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         Mom's Training And Instructions
                 By: Charlie "the drifter"

I still can't believe it was mom that started us on
the road to family togetherness.  Yes, it was Mom
that started us to having sex together.

I was thirteen and horny as hell.  My little sister,
eleven was developing nicely and was already
beginning to turn the head of the young boys.

It all began, when mom caught, Elma, my sister
flashing a couple of teenage boys with her bare
tits and hairless pussy.  I think sis would have
been letting the boys at least play with her tits
and fingerfuck her wet cunt, except mom
caught them.  The boys really took off running
when mom walked into the old barn on our
place and there they were with sis's blouse open
and her legs spread wide, skirt pulled up and
no panties.

The two boys had their cocks out and stiff
showing their horniness.

Sis was scared to death when mom caught her.

Mom, made her follow her into the house, with
her blouse still unbuttoned and her tits showing.
She as also still without panties.

It turned out I was sure glad that dad was gone
for a couple of weeks on business, because I
benefited from his being gone. Yes, this time I
really benefited from it.

I was sitting in the living room, when mom
marched in with sis in front of her crying.

Mom, stopped her right in front of me and told
me she had something she wanted me to do.
Of course I said, "sure mom what?"

That was when mom looked at sis in a scowl
and then grinning at me she ask me.

"Have you ever fucked a girl?"

Naturally, still being a virgin I told her no.

She smiled and told me,  "Well as of right now
that's going to change."  That was when she looked
at sis and told her.

"Ok Elma, you want to feel boys playing with your
tits and your cunt.  You apparently want a cock in
your virgin cunt, since you were letting those boys
finger fuck you.  Well we'll take care of that right

Sis was puzzled as to what mom was saying.

"Elma right now your going to learn how to suck
a cock and play with it and your going to learn
what it feels like for a boy to lick and suck and
tongue fuck your cunt.  Your going to learn to
suck a cock down your throat and your going to
feel a cock buried deep inside of her virgin cunt.
Yes, Elma, today, right now your going to learn
what it feels like to have a cock buried deep
inside of your cunt and deep in your mouth.
Only the cock that's going to enjoy fucking you
will be your brothers, not those boys who would
tell everyone they had fucked you.  You wait and
see, you'll find out that even now they will be
telling all of their friends that you sucked their
cocks and let them finger fuck you."

From now on when you want fucked or want to
suck a cock get your brother to do it.  When your
father comes home, he'll probably want to fuck you
too.  Well, you let him and then you can have two
cocks to suck and fuck when you want it and don't
have to worry about anyone finding out about it or
knowing that your fucking anyone.

Well that was the way Mom started us on our way
to family sexual togetherness.  Yes, I benefited from
it and loved her for letting me be the one to enjoy
my own little sister first.  Of course she was my first
also. Now she giggles at the way that she and I both
gave our virginity to our own brother and sister with
mom's help or mom's directions and orders.

Once mom set sis straight about the only way that
sis could have sex, she made sis strip down and let
me see her naked body.  Damn Sis had, even at her
age, a great body.  At least to me she did.  Firm
little tits, stiff nipples, beautiful pussy slit and lips

Her pussy was already wet and lubricated from
having let those boys finger fuck her.

Once sis was naked, mom told me to strip down.
I didn't hesitate even though I was pretty damn shy
about stripping down in front of them.

Once I was naked, Mom had me lay down on the
rug and she got down on her knees beside me and
also made Sis get down on the other side of me.

As I lay there staring at my naked little sister, Mom
reached out and wrapped her hand around my stiff
cock.  I couldn't believe it, Mom, playing with my
cock.  She didn't stop there.

"Ok, now Elma, now grasp your brothers stiff cock
like I'm doing."

I lay there in almost a hypnotized state watching
my own mother, then my own little sister, playing
with my stiff cock.

It was a feeling beyond anything I had ever
experienced before.

Then Mom, looked at me, then sis, then she told
sis.  "Ok, now watch how I lick your brothers cock
and suck it.  Then you do it."  She told her.

"Oh my god,"  I thought.  "Mom's going to suck my
cock."  I stared in disbelief when mom leaned down
and actually showed Sis how to lick her tongue
around my cock head.  She licked my sensitive
virgin cock head for almost a full minute, then she
opened her mouth and slipped it down over my
cock head.

