anyone see my bottom."
"Oh," I said innocently, "why not?"
"Cos it's very rude," she said shyly, her face reddening; but she
looked pleadingly up at me for a solution.
"Well," I suggested, "do you think we should do it but not tell
your mum? Keep it a secret between us and never tell anyone? Cos
otherwise you'll wet your knickers. And I don't think your mum
would like that!"
She thought about it, squirming her legs together and looking a
bit desperate.
"I suppose we could," she said at last. "But you really mustn't
"I won't, I promise," I assured her; and I meant it.
I rowed in to the bank and tied the painter to a willow root.
"Now, you stand up carefully and take off your knickers."
She looked at me and gave a wan smile. She stood and lifted her
frock to pull her knickers down but the dinghy rocked and she
lost her balance. I caught her and gave her a kiss on her slim
"Look," I said sweetly, "you hold on to me and I'll take them
off, ok?"
"Ok," she said in a small but grateful voice. She held my
shoulders while I groped under her summer frock for the waist of
her 5-to-9-years knickers. I slid them carefully down, making
sure to run my hands smoothly round her tight little bottom and
down her warm thighs. She stepped out of them, one foot at a
time, and I put them on the thwart.
"Now turn round with your back to me," I instructed. "Good girl;
now squat down on my hands and I'll lift you. Don't be scared, I
won't drop you in the water!"
She gave a nervous giggle, and squatted down. I took her weight,
such as it was, lifted her up and swung her round so her bum was
hovering over the gunwale.
I held her legs wide open and peered over her shoulder at her
beautiful little pubic mound. Her thighs were warm and baby-skin
"I'm ready, darling. You can-"
But Ellie wasn't waiting for the manual. She let go and a strong
clear jet shot out between her legs, arcing into the water and
glinting in the sunlight. I heard her sigh.
"Is that better?" I asked, as the jet kept streaming out, making
a gurgling ring of bubbles in the water three feet from the boat.
"Mm," she grunted in satisfied relief. She did an amazingly long
wee. I held her bum higher till I could just glimpse her open
slit, bright pink and looking delicious through the dancing jet.
I waved her round till the stream died down and she squeezed out
the last drops. I was still gazing at her vulva.
"I've finished," she prompted. "You can put me down." I lifted
her back and sat her on my lap. I draped her legs outside mine
and spread mine apart, so hers were wide open.
"We need to wipe you now," I said.
"I know," she agreed, "but what with?"
"Mm, that is a problem," I said thoughtfully. "We haven't got
anything. We could use your knickers, but that'll be like wetting
"My mum says I should always wipe myself afterwards," she said.
"Yes, of course you should. Look, we'll have to improvise. That
means using whatever we've got. How about I wipe you with my
hands? I can wash them in the river afterwards."
She looked alarmed.
"You mean, touch my bottom? My mum would be really cross," she
said anxiously.
"I think she probably would. But we've got nothing else to use.
Can't we just make it another part of our secret? Then it'll just
be you and me that know."
She decided Yes, that was the only solution. With that agreed I
reached down between her legs and began the operation. My first
stroke started between her bum hole and her wet vulva: gently I
dragged one finger forward till it dipped into her soft slit and
slid lightly across the soft frills of her inner labia.
The next stroke did the same, but carried on up till it stroked
over the little ridge of her clitoris sheath. She gave a twitch,
which I pretended not to notice.
The third stroke started right down on her little puckered anus,
which made her give a small jump; when it reached the clitoral
hood, I rolled it from side to side and was rewarded with a faint
"Nearly done," I lied.
The next stroke began again at her anus and rubbed around and
over it a few times, making her twitch again. Then when it
reached her sheath, I pressed a little harder, squeezed it
gently, nudged it from side to side. This time I heard a sharp
intake of breath.
"Oh sorry, darling. Did I hurt you?"
Her head was bowed as she watched my hand; but she shook it to
say No.
"Should I do it a bit more? To make sure you're really clean and
She nodded.
I pressed again on her sheath, rubbed lightly along its short
length, then on down to touch the mouth of her miniature vagina.
Several times she jerked at the contact. Soon I was rubbing
rhythmically along her clitoris and stroking round the mouth of
her vagina, watching to see her reactions.
"I can stop if you think you're nice and dry, Ellie," I offered.
