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Here is a new story called "Pregnancy and Pain." I hope you like it!

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WARNING: The following story is a work of fiction.  Any resemblance to
persons living or dead is purely coincidental.  Its contents are of a
graphically sexual nature and may involve non-consensual sexual acts
between underage partners, rape, torture, sexual mutilation, and murder. 
It may contain extremely graphic language and descriptions of sexual acts
that could be highly offensive to almost every reader.  This story is
intended for ADULTS only.  If you are under the legal age of consent in
your local jurisdiction, or if you are easily offended, STOP READING NOW.
Feedback is appreciated from those who enjoy the story and find it


   By Kelli Paine (
Codes: MMMMMF MMMMMf Mg anal humil incest nc preg rape snuff torture

The room was very large, perhaps 150 feet on each side, but the noise
level was surprisingly low, considering how many people were in the room.
Along each wall there were girls every few feet, and more of them were
scattered around the room in groups.  There were also men and boys in the
room, outnumbering the girls disproportionately.  The men and boys spanned
all ages from 8 to 87, but most of the girls were in a tighter age group,
ranging from 10 to 16.  And there was one thing all the girls had in common
-- they were pregnant.  Some weren't showing at all yet, with totally flat
tummies, and some were several weeks past their due dates, with their
pregnant bellies hanging out massively.  All stages of pregnancy were
represented, and it was easy to see which girls were further along because
they were all completely naked -- well, that's not quite true.  None of
them had any clothes on, but they were all wearing high heel pumps with
very long pointed toes and ankle straps, and all the ankle straps had small
padlocks to prevent the girls from removing their slut shoes.  The high
heels had been carefully selected for each girl -- and they were all one
size too small.  It was impossible for the girls to stand or walk in the
shoes without pain, and the pain was intensified by the thumb tacks that
filled the toes of the shoes.  The shoes all had 6-inch heels, so the
girls' feet were forced into almost a vertical position, and this forced
their toes and the balls of their feet into the thumb tacks, 15 to 20 of
them in each shoe.  This made every step painful, and made it impossible to
stand for long without shifting from foot to foot to ease the pain a


   The whole point was to cause the girls as much pain as possible during
their pregnancies.  They were all pregnant from rapes -- some by their own
fathers, uncles, or brothers, and others from gang-rapes that had taken
place in alleys around town, where 20 men or more raped one girl as many
times as they could while she bent over a garbage can, naked, with her legs
spread wide apart.  Most of the girls were just ordinary girls, ranging
from white trash to junior high school girls from good homes -- but there
were also some famous actresses, usually ones who had daughters old enough
to be impregnated while they watched.  These actresses were the only
females in the room over the age of 16.

   Kim Basinger was in one corner of the room, 56 years old and 9-1/2
months pregnant from a gang rape.  She was two weeks past her due date, and
her pregnant belly was not as big as you would expect because she had been
starved for the last six months of her pregnancy.  Kim's daughter Ireland,
14, stood beside her, eight months pregnant and looking unbelievable. 
Ireland's belly was hanging out, looking gigantic on such a petite young
girl, and her swollen belly was in stark contrast to the rest of her body,
which looked like the last stages of anorexia.  Ireland had been given no
solid food at all during her pregnancy.  She had been starved for the first
three months, given nothing except horse semen as a nutrient.  She hated it
at first, but when she got hungry enough, she greedily gulped down two
quarts of horse semen every day.  She was given nothing else to drink
except horse piss, and the first time she tried to drink the foul-smelling
yellow scum, she gagged on it -- but after a week, she was drinking it all
and asking for more.

   Almost all the girls were put on this same diet, and almost all of them
were painfully skinny-looking, bony and emaciated, but with their pregnant
bellies hanging out in front.  Strangely, a few of the girls had bodies
that responded to starvation differently, and some of them looked
surprisingly normal in some ways.  Rebecca Lansbury was here, the daughter
of Ally Sheedy, and Rebecca's arms and legs were not the emaciated sticks
seen on most of the other girls -- most of her body looked almost normal,
even though she had been carrying her baby for seven months and had lost 22
pounds at a time when she should have been gaining weight.  Her body was
eating itself away at her midsection, and her waist had shrunken to an
incredible 11-inch diameter.  Even though she was pregnant, her breasts
were not large and swollen -- they had shrunken and withered as her
starvation progressed, and now they looked like two deflated balloons
hanging off her chest.  Her eyes had deep dark circles under them, but
otherwise her face looked almost normal, except for the look of desperation
that most starving people develop and never lose.

   Ireland and Rebecca were better off than some.  A few of the girls were
simply starved to death for the amusement of the club members -- hung on a
wall when they were nine months pregnant, their arms and legs spread wide
and cuffed to metal rings set in the walls, their knees painfully wide
apart so their cunts were easily accessible to any member who wanted to
fuck them.  They looked like lewd decorations on the walls, odd-looking
statues perhaps created by some avant-garde artist -- except they could
talk and beg and moan and scream.  Sometimes one of the members put the
girl out of her misery by strangling her while he raped her.  This was
frowned upon because it allowed the little bitch to die without enduring
the maximum suffering possible, but some of the members did it anyway. 
Some members liked to release the girl's throat at the last moment, so she
regained consciousness while he continued to rape her, then he would begin
strangling her again, repeating the process until he ejaculated or the girl

   Most of the girls lasted a week, sometimes a little longer, and the
physical stress of being raped often induced labor.  The members made bets
on which of their number would rape the girl savagely enough to make her go
into labor, and the winner received an ovation from all the members
present, and then they all settled in to watch the girl give birth while
hanging on the wall.  Gravity tended to help the girl work her baby down
into the birth canal, but labor still took anywhere from one to six hours.
If a girl's labor was going too fast to suit the members, her legs would be
uncuffed and straightened and her ankles cuffed together, and a leather
belt fastened around her knees, preventing her vagina from opening as the
baby was forced into the birth canal by her strong contractions.  The
screams torn from the throat of a girl in this situation have to be heard
to be believed.  Eventually her uterus ruptures from the strain of the
muscles trying to force the baby out of her body, and a huge gush of blood
flows out of her cunt and down her legs.  Her baby dies of suffocation
while still in her vagina, sometimes with all or part of its head visible
between her tightly closed legs.

   CHAPTER 1: The Club

   It was called simply The Club, but becoming a member required an
invitation not easily obtained, and some heavy dues had to be paid to
retain membership.  All the members were men, but many of them had obtained
memberships for their sons or nephews, so the members ranged from age 8 to
87.  An invitation to join the club could only be obtained after a man had
raped three girls and evaded capture by the police.  The ages of the girls
-- his victims -- determined the amount of his monthly dues after he became
a member.  It was a sliding scale, with no monthly dues at all, if the
three girls were all 12 years old or younger when they were raped.  The
dues increased according to the ages of the girls, and the maximum was
$5,000 a month if all three girls were older than 15.

   A favorite among the members was the gang rapes that were staged on an
irregular schedule at The Club.  At most of the rape sessions, the girl was
just some bitch kidnapped off the streets, but occasionally a famous
actress was procured for use by the members -- and even better, if the
woman had one or more daughters, the girls were brought along, too.

   CHAPTER 2: Kim's Gang Rape

   The day of Kim Basinger's gang rape had members flying in from all over
the country, and even some from overseas.  Having access to a woman as old
as she is, who has not gone into menopause, and is still very beautiful,
was a chance few members could resist.  The room was packed with members
when Kim was brought in, completely naked but wearing the standard 6-inch
high heels that were one size too small for her, with the toes packed with
thumb tacks.  She was pushed into the room through a door just as her
blindfold was yanked off, and she was totally confused for several moments.
Then she realized she was naked, but as she tried to turn and go back
through the door, she screamed as she took one step on the thumb tacks in
her shoes -- the dumb bitch hadn't even felt them when she was shoved
through the door.  She fell to the floor, and a roar of laughter erupted
from the men filling the room.  One member who was standing near her
stepped over and kicked her in the ass, and then several handlers dragged
her to her feet and pointed at the wood and metal stand in the center of
the room -- the Rape Stand, as the members called it.  This was where most
of the gang rapes at The Club took place, although girls had been raped in
every room of the building at one time or another, and there were more than
forty rooms, most of them small chambers where members could take one or
two girls for private rape and torture sessions if that was what they
preferred.  But most of the members enjoyed to gang mentality and its
effect on the girl, so Kim's rape took place in the Large Room.

   After she finally got to the Rape Stand, after being shoved every step
or two by the handlers and screaming in pain from her slut shoes, she saw
that the stand was designed to hold her in position when she bent at the
waist, with her arms extended to the sides and fastened with leather straps
to the metal stand.  She faced forward, so the members could watch her face
while she was being raped.  Some members enjoyed seating themselves
comfortably a few inches in front of whatever little bitch was being raped,
so they could see every pore on her face and every drop of sweat that
dripped off her chin while she was being screwed.  This was another way to
humiliate the girl by stripping away not just her clothing, but also every
shred of her privacy, so the degradation of the gang rape was magnified by
having other men watching it and enjoying the girl's suffering, talking and
laughing about her like she was a piece of meat.

   Kim's daughter Ireland had been kidnapped along with her, and the girl
was brought in to watch her mother get raped.  Ireland was scheduled to be
gang-raped herself in about six weeks, but neither she nor Kim knew that.
The members wanted to starve Ireland for a while, to soften her up before
she was raped, so today she would just get to watch while her mother got
screwed like a street whore.  Ireland was naked like Kim, and was wearing
the same slut shoes, but in a smaller size.  Kim's shoe size was 8, so she
had been forced to wear size 7 pumps with tacks in the toes of the shoes.
Ireland needed size 6, so she had been given size 5 shoes with tacks in
them.  She had been brought in earlier, and was standing beside the Rape
Stand when they brought her mother in.  Ireland was crying, from the fear
and humiliation of being naked in this room with all these men, but also
from the sheer agony of wearing the shoes.  Every little movement made the
tacks dig into her toes and the balls of her feet, and she couldn't decide
whether to stand still or shift from one foot to another.  She had been
standing there for an hour before her mother was brought in, and the
members had greatly enjoyed making cruel comments about her face and body
while she stood there crying.  Sometimes she covered herself with her arms,
the classic position with one arm over her small breasts and the other
hiding her pussy, but she kept moving because of the pain from the shoes,
so the members were getting a good look at every inch of her nakedness.

   When Kim was brought in, Ireland thought her troubles were over --
wrong! She watched nervously as her mother was walked over to the metal and
wood stand, and she got more nervous as Kim was strapped in.  The Rape
Stand held the woman in position like she was on her hands and knees, but
elevated so that her pussy was at the right height for a man to stand
behind her and rape her comfortably.  The stand was adjustable, so the
woman could be raised or lowered to accommodate men of all heights.  Her
lower legs were strapped to two rough lengths of wood, holding her knees
painfully wide apart and bent sharply, so her ass was sticking out lewdly,
with both of the holes between her legs completely exposed and available.
The wood where her lower legs were strapped had been left rough and
unfinished so the woman would get splinters in her lower legs while she was
being raped.  Her arms were extended straight out on each side and strapped
to metal bars, so she was helpless to defend herself.  Her upper body was
almost horizontal, and her breasts hung down from her chest.  Her head was
unsupported, so she could look down at her breasts and pussy, or her head
could be forced up if a man wanted to stand in front of her and rape her
mouth or piss down her throat or just hit her.  Kim could see Ireland
staring at her after she was strapped to the stand, and Kim tried to look
hopeful, but tears were streaming down her cheeks and she was sweating like
a pig, so Ireland didn't get much solace from looking at her.

   Most of the club members wanted a piece of Kim, and had paid fees to
reserve their places in line.  Her first rapist was a nigger member with a
14-inch penis, and he came around in front of the Rape Stand to show Kim
his cock.  It was flaccid, but it still hung down heavily like a fat
sausage, and he had a plan for getting an erection so he could rape Kim --
he told Ireland to suck his cock.  Ireland took two steps back without
realizing she was doing it, and she yelped as the tacks in her high heels
bit into her feet.  She almost feel down, but managed to keep her balance.
Kim was screaming at the member, begging him to just fuck her and leave her
daughter alone, begging him to let her suck his cock, saying anything to
get his attention and protect her daughter.  But the member ignored Kim and
took Ireland's hand and forced her down on her knees.  Kim started to wail
pitifully as the member forced Ireland's lips apart and worked the meat of
his cock into her mouth.  "If I feel your teeth, angel, your mother will
die." Ireland's eyes were wide with fear and frustration as she received
the huge cock.  It started to get hard in her mouth, and she gagged on it,
but the member held her head in place and drove deeper, his cock probing
for the back of the girl's throat.  Ireland coughed violently, then jerked
her head back and turned to the side and vomited.  The nigger ran the head
of his cock over her cheek while she retched, and as soon as she was done,
the cock went right back in her mouth.  When he was hard, he jerked his
erection out of her mouth and came over and stood behind Kim.  He looked
directly at Ireland and grinned.  "Thanks, angel -- you're a great little
cocksucker." Ireland's face reddened with shame and humiliation, and she
watched with tears in her eyes as the nigger positioned his cock against
Kim's slit.  He held her hips in place and suddenly drove into her deeply,
making her yelp in pain as the full length of his erect cock plunged into
her vagina.  The cock was so long that the head came up against Kim's
cervix when her rapist thrust into her, making her cry out in pain.  She
could feel the nigger's hairy scrotum against her ass as he penetrated her
fully, and she gritted her teeth to keep from screaming again, wanting to
hide her pain from her daughter.

   Ireland felt like she had betrayed her mom, helping the nigger get an
erection so he could stick his cock in her pussy.  She couldn't stop crying
as she watched the nigger thrusting again and again, driving her mom's body
forward with a jerk on each stroke.  Kim's mouth was hanging open and drool
was leaking out, and her beautiful face was covered with heavy sweat,
making her eye shadow run down her face in dark streaks.  She was a real
mess, with her hair flying every which way, and her vagina started bleeding
from the nigger's savage thrusts.  He was ready to cum, and Kim grimaced
when she felt the big cock throbbing inside her.  She was hoping he would
pull out and dump his load on her ass or her back, and she groaned in
frustration when she felt him cumming inside her.  She knew she was
probably ovulating now, and she was terrified of becoming pregnant -- and
worse, getting impregnated by a filthy nigger.  At her age, 56, most women
had begun menopause, but it hadn't hit her yet, and until today she had
been happy about that, because it made her feel young.  But now she was
fearful that these assholes might get her pregnant, and that would be worse
than awful.

   Kim's second rapist had already gone over to Ireland while the first man
was screwing Kim.  The second rapist was a Hispanic man with a very long,
very slim penis, and it was easy for him to make Ireland gag on it when he
stuck it in her mouth.  She almost vomited again, but managed to suck him
to a big erection, and he pulled out of her mouth just as Kim's rapist
finished using her.  A third man, another nigger, was right there, ready to
stick his cock in Ireland's mouth.

   CHAPTER 3: Taking a Break

   The raping went on for six hours before the members took a break.  They
needed a few minutes to relax after the high levels of sexual intensity
they experienced watching Kim and her daughter servicing so many men. 
Waiters circulated with champagne and snacks, but Kim was not offered
anything to eat or drink.  Instead, a trainer came and stood behind her and
started caning her.  The cane raised immediate red welts on her smooth
round ass, and tore a sharp scream from her throat with each stroke. 
Ireland was forced to stand there and watch while he mother was beaten. 
After a little while, Kim's gang rape continued, with Ireland sucking each
man's cock before he raped her mother.  This session went on for more than
ten hours, and by the end of it, Kim was bleeding out of her fuckhole.  She
had serviced more than 100 men so far, and the walls of her vagina were raw
and sore.  A lot of the semen dumped in Kim's gaping cunt was leaking out,
so the Rape Stand was tilted to lower her head and raise her ass, so the
sperm would flow down toward her cervix and uterus, increasing the chances
of impregnating her.

   Now the members just wanted to watch Kim getting screwed, so a long line
of convicts from the state prison was brought in.  These were men who
hadn't even seen a woman for years, and they were told that Kim enjoyed
rough sex and liked it when her fuckers made her bleed.  The men were every
race except caucasian -- niggers, spics, chinks, injuns, more niggers --
and Ireland started to wail when she saw them looking at her mother.  Kim's
eyes were wide with desperation as she stared at her daughter, feeling
completely humiliated, knowing she was totally helpless.  It was killing
her soul, having her daughter witness her degradation -- it made the rapes
so much filthier then just being fucked.  Kim had had plenty of
"interviews" in Hollywood where all she did was lay down and spread her
legs, and she had endured them -- but this was different -- this was her

   Kim screamed as the first convict rammed his erection up her snatch. 
She saw Ireland's face twist into a horrible mask of disgust as she watched
her mother servicing this filthy man.  Kim could smell his body, and the
thought of his cock inside her made her cringe.  It didn't take him long to
ejaculate heavily inside her, and then the next convict was forcing his
cock into her cunt.  The convicts got Impatient waiting in line, so the
next man in line was allowed to come around in front of Kim and hit her
while she was being raped.  Her next rapist stood in front of her and
suddenly punched her in the eye, making Kim scream.  Her eye immediately
started to swell up, and before he could hit her again, the man went around
to take his position behind her and shove his cock into her.  Each convict
got to hit Kim while he was waiting to screw her.  Some of them slapped
her, some punched her in the face or the head, and some hit her on the
back, slapping her or hitting her with their fists.  Bruises and welts were
all over her face and head and back, and then some of the convicts started
reaching down to maul her dangling breasts.  Kim has always had long,
prominent nipples that stick out like little cocks on her chest, and now
the convicts started pulling on her nipples and breasts, milking her like a
cow, and soon her beautiful breasts were covered with bruises.  One eye was
swollen shut, and her nose was bleeding.  A little trickle of blood ran
down from her split lip over her chin.  Her head jerked from side to side
as the convicts slapped her and hit her.