All I could do was gasp.  I was having my cock
sucked for the first time and it was by my own

Mom engulfed my, her own son's, stiff cock in
her mouth. She didn't take long sucking it in
and out then suddenly she slipped my full length
into her mouth and down her throat.  "Oh my god,
mom had my entire length in her mouth and down
her throat." Flashed through my mind.

Mom fucked her mouth and throat up and down on
her son's cock for a full minute, then she pulled it

"Ok, Elma, now you  lick your brothers cock and
suck it like you just watched your mother do."  She
directed sis.

Sis looking at Mom with almost a blank stare, and
then me, she leaned down and hesitantly licked
her small tongue around my cock head.  My second
time of having someone lick and suck my cock and
it was, this time, my own little sister.

Sis kind of wrinkled her nose up at her first taste of her own
brothers pre-cum, but she kept licking it
and as she did, she began to smile as much as she
could with her tongue sticking out swirling around
her brothers wet cock head.

Then Sis opened her smaller mouth and like our
mother had done, sucked my cock, her own brothers
into her mouth.

As Sis sucked my cock, I could see mom sitting
there smiling at us.  One other thing I saw was
mom had her blouse unbuttoned and she had
her breasts bared for me to see.  As she watched
Sis suck her brothers cock, mom slipped her blouse
completely off leaving her naked from the waist up.

Then Mom slipped her own skirt and then panty's
off.  I couldn't believe it. My own mother stripping
right in front of me letting me see her tits and pussy.

Damn Mom had one hell of a beautiful body.  Firm
full tits, stiff swollen nipples.  Her cunt was full
lipped, they looked swollen, hairless, and wet with
her own lubricant.

As she watched Sis suck my cock in and out of
her mouth, Mom took hold of my hand and put it
on Sis's titties and then told me to finger fuck her
while she sucked my cock.

There I was, my naked mom on one side of me,
my naked little sister on the other, her mouth filled
with my cock, sliding in and out of it as she fucked
her mouth with it as our Mother had shown her.

Sis actually tried to take my cock down her throat
but she could quite get it down her throat. She
hadn't learned yet how to slip a cock down her
throat.  But I'll tell you I wasn't complaining as
I fondled Sis with one hand and finger fucked her
virgin cunt, and with my other hand I began
rubbing Mom's tight cunt with my other and then
I slipped two fingers up inside of her.

I was in my glory.  My cock in my own little sisters
mouth with my finger sliding in and out of her tight
hot wet virginal cunt with one hand and my fingers
buried in my own mothers tight hot wet cunt. That
same cunt both my sister and I came out of. But
damn mom was tight.

Finally, Mom had Sis lay down and spread her legs.
"Ok, Now it's your brothers turned learn. Mom told
Sis.  She then turned to me.  "Ok, now lick and suck
and tongue fuck your little sisters virgin cunt.  She
may have had a couple of fingers in it but she is still
a virgin."  Mom told me.

Believe me I didn't hesitate.  I moved between my
little sisters wide spread legs and gave her here
first experience of have her virgin cunt licked,
sucked and tongue fucked.

I guess I kind of wrinkled my nose up at my first
taste of a pussy, my own little sisters. After my
first taste, believe me, I lapped her hot wet,
sensitive virgin cunt like a dog lapping water.
Hell I loved the taste of it.  As I licked her cunt,
I wondered if Mom was going to let me lick and
suck her pussy also.  I sure hoped so.

It didn't take long before Sis was wiggling and
squirming crying out with the pleasure sweeping
her young body.

Suddenly she almost screamed, her body stiffened
and her pussy was pushed up hard at my probing

"Do, do it now, fuck her, fuck her,"  Mom
whispered to me, ram that cock of yours up into
her and fuck your little sister.  Take her virginity
with your virgin cock."  Mom told me excitedly.

Well who is going to argue with their own mother.
Not me.  I moved up as she grabbed my cock and
guided it to my own sisters virgin cunt.  Yes, our
mother was helping me, her virgin son, fuck and
take the virginity of her virgin daughter, my little
eleven year old sister.

Doing as Mom told me to do I grasp my little sisters
hips and with mom holding my cock against Sis's
tight virgin cunt hole,  lunged and drove my entire
cock up into her.  I felt her stretched thin hymen
rip as my cock plunged through it. Oh god yes,
my cock, my virgin cock plunged up into and tore
my little virgin sisters virginity from her and gave
her her first feeling of having a stiff cock buried
deep inside of your young body. Yes, virgins taking
each others virginity.  Believe me it was great.

