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Greetings All,

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during the
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BDB-1023 Step-Daughter Initiation By Milford Thomas

Chapter 1

The summer sun beat heavily on the tiny inlet off the broad
river. Large trees, untouched by civilization, surrounded the
inlet on three sides. The fourth side was a narrow waterway
leading back to the river. Wild birds abounded, and on land,
small game lived without fear of being attacked and killed by
larger animals. Nor did they fear the worst predator of all: man.
It was too early for mosquitoes. Everything was quiet and

The little cabin cruiser sat silently in the middle of the inlet,
at anchor. It had arrived the previous night and would be gone
when daylight started fading. This was the last day of the
Rheingold's honeymoon. They had rented the cabin cruiser for two
days, and Herb Rheingold had found the inlet quite by accident.

At the moment, Herb, his wife Maryann, and Maryann's daughter by
a previous marriage, Wendy, were relaxing on deck. Maryann, tall,
slender, with jet-black hair, had an excellent figure, and didn't
mind showing it off wearing the briefest of bikinis. Her bikini
was as black as her ebony hair, hiding her dark bush of pubic
curls, though the hairs did stick out around the sides of the
crotch band. Her tan thighs were long, slender and firm, with no
stretch marks. In fact, although the woman was thirty-four, she
looked at least ten years younger. Her fingernails and toenails
were painted blood red, and her short, midnight hair was in an

Cornering Herb Rheingold had been quite a feat for the divorcee.
True, the man wasn't rich, but he had a good job as a real estate
broker, and considering her condition when he and she had first
met, she was ten times better off.

Rehingold, nice-looking, five feet nine inches in height, with
graying black hair, was five years older than she. He had never
been married, and when she'd come to his agency looking for a job
as a part-time secretary, he had been smitten almost instantly
with her. Not even her twelve-year-old daughter, Wendy, deterred
the man from pursuing her. And Maryann, realizing how much the
man was attracted to her, let him chase her until she caught him.
He was about ten pounds overweight, but it made him look
prosperous rather than fat. He had piercing gray eyes that seemed
to look through one rather than at one, but Maryann soon learned
it was an illusion.

Wendy, Maryann's daughter, was a tiny little *thing, with long,
medium-brown hair. Her figure was somewhat underdeveloped for her
age. Most of her girl friends were wearing bras, whereas Wendy
might have qualified for a training bra, but nothing more.
Otherwise, her white flesh had nice curves around the rump and
hips, and she had nice-looking calves, but otherwise she was
still a little girl. Her arms were like sticks, and she had baby
fat around her waist. In her one-piece bathing suit, she looked
chic. Maryann hadn't wanted to take her daughter on her
honeymoon, but she'd had no one with whom to leave the girl, and
she had no intention of leaving her home alone. So Wendy had come
with them, though in a separate room, at night.

A bottle of champagne sat in an ice bucket on a small deck table
Evening was already coming on as Maryann drank her last glass,
emptying the bottle. She was a little high and becoming animated
in her actions.

"It's such a beautiful evening," she said. "And this is such a
pretty lake."

"We'll call it Lake Maryann, after you," her husband smiled,
putting down his own champagne glass.

Maryann turned to look at her new husband, whom she was certain
she was able to control and said, "Thank you, darling. I
appreciate that."

Her words were more than slightly slurred, but she didn't care.
She felt good, really good. The warm air caressing her body felt
like a light, tingly summer shower.

Wendy, seeing the looks passing between her mother and
stepfather, decided this was no place for her. Not that she knew
what actually took place between men and women. Her mother had
been very careful to hide anything having to do with sex from
her. In fact, she knew less than any other girl her age. And she
wished she knew more. True, she'd already had her period twice,
and her mother had carefully explained it as a normal, natural
occurrence, telling her it was something she'd have to endure
once a month, every month, for the next thirty to thirty-five
years. But that was all she knew.

Standing, the young girl decided to go inside the cruiser and lie
down on her bunk bed. She kissed her mother good night, dutifully
kissed her stepfather, and saw the flush come to his cheek when
her lips touched him. For some reason she was unable to
understand, the man blushed whenever she kissed him or touched
him. The girl went inside, shutting the small doors behind her.

Herb was hot. He figured this was as good a time to rip off a
piece of his new wife as any. Wendy had proven herself discreet
enough not to interfere or interrupt whenever he was sexually
involved with her mother.

"I think we should get ready for bed," Maryann murmured, getting
to her feet.

"I'd like to," her husband whispered, coming up behind her and
cupping her full breasts with his hands, "but we have to get this
boat back in a few hours."

"Oh?" she asked, twisting to face him. Her eyes were half-closed,
lips slightly parted, and she shivered with sexual hunger as the
man leaned down and kissed her solidly on her lips. Although
somewhat straitlaced about sex, Maryann felt the champagne
working on her. She surprised her husband with an instant
response, darting a tongue into his mouth. She even surprised
herself, not realizing how wanton she suddenly felt.

He willingly sucked her tongue, tasting her mouth as he tightly
tugged her firm form against his own body. She held the kiss for
a long moment, the blood pounding in her temples, aware his blood
was moving no less swiftly. It was pouring into the many tiny
sacs in his penis, hardening it, and she sensed his need for her.

During Herb Rheingold's courtship, Maryann had withheld herself
from him, allowing a few more liberties each time they got
together, never allowing him to enter her until the wedding

Even then, it had been missionary fucking all the way? him on
top, tier on the bottom. And that was the way it had been during
the entire honeymoon. Not once had she considered any kind of
variation, and he hadn't wanted to do anything to break the
harmony between them. But here, tonight, on deck, he very much
wanted to fuck her, and she, thinking of her daughter below, had
no intention of allowing it to happen. Had she not had so much
champagne, it might not have happened, but their mouths continued
caressing each other, tongues licking in cadence against each
other, and soon Maryann found herself in a funk, unable to fight
off his moving fingers.

His lips peeled from hers, then she found herself being turned
away from him as his hands pulled on the strings of her bikini
halter. The two triangles covering her tan nipples and aureole
fell away to the deck of the boat. She wanted to protest--she
knew he was half-expecting her protests but was determined to
continue no matter what she said or did. Maryann sensed his need
to undress her completely at that moment, and she was too aroused
to fight him.

With her back to him, Maryann felt her husband's eyes wandering
over her body. She liked having him look at her, and with Wendy
in the cabin below, she saw no reason to deny him the sight of
her curvaceous torso. She sensed the anxiety in him as she turned
and let him stare at her full, round breasts. They stood up more
solidly than those of many girls half her age. God! She had seen
sixteen-year-olds with huge sacks supported by their bras. She,
Maryann, had exercised every day since her breasts had started
budding. She even insisted Wendy do the same exercises. As a
result, her high, round breasts were as firm now as they had been
when they'd first been completely formed.

From the look on her husband's face, Maryann was almost able to
feel the pounding of his heart. His lips were puckered, wanting
to kiss her nipples, along with every other inch of her tanned
body. She arched, raising her breasts as she thrust her arms
behind her, and it was too much for Herb Rheingold. He leaned
forward and took one exotic brown bud between his lips. His teeth
sank into the eraser-like extension and his tongue whipped across
the nipple again and again.

"Ohhhhhh ... Herb ... sweet Herb," she gasped, as the alcohol in
her bloodstream made her more aware of every sensation. She was
finding it harder and harder to resist him. She stood there on
the deck, staring at the reddening sky, thrilling to everything
taking place. His kissing of her hardened little nipple made her
entire body tremble sensually. Overpowering floods of acute
enjoyment poured through her. She was confused. Maryann didn't
know whether to stick to her original resolve to fight him off,
or to surrender to everything. She had to admit, Herb made sex
feel good. He wasn't at all like her first husband, a brutish
truck driver, who used to rape her every time he had an
opportunity. Herb was a man who considered her feelings, and this
consideration made her want to yield to his desires. Maryann
thought her legs had given way beneath her and she was floating
into her husband's arms. True, Herb didn't have the strength of
her first husband, but he was strong enough to
  hold her securely. The demanding urges she was feeling were
more intense and overpowering than anything she had ever felt
before. It was as if her hotly aroused body was being directed by
some external force and Maryann lacked the willpower to resist
it. His hot, thrill-arousing mouth remained locked on her
tingling breast, his lips pulling and sucking the erect, swollen
nipple deep. He was lowering her to the deck now, placing her on
the rubber padding over the wooden boards.

"Oooooooh ... ahhhh ... " she sighed. "It's so nice here. I wish
we never had to leave." Her voice was a seductive whisper.

Maryann almost never spoke when Herb made love to her, but the
champagne and the warm air were having effects on her, making her
forget her inhibitions. She felt different this particular
evening, completely different, and the idea of anything being
wrong was totally remote and distant in her mind. Rather than
tensing up, the woman was capable only, of lying back and
enjoying the stream of pleasures running through her. She
writhed, feeling sensuousness build to greater heights than ever

Herb was unable to believe his wife was so relaxed. She had
always appeared so uptight before. He didn't understand what was
happening, and he had sense enough to know asking her might break
the spell.

Maryann sensed him moving very slowly, gently stretching her
luscious curves out on deck without taking his lips from the
silken extension of her nipple for so much as a fraction of a
second. She loved the attention his mouth was giving her breast,
and she felt more and more determined to give him back much of
the happiness he was constantly trying to give her.

His teeth nipped at the full, blood-bloated nipple, and her other
breast felt the warmth of his hand as his palm cupped it. He
stroked it, rubbing the hardened nipple between his thumb and
forefinger until it was strained and springy. She moaned softly
with each move he made, and gradually his hand ran teasingly down
over her flat, smooth belly, delicately tugging at the laces
holding her bikini-bottom in place. Once the bottom was loosened,
his hand moved directly for the silkiness of her pubic hair,
tickling the intimate beginning of her wet crevice. His middle
finger began probing lower, working into the hot, wet folds of
her hidden flesh. The finger continued poking lower and lower
until it made contact with the tiny hard extension of her

"Ooooooh," she gasped, sucking in her breath as she felt the
heated sensation from the pit of her belly streak through her
excited body. She was confused by the enjoyment she felt, as if
forgetting something very important. No, no, it was all right.
And she relaxed enough to allow the provocative sensations to
take hold of her entire being. She felt as if some kind of hot
wire now connected her to her husband, and each time his finger
moved through her lips, a lightning bolt of desire streaked
through her sensually aroused body. Instinctively, she parted her
thighs wider, anxious to give Herb even greater access to her
seething cunt. Once again a hidden question tried forcing its way
into her mind--what was she doing out in the open, on the deck of
a cabin cruiser? But concentrating on the question became harder
and harder, as if she were forgetting the lewdness of her
actions. His finger, continually massaging her clitoris,
incessantly poured heat into her. Hot moisture, alre
 ady starting to bubble in Maryann's seething tunnel, began
seeping out and coating her silken pubic hair. The woman knew she
was wetter there than she had ever been in her entire life.

The more she came to know Herb, the more aware she was of what he
wanted from her sexually. Having been brought up in a very rigid
household, Maryann had always believed her mother's word to be
law. When her mother, who had not enjoyed sex at all, had told
her to give as little of herself as possible, that was precisely
what Maryann had done. She had given nothing of herself to her
first husband, and was only learning to give to Herb. From the
very first time Herb had entered her, Maryann had felt something,
and the last time she had been close to orgasming. Had her
mother's words not stuck in her mind, there was every possibility
she'd have gone over the edge. She ached, at this half-drunk
moment, to discover what lay beyond that rising sensation.
Perhaps this evening she'd allow herself to find out.

The first thing she had to do was learn to accept things she felt
were terrible and obscene, if only to make Herb happy. Her
control over him was in her vagina. She was wise enough to know
this. Maryann wanted this marriage to work. It meant security,
but it was coming to mean more.

More than once, when she had licked an ice cream cone, she had
caught Herb staring at the way her tongue worked at the ice
cream. Her first husband had attempted to force her to lick his
penis in the same manner, and she had retched all over him. She
hadn't been ready to accept such an idea, especially the way her
first husband had presented it to her. So far, Herb had made no
suggestions, but she knew what he wanted. She thought herself
able to hear his thoughts, at those times.

Tonight, with all that champagne in her, Maryann Rheingold was
feeling less uptight than she had ever been in her life. Her mind
was totally aware of the pulsing cock swelling in his pants,
aching to be free. Herb was wearing a T-shirt and slacks. At this
moment, glancing down, Maryann was totally aware of the pulsing
head of his penis, pushing against the fabric as if ready to tear
its way free.

Herb, in spite of the heavy pressure mounting in his nuts, wanted
to wait for the right moment. He wanted her screaming for it.
Then, perhaps, she might do something other than straight
man-on-top fucking. Christ! Wouldn't it be something to fit his
hard cock between her lips, feeling her shut her warm sexy mouth
around it? The thought made him work faster.

Maryann felt wet and squishy as Herb's ardent .finger moved from
her palpitating clitoris and worked down through the raw, wet
flesh between her hair-surrounded labia until it was poised at
the sucking center leading to her innermost feminity.
Miraculously, her hips rose of their own volition in an effort to
suck the hungry finger into her.

"Huuuuunnnggghh ... ooonnngg ... " she gasped, wiggling her hips,
trying to force her tight tunnel down around his working finger.
The finger teased her for less than a moment, then Maryann sensed
it slowly screwing its way into her taut, moist, rubbery opening.
Slowly, very slowly the digit drove into the warm, clutching
corridor of her trembling vagina. The finger pushed deeper and
deeper until it was totally embedded and the flat of Herb's hand
was pressing against the pouting lips of her cunt. Maryann ground
her pelvis at his hand in a sensual rhythm of self-indulgent
pleasure. She felt as if she were someone other than herself. Her
mind was light and free while her body blazed with simmering
delight. She thrilled to the way he continued biting and chewing
on her nipple until she believed she was ready to explode.

Feeling guided by the fantastic titillations caused by her
husband's long, vibrating finger in her pussy, Maryann realized
she wanted to be fucked. She wanted the big, fat cock attached to
Herb Rheingold to plunge into her. She was unable to recall when
her anxiety for Herb's cock had been so strong. There was
something gnawing pruriently, delightfully into the center of her
belly, and the shuddering of her thighs made her aware of the
pleasures she expected to feel shortly. There was no longer a
question in her mind concerning her abilities to enjoy sex. Even
if she was behaving like a tart, she intended trying to enjoy it
this time. She wanted to come, she wanted to discover the feeling
hiding deep down inside her for so long. She was going to taste
the forbidden fruit of orgasm. The alcohol had brought this
depravity out, and she intended making the most of it before
sobriety eventually overtook her.

When Herb lifted his head from Maryann's breast, she believed he
might be ready to sink his hot, thick cock into her. Cock! Cock!
It was a cock! And hers was a cunt. No prissy words like pudendum
or vagina. His was a cock, hers was a cunt.

Maryann enjoyed the way he teased her body, taunting her with his
lips and tongue. Foreplay was something she always loved. But
this evening it was all so different. Her body was responding,
and he had her out in the open, almost totally naked. The setting
sun coming through the trees was like a weak lamp. It seemed much
more enjoyable, even in this weak light, than under blazing
fluorescent bedroom lights. Christ! She ached to feel the evening
breeze across the lips of her cunt.

She writhed as her husband's left hand moved smoothly down her
hips. Maryann was being turned onto her side, and then she
shuddered, feeling something new. His tongue was at the top of
her spine, licking her flesh. Herb had never done that before.
Well, she had never allowed him to do that before. He was taking
advantage of her mood, and at the moment Maryann was more than
happy to let him. He licked her neck, then slowly turned her onto
her back and began running his tongue along the bare front of her
body. Oooooh! It felt so good! His tongue licked at her nipples,
making them stand again. Yes, this she let him do all the time.
She liked to have her nipples sucked.

Then Maryann felt a new chill shoot through her. For the first
time, his tongue was sliding lower, licking her navel. He paused
there for an instant, running his lingual digit tauntingly around
the dimple of her belly button, before the oral extension
continued licking its way down toward her slowly undulating hips
and thighs.

Maryann was reluctant to feel his finger slide from the depths of
her hot, creaming cunt.

A moment later she felt him sliding her bikini bottoms from her
hips, rolling the thin material down over the lushness of her
tanned thighs, revealing her hypnotizingly beautiful,
hair-fringed pussy to his greedy eyes. Maryann cooperated fully
with her husband, lifting her full, rounded buttocks off the deck
to make the removal easier. Nor did she make any sound save for
an erotic sigh when his bare hands pressed her thighs apart. She
opened them willingly, but was stunned at the pressure of his
licking tongue making contact there, touching her tingling flesh.
She felt fantastically erotic thrills as Herb ran his taunting
tongue slowly along the ultra-sensitive space between her
prickling thighs.

My God, Maryann thought. What on earth was the man doing?

It felt good, really good, and she became aware he was moving his
wetly working lips toward her vagina. For a moment she lay there,
wanting it to happen, thinking how deliciously wicked it might
feel; his probing tongue, wet, warm and anxious, stroking across,
in, and around her flooded nookie. The mere idea of his wanting
to love her this way gave her goose pimples. Tingles shivered
enchantingly over her satin flesh, and for a brief instant she
was willing to let him do it.

Herb's face came closer and closer. Maryann felt the searing heat
of his breath against the wet pink softness of her vaginal slot.
His mouth was mere inches away from the pulsating labia of her
naked cunt.

Certain everything was working out at last, working even better
than he'd hoped, Herb forced her thighs farther apart, keeping
her right knee bent and raised a little. Her position gave him
free and total access to the hot, delicious moistness of her
slavering vagina. He fervently worked his tongue up her inner

Maryann raised her head, wanting to watch, and she saw him
drawing closer, staring lustfully at the curved lips of her
feminine desire, seeing the moist, fleshy flanges covered by the
sparse down of silken black hair. The narrow ribbon of delectable
pink running through the middle built heat in him, and heat
flashed in his eyes, letting Maryann know how much he ached to do
this. Herb became more daring, reaching out with his hand as his
eyes almost moved in time to the throbs of her pink clitoris.
Maryann felt Herb's fingers spreading her hot cunt-lips wider and
wider, exposing the wet, clutching, tight-elastic opening of her
hole to his lusting gaze.

The woman felt her warm secretions flowing faster, and when his
fingers spread her open, the alcohol in her blood seemed to stop
working. She was jolted back to reality. Maryann automatically
reacted, suddenly feeling dirty and exposed. It was as if he
wanted to treat her like some kind of whore, making her behave
cheaply, vilely, shaming her with the way he examined her
seething twat with his eyes.

Yes, she was still on fire, but it was no excuse for this
terrible behavior. She had to stop this debasing action at once.
The mere idea of allowing him to put his mouth on her vagina made
her shudder. How dare she think that way? She was behaving like a
common trollop instead of a decent wife.

"No! No!" she wailed in a plaintive voice.

The wail sent a covey of birds skyward. Other night birds

Maryann struggled to get herself under control. She tugged her
loins from her husband's advancing face. When she saw Herb's
surprised look, Maryann felt both guilty and wanton for having
allowed this situation to get so far out of hand. She tried to
think of a way to set things right, but she felt horribly
depraved and was unable to understand what had allowed her to go
so far.

"Please Herb," she gasped, twisting away, unable to look at him.
"That's such an awful thing to do. Terrible!"

Herb Rheingold was stunned by the suddenness of his wife's
objection. He had been engrossed in her erotic reactions. His
ears were unable to hear what she was saying. The man's swollen,
aching cock felt ready to, burst from the pressure of his semen
stirring deep in his throbbing balls. Christ! He was certain he'd
be sucking her cunt, after which her mouth would engulf his cock.
Shit! Shit! Shit! Just another few minutes!

Then he realized his wife had become her old self again,
rejecting anything not "tried-and-true." God! For a time she
seemed to have changed for the better, and her refression
reddened his face as he angrily screamed, "What the hell do you
mean, it's awful?"

Terrified by her husband's sudden anger, Maryann felt like
sinking through the deck into the cabin below. God! She had been
right in stopping him! She had no choice. Yet she had to do
something, anything. This marriage had to last. Her mind reached
out for something to do.

"Herb," she said, shuddering. "I ... uhhh ... just can't wait any
longer. I ... uhhh ... want it now. Fuck me, now!"

The woman was desperate, and she thought her use of the word
"fuck", a word she had never used before, might make up for her
rejection of oral-genital sex. Christ! She had to do something
dynamic, and do it in a hurry!

Staring at him, Maryann saw she had shaken him up. Her use of the
four-letter word had taken him off guard. Then she saw the
determination in his eyes and knew he was going to do just as she
asked, and she felt herself starting to breathe all over again.
He moved like an enraged bull, tugging off his clothing and
scattering it all over the deck. Maryann knew he wanted to
subjugate her to his cock, and his being totally naked made him
more menacing. This was an ordeal she was willing to undergo, as
long as he didn't attempt to fill her mouth with it.

In the small cabin below, Wendy lay on her bunk, wondering about
all the movement on deck. She had no idea what was taking place,
and young and unknowing as she was, she was wise enough to stay
where she was. Her relationship with Herb Rheingold was, as yet
uncertain. She thought he liked her, and she wanted to like him,
yet whenever he looked at her there was a brooding hunger in his
eyes the girl was unable to understand. She wondered if her
stepfather understood it. At any rate, to go barging up on deck
at this point was sheer madness. As a very young girl Wendy had
heard her mother scream when her father had done things with her,
yet there were never any bruises on her mother. She surmised her
stepfather was doing the same things, but not as badly, because
her mother's cries weren't as long or as loud as they had been
with her real father.

Maryann was so unsettled by what had almost happened, when her
husband rose to his knees and began tearing off his clothing, she
felt instant relief. She watched him tug off his pants and
underpants all at once, and stared at the immense, bulging head
of his cock. She had always managed to avoid looking at it when
they were in bed, even while he looked her over from top to
bottom. Staring at the massive penis, she thought it looked
bigger than anything she'd ever felt, thrust into her. Just the
sight of it had her afraid he would tear her membranes when he
slammed it into her.

Herb was still angry, and her only hope of mollifying him was not
to anger him any further. When he suddenly tugged at her waist,
turning her over onto her belly, she kept her lips clamped
tightly shut. He forced her to kneel on the deck, all but
cramming the side of her face into the mat. The woman felt her
face reddening, but from embarrassment rather than pain. Her
buttocks were lewdly waving in the air, open and exposed to
Herb's hungry gaze.

It came to Maryann all of a sudden: her husband was about to fuck
her as if she were some kind of dog. This was degrading and
inhuman, but ho nearly as degrading as having his mouth there.
Even so, it was only right to air her feelings But before she
opened her mouth, another wave of heat, caused the dregs of the
champagne in her bloodstream, swept over her, and she clamped her
mouth shut. It was impossible to ignore the fiery sensation in
the pit of her stomach. Her aroused body had already taken
control of her mind once, and she knew it could happen again.

Maryann knew Herb was purposely being rough with her. This was
his revenge on her because she didn't do as he wished. If she
wasn't going to submit to oral sex, then he intended fucking her
cunt in the most degrading manner possible. Dog-style seemed the
right way to do it.

"Okay!" he said. "You want to be fucked. Fine with me."

He moved behind her, spreading her thighs wide apart. Her knees
were forced wider and wider, and now he had total access to her
naked quivering loins. Maryann realized this was the first time
Herb had ever seen her like this, and he was taking his time
about it, pausing to examine every detail. She shuddered,
thinking of the way he was staring at her tanned, round buttocks.
This was a very salacious position and it irritated her. The
slope of her smooth back, from the top of her buttocks to her
nape, looked like a ski slope, but with a tiny spinal indentation
running down the middle. Because her dark hair was piled high on
her head, her face was completely visible, letting him see her
blushing with shame.

At that moment Maryann felt she deserved punishment for allowing
herself to get carried away. She had teased her husband, and if
there was one thing she wasn't, it was a tease.

His hands ran down her smooth, silken back, then moved under her
ribs to her fully rounded breasts, dangling below. He tweaked
both nipples, and she knew he was aching for her.

She writhed as his hands massaged her breasts, and then his hands
moved to her oval buttocks, and he placed his thumbs inside the
tight sloping curve of her softly yielding crevice, spreading the
firm tan mounds wide apart. She knew he was staring at the
rosebud pucker of her anus, tight and crinkly in the failing
light, and from the pressure of his hands she was aware of the
excitement shuddering through him. Herb jerked his hips forward
and rammed his pulsing penis between her tender inner thighs,
feeling he was unable to wait any longer.

"Put it in," she heard him say. Her husband was almost spitting
the words at Maryann. She felt more ashamed of herself than ever
for having led him on.

