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  Things Are Not Always As They Sound
        By: Charlie "the drifter"

Just what in the hell is a wife supposed to do when
she finds out her husband of twelve years is fucking
his own young fifteen year old sister.

She had thoughts that maybe he was fucking
someone else, but she wasn't quite sure who.
Then she found out that his younger sister, Bonnie,
was pregnant and he was the father.

Carla found that out when she just happen to over
hear him talking to her on the telephone, begging her
not to tell who the father of her baby was.  He didn't
know that she was listening to him.

She didn't blow up at him, she was hot, mad, but she
didn't let him know that she had heard him and knew
that he was fucking his younger sister.

She slipped out of the house not letting him know
that she had returned home.  When she went back
into the house, she made enough noise that he knew
she was home.

She didn't say anything to him, she let him fret as to
whether she heard him talking to his little sister or

For the next week, when he would try to make love
to her she always told him, no, that she just wasn't
feeling good.  She told him maybe she was coming
down with the flu or maybe a cold.

During that week she was trying to decide just what
to do, then she came up with a plan that would pay
him back.  He was fucking someone else, even
though it was his little sister, even getting her
pregnant.  By the end of the week she had made up
her mind.

Yes. Carla, had already made up her mind on what
she was going to do to pay him back.  She told him
she was going to visit her parents, and would be
there all weekend.  She was sure that while she was
gone, his little sister would be right there at their
home, in her bed with her husband fucking her
already pregnant cunt.   She planned on not only
catching him one day, but when she did, she would
also have something to tell him.

Carla did go to visit her parents, but mainly to see
her own younger, eighteen year old brother.  She
knew that he had tried to peak in on her when she
would come home to visit, trying to see her bare
tits and cunt.  She was sure he wanted to fuck her.

Well he was going to get his chance this weekend.
Yes, she was going to fuck her younger brother
silly, all weekend, it also being a three day weekend,
and right during the hotest and most fertile time of
her own fertile period.

Yes, Carla was going to fuck her younger brother
every day and night as many times as she could
letting him keep her fertile womb full of his own
hot fertile sperm. She was going to suck his cock
and fuck the hell out of him.  She was even thinking
that maybe she would let her parents know that she
was fucking her own brother and was letting him
get her pregnant with her own brothers baby.  Hell
she thought, maybe her own father would like to
fuck her too, he could also try to get her pregnant
and that way she would be certain to get pregnant
and not know if it was her younger brothers or her
own fathers.  Hell it would be great telling her
husband that she was fucking both her father and
her brother and one of them got her pregnant but
she doesn't know which one, because she had
their sperm in her fertile womb at the same time.

Yes, she might just do that if her mother would
happen to go along with her.  She would have to
talk to her mother about it.  She knew her mother
was quite open minded about sex and she knew
that her mother had even fucked some one other
than her father and he knew about it.  She had
heard them talking one time about how she had
enjoyed it when the other man had fucked her and
filled her cunt full of his hot fertile sperm.  She
knew that her mother didn't know for sure if
her mothers, year old daughter was her husbands
or not because he and the other man had both
fucked her, that day.  So Carla knew that her
mother might just be willing for her father to
fuck her with her younger brother, making sure
she got pregnant.

When, Carla did get home, she went right to her
mother and told her all about how he had gotten
his own little fifteen year old sister pregnant and
was trying to hide it.

She told her mother what she wanted to do, even
that she wanted her brother and her father to
fuck her all three days to make sure she was
impregnated by one of them.

Her mother grinned at her and told her, "Sure,
honey.  I'll be happy to watch both of them
fuck you, but I want both of them to know that
you are fertile and want them to fuck you and
get your pregnant with one or the other of their
baby.  AND, she continued, after they fuck you
and get you pregnant, you have to let them both
fuck you anytime they want too."  She told

Carla grinned at her mother, "That just fine mom,
why shouldn't I let them fuck me when they want
too. He's fucking his own little sister and planted
his baby in her young womb.  So why shouldn't
I fuck who I want when I want too.  Hell mom I
may even make him watch them both fuck me and
whoever else I decide to fuck."  She said grinning.

"That's the idea honey.  I know your dad enjoy's
watching me fuck other men.  I don't know if you
know it or not but your father has watched me suck
and fuck several other men, including your grandpa.
Honey, he has even watched me fuck a couple of
black friends and a couple of black complete
strangers, neither of us knew.  We just went out
and picked them up and he watched me suck and
fuck them.

He's also watched me fuck several of our friends,
he enjoys it seeing me with one of his friends cocks
buried in side of me.  He loved it when he saw her
sucking and fucking a close friends stiff cock, taking
his hot sperm up inside of  her.

