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Here is a hot new story about Shannen Doherty and Melissa Gilbert. Enjoy!

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WARNING: The following story is a work of fiction.  Any resemblance to
persons living or dead is purely coincidental.  Its contents are of a
graphically sexual nature and may involve non-consensual sexual acts
between underage partners, rape, torture, sexual mutilation, and murder. 
It may contain extremely graphic language and descriptions of sexual acts
that could be highly offensive to almost every reader.  This story is
intended for ADULTS only.  If you are under the legal age of consent in
your local jurisdiction, or if you are easily offended, STOP READING NOW.
Feedback is appreciated from those who enjoy the story and find it


   By Kelli Paine (
Codes: MMMMMf Mg anal humil nc rape torture
Melissa Gilbert spread her legs wider, urging me to fuck her deeper. 
Shannen Doherty was sitting on her face, getting her wet pussy eaten out,
and I couldn't see Melissa's face - just her legs splayed open in an
invitation.  I was kissing Shannen as she got her pussy licked, and she
opened her mouth so I could stick my tongue down her throat.  Shannen
gasped as Melissa tongued her slit, and I kissed Shannen's cheeks and lips.
Melissa grunted with deep satisfaction as I thrust into her, my cock hard
as a rock.  Her pussy gripped my penis tightly, like it was trying to milk
the sperm out of my swollen balls.  My scrotum was painfully full of semen
that wanted out, and I grunted myself as my cock stiffened even more -
Shannen had cupped her small breasts and offered them to me, smiling like a
little whore.  She was just 11, but already she knew what men wanted - her
tits and her cunt.  Her chest was almost flat, with just the tiniest
swellings to show where her breasts would be when she got older and started

to develop.  Melissa was 17, with nice tits and a tight, wet cunt.

   CHAPTER 1: Hollywood Cunts

   I started working as a lighting gaffer on Little House on the Prairie in
1981, the same year Shannen Doherty made her first appearance on the show.
Melissa Gilbert was 17 at the time, and she had blossomed as she grew up on
the show - 5 feet 4, 98 pounds, with a lot of natural red hair and a sweet
face.  Shannen was hired to play her niece on the show, and the two kids
got along great.  They both looked sexy as hell, but they were underage.  I
knew Melissa was having sex with some of the cast and crew - I saw her go
to her dressing room each evening after shooting was complete for the day,
and lots of men followed her.  It was pretty clear what was going on in
there, and one day Melissa invited me to the party - she grinned and said
to come see what I was missing.  I went, and the first thing I saw was
Melissa - naked - dancing for the men.  She gave one guy a hot lap dance,
leaving streaks of sticky fluid on his clothes as her pussy leaked while
she moved.  Then she opened his pants and got on her knees in front of him
and gave him the hottest blowjob I've ever seen.  This 17-year-old girl,
looking all sweet and innocent, really knew how to suck a cock.  She made
slurping sounds as she fellated the guy, and when he was ready to cum, she
took his load in her mouth, then swallowed his warm semen in two gulps. 
This was one hot little bitch.

   But things got hotter when Shannen slipped in through the door.  She
took off her clothes and cuddled up to the nearest man, looking like an
innocent angel - at age 11, her flat chest looked like a boy, and she was
too young to have any pubic hair.  Her smooth slit was showing as she
spread her legs provocatively, and the man kissed her as he put his hand
between her legs and rubbed her slit slowly.  Shannen closed her eyes and
opened her mouth so the man could stick his tongue in, and her whole body
was quivering as he felt her up.  He penetrated her slit with one finger,
then two, and finger-fucked her til she was gasping with pleasure.  One of
the men told me Shannen was still a virgin, but not for long - her father
was going to sell her virginity to the highest bidder the next night.  I
wanted that little angel so much!  She had learned to be a real cock
teaser, and she moved her tiny hips as the man excited her.  We could see
her juices glistening on his fingers as he worked his fingers deep inside
her tight little vagina.  God, she would be an unbelievable fuck.  He
kissed her flat tits, licking her tiny nipples and areolas as she breathed
faster.  Her nipples, small as they were, had stiffened like pebbles, and
they were sticking out like tiny cocks on her chest.  What a little slut!

   Melissa came over to watch, and reached for the man's hard cock as he
opened his legs lewdly.  Melissa gave him a good handjob, rubbing his stiff
cock faster and faster while the men kept kissing and feeling Shannen's
body.  As he neared his climax, Shannen put her hand between his legs and
wrapped her tiny fingers around Melissa's hand, wanting to share his
ejaculation.  The girls rubbed his cock for a long moment, and then he
grunted like a pig, and a burst of semen flooded out of his hard cock. 
Shannen leaned down quickly and put her mouth on his cock, wrapping her
sweet lips around the head and sucking hard as he spurted semen onto her
tongue, so much hot semen, so sticky and sweet.  Shannen's throat rippled
as she swallowed again and again, gulping down his huge load, but a little
of his sperm oozed out of her mouth and ran down her chin.  She wiped up
the sperm with her fingers and scooped it into her mouth with her fingers.
Then she leaned over to Melissa, who tilted her head and opened her mouth,
and Shannen opened her lips and dribbled the thick semen into Melissa's
waiting mouth.  When she was done, they reversed positions, and Melissa
gave the sperm back to Shannen, and Shannen swallowed it in three gulps. 
That little girl knew how to swallow.

   I wanted to screw Shannen in her ass, which would keep her from getting
pregnant.  She was so young, she wasn't menstruating yet, but it never
hurts to be safe - and her hot little ass would be SO tight.  Some of the
other guys had fucked her that way, and it hurt her a lot, but she had
learned to take it like a good little whore, and pretend she liked it, even
as tears of pain ran down her pretty cheeks.  I told her to lay down on her
stomach, and I penetrated her ass with no lubrication - I wanted this to
hurt her.  Shannen grunted in pain as my big cock poked into her rectum,
then into her bowel.  I began thrusting into her, with her grunting in pain
on each stroke.  God, she was TIGHT!  Her asshole felt so hot, and seemed
to grip my cock like a glove.  I reamed her ass good and hard, and she was
crying as I neared my climax.  Melissa lay down beside Shannen, with her
head right beside Shannen's buttocks, and watched my cock going in and out.
Finally I grunted with satisfaction and exploded in Shannen's anus.  I gave
her three big spurts of semen, then pulled my cock out of her ass and stuck
it in Melissa's open mouth.  She wrapped her soft lips around my erection
and took three more spurts of semen, swallowing it as fast as she could,
but some of it ran down her chin.  Shannen was gasping with excitement, her
face flushed a deep red, and warm cum was leaking out of her asshole and
running down over her smooth, tight slit.  As much as it hurt her, she had
already learned to pretend she enjoyed anal sex, and she smiled like a
whore as she used her finger to scoop up some of the sperm oozing out of
her gaping asshole and brought her dripping finger to her mouth and licked
it like a popsicle, slurping up my sperm and swallowing it.

   Melissa had scooped my semen from her chin into her mouth, and now she
leaned over so her face was above Shannen's mouth, and Shannen parted her
lips as Melissa opened her mouth and let my sperm ooze slowly down onto
Shannen's tongue.  Shannen received my sperm in her warm mouth, and
swallowed my load gratefully, looking honored that I had allowed her the
gift of my semen, even if it was second-hand.  She gulped down the sticky
juice from my cock, and smiled - and it made my cock stiffen again.