Maryann was silently crying, wanting to tell him how much she
loved him, and to beg him not to treat her like a street whore,
but the sound of his voice made her flesh crawl. The mixture of
fear, anger and passion made her instinctively obey his demand,
in spite of having to compromise herself in such a lascivious
manner. She reached between her dangling breasts, groping
momentarily, then finding the solid shaft of his wang as it
probed between the soft, sensitive lips of her wet pussy. Her
hand found and gripped the solid shaft, and she trembled. She had
always attempted to avoid touching his penis--now she did it only
because she had no choice. The touch of it, pulsating and
trembling, made her think it had its own heart, pumping blood to
the rest of his body. The tip felt wet from his sticky
secretions, and it aroused her more to know it was in this state
because of her. Maryann tried hard to blank the touch of it from
her mind and to forget the lewd, degrading position she
  was humped over in, but the pressure made her shiver with
arousal. The jerks and twitches made her hot all over again. She
was certain Herb's rigid cock had never been so big before. For a
moment she hesitated, fearful it really would tear out her
insides. Then she felt her husband's fingers squeeze her buttocks
almost to the point of pain, and she remembered how open she was
to his lascivious, intensive stare.

"Now," he told her, an icy calm in his voice. "Put that penis in,

His commanding tone let Maryann know his patience was wearing
thin. From the twitching in his cock, the woman realized her
husband was concentrating on keeping himself from ejaculating all
over the tan cheeks of her ass.

Her fingers compressed themselves a bit more tightly around his
aching phallus, like pointed probes of sensation, and when she
had the penile head centered correctly, Maryann felt Herb push
his hips forward. The penis was slightly off-target.

It didn't go in, so Maryann had to grab it and guide it again.

"Come on, come on," he was gasping, his voice heavy with passion.

His fingers squeezed the pliant flesh of her asscheeks until they
left white circles on her. Had he dug them, any deeper, she
feared he might cut her.

The woman wanted to cry with fear and moan with passion at the
same time. Her frustration was magnified by wanting to strike out
at him, and at the same time, having his mighty cock grinding its
way into her cunt-tunnel, ramming itself to maximum depth.

Wriggling her buttocks involuntarily, shifting her position a
little, Maryann once again placed the rubbery, purple-headed dong
against the soft, hair-lined lips of her vaginal entrance. She
pumped it up and down as if holding a lever, parting the tender
flaps of her aroused pussy. When she had the swollen point
positioned directly against the tight mouth of her sopping
vagina, she took a deep breath, thinking his lust-swollen penis
might slice her in two when he slammed it in. Hoping to protect
herself, her fingers maintained a grip on the throbbing mass of
meat. Herb, totally unconcerned with what his new wife was
thinking, slammed his hips forward, squeezing the helmet of his
cock into her cunt.

"Unnnnggghhh!" Maryann gasped as the bloated penile point sank
into the wet, sucking depths of her steaming hollow like a mailed
fist. Her fingers squeezed more tightly around the base of Herb's
phallus, hoping to prevent a deeper entry. For the moment the man
did relax, stopping with only the enlarged head of his truncheon
in the quicksand grip of her vaginal causeway.

Maryann hadn't expected his entry to be so brutal and abrupt. Her
body tensed. This only made the feeling worse. It made him more
anxious than ever to have the entire solid pulsing length buried
as far into his bitchy wife's cunt as possible. He controlled
himself for a moment, then moved his hips forward again, pressing
further into her tight pussy. The heavy, pulsating knob spread
the velvet walls of her aroused cunny like a bulldozer plowing
through sand.

"Unnnggghh! Anngh! Ohhhh!" she gasped while Herb drove his
pulsing wang all the more deeply into her helplessly widening
tunnel. He didn't know what possessed him, but the pressure in
his throbbing testicles had become excruciating.

God! he thought. I have to bury all of it in her, right away!

He tried holding back, wanting to inch it in a little at a time,
letting her tight pussy adjust to the new angle at which he was
spiking into her, but it took more than willpower. Herb's cock
throbbed so achingly, he was certain he'd be shooting before he
reached bottom. His aching, swelling penis vibrated and
shuddered, twitching lustfully from the brain-bending feeling of
her tight vaginal flesh.

Maryann, feeling it sink deeper and deeper, knew she couldn't
keep holding it. Finally, against her better judgment, she opened
her fingers and let go. Now it was free to drive unimpeded into
the sucking depths of her broiling snatch.

Herb slammed his hips forward, using all his pent-up strength. He
shoved his rock-solid phallus into the searing length of her
tight vaginal chamber at flesh-tugging speed. He drove in until
his pelvis slammed into her upturned asscheeks. The power of his
thrust nearly lifted her off the deck, and she, gasped out her
confusion as the point of his phallus hit bottom. The thwack of
his pubis hitting against her asscheeks resounded nicely along
the little lake. Maryann's face pressed into the floor all the
more solidly, the impact was jarring. The smooth, rubbery head
was rubbing solidly against her cervical opening, and had it been
the littlest bit longer, it might have attempted to push its way

Maryann panted. Her vaginal tract felt the swollen dingus
flexing, expanding and contracting as it remained totally
stoppered inside her. His hands roamed the smooth, bare, tan
flesh of her asscheeks, and the wife trembled with a mixture of
fear and lust.

"Now," he told her, and pressed his cock even deeper, making her
groan as the bushiness of his pelvic hair scrubbed its way
against her cunt lips and her perineum, even tickling her asshole
as he rubbed it against the widespread cheeks of her ass. And
then his sperm-swollen balls swung forward to slap noisily
between her widespread, licentious thighs.

"Wait ... wait ... " Maryann was begging, aching to feel her
vagina once again adjust to her husband's thickness.

Hell! She had to admit, Herb was longer and thicker than her
first husband, who was always attempting to prove his masculinity
by beating his cock into her.

Herb, no longer able to wait, began stroking his length in and
out of her hot, sucking, clasping vaginal interior. He moved his
powerful pole slowly, not because he wanted to be gentlemanly,
but because he enjoyed it more when he started moving slowly and
then speeded up. His long, hot, slow strokes widened her vaginal
channel. The knob of his thrusting penis pressed relentlessly
against her cervix each time he crammed his meat into her. The
man stared down at his wife's curvaceousness, feeling more and
more aroused with each passing second.

Maryann, feeling herself speared so completely on her husband's
thrusting length of cock, decided to enjoy it as best she could.
She wiggled her buttocks around and around, keeping time with his
slow, steady, driving rhythm. She was so utterly aroused she no
longer thought in terms of "obscene" or "proper". Now was the
time for her to enjoy it all. Now was the time for total physical

Below, in the cabin, Wendy felt the boat rocking. She wondered
what was going on above. There was only so much restraint a girl
was able to maintain, after which she had to know what the hell
was making her mother sigh and gasp so loudly. She wished the
cabin portholes opened so she'd be able to slide through and peer
over the gunwales. The idea of lying down here alone, listening
to the movement above, was frustrating as hell.

Maryann gasped with each forward thrust, ashamed to admit she was
enjoying, herself more than ever because of the position. Staring
between her dangling breasts, she saw her husband's balls slap
against her hairy pelvis again and again, seeing the sac slowly,
slowly starting to tighten and shrink, while the heavy egg-shaped
testicles within swelled to greater proportions. Now she wanted
to beg him to pound into her cunt more vigorously.

Never having been fucked in this debasing position, Maryann was
amazed at the depth achieved by her husband. She felt the thrills
building more strongly in her as the mighty phallic sword
continued sliding in and out of her anxious chamber. She should
have been angry, after all, at this point it wasn't a fuck by
mutual consent. He was using her, making her a receptacle for his
lusting passion. Maryann wondered whether her husband had any
loving feeling in him at this point. To be fucked without love
meant he believed her a common slut. She'd want to die if her
husband didn't love her. It meant a rejection of her as a
partner, a mate. Maryann pressed her face into the rubber mat;
hoping, praying he still loved her.

The long, throbbing, sweeping cock was moving through her body
faster and faster, plunging in and out of her seething cunt. Herb
wasn't thinking of love at that point. His mind dwelt on one
thing, their mutual satisfaction.

Maryann understood there had to be love or the driving force she
was first beginning to feel would not be there. In fact, the
stolid manner in which his hard cock was slamming into her cunt
made her realize he wanted her to enjoy this. He wanted her to
ache and scream for his cock; to beg for more of this. His
powering drive told her he wanted her to beg to feel his spurting

The pressure of her husband's hands on her resilient tan buttocks
let Maryann know how determined he was to make her enjoy this.
Her mind was already wavering, realizing a good fuck in this
position was no less proper than with her facing him.

The cock was driving deeper and deeper into the woman's seething
box. Herb's hands gripped her buttocks more solidly as he pounded
his pulsing meat all the way into her tender pussy. The ragged,
flesh-rimmed pink mouth was tight as it sucked around his
blood-swollen cock. Each time it slammed into her belly, her
labial flesh rolled inward. Staring between her thighs, Maryann
watched his sperm-filled* nuts slam forward, still swelling in
their sac, still making loud smacks between her widespread
cunt-lips as they thwacked against her clitoris, between the
widespread folds of her cuntal flesh. Then, when he retreated,
the aching thrill eased out of her cunt until all that remained
inside the opening was his swollen cock-head. Once more, he held
it there before Maryann felt the full length of its power into
her. The hot slick moisture-coated wails of her tight twat
gripped and sucked on the fleshy baton as it filled her. Her
buttocks awaited the smack of his thighs each time, an
 d her full breasts bounced wildly back and forth.

"Ohhhhhh!" Maryann gasped in spite of her desire to remain quiet.
She was a lady, and good breeding demanded she keep her mouth
shut no matter how much she enjoyed being fucked.

The huge, swollen cock burrowed deeper into her clasping chamber,
as if it might move through her belly, up into her throat, but
she was unable to deny the wildly erotic thrills still building
in her.

Each movement of his cock, whether in or out, brought new
pleasure to the woman. By now, she knew the champagne had much to
do with it, but knowing didn't soften the pressure of the moving

Her swollen breasts slid back and forth, the nipples grazing the
mat beneath her, adding to Maryann's delight. The sensations
drove her wilder and wilder with lust. She kept telling herself
that a lady wasn't supposed to enjoy these things. The thoughts
she'd had earlier, about wanting her own orgasm, were wrong, but
all the thoughts in the world didn't stop the ball of flame in
her belly from continuing to expand. Nor did they keep her from
panting with physical enjoyment, even if her mind didn't want to
accept it. Her womb pulsated with lust. There was a burning demon
in her cunt in need of feeding. It fed on sperm.

Herb's bloated balls walloped her clitoris again and again,
enraging the demon within her, making it roar out its lust.
Tremors racked her body, shooting through every nerve-ending,
weaving through the walls of her shuddering vagina. Maryann felt
more, vibrantly alive at this moment, being fucked dog-style out
in the open on the deck of the cabin cruiser, than she had ever
felt in a bed. The huge, swelling cock nailing into her cunt
repeatedly no longer felt as if it were an extension of her
husband, but rather some overwhelming monster satisfied only with
her vaginal juices. It was a living fiend feeding on her
sexuality. It was terrifying--and exhilarating.

Staring between her breasts, watching her nipples sweep along the
mat, fire raged through her each time the lusting pole violated
the tender interior of her heated well, driving in repeatedly,
with a mind of its own. Her eyes locked on his shaft each time
the pulsing member withdrew until only the corona lay locked
behind her tight, squeezing cunt-lips. Each time, it hesitated,
then drove right back into her depths, moving down the length of
her slick, clutching channel. Her vaginal lips seemed to have the
strength and agility of her oral lips as they sucked and pulled
and nibbled hungrily at the heavy pole until it totally filled
her tight interior. The crispness of his pelvic bush pushed into
the crevice between her full asscheeks with every lancing thrust
of his phallus. Maryann felt salacious thrills continually
shatter their way through her, building heavier lust, inspiring
her to respond by punching her hips back to meet Herb's forward
attack. The long, hard, deep thrus
 ts of her husband's lancing cock made her feel overpowering joy
grind deeper and deeper into her churning loins.

Feeling his wife's response, sensing her gradual motion around
the shaft of his phallus, Herb Rheingold knew he was finally
getting through to her physically. This time it wasn't the
liquor. This time it was his cock taking effect. He concentrated
on keeping his seed from spilling into her depths before he
finally made her come.

Her lovely white asscheeks continued rotating, picking up speed,
animated by the pumping pressures of Herb's pounding dick, and
each time the man withheld his penis an instant before plunging
in, the woman feared he might pull it out and never put it back.
At this point, that was worse than being raped.

Her rounded buttocks leaped back and excited Herb Rheingold,
letting him know he'd finally gotten through to his wife. The man
was excited. His cock began ruthlessly pumping into her tight
twat, thrilled to know she was actually fucking back. He watched
the muscles in her breath-taking asscheeks tighten each time he
slid out.

Maryann gasped when his hands gripped her asscheeks and his
thumbs sank into the pliant crevice. Her oval asscheeks spread,
and Maryann felt Herb's burning gaze center on the pucker of her
rosebud-like brownie. She felt her hole puckering, then opening
with every forward and backward stroke. His cock plundered her
inflamed cunt. Without breaking his rhythm, Herb's body shifted.
Maryann squealed as his finger worked into the smooth, hairless
crevice, pressing against the tiny pucker of her tight asshole.
Slowly the finger began probing and worming its way into her

"Unnngh! God! Herb! What are you doing? Anggh! Owww! Ahhh!"

Maryann was confused by the strong pleasure and strange
discomfort she felt. She gasped in masochistic helplessness. She
lifted her undulating asscheeks higher, pressing against her
husband's worming finger, wanting the worming digit to sink
deeper. A new wave of licentious lust swept through her. Her
tight sphincter yielded to the pressure of his finger.

Her husband was violating a part of her body he had never
previously touched. Not even her first husband had attempted
touching her there. She knew it was obscene, wicked, but she also
knew she dared not open her mouth and complain for fear of losing
this man. If it pleased him to rummage through her rectum, then
let him do so. By now, Maryann had enough sense to keep her mouth
shut, save for the lewd grunts and groans she was unable to stop.

The deeper his finger sank, the more wonderful were the feeling
running through her. Perhaps it was unnatural and wrong, but it
sure as hell was fun. She felt his finger, in up to the second
knuckle now, moving and wiggling back and forth inside her anal
passage. She churned and screwed her lust-fired buttocks-around
the finger as she writhed and corkscrewed her pussy around the
driving cock. Maryann gasped wantonly. It was more than merely
adjusting to the digital invasion of her anus. She wanted the
finger thrust even deeper. There was a new pleasure searing
through her body.

"unnnggghh, aaagh, oooohhh, eeeyaagh. " she grunted again and
again as the worming, turning, churning finger sank to the hilt
into her rectum. All the while she lewdly shoved back against it
while at the same time trying to absorb more hot, throbbing cock
in her screaming, anxious cunt.

What the hell's going on up there? the little twelve-year-old
girl wondered, writhing uncomfortably in her bunk. Whatever her
new stepfather was doing to her mother, the woman was enjoying
it. Maryann felt her husband's finger wiggling inside,
tantalizing her rectum, plunging into her colon. The finger was
inside her to its full length, and moving in tandem with the cock
pushing into her seething cunt. Maryann decided it was almost
like having a second penis inside her. The two probes were keys
unlocking the ecstasy stored inside her.

Maybe men went to whores because whores treated them well. Well,
why not behave like a whore and see if Herb really liked it? If
not, he had no one to blame but himself.

Lewdly raising her buttocks, she rotated her hips maddeningly,
slamming her two holes against the dual assaults pushing into
her, taking the finger ever deeper into her anus while her cunt
continued swallowing his hard cock.

Maryann felt the cock and finger rub against one another with
only a thin wall of membrane separating them. His finger wormed
deeper and deeper, reaching for her large intestine, her rectal
walls clutching and squeezing the digit the entire time. Each
twist made Maryann gasp with more pleasure. She writhed with
wanton abandon, driving and grinding her buttocks back against
the two impaling extensions. Her ass, like her cunt, was an
inferno of thrills and enjoyment.

Maryann was suddenly aware of the orgasm building in her. More,
she was aware it was building in two places at once. It never
occurred to her she was capable of an anal orgasm as well as a
vaginal climax. Now that she sensed them emerging, she ached to
feel both. Sheer ecstasy built the thrills ever higher in her
tormented body. Words started spilling out of her, and to her
ears it was as if someone else was doing the rapturous shouting.

"Ohhhh ... yesss ... yesss ... " her voice echoed through the
quiet lake and into the surrounding trees. "Fuck me, fuck me,
fuck me, fuckme ... "

It was more than Herb Rheingold could stand. The licentious words
coming from his proud wife's mouth whipped him with sexual
stimuli, making his desire run rampantly out of control. He had
never seen such raw sensuality in her before, and in spite of all
his efforts to restrain himself, he was insane with raw, animal

Maryann saw his wrinkled scrotum tighten it squeezed his bloated
balls. The wild pulsations running through the tube in the
underside of his penis let her know he was ready to blast off.
There was no controlling him. The head of his huge penis
continued pulsing inside the seething, searing depths of her
tight, wet passage as he drove his anxious cock to maximum depth.

His hot, flaming sperm burst like an explosion from the tip of
his cock. Herb was lost in the fantastic sensations of his climax
as the white, bubbling froth fired repeatedly into the depths of
his wife's belly.

"Unnnggh ... " Maryann gasped. The pressure hose unleashed in her
cunt built her climactic sensations higher and higher.

The fiery liquid heat pumped into her seething pussy in a series
of hot, continuing explosions. The hot jism pushed her toward her
own climax. Maryann was unable to contain herself. The dual
orgasm rippled through her vagina and rectum together. This was
her first climax of any kind, and the woman let the world hear

"HAAAYYYAAOOOH! EEEUUUNNGH!" she shrieked through the darkening
sky. Immediately the loud shrieks of night birds imitated her

Maryann fell flat on her belly, tugging her husband down with
her. His arms locked around her, holding her full breasts, and
when she twisted her head his mouth was there, pressing on hers,
kissing her.

"You're a stupid bitch," he whispered between kisses.

"I know," she murmured back. "I know. I can't help myself. It's
my upbringing."

"Well, then, we'll simply have to change your upbringing, won't

"Yes," she gasped. "It'll take time. Have patience, Herb. Don't
rush things. Tonight was a breakthrough, but there are some
things for which I'm not quite ready."

"I have plenty of patience," he assured her. "Now that you
understand there's more than one position to fucking, I don't
think we'll have any trouble as far as using different angles and
such. The rest can wait ... a little while, anyway."

"You're good to me, Herb."

"Because you're good for me, Maryann."

And below, in the cabin, Wendy was shivering, wondering what her
stepfather had done to make her mother scream like that. It
sounded as if he'd been tearing her head off. The girl had been
tempted to run up on deck to discover what was going on, but the
voices murmuring overhead let her know her mother was all right.
In fact, from the tone of her mother's voice, she was very, very
happy. Wendy was unable to recall when her mother had sounded so

"And when we get back I'll buy you that new coat," Herb said.

So, Wendy thought, Mother was right. In her own way, she's
controlling him. He'll do anything she wants!

Chapter 2

Herb Rheingold was a very practical man. Now that he and Maryann
were married, it was cheaper to hire another woman to work as a
part-time secretary in his office, while Maryann got a fulltime
job as a secretary in a large corporation, where she earned four
times as much money as Herb had paid her prior to their marriage.
Whatever money she earned was hers to keep in her own private
bank account--Herb was earning enough to support the entire
family. He picked out a small home, already furnished, and wanted
to legally adopt Wendy, so when she returned to school in the
fall, her name would be Wendy Rheingold. This was fine with her.

Every morning during August, her mother and stepfather arose at
the same time, had breakfast together, then went separately to
work. Herb Rheingold drove a Mercedes to work, and he'd purchased
an Audi for Maryann. Wendy, with nothing to do, lolled around the
house all day, watching TV, reading books, and becoming friendly
with Irene, the girl next door, who was two years older than she.

Though Irene was older, she was no less naive about sex than
Wendy. Her parents were very strict, and it wasn't until they
were certain of Wendy's naiveté concerning sex that they allowed
their daughter to associate with the girl.

Much of the time Irene went to the beach with her parents and
Wendy was once again alone. It looked as if August was going to
be a very, very boring month.

Every day at twelve-thirty, Wendy's stepfather came home for
lunch. Herb Rheingold wasn't a cheap man, but he was practical.
There was no need going to a restaurant for lunch when he had a
stepdaughter whose mother had taught her to cook at an early
age--at least that was what he told Wendy. But the young
brown-haired girl wondered why he kept looking at her in such a
funny way. It was almost the same way he looked at her mother.
There was unquestionably a glistening in his eyes.

It was on the second Monday in August, while serving frozen
dinner, that Wendy slipped and fell. She was wearing pink hot
pants and a striped polo shirt that day, and as her body hit the
floor, she looked at her stepfather. The man was already on his
feet, ready to help her, but his eyes were not on her face. His
eyes were staring at the white panties showing under her hot
pants as her legs flailed in the air. For some reason, her
stepfather was looking at her as he looked at her mother. Wendy
had often seen him staring at her mother's behind. when the woman
was bent over.

Herb Rheingold picked her up, saying, "Easy, Wendy. Don't try to
stand. You might have sprained or twisted something."

She was carried into the living room and deposited on the sofa.
He knelt and ran his fingers delicately over her knees and legs,
squeezing, compressing, rubbing, as he said, "Does this hurt? How
about here?"

All the while she lay there, her head resting against a pillow on
a sofa arm, wondering what had come over the man. When his hand
attempted to go above her knee, she stiffened a little, not
knowing his intentions. Herb sensed her tautness and took his
hand away.

"You okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, sure," she nodded. "Nothing hurt."

"Well," he said, returning his hand to her knee, "Autumn is
coming and we'll have to buy you a new wardrobe. That ragged coat
you have now isn't good enough for you."

"Oh?" she asked, loosening a little, relaxing even as his hand
rubbed her thigh a big higher. "What were you thinking of getting

"New clothes, a new coat, some winter slacks."

"Sounds nice," Wendy purred, noting that his hand made no move to
go higher.

Her mother was right about being able to control men! Wendy, too,
had a certain amount of control over this man. All she had to do
was let him look at her thighs and rub them a little. He was
perspiring and his hand was shaking a little. The girl even noted
a difference in the rhythm of his breathing.

Herb Rheingold wasn't the only person who was nervous. Wendy
liked the gentle, soothing touch of his hand. It made her feel
funny, tingly all over. She wanted to wiggle and squirm, but that
would let Herb know he was affecting her. When his hand moved the
littlest bit higher on her thigh, she flinched, more than a
little nervous and almost afraid. He looked large, kneeling
there, hovering over her. Wendy smelled his cologne. She had to
admit she liked it.

"Hey, you did hurt yourself," he said, softly. "Here, let me kiss
it and make it better."

Now who the hell does he think he's kidding? the twelve-year-old
girl wondered. No one healed by kissing. Not that she was sore on
her inner thigh, anyway. But heck, if letting him kiss her there
meant getting all those new clothes, well, why not?

Opening her thighs a bit wider, she forced herself to relax as
Herb leaned forward and pressed his lips to the imaginary sore
spot. His kiss was hot and wet. She trembled when his tongue
licked the spot, but said nothing. Oh, wow! That really felt
terrific! she thought.

"Feeling better?" Herb asked, reluctantly raising his head.

"Uhhh ... yeah ... sure ... much better."

"Good," he nodded. "Look, I'll finish lunch and get back to the
office." And he rose and returned to the kitchen.

But Wendy noted the bulge at his groin. She wondered what had
caused the swelling.

Chapter 3

With her stepfather gone, Wendy was bored again. She had stayed
on the living room couch until Herb had left. The couch was
against a mirrored wall. To the left of the couch was the wall
facing the front of the house. It had a large picture window with
blue velvet curtains on either side, and Venetian blinds pulled
down, but not closed. The carpeting was also blue, matching the
sofa and the two easy chairs.

What was so interesting about her thighs that her stepfather
wanted to touch and kiss her there?

With nothing better to do, she decided to shuck her hot pants and
panties and peer at what she had between her thighs. Just what
was so intriguing about a hole in her body? The girl was unable
to figure it out.

Pulling the sofa away from the mirrored wall, Wendy turned on a
lamp and aimed it at the mirror, then climbed up on the back of
the sofa. It was a round, full back, and her weight didn't really
affect it. With the light shining on the mirror, reflecting back
onto her, she was able to open her thighs wide and peer between

Now what the heck was there to interest anyone? Her body was
hairless, letting her see the flat, full, outer lips of her cunt.
She tugged the lips apart and peered more closely at the pinkness
inside. It was wet in there, a sticky wet, and she wondered why.
The sticky wetness was starting to occur a lot lately. At first
she was certain she had wet her pants, but there was no acrid
odor, and the wetness was so ... gooey. Wendy was unable to
understand it.

