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           I Enjoy My Little Sister
            By: Charlie "the drifter"

I was fourteen the first time I had sex with my little
sister, Ellba,  She was nine and just beginning to
show her little tittie nubbins topped with her tiny

I got her to let me fondle and play with her, licking
and sucking her little titties, because she wanted to
run around with me.

When ever I wanted to play with her, I just reminded
her of me letting her go with me if she let me play
with her.

The first time I played with her little pussy, she was
hesitant even when I told her she could go down
town with me.  I knew she really wanted to go.

We were home alone, and I took her into my bedroom
and closed and locked the door just in case.  She was
wearing a skirt and blouse, so I had her take her
off and I played with her little titties and sucked her
nipples and nubbins into my mouth.

I then had her take her skirt off and then her panties.
There she was in my bedroom laying on my bed
naked.  I was sure glad our parents were going to be
gone all day and it was only about eleven that

Sis jumped when I reached down and touched her
little pussy slit, her pussy lips.  Already she was
getting wet, just with her letting me see her bare

She spread her legs wide when I told her too, fully
exposing her little cunt.  I could see her little nubbin
clitoris still hidden in its sheath just above her pussy

She jumped when I reached down and touch her little
clitoris and flipped it just a bit with my finger tip. It
quickly swelled up and protruded from its sheath.
She wiggled and squirmed as I tickled and pinched
and pulled on it.

Then I slipped my finger up and down her thin
pussy lips, spreading them slipping my finger
up and down between them.

She was wiggling and squirming telling me that
it tickled.  She didn't know what to think when I
slipped my finger down to her tiny hole and began
working my finger in and out of it.  She moaned
and groaned with the combination of pleasure
and pain as my finger slowly stretched her tiny
cunt opening and tunnel.

She told me it hurt and didn't want me to put my
finger in her any further.  I took it out and told her
ok but if she didn't let me do what I wanted she
couldn't go with me.

With tears in her eyes, she had told me ok she would
let me.  With That I worked my finger up inside of her
until I felt it blocked with her hymen, her virginity.
Oh I knew what it was we had it in sex education in
school.  I also knew I wanted to tear it with my stiff
cock.  Yes, I was planning on fucking my little sister
even then.

After a few minutes of finger fucking her, she told me
it didn't hurt anymore and it was feeling pretty good
that she like it.  That was when I leaned down and
began licking her little slit and sucking on her tiny
nubbin. Boy did she wiggle and squirm.  She grabbed
my head and pulled my face right up tight against her
pussy and tried to rub her little slit against my mouth
and tongue.

I stuck my tongue up inside of her tiny tunnel and
tongue fucked her.  She suddenly cried out and
screaming pulled my face hard against her young
virginal pussy as she experience her first orgasm

As her orgasm faded, she looked at me and told me.

"I love you. I, I'll do what ever you want me too."

She didn't move when I reached down and slipped
my finger up into her tiny cunt once again.  She
lay there moaning in both pleasure and pain.

She finally calmed down and I pulled my cock
out and told her.

"I want you to play with my cock and lick and
suck it like I did your pussy."

She reached down and grasp  my cock shaft with
her small hand. I showed her how to move her
hand up and down my cock shaft, and slipped her
finger around my cock head.  Boy did it feel good
to me.

She looked at me, then she leaned down licked my
cock head with her little tongue.  She seen me
watching her, and grinned at me.  "Did that feel
good?" She ask me.

"Oh yes," I told her. "Will you suck it?" I ask her.
She grinned at me and remembering how it felt
when I licked and tongue fucked her pussy, she
opened her mouth and slipped it down on my
stiff cock. She closed her little lips around my cock
shaft and I began actually fucking her mouth.

Oh I knew how to fuck, I had watched several
adult movies at a friend of mine.

She gagged when I pushed my cock into her mouth
to far and almost pushed it down her throat.  Of
course I myself didn't actually know anything about
a girl sucking my cock other than what I had seen
in the movies, Or fucking either.  I had never even
had a girl touch or see my cock before.

After she sucked my cock for awhile I told her I
wanted to fuck her.  She looked at me and ask me.
"What do you mean fuck me? What is that?"

I looked at her, my own little sister laying there
in front of me just like those naked women in the
fuck movies I had watched.

"I'll show you." I told her.

I moved between her small wide spread legs and
taking my cock I rubbed it up and down my own little
sister virgin cunt.

She lay there watching me, not knowing what I was
going to do.  She wiggled and squirmed as I rubbed
my cock up and down her little virgin pussy slit like
I had watched them do in the movies.

"I like that." she told me.

Hell I liked it too.  Of course I like her sucking my
cock too.  I caressed her pussy lips with my cock head
coating her with my precum, but hell her own juices
were flowing also, making her virgin cunt slick.

I finally guided my stiff cock to her little hole and
pushed on it slightly.