   Ireland was sobbing as she watched the men beating and raping her
mother. She had never felt so helpless.  A trainer was standing behind her,
holding her so she couldn't go to her mom and help her.  The trainer had
his arms around her and was cupping her small breasts, kneading them
roughly, and her nipples were stiff and erect.  Ireland hated this -- she
didn't want these assholes to think she was aroused, but her nipples were
betraying her.  The trainer's hands felt greasy and hot against her soft
tits, and he was squeezing and pinching her so hard, her whole body was
jerking with the pain.  She could see how bad the men were beating her mom,
and they never stopped raping her -- the moment one man finished, another
one was there, forcing his cock into her tortured cunt.

   There were 200 convicts, and every one of them raped Kim and ejaculated
inside her.  There were rest periods every few hours -- not for Kim, just
for the convicts.  They were served beer in bottles, and they guzzled it
down while they watched two of the trainers whipping Kim's ass with a
leather thong whip and a riding crop.  They hit her lower back, too, and
her whole backside was a mass of cuts and bruises and welts.  With the Rape
Stand tilted down, to keep the sperm from leaking out of her pussy, her
thighs were exposed, and the trainers whipped her there as well as on her
lower legs.

   Kim was raped for two full days and nights, and she was penetrated more
than 600 times.  Toward the end, one member after another sat down in a
comfortable leather chair in front of Kim, so her face was only inches from
his.  Kim's long blonde hair, matted with heavy sweat and all stringy, had
been tied to a metal bar on the Rape Stand, forcing her head back so the
member had a good view of her sweating face, and when her eyes were open,
she had only his face to look at.  Her makeup was long gone, her eye shadow
made dark streaks down her cheeks, and sweat was pouring off her face and
her whole body.  She smelled like a dirty toilet, like she needed to be
flushed.  She stared blankly ahead, not really seeing anything anymore,
even when Ireland tried to talk to her.  Some of the members who sat in the
chair were smokers, and occasionally one of them would lean forward and
touch the burning end of his cigarette to Kim's face, making her scream in
agony even as her rape continued.  She had burns on her cheeks and
forehead, and even on her lips.  They wanted to burn her breasts, but there
were plans for those after she was impregnated, so they didn't burn her
tits or nipples, but they did squeeze and pinch her dangling breasts until
they were covered with bruises.  They burned her ears with cigarettes, and
the back of her neck.

   Kim kept passing out, but her rapists revived her by using pliers on her
clitoris -- that really got her attention.  They wanted her conscious for
every minute of the fun.  Towards the end, they brought her daughter over
and put their faces about six inches apart, so Ireland had to look at her
mother's ravaged face and body.  Ireland was sobbing, and she tried to
reach out to her mom, but the members grabbed her arms and cuffed her
wrists behind her so she couldn't touch Kim.  Kim was totally humiliated,
looking into her daughter's eyes as her head jerked back and forth from her
rapist's thrusts.  The convicts were grunting like pigs, enjoying the hot
tightness of Kim's vagina, laughing and telling Ireland what a great fuck
her mother was.  Kim's crotch was soaked with warm cum that had leaked out
when her rapists pulled their cocks out of her pussy after they dumped
their loads, and the cum had oozed down over her thighs and dripped down
onto the floor, where it formed a large puddle under the Rape Stand.  The
smell of cum filled the room, and the tangy odor of Kim's unwashed cunt was
unmistakable.  She had been screwed so hard, some feces had been forced out
of her anus, which added to the ripe smell of the room -- she had the shit
fucked out of her, literally.  She smelled like an open sewer, and she had
been sweating like a pig for two days, which made the smell even worse. 
But her rapists liked it -- she smelled like a girl ought to after she was

   CHAPTER 4: Cleaning Up the Mess

   After the puddle of sperm had collected under the Rape Stand, three
girls were brought in to clean it up.  They were the daughters of Demi
Moore: Rumer Willis and her younger sisters Scout and Tallulah.  Rumer was
20 and Scout was 17 at the time, but Tallulah was only 14, and all three of
the little whores were hugely pregnant.  They had been impregnated in a
gang rape where all three of them serviced 300 Mexican laborers brought
across the border for the specific purpose of raping them.  The men had
been paid $50 each to rape the girls, the best deal any of them ever saw,
and the only condition was that each man had to ejaculate in all three
girls.  After each man had a climax, one or more of the girls fellated him
to get him hard again so he could keep rape her or one of her sisters.  And
now the little whores were 8-1/2 months pregnant.  They had been taken off
solid food when they were six months along, and now they looked like
walking skeletons -- except for their bulging pregnant bellies.  They were
told to clean up the mess on the floor under Kim, and they fought like dogs
trying to get under the Rape Stand and lick up the semen puddled there. 
They were naked except for their high heel pumps with ankle straps and
padlocks to prevent them from removing the shoes.  The long pointed toes on
the shoes made them stumble and slip in the sticky sperm on the floor, and
they fought like mad for a chance to swallow some of it.  Tallulah looked
especially bad, so emaciated that every bone in her body was showing under
her discolored skin.  Rumer's cheeks were sunken, and she had huge dark
circles under her eyes from starving for so long.  Scout's breasts had
shrunken so much, they were almost flat, and this at a time when they
should be swollen with milk.  In fact, all three girls had small, flat
breasts even though they were almost at their due dates, a common effect of
starvation on pregnant girls.  Their babies were much smaller than normal,
since the babies starved along with the mothers, but their bellies still
looked huge because the rest of their bodies looked so anorexically thin.
They shoved each other savagely as they fought under the Rape Stand, with
more semen dripping down on them each time one of Kim's rapists pulled his
cock out of her pussy after cumming inside her.  The rapists started
kicking the girls on the floor just for fun, aiming for their bellies or
their faces with their heavy boots.  Rumer punched Scout in her belly,
making her double over in pain as Rumer dropped to her knees and bent down
and started licking up the warm cum off the floor.  Tallulah kicked Rumer
in her belly, and Rumer fell on her side screaming in pain as Tallulah
scooped up handfuls of the sticky jism and greedily licked it off her
hands. There were bits of Kim's feces mixed in with the sperm, but the
girls were too hungry to notice they were eating shit off the floor.

   CHAPTER 5: Finished with Kim

   After the men finished raping Kim, she was left on the Rape Stand for 12
hours, to allow plenty of time for all the semen in her vagina to flow down
toward her cervix and uterus, increasing the chances she would get pregnant
from the gang rape.  The members occasionally sat in the chair in front of
her, to watch her face and enjoy her suffering.  Her hair had been pulled
tighter and re-tied around a metal bar on the Rape Stand, forcing her head
back painfully and giving the members a great view of her ravaged face. 
Kim's head was forced so far back, it was hard for her to keep her jaw from
dropping, so her mouth was hanging open, and the members began an impromptu
rape session using her mouth, fucking her fast and hard while she was held
in place on the Rape Stand.  Ireland was tied to the Rape Stand, her hands
still cuffed behind her, so she was forced to watch her mother performing
blowjobs, and the members all told Ireland her mom was a great cocksucker.
Kim kept gagging on the cocks forced into her mouth, but she serviced 50 or
more members with her mouth during the 12 hours she was strapped in place.
Finally she was released and told to stand up, but she fell to the floor
because her muscles were so weak after almost three full days on the Rape
Stand.  Her legs and arms were cramping painfully, but the trainers just
laughed when she fell down, and beat her until she finally made it to her
feet.  The thumb tacks in her shoes bit into her toes and the balls of her
feet, making her scream in pain -- they hadn't hurt very much while she was
on the Rape Stand, but putting all her weight on her feet made them
horribly painful.

   Kim was walked down a long hallway lined with members standing there to
watch her, laughing at her and commenting on how bad she looked after being
raped for so long.  She stumbled four times because of the very long toes
on her slut shoes, and fell down twice, and both times had to get back on
her feet without any help.  One of the trainers brought Ireland along so
she could watch her mother's total humiliation.  Kim was sobbing with anger
and frustration, feeling her breasts bouncing and jiggling with every step,
feeling the sperm oozing down her legs, feeling the sting from the
cigarette burns all over her face and neck.  Finally she came to a door and
was told to go in, and found herself in a small room with a mattress. 
There were no linens and no pillow, just a thin mattress on the floor, and
the mattress was filthy, covered with brown and yellow stains, and it
smelled like a sewer.  The smell hit Kim as soon as she came in the room,
and it made her eyes water, it was so strong.  The floor was uneven, with
some sort of deposits on it.  There was a metal bucket in one corner, and a
stripper pole in another corner.  One of the members explained what was
going to happen to her: "You'll be checked every day to see if you're
pregnant -- and if you're not, we're going to do it all again." Kim's face
clouded with dismay as she glanced at Ireland, who had been brought in to
hear all this.  The member went on, "This will be your room.  You won't
leave it for the next nine months.  You'll be fucked every day while you're
pregnant, and we're planning to make a lot of money from selling your
pussy. You'll service anywhere from 20 to 50 men each day, and they get to
pick which hole they use -- your pussy, ass, or mouth.  The stripper pole
is so you can strip and dance for your customers before they screw you, if
that's what they want." Ireland was crying quietly, her eyes lowered,
unable to look at her mother.  The member looked at Ireland and grinned. 
"Don't you worry, angel -- we've got a little party planned soon for you,
too." Kim's eyes flashed with anger, then her face fell as she realized
there was nothing she could do to protect her daughter.

   The member continued, to Kim, "Your cunty daughter will spend her days
in the next room, so she can watch you making your boyfriends happy." He
pointed at a large mirror set in the wall.  "That's one-way glass, so
Little Missy can see you, but you can't see her.  We have some ideas for
her, but you'll hear about that later.  For now, just keep hoping you got
knocked up at the party.  Of course you'll never know who the father is,
but I just know you'll enjoy having a nigger baby in your womb, or maybe a
spic." He laughed, and Kim felt her face redden as she glanced at Ireland.
The girl was looking at her with an expression of disgust, and Kim knew
why. She had raised Ireland as she herself had been raised, and from
infancy, Kim's parents had made it clear to her what every Southern girl
knows -- that a nice girl does NOT consort with niggers.  Kim's father had
told her about a girl he knew when he was in high school in the 1930s, a
white girl who had been seen with some nigger boys.  The girl was found one
morning nailed to a tree, naked, displayed with her arms outstretched like
she was offering herself to any man that wanted her.  She had been
mutilated sexually -- her breasts had been cut off, and a claw hammer had
been forced into her vagina and then pulled out, removing her uterus and
destroying her birth canal.  Above her head was a crudely painted sign:
"This girl likes niggers -- they can have her." Her beautiful face had been
slashed with a knife so many times that she was unrecognizable.  As a final
degradation, the tailpipe from an old car had been forced deep into her
ass, and it was hanging down between her open legs when she was found. 
Kim's father told her this is what happens to girls that like niggers --
and it's what SHOULD happen to girls like that.  Kim knew that nigger boys
had cocks as big as her arm, and they enjoyed hurting white girls while
they fucked them.  She knew all nigger boys want white women -- it's the
way they're wired.  A nigger boy will do anything to get at a white woman,
and any white woman that lets him touch her might as well be dead.  A white
woman who has had sex with a nigger is soiled in a way that can never be
cleaned up.  A nigger's semen is like pus, yellowish and foul-smelling, and
it eats into a white woman's vagina like acid, causing pain and scarring. A
white woman who gets pregnant with a nigger baby will have a lot of pain
while she's carrying the baby, because the ugly black skin of a nigger baby
secretes acid that eats away the inner walls of a white woman's womb, and
destroys her fallopian tubes and her ovaries.  This is God's way of saying
white women should never have nigger babies -- God hates the idea so much
that He poisons any white woman slutty enough to give herself to a nigger

   Ireland had been well taught, and now she looked at her mother like she
was a creature from another planet.  Kim saw the look, and her face twisted
in anguish.  Her midsection felt hot, and she knew in her heart that she
was already pregnant -- with a fucking nigger baby!  Or just as bad, a spic
or chink or some other mongrel race.  She felt like her insides were
burning, like acid was eating away at her from the inside.  But she didn't
have much time to think about it, because her career as a full-time
prostitute started immediately.  Ireland was taken to the next room, and
Kim could feel her gaze as the members backed up against the walls -- they
were going to watch her service her first few johns.  She was told to put
on the outfit on the bed -- a skimpy lace bra and a micro-thong that barely
covered her slit.

   CHAPTER 6: Kim Becomes a Prostitute

   A large nigger boy, about 55 years old, came in through the door.  He
looked around at the members, then saw Kim standing there naked.  He
stepped over to her and handed her a five-dollar bill, then told her he
wanted her to strip for him.  Kim stared at the money in her hand, then
glared at the nigger.  She crumpled the bill and threw it at him, and he
stepped closer to her and slapped her hard enough to send her sprawling on
the floor, her legs apart as she landed on her ass.  Her thong rode up into
her slit, so she might as well have been naked, and all the men roared with
laughter.  The nigger barked at her, "Up on the pole, white meat -- strip
for me." He sat down on the bed as Kim got to her feet, wincing in pain as
the thumb tacks bit into her toes.  Her slut shoes were still padlocked on
her feet, but she picked up a scarf from the floor and wrapped it around
her shoulders, then started to move seductively around the pole.  There was
no music, but she move rhythmically, running the scarf around her almost
bare boobs.  She tossed the scarf away and slowly took off her bra,
revealing her very long, very erect nipples.

   Tears of shame and humiliation were running down Kim's cheeks as she did
her dirty little dance, but she knew there was no help for her, and if she
could keep these bastards busy, maybe they would leave Ireland alone.  She
looked at the nigger and smiled lewdly, cupping her breasts and offering
them to him, then she pulled her thong down around her ankles and kicked it
off.  She was totally naked now, except for her high heels, and she wound
sinuously around the metal pole, wrapping her bare body around it, jerking
reflexively because the metal was so cold.  She straddled the pole, humping
her pussy against it, leaving a glistening coating of vaginal fluids on the
pole as the metal slid between her labia.  The nigger had his big cock out,
rubbing it fast, and now he told Kim to come to him.  He threw her down on
the filthy mattress and wasted no time forcing her legs apart and shoving
his cock inside her, making her wince in pain.  He fucked her fast and
hard, and shot his cum in her pussy.  He wiped his cock in her long hair,
then went out the door without another word.  The door didn't have a chance
to close before another nigger came in, this one looking like a laborer --
he was filthy and he smelled bad.  He walked over to Kim and opened his
pants and jammed his erect cock into her mouth without a word.  He held her
by her ears while he dragged her off the bed and she dropped onto her knees
in front of him.  She was trying to suck his cock, but he was thrusting so
fast into her mouth that she kept gagging.  The nigger jerked his cock out
of her mouth and punched her in the eye, tearing a scream from her throat
as she fell backward onto the floor.  The nigger straddled her head and
squatted down on her face, forcing his cock deep into her mouth as she
flopped around on the floor.  He fucked her face for a minute, then
ejaculated hugely down her throat, with Kim coughing and gagging as she
tried to swallow his load.  Another nigger was coming through the door as
she gulped down the john's semen, and the next john grinned at her as he
watched her swallowing.

   Kim spent the rest of the day servicing 43 more johns.  She stripped for
them if they told her to, dancing on the metal pole, or she just lay down
on her back and spread her legs if they just wanted to screw her.  A few of
them wanted blowjobs, and she got down on her knees on the floor and sucked
them off as fast as she could, wanting to get it over with.  Her last john
finished fucking her at 2:55 AM, and after he left, one of the trainers
came in and told her she could sleep until 6:00 AM, when the fucking would
start again.  Kim pleaded with him to let her use a bathroom, but he just
grinned and pointed at the bucket in the corner.  He told her the members
enjoyed watching girls squat over the bucket, and Kim felt her face flush
with humiliation.  The one-way mirror brightened at that moment, so Kim
could see the next room was full of members staring at her through the
glass -- and Ireland was right there in front.  Kim tried to shut all this
out of her mind -- she had no choice, because her bowels were cramping from
going so long without taking a shit, and her bladder was killing her.  She
stared straight ahead as she went over to the damn bucket, then squatted
over it and emptied her bladder.  A loud pooping sound came out of her ass
as her bowel movement started, and she kept farting loudly as she passed
gas while she was shitting.  Her turds were splashing wetly down into the
urine in the bucket, and Kim could feel her own warm urine splashing up on
her round little ass.  It seemed to take forever, but finally her bowels
and bladder were empty -- and then she realized she had no toilet paper. 
She glanced at the mirror and saw the members were pointing at her and
laughing.  She felt totally mortified.  Finally she used her left hand to
wipe her ass as best she could, then swished it briefly in the urine in the
bucket.  She bent down and wiped her hand hard on the floor, trying to get
her own feces off her skin.  The smell in the room was horrible, and there
was not a thing she could do about it.  She was exhausted, and she stumbled
to the filthy mattress and lay down.  Her feet were throbbing with pain,
and she looked at the mirror and gestured at her feet, but the members she
could see just grinned and shook their heads -- they were going to make her
sleep in her slut shoes.  Kim was crying quietly as she finally went into a
fitful sleep.

