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M+M+g+g +g, F+g, inc, best, ped, scat, cons, religious
This one's for you Fran. Merry Christmas my friend.

           By Annie Teall

Chapter 8 
The Slut Rules

As soon as Mark had left the room, Sophie and her sister bounded
up the stairs. "What do you want to wear? What do you think is
presentable?" asked Sophie. "I dunno," replied Annie, "Let's look
in our suitcases. The girls were selecting outfits when Mark
opened the door. "I want you two to take enemas. Your asses need
to be clean for my daughter." The sisters laughed in delight at
this news. Their Uncle Jack had forbidden them from their enema
ritual for the weekend. "Did Mom even bring our bags or nozzles?"
asked Sophie. "I don't know," replied her sis as she looked thru
their cases. 

"Mommy only packed this bag that she got from Wal-Mart just
before we left. Look at these nozzles!  There are only 2. This
tiny one, and this long douche one. They are so little. I need my
big butt plug nozzle. I'm going to leak all over the place," said
Annie with a frown. "Don't worry, Annie. It'll be alright. Let's
do me first, and after I void, we'll do yours in the bathtub." 
When it was Annie's turn, it was just as she had predicted.
Sophie released the catch, but instead flowing into her sister's
ass, the warm water just fell out around the nozzle. "Tighten
your asshole," encouraged Sophie. "I am," replied the frustrated
whore. Sophie used her fingers to fold the loose anal lips around
the nozzle. For the most part, this worked, but Sophie didn't
mind slurping up any leakage. When the bag had flattened, Annie
rubbed her swollen belly, while pinching at her left nipple.  The
nine year old was flat as a board. Her right hand made its way
down to her bare slit and she began to masturbate. 

"I can't wait any longer, Sis," said Sophie. The enema nozzle had
already fallen out and she was now using her fist to plug up the
hole. "Not yet babe, I'm almost there. I'm sure if you started
fist fucking me, it would take me over the edge."  When the 8
year old began the perverted act, warm ass juice spurted from
around her fist and rolled down her arm. There wasn't very much
shit at all, as Sophie had already eaten the contents of her
sister's bowels earlier that afternoon. The toilet licked at the
slightly yellow discharge, snacking on any specks of ass matter
that she found. 

Annie was in the throes of an intense anal orgasm. "Pull it out
now. I need to cum while I'm voiding," grunted the preteen. Her
face was pressed against the tiles of the bathroom wall and she
was panting heavily. Sophie punched her fist in deep one last
time and when she pulled out, nearly two quarts of dirty, warm
water flowed out of Annie's compromised anus. It didn't squirt
out, as much as it just gushed out of the open hole.

Sophie was in heaven. The little tart opened her mouth wide as
the treat cascaded onto her face. She drank it up like a thirsty
whore. Her fingers diddled at her twat as she blissed out. Annie
showered her sisters face with one last bukkaki blast and both
girls came to crashing orgasms. They lay in the tub until they
recovered. Annie was the first to rise. She looked down at her
beautiful sister and her heart welled up. Sophie was plastered in
shit juice. Her face and chest were freckled with browning. The
toilet opened her eyes and looked up at her sister with
adoration. Annie helped her up and smiled, "I love you." "I love
you, too," replied the toilet. Annie licked some of the slime off
of Sophie's cheek and the two embraced passionately. Sophie
turned on the shower.

"Miss Jennifer, Can I try out one of the new toys we got? I wanna
make sure I'm good and stretched out so Daddy can fuck me as soon
as we get home." "Sure Baby, they're in the back."  With that,
the 6 year old scampered over the seat and started rummaging thru
the bags. When she found one she liked, she jumped up front and
took off her skirt and Sexy Girl panties. "This one's called "The
Diving Nun. It's a very pretty blue, don't ya think?" Mollie held
the dildo up for Jennifer to see. "It looks a little smaller than
Daddy's cock, but it says here that it can be used in a harness
like the one I got. What's Holy Water Lube?"

