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Subject: {ASSM} The Cock - Part 08 (M/f, ped, explicit)
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The Cock - Part 08 (M/f, ped, explicit)
  By Jack Woody


  It was Sunday morning, and Jack had overslept.  The truth was, he
had stayed up too late, the night before, jacking off while thinking
about Mandy.
  He had decided that he needed to take some pictures of her, so he
could see her, anytime he needed a good cum.  He knew that she'd be
all for it, since she was already teasing him, from her bedroom, every
chance she got.
  He had gotten so wrapped up in his thinking about how he would have
her pose, and how excited he'd be taking pictures of her, like that.
He played it over and over, in his mind, jacking off the whole time,
and each time he got just a little hotter, and came a bit closer.  He
knew he wouldn't just be taking dirty pictures of his little ten year
old neighbor......he knew that once he had gotten all the pictures he
wanted, he was going to push his big cock into her, and let her cum
all over it, to make him shoot off up inside her.  That was the
thought that pushed him over the edge.....remembering how her hot
tight little cunt squeezed him when she her cute little
body shook all over him......jacking him off, inside her, till he
splattered cum all over her hot flesh.
  He had stood at the telescope, hoping to see her, as this all took
place......but she was asleep in bed, and he couldn't see anything but
darkness through the eyepiece.  It was in his mind's eye, where all
the vivid imagery took place, causing him to really splatter his cum
all over the papers, covering the floor in front of him.

  By the time he got out of bed, Mandy was nowhere to be seen, through
the telescope.  He watched, and waited, but she wasn't there to tease
him, this morning.
  He looked at the clock, and realized he had probably missed her
little ritual show, and decided he had better get ready for her
arrival, instead.  She would probably be knocking at his door, in an
hour, if it were a typical Sunday.

  He washed up, taking a quick shower, then dried off, and threw a tee
shirt on.
He made no attempt to find anything to wear, below his waist, having
long ago decided there was no reason to cover up his cock, before or
after she arrived.
  He liked feeling his big cock and balls swinging freely, between his
legs.  It kept him in a state of semi-arousal, and made his erections
come on much faster, and more frequently.  He liked opening the door,
and seeing her attention instantly drawn to his wagging cock, as it
always was, since he stopped wearing any pants, when she came over.
Ideally, he liked her to see his throbbing cock, dripping wet with
precum, when he opened the door, for her.

  His camera was ready.....laying on the bed...where she would soon
be, and his thoughts returned to where they left off, the night
before.  He grabbed his stiffening cock, as he thought about the poses
he would have her in.  
  It only took seconds for his cock to reach it's full throbbing
hardness, as he pictured her bare little cunt split open, and wet with
excitement.  His precum began dripping out, for her.
  He thought about how it would be, after he had the pictures of her.
He wouldn't have to try to envision her in his mind, anymore.....he
could just stare directly at her cute little body.....naked, just for
him.......teasing him with her sexuality, to make him cum.

  Finally....the knock at the door.  He released his drooling cock,
and opened the door, after a quick peek out the window.
   Two little girls greeted his eyes and his throbbing erection.
Mandy, and her little friend Amber!  His cock instantly strained to
get harder, as his eyes fixated on little eight year old Amber.
  As predicted, both of the girls stares were instantly fixed on
Jack's dripping wet cock, wagging back and forth in front of them.  It
made him even harder, if that was possible, to see them lock onto it,
right away.  That's just what he have their hungry
little eyes tell him exactly why they were there.

  "Come in girls....hurry...hurry,"  he ushered them in, past his
bobbing cock.
  "Hello Mandy......I see you brought your cute little friend, to
visit, again!  What a good girl you are.  Hello Amber....I thought you
might be back, one of these days."

  Amber smiled a little nervously.

  "Uncle Jack, Amber wants to feel your big cock inside her, again."
Mandy announced.

  "Is that right, Mandy?  Well, I guess we'll have to give her what
she wants, won't we?'

  "Uh huh.  She nodded.  "And I do too," she quickly added.

  Jack patted his little angels on their heads.

  "Alright....up to the bedroom, and let's see how quick we can get
those clothes off!  Uncle Jack wants to see his pretty little girls,
all ready for his throbbing cock!"

  The girls ran up the stairs, and into the bedroom, as Jack followed
behind, with his cock in hand.

  He watched the cute little girls hurrying to get their clothes off,
for him, as he stroked his cock, the whole time.