But she said nothing and kept staring down at my hand. Fair
enough, I thought, and continued stroking her clit.
She began to push back into my chest: just little surges, but
each time she did so her legs would twitch wider open for a
moment. She was clearly beginning to react to the sensations she
was discovering; I took the next step. I reached my other arm
round her and began stroking over the swell of her little tummy,
tickling her belly button, then down to her mons. I gently drew
her skin up from her vulva while my other hand stroked over her
clit. I wanted to find out if the tip of her clit could be
uncovered, but it seemed not. She was only six, after all.
I took my right hand from her tummy, reached under her bum and
began to stroke and squeeze her cheeks, while the left hand kept
fingering her clit. With the right I crept round her buttock into
her bum crease, stroked up and down it, and nuzzled into the dip
of her hole. She jerked and protested, "That's dirty, it's my poo
"Does it feel bad to touch it?"
She shook her head slowly. After more clit stroking she pushed
back on my chest again, harder this time, and made a soft moaning
sound. Her torso began to make little movements: first tiny
spasms, then small spastic jerks up and down. I realised that,
never mind her six years, she was beginning to get wet. I bent
down and sucked gently on her ear lobe while I continued stroking
her bum and clit. Moments later she gave a single high-pitched
grunt and her little body shuddered on my lap. A silent pause,
then she sank back with a big sigh.
That's it, darling Ellie, I thought: your first orgasm. Not
strong, nothing dramatic, but definitely an orgasm.
"I think we've finished, sweetie, don't you?" I murmured in her
ear, and she nodded.
"Let's put your knickers back on and go looking for fish again."
She took a deep breath and looked up at me. I pulled her knickers
up, kissed her cheek, and helped her back to her seat in the
stern. She sat there, giving me occasional shy glances.
We began looking for bigger fish; but after a bit I saw that her
mind wasn't really on the search. Not only that, but she was
sitting with her legs apart so I could see between them. That,
combined with the shy glances, seemed like a sweet naïve come-on.
"Ellie, I can see your knickers," I said, and she promptly closed
her legs.
"It's alright, I like looking at you there."
"Why do you?" she mumbled, covering her face with her hands as
she turned scarlet.
"Because you're beautiful and sexy."
"What's sexy?" But her legs crept open.
"Sexy's what some people call rude. Sexy's that feeling you get
when someone touches your private parts. You know what I mean?"
"Oh, yes, like when you were wiping me. It was nice."
"Well," I smiled at her, "if you need to do another wee, I'll
have to wipe you again!"
"I don't mind," she said, blushing again.
Half an hour of less than committed fish spotting went by, till
suddenly Ellie took the initiative.
"I think I need to wee some more!" she announced daringly.
"Wow, already!" I exclaimed in mock surprise. "I'd better tie up
the boat again."
"Yes, go on!" she said excitedly. "I need to go badly." Like
hell, I grinned to myself.
I found another secluded spot and made fast to a sapling on the
"Ok, come over to me, darling, and let's get you weeing."
She scrambled forward and stood up to hold my shoulders. I
slipped her knickers off again and put them on the thwart beside
me, taking a quick sniff before I did so.
"I saw you!" she crowed accusingly. "That's really rude!"
"Maybe," I said, "but they smell of your lovely bottom."
"Yeuck!" she said disdainfully. Pause. "Can I smell them, then?"
I held them up to her nose and she took an exaggerated sniff.
"Pooh!" she said, shaking her head vigorously. "Horrible!"
"I don't think so. I think they smell gorgeous. And sexy. Like
your bottom." She ignored that and turned round to be lifted over
the side of the boat. I went through the routine: lift, hold with
legs open, and wait.
This time there was quite a long wait. And nothing. It just made
me need to go quite urgently myself. I could feel her trying to
squeeze out at least a small wee; and finally a pathetic little
dribble came trickling out.
"I've finished," she said, with a note of challenge. "You can
wipe me now!"
"You cheeky monkey! You didn't need to do one at all. Now I'm
going to wipe you a different way."
I put her down on her aft thwart.
"Now sit there with your eyes shut and don't say anything, and
I'll give you a really nice surprise."
I pressed her legs to part them and she immediately obliged. As
she sat there waiting with her eyes shut tight, I knelt in front
of her open vulva, gave it a quick wipe, then touched her fanny
for the first time with my tongue.
