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I wrote a story and posted on the Breathless Community which then
disappeared. I put a note say I could write other versions if people wanted.
I got a request, so did so, with their suggestions. This is the original:

 This story has a lot of reality in it. My fantasies acted out. If you would
like to send my ideas I can write new ones for you...

*Hang by the Neck Until......*

 A few months ago I was looking for stories in some of the Google Groups.
Normal sort of stories for me, with a search of "hanging noose". I actually
found one or two that I had not come across before, one of which was quite
good. By that I mean it turned me on and triggered my hanging fantasies. I
searched for more but they were the same old ones that have been around for
years. So for a change I looked at some of the entries in the discussions.
Mostly spam of the basic kind but one mentioned a site called the
"Breathless Community" and gave a link.

One click later I was signing up and soon was looking at some really
interesting photos. Most seemed to be of bagging but a few were into `noose
wear', more my scene. I posted some photos myself, started using the blog to
copy some of my stories and created some new ones, complete with pictures. I
also shared my patent hanging method, which allows me to hang myself with a
lot less risk than the alternatives. A few friends started sending messages,
although it became clear that the 80:20 rule applied, 80% of members were
men and 20% female. There was a further watering down of the female
proportion when it became clear that a lot of the women's names were
attached to transvestites.

A few weeks later I decided to slow down a little, the escalation that was
starting was causing me to take risks just to see if I could get a good
photo to post. Then I received the first of a series of messages from an
Eastern European friend, who was at first interested in why I liked to dress
up in pvc clothes, including macs and hoods, and wearing high heeled boots
whilst I played my hanging games. I explained, or perhaps couldn't explain
beyond saying "fetish". I'm not a tv, just like shiny high heeled patent
boots, both to look at and wear. The longer the better. The rest of the gear
is sexless as far as I am concerned, could be male or female as long as it
fits well and shines a lot. Then she wanted to know what it felt like to
hang, how long I could take it for and what were the long term consequences.
I replied explaining but then she stopped sending the messages or responding
to mine.

Now we move to the present. I live in a town to the west of London called
Slough. There is a very strong Polish and Lithuanian community, made up of
incomers that have arrived in the last few years. Despite this it still
really surprised me when a couple of months later I got a new message saying
my Eastern European friend was now actually in Slough, planning to stay with
her brother for some months. This rather moved me from fantasies to
potential realities and I have to admit I took sometime to respond. Even
then I simply welcomed her, not
mentioning our previous discussions. She was not nearly so backward and
asked immediately if she could see where I played my hanging games. After a
little thought I sent a Google map with the red paddle showing exactly where
my house is and "Friday Night 1900". She was dead on time, slightly older
than her photo in the Breathless Community, but still good looking. My mouth
was very dry as I opened the door and showed her in. She told me her real
name was Joanka, but that I could call her Jo. I asked her if she wanted
something to drink
but all she wanted was a coffee, sitting herself down whilst I fetched some.

There is one thing for sure, Jo is direct. As soon as she had her coffee,
she looked at me and said "I want to see the place where you took your
hanging pictures". I agreed and we walked up the stairs and looked up at the
loft hatch. Then she asked me how I did it, so I explained. I thought
everything was moving too fast, so when she asked to see how it worked I
told her next time. She reluctantly agreed but, still pushing, she asked to
see my dressing up gear. I collected the bag from my wardrobe and showed her
everything, including my rope. She grabbed it and held it up with the noose
in front of her, suddenly slipping it over her head. She had started pulling
the knot tight when I stopped her and said she was going too fast for me.

Again, very reluctantly, she removed it and we returned downstairs. Jo said
"I am sorry. It had always been my fantasy but I have never actually had a
real rope noose tight around my neck. I just had to know what it felt like".
I told her I understood and that we could carefully try things out. She
wanted to know how and when, what we could do, whether we would both play
and also where I got my suit and clothes from and why they added to the
experience. We talked for a couple of hours; I think the first time either
of us had ever talked about these things openly with anybody.

She told me that every time since her teens she had seen a film in with a
hanging she had found it fascinating. More recently she had found some clips
on U-Tube, which she knew were fakes but still she kept watching them.
Finally, Google Groups and the clips stored on a couple of them and the
Breathless Community. She had not found the old stalwarts like Retrotek and
Damien, so I told her where to look, although she is more of a pictures
person than stories. Gradually she had started experimenting and had got as
far as tying a scarf around
her neck and pulling against it but had been frightened to use a rope whilst
on her own.

