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        My Friends Young Daughter
         By: Charlie "the drifter"

I decided to visit a friend of mine who I hadn't
seen for almost five years.  I just happened to be
traveling through the town where he lives.

He was really happy to see me and invited me in.
We set and told stories about what we had been
doing for the last five years.

Of course I hadn't been doing much of anything,
my girl friend had left me for some dickhead with
a lot of money after three years of living together.

Of course after she left, I, myself, had come into a
lot of money.  Yeh, my great grandpa had passed
away and had left the bulk of his fortune to me,
since I had been the only one that seemed to give
a shit about him, other than his money.  Hell I didn't
even know he had a lot of money since he lived
like a hermit on his vast mountain property.  I
thought he was just squatting in that run down shack
which I helped him fix up to a certain extent.

Come to find out, after he passed away, he actually
owned a large industrial company and had
good paying investments in how many others.  He
had been one hell of  a smart man when it came to
business and investments.

Because of the way he lived though, no one
including his own kids, that included my own
grandpa and my own mother, knew he had all of
that property and money.  Well they found out
about it when his will was read and he had left
the bulk of his money and property to me.  Of
course they tried to get it from me by taking the
will to court but my great grandpa knew what he
was doing and it was iron clad.  He had left each of
them a pittance so he hadn't cut  them out all

One thing about my grandpa to was he had
everything set up in a way that it all pretty much
ran it's self.

Anyway that's just a bit about myself.  I didn't use
the money to live high, I just fixed my old car up and
took it from there living like I always did.  I knew
what would happen if I let people know I had money.

Anyway I went to visit my friend and while we were
talking a little girl about four came out of the

Looking at the girl, he grinned and told me.  "This is
Gina, she's my little girl.  Hell I didn't even know I
had her until about six months ago when some
lawyer contacted me told me I was her daddy and
was now in custody of her."

"Well, now I'm glad I do have a daughter like her."
He told me.

He called her over.  "Gina come here."   She slowly
went over to him.  "Show him your pussy, honey."
He told her.

She raised her skirt up and showed me her little
hairless cunt.  She wasn't wearing panties.

"I'll tell you, her little cunt is sure tight on a cock."
he told me.

I stared at her little cunt.  "You, you mean, you, you
fucked her?"  gasp.

"Oh yes and she was still a virgin.  I didn't think she
was but I was wrong.  She really cried out when I
shoved my cock up inside of her.  I felt her hymen
tear as my cock slipped all of the way up inside
of her. Oh she still cries a bit when I fuck her but
damn she is so tight." He told me.

I couldn't believe it of my friend, fucking a little
four year old girl.  I looked at him.  But, but she
can't be but about four." I gasp.

"Actually," he said grinning at me, " She's only
three and won't be four for another three months."

I couldn't believe it. His own daughter only three
and he was already fucking her.

He looked at me then her.  "Take his cock out and
suck on it honey." he told her.

Well as I sat there the girl came over to me looking
halfway scared. She reached over and unbuckled my
belt, then unzipped my pants.  No I didn't stop her.

She reached in my underpants, wrapping her little
hand around my stiff cock and pulled it out.  She
looked at it, the she leaned down and licked her
tongue around my cock head.  I almost cum right
then and there.  I couldn't believe it of myself
letting a little three year old girl play with my cock
and lick and suck it.

Yes, she opened her small mouth and slipped it down
over the head of my cock.  My cock head filled her
tiny mouth as she sucked on it like she was sucking
on a baby  bottle.

"Go ahead and cum in her mouth.  She'll swallow it
like I make her do."  He said.

He didn't have to wait long for me to fill his little
girls mouth with my hot sperm.  I suddenly spewed
her mouth full of my cum.  It spurted into her mouth
and down her throat, most of it anyway.  A small
amount sperm seeped from about her mouth from
around my thick cock shaft.  He really got a kick
out of watching  her suck my cock and swallowing
my sperm.