   CHAPTER 7: A New Day

   Kim was jerked into wakefulness when one of the trainers dragged her off
the mattress onto the cold wood floor, then lifted her toilet bucket -- and
poured it over her head!  Kim screamed with anger and irritation as her own
feces and urine ran down over her breasts and her body.  She was
sputtering, wiping filth out of her eyes and nose, unable to figure out
what was going on.  It was 6:00 AM, time for her day to start, and the
trainer explained that anytime her bucket had anything in it in the
morning, it would be poured over her head.  He told her the best thing to
do was pour it out herself right after she defecated and urinated -- but
the only place to pour it was on the floor, or on her mattress.  Now Kim
understood why the room smelled so bad, and especially the mattress -- how
many girls before her had gone through this same thing?  There was no drain
in the floor, so the urine just evaporated slowly into the air, and the
feces dried out and formed a permanent coating on the floor.  But she
didn't have time to think about it now, because the trainer was telling her
what was going to happen.  Kim would service her johns every day from 6:00
AM to 3:00 AM the next morning.  She would get no breaks.  If she needed to
empty her bladder or her bowels, she could ask her johns to let her do it
in the bucket, or she could just go while she was laying on the mattress,
in between johns.  Kim felt the hot tears of humiliation and shame
streaming down her cheeks, but she knew the trainer wouldn't help her.

   Kim's first john of the day came in then, and wanted her to strip for
him, so she put on her skimpy costume and went over to the stripper pole.
That day, working for 21 straight hours, Kim serviced 127 men, most of them
niggers and spics.  They used all her holes -- pussy, ass, mouth -- and
some of them even ejaculated in her ears and in her nose.  Some of the men
made her hold her eyelids open with her fingers while they dumped their
loads in her eyes, and they slapped her if she closed her eyes.  In the
afternoon she needed to take a shit, but when she asked her john, he just
laughed at her and kept screwing her, so she had to just open her bowels on
the mattress.  Her john slapped her and told her she smelled bad, but it
seemed to make his cock harder and her soon dumped his load in her pussy.
As soon as he left, she urinated on the mattress, so she was laying in her
own feces and piss when her next john came in.  His first words were, "You
stink!" Kim was crying as he told her to get off the mattress and get down
on her knees and give him a blowjob.  At 6:00 PM Kim got her only food for
the day, if you can call it that -- it was a quart of horse semen in a
bottle.  Kim's stomach was so empty, she gulped it down greedily, then
almost vomited it back up when she got a good strong smell of it.  Then it
was back to fucking and sucking all night, until they let her stop a little
after 3:00 AM.

   Kim quickly went to her toilet bucket and squatted, emptying her bowels,
grimacing as loud farting sounds came from her anus.  She pissed for a long
time, too, easing her full bladder.  When she was done, she looked down at
the vile mess.  What to do with it?  She hated the very thought of it bring
poured over her head again, but the thought of pouring it out -- on the
mattress or the floor -- was horrible as well.  The horse semen she had
swallowed nine hours earlier had filled her stomach, but it was long gone,
and she was famished.  She knew these bastards would think nothing of
starving her, and she knew she had to have something in her stomach.  After
staring into the bucket for a long time, she reached in and scooped up a
small piece of her shit.  It was dripping with her urine, and she held her
breath while she closed her eyes and quickly put the crap on her tongue. 
She tired not to chew it, but some of it was solid, and she had to chew it
a little before she could swallow it.  Her brain was screaming at her, and
her stomach lurched as she tried to swallow, but she managed to get it
down. But when she took a breath, the foul taste flooded her mouth and
throat, and she felt her stomach heave, and she clamped her mouth shut and
held her breath, trying to will the moment to pass -- and somehow it did.
She swallowed quickly several times, trying to get the last bits of shit
out of her mouth.  But she knew this was just the beginning -- there was
quite a load of shit and piss in the bucket.  The sickening smell kept
wafting up into her nostrils, so she started breathing through her mouth.
She took a deep breath, then reached in and scooped up a handful of the
crappy mess and brought it to her mouth.  Urine dripped off her fingers
onto her breasts as she buried her lips in the scummy feces, slurping the
watery bits of shit into her mouth and swallowing them as fast as she

   Kim scooped up another handful from the bottom of the bucket, then
looked up as light flooded her room from the mirror.  The next room was
visible now, filled with club members who were crowding close to the mirror
so they could watch her humiliating herself by eating her own shit and
piss. She realized she was still squatting beside the bucket, still wearing
her high heels, and her face reddened with shame and anger.  She could see
the men laughing at her, but she had to have some sort of nutrition, so she
just closed her eyes and slurped up more of her turds and piss from her
hand.  The foul smell was making her feel nauseated, but she forced herself
to keep eating.  She could feel the piss dripping on her breasts, then
dribbling off her erect nipples and down into her pubic hair as she gobbled
up the warm shit.  She looked up at the window again -- and she died a
little inside when she saw the men had pushed Ireland up against the glass
so she could watch her mother eat shit.  Ireland was crying, and Kim felt
her face flush hotly with a mixture of embarrassment and bottomless shame.
She could see the men touching her daughter, running their hands over her
naked flesh as she tried to twist away from them.  Kim did the only thing
she could -- she ate the rest of her feces out of the bucket, and drank the
piss that was left.  Then she went to the mattress and lay down to get what
little sleep she could.  She did not look at the mirror, and finally the
light from the glass went out.

   CHAPTER 8: Ireland's Gang Rape

   After three weeks of prostitution, getting nothing to eat but her own
feces, and drinking only her own urine plus a quart of horse semen every
day, Kim had lost 15 pounds, down to 100 pounds.  The extreme physical
stress of servicing so many men every day, and dancing for them while she
stripped if they told her to, was taking its toll.  She had been tested
every day by a doctor to see if she was pregnant, and on the twelfth day,
he told her she had gotten knocked up.  Kim spent that whole day crying,
wondering what color her baby was, feeling like her insides were corroding
from the child of rape in her womb.  As the weeks went by, she kept losing
weight, at a time when she should have been gaining 20-30 pounds during her

   When she was six weeks pregnant, Kim was forced to watch while her
daughter Ireland was gang-raped herself.  Kim had spent her usual 21-hour
day spreading her legs for more than 120 johns, and at 3 AM, when she
thought she would be allowed to sleep, her trainer told her she was going
to a show.  Kim was still wearing her slut shoes with the thumb tacks in
the toes -- she had never been allowed to take them off, the whole time she
had been working as a prostitute -- and she groaned at the thought of
having to walk any distance in them, but she knew she had no choice, so she
grimaced and went out the door into the long hallway, limping as the tacks
bit into the flesh of her feet.  She was afraid she was going to get
gang-raped again, but then she remembered she was already pregnant.  She
looked down at her baby bump, hardly noticeable after only six weeks, and
her insides lurched like they did every time she thought about carrying a
nigger baby in her uterus.

   In the Large Room where she had been raped, Kim found her daughter
already strapped to the Rape Stand.  The first rapist was all set to screw
her, but they waited for her mother to get there so she could watch.  Kim
screamed and tried to go to Ireland, but the trainers held her back.  Kim
screamed again as the big nigger boy standing behind Ireland grinned and
slammed his huge erection into the girl's pussy.  Ireland screamed as she
was penetrated, and the nigger didn't take long to ejaculate inside her. 
The girl was sobbing as the next rapist took his place behind her.

   Kim was forced to watch while more than 100 men, mostly niggers with a
few spics thrown in, raped Ireland again and again.  Some of the men came
back for seconds, after making Kim fellate them to get their cocks hard
again.  Ireland kept staring at her mother, tears running down her cheeks,
pleading with her eyes, but there was no way Kim could help her.  When the
men took a break for beer and sandwiches, Ireland was whipped with a riding
crop, raising bloody welts on her ass.  Kim could see the girl had lost
weight, and her bony little ass had almost no fat to absorb the beating she
was getting.  Her screams made Kim die a little inside, but the damn men
kept sticking their cocks in her mouth so she could suck them to an

   The gang rape continued for a whole day and a night, and when the cum
started to leak of Ireland's tortured vagina, the Rape Stand was adjusted
so her head was lower and her birth canal angled downward, so the sperm
would flow toward her cervix and uterus.  The members wanted Kim and
Ireland pregnant at the same time -- they wanted to see just how strong the
bond between mother and daughter would be when both of the stupid sluts
were pregnant and starving.  The members loved this sort of testing, seeing
a pregnant mother turn on her pregnant daughter just to get a little more
food for herself, or seeing a hugely pregnant daughter whipping her
pregnant mother when the reward is nothing but a cum sandwich.  Having the
mother watch while her daughter was impregnated just added to the kick for
the members -- there was a chair where the members could take turns sitting
right beside Kim as she stood there in her painful slut shoes and watched
Ireland taking load after load of nigger semen up her twat.

   After Ireland had been raped more than 250 times, she was returned to
the room next to Kim's, and she started a regimen identical to Kim's --
being a prostitute for 21 hours a day.  But now the mirror between the
rooms was switched to regular glass, so Kim and Ireland could see each
other while they each spread their legs for any man that wanted them.  Kim
had to watch Ireland defecating and urinating in a bucket, and it wasn't
long before Ireland's hunger forced her to eat her own shit and drink her
piss, turning away from the window so her mother couldn't see her shame.

   CHAPTER 9: Carrying Their Babies

   By the time Kim was six months pregnant, she had dark rings of
exhaustion under her eyes, and her cheeks were sunken and shriveled.  Her
whole body looked severely anorexic, except for the growing bulge in her
belly.  Her arms and legs were like sticks, with her elbows and knees
looking huge.  Her eyes had a desperation in them, like a cornered animal,
and were badly bloodshot from staying awake 21 hours each day while her
johns screwed her in all her holes.  As her baby bump got bigger, some of
her johns started laying on the floor with their cocks sticking straight
up, and making her squat over them and take the cock in her pussy, then
fuck herself by moving her hips up and down as fast as she could.  Doing
this while carrying a baby is extremely stressful for any woman, but for
Kim it was far, far worse because of her malnutrition.  The muscles in her
legs burned like fire when she had to fuck herself this way, and her
breathing became very ragged.  Her cunt was sore and raw from getting
screwed 21 hours a day, and a yellowish pus-like fluid leaked out of her
slit while she had a cock inside her.  The pain made her grit her teeth,
and her face showed exactly what she was feeling, with her sunken cheeks
and pale skin and long, stringy, filthy hair.

   Every day Kim had to watch her daughter prostituting herself in the next
room, because the window was always left uncovered now.  Ireland had been
impregnated during her gang rape, although nobody had bothered to tell Kim
about it -- when the baby bump appeared just above Ireland's pubic mound,
just a slight bulge at first, Kim knew what had happened, and her soul died
a little.  She watched as her daughter lost weight day by day, getting so
skinny it seemed like her bones were showing through her skin.  She looked
like an anorexic girl in the last stages of the disease.

   As Ireland's baby bump got bigger, the rest of her body seemed to get
thinner and skinnier.  Kim could see her begging her johns to let her
fellate them so she could swallow their loads and get a little more protein
that way, but most of the men just laughed at her and dumped their loads in
her pregnant pussy or her ass -- or sometimes on the floor, so they could
watch the girl scramble down on her knees to lick desperately on the floor,
trying to get whatever semen she could into her mouth.

   When Kim was seven months pregnant, her daily quart of horse semen was
cut off.  The only things she had to eat or drink were her own feces and
urine, but since it was all being recycled through her body again and
again, the supply started to dry up.  She started passing out while she was
being screwed, but her johns just kept pounding into her, like she was a
piece of meat -- a cunt that happened to have a woman attached to it.  She
started to stink like a sewer, since her sweat now contained excretions
laced with her own shit and piss.  She started begging her johns to let her
suck their cocks, hoping to swallow their cum and get a little protein, but
the johns mostly just let her fellate them for as long as they could hold
back, then pulled out of her mouth and made her watch while they ejaculated
on the floor.  Kim would moan with frustration and drop to her knees and
try to lick up the semen from the filthy floor, as she had seen her
daughter doing.  Her johns liked to kick her in the ass while she was
licking the floor, sending her sprawling, with her full body weight falling
on her pregnant belly.  Kim was too far gone to care about anything except
getting something to eat and drink, and her johns roared with laughter as
she scrambled back up on her hands and knees and went right back to licking
the floor.

   By the time Ireland was seven months pregnant, Kim was getting close to
her delivery date, and the members wanted to add to her stress level. 
Starvation had made her desperate -- her body kept getting thinner, but her
baby bump kept getting bigger, although not as big as it should be.  Her
own starvation was starving her baby, and her fetus was not developing

   Babies carried by pregnant women who were starved are subject to
respiratory illnesses and low Apgar scores, a 35% increase in the risk of
coronary death, and are 6 times more likely to develop diabetes later in
life.  A lack of adequate calories and nutrition can also cause
developmental problems for the baby, as well as cerebral palsy, liver
disorders, cleft palate, blindness, and other physical abnormalities.  They
are also at increased risk for mental disorders, including lowered IQ,
learning disabilities, and mood disorders later in life.  Starvation can
also cause a spontaneous abortion or stillbirth.  Excessive exercise
increases the chance for miscarriage and stillbirth.

   CHAPTER 10: Fighting for Food

   With Kim 8-1/2 months pregnant and Ireland seven months along, and both
little sluts looking like walking skeletons because they were being starved
-- all they were getting to eat or drink was their own bodily waste, feces
and urine, and the excretions had been recycled through their bodies so
often that there was almost no nutrients left -- the club members devised a
series of contests where Kim and Ireland would have to fight for food, or
at least something to swallow.  The two pregnant sluts still had to
prostitute themselves for 18 hours every day, but each night at midnight --
after they had been turning tricks since 6 AM -- they were brought into the
Large Room for three hours of extra fun.  Both women were deathly pale by
now, from spending months indoors on their backs, and they had bruises and
cuts and scrapes from being hit and beaten by the men who came in to fuck
them every day.  Their tits were shrunken and wrinkled, at a time when
their pregnancies should have given them swollen, milk-filled breasts.  But
their nipples were still very sensitive, and that was an easy way to hurt
them while they were being screwed.

   The members made Kim put nipple clamps on her daughter's tiny tits, then
made Ireland put another set of clamps on Kim's nipples.  Then the first
contest began, with a ham sandwich being displayed on a large platter.  The
top slice of bread was removed, and six members lined up to masturbate on
the ham, dumping their loads all over the meat and bread.  The sandwich was
put back together, with warm semen oozing out the sides, and Kim was told
she could have the sandwich -- if she would beat her daughter until Ireland
was bleeding.  Ireland's young face twisted with anguish as she watched her
mother pick up the length of cane from the table.  Two trainers held
Ireland's arms as Kim came around behind her.  Kim glanced at the sandwich
-- and then the cane whistled through the air as she gave her daughter a
stroke across her buttocks.  Ireland let out a short, agonizing yelp of
pain, and Kim only hesitated a moment before she hit her again, this time
across her back, bringing another yelp from Ireland.  She was struggling,
but she was so weak from being starved, it was easy for the trainers to
hold her in place.  She took eight more strokes from the cane, each one
raising an immediate red welt, and soon the welts started to bleed.

   As soon as Kim saw that Ireland was bleeding, she threw down the cane
and gestured at the ham sandwich imploringly.  The members told her to give
her daughter ten more strokes, and to hit her on her back and her legs, not
just her bony ass.  Ireland was all skin and bones from being starved for
so long, and her skin seemed to barely cover her protruding bones in many
places.  Kim was crying as she squatted down to pick up the cane.  She was
so weak from hunger, she couldn't stand up again, so one of the trainers
went over and grabbed the chain between her nipple clamps and pulled on it,
lifting her by her nipples as Kim screamed in pain.  She tottered in her
high heels, then regained her balance and started to beat Ireland again
moving the cane up to her back and down to hit her legs.  Ireland was
sobbing, and would have collapsed on the floor if the two trainers hadn't
been holding her up.  Blood was trickling down her back and her buttocks
and her legs from the red welts raised by the cane.

   Kim again threw down the cane after she had given Ireland the ten
additional strokes.  She started walking toward the low table holding the
platter and the ham sandwich, her legs unsteady as she winced from the pain
of the thumb tacks in her high heels.  She stumbled, falling to her knees,
then falling forward.  She put out her hands to keep from falling on her
baby, and the members laughed at her.  She slowly got up and stood in front
of the sandwich, looking at it, smelling it, and her eyes got moist with
tears.  It had been months since she had even smelled real food, and she
felt saliva running down over her chin as she drooled.  This made the
members laugh even louder, but Kim just didn't care anymore.  She dropped
to her knees and begged, holding her arms out in front of her in
supplication.  Her arms were freakishly thin and bony, and her elbows
formed large knots connecting her painfully thin upper and lower arms.  Her
arms trembled as she tried to hold them out -- she was so weak from hunger,
she couldn't control it.  Her withered tits hung down, sagging like
deflated balloons, all the fat long since eaten away as her own body
consumed itself to fight off starvation.  But her long, thick nipples
somehow looked the same as always, like little cocks sticking out from her
breasts, the erect flesh looking even longer and thicker when seen against
her sagging, ugly tits.  The nipple clamps bit painfully into the soft
flesh, and she was told to remove the clamps so the members could see her
nipples better.  Kim quickly took off the clamps, wincing as she removed
them from her breasts.  She was told to cup her breasts and lift them, and
she started to cry as she obeyed, looking down at her once-beautiful tits,
now reduced to ugly, withered bags.  She displayed herself for the members,
hoping they would let her eat the sandwich.  She moved her knees further
apart, trying to expose her cunt, hoping the men would be entertained.  She
tried to smile, but her emaciated face and the dark rings under her eyes
made it look like she was wearing a fright mask.  She gripped her long,
thick nipples and pulled her breasts straight out from her chest, wincing
at the pain.