Jennifer looked at the girl as she squirted some onto her palm
and then spread the slick stuff all over the nun's face, and then
down over her robes. "It's just a name, honey. Keep your little
butt over the towel so you don't get any of that stuff on the
seat."  Mollie hiked her ass forward and placed her feet on the
dash. She moaned as she inserted the Diving Nun's head into her
asshole. The young child huffed as she pushed a few more inches
in. "She feels good, Jennifer. Real good. I could cum on the Nun,
but I'm not gonna. I wanna save it for my Daddy." When all 7 and
3 quarter inches were in, Mollie stopped fucking herself and just
held it in place. "Mmmm. I'm so full. Miss Jennifer, I heard
Annie and Sophie talking about the Slut Rules, will you tell me
what they are?"

"Honey, I was going to wait til tomorrow to do this, but we can
start now.  Take that nun out of your ass for a second and then
jam her back in."  Mollie grunted as she obeyed, and then began
fucking it in and out rapidly. "Fuck me Daddy, Fuck me. The Nun
is diving into my ass and wants me to cum!" Jennifer slowed the
car, "Mollie, I thought you were saving it for later. Save it for
your real Daddy."  The preteen slowed her motions, "You're right
Mommy, err, I mean Miss Jennifer. Please tell me the rules."

Jennifer began, "Honey, how often do you think about sex?" Mollie
pinched at her nipples furtively, "All the time, when I'm having
sex." "No, baby. I mean when you're not having sex."  The tot
chewed at her bottom lip, "I dunno, when I see Bella Thorne, or
boys on TV, or when I think about my Daddy, or my dog." Jennifer
laughed, "Mollie, did you know that men think about sex on an
average of once every 7 seconds?"  The youngster raised her brows
and looked at her mentor, "That's hot, if it's possible. Boys are
so cool. Teach me how to be a slut." 

`	"Mollie, there are some rules that I've taught my daughters. I
follow them as well. They aren't the only rules, but they are a
good start. I think I've already explained the first rule - Think
like a man. It's very important." Jennifer continued, Rule #2 -
Be honest about who you are, what you want, and what your
boundaries are. I tell my daughters, always be true to
yourselves, and that their family loves them, and are proud of
what they are. Rule #3   Be as upfront as possible.  This one is
obvious. Dress the part and be prepared for the results of your
actions. A horny girl gets what a horny girl deserves. Number 4 -
Be prepared, and be safe, 'cause that's just good sense." "I
have a question Miss Jennifer. What does a horny girl deserve? 
What should I be prepared for, and who's gonna hurt me?" 

 "Baby girl, you have so much to learn. A horny girl deserves
cock, and lots of it. In our family, we have a motto, "Girly girl
needs Doggy Cock." First of all, you shouldn't be worried about
who's going to hurt you. Your Daddy will protect you, but there
are things you need to know about. As a slut, you will be fucking
about and when a girl does this, she exposes herself to certain
risks that you need to be aware of. Your Daddy will look out for
you. In my family, of course everyone has been tested for AIDS,
and any STD's. We're all good, so we fuck about amongst ourselves
as much as we want. Of course, our doctor knows of our bestial
and scatological proclivities, so we all get checked for worms
and such. Occasionally, my brother will whore my daughters and I
out, but our clients have to pass a full battery of tests before
they can purchase our wares. Your Uncle and Daddy have passed
these tests otherwise we wouldn't be here at all. Mollie, you
probably don't need to worry about any of the sex you have had
this weekend. Felicity or Sally are just girls. You are a slut,
after all.

Jennifer stopped at a red light and looked over at her young
charge. "Oh Honey, you're adorable, but your lipstick got smeared
while you were eating my pussy. I'm going to pull over and fix
you up. I thought the clerk at the cosmetic shop had been too
modest, to tell you the truth."  She pulled into the parking lot
of a fast food joint and parked the car. The milf removed the
smeared lipstick and then touched up Mollie's face. She searched
thru her purse until she found what she was looking for. "This is
my favorite shade. It's nice and red. That's right, smack your
lips. Let me wipe around the edges with this q-tip. Now I'm gonna
add this for the finishing touch."  Jennifer took some glitter
that they had purchased earlier and dabbed it on the little
slut's lips. "That looks about right, smack your lips again." She
used the other end of the q-tip to tidy up around the edges one
last time. The glitter added a nice girly shine that Mollie
really liked, "My lips are going to look so sexy when they are
wrapped around Daddy's cock."