   I decided to fuck Shannen in her vagina.  I looked into her eyes, so
willing and slutty, and I got another erection right away.  As I penetrated
her, it felt like her cunt gripped my cock like a glove - tight and warm
and wet.  Who cared about her getting pregnant?  This little slut was too
good to pass up.  She was just 11 - the perfect age for fucking.  She
gasped in pain as I forced my big cock inside her, breaking her hymen - she
was a virgin!  I couldn't believe no other man had screwed this sweet
little piece of ass already.  I felt her blood on my cock as I started to
rape her, warm and wet, and my cock stiffened inside her.  She was crying
quietly as she tried to spread her legs wider, to ease the pain.  I rammed
into her as hard as I could, wanting to hurt her, and I was rewarded with
her grunt of pain.  She was trying to smile like a whore, pretending she
liked it, but the pain showed on her sweet face.

   Melissa leaned over and kissed Shannen's cheeks, tasting her tears, and
she smiled a little, remembering her first time.  She was only ten years
old when her dad rented her to a biker gang for a weekend, for $200.  The
bikers got the best of that deal.  Melissa was deflowered in a gang rape
that lasted two days and two nights, with Melissa on her back - or her
stomach - with her legs spread, the whole time.  They didn't give her any
food while they were raping her, and only a little water, which she had to
drink while they kept screwing her.  She went a little crazy during the
rape, and by the end of it, she was begging for more - the pain had turned
into pleasure in her mind, and the little slut was in a frenzy, holding her
knees wide apart as she begged for more cocks.  The bikers raped her until
none of them could get another erection, then dumped her in a parking lot,
naked and bleeding, and phoned her dad where to find her.  She was in the
hospital for a week, and she had 17 stitches in her vagina where it had
been torn while the bikers savaged her.  She didn't have any pubic hair -
too young - but when it grew in, she kept it nicely trimmed, except for a
thick patch above her cunt that covered her scars.  She sometimes shaved
off her pubic hair so her scars were visible, and proudly displayed them to
her fuckers, like a whore's badge of honor.  What a little cunt!

   Anyway, Melissa had tears in her own eyes as she kissed away Shannen's
warm tears.  She licked Shannen's cheeks, then moved down so her head was
between my legs, and she had a great view of my big hard cock lancing into
Shannen's hot little pussy.  There was a small stream of blood leaking out
of Shannen's slit, proving she had been a virgin when I penetrated her. 
Melissa licked up Shannen's blood, then moved back up and kissed Shannen
again, letting her taste her own blood.  Then Melissa slid down and started
massaging my balls and the base of my cock while I screwed Shannen.  I
could feel my cock stiffen from the practiced touch of her fingers.  This
slut had really been taken around the block by her fuckers - she knew how
to keep a man hard.  She smiled at me, looking like the lowest whore in the
world, and squeezed my testicles hard, making my cock hard steel.  I drove
into Shannen, making her grunt with pain - and then I ejaculated inside
her, groaning with sheer animal pleasure.  Shannen was just glad it was
over, but like the young whore she was, she smiled as if she had enjoyed
what I had done to her.  My cock was still flooding her warm cunt with
massive amounts of sperm, and some of the thick creamy juice leaked out of
her slit, and Melissa quickly moved her head in and licked up the sperm,
swallowing it with a little shit-eating grin.

   CHAPTER 2: Hollywood Whores

   I wanted to put Melissa and Shannen out on the street as whores, knowing
the would earn lots of money for me.  Underage whores take in huge amounts
of money in Hollywood - the only problem is, there's so many of them. 
Brooke Shields started out working as a street whore, and Dana Plato, too,
which led to her suicide when she could not understand why the men didn't
want her anymore.  There's always plenty of whores in Hollywood.  Dana
looked like a used-up little bitch just before she offed herself - who
would want to fuck that?  Always more whores.  Melissa and Shannen were
more than willing to work for me - whores always love their pimp.  They
came to me each afternoon after shooting was done, dressed in the slutty
outfits I got for them - transparent blouses and incredibly short
microskirts that barely covered their cunts.  I wanted Melissa's tits to be
visible when men approached her on the street.  Shannen had no tits yet -
too young - but I wanted her to get used to showing her chest in public.  I
wanted her to get used to men staring at her chest, so when she had big
tits later, she would learn to like being stared at when she wore a
transparent blouse, like the slut she already was.

   Melissa was already well-trained to be a whore - she had worked the
streets before, with her father as her pimp.  After she got gang-raped, she
actually wanted sex - she wanted to please her father, and she was willing
to use her body to do it.  Some of the other men on the crew passed her
around after her father got tired of pimping her out, paying some of the
money she earned to her father and keeping the rest, except for a few
dollars they let Melissa keep for spending money - maybe 5% of what she
earned.  All the rest of the money went to her pimps, and she gave it
happily - she was not in this for the money.  Girls that slide down into
prostitution are in it to please their pimps, looking for love - they get
plenty of sex from their johns.  And Melissa and Shannen were as stupid as
most whores, thinking their pimps loved them - silly, stupid whores. 
Melissa had been working as a street whore since she was ten, starting just
after she was gang-raped by the bikers, so Shannen was getting a later
start - she was all of 11 years old when I turned her out.  But both girls
were filled with the desire to submit to their pimps, like all prostitutes.

   Melissa watched out for little Shannen as best she could, when she was
not off being fucked herself.  Her johns liked her ample breasts and sweet
face - this was before she had her boob job, of course.  Her tits were
natural and luscious at that time.  Shannen had a flat little chest, like a
boy - but her cunt was tight and soaking wet all the time.  She had sex on
her mind, and it showed in her wet vagina.  Her johns loved it - some of
them liked to lick her out, and their faces got shiny with her vaginal
secretions.  Shannen went crazy with orgasms during those sessions,
squealing as she got off again and again, with her thighs clamped around
her john's head.  The men also enjoyed hurting Shannen's tiny nipples,
which stuck out like little cocks on her flat chest, looking so obscene. 
She started to like the pain, cradling the man's head against her chest as
he chewed on her hard nipples.  She was so hot, getting off from the pain
in her little tits, her pussy leaking gallons of cunt slime between her
legs as she moaned and groaned and yelped.

   What made it so hot, what kept the johns coming back, was the thrill of
defiling these sweet young girls, so young and fresh, smelling like
flowers, not the rotting fish smell that adult women always reek of.  It is
impossible to keep a woman's vagina from stinking like an open sewer - the
foul-smelling fluids keep leaking out of her cunt when she gets sexually
excited, and her pussy reeks like rotten eggs.  Melissa and Shannen still
smelled sweet and fresh, and their cunts smelled like rainwater, nice and
clean, with just a hint of that sweet-salty odor like musk, that fires a
man's mind like nothing else, and makes his cock big and hard.  The girls
were just as fascinated by the erections - they couldn't get enough of
them, and especially enjoyed taking the head of a cock in their mouths -
that drove the girls crazy.