   Two members went to the table and took out their cocks, rubbing them as
they looked right at Kim.  She tried to smile, her ghastly face looking
like a corpse as she mauled her own tits viciously.  The men rubbed faster,
and soon dumped their loads on the top slice of bread on the sandwich. 
Some of the warm semen oozed over the edge and down over the sides of the
thick sandwich, and Kim groaned loudly, sounding like an animal that had
spotted fresh prey.  Her upper body was swaying as she abused her breasts,
and her dried-up cunt was oozing a thick yellowish fluid onto the floor
between her open legs.  She was drooling uncontrollably now, her body
desperate for some sort of solid food.

   One of the members who had just masturbated on the sandwich motioned Kim
forward, and she quickly crawled on her hands and knees the short distance
to the table.  She was panting just from the physical effort of doing that,
and from the anticipation of getting to eat something.  The member grinned
cruelly at her and asked, "You really want this messy old sandwich, angel?"
Kim nodded vigorously, her tit bags jiggling wildly as she jerked her head
up and down.  The member nodded, but as Kim started to reach for the
sandwich, he stopped her with a sharp look.  "OK, you can start by licking
the cum off it -- but don't touch it with anything except your tongue and
lips." Kim leaned forward, trembling with excitement, and clasped her hands
behind her, then carefully licked along the top of the sandwich, getting a
big glob of warm semen on her tongue.  She took it into her mouth, closing
her eyes as the smell of the ham made her almost faint with anticipation
and desire.  She rolled the semen around in her mouth, savoring it, and
then she swallowed it, gagging a little because it was so thick and creamy.
She licked up another glob of semen, moving her tongue along the side of
the sandwich so she got a little taste of the ham, and she moaned as she
took the thick cum into her slutty little mouth.  She was whining in her
throat, a sound of deep yearning that came from her very soul, or what was
left of it -- she was desperate for some sort of solid food after so many
months of starvation, made worse by her baby taking its own nutrition from
her emaciated body.  Some strings of cum ran down out of her mouth over her
chin, and she used her long tongue to lick them up and swallow them.  She
looked up at the members, a whimpery whining sound once again coming from
her throat as she implored them to let her have her reward.

   One of the members motioned to the two trainers still holding Ireland's
arms, telling them to bring the girl over.  Her pale body was covered with
bleeding welts from the caning administered by her mother, and she could
barely walk in her high heels.  The trainers shoved her and kicked her to
keep her moving, but she fell down four times, hitting the floor with all
her weight on her baby as she fell on her face.  The members thought this
was hilarious, and enjoyed her shaky attempts to stand up, with her high
heels slipping out from under her.  When she finally made it to the table
in front of her mother, the members told her they would let her eat the
sandwich -- if she would beat and kick her mother until Kim was
unconscious. Ireland looked at the men like they were totally crazy -- but
then she caught a whiff of the sandwich, and her hunger took control.  She
suddenly swiveled and aimed her left foot at Kim's chest, giving her mother
a hard kick.  The toe of Ireland's high heel was very long and pointy, and
it caught Kim just below her breasts.  Kim fell backward, her legs splaying
out in front of her as she fell heavily.  Ireland stepped closer and kicked
her mother in the side, making Kim scream in pain and anger.  Kim grabbed
Ireland's ankle and jerked her leg out from under her, and the girl fell on
her bony ass, squealing in pain as her shrunken tits bounced around.  Kim
rolled over on top of her daughter and started punching her chest, but
Ireland grabbed her mother's wrists and held on tight.  Ireland had her
legs open, laying there on her back, and Kim jerked one hand free and
plunged it down into her daughter's groin, and Ireland yelped in pain as
Kim jabbed three fingers into her dried-up vagina.  The jolt of pain made
Ireland lost control of her sphincter, and some dark brown feces pooped out
of her ass onto the floor between her legs.  The smell was overpowering,
since the shit had been recycled through Ireland's body so many times as
she ate her own excrement.  Kim jerked her fingers out of Ireland's cunt
and scooped up some of her feces from the floor and smeared them on
Ireland's shriveled breasts, and Ireland let out a shriek of anger and
dismay.  She shoved Kim off her and rolled over and got on top of her
mother, then stood up and put one foot between her mother's legs.  Ireland
worked the pointy toe of her high heel into Kim's slit, fucking her with
her shoe, jerking her leg back and forth as she drove the toe of the shoe
into Kim's pussy again and again.  Kim had her legs open, moaning and
mewling as her daughter screwed her.  Ireland finished by drawing her foot
back and kicking Kim in the groin, making Kim scream and curl up in a fetal
position, both hands on her damaged vagina.  Ireland quickly limped over to
the table and scooped up the sandwich and ate it in three huge bites, semen
squeezing out of it and down over her chin as she gobbled.  But her stomach
had been empty for too long, and as soon as she finished eating the
sandwich, she vomited it up, bending over and retching on the floor.  When
she was done, she dropped to her knees and started to eat her own vomit,
large chunks of the sandwich mixed with her own gastric juices, but again
she vomited it up.  Kim had recovered enough to see what was happening, and
she scrambled onto her hands and knees and crawled over and grabbed a chunk
of Ireland's vomit and stuffed it into her own mouth, She was eating her
daughter's vomit and liking it!  Both of the pregnant sluts kept gobbling
until the sandwich was all gone, fighting each other for every piece of the
mess, and collapsing on the floor when it was all gone.  They were both
crying, from exhaustion and frustration and desperation, and they both ate
so fast, on empty stomachs, that they both vomited up everything they had
gobbled up.  They were on their knees on the floor, each with a pile of
chunky vomit between her open legs, each picking up pieces of the slimy
mess and stuffing it back in their mouths greedily, reaching over and
grabbing each other's vomit and eating it, their stomachs lurching and
vomiting again and again.  Stomach acid was running down their chests,
stinging their flesh as they hurried to eat as much vomit as they could.

   CHAPTER 11: Kim Goes into Labor

   After the long session in the Large Room, Kim and Ireland were forced to
run back down the hall to their rooms, their feet stinging from the thumb
tacks in their high heels.  The effort wore them out, especially after the
strain of fighting over the sandwich, and they fell onto their beds in
exhaustion.  But it was 6 AM, time for them to resume servicing their
johns, and two long lines had already formed -- men waiting to fuck them.
Both women passed out while they were being screwed, but the men just kept
fucking them -- the whores were like pieces of meat anyway, so it didn't
matter if they were awake, as long as their cunts were open and available.
After Kim had been screwed by about 40 men, one of them decided to ream out
her pussy with a five-cell flashlight.  The shaft was 16 inches long, and
the man raped Kim viciously, ramming the metal tube deep into her cunt
again and again while she moaned in pain -- and then she went into labor.
The flashlight had rammed into her vagina and hit her cervix repeatedly,
and her emaciated body twisted as a strong contraction hit her.  She was
still two weeks from her delivery date, but that didn't matter -- it was
unlikely her baby would survive the birthing process anyway.  Ireland was
dragged out of her room to help her mother down the hall to the Large Room,
with Kim almost doubled over in pain.  Blood and mucus were running out of
her cunt and down her legs as Ireland helped her into the room, where the
members all cheered -- this would be a high point for them, and almost
every member already had his pants open and was slowly rubbing his cock,
getting ready for the big show.

   Kim was taken by two trainers and hung on the wall, her wrists cuffed to
two metal rings just high enough so her feet were an inch off the floor,
and the full weight of her body was supported just by her wrists, with the
metal cuffs biting into her flesh.  She was having regular contractions
now, but nobody knew if her baby was still alive or not.  Months of
starvation had certainly prevented her baby from developing normally, and
her baby bump was smaller than it should have been at 8-1/2 months, so her
body might just be trying to expel a dead baby from her womb.  The trainers
wrapped some barbed wire tightly around her knees, and the barbs tore her
flesh and little rivulets of blood started trickling down her legs.  Her
ankles were left free so she could flail her lower legs around -- but with
her knees locked together, there was no way for her baby to emerge from her
vagina.  Another contraction hit, and Kim screamed in pain as her body
tried to force the baby down into her birth canal, which was tightly sealed
off by her closed legs.  She was instinctively trying to open her legs so
her baby could be born, but her efforts just made the barbed wire tear more
of her flesh around her knees.  The pain was incredible, both from her
contractions and from the barbed wire biting into her flesh.  Her face
reddened with the strain of trying to pull her thighs apart, and her whole
body trembled with the effort, and then another contraction hit and she
screamed like a wounded animal.  Her womb was contracting urgently, but the
baby was being forced out of her womb by her premature labor.  Her body was
not prepared to give birth -- and there was nowhere for the baby to go if
it entered her birth canal.  Her contractions just put more pressure on the
baby as the muscles in her womb worked to move the baby along, but the baby
did not move -- the baby could not emerge because her cervix was closed
tight and her legs were locked together.  Each contraction brought new
pressure as Kim's body struggled to expel her baby, and the pain got worse
with each contraction.  Kim's screams were unbelievable, echoing through
the big room -- wailing screams that sounded like an animal that had been
severely injured but was not dead yet.  She was hoarse from screaming, but
she couldn't stop the raspy cries that the contractions were ripping from
her throat.  Her knees were thrashing back and forth, as far as the barbed
wire permitted them to move, and she was kicking the wall with her high
heels, from desperation and frustration.

   One of the club members stepped over in front of Kim and looked into her
eyes.  She stared at him wildly, agony written all over her face.  "Help
me," she begged him quietly.  The member smiled a little, and kept his eyes
on her face as he used both hands to press on her midsection, adding to the
pressure her own body was exerting to try to birth her baby.  Kim gave a
strangled cry as she realized the man wanted to hurt her, not help her.  He
leaned in, pressing harder, and Kim thrashed her knees back and forth,
tearing her flesh as the barbed wire dug into the flesh around her knees.
Her body was desperately trying to unblock her birth canal so her baby
could be born, but with her legs locked together, the pressure just kept
building up inside her body, with the powerful muscles in her womb and
vagina contracting again and again, trying to expel the baby from her body.
Each contraction felt like a full-body cramp, and Kim's body was covered
with heavy sweat from the sheer physical strain she was going through.  Her
face was contorted with pain, and blood was running out of the corners of
her mouth where she had bit her tongue during her agony.

   The member now gripped Kim's nipples and pulled her deflated breasts up,
and the pain made her yelp as a new level of suffering was inflicted on
her. The man bounced her shrunken tits, pinching her nipples as hard as he
could, twisting them as he bounced her breasts up and down.  The man
decided he wanted to watch Kim's daughter nurse on her breasts while she
was trying to give birth, and he told the trainers to bring Ireland over in
front of Kim.  Because of the position Kim was in, hanging on the wall, her
breasts were just at the right height for Ireland to stand in front of her
and suck.  The man gave Ireland a sloppy kiss, poking his tongue deep into
her mouth right there in front of her mother, then told her to fondle her
own breasts while she sucked her mother's tits.  Ireland was sobbing as she
moved her tiny hands up to her shrunken breasts and started to massage
them. She bent forward a little and caught Kim's left nipple between her
lips and started to suck.  Kim jerked her head down, suddenly realizing
what was happening, and her face twisted with anguish at the perverted
sight of her daughter nursing at her breast.  Kim was far enough along that
her breasts had milk, although her starvation had turned it sour and
bitter, a thin, yellowish, pus-like excretion that painted a startled look
of surprise and disgust on Ireland's face.  She pulled away from her
mother's breast and turned her head, wanting to spit out the foul juice,
but the member saw what she was about to do and gave her a sharp slap on
her ass.  Ireland's whole body jerked with surprise, and she almost lost
the mouthful of her mother's milk.  The member told her harshly, "Drink it,
you stupid dirty whore." Ireland tried to swallow the milk, but she started
to gag, and almost coughed, but regained control in time.  She tried again,
and this time she was able to swallow the bitter liquid.  Her face darkened
as she grimaced, shaking her head back and forth.  The member told her,
"Have some more, angel -- I can see how much you love it." He shoved
Ireland's head into her mother's shriveled boobs, and Ireland sucked on
Kim's right tit.  This milk was even more bitter, but Ireland knew she had
no choice, so she swallowed it.  The juice tasted like acid -- it burned
her tongue and left a trail of irritation down her esophagus as it trickled
into her stomach.

   Ireland was forced to nurse from her mother's breasts until Kim's milk
was all gone, and her tits looked even worse than before -- shriveled and
shrunken and incredibly ugly.  Since her own milk was used up, the member
decided Kim should nurse from Ireland's breasts.  A small platform with two
steps was brought out, and Ireland was pushed up onto it, climbing the
steps carefully in her high heels.  Now she could bend over slightly and
her tits were just at the height of her mother's open mouth.  Kim was still
screaming in pain from her contractions, and she couldn't nurse from
Ireland's breasts, so the member called for an injection to stop Kim's
labor.  The trainer brought a hypodermic containing a mixture of
terbutaline, ritodrine, and isoxuprine, usually used to treat asthma;
nifedipine, usually used to treat hypertension, angina, and heart
arrythmia; and indomethacin, usually used to treat gout and arthritis.  All
these drugs, when administered to a pregnant woman, inhibit or stop her
body from continuing labor, but with a host of side effects including
increased heart rate, lowered blood pressure, increased blood sugar,
cardiac arrythmias, pulmonary edema, and generalized muscle relaxation,
causing the woman feel extremely weak and nauseated, and causing placental
perfusion.  Another inhibitor of labor is ethyl alcohol, and after Kim was
given the injection, she was forced to drink a triple shot of vodka.  The
drugs and alcohol took effect immediately, and Kim stopped screaming.  She
looked at Ireland as if just realizing her daughter was there, and then her
face twisted with disgust when she was told to suck Ireland's breasts. 
Ireland was only seven months along, but she had milk already, and Kim
reluctantly closed her lips around her daughter's left nipple and started
to nurse.  Kim felt the nipple stiffen in her mouth, and Ireland closed her
eyes, enjoying the pleasurable feeling of soft lips on her breast, but
hating that it was her own mother nursing from her body.  Ireland's milk
was also bitter, since she was being starved like her mother, but it didn't
taste as bad as Kim's own milk, and Kim began to enjoy the soothing feeling
of sucking milk from Ireland's tit.

   As soon as the members noticed Kim enjoying the milk from her own
daughter's tit, one of them jerked Ireland's head back roughly by her hair,
making Kim scream as her nipple was distended painfully before Ireland
could let it go.  The two pregnant sluts were taken back to their rooms and
put back to work servicing their johns.

   CHAPTER 12: Kim's Delivery is Delayed

   Kim was given daily injections of the drug cocktail containing
terbutaline, ritodrine, isoxuprine, nifedipine, and indomethacin, to insure
that her pregnancy continued without her going into premature labor.  She
was also given three double shots of vodka every day.  As long as she was
on the drugs and alcohol, it didn't matter how hard or how roughly she was
fucked -- the powerful muscle relaxants would prevent her body from
initiating labor.  Her johns were told she liked rough sex, and they were
more vicious than usual for the next two weeks, screwing Kim so hard that
her vagina and anus got torn.  She started bleeding every day, and didn't
stop until she was allowed to go to sleep at 3 AM -- but the bleeding
started up again as soon as her first fucker forced his cock up her snatch
at 6 AM.

   When Kim reached her due date, the members decided to keep her on the
drugs, so she would have to carry her baby a little longer.  She was still
losing weight because she was getting nothing to eat or drink except her
own feces and urine, plus whatever sperm she could get her johns to shoot
into her mouth, but most of them enjoyed pulling out of her mouth when she
performed a blowjob, then shooting the semen on her face or her tits, or
just let it spray on the floor, so they could watch the little slut trying
frantically to lick it up.  Her body continued to shrivel up, but her baby
bump got a bit larger every day, though not as large as it should be,
because the baby was being starved along with its mother, and the baby kept
leaching nutrients from Kim's body, further weakening her.  She was
experiencing many of the side effects of the drugs: her heart was beating
wildly, but her blood pressure was low, which tended to make her faint a
lot while she was being raped.  She was having cardiac arrythmias
constantly, and pulmonary edema made her whole chest hurt.  She felt
extremely weak and nauseated, and kept leaning over the side of the bed and
vomiting on the floor while she was being screwed, while her fucker kept
pounding into her groin.