Finally she pulled her mouth off and licked her lips.

"She knows she has to swallow all of it and not lose
any of it." He said with a grin as he watched her
clean her lips and swallow what had leaked out of
her mouth from around my cock shaft.

Once she had her mouth cleaned of sperm, he called
her over to him and made her take his cock out and
I sat there watching her suck his cock until he cum
in her mouth and she swallowed all of it.

I did notice that my cock was quite a bit, longer and
quite a bit thicker than his cock was.  Oh, I was quite
proud of my cock.  No I didn't have the biggest or
longest cock, but it was larger and longer than most

She sucked on his cock until he spewed his sperm
down her throat.  She was able to swallow all of it
and not let any seep out of her mouth.

"Before long, I'm going to teach her how to suck my
cock all of the way down her throat." He told me.
"I can just see and feel my cock sliding all of the way
into her mouth and down her throat."  He told me

"You know if you want too, you can fuck her.  I
would kind of like to see her with your cock in her
tight little cunt anyway." He told me with a grin.

I stared at him, then the young girl.  I couldn't believe
he wanted to watch me fuck his little three year old
daughter.  Hell I couldn't believe he was fucking her
either.  Not with her so tiny and only three years old.

But already having had her hold and play with my
stiff cock and suck it until I cum in her mouth, then
she swallowing all of it.  I wasn't thinking the
clearest, I guess.

He told her to take her clothes off and she stood there
in front of us and slowly took her little dress off
leaving her standing there naked.

He looked at me, then told me. "Why don't you go
ahead and put that big cock of yours into her little
cunt.  Believe me you'll love how her cunt squeezes
your cock and milks it until you cum in her.  You'll
want to keep fucking her, feeling your cock in her
tiny cunt.  Damn it is so tight on my cock." he told
me grinning.

He told her to lay on the rug and spread her legs.
She did as he told her without hesitation, but I could
see the tears forming in her eyes.  She may have been
only three, but when he made her lay down and
spread her legs, she knew even at that age that she
was going to have a big stiff cock shoved up into her
tight little cunt and it was going to hurt her bad.

"Go ahead, fuck her, shove your big cock up into her
tiny cunt.  Fuck her and fill her cunt with your cum." He told me.  "I
want to see your big cock all of the
way up in her little ass too.  Hell I haven't even had
my cock in her ass yet.  You can have her virgin
bowels." He told me.

I looked at him, then her, then back at him. "You,
you really want me to fuck her?" I ask him.  "But,
but she's so young and small."   I said.

"I know, that's what makes it so exciting and her
little cunt is so tight squeezing my cock.  I know
you'll love it." he told me.

I guess the way I was feeling, not having had sex
for a long time and having just had my cock sucked
and my cum swallowed by the little girl laying on the
rug in front of me her little legs spread wide laying
there waiting for me to shove my thick cock up into
her tiny cunt and tiny body, I slowly moved to the

I stood up and slipped my clothes off until I was just
as naked at the girl was.  I slowly moved between her
wide spread legs and guided my cock to her tiny wet
cunt. Yes, her cunt, as little as it was, was lubricating
with her own cunt fluids.

He was ready though, he handed me some lubricant
and told me I had better use some of it because my
cock was thicker than even his was.

I took him at his word and almost with out thinking
coated my thick cock with the lubricant.  She was
staring at my big cock knowing, even at her age
that I was going to put it up inside of her and it was
going to hurt her.

After coating her tiny cunt with the lubricant and
my thick cock with it I guided it to her little pussy
slit and pussy lips.

It was something watching and feeling my sensitive
cock head slipping up and down her little slit
spreading her little pussy lips wide.

Finally I guided it down to her tiny hole and began
pushing my big thick cock head into her.  She of
course began struggling because of the pain of her
tiny cunt hole being stretched so wide.. She had
tears running down her cheeks as she tried to pull
away.  Suddenly she screamed with the pain as my
cock head plunged right up into her tiny cunt tunnel.

