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         My Daughters First Time
          By: Charlie "the drifter"

My young nine year old daughter, Elisa, looked
so damn cute sitting there on the bathtub naked as
I looked at her.

When she seen me standing there looking at her
she grinned at me.  "Daddy will you wash me like
you did last night?"  She ask me.

I grinned at her and told her "Sure honey, I'll be
happy too."  I told her.

I knew she was remembering how I had bathed her
the night before.  Yes, I took my time, feeling
every inch of her beautiful naked body, especially
her small developing titties and nipples and her
young tight virginal pussy.

While I was washing her pussy, inside and out she
had her first ever orgasm and had loved it.  I was
sure she was hoping that I would wash her young
virgin cunt tonight just as I had last night.

I had plans for my little virgin though, I wasn't
going to fuck her now, I  was saving her virginity
for a special event a week from then.  I was just
getting her ready for it.

Once again, I washed my baby's entire naked young
body, sending waves of pleasure over her.  I
fondled and played with her young tits and nipples,
squeezing, pinching and caressing them, sending
those waves of pleasure over her.  She was loving

When I began washing her young cunt, she spread
her legs wide and when she did she told me.
"Daddy, wash inside of me too."  and grinned at

As I slipped my finger up inside of my little girl, I
decided to take it a step further.  I pulled my finger
out and told her.  "Honey, I'm going to get in the
tub with you.  While I wash you, you can wash
me."  She didn't know what to think.

I slowly stripped and with my cock stiff as a board
sticking straight out and her eyes staring at it, I
crawled into the bath tub.

"Oh honey, while I wash your pussy, you soap my
thing, my cock, and wash it."  I told her.

She slowly picked up the soap and soaped my stiff
cock.  She then, with my finger slipping in and out
of her still virgin cunt, she fondled and caressed
and played with my stiff cock.  It was all I could
do to keep from cumming.

When I couldn't keep my self from cumming, I told
her I wanted to lubricate her pussy with my cum.
She didn't understand, so I had her get on her hands
and knees and got behind her.  I told her that I was
going to spurt my juice up into her to make her
slipperier and that it was really good for her inside
of her.  She just grinned and said "Ok daddy."

I moved behind her and for the first time, caressed
my little nine year old daughters hot wet soapy
pussy with my, her daddy's big stiff cock.  She was
loving the feeling of my cock slipping up and down
her sensitive pussy slit.  Still virgin, her hymen still
intact.  I would not be stripping her of her hymen,
her virginity.

For the first time my little girl felt a real cock
caressing her young virgin cunt.  She loved it and
even tried to get it up inside of her, but I even
resisted that.

I slipped my cock up and down her little pussy,
actually sending waves of pleasure over and
through her little body.

I whined with a bit of pain when I did hold her
little ass tight and began pushing my big almost
three inch thick cock head up into her tiny hole.

Yes, I slipped my cockhead into my little girls
virgin pussy but I didn't push it up into her far
enough to tear her hymen.
Once I had my thick cock head inside of her
and she knelt there whining, with the pain/pleasure,
I began masturbating and in just seconds, I spurted
her young virgin nine year old cunt full of daddy's
hot fertile sperm for the first time.

With my cock head plunging the entrance to her
virgin cunt, my sperm spewed all of the way up
inside of her to fill her cunt full of daddy's hot
sperm.  She loved the warm feeling she felt in
her little cunt as I also send her over the edge with
my cock head in side of her and me teasing her
sensitive little girl clitoris.

She cried out with pleasure as she stiffened and
tried to ram her cunt back at daddy's invading cock
head but I wouldn't let her slip my entire cock up
inside of her.

That was the first time I actually had my cock
in her tiny virgin cunt and it was just my cock
head.  She was still a virgin still having her
tight little girl hymen.  She would lose that
the following weekend.

The rest of the week, I even showed her how it
felt to have her little cunt washed with daddy's
tongue and I taught her to wash my cock with
her young tongue and mouth.  She also found
what her daddy's cum tasted like, swallowing
it every night when I bathed her.  Of course
she had an orgasm every night when daddy
filled her cunt entrance with his big cock head
and spewed his hot sperm up into her little
virgin womb.

The night before the event, before I would be
taking her visiting to a friends house where
they would be showing her lots of love also.

I knew that there would be six of them to enjoy
helping teach and show her all about growing
up and what she would be able to enjoy as she

Of course I would be enjoying what they were
paying me for the use of my little girl for the
evening.  Yes, they were paying me a great sum
for the use of my little nine year old virgin
daughter for the night.  Until midnight that is.
It would all stop at midnight.  I felt that she being
used that long was enough.  They agreed to it.

