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    Catching My Daughter With the Result
          By: Charlie "the drifter"

I lived alone with my twelve year old daughter,
Marie.  Marie had just turned nine when her
mother was killed in a car accident. I had tried
to raise her by myself not thinking of anyone
but her.  Yes, Marie was the light of my life.

I had loved her mother, but I guess we just don't
have anything to say about things that happen
and change your life dramatically.

I hadn't gone out with anyone since the accident.
Hell I hadn't met any woman that I was interested

I guess what happened when Marie turned twelve
changed my perspective about life.

I had left Marie home alone when I went to work
that Friday morning.  Being twelve now I was sure
she was capable of staying by herself.

I just happened to leave work about four hours
early, the boss telling everyone to go home for
the four day weekend.

The house was silent as I walked in the door. I
wondered where Marie was.  Boy was I shocked
when I did find her.

As I walked past her bedroom to go change my
clothes, I hear moaning and groaning coming
from her bedroom.  The door was opened just
a crack.  Thinking she may be sick, I peeked in.

Believe me what I saw would have given any
father a shock and I sure got mine.

There on her bed, lay Marie, naked as the day
she was born.  That wasn't what shocked me.
Yes, I had seen her tits before, not that she had
shown them to me, but she also liked to go with
out a bra.

What shocked me though was there between her
legs with his cock buried deep in her young
twelve year old cunt, plunging in and out was our
next door neighbors seventeen year old son.  Yes
he was fucking my little twelve year old daughter
that had just turned twelve, three days before.

I stood their stunned and frozen as I watched him
drive his young cock in and out of her tight cunt.

Finally after watching my daughter getting fucked
for a full minute I come to my senses.  I threw
the door open and walked in.  The two of them
froze, his cock buried deep inside of her.

"Daddy" my baby screamed out when she saw me.

"What the hell do you think your doing I demanded
as I walked to the bed and grabbed him and jerked
him off the bed.

His cock slipped out of her hot wet cunt, coated
wet with her juices.

He was so shocked he couldn't say anything.  He
froze.  I guess he thought I was going to beat the
shit out of him and I was tempted.

I just looked at them.  "Ok how long has this been
going on."  I demanded.

Finally Marie got out, "Oh god daddy, ju, just
a, a couple of times."

I looked at her then told her to shut up.  I looked
at him and finally ask him,  "How many times have
you fuck her?"

He pale with fright gasp. "Jus, just a, a couple of

Of course I knew it was not all his fault, it is never
the fault of just one of them.  That is unless it is
forced, a rape, but I could tell that was not the case

I sat on the bed staring at them.  Hell what could I
do.  Beat the shit out of him?  Call the cops?  What
good would that do?  It would just give Marie a
bad reputation because everyone would find out she
was letting him fuck her, it was not a case of rape.
I was sure of that looking at them. I could just tell
that my loving little girl wanted him to fuck her so
he did.

As I looked at them, I suddenly had a thought.
Marie and his thirteen year old sister were close
friends, always together.  If he was fucking my
girl was he also fucking his little sister?

I gave him a dirty look and then said.  "So your
not only fucking your sister, you have to fuck my
daughter too?"  He stared at me then gasp

"Ho, how did you know?"

Looking at him I knew I was right.  "So you are
fucking your little sister too?  Is she a good fuck?
How long have you been fucking her?

He stared at me.  "How? I, I,  for about a year."
He finally got out.

I looked at Marie and knew that she knew it and
had known it for some time.

"So Marie you knew he was fucking his own sister.
I guess you watched them too and wanted him to
fuck you.  I'm sure that Carla with with you
watching her brother fuck you the first time too,
wasn't she?"  I demanded of her.

Marie finally gasp out.  "Ye, yes."

Then I had another thought.  "Brad, you had better
tell me the truth now or I call the cops right now.
How long have you been fucking your mother?"

When  ask him that he went even paler.  "Wha,
ho, how did you know?"  he gasp.

"It doesn't matter, just tell me and you better
tell me the truth, if I think your lying I will call
the police.  Now how long have you been fucking
your mother?"

He stared at me knowing I had him trapped.