She struggled trying to get away, as the pain surged
over her little body as her tiny cunt was stretched
wider than ever before.  No she wasn't a virgin but
he had been the only one to fuck her and his cock
wasn't as thick or as long as mine.

I didn't stop pushing my cock up into her tiny three
year old cunt until my cock was buried deep inside
of her. Yes I forced my entire cock up inside of that
tiny three year old cunt while her own father
watched her being used and abused.

I lay there staring at her tiny cunt stretched so wide
her tiny pussy lips looked like they were about to
tear.  She had tears running down her face from the
pain as I slowly fucked my thick long cock in and out
of her tight little cunt.  When I pushed my cock up
into her I could feel it pushing hard on her vaginal
wall and little cervix, even forcing her tiny cervix
open a bit.

Even as I fucked that tiny thing, I couldn't believe
that I was enjoying myself so much.  I fucked and
fucked her.  As her tiny cunt stretched her pain
faded and she was soon laying there just looking
up at me as I pounded her tiny cunt, ramming my
big thick stiff cock in and out of  her little body.

On and on I fucked her not caring if I was hurting
her or not.

I fucked that tiny cunt for almost twenty minutes
before I finally rammed my cock up inside of her
as deep as I could.  I could feel her little vaginal
wall, being pushed hard up inside of her tiny tummy
as I forced my entire length inside of her.  She
whined at the pain and even as I forced my cock
up inside of her as deep as it would go, I could see
the bulge in her little tummy from my cock filling
her cunt.

I spewed my hot sperm up into my first little three
year old cunt.  With my cock head pushing hard
against her little cervix, I could feel her tiny opening
to her womb, stretched around my cock head, I was
sure my sperm was spewing right into her tiny

When I did finally pull my thick long cock out of her
tiny three year old cunt, very little of my large
helping of hot sperm leaked from her tiny, now
gapping wide cunt. I was sure most of it was trapped
in her little womb.

After I pulled my cock out of her little cunt, her
daddy moved between her legs and rammed his cock
up into her tiny cunt and began fucking her harder
than I had even fucked her.

She whimpered as her daddy also used her tiny little
girl cunt fucking he as hard as he could.  He was
ramming his cock just as hard as he could up inside
of her as if trying to cause her a lot of pain, which he
was doing.

It didn't take him long before he spewed his hot
daddy sperm up inside of her.  I was sure not much
if any of his went into her womb, because after he
pulled out a lot of sperm leaked out of her gaping
little cunt.

We then set there, talking about how good her tiny
cunt felt on our cocks and how exciting it was
fucking a girl that young and being able to use
her as we wanted to  in any sexual way we
wanted too.  That was when he told me he wanted
to watch me fuck her little virgin ass.  He told me
he wanted to see my larger cock stretching her
tiny ass wide and see my cock all of the way up
inside of her little bowels.

I was shocked at myself when I found my cock stiff
and hard at the thought of fucking that tiny girls tight
virgin anal opening forcing my thick cock up inside
of her.

But again I guess it was the way we were thinking
about fucking young girls and already having fucked
her little three year old cunt, my cock was stiff as
a board.

I moved down to her and raising her little legs high
spreading them I could see her tiny anal opening.  I
coated my finger and her tiny ass good with the
lubricant, then I forced my finger all of the way up
inside of her virgin anal opening. Her tiny muscles
squeezed and tried to keep my finger out of her
ass, but I forced it deep inside of her ass, coating
her tube with the lubricant.

Again I coated my thick cock good with the
lubricant.  He then moved down and taking her
little legs he force them up to her head, exposing
her tiny virgin anal open to me.

With my cock and her anal opening coated good
with lubricant, I guided my cock to her opening
and began pushing it up inside of her virgin ass.