   CHAPTER 3: Melissa's Abortions

   Melissa's father let her fuckers screw her without wearing condoms,
which made the whole thing hotter, with the chance she would get pregnant -
which of course she did, though not from her initial gang-rape.  She was
only ten years old then, too young to menstruate, but she soon got pregnant
from working as a prostitute on the streets.  She was impregnated eight
times in seven years, starting soon after she began menstruating at age
eleven, and her father - and later her pimps - gave her abortions to get
rid of her baby each time, and each time it tore Melissa's heart out.  She
SO wanted kids, but her father and her pimps kept giving her abortions -
and not in a clinic.  No no no, Melissa's abortions were real spectacles,
with men paying to get in and watch her lose her baby.  She was always
stripped naked for the abortion show, and she was led onstage on a leash
connected to a slave collar around her neck.  Melissa was crawling on her
hands and knees, and as she got older, her jugs dangled like cow udders as
she crawled.  Her tits were enlarged because of her pregnancy, with large
dark areolas and huge nipples.  At her first few abortions, it inflamed the
audience to see this young girl, not yet in her teens, with a slender and
boyish body, but with udders like a cow.  The men couldn't get enough of
the sight - they paid as much as $100 each to watch this little angel
receive an abortion.

   Melissa was led to the center of the stage and told to stand up and
spread her legs lewdly, exposing her labia and her slit totally.  Her
father - or her pimp of the moment - worked a wire coathanger (straightened
out) into her twat, probing with the sharp tip until it penetrated her
cervix and poked into her womb.  The abortionist then jabbed the coathanger
into Melissa's womb repeatedly, killing her fetus and shredding its body.
The pain made Melissa mewl quietly, like an animal suffering, and she bent
forward, wrapping her legs around the wire coathanger as if she could stop
what was being done to her.  She knew just what was happening, and she
cried quietly as she lost her baby, tears streaming down her cheeks.  Blood
started running out of her pussy as the coathanger was pulled out of her
slit, and she was told to push, expelling the fetal remains through her
birth canal.  It was a lewd parody of giving birth, except what came out
was bloody pieces of the dead fetus, instead of a living baby.  Melissa
sweated heavily through this process, pushing as if she was in labor,
knowing she was "giving birth" to her dead fetus.  Melissa was squatting a
little while she pushed, looking very lewd with her milk-swollen breasts
dangling heavily.  She would be milked after she was given her abortion,
with her abortionist squeezing her titties painfully, and then her breast
milk would be passed among the men in the audience, so they could drink it
while Melissa was forced to watch, as she cried in despair.

   Shannen was forced to watch Melissa's later abortions, when Melissa was
17.  These were Melissa's seventh and eighth abortions, but they were just
as painful and wrenching for her as the first ones.  This was not something
a girl got used to - ever.  Shannen loved Melissa like an older sister, and
she wailed as she watched the bloody pieces of Melissa's fetus oozing out
of the older girl's pussy as Melissa pushed as hard as she could, her sweet
face dripping with sweat as she strained.  Shannen had been told she would
receive an abortion when she got pregnant, and she knew she would get
pregnant soon - she was already eleven, and menstruation was not far off
for her.  The onset of menstruation should be a time of celebration for a
girl - she is becoming a woman - but for Shannen, the very thought of
getting her period, and then inevitably getting pregnant and receiving an
abortion like Melissa was getting, with all these men watching and laughing
and masturbating, made her sick to her stomach.  She saw the expressions on
their faces as they watched Melissa straining to push the remains of her
dead fetus out of her cunt - they all looked happy to see her in pain, and
it made their cocks so long and hard - they rubbed their cocks until they
ejaculated on the floor, watching Melissa suffering.  Shannen couldn't stop
crying for her.

   CHAPTER 5: Shannen's Abortions

   Shannen had her first abortion when she was 12, about the same age as
Melissa was for her first abortion.  She hade been screwed without condoms
more than 150 times since she got her first period, a few months before her
12th birthday, so I knew she would get pregnant - it was just a matter of
time.  When that many men screw a girl without using condoms, she WILL get
pregnant.  The stupid little slut wanted to talk to the father before she
had the abortion, but of course there was no way to tell who knocked her
up. She cried herself to sleep the night before, curled up in a fetal
position, like that would somehow protect her baby - hah!  She lost her
baby the next night at a big show I put on, where the men paid $200 apiece
to get in.  I charged more than usual because this was Shannen's first
abortion and she looked so young and innocent - men like that.  The
abortions were usually given when the whore was just one or two months
along, too early for a baby bump to show - but in Shannen's case, I waited
until she was three months along so her baby bump would show a little -
it's always more shocking to see a very young girl like her with a swollen
belly from a baby.  This was before Shannen's boob job, and her chest was
flat as a pancake, except for the slight swelling of her tits from her
being pregnant.  I had her strip onstage, and there were audible gasps from
the men when she took off her clothes and revealed her naked body - and her
swollen belly.  I let the men come up and feel her up, fondling her tits
and fingering her pussy until she was hot and wet.  She had pussy slime
trickling down her thighs when I told her to spread her legs - and
penetrated her with the wire coathanger.  She frowned in discomfort and
squirmed while I poked the wire around inside her, and I finally found her
cervix and forced the wire through it into her cervix, when she yelped in
pain and fear.  She knew, from having watched Melissa's abortions, that
this was the point where I would poke her forcefully with the wire, killing
her fetus inside her womb, and she started crying and wailing.  The men all
had their cocks out, masturbating as they watched Shannen's misery, and
some of them had their climax when she cried.  She had her legs clamped
together, trying to stop what was happening to her, a look of panic and
despair on her face.  I poked into her genitals with the wire, feeling it
jab into her fetus and tear it apart inside her uterus as I grinned at her.
I pulled the wire out of her slit, and saw it was all bloody and had bits
of fetal tissue on it.  On an impulse, I brought the wire to Shannen's lips
and forced the end of it into her mouth, making her taste her own baby's
flesh as she licked it off.  She grimaced as she swallowed, and more of the
man ejaculated on the floor as they watched her humiliation and shame.  To
complete Shannen's total embarrassment, I let some of the men - the ones
who had not already ejaculated - fuck her right there onstage, their
swollen cocks tearing into her tender vagina as they screwed her savagely.
Shannen serviced 15 or 20 men before I let her stop.

   Shannen had 11 more abortions over the next seven years, even more than
Melissa.  Shannen got pregnant easily, and the men all wanted a chance to
fuck her, each one hoping it was his sperm that would impregnate her.  I
held an abortion show each time, to get rid of Shannen's baby and make some
money at the same time.  Shannen hated the spectacles, and the gang-bangs
that always followed.  I loved watching her as I hurt her in a way a man
can do only to a girl - giving her an abortion when she wants desperately
to keep her baby.  Both Shannen and Melissa did not care a bit who knocked
them up - they just wanted a baby, and the trauma of receiving so many
forced abortions really tore into their brains, making them hard as rock.
These were tough little whores, able to service 50 men a night on the
street, or 100 at a gang-bang.  They were popular for sex parties - I
rented them out a lot.  They enjoyed doing parties together - they would
make love to each other while the men watched and rubbed their hard cocks,
then the two girls would lay side by side, naked, and hold hands while the
men lined up to screw them.  Each girl serviced maybe 75 cocks before the
men were done with them.