Now, looking at the deep pink folds of her inner labia, Wendy
felt a funny warmth come over her. Was this the feeling running
through her stepfather when he looked at her? Gosh! It was a
funny feeling, all right.

Now, more than ever, Wendy was certain her stepfather wanted to
see and touch her there, himself. He also wanted to touch her
ass. She was sure of that, remembering how he always looked at
her mother's rear end when the woman bent over for some reason or

Well, one thing was certain, and that was, there was no way for
her to walk up to him and merely ask, "Why do you like my vagina
and ass?"

Maybe it was her panties? Maybe he had the hots for her lollipop

Staring more closely at the fluted inner lips of her vagina,
Wendy saw a little pink nubbin peer out from behind a hidden
membrane at the apex. Using her middle fingers to keep her labia
spread wide, the young girl touched her clitoris with her
extended right forefinger. The mere touch made her jump. Oh, gee,
that really felt good! She touched it again and decided she liked
it. Now her finger lingered on the pink button, sliding up and
down, back and forth, creating a heated friction. Gee! This was
terrific! Why hadn't her mother ever told her anything about
this? Boy, she was willing to bet Herb wanted to touch her there!

Would it feel different to let a man touch me there than if!
touched myself? Wendy wondered, continuing to lightly massage her

Her heart was palpitating madly as she continued staring at her
reflection, spreading her thighs a bit more. She sighed as a
warm, wonderful feeling rushed into her, working through her
softly quivering vaginal mound, sweeping her entire body with a
sensation of acute desire. Low, sighing gasps came from her
throat. Her eyes widened while she stared at her rich flesh. Her
finger continued its back-and-forth movement, and the girl
abandoned herself to it. Pressure built in her loins as the
tension mounted. Her working finger moved faster and faster.
Wendy felt shudders take control of her arms. She had to struggle
to remain upright on the wide sofa back. Her tingling finger was
making sparks shoot off inside her, but it wasn't enough. She
knew the feeling was meant to be stronger. Somehow she had to
strengthen it. Her other forefinger wandered aimlessly up and
down the insides of her inner labia, and each time it neared her
tightly closed hole, she trembled more. Liquid contin
 ued to seep from her narrow interior, and the girl first
understood the liquid had something to do with what she was
feeling. Either it helped bring on the feeling, or the feeling
caused more of the liquid to flow. Which it was she didn't know,
but she ached to find out.

Pressure continued building in her thighs and tension continued
mounting as her fingers continued rummaging up and down the
seething slit of her little cunt. Her eyes took in the delicate
shape of her inner and outer lips. Wendy began understanding why
she was so constructed by nature. Soon she was using both hands,
applying all ten fingers to her genital area, and one, the middle
finger on her right hand, somehow managed to worm its way into
the tight opening of her inner vagina. The soft, squeezing walls
of her simmering cunt became hotter and hotter as Wendy groaned,
writhing madly, still seated atop the sofa back, still staring at
her reflection, just now realizing how wonderful it was to look
at herself while feeling these new fabulous sensations. Her
buttocks bounced wildly on top of the sofa back, and Wendy saw
her lubricant pouring out now, drenching the material.

Her tongue flicked out of her mouth. She licked her lips, and
though she didn't know why, Wendy thought her moistly pursed lips
looked arousing. Her breath was heavy in her lungs. She realized
she'd been holding it. Her loins trembled and seemed ready to

Expelling her breath, she slowly eased the pressure between her
thighs, relaxing for a moment, then fingering herself strongly
again. Pressure between her thighs continued mounting, and for
the first time Wendy realized all this passion led somewhere. She
felt a tingling in her flat bosom and realized her nipples were
anxious for stimulation. Why? she wondered.

Wendy's eyes were wide open as she continued staring at the
reflection of her wide-open pussy-lips. The movement of her
fingers, sawing in and out of the tight hole, built sensation on
sensation for the little girl. Her finger rubbed her clitoris
with heavier pressure. Perspiration began coating her body. It
made her white flesh shine. The girl continually attempted to
widen her thighs, her spine resting on the top of the sofa back.
She applied stronger pressure to her more sensitive areas,
seeking them out with her fingers. The one finger she had dipped
into her girlish cavern rubbed the roof within, finding it the
most sensitive part. In and out the finger moved, massaging the

Pinpricks of delight surged through Wendy, shaking her from her
head to her feet. Wild, totally unrealized erotic thrills caused
sparklers to go off in her mind. Her two hands moved more and
more rapidly, the forefinger of one rubbing what was now a
bright-red extension of penile-looking flesh, while the first
finger of her other hand continued sinking in and out of her
sucking pussy. Boiling water turned to fiery lava which in turn
became molten metal as her entire body quivered spasmodically.
The muscles in her arms and wrists were starting to hurt, yet she
endured those aches rather than stop. She began feeling it all
mount in her, climbing higher, higher, higher, then closing over
her, engulfing her like a tornado scooping up its victims and
flinging them hither and thither. She felt as if she were flung
to the far corners of the universe and brought back, all at once.

The climax exploded from her blistering pussy. The girl bounced
and bucked insanely.

Without realizing it, Wendy had inserted a second finger into her
blazing vagina, and as it rubbed through her, she screamed,

The flooding come-fluid poured out over her fingers as she
continued thrusting them in and out of her box, lifting her to
thrills her wildest imagination had never conceived. The orgasm
continued bearing down on her, giving her arms, her legs, her
whole body the textured solidity of a rag doll. The girl bit her
lips to keep herself from screaming again.

Now she knew why her mother had shouted. The feeling was so
intense there was no way not to shout. Imagine, this was what
Herb did to her mother!

Or was it? Was it possible he did something else? Was it possible
what Herb did with her mother was even, better than this? And to
think Herb was willing to be dominated by her mother for bringing
her to such a wonderful conclusion!

Wendy tumbled back onto the sofa. Her thighs lay against the sofa
back, stiff and straight. Her fingers finished their massage.

And when it was over and Wendy was so hypersensitive she was
temporarily unable to take more, the young girl decided to see
what she might be able to do with her stepfather.

Chapter 4

Wendy was aware of her mother's passion for cleanliness. When
Maryann went into the shower, she stayed there nearly thirty
minutes each time. And that night, while her mother was in the
shower, Wendy decided to start her campaign to discover how far
she was able to go with her stepfather, and at the same time, how
much she was able to get from him.

Wearing a short pink mini-dress with matching pink bikini panties
underneath, Wendy turned on the radio in the living room and soon
had music blaring throughout the entire house. She knew her
stepfather was relaxing in the bedroom, wearing nothing but a
bathrobe, waiting for her mother to come out of the shower.

Wendy knew all the latest dances, and she began wildly dancing in
the living room, knowing her dress was flapping up, baring her
skimpy panties. She was aware of Herb coming down the hall from
the bedroom, peering into the living room, watching her. The girl
wondered if her stepfather would stop her, but he simply stood
there, watching her, and from the corner of her eye Wendy saw the
man's maroon bathrobe start to tent in front.

Wendy's feet seemed to fly in every direction at once. When her
feet moved one way, her hips moved the other way. Her long brown
hair flew wildly about her head. Wendy kept tabs on her
stepfather by staring at his reflection in the mirror. He was
mesmerized by the movement of her buttocks. She twisted and
gyrated as if she were under some hypnotic spell. Herb's eyes
remained glued to her thighs and buttocks as she did gyrations
that would put a stripper to shame and her expression was far
from that of a pure, innocent little girl. Her mind, was thinking
of how she'd felt when she had fingered herself earlier in the
day. There were lines of crisp concentration making her face a
mask of emotion.

When Herb Rheingold did glance at his stepdaughter's face, he was
amazed. He was looking at a sensuous woman, not a little girl.
This was a female who wanted to be fucked to within an inch of
her life! The idea terrified Herb. Deep down, he wanted to fuck
her. Yes, he'd had the hots for the girl from the first time he'd
seen Wendy. True, he was crazy for her mother, but he wanted the
girl just as much. And now seeing the sensuous expression on the
young girl's face startled him.

Wendy continued dancing, watching the varied expressions on Herb
Rheingold's face while pretending to be so caught up in her
dancing she saw nothing. She noted the way his eyes seemed to
return to her thighs again and again, staring at her long, white
legs, gazing at her rounded hips, almost drooling after her
buttocks, staring as if he wanted to cup each one in* his hands.
She had no breasts like her mother, and wished she did, feeling
that bouncing boobs might have made him even more attracted to

And then the music came to an end. Wendy went and turned off the
radio and pretended to be startled, seeing Herb for the first

"Oh ... wow ... Herb, I didn't see you there."

"What were you doing?" he asked.

"Dancing," she replied. "Whenever I feel happy, I like to dance."

Taking a deep breath, she sat on the sofa against the mirrored
wall and pulled her knees up to her chin, hugging them. Wendy saw
Herb's eyes flick instantly to her panties. Yes, she was more
certain than ever it was what lay behind her panties that
interested him most, but he obviously was not going to admit it.
Even so, she saw his Adam's apple bob as he swallowed. The girl
realized he had been drooling and had caught himself just before
the spittle fell from his lips.

"Do you ... uhhhh ... dance often?" Herb asked.

"Only when I hear music I like," she told him. "Too bad we don't
have a stereo. I'd be able to get a lot of dance records and
dance more often."

"Well ... uhhh ... if you want, I'm sure I can afford to find a
nice little stereo set for you."

"Gee, that'd be terrific," Wendy smiled.

"All right," Herb nodded, as the sound of the shower in the
master bathroom stopped. "I'll see if I can fine one tomorrow."

Wendy saw his bathrobe thrust out before him, and only his hands,
folded in front of him, hid any of it. She smiled. Mother was
right. A man can be manipulated. And Wendy intended manipulating
Herb Rheingold as much as possible. She watched him go to his
bedroom, then walked down the hall to her own bedroom. Earlier in
the day she had rearranged the furniture so her headboard was up
against the wall dividing her bedroom from that of her mother and

Chapter 5

Returning to his own bedroom, Herb stared at the lissome form of
his naked wife coming out of the bathroom.

"Hey," he said to her. "I want to fuck you tonight."

"I think that's a marvelous idea," she nodded. Since returning
from their honeymoon, the couple had experimented with dozens of
different positions, but Herb had refrained from anything other
than cock-in-cunt fucking. Little by little, Maryann was coming
around to his way of thinking, but tonight he was burning up. An
ordinary fuck was not the thing to set him at ease. No, he needed
something special.

"I'd like to try something different tonight," he said.

"Not oral?" she asked, a frightened quiver in her voice.

"No, not oral," he admitted. "Anal."

Maryann breathed again. Most of the time, when Herb fucked her,
he slipped two, sometimes three fingers into her rectum,
continually widening it, and by now she was fairly certain she
was capable of taking his cock inside without too much
discomfort. Too, his fingers always brought on an anal climax,
and she was certain his cock was able to bring on an even
stronger one.

"Okay," she agreed.

"But not here," he told her.


"Out in the backyard, in the swimming pool and on the grass. That
time we were on the boat together was really terrific, and I'd
like to get outdoors again."

Maryann thought for a moment, then nodded. "Yes, yes, that sounds
like a wonderful idea. Herb, you've been wonderfully patient with
me. In just a little while, I'm sure I'll be able to do anything
and everything you want."

"You'll do more than merely do what I want," he smiled. "You'll
love it, all of it. You'll see."

The chocolate nipples on the end of her breasts drew Herb's eyes
like magnets. Christ! Every bit of her was beautiful! Her lightly
tanned skin seemed to glow in the light.

Wendy, in her own bedroom with her ear pressed to the wall, was
overjoyed. High hedges might keep other people from seeing into
their yard, but Wendy's room overlooked the pool. With the lights
out, no one would see her if she stood in the window and peered
out. Now, for the first time, she bad a chance to see just what
it was her mother and Herb did together. Wow! This was just what
she'd been hoping for!

Maryann always enjoyed the simpleton look on her husband's face
as he drooled over her body. The security she wanted was no
longer something to worry about. Each day she was learning more
and more about Herb Rheingold, finding him a very easy man to
live with, and oddly, she discovered she was really falling in
love with him. Yes, he was a very easy man to love, caring for
her and caring for Wendy, too. At first, Maryann had worried Herb
and Wendy might not hit it off. The girl was a loner, always
quiet and morose, with very few friends, but Herb seemed to be
getting along splendidly with her. Not having to worry about her
daughter's behavior was a tremendous load off Maryann's mind.

Looking at her husband as he removed his robe, Maryann felt a
sudden funny twitch in her vagina. No longer did she think about
the rights or wrongs of enjoying sex. Each time with Herb was
better than the time before, and each of her orgasms was much
stronger. Maryann pitied her mother for never having enjoyed sex.
Secretly, when she was alone, she thought of how it would be when
she finally did suck her husband's penis. In the beginning the
idea had nauseated her, but with the passing days, it became more
and more intriguing. She even practiced with ice cream cones, and
rice, she'd accidentally crammed the entire scoop of ice cream
into her mouth, dreaming it was the head of a penis. She'd felt
silly with a cone literally sticking Out between her lips as she
gulped the ice cream to keep it from spilling on her dress.

"I'm going to be a little rough tonight," Herb warned. "I thought
you should know."

"I think I'd like that," Maryann said, facing him, triumphantly
waving her breasts in his face, offering them up like a double
sacrifice to some god. Herb's eyes swelled gluttonously. His gasp
was Maryann's triumph. No matter how many times he saw her
breasts, when seeing them again, he always gasped.

Abruptly his hands shot out and grabbed her penny-brown nipples,
pulling on them, even twisting them a little.

"Ohhhhh!" she sighed. "That's nice, that's very nice." She
writhed as he pinched her nipples again, then his fingers
relaxed. He began stroking-them into thick, hard points. The
heavy tan flesh around them felt as if it was being milked, and
Maryann leaned her head into her husband's shoulder, mewling with
delight; He leaned over her shoulder with her facing away from
him and brought his mouth down on hers. One of his arms wrapped
around her waist, while the other hand continued playing with her

"Ummm ... ohhh ... " she sighed as he released her. She savored
his responses to her. Her husband seemed to get better and

Maryann continued purring deep down in her throat. Her hands slid
down to her hips as she felt "herself being spun around, and then
her arms formed a horse collar around his neck as she kissed him
again and again. Her fingers moved down his neck to his solid
shoulders and gripped tightly while his fingers slid up and down
the length of her smooth body. His hands were cupping her
buttocks, pressing her against him, and she decided she liked
that a lot.

Her own hands were busy now, moving down his hips, sliding around
his front, gripping his hot cock. Yes, Maryann knew she had come
a long, long way. Clutching Herb's huge penis gave her tremendous
pleasure. Feeling the way it flexed made her vagina twinge again
and again.

"You're a great big man with a great big beautiful cock," Maryann

"Big enough to satisfy two like you," Herb whispered, thinking
how he'd love to fuck that little Wendy, as well.

Maryann laughed lightly and pulled away from her husband. She
hurried through the kitchen door.

It was a moonlit night with a trillion stars peering down. She
could see as clearly as if it were twilight. The swimming pool
was an above-ground installation, circular, with a wooden
platform running all the way around and steps leading up to it.

Maryann trotted lightly toward the pool, her body gleaming,
reflecting silver moonlight. Herb followed her, his thick penis
wobbling from side to side like a living lever which, if pumped
the right way, would make his body rise.

As she neared the steps, Maryann slipped and fell into the mud
puddle beside the pool with a resounding "plop!" Squirming
around, still lying in the mud, she laughed and said, "Come on,
sissy. The mud is just fine."

She watched Herb star at her as he circled the mud puddle. He
didn't know whether she was crazy or what. Who in her right mind
wallowed in. mud?

"Come on," Maryann teased, reading his mind. "Women get mud packs
on their faces every day to, improve their complexions. Think
what this can do for your entire body!"

Standing, with the wet, earthy substance dripping off her, her
brown, bobbling breasts bouncing with each mincing step she took,
Maryann smiled, took another step, then fell on her butt again.
She laughed out loud.

"You're crazy," Herb laughed, staring at her.

"Is the great big man afraid?" Maryann teased.

"Yecccchhh!" Herb responded.

"Oh, it feels so wonderfully slimy," Maryann told him. To
emphasize how she felt, the woman rolled over and over in the
puddle, splashing mud all around. Her bobbling breasts looked
like two buoys holding her up as she lay on her back. The mud
even covered her short black hair. Grumbling, Herb finally waded
into the puddle up to his ankles.

Wendy watched, giggling, amazed that the grown-ups were acting so
childish. She had to admit they were having fun.

Standing sloshing in the mud, Herb had to admit it was fun. It
was messy, but the sight of her lying on her back, covered with
the mess, sent a sensuous warmth seeping through him. Though
still erotically aroused by the sight of Maryann, Herb was
learning to love her in other than physical ways.

Then he thought of Wendy. What he felt for his stepdaughter was
pure lust. His stepdaughter! The way she'd been dancing had
really brought his cock up in a hurry. Even now, he felt it
getting stiffer as he remembered the erotic look on her face as
she danced.

Maryann watched him standing there, and wanting him to make love
to her rather than think, reached up with her foot and gripped
his cock between her big toe and the one next to it.

She rubbed and twisted her foot against his penis and balls until
his hand reached down and caught the tiny foot, pressing it
against his genitals.

"Oooooh!" she sighed. "I like the feeling!"

Herb's other hand reached out and gripped her calf, then he was
on his knees in the mud beside her, and she squirmed as his hand
gripped her naked thigh. Her other foot was bent, still pressing
into his cock. She trembled when his slimy hand rubbed her belly,
then reached down and massaged her pussy, pushing some of the
cold mud in. Her toes gripped the head of his penis like slippery
pliers as he attempted to insinuate his middle finger into her
tight vagina.

"Ooooo ... unnh ... yess ... I love that!" she gasped. His finger
explored her pussy-lips, tickling her clitoris while his
throbbing, solid cock beat a wild tattoo against the sole of
Maryann's foot.

Wendy, watching from her window, had her first glimpse of Herb's
penis when he turned his profile to her.

My gosh! she thought. That's what he has between his thighs. Like
wow! That's really something. What the heck does he do with it?

Wendy noticed the way Herb was fingering her mother's snatch, and
it reminded her of the way she had diddled her own pussy in front
of the mirror that afternoon.

"I guess mud puddles aren't too bad, after all," Herb laughed.
"Yeah, I think we're going to have a lot of fun. Hey, this mud is
great lubrication. I ought to stuff some of it up your pretty
little ass."

Maryann jerked as her husband's finger found her erect clitoris
and began rubbing. His other hand had hold of her ankle. They
both continued rubbing his foot against his cock. She saw the
combination of mud and her rubbing foot against his pulsing
member was having a powerful effect on the man. The throbbing
seemed to increase, and she was certain the penis swelled a bit

"That's good, honey, that's really good," he told her.

The smell of wet earth no longer bothered him, and Maryann was
pleased she had initiated this. A month before her conscience
would have suffered the tortures of the damned, but tonight, the
dirt, for all its connotations of filth, had a strangely erotic
effect on the couple.

"Oh, Herb," Maryann gasped, standing and pressing her body to his
as he got to his feet. She thrust her pelvis forward as his
finger reached for her cunt again. His pushing finger teased,
circled and rummaged against her clitoris, making it more
sensitive with each passing second. He was rubbing his entire
finger back and forth, back and forth against the entire length
of her simmering slit.

"Come on," he gasped, "let's get out of here."

With his finger still rubbing her cut, Herb stepped out of the
mud puddle. Maryann followed. She reached down and gripped his
waggling penis, standing so solid and straight, as if starched.
His arm encircled Maryann's waist as rivulets of mud ran down
their bodies. It covered the mountains of her breasts and the
valley of her cunt, slithering off the slopes of her wide hips.

Herb tugged her closer. Maryann gloried in the way he crushed her
female flesh with his entire body, catching her mouth with his.
Her eyes closed and she writhed against him, feeling greater
passion than ever before. It was no longer a case of doing things
to make him happy so he'd want her. She ached to please him
simply because pleasing him pleased her. Her curved, round, naked
body was tightly clenched by his hands and arms. She was
plastered gloriously against him, her great, brown eyed breasts
mashing into his dripping chest. Their hips shoved together. His
pulsating cock jammed, fiercely into her soft stomach. It beat
and twitched there, trapped and captured by their wet, clinging

Maryann felt Herb's forcing, stabbing tongue lance into her open
mouth. Shivers and chills of anticipation raced up her spine like
millions of squiggly tadpoles. The slithery, slimy mud running
between them only made her want him more. Her husband's heated,
anxious body seeking hers brought such heated desire, her head
swam and she wanted to faint. Maryann's nipples, like the noses
of two burrowing moles, dug into her husband's hairy chest.

Maryann felt a greater urgency descending. As her husband's
tongue continued filling her mouth, the woman sensed her anxious
need. His fingers were clutching her soft, tender buttocks,
digging painfully into them, deliciously bruising them,
delightfully kneading them, clutching and clinging to her,
bringing her ever closer. Heated breath came snorting from their
flared nostrils as the night enveloped them, keeping them safe
from all prying eyes--save those of Wendy.

The girl felt heat overtake her. This thrilling scene was
something most people never enjoyed. To see it tonight was enough
for now, but to partake of it in the future was her ultimate
goal. Even now, unable to take the heat of witnessing the
lovemaking between her mother and stepfather, the girl stripped
off her clothing and stood naked. Her fingers were rubbing her
vagina as they had when she'd looked in the mirror, only what she
was witnessing now was far more sensual. Her fingers sank deeper
and deeper into her pussy, rubbing the clitoris and massaging her
tingling cuntal lips. She groaned, wishing she were able to meld
into the scene she was witnessing.

Maryann pushed hard against her husband's hairy chest,
reluctantly tearing her mouth away. Her eyes were fiery points of
burning light, staring into those of her husband, glittering. She
understood her need for him was equal to his for her. Her tongue
flicked out and licked her lips as she said, "Hurry, let's go
into the swimming pool and rinse off."

Feeling her husband's hands digging into her nakedness, she
hurried up the stairs. Reaching the edge of the pool, Maryann
dove in, leaving Herb standing on the platform. A moment later,
without thinking, he plunged in after her. The woman felt every
pore open as the warm, heated pool cleansed her, draining the mud
from her body, inside and out. Her hands touched the pool bottom,
then she slowly rose to the top. She was treading water when Herb
came up beside her.

"Come on," she gasped. "I'll race you once around the pool." And
she was off.

Herb caught her halfway around. One arm gripped her middle while
his other arm reached to the platform for support. He dragged her
from the water as he climbed out, letting the warm night air rush
over them. Slinging her over his shoulder like a sack of
potatoes, he climbed down from the platform. She squirmed and
writhed, making him feel even more masculine in his dominance.

Walking over to a patch of thick lawn, he put her down. She lay
prone, face-down, letting him stare at the roundness of her rump.
She was damp, with water droplets trickling off, glistening in
the moonlight.

Turning her head, Maryann looked up at her husband. He seemed
suave and debonair, even while totally naked. His hand was
clutching his rampant cock. Instinctively she spread her thighs
in submission. Her hands slid up and down her hips.

"Come on, Herb," she whispered. "Do it!"

"It might hurt a little," he warned.

"Let it," she insisted. "I'd rather be hurt by you than caressed
by anyone else."

The sight of her open thighs and moist triangular patch of black
moss, now warmly opened, with its rich pink inviting lips, sent a
jolt through Herb's loins, making his cock jerk and twitch even
more. The moist seepage covering the tip was definitely not from
the pool, just as the wetness coating Maryann's labia came from
inside her.

What are they going to do now? Wendy wondered.

Her fingers continued mashing into her tender vagina, caressing
the wet, sopping lips, teasing the extended clitoris, building a
swamp of thrilling sensations. The girl wondered what more a man
was able to do after fingering a woman's cunt.

Herb knelt beside his wife's prone figure. He slid between her
thighs, staring at the reddish-pink slash below her full
asscheeks, knowing this was the pathway to paradise. He leaned
forward and let his thick penis press against her pussy-lips,
running the knob up and down the length of her cuntal slit.

Then he said, "Okay, honey. Here we go!"

"Yessss ... " Maryann hissed, writhing as if tormented.

The thought of his enormous prong sinking into the tiny orifice
between her asscheeks did frighten her a little, but she refused
to admit it. If this was what Herb wanted, this was what she
ached to give him. For some reason the organ looked larger each
time she saw it, and thinking how tiny her rectum was gave her
the shivers. Earlier she had been certain she was able to handle
it. Now she wasn't too sure. And then, the massive glands was
pressing against her sphincter.