That was when she found out that her little year old
sister was actually, his friends baby, from next door.
He would come over and fuck her regularly just as
her father would go over and fuck his wife the same
way.  Yes, his wife had also had a baby, her fathers
baby.  They had talked about it and had decided that
it would be exciting their wives having each others
husbands baby.  Now they felt that with the babies,
they were related, almost like sisters.

Carla also found out that her mother was letting her
younger brother, the one that was going to fuck her
and try to get her pregnant, fuck her any time he
wanted to, with their father even watching.  Her
mother told her how she loved being able to fuck
anyone she wanted and having to fuck anyone he
wanted her too, no matter who it was.

Carla was shocked at what she was finding out about
her parents and her brother. She never suspected
them of anything like that.  But she quickly agreed
with her mother, to let her father and brother fuck
her anytime they wanted to, but she did want them
to get her pregnant that weekend.

When her bother told her father and brother what
she wanted, they jumped at the chance to fuck her
and would fuck her as much as they could keeping
her fertile cunt full of  both of their sperm.  Her
father told her that they would also show her how
it felt to have two men fuck her at the same time,
one in her cunt and one in her ass, filling her bowels.

She told him that she was a virgin there, because she
had never let her husband fuck her in the ass.  Her
father smile and told her she wouldn't be virgin
there after that night because he was going to be
the first one to fuck her in the ass and take her
virginity from it.

Carla as the afternoon passed had a hard time waiting
for that evening when she was going to be sucking
and fucking her own father and brother as many
times as they could fuck her and cum in her hot
fertile cunt.

That evening, Carla went in and got ready for bed,
actually got ready to fuck both her father and her
brother.  This would be the first time she fucked
anyone but her husband and she would be fucking
two of them until they couldn't cum in her anymore.

When she went out into the living room, her mother,
father and brother were all naked.  Her mother had
a blanket spread out on the living room floor.

"Why are you wearing your night gown?" Her
mother ask her, take it off, let your father and brother
see the cunt their going to be fucking for the next
few hours."  She told Carla.

Red in the face with embarrassment, this being the
first time she had been naked in front of any man
but her husband, she slowly took the night gown
off and stood there letting the two of them get a
good look at her tits and her hairless cunt.  She
always kept the hair shaved off because that was
what her husband, Carl, wanted.

"Spread your legs, honey and let them see your
hot wet cunt that their going to feel their cocks
slipping up into."  Her mother told her.

Carla, spread her legs, letting her father and her
younger brother see her shaven cunt, wet with the
expectation of what she knew she was going to

"Ok, honey now lay down and spread your legs
wide, your father will be fucking you first, right
after you suck his cock."  Her mother told her.

She then looked at Carla's father.  "Ok honey,
fuck your daughter and give her husband your
baby. She is fertile and she wants both of you
to fuck her so that one of you will be the father of
her baby that she is going to give her husbands.
One thing I know what  both of you will enjoy. Both
of you can fuck her anytime you want after you
knock her up, after one of you plants your baby in
her womb for her husband."  Her mother told them.

Both her father and her brother grinned broadly at
knowing they would be able to fuck her anytime
they wanted to from that time on and even her
having one of their baby.  Yes, she was going to
make sure that she would have either her own
fathers baby or her own brothers baby.

Carla lay on the blanket in the middle of the
living room with the lights turned down, making
it quite a bit more romantic.

She spread her legs wide letting her own father
and brother, see her hairless, swollen pussy lips
and leaking cunt opening.

Carla was getting into it finally.  Letting her father
and brother see her naked was becoming more and
more exciting as her naked father came closer and
reaching down, cupped his hand on her firm small
breasts, fondling and squeezing them.  He then
moved up to her head, his stiff cock right at her

"Ok my little married slut daughter, you want to
get your self fucked and knocked up by your father
and your brother, you can begin by sucking your
fathers stiff baby making cock.  The same one that
made you and will now make one in your, his
daughters, cunt and womb.

Carla, opened her mouth and let her father shove
his big thick cock into it.  He began fucking her
mouth and then shoved it all of the way down
her throat and fucked her throat.  He didn't fuck
her mouth and throat long before he pulled it
out and moved between her legs.

Carla watched with wide eyes and her very own
father began rubbing his thick cock head, even bigger
than her husbands up and down her cunt slit coating
it with his fatherly precum.

He looked at her brother his son and told him to fuck
her mouth while he fucked her fertile cunt.