   By the time Shannen had her eleventh abortion, she was 17, and her
uterus had been scraped out ten times before - but she still mewled and
squirmed as I scraped her fetus out of her womb.  Melissa was 23 by this
time, old for a street whore, and she watched Shannen's abortion as she had
watched all the others, and cried along with Shannen as the younger girl
lost her baby and pushed the bloody tissue out of her twat, straining so
hard that she broke out in sweat all over her naked body.  Shannen had her
breast augmentations reversed when she was 15, so her tits were no longer
so spectacular, but she still looked hot, standing there with her legs
spread, with bloody fetal tissue oozing out of her slit.  When she had
expelled as much as she could with her vaginal muscles, Melissa got down on
her knees and licked out Shannen's cunt, spitting out the remaining bits of
her fetus that were left inside her birth canal.  Melissa got some of
Shannen's blood on her sweet face as she licked her out.

   Shannen got to almost like her abortions toward the end, after she was
about 15 and her womb had been scraped out seven or eight times before. 
Oh, she hated to lose her baby, and she always cried - but she got off a
little with all those men watching her.  With tears of shame and
humiliation streaking her cheeks, she would actually thrust her hips
against the wire coathanger I stuck in her pussy, trying to fuck the
coathanger WHILE she was receiving her abortion.  I have never seen a girl
so perverted, so twisted, that she would HELP with her own abortion, but
Shannen enjoyed the men staring at her while they masturbated - she wanted
their cum so bad.  Shannen was a real hottie at that age.

   CHAPTER 6: Melissa's Breast Augmentation

   I actually tried to get Melissa to have a boob job years before she
finally did it, which happened in 1998.  As far back as 1981, when she
turned 17, I told her how pretty she would be with huge jugs, like a
stripper, so all the men would look at her.  She was right on the verge of
doing it when she happened to go to a strip club with a john - and she saw
Wendy Whoppers, who was in town working as a stripper at the club.  Wendy
also gave some lap dances, and some blowjobs, between her strip shows, and
Melissa saw Wendy sucking off a guy while he fondled her huge tits.  Her
boobs were the size of basketballs hanging off her chest, and she looked
even more obscene because she was such a tiny girl, just 5'1" - three
inches shorter than Melissa.  Wendy was naked, wearing just high heels, on
her knees in front of the john as he sat in a recliner.  She was bent over
his cock, sucking him off expertly, her big boobs dangling like udders on a
cow - and the look on Melissa's face said what she was thinking - how could
a girl WANT to look as sleazy as THAT?  She was clearly disgusted at how
obscene Wendy looked, working hard to be a good little cocksucker - but I
could see Melissa was a little intrigued, too - she wondered, in awe, just
how good those huge tits would feel to her, and how much more of a woman
she would be with those balloons sticking out from her own chest...?  She
was appalled and disgusted at how obscene Wendy looked, bent over the cock,
sucking like the dirtiest whore in the world while her john fondled her
huge boobs - but something in Melissa WANTED those big tits, wanted to know
the feeling of walking around with those balloons on her chest.  All girls
want big breasts - it's genetic, hard-wired into their brains.

   CHAPTER 7: Shannen's Breast Augmentation

   Anyway, I almost convinced that little slut Melissa to have her tits
done, but she was afraid of looking like, well, a little slut.  I did talk
Shannen into having a boob job, because she was so flat-chested.  She had
surgery when she was 13, and I told the doctor to insert two 1000cc bags of
silicone in her chest, to give her DD tits and make her look like a
stripper.  When Shannen saw her chest after the surgery, she burst into
tears!  That made my cock get SO long and hard, seeing this tiny girl with
huge jugs - she looked like she might fall over when she walked.  She
teetered in her high heels, and it was obvious her big rack made it hard
for her to even stand up.  The contrast between her sweet, fresh young face
- and her huge, lewd tits - made any man's cock hard.  She looked like a
sex doll, made for one purpose and one purpose alone - to service a man's
cock with her wet pussy.  Her big boobs got him hard so he could use her
the way she was intended - as a fucktoy.

   Shannen made a lot of money for me after she had her boob job.  She
hated how she looked, and always had an expression of disgust on her face.
But this just made her johns want her more - her discomfort was a huge
turn-on for men.  The look on her face when she was laying on her back and
a john was fucking her hard - or even better, when she was bent over and
taking it from behind, with her big boobs hanging down heavily like a cow's
udders - was something to see, a mask of anguish and hate.  On her back,
her jugs stood up straight in the air while she got screwed, like two
basketballs stitched onto her chest, bobbling and jiggling as her fucker
thrust into her, looking incredibly filthy and lewd.  It was fun to watch
her take it in her ass, too - her titbags elevated her upper body like she
was laying on pillows, and her grunts of pain each time her fucker thrust
into her made my cock so hard.  She hated being fucked in her ass because
she has Crohn's Disease, and anal fucking aggravates the pain a lot for
her. She would lay there on her stomach, naked, with her skinny legs wide
apart, grunting in pain each time her fucker shoved his cock up her hot
little asshole, while blood oozed out and ran down into her pubic hair. 
When all the men had finished with her, the little slut would reach down
between her legs and wipe her blood off her pussy before she tried to stand

   I convinced Shannen her johns would like her better with bigger boobs,
so she had surgery again - this time just like Wendy Whoppers had, a bag
called a Double Lumin, which is what most of the "big boob" girls have.  It
has a bag of 1500cc of silicone that is inside another bag.  The outer bag
has a valve which is used to fill the implant with saline.  The same
implants are kept, and more saline is added to enlarge them.  I took
Shannen up to 1000cc of saline surrounding the 1500cc of silicone, which
gave her HH jugs - just gigantic on a petite girl like her.  Her back hurt
all the time now, but that's the price a real whore pays for tits like
that. Her nipples were hard and stiff all the time, showing through her
blouse or shirt, revealing how excited she was even before she took off her
clothes for her fucker.  The men liked to have her perform a blowjob naked,
on her knees, so they could watch her jugs bounce and jiggle as she sucked
their cocks, and they could squeeze and pinch her breasts - she hated the
pinching, which hurt a lot.  But it made the men's cocks hard like steel,
so they ejaculated in her mouth sooner, and she liked that.  She loved the
taste of semen, warm and creamy - she just couldn't get enough of it,
gulping down every drop hungrily.  If any sperm oozed through her lips and
ran down her chin, she used her fingers to scoop it into her slutty little
mouth and swallow it like the whore she truly was.

   So Shannen had big boobs for only about two years, age 13 through 15,
before she had her implants removed - but she looked spectacular during
that time.  She kept working as a street whore for me after she had her
implants taken out, but her titbags looked deflated - hanging off her chest
- for a while, until the breast tissue regained its tone and her breasts
looked good again.  The men never stopped wanting to fuck her - there was
nothing wrong with her twat.  They sucked her tits while they screwed her,
and that got her breasts back into good shape fast.  Her johns sucked her
boobs so much, and she kept getting pregnant, so she started to give milk
like a cow.  Her tits leaked all the time, and the men nursing from her
jugs kept her emptied out all the time.  Shannen loved the feeling - if her
own baby could not nurse from her, at least the men did.  She cradled their
heads while they sucked her nipples, and she smiled and cooed softly as the
men swallowed her breast milk.

