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Subject: {ASSM} Spanked and Butt-Fucked (Gay/Forced Sex/Anal/Humiliation)
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 I Get Caught Exposing My Bare Ass and Gets Spanked and Butt-Fucked! ,     
by Mark Heffron

(If you would like to view the complete story along with photos, please 
visit heffron ass-raped.html)

This incident happened along a bike trail near a campground in western 
Wisconsin where I was camping. As with every other sordid incident in my 
life, it is all my fault. I got what was coming to me. 
It was my third day of camping at a city campground near a busy bike 
trail. I was the only camper at the campground (basically a city park 
field with a shower-toilet building). After dark (and after the local 
sheriff finished his tour of the park and shower building at 9 PM), I 
got the urge to lie naked along the bike trail and see if I could show 
my bare bottom to a passing biker and perhaps get him to butt-fuck me. I 
had noticed cyclists occasionally passing by after dark and hoped a 
straggler would come by. I set up my night-vision video camera across 
the trail in some bushes to see if I could get some film of a passerby 
checking out my bare butt. I lay naked in the grass near a stone fence 
and started getting very horny as the summer breeze washed across my 
bare bottom and I excitedly waited for someone to pass by and see me 
lying naked on the ground. I postioned my bare ass so that it was about 
15 feet from the trail and visible in the light of a nearby lamp. 
It only took about 20 minutes of waiting, about 10:30, before I heard 
the clicking of bicycle wheels coming down the trail. Keeping my head 
down like I was sleeping, I peered back over my shoulder and saw a guy 
with knicker-type shorts and a hat approaching on the trail. He stopped 
when he neared me and walked his bike over to where I was lying. 
He leaned his bike against the stone fence and started walking around my 
naked prone body, finally positioning himself where he had a good view 
of my butt. My heart was pounding in anticipation as I watched him 
examine my ass through half-closed eyes, and then he started pushing on 
my left butt-cheek to waken me. 
I pretended to wake up and acted startled by his presence, telling him 
that I didn't think anyone would come by this late and that I liked to 
sleep nude outdoors. He ordered me in a rather stern voice to stand up 
and I obeyed, apologizing again for my nakedness. He asked me why I was 
naked and I started repeating my previous explanation when he said "Cut 
the crap! Why are you naked?" 
I admitted that I was hoping someone would come along and want to spank 
my bare butt, and this caused him to laugh. "Get back down on the 
ground. I'll spank you," he said. I asked him if he could use his hand 
on my ass butt he insisted on finding a cane-sized stick. He had to 
settle for a foot-long branch he found. Then he started ordering me into 
different positions on the ground, spreading my legs apart and raising 
my ass in the air. Every once in a while he would spread my butt-cheeks 
and sniff my anus, which quickly gave me a hard-on as I grew more 
confident that he wanted to use my ass. 
Suddenly the spanking began. I was shocked at how hard he beat my ass. 
He told me that he had experience in spanking women. I squirmed and 
wiggled my buttocks as he beat my hinder, trying to move the sorest 
parts of my bottom away from the stinging blows. Sometimes he hit the 
back of my balls and penis between my legs, making me whimper and moan. 
Other times he would pause for a moment to poke my anus with the stick, 
sometimes inserting it a little ways inside. Twice he paused and spread 
my ass-cheeks wide to look closely at my anus, and I could feel the hot 
breath from his nostrils on my tender, puckered hole as he breathed in 
its scent. "Why is your butt so stinky?" he asked, trying to embarrass 
me, for I had just taken a shower a few hour ago. "I'm sorry sir," I 
responded meekly, "I thought I had cleaned it well." 
"Don't you know how to wipe yourself?" he continued, as he resumed his 
harsh beating of my wiggling buttocks, and I begged his forgiveness and 
told him that I would be more careful next time and use more toilet 
paper. "I've got some toilet paper in my tent. I could wipe my butt for 
you if you give me a moment!" I eagerly whimpered, hoping he sould give 
me a break from the painful spanking. "I know a way to clean your ass 
out," he suggested darkly, poking at my anus again with the stick and 
penetrating it with a sharp jab. "I know what you want," he continued; 
"you fags all want to get your asses fucked. That's why you were 
advertising it tonight when I rode by. How many times have you been 
fucked, you little fag?" 
Now my heart started pounding wildly as I realized that he might fuck my 
butt. I looked back and saw a big bulge in his knickers, and I decided 
to lie to him. 