"I, I've been fucking her since I, I was twelve." He
finally got out.  Damn, he had been fucking his own
mother for five damned years and she acting to
innocent and sweet.

"Does your father know your fucking your mother
and your sister?" I demanded.

"N, no."  he finally got out.  "He, he wouldn't
understand."  He said hesitantly.

"Does your mom and sister fuck anyone else? Tell
me the truth."  I demanded.

"N, no."  Then hesitantly he told me.  "Any, anyway
not, not since she fucked,   I gue, guess she as
fucking her brother but, but he got married and they
moved away."

Damn that told me that I was sure I was going to
enjoy their situation.  Me catching him fucking
my daughter and revealing his mothers secrets.

I looked at him sternly.  "Is your sister fucking
anyone else?"  I demanded.

"N, no" he told me.

"Good, I told him.  I'll tell you what.  tomorrow
evening you bring your sister over here so she
can suck and fuck me.  Yes, you bring her over
so I can fuck her.  From now on, I'm gong to
be fucking your sister."  I told him.  "Either that
or I make a phone call."  I told him.  He didn't
know that I was now just trying to scare him.

No I wouldn't make a phone call and I sure as
hell wasn't going to call the police.  It wouldn't
do any good and I wouldn't be able to enjoy
what he was going to help me do.  Then I was sure
he and I would both enjoy his sister, mother and my
own little girl from then on.  Yes, I was going to not
only be fucking his sister and mother, I was also,  I
had already made up my mind now be fucking my
own daughter anytime I wanted, which would be
a lot.  She just didn't know it yet.

Finally I said.  "Well?  Are you going to bring her
over so I can fuck her?"  He stared at me knowing
he had better.

"Ye, yes."  He finally got out.

"Ok."  I told him.  "Now for now, get your assed
dressed and get the hell out of here, I have to have
a chat with my daughter."

He gasp, then hurriedly put his pants, shoes and
shirt on and almost ran out.

My daughter lay there on the bed, naked, trying
to cover her young tits and cunt with her hands.

"Marie move your hands."  I told her.  "Now"

Slowly she moved them and I was looking at a fine
pair of young petit tits and swollen dark brown
nipples just like her mother had.

"So you like to suck and fuck Huh?"  I ask her
sternly. "Tell me the truth you do like sucking his
cock and having him fuck you don't you?"

She finally got out.  "Ye, yes."

She just stared at me when I told her, "Good, I'm
glad you enjoy sucking and fuck a cock. How many
cocks have you sucked and fucked now?"  I ask her.

She stared at me.  "Jus, just his daddy, honestly."
She finally got out.

"So you like to suck a cock and have a cock in your
cunt fucking you."  I said.

She wasn't quite sure how to answer but finally
just said "Yes."

"Good,"  I told her. "Because honey from now on
your dad is going to be fucking you anytime he
wants to and your going to suck his cock anytime
he wants you too.  Do you understand that?"  I said.

She was stunned, but finally she whispered.  "Ye,
yes."  But still wasn't sure just what I was going do
do to her for fucking someone.

"Spread your legs, show your father your just
fucked cunt."  I told her.

She quickly spread her legs wide.  Yes, her young
cunt was gapping but he hadn't cum in her yet, I was
going to take care of that.  In a very short time she
was going to have her cunt full of her own daddy's
hot fertile sperm.  Hell I didn't care if she was
fertile or not.  I was going to fuck the hell out of
her, since I hadn't fucked anyone since her mother
had died.  Hell I hadn't even felt  a tit or a cunt or
had my cock touched by the opposite sex since then.
Now I was going to make up for lost time with my
own daughter.

She stood there staring at me as I stripped and stood
beside her bed naked, my cock stiff and standing
straight out.  Hell yes I was bigger that Brad was
with his young cock. Hell I was a good two inches
longer and probably an inch and a half at least

Marie stared at my cock.

"Well don't just lay there, hold it, play with it, lick
it and suck it.  I want you to suck it and taste your
own fathers baby making cum."  I told her.

With that she slowly sat up and wrapped her hand
around her own father's big stiff cock.  Then she
slowly licked her tongue around the head of it
cleaning it of  my precum.