"Mollie, we're almost home, and there's one more rule I want to
tell you about. It's almost as important as rule #1.  Rule #5 -
Men are a vain and proud breed. Always compliment them on their
skills, appearance, size, and girth. Praise a man for his
abilities and he will always come back for more, trust me on this
girl. After all, all you really want is the fuck. This brings us
to Rule # 6   Tell your partner what you like and what feels
good. Ahh, here we are. We'll finish this lesson tomorrow. Now
pull that Nun out of your asshole and let me lick her clean."
Mollie did as she was told and handed Diving Nun to Jennifer. She
watched as the older whore licked and sucked the religious sex
toy clean. "Mommy, my ass is still kinda juicy. Would you clean
it up for me?"  
Jennifer smiled; her lips were still wet from cleaning the nun,
"Of course, my dear child." The tot got on her hands and knees
and presented her asshole to the salivating slut. The hole was
slick with ass juice and Holy Water lube. "Mmm," she groaned as
she licked at the mess. She kept at it until the baby ass was
clean and pink. "That Holy Water lube tastes good. It's sweet,
just like you Mollie." The gussied up slut stood in the driveway
as Jennifer fussed over her before they went into the house. She
primped her hair and said, "Ok, you're ready. Let's go inside." 

Everyone had gathered in the kitchen while they waited on
Jennifer and Mollie. The pizza had arrived just minutes ago and
the girls were getting impatient. After getting cleaned up, they
had opted to just wear their bathrobes to dinner. It was better
to let Mollie be in the spotlight. It wouldn't be cool to outslut
her by wearing a sexier outfit. Plus, the clothes wouldn't be
worn for long. Everyone turned as Jennifer stood in the doorway.
"May I please present The New Mollie!" she said in her best
announcer voice. She stood aside and Mollie entered the room. All
eyes went to the six year old. She was different from head to
toe. The transformation in appearance from innocent youngster to
sexy slut was complete.

"Wow! Sweetheart, you're amazing," exclaimed Mark. "Your hair is
beautiful, and your face. Those lips! Come here." She went to
him. He dropped to his knees. His cock made a tent in his boxers.
The others watched as Father and daughter embraced. They kissed
long and hard. His hands wandered over her body. He could feel
the heat of her body thru the diaphanous fabric of her skirt. He
stood up so that her face was right in line with his stiff prick.
"Oh Daddy, I need you inside me," she moaned as she humped her
crotch against his leg. She grabbed his cock and held it tight in
her little hand as she rocked back and forth. Her other hand
clutched at one of his muscular butt cheeks.

He stopped momentarily, "Jennifer, go upstairs and give yourself
an enema. When you're done, get back down here." She jumped at
his order. "You girl's couple up with a dog apiece, your Mother
will take the third. I want dog cocks knotted to your assholes.
Bill, I need some help with my little slut. Today she sucked me
off while her new doggy fucked her ass, but this will be her
first time taking on two men. Mollie had her shiny, red lips
wrapped around her Father's thick pole. He grabbed the back of
her head and humped forward. The 1st grader choked, but regained
her composure as his cock slid down her throat. He fucked her
face until she pushed away. Saliva was dripping off of the turgid
meat. Glitter from her lips had mixed with the spit, making his
cock quite fashionable. "Daddy, I'm ready for you to fuck me. My
asshole is all stretched out, and I need you," plead the
insatiable totty. 

She removed her blouse, skirt, and Sexy Girl panties, and knelt
on the floor. The slut swaying her milky ass back and forth
invitingly. "Fuck me, Daddy." Mark lubed up the entrance and slid
his glittery cock into his daughter's waiting asshole. Just as he
had done earlier to Annie, Bill teased the slut by waving his
erect penis just beyond the reach of her shiny lips. Mollie
gasped as her Father slid his cock in. Her mouth open in a wide
0. Bill took his shot and stuffed his meat into the hole. The
girl sighed in contentment. 

Meanwhile, Jennifer had returned from the bathroom. She assisted
her daughters on their fuck benches. Annie had chosen Bobby, of
course. Sophie coupled with Mollie's dog Dex. This left Bill's
dog, Fido for the matron whore. She lubed up her anus and slumped
over the bench. The dog lover patted her ass and Fido mounted
her. Fido was used to having sex with his master, so it didn't
take long to find the right hole. Soon, two of the Ander's girls
were tied to the dog's cocks. Moans of satisfaction filled the
room. Annie had once again passed out while Bobby filled her
bowels with dogcum. Jennifer smiled as she watched her youngest
encourage her new friend to fuck the shit out of her. She glowed
with pride when Sophie gasped as Dex's knot slipped in. "Mommy,
he's filling me up. I can feel the hot slime as it shoots out."
"I know, Baby. I can feel it too. My doggie is doing the same
thing. And to think that we're getting paid to do this!" groaned
Jennifer. Annie had woken up and chimed in, "This is a whore's
life." While the dogs pumped their asses full of cream, the
sisters cried out in unison, "Thank you Mommy."