"You, you., mean put it in me there?" She ask.  "It,
it hurt when you put your finger in me there." she

I looked at her and reaching down I grasp a leg on
both sides of me and I lunged hard.  My cock
plunged all of the way up inside of my little sisters
virgin cunt.  I felt her hymen tear as my plunged hard
against it.  I had my entire already six inch almost
two inch thick cock all of the way up inside of my
little sisters tight virgin cunt.  Boy did her tiny cunt
squeeze my cock hard.

I had it all of the way up inside of her before she
even screamed out with the pain of my cock
plunging up inside of her stretching her cunt wide
and tearing her hymen.  I could feel my cock head
pressing hard against her vaginal wall.  Of course
I know now that I was feeling it press against the
opening to her womb too, but I didn't know it then.

I held still until she kind of relaxed.

"Oh it hurts, it hurts really bad, take it out" she cried.

I didn't answer her and I didn't take it out.  She
struggled trying to pull away but I held her.  Finally
she quit struggling and lay there.

"It, it doesn't hurt to bad now." She told me, looking
down at her little cunt filled with her brothers stiff
thick cock.

She stiffened when I slowly began slipping my cock
in and out of her.  "I looked at her and told her that
I was fucking her then.  I told her that was what
fucking was, slipping my cock in and out of her pussy
like I was doing.

She had quit trying to pull away and lay there as I
slipped my cock in and out of her.  She was watching
my cock slip in and out of her own tiny little cock
filled stretched wide hairless cunt.

Finally she relaxed and as I kept slipping my cock in
and out of her she finally began moving her own little
hips, then told me that it was starting to feel pretty

We lay there on my bed, me between my little sisters
wide spread legs, watching and enjoying the feeling
of my cock buried in and slipping in and out of my
own little sisters no longer virginal cunt.  I also
reached down and played with her little titties and
nipples as I slowly fucked her.

She really like it when I leaned down and sucked and
even bit her little nipples and titties slightly with my
cock still slipping in and out of her.

Before I was ready to cum myself, cum and fill my
little sisters cunt and womb full of her brothers hot
fertile sperm.  Of course naturally her big brother, me,
wasn't even thinking about his little sister maybe
getting pregnant.  I didn't even know much about
a girl getting pregnant, they had just touched on it
in school, but had told them that most girls wouldn't
even begin their periods until they were eleven or
twelve years old.

As I fucked my little sister, she soon began seeing
what was so pleasurable to a girl.  She was soon
enjoying her first intense orgasm and it was from
her own big brothers plunging cock.  On and on
I fucked my  little sister, having learned how to
hold off on my own cumming, spewing my hot fertile
sperm into her little girl womb.  Yes, I had learned
to control my  cumming by masturbating.

By the time the afternoon was gone I had fucked my
little sister through five or six intense orgasms and
she was loving having big brothers cock fucking in
and out of her pussy, spewing his hot sperm up into
her.  She had also found she enjoyed sucking my
cock and letting me lick, suck and tongue fuck her
little cunt.

As she fucked herself on my cock for the last time
that day, I was laying on my back and she was
straddling me bouncing up and down on my stiff

She cried out one last time as once again she enjoyed
having one last orgasm as I, her big brother spewed
my hot sperm up into her little womb.  By this time
Ellba, was really enjoying sucking and being fucked.

As she finally pulled herself up off of my cock, she
grinned at me and told me she really like having me
put my thing in her and fucking her. She told me
she really liked the feeling of me spurting my stuff
up inside of her.  Hell she felt me spew my cum in
her several time during the day.

As she lay there beside me, her little gapping cunt
leaking my sperm, my cock was coated with her
young cunt juice and my sperm.

Suddenly we heard a car drive in.  Oh shit, our parents
were home.  She jumped out of my bed and ran into
her bedroom. I hear the shower start.  Damn she was
a smart one, thinking about taking a shower so our
parents wouldn't notice the smell of sex.

I quickly went into my own shower and also showered
quickly.  When I went back into my bedroom I could
sure smell the sex.  I quickly sprayed an air freshener
around the room hoping that mom wouldn't note the
smell of sex.

I quickly dressed and went out to the living room.
Mom was in the kitchen starting to fix dinner, dad
was watching the news on TV.

When Ellba finally came out of her bedroom, Mom
looked at her and smiling told her she sure looked
radiant.  Of course Ellba just looked at her and told
her she had enjoyed spending the day with me.

Mom and dad didn't seem to notice anything different
about either of us.  I was sure glad of that.  I was sure
dad would kick the shit out of me if he knew I had
just fucked my own little nine year old sister taking
her virginity, fucking her most of the day.

Nothing was ever said about that day. Mom and dad
hadn't noticed the odor of sex in my room. I was sure

The following weekend mom and dad told us that
they had to go out of town and wanted to know if
I would take care of Ellba for the entire weekend,
a full three day weekend.  Of course thinking about
that one day we had been alone, and us spending it
in my bed with  my cock in my little sisters tight
virgin cunt, I was looking forward to their leaving.