Oh yes, just before we left for the visit, I gave her
a couple of Valium to calm her down.  She didn't
know what she was going to be enjoying for most
of the night.

By the time we arrived at my friends place she
was really feeling the valium I had given her.
When went into the house there they were, Six
adult men, along with their wives who would be
watching their husbands enjoy a young virgin
nine year old girl as much as they wanted too.

Looking around the room, I knew there were
several wives I was going to enjoy also. One
of the men even had his thirteen year old daughter
there with he and his wife to watch.  Oh yes, she
would be joining in with the parents after the
fathers enjoyed the nine year old as much as
they wanted too.  I planned on enjoying his thirteen
year old daughter also.  I knew her father and
several other men had for sometime enjoyed her
young body.

The thirteen year old girl was the daughter of the
only black couple who was a member of the small
group.  I knew the other men of the group were
enjoying her mother and she and her father was
enjoying their wives and daughters.  Most of them had left their
daughters home this night.

The black man had actually paid me the most to be
the first with my young virgin daughter.  He would
be the first to enjoy my little girls tight virginal

It didn't take long and they men had her naked in
the middle of them.  She was out of it with the
Valium I had given her and was letting them do
what they wanted with her.

The Black man put his cock against her lips and
she opened her mouth and let him slip his big cock
head into it.  She sucked his cock head like she had
done mine.  He didn't cum in her mouth though he
wanted it all up inside of her tight virgin cunt.

He pulled his cock out and she was laid down and
her legs spread wide.  He moved between her legs
and with me her daddy watching, his black wife
grasp his big stiff black cock and rubbed it up and
down her tiny little cunt.

Then she pushed it down to my baby's tight
virginal opening and held it there.  "Ok baby, fuck
the little white bitch and take her virginity for her
daddy." she told him with a big smile on her face.

She was loving helping her husband fuck and be
the one to take the virginity of a small white girl.
She loved the thought of his cock and hot sperm
be the first cock and sperm the little white virgin
felt inside of her virgin cunt, inside of her tiny
small body.

She was holding it when he plunged his cock deep
inside of my baby, ripping her virginity form her.
There my baby was, no longer a virgin, laying there
impaled on a big stiff black cock buried deep
inside of her.

She cried out when his thick cock stretched her
tiny cunt opening and tunnel wide and her virginity
taken from her.  He held still letting every one get a
good look at my baby with her tiny virgin cunt
stretched wide his cock buried in her.

Finally with his wife holding his big stiff cock, he
began fucking my baby.  She wiggled and
squirmed as his thick cock plunged in and out of
her sending waves of pain/pleasure over her little

No, it didn't take her tight little virgin cunt to milk
the Black mans hot fertile sperm from him.  He
rammed his big thick cock deep inside of her,
pushing every micro inch of it up inside of her
tiny little girl cunt.  He spewed her tiny cunt and
womb full of his hot black fertile sperm.

All of the while he fucked my little girl, his wife
was loving the thought of it, continuing telling him
to fuck that little white cunt and plant his black
baby in her little womb.

Finally he pulled his cock out and was quickly
replaced by another big thick cock. She took it
with no problem and even fucked her little cunt
right back at it.  One after the other the men fucked
her with their wives watching.

Before the men were even done fucking her the
first time, I had the black thirteen year old daughter
straddling me and my cock plunging in and out
of her as she fucked herself up and down on my
cock.  I spewed my first load of hot sperm up into
her young body.

As soon as she pulled off of me, her mother
straddled me and fucked me until I spewed a
helping of hot fertile sperm up inside of her.
She grinned at me and told me that I had one
hot little girl and they would enjoy getting with us
later so that he could fuck her again and she and
her daughter could fuck me.  She also told me that
none of the women of the small group ever used
any contraception and there was always the
possibility of them having another man's baby,
even her husbands black baby. Of course she and
her daughter could also have one of the white
men's baby and not even know which one.

The men each fucked my little girl two or three
times before they were finished with her and it was
midnight.  As they had fucked my baby, they had
also watched me fuck as many of their wives as
I could, cumming in four of them but only feeling
my stiff cock in the other two.

Yes, not only had the group paid good for the use
of my little virgin daughter, I also got to enjoy
the feeling of my cock in each of their wives and
the black man's young daughter.

I took my exhausted baby home, and put her in my
bed.  She would be sleeping with me from that
time on.

As she lay there sleeping her young cunt full of
hot fertile sperm, I pulled her tight against me,
her back against me.  From behind I for the first
time, slipped my daddy cock all of the way up
inside of her now well fucked still cum filled
cunt, loose from so many big thick cocks plunging
in and out of her time after time.