   The vodka caused fetal alcohol syndrome, which inhibited the baby's
growth in Kim's womb; decreased its muscle tone and coordination; delayed
development and caused significant functional problems in thinking, speech,
and movement; caused ventricular septal defect (VSD) in the baby's heart;
and disfigured the baby with narrow, small eyes with large epicanthal
folds, a small head, small upper jaw, and a groove in the upper lip.  But
Kim had come to crave the vodka, both to get SOME liquid into her withering
body, and to cloud her mind and block out what was happening to her and her
daughter, and she drank as much as the members would allow.  Ireland was
being given even more vodka, six double shots every day, and at first the
alcohol made her sick, but then she began to crave it as much as Kim did.
Her body was not quite as ravaged as her mother's was, because Ireland was
42 years younger than Kim.  Ireland's baby bump was larger, too, indicating
that her baby was a bit better nourished then Kim's, but Ireland's baby was
starving just like Ireland was, and was just as damaged by the alcohol
Ireland was drinking every day.

   As her due date came and went, Kim almost went crazy, wanting to give
birth.  She had not been told when she was due, but a mother can feel such
things, and Kim somehow knew it was time to have her baby.  The members
were enjoying prostituting her too much to let her have her baby, so they
just kept her on the drug injections and daily shots of vodka.  Kim knew
she shouldn't drink while she was pregnant, but she was far too desperate
to refuse the drinks -- or the cigarettes.  Almost all her johns were
smokers, and although Kim had stopped smoking when she got pregnant with
Ireland, all the smoke in her room made her start to crave cigarettes
again. She bummed a smoke from as many johns as she could, puffing even
while they were fucking her.

   Smoking during pregnancy is extremely dangerous for the baby.  Cigarette
smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals, including truly nasty things like
cyanide, lead, and at least 60 cancer-causing compounds.  When a woman
smokes during pregnancy, that toxic brew gets into her bloodstream, the
baby's only source of oxygen and nutrients.  Two compounds are especially
harmful: nicotine and carbon monoxide.  These two toxins account for most
of the smoking-related complications in pregnancy: stillbirth, premature
delivery, and low birth weight can be chalked up to the fact that nicotine
and carbon monoxide work together to reduce the baby's supply of oxygen. 
Nicotine chokes off oxygen by narrowing blood vessels throughout the
woman's body, including the ones in the umbilical cord.  It's a little like
forcing the baby to breathe through a narrow straw.  To make matters worse,
the red blood cells that carry oxygen start to pick up molecules of carbon
monoxide instead.  Suddenly, that narrow straw doesn't even hold as much
oxygen as it should.
But Kim was so weak and desperate from being starved for so long, she
was powerless to resist the cigarettes, and then the members started having
a carton of cigarettes delivered to her room each day.  The number of
cartons was increased, and by the time Kim reached her delivery date, she
was smoking three cartons a day.  Her room reeked with smoke, and the
effects on her unborn baby were inevitable.  Ireland could see her mother
smoking, through the window between their rooms, and the girl started
bumming smokes from her own fuckers.  The members started having cartons of
cigarettes delivered to her room, too, and soon Ireland was up to three
cartons a day, just like her mother.  Kim couldn't help but see what her
daughter was doing, and it killed her a little inside, but both of them

were so desperate now.

   The members wanted Kim and Ireland to suffer more, so both girls were
told they had to stop just dropping their cigarette butts on the floor. 
The butts were to be eaten as soon as they were smoked.  The first few
times Kim and Ireland had to swallow the butts, they pinched them to
extinguish the burning tips, but then Kim got in a hurry and ended up
swallowing a burning butt, which gave her some bad burns inside her
esophagus.  Her screams were unimaginable.  After that, she and her
daughter were told to put out their cigarettes on their own bodies before
swallowing the butts.  So both pregnant sluts soon had cigarette burns all
over their bodies, which made them look like what they were -- pregnant

   CHAPTER 13: Kim's Big Day Arrives

   After a month on the drug cocktail that prevented her from going into
labor, Kim was 9-1/2 months pregnant and was drinking and smoking every
day. Ireland was 8 months along, and was drinking and smoking just as much
as her mother.  Kim's body was in much worse shape than her daughter's was.
They were both allowed to eat and drink only their own feces and urine, but
Ireland was only 14, and her body had the resilience of youth.  Kim was 56
and she wasn't aging all that well before she and Ireland were kidnapped.
After all the months of carrying a baby while she was being starved, Kim
looked ghastly -- skinny as a rail, with her cheeks hollowed out and her
eyes with deep black circles under them, like a concentration camp
survivor. Her large breasts looked like empty bags, shrunken and withered,
although her nipples remained thick and long.  Her baby bump was smaller
than it should have been, with her two weeks past her delivery date, but at
least it was growing a little -- the rest of her body seemed to be wasting
away.  Ireland looked a little better, but no much.  She had been skinny
before she was impregnated, skinnier than her mother anyway, and now
Ireland looked like she was in the final stages of anorexia.  Her hips and
buttocks had almost no fat left, and her pelvis stuck out like it was not
covered with any skin at all.  Her arms and legs looked impossibly thin,
with her elbows and knees looking like large knobby joints holding her
limbs together.  Her ankles were so thin, they were almost invisible, and
her feet looked huge on such a skinny body.

   The johns fucking the two women began to complain about their bodies. 
At first it had been a novelty to fuck a famous actress and her daughter,
but the two women looked so ravaged and ugly now, sometimes the men
couldn't even get an erection unless the bitch sucked him for an hour.  So
the members decided to allow Kim to give birth, although it was even money
whether her baby was still alive.  Ireland would be right there alongside
her mother, and Ireland would have labor induced at 8 months, so her baby
would be one month premature, if it was still alive.  To soften them up for
the big show, both sluts were fucked standing up for a week -- they were
allowed to sit on their beds between johns, but each time a man came in to
fuck them, they had to stand in the middle of the room, so they couldn't
even lean against the wall.  This put a huge strain on their emaciated
bodies, having to stand there in their high heels with their legs apart
while each man screwed them.

   On the big day, Kim and Ireland were herded down the hall to the Large
Room, walking painfully in their high heels with the thumb tacks still in
there.  They both fell down several times, but nobody helped them up --
they just got kicked in the ass until they scrambled up and kept walking.
When they got to the Large Room, it was packed with members and guests
waiting for the big show.

   Kim was pushed up against a wall -- but this time, instead of just being
cuffed against the wall, she was grabbed by two of the trainers and turned
upside down before she was cuffed to the metal rings in the wall.  Her
naked body was positioned so her head was about 18 inches above the floor,
which put her tits at a good height for touching.  Her arms were extended
and cuffed tightly, and then her legs were spread painfully wide before her
ankles were cuffed to the wall.  She was hanging with her full weight on
her ankles and wrists, and her gaping cunt was spread wide open, with her
baby bump now below her cunt.  Some of the members commented that of course
it would be harder for her to go through labor and give birth upside down
like that, having to force her baby upward out of her womb through her
vagina, but they wanted her to endure more pain -- so one of the trainers
picked up a dildo from a table nearby.  This dildo was jet black, shaped
very realistically like a nigger's erect cock, and it was huge -- twelve
inches long and three inches wide.  The trainer had a little trouble
lifting it because the dildo was not made of plastic -- it was solid lead,
and it weighed just under ten pounds.  He inserted the massive head in
Kim's slit, with the dildo pointing down since Kim was hanging upside down
-- and he just let go of it, and the weight of the dildo caused it to sink
into Kim's cunt, making little squishing sounds as it penetrated her.  The
little whore moaned as the dildo filled her pussy, but then it hit bottom
and started pressing against her cervix, and Kim let out a hoarse scream as
pain shot through her midsection.  The dildo had a set of realistic-looking
balls at the base, and now that was the only part of it that was visible --
the full twelve inches of the heavy shaft had disappeared inside Kim's
vagina.  She was trying to spread her legs even more than they already
were, trying desperately to open her body to ease the sharp pain of the
huge dildo being forced into her birth canal.

   CHAPTER 14: Fun and Games

   Kim was left hanging on the wall with the dildo inside her while the
members enjoyed a fine dinner, served buffet style so each man could spend
all the time he wanted looking at Kim and listening to the sounds she was
making.  When a member got an erection, one of the pregnant celebrities or
a celebrity daughter circulating around the room would get down on her
knees in front of him and give him a blowjob, so he never had to interrupt
watching Kim.  Ireland had been told to join the other sluts, sucking cocks
while her mother was the star of the show.  One of the young men watching
was Ted, the son of a member.  He was 14 years old, and it was his first
time at the club with his dad.  Ted was staring at Kim as she hung on the
wall upside down, with her shrunken tit bags hanging down and almost
touching her chin, and his cock got hard.  He was sitting like most of the
men in the room, with his pants open and his cock hanging out.  When he
started to get an erection, two women came over to him quickly.  Katherine
Ross was 69 now, but she had been given fertility injections in the lab
located in the basement of the club, and she had been successfully
impregnated at a gang rape with 35 men in the Large Room.  She was seven
months along, and she squatted in front of Ted and asked him if she could
suck his cock.  She looked a lot like his grandmother, but this was a
turn-on for the boy, and he nodded.  As she took his semi-hard cock in her
mouth, her daughter Cleo came over and squatted beside her mother. 
Katherine had given birth to Cleo when she was 45, and it had been a long
and painful delivery.  Now, at age 69, Katherine had been forced to get
pregnant again, but she had been beaten every day while she was pregnant,
and was taught how to suck cock like a whore, and now she enthusiastically
fellated Ted's cock while her daughter watched.  Cleo had been gang-raped
along with her mother, and both of them got pregnant from the rapes.  Cleo
reached over and cupped Ted's balls in her hand and massaged them gently,
smiling lewdly as she asked him if she could lick his testicles.  Ted had
never had that done for him, and he nodded dumbly, and Cleo lay down on her
back and lifted her head so she could run her tongue along the underside of
his scrotum.  Ted's cock stiffened in Katherine's mouth, and she moaned. 
Cleo's baby bump was sticking up in the air as she lay there, and her
mother rubbed it with her hands as she kept sucking the boy's cock.

   Ted turned to his father, Barry, who was sitting beside him having his
own cock sucked by Reese Witherspoon, and asked if it was OK if he touched
Katherine while she sucked him off.  Barry told him he could do anything he
wanted, and Ted put his hands over Katherine's ears and gripped her head
and started to jerk her head up and down on his cock viciously, making her
gasp in surprise and pain.  Ted had always hated his grandmother, and it
felt good to rough up this old woman.  He started thrusting his hips,
ramming his cock down her throat, and Katherine gagged a little, but she
had been taught how to deep-throat a cock, and she forced her own head down
on the boy's erection, swallowing the head of his cock and licking the
underside fast, and Ted groaned and ejaculated down her throat.  Katherine
gulped down his big load, swallowing his thick semen hungrily.  Cleo saw
what was happening, and squeezed the boy's scrotum rhythmically, milking
his sperm into her mother's mouth.  When he was done, she cleaned his cock
with her tongue, licking up every drop of his cum, then smiled up at him
and thanked him for letting her suck him off.  The boy looked at his
father, who nodded slightly, and then Ted slapped Katherine's smiling face,
knocking her backward so she fell on her bony ass.  He slapped Cleo, and
she fell back alongside her mother, and both pregnant woman started to cry,
from the pain and the humiliation.

   Ted ignored the women he had hit, and turned to watch his father.  Barry
was stroking Reese's hair as she gave him a blowjob.  She was only four
months pregnant, and her baby bump was barely showing.  She was naked like
all the women and girls in the room, just wearing the same high heels as
all the others, with thumb tacks in the bottom.  Reese's daughter Ava was
only ten years old, too young to get pregnant, but not too young to get
fucked.  She had been kidnapped along with her mother, and had been with
her the whole time.  Reese's father had impregnated her, raping her in
front of all the club members while Ava watched.  The rape had gone on for
four hours, and Ava was put to work licking her grandfather's penis in
between rape sessions, to give him a hard-on.  After he finally ejaculated
in Reese's pussy, he was still hard, and he told Ava to lay down beside her
mother, and he opened her legs and took her virginity while her mother
cried quietly.  He raped his granddaughter for quite a while, urged on by
the members, and he was able to cum again, filling her tight little cunt
with his sperm.  But the little girl was too young to get pregnant, so she
was passed around by the members, who screwed her and played with her tiny
nipples on her flat, undeveloped chest.

   Now Reese was sucking Barry's big cock, and little Ava was using her
tiny hands to massage his testicles while her mother performed fellatio on
him.  Barry was looking at Kim, hanging there upside down with the heavy
dildo filling her pussy, and he felt his cock stiffen as Kim made a noise
and her body went rigid as she seemed to be straining.  She had been taken
off the drug injections earlier that day, and now her artificially-delayed
labor was starting -- and it would be much longer and much more painful
because she had been kept on the drugs for so long.  Barry felt his cock
stiffen as he saw the heavy dildo rise slightly out of Kim's gaping cunt as
she had a contraction, but then the dildo sank back down into her twat as
the contraction ended.  Barry felt his ejaculation beginning, and he forced
his whole cock into Reese's mouth as he exploded, dumping his huge load
straight down her throat.  Her daughter was so cute, squeezing his balls
with her small hands as she had been trained to do, milking his sperm into
her mother's mouth as she smiled brightly.  This was just a fun game to
her, helping the nice man fill her mother's slutty little mouth with his
thick cum.  Maybe Mommy would let her taste the creamy juice?  Ava could
hear her mother moaning, so she knew the cream must tasty sooo good.  She
could feel his testicles moving inside his scrotum as she squeezed them
gently, trying to be a good little girl and help her Mommy.  The man said
something, and Reese raised her head off his throbbing erection, closing
her lips to keep some of his cum in her mouth -- and she leaned down and
kissed her daughter, opening her mouth and letting Barry's warm semem flow
onto Ava's sweet innocent face.  She finished the special kiss, then told
her daughter to open her mouth, and Reese used her fingers to scoop the
sperm into Ava's mouth as the girl smiled happily and gulped down his
sperm. Barry felt his cock stiffen again as he watched the perverted
action, and he couldn't resist pulling the little girl's mouth to his cock.
Reese's face clouded with dismay and humiliation as she watched her
daughter taking a cock in her mouth for the first time.  Barry forced Ava's
head down, and the little girl gagged as the cock touched the back of her
throat.  Barry pulled back a little, then held her head in place and
started to thrust his hips, fucking her mouth like it was a cunt.  Reese
was crying, and Barry slapped her hard enough to knock her on her ass. 
"Your little girl is a better cocksucker than you are, bitch." Barry's
words stung Reese, and she wiped hot tears from her face as she sat there
and watched her little girl giving a blowjob.  Barry thrust the full length
of his erection down the girl's throat, and Ava tried to cough but
couldn't. Her face turned a deep red as the cock meat closed her throat,
but he pulled back a little, and the girl coughed and breathed through her
nose.  Barry fucked her mouth, holding her head in place while he thrust
into her, and Ava looked at her mother and saw she was crying.  Ava gasped
as the man thrust faster, and she was rewarded with a little gush of cum,
thin and watery because he had just ejaculated in her mother's mouth.  Ava
swallowed the juice, and Reese watched her and felt a pain in her soul.

   CHAPTER 15: Servicing More Members

   Nearby, a man named Richard had brought his son Mike, who was just ten
years old.  Richard wanted to show Mike the feeling of power that a man --
or a boy -- enjoys when he has the freedom to do whatever he wants to a
girl.  With them were the actress Lea Thompson, 48 at that time, with her
daughters Madeleine and Zoey, who were 18 and 14.  All three of them were
naked and pregnant, wearing the same high heels as all the other girls in
the room.  Lea was three weeks past her due date, and was receiving the
same injections as Kim had received to delay her labor.  She had been two
months pregnant from an all-night sex party at a club in Hollywood, just
about to have an abortion because she didn't want any more children, when
she was kidnapped along with her two daughters and brought to the club. 
She had been forced to carry her baby to term and beyond, and she hated
every minute of it.  Lea was tiny, 5 feet 4 and 98 pounds before she got
pregnant, and she had lost weight just like all the girls did at the club
when they were deprived of food during their pregnancies.  Now Lea weighed
75 pounds, and looked like a living skeleton, but with a mound that looked
huge on her.  Just moving around was difficult and painful for her.

   Lea had been forced to watch -- and assist -- when her two daughters
were gang-raped for two days at the club.  Lea spent the time on her knees
with her baby bump showing, fellating each rapist to give him an erection
so he could rape one or both of her daughters.  Lea was slapped around a
lot, and some of the men kicked her belly after she finished sucking their
cocks.  Each cock came out of her mouth long and hard, and went straight
into Madeleine or Zoey, who were tied up side by side with their legs
raised and cuffed to spreader bars, so all the rapist had to do was pick a
girl and start thrusting.  Each of the girls was raped more than 250 times,
and they both got pregnant from the gang-bang.  Now they were seven months
along, their baby bumps large and noticeable as they got down on their
knees in front of Mike.  Lea was squatting between Richard's legs, giving
him a blowjob, and he told her daughters to service his son.  Mike had
played with his cock at home, but he was a virgin -- he had never had an
orgasm.  Madeleine and Zoey looked up at him, smiling like little whores as
they had been taught, and asked permission to suck his cock.  Mike
stammered something, and his face turned red as he looked down and saw his
penis getting hard.  Madeleine moved her head down and gently kissed the
head of his cock, then took it in her mouth, while her sister Zoey scooched
around so she could lick his scrotum from underneath.  Mike felt his penis
throbbing, and it got big in the girl's mouth.