Turning her head, she saw him kneeling there, his hard cock right
up against her. His eyes were staring at her pale brown bud. It
was even paler in the moonlight. He pressed slowly forward,
rotating his penis. She felt the pressure of the thick knob
attempting to open her anal muscle. For a moment she tightened
up, automatically resisting the pressure. Then she exhaled and
decided not to resist his prodding cock.

"Yes, yes, yes," she insisted, pushing her knees under her,
lifting her buns to make it easier for him.

Once again she stared between her dangling breasts, eager to see
as much of her anal penetration as possible. The phallic lance
glistened in the moonlight, and the sight of it sent hot shivers
roaring through her body.

"Unghhh! God!" the expletive tore from her husband's mouth. The
wife felt greater and greater pressure at her incredibly tight,
restricting anus as his monolithic prod attempted to penetrate.
He already had half the head inside her sphincter, and her rectum
was clutching the rubbery dome, gripping it with such severity,
Maryann felt her husband's heart beating through the head of his
phallus. She imagined how good her tight, constricting asshole
must feel around his pulsing dome. His hands were clutching her
hips, shoving harder, moving his thrusting pole into her taut

"Unnnggh ... ooooh ... " she gasped. This was one time she would
not allow pain to interfere with her husband's enjoyment.

"Maybe I'd ... uhhh ... better not," he insisted.

"Do it! Do it!" she insisted.

"Keep that sweet ass of yours nice and high," he told her.

Maryann knew this was another in a series of solid fucks she
would never forget. She had no doubt, once his cock had totally
widened her anal vault, her love for this way of doing things
would equal her love for his cock in her cunt. After all, she
adored having his fingers in her asshole. In fact, she carefully
swabbed her asshole with oil after washing it out, making certain
it was clean for her husband's fingers--only this time it was
clean for his cock.

Maryann bit her lips to keep her grunt of pain from being heard.
She didn't want to discourage Herb.

Wendy was astonished. She had no idea a man's extension was meant
to penetrate a woman! She wondered why Herb was pressing into her
mother's rectum rather than her vagina. Any fool knew a vaginal
orifice was wider! The girl was certain her mother's asscheeks
would part like the two halves of a melon from the forceful way
her stepfather was driving into her. Wendy winced, feeling pain
in her own anus, sympathetically hurting along with her mother.
Even so, her fingers continued rubbing into her vagina, building
and enhancing the sensations there.

The girl had to admit that her mother's asscheeks were
voluptuous. She wondered if her own would, one day be as good.
She watched Herb shudder. Wendy saw the way the dangling sac
behind his penis trembled as he attempted to force more of the
prod into her mother's rectum. Gee! What was that sac for,

"Keep going," Maryann insisted, raising her head and turning,
smiling at her husband to keep him from being discouraged.

Herb grinned back at her, the point of his penis almost totally
buried behind the muscle of his wife's ass. Maryann saw his eyes
were focused on his thick, turgid pole.

He shoved, and the head was suddenly all the way in. Her
sphincter closed around it, then began sucking it deeper and
deeper. For Maryann there was still discomfort, but she was
determined to please bet husband. She remained totally relaxed.
This prevented her from feeling additional pain.

Herb's cock sank deeper and deeper into the tightly stretched
oval of his wife's asshole, and Maryann bit her arm to keep
herself from screaming. She gasped as he jerked forward, another
small length of hardened cock sliding into her tender, puckered

Halfway in, he stopped, allowing her anus to widen and adjust to
his cock. When he drew the rod out a little, the sphincter
literally puckered around the throbbing rod.

Maryann thought her husband's cock was so solid, it was brittle.
She feared to move to the side, afraid she might snap it off his
body. The woman felt like a candied apple on the end of a stick,
but she wanted more of the cock inside her. She was already
starting to feel the flutters of delight she'd felt when his
fingers had rummaged in there.

The heavy penis began sliding forward again, making the sphincter
fold in on itself.

"Uhhhmmm!" Maryann gasped as Herb continued pressing into her
hot, tight passage. She turned her face away so her husband was
unable to see the contorted agony written all over it. Her arms
tightened as she pulled them in to support herself. Maryann
wiggled her head from side to side, feeling pulsing thrills even
though he wasn't all the way into her. The sooner he sank his
wang into her, the better. Once it was totally embedded, she knew
the pain should completely fade away.

"All the way," she gasped. "Shove it in all the way!"

The dirt and grass beneath her seemed to be giving. She wondered
if she was sinking into the ground. She hoped not. Sooner or
later this agony was going to turn into something enjoyable. She
knew it.

Maryann forced herself to relax as Herb leaned into what he was
doing, sliding his hands up her lithe torso and gripping her
full, swollen breasts. The hands squeezed for a moment, then
pressed together so he had both nipples trapped in one hand. This
permitted his other hand to reach down into her crotch and begin
massaging her clitoris.

"Ohhhh!" Maryann gasped when he touched her there.

Yes, yes, yes, that's where to touch her, Wendy thought, pressing
her own fingers even deeper into her sodden cunt.

Now Herb lunged viciously forward into the gaping strength of her
taut anal canal, feeling the reluctant flesh finally and totally
surrender to his powering thrust. Yes, he was all the way in,
right to the hilt. His hairy groin was scrubbing her anal crinkle
as the entire length of his prick oscillated in her rectum and

Maryann clenched her teeth, feeling she might faint. The fainting
spell passed, and her rear passage slowly dilated, accommodating
itself to her husband's lengthy breadth. Salacious desire was
already surging through her loins as the penis continued
violating and titillating her tender, prurient anal flesh so
delectably. Maybe she was meant to be a whore after all. She
enjoyed doing these things, even though her mother had warned her
to avoid evil and temptation.

Herb's pelvis smacked loudly against her quivering asscheeks as,
grunting still, he continued pushing. It was as if he hoped to
fill even more of her colon with his cock. She felt his dangling
balls slamming against the open hole of her vagina, slapping
against the finger he pressed against her clitoris. She sighed a
little as the licentious fire burned higher and brighter. Sighs
seeped from her lips, so soft only his ears and hers were able to
hear them.

He slowly eased his hard cock back until only the corona was
inside, then whispered to her, "Shove your ass back onto my pole,
Maryann. It'll feel better if you fuck along with me."

"Uhhh ... yesss," she gasped, her body trembling as the aching
lasciviousness built even higher.

Maryann rammed her tight cunt back onto the throbbing finger
rubbing against her clit. She slammed her ass along the in-thrust

Lust blinded her. Maryann neither saw nor heard as thrill
followed thrill into her whirling brain. Her husband's command
made her respond automatically. She rotated her ass, screwing
back, then forth, back, then forth. The impaling member filled
her rectum completely, yet there was no discomfort. If there were
tears in Maryann's eyes, they were tears of happiness. The pain
was totally gone, and the finger working in her dripping,
slavering nookie was bringing her enjoyment and pleasure. She
began reveling in the perverted sodomizing of her uplifted ass. A
choking sound came from her gullet as her tender tunnel gripped
Herb's moving organ. Swiftly now desire replaced agony and want
built higher and higher inside her. Spasms of delight enlarged
with each pounding attack of his spiking cock.

With her fingers still digging into her crotch, Wendy watched as
her stepfather wildly thrust into the split crevice of her
mother's sensuously writhing buttocks. The girl moaned. Ripples
shuddered through her body. She knew her mother was feeling not
pain, but the same sensations she herself was feeling. But her
mother seemed to be feeling these sensations on a much grander
scale. Her heated lust increased proportionally, and she dug her
fingers into the hairless folds of her nookie, humping wildly
back and forth.

Maryann's head turned to the side, and her cheek pressed into the
soft, grass-covered earth as she lewdly rammed her ass back
against the licentious thrusts of her husband's penis. Herb's
fingers dug more deeply into the hairy frame of her muff. She
moaned as his fingertips continued working through her feminine
well and massaging her clitoris.

"Unnhh ... oooh, damn, damn, damn ... this is it! I'm ... uhhh
... almost there ... " Herb hissed obscenely as he increased his
ravishment of her rectum, his hands sending licentious thrills
through her flaming cunt. Maryann felt her. breasts had swollen
to twice their original size as his other hand continued playing
with both nipples at once. His fingers pinched and pulled the
brown, rubbery nubbins, sending pinpoints of prurient desire
sparkling through her body.

Fingers continued sinking into Maryann's soggy well with a deep,
sloshing sound as Herb madly pumped his throbbing cock into the
tight depths of her rubbery rectum and colon. The muscles in both
her vagina and anus sucked the plunging penetrators, milking his
cock, pulling his fingers, absorbing him into her quicksand
crotch. Her passion-lusting body ached for even more of him.

Jagged shards of desire continued building in Maryann. Her entire
interior felt like a mass of sharp, crystalline, yet insanely
melting emotional apexes, like softening butter on the tip of a
heated carrot. The woman felt about to wash entirely into
oblivion, nullifying everything forever. Nothing before had
pushed her so far into thoughtless infinity. Anal intercourse was
a whole new world to her, and she was enjoying it to the utmost.

The brutal, makeshift extension of his fingers stiffly slamming
into her aching vagina seemed to meet the in stroke of his heavy
cock as it poured into her rectum. The thin membrane barely
separated the lunging, reaching probes. It seemed too fragile to
hold out against the dual onslaught. Maryann arched feverishly
back and forth, forward to the digging press of his driving
fingers, then back onto the thick length of the vicious cock
clambering into her back passage.

Wendy watched, seeing everything clearly from her window. Her own
fingers rode more quickly into her vagina. They managed to
massage the roof of her cunt and then her clitoris on each
backstroke. She was taking longer to reach that wonderful feeling
this time, but she knew it was going to feel even better when it
finally did come.

The driving rhythm increased and Maryann heard his gasping
keeping time to her own as he rammed his hard cock faster and
deeper into the sucking clutch of her rear end. He was ramming it
into her harder and faster, harder and faster, which was
precisely the way she wanted it. Glory was almost hers, now. The
peak she had been seeking was there, and knowing the reliability
of her husband, Maryann was certain she was going to make it.

"Come on, honey ... " she heard him gasp.

"Fuck that ... uhh, ass up to ... uhhhhhhh meeeeee ... "

Unable to contain herself any longer, Maryann arched forward. She
screamed to the night, an inhuman, spiraling wail bursting from
her lips as her own hand reached between her thighs and jammed
his fingers deeper into her sucking cunt. Wild spasms tore
through her lithe body as the cock slammed into her squeezing
rectum with all its power.


The sound of her insane screaming and her crazy lurching action
triggered Herb's orgasm. His arms tightened around her body, one
hand almost entirely dug into her vagina, while the other hand
crushed her breasts, squeezing them like ripe tomatoes. His stiff
cock jerked in her ass, and the sperm came shooting. The heavy
white glue coated her rectal interior with thick, heated streams,
pumping, humping, sending tidal wave after tidal wave of, desire
through her, making Maryann reach a second climax.

"AAAANNNGGGHHAARG!" she bellowed, and her scream covered the
high-pitched squeal of her daughter who was enjoying her own
satisfaction as she continued staring at the tableau in the back

Maryann's hands were between her thighs now, cramming Herb's
fingers deeper and deeper into her seething cunt. Her bursting
body felt as if a million suns had gone nova within. The light
blinded her eyes and sounds deafened her. The blasting flood in
her anal corridor scourged her flesh, making her feel as if she
were one big hollow, pulsing and jerking to the mighty flexing of
his shooting penis. Maryann ached to swallow all of her husband
into her body. She wanted to devour Herb and keep him within her
body forever. Nothing seemed to matter any longer save for the
continual flow of orgasms shooting through her body. She was on a
plain of delight, joined forever to her wonderful husband, his
flesh in hers for eternity.

The licentious cock in her asshole, added to the moving fingers
in her cunt, brought continuing dual rapture to Maryann. No
previous orgasm had ever been so overpowering and exquisite. Now
she knew why sodomy was considered depraved--too much of it would
kill her with rapture.

The blazing arc within her was slowly diminishing now. Soon it
died altogether, leaving a pleasant thrill in its wake. Her
clenching asshole had milked his cock completely. Rivers of sperm
ran down the backs of her thighs. Maryann felt totally drained.

Herb lay across her back, unable to move, thinking of Wendy
again. He wondered if he'd ever have the courage to fuck her.

And Wendy lay on her bed, gasping, shuddering, wondering how long
she'd be able to tease her stepfather before finally surrendering
her body to such wonderful bliss.

Chapter 6

The following day, at twelve-thirty, when Herb Rheingold came
home, Wendy had a hot lunch ready and waiting for him. She sat at
the opposite end of the kitchen table, wearing a white shirt that
Herb no longer used--its collar and cuffs were too frayed. The
shirt came just below Wendy's buttocks.

The kitchen had three walls, plus a half wall dividing it from
the dining room. The kitchen table was against the half-wall, and
the sink, stove, and refrigerator were all against the opposite
wall. The rear wall had a door leading to the backyard, and the
front wall had a door leading to the basement.

Even as Herb ate, Wendy noticed the way his eyes wandered to the
open top of the shirt she wore. True, she had no breasts to speak
of, yet her stepfather was unable to keep from looking.

"What do you do all day?" Herb asked, as he finished his food.

"Oh, I do the laundry and the cooking," Wendy replied, "but it's
kinda dull around here. There really isn't much to do."

"You don't hang around with boys, do you?" Herb asked.

"There aren't any boys around here worth hanging around with,"
Wendy replied, smiling.

He rose and put his dish in the sink. "Be careful," Herb warned,
following her as she walked from the kitchen, through the dining
room into the living room. "Boys can be a lot of trouble."

"They're all so dumb," Wendy shrugged, sitting on the sofa,
curling her legs under her, giving Herb a glimpse of the white
panties she wore under the shirt.

"You don't go outside like that, do you?"

"Gosh, no," Wendy replied. "I put on a pair of pedal pushers and
sandals, first. Heck, I don't want anyone seeing the hole in my

"You have a hole in your panties?" Herb asked. He reddened as
heat flooded through him.

"Uh huh," she nodded unselfconsciously, like a little girl.
"Right here."

She lifted one leg and tugged it away from the other, and Herb
Rheingold felt his cock stiffen as he saw the hole in his
stepdaughter's panty-crotch. He also saw her naked, pursed,
pouting cunt-lips, and the sight inflamed him.

"Uhhh ... I think you ought not wear those panties," Herb told
the girl. "Surely you have a better pair, somewhere."

"Not really," the girl replied, her leg still raised, her finger
running back and forth around the hole in her crotch band. "I
need some nice panties."

Herb was moving closer, and Wendy saw his eyes glued to her open
thighs. He knelt on the floor before the couch, licking his lips.
A light bead of perspiration broke out on his forehead.

"It does feel kinda cold there," Wendy insisted. "See for
yourself. Touch it with your finger."

"I ... uhhh ... I'd better not," Herb gasped, standing and
getting ready to back away, though his eyes remained glued to the
wet pink slit of her little cunt.

"Oh come on, feel how cold I am there," Wendy insisted, and
slowly pushed her finger between her sucking labia. The digit
slipped between her pouting cunt-lips, then made a slurping sound
as it slid out again. She held her finger up, letting Herb see
the moisture covering its tip.

"You kissed a sore for me yesterday," she teased. "What if I told
you I was sore down there. Would you kiss me there?"

Wendy was teasing, not believing any man in his right mind would
want to kiss a female's vaginal lips. She was certain the liquid
from her interior aroused him penilely, but she had no idea the
rest of him burned as well.

"Oh look," she continued teasing. "My finger also hurts. Kiss it
and make it better."

She held the, wet forefinger out to Herb. He reached up, grabbed
her hand and stared at her finger. The vaginal fluid was
fast-drying, and he smelled the arousing aroma.

"Y-you shouldn't do this, Wendy," he gasped. "A man has certain
limits." And before the girl was ready, he opened his mouth and
sucked her finger inside pulling with his lips and licking with
his tongue, taking off all the tasty oil.

Wendy trembled, afraid for an instant, then aroused as his tongue
washed over her finger again and again. Herb's closeness made her
feel hotter than ever before. She took a deep breath, determined
to keep control of herself.

"Will you buy me some nice new lollipop bikini panties?" she
asked, running the fingers of her other hand through his dark

"Well, you know I'll buy you anything you really need," he
replied, gasping.

"You can see I really need panties," she said, raising her leg a
little higher as he took her finger from his mouth.

"Yes," Herb whispered. "I can see you need panties."

He leaned closer, inhaling her female essences into his sinus
cavities, dizzy from the delicious aroma. There was something
about the pussy of a young girl that seemed so exciting.
Hairless, delicate, with fluted inner lips, it seemed lonely and
begging for attention.

Wendy felt silly, lying there with her leg up in the air. And
when the heated breath from his nostrils washed over her vagina,
she trembled. The girl didn't know why, but for some reason she
felt more aroused than ever before. She was aching to feel Herb
do something to her as he had done to her mother. No, she didn't
want him putting his pole into her tiny rectum. She knew for a
fact that her ass was unable to take it. Still, she felt as if
she needed something, and as hit hot breath ran between her
vaginal lips, her hands reached out, and for some unknown reason,
clamped around his head.

Herb took this as her wanting him to kiss her pubic lips, and
slowly lowered his sucking mouth to the wet, naked vagina. His
tongue leaped out and licked between the sodden cunt-lips,
spreading them and lapping at the fluid she oozed.

"Oooooh!" Wendy gasped, as electric thrills rampantly charged
through her girlish body.

Unsure of what to do, she considered squirming away, but it felt
too good. She no longer had a chance to think of what was
happening. All she could do was lie back and enjoy the pressure
of his tongue as it moved into the hole of her crotch band and
sank between her sodden cunt-lips.

As she wriggled, Wendy felt her stepfather's hands clutching the
waistband of her panties, pulling, tugging, rolling them down
over her hips. She automatically lifted her buttocks from the
sofa, letting him tug the panties farther down, and then off.
Both legs were up in the air as he removed the panties, and his
face was pressing all the harder against her vaginal lips. Now
that the panties were off, Wendy's thighs were being pushed back
by her stepfather's hands as his tongue continued knifing between
the delectable slices of her labia.

Unable to think, her mind in a whirl, Wendy slid back, tugging
her creaming cunt from Herb's mouth. She stared into his eyes,
now glistening with raw passion. He looked like a lion about to
pounce on its prey, and that prey was the soft meat of her tender

He was actually willing to lick between her labia. It should have
been disgusting, but it felt so good. Oh gosh, did it feel good!
Her cuntal secretions ringed his mouth, and his tongue was
attempting to lick it all in. The sight of him licking her wet
juices from around his lips made the young girl burn with more
anxiety than ever before.

"Did you like that?" Herb asked, his voice trembling, half-filled
with lust, half-filled with fear, afraid she might not like it.

"I ... can't say," she gasped, totally breathless, afraid to
admit how much she enjoyed it, feeling it might take what little
power she had over him away from her.

Deep down, Wendy knew she loved it. And what was more she was
willing to bet this was something he'd never done with her
mother. If he had, her mother would have insisted he do it last
night, before allowing him to penetrate her rectum with his stiff
cock. Something like this was so agonizingly delightful, no woman
in her right mind was able to resist it for any length of time,
or so Wendy sincerely believed. She stared at him, unsure of what
to say. She wanted his mouth back there, but didn't dare tell him
to do it.

"You do like it," Herb muttered. "I can tell you like it. There
isn't a female in the world who doesn't like it after
experiencing it!"

"How about mother?" she asked, staring, into his steel-gray eyes.
"Did she like it?"

"Your mother hasn't let me do this to her yet, but when she does,
she'll like it, too. Just like you do."

"Yes," Wendy admitted, turning her head, looking away from him so
he didn't see her blush. "Yes, I liked it."

"Well, then," Herb gasped, using his hands to part her tender
thighs for a good look at her wet, oily depths, "Just keep your
thighs wide apart and let me lick a little while. I promise
you'll love it all, especially the ending. I'm going to lick your
pretty little pink cunt until you come all over the couch. Okay?"

"I don't know," Wendy said, shrugging. "I mean, I really don't
know." But deep down, she knew. She knew what it was like to
come, as Herb called it, and she wanted to come with his tongue,
knowing it was capable of giving her the strongest orgasm she'd
yet felt.

"What is there not to know?" Herb asked, trying to reason with
her. "We've already come this far. Let me finish."

"And what do I have to do for you?" she wanted to know, wise
enough to realize the man eventually needed some satisfaction.

"Today, nothing," he assured her.

"And after today?"

"We'll do things you'll love. We'll do things I haven't done with
your mother. And I'll buy you all kinds of nice things. You'll

Wendy was totally helpless, but her helplessness was to her inner
emotions, not to Herb Rheingold. She knew all she had to do was
tell him to stop and he'd do just that. Satisfied she still
controlled everything between him and herself, she nodded. His
description of what he wanted to do had only heated her body that
much more. She shuddered with insane, lascivious tremblings, not
knowing why she felt as she did. Mad, erotic thrills blasted
through her lush little body, and the wet oil inside her vagina
began boiling with anticipation. Tremors made her thighs thrill
all the more as his hands pressed on them, opening them. His
fingers were crawling closer and closer to the pink swamp at her
fulcrum. Looking down, Wendy watched her stepfather expose her
heated coral slash to his hungering eyes. He remained on his
knees in front of the sofa, staring into the deep, core of her
flowerlike interior.

Wendy lay back, propped up on her elbows, staring between her
upraised knees at the licentious hunger on Herb's face. She
unbuttoned the lower part of her shirt so it wouldn't block her

Herb was hungry for her cunt, all right. She saw it in his eyes.
At this point nothing in the world was capable of stopping him,
short of her mother walking into the house, and, even that might

He remained kneeling for a long, long time, staring at her up
tilted cunt-lips, and his looks made her breath catch in her
throat. Lord! She felt so hot! And then the man suddenly lunged
forward, his head moving between the columns of her young white
thighs, and his tongue lanced into the throbbing center of her
nookie. Wendy shuddered as the spear of his oral digit sank right
into her cunt.

"Uuuuhhhnnhh!" she gasped, her body almost out of control,
jerking wildly from side to side.

She gasped insanely, feeling his lingual digit flicker against
the sensitive BB of her clitoris for the briefest instant before
sliding lower and licking its way through the creaming gash of
her cunt. Her labia felt the rapturous thrill of his wash rag
tongue. She automatically humped her body up and down. She
squeezed her cunt-lips together in the hope of trapping his
tongue between them. It felt so unbelievably good in there!

Wendy gasped as Herb's lips and tongue began working with
maddening fury over the wide-open ripeness of-her tingling cunt.
Propping herself a little higher on her elbows, Wendy saw Herb's
eyes were wide open, staring into the wanton depths of the
salacious pussy into which his tongue was stabbing. Occasionally
his eyes wandered higher, looking under her partly open shirt,
staring at her brown nipples. For the first time Wendy was aware
of their stiffness and realized her nipples were growing even if
her breasts were taking their time.

Herb smiled inwardly, a wanton victorious smile, listening to the
girl's heavy breathing as the hot, stabbing point of his licking
tongue worked its way up and down the tasty interior of her
slavering cunt-lips. Christ! She tasted fabulous. He wondered if
her mother, his wife, tasted as good.

Wendy writhed, feeling the wiggling tongue wash over her soft
flesh repeatedly, letting her body accustom itself to the feel of
the tickling, lapping digit and the slick way it felt against her
outer labia. Wendy sensed the pulsations in her inner lips as
well, feeling his slick tongue slither through her narrow
opening, stopping on the out swipe to taste her shivering

Reaching under her, Herb's hands cupped and gripped her round,
firm asscheeks, making Wendy gasp even louder. She was being
tugged forward until her buttocks rested on the edge of the sofa
cushion, then he tugged her thighs wider apart, opening the
valley of her bare cunt-tunnel to the hunger of his eager mouth.
His tongue lapped up and down, up and down, and each time it
licked down, it stabbed forward, attempting to penetrate her
vaginal corridor.

Each time his tongue licked along her inner lips, Wendy felt new
shudders blast through her young body. She heard high-pitched
squeals, and only after the third one did she realize the sounds
were coming from her own mouth. She squirmed from side to side,
feeling him stab his tongue in again and again. Her squeals
turned into unintelligible sounds of rapture. Her voice was a
rhapsody of erotic desire, and the sounds inflamed Herb
Rheingold, urging his tongue deeper and deeper.

Wendy felt the wet tongue suddenly slide out of her vaginal
center and move lower, licking across her perineum. His chin
rested on the heels of his hands, cupping her asscheeks. Then the
tongue moved into the crack between her asscheeks.

Wendy squealed and jumped, thrilling to the touch between her
buttocks, and when her ass came down into his palms again, the
tip of his tongue tantalized the puckered rosebud of her anus.
This made her shout and squeal all the louder.

