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Subject: {ASSM} Revelation: Part Two (Fbf, FFf b, Ff, ws, scat, incest, pedo, suggestion of bestiality)
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Revelation: Part Two (Fbf, FFf b, Ff, ws, scat, incest, pedo, suggestion of 

by Randyttwo

editing by Coproman

(This story is strictly fictional and has no basis in real life it is only 
for the enjoyment of the reader. If you don't enjoy stories of underage 
incest and complete filth and depravity, do not read further. You have been 

"Genesis of Susan: The Evolution of a Pedo Slut Mom"

Susan and I were coming back down from the bliss of our last orgasm together 
in my workshop and we had decided to move back to the bedroom to rest a 
little before we started anything with the girls. We were just lying there 
in the afterglow of what had to have been the best masturbatory high I had 
ever had to date.  I began to wonder just how long Susan had been playing 
with the girls and how she became so deliciously perverted. I had to know! 
I just had to know, so I posed the question to her:

"Suzie, how did you get to be such a perverted sick cunt?" I asked. "I knew 
you were kinky when I met you before we got married but I had no idea just 
how kinky you were. How long have you been into all this crazy perverted 
shit? Why did you hide it from me for so long?"

She just sighed and smiled at me, twirling her hair on her finger like she 
was some seducing schoolgirl. And after a pause I prodded her with "Come on, 
baby, you can trust me.  You know you can!  Tell me how all this perverted 
filth and delicious degradation started."

"Well, lover, it all started a long time ago when I was little.  I wasn't 
born this way, but my mother work very hard at teaching me to be just like 
her.  Molded me to be her sweet little sex toy.  After my dad died when I 
was a baby in diapers, Mom started to explore sex with my brother Allen and 
me.  She had always had a streak of pedo in her, and when Dad was killed on 
the job as a fireman, we were set financially with insurance and pension, 
social security benefits.

 "Mom never gave up her job as a kindergarten teacher though.  She is the 
reason why I became one. She loved to be around the little ones.  It made 
her horny morning, noon and night.  With Dad gone, she had no interest in 
grown men.  She really only lusted for us kids."  Susan said, "It's kind of 
hard to remember a lot of the early stuff that happened.  Allen filled me in 
on a lot of it later on, when I was old enough to remember.

"He said about a month after Dad's funeral, when I was about 18 months and 
Allen was about five, Mom decided our family would become naturist and stop 
wearing clothes at home.  She loved to be naked all the time and she would 
encourage us to go naked as well.  She also began to openly frig her self in 
front of my brother and me.  She would have us watch like her own little 
audience.  She would play with her own tits pinch the nipples and lick them. 
She would frig her clit and finger and even fist her own cunt.  She would 
often masturbate while I breastfed, and she would coax Allen to finger her 
pussy and even her asshole.  Allen said during my diaper changes she would 
play with my little pussy and lick it.  She even would coax my brother to 
lick and taste my baby cunt.  She even trained me to suckle on her clit like 
a nipple.  She would have little Allen stick his small wiener in her mouth 
to suck on it.  She wouldn't let him use the potty all day because she 
wanted him to pee right in her mouth.

"She loved to drink piss and often would scold my brother for not saving it 
for her to drink.  She was a virtual human urinal with an endless thirst for 
piss. She would lap and suck my piss-soaked diapers and she would dribble 
drops of my own piss into my baby mouth.  She trained Allen to shower in her 
piss and to drink it.  She even had him piss on me, a baby.  She would guide 
him, telling him where to piss or holding his little cock and directing it 
on my face and in my mouth.  They both would piss in my baby bottles for me 
to suck on and drink.  I grew accustomed to the taste of piss as a baby and 
learned to love it.  Mom made sure of that. Piss seldom went down the 
toilet; it just kept making the rounds from mouth to mouth.  Allen said that 
after Mom had taught us to love piss play and sex games with her, it just 
slowly escalated.  He was encouraged to play with me when she wasn't in the 

 "I was about two and a half at the time.  Mom had started to train me to 
use the toilet for poop, but I still wore diapers a lot of the time, and 
this one day I shit a pile of warm, soft shit in my cute little nappy. 
Allen got the bright idea to play some games with me at this very time.  He 
tickled me and got me to open my sweet little mouth, and he shoved his 
little boy wiener in my mouth and started to piss.  He told me, 'Baby 
sister, you stink!' and while he pissed down my toddler throat, he open my 
diaper.  He found a pile of shit there somewhat akin to soft-serve ice 
cream.  He began to run his finger in the pile of soft shit and started to 
paint the rest of my body with it.  He scooped up a blob on his finger, 
placed it in his mouth, and tasted it.  He had finished pissing down his 
baby sister's throat and pulled his seven-year-old cock free of my mouth. 
He scooped up another blob of soft shit and placed his finger in my mouth, 
saying, 'Come on, Suzy, eat your own poo!'  He did this a number of times, 
as swell as smearing the contents of the rest of my diaper on my face.