"I've never been butt-fucked, sir. I've had fantasies about it, but I've 
never had it done. Please don't fuck my butt, sir. I don't think I could 
take the pain. I can suck your cock if you like!" 
"Ha-ha-ha!" he mocked me, "so you want to suck my dick, eh? Well I'm the 
one who's going to do what he wants, and you'll do what I tell you to!" 
And with that pronouncement, he started beating my poor butt-cheeks 
harder than ever, so hard that I started crying and pleading with him to 
stop as I wagged my bare ass high in the air in wide loops, trying to 
evade his onslaught. "Please stop, sir, I'm begging you!" I pleaded. 
"You can fuck my ass if you want to! I'll do anything you want, just 
please stop hitting me!" I sobbed pathetically. 
He paused again to survey the damage he had done to my ass, kneading my 
buttocks roughly like dough as he inspected them. Then he spread my 
butt-cheeks wide again and I could feel him once more sniffing my anus, 
so close that his nostrils were rubbing round its rim, its sensitive 
folds softly palpitating now with anticipatory pleasure. "Someone's 
going to have to potty-train you," he murmured, as he ran his thumbs 
around my anus and finally inserted his finger and pushed it roughly up 
my butt. I moaned in pain as his finger penetrated my rectum. When he 
pulled it out I whimpered and he said "Crybaby! You cry like a girl, you 
sissy faggot! I think I'll turn you in to the sheriff!" 
Suddenly he pulled me to my feet by my arms and put one arm behind me 
throat and held my right arm behind my back with his other arm. "Let's 
go!" he announced, and I started crying again and pleading with him to 
let me go. "Please don't turn me in!" I begged. "I've got money I can 
give you! You can do anything you want to me! Please beat me if you're 
mad at me! O please don't turn me in!" I sobbed (I never should have 
mentioned the money). 
"God what a baby!" he jeered, as he led me, naked and crying, out of 
range of my camera, past my tent and toward the parking lot. When I 
struggled he let my arm go and slapped the side of my face or kneed me 
in the back of my legs to prod me forward. As we neared the toilet 
building he asked how much money I had and I lied again: "Only forty 
dollars, and I need some of it for gas to get home to Milwaukee!" 
"Milwaukee," he spoke mockingly, "another city fag looking to get his 
ass fucked in the country!" He grabbed me by my hair, pulled me to the 
gound, and started kicking me in the groin and buttocks and slapping and 
punching at my face. "You're going to do what I tell you to do!" he 
yelled, as I pulled myself into a fetal position, pleading with him to 
stop and reassuring him that I would obey his every command. Finally the 
beating stopped and he pulled me by my hair to my feet again and led me 
toward the shower building. "I'm going to teach you a lesson you'll 
never forget, you queer!" he yelled at me, as I sobbed loudly in the 
realization that it was not a sexual tryst I was about to experience, 
but an outright rape. 
He forced me through the door of the shower building head-first, so my 
head banged the door open. "You need a haircut, girl!" he sneered, even 
though his hair was long too, and I suddenly feared that he might cut 
all my hair off. "Why don't you have any hair on your body lady?" he 
grinned as he led me into the toilet area. "I don't have much, and I 
shave some," I whimpered through my tears. "I know why you're so 
smooth," he sneered with a twinkle in his scary eyes. "It's because 
you're a lady, isn't it? You're a little lady!" he laughed wildly. "Yes 
sir," I responded meekly, not daring to make eye contact with him. He 
pushed me up onto the row of sinks so that my ass was hanging over the 
edge and told me I better cooperate. "I don't want to hurt you little 
girl," he mutterd, and I could hear the sound of passion in his voice 
He spread my ass-cheeks wide and twisted them around in his strong 
hands. I could feel his breath hot upon my anus again, but this time I 
felt no pleasure, only fear. He rubbed his nostrils round and round my 
anus to hold my scent, and then he started kissing and sucking up and 
down the crack of my ass, avoiding my anus for a while, until finally 
sucking hard on my ass-hole, spreading it open with his thumbs so he 
could get his tongue inside. "That's a stinky little pussy you got there 
lady," he murmured passionately, "a stinky little pussy that has a bad 
need to be fucked!" The sucking sounds got louder and louder as he 
pushed his tongue up my ass and sucked me deeply. He dug his fingernails 
into my butt-cheeks as he pulled and twisted them around and I could 
feel the burn of cuts on the skin of my buttocks. I tried to relax my 
anus as well as I could in my anxiety, trying to make it as easy as 
possible for him to enter me, so that he wouldn't get violent again. 