Even with as many times as she had been fucked,
my baby's young cunt was still actually tight for
having been fucked that many times.  As I lay
with my cock buried deep inside of her for the
first time, I could feel her squeeze my cock shaft
with her young cunt muscles milking it, even as
she slept.

When she woke up the next morning with daddy's
cock buried deep inside of her and it feeling good
to her, she didn't even ask how or why daddy's
cock was inside of her she just began fucking it
in and out of herself.  She loved the feeling even
though she was sore from the fucking she had
taken the night before.   She hardly remembered
any of it.

After taking daddy's cum up into her once more,
she pulled herself off of my cock and turning
around she hugged me and kissed me.  "I liked it
daddy, are you going to keep putting it up in me
like that?" she ask.

"Do you want daddy too? honey? I ask her.

"Oh yes daddy, I like feeling it inside of me like
that.  But I'm pretty sore down there daddy." She

Then she looked at me and said.  "Daddy I had
kind of a dream, that when we went to visit your
friends the men there all put their things, their
cock in me like you did.  Did they daddy? I don't
remember for sure."  She said.

"Would you like to do that, let several men fuck
you like daddy just did?" I ask her.

"Will it feel good like yours felt in me daddy?" she
ask me innocently.

"Yes, sweetheart, your not a virgin anymore so it
won't hurt when a cock slips up inside of you and
you will like it." I told her.

"I'll tell you what honey, I'm going to call a friend
and have him and is wife and daughter come over
and you can suck his cock and let him fuck you so
that you can see what it feels like with a cock other
than your daddy's.  Of course honey, daddy will be
putting his cock in the man's wife and daughter too.
She thirteen and likes to fuck, like you do." I told

"Ok daddy, if you want me too and it don't hurt
when he puts it in me." She said.

"Honey, he will want you to suck his cock too, put
it in your mouth and slip it in and out while you
suck on it.  Here honey why don't you suck daddy's
cock right now and daddy will teach you how." I
told her.

Of course I knew that she did already know how to
suck a cock having done so the night before, she
just didn't remember it.

As I lay there naked on the bed, my baby moved
down and wrapped her hand around my stiff cock
as I watched.  She didn't even think about my cock
having been inside of her cunt filled with cum from
all of those men.  She leaned down and licked my
cock head as I instructed her how to do.  Then
when I told her to open her mouth and slip my
cock head into it, she did.  I watched as my
baby, sucked daddy's cock head into her mouth
for the first time, she believed.

She did as I told her and closed her lips around
my cock shaft and began slipping her mouth up and
down on it, just like I told her too.  It was great
having my baby suck my cock while I watched.

I kept telling her to push her mouth down on it
harder and harder and try to push it into her
mouth.  She tried but just couldn't get my big
cock head down her throat.  Of course I knew that
in the very near future I would be also fucking
my little girls tight throat along with her mouth
and little girl cunt all I wanted too.  She would
learn how to open her throat and take any cock
down her throat.

She swallowed every drop of my cum when I
spewed it into her mouth as she fucked it on
my cock.  Yes, she swallowed ever drop daddy
spewed up into her mouth.

We finally got up and still naked went into the
kitchen and fixed ourselves something to eat.
Before we finished in the kitchen eating she,
grinning came over to me and climbed up on my
lap and sat there hugging me with my cock buried
deep in her little cunt again.

"Daddy, I really like the way it feels inside of me."
she said.  It feels funny but it feels really good,
except I do feel a little bit sore down there.   But
I want your thing in me too."  She said grinning
and then kissing me again.

As she sat there, I leaned down and sucked on her
little developing titties and nipples, already marked
by the men from the night before with hickeys,
finger prints and teeth marks.  Her tiny developing
breasts were almost covered by then.

As I cum in her and we sat there with my cock
buried deep inside of her, I told her that from
then on at times I would also have men with
their wives and daughters visit and I would want
her to let those men put their cock's inside of her
like I was and fuck her and cum in her while I
watched and fucked their wives and daughters.
She grinned at me and told me "Ok, daddy, will
it feel as good as yours does to me?" she ask.

"Oh yes baby you will like their cocks in you
too." I told.

"Ok daddy, I'll let them, but I want to watch you
put yours in them too."  she said.

"Oh yes, sweetheart, daddy wants you to watch
him fuck their mama's and daughters while they
fuck you." I told her.

"Daddy, do you want to fuck Molly next door.  I'm
pretty sure she would like it.  She told me she likes
to play with her pussy and put her finger in it. She
told me she knew that boys' put their things in a
girl there too just like daddy's did to mama's. She
told me she wished she had a daddy that would put
his in her there.  Will you put yours in her and
show her what it feels like?" She ask me.