Looking at Ellba I could see her looking at me and
grinning behind mom and dads backs, I knew what
she was thinking.  She had slipped into my bedroom
a couple of time after mom and dad went to bed and
she had sucked on my cock until I cum in her mouth.
She had then swallowed it.

I didn't fuck her then, but I did lick her pussy and
tongue fuck her until she cum when she did sneak
into my room at night.

Mom and Dad would be leaving Friday Evening early,
and wouldn't be back home until late Monday evening
if not sometime Tuesday.

Sis and I could hardly wait for them to leave.  Finally
they got into the car after making sure we had their
phone numbers, where they were going and all of
that stuff.  We gave them one last hug and kiss then
they pulled out.  Looking at my watch it was still
two in the afternoon.  We had a long weekend to
enjoy each other and I was sure going to enjoy my
little sister as much as I could the entire time.

We went back into the house and Sis went into her
bedroom closing the door.  It wasn't long before she
came back out, naked and came over to me.  With
out saying a word she unzipped my pants and pulled
by cock out.  Grinning at me she leaned down
and began licking my cock head, then she sucked it
into her mouth.  I don't know how she did it, I found
out later she had practiced it, but she sucked my
entire cock into her young mouth and even down her
throat.  There she was nine years old and sucking her
brothers stiff cock even down her throat.

After sucking on my cock, she then straddled me and
dropped herself on my cock plunging it right up into
her tight little nine year old cunt.

All I had to do was sit there and my little sister fucked
her own little cunt up and down on my stiff cock as
she leaned in and kissed me passionately right on the lips. I held her
tight against me and fucked her back
just as hard as she was fucking me with her little cunt.

That was the beginning of our weekend with out mom
and dad.  Like I said though that was just the

The next day she ask if she could go next door to see
her girl friend, Trixi.  Of course I told her sure.  They
spent a lot of time together.

It was about two hours later, she came home, Trixi
with her.  She told me that Trixi's mom and dad
wanted to go out and didn't have anyone to watch
Trixi so she had told them Trixi could spend the night
even the weekend with her.

Trixi's parents were delighted and left not long
after that.

Ellba knew  I was upset with her having Trixi
stay the weekend with us.  I knew I couldn't be
fucking my little sister while she was there.

Ellba came over to me and hugged me and kissed
me right in front of her friend.  "Its Ok, you'll see."
she told me.

She and Trixi then went into her bedroom.  It was
about a half hour later that the two girls came out.
Both of them were naked.  Ellba led Trixi up to
me and told me that she wanted me to do it to her
too.  She told me Trixi loved it when she had licked
and sucked and put her tongue in her pussy and
Trixi wanted to know what it felt like to have a cock
in her like Ellba had told her.

I looked at Trixi, and as I did, Ellba told me that
Trixi knew she couldn't tell her mama or daddy but
that from then on when she wanted someone to put
their cock in her and fuck her she could come to me.

She also told me that Trixi also would let me fuck her
anytime I wanted too.

I wasn't sure about it, but then if I wanted to fuck my
little sis I would also have to fuck her little friend.
Of course Trixi also had little mounds and nipples and
her tiny virginal pussy was bare of any hair. Her pussy
lips were small and thin.  Her pussy was also shiny, I
could see that her tight pussy was already becoming
wet with her own juices.

Even at fourteen I was again thinking about another
little virgin girl like my own younger sister.  Sis and
her friend stood right there in front of me, naked, me
looking at her little tits and cunt.  I could almost feel
my cock slipping up inside of her tiny cunt.

Finally I told them, "Ok sis, I'll fuck her but from now
on both of you have to let me fuck you whenever
I want too."

Both of them grinned at him and told him, "Ok,
anytime you want too."

With that both of them went over to him and in
moments had his cock out and Trixi was fondling
and playing with her first cock.

Ellba showed her friend how to play with her
brothers stiff cock and how to lick it and suck it.
She then had her lay down and let spread her
legs and I showed her little virgin friend what it
felt like having her tiny pussy played with and
licked and sucked and tongue fucked.  I sucked
on her little clit, until she suddenly cried out with
her first ever orgasm.  As she did I slipped my
finger up into her tight virginal cunt tunnel far
enough that I could feel her little hymen.

I made her orgasm a couple of time, but then told
them I would fuck them later that night. They wanted
to do it right then, but I wouldn't do it.

They ran around the house naked then rest of the
afternoon.  I could hear my little sister telling her
how good it feels to have a big stiff cock sliding
in and out of her pussy and how good it feels when
I spurt my stuff up inside of her.

Finally both girls ran into the bathroom and I could
hear them taking a shower, laughing and screaming.
I stripped and set on the couch waiting for the two
of them to come out so I could enjoy both of their
little naked bodies and tight little cunts, one of them
still being a virgin.  Yes, I was going to really have
a fun three or four day weekend.

Charlie "the drifter"

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