Carla saw her mother move over and reaching down
grasp her father's stiff cock and  began rubbing it up
and down her daughters cunt lips, enjoying helping
her daughter fuck her own father to plan his baby in
her womb.

She then held it right at Carla's wet, throbbing cunt,
and watched as her father rammed his cock up into
her fertile cunt.

Carla's mother held his cock as he rammed it deep
inside of his own fertile daughter, and began fucking
her as her mother held his thick cock.

Yes, Carla's mother, father and brother were all
going to enjoy her being breed by her own daddy.

Carla, stared down as her fathers cock rammed in
and out of her and her brother at the same time was
fucking her mouth and throat.

To Carla it seemed like her father and brother fucked
her forever until finally her brother pulled his cock
out of her mouth and throat, not wanting to cum in
her mouth but in her fertile cunt.

He then set there and watched their father fuck his
sister with their mother holding his cock as it
pounded in and out  of her.

It wasn't long and Carla's own body responded to the
big cock of her father and began fucking it's self right
back at it.

On and on he fuck his daughter, fucking her through
three intense orgasms before he rammed his cock
deep and spewed his hot fatherly fertile sperm up
inside of his own daughter, filling her fertile womb
with his fertile sperm.

Finally pulled it out and watched as very little of his
sperm leaked out of her now gapping cunt.  As soon
as he moved, her brother, moved between her legs
and their mother grabbing his cock guided it to his
sisters cunt.

She held his cock as he rammed it up inside of his
big sister, fucking her hard and fast as the young
will do.  He too fucked his big sister through two
orgasms before he plunged his cock deep and added
his fertile sperm to that of their father in his sisters

After being fucked by both her father and brother,
knowing that they had probably bred her with one
of their babies, probably her own father, she couldn't
get enough of fucking them. It was so exciting
knowing she was fucking her own father and brother
and would be fucking either or both of them anytime
she wanted and they wanted.  She could already
see in her mind, both of them fucking her while her
husband had to watch.

Carla was at her parents for three days, while her
husband stayed home and probably fucked his sister
and took care of their two young daughters.  She
wandered if he had fucked them already, even as
young as they were.  Her oldest, Beth was eight
and her youngest, had just turned five.

When Carla told her mother what she was thinking,
between being fucked by her father or brother, her
mother told her that if he hadn't fucked them yet to
bring them with her and she would make sure that
Carla's father fucked both of them and taught both
of them to suck his cock, before they went back
home.  That way their father wouldn't be the one
to enjoy his young daughters virginities.

Carla grinned at her mother and told her she would
as long as she could watch her father fuck them
and teach them to suck his cock.

For three day's Carla spent most of her time with
either her fathers cock buried in her fucking her
spewing his hot fertile sperm up inside of her
fertile womb or with her brothers cock giving her
his young hot fertile sperm.  She didn't know
which on of them would be the father of the
baby she knew she was going to have, she didn't
care she was enjoying the hell out of both of
them fucking her.

Finally after one last fuck and with sperm from
both of them filling her still fertile womb, Carla
headed for home.  She wouldn't be letting her
husband fuck her until she was sure she wasn't
fertile anymore.

As soon as her fertile period was past, she would
let him fuck her again until it was time for her
next fertile time, or she was sure she was pregnant
with either her own father or own brothers baby.

When she was certain, that would be when she
would tell him, she knew he had fucked his own
little sister and got her pregnant, so she had
fucked her own father and her own brother letting
one of them get her pregnant.  She would tell him
that he could keep fucking his sister, because she
was going to keep fucking her father and brother,
she loved fucking them, loved having their cocks
plunging in and out of her and she was going to tell
him that also.

She was also going to tell him that they were going
to fuck her anytime they wanted too.

She finally left with her fertile womb full of daddy
and brothers fertile sperm fighting over which one
of them were going to fertilize her own fertile egg
already in her womb just waiting.

As she drove home, she still couldn't believe she
had just spent the weekend letting her father and
brother fuck her, making sure they knocked her
up.  She was also shocked at herself for loving
their fucking her, and she sucking their cocks
down her throat while her own mother watched.

Oh yes, she had also done a couple of thing for
her mother.  She had licked and sucked and tongue
fucked her mothers wet hot cunt, both before and
after her brother had fucked his own mother.

Carla had licked and sucked her mothers hot, wet,
cunt and licked her brothers sperm from, her
mama's cunt, after watching her brother fuck her.

Yes, Carla found that she loved the thought and the
act of fucking not only other men, but her own
relatives, especially her own father and brother.