Her eyes shot wide open and she gave a shocked squeal that would
have crossed a playground. She tried to clamp her legs shut, but
my shoulders were between them.
"What are you doing?" she cried, her voice rising to an alarmed
"I'm smelling your gorgeous bottom smell," I told her from
between her legs.
"Oh! " she shouted, "you're so rude!"
And then she suddenly realised she liked this new sensation. As I
dragged my tongue up her little maiden slit, she looked at me
with huge eyes, and her mouth dropped open. She gave a sigh and
sank down on the thwart, spreading her legs as wide as she could.
"Oh… oh…" she murmured. "Oh that feels nice." As I licked I
squeezed her waist, stroked her tummy, softly pinched her little
buttocks, rubbed along her clit hood. She began to get moist
again, and soon she was seeping wet from her cunny.
At last I felt her little hands on my head, pulling me into her.
She was holding her legs wide and then clamping them, trembling,
against my ears.
She slipped further down on the thwart till she was nearly
horizontal and her bottom was off the edge. I took advantage and
ran my fingers up and down her bum crease and tickled her tight
hole. I licked my little finger and went back to try and slide it
in. She protested and pushed my hand away, so I began to suck her
clitoris into my mouth, and soon she was making her little
jerking movements up and down.
"Make me be sexy again," she said breathlessly. And conceded:
"You can try and put your finger in my poo hole."
But instead I carefully pushed my little finger into the opening
of her vagina and began to slip it in and out-only an inch, so as
not to break her hymen. I was still working her clit with my
hungry tongue.
I glanced up at her and saw her eyes were shut and her mouth
open. She looked perfect. I took my finger from her vagina, held
her labia apart and tried to push my tongue into her. She was too
tight. I curled my tongue into a tube and tried again. This time
I could feel it stretching the mouth-ring and slipping just past
the entrance. I pushed in further till I felt the resistance of
her hymen, and stopped there. I began tongue-fucking her, slow
and shallow, while my nose rubbed her clit. I pulled back and
gazed into her vagina.
"Why did you stop?" she asked urgently. "I want to be tickled
some more."
"Just looking at your lovely bottom," I said breathlessly. I went
back to sniffing her vagina entrance and easing my tongue in and
out of its tight, slippery warmth.
"Ooh, my bottom really likes that," she murmured. Her bottom
seemed to confirm it. Her labia were in faint spasm: the little
twin pads clenched together, trembling slightly, and then relaxed
open, oozing a small surge of her sex juice as I pushed my tongue
between them and into the mouth of her warm cave.
She rose beautifully to her second orgasm, making straining
noises and giving little jerks under my tongue, till she was
finally there and her legs clamped on my head and she wriggled
her bottom fiercely, grunting breathlessly as her climax briefly
siezed her.
"Ooh!" she sighed as her spasms ended. "That was so yummy!"
She looked coyly at me as a thought occurred to her.
"D'you think we're being really naughty?"
"I do think we're being really naughty. So naughty, in fact, that
maybe I ought to tell your mum and dad."
"No!" she almost screamed. "No-no-no, you mustn't tell. You won't
really, will you?"
I kissed her face.
"No, of course I won't. Only joking, lovely girl. It's our secret
for always."
I sat back on my seat, and Ellie pulled her knickers on.We rowed
further, under willow trees, past a field of cows reaching down
the bank to chew the rich grass by the water.
Ellie seemed to have given up on finding specimens for her
project; and I was getting into the dreamy rhythm of rowing,
gazing round at the view as we went slowly along.
I caught her grinning provocatively at me. I looked down and was
almost shocked to see that she was sitting with her legs apart
and pulling the crutch of her knickers to one side so I was
treated to a heart-stopping view of her smooth naked slit.
"Ellie!" I said in mock horror. "What a rude, naughty girl you
She gave a peal of laughter and let go of her knickers so she was
covered again. I rowed on, pretending not to look at her but
watching out of the corner of my eye. She repeated her trick a
couple more times. I ignored her, more preoccupied with an urgent
need to pee myself.
After a while she turned round to kneel on the thwart, gazing at
the wake as it bubbled behind us. But the next time I glanced at
her she'd pulled her knickers down to her knees and was brazenly
mooning her little bottom at me.
"Ellie!" I tried to sound outraged. "Put your bottom away. You
know I'm not supposed to even see it!"