I watched my baby lick my cock head clean.
Then she opened her mouth and slipped it down
over my cock head.  Closing her lips around my
thick shaft, she slowly began so suck on it as she
slipped it in and out of her mouth.

I didn't let her stop sucking my cock until I finally
spewed her mouth full of her daddy's cum.  Then
I made her swallow all of it.  I knew at first she
didn't want to swallow it, but she did.  After that
she didn't hesitate swallowing it.

She sucked about half of my cock into her mouth
by the time she swallowed my cum.  I made her
keep sucking me until I was as stiff as a board

Then I pushed her back on the bed and moved
between her wide spread legs.  I rubbed my cock
up and down her young cunt for a full minute.

"Well are you ready for your own father to fuck
you?"  I ask her.

"Ye, yes," she gasp out as my cock tickled her
young sensitive clitoris.

"Ok, you hold your daddy's cock and help him
put it in your cunt."  I told her.  With that she
reached down and grasping my cock, rubbed
it up and down her own cunt, then she guided
it down to her own cunt opening.

One thing about it, I didn't have to worry about
her being a virgin.  As she held it at her cunt
entrance, I looked at her cunt with my cock
about to invade her, her firm small tits and
nipples.  She looked so virginal laying there
holding daddy's cock at her cunt opening.

Suddenly without warning I rammed by thick
lock cock all of the way up inside of her young
tight cunt, that supposed had only been fucked
a couple of times.

Marie cried out with the pain of her fathers big
cock plunging all of the way up into her already
fucked young cunt as I stretched it wider and
deeper that her young lovers cock had ever
stretched and invaded her.  My cock drove hard
against her deepest vaginal wall and her young

I didn't hesitate since she had already been fucked.

I fucked her hard driving my cock in and out of her.
I didn't stop even with her cries of pain each time
my cock drove against her cervix.

I fucked and fucked my little girl, giving her a taste
of an adult fucking her.  Oh yes, I loved feeling my
cock buried deep inside of her tight young cunt.
I fucked her through three intense orgasms before
I finally drove my cock up inside of her and flooded
her young womb with her first real adult hot fertile

By the time I finished fucking my daughter she was
panting and exhausted and more than just a bit sore
from her daddy's cock.  She now longer cried out
with the pain as daddy's cock pounded her.  Her
cunt stretched and adjusted to his size.

She had finally wrapped her legs around my waist
as I told her and used them to fuck her young cunt
back at my cock as I drove it deep into her.

While I fucked her good, I also sucked and bit it her
small developing breasts, covering them with my
teeth marks.  Hell if he was going to fuck her he
would have to see her breasts covered with her
own daddy's teeth marks.  From this time on, I
even told my daughter, I would fuck her anytime
I wanted for as long as I wanted, it didn't matter
if she was dating anyone else.  I even told her
that she might as well expect me to fuck her even
when she got married, that I was still going to fuck
her married cunt also and maybe even plant my
baby in her.  She didn't say anything knowing I
meant what I said.

I spent the entire night with my cock planted deep
inside of Maries cunt, spewing my sperm up inside
of her time after time.  We went to sleep with
my cock buried deep inside of her.  She woke up
with her daddy again fucking her and giving her
even more of his hot sperm.

Finally we got up and I watched her go into her
bathroom.  She took a shower and when she came
out she was still naked.  I again took her to her own
bed and fucked her once more.  When she did
finally dress she still had her cunt full of her own
daddy's cum.

I got up and went into my own bedroom, knowing
that from this time on I would have someone to fuck
when I wanted it.  Either my own daughter, or my
neighbors thirteen year old daughter and his wife,
even though I knew he would not know it.

That afternoon, as I sat in the living room Brad
came in with his little sister as I had told him
too.  She looked at me shyly, knowing that I was
going to fuck her.

I was going to fuck her alright and make her
brother watch me as I did.  She had to let him watch
as she sucked my cock and I fucked her.

I didn't even have to tell her to undress.  As she
stood in front of me, knowing what she had to do,
She slowly slipped her blouse off leaving herself
naked from the waist up, showing her cute young
developing breasts and darker stiff nipples.