"Mom had come upon us in the middle of this perverse mud bath and 
shit-tasting session and stood quietly in the door way watching us.  She had 
become so aroused that she was fingering herself right where she stood.  We 
were so involved we didn't even notice her presence till my face was 
completely covered in soft brown toddler shit and Allen was licking my 
cheek.  She then moved over to us and cooed softly, 'Look at my dirty 
babies!  I love you so!  Let Momma have a taste!'  She then bent down and 
started to lick my other cheek.  I guess either the raunchy taste or the 
extreme nature of the act really affected her because she instantly orgasm 
and nearly fell to the floor because her legs almost gave way.  When she had 
regained her composure, she pulled the three of us into a filthy, shitty 
three-way kiss.

"Once the kiss was broken she talked to both of us, telling us that she had 
always had a secret craving for this kind of 'poop play,' she called it. 
Seems she had an attraction to shit all her life.  From the time she was a 
little girl, she started playing with her poop.  She had grown up always 
desiring to play with others but never finding someone else that enjoyed the 
visceral sensation, the raw ecstasy, the raunchy nastiness of shit play. 
She had only experienced this kind of pleasure by herself up to this point. 
Now that she knew her babies were open to this perversion, she was ecstatic. 
She had not planned to take the two of us down this path, for fear it was 
going too far.  But now, knowing that we had taken to this fetish on our 
own, any guilt melted away, any inhibitions she may have harbored were gone. 
She had been set totally free because her babies were just like her!  She 
would finally now have complete pleasure, the kind she always craved.  If 
there was a scat loving gene, we both had inherited it from her.

"Once this boundary was breached there was no going back.  The very next day 
Mom made Allen and me a big meal, telling us that we had to make lots of 
poop for us to play with. You would have though it was Thanksgiving or 
Christmas.  It was that kind of feast.  Turkey and all the trimmings.  All 
three of us stuffed ourselves, us kids as best we could.  Mom described to 
us how much she wanted to play with her 'dirty little poo babies,' and that 
the real dessert she crave would come from our little assholes.  This didn't 
faze us at all that our own mother wanted to eat shit right from her babies' 
assholes.  This might have revolted anyone else, but for us it just seemed 
like an exciting thing to do.  My brother and I were almost innocent in our 
need to please our mother.  We loved her.  I never entertained a thought 
that she was ever abusing us.  It all seemed normal to Allen and me.  We ate 
a sumptuous dinner and then retired to Mom's bed to play sex games with her.

"Mom explained to the two of us that we had to keep the wonderful naughty 
things we did together a secret because the rest of the world wouldn't 
understand.  She tried to make our young minds grasp that we could never 
tell anyone outside the family about what she did with us, or the police 
might come and take us away from her and send her to jail.  She explained 
that we could never talk to anyone about the true nature of our little 
family unless she said it was okay.  She swore Allen and me to this, and we 
never revealed a thing to anyone.  We were too young to really comprehend 
right at that point, but when we got older we grew to understand.  We had a 
wonderful time that night sucking Mom's big tits and licking her pussy.  She 
rolled over on her tummy and spread her cheeks so Allen and I could take 
turns licking her sexy asshole.  She encouraged us to finger her ass and 
push our fingers as deep as we could get them, and when we withdrew them, 
the tips were covered in her shit.  I instinctively sucked my fingers clean, 
and Allen told Mom I tasted her shit on my fingers.  Mom praised me and told 
me to try and dig some out, to try and push my baby hand up her ass and grab 
a whole bunch.

"I pointed my fingers like she showed me and gently pushed my small 
near-three-year-old hand inside. Mom must have been fisting her own ass for 
years because my little hand slid in with next to no effort at all.  I got 
my hand up in to the wrist, and I could feel her poop like soft mud on my 
fingertips.  I followed her directions and grasped a handful of her warm 
shit and withdrew my hand from anus.  The lips stayed open like the mouth of 
a cave, and I could see inside.  I sniffed the warm brown mash in my hand 
then gave into the urge to take a lick and taste it.  Allen chimed in, 'Hey, 
she's got a handful and she is hogging it all!'  Mom said, 'Don't worry, 
baby boy, Momma is going to make all the poop you want.  Momma will let you 
do anything you want with her because she loves to please the people she 
loves.  They call this kind of lady a "SLUT!" and Momma loves to be a slut. 
I'm going to see that both of you have anything you want when it comes to 
playing naughty sexy games.'  She then had Allen shove his even bigger hand 
up her ass and took out what he desired, a handful of her warm, mushy shit. 
We both licked and sucked on the shit in our hands like a scoop of our 
favorite ice cream as Mom rubbed her clit and fingered her pussy.  The two 
of us fell asleep like that in Mom's arms.

