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                     No Hypnotism Needed
                     By: Charlie "the drifter"

I found that it was really to my advantage when I
learned hypnotism.  If I say so myself I got pretty
damn good at it.

I was eighteen and I found it exciting to be able
to put on a show hypnotizing people, making them
do things they wouldn't ordinarily do. Like making
a fool of themselves, when I had them under doing
things they normally wouldn't do with other people

I kept it strictly on the up and up doing nothing out
of the ordinary.

But there was also something's that those watching
didn't know I was doing.

I had found by experimenting with my own little
sister when our parents weren't around I could
hypnotize her and give her suggestions that she
didn't remember or realized she was doing.

My little sister was ten years old when I hypnotized
her.  I told her I just needed to practice so she let me
do it.

The first time I had her under my spell, I made her
do something that I knew she wouldn't normally do.
While she was under, I had her show me her small
firm breasts and then pull her skirt up and let me
see her hairless pussy.  She didn't hesitate while she
was under.  She even let me rub her young virgin
pussy lips with my finger and let me slip my finger
up into her virgin cunt.  Damn she was tight.  Then
I pulled my cock out and had her play with it then
suck on it.  God what a feeling and what a sight it

Of course when I brought her out of it, I left the
suggestion that when I said a certain word she
would again me under my control and do as I
wanted her too.  Then I brought her out of it
with the order that she would not remember
any of it and she didn't.

It was exciting knowing I could put her under just
by my saying a certain word.

Many times after that just to see if it was working
when we were alone I would say that word and she
was instantly under my spell.  Yes she done anything
I told her too.

I even had her suck my cock until I cum in her mouth
and she swallowed all of it.  I even took pictures of
her with my cock in her mouth and of her small
perfect titties and hairless virgin pussy slit.

Then one time she had her girl friend over.  She
wanted me to hypnotize her girl friend who lived
right next door.  Well I did it and while I was doing
it I said that word that also put my little sister under
my spell. '

My sisters girl friend went under very quickly.  She
was easy to hypnotize.  Once I had her under I also
put her under my spell just like I had my little sister.
I say a certain word and she was under.   Me saying
that word was the only one that could say it that it
would put them under my spell.

Once I had both of them under my spell, I had them
both bare their small tits and nipples and shed their
panties, showing me their virgin cunts.  Again I
took pictures of both of them showing me their
tits and pussies.

I had them fondle and play with each others tits and
nipples and fingering each others pussies as I took
'pictures of them.

I even had them lick and suck each others pussies
letting me take photos.  It was great.

I played with my sisters friend titties and nipples
and I licked and sucked her tight virgin pussy.
I slipped my finger up inside of her to feel her
hymen, showing that yes she was still a virgin.

She too sucked my cock and swallowed my sperm.
But she too didn't remember any of it once she was
taken out of her spell.  Neither my little sis or her
girl friend remembered any of it.  Believe me I was
having a great time with the two of them.  I had
a different girl to suck my cock whoever I wanted one
of them to do it and they always swallowed my sperm
when they did.

Then came the time that our parents were going on
a trip and my sister didn't want to go.  Since I was
going to be there, our parents told her she could stay
as long it was ok with me.

Well naturally it was.  Then she ask if her girl friend
could stay with her too.  Of course it was ok with me
there also.

It seems that our next door neighbors were going out
of town for a week on a business trip and since it
was summer and no school, My sisters girl friend
didn't want to go with them.  Hell yes it was  OK
her staying with sis.  I could see that her parents
were actually glad they didn't have to take her with

It was great having those two staying with me for a
whole week without our parents or hers around.  I
was going to enjoy being alone with my little sister
and her friend.

Oh yes, My sister name is Mary and her girl friends
name is Ellen.  Both of them were ten and showing
their signs of development.  Beautiful small
developing tits and hairless pussy slits.  I knew that
for a fact having seen and touched and fingered
both of them.

I didn't do anything that first night.  They changed
into their thin almost transparent short night gowns
short just barely covering their firm small ass cheeks.

I was beginning to wonder if I was even going to have
to hypnotize them to enjoy their young nubile bodies.
As they sat and lay around the living room with me
right there, they weren't careful about letting their
nightgowns pull up and show what they had.

The two of them lay on the rug watching one
of their shows, which I let them, I was enjoying
the show they were putting on for me.