We agreed that we would meet again in three days, long enough for second
thoughts but not too long. I would show her how my solo system worked and
would let her feel the rope for the first time. Finally she asked me what my
ultimate fantasy would be, hanging her or being *hanged*.

Now since we last passed messages I had tried some alternative breathless
techniques, none of which worked as well as hanging in the turning on
stakes. That is until I ordered a sensory deprivation hood from the
internet. I had seen them before in the States for hundreds of dollars but
this one was 70. It was made of soft leather, with pads over the eyes and
ears and another pad with a small breathing hole that fitted over the mouth.
I have to pull hard to get it on but once it is in place and the straps are
fully tightened it is comfortable but I can't see anything at all, can
hardly hear any noise except those I make and can not speak. The hole is
just enough to breathe through but only just. In fact I find it exciting to
pull it
on and exciting to wear it for a long time. I have even locked it on and
handcuffed myself with my hands behind my back, with no access to keys for
hours (you freeze them in an ice block and have to wait for it to melt). I
decided that I would include the hood in for the first time, so I said that
I would like to be *hanged*, wearing the hood, with my arms strapped behind
my back and my legs strapped tightly together. I described how I would be
standing on a stool with all the slack taken out of the rope, not being able
to move, not being able to see or not being able to hear, waiting for the
moment the noose tightened around neck and I couldn't breathe either.

Three days later she arrived, I immediately noticed wearing a very nice pair
of stiletto patent boots. She was also carrying a small bag. She bent down
so she could see up the stairs and smiled when she saw the rope there, noose
at the end ready and waiting. She said "We are going to play. Good, I want
to. You are not ready". I told her to be patient and showed her into the
front room, where my boots, my suit and my coat were all waiting. "Take it
easy" I said, "enjoy the build up", showing her the sofa. I gave her a glass
of wine and sat down
beside her and explained what the rules where. "I will show you how I do a
solo hang, and then I'll let you feel the noose. OK?" She agreed but was
still in a hurry. "You dress now?". I smiled and started to undress. She
jumped up and started to pass me the clothes. In about half the time it
normally takes I was ready, one piece all over pvc suit, thigh length boots
with 5 inch heels and a red pvc raincoat. I put on my well worn in patent
posture collar and clicked my leg irons on. I left off the handcuffs as I
was still not sure what she would do
and being defenceless was not yet a good idea.

I told her to sit on the next stairs up where she could get a good view and
went through my normal routine. I slipped the noose over my head and
tightened it to the left and stepped up on the stool. The rope was run
through a ring screwed into a thick length wood and down through another one
fixed to the floor. The free end was draped over the radiator so I could
reach it. I took hold of it and pulled to take out all the slack, followed
by grasping it and the down rope together behind my back with both hands. I
took three deep breaths and stepped
down, hanging myself by the neck. I kicked a few times and then let myself
down. Jo clapped, "you *hanged*, you *hanged*, you were hanging" she
shouted. I did it two more times, trying to last as long as I could and
after the third one I went a little dizzy, having to hold myself up and
having trouble controlling my heels.

I took off the noose and pulled the rope so it was back at head height. "Me
know?" she said. "Five minutes" I replied, not sure even now what I would
do. We went downstairs and I took off the long boots and replace them with
some normal heeled knee ones and took off my coat. Jo took off her jacket,
leaving her looking good in a simple sweater, a short skirt and the really
sexy looking boots. She opened her bag, taking out some thin rope and hood.
"I wear this and you tie me?" she asked. I took the hood, it was a cheap
leather one, favoured
by the gay BDSM fraternity. "It was the only one I could get" she said. I
told her to wait and rushed upstairs, collecting a stretch pvc hood from my

