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              What Could I Say
            By: charlie "the drifter"

I started to say hi to everyone there as I walked in
but with what I saw I was speechless.  No I was
not prepared for what I was seeing.

There on the floor, my lovely wife was laying stark
assed naked, our little six year old daughter was also
naked, straddling her mothers face, her little hairless
cunt pressed right down on mama's mouth, her mama
licking her little wet cunt.

But that wasn't all that shocked me.  My wife had her
legs spread wide and between them was her younger
brother, fifteen, his cock plunging in and out of her
hot, tight cunt.  Yes, my wife was being fucked by
her own younger brother.

Of course that wasn't all.  Her mother was laying
beside her, her older son with his cock plunging in
and out of her tight cunt.  Right along side of them
was his wife, with her six year old daughter licking
and sucking her hot wet cunt and she was sucking
the cock of our twelve year old son.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing, but I reacted
just like any other red blooded american boy would.

I quickly took my shirt off and then came my pants
and shorts. I was just as naked as the rest of them.

Since my own young daughter, as far as I knew,
still had her cherry, I went to her, straddling her
mothers face and put my cock, her daddies cock,
right at her little mouth.  She quickly grasp it and
began licking then sucking it.  Yes, for a six year
old little one, she sucked my big cock head right
into her mouth and began fucking her mouth
with it.

I'll tell you what, I didn't know if she had sucked
a cock before, but she was sure giving be a great
blow job, taking half of my two and a half inch
thick cock into her mouth.

So now, there we were, my wife licking our little
girls cunt, while she herself was being fucked by
her younger brother and our little one, sucking
daddy's stiff cock while having her cunt licked
and sucked by her mama.

I didn't let her suck it very long and pulled it out
of her mouth, then with her still straddling mama's
mouth letting her lick and suck her cunt, I bent
her over so that her little cunt was fully exposed.

I guided my big stiff daddy cock to her little hairless
cunt and with mama still licking it, I rubbed it up
and down her, I thought, maybe still virginal pussy
slit.  I would know in just a few seconds.

Once I enjoyed seeing and rubbing my cock up and
down her little slit, I slipped it right down to her
tight little, I hoped virgin cunt opening.

Just as I pressed my daddy cock head against her
little hole, my wife, her mother, started to say,
"Oh no, she still a vir,"  That was as far as she
got and holding my baby tight, I plunged my big
thick daddy cock right up into her little six year
old cunt tunnel.

She cried out with the pain as my cock stretched
her wide and I felt her hymen tear as my cock
plunged all of the way in ramming hard against
her deep vaginal wall and her little cervix.

I held her still as she wiggled straddling her mama's
face, her little cunt rubbing her mama's mouth with
my cock imbedded in it.  Well My little girl had
been a virgin but no longer.  Her daddy's cock had
taken care of that.

No I didn't pull my cock out, I slowly fucked my own
little no longer virginal six year old, enjoying the hell
out of her tightness, knowing that I was her first.  Of
course  knew also that I would not be the only one
fucking her that night.  Not with her grandpa, her
two uncles and our own son there, that would all
want to enjoy her young cunt.

I fucked my little girl with her cunt right there at
her mama's mouth with her mama staring at her
baby's little hole, her daddy's cock plunging in and
out of it.  All while her own younger brother fucked
her cunt and spewed his hot young fertile sperm up-
into his sisters hot tight cunt.

After her brother cum in her, and she lay there
having to watch my cock fucking in and out of our
baby's cunt, her own daddy came over and plunged
his cock up into his daughters, my wife's, just fucked
sperm filled cunt, to fuck her and add his cum to that
of his son's in his own daughters cunt.

Well I fucked my little, no longer virginal young
six year old daughter as I watched my wife being
fucked by her own father.  Then to my surprise
my little girl suddenly cried out with pleasure and
pushed her little cunt right back at daddy's cock
taking it up inside of her even deeper.  Her little
cunt spasmed around m cock, milking the last drop
of daddy's hot fertile sperm up into her tight little
girl cunt and womb.