When she got home, Carl wasn't home.  She figured
that he was over at his sisters fucking her.  It was
almost two hours later that he got home.  He
apologized for being gone and gone so long but
he had something he had to take care of, he told
her and that was all he did say.

Carla was just as quiet and gave very little speech
on what she had done at her parents.
That night he tried to fuck her and she told him she
was just too tired.  The next night she wasn't feeling
good.  For four days she thought up excuses as to
why she didn't want to fuck him or even let him fuck

Finally when she was sure her fertile time was over,
she let him fuck her cunt, that had taken her own
fathers cock and her brothers cock up into it.

She didn't let him fuck her often, then she missed her
period.  A couple of weeks later the pregnancy test
showed positive.  She knew she had done it.  She
was going to have either her father or her brothers
baby.  She was pretty sure it was her fathers because
he had been the one to fuck her first.

Her father was delighted with she told him she was
pregnant and it was probably his, but could also be
her brothers, which he knew.

He ask her when she was going to tell Curt that
she was pregnant with someone else's baby, and
it being her own fathers or her own brothers, letting
him know that she had fucked both of them and
and was going to continue fucking both of them
and maybe even other men.

When Carla finally did tell her husband that she
was pregnant, he was delighted and excited.
He ask her when it was due and she told him.

He didn't think anything of it, since he had
fucked her right close to the time her father and
brother had bred her.

She let him celebrate for several days, telling
his friends how he was going to be a father again.

The she broke his bubble.

They were getting ready for bed, both of them
naked, when she ask him a simple question.

"How far along is your sister? When is she going
to have her baby?"  She ask him.

He gasp, then looked at her.  "You, you know she's
pregnant?" He ask.

"Yes, I've known for over a month or two." She told

"I also know who the father is." she told him looking
right at him.

"You, you do?"  He gasp.

"Yes, I know who the father is and I have something
to tell you too."  She said standing naked right there
in front of him.

"How do you know that?" He ask.

"I overheard you on the telephone, telling her not to
tell anyone about who the father was.  You were
begging her not to tell anyone that you were fucking
your own sister and got her pregnant, especially your
mother." She told him.

He stared at her. To shocked to be able to get a word
out, at what she had just revealed to him.

"Now I've got to tell you something.  My baby is not
yours.  No my dear husband who fucks his own little
sister knocking her up.  My baby is not yours.  I
know that for a fact.  My baby is either my fathers
or my brothers.  Just like you I fucked my own
father and brother and let them get me pregnant.  I
don't know which one is the father, I fucked both
of them every day for that three day weekend which
was fertile the entire three days."  She told him.

He stared at her, He was shocked to speechlessness.

Finally he managed to get out.  "Wha, what do you
mean you fucked your father and brother and let
them get you pregnant.  Your own father and
brother? You, you fucked them?" he gasp.

"Yes, I fucked and sucked both of them and I am
going to keep on fucking them and sucking them
whenever they want me too.  Yes, my straying
husband, you fuck your little sister and get her
pregnant, well I fucked my father and brother and
one of them got me pregnant, I don't know which
one.  I am going to keep sucking and fucking them
too and you can keep fucking your sister.  Hell you
can have her come live with us so you can keep
fucking her.  I might even want to watch her suck
and fuck her with he swollen belly, swollen with
your baby."  She told him.

He stared at her.  The finally he said.

"You, you thought my sisters baby was mine?  You
thought I had fucked her and got her pregnant?"
He gasp.

"Yes."  She answered.

"You thought I was fucking my own little sister
and she was having my baby, so you go and fuck
your own father and your own brother just so they
could get your pregnant."  He almost whispered.

"Ye, yes," She told him.

"Your pregnant with your own father or brothers
baby and, and your going to keep sucking and
fucking them?"  He gasp.

"Yes, I promised them that is they would fuck me
and get me pregnant they could keep fucking me
anything they wanted and, and I've got to let them,
I promised them."  She told him.

Even as she admitted what she had done, she knew
that she did actually want to keep sucking and
fucking them.

"Your telling me that your still going to suck and
fuck them from now on even though I'm not the
one that fucked my sister and got her pregnant?"

"Ye, yes."  She told him.

He just stood there staring at her.

She stared at him, "You, you mean you, you aren't
fucking her?  Your not?" Why, why were you
begging her not to tell anyone who the father was?"
She ask him.

"To begin with the boy who fucked her and knocked
her up is a boy only a year older that she is.  Then
our mother hates him with a passion.  She can't stand the sight of the
boy and she would kick sis out if she
knew she had let him fuck her and take her
virginity."  He told Carla.