Ellie gave a yelp of delight as she turned back and plumped her
naked bottom down on the thwart.
"I'm ve-ry naugh-tee! I'm ve-ry naugh-tee!" she chanted, giggling
hysterically while I tried and failed to keep a straight face.
Then her imagination came up with another offence.
She rummaged in her bag and pulled out the pencil. Her knickers
were still round her knees and, holding her labia open, she
squeezed the pencil in lengthways along her slit. She shut her
legs so the pencil was clamped in its delectable place, and stood
up, wobbling dangerously.
"Look!" she crowed. "I'm holding my pencil with no hands!"
"That's the limit!" I exclaimed, and gave a hard pull on the oars
so she fell back on the thwart. "There! That's your punishment
for being a rude, sexy, naughty little girl!"
She giggled delightedly at my pretend condemnation. Then she
turned and knelt on the thwart again and I admired her gorgeous
little white bottom. I rowed on for a while, admiring the
"It's coming out!" she said suddenly. I looked about us to see
what she meant.
"It'll go in the boat!" she warned urgently.
"What will, honeybun?" I asked.
"Well, look! It's coming out. It's coming out of my bottom!"
I looked at her bottom. Oh my god! A sleek little turd was poking
out of her stretched bum hole!
"Ellie! No! You can't do a poo in the boat! Stop it, you dirty
"Well catch it then!" she shouted gleefully. On the hop, I
couldn't think of any alternative. I shipped the oars hurriedly
and leant forward, cupping a hand under the offending item. It
was creeping out slowly, stretching her baby membrane round it.
My head was spinning into some surreal vortex. Instead of waiting
to catch Ellie's turd, I suddenly squashed my hand into it and
smeared it over her little buttocks. Ellie immediately realised
she'd been caught out.
"Eeeyyugh!" she cried in horror. "Yeeuck, that's so disgusting!"
And then she started giggling, and then laughing madly, and then
shouting and gasping with manic laughter till she was out of
control. When at last she finally calmed down, out of breath, she
began to realise that a clean-up was required.
"How are you going to get it off me?" she challenged. I rinsed my
hand over the side of the boat and considered the options.
"Wash your bum in the river?" I offered.
"I suppose so," she agreed reluctantly. So I manoeuvred her round
to sit on the gunwale, reached down to get a handful of river
water, and splashed it on her dirty butt.
"Ow, it's too cold!" she shrieked. "Stop, stop! I don't like it.
I only like warm water for washing!"
"Well," I said, "that's your problem, little Miss Dirtybum. I
don't actually have a hot water shower in this boat!"
She looked at me, her mind running wild.
"You could wee over me!" she chirped insanely. "Cos wee is warm,
you know!"
Fuck! I thought. This girl…!
Aloud I said, "It'll make your dress wet."
"I'll take it off!" she said excitedly, as if I'd given licence
to her madness.
In smart time she pulled off her frock and a cute little pink
vest under it, then her sandals and finally her knickers, so she
was completely naked. I took a deep breath at the sight of her
little white body with its flat chest and tiny pink nipples,
picked up her clothes and put them out of the way in the bow.
Then, feeling like a nervous criminal but glad of an excuse to
relieve myself at last, I looked around, stood carefully to unzip
my jeans, and dropped them to my feet. Ellie bent over with her
bum in the air. I peeled down my pants, while she peered over her
shoulder and gaped at the sight of my half-erect cock.
"I don't think your mum would like this much, either!" I
Ellie put a hand to her mouth and made big eyes at me.
"Ok, sexy girl, are you ready?"
"Yes, yes," she squeaked, wriggling in delighted anticipation,
"go on, do it!"
I pointed my cock at her little bottom and pinched it shut till
I'd built up a pressure.
"Here it comes!" I croaked, and let go. A stream of hot piss
sprang out and hit the top of her thighs. Ellie jumped and
I adjusted my aim to sluice her cheeks.
"Oo, that's lovely!" she cried. "All warm and tickly." I squirted
the jet neatly into the top of her bum crease and ran it on down
over her cute little puckered hole. She clenched her cheeks.
"Open your legs," I said. She did, and I directed a short squirt
into her vulva. She squealed again.
"Yes, do it just there! It feels really nice!"