   CHAPTER 8: Pissing in a Girl's Mouth

   Melissa and Shannen both hated one aspect of being whores - men always
wanted to piss in their mouths, and in their faces.  It's degrading for a
girl to take a faceful of warm urine, and even more so to be forced to
drink fresh hot piss spraying out of a man's cock.  Men like the feeling of
total power over the girl.  It's like having an extended climax and
shooting a huge stream of sperm in the girl's face or her mouth.  For the
girl, getting urine in her eyes - the burning, the foul smell, the
humiliation - is only a little less degrading than taking a man's stream of
piss in her open mouth, and having to swallow the bitter urine.  Men piss
in her mouth until it's full, then plunge the cock into her mouth, so she
has no choice but to swallow the urine as she receives his big erection
between her lips.  Seeing her throat ripple as she chokes down his piss
will give any man a hard-on.  His total control over her with his cock is
very empowering for him, and totally degrading for the girl.  That's the
whole point - empowerment for the man and degradation for the girl.  It's
what has made men's cocks hard for many years.  The relief a man feels when
urinating is like a small orgasm, and he feels satisfaction knowing his
piss is going down the throat of some girl, or spraying in her face.  The
initial spray invariably makes her jerk her face away instinctively - she
can't help it - but a true whore quickly turns her head back and
submissively accepts the man's urine as it sprays messily in her face, on
her cheeks, in her eyes, up her nose.  She swallows as her mouth fills with
warm piss, sniffing more of it up her nose, gasping or coughing if the
man's flow is huge - accepting his piss willingly, gratefully.  He is
paying attention to her with his cock, giving her his precious bodily
fluids freely, expecting only that she receives his piss with total
submission, opening herself to him.

   It was fun to watch Melissa and Shannen both getting pissed on - they
both hated it, but they submitted to it like good little whores.  Seeing
them on their knees, side by side, naked, with their mouths open while a
man used them like a urinal, swallowing in turn as each one had her mouth
filled with another load of warm piss, each grimacing as she choked down
the foul-tasting, bitter yellow liquid, wanting to do a good job - it never
failed to give me an erection like steel.  Those little sluts would do
anything for a man.  They tried to smile as they swallowed, but their looks
of disgust could not be hidden.  They each watched the other as she opened
her mouth and received the man's piss stream and choked down the bitter
liquid, then opened her own mouth as the man started to piss on her again.

   The girls always had their hair done before a fuck session, and it was
great when the man's piss splashed into their hair, soaking it totally,
ruining their hair so they had to wash it again when the fuck session was
finally done, hours later.  Her eye makeup got wet with piss and ran down
her cheeks, so she looked all streaky.

   CHAPTER 9: Destroying a Girl's Self-Esteem

   The most important way to turn a girl into a whore is to ruin her
self-esteem - she needs to think of herself as nothing but an empty hole,
with nothing in it.  Her cunt is worthless except as a receptacle for a
man's erect cock.  Her pussy defines her - without it, she is totally
worthless.  Her vagina is a foul-smelling, messy, wrinkled, ugly hole that
God gave her because He hates girls.  God loves erect cocks, and He wants
men to have places to stick their magnificent, beautiful cocks when they
need to cum - so He created girls, and gave them the messiest, wettest,
ugliest holes on earth - cunts.  The only reason for a girl to be kept
alive is her holes - her wet pussy and her tight little asshole.  A man
doesn't care which hole he uses for his cock - he just wants to cum, to
relieve his need for an orgasm.  A girl's asshole has some advantages over
her cunt - it's tighter, it's dry, and it hurts the girl more.  Her cunt
will take cocks of all sizes, but her asshole is tighter and less flexible,
so taking a cock in her asshole hurts her more as it thrusts into her

   Ass-fucking a girl is humiliating for her, because of the pain and
because the man enjoys hurting her - it adds to his pleasure.  The pain for
the girl is like hemorrhoids, but worse - like a baseball bat up her ass,
raking painfully along the walls of her bowel, stretching her anus and
rectum so they hurt like fire.  A girl should get screwed like this a lot,
so the pain is repeated and she starts to understand that this is what
happens to girls - they get ass-fucked.  Bleeding is usual and customary -
if the man is fucking her right.  The girl needs to understand that she
will bleed when she gets ass-fucked - it's like she's menstruating out of
her other hole.  Usually some of her feces leak out while she is being
fucked - she gets the shit fucked out of her - and she smells bad, all
stinky, mixed with the smell of cunt as her pussy lubricates and the sticky
juice starts to ooze down her thighs.  Her ass makes embarrassing squishy
fart noises as her fucker thrusts into her.  She is totally open and
exposed, with her asshole unprotected and vulnerable, one of her most
private places.  This reinforces her feelings of worthlessness - she is
most valuable when a man wants to ass-fuck her - otherwise she has only her
empty cunt to offer.

   It is important that a girl thinks of her vagina as a useless, empty,
ugly hole between her legs, slimy and smelly and sticky with foul-smelling
juices oozing out of her body.  When she spreads her legs and exposes her
hole, she should feel shame and humiliation at being forced to display such
an ugly, hairy, messy part of her worthless body.  She can only hope that
her john deigns to honor her by sticking his cock into her filthy little
slit.  The man is exposing himself to disease by inserting his penis into
her fuckhole, and she can only hope he won't catch anything when he allows
her to enjoy his beautiful long cock.  She can expect a beating from her
pimp if her john does get infected, and the john might want to beat her up,
too.  Most prostitutes have bruises from beatings, because they are so
dirty inside.  Their arms and fingers are broken so they will remember what
they did.  Their breasts and groins are punched hard enough so they turn
black and blue for a week...  but their faces are rarely hit because they
are on display on the street.  Their nipples are twisted painfully or cut
with a knife if they misbehave by showing less than full love and
appreciation to their pimp or their johns, and the girl had better smile
when the 50th man at a gang-bang takes his place between her legs to screw
her roughly, and keep smiling and commenting on his big cock as long as he
uses her worthless little twat.  When he cums inside her, and she takes her
50th load of sperm in five hours, she had better sound appreciative and in
awe of the man's power, or else she gets another beating.

   CHAPTER 10: Reminding a Girl How Ugly and Fat She Is

   A girl must be constantly reminded that she is ugly and fat, no matter
how beautiful and slim she is.  Telling a girl she is ugly keeps her on the
defensive, constantly seeking approval from every man she meets and
services.  And she is constantly skipping meals and eating almost nothing
to try to lose weight, so she gets skinny and bony, which is what men like
in a prostitute.  If her tits start to lose mass, a breast augmentation
will solve that little problem.  The point is to destroy her self-image -
make her feel ugly and fat.  All girls are stupid whores, so this is easy
to do.  And no matter how skinny or saggy a whore looks, there are always
men that want to screw her - her ugliness is a turn-on to them, and they
punish the girls with their cocks for being so ugly and saggy.  The
important thing is to keep the girl scared and uncertain, so she does
anything a man tells her because she hungers for his approval desperately.
She gets only criticism and rejection from her pimp, so she wants approval
from her johns.

   I always told Melissa she had a plain face, and that she was way too
pudgy.  Same with Shannen, and it worked great with both girls - they were
always on a diet, trying to get slimmer.  I told Shannen she had buck teeth
that stuck out, and she was always self-conscious about it.  I told Melissa
the same thing, but it worked better with Shannen.  I could see her trying
not to smile too big, hiding her upper teeth with her lips.  Every time
either girl got a pimple, I pointed out how bad they looked, and they were
both very sensitive about their skin.  Shannen was six years younger, and
it was easier to wound her with words - she was so sensitive to criticism,
I could almost see her brave fašade crumble when I lashed out at her about
her looks.  Melissa looked more conventionally pretty, but I always called
her ugly, to keep her off balance.  She tended toward pudginess, so I
constantly told her she was too fat and no man would want her unless she
lost some weight - so she was always on some diet or other, trying to be
skinnier.  All whores want approval from all men.