Mollie was groaning around a mouthful of man meat, "Uncle Bill,
your cock is so nice!" "That's not the first time I've ever heard
that, little one. Now get back to sucking it. Hey Mark, can she
take a good facefucking?" "For Christ's sake, Bill. She's new at
this. She can deep throat you, but you cannot rape her mouth. If
you do, it'll be the last time you ever lay hands on her,
understand?" Bill was a little disappointed at first, but when he
saw the way young Mollie was hungering on his cock, he thought to
himself, "Its ok Mark, eventually this one will be begging me for

Mark continued to rut on his little girl's ass.  The seed was
building up and he knew what he needed to do. "Jennifer, how are
you and your daughters doing? Are the dogs about finished? How
much longer do you think it will be before their knots
disengage?"  "Bobby's right on track. He'll be out in a couple of
minutes," said Annie, who was very familiar with her lover's
routine. "I've never fucked Dex before," said Sophie, "but he
feels like he's getting smaller. He's not shooting anymore."
Jennifer indicated that Fido was just about finished. 

"Good!" said Mark. "Here's what I want you to do. When the dogs
pull out, clench up on your anuses." "I can't," interrupted
Annie, "I'm compromised." "It's ok," said Sophie, "I'll use my
fist again. That will plug you up." "Thanks, Sis," groaned a
relieved Annie. Mark continued with his plan, "When Bill and I
start to cum, we are going to pull out and shoot all over my
daughter. I want you three whores to do the same. Squat your
asses over her and shit your ass cum on my sluttling."  This sent
Mollie's cunt on fire. "Oh Daddy, if only we could film this,
then I'd be like Annie. Everyone, please feed me your cum,"
exclaimed the excited sluttling. 

"Honey, you're in luck. I brought my camera," said Bill as he
pulled out of Mollie's sucking mouth. He strode purposefully to
the living room and returned shortly with his HD camcorder.  His
cock jutted right in front of his nieces panting mouth as he
began recording. He looked thru the viewfinder as he focused on
her face. "I'm close bro; I think that I'm gonna cum on her face
right now, so that I can get this on tape. That alright with
you?" "Yeah, that's a good idea. Feed my daughter. She's

"You need to turn her over, Mark. You want everyone to shoot onto
her back?" Mark was concentrating on the sensations emanating
from his cock as he pounded it into his daughter's asshole. "I'm
losing it, Bill. You're right." He picked Mollie up and flipped
her on her back while his cock was still inside her. Mollie cried
out in ecstasy when she saw her uncle's cock swaying above her
face. "It's like a mushroom shaped heart. Can I suck on the head
when you cum?"  She nursed on the head of Mr. Bill's cock as he
came. The seed tasted delicious to the newly christened slut. She
ate most of her uncle's semen. He pulled out and spread the rest
on her smiling face. When he finished, ever the photographer, he
went about the kitchen turning all of the lights on, and
adjusting lampshades.

Mark slowed his thrusts. He wanted to last long enough to fuck
her while she got her cum bath. He bent down and kissed Mollie.
She clamped her lips around his tongue and sucked. He could taste
his brother's seed. He slurped up a mouthful off of her
undeveloped chest and hovered above her open mouth. "Feed me,
Daddy," begged the lewd hussy. He let it trickle out into a long
strand that dangled until it fell onto her tongue. 

Sophie followed her sister as she waddled over to rutting couple.
Her right fist still plugging up Annie's ass. Annie squatted so
that her asshole was right above Mollie's face. "Pull your hand
out now," ordered Mark as he picked up the tempo of their
incestuous union. Sophie obeyed. The dog cum enema burped out of
Annie's dilated hole. "Sit on her mouth," suggested Sophie. Mark
grunted his approval. Annie gently sat on the girl's mouth.
Mollie let her Father control the fuck, as she concentrated on
rimming the loose rectum, and eating the dog sperm that flowed
from it. 