But I needed the rest of my supply to get her clean, so I went
back to spraying her dirty little buttocks. It was a close call:
even with a bursting bladder I had only just enough to get all
the mess off her. I sat down again.
Then, before she could see what I was doing, I reached under the
thwart for the bailer, dipped it over the side, and quickly
washed her down with river water. She gave an outraged wail; but
I pulled her over my knee, gave her sweet bottom a firm rubbing
to warm it up, and sat her down beside me.
"You know, Ellie," I said, cuddling her,
"I really like being with you. It's fun."
"I like being with you," she grinned shyly. "I can be naughty
with you."
As she sat huddling against me, she naked and I the same from my
waist down, my cock stiffened. Ellie looked down and noticed it.
She didn't say anything for a minute. Then, in a small voice, she
asked: "Is it alright to touch it?"
"If you want to," I said, trying to sound casual. Gingerly she
touched my glans with her fingertips; my cock jumped, and she
sprang her hand away.
"It's alright, darling," I murmured in her ear, "it only does
that because it likes you touching it."
 "Can it feel me touching it?"
"God yes! It feels fantastic."
She crept her hand back into contact, and again my cock jerked.
She put her hand round it and held still. Then she found that
moving her hand along the shaft made it jump more.
"It likes me doing this," she whispered, intent on watching the
effect. "Oh look," she observed, "it's doing a tiny little wee."
"That's not wee," I explained. "It's called lubrication. It's to
make it more slippery."
"Why does it have to be slippery?"
"Er, well… when grownups do sex, the man puts his cock into the
woman's vagina. Her vagina makes some wet juice, and the man's
cock makes this stuff. And that way, when his cock goes in and
out of her, it's lovely and slippery. Understand?"
 "Have I got a vagina?" she asked.
"Yes, darling, you have. All girls have. Shall I show you where
it is?"
She looked up and nodded. I scanned the horizon to make sure we
were still alone.
"Ok, open your legs and bend down so you can see. Watch, I'll
hold your fanny open and-"
"What's my fanny?" she interrupted.
"Oh. Well, it's all this down here. Look, I'm holding it open for
you. See that little hole, just… there?" I put my finger on it,
and she gave a little jerk.
"Does that feel nice?" I asked.
"Mm, sort of," she conceded.
I held my finger up to my mouth and dribbled saliva over it.
"Now watch," I murmured.
Very gently I held her labia apart and nuzzled my fingertip round
the mouth of her vagina. The saliva did its job and my finger
slipped a short way in. Ellie squeezed my arm in silence and
pushed forward against my hand. Her face was flushed, and inches
from her fanny as she watched intently.
"There, lovely; that's your vagina. It's just a tiny hole, but it
can go quite big."
"Wow," she breathed. "Did you mean that's where your thing can go
"Yeah," I said hoarsely, "that's right."
There was a short silence.
"Tickle it like you did before," Ellie whispered. I slid my
finger slowly, carefully, in and out by a centimetre. Ellie's bum
gave a small wiggle and she took a deep breath.
"That feels nice," she offered.
I slid in and out a few more times, then slowly moved my finger
up her slit till I touched her shiny wet clitoris. This time she
really jumped, sucking in her breath.
"Oh! Oh, that feels… like when you licked it," she said
excitedly. "Do it some more. I'll watch."
As I stroked between her clit and her vagina, she followed the
movements intently and began to learn what gave her the strongest
feeling and the most intense pleasure. I reached my other arm
round her and stroked her clit at the same time as I slipped my
finger back into the entrance of her vagina.
"Oh, yes, that's best, when you tickle both bits," she whispered,
leaning into me and opening her legs wider.
"Do you want to hold my cock again?" I asked hopefully.
She nodded and wrapped her hand round it. I ached with the
sensation. Remembering her previous discovery, she slid her hand
up and down. She found my semen was oozing out again, and began
spreading it around, first over my glans, then down the shaft. My
cock bucked under her fingers, and her gaze kept alternating
between that and what was going on in her vulva. Soon she was
squirming her bottom and her breath was getting shorter. I worked
both fingers a bit faster and she began to pant. I loved the
sight of her building to her climax. Her legs were trembling and
her crutch was pushing forward against my fingers. I rolled her
clit hood from side to side and pressed harder. She was quite wet
now, and making little high whining noises.