In a very short time both of their nightgowns
were pulled up and I'll be damned if neither of
them were wearing panties.

With the way their legs were spread and the
way they were laying I had a clear view of two
young virginal hairless cunts.  I wondered if
they knew they were showing me their cunts
and the way they were showing them I was
sure they were.  I was thinking about putting
them under and enjoying their bodies, but I
waited to see just what would happen.

I didn't make them go to bed, because it was
summer time and there was no school so there
was no reason they couldn't stay up, especially
with our parents not being there.

I was enjoying the view I had to much to tell
them to go to bed.  Of course my cock was
stiff as a board seeing their charms the way
they were showing me.

Then it happened.  They looked at each other
and giggled then they both got up and came
over to me.

Mary stood right beside me on one side and
Ellen stood on the other.

Mary looked at me then she grinned and ask
me.  "Wi, will you do, do something for us?"

I looked at her then said.  "Well if I can I will."

They looked at each other, then Sis continued.
"We, we want you to show us something." She

"Well if I can I will." I said.

"Oh we know you can, if you will." She said.
"We, we both want you too. Oh damn, we, we
want you to show us how to make love.  We
we both want you to show us how to have sex.
Damn it brother we both want you to have
sex with us, show us how to play with your
cock, how to lick it and suck it and how
to, ho, how to fuck.  Yes, we both want you
to fuck us and show us how to do it and how
it feels."  My own little sister said, with Ellen
standing there.

Then Ellen echoed her saying in a whisper,
"Yes, we, we both want you too.  We, we
wont tell anyone."  She added.

I looked at them knowing I was going to do
it and I didn't have to put them under my spell.
No my sister and her friend were just curious
about sex, the way most young girls are but just
won't admit it.

I looked at them then I ask them.  "how how do
I know that you won't tell anyone? You know
I could get in a lot of trouble."

"We, we won't tell anyone we promise." Ellen
said quickly.

"Well if, if both of you promise not to tell anyone."
I told them.

With that I had two young girls hugging me and
kissing me.  "Oh we won't tell anyone we want
you to do it with us.  We want to feel your cock
in us and feel you doing all of those things that
we've heard our friends talk about and what we've
read and the pictures we seen in some of those
magazines of men and women doing it," Sis

I kissed both of them back and then told them
"If you promise not to tell anyone, Yes, I'll do it
with you.  I'll fuck both of you." I told them being
blunt with them.

"Oh goodie, " Sis cried and again both girls kissed

With that, giggling and smiling they both pulled their
night gowns up and off, to stand there naked letting
me see their pussies and firm developing breasts with
their small nipples.

No I wasn't going to have to hypnotize them to be
able to enjoy their naked, young virginal bodies.
Those two girls were just curious about sex and
wanted to do it to know what it was like and I was
going to be the one to enjoy their virgin bodies

I reached up and cupped a hand around two small
firm breasts, one Mary's and the other Ellen's.  Damn
they were soft but firm.

Almost before I realized it, those two young girls had
my pants unzipped and my cock out playing with it.

Then grinning, Mary leaned over and licked my cock
head and sucked it into her small mouth.  She sucked
on it for several minutes with her friend watching and
telling her that it was her turn.

Finally sis pulled her mouth off of my cock and Ellen
quickly licked it and sucked it into her own mouth
she sucked on it for several minutes trying to take it
deeper into her mouth than she watched my sister do.

Finally I told them that was enough because I wanted
to fuck them and cum in them not cum in their mouth,
at least not then, maybe later.  Both of them grinned
saying ok.

Even as they sucked my cock in and out of their
mouths, they took pictures of each other with my cock
in their mouths.  They told me that they wanted
to take pictures of each other with my cock in their
pussies too.   Hell yes I was willing.

Both of the girls wanted me to fuck them first, so
I had them pick a card to see who would be the first
one for me to fuck.

I was actually glad that it was Ellen that picked the
highest card, that way she couldn't back out after
watching me fuck my sister.  I would already have
fucked her and took her virginity.

She could hardly wait for me to push my stiff cock
up inside of her young tight virgin cunt.  She was
really anxious to be fucked and see what it would be
like to feel her pussy stuffed full of a big cock.