The camera lens caught the action as the next cascade of cum hit
the slut's flat chest and belly. Jennifer hovered above and began
spewing the contents of her bowels all over the girl. Mollie
heard her Dad comment that the enema's had done their job. Annie
raised herself off of Mollie's slurping mouth, and a long, wet
cum fart escaped from her ruined anus. Mollie lifted her head and
licked at the farting hole. Annie sighed and released another jet
of gas that sprayed the last of her cum on Mollie's face. She
moved away, to be replaced by Sophie. The 8 year old let the
first blast shoot all over the child's torso. Mark pulled out and
used some to coat Mollie's swollen labia. He rubbed the head of
his cock back and forth over the whole area. He was almost there.
"Daddy, I'm cumming! I'm cummguhglub." The rest of her words were
unintelligible as Sophie shot a huge blast directly into the
slut's mouth. Dex had really filled her up, so Jennifer grasped
her underneath her arms and she rested her ass right on Mollie's
forehead. The whore pushed and doggy sperm spewed out. The sight
before Mark's eyes was the culmination of his plan. His daughter
was covered with hot, wet dog cum. Her face was a mess. When she
looked up at him with her big, green eyes and smiled, he began to
cum. Hard!  "Shoot it down my throat, Daddy!" she urged.

He straddled her small body and she guided his shooting cock into
her mouth. He began fucking her mouth. Deeper and deeper, until
he was all the way in. Her tiny hands grasped his buttocks,
holding him in place. She was breathing thru her nose. Bill
caught it on camera as his brother facefucked the little slut,
and said under his breath, "There it is."  Mark jacked his cock
off on her tonsils in small increments until the last of his seed
rested in her tummy. 

He went to the fridge for a cold beverage. His daughter, Mollie
was still on the floor covered in warm dog semen. "Who wants
some?" she asked. Sophie was the first to arrive, followed by her
sister, and Jennifer. Mark and his brother sat at the kitchen
table and watched the three whores try to clean Mollie with their
mouths. Mark was hungry so he put the pizzas in the oven to warm
them up. "You girls want some 'za?" he asked as they traipsed by
on their way up to the shower. "Nah, we're too full," was the
unanimous reply.

Mollie awoke the next morning. Her head was resting in the crook
of Jennifer's arm. She snuggled up to the sleeping woman. Mr.
Mark spent the night with Sophie, while his brother slept with
Annie. Annie was very happy with this arrangement, as she thought
that Mr. Bill had a really nice cock. It seemed natural that
Jennifer and Mollie share the same bed. Mollie thought back on
the talk she and Jennifer had the night before.

"Let me finish telling you the Slut Rules. Where were we?" "You
were telling me about Rule #6," said Mollie as she looked up from
between Jennifer's legs. The tot had been exploring the woman's
pussy. "You can really fit a 2 foot horse cock in there?"
"Rocky's cock is 20 inches long, and I can get about a foot and a
half in when I'm properly stretched. Do you want to hear the rest
of the rules or not?"  The child nodded, so Jennifer commenced,
"Rule 6 is really about communication. Tell your partner what you
like, and if he or she does something that feels good, moan
loudly and encourage them to do it again." Jennifer groaned as
Mollie played with her cunt. She took the girls index finger and
guided it to the side of her knobby clit. "Baby, it feels really
good when you rub it just like this."  

Jennifer continued, 'This next rule is essential. Be loving, and
be confident. You're too young to realize that what we do is not
normal by society's standards. Your Daddy will keep you
sheltered, as he should. Your special friends will understand."
"You mean like you, and Annie, and Sophie?" asked the wide eyed
tyke. "Yes, darling. Come here," Jennifer opened her arms and the
two hugged. "When you grow up, you will find there are other
girls whose definition of the word slut is much different than
ours." Mollie frowned, "You mean like it's a bad thing?" 

"Yes. That's exactly what I mean. When you get into a situation
where other girls are judging you and calling you derogatory
names, you must hold your head high and ignore them. A slut must
be a loving person in order to stay sane while breaking the
normal rules of her society. She cannot be an uncaring sperm
receptacle, as these are not only insane, but disposable.  Be
kind, and eager to please. A beautiful and loving girl like you
will develop a circle of friends and family that will be your
shell. Those are the people whose opinions should matter."
Jennifer looked at the little girl. Her big, green eyes were
swimming with tears.