  He stared at their beautiful bodies as they became naked....their
bare little asses, their bald little pussies with those sexily pouting
lips he loved so much!

  "Okay girls......up on the bed.  Who's going to be first?"

  "Me!  Me!"  They both yelled out, simultaneously.

  "Well, let's see.....Mandy, I think I'll lick your sweet little
cunt, first, and Amber can watch, while she rubs my cock.  Is that
okay, girls?"

  They both nodded.  Jack climbed up onto the bed with his naked
little lovers, and began to lick Mandy's open slit, not wasting any
time, getting her excited, and ready for his cock to push into her.  

  Little Amber wrapped her hands around his long thick shaft.....only
too glad to be able to touch feel how big and powerful it
was....and to feel it's warmth.  Her fingers traveled up his shaft,
till they slid over the jutting glans of his swollen cockhead, where
her touching became much more intensive.....feeling out every feature
of it's shape....touching every bit of the tightly stretched
skin....engulfing the big swollen head, and then finding the wet
cumhole.....getting his precum all over her fingers.  He could tell
that she loved playing with the slippery juice he was making for her.
He could hardly wait to start dripping it, up inside her tight little

  He couldn't believe that he was so lucky, once again, to have two
little girls naked in his bed, willing to let him do whatever he
wanted, to them.  Two cute little girls, wanting to feel his big cock
penetrate them....wanting to cum for him, and wanting to feel him
shooting his cum inside them.

  He licked Mandy's wet little slit, tasting her delicious little girl
juices.....and then he probed her tender little opening with the tip
of his tongue, stretching her little hole wider, trying to reach
deeper inside her.
  He felt Mandy starting to tremble, and paid attention to the
widening stretch of her legs and the upward thrust of her soft little
mound, as if she were trying to push herself onto his probing tongue
more wantonly.....needing to have him deeper inside her.  

  Her lustful actions, only made him want her more.....and spurred him
into a more greedy intrusion of her sweet little cunt....wanting to
feel her cum, needing to taste it.

  Amber's fingers were busy with his precum, rubbing it all over his
cockhead.....making it hotter and hotter....causing more and more
juice to drip out.  He was so ready to get inside her!

  Mandy's trembling body soon began to shake.  At first it was a
subtle shaking in her thighs, but then he felt it spread to her whole
lower body.  She pressed her hot little cunt against his mouth, as
hard as she could, and her whole body began to shake violently, as his
tongue licked the soft flesh inside her.
  He loved feeling her cum.....feeling how she surrendered herself to
the orgasm gripping her she let it take her wherever it
needed to, till she was completely spent, and had cummed out every bit
of lustful desire she had come to him with.

  He sucked her soft puffy lips into his mouth.  He sucked until her
wetness filled his mouth.  He swallowed her sweet nectar, and sucked
for more, until there was no more left inside her.  Her body convulsed
the whole to him, everything it had to give.

  Softly he spoke to her..."My, my....what a needy little you are
today!  It looks like you've been waiting for Uncle Jack's mouth for a
long time!"

  "Mmmmm hmmmm," she nodded, with her eyes still closed.

  "That was such a pretty cum, Princess.  Thank you."

  A faint smile showed on her lips, but he could see she was totally
spent, and he gently laid her raised body down onto the bed, and slid
his hands out, from underneath her soft cheeks.  Her mound was wet,
and glistened in the low filtered light coming through his windows.
God, he loved the sight of a little girl's bare cunt.....he thought to
himself as he stared at hers.

  But now his attention was drawn to little Amber, who was still
playing with his throbbing cock.

  He had wanted to get back into her tight little cunt, so badly,
since that first time, weeks ago.  He loved the way she pushed against
him, wanting him as deep as he could get inside her.
  Such a hot little cunt!  So sexy, and so needy!

  "So, Amber....looks like it's your turn.  Are you ready to feel
Uncle Jack's big cock fill your pretty little cunt?"

  "Uh huh," she nodded, with a very serious look on her face.

  He rolled over onto his back, and his stiff cock stood straight up.