   CHAPTER 11: Raping Girls When They Are Young

   There is nothing more important than raping a girl for the first time
when she is very young.  The pain of her first penetration is something she
will never forget - the discomfort, the feeling of being filled to the
point of pain, the humiliation of having other men watch her being
deflowered, the pain and bleeding in her tight little vagina, the
embarrassment of cleaning herself after the rape - all these will be seared
into her mind forever, and she will remember them every time she services
each of her johns.  It's total control over a girl.  I did Shannen when she
was 11, but other men had already raped Melissa before I got to her.  I
made sure my first time with her hurt her a lot - I wanted her to remember
me for a long time.  I rammed into her tiny vagina like a jackhammer, so
deep I could feel the head of my cock touch her cervix on each thrust.  She
was grunting in pain with each stroke - nothing keeps a man's cock hard
like the sounds of a girl in pain while she is being fucked.  She started
to cry, which only made my erection bigger.  My cock poked into her womb on
the next thrust, and she wailed like a wounded animal.  Nothing like it! 
It turned out she was pregnant at the time, and the little slut was
concerned about the safety of her baby - her fetus got scraped out of her
fucking filthy uterus a few days later, while I watched along with 100
other men, all of us masturbating as Melissa lost her baby.  Her mewling as
she stood there with her legs apart and cried - it kept every penis in the
room hard like rocks.  There was warm sperm all over the floor that day. 
Melissa was giving a blowjob to a man while she received her abortion, and
she was giving handjobs to two other men.  The little whore just couldn't
get enough cocks - she loved touching them and having them in her mouth so
much.  After the man ejaculated in her mouth, he told her she was a lousy
cocksucker - belittling her in front of the other men, to keep her weak and
on the defensive.  He slapped her and zipped up while she cried.  She
finished the handjobs, taking the cum on her bare breasts, and the men told
her she was a dirty little whore and didn't give good handjobs.  She was
crying, her tits covered with warm cum, a coathanger up her twat.  Now THAT
is an image - HOT!

   Young girls like Melissa and Shannen want to be touched, but fear to be
penetrated - so they need to be penetrated early and often, and as
painfully as possible, to keep them off balance and confused.  They want
their johns to love them, but they hate the cunt and asshole penetrations
they have to endure - and then the men, their johns, blandly step aside and
give them to the next man in line waiting to fuck them, and the girls'
illusions of love are shattered.  Destroying a girl's self-esteem makes her
hunger for love from any man who will pay attention to her - like a john.
Even though he only wants her as a sperm receptacle for his cock, it's
better than nothing - so the stupid girl willingly submits to anything he
tells her to do: strip naked, give him a blowjob, spread her legs, let him
rape her - anything.  Sometimes it's the dirtier things that appeal to the
girl - letting him screw her in her ass, licking the man's anus, kissing
his ass, sucking feces out of his asshole and swallowing them.  She feels
like doing something filthy for him will make him love her.  What he really
feels is revulsion and disgust - she knows that a beautiful white girl who
prostitutes herself with niggers and spics is the lowest creature on earth,
repulsive and totally without self-respect.  No white man would love her
for putting her lips on a man's asshole and kissing him on his anus -
that's just filthy.  Making love to a nigger brands a white girl as soiled
and filthy - and if she does it willingly, no self-respecting white man
will touch her.  But there are always plenty of low-class white men who
want a piece of her, plus lots of niggers and spics - all they want from a
girl is the tight, wet hole between her legs, and Melissa and Shannen had
those - for sure!

   CHAPTER 12: Ruining Girls With Pain

   I told all the men who paid to fuck Melissa and Shannen that they liked
rough sex - enjoyed being hit while they were being fucked, and that they
liked degrading talk, being called whores and sluts or whatever the men
could come up with.  The girls were crying constantly while they serviced
their johns, from the verbal abuse and the physical pain.  Each man tried
to thrust into their twats harder than the last man, causing their vaginas
to bleed during every gang-bang.  It was a cock-stiffener to see those two
little sluts ministering to each other in the morning after they worked the
streets or a sex party all night, sopping blood off each other's groins as
they sat there naked with their legs wide apart, allowing the other girl
easy access to her bleeding crotch.  The sweet/salty odor of pussy filled
the room - both girls had warm cum leaking out of their cunts and assholes
along with the blood.  They smelled bad, like sewage or a dirty toilet. 
Made me want to throw up.  There is nothing like the smell of a just-fucked

   It's important to stress the emptiness of a girl's pussy, and to relate
that to her own personal emptiness - she is nothing but an empty, messy
hole that smells bad.  She is nothing without a man's erect cock to fill
her empty hole, to validate her as a person - otherwise she is totally
empty, with just a tight slimy hole between her legs.  A girl is nothing
but a cunt, and she will never be anything more, no matter how hard she
tries, with breast augmentation or anything else.  The only thing that
gives her any value is a man's long hard cock shoved up her twat.  She is
only worth something when she is servicing a man with her legs open to
display her empty, useless hole.  Penetration by a man's cock is the only
thing that makes her worth anything.  She must please him with her
worthless body if she is to have any value at all - otherwise she is a
total failure as a girl.  God cursed every girl with a filthy, slimy,
useless hole between her legs - but she can redeem herself by pleasing a
man while he fucks her.  By making his cock feel good, a girl can partially
gain some small value, if her wet cunt is tight enough for him.  If a girl
displeases her fucker in any way, he has the right - the duty - to punish
her.  A girl deserves harsh punishment just for BEING a girl - for having
saggy titbags hanging off her chest, for having an empty, ugly, hairy hole
between her legs, for being fat and ugly to his eye.  A girl deserves a
beating for not pleasing a man fully with her worthless body - including
some broken bones and lots of bruises.

   Breaking a girl's finger gets her immediate attention, and the sharp
pain helps her remember what happens to whores who fail to please their
men. For bigger offenses like mouthing off to a man, breaking her arm or
leg is more appropriate.  Since she is a whore, her face should be the last
place she gets hit - but it's OK to hit her there if she is really
offensive.  Breaking her nose is a great way to get her full attention. 
The blood will get on her clothes, for sure, and this will help her
remember that a stupid whore does not talk back to a man - any man.  She
does what she is told - sucking, stripping, spreading her legs, sticking
her ass up in the air, whatever a man tells her.  A whore is submissive to
a man - she offers her worthless body, her titbags, her tight little
asshole, and just hopes the man decides to screw her - and if she fails to
please him, she gets her breasts bruised.  Squeezing a girl's titbags hard
will leave ugly purple bruises that take a week to heal, and pinching her
erect nipples hurts like a bee sting.  Good things to remember when a man
encounters a disobedient whore.