The unexpected contact of Herb's tongue against the tight,
rubbery ring brought a long gasp of excitement and arousal from
her anguished lips. Now Wendy no longer thought of the rights and
wrongs of what was happening. There was nothing debasing in what
she was feeling. And as long as she and Herb didn't talk about
it, there was no way her mom was going to find out. The more she
felt, the more the girl enjoyed. It was as correct for her to
enjoy these things a it was for her mother to en-joy what Herb
did to her. Gosh! The mere idea of feeling it all made this seem
more than all right--it was wonderful! And Herb was just the
right man to do all these things. No wonder her mother had
married him!

Unable to maintain control over her body, the young girl moved
her torso all the more quickly, heaving her wet thighs higher,
thrilling to the tingle of his wet tongue licking against her
rectum as well as through the swamp of her vaginal temple. His
tongue thrust itself into her asshole more, deeply, attempting to
set her anal tunnel on fire with licentious ecstasy. The movement
of the tongue against her asshole told Wendy he wanted her to
surrender her body to his licking tongue. Her flesh quivered and
trembled, beyond control, totally lost in the sump of delight
surrounding her.

The way Herb's fingers clutched her ass let Wendy know he was
aware of her complete surrender. She felt him smile as his thick
tongue worked its way up to her seething nookie again. The bare
flesh of her cunt-lips rubbed against his light stubble, arousing
her excited flesh even more. Her sexually slick vaginal interior
slid tantalizingly around Herb's tongue. The pulsating, spasming
walls of her vagina flexed repeatedly. The girl's broiling cunt
did its utmost to tug his tongue into her depths. The very
slickness of it fired her to heights Wendy had never dreamed

Now the girl knew she had been right in her assumption. Her
stepfather had been interested in what lay between her thighs. He
was also interested in her rectum, as he had been interested in
her mother's. Well, as long as it was his tongue that entered her
anus, she was more than willing to let it happen. But she'd be
damned if she'd let him put his pole up there, as he'd done to
her mother, even if her mother had enjoyed it tremendously.

As she thought these things, Wendy realized her body was totally
helpless against the assault of her stepfather's tongue. With
each passing second she felt more and more rapture overtaking
her. Gosh, yes! She loved this. And to think Herb was willing to
buy her presents to let him do this to her. Wow! This was
complete ecstatic rapture! How lucky can a girl get--to have a
man do this to her and pay for the privilege!

Even as she thought this, it occurred to Wendy there was more to
this than she had realized. If he was willing to buy her presents
for letting him use his tongue to bring her all kinds of rapture,
what more was he willing to do for her if she brought him the
same kind of pleasure? Hey, now there was a thing to consider!

Her mind blanked out all thoughts as her body felt itself aroused
beyond any point of return. She squirmed, writhed and wriggled
insanely, wantonly bouncing her buttocks on the sofa cushion
because of the insane lapping of her hungry stepfather. If she
didn't reach a peak similar to that she'd felt yesterday and last
night, she'd go totally insane.

Her fingers twined themselves in Herb's hair as she gasped out a
low, soul-rending sigh. Thoughts of material gain were
temporarily forgotten. In fact, thoughts of anything other than
total enjoyment were thoroughly wiped from her brain for the
moment. All Wendy cared about at that moment was the mad lapping
Herb was performing in her wet, sodden tunnel. The tongue felt as
if it were tromboning in and out of her, the way she had seen
Herb's thick penis move in and out of her mother's rectum.

Wendy's head flailed from side to side against the sofa cushions.
Her lips pulled back. She felt the oncoming swells of her orgasm
about to engulf her. The muscles in her strained body tautened as
her fingers tugged even more strongly on Herb's hair. She was
puffing her stepfather's face into her bubbling center. Her
entire inner self was completely aroused by the lancing, stabbing
tongue. It made her thrill all the more with every passing

"Yes, yes, yes," she all but screamed. "Do it, Herb! Just keep on
doing it to me."

"Do what?" Herb abruptly asked, lifting his face from the
seething depths of her cunnus. She saw the wide leer of triumph
on his face and realized she didn't have quite as much control
over him as she had believed. He was making her beg for what he
was doing, rather than begging her. Oh, the son of a bitch! He
really knew how to get to a girl. But she knew he still intended
buying her the things he promised. Herb Rheingold was-a man true
to his word. Well, she'd make him pay in spades. She'd make him
buy her two complete mini-dress outfits for making her beg.

"Come on," he insisted, "Tell me what it is you want me to do."

"I want you to keep licking me there," she said, refusing to give
him the satisfaction of saying words he made her mother say.

"Where?" Herb teased, his eyes bright with lust. "Tell me, Wendy.
Where, precisely do you want me to lick?"

"My vagina," she snapped impatiently. "I want you to keep on
licking my vagina with your tongue."

"It's more than a vagina," he told her hoarsely. "It's called a
cunt, a pussy, a hole, a box, and when there's hair around it,
it's called a cunt, a pussy, a hole, a box, and when there's hair
around it, it's called a muff and a beaver. It's all those things
and more. And I want to hear you say those words. The sound of
them arouses me to my best efforts. Do you understand?"

"Y-yes," she nodded, aching for him to continue.

"Then say it," he insisted, quietly.

Shuddering, she stared at him, then said, "Lick my cunt, Herb.
Sink your tongue into my pussy and swab it out. Lick my box until
there's nothing left inside.


"Yes, oh yes. Please, please, put your lips on my cunt," she
said, seeing the lascivious words inflaming him. "Tickle my hole
with your m-m-mouth. Drink the sauce that comes out of it."

"That's excellent" Herb nodded. "You're showing some initiative,
thinking of words by yourself. I like that in a girl. You and I
are going to get along very nicely from now on, Wendy."

Her eyes were tightly closed. Her heart trip hammered in her
young breast, and she gasped and panted, rubbing her bare
buttocks on the sofa cushions. Her head lolled from side to side.
Wendy quivered with the lust burning through her body.

"Please, Herb," she pleaded. "Please lick my cunt. Lick it again
and again and again and again."

With a large smile on his face, Herb Rheingold pushed his face
savagely forward and down, opening his mouth and letting it press
against the slippery, lathering lips of her waiting vagina. His
working tongue snaked into her vaginal orifice for the ultimate

"Ahhhhh! Ohhh! Uuuunnggh!" the young girl gasped as the long,
knowing oral digit slavered all the more deeply into her. Her
body shuddered and leaped with lurching convulsions.

Herb proceeded to lasciviously lap his tongue through the girl's
wet, trembling snatch. His hands slid under her partly opened
shirt and pressed against the hard, pebble-like nubbins of her
nipples until she was in anguished rapture. His lips and tongue
continued their steady assault on her wide open trench, slurping
noisily to let her know how much he enjoyed what he was doing.

Wendy heard the wanton, lascivious noises he made as he sucked,
and her fingers once again gripped his hair tightly. She tugged
harder and harder, forcing his face into her creaming depths. Her
taut little body seemed to convulse repeatedly in an effort to
reach that all-important orgasm.

What the heck is keeping it away? she wondered, but her body
continued thrilling to the way his tongue continually worked
through her. She especially liked the way the flat of his lingual
digit lingered against her clitoris.

Now Wendy's head whipped wildly from side to side. Her gasping
urged Herb to continue, and the man's mouth opened all the wider,
slamming his lapping tongue along the smooth, sensitive gash,
feeling the puffy cunt-lips surround it and pull on it. One day
soon, rich brown curls would adorn that pubis, but until that
time, his tongue intended enjoying the bare plane.

Wendy squealed as Herb's tongue formed into a scoop and sank full
length into her interior oven. He plunged it in and out of her,
moving the tongue faster and faster, hotly sliding the hardened
extension into her dilating and contracting cunny.

Wendy wanted to scream with pleasure. She gasped as he lanced his
oral extension into her seething trough, repeatedly letting it
scoop around inside, dredging out the wonderful fluids she had to

Herb's hands once again lifted her asscheeks, offering the entire
plane of her sodden vagina to his hungering mouth. His long,
anxious tongue stabbed and poked deeper into the burning, fuming
center of her anxious cunt as his fingers compressed the cheeky
flesh of her buttocks more solidly.

Wendy's weeping, sighing pleasure bounced off the living room
walls and traveled through the entire house.

Oh, wow! Golly! Great God Almighty! Oooooonnnhhhh!

And then her mind began screaming all kinds of four-letter
epithets. Fuck! Suck! Hump! Cunt! Cock!

Now she put them into sentences in her mind.

Suck my cunt! Fuck that tongue into me! Use it like a cock! Make
me hump my ass against your mouth!

Cock! That was one word Herb hadn't taught her. She realized
she'd heard her mother use the word. After seeing that long
extension between Herb's thighs the previous night, Wendy knew
she'd have to be a total moron not to know the meaning of cock.

She rotated her buttocks wildly on the sofa. His tongue assaulted
the furnace of her pussy. And then, as her tight, small, round
asscheeks squeezed together and trembled, she once again felt his
seething tongue lick across the small bridge below her vagina and
leap into her ass-crack, seeking the entrance to her rectum. She
instantly relaxed her buttocks and allowed the thick tongue to
probe against the secret ring of her sphincter.

Wendy sucked in her breath, gasping and sighing beyond belief.
She moaned and groaned, not caring how wrong it might be in the
eyes of the rest of the world. All that mattered was, it felt
good. She slammed her vagina and rectum against his lips and
tongue as hard as possible, feeling the way his mouth literally
kissed and sucked at her wet vestibule. The tip of his tongue
licked against her, probing, pushing, pressing into her
sphincter, working at it again and again, widening it. This time
the sphincter surrendered quickly, and Wendy felt her body
shaking beyond control. There was an inundating sensual spasm
shooting madly through her seething interior, repeatedly
twitching as one convulsion followed another. Wild, orgiastic
desires rippled through her, seizing her inner body and making
her squirm.

Herb lapped and sucked, licking insanely, drinking the viscous
juice as it came pouring out of her. His tongue slid into her
anal center while her vagina continued releasing the thick
outpouring of lubrication, letting it wash all over his face
before dripping onto his tongue and into his mouth.

She was in anxious torment now, begging for release. Wendy found
herself reveling in driving, uncontrolled spasms as her lust
filled body neared the brink of eruption. The orgasm was hanging
there, just beyond reach, waiting to take complete and total
control of her girlish body. Wendy was reaching out to it,
begging to feel it. This was one climax she needed very much. She
had to have it. She ached so much for it, her body became a
tormented mass of spastic shuddering.

She was well aware this climax, waiting to arrive, was far more
powerful than either of her two previous orgasms. It was an atom
bomb compared to a firecracker. This was one orgasm she had to
have, even if it meant total oblivion.

Herb was well aware of her oncoming orgasm. It was only a matter
of seconds, now. The man had no doubt Wendy would shortly attain
total satisfaction, which was his goal. He was responsible for it
happening, and he was the one she'd come to for another one. One
thing was certain in the mind of Herb Rheingold, and that was, he
was definitely going further. For now, doing things with his
tongue was all that was necessary. He'd take out his frustrations
on his wife, later in the evening, but this oncoming orgasm
should be in the girl to him for as long as he wanted her.

Wendy felt him stabbing his lapping tongue into the tightness of
her rectal interior. Each time it went in, the tongue moved
around and around before pulling out with a light "pop". Then his
tongue returned to the girl's pussy, and Wendy's creaming cunt
was begging to feel it. His mouth licked and her body writhed.
Wendy's face was a mask of thrills and concentration.

The orgasm was closer now. She felt it crawling slowly, along her
nerves, trying to reach the ends. All the while her body

Wendy squirmed and wriggled, half-turning one way, then turning
the opposite direction. The lingual attack made the girl want to
scream, loud enough to be heard at the other end of the block.
Wendy wanted to run up the nearest wall, the feelings inside her
were so rampantly wonderful. Oh God! God! She needed the climax
now. She needed it badly. It had to come. It didn't dare hold
back. The rapturous ecstasy filling her loins made her head
swivel wildly. She slammed her seething cunt into Herb's mouth
with vicious blows of her pelvis. Her hands tugged on his hair,
pulling her face into her seething depths, sensing the gathering
storm of climactic joy building, building, building, now


Her voice was a high-pitched siren, screaming in time to, the way
she slammed her crotch against Herb's nose. Her squeal rang
loudly in her ears, and her hands, still tightly twined in his
hair, all but pulled everything out by the roots. Wendy ached to
fit his entire face into the narrow slit of her virgin cunt.

The flood of juices blasting from inside her cunt drenched Herb's
face, washing his forehead and eyebrows, slickly covering his
cheeks and forehead. More of the ocean of outpouring fluids
flooded along her inner thighs and perineum, running into her
ass-crack, seeping, into the tingling asshole the man had so
recently laved with his tongue. More of it drenched the sofa

Wendy humped and shoved her pelvis repeatedly into Herb's mouth,
and with each convulsion she screamed another,
"HHHAAIIIYYYAGGHH!" And all the while, Herb continued sucking,
licking and lapping, thrusting his tongue against her sodden
interior as a mole burrows into the ground.

Little by little the thrilling sensations slowly vanished, and
the girl felt tired, very tired. Now all she wanted was sleep.

God! What a feeling! What a fantastic sensation! Anything she'd
felt from the pressure of her own fingers was nothing compared to
Herb Rheingold's tongue.

"Okay," Herb gasped, finally taking his face away from her
junction and drying it with her torn panties. "There's more of
this, but in the future, you and I have to talk about making me
happy, too."

"Any time," Wendy sighed, smiling. "Any time. Uhhh ... about that
stereo ... "

"It'll be here later today," he assured her. "And Saturday you
and I will shop for your new lollipop panties."

Chapter 7

That night, as she lay in her bed, Wendy listened to the wildest
fucking session her mother had ever enjoyed with Herb Rheingold.
She smiled to herself, knowing she was the reason for it.

When Herb and her mother had first started going together, Wendy
had been tempted to break it up, as she had broken up many of her
mother's previous possible marriages. What decided her against it
was the other man her mother was seeing while dating Herb
Rheingold. Albert Elkal was a sleazy little weasel with a nasty
temper and an ugly face which he hid, to the best of his ability,
behind a mustache. Elkal had openly told Wendy he intended
marrying her mother and then sending her away to a private
school. True, her mother might have rejected Elkal as well as
Herb Rheingold, but Wendy didn't want to take the chance. So
whenever Herb was around, Wendy smiled and even talked with him a
little. She behaved shyly, and didn't bring up his bad qualities
to her mother as she had with all her mother's previous suitors,
and as she emphatically did with Elkal. And Maryann, seeing how
well Herb seemed to get along with her daughter, set her sights
on Herb.

Now Wendy was overjoyed. Herb had made her happy in a way none of
her mother's other suitors thought to do, though she confessed
the last thing she'd have wanted was Albert Elkal's mouth against
her young vagina.

Though very young, Wendy was old enough to know her mother must
never find out what happened, or might happen in the future with

This was something she and Herb had to discuss when he took her
shopping Saturday, provided her mother didn't come along. There
was every possibility her mother would let the two of them shop
alone. Maryann constantly expressed a desire for Wendy and Herb
to become closer. True, if Maryann ever found out how close her
daughter had become with her husband, there'd be no living with
her. Aside from the adultery involved, Maryann was the type to
think her daughter was trying to steal her husband from her. The
truth was, Wendy had no interest in Herb other than as someone to
make her happy, either sexually, or by buying something for her.

Though Herb came home for lunch for the next three days, he
didn't make any kind of pass at Wendy. She sat at the kitchen
table and talked with him while he ate. They even discussed what
happened between them the previous Tuesday afternoon. But Herb
explained there was always the possibility of Maryann walking in
on them, and so, much as he admitted wanting her, he claimed they
mustn't do anything in the house again.

Wendy was intelligent enough to make no more demands from Herb in
what she wanted him to buy her. Too much pressure would turn him
off. She also agreed, the next time they got together, two things
had to happen. First, she wanted to give him some kind of
satisfaction in a way her mother had not yet done, and second,
she wanted him to do with her exactly what he did with her mother
in their bedroom. Herb was more than happy to agree.

Chapter 8

Friday afternoon, after Herb had gone back to work, Irene,
Wendy's friend from next-door, came to visit her. Irene's eyes
were red from crying.

The girl was not much taller than Wendy, though two years older.
She had dark brown hair, a cute, heart-shaped face with a
turned-up nose and a Cupid's-bow upper lip. Although slender,
with almost boyish hips, there was nothing boyish about the
girl's full breasts. On a taller girl they, might have looked
just right. On Irene, they looked big. Even with a shapeless,
unbelted dress, Irene's mammaries were obvious.

"Hey," Wendy asked, letting the girl in, "what's wrong?"

"I met this fella at the library yesterday," Irene explained. "He
bought me a soda afterward and walked me home, and my mom started
screaming because I was a little late. She called me all kinds of
names and chased the boy away and said I was grounded except for
coming here to see you."

Wendy felt sorry for Irene. The girl's mother was ten times worse
than Maryann when it came to her daughter. Boy, if Irene ever got
her vagina sucked, she'd be in ecstasy forever. Too bad Herb
wasn't here to do something about it.

Wait a minute, Wendy thought. Why do we need Herb? Heck, if he
liked doing it to me that much, why I'll bet I'd like doing it to
some other girl. Gee! That'd be something worth trying. And if
Irene liked it enough, she might want to do it to me!

"Let's go down into the basement and listen to records," Wendy
suggested. "I just got a new stereo."

"What I need," Irene said, as they walked down the basement steps
from the kitchen, "is to find some guy who likes mousey girls
like me, and who's willing to take me away from my `parents'

"What you need is to learn how to enjoy your body," Wendy told
her, stacking some records on the phonograph.

The basement had a tile floor, with a bar at one end of the room.
The walls were paneled with mahogany. The stereo setup was near
the stairs, and there were some folding chairs around the room,
but except for a cedar hope chest which had come with the house,
there was no real furniture in the basement.

"Hey, I know more about my body than you think," Irene told her.
"I mean, even if my folks want to try and keep me ignorant, we
have all kinds of sex-education courses in school. I probably
know a lot more than you."

But even as she talked, Irene allowed Wendy to put an arm around
her. The two hopped up on the cedar chest. She drummed her feet
against the side of the chest until Wendy said, "Hey, if you're
going to kick the chest like that, kick your shoes off so you
don't leave any marks."

The two girls removed their shoes and let them fall to the floor.
Then, side by side, they lay down together on top of the cedar
chest. Irene removed her glasses and put them on a nearby folding
chair before snuggling against Wendy and holding the younger girl
tightly against her. Wendy felt very warm with the older girl
against her. She snuggled in with her face against Irene's
breasts. She sensed the girl's nipples starting to grow the
moment her cheek pressed against the girl's bosom. For a long
time they simply lay there, listening to the music, clinging to
one another, with Irene sniffling a little because of what had

Irene clung to Wendy, relaxing for the first time since her
mother yelled at her. Wendy's fingers stroked her deftly, sliding
over her trim little body, stroking her firm breasts and running
over her buttocks. Irene liked the way Wendy caressed her, and
she pressed her body all the more tightly to that of the younger
girl. There was nothing unnatural about the way her friend
caressed her. Everything seemed very comforting, and in time the
unhappiness she felt began melting away in Wendy's embrace. Irene
no longer felt alone.

Little by little serenity grew in her as the timid girl began
experiencing her first flutters of sensual arousal. Wendy was
unskilled at caressing, but knowing what she wanted to feel, she
assumed Irene might enjoy the same thing. Irene's body jerked the
first time Wendy's fingers brushed across her dress-covered
belly. And then Wendy's hand slid beneath her dress and started
touching her thighs. Irene knew she ought to object, but it felt
so good, especially when the girl's fingers ran up against the
warm nakedness of her belly, making sensual little circles.

"What are you doing?" Irene finally asked, her voice a hoarse
whisper as she attempted to regain control of herself. "I thought
girls didn't touch one another."

"Gee, I didn't know," Wendy replied. "I like to be touched by

"Go on, when were you ever touched by a man?" Irene asked.

"I ... can't talk about it, Irene. But I was touched by a man,
almost the same way I'm touching you. And it was nice, really
nice. I don't see anything wrong in making you feel as good as I
felt. I mean, if you don't want me to touch you, just say so.
I'll stop," Wendy said.

"Oh, no, don't stop, Wendy. I like it. Did you learn all this
from being touched by a man?"

"Uh-huh! Irene, I'd like to do something with you, but it has to
be a secret between the two of us."

"Sure," Irene agreed.

"First well, I know this sounds kooky, but I'd like to kiss you."

"Why? Did the man kiss you?"

"No, but I like you. I have this crazy urge to kiss you. Would it
bother you?"

"Gosh, I guess not. Kissing's supposed to be nice."

"I know, but I want to kiss you the way I saw my stepfather kiss
my mother. Okay?"

"Gee, sure. Go ahead."

And Wendy pulled Irene close to her, kissing her full on the
mouth. Her tongue slid between Irene's surprised lips. At first
Irene tried to recoil, but it was the first loving contact she'd
had with anyone for as long as she remembered. The warm imprint
of Wendy's lips seemed to sop up all the hurt and sorrow Irene
was feeling. The older girl found herself responding, kissing
back. She moved closer.

It seemed natural to hold Wendy tight and let her legs fall open
as Wendy's warm, rounded knee slid up between her thighs, rubbing
sensuously over the puffy lips of her vagina. No one had ever
touched her there before. Irene had never even touched herself
there. Still, she parted her legs a bit more and let Wendy's knee
rub against her hair-lined, pouting labia. After all, she still
had her panties on.

Irene's full breasts flattened against her as Wendy pressed her
own chest solidly against that of the older girl. Soon their
bodies were rubbing up and down, undulating together, and all the
while their lips continued kissing and their tongues

"Hey, you know what," Wendy said. "You're all tense and scared.
What you need is a long soak in a hot tub."

"Oh gosh, I don't feel like taking a bath now," Irene murmured,
trying to kiss her again.

"Mom says, whenever she's tense or nervous, she sits in a hot
bathtub for a little while, and everything is drained out of

"Okay," Irene finally agreed.

"Look, there's an extra bathroom right down here. It was built by
the man who lived here before us. It has a full-sized tub and
everything. Hey, if you're hungry ..."

"No thanks, I don't feel like eating," Irene told her.

"Hey, would you like me take a bath with you?"

"Why not! It might be fun."

Wendy went into the downstairs bathroom and turned on the water
in the tub. Then she went back to the playroom where Irene was
already undressing. Wendy had expected Irene to be embarrassed
about undressing in front of her, but the older girl felt no
qualms about showing her naked self to the other girl.

Irene's breasts were full and the nipples tilted up. Maybe in
later years her breasts might hang, but for the moment they stood
up nicely, with dark brown nipples and almost no aureole

The hair on Irene's pussy was already thick, lush, and curly. She
had a better-than-average figure, and her body was firm because
of exercises she did in the school gym.

The sight of Irene's cunny made Wendy feel heat in her own pussy.
For some unexplainable reason she wanted to press her mouth to
Irene's vagina and kiss it. She wanted to prove to herself she
was as good as Herb Rheingold. She undressed.

Irene stepped into the hot tub, and she and Wendy sat down and
relaxed until the water started cooling off. Then the two stepped
out of the bathtub and dried one another off.

The warm bath made Irene a little lethargic. She looked at Wendy
as she dried herself off and had to admit Wendy had nice, firm
flesh. She also had a nice white skin tone.

After hanging the towels up to dry, Wendy spread clean towels on
top of the cedar chest and the two girls lay down together.

"Feeling better, Irene?" Wendy asked.

"Much better," the naked Irene replied, staring up at the

"Rest awhile. We can talk, and if you feel like it, you can take
a nap."

To Irene, that sounded very good. The crying had left her
exhausted. She snuggled against Wendy, feeling the younger girl's
arms surround her as her own arms wrapped themselves around
Wendy's body. Irene felt the other girl's soft, naked warmth.

"You know, you're really a beautiful girl," Wendy said to her
friend, whispering with her young lips against the lobe of
Irene's ear.

Wendy reasoned the touch of a tongue must be very sensual no
matter where it licked, and lightly touched the rim of her
friend's ear. At the same time, remembering how her stepfather
had fingered her nipples the previous Tuesday, her hand cupped
and squeezed Irene's full, round breast.

"Mmmmm!" Irene responded, not pulling away.

"Rest, relax," Wendy told her.