Once I had my cock buried deep inside of my little
sister, Mom told me to hold still and let her cunt
adjust to my cock.  After almost a full minute,
Mom told me to do it, to fuck my little sister.

I began plunging my cock in and out of her. Mom
softly gave me directions on how to fuck my little
sister and her on how to fuck her big brother.
She was telling us to slow down, to do it gently,
to fuck slower, to fuck faster.

Mom was excited and having a great time giving
the two of us directions on how to fuck each other.
On and on  I fucked my little sister, enjoying the
hell out of having my cock slipping in and out of
her hot wet, pulsating young tight pussy.

Finally not being able to fight our desire to orgasm,
Sis's young body, suddenly stiffened and her cunt
muscles spasmed around my cock squeezing and
milking it as her legs, wrapped around my waist,
pulled her cunt up tight making my cock plunge
deep  inside of her, pressing it hard against her
vaginal wall.  She cried out with pleasure when
she felt her womb being filled with her own
brothers hot fertile sperm.

Damn, for our first fuck, I don't think we will ever
will have a fuck as great and as exciting as my
little virgin sister, was fucked by her virgin older
brother, and receiving his fertile sperm up inside
of her tight young cunt for both of their first acts
of sex, with their mother there beside them teaching
and showing them.

Once I spewed my hot sperm up into my little
sisters belly, we held still for several minutes,
then I rolled off of her and lay by her side.

Both my sister and I were shocked with Mom
suddenly engulfed my cock in her sucking mouth
cleaning it of my sisters juices.  Then she moved
to my sister and licked and sucked her young just
fucked cunt clean.  I'll tell you, both my sister and
I loved what Mom was showing us.

With my cock stiff quickly once again with Mom
sucking it then watching her lick and suck Sis's
cunt, Mom surprised both of us when she grinned
then she straddled me and guiding my cock to
her hot wet cunt, our own mother slowly dropped
her own cunt down on her son's stiff cock. Yes,
Mom took my entire length up inside of her own
cunt.  I had my cock buried deep in my own
mothers tight firm belly.  I couldn't believe it, my
own mother fucking me and right in front of
my sister, her daughter.

Well I couldn't believe it.  My own mother fucking
herself on my cock.  I'll tell you Mom's cunt was
tight and she sure knew how to use her muscles to
fuck her own son's stiff cock.

As Mom fucked me, I loved fondling, playing with,
licking and sucking her tits and nipples.  Mom
fucked and fucked me. She wouldn't let me cum.
When she felt me begin to get close to cumming she
slowed down and rode me slowly letting me calm

Hell I don't know how long my own Mom fucked
me but I sure wasn't going to complain and I never
realized how long it was.  Finally though the
ultimate happened.

Mom dropped herself down on her own son's stiff cock and cried out she
was cumming.  Her cunt
muscles spasmed around my, her own son's
plunging cock.  Mom's cunt seemed to suck my
cock, deep inside of her tight cunt, pulsating,
milking cunt.

With that I filled my own mothers cunt and womb
full of her own son's hot fertile sperm. Even as I
pumped Mom's cunt full of my sperm, I wondered
what dad would do if he found out I had fucked her
and maybe even bred her with her own son's baby.

Oh Mom had said nothing about being fertile or
getting pregnant, not even about sis maybe getting
pregnant from her own brother, having her own
brothers baby.  But it was sure and exciting thought.

We lay tied together, my cock buried in my own
mothers cunt with my own sister right beside us
watching us fuck and now with my sperm in both
her tummy and moms tummy.

We all loved our joining together that day and
that night we continued joining together as
both my own mother and my own little sister
took turns with my stiff cock.

By morning I was drained and couldn't even
get it up again.  I never knew that I could
cum that many times as I did with the
encouragement of my sister and my mothers
mouth and tongue with the final completion
buried in their tight cunts.

Now it is just waiting until the time that our
father returns home to find that his young
daughter wants him to continue her training
in the art of family sex along with Mom
continuing her training of me.

Sis and I have to admit that we don't mind
having these kind of training classes and
are willing to go to them anytime mom or
dad want.

Sis and I just do a lot of practicing with
what Mom and what did teach and show
us when he returns in a couple of days.

Charlie "the drifter"

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reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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