"Oh my god, why, why didn't you tell me?"  Carla
gasp, realizing what he was telling her and what
she had done, now being pregnant with either her
own fathers or her own brothers baby and her
promise to them that they could fuck her and she
would suck them anytime they wanted.  She also
knew that she would enjoy it regardless of which
one or both of them fucking her and she sucking

He was still standing there naked staring at her
naked body, her naked body which he now knew
had either her fathers baby or her brothers baby
planted in it, and not his.

Then she noticed that his cock was stiff.  He was
apparently not as upset as he was putting on, not
when his cock was so stiff, with the news that it
was not his baby but her own father or brothers
baby she was pregnant with and the she had just
told him that she was going to continue sucking
and fucking her father and her brother, anytime
they wanted her too.

She went over to him and putting her arms around
his neck kissed him passionately.  He quickly
responded to her.

He was kissing her passionately caressing her body
with his hands, slipping them around to her stomach
and rubbing it.

"You really have your father or your brothers baby
in your womb?"  He ask her as he caressed her

"Yes, I do.  Yes,  have either my own fathers baby
or my brothers baby in me."  She told him.

"Yes, honey, feel my stomach, just think you'll soon
be able to feel the baby in my stomach.  You feel
my brothers baby or may fathers baby, growing in
your wife's womb."  She told him.

He kind of groaned then began rubbing her stomach
on his own as if trying to feel their baby in it.

"Di, did you really enjoy sucking their cocks and
letting them fuck you?"  he ask her.

"Yes, I did, I loved the taste of their cocks and
sucking them down my throat and letting them both
fuck me and cum in me, knowing they were going
to get me pregnant."  She told him.

His cock just seemed to get that much stiffer.

She kissed him then told him that she wanted him
to watch her suck her own daddy and brother and
watch them fuck her."  He hugged her tight and
kissed her.  He didn't say anything.

Then she told him, "Honey, I, I want to watch you
lick and suck and fuck your little sisters pregnant
cunt. I want to watch you fuck your cock in and out
of her.  Why don't you have her come live with us
so that you can fuck her anytime you want to with
another man's baby in her womb.  When she has
it, then you can fuck her and get her pregnant with
your baby.  I'll even help you fuck her."  She told
him softly as he caressed her stomach which he
now knew the baby was not his but her own daddy's
or brothers and she wanted it that way.  He also
knew that from then on he would be sharing his
wife with her own father and brother.

Then she shocked him she told him that he should
have his sister come stay with them, then he could
actually fuck her when ever he wanted too. like she
knew he did want too.

"Carl"  She said.  "Tomorrow you get your sister
to come live with us and then you can fuck her
anytime you want too." She told him.  "I'll help
get her to suck your cock and fuck you." She
told him.

Carl, holding his wife, pregnant with another man's
baby, kissed her then told her that in some way's he
was glad that she misunderstood what he was telling
his little sister.  He told  her that, then he admitted to
her that, yes, he did want to fuck his own little sister.

He told her that he would love it if she did come to
live with them so he could fuck her when ever he
wanted to and that she could also keep fucking her
own daddy and brother.  The he told her that maybe
they would like to fuck his younger sister too and
that he himself would love to fuck her mother
anytime he wanted too.

Carla kissed him and told him that she was sure
her mother would love him fucking her.

The she told him to call his sister the first thimg
in the morning and get her to come live with them.
She told him that he might be honest with his sister
and let her know that he would love to fuck her
whenever he could and that he would also love
to watch her suck and fuck Carla's father and brother.
He could even tell her that Carla was pregnant with
one of their baby, but didn't know which one and
that she was going to keep sucking and fucking them.

Carla then took, Carl to bed and was soon sucking
his cock down her throat, finally taking his cock up
into her pregnant cunt.  She could tell he was
wanting to watch her suck and fuck her own father
and bother, by the way he kept talking about her
fucking them as he pumped his own cock in and out
of her cunt.

Yes, Carl was finding it exciting that his wife was
pregnant with her own father or brothers baby.  He
was also finding it exciting thinking about fucking
her mother and his own little sister living with them
so he could fuck her anytime he wanted to and watch
Carla's father and brother also fuck her.

They finally drifted off to sleep his cock buried in
her pregnant cunt, Carl hardly being able to wait to
have his sister, come live with them and him able
to fuck her anytime he wanted too.

Yes, Carla also learned a big lesson with what had
happened and how she had responded.  She knew
that from then on she would never jump to
conclusions again, because she had learned a good
lesson, that "Things are not always as they seem or
sound." She knew she would be remembering that
even though this time, it had turned out better than
she had ever dreamed.

Charlie "the drifter"

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