Irene wondered if it was right to let Wendy do these things.
Still, Wendy wasn't a boy, and there was no way her friend might
make her pregnant. Besides, all her energy felt sapped from her
body, slowing her ability to think clearly. She found herself
sighing and snuggling against Wendy as the younger girl decided
to become more daring. Lowering her head, Wendy took Irene's
nipple between her lips, rolling it over her tongue, repeatedly
washing it. Wendy used her tongue like a paintbrush, repeatedly
drawing salivary lines around her friend's nipple, then sucking
the nipple tautly. Irene trembled at the oral contact, then
twitched as she felt fingers sliding over the sensitive flesh of
her inner thighs. The fingers lightly brushed the still-wet curly
hairs ringing her moist pussy.

"Oh, Wendy," she gasped softly as the younger girl's hand closed
over her virginal mound and flattened it. The palm began a
continuing circular movement, building tantalizations in Irene's
body. Without realizing it, the older girl began responding
sensually to Wendy's manipulation.

Wendy felt Irene's thighs relax even as the latter's pelvis began
undulating up and down, hungering to learn if there was more to
this new, wonderful feeling she was experiencing. The younger
girl continued sucking her friend's nipple, pulling on it with
her lips. The bud seemed to extend more.

Irene looked down, watching Wendy suck her nipple and lick her
breast, seeing the way Wendy savored the burning, blood-filled
tip. A finger suddenly slipped between the swelling folds of her
wet cunt-lips, sliding up and down in the narrow slit, making the
area wetter. Irene moaned, "Wendy, is this right ..."

"After the bawling-out you got, you need to feel something good,"
the younger girl whispered. "Honest, Irene. It'll be good. All of
it. You'll see. You'll love it. This'll make you forget every
reason you have for feeling unhappy. You'll see."

"Uuuuunnnhhh!" the bewitched older girl moaned.

Irene knew this was wrong. Her mother might not have said
anything about it, but she'd learned about it in sex-ed, in high
school. She felt totally helpless. Wendy's girlish fingers
touching her ... soft lips and delicate fingertips, that working,
squirming tongue ... all those overpowered her mind in its
present weakened condition. She managed to mumble one more
protest, claiming, "It's wrong. It's Lesbian."

"Who cares what it is if it makes you feel good?" Wendy
whispered. "You're tight, wound up. Your sweet cunt is on fire.
If you leave here and go home, you'll only become more nervous.
You're in no shape to face your mother's yelling. I'll take care
of you, Irene. I'll sap the pressure out of you. Then, when you
go home, let your mother yell all she wants. You'll be so happy,
her words won't get through to you. You'll see. I only want
what's good for you."

"Oh gosh!" the confused older girl mumbled, still staring at the

Somehow it all made sense. There was no question she was all
wound up. If she went back home in a little while, feeling tense
and nervous, anything her mother did or said would only make her
feel worse. What Wendy wanted to do was unnatural, but if it made
her feel good, so what? What did it matter whether she was loved
by a girl or by a man? Heck! A girl might even be better. Maybe
she had Lesbian tendencies, herself. But heck, it was sure her
friend, knowing her as she did, was able to make her feel
comfortable and relaxed.

"Okay," Irene sighed, almost purring. "Do what you think best."

Wendy smiled to herself, thinking of Irene as her second conquest
in the same week. It felt good knowing people of both sexes
wanted her.

Irene trembled uncontrollably as Wendy sat up, slid down the
length of the cedar chest, and positioned herself between Irene's
widespread thighs. The older girl felt Wendy's hands slide,
beneath her buttocks and cup them, using her thumbs to spread her
sopping, tingling lips wide apart, and then she trembled as
Wendy's breath warmly covered the wet opening. Once more using
her elbows to prop herself up, Irene stared as Wendy's face
dipped lower.

Wendy inhaled the clean, musky scent of her friend's cunt. Wow!
This was really something! She felt heat blast through her body.
No wonder Herb had been so excited. For the first time, Wendy
began wondering whether she had really been the only recipient
when Herb had lapped her pussy. She felt burning urges blister
through her aching body, and knew she wanted to suck and lick and
slurp and eat that dripping, hair-lined gash before her face
until the juice no longer ran out.

"Unngghh!" Irene gasped, feeling the magical contact of mouth and
tongue on her pink, girlish flesh. She trembled as the glistening
tongue-tip licked up and down the flowering slit of her aching
vagina, as if seeking out the tasty spots. The tongue washed up
and down, licked from side to side, and finally found Irene's
delicate clitoris.

Wendy let her lingual digit dance over the extended nubbin again
and again as her friend finally lost all control and began
furiously bucking her cunt against her face, as she had slammed
her own pussy into the face of Herb Rheingold. Irene's hands
reached down and gripped Wendy's soft, brown hair, much the, way
Wendy's hands had gripped Herb's hair. The idea of Irene reacting
exactly as she had reacted with added spice to Wendy's
cuntlapping. She was enjoying herself immensely, thrilling to the
taste of her friend's pussy. It was a wonderful new experience,
and if Irene liked it as much as she liked doing it, this would
be the first of many cuntlappings.

Though Irene was sensual enough to enjoy a man as much as a
woman, Wendy's tonguing was something she'd never forget. Wendy,
being a female, licked more delicately than men would, later on.
The flicking of her oral digit seemed better timed at teasing her
vibrating clitoris, as well as lapping into her seething hole.

Wendy's mouth, hot, wet, excited, came all the more tightly down
on her most sensitive areas, sucking wildly even as her tongue
worked like buttery, almost liquid whip against the extension of
her ultra-sensitive little clit.

Remembering how much her mother had enjoyed Herb's cock in her
anus, Wendy wondered if Irene might enjoy a finger probing into
hers. It was worth a try.

Irene felt her friend's forefinger tease her rectal rosebud, and
before she realized what had happened, Wendy's finger was sliding
into her rectum, lightly rotating as it moved in. There was no
pain. Irene was totally relaxed. The older girl groaned with
greater passion and let herself completely surrender to
everything, scissoring her thighs around the slavering face of
the younger girl. And all the while Wendy used her other hand to
knead the flesh of Irene's white buttocks.

The sensations were too much for Irene. Before she realized what
was really happening, her inner muscles began tightening and
spasming. The cords in her belly rippled as a thick outpouring of
lubrication charged down the steaming depths of her vaginal
interior to splash all over Wendy's face. And Wendy, tasting the
fluid, drank thirstily.

"AAAYYYAAAGGGHHH!" Irene screamed. "Something's happening inside

With her friend writhing, fucking her pelvis wildly against
Wendy's face, the younger girl continued drinking the sweet
orgasmic juices, pulling them down her throat. She forced Irene's
thighs wider apart and back so her kneecaps almost touched her
bobbling breasts as she avidly lapped up all of the precious
fluid her mouth was able to find. The entire basement room was
filled with the rich, heady scent of both shamelessly aroused
vaginas, and the wet sounds of licking and sucking seemed to
drown out the moans of Irene's rapture.

When it was over, Irene reached down and pulled Wendy up beside
her, and to Wendy's surprise, her friend began licking and
lapping whatever juices were on her face. Their lips kissed and
kissed again and their tongues entwined fervently.

Irene's mind was in turmoil. For a long time she clutched Wendy
to her, enjoying the sweet Lesbian embrace. It was all so new, so
beautiful, so shockingly delightful to her. And to think it took
a girl two years younger than herself to teach it to her!

Deeply, lingeringly, she kissed Wendy's mouth, then said, "I want
to do the same thing to you. Please!"

In response, the younger girl sank her fingers into her friend's
bubbling pussy, once more parting the sensitive outer lips and
pinching the clitoris.

"Ummmmm!" was all Irene was able to gasping when Wendy used her
other hand to guide Irene's fingers along her body, between her
slender white legs, and up to her own bare pubis. Irene reacted
immediately, stroking and caressing the hot, moist sides of
Wendy's pussy as if she'd done this a thousand times before. Now
it was her turn to slither down, licking Wendy's throat, then
letting her tongue ramble across the budding nipples on Wendy's
flat chest. Irene pulled Wendy's right nipple between her lips
and sucked furiously, enjoying Wendy's automatic caressing of her
own body.

"Oooooh!" Wendy sighed. "You sure learn fast. Boy, it feels good,
really good!"

Wendy held Irene close to her body, stroking her dark brown hair,
and Irene found herself lost again in a maddening reverie,
experiencing sensations that she'd had no idea existed. It amazed
her that Wendy was the one bringing them out in her.

"Irene," Wendy whispered, "would you like to be fucked?"

"My mother would kill me!" Irene whispered. "I don't dare.
Besides, if we do something with one of the boys around here,
he'd be sure to tell all the other boys."

"I'm not talking about a boy. I'm talking about getting fucked by
a man. And this man not only knows how to keep his mouth shut,
but he knows all about precautions. He'd made sure we didn't get
pregnant. Hey, we could lose our virginity together. Come on,

"I ... don't know," Irene shuddered.

"I hear it feels even better than what I did with you."

"We'll talk about it later," Irene insisted. "Right now, I want
to kiss you down there, like you did with me."

"We can kiss each other," Wendy insisted.

Moving with the agility of a cobra, Wendy turned around so her
vagina hovered near Irene's face. Her own eyes stared into the
heavenly pink pit she had already licked once that afternoon.

Irene stared up and saw the pink, curly-cued lips of Wendy's
vagina. The sight and scent of it made the heavy juices in her
body boil even faster. Her nostrils flared repeatedly at the rich

"Start kissing and licking," Wendy told her, at the same time
parting her trembling loins. Once again, Wendy's pretty face sank
into the swamp of Irene's tender flesh.

Irene hesitated only until Wendy's tongue slashed between her
cuntal lips and pressed into her seething, bubbling, anxious
hole. Then, with a deep sigh, letting her friend know how much
she wanted this, she tugged Wendy's inviting slash onto her
wide-open mouth, thrilling to her first taste of the younger
girl's membranes. Wendy's thighs opened as wide as possible,
making things easy for Irene.

From that point everything was natural. Irene needed neither
guidance nor encouragement. Her arms moved outside Wendy's thighs
so her fingers were able to better reach the pulsing wet slash of
pink richness. With her fingertips, she tugged Wendy's labia wide
apart. The searching point of her tongue could delve eagerly into
the glistening depths of the younger girl's wet nookie. The,
wonderful taste electrified Irene's taste buds, making her suck
and lick harder, feeling the same thrilling things being done to
her. Irene's tongue sank deeper and deeper as Wendy's vaginal
mound bucked up and down, slamming itself into the older girl's
hungering mouth. Irene's seeking tongue found the hardened
extension of Wendy's clitoris, and remembering how much she
enjoyed feeling the other girl's tongue on her own clit, began
wildly attacking it. She lapped it repeatedly with her tongue,
pressing it back into Wendy's delicate flesh, then she drew the
nubbin between her lips, pulling it into
  her mouth while her tongue whiplashed back and forth. Irene,
wanting greater access to her friend's cunt, gripped her inner
thighs with her hands and tugged them wide apart, listening to
Wendy's heated sighs of delight. The hungering fury of their twin
carnal passions totally overcame them, and the licentiously
entwined girls began rolling arid thrashing on the cedar chest as
more and more wet juice spurted from both their cunts, inundating
the room with their aromas. The wet sounds of tongues slushing
into cunts echoed and re-echoed throughout the room.

Everything save the sweet pussy she was gobbling became an
abstraction to Irene. She shuddered, feeling Wendy's tongue drill
into the depths of her cunnus, enhancing the terrible fire
continuing to rage within, and all the while she urgently fucked
her seething cunt into Wendy's anxious face, thrilling more and
more to the way Wendy's tongue reached into her.

Irene was hungry, hungry as she had never been for food. Yes,
there was unquestionably some Lesbianism in her, otherwise she
wouldn't be so hungry for the sweet, delicious pussy she was
gobbling. Her arms wrapped tightly around the base of Wendy's
spine, and her tongue worked around and around the heated depths
of Wendy's feminine sanctum, slipping out only to lap at the
girl's quivering clitoris. Her teeth even bit into the reddened
flesh of Wendy's inner labia, and it took all her willpower to
restrain from actually chewing on the flesh.

Her own cunt felt flickering flames build even faster this time.
Having learned how to achieve orgasm, she found it a simple thing
to do, and was ready for her next one.

It seemed but a few minutes before the tide of wanton lust
totally overwhelmed the two of them. Even as Irene felt her loins
quiver and quake, her mouth opened and shouted a loud,
"EEEYYYAAAAAAAGGGHHH!" into the broiling depths of Wendy's cunt.

Wendy reached her own apex, screaming "HHHHHAAAANNNOGGHHH!"
making her own vagina quiver even more. Hot, delicious secretions
drenched Irene's face, and she eagerly drank it all down,
swallowing, licking, slurping.

Exhausted, satiated, the two girls lay naked together, letting
their fiery passions totally subside.

"How about it?" Wendy asked. "Want to come with me tomorrow?"

"To be fucked?" Irene asked.


"Okay," Irene agreed, determined her life was her own, to enjoy
as she best saw fit.

Chapter 9

Saturday was a nice, sunny day. Maryann wanted to sleep late and
go to the beauty parlor later, so she readily agreed to let Herb
take Wendy shopping all day long.

"Just be home by suppertime," she murmured as her husband kissed
her cheek and got up to get dressed.

It was ten o'clock by the time he and Wendy finished breakfast
and were ready to go.

"Which do we do first?" Wendy, dressed in a blue mini-dress,
asked as they got into the Mercedes.

"Suppose we shop a little first, then we go somewhere nice and
quiet, and then shop again later on," Herb said.

"I have a little surprise for you," Wendy told him.

"What are you talking about?" Herb asked.

"You're going to fuck me today, aren't you?" she asked.

"Well, if we must be blatant about it, yes, I'm going to fuck

"Would you like to de-virginize two girls?"

"What are you talking about?" he repeated.

"Have you the stamina to fuck two virgins?"

"Hey now, wait a minute. What you and I have planned is one
thing, but I'm not going to fuck someone else's daughter as

"Why not?" Wendy asked. "I have a friend who's dying to loser her
virginity. You'd be doing her a favor. And you're smart enough to
make sure nothing accidental happens."

"Have you told anyone else about us?" Herb wanted to know.

"Of course not," Wendy replied. "I'm no dope. But if a third
party were to join us, it'd look a lot less suspicious to anyone
else. I mean, how many men take two girls out to fuck them? Come
on, Herb. She needs this. It'd be good for her self-confidence to
know she's wanted by a man."

"Jesus Christ! You have to be the craziest girl I've ever met!"

"Come on, Herb. I'll be good to you, real good. You'll see. I'll
do anything you want. I'll even let you fuck me in the ass like
you did Mom the other night."

"Oh, you saw that, did you?" Herb asked. "Well, don't think the
idea isn't tempting, but your ass is a long way from being ready
to be fucked. I have a couple of other ideas for you, Wendy.
Look, if you want to bring a friend along, fine. But she has to
have a mouth like a steel trap when it comes to talking to other
people. All I need is for some irate parent to start yelling

"She's a good kid," Wendy assured him. "And she'll keep her mouth
shut, unless you want her to use it on you."

"Say, is there anything you don't know about?" Herb asked.

"A lot of things," she assured him. "And I expect you to teach me

Opening her car window, Wendy waved to Irene, who had been
standing at her living room window, looking out. The bespectacled
young girl, wearing slacks and a loose white blouse, came running
out of her house as her mother yelled, "And don't you give Mr.
Rheingold any trouble."

No trouble, Irene thought, getting into the car. Just sex!

Chapter 10

The ride after they'd finished their morning shopping took nearly
a half hour. But as far as Wendy was concerned, it was well worth

When Herb finally stopped the car, it was in front of a small
cottage. They had passed through a gate to reach it, and Wendy
noticed many high bushes and hedges surrounding the tiny cottage.

"What is this place?" Wendy asked.

"This is where I used to take my summer vacations before I met
your mother," Herb explained as he and the two girls got out of
the car. "As a real estate agent, I find bargains, and many years
ago I found this one. It was too good to pass up, so I bought it
myself. It's a summer cottage. It has running water and
electricity. The taxes out here are dirt-cheap. But best of all,
it's private. No neighbors can see what's going on, inside or

They circled the cottage in back, there was an old basket-type
swing, though the bottom had been worn out a long time ago.
Anyone sitting in it would have his or her bottom hanging down
almost to the ground.

"Now this is the perfect place to deflower one of you," Herb
said, noting both girls were blushing. "Who wants to go first?"

On the ride up, Irene had started talking with Herb. Little by
little her shyness had faded. Now, smiling, she said, "I'll go
first. But why is this such a terrific spot?"

"See that swing?" Herb said. "Notice the bottom is missing. Also
notice the chains holding it are very much intact and won't
break. Now, suppose you were to get undressed and sit in that
swing, with your pretty little pussy hanging down through the
broken bottom. And suppose the swing were twisted a number of
times. As it was twisted, you'd go up, up, up, and when we let
go, you'd untwist and kind of corkscrew down."

"Won't my feet get in the way?" she asked.

"Not with your pretty little bottom hanging through the seat of
the swing. Your feet will be almost up in the air. Now imagine if
I were to lie down under that swing with my penis standing
straight up in the air, and as you corkscrewed down, Wendy would
guide your pretty little pussy onto my penis. Its entrance would
be slow, and Wendy will make certain you spin very slowly as you
come down, so your little tunnel will widen with a minimum of
discomfort. And this way, when your hymen touches my penis, I'll
be able to literally screw my way through it."

"Hey, that sounds terrific!" Wendy said. "I hope you have
something just as good in mind for me."

"I believe in playing things by ear," her stepfather told her.
"So suppose we undress right here and put our clothing on the

Irene blushed. This was the first time a man would see her naked
body. But Wendy quickly removed her own clothing, and Herb also
undressed, so Irene, not wanting to feel left out, took off her
own clothes. Irene noticed the flaccid thickness of Herb's cock
as it dangled between his thighs. She kept her glasses on this

"Hey," Wendy said. "We can't have that pole of yours so soft. You
can't do anything with a soft cock."

Wendy knelt in front of his penis. She began fondling it with her
fingers, causing it to grow. The scent of her stepfather's
masculinity overpowered her. Her delicate young nostrils widened
with arousal. The aroma of his penis became overwhelming, and the
young girl breathed deeply.

Irene knelt next to her and watched everything. She, too, was
able to appreciate his masculine scent, and she felt the water in
her seething vagina starting to bubble. God! This was her first
glimpse of a man's penis, and it set her on fire even more than
the sight of Wendy's vagina. Yes, yes, she wanted to be
deflowered by his wonderful male rod! Irene reached out and
petted it a little. Herb's cock twitched and swelled.

The scent of her stepfather's cock was overwhelming Wendy. She
breathed deeply, one hand cupping his balls, and the other hand
taking turns petting it with Irene. The musky odor built her lust
higher and higher. Looking up into Herb's eyes, she saw he was
very anxious to continue, almost as anxious as she. She had
wanted Irene to go first to give her friend confidence. If Herb
was able to keep his cock hard for her, so much the better. If
not, they had a lot of time together. The important thing was to
make Irene believe in her own sexuality. She knew Irene wanted
the cock as much as her stepfather wanted to bury it in both of
them. She felt it was up to her to keep things going correctly.
After all, she had seduced Herb in the first place. By letting
him know how much she appreciated what he did--and by continuing
to make him buy her things--she'd be able to overpower any
feelings of remorse he might feel, later on.

Wendy's eyes were glowing bright with anxiety. Every inner muscle
ached with youthful excitement, and every nerve ending crackled
with desire. The semi-erect penis she was fondling made her more
aroused. And when she looked at Irene, she saw her friend was as
anxious as she.

Herb was staring at her face, watching the way she gazed at his
cock. This was the first time she had seen it up close, and he
had feared she might be reticent about touching it. That she
handled it immediately, and that Irene did the same thing, made
him feel more confidence in himself. The mere sight of it caused
licentious hunger to well up in her as never before.

Wendy came closer, leaning her head over it, breathing on it. The
penis grew more, and though his thighs quivered, the rest of him
remained unmoving. Liberal quantities of heavy lubrication soaked
his half-hard cock, dribbling down to his balls, covering her

Wendy's fingertips moved around in the viscous ointment. Saliva
filled her mouth. Without being told, she wanted to suck that
penis. She wanted to cram it into her mouth, just as she bad
lapped at Irene's pussy the previous day. Sex was so natural.
Wendy took to it as a bird took to flying. Yes, she wanted to
suck that penis. She wanted to cram it into her mouth, just as
she had lapped at Irene's pussy the previous day. Sex was so
natural. Wendy took to it as a bird took to flying. Yes, she
wanted to slip her lips over that thick cock and swallow the
entire length into her mouth. It was longer than her mouth was
deep, and she wondered if the rest might fit into her throat so
her lips could kiss the base. Now, this close to her stepfather,
she realized her desire to kiss Irene's cunt had really been a
desire to suck the girl's clitoris, and she had wanted to suck
the clitoris because it was really a miniature penis. Now she had
a full-grown cock, and she intended enjoying ever
 y bit of it. She intended sucking it and making it nice and
hard, and then she'd let Irene sit in the basket-swing and screw
her way down onto it while she watched the whole thing. The mere
thought made her tingle. But for now, the cock was hers to enjoy.

The lubrication coating his penis was very thick, and though new
bubbles were forming on the tip of his glands, the earlier drops
were already evaporating. She felt his stiff penis growing
thicker and tightened her grip. She tugged it, jerking the outer
skin up, then down, and suddenly more of the colorless ointment
flowed from the tip. She sensed the tightening in. his belly. Her
hand squeezed Herb's cock. When he sighed and gasped, Irene tried
to reach out and remove Wendy's hand, aching to replace it with
her own hand.

"No," Wendy whispered. "No, let Herb look at you and admire your
breasts. Let him feel them. Right now I have no breasts for him
to feel. But until you sit on the swing, his cock is mine, all

Herb Rheingold lay back in the wooden chair, stunned, totally
unmoving, unable to believe all this was happening to him.
Wendy's fingers were jerking faster on his cock now, and a wanton
look of lust glazed her eyes. Her tiny, slender fingers were
barely able to circle the thickness of the cock as it continued
stiffening, and the lust written all over her face merely
mirrored the hunger Herb felt. He moaned and sighed, glad he had
thought to come to this deserted cottage. Wendy's fingers
tightened even more strongly around his pulsing cock.

"Christ!" he gasped.

Her fingers belonged there as much as her mother's, perhaps even
more so. He moaned and gasped, totally beyond control, save the
ability to prevent himself from ejaculating prematurely. His body
felt the thrilling shiver of overpowering, licentious shudders.

Wendy's little-girls eyes looked at him as he sat back in the
chair. She smiled the smile of a sweet, innocent girl, and in
doing so, made him hunger all the more for what she was about to
do. Nothing like having the lips of a sweet, innocent girl
wrapped around his cock.

Wendy felt as aroused as her stepfather. It was possible she and
Irene even surpassed his lascivious longings with their own. She
had her mother's sensuousness, but lacked Maryann's inhibitions.

Irene looked at the way he was perspiring. Sitting on the arm of
the wooden chair, she pressed her bare breasts into his face. She
thrilled when his mouth automatically opened and sucked her
nipple inside. His tongue licked all over the growing extension,
making the naked girl writhe.

"Oooooh! Mr. Rheingold!" she gasped.

Taking his mouth from her nipple, Herb said, "Call me Herb."

"Okay, Herb," she whispered.

"You're a well-put-together young lady," he murmured, kissing her
nipple again.

"Gee, I was so scared you wouldn't like me," she told him.

"A man would have to be a complete fool not to like you, Irene.
I'm glad Wendy brought you along. I hope you'll enjoy everything
we do."

"I know I will," Irene gasped, pressing his face into her breasts
again. "I'm fourteen now, and growing faster every day."

"I'll say," Herb murmured.

"You have one terrific penis," she whispered. "Gosh! I never
thought any man had one that big."

"It's more than a penis," Wendy said, breathing all over it. "I
heard my mother call it a cock."

"It's more than a cock," Herb told her, "just as your sweet
vagina is more than a vagina."

"I know," Wendy giggled. "It's a cunt, a pussy, and a box. And
Irene has a muff and a beaver."

"Right," Herb nodded, licking Irene's other nipple. "My cock is
also called a prick, a wang, a dong, a dick, a schlong, a staff,
and a whole lot of other names."

Wendy smiled up at her stepfather, whose face was buried between
Irene's breasts. Irene was leaning closer to him, almost sliding
into his lap. Wendy pinched Irene's ass to remind her to keep her
buttocks away while her own face was so close to Herb's lap. Then
she licked her girlish lips and her nostrils flared widely as she
took a deep breath, inhaling the scent of him. Desire took
control of Wendy's mind, guiding her in her next move. In a
single, fluid motion, she dipped her head between her
stepfather's thighs and began licking his hairy balls. Her tongue
played over the sac-covered little rocks, licking again and
again, thoroughly wetting the scrotum.