Jo pulled on the hood: it was a little loose fitting and her hair got in the
way. I told her to take it off and loosened some stitches so she could pull
her hair through. She took a band from her jacket and tied it back in a
ponytail. When she pulled the hood back on she was able to flick the hair
through the hole. She tucked the hood into the sweater and picked up the
rope, "You tie me now" was all she said, turning her back to me. I pulled
her hands together and bound them together. As soon as I had finished she
walked off towards the stairs and I had to chase after her. She went quickly
up the first few stairs and stopped, looking at the noose. After a few
seconds she slowly walked up to the top and stepped behind the noose,
looking back towards me. "I am ready, start now" she said. I reached
forward, took the noose in both hands. I looked at her, *hooded* but clearly
nervous, vulnerable but very sexy looking and reached forward and slipped
the noose over her head. I let it lie on her shoulders for a few seconds and
then reached forward and tightened the knot against her neck. For
the first time she was quiet, so I took the end of the rope and gradually
took out the slack until the knot had pulled vertically and was tucked
behind the bump in the hood that showed where her ear was. I looped the rope
back through the ring in the floor and tied it off, leaving her standing
there, bound and noosed.

I told her to get used to the rope and to pull against it by bending her
knees. She did so gently two or three times and then pulled hard. The noose
tightened and she made a choking noise. I adjusted the noose back into
position, keeping it tight, and took out the slack again so Jo's heels only
just stayed on the floor. She took some weight on her neck again, making
more choking noises, but then stopped. She looked at me and said "now hang
me". I said that she had agreed that this was enough for first time but she
said firmly "hang me".

I looked at her and decided if that was what she wanted, I would. I undid
the rope and took it out of the floor ring. Taking it in both hands I took
out all the slack and then pulled a little more until her heels were both
off the floor and she was supporting herself on her toes. I said "ready" and
she responded, in a rough voice, "yes", so I pulled hard and she was pulled
from the floor. She kicked a couple of times and I let her down. The noose
had pulled around her neck and tightened further, so she couldn't breathe
properly, so I quickly loosened it. She staggered slightly and leant her
head against my shoulder. "You *hanged* me" she gasped and two seconds
later, "thank you".

I took off the noose and then the hood, there were red marks around her neck
that would still be there tomorrow. I suddenly realised that she was still
tied and undid the rope. She rubbed her wrists, where again there were red
marks visible but smiled and said "next time I will be tied more and stay up

It was a fair prediction. Next time she *hanged* for about twice as long,
but still for less than ten seconds. She didn't need to use my hood as she
had been on to e-Bay and purchased a zentai suit, one piece and tight
fitting. She had also got a collar like mine "because my brother did not
believe me last time when he saw the red marks". But before I *hanged* her
she *hanged* me. For the first time I was hanging without any way down. I
had to step down as she couldn't lift me; she ran the rope three times
around the post at the end of the stairs and held it tight whilst I
*hanged*there. I was twice as tense before I stepped down and panicked
when we went
past the point I would normally have let go but then I got a real high and
was disappointed when she let go.

After our session we had some wine and talked again. She asked me to hang
her for real, leaving her there until she stopped moving. I wasn't sure, but
she said that if I did she would let me complete my full fantasy. I said
that I hadn't got the means to strap my arms behind my back, although there
was an expensive set on the Fettered Pleasures web site that I might get one
day. This was clearly a signal that we were going ahead, so we started
planning. We clearly couldn't have a shared session, so as ever Jo would go
first in a week's time and I would be a week afterwards, using belts for the

The week passed quickly and she arrived at the door again, this time with
two bags. Out of the first one, she took a black coat, exactly the same as
my red one. We really were into my fetishes and I had a mental picture of
her hanging there. She also took out a ball gag and some more ropes. "Fully
tied and gagged, please" she said, handing them to me. We were both dressed
ready for her hanging when she suddenly said "before we start I need to be
able to do you next week" and reaching down to the second bag. She took out
what looked like a
mass of belts twisted together. "For your arms. And I need to be able to do
your hood. Where is it?". I fetched it from my bedroom, meeting her as I
came back standing by the noose at the top of the stairs. She walked passed
it and went into the rear bedroom, sitting on the bed. "Stand here" she
instructed, turning me around. She looped two straps over my shoulders and
loosely buckled them to a straight piece of leather that ran downward. She
then strapped the wrists together, followed by straps below the elbow and
above. Finally she worked her
way down from the top tightening all of straps until I was fixed.