   Shannen didn't misbehave often - because her pimp came down hard on any
hint of bad behavior.  An impolite word from her mouth got her a fisting
from her pimp - and Shannen looks so hot with a fist shoved up her tight
little pussy.  The look of sheer agony and panic on her face is a
penis-stiffener - and the sounds she makes while her cunt is being reamed
out are unbelievable, sort of a high squeal like a pig.  Melissa made hot
sounds, too, when she had a fist up her twat, halfway between a squeal and
a grunt.  Her face was something to see - a look of anguish and terror that
never failed to make my cock hard.  Fucking Melissa after she was fisted
was odd - her vagina was loose, but it regained its tightness fast, and she
was one hot little slut.  Shannen was the same - loose after a fisting, but
tightening up fast when I fucked her hard.  Her cunt closed around my cock,
gripping it like a glove as I kept fucking her - and she got tighter than
ever!  You had to feel it to believe it - that was one hot little bitch! 
Shannen went a little crazy after a fisting, wild and hot.  Melissa was not
as wild, but her cunt was the same - getting tighter after she got fisted.

   CHAPTER 13: Teaching Girls What is Important

   Both girls had to be taught that their only reason for being alive was
to make men happy sexually.  Cock worship is essential.  There is nothing
as holy as a man's erect penis - any man.  The girls were taught to honor
the cock by kissing it gently before they started to suck it or took it in
their cunts.  Taking a cock up her tight little ass hurts - but that pain
makes the cock stay hard, so it's good for the girl to hurt.  The size of a
cock is important - a big cock stretches the girl's vagina or anal
sphincter when it is forced into her, but she should smile like a whore and
pretend she likes it, to help keep the cock hard.  When a girl is fucked
too hard in her ass, she never shits right again - a small price to pay for
the man's pleasure.  It's OK for the girl to grimace in pain when her
asshole hurts - it helps keep the cock big and hard.  A look of pain on a
girl's face while she's being screwed is always a penis stiffener.  A cock
is not the only way to fuck a girl - there's all sorts of things to force
up her snatch.  Melissa learned to love dildos - big ones.  So did Shannen
- maybe even more.  Shannen liked anything long and hard that was shoved
into her hot little fuckhole - or her ass.

   CHAPTER 14: Shannen's Bowels

   Shannen has Crohn's disease, an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that
causes inflammation of the lining of her digestive system, which can lead
to flare-ups.  The exact cause remains unknown, but researchers now believe
that a combination of genetics, environmental factors, and an abnormal
immune response may result in the inflammation of the digestive tract. 
Abdominal pain and cramping are two of the many symptoms - also frequent
diarrhea, fever, fatigue, anemia, reduced appetite, and weight loss. 
Shannen liked the weight loss - I was always telling her she looked fat, to
keep her off balance.  Sometimes when a john was fucking her cunt hard, she
farted wetly out of her ass when she lost control of her anal sphincter -
the sounds mortified her.  Sometimes feces leaked out of her anus where she
was laying on her back - and she was always told to clean them up.  This
helped her equate filth with her body - she couldn't even control her
bowels.  She always hated having to clean up her own shit - it made her
feel so filthy.  She hated the smell of her own messy turds.

   Melissa didn't have any diseases, but we were constantly telling her how
ugly she looked and how bad she smelled.  Actually she looked like an angel
and smelled like a dream - but we kept her on the defensive, so she always
worried about stinking like Shannen really did.  Sometimes Melissa got
screwed so hard, she had the shit fucked out of her, too - but her turds
didn't smell as bad, as sickening, as Shannen's did.  It was fun to watch
Shannen while one of her johns was riding her - her face showed how hard
she was concentrating, trying not to unclench her buttocks, trying to keep
her bowels under control - and then her john would thrust hard, forcing
some watery shit out of her rectum.  A look of anguish would darken her
face as that musky, foul smell filled the room, masking the salty/sweet
odor of her wet cunt totally, and tears would run down her cheeks as she
realized she had once again failed to control her anal sphincter, and heard
the laughter of all the men watching her embarrassment.  She was mortified
when that happened.

   We never let Shannen forget her bowel problems.  We called her "Stinky"
and patted and pinched her ass constantly, just to keep her bowel problems
at the forefront of her tiny brain - and she was really a stupid little
slut about that, her face constantly flushed a deep red from her
embarrassment, tears of humiliation streaming down her cheeks.  It really
got to the little whore - what a stupid bitch!

   CHAPTER 15: Young Girls and the Fear of Death

   We were constantly threatening to kill Melissa and Shannen if they did
not obey us quickly and willingly when they were told to do anything
sexual. Didn't matter how dirty or perverted - they did it, or they faced
being killed by their john...  or by their pimp.  Each girl took a pistol
up her snatch fairly frequently - but they were always terrified when they
were forced to fuck a gun.  The johns used big guns that hurt a lot when
they were shoved inside a tight cunt.  Sometimes they pulled the trigger
while the barrel was inside the girl - with the gun unloaded, but the girl
didn't know that.  The look of terror on her face was priceless - and the
involuntary clenching of the legs, closing her thighs around the gun, as if
THAT would save her - stupid.  Some of the johns used shotguns to fuck one
of the whores, forcing the long barrel up the girl's twat slowly, moving it
in and out, fucking her with it and scaring her by pulling the trigger
while the muzzle was tight against her cervix - she couldn't help flinching
and jerking helplessly.  Then her fucker forced the tip of the barrel into
her womb, and Melissa went a little crazy.  Shannen never was that upset at
being fucked with a shotgun - she just spread her skinny little legs and
enjoyed it.

   Shannen liked the long barrel - it was like a huge cock, with the added
danger that if tight be loaded when the man pulled the trigger.  The click
of the hammer always gave her a hot little orgasm that left her sweating
and shaking.  She looked down at the barrel protruding from her wet twat,
glistening with her pussy slime after it was used to screw her, and always
had more orgasms from just the sight of the long cold metal barrel stuck up
her gaping twat.  Her whole body shivered as she spasmed with one
shattering orgasm after another, drooling out of her mouth with her jaw
hanging open as she enjoyed the sheer sexual thrill.

   Melissa had orgasms, too, but hers were more controlled - after all, she
was an older girl, though still underage.  Her angelic face glowed and she
smiled like a whore, her sweet little mouth twisting evilly as she grinned
- you could tell she loved it, but she was a little ashamed of loving it.
She closed her eyes and her whole body quivered as she got into her
orgasms, sweat breaking out on her face and all over her beautiful body. 
She panted like a horse while she had her orgasms, each one making her gasp
and moan a little.

   CHAPTER 16: Non-Lethal Dildo Substitutes

   We used things like pool cues and baseball bats to rape Melissa and
Shannen, too.  Both of the little sluts really liked the pool cues - they
were smaller than the bats, which stretched their cunts and really hurt
them a lot.  There was nothing like the sight of Shannen taking a baseball
bat up her snatch - she moaned as it was forced into her vagina painfully.
Her whole body folded around the bat as it penetrated her, and her moans
intensified as it touched her cervix.  The bat was too big to penetrate her
cervix, but it banged against her tightly closed hole over and over as it
was thrust inside her wet cunt.  Both girls lubricated like hell while they
were being screwed - their twats were soaked, and the room reeked of pussy.
The mattress the girl was laying on would be soaked after a gang rape, with
a huge pool of pussy slime where she was laying.  We never bothered with a
bed - just a mattress on the floor was good enough for a slutty little
whore.  Or a bare floor, which ended up with a big pool of pussy slime that
leaked out while the girl had her legs spread for her fuckers.