We went into the bedroom, mine, with my queen
sized bed.  Ellen quickly lay back and spread her
legs wide and was giggling telling me to fuck her
that she wanted to feel her pussy full of my thick

Of course, my sister had to get in on it.  She just
had to hold my cock and rub it up and down her
friends virgin pussy, helping me, her brother,
to fuck her friend and take her virginity.

Ellen lay wide eyed watching my big cock being
rubbed up and down her tight, wet virgin pussy.
She had her legs spread wide as sis rubbed my cock
up and down her friends pussy slit then held it at
her tight virgin opening, giggling telling me to fuck

I held Ellen's legs on each side of me and slowly
began pushing my thick cock up into her small
virginal opening.

She began whimpering with the pain as my thick
cock head stretched her pussy wide.  I didn't stop
even when the tears began running down her
cheeks and she started telling me to stop it hurt
to bad.

I had my thick cock head up inside of her tunnel
pressing against her hymen, as she begging me to
stop and was struggling to pull away because it
hurt to bad.

I looked at her and lunged as my sister held my
thick cock in her friends virginal cunt.   Ellen
cried out with the sharp pain of my cock plunging
all of the way up inside of her, tearing her hymen,
taking her young virginity.

I held my cock buried deep in her virginal ten year
old cunt, until she finally quit struggling to get
away.  She tensed up as I began slipping my cock
in and out of her no longer virginal cunt tunnel.

Before long she was telling Sis it didn't hurt anymore
and was even starting to feel good.  The more I fucked
my cock in and out of Ellen's young cunt, the more
she enjoyed it.  She began fucking her own little cunt
back at my cock as my sister watched wide eyed.

Ellen wrapped her legs around my waist and began
pulling her own little cunt up at my cock as I  plunged
it up inside of her.  She also began crying out for me
to fuck her, to fuck her hard, that it was feeling so
good, having my cock in her.

She finally screamed out as she pulled my cock as
deep inside of her as it would go and she held it
deep inside of her as she wiggled and squirmed and
cried out with pleasure.  Yes, she was finally

Little Ellen, only ten years old was having her own
orgasm from her first cock.  She finally settled down
but kept pulling my cock up inside of her holding it
as deep inside of her as she could.

She began telling sis how good it felt and how she
wanted me to keep fucking her, how she wanted to
keep my cock inside of her.

Yes, I filled little Ellen, ten years old, no longer a
virgin, full of my hot fertile sperm.  Oh yes I knew
I was going to enjoy the week ahead, at least with
Ellen.  I knew that I would be fucking her a lot.

Finally though Mary insisted that it was her turn so
I pulled my cock out of Ellen and lay back.  Mary
looked at Ellen's gapping sperm filled cunt, then
my still stiff cock.

Finally she grabbed my cock and leaning down
licked and then sucked it, still wet with her friends
virginal juices coating it.  It didn't even phase her
that my thick cock was streaked with her friends
virginal blood, from her torn hymen.  She licked
and sucked my cock clean.

Then she lay down and told me to fuck her like
I had just fucked Ellen.  I moved between her legs
and Ellen quickly grabbed my cock and began
rubbing it up and down my sisters tight virginal
cunt.  Yes, Since Sis enjoyed helping me fuck her
and take her virginity, Ellen wasn't going to pass
up the chance of helping me fuck my own little
sister and take her virginity.

Ellen rubbed my cock up and down my little sisters
virginal cunt, coating it with my cum.  Then she
guided it down to sis's virginal opening.

She held it there, then grinning told me to fuck her,
to fuck my own sister and take her virginity.  I grasp
Sis's legs tight and pushed my cock up into her virgin
opening as she cried out with the pain and struggling
tried to pull away from it, from the pain, just like
Ellen had done, but to no avail.  I slowly slipped my
thick cock head up into her virginal open and down
her virgin tunnel until it was pressing against her
hymen.  Yes, I could feel my own little sister hymen
deep in her virgin cunt with my thick cock head.
I was going to be the one to enjoy my little sisters
virginity and make a woman out of her, and hopefully
to enjoy being fucked enough that I could fuck her
from then on.

She screamed out when I lunged and drove my thick
cock through her hymen and deep up inside of her
little cunt.

She at first stiffened when I finally slowly began to
slip my cock in and out of her, my own little sisters,
virgin cunt.  I fucked her for a minute or two and she
then began to fuck herself back at my, her own
brothers, big stiff cock, giving herself completely to
her big brothers pleasures.