  "Why don't you climb onto Jack's cock, like a good little girl."
  He watched as the cute little angel, straddled his legs, and got
herself in position, while he pointed his cockhead at her split open

  "You stay just like that, Amber, and Uncle Jack will get things

  He knew her legs were too short, and his cock too long, for her to
actually lower herself down onto it, so he had her straddle him, over
his waist, and then he moved his hips until the tip of his cockhead
was nudging against her wet little slit.  It excited him, even more,
to feel her wetness, though he didn't need much more to excite him,
than the thought of pushing his cock into a cute little eight year old

  He watched her big puffy lips part, as his cockhead traced back and
forth along her soft little slit.  He was thrilled, just to do that
with her!  She was so beautiful.....that sweet naked little body,
needing him so badly, that she had to come to him, again.
  He felt her little hole cover the tip of his cockhead, as she pushed
against him, at just the right moment, signaling him that she wanted
him inside her, now!
  He pushed upward, and his big swollen cockhead pushed her labia
aside, as it stretched her little hole open, and began to force it's
way into her.
  Oh God, she felt so good, and he was barely half an inch into her!

  He felt her start pushing herself down onto his cock, and decided to
lay still and let her take control, so he could feel how bad she
needed it. 
  She wiggled her little ass, as he gently rested his hands on her
hips, and he felt her tight little cunt stretching over more and more
of his cockhead, taking it into her body, making it penetrate her, at
her will.
  She pushed harder and harder and his cock began pushing up into the
hot fleshy canal deep inside her body.  His eyes were glued to the
sight of his huge cock slowly disappearing through her widely parted
labia, as he felt her wet flesh sliding over him.

  Her little cunt was so felt so good, squeezing his
cock, as she impaled herself on him.  He felt the heat inside her
grow, as he sank deeper into her sweet little fuck hole.  

  He could see that she was struggling to get more of his cock inside
her, so he took a firmer hold on her hips and gently lifted her up a
little, then he eased up and let her push herself down on him, again.
Another inch of cock slid into her.  She lifted, on her own this time,
and then pushed hard, down onto him, and was rewarded with the feeling
of his cockhead pressing against her cervix, after getting another
length of his thick shaft into her needy little hole.

  She started moving her hips back and forth, rubbing her soft fleshy
cervix against his cockhead....pressing down on it hard.
  After playing with his cock, while he was eating Mandy, she learned
how to make his slippery juice drip out all over his cock......and she
learned just how slippery it was, when he had dripped enough of it.
  She wanted him to drip it all over the back of her cunt, now.  She
remembered how had felt the last time he was in her, and he had
started to stretch her cervix open with the tip of his cock.  She
wanted him to do it again.  She wanted to feel him get even deeper!
She needed to feel his hot cum splashing into the deepest parts of her

  It felt so good, as she rubbed herself against him.  He felt the
heat growing at the tip of his cock.  He wanted to feel her tight
little cervix squeezing his cockhead, like it had, last time he was in
  He began pushing upward, as he grasped her hips and pulled her down
onto him.
He felt the tip of his cock nestle into the depression surrounding her
cervical opening.  They both knew what was happening.  It was what
they both wanted, as her tight little opening pushed down onto his
swollen purple head.
  He wanted to shoot his cum into her, so badly, as he stared at this
beautiful little girl pushing herself down onto his cock, and felt the
wetness inside her.
  Her trembling started to take hold of her whole body, at once, and
in an instant, her trembling turned into a shudder that would not
  A cry of pleasure came from her throat, as her eyes closed and her
head tilted backwards.
She pushed down against his cock, as hard as she could, as her climax
peaked, and he felt her tight little hole slide over the outer ridge
of his cockhead, pushing him over the edge, and making his cock start
pumping streams of cum into her womb.  
  She shook and shook, impaled on his cock, as he shot one long wet
spurt, after another, into her cute little body.
  He stared at her nakedness....the sexiness of this beautiful little
eight year old lover of his, and he emptied all the cum he could, into
  He wrapped his arms around her back and pulled her down against his
chest, hugging her tightly, as they both finished humping against
eachother, while staring in eachother's eyes.
  They heard a moan, come from beside them.  It was Mandy.  She had
been watching, and couldn't keep from masturbating herself to another
orgasm, after seeing the two of them cum so hard together.
  Mandy knew, by the intensity of their cums, that Jack had penetrated
Amber's womb.  Amber had told her that she was going to make it
happen, today, no matter what.
  They both had wanted it.  They both needed it....and they made it
  Their cum mingled, deep inside her, and as soon as he pulled his
cock from her tight little cunt, Mandy would be tasting them both,
licking his cock clean, so she could have what she wanted and needed,
  But next time, she was going to know what Amber had felt, today.  It
was going to be her turn to push down onto him, all the way.....her
turn to feel his squirts, so deep inside her!

    (To be continued)

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights
reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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