I knew that little Molly's daddy had left them,
almost two years before.  You can damn well bet
I would not only love to fuck Molly, eight years
old but also her mother.  Her mother was fine
looking also.  Maybe I could just arrange it so I
could fuck both mama and daughter.  That would
be great also.

I looked at my little girl.  "Honey do you know it
Molly's mama would let her do it with me?" I ask

"I don't know daddy but I'll ask Molly.  She told
she heard her mama talking one night to someone
on the phone and telling them she wished she could
find someone she trusted so that she could fuck
them.  Molly said her mama told whoever she was
talking to, that she wanted to be fucked so bad, but
didn't know anyone she could trust not to tell
anyone. My baby told me.  I knew right then that
I was going to have to see what I could do about

Well, it is about time for the black couple and their
daughter to visit.  They also told me that they are
also bringing their little five year old with them and
that I could fuck her too.  Daddy's has only been
fucking her for about a month.  They want to watch
her being fucked by another man and they want me
to be that other man.

When I told my little baby that, she was delighted
she told me she wanted to watch me put my big
thing in a little girl like that.  Yes, my own little
daughter, no longer a virgin, is loving the different
sex that she is learning and enjoying.  She now
will come to me and take my cock out and begin
sucking it.  She likes the feeling and the taste of
daddy's sperm.

That morning she also told me she had talked
to her friend Molly and she had said she wanted
me to show her what it felt like to put my big
thing into her little tinkle, pussy.  My daughter
told her that if I did I would want to be able to
put it up in her anytime I wanted too.  Molly
had grinned at her and told her ok, I could put
it in her anytime I wanted too.

Yes, it is great having a little girl that loves to
suck a big cock and have it plunged up into her
tight little nine year old cunt to fuck her and fill
her womb full of hot fertile sperm.  Especially
a little girl that helps her daddy find other little
girls to enjoy fucking and letting any man daddy
wants to fuck them do it.

Oh yes, I love my little girl and can hardly wait
for her to have her first period so I can see about
making sure her little womb is full of developing
baby.  Hell maybe I can arrange for that with
little Molly and her mother also.  Her mother
is about five foot, ninety to a hundred pounds
slender with nice firm petit tits, and slender
well shaped body and she about twenty years
old.  I had heard she had Molly when she was
thirteen.  Of course I had also heard Molly was
her own daddy's baby and not her husbands
who had deserted her and Molly.

Yes, in the near future since I had watched my
little nine year old daughter lose her virginity
to six men, the first a Black man with a big
stiff cock, fuck her.  She and I were really
enjoying our sex life and would be enjoying it
even more that evening when the black man and
his family came to visit tonight.

I would also be enjoying the next week when
little Molly would be coming over and I would
be seeing just how tight her little cunt was when
I slipped my cock up inside of her little virgin
cunt.  She was going to be spending the entire
week with us while her mother took a business

When my baby heard Molly's mother talking on
the phone, telling someone she had to find
someone she could leave Molly with during her
week long trip, Elisa told her that Molly could
stay with her and her daddy, me.

Later Molly's mother, Tara came over and told
me what Elisa had said about Molly staying with
us.  Of course I told her that yes, I would be
delighted to take care of her daughter, that it would
give Elisa someone to play with.

As we talked I found out that Tara was not dating
anyone and that she hadn't hear from her husband
for over two years.  I could tell she had not dated
anyone either during that time.

I finally told her that when she came back, she,
Molly, Elisa and I would all go out for a night on
the town.  I told her how my wife, Elisa's mother
had left us pretty much the same way that her
husband had left her.  I told her that I would
enjoy a little bit of adult company for a change.

She grinned and told me she would too.  We
made a date for the Friday evening when she
returned from her business trip.  She seemed
really excited by our having set a date for our
first date.  I was hoping to developing it into
a bed partner that very first date and for some
reason believe that I could, the way she was
acting and looking at our making a date.

I was sure that both of our daughters would
push for us dating her Molly's mama letting
me fuck her and her daughter, Molly.

But then right then Elisa and I were waiting for
the black couple and their two young daughters
to arrive so that both my little girl and her daddy
could enjoy sex with others.

I wondered, while I sat waiting, what it was going
to  feel like slipping my stiff cock up into their
little five year old daughters tight little black pussy.
I was sure it would be like nothing I had felt yet.

Finally then door bell rang, and Elisa ran to the
door and opened it, yes there they were, mama
daddy and their thirteen year old fertile daughter
and their little five year old daughter.

My little girl looked so cute standing there
naked in front of them, her white tiny body so
cute against their blackness.  Yes, it was going to
be quite a night once more.

charlie "the drifter"

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