   Richard was moving his hips, thrusting into Lea's willing mouth, and he
grunted in between thrusts, "You can do anything you want, Mike -- hit the
girls, slap them -- anything.  Watch." And Richard suddenly jerked his hard
cock out of Lea's mouth and pulled back his arm and punched her in the
face. She shrieked with surprise and pain and fell back, sitting down hard
on her bony little ass.  She sat there with her legs splayed apart, her
nose bleeding and dripping down onto her breasts while she sobbed in pain.
Mike looked at his dad, and they smiled at each other.  Richard barked at
Lea, "Get back over here and suck me, you stupid ugly bitch." She scrambled
up as fast as she could, wincing in pain as she took a few steps in her
high heels with the thumb tacks inside, then she once more squatted between
Richard's legs.  She tried to smile at him, but the anger showed through,
and Richard forced the whole length of his erection down her throat, making
her gasp, and then he pinched her nostrils closed, and she started to
suffocate.  Madeleine and Zoey kept working on Mike's cock, but both of the
girls looked at their mother as her face reddened.  She was struggling,
trying to breathe, and Richard was looking not at her, but at her
daughters. He grinned cruelly as he thrust his hips forward, making Lea gag
on his cock as tears rolled down her cheeks.  After a long minute or two,
he pulled back a little and released her nose, and Lea gulped in air
wildly. Richard told her, "Now show me how grateful you are, cunt." He
looked at Madeleine and Zoey.  "Girls, watch your mom -- this is how a good
little cocksucker does it." He took Lea's head in his hands and jerked it
up and down on his cock, masturbating with her head instead of his hand,
and she made desperate little sounds as her neck and back were strained

   Mike grinned as he watched his dad, then turned to look down at
Madeleine and Zoey working on his cock.  He hit Madeleine on the side of
her head, knocking her sideways, and his erection slipped out of her mouth
as she yelped.  Mike reached down between his legs and grabbed Zoey's head
and forced it up against his scrotum as he slid forward so his ass crack
was exposed.  "I want you to lick my ass," he told Zoey, and she quickly
buried her face between his buttocks, sticking out her tongue and licking
his anus.  This made his cock spring up as it stiffened, and Mike grabbed
Madeleine's hair and forced his throbbing erection into her mouth.  "Suck
me!" Madeleine started moving her head up and down fast, sucking very hard
as she had been taught, and Mike groaned as his cock hardened in her mouth.
He could feel Zoey's tongue on his anus, and then she forced the tip of her
tongue into his rectum and he thought his cock was going to explode.  He
grabbed Madeleine's head and thrust his cock into her mouth until he felt
it touch her throat.  She gagged on his cock, coughing and sputtering as he
held her head in place.  His orgasm started -- the first one of his life --
and he groaned with sheer sexual pleasure.  The electric feeling shot
through his body, and just at that moment, Zoey closed her lips around his
anus and sucked hard, and he felt a little turd slide out of his ass into
her mouth.  His head felt like it was on fire.  He took a deep breath and
forced the shaft of his rock-hard cock a little further into Madeleine's
warm mouth, and then he exploded.  His ejaculation was massive, and his
balls felt like they were moving between his legs, and then he realized
Zoey was massaging his scrotum with her tiny hand, milking his sperm,
making him spurt again and again into Madeleine's mouth, so much cum that
some of it ran out and dripped down her chin onto her breasts.  Zoey
reached up and scooped up some of his creamy sperm on her fingers and
licked it off, smiling up at him happily, and that made his cock spurt a
little more into Madeleine's mouth.  Finally his flow slowed down, and he
leaned back and closed his eyes as he enjoyed the feeling of her soft
tongue on his erection.  She kept sucking gently on his cock, making him
spurt little bursts of jism that she swallowed.  She was looking up at him
when he opened his eyes, and the sight of his cock between her lips kept
him cumming in little waves for the longest time.

   Lea was still sucking Richard's cock, and her daughters watched her as
she brought him to a climax.  Lea could see her girls looking at her, and
she felt a little part of her dying as she prostituted herself right in
front of them.  She could see Mike's semen on Madeleine's beautiful face,
and she couldn't stop the tears that welled up in her eyes.  Both of her
daughters being corrupted and degraded like this was so horrible.  But she
knew she had to do a good job for this guy, so she squeezed his balls
urgently, moving her head up and down on his erection, sucking so hard she
made slurping sounds on each upstroke, pre-cum leaking out of her mouth as
she fellated him, wanting him to cum -- and finally his cock spurted a huge
gush of warm sperm into her mouth.  Lea swallowed fast, gulping down the
thick jism as the cock exploded again and again.  Richard grabbed her by
her hair and jerked her head down onto his cock, forcing the head of the
cock into her throat, but Lea didn't gag on it.  She had been trained well,
and she opened her throat and swallowed the cock meat, letting it penetrate
her throat, and the feeling of hot tight flesh around his erection made
Richard cum even harder.  Lea felt his big load flowing heavily down her
throat, and she kept swallowing so her throat muscles would massage the
cock.  Her lips were buried in his pubic hair, and the full length of his
hard cock was inside her mouth and throat.  She could feel her throat
bulging with the mass of flesh filling her up, and she felt like the cock
was as big as her arm.  She forced her head deeper into his groin, rubbing
her pretty face in his pubic hair as she swallowed his semen.

   CHAPTER 16: Kim's Agony

   Kim was still hanging upside down on the wall, and her labor pains were
getting worse.  Her contractions were about five minutes apart now, but
each contraction was agony for her because of the heavy lead dildo in her
vagina, blocking her birth canal.  Each time she had a contraction, the
other action in the big room stopped while the members watched and listened
as Kim struggled to give birth.  When she strained with a contraction, her
face turned deep red and sweat poured off of her whole body, dripping down
over her face and getting in her nose and her eyes, since she was hanging
upside down.  Her baby had been pushed up in her womb until it was touching
her cervix, but because of the labor-delaying drugs she had been given, her
cervix was not dilated sufficiently, and as the baby started to move
through the cervix, Kim felt pain like she had never felt in her life.  It
felt like her body was being torn in two, and her screams echoed through
the big room.  Every time she screamed, every penis in the room stiffened a
little, and the sight of her straining, sweating, naked body hanging on the
wall was enough to keep a thousand cocks hard for a thousand days. 
Progress was very slow, and each time the muscles in her uterus and vagina
were able to move the baby up a little, the heavy dildo in Kim's vagina
moved slightly, rising slowly out of her twat, then sinking back a little,
until the next contraction.  Kim's mouth was gaping open, and some blood
ran out of the sides of her mouth from her biting her tongue with the pain.

   The members wanted it to hurt more, so one of them went over to Kim and
attached nipple clamps to her breasts.  The clamps were metal, with
alligator clips that bit into the soft cones of her nipples savagely.  The
small chain connecting the clamps hung down and had been inserted in Kim's
mouth, so when she moved her head, the two clamps distended her sensitive
nipples and gave her a jolt of pain in her breasts.  The member pushed the
dildo down into Kim's vagina, making her scream in pain as it forced her
baby back down a little in her birth canal.  Before he went back to his
seat, the member took out his cock and urinated on Kim's face, filling her
nostrils with dark yellow piss and stinging her eyes, making her gasp for
breath.  The urine ran down through Kim's hair and puddled on the floor
under her head, where she could still smell it.  The member reached down
and took her nipples in his fingers and twisted them viciously, making Kim
scream hoarsely.  The member grinned down at her as he pinched her breasts
hard, and she screamed again, jerking her head so far back that the metal
clamps were torn off her nipples, and she started bleeding.  The other
members broke into applause, and the man turned and gave a little bow
before he returned to his seat.

   Kim had another contraction, her whole body going rigid as sweat poured
off her bare flesh.  She was straining with every muscle in her body, and
after so many months of eating nothing but her own feces and drinking her
own piss, she was emaciated and skeletal, and when she strained, it seemed
like her bones were going to burst through her parchment-like skin.  Her
knees and elbows looked like huge bony knobs in the middle of her
stick-like arms and legs.  Her high heels were pointing toward the ceiling
as she hung there upside down.  The sight of this skinny little whore going
through labor this way, with no one to help her, shackled upside down to
the wall, gave every man in the room a raging erection.  Three of the
members wanted to masturbate on Kim while she was in labor, to degrade her
while her daughter was forced to watch, and they stood in a semi-circle
around her, slowly rubbing their cocks as the looked at Kim and heard the
sounds coming from her.  As she strained, the baby in her vagina inched
upward, putting pressure on the lead dildo in her twat, and as the dildo
was forced upward, there was a sort of pooping sound from Kim's cunt,
squishy and wet, like a long wet fart, and the members felt their cocks
harden.  The straining also made real farts poop out of her asshole, and
even some feces oozed out of her ass crack, looking black and smelling like
the dirtiest toilet in the world.  With all the sweating she was doing, Kim
was starting to smell really bad, reeking like an open sewer, but the smell
just made the members' cocks longer and harder.  They were all rubbing
themselves, and one member stepped up close to Kim as his climax began.  He
put one hand on her thigh and pinched her hard, and she let out a yelp of
pain, and that sent him over the top.  His cock spurted a big gush of sperm
that hit Kim's stomach and ran down over her breasts and chin onto her
face, and more heavy spurts followed, bathing her face and hair with semen.
The other two members stepped up just then, and they ejaculated on the
dildo in Kim's pussy, their thick cum running down the shaft and entering
her slit, then spilling over and running down the curve of her ass.

   Another member wanted to beat Kim while she was in labor, and he stood
in front of her and leaned down and punched her in the face, breaking her
nose and sending a shower of blood down into her eyes and hair.  She
screamed in pain and frustration, but the scream became a long wailing cry
as another contraction hit her.  The member used the moment to punch her
right in her baby bump, which made her gasp and start to cough violently.
The force of his punch forced Kim's baby upward in her vagina, and the
heavy dildo in her cunt jerked upward with a squishing sound.  The member
took a riding crop and started whipping Kim's inner thighs, which were
totally exposed since her legs were spread wide apart and cuffed to the
wall.  She grunted in pain as each stroke of the riding crop left a
beautiful red welt on her thighs, and the member moved down and gave her a
few strokes on her pubic bone, each stroke making the dildo jerk upward in
her twat before it settled back inside her.  The member whipped her
breasts, the riding crop leaving long red bruises on the soft flesh of her
shrunken breasts.  He made sure to give her several strokes directly on
each nipple, to inflict as much pain as possible, and finished with some
hard strokes to her face, which broke the skin and would leave permanent
scars on her cheeks and forehead.  He whipped her ears and the sides of her
neck, and tore her earlobes with the riding crop.

   CHAPTER 17: Kim Gives Birth

   Kim had four more contractions while she was being whipped, and now they
were only two minutes apart.  Her body was trying desperately to expel the
baby, but the heavy lead dildo was still blocking her vaginal opening. 
After her beating was finished, Kim had a strong contraction, and her face
turned bright red as she strained with every muscle in her body, screaming
like a banshee as the incredible pain tore her apart -- but suddenly the
dildo rode up an inch out of her gaping cunt, and then another inch.  The
large balls at the base of the dildo were now several inches above her
slit, and the shaft of the big dildo was slowly emerging from inside her
slimy vagina as the baby was pushed upward by her contractions.  Vaginal
secretions and amniotic fluids were oozing out of Kim's pussy and running
down over her pubic mound and her baby bump and her breasts onto her face,
then into her hair, finally dripping down onto the floor under her head. 
She was a mess, and the smell was overpowering.  She was spluttering,
gasping for breath as she snorted sperm, blood, snot and vaginal juices out
of her nose and mouth, shaking her head like a wounded animal.  Another
contraction hit her, twisting her face into a snarl of pain and frustration
as she let out a rasping scream that echoed through the room.  She had been
screaming so long, her voice was terribly hoarse and her throat was aching.

   This contraction pushed her baby upward a little more -- and the heavy
dildo started to teeter in her vagina as only the massive head remained
inside her.  She gritted her teeth and pushed, straining as hard as she
could, and several loud farts emerged from her anus like firecrackers
popping, followed by a little shower of feces, forced out of her bowels by
the sheer physical effort she was making.  The shit ran down her buttocks
and her back, which were an inch or two away from the wall because her
agony had caused her to arch her whole body forward, and she was touching
the wall only with her ankles, her wrists, and the back of her head.  She
screamed again, trailing off into a terrible groan as she pushed again,
bearing down so long that she almost passed out -- and finally the dildo
swayed forward, like a tree falling in extreme slow motion, and the weight
of the big balls on top of it pulled it past the point of equilibrium, and
it fell out of Kim's cunt.  It hit her baby bump as it fell, then whacked
into the bottom of her jaw with its full weight before it fell heavily to
the floor.  Kim's jaw was broken, and she was bleeding where her skin had
been torn.  The pain that hit her was indescribable.  But all the members
were looking at her slit, finally unblocked after hours of labor -- and her
baby started to emerge.  Kim kept straining, moving her hips side to side,
desperately trying to work the baby out of her vagina -- and then a tiny
foot appeared!  It was followed by another foot, both of them bloody and
slimy -- but this meant the baby was in breech position, with its feet and
legs coming out first.  Complications with the umbilical cord are far more
likely in babies that are born vaginally in a breech position -- for
example, the umbilical cord is more likely to be compressed during
delivery, which can cause nerve and brain damage due to lack of oxygen.

   After all the punishment that Kim had been forced to go through during
her pregnancy, it was amazing that her baby was still alive.  But its feet
were moving as they emerged from her twat, and the feeling of relief from
the pressure after so many hours was so great that Kim actually smiled as
she pushed again.  She could feel the baby moving upward through her birth
canal, and she could feel the baby's feet touching her pussy lips as it
came out of her, and she had a sudden rush of elation as she realized she
was finally -- finally!  -- going to give birth.  She thought back to when
she had Ireland, and suddenly her whole body felt warm and fuzzy in spite
of all the pain she was still feeling.

   But then a sharp pain in her midsection tore a scream from Kim's throat
-- it felt like she had been stabbed, and the pain radiated out through her
whole body.  Now she was terrified something might be wrong with her baby,
and she knew she had to finish giving birth as soon as she could.  The
stupid bitch still didn't know the baby was breech, and the pain she felt
was the release of toxins that had built up in the baby's body during all
the months while she was carrying it while she ate and drank nothing but
her own excrement and urine, while she drank alcohol every day, while she
smoked three cartons of cigarettes every day.  Her baby had been starved
along with her, and had been poisoned by the alcohol and nicotine in her
blood, and although it had somehow lived through it all, her baby was
starting to die now, and its body was throwing off the poisons in its
bloodstream in a desperate effort to survive, but it wasn't working.  The
toxins were released through the umbilical cord, and flowed back into Kim's
tortured body, and that is what caused the pain she felt now.  But the
umbilical cord was caught in a loop around the baby's hips and chest, and
as the baby moved further up in Kim's birth canal, the cord was being
compressed, cutting off the blood supply to the fetus and slowly killing
it. Every time Kim pushed, she forced the baby a little further upward in
her vagina -- but each movement made the baby's body press tighter against
the walls of the birth canal, flattening the umbilical cord until no blood
at all was passing through it to the baby.  Hanging upside down on the
wall, Kim had no way to see the baby, but her pain-numbed brain was slowly
figuring out that something was wrong with the baby's position, that it was
coming out feet first, and she knew she had to get the head out quickly. 
She strained hard, pushing with all of her muscles, and she felt the baby
move upward -- and now the legs were visible to her if she raised her chin
to her chest and looked up at her pussy.  It hurt her horribly to hold her
head in that position, and she let it drop back down, but the sight of her
baby's legs gave her new strength, and she took a deep breath and pushed
again, and the baby inched upward until its chest was visible, just
emerging from her cunt.  Only the head was still inside her, and Kim
strained as hard as she could, gasping for breath, sweat pouring off her
emaciated body.

   CHAPTER 18: A Difficult Birth

   Kim's uterus had ruptured from the sheer physical strain of her long and
difficult labor, and toxins were seeping into her body as she kept pushing,
trying to give birth.  All her internal organs were affected, as the toxins
infected and further weakened her.  She was still straining, and a steady
flow of blood was leaking out of her cunt, but her baby's head was lodged
in her vagina and would not pass through her labia, no matter how hard Kim
pushed.  The rest of the baby was hanging out of her pussy, its arms and
legs dangling as it lay against her pubic bone and stomach.  It wasn't
moving at all, except for the little jerks while Kim struggled to push it
out of her body.  The head had remained inside her twat for too long now,
and the baby was dying, its arms and legs turning blue from lack of oxygen,
Kim could see the baby's ghastly color and she started to scream as she
forced herself to push harder.  Her pussy lips were so tight, the baby's
head just would not pass through.  Kim was sobbing now, filled with
frustration and exhaustion and desperation, wanting her baby with all her
heart.  She had already seen the color of the baby's skin, and she knew now
that she had been impregnated by one of the niggers that raped her, but the
instincts of motherhood wiped the slate clean for her, and she just wanted
to give birth to her baby and love it and feed it from her breasts.  The
baby's color was a source of pride for the members, who always got an extra
thrill when they saw a pristine white woman brought low and degraded by
being forced to catty a nigger baby to term.  The thrill was even bigger
now, because Kim had gone through all these months of prostitution and
humiliation, followed by the most horrible labor she could imagine, in full
view of all these men and boys -- only to deliver a dead baby.  The hard
truth hit her like a sledge hammer, and her face clouded with anguish as
she realized her baby was dead.