"Good Polish workmanship, I might go into this business" was all she said,
tapping the strapping as she did so. She picked up the hood and looked at it
and then told me to turn around and kneel. She tried to pull it on but
struggled, finally disappearing downstairs. When she reappeared she was
holding a jar of petroleum jelly which she liberally smeared over the hood
of my suite and, I think, inside my special hood. She placed it on the top
of my head and pulled it down. It slipped over easily and it all went dark
and quiet, except for my heartbeat and breathing. She pulled the strings ait
the back to make it fit closely and tightened the three straps, making me
totally enclosed.

I just knelt there, not being able to hear instructions until she lifted me
from behind by one of the arm straps. I was sat on the edge of the bed and
again nothing happened. The first thing I felt was my flat boots being taken
off and the long ones put in their place. My legs were pushed together and
belts tightened around my feet and ankles and above and below my knees.
After this for the third time nothing happened, for how long I have no idea.
Finally, I was tugged up on to the bed and my legs swung around so that I
was lying flat. The lower zipper on my suit was fully undone and my penis
flicked out. I immediately started getting an erection but was surprised
when I was rolled on my side. I was even more surprised when something was
pushed up my backside. Clearly well greased, it went in easily but it was
also bigger than anything that had ever been in before. The zipper was
pulled up most of the way leaving my balls and erection exposed, and then I
was rolled onto my back once more.

Her hand gently stroked me and then I felt her mouth close over me, little
sharp teeth nibbling me as she moved smoothly up and down. I thought I would
come then but she stopped. Then a different warmth as she lowered herself on
to me. Her knees must have been on either side of me but she was clearly
sitting straight up so I went deep inside her, really deep. She pushed down
two or three times hard and then eased up as she used me to get her own
reward. I couldn't move anything, couldn't see, couldn't hear, just feel and
I felt like I was
going to explode. When the website that I bought the hood from said it would
enhance the experience it was sure right. I felt her hands on my chest,
slipping up to my neck. She squeezed and I came. I screamed inside the hood
and felt that my world had ended, nothing could be better.

The hood slipped off as easily as it went on and the arm straps were quickly
loosened; I undid the rest and took out the butt plug. Even before I had a
chance to tell her how great the experience had been, Jo said "Now you hang
me". I simply nodded. Whilst I changed my boots she went downstairs. When I
got there she was standing waiting, holding the ropes, the gag and a black
velvet bag, plus a golf ball. "You will hang me until I drop the ball", an
instruction not a question. I told her I would. She passed me the first rope
and tied her wrists tightly behind he back. The next went around her elbows;
I pulled it so tight they almost met. This had the effect of bunching up the
coat so I straightened it out and was very tempted to start playing with her
pvc covered breasts as I did so. I think she realised and started giving me
instructions again "You must tell me my sentence, like in the court. And
hang me till the ball drops to the floor". I picked up the gag and pushed it
into her open mouth, tying it securely at the back. I walked to face her and
spoke the words of a judge condemning a prisoner. "Joanka, you have been
found guilty of rape. You are to be taken from this place to a place of
execution and there to be *hanged* by the neck until dead. Sentence to be
carried out immediately. Do you understand?" She nodded. I reached forward
and put up the hood of her coat. "Prisoner, you have been sentenced to die
by hanging. The sentence will now be carried out. God Bless your Soul". I
stood to one side and she walked out of the door.

Unlike the first time she walked all the way up the stairs and round behind
the noose that already had the stool in place beneath it. I pulled the coat
hood back and smoothed it behind her. I smiled at her and she smiled back so
I took the black bag and slipped it over her head. I left her for a few
seconds before putting the noose over her head, tightening it bar the last
finger width. I took out the slack and then told her to step up. She hit the
stool exactly so I took out the slack again, tying off the rope so I could
bind her legs. She had given me one long piece of rope so I started from her
feet and ankles with a figure of eight, looping the rope through her legs
and around the strands to tighten it. I did the same below her knees and had
just enough to do the same above the knees. I straightened her coat and told
her to drop the ball so I knew her system would work. I picked it up from
the floor and placed it back in her hand and stepped back.