Herb trembled, shaking wildly, lifting his buttocks up and down
in the wooden lawn chair. Warm floods of his stepdaughter's
heated breath streamed across his hard, aching cock, making it
quiver in its rigid stiffness.

Irene grabbed Herb's hair and pulled his head back, and her lips
were burning against his. She opened her mouth wide and
gratefully accepted his probing tongue, sucking and tugging on
it, tasting his saliva and loving it. She felt more and more
grateful to Wendy for talking her into coming along.

Herb trembled, staring into the closed eyes of the bespectacled
girl as she continued her passionate kissing. Irene was sexier
than many of the adult women he had fucked. She was an extremely
sensuous girl, and he had to be careful she didn't fall in love
with him.

Wendy's mouth n his balls had Herb even more astonished. Soon the
daughter would be giving lessons to the mother!

Wendy saw the bubbling fluid continue to ooze from the tip of her
stepfather's cock, and her tongue, licking the front of his
scrotum, began moving around, closer and closer to his hairy
pelvis. Abruptly, her tongue was licking the base of his penis,
and sparks shot wildly through her. Yes, yes, she was tasting the
flesh of Herb's cock, and it was wonderful. Poor dopey Mom, not
to want to something like this!

Her tongue licked swiftly, lapping up all the dripping
lubrication pooling at the base of his cock. His entire body was
trembling, savoring the way her tongue slurped over his prong.
Her girlish lips left their imprint on the base as she lightly
kissed the penile wand.

More fluid came from the head of his penis, running down its
length, snapped up by the girl's tongue. Somehow it seemed right
for Wendy to do this. If her mother wasn't going to suck Herb's
cock, it was up to another member of the family to do it.

Herb's oil flowed into her mouth and Wendy swallowed it. Gosh! It
was as slippery as the fluid she had lapped from Irene's cunt.
Wendy felt a gush of oil spurt from between her own cunt-lips and
was aware she had enjoyed a very minor orgasm. The thrill shot
through her as she licked the lubricious fluid from the stem of
Herb's massive penis. God! It tasted good!

Her tongue continued licking the sticky fluid, sucking it into
her mouth, drinking it down her throat, tasting the savor of his
flesh, enjoying the lubricant before it had a chance to
evaporate. Its flavor differed slightly from that of the oil she
had swallowed from Irene's cunt. This had a richer, more robust
taste to it. Irene's oily flow had a delicate lightness about it.
It was as if Herb's lubricant had the texture of machine oil,
while Irene's delicious flow had the taste of cooking oil. Herb's
lubrication was unquestionably thicker, heavier, oilier. It was
all male.

Hypnotized by his stepdaughter's lapping tongue, Herb stared at
the way her lingual extension continued caressing his cock. His
face was away from. Irene's, and the two of them were staring at
the way Wendy's tongue literally wound around his throbbing cock,
then flattened itself out to rub against his testicles. Her mouth
exchanged the heated moistness of her light saliva for the heavy
stickiness of his oil.

Wendy was completely dominated by the need to swallow every last
drop of Herb's flooding lubrication. She loved the texture of the
thick, wrinkled skin protecting his balls, and her tongue
lingered there a long, long time, even when there was no
lubricant there. Her oral digit liked to pick a wrinkle and
follow it all the way around the sac. Her youthful body continued
shivering as her mouth kept up its licking.

Finally, when her tongue was licking the ointment seeping from
his cock faster than he was emitting the fluid, she moved her
head to the side and licked the crease where Herb's legs were
joined to his torso. Her tongue stabbed into the seam, its point
lightly licking up, then back, then leaping to the next seam and
doing the same thing. She touched ultra-sensitive areas no woman
had ever caressed or lapped before. Sex was a natural thing with

Irene stared, envying Wendy her natural oral ability. The older
girl vowed she would not be undone. Before Herb fucked his
stepdaughter, she would insist on giving his cock a tongue-bath.

Herb sat back, his hands gripping Irene's breasts, watching the
way his stepdaughter's mouth worked, still unable to believe a
girl so young was able to perform so well. Her mouth caused his
balls to leap up and down in their sac, the seed bubbling and
churning in them now as it did when he was about to fuck his sexy
wife. He stared wide-eyed at the girl's small nipples and
non-existent breasts, and this made him squeeze Irene's tits

Wendy seethed with excitement, seeing the arousal building in
Herb Rheingold. This caused her to lick faster, enjoying the
taste of him all the more. She wanted to give his hard cock a
good, solid sucking, not merely to please him, but to please
herself. Bringing her lips up, she ovalled them, then slowly
forced her mouth down around the throbbing pecker, swallowing his
cock a little at a time, tightly gripping the purple tip, making
it bulge and flex even more. Her tongue washed strongly against
the throbbing underside, lapping again and again. This made his
pulsing cock all the harder, making it stiffer than any tentpole.

Her tongue continued slurping up and down the underside of the
massive prick, and all Herb was able to do was sit there and
squeeze the fullness of Irene's breasts, kissing her lips when
she offered them.

Irene sensed the electricity running through him.

The mere sight of Wendy sucking Herb's cock had aroused her past
anything she and Wendy had done the previous day. Irene was more
anxious than ever to feel that massive cock ramming its way into

Wendy licked her stepfather's penis with long, sweeping strokes
of her tongue, attempting to make up for the fact that her mother
had never done it. The meaty taste sent tingles down her throat
as she swallowed more of the lubricious ointment he released. His
pulsing wang was solid, rocklike, stiff, unbending, with a rigid
hardness that seemed to get harder and broader with each passing
second. Her mouth thrilled to the texture of smooth skin
surrounding the steel shaft. This throbbing penis was her first,
and deep down, Wendy knew there would be others, many others. Her
mother was foolish for resisting this. It was something to please
a woman as much as a man.

As if Herb's solid penis was a long, thick piece of candy cane,
the stepdaughter slurped at the purple, blood-enlarged glands.
Burning and wet, her tingling oral extension washed the sleek,
rubbery knob repeatedly, making it glisten like a newly waxed
floor. And as she licked, Wendy watched Herb's swelling balls
being drawn up tight in their shrinking protective sac. All the
while her young tongue continued lapping up and down the length
of his solid cockshaft.

Herb sighed as his stepdaughter's fingers, hot and wet with
perspiration, continued moving between his widespread loins,
teasing and touching areas of sensitivity. He clutched Irene's
breasts more tightly to his chest. He kissed her again, his
entire body jerking with maddening tension as her fingers played
over his tightened scrotum, tantalizing the golf ball-sized nuts.

Irene sucked Herb's tongue, aware of his gasping each time one of
Wendy's finger tickled his scrotum.

Wendy fell in love with her stepfather's balls, holding, teasing,
and caressing them. Her fingers applied light pressure here and
there, careful not to hurt him. The girl felt how delicate the
testicles were, using her fingers as scales to weigh them.

Herb knew there was no way to stop Wendy. All be was able to do
was sit back and enjoy her fingering and tonguing while playing
with Irene. Soon his cock would exact its vengeance, first from
Irene, then later from Wendy, if it remained stiff long enough.
He was convinced he had covered himself and the girls fairly
well. The chances of discovery were very remote, unless the girls
decided to talk, and that seemed even more remote. He had his own
private harem going for him at this summer cottage. And when
winter came, they'd move indoors and continue the fun and games.
There was a fireplace inside, big enough to heat the entire

Wendy lapped up and down the underside of Herb's penis, thinking
how fortunate she was. Had her mother married Al Elkal, she'd be
preparing for private school now. And Elkal, for all his bravado,
probably knew less about sex than most teenagers. Her mother
would probably be just as uptight as she had been prior to
getting married. Herb was kind, warm, gentle, and had really done
hi-s best to resist her seduction of him. And when he had finally
surrendered to his emotions, he had been loving and gentle about
everything. As a result, Wendy had been able to convince Irene to
do things, and now the two girls were having the time of their

Irene, for her part, was continually grateful to her friend for
talking her into coming along. Whatever she had learned in sex-ed
class was nothing compared to experiencing everything firsthand.
She liked the gentle way Herb Rheingold kissed her. The man
didn't attempt to swallow her entire face with his mouth, but
probed carefully with his tongue, making her want to open her
mouth wider and suck his lingual probe into her throat. In the
future she had to be very careful, because her mother would never
believe she was constantly going shopping with Wendy and Herb.
She'd go to the library and let Herb pick her up from there.
Heck, if this worked out, there were days she'd want to be alone
with him. Irene believed in doing everything, including fucking,
very carefully. Herb was willing to fuck her with his cock, so
she saw no need for seeking out others at the moment. Perhaps
later, if she went to a sleep-away college and Herb was
unavailable, she'd find another cock to enjoy.

Wendy continued tonguing her stepfather's penis, watching the
tendons in his thighs stretch more tautly with every passing
second. Now was the time to suck again, so she once again ovaled
her mouth around the pulsing glands and engulfed the entire head.
This time she didn't stop, but continued pushing her head lower
and lower, sucking more and more of the thick, heavy shaft
between her lips, letting it depress her tongue as the purple
dome moved deeper and deeper into her mouth, reaching for her
throat. The hot, humid sheath of her sucking mouth surrounded the
pulsing pole, tugging it deeper and deeper. Wendy sensed the
excited rush of pounding blood as it poured into the multitude of
little penile sacs, keeping it stiff and solid. The weighty knob
of Herb's cock began working its way past the ring of her gullet,
trying to cram itself into her throat. Her esophagus relaxed and
opened wide; accepting the glands, making Rheingold gasp and
clutch Irene all the more firmly agains
 t him, feeling her full breasts rub into his chest as his mouth
attempted to crush hers.

Wendy began sucking strongly, hollowing her cheeks around the
sides of Herb's pulsing peter. She sucked even more of him into
her throat, filling her laraynx with his cock, while using her
lips to kiss the hairy root. Then, after she was certain she had
fitted the entire length of penis into her oral cave, Wendy
slowly tugged her mouth back until only the pulsating point of
his cock remained caught behind her front teeth. Her tongue and
lips taunted and teased the dome of his seething phallus. The
girl felt her stepfather's thighs squirming under her mouth. His
moans reached her ears even though his lips were pressed to those
of Irene. Tightening her lips, she pulled on his lavender crown.

Slowly, very slowly, Wendy's mouth slid down the thick length of
Herb's thrusting cock, feeling the stout, pulsing shaft cram its
way into her oral cave, stuffing it with its delicious length.
Wendy moved as far down as possible, then let her head rise.
Down, then up, down, then up. Soon her head was bobbing in
regular rhythm, speeding up, increasing the pressure and building
the friction. Each time her lips rose, they puckered tightly
around the bulb of his cock-head, as if intent on separating it
from the rest of his staff. The faster her mouth moved, the more
he vibrated in the chair.

"Okay," she shouted, pulling her mouth from her stepfather's
cock, letting the hot thick wang stab into the air.

Herb felt her mouth leave his penis. He stabbed up with his
organ, attempting to recapture her lips. He tugged Irene from him
and looked down, trying to see what his stepdaughter was doing.

"I think it's time you fucked Irene," Wendy said. "Come on, lie
on the ground under the swing."

Irene leaped off Herb's lap and sat in the swing, letting her
naked muff appear in the worn out hole in the bottom of the
basket-shaped old swing. Wendy knelt and made sure Irene's cunt
was perfectly positioned. The older girl felt her heart pounding
in her chest. This was it. She was going to be rid of the hymen
her mother kept nagging her to keep.

Wendy was already twisting the swing around and around, and as
the chains interwound, the swing lifted higher and higher.
Irene's hands gripped the chains, her feet sticking up over the
rim of the basket-shaped swing. She was breathing more intensely
now, a little afraid, knowing there had to be some pain.

Herb lay on his back under the swing, his rigid penis pointing
straight up in the air. Wendy, realizing she was in total control
of the situation, felt her own pussy creaming heavily. She knew
she'd never be able to wait for Herb to finish with Irene. She'd
have to sit on his face after she'd guided his cock into Irene's

"Go on, go on," Herb urged.

Wendy slowly let the basket swing unwind and lower itself. Little
by little Irene's flesh was nearing the upstanding spike of
Herb's up thrust cock. Irene was slowly spinning around and
around, feeling, herself being lowered, and Wendy let Herb stare
at her own pussy as her thighs opened and her ankles straddled
his face. She knew the sight of her hot gash was what he needed
to keep him constantly excited.

"Now!" Herb shouted. "Lower her the rest of the way, now."

Wendy had to kneel as she continued letting the swing unwind. Her
cunt rubbed against her stepfather's face. His tongue
automatically licked at her creaming slit. She writhed from side
to side, but maintained her position, gripping Herb's cock,
bringing it into direct contact with Irene's slot as the swing
continued sinking lower and the girl slowly spun around and

The swollen knob of Herb's glands pushed into the nest of Irene's
virgin cunny. Wendy's hand held the rod steady. Irene gasped,
feeling the thickness spread her vaginal walls wide while she
continued slowly, very slowly, riding down, revolving. She had to
shut her eyes to keep from becoming dizzy as the massive pylon
pressed higher and higher ink her, widening her, stretching her.
Irene shivered and shuddered, making mewling sounds, feeling the
smooth dome stretching her tight inner walls.

"Uuuunnngggghh!" she gasped. "It-it-it hurts! I can feel it
stretching meeeee ..."

Even as she gasped, Irene felt her stretched walls sinking lower
and lower on the thick, fleshy dong invading her body. The blunt
point of Herb's staff was sinking deeper and deeper into the
never entered convent of her squeezing vagina. The scalloped lips
of her inner labia tightened around the pole as Wendy continued
lowering her.

Wendy felt drool slipping from her lips. She hungered to be in
her friend's position. She felt her stepfather's tongue slurping
through her vaginal canal, and she slid back and forth on his
face, making certain Irene didn't spin too quickly. She held the
basket-swing with her hands, keeping it from spinning any more
quickly. Irene continued slowly spinning, sinking lower and lower
until she felt the pressure of the phallic point against her
tender hymen.

"Aaaaaiiieee!" she screamed, and Wendy stopped the swing from

"Don't stop now," he gasped. "It has to finish. Spin her a little
faster. That cherry of hers has to be broken."

Obeying her stepfather, Wendy spun the swing faster. Irene felt
the grinding cock press through her hymen, tearing it to shreds.
The girl's labia contracted around Herb's throbbing male-bone. It
continued squirming into her. Now Wendy released the swing and
Irene revolved by herself until her cunt was all the way down on
Herb's up thrust cock. Her body was facing to Herb's left at this
point, and Herb, feeling the corkscrewing movement stop, bumped
his hard cock up and down into her pussy.

Wendy, seeing what had happened, squeezed her thighs together
around her stepfather's face, leaned forward, grabbed the swing,
and began turning it in the opposite direction. Now Irene's cunt
began spiraling upward, and the bespectacled girl felt the heavy
cock slowly unscrewing from inside her.

"No!" she shouted, suddenly realizing she wanted that cock. Yes,
it had caused her pain, but for each bit of pain there had been
an overpowering thrill, as well.

Wendy spun the swing until Irene had released all but the
mushroom-shaped head of her stepfather's cock, then she released
it and Irene revolved back down again until her pelvis thumped
against Herb's pubic hairs, once again burying the full length of
the meaty prong in the depths of her heated cunt-kiln.

"Ooooh yesss!" Irene hissed. "That feels so good!"

Wendy, still leaning down, saw the reddish tint seeping along
Herb's groin and smelled the coppery odor of blood. Irene's hymen
was gone forever. Irene groaned Out her gasping pleasure at the
total completion of this marvelous union.

Herb had ached to deflower a young girl, and when he'd first cast
eyes on Wendy he had mentally wished for something like this to
happen. But he was totally unprepared for the wealth of carnal
enjoyment blasting through his entire body.

Wendy felt her stepfather's mouth suck her wet split as if it
were a juicy peach. She knew he was thrilled with the wild
sensations pouring through him. Well, hell, when he popped her
hymen, he'd feel even greater thrills--not that she was jealous
of Irene. On the contrary, she was glad her friend was receiving
her stepfather's cock, and it was plain Irene was in heaven, too.
The viscous fluids continued pouring from her seething interior,
bathing and re-bathing Herb's cock. The flow was now clear, and
it was obvious her walls were so tightly wrapped around Herb's
cock, the only way for either of them to continue enjoying this
particular fuck was for Wendy to keep that swing revolving.

Wendy had no time to waste. She saw how near Irene's climax was.
She spun the girl again lifting her and the swing until she saw
Herb's corona emerge from inside Irene. Then she released the
swing and let Irene spin the other way all by herself, moving at
a dizzying speed as her hot cunt twisted and screwed its way
around Herb Rheingold's up thrust cock. Each time Irene's pelvis
hit the base of Herb's cock, Wendy hurriedly spun the swing the
other way, doing it so quickly, the girl was soon moving up and
down at almost the same speed she'd have been moving had she been
sitting directly on Herb's cock, doing the pumping herself.

Irene had to keep her eyes shut to avoid dizziness as the
tulip-like lips o-f her throbbing cunt continued massaging the
stalk of Herb's penis.

Anguished thrills flooded her body. This was the thing against
which her mother was constantly warning. How ignorant can a
person be? Heck! Her mother had to indulge in some kind of
intercourse to conceive her. Why did the woman dislike it so?

Herb's thickness continued filling and re-filling Irene's
twitching little belly, sensing how greedily her cunt seemed to
swallow every time. This entire sensation was beyond being
wonderful. It transcended every other feeling Irene had ever
known. Each time his cock spiraled into her, Irene was filled
with power beyond belief, and each time her cunt screwed away
from his cock, saliva dribbled from the corners of her mouth,
matching the dripping of her vagina. She was as hungry for his
cock as Herb was for the feel of her cunt.

Herb, unable to merely lie there, dug his heels into the ground
and slammed his hips higher, drilling his phallic auger straight
up, while Wendy continued spiraling Irene around and around. This
added movement increased sensation for both of them. His penis
sank into the soft, wonderful, luxurious depths of her tender
belly, packing it with the thickness of his massive prick. Irene,
her eyes still tightly closed, continued gasping and shuddering
as he slammed his throbbing cock into the turning, twisting slot
of her creaming cunt. Fulcrum to spinning fulcrum, they came
together with loud grunts.

Tremors engulfed Irene, making her young body quake continually.
She hunched forward, gripping the chains with her hands,
squeezing her asscheeks together, clamping her eyes tightly shut,
determined to enjoy this to the end. As she spun down against his
body, she ached to feel the throbbing phallus dig into her
cervix. Irene wondered if all phalluses were this good. Did the
amount of pleasure they offered vary in degree? One thing was
certain--Wendy's mother was lucky to have this cock. When she
finally married, Irene hoped to marry a man at least as skillful
as Herb Rheingold. Hoped to? Hell! She'd try out every
prospective suitor first, and anyone too prudish to fuck her
before marrying her wasn't even worth considering!

God! Wendy had really lucked out with her stepfather. How many
men were this understanding and fulfilling?

She was spinning faster and faster now, feeling Herb Rheingold
respond by pounding his throbbing penis all the harder into her
steaming oven. She was working herself up into the wildest
frenzy. Her mind was spinning as she realized she was on the
verge of an orgasm stronger than her previous two, combined.

Wendy scrubbed her pussy even faster across her stepfather's
tongue, feeling the rasping oral organ reach farther into her
fuming depths than ever before. This was her third orally induced
orgasm, and the young girl was determined a cock would split her
cunt before another mouth touched her pussy.

Irene's heart was pounding as her breasts bobbled with her heavy
breathing. And then she lost control of herself, screaming,

Burning, searing, white-hot flashes of light flamed before her
eyes. She thrashed wildly, as her orgasm swept down like an eagle
plucking a fish from a river.

Herb was unable to contain his own passion any longer. Feeling
the squeezing pressure of the young girl, he humped his cock into
the frothing depths of Irene's slavering pussy while his tongue
washed over Wendy's clitoris again and again, and then he was
screaming a muffled, "AAAAHHHMMMF."

Wendy, feeling the vibrations of her stepfather's scream,
screeched, "EEEYYYYHII!" as her own satisfaction claimed her. It
was the most thrilling climax she'd ever had, and her thighs
squeezed around Herb's face, almost cutting off his breathing.

Unable to spin Irene in the basket-swing any longer, Wendy sat
up, slamming her cunt-lips down more tightly against Herb's
mouth, and then, with a final thrilling shudder, toppled off to
the side and lay there, unable to move. Irene remained in the
basket swing while Herb remained where he was until his cock
shrunk and fell out of the bespectacled girl. He knew there would
be no more fucking around for him that day if they all intended
arriving home safely.

Chapter 11

Uptight, prim, puritanical Maryann Rheingold should have felt
guilty, but she didn't. Her cunt was aching for cock. This was
what her new husband had done to her, and he hadn't been around
to "scratch her itch." It was different when she was working and
had something with which to occupy her mind, but all alone at
home, with only her thoughts to keep her company, Maryann found
the waiting intolerable.

When the paperboy came around to collect, Maryann had no trouble
seducing the short, blond twelve-year-old. It was five-thirty in
the afternoon, and she needed what she was getting or she'd go
out of her mind.

Myron, the paperboy, was totally naked, and he was fucking her on
top of the dining room table. It was a much smaller pecker than
the one to which she had become used, but any cock in an
emergency. Yes, she should have felt some guilt pangs, but she
was unable to do so.

She screeched, feeling passion mix with agonizing lust as the
young boy's thrusting penis forced its way into her tight vagina.
Maryann's cunt could tighten enough so a pin would have
difficulty fitting into her. This was why she was able to take
the young boy's cock and enjoy it so.

Myron, the paperboy, was overjoyed. Like all boys his age, he
knew about sex, talked about it with his friends, and even
whacked off. He'd never dreamed he'd be going this far with a
woman so soon! Heck! Who was he to turn away when an offer like
this was being made? He just kept pushing his prick into her.

"Just push it in," Maryann told him. "Stop hesitating. Shove it
all the way in." And in it went, slamming as far into her as it
was able to go.

"Gee," the kid gasped, "it's so soft and mushy in there, like I'm
pushing into melted butter."

"And you're so hot and hard," Maryann gasped.

The bay pulled back and lunged again, stuffing his throbbing cock
into her burning pussy. Maryann yelped loudly in his ear,
bouncing her hips to meet the thrust of the young boy's penis.
Thrills shot through her as the short length of slender prick ran
as far as it was able into her seething cunt. Her walls were so
tightly constricted, the penis felt almost as good as that of her

She was boiling hot, and her orgasm was almost there. The boy
sensed his sperm starting to bubble and knew he'd be shooting
almost instantly. Maryann expected it. The first time any male
shoved is penis into a vagina he came rather quickly, and her own
seething pussy was so hot her own climax was on the verge of

The boy was pumping rhythmically into her, now. Her hot cunt
sucked at his cock as eagerly as any calf pulling at its mother's

Maryann's body lunged upward, her vagina slamming into the boy's
pelvis repeatedly as her long, slender limbs surrounded his body,
tugging him more tightly against her. The boy sensed her vulva
opening and closing, opening and closing, taut lips designed for
sucking and pulling. The tightness of the woman's cunt made him
feel as if she might vacuum him right into her. Her pussy-lips
seemed to cling to his cock with the tightness of a vise.

Maryann felt the boy's small palms against her shoulders, doing
his best to pin her down as he continued pounding his meat into
her. She felt his cock swelling and knew the spunk was rising in
him. There was no way to slow it down, nor was there any way to
deter her from reaching her own pinnacle. Then, as he stroked
forward one final time, the sperm erupted from his throbbing
cock, unleashing itself into her hungering cunt.

"Wowwweee!" the boy screamed. "YOWW!"

"EEEEYYYYYAAAAGGHH!" Maryann screamed, and her body felt the
spurts of the boy's jism sizzle into her. She continued raising
and lowering her body, clasping and unclasping her thighs around
the boy.

Damn! Damn! Damn! It was almost as good as doing it with Herb.
Almost, but not quite. In any case it cooled her off ... a
little. All she had to do was get the boy off her, get dressed,
hurry him Out of the house, and she'd be all right when Herb and
Wendy got back.

But even as she thought this, with the young boy still on top of
her, she heard the sound of the front door opening, and a moment
later her daughter and husband were standing over her, looking
down. Maryann wanted to die.

Chapter 12

Once Myron the paperboy was dressed and gone, Maryann sank into
one of the overstuffed chairs in the living room. She was still
totally naked, not having the nerve to cover her body. Herb and
Wendy sat on the sofa, across the room.

"What flow?" Maryann asked. "I make no excuses for my behavior.
It was all my own fault. I admit it. I ... simply was unable to
help myself."

"I can't fault your being human," Herb told her, "but you might
have waited."