   Some of Melissa's and Shannen's johns liked to see which little angel
could take more of the pool cue inside her - they had contests, with the
girls laying side by side, totally naked, holding hands, while each girl
spread her legs and took a pool cue up her twat.  They both had looks of
pain on their faces, and they both grimaced as they tried to take more of
the wooden rods up their cunts.  Two men sat next to the girls and punched
their tits with pool cues while they got raped with pool cues, and the
girls loved having their nipples punched hard - it gave them such hot

   The cue in their twats was marked with inches to show how much they
could take - of course using the large end of the cue - and Shannen could
always take more, an inch or two more than Melissa.  This always made
Melissa mad - she was older, and she felt embarrassed that Shannen, six
years younger, could take more of the pool cue up her snatch.  Even though
it hurt her a lot, Melissa kept urging her johns to force the cue deeper
into her vagina.  The johns shoved hard, making Melissa break out in heavy
sweat.  They shoved the cue so hard that a couple of times it actually
penetrated Melissa's cervix and poked into her uterus.  This always made
her go crazy, spreading her legs impossibly side and groaning with sheer
animal passion as she felt the wood cue enter her womb.  She was not
pregnant either time, and the men couldn't help but wonder if she would
urge them to penetrate her womb if she was carrying a baby at the time - I
think she would have, because she knew how sexy it was for a girl to
sacrifice her own fetus for the pleasure of the men watching.

   The men liked to use large dildos on the girls, too - huge ones shaped
like erect nigger cocks, gigantic and scary, as long as eighteen inches,
and four inches in diameter.  The girls hated the dildos because their
cunts got stretched and loose, and it took a while for them to tighten up
again.  The men jammed them into the girl, trying to penetrate her tightly
closed cervix, and cheering when the girl screamed in pain as the dildo was
forced through her cervix into her uterus, The girls developed uterine
cysts from being penetrated so many times, and had to have their wombs
scraped often.  This was indescribably painful, and was always done as a
sex show, with the girl on an exam table, totally naked, her feet adorned
with six-inch heels, in the stirrups, her legs spread, her vagina forced
open with a speculum so the inside walls were totally exposed, her cervix
displayed lewdly, and a long thin metal tool was pushed through her cervix
into her uterus.  The walls of her womb were scraped to remove her cysts,
with the girl screaming in pain and humiliation as she was forced to endure
this spectacle with a hundred men watching and masturbating, excited by her
pain and frustration.  The cystic tissue was pulled out of her womb - and
brought to her mouth, and the girl was told to eat it.  This always induced
vomiting, and then the stupid girl was forced to scoop up her own vomit and
eat that, too, while the men watched, rubbing their cocks and enjoying the

   CHAPTET 17: Underage Whores Working the Street

   When a pimp has two underage whores like Melissa and Shannen working the
street, he has to be careful of the cops.  I always told each girl to wear
a transparent blouse with no bra, and a short microskirt that barely
covered her pussy, with no thong or panties, so her pubic hair showed just
visible a little.  But if a cop came by, I told them to cover up with spare
shirts and longer skirts they had in their big purses, then to strip them
off as soon as they could, to attract men as customers to screw them.  I
wanted the girls down an alley bending over trash cans with men lining up
to screw them.  I told each girl she couldn't stop til she had $500 from
her johns - and I told them they couldn't charge each fucker more than $10,
so I knew they would get screwed at least 50 times, and some of their johns
would refuse to pay the whores - some men enjoy screwing a whore and then
stiffing her - so 75 or 80 fucks was what each girl would really have to
endure, smiling like a whore, pretending she liked it when some nigger told
her to lick out his anus and then told her she was a lousy cocksucker and
refused to pay her.  There is nothing like the look of frustration on a
whore's face when a john refuses to pay her after he cums inside her,
either her pussy or her mouth, after she swallows his sperm.

   Of course I told Melissa and Shannen what to do if they did get caught
by a cop - offer themselves to him.  Cops are just as horny as regular men,
and women cops are, too.  One time Melissa offered her teenage body to a
cop who kept her in a motel for three days, fucking her every way there was
- with his gun, too, in her vagina and in her asshole.  Then he took the
bullets out of the gun and inserted them slowly up her snatch, then raped
her again in the ass with the gun barrel.  When he pulled the trigger she
jerked spasmodically, although she knew the gun was empty.  She lost
control of her bladder and pissed on the floor where she was laying.

   Shannen was taken to another motel by four cops and gang-banged for a
week, in her cunt and her ass.  She looked pretty and when they finally
finished with her.  She was bleeding from both of her tight little holes,
and they beat her pretty bad.  They broke three of her fingers while they
gang-banged her.  One of the cops was a woman, and she made Shannen lick
her pussy for hours while Shannen was getting screwed repeatedly.

   A pimp expects his whores to get stiffed sometimes - and I encouraged
johns to refuse to pay Melissa and Shannen, to make them work harder to
meet their money minimums.

   I liked to take the girls to a crowded lobby, at a theatre or a hotel,
and tell them to go in and proposition men in the lobby to take them out to
the parking lot and screw them in the back seat of a car.  The girls hated
the impersonality and humiliation of this - walk up to a man and offer her
body, with him looking her over lewdly and making dirty suggestions.  Then
having to go with him - and his friends - to his car, sometimes told to
bend over the hood while the men pull up her skirt and expose her cunt and
her round little ass, or make her stand there and pull down her blouse and
expose her breasts to them and to anybody else walking by.  Then the girl
has to get in the back seat and strip naked while the men look in through
the windows, then one or more of the men get in there and fuck the girl any
way he wants - usually with the girl on her back with her legs spread and
wrapped around her fucker while he gives her a good hard screwing.  It
hurts the girl a lot, especially if his cock is big - these were tiny
little girls - but their grunts of pain were ignored while the men enjoyed
themselves, more than once.  The second or third time, if the man couldn't
get an erection, he made the girl suck his cock - and if she failed to
excite him, she got her face slapped, hard.  Both girls got a lot of
bruises in those parking lots.  Sometimes they sucked a man for twenty
minutes, then got slapped when they could not give him an erection - or he
ejaculated in her mouth, when he wanted to fuck her again.  The girl knew,
when her mouth was flooded with warm semen, she was about to get slapped
around, even if she swallowed his cum and pretended to enjoy it.

   When the girls got back inside the lobby - sometimes with globs of warm
cum on their faces or clothes - I sent them right out again with no delay,
to get fucked again.  I got more men interested and had them waiting -
there are always customers when a whore becomes available, especially two
of them, and underage!  Nothing a man likes better than screwing an
underage girl.  Melissa and Shannen both looked like kids, and fucking a
kid always appeals to a man.  It's the idea of defiling a girl so young
that appeals to a man's base nature - tear her apart, make her bleed. 
Nothing makes a man feel stronger than hurting a girl while he fucks her. A
big cock is best, but a regular size cock can hurt is the fucker thrusts
hard into the girl.  A girl's vagina will expand to take a large cock if
the man is gentle and takes enough time, so I told all the johns to just
jam their cocks into Melissa and Shannen with no preparation, so their
birth canals would not have time to lubricate properly and it would hurt
when the cock was rammed into them hard.  A young girl squealing in pain
while she is being fucked - that's a sound that has to be heard to be
   [End of story]

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