"We awoke the next morning with shit on our hands and faces but refreshed 
and ready for more nasty fun. Well, Mom was excited because she knew that 
her little babies could dispense the one thing she had been craving for so 
long.  She wanted what we held in our little rectums.  She told us it was 
our caviar and she was going to feast on it right from the source.  I went 
first.  I got into position with my little pussy and asshole directly over 
Mom's mouth.  I had to pee first and Mom drank down a bladder load of my 
toddler morning piss .  She shotgunned my nasty pee like a college kid at a 
frathouse kegger. Then it was time to eat the delicacy she had wanted for 
breakfast--her baby's caviar.

"She pulled my little asshole down to her mouth and started sucking 
forcefully, trying to draw it out of me faster.  Her tongue slid past my 
little sphincter and into my rectum.  She licked and sucked the end of my 
new unborn turd like a bird trying to capture a worm.  She eased off for a 
second, long enough to plead with me, 'Baby girl, please let Momma have your 
sweet poo!  She wants it so bad!'

"I then strained and pushed on my bowels and it started to move.  Mom locked 
her mouth over my ass as a rope of my shit snaked its way from my insides 
and into her mouth.  The sounds she made as she received my gift were those 
of an animal in extreme ecstasy.  I could feel her lips, tongue and teeth 
working on the log of shit as I pushed it out for her to eat. Mom moaned and 
sighed like a woman eating the finest chocolate.  It took me several minutes 
to pass all the shit that had accumulated in my rectum and colon overnight, 
but Mom didn't even miss a beat.  She consumed my filth like she had been 
eating shit all her life.  I found out later she had!  I finished and was 
empty as Mom licked away the last remnants of my shit from my hole and ass 
crack.  She praised me and told me, 'Baby girl, Momma just loves your poo.' 
Smiling with shit-covered lips, she made me promise to tell her whenever I 
had to go because she wanted first dibs on it.

"Meanwhile Allen was doing the pee pee dance, his poor bladder about to 
burst.  Mom ushered him over and took his seven-year-old little cock in her 
mouth.  She got her mouth over it just in the nick of time.  My brother's 
little hose burst loose and became a straw for her next breakfast beverage. 
I watched as Allen moaned and I could see Mom's throat working as she drank 
down her son's piss.  I could hear him sigh and he said, 'Gee, Mom, that 
feels so good!  I love it when you suck my peter!'  His morning juice was 
over as quickly as it had started, but Mom sucked out every drop she could 
get.  With the pressure gone from his bladder, my brother soon felt a 
different urgency and Mom could sense this.  She soon had him in the same 
position I had been in and was licking his preteen asshole with abandon.  I 
moved to a place where I could see what was happening, getting in close to 
both of them, my young curiosity getting the better of me.  Just as I moved 
in, Allen's ass erupted in a loud fart and the three of us giggled in 
response.  I let out a high pitched, 'Peee ewwww!'  His hole began to open 
and I could see a cone of dark brown shit emerging from his little ass.  Mom 
didn't engulf this shit like mine.  She seemed to have other plans.  She was 
going to put a show on for my young eyes.

"I think this was the day I became a perverted voyeur at the tender age of 
almost three.  I watched as my brother's log descended towards mom's mouth 
like some obscene rotten fruit.  Mom's tongue ran up and down its length 
lovingly with passion and purpose.  I could see the lust in her face and she 
started to make animal noises again.  She looked like a baby bird about to 
eat a worm.  She sucked and licked and when a mouthful had squeezed out, she 
bit it off and started to chew.  She chewed open mouthed because she knew I 
was watching, and this excited her, knowing her baby girl was seeing her at 
her most perverted.  It elated her that I was watching and seeing her in 
this way.  She closed her mouth and I watched the mass of Allen's shit work 
its way down her throat like a snake eating a meal.  She then went back for 
the rest of his log.  She made love to it until it also was a mouthful in 
length then gobbled the next piece,  making sure I could see what she was 
doing.  She took exhibitionistic pleasure that I was watching my beloved 
momma eating shit.  She finished up the whole load of Allen's crap with 
passion and lust.

"When she was finished she pulled my baby face to hers and kissed me with 
wild abandon.  The kiss was almost too intense for my young senses to 
handle.  She still had Allen's shit in her mouth and pushed some of it into 
my mouth.  The taste was almost overpowering.  It must have looked totally 
obscene: a mother locked in a hot, passionate shit kiss with her baby 
daughter.  Mom slithering her tongue into my mouth, covered in liquid shit. 
From this point on Mom changed.  She was more passionate and much less 
inhibited.  Poop play was definitely here to stay because it brought out the 
animal in Mom.