I finally pulled my cock out and set back looking
at her little now stretched wide, gapping cunt.
My hot cum was slowly leaking out of her cunt.
As I watched her mother pulled her little cunt
down to her mouth and she began licked and sucking
my cum out of our baby's well fucked cunt.

I set back and looking around, my cock still stiff,
I saw my wife's brothers little six year old daughter.

"To hell with it,"  I thought.  I had loved having my
cock in my own little girls tight cunt, why not her
brothers little girls cunt too?"

I went over to her, and she was on her knees between
her own mama's legs, licking and sucking her cunt.

I moved behind her and grasping her tight little hips
guided my still stiff cock, now coated with my own
little girls juices, to the girls tight hairless cunt.  I
rubbed her slit with my cock head then without
hesitating, I slipped it down to her little cunt opening
and pushed.  My cock slipped right up inside of her.
She was no virgin, I knew then that her daddy was
already fucking her.

She didn't hesitate a moment and began fucking her
little cunt back at my cock as I plunged it in and out
of her as she licked and sucked her mama's cunt.

What a family gathering I thought as I fucked the
little cunt enjoying ever plunge of it.  Her parents
didn't say anything as they watched me fuck her
until I spewed my hot sperm up inside of her.

I couldn't believe it, my cock was still stiff and
waiting for more pussy.

I looked at my wife's brothers cunt that their
daughter had been licking.  Hell he was fucking my
wife, why not me fuck his?  I moved between her
legs and with her own daughters juices still coating
my stiff cock, I plunged it right up inside of her. She
clamped down on my stiff cock with her tight strong
cunt muscles.

She started to say.  "No, no, I, I'm fer." but I had my
cock buried deep inside of her throbbing cunt
pumping away, enjoying the hell out of fucking
my wife's brother's wife's tight cunt.  From what I
had heard her say, I was sure that she was going to
say she was fertile, but I didn't give her a chance to
finish her sentence, before I had my stiff cock buried
in her fucking her.

As I fucked my wife's sister in law, and her fertile
cunt, I was sure she had tried to say, I was pounding
her hard and fast.  Even as I fucked her, I saw my
wife taking a load of her own fathers sperm up into
her cunt to mix with her own brothers, who's
daughter I had just fucked and who's wife, fertile
wife I was then fucking.

As I fucked her I saw him slipping his cock up into
my own little girls tight cunt, that had been virgin
up until I had fucked her just as few minutes before.

That was the start of one hell of a weekend.  Yes, I
watched my own wife being fucked by our own son
also and watched him fuck his own little sister.  He
also fucked grandma and aunt that weekend plus our
two six year old girls.

My own little daughter, just turned six, had the cocks
of all of us pumping in and out of her little cunt that
weekend, just as my wife's brothers little six year old
daughter did.

I watched our son fuck his own mother, he loved
that spewing his cum up into his own mothers cunt
and having her suck his cock down her throat.

I fucked my wife's sister in law many times that
weekend pumping my hot sperm up into her fertile
womb.  Yes, she admitted she was fertile and was
probably going to have my baby because I had been
the first one to fuck her, while she was fertile and it
was during her most fertile time.

I managed to fuck her twice and add a second
helping of hot fertile sperm to my first load I spewed
up into her, before she had my son and her father in
law fuck her.  They didn't fuck her for some time
after I filled her with my sperm.  That gave mine a
chance to take before they added theirs.

I also fucked my wife's mother for the first time,
making sure that my wife watched me pump my
cock in and out of her mothers cunt and spew
my hot sperm up inside of her.

When my wife's younger sister, ten years old came
home from a girl friends, I took her and gave her
my stiff cock up into her tight cunt.  She enjoyed
having me fuck her and cum in her. She even told
me she would be visiting us and staying for a
couple of weeks and would be wanting me to fuck
her every day and night.  Hell yes, I was willing.