   But even now, none of the members moved to help Kim.  They were having
too much fun masturbating and receiving blowjobs from the other pregnant
women and their daughters.  The sight of Kim hanging there, her dead nigger
baby hanging out of her vagina, the head still inside her, kept the cocks
hard all through the room.  A steady stream of members was going up and
masturbating on Kim's face, and some of them dumped their loads on her
baby, so the baby soon had long strings of warm sperm all over it, dripping
slowly down its arms and legs.  Kim's face was covered with a thick coating
of semen that ran down into her nose and her eyes and her ears, oozing into
her hair and dripping down on the floor under her.  She was spluttering and
gasping for breath, crying from the shame and humiliation and frustration
and anger boiling up inside her.  As one more member ejaculated on her
face, Kim let out a scream and pushed as hard as she could, her whole body
going rigid as she strained -- and finally her baby's head started to
emerge from her gaping twat.  Her labia were stretched painfully tight as
the baby's head inched up out of the slime filling her vagina, with
amniotic fluid and vaginal secretions streaked with blood leaking out of
her body.  The baby's ears emerged, and suddenly the bulk of the baby's
weight was outside Kim's tortured cunt.  Kim gave another hoarse scream of
triumph as she felt the baby coming out, and with one last hard push, she
gave birth to her second child -- but it was stillborn.

   CHAPTER 19: Kim's Baby is Finally Born

   The baby's body fell heavily out of Kim's vagina, making a sucking sound
as it came free of her slimy fuckhole, then hitting her in the face as it
slid down toward the floor -- but it never touched the floor, because it
was held suspended in the air by the umbilical cord trailing down out of
Kim's open twat.  The full weight of the baby was suddenly put on the cord,
wrenching another scream from Kim as her uterus was jerked upward inside
her body.  The pain was something even she had not felt before -- like
somebody had reached inside her and tried to pull her uterus out through
her slit.  Her whole body clenched with the pain, and a loud fart was
forced out of her anus, followed by some black foul-smelling turds as she
lost control of her bowels.  She urinated on herself, the dark yellow piss
bubbling out of her wide-open cunt and pouring down over her stomach and
breasts, then splashing into her face and hair.  Her nostrils filled with
the acrid urine, causing her to cough violently and snort explosively,
sending the piss upward out of her nose, then down into her eyes, burning
and stinging.  This bitch really smelled bad now, covered with shit and
piss, with her dead baby hanging out of her pussy.  The baby's body was
positioned was right in front of Kim's face, and for the first time she saw
she had another girl.  Her pain-numbed brain didn't even register the kinky
black hair on its head or the spatulate wide lips or the flaring nostrils
or the dirty black color of the skin -- all Kim saw was her daughter, and
she wrenched her arms against the cuffs, struggling to get loose so she
could hold her baby.

   But now the members realized the baby was a girl, and in that room,
girls had only one use.  A member came over to stand in front of Kim and
showed her his erection, rubbing his cock slowly with one hand as she
stared up at his groin with tears in her eyes.  The member used his other
hand to position the baby's body so it was facing him, and then he spread
the tiny legs so the baby's slit was visible.  Kim knew then what he was
going to do, and her face twisted in an expression of horrified anguish. 
As the baby hung there, suspended from Kim's pussy by the umbilical cord,
the member forced his finger into the baby's vagina, taking her virginity
even though she was dead.  He finger-fucked her a little, then used both
hands to move the baby's body next to his erection.  He looked down at
Kim's face, and smiled cruelly as he told her, "Let's see if your daughter
is a good fuck." Kim burst into tears as the member put the head of his
cock against the baby's tiny slit, then started to force his big erection
into the baby.  The vagina was far too tiny to accommodate the cock, but
the member just kept pushing, and the baby's labia were torn as the cock
suddenly penetrated the baby's cunt.  The member moved the baby's dead body
up and down, using the body to masturbate himself, forcing almost the whole
length of his ten-inch cock into the baby's splayed pussy.  The baby's
stomach bulged visibly from the cock meat inside its body, and it didn't
take long for the member to reach his climax.  He ejaculated strongly
inside the baby, taking her virginity as he grunted like an animal, his
thick semen filling the dead baby's cunt and leaking out and dripping down
onto Kim's face and breasts as she cried quietly.

   There was a round of applause from the other members, and the baby
rapist pulled his cock out of the body and turned and bowed to the other
members.  He had taken off his pants, and he squatted a little, so his ass
was right in front of Kim, and he farted in her face, a huge wet fart that
spewed small specks of feces on her cheeks and forehead and in her eyes. 
Kim shook her head violently, sputtering and spitting, trying to get the
excrement off of her skin.  The member backed up a little, so his ass was
almost touching her face, and let out another big fart, with even more
feces spraying out of his ass onto Kim's once-beautiful face.  This time
some small bits of shit went up her nose, and she snorted loudly several
times, trying to clear her nostrils.  Another round of applause for the
member made him smile and bow again, then he went back to his seat.

   Several other members wanted to rape Kim's daughter with her watching,
and they formed a line, rubbing their cocks slowly as they waited their
turn.  The first rapist was just a boy, about ten years old, and his father
was with him and showed him how to position the head of his cock against
the baby's slit and push his erection inside her.  The boy held the baby's
hips as he thrust into her a few times, and then he gave a little shiver as
he ejaculated inside her.  He smiled broadly, then pulled his cock out and
stepped aside so his father could rape the baby.  The member's cock was
much bigger than his son's, and the baby's stomach really bulged as he
forced his cock up her snatch.  He gave her a good screwing, and dumped his
load in her tiny cunt.  Three more members took their turns with the baby,
while Kim cried softly, grimacing from the pain of the umbilical cord still
trailing out of her vagina and suspending her baby's body in the air. 
Every little movement of the baby's body, while the men were raping her,
put more pressure on the cord, sending jolts of horrific pain through Kim's
midsection as her uterus was wrenched upward.

   CHAPTER 20: Finishing With Kim

   Kim was starting to stink, with all the amniotic fluid, urine, and blood
flowing out of her vagina, and with the bits of fecal matter still on her
skin, sprayed on her when the member farted in her face, not to mention her
own foul-smelling turds that had been forced out of her ass while she was
straining during childbirth.  The members were just about through with her
now.  The spectacle of her giving birth without any help.  while hanging
upside down on the wall.  had kept their cocks hard for hours, and every
man and boy in the room had climaxed more than once, some of them six times
or more, from the sheer sexual thrill of watching Kim's pain and
humiliation and frustration.

   Now a member handed Kim a knife and told her she could cut her own
umbilical cord and release the baby's body.  Kim was sobbing as her left
wrist was uncuffed from the wall and the knife was put in her hand.  She
was so weak, she could barely hold the knife, and she reluctantly brought
it up against the blackened umbilical cord still hanging out of her twat,
holding her dead baby suspended in the air.  The weight of the baby was
causing terrible pains to the midsection, yet she was slow to cut the cord
-- the last link between her and her baby.  With tears streaming from her
desperate eyes, Kim finally started to slice into the cord, screaming in
pain and frustration as it started to part.  She had to hack at the thick
cord for some time before she cut all the way through it, and then she
forgot to support the baby's body -- so, as she cut through the cord, the
body suddenly started to plummet to the floor.  Kim squealed and dropped
the knife and grabbed for her baby, but it escaped her grasp and fell
heavily to the floor under her head, splashing down into the puddle of
semen, urine, blood, and amniotic fluids on the floor.  Kim's face was
splashed with some of the foul-smelling bodily fluids, and her face twisted
in disgust.

   About 24 inches of the cord was still hanging out of Kim's vagina, and
the pressure of the baby's weight had pulled the placenta partially out of
her twat.  She was told to pull it out, and her face clouded with anger and
desperation as more tears flooded her eyes, but she knew it had to come out
of her, so she took hold of the cord with her one free hand and tried to
pull it out, but since she was still hanging upside down, the afterbirth
wouldn't come out.  It needed to be lifted out, but Kim couldn't do that in
the position she was in.  As she struggled with the cord, trying to get it
and the placenta out of her vagina, the members watched with fascination,
cruel smiles on their faces.  One of them told her she was going to have to
deliver the afterbirth by pushing it out of her, just like her baby, and
Kim started wailing at the thought of more pushing.  Her insides were a
wreck, incredibly sore and painful, like a cramp had hit her whole body. 
But she was desperate for this to be over, so she pulled on the cord as she
strained, pushing as hard as she could, and she immediately stopped pushing
and screamed.  The pain had shot through her like a lightning bolt, and she
just couldn't take it.  But it felt like the placenta had emerged a little
from her twat, so she took a deep breath and pushed again, screaming like a
banshee as she strained hard, and the afterbirth rose up out of her gaping
cunt, looking like a big chunk of raw meat -- a mass of bloody tissue
dripping with vaginal secretions and amniotic fluid.  Kim pulled hard on
the cord, and the awful mess came through her slit and fell out, rolling
down the front of her body as Kim screamed continuously.  It struck her
broken jaw, then plopped down wetly on the floor beside the baby's body.  A
stream of blood and mucus and slime oozed out of Kim's vagina as she hung
there breathing heavily.

   Two of the trainers now uncuffed Kim's other wrist, and then her ankles,
and as soon as the cuffs were released, she fell heavily to the floor
headfirst, landing in the puddle of bodily fluids on the floor under her,
with her face ending up buried in the bloody tissue of the afterbirth.  Kim
screamed and pulled her head back, her arm hitting her baby's body as she
scrambled to get the placenta off her face.  As soon as she saw her dead
baby, she started to cry, picking it up and cradling it in her arms.

   CHAPTER 21: Disfiguring Kim's Breasts

   Ireland was sucking off a 14-year-old boy, the same age she was, while
she watched her mother out of the corner of her eye.  She massaged the
boy's testicles with both hands while she sucked his cock, trying to get
him to cum fast so she could give her attention to her mother.  The boy
suddenly groaned and sank down in his chair as he reached his climax,
looking down at Ireland as he shot his load.  He had never ejaculated in a
girl's mouth before, and he thought his penis would explode.  It just kept
spraying semen in the girl's mouth, and she swallowed the cream as fast as
she could.  Her hands felt so good on his balls, keeping his penis hard
like a rock while it pumped his load into her warm, willing mouth.  When he
was done, he shoved Ireland away, and told her she was a lousy cocksucker,
as his father had told him to say to all the girls in the room.  He had
been sucked off twice already, and Ireland was the best of all, but he knew
it was important to keep girls in their place, so he frowned at her and
told her to get away from him.  Ireland, hurt by his meanness, crawled a
few feet away and sat crying on the floor.  She saw her mother pick up the
dead baby, and then one of the trainers came over and hauled her to her
feet.  Her high heels, still filled with thumb tacks, made it terribly hard
to walk as she was pushed over to stand beside her mother.  Kim looked up
at Ireland and started sobbing again, and Ireland squatted down beside her
and stroked her hair.

   But the members wanted to inflict one more punishment on Kim, and who
better to do it than Ireland?  The girl was told to stand up, and the dead
baby was knocked out of Kim's arms as she was dragged onto her feet and
held by another trainer with her arms behind her back, which made her
shrunken tits stick out a little as they hung off her chest.  They looked
like deflated balloons, and some ugly brownish liquid was oozing out of her
nipples.  The drugs and toxins in her body had polluted her breast milk to
the point where it was more poison than milk now.  Ireland was pushed over
in front of her mother and told to suck her breasts, to nurse from her
mother's breasts like she had when she was born.  Ireland shook her head
violently, but the trainer shoved her hard, and she stumbled forward in her
slut shoes, bumping against her mother, their naked bodies touching for a
moment before the two trainers separated them.  Ireland's trainer forced
her to bend forward at the waist, so her mouth was at the right level, and
he shoved her face into her mother's breast.  Kim let out a loud groan on
anguish and frustration as her daughter's lips fastened around her left
nipple.  Ireland sucked gently, not wanting to hurt her mother, but then
she drew back and turned her head and spat out the milk -- or whatever it
was -- from Kim's breast.

   Ireland's face was twisted into an expression of horror as she stared at
her mother.  "What have they DONE to you, Mom?!" She spat twice more,
ridding her mouth of the acidic taste of her mother's milk, but then her
trainer grabbed her by the hair and forced her face into Kim's breast. 
Ireland glared at him, then tried to suck more milk out of the nipple.  It
seemed to burn her mouth -- it felt just like she was drinking acid.  She
tried to swallow, not wanting to anger the trainers, but she just couldn't
-- the taste was too awful.  She gagged on the foul-tasting fluid, and once
again spat it out.  Her throat burned where the "milk" had touched it.  The
trainer slapped her head, and Ireland bent down one more time and took a
mouthful of milk from Kim's tit.  This time she managed to swallow it, but
it was like drinking battery acid.  She held her breath and sucked again,
swallowing the burning fluid as fast as she could.  When Kim's left tit was
empty, she straightened up, but the trainers wouldn't let her stop, and
motioned to Kim's right breast.  Ireland groaned inwardly, but tried to
smile at her mother as she lowered her mouth to the other tit and sucked.
This one was even worse, tasting horribly bitter, and Ireland could barely
swallow it without gagging.  The milk was a dirty yellowish-green, and
smelled like rotten eggs.  Ireland tried to hold her breath so she wouldn't
smell it while she was sucking, but her stomach kept lurching like she was
going to vomit.

   Finally Ireland swallowed the last of Kim's breast milk, and stood up
straight.  Kim's tits had looked deflated before, but now that looked
shriveled, like they had been totally squeezed out.  It was time for
another high point of the show.  Ireland's trainer handed her a pair of
scissors -- and told her to cut off her mother's nipples.  The look of
horror on Ireland's face was something to see.  Two members stepped up then
and there, rubbing their cocks fast, and they both ejaculated on Kim's legs
and her high heels as she stood there numbly, staring at the scissors in
her daughter's hand.  Ireland's eyes fell as she watched the two men
dumping their loads on her mother's legs, and tears started to stream down
her cheeks.  She looked at Kim, imploring her to understand.  "I have to do
this, Mom -- they said they would take out my ovaries and my uterus if I
don't.  I wouldn't be able to have children!  I need you to understand...
and forgive me...?" Kim stared at her blankly, only vaguely aware of what
was happening to her.  The extreme strain of the childbirth she had just
been forced to go through had dulled her senses.  She nodded vacantly, not
really understanding what her daughter was saying or asking.

   Ireland slowly lifted the scissors and placed the cold steel blades
against her mother's left breast.  Kim jerked reflexively as the metal
touched her erect nipple, then she smiled a little -- it felt good.  She
leaned into it, making Ireland gasp and start to cry harder.  Ireland
opened the scissors, positioning the cutting edges on either side of Kim's
incredibly erect nipple.  It was sticking out like a little finger, very
thick and long, and it was up against the sharp edges of the scissors.  Kim
stupidly leaned forward, nuzzling her breast against the metal, loving the
sharp zings of electricity she got as the metal touched more of the soft
flesh of her pink areola.  Ireland took a deep breath and whispered, "I'm
so sorry, Mom" -- and she closed the scissors sharply, slicing off Kim's

   There was a sharp intake of breath throughout the big room.  Every man
who saw Kim lose her nipple felt a jolt as blood rushed into his cock,
stiffening it like steel.  Kim, strangely, didn't react at all for a moment
-- she just looked down at her chest, then back at Ireland, whose face was
twisted into a mask of anguish.  Then Kim opened her mouth wide and let out
a scream that shook the walls.  It was the cry of a wounded animal, hoarse
and wailing, trailing off to a whimper.  Before she could lose her nerve,
Ireland brought the scissors to Kim's right breast and positioned the
nipple between the blades.  Kim realized what was happening, and started to
pull away just as Ireland squeezed the scissors.  The blades slipped, and
most of Kim's areola was sliced off, along with her nipple, and a terrible
gash was ripped in her breast.  Ireland had a look of total horror on her
face as she watched the areola, still capped with an incredibly erect
nipple, fall to the floor and roll a short distance.  Kim's other nipple
was on the floor nearby.  One of the trainers poured a medicinal powder on
Kim's wounds to cauterize them, so she wouldn't bleed out.  The members
wanted her to live a long life now, with her disfigured breasts to remind
her of this day.  Her left breast looked almost normal, just with a small
hole where her nipple had been removed -- but her right tit was a bloody
mess, torn and ragged where the scissors had ripped into the soft flesh of
her breast.  Ireland had dropped the scissors, and a trainer picked them up
so she wouldn't get any ideas.

   Ireland wanted to comfort her mom, and she put her arms around Kim and
held her, then cupped her own breast with one hand and offered it to her
mother.  Kim stared dumbly, looking from Ireland's face to her breast, then
opened her mouth and began to nurse.  Ireland smiled as she comforted her
mother, holding her as she suckled from her breast.  Two members, standing
near the women and rubbing their cocks, stepped closer and watched.  When
Kim moaned a little -- the bitch was actually enjoying this!  -- both of
the men came to a climax a few seconds apart, one of them dumping his load
down Kim's legs and on her hips, and the other man spraying his sperm on
Ireland, soiling her ass and her hips.  The men rubbed the heads of their
cocks against the women, their asses and their legs, and Ireland glared at
them, but she kept nursing her mother.  Blood was oozing out of Kim's
breasts, running down over her stomach into her groin.