Yes, I fucked my little sister, ten years old, sending
waves of pain and pleasure through young body,
especially her tight no longer virginal cunt, she was
feeling sensations she had never felt before.  She
would look down and watch my thick cock sliding
in and out of her tiny hairless cunt, her pussy lips
stretched thin.

Finally it happened.  Sis suddenly using her strong
little legs, pulled me to her plunging my thick cock
deep inside of her tiny cunt and held me tight against
her keeping my cock buried in side of her.  She
cried out with the pleasure sweeping her small body
as her first ever sexual orgasm swept over her cock
filled body.

I couldn't stop myself and I spewed my hot fertile
sperm up into my little sisters body, her little cunt
and filled her young small womb full of her first
hot fertile sperm.  Yes, her cunt was full of her
brothers big stiff cock and her womb was full of
his hot fertile sperm just like her friends womb
was full of it.

Finally as my cock lost it's stiffness, I pulled it
out and sis lay there with her legs spread wide
and my cum leaking out of her gapping opening,
just like her friends pussy had after I fucked her.

There they were, two young friends, helping me
fuck them, helping their friend lose her virginity
and be fucked for the first time, and helping
fill their friends, young cunts full of hot fertile
sperm.  I don't think either of them even thought
about what the results might just be, I know I didn't.
From then on that week was one hell of a week. Day
and night those two girls wanted to lick and suck and
fuck my cock.  They loved fucking me, with their
friend helping them put my cock in their little cunts
and even helping each other suck on it both before
and after they fucked me.

Those two little ten year old girls, like to suck and
fuck me to death during that week, but I sure as hell
wasn't complaining.

Toward the end of the week, as they would suck my
cock and fuck me, would talk about which one of
their friends they thought would want me to fuck
them and take their virginity and show them how
good it really felt having a big stiff cock in their
tight pussies.

By the end of the week, Ellen was telling us that
she wanted me to fuck her little seven year old
sister too.  She was saying that she knew her little
sister would love it, because she had watched her
little sister fingering herself several time, pushing
her own finger up inside of her little cunt.  She
had even made herself orgasm.  Ellen was sure
that her little sister would really be excited if I would
fuck her and show her what it really felt like having
a big thick cock filling her tiny cunt.

They both decided that when Ellen's parents returned
with her sister, they would arrange for me to  fuck her
little sister and take her virginity and then I could
have the three of them to fuck and all of them could
have a lot of fun sucking and fucking without anyone
knowing about it.

Yes, as those two lovely little girls would fuck
themselves  on my stiff cock, they decided how they
would get, Ellen's little seven year old sister to
let me fuck her and take her virginity and then she
could enjoy having a big stiff cock to fuck whenever
she wanted too.

Oh yes, I was agreeable to it all. After the pleasure
of fucking my own little sister and Ellen her friend
taking their virginity, I was more than willing to
fuck a little seven year old  to see what it felt like
and enjoy.   I was to the point of hardly being able
to wait fuck a little seven year old virgin and enjoy
her tight little cunt and her small young mouth
sucking on my sensitive cock head.

But for right then, I was enjoying laying there
in my bed and having my own little sister and
her friend, fucking themselves on my stiff cock.

I would lay there on my back, one of them would
fuck me a couple of minutes, then pull themselves
off and watch as the other fucked me a couple of
minutes.  Back and forth they would fuck me until
I couldn't stop and would spew my cum up into
which ever cunt my cock was buried in.  I never
knew which little cunt I would be spewing my
cum in when they would swap back and forth
like that.  Damn it was exciting and fun.

As I would lay there enjoying the two young girls
fucking them selves on my cock, I wondered if
my having hypnotized them, and had then enjoyed
their virgin bodies, their little titties, and their virgin
cunts, licking sucking and tongue fucking them
had anything to do with their wanting me to fuck
them.  Maybe, but I was also thinking about how
maybe I might have them bring other friends over
for me to hypnotize and be able to enjoy their
young virgin bodies or maybe even not so virgin
bodies, if their own daddy's or brothers were enjoying
them.  It would be easy for me to find out if they
would let me hypnotize them.

Yes, maybe I would get Mary and Ellen to bring their
friends over and get them to let me hypnotize them
too.  I could have quite a lot of fun showing them
how I could hypnotize them.

Charlie "the drifter"

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