She also told me that she would be bringing a
couple of her girl friends to stay also who would
want me to fuck them too.  She giggled and told
he that both of them were virgins and they were
wanting some man who would fuck them, take
their virginity and show them all about sex.  Of
course I told her  I was more than willing to fuck
both of her girl friends and enjoy their virginity.
She told me that one of them was nine and the
other one was her seven year old sister.  You can
bet I was willing t fuck both of them, now that
I was enjoying fucking my own little girl and
the rest of the girls in my wife's family.

Yes,  watched my wife being fucked by her
father, her brother, our own son and an uncle
that stopped in and joined in with his wife when
they saw us and he  told his wife he wanted them
to join us.  She quickly agreed and in just a few
minutes I had my stiff cock buried in her tight
cunt as we watched him fuck my wife.

They weren't to sure about it, when I moved to fuck
their little three year old virgin daughter.  They didn't
stop me but the others thought maybe she was too
young for being fucked.

I didn't hesitate.  Hell, every one was fucking my
wife and little girl, I was going to  enjoy everyone
else's little girls too.

I spread her legs wide, enjoyed the taste of my
first little three year old cunt, licking her little pussy,
until she was wiggling and squirming and almost
begging to have my cock plunged up inside of her.

I moved between her little legs and caressed her little
cunt lips with my cock head, coating her tiny slit
good with hot cum.  Of course I also had her mother
coat her little cunt with lubricant, then I enjoyed
myself with her virgin body

Once I began pushing my cock up into her tiny
virgin cunt, she cried and then screamed when my
cock head slipped up inside of her.  I didn't stop
and pushed it through her little hymen, taking
her virginity and forced it right up into her cunt
tight against her cervix and her deepest cunt wall.

I then let them all watch me fuck her little three
year old cunt. I fucked and fucked her, until she
quit crying and lay there letting me plunge my stiff
cock in and out of her.  She even began wiggling
as she began to feel the pleasurable feeling of being
fucked swept over her.

Yes, I enjoyed and broke in that little three year
old virginal cunt for the rest of them.  When they
saw me with my cock buried in her tiny cunt, after
I fucked her and cum in her filling her little three
year old womb with hot sperm, the rest of them,
including her own father just had to fuck her too.

Like my own little girl, her first time of being
fucked she was fucked by several adult cocks,
taking the hot fertile sperm from all of us that
fucked her and it wasn't a one time fuck for
us either, we all fucked her several times that
weekend.  By the end of the long weekend she
was real used to having a man's big stiff cock
fucking in and out of her until she orgasmed.

At the end of the weekend, we headed back home.
I knew that from this time on our home life would
be a lot different from what it had been.  For one
thing I knew I would be fucking our daughter a
lot and my wife would be fucking our son a lot
and maybe even some of his young friends, if they
were willing to bring their younger sisters over
so that I could fuck them.  Hell if they wanted
to bring their mothers I would be more than happy
to fuck them too.  In fact I was hoping maybe a
couple of his friends would bring their mothers
and their little sisters.  I would love to fuck those
couple of mothers.

He just smiled when I told him that and he said
he would see what he could do.  He thought their
mothers and sisters, would be more than willing
to spend some time at our home in our bed with
me.  Of course my wife was more than happy to
show our son's friends a lot of pleasure too.

As we traveled home, my little girl learned how to
suck daddy's cock and swallow his cum while daddy
was driving.  Of course at night she also learned how
daddy could fuck her while he was driving down the
freeway.  It was something driving with her sitting
on my lap, my cock buried deep in her tight little
six year old cunt.

She really enjoyed it too, giggling and saying she
was learning to drive.  She learned that daddy could
fuck her while he was still driving.  She love it.

Of course our son fucked his mother in the back seat
most of the way home also.

We were all tired when we got home and unloaded
the car.  We all went to bed early, the four of us
in mama and daddy's bed, daddy's cock buried in
his daughters six year old cunt, and their mother
with her own son's stiff cock buried in her cunt,
fucking her, spewing his hot fertile sperm up into
her tight motherly cunt.

Yes, we would need our rest for the next day, and
for the rest of our month long vacation, of which
we still had three weeks left of.

Yes, I was going to really enjoy this vacation more
than any other I had had.

charlie "the drifter"

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