I have always been turned on by just about everything I was looking at. A
good looking girl dressed in my style with lovely spiky patent boots and a
smart shiny *hooded* coat. Bound and gagged with a noose around her neck.
But it is a big step to actually hang somebody in the way she wanted. I
think I was just about to chicken out when she said "hang, hang" despite the
gag, so I decided to go ahead and I took hold of the rope and pulled her up
onto her toes. There is a radiator nearby and I have used it in solo hangs.
I could simply tie a knot in
the rope and slide it into place and I could watch her hang. In fact it
seemed a pity not to, so I did. I stepped back and admired my handiwork.
"Great, she wants it, so do it" I thought. I stepped forward and ran my
hands from the noose down her body, over the boots and on to the stool. I
took hold of the front legs, waited a while and pulled it away.

Jo dropped about three inches as the rope tightened and stretched at the
same time. For a second or two she hung still and then started to move. She
couldn't kick; she bent a little and jerked. I guess this lasted about
fifteen seconds then she started to slow, jerking a few more times before
starting to sway, but only as the result of the
previous movement. I could tell from the first noise she hadn't got any
breathe in but she still hadn't dropped the ball. "She must still be
conscious" I thought and watched some more but then I thought "better
check". When I looked behind her she had linked her fingers of both hands
together, so even if she passed out the grip of the material in her suit
gloves would not allow her hands to part, so the ball would never drop.

I tugged the rope hard and my quick release system worked, so she simply
dropped to the floor, the tied legs causing her to catapult forward. The
noose was very tight and I had to pull hard to free it, then pull off the
bag. Even when it was loose she did not start breathing, so I rolled her
over before realising the gag was still in. I literally yanked it out and
over her chin to get it out of the way. Still nothing, so I started mouth to
mouth, thinking rather selfishly about time in prison, not her. Then she
coughed and gasped in two big breaths and started breathing, roughly but
breathing all the same. I undid the ropes and she gradually sat up, still
acting like she had just lost a boxing match. I took off her collar, coat
and boots and
helped out of her suit and then put her in the shower. There were red marks
all over her, her knees, her wrists, her elbows and her neck. Even though
she had had a collar on the rope had gone above it and bitten into one side
of her neck. Her eyes were bloodshot and she had little purple blotches
under the skin of her face. Finally there was a bump on her forehead where
she had hit the floor. Basically a wreck. I dried her down and took her to
the bed and put her in it.

It took a couple more minutes before she spoke for the first time. "You *
hanged* me. You *hanged* me until it went dark". She slowly went through the
whole experience from her side. She had guessed that I was wavering when she
had said "hang, hang". She felt excited as I had run my hands down her but
had become frightened as they left her boots and went to the stool. She was
just going to say something when suddenly the stool was gone and she felt
herself drop. Despite the collar, the noose had immediately clamped around
her neck like a steel band, stifling her words instantly. She had tried to
breathe but couldn't, not at all. It was painful, really painful, but she
wanted the pain, she wanted it to last. She had wanted to kick out but the
ropes stopped her. This was what she was meant for, hanging. Then there was
a red mist over her eyes and she wanted to be still. The pain was still
there but somehow it wasn't. She felt dizzy and detached, and then it
started to go dark. Finally, it was dark, with little flashes at first, then
nothing. Until she came round and she wasn't dead after

She ended with "After I hang you, can you hang me again? Please". I said
"Yes, if you want to" and let her sleep. I finally took off my boots and
suits, took a long shower, then cleared everything up and put it all away.

I had just finished when Jo appeared with a towel wrapped around her,
rubbing her neck. I gave her some Ibuprofen pills and some arnica cream for
the bruises and a cup of coffee. She held the cup in both hands and said "It
was a really stupid thing I did with the ball. I wanted to see what it was
like to go right to the end. Then I couldn't move anything. I couldn't drop
the ball and I knew I would die". She lent forward and kissed me gently,
"Thank you".

Jo collected some make up from her car and a high necked sweater and looked
almost presentable when she left ("I can't stay because of my brother").
That was a week ago. Now I am on the stool and I can feel the noose tight
around my neck. I am as I was on the bed. I am in the dark, I can only hear
my own heart, beating fast, I can't speak at all, in fact I am padlocked
into the hood, it seems like I have been so for hours. My arms are fixed
behind me, each strap feeling one notch tighter this time, and my legs are
so tightly strapped that the
belts and the boots stop me from bending them at all. I am waiting to hang.
Each step she makes me wait. We have not discussed how long, except that I
did point out that as a heavy man I would not last as longgggggggggggggg....
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