She screamed with the pain as my cock head]
slipped all of the way up inside of her tight ass.
I kept the pressure on it and watch and felt it
slip up inside of her virgin bowels until I had
every inch of my long thick cock buried deep
in her virgin three year old bowels.  God was
she tight as I began fucking her ass.

On and on I fucked her tight ass, driving my
thick cock head right up into her bowels until
I had every tiny inch of it buried inside of her time
after time.

She struggle trying to pull away but of course she
had no success.  She had to submit to my fucking her
virgin ass over and over driving my cock in and out
of her hard, giving her little body a jolt every time
I rammed my cock up into her all of the way.

Finally though I rammed my thick cock deep and
spewed my sperm into her virgin bowels.  I filled
the little three year old bowels full of it's first
hot fertile man sperm.

I finally pulled my cock out and daddy moved right
behind her and with me holding her legs, up he
rammed his cock up into her just fucked bowels
on and on he fucked her until finally he spewed his
sperm deep in her bowels mixing it with mine.

She lay there with out moving tears running down
her cheeks after he pulled his cock out of her now
gapping little no longer virgin ass opening.  Our
sperm leaked out of her gapping anal opening just
like it was her gapping little cunt.

We let her lay there as we talked about how exciting
it was fucking his little three year old daughter.  We
talked about how tight her little cunt and ass was and
how we had enjoyed fucking her and cumming in
her.  He told me that I could use her anytime I
wanted to in anyway I wanted too.  He grinned when
he told me that if I wanted I could take her and keep
her for a couple of weeks if I wanted, using her in
any way I wanted too.

He told me he was even thinking about having a dog
fuck her and video taping it, then selling the video.
He also began talking about video taping us fucking
her and selling the videos.

Well I spent two nights and three days with him.
During that time, we both even fucked her, one
cock in her tiny cunt and the other in her tight tiny
ass.  We fucked her, one in her cunt the other fucking
her little mouth.

Yes the two of us used his little three year old
daughter sexually over and over, each of us fucking
her when we wanted and many time both of us
fucking her at the same time.

By the time I decided I had to leave the girl was
taking both of our cocks into her little three year
old cunt, with out a whimper.  She would climb
up on us and drop herself on our cocks when she
was told to, forcing our cock into her tiny cunt
or ass, with only a whimper of pain then she would
fuck herself like we had taught her she had to

When I finally left my friends, she was sitting on the
seat next to me in the front seat, belted in.  Her little
skirt was pulled up showing her tiny bare cunt, since
she wasn't allowed to wear panties.

As I pulled away from my friends with his little girl
belted in right next to me in the front of my car,
I reached down and slipped my finger up inside of
her well fucked little three year old cunt and finger
fucked her as I drove down the road.  She was now
enjoying the feeling of my finger sliding in and out
of her. She had learned to enjoy our fingers and our
cock in her little body and her mouth.

As I drove down the free way, I had her belt off and
my finger deep in her tiny cunt, her mouth sucking
my thick cock in and out of it.  When I cum in her
mouth she swallowed every drop of it. She had
learned not to lose any of the sperm spewed into her

Yes, I had my friends three year old daughter with
me, me being able to use her anyway I wanted too.
My friend even though he enjoyed having a little
girl to suck his cock and fuck, didn't want her so
he had given her to me.  He didn't want the
responsibility of taking care of a girl so young, even
though he could fuck her anyway he wanted to
when ever he wanted too.  He had given her to me
along with the paper work giving me custody
of the girl for all of her care.  Yes, it was all legal
too.  He had made sure of that.  His little girl was
now mine to use in anyway I wanted to use her
and I was sure enjoying having her suck my cock
as I drove down the freeway.

It also wouldn't be long before I had her on my lap
my cock buried in her tight young cunt as I drove
down the road.  But I would not do it until after
dark.  No I couldn't have her in my lap as I drove
during the daylight.

Yes I was now the "father" of a little three year old
girl that I could fuck and use sexually in anyway
I wanted too.  I was sure going to enjoy her too.

Charlie "the drifter"

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