"She was never more satisfied then she had been that morning, when she ate 
our shit for the first time. Mom told us how much she loved us for letting 
her have the one thing she craved but thought she could never have.  She 
also told us she had dreamed of this kind of sexual play with kids but had 
only experienced it once when she was sixteen and worked as a baby sitter 
for spending money.  She told us how she'd won a bet with one of the kids 
she watched--Little Cindy Johnson, just eight years old at the time.  They 
were playing truth or dare. Cindy was trying to gross Mom out, daring her to 
eat poo.  Mom told her she would do it if she swore to never tell anyone. 
Cindy didn't believe her and Mom told her, 'I bet I can eat your poo right 
from your bum hole.'  The little minx was intrigued by the notion and asked 
her how they would do it.  Long story short, it was much a replay of what 
transpired between Mom and me just an hour past.

"Mom told us that she was hooked after this first time tasting someone else's 
shit other than her own, but after that one time Cindy was no longer 
receptive and would never repeat the act.  So Mom had to settle for her own 
poop to play with and eat till we came along and all of our naughty, nasty 
games started after Dad died.  My brother and I hugged Mom and told her we 
loved her and we would play any game she wanted us to.  Soon all three of us 
regularly feasted on the nasty fudge our asses produced.  Mom never had to 
go hungry for our shit ever again.  She invented all kinds of different ways 
for us to play and introduced us to enemas and toys, like butt plugs.  God, 
I loved to lick Mom's butt plug clean after she wore it all day at school. 
Allen and I, by the time we both teens, had experienced more sexual kinks 
then most adults dream of in a lifetime.  This is about the time Mom met 
another woman that turned out to be just like her.

"I don't know how they met, but Leeann was a carbon copy of mom.  Mom had 
met her in one of her forays to a local dike bar.  Mom fell in love with her 
openness and kinky imagination, and after being lovers for a period of time 
and when Mom was sure she could trust Leeann with the knowledge of what 
happened in our household behind closed doors and she confided in her about 
our nasty family games" It turns out Leeann had a secret life as well.  She 
had always been a pervert and a closet lesbian pedophile all her thirty-five 
years.  She just went crazy when Mom offered me to her as a new sex partner 
and playmate.  I was thirteen when I got to taste another woman other than 
Mom.  Momma just adored watching Leeann and me mess around.  Mom would fuck 
with Allen when he was around, and not chasing after high school 
cheerleaders and the town sluts, or mom and Leeann would take Polaroids of 
us girls going at it performing nasty sexy acts.  Seems Leeann knew other 
'lesbos,' she called them, that had kinky tastes and would pay to see the 
pictures and she and Mom would take, picking up some extra cash that way.

"That's how I got my introduction to pornography of all kinds and was hooked 
for life.  Once I had finished high school and started college, I got my 
first taste of the internet and soon learn that I was just like Mom in every 
way.  She had molded me in her image, but I had something she didn't: I had 
the Internet!  I soon found there were others out there that thought and 
felt like me.  I wasn't alone, and I taught Mom and Leeann all about this 
new world.  Allen had joined the Marines by this time and was serving in 
Lebanon, where he was killed when a suicide bomber blew up the barracks he 
was billeted in.  It was a very sad time for all of us, but we moved forward 
slowly, the three of us in mourning for a time, and things were quiet and 

"I finished up my early studies and moved on to teachers college and 
specialized in early childhood education.  I had inherited all of Mom's 
vices and even had discovered a few of my own, with the help of a roommate 
and the internet, wonderfully disgusting things like sex with animals and 
even playing with animal shit. I saw this wonderful video of a Thai girl 
eating shit right from a dog's asshole, and I knew I would try that one day. 
I dreamed of spending time on a farm and swimming in filth and having sex 
with everything that moved. The thing I wanted the most, though, was to have 
kids to share all this filth and debauchery with.  Mold them to be like me 
and pass on the pervert sick pedo gene to them.

"It was senior year and you, my love, know the story from here because it 
was when we met.  I seduced you and picked you to be my mate.  I kept some 
of my more extreme pleasures from you because I didn't know how you would 
handle them and my secret relationship with our girls.  I bided my time and 
hoped to tell you when I was sure you were ready.  I knew deep down inside, 
Randy, that you had a dark, perverted side to you too, and when you 
discovered my collection, it came as both a fright and a relief that I didn't 
have to hide it from you anymore.

"Randy, sweetie," Susan said, "there is just one thing I want from you now. 
You have given me two sweet little girls.  I want to see you with them in 
every nasty fucking perverted way!  Give them something I never had: a nasty 
perverted loving pedo DAD!"

This is just the second chapter in Susan and Randy's little saga.  If you 
enjoyed reading this feel free to email your comments to

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reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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