The tyke was overcome with emotions. The time spent with Jennifer
made her miss her Mother so much. She loved her Daddy. She loved
her Uncle Bill. No one had paid attention to her like Jennifer
had done since her Mom had died. She knew her Father tried as
much as he could. She wanted to be just like Annie and Sophie.
"I'll try to follow the rules, but it will be hard here all by
myself. I'll be a good slut for Daddy and Uncle Bill.  I guess
that I'll find out about the mean girls when school starts. I
don't think I'll be able to wear any of my new outfits there. I
think that there is a dress code. I read some of the orientation
info a couple of weeks ago."

"Honey that's enough rules for now. Let's go to sleep. I'll talk
to your Daddy tomorrow about taking you shopping for school
clothes."  "Have Annie and Sophie gotten theirs yet? Maybe we
could all go at the same time," suggested Mollie. Jennifer smiled
at the hopeful lumpkin, "I'm sorry hon, but Annie and Sophie are
enrolled in a private school, where they will be wearing
uniforms. I'm sure they would want to come along, anyways." 
Mollie smiled at this and said, "You're so nice. I wish that you
guys lived closer." Jennifer laughed, "We don't live that far
away. I'm betting that we'll be seeing lots of each other.

Mollie smiled as she mulled over the conversation. Jennifer was
still zonked out, and she and the girls would be leaving that
afternoon. The muppet jumped out of bed and ran down to the
kitchen, naked as a jaybird. Annie was the only other person
awake. The preteen slut had taken good care of Mr. Bill's morning
wood before he left to go to church.  She was on the couch
rifling thru Mollie's, and her Mother's purchases. She had a
large, dark red phallus in her hands. The coloring was marbled,
and the surface was smooth to the touch. Upon closer examination,
she gasped, "its Jesus!"

	Both girls squealed and then went quiet. Annie felt a tingling
in her pussy. The non-business end of the dildo was shaped like a
cross, and Jesus' arms were stretched out. The business end
mushroomed out like a big dick head. "It's like the Baby Jesus
Butt plug, only he's not a baby anymore," said Mollie as she ran
to her Daddy's office. She returned with the plug, "See?" Annie
had been to church before, and knew that this was wrong, but....
her cunt was on fire. "I'm gonna fuck it. Give me that Holy Water
Lube, Mollie. First, put the Baby Jesus in my pussy," ordered the
devout slut.  She spread her coltish legs as far apart as
possible while Mollie slurped away at the 9 year olds hairless
cunt. When the hole was wet enough, she popped the baby Jesus
into her mouth and sucked on it, just she and her Daddy had done,
and then jammed the baby into her friend's pussy. 

	"It's called the Jackhammer Jesus," said Annie. It was like the
preteen was in a trance. She held the iconic dildo to her face
and kissed the Son of God's face. "Holy Father, what a big prick
you have." She took Him into her mouth. The whore was good at
deepthroating, it was one of the specialties that her Uncle Jack
sold her for. Mollie watched in awe as the specialist took all of
the Jackhammer down her throat. She jacked it in and out a few
times, and when she pulled it out, it was slimy with thick
saliva. Mollie knew that the Holy Water lube tasted good, so she
squirted a few globs into her mouth. She pursed her lips against
Annie's ruined asshole and spit.

	"Slide it in, Mollie. I can't wait," cried the sacrilegious
slut. She was popping the Baby Jesus in and out of her cunt.
Mollie took the God cock and slid it in. "Oh Jesus! Fuck me,
Mollie." The young one took to it like a demon possessed. She
fucked the dildo all the way in and held it there. She smiled as
she ground Jesus around in circles, blessing every inch of
Annie's accommodating bowels. The whore of Babylon moaned
uncontrollably as her young friend started to use the Jesus dildo
as its name implied. "Take it you whore. You're fucking Jesus.
Jesus is fucking you in the ass." She plunged the cock in,
thrusting vigorously. "Oh God! Oh Jesus! Oh God! Do it! Do it!
Jack it! Jack me!"  Annie was yelling now, "Jack it! Jackhammer
it!" Louder, "JESUS, JACKHAMMER ME!"