   CHAPTER 22: The Grand Finale

   With Kim's body ruined -- she could never nurse a baby again, or even
have more children, after the damage done to her uterus -- it was time for
the big finish to the party.  Ten very young, very pregnant girls were
herded into the room, all totally naked except for their high heels, which
all had thumb tacks in them.  These were all daughters of famous actresses:

   Sophia, 12, and Veronica, 8, daughters of Rebecca de Mornay Lourdes, 13,
daughter of Madonna Stella, 13, younger daughter of Melanie Griffith Sara,
14, and Isabelle, 6, daughters of Marlee Matlin Samantha, 14, daughter of
Cynthia Nixon Lucy, 15, daughter of Mimi Rogers Ellie, 18, and Carrie, 13,
daughters of Katie Couric

   The mothers of all the girls were also pregnant, and were brought in
through another door so they couldn't get very close to their daughters. 
All of the whores had been impregnated in a marathon gang-rape in the Large
Room that went on for four days, with each mother mounted on a Rape Stand
facing her daughter(s), so they could watch each other's anguished faces as
each cock was driven deep into their open cunts.  The youngest girls,
Isabelle, 6, and Veronica, 8, were too young to get pregnant, but they were
raped anyway, because so many members enjoyed screwing little girls, and
these two were such tender meat.  While Isabelle and her older sister Sara
were being raped, sharpened pencils were shoved into their ears to destroy
their eardrums and make them deaf like their mother, Marlee Matlin, whose
scream of horror was really something to hear.  Seeing her face as she
watched blood running out of her daughters' ears was enough to give
erections to every man in the room.  Then Marlee was blindfolded to cut off
her only link to the outside world, and she was raped for hours without
being able to see or hear which man was screwing her.

   Mimi Rogers was the ex-wife of Tom Cruise, and Tom flew in specially to
attend the gang-rape of her and her daughter, who was not fathered by Tom.
He had dumped her when she demanded constant sex, at a time when he was
considering becoming a monk and was keeping himself celibate, and he
enjoyed looking into her eyes, grinning at her while she serviced rapist
after rapist.  Tom screwed her in the ass a little, for old times sake, but
saved his sperm for her daughter.  Tom screwed Mimi's daughter Lucy
savagely, tearing her vagina and making her bleed before he dumped his load
inside her, and he looked into Mimi's eyes the whole time he was raping her

   Katie Couric's daughter Ellie, 18, was really older than the members
liked, but it was decided to kidnap her along with her younger sister and
her mother so Katie could watch the deflowering of 13-year-old Carrie while
her older sister got raped right beside her.  Carrie got her first period
just 3-1/2 weeks before the kidnapping, so the timing was perfect to
impregnate her during her gang rape.  Ellie had already gotten knocked up
three times by boyfriends, and her mother had arranged for an abortion each
time -- but this time, the little slut would learn how it feels to carry
her baby to term.  The two girls were strapped together with a single choke
collar around their necks before the raping started, so they went through
the whole ordeal cheek to cheek, barely able to breathe as their rapists
tightened the collar, with their mother facing them from a distance of ten
inches.  All three little whores got pregnant that day, and now Katie was
carrying twins.

   Cynthia Nixon had just come out of the closet as a lesbian before she
and her daughter were kidnapped, and her rapists taught her how wrong she
was to give up cocks.  She serviced more than 200 cocks that day, while she
watched her 14-year-old daughter having sex for the first time in her life.
Samantha had kissed some boys, but she learned what sex was all about that
day.  She was penetrated more than 300 times in every hole she had, and her
rapists enjoyed fucking her mouth while they made her mother lick their
asses at the same time.  They told Cynthia they would go easy on her
daughter if she did a good job licking their asses, but Samantha took more
cocks than her mother did that day, and they both got pregnant.

   Madonna's daughter Lourdes was an ugly little half-spic with one long
eyebrow and a little mustache, but like her mother, she was a great fuck.
She was deflowered by a nigger with a 14-inch cock while her mother
watched, their faces maybe six inches apart, and the look of despair and
anguish on Madonna's face was really something to see.  Lourdes got screwed
so hard that her face slammed into her mother's a few times -- her whole
body was slammed forward with each stroke she received from her rapist. 
Both of the little whores were sweating like horses, but Lourdes proved
what a slut she was when she started to like it.  After she had been
screwed by four or five men, she actually smiled at her mother, like she
was so proud to be all grown up now.  Madonna was servicing her own rapists
by that time, and she started crying when she saw what a little slut her
own daughter was.

   Melanie Griffith had two daughters, but her older girl, Dakota, was 20,
too old to be of interest to the club members -- but Stella, 13, was prime
meat, and she screamed beautifully when she was deflowered, with her mother
watching and sobbing.  Melanie was 52 at the time, and she looked it --
wrinkles all over her face and neck, sagging boobs, and ugly skin -- but
that didn't stop the members from screwing her as many times as they could.
One member forced a baseball bat up her snatch and raped her with it while
she had a champagne bottle in her asshole.  After Melanie's rape, the
member jerked the bat out of her gaping cunt and went around and used it on
Stella, forcing the big bat into her vagina so hard that her cervix was
torn.  She started bleeding, so her rapists switched to her anus, and raped
her for hours while blood trickled out of her pussy.

   Veronica, the younger daughter of Rebecca de Mornay, was only 8, too
young to get pregnant, but she was raped alongside her older sister,
Sophia, who was 12 and a sweet-faced virgin with the tightest little pussy,
because the members wanted Rebecca to watch every moment of her daughters'
degradation.  Rebecca's rape came a little later, because the members
wanted her full attention on her two beautiful girls and their humiliation.
A large metal dildo was inserted in Rebecca's asshole before her daughters
were raped, and the dildo was something special -- it was 14 inches long
and 3 inches wide, covered with half-inch metal spikes that raked the
internal walls of her rectum and sigmoid colon as it was forced inside her,
tearing the sensitive walls of her intestine.  The dildo was so big, it
tore her anal sphincter, and that sort of damage never really heals
completely because bowel movements have to take place every day.  The daily
stretching of the anal ring to allow turds to be expelled from the bowels
never allows the sphincter to heal -- so Rebecca would never shit right
again.  The members loved the idea that this little whore would never be
able to forget what was done to her, and she would also have the memories
of her two cunty daughters getting gang-raped right in front of her, the
images burned into her brain forever.

   Now it was nine months later, and the girls and their mothers were all
between eight and eight and a half months pregnant, depending on their
menstrual cycles -- all but the two youngest girls, Isabelle, 6, and
Veronica, 8, who were quickly put to work sucking the members' cocks as the
pregnant girls and their mothers were strapped into specially designed
Birthing Stands.  These held each girl so her upper body was leaning
forward a little, with her knees bent and her legs spread painfully wide,
with her high heels an inch or two above the floor, so her full weight was
supported by the straps around her legs and arms.  Her arms were cuffed
behind her, at the wrists and the elbows, so her swollen breasts stuck out
in front like ripe melons.  Most of their areolas were huge and almost
black, from their advanced pregnancies, and their tits were leaking milk
that trickled down over their baby bumps.

   But the main purpose of the Birthing Stands was to hold the heavily
pregnant girl at the proper height so she could be raped in the ass while
she was giving birth.  There is no greater feeling of power for a man than
to screw a pregnant woman while she goes through the stress and pain of
labor and childbirth.  This is a moment that perfectly defines the
advantages of being a man and the disadvantages of being a girl.  The man
experiences nothing but pleasure -- the great feeling of sticking his
erection in a nice, tight, hot little hole in a girl's ass, the thrilling
feeling of fucking her hard, and the supreme feeling of ejaculating in her
asshole, filling her bowels with his thick, creamy sperm while he has an
orgasm that keeps him pumping semen into her for a long time.  The girl
experiences none of that.  First she goes through a painful gang rape that
impregnates her, and then she has to carry her baby to term without even
knowing who knocked her up, and then she is forced to go through labor and
delivery without any help at all, while hanging in a terribly painful
position -- and to top it off, she gets gang-raped AGAIN during her labor,
this time in her ass, while she is straining and pushing, trying to give
birth to her baby.  The contractions cause her to clench her muscles, which
makes her anus grip her rapist's cock even tighter, heightening the man's
enjoyment of the rape while giving the girl painful bleeding hemorrhoids.
The girl's straining to push her baby out of her vagina makes her bowels
strain in the same direction, but her rapist's cock keeps driving into her
ass in the opposite direction, tearing the muscles in her anus and causing
unbelievable pain.  Her screams go straight through her rapist's ears down
to his cock, keeping his erection long and hard so he can screw the bitch
even longer.

   Each girl's mother was strapped into a Birthing Stand facing her
daughter(s), with their pregnant bellies hanging down heavily and
painfully. The mothers and daughters had been kept separated during their
pregnancies, and the celebrity mothers were gaping at their daughters, and
with good reason: all the girls had been given breast augmentations --
using string implants.  These are special implants that cause continuous
expansion of the breasts after surgery.  Polypropylene breast implants,
also known as string breast implants, have been banned in Europe and the
United States due to a number of medical complications.  String implants
absorb water very slowly, within the breasts.  The polypropylene, which is
yarn-like, causes irritation to the implant pocket, which causes the
production of serum which fills the implant pocket continually.  This
causes continuous expansion of the breasts after surgery.  Growth can only
be alleviated by removal of the serum by syringe.  Continual breast growth
will eventually result in extreme, almost cartoonish breast sizes.  String
implants were only available for a very short time before being removed
from the market by the FDA around 2001 -- but The Club had obtained a large
supply from a source in Germany, and they had a full-time surgeon on the
staff who spent all his time operating on girls, giving them breast
augmentations they didn't want or need.

   The implant surgeries had been done weeks earlier, and all the girls now
had tits that looked like basketballs hanging off their chests.  They
looked like strippers or porn stars, except they were all hugely pregnant.
Their pregnancies had caused their jugs to swell up even more, and most of
their swollen tits were leaking breast milk that dribbled out of their
erect nipples and splashed down on the floor under them.  All their mothers
were crying, aghast at what had been done to their daughters -- their
bodies were ruined!  The implants could not be removed without taking out
most of the original breast tissue and fat, which would leave their breasts
looking like empty paper bags, shriveled and ugly.  With huge tits like
they had now, the girls could only work as strippers or as "actresses" in
porn movies, laying on their backs all day while men screwed them and the
whole thing got filmed.  The bright futures each mother had in mind for her
daughter were destroyed now, and the girls were sure to end up trying to
make a living with her freakish body, and eventually there would be only
one way to do that -- as prostitutes.  There were always men willing to pay
to fuck a girl with big huge tits, and that's what every girl in the room
had now.  They looked like a herd of cows at a dairy farm with swollen
udders, needing to be milked.

   Seeing their famous mothers like this, naked and pregnant and strapped
to Rape Stands, was a shock for the daughters, too, but a worse shock was
their mothers' breasts.  All the mothers had been given breast reductions,
no matter what size their tits were originally -- and the surgeries were
performed with the express purpose of leaving their breasts looking as ugly
as possible, shrunken and wrinkled and misshapen.  Almost all the breast
tissue and milk ducts and fat that make up the breasts was removed, scooped
out by the surgeon using his hands, like he was a kid playing in the dirt.
The result was breasts that looked like deflated balloons, and no man would
ever want to touch them again.  The women would never again be able to
breast-feed a baby.  The areolas and nipples were left intact -- but the
surgeon cut the nerves in the fourth intercostal nerve branch, which
extends to the nipple.  This left the women with no sensitivity at all in
their nipples -- but the actual cutting of the nerves was done with the
women fully awake, before they were given anesthetic for their breast
reduction operations.  The surgeon used very narrow surgical scissors to
poke into the underside of the breasts and locate the nerve branch -- and
then he opened the scissors just enough to capture the nerve branch between
the blades before slicing through the nerves.  The pain caused by this
procedure is impossible to imagine.  It is worse than childbirth, because
the nerves are the body's conduit of feeling, composed of cells
specifically made to be very sensitive to the slightest touch.  When nerves
are cut, they can no longer transmit feeling to the brain -- but the actual
cutting results in the nerve receptors becoming ultra-sensitive at the
moment they are cut, and they attempt to send urgent messages of pain to
the brain as a warning, as nerves are intended to do -- but the strength of
the signals is 100 times as strong as usual, and it feels like a surge of
electricity is shooting through the breast.  It only lasts for a fraction
of a second, but the shock of the immense load of pain makes the body go
rigid as profuse sweat is pumped out of every sweat gland in the body. 
Loss of bladder control and anal sphincter control almost always occur as
the body clenches every muscle.  And it is all made worse for the woman by
the surgeon's careful explanation of what is about to be done to her.  The
knowledge that the sensitivity in her nipples is being destroyed makes a
woman supremely fearful, and heightens her pain when the nerve branch is

   So the celebrity women hung there on the Birthing Stands with their
disfigured breasts fully exposed -- withered, wrinkled flaps of useless
flesh they had to carry around on their chests for the rest of their lives,
flat as pancakes, disgusting to look at and impossible to love.  Their
shame and humiliation was made much worse by the sight of their daughters
with boobs the size of melons -- heavy, juicy globes with rosy pink nipples
sticking out like little cocks on their chests.  Some of the girls were
very skinny, and the sight of those sweet, petite girls with swollen cow
udders on their chests was incredible, not to mention their huge baby

   The first round of rapists came in and stood behind the daughters, and
on a signal, they mounted the girls, forcing their cocks up the girls'
asses in one deep stroke.  Every girl screamed, and every mother died a
little as she watched her daughter getting raped in the ass.  The men
started pumping into their victims, and the girls' inflated breasts jiggled
and bounced like overfilled bags of jelly.  The point of this spectacle was
to rape the girls so savagely that they would go into labor, and it didn't
take long for it to work.  Madonna's daughter Lourdes was the first to have
her water break, after six men had raped her in a row, and her contractions
started immediately.  Sophia, Rebecca de Mornay's beautiful 12-year-old
daughter, let out a mewling wail as her water broke, and the liquid sprayed
out of her vagina as her rapist got excited and started thrusting into her
harder.  It was like wringing out a sponge -- each thrust of the cock in
Sophia's tight little ass brought another squirt of spray out of her gaping
vagina.  Katie Couric's two daughters, Ellie and Carrie, had their water
break at the same moment, and Katie saw the whole thing, her face just ten
inches from her daughters.  She was sobbing, but then something else got
her full attention -- her own rapist mounted her and started to fuck her in
the ass.  Katie's eyes went wide and wild as her bowels were invaded by a
13-inch cock.  After only a few minutes of thrusting, her rapist gave her a
vicious deep stroke, and her own water broke.  She was carrying twins, the
result of being gang-raped for a week by more than 200 niggers from a
prison who were smuggled out just for the purpose of raping her, so her
twins would be niggers, which would ruin Katie's life.  Her contractions
started right away, and five more rapists screwed her in the ass while she
tried to deliver her babies without any help -- and she had to watch her
daughters going through the same hell as she was, straining and sweating as
they pushed, trying to give birth for the first time in their young lives.

   Cynthia Nixon's daughter Samantha, 14, was screaming as her rapist
thrust into her asshole as hard as he could.  His cock was 14 inches long,
and he had been told to try to rip the girl's anus and rectum, tearing the
sensitive flesh so she would never shit right again.  Her mother Cynthia,
watching from less than 12 inches away, had tears running down her cheeks.
She had hoped Samantha would turn out to be gay, as Cynthia was, but now
the girl would never be pretty enough to attract other women, or even men.
Samantha's baby was crowning, but the girl couldn't push the head out by
herself, and Cynthia knew the baby would die if it wasn't delivered soon.
Her own baby, the result of a two-day gang rape, was almost out now, and
she pushed, clenching her buttocks and screaming as her anus gripped the
cock in her asshole.  Her rapist had his hands around her neck, strangling
her as he raped her, and she started to pass out as she felt her baby move
in her birth canal.

   Marlee Matlin's older daughter Sara, 14, was screaming in pain -- her
baby was in breech position, and its legs were hanging out of her pussy,
but she couldn't push the hips and the rest of the baby out.  It would
suffocate soon, and Marlee knew it, but her screaming for help didn't do
any good -- it just made the rapists laugh.  Her younger daughter,
Isabelle, 6, was too young to get pregnant, but she was being ass-fucked
right beside her sister.  Her rapist had a 15-inch cock that was three
inches wide, as big as the girl's leg.  Her rapist gave her a savage
stroke, and the head of his cock tore through the membrane that separated
her intestines from her vagina.  Isabelle yelped in pain as a gush of blood
ran out between her legs -- and her rapist's big cock emerged from her
slit! He was fucking her in the ass, but his cock was poking out of her
pussy with each raping stroke.  It looked unbelievable -- so hot!  The girl
passed out from the intense pain and loss of blood, but her rapist had his
erection so deep in her ass that his scrotum was touching her soft little
buttocks.  Several inches of cock stuck out of her ass -- and the rapist
reached around and started to masturbate!  He kept moving inside the girl,
but at the same time he rubbed the shaft of his cock that was sticking out
of her gaping pussy.  When he was ready to cum, he pulled back so the head
of his cock was in her bowels, and filled her with his hot creamy jism.

   CHAPTER 23: Epilog

   After all the girls and their mothers had either given birth or died
during labor, they were dumped far out in the desert, naked and bleeding
and starving.  After a week, several of the club members drove out there
and dispatched any of the little whores that were still alive.  Each girl
had a .45 automatic shoved up her cunt, and she was raped with it for a
couple of minutes before she was shot.
   [End of story]

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