"Will you want a divorce?" Maryann asked.

"I think we're a little too civilized to start talking divorce at
this stage of the game," Herb told her. "We have a genuine love
for one another. What you did with the boy had nothing to do with
love, correct?"

"Of course it had nothing to do with love," Maryann agreed.

"Then assuming I accept the fact that you have needs that must be
fulfilled, and I'm not always going to be around to fulfill them,
will you accept the fact that I, too, have similar needs and.
desires for fulfillment when you aren't around?"

"Herb, what are you trying to say?" Maryann asked.

"I thought I was making myself plain. I'm saying, if you can fuck
around with someone else, am I free to do the same thing?"

"My God! If we'd have had a conversation like this a half hour
earlier, I'd have shut my ears and I'd be the one screaming for a
divorce. Now you're offering me the choice between divorce and

"Not quite," Herb told her. "Infidelity is a word which means
breaking faith with one's mate. To break faith means to do
something physical without my consent. True?" Herb asked.

"Herb, don't play games. Say it straight out."

"I'm saying, I'll give you permission to have sex with other
males, thereby no longer making you unfaithful ... under certain
conditions. First, I want to know in advance who these males are.
Second, before you have anything more to do with another male, I
want you to practice oral-genital sex with me."

"You're taking this very calmly," Maryann said. "I must admit,
you're being very generous."

"There's more," Herb told her.


"I claim the same rights. I want to have sex with other females,
and I'll tell you in advance so it won't really be cheating,
since you'll be aware of it."

"I'd be a fool to refuse such an offer," Maryann admitted, her
head hanging.

"Fine. Then I want you to witness my indiscretion, just as I came
home in time to witness yours," Herb insisted.

"Whom have you in mind? Will you attack some Girl Scout selling
cookies door-to-door?"

"Don't be facetious," Herb told her, dryly. "I want to fuck your
daughter, Wendy."

"You can't be serious," Maryann said, staring at him.

"I'm very serious. Not only that, I want you in the room,
watching, and even helping, if necessary."

"Never!" Maryann gasped.

Wendy saw this was her cue. Her stepfather had opened the door
for their being able to fuck without having to hide it from her
mother. It was one helluva good idea, and she followed it up.

"Mother," the young girl said, going over to where her mother was
sitting, and kneeling in front of the chair. "If we don't do what
Herb wants, it means having to live as we did before. And as much
as I love you, I'll always think it was your fault. If being able
to live like human beings means my doing something with Herb, I'm
more than willing. I mean, how bad can it be? You liked it so
much, you went and did it with the first boy who walked into the

"Wendy, you don't understand," Maryann said. "He wants to take
something very precious from your body. It's something you can
only give once. Most men insist their wives have it when they
marry them."

"I'm not going to marry most men when I grow up," Wendy told her.
"Heck, I listen to you and Herb all the time, and I often wonder
how something like that feels. I mean, it sounds so great. Come
on, Mom. Herb is a nice guy. He's very gentle. He never acts
rough or behaves like a jerk. I mean, you saved it until you got
married, and look what happened with my father. He was a class-A
jerk! I'd rather lose my virginity to Herb, knowing a nice guy
got it, than give it to some schnook who doesn't know his ass
from his elbow."

Maryann stared at her daughter, not quite able to believe what
she was hearing. She knew Wendy was right concerning
alternatives, and since Wendy was so willing, it meant her being
able to live here with Herb. Strangely, shocked as she was by her
husband's offer, she found herself still in love with him, though
she was a little hurt that Herb was visiting the punishment on
the daughter for the sins of the mother.

"All right," she finally gasped out, shuddering.

Both Herb and Wendy breathed a collective sigh of relief. And the
idea of being able to fuck his stepdaughter In front of his Wife,
perhaps even with his wife's assistance, made Herb's cock start
to grow. The ride back had re-energized him. He was set to go.

"Now," Herb said, "right now, while you're still naked."

Maryann looked up at him, then stared into her daughter's eyes.
Wendy merely nodded.

"Where?" was all she thought to ask.

"Here," Herb told her, "on the living room floor."

"A-all right," Maryann finally nodded.

Husband and daughter wasted no time in stripping, and had Maryann
not been so distraught at the idea of Herb fucking Wendy, she
might have noticed the glee on her daughter's face. The large
coffee table in front of the sofa was pulled to the side, then
Wendy stretched her lithe little form on the living room floor.
Herb had Maryann kneel near her daughter's head. Wendy looked up
and saw flecks of sperm on her mother's bush. This was her first
chance to get a good look at the rich lips between Maryann's
thighs, and the young girl bad to admit her mother had one
terrific-looking pair of outer labia.

Wendy was panting as Herb knelt between her thighs, his cock as
hard as a stone pillar.

"Don't be scared, Wendy," he told her, playing his role of
seducer to the hilt.

Wendy was glad her stepfather had been unable to raise a second
erection at the summer cottage. Now, when he fucked her for the
first time, her mother would see her blood and know she was a
virgin up to this moment. Everything was working out better than
she and Herb had expected. It was good for Irene, too. The
bespectacled girl would be able to come to her house, ostensibly
to be with her, but actually to be fucked by Herb.

Maryann felt a funny thrill inside her. Even if this was wrong,
she ached to see her husband cram his thick cock into her little
girl. It made her breasts tingle with excitement. Also, it gave
her a certain amount of freedom in the future. As long as she
told her husband first, she was free to fuck any male who pleased
her. This whole thing seemed so crazy, and yet, now that it had
begun, Maryann didn't want it any other way. She was almost
totally liberated from the horrible teachings of her mother.

Wendy watched Herb take the time to look at her body, then look
at the full torso of his wife. The contrast between the
full-grown female form and that of the just-ripening body of her
daughter had him sizzling. Wendy had the same chocolate nipples
as her mother, and though her breasts had not yet begun to swell,
the fullness and roundness of her mother's tits let her know she
had an excellent chance of developing a beautiful set. And though
her breasts had yet to develop, her tiny nipples were already
standing up, aching to be touched and licked. All in all, she was
as tasty a morsel as any man might hope for.

Maryann, kneeling near her daughter's head, stared at Wendy's
body. Her little girl was growing up. Soon, very soon now, her
daughter would prove formidable competition. Yes, her daughter
was competition even now, competing for her husband.

"Keep those pretty thighs wide apart," Herb was saying. "I want
to look at that bare pelvis a little longer, it's almost as
pretty as your mother's."

Maryann reached down and took her daughter's hand, meaning to
bold it in case Wendy was frightened. At the same time her eyes
drifted to the naked swell of her girl's tight little cunny,
seeing the rich folds of pink labial flesh peeping out. There was
a hint of-- sticky wetness moistening the scalloped coral ridge
of her inner lips.

Herb stared, breathing more and more heavily, aroused by the
strong contrast between mother and daughter.

"I want you to help me," he said to Maryann.

"What do you mean?" his wife asked.

"Kiss Wendy's body, make her hot, very hot."

Two minutes earlier, Maryann might have balked at her husband's
request, but looking at her writhing daughter, she herself, was
getting hot all over again. She wanted some of her husband's
cock, too, but the only way to get it was to totally satisfy him,
even if it meant desecrating her daughter's body with her own
mouth. Desecrating? No, that was a bad word. How can one
desecrate anything one loves? And Maryann loved her daughter very

Leaning down, the woman kissed her daughter's flat belly and
actually used her tongue, licking down along the girl's right
thigh. Wendy shuddered, feeling an erotic tickle more powerful
than any she had ever known. Yes, her mother was a very sensuous

Herb leaned down and pressed his lips to those of Wendy, and the
young girl realized this was the first time her stepfather was
kissing her mouth. She parted her lips, accepting the tongue he
slithered between them, and she began sucking on it, immediately.
Soon their tongues were dancing back and forth, from mouth to

Wendy shuddered and sucked Herb's oral organ, thrilling to the
touch of her mother's palm along her girlish thigh, smoothing the
way across her soft flesh. She responded to the delightful tickle
by parting her thighs.

Maryann stared down, seeing her daughter's naked cunt dripping,
and wondered if she dared to touch it. True, "when Wendy was a
little girl she washed her all over and oiled her, cunt-lips
included, as well. But this wasn't the same Wendy she had
diapered. This was a growing girl with needs and wants similar to
her own, uninhibited and unrestricted, learning about sex many,
many years sooner than Maryann had learned about it. And Wendy
was learning about sex in a much more wonderful way than she had
learned. Herb was no brute, like her first husband. He was
gentle, even now.

Yes, Maryann decided, feeling arousal storm through her body.
Yes, I do dare touch my daughter's vagina!

Her fingers moved slowly to the pink ribbon of Wendy's pussy, and
she saw her young daughter's aching cunt shudder with
anticipation. Maryann touched Wendy lightly on her oily
pussy-lips, feeling her daughter shudder even more. Flattening
her hand, the mother pressed it against the girl's seething
cunt-lips and rubbed up and down, up and down. Wendy wriggled all
the more, passion mounting higher in her young body, and this was
reflected in the strong way her mouth responded to Herb
Rheingold's kisses.

In the failing light of late afternoon, Maryann watched her
daughter's flat bosom rise and fall. Her solid brown nipples
vibrated. The sight built pyres of lust in the older woman.

Wendy's not a little girl any longer, she thought. She's growing
up, and she's as passionate now as I am. To think I have to vie
with my own daughter for the love of my husband! No, no, not his
love. He admitted he still loves me. I have to fight for his
physical attention from now on, all because I was unable to
control myself.

As she thought this, Maryann came to understand she didn't resent
the competition. On the contrary, the more she fingered her
daughter's dripping vagina, the more she realized she was not
really competing with the girl, but enjoying her, as she expected
Wendy would one day her mother.

Herb reached out and pulled Maryann toward him. Her finger
remained in her daughter's open slash, but her body was near
Herb, and his mouth was dipping, sucking in her breast. Yes, her
husband still loved her. Even as his hands continued rubbing
Wendy's thighs, his mouth was pulling on her nipple.

Wendy stared at her stepfather's mouthing of her mother's breast,
sighing. At last she was really a part of the family. Perhaps,
deep down, this was what she wanted. And now she intended making
the most of it. She writhed under her mother's exploring finger,
pouring more lubricant out over the probe. Her-eyes shone with a
bright glassiness as her aching body felt a burning passionate

Maryann gasped as Herb sucked her nipple deeper into her mouth.
Her free hand wrapped around his head and held him closer, while
her other fingers continued teasing her daughter's vaginal
interior. Her finger was pushing between the inner folds of
Wendy's hot little cunt, worming around and around in the girl's
virginal tightness. It never occurred to her that Herb might have
played with her daughter. The girl's cunt was so narrow and
tight, she realized it had never been penetrated. Loud, liquid
sucking sounds came from Wendy's seething snatch as Maryann's
finger continued rotating, moving in to the first knuckle. The
woman noted her daughter, like herself, lubricated heavily. The
girl's vaginal cavern was a fiery catacomb of sensuality. Wendy's
ass was already bouncing up and down on the carpeted floor,
unable to remain still because of her mother's delicate

Maryann continued pushing her finger into her daughter's tight
pussy, seeking to feel the girl's hymen, if only to reassure
herself as to the girl's virginal status. She felt the oily flood
of viscid lubrication. greasing the way for her entering finger.
And as the finger continued pushing in, working in tiny circles,
she felt Wendy's inner walls stretching a little. Good! This
meant less pain when Herb's cock finally penetrated Wendy's cunt.
She was glad to do this for the young girl.

When her fingertip touched the tender, delicate membranous
blockage, Maryann felt Wendy jump a little, and she immediately
pulled her finger back, satisfied. She started pushing it forward
and back, still rotating it, making her daughter shudder

Touching Wendy this way made Maryann pant heavily, and her moving
breast shoved itself more firmly against Herb's mouth. He
continued sucking a little while longer, then released Maryann's
nipple and used his tongue to wash the nipples of Wendy's gasping
body. He lapped hungrily and Wendy writhed even more, enjoying
everything her mother and stepfather were doing to her.

Maryann, seeing her daughter respond so strongly, used her free
hand to grab a pillow, and as her daughter's buttocks rose to the
licking of Herb's tongue on her belly, Maryann shoved the pillow
under Wendy's ass. Now the young, brown-haired girl was bent like
a bow, with her head and feet down, her bare pussy thrust higher,
revealing the licentious sight of her pink inner labia.

Wendy, looking up, saw her stepfather's mouth literally watering.
The girl also noted the way her mother's eyes traveled hungrily
from Herb's body, to her own.

Herb's mouth was once again moving down, ready to dip into his
stepdaughter's honey pot. Wendy, afraid he might make her come
with his tongue again, shouted, "Wait!"

"What's the matter?" Herb asked.

"I think Mom deserves to get in on this, too," the young girl
said. "Mom, go wash out your vagina and hurry back here."

Reddening because her daughter reminded her she had the sperm of
Myron the paperboy in her cunt, Maryann hurried to the kitchen
where, with soap and water, she hurriedly washed her vagina. Then
she returned to the living room.

"Now," Wendy said, "Mom, you lie on top of me, face-down. This
way Herb can lick both of us at the same time."

Maryann, grateful to her daughter, gently lay on top of the young
girl, trying to keep some of her weight off her by digging her
forearms into the carpet on either side of the girl's torso. The
bare lips of her daughter's vagina wetly rubbed against Maryann's
pubic hair, and simmering blasts of lava seared their way,
through her trembling body.

Wendy felt the curling tickle of her mother's pubic hair. It sent
her temperature up another ten degrees. She wriggled, enjoying
her mother's weight, deciding she was able to take it without any

"Well, now," Herb said in his soft, authoritative voice. "It
seems someone has outthought me. Now I can have a double feast."

Herb lowered his face closer to the two luscious looking vaginas.
He stared into the open centers of both, seeing the rich pink and
coral hues. Lord! This was definitely better than anything he
might have thought up by himself. Not only did it afford him two
cunts at one time, but it proved the total subservience of his

Maryann had large, thick, pouting .pussy-lips, framed with mossy
black hair, looking richer and redder than ever. But Wendy's
vagina seemed to tremble with even mote sensuality than her
mother's hot cunt.

Maryann felt her husband's face pressing closer and closer to her
vagina as she lay on top of her daughter, her full breasts
rubbing against Wendy's sensitive nipples. She heard her husband
inhaling, drinking in the wonderful wafting fragrance of her
vagina and her daughter's. As its essence drifted through his
sinuses, Herb shuddered and gasped. Maryann no longer considered
the idea depraved. This was the first time it was going to
happen. This time she'd let her husband do it.

Herb's nose was moving closer. His head was moving down a bit so
he'd be able to inhale more of Wendy's feminine aroma. To Herb,
it was as if his nose was moving between two different bouquets.
Strangely enough, Wendy was issuing a slightly stronger fragrance
than her mother, perhaps because her mother had just washed that

Maryann quivered, as if the suspense was overpowering her. She
realized she wanted it. She wanted to feel Herb's tongue.

And then Herb's face sank into the deep crack of Maryann's
anxiously waiting pussy, pressing his nose and lips between the
woman's wide-open labia, licking up the delicious flavor her cunt
was emitting. Herb's working tongue lapped up and down, dredging
out the hidden fluids inside the woman, and it took all of
Maryann's inner strength to keep herself from bouncing on top of
her daughter.

The tickling tongue sent rapturous sensations through the woman,
and as her husband continued lapping, she mentally cursed herself
for a fool, for not letting him do this earlier. She sensed how
much he was enjoying what he was doing from the pulsing,
twitching movements of his licking tongue.

Herb licked avidly, enjoying the pressure his wife's gripping
labia applied to his tongue as it sank into the foaming, fuming
center of her dripping cunt, tasting the heavy abundance of
feminine oil his wife was emitting. He licked wildly, then let
his tongue slither straight down and sink into Wendy's waiting

"Eeeeyipe!" Wendy gasped, squealing and letting her mother know
how much she was enjoying what Herb was doing to her. The thrill
of her stepfather's tongue felt better every time.

Herb was enjoying himself as never before. Yes, he loved Wendy
too, though not as much as he loved Maryann. Their two pussies
were like delicious, cut-open pieces of fruit, dripping with
honeyed moisture, and he licked maddeningly, slurping his tongue
through one, then through the other, sometimes starting at the
bottom and scooping his tongue straight up to the top of
Maryann's frothing center, and other times, starting at the top
and licking all the way down to Wendy's rectal crease. And he
drank the fluid from both cunts, all the way.

The pair writhed as his tongue danced over their cuts, fervently
licking them in turn, enjoying the difference in size between the
two, even though both were as swollen as possible. Each of the
females felt his tongue slurp into her and twirl around as if
trying to suck out the reserve oil they were manufacturing.

Wendy bounced, slamming her pelvis into that of her mother as
Herb's tongue wrought delightful havoc with her simmering slash.
She thrilled to the way Herb's tongue swiped up and down, as if
measuring the length of her steaming little gash against the
longer slice of her mother. When Herb's tongue whipped across
Wendy's cut, the young girl screamed out her enjoyment. Her
thighs reached out, trying to clutch her stepfather's face
between them. She gasped when he pushed his fingers under her and
squeezed her pillowy asscheeks. Her cushiony flesh surrendered to
his squeezing hands. Wendy began bucking, letting him know she
was ready for his cock whenever he wanted to sink it into her.

As far as Herb was concerned, this was paradise. Two wonderful
cunts in his mouth at once was more than any man had a right to

Maryann felt him cram his hungering lips against her teeming
pussy. His tongue was pressing all the way in now, like a cock
trying to fuck her, only it was such a slimy, slithery cock. It
was driving her to distraction. She knew she'd never be able to
take much more of it.

"No more!" she gasped, rolling off Wendy. "No more! It's too

"What's wrong?" Herb asked.

"I think I had another climax," Maryann said.

"You think?" Herb wanted to know.

"Is it possible for me to come because of your tongue?"

"Better believe it," Herb nodded.

"Then I came," she told him.

Sitting up, Maryann stared at Herb's hard cock, noting it was
longer and thicker than ever before. She wanted it buried in her
body, but her tunnel was ultra-sensitive. Well, if not her, then
it was only right he fuck Wendy. Yes, secretly, she'd always
wondered what a penis entering a vagina looked like. Her
daughter's truly feminine cunt was soaking with anxious juices, a
lovely reddish-coral slash literally cut into her loins. The
swollen lips seemed to pout and compress together, as if trying
to lure Herb's cock inside.

"Go on!" Maryann urged. "Go on, Herb. Fuck her! Fuck my daughter.
Fuck her as you fuck me all the time. This is the chance of a
lifetime. How many men are loved by a mother and daughter? Do it,
Herb! Fuck her!"

Herb moved straight ahead, gripping his hard cock with his hand.
He had Maryann's permission. More, he had her blessing.

Maryann stared. The purple dome of his throbbing cock parted
Wendy's inner labia. She watched the rich, wet, pliant flesh of
her daughter's inner tissues surround Herb's hard cock. Wendy
trembled with anxiety, waiting to feel the pole sink deeper,
gasping, knowing there had to be some kind of pain. Her youthful
body shuddered, shimmering, more alive with want than ever
before. Her mind and her vagina eagerly looked forward to Herb's

Slowly, carefully, the massive cock pushed its way into her
tight, simmering pussy, sinking deeper and deeper into the
elastic tightness of her frothing channel. Wendy's thighs were
already adjusting, clamping around Herb's hips, unconsciously
trying to tug him deeper and deeper inside. Herb squirmed a
little, adjusting his cock once, making certain it was heading
directly inside, then he inched his phallic length all the
deeper. Wendy squirmed, feeling some discomfort because of the
way his cock was stretching her inner femininity, but so far it
was bearable.

Maryann stared at her daughter's face, seeing the lines of
passion drawn all over it. She saw how much better Wendy was
taking this initial penetration than she had, on her wedding
night. The more she watched, the more she had to agree it was
better to teach them while they were young, better to let them
experience sex with a man who loved them.

To Wendy, the pain was becoming an annoyance, but it didn't
really hurt. Under the annoying sensation was the thrilling
feeling for which she had been waiting since the previous
Tuesday, when she'd first discovered what this was all about.

"Unnnhhh!" she gasped, twitching a little, her body jumping as
the blunted knob of Herb's penis touched her hymen.

And then the prod, still gently pushing forward, tore through her
maidenhead as easily as if it were made of wet paper. Wendy felt
a little sting, but nothing worse. She began wriggling and
squirming as Herb sank all the way into her, but it wasn't
because of pain or discomfort. The enjoyment she was feeling was
so totally overpowering, she knew her climax was very near. The
crushing, sizzling clutch of her pussy closed solidly around his
steaming cock, squeezing it more and more tightly.

Maryann had moved so she was standing behind her husband,
watching his cock sink into her daughter's cunt right to the
balls. The sight of it aroused tremors in her, making her
remember how wonderful it was to feel that pole in her own quim.

"Fuck me, Herb," Wendy screeched. "Fuck me hard! It feels
terrific in there!"

Slowly, carefully, not wanting to cause Wendy any undue anguish,
Herb pulled his mighty cock back, easing it from the clutching
depths of the young girl's crushing cunt, and then slowly,
carefully, inched it back in. He used the same long, slow,
lengthy strokes he applied to Maryann's cunt, moving a little
faster as time passed. How be managed to contain his seed all
this time was a mystery even to him. The pressure of his
stepdaughter's hot cunt was so great, he felt as if his prick was
compressed between two concrete walls lined with foam rubber.
More than once he had to shift a little, changing the angle of
his thrust slightly, to keep himself from coming too quickly.

"I ... uhhh ... can feel it ... " Wendy was gasping. "Oh. wow! I
can feel it deep down inside me. Keep pumping, Herb. Keep doing
it ... yes ... yes ... I'm almost there ..."

Her anxious voice caused Herb to pound his massive penis as far
as possible into the depths of his stepdaughter's flaming
interior. Maryann knelt, staring. The sucking vagina of her
daughter nursed on the huge masculine bone Herb was continuing to
pound into her. It looked more arousing than ever. On Monday, she
would order mirrors for the bedroom she she'd be able to see what
Herb's cock looked like in her own cunt.

Herb slammed his throbbing dick into his stepdaughter's seething,
tight tunnel. He was more than content. He looked down into
Wendy's face and saw the rapture on it. She smiled back at him,
winking, as if to let him know their little conspiracy had

Wendy thrilled to the maddening pace Herb was setting, slamming
into, her, feeding her oven-like pussy as much cock as it was
capable of handling. Her interior felt like living quicksand. She
slammed her young body against her stepfather, continuing to suck
in as much of his length as fitted into her. Her young thighs
clutched Herb tightly between them.

Herb felt overpowered by Wendy's tight nookie. The man she
married would have to have a cock of iron to withstand the grip
her labia was applying. There was no way for him to restrain
himself. The heavy rumbling in his balls became stronger and

Maryann watched his testicles leaping wildly inside his scrotum
and knew her husband's sperm was about to leave his body. As if
she had X-ray vision, the woman stared at Herb's genitals from
the rear, watching the seed move into the thick tube in the
underside of his penis, and then it was moving into the tip of
his cock, and then out the slit, into Wendy's tight cunt. As the
seething semen came shooting from Herb, Wendy's cunt tightened
around the moving pole, pulling it deeper than ever before.

"YYYAAAANNNGGGGHHH!" Herb screamed, shooting heavy gouts of white
balm into the young girl's swampy pussy. More and more of the
frothing semen splattered into Wendy's anxious body, splashing
against her vaginal walls, drenching her womb, enhancing the
thrills inside her tender body.

Wendy felt the hot, steaming sperm spurt into her, burning
through her interior. This was her first experience with semen.
She had seen Irene take it into her pussy, and had smelled it
when it had dripped out again. But this was the first time she
was taking it into herself, and it felt wonderful. The sperm
seemed to urge her body higher along the orgasmic plane, making
her ache to feel that overpowering sensation. She knew it was
better than the ones she'd felt because of Herb's tongue. It had
to be.

The girl worked her tender body against her stepfather, and soon
the thrills powered into her with the force of a hydrogen blast.

"AAAIIIYYYAGH!" she screamed, madly, wildly, humping her ass up
again and again, her thighs clinging to Herb's body.

"Love you, Herb," she gasped. "I love you. Really! Really!"

"I ... uhhh ... love you, too, Wendy," he assured her.

"And I love both of you," Maryann whispered, kneeling and
pressing her face against her daughter's cunt, sticking out her
tongue and licking the fluids seeping out of Wendy into her own

"Now things are really going to be great," Wendy gasped, feeling
her mother's tongue alternate between her labia and the cock
still pounding in her cunt.

"You said a mouthful," Herb Rheingold told her.

And I'm drinking a mouthful, Maryann thought. The first of many
mouthfuls to come!

The End


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