	Mollie was in a frenzy. She was jamming Jesus in and out so
fast. Annie had started to cum. The Son was getting it done.
Mollie got into the spirit, "Take it Sinner! You're going to
Hell, Slut!"  She pushed the dildo harder and harder. "Jackhammer
Me, Jesus! Jackfuckinghammerme Jesus!" cried Annie. The slut then
passed out. Jesus had taken the wheel! Sophie didn't stop. She
let Him drive. She felt possessed as she continued jamming the
Holy cock into the unconscious girl. The new slut was pounding
the Jackhammer so hard that her arms were getting weary, but she
didn't notice until she felt a hand on her shoulder, "She's out,
Mollie. She can't feel what you're doing. Why not just leave Him
there in her ass, and come have a bite to eat? When she wakes up,
the whore can continue or not. I've got some nice, horse cum
warming up, would you like a mug?" asked Jennifer.

	"Damn girl, you and Annie were yelling so loud, I'm surprised
you didn't wake up the whole house," said Jennifer as she nursed
on her mug. "I'm sorry, Miss Jennifer. I don't know what came
over me."  Mark sauntered into the kitchen, "Good morning, girls.
Jen, could you make us some breakfast?" Jennifer picked up her
mug of cum and got on it. "What's with the whore on the couch
with my Baby Jesus Buttplug in her pussy, and some monster cock
up her ass? Did she fall asleep that way, or did she pass out
again?" "Passed out again," replied Jennifer as she threw the
bacon into the pan. "I'll be back in a bit. The whore needs a
cock for her third hole," said the master of the house as he made
his way towards the 3rd grader on the couch.

	Jennifer asked Mollie if she wanted to help prepare the food,
and the youngster jumped right in to assist. "Are there any more
rules you wanna tell me?" asked Mollie. Jennifer looked over her
shoulder, "That's enough for now, Babe. Some won't apply to you
yet. You've only been having sex for a week or so, yes?"  Mollie
ran to Jennifer and hugged her leg, "Please don't go! Miss
Jennifer, it's not just for the sex, and yes, I remember rule #1
and that I'm not thinking like a boy, but I like having a Mom
around that I can hang out with, and ask stuff."

	Mark had quickly dumped his load down Annie's sucking mouth. 
The whore was filled with the will of God. He stood silently at
the doorway to the kitchen and listened to his daughter. His
heart dropped. He thought about Holly, and about the turn of
events that had led to his daughter replacing his dead wife as
his lover. He never thought about the girls need for an adult
female presence. 

	"Mollie, please go and wake up the others," he said, startling
the two cooks. He sat at the table, as Jennifer plated his
breakfast. "Mollie and I had a long talk last night. Mark,
forgive me if I'm talking out of turn, but I've come to really
care for your daughter."  He nodded, "Go ahead." "She's concerned
that she won't fit in with the other girls when she attends
school for the first time, especially now that she's a slut." He
looked up from his plate, giving the motherwhore his complete
attention. "She asked me to take her shopping for clothes that
were appropriate for school."

	Jennifer then explained the Slut Rules as she had told them to
his daughter. She told him that she needed to be surrounded by
friends that understood and supported her. No girl needs to start
her first year of school all by herself. She went on to explain
how her Father had gotten her girls into an exclusive private
school, and that maybe there were some opportunities that Mark
could take advantage of. The school was 6 miles from the Ander's
household. Her Daddy was good friends with the Headmaster. They
had known each other since their teens. "Earlier this week, Daddy
mentioned at dinner that The Academy was looking for a new
Student Advisor."

	"Advisor?  I used to do that before Holly got sick," said Mark.
"Lately, I've been helping my friend Cory at his video store, and
relying on my savings. I could use a job."
"Should I call my Daddy?"  Mark nodded. Jennifer slugged down the
last of her horse cum and dialed up Daddy.

	She put her Iphone into her purse. "There are a few perks. You
and your daughter have to live on site. It's really kind of
sweet. Room and board is included, plus tuition for Mollie. He
tell's me that his friend, the Headmaster, is a horny, old goat."
Mark smiled. "I asked Daddy to set you up with an interview. Is
that ok?" "What grades does the Academy teach?" asked the
pedophile. "Kindergarten thru 8th" replied Jennifer with a wicked


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