Suddenly her bottom shot forward as she threw herself back almost
horizontal on the seat beside me. I felt the slippery mouth of
her vagina clench on my finger. She gave a long wail as she came
and her feet drummed frantically on the bottom of the boat. It
was a much stronger orgasm this time. She started to subside from
the convulsions, but I slid the top edge of my hand up into her
wet bum crease and kept relentlessly stroking along her clit with
my thumb, pressing harder, running my other hand round her inner
thigh and under her bottom. Unaware that she was clenching my
cock so hard it hurt, she writhed against me and gave little low
screams as I mercilessly tortured her virgin genitals.
Her cries rose higher till she gave a huge shudder and clamped
her legs together, jerking continuously till finally she gave a
long sigh, her body slumped, and she pushed my hand away. Four
orgasms in a couple of hours! And still only six years old!
At that moment I came. Ellie's hand round my cock was a painful
ecstacy that finally seared down to my balls and I felt the
agonising contraction as my climax shot through me. It powered an
intense ejaculation that boiled up my shaft and leapt out to
splash over both our torsos and right up into Ellie's face and
hair. She gave a startled screech and jerked backwards.
"It's ok, it's ok," I soothed her breathlessly. "That's what
happens when a man comes."
"Really?" she said in a quavering voice. "Will it happen when I
"No, darling, you've already come. Four times. When you had that
lovely feeling, sort of like an electric shock."
"Oh. Is that how girls come? Why is it different?"
"Well, um, because a man shoots this stuff into the woman, right
up her vagina. And it mixes with a little egg she has inside her,
and that makes a baby. So he has to be able to squirt it up her.
I carefully wiped all the sperm off her.
"Oh. Am I going to make a baby now?"
I cuddled her.
"No, lovely girl, you're much too young. And I didn't do anything
inside you. Really you're too young to do sex. At least that's
what most grownups think. But we don't think you're too young, do
"I'm not too young, cos I did come," she said proudly. She leaned
into me and sighed. I stroked her hair. After a while she
shivered and said, "Perhaps we should go back now."
I said perhaps we should. I helped her get dressed, and pulled up
my pants and jeans. I filled the bailer with river water and
sluiced her poo off the dinghy's bottom boards. When they were
clean, I lifted them and baled it all out, turned the dinghy and
began the long row back to the barge. The current was with us, so
I could take an occasional rest on the oars. Ellie watched me
with a happy smile on her face.
"I had a lovely time!" she said.
"And so did I," I said. "It's been the most lovely secret time,
doing lovely secret things that nobody must find out about."
"Yes, I know," she said firmly. "I'm going to stop being naughty
now. I'm just going to be good Ellie again." Girl power! I
"Ellie," I said, almost embarrassing myself, "I love you. Both
sides of you: I love good Ellie and naughty Ellie."
She jumped up and scrambled over to me, making the dinghy rock
dangerously. She threw her arms round my neck and gave me several
big wet kisses. I kissed her in turn, and held her steady as she
wobbled back to her place.
"You must try and get your mum and dad to bring you again," I
"Ooh yes!" she agreed. "Maybe before the end of the holidays?"
"That would be lovely, darling. But just say it's so you can
finish your project. And explain that it's really useful going
out on the river."
"Yes, yes," she agreed conspiratorially. "In Fact," she added
importantly as a new idea occurred to her, "it would be best if
you said to come after Autumn term's started, cos then Mark'll be
back at boarding school. Couldn't you ask them when we get back?
"I suppose I could. Well, how about you tell them why you want to
first, and then I'll look surprised and invite them to come for a
weekend, but that I won't be free till termtime. Ok?"
Ellie liked this plan: I could see her rehearsing the scene in
her head. She sat still while I rowed, knees together and hands
folded primly on her lap, holding her project book and smiling at
me from time to time. After a while she broke the silence.
"I know how to come now!" she said happily. Then she added
reassuringly, "But I'm not going to tell anyone!"
We arrived back at the barge and tied up the dinghy. As I climbed
the boarding ladder behind Ellie, I pushed my nose briefly into
her bottom and sniffed her for a last time before we joined the
adults. She looked down at me and giggled.
And while we waited for the right moment to enact our charade,
the day slipped back into anodyne normality and boredom. Except
that whenever no one was looking, Ellie would give me a secret,
conspiratorial smile.

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