She then slipped her short skirt off.  She stood there
naked not having any panties on.  She had just a
trace of pubic hair, with just made her young cunt
even cuter and more inviting.

She came over to me and reaching down took my
hand and put it on her breasts, then she again reached
down and unzipping my pants reached in and pulled
my stiff cock out.  Her eyes lit up and stared at my
cock, since it was so much bigger than her brothers
who was the only one to have fucked her so far.

She grinned at me as her brother stared at my cock
and his little sister. She glanced at him then she
leaned down and licked her tongue around my cock
head.  Then suddenly she opened her mouth and
with her brother standing there watching, she
sucked my cock into her mouth.

My cock filled her mouth one hell of a lot more than
her brothers did and she knew it having already
sucked and fucked her own brothers cock many
times.  But this was the first adults cock that she
was now sucking and it was one hell of a lot bigger
than her brothers.

Finally I pulled her off and stood up.  I took her
hand and led her into my bedroom with her brother
and my daughter following.

I lay her on the bed and spread her legs wide.  I
didn't even lick and suck her young cunt.  I slipped
my finger up inside of her and she was wet and well
lubricated already.

I moved between her legs.  She reached down and
with out a word from either of us, she rubbed my
cock up and down her tight young cunt slit finally
pushing it down to her opening that her brothers
cock and been the only one to plunge into.

I drove my cock up into her hard, just like I had
my daughter.  She cried out with the pain as my
cock stretched her wider than her brothers even
thought about doing.  My cock head plunged up
into her deeper into her than she had ever had a
cock before.

I fucked and fucked her, driving my cock in and
out of her hard and fast, causing her to cry out
and grunt every time I drove it up inside of her.

Believe me I fucked her young thirteen year old
cunt like it had never been fucked before. I fucked
her through four intense orgasms before I filled her
full of my hot fertile sperm.

She lay there exhausted, her legs spread wide, her
cunt gapping and leaking my cum.  She didn't try
to cover herself.  She let her brother and my
daughter stare at her gaping sperm leaking cunt.

Sitting there on the side of the bed, I suddenly
called my daughter over.  "Suck my cock and
clean it with your tongue."  I told her.

Well, she did, hesitantly at first.  She leaned down
and with her friend who's cunt juice was coating
my cock and her lover, the boy who was fucking her
watched she licked my cock clean then opened her
mouth and slipped it down over my cock head.  She
sucked it in and out of her mouth for a couple of
minutes. I pulled her off, looked at her then told her.

"Go kiss your lover."

She knew what I meant.  She went over to Brad and
putting her arms around his neck she kissed him full
on the lips, licking them and sticking her tongue in
his mouth to make him taste my cock and his sister
cunt juice.  He was hesitant but knew he had to do
as I told them to.  He kissed my daughters lips
tasting my cum and his sisters juices.

Both Brad and his sister and my daughter knew that
I was going to be fucking their mother also, since he
had told me he was fucking her.  I knew that they all
wanted to watch and I was going to make sure they
did.  I was also going to make sure that I got their
mother pregnant.  After all she was not to old not
at about the age of thirty five to thirty seven. I
wondered what her husband would say if she
suddenly came up pregnant.

Looking at Brad and his sister, Hazel, I wondered
about their younger nine year old sister.  Hell as
long as I was going to be fucking the rest of the
family girls I might as well fuck her too.  I would
talk that over with their mother when I had my cock
buried deep inside of her cunt fucking her.

After I fucked, Connie's thirteen year old cunt a
second time, I told them enough for the day.  She
dressed and with a grin, kissed me and told me
she would come over anytime I wanted her too.

The three of them finally left.  Yes I knew that my
sex life was going to be a lot more exciting and
would never be void of a young girl and a mother
to fuck again.  I had already told Hazel and Brad
to bring their mother over the next evening.  I knew
their father would be gone for another two days.

I was going to spend those two days with my cock
buried in one or the other of his wife and daughter
the full two days.  She just wouldn't know it until that evening when
the son and daughter brought their mother over knowing I was going to
fuck her right in front of them.

After they left, I set there relaxed knowing I was
going to sure enjoy myself from then on.

Charlie "the drifter"

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