"Start shitting for me!" he suddenly announced, pushing my butt higher 
into the air so that my knees were now on the commode. "OK I'll try," I 
whimpered feebly through my fear. I could feel his dark eyes upon my 
anus as I pushed and tried to go poddy for him. A short fart escaped my 
ass and I apologized. "I said shit, not fart!" he yelled and started 
slapping my buttocks back and forth. I strained to poop for him but I 
had just gone poddy several hour ago and I didn't think I had any poop 
left inside me, but I struggled to produce something anyways. "You 
better start shitting pretty soon, Miss Prissy, or I'm going to have to 
stick this bottle up your ass!" he hollered, pushing a Budweiser beer 
bottle I hadn't noticed into my field of view." 
"Please sir, don't hurt me, I'll go poddy," I wept. "Go poddy!" he 
mocked, "go poddy! spoken just like a little girl! A little girl with a 
stinky little pussy needing to get fucked! Do you want me tyo fuck your 
pussy little girl?" 
"Yes," I cried, "please fuck me! I only want you to feel good, sir!" 
"Oh I'll feel good little girl! I'll feel really good when I shoot my 
jizz up your little fairy ass! But first we got to clean it out! So 
start shitting, bitch!" And he started beating my buttocks again as I 
strained to poop for him. I pushed my anus open as wide as I could for 
him, so that he could see I was trying, but I could only produce another 
little fart. "Stop farting, you fucking bitch, and start shitting!" And 
with that he plunged one of his fingers into my anus and pushed it all 
the way up my ass. He must have put some soap or saliva on it because it 
slid in easier than before. He started finger-fucking my ass and jamming 
his finger deeper and deeper up my butt. "I can feel something," he 
announced with wicked glee. And through the intense pain of his plunging 
finger I could feel a small stool start to descend into my rectum. 
He pulled his finger out of my ass with a wet pop and waited for my 
embarrassing cargo to descend into the light of day. I released the 
small pooplet slowly from my anus so that it wouldn't break, and I could 
feel his panting breath in my ass-crack as I finally went poddy for him 
and he sniffed my stinky little present. 
I looked back throught the corner of my eye as I felt him scoop the 
piece of poop from my butt and hold it up to his nose. "Whooo stinky!" 
he chortled, "you have one stinky butt lady! Smell!" And he reached 
around and held the poop up to my nose and I whispered "I'm sorry my 
butt is so stinky, sir, I can't help it." "Oh you can help it lady, 
you're just a stinly little whore! And you can call me "Master" from now 
"Yes Master!" I whimpered, as he rubbed the piece of poop against my 
nostrils and stained them brown. "Put it in your mouth!" he ordered, and 
I accepted the smelly turd between my lips and started crying softly 
again. "Don't worry little lady. I'm going to make your pussy feel 
really good in a moment." And I noticed with alarm that his pants were 
down, and that his large approximately-7-inch cock was completely erect, 
bouncing up and own slightly to his heartbeat. 
"Get down on the floor!" he ordered me, and pulled my body down toward 
the tile floor. "Yes Master," I croaked feebly through the poop in my 
mouth, my voice getting weak from sobbing. 
I knelt down before his huge throbbing cock with the poop in my mouth 
and he told me to eat it. I knew if I chewed it I would vomit so I tried 
swallowing it whole, choking and coughing as it got partially stuck in 
my throat. I kept swallowing till it went down and the inside of my 
throat burned. "Wow, swallowed whole!" he shouted in approval. "Didn't 
feel that you had it in ya! In ya!" he laughed, and I nodded in approval 
and said "Thank you Master". 
"Time for a treat little lady!" he announced, and put his cock in my 
face to suck on. I hadn't sucked a cock for many years so I did my best 
to remember the techniques that guys like best. I sucked the whole shaft 
up and down and let it go down my throat. I kissed it and licked it up 
and down the length of the shaft, and I put the head of his cock in my 
mouth and ran my tongue hard around the edges of his cock-head. He liked 
this the best and moaned with pleasure. I knew if I didn't want to get 
my ass fucked that I was going to have to get him to cum in my mouth, so 
I did my best to get him to have an orgasm, sucking hard on his cock 
while rubbing his hairy buttocks and massaging his anus with my fingers. 
At one point he told me to suck his ass so I crawled hehind him and 
sucked and licked his buttocks for several minutes, before spreading his 
buttocks and licking and sucking his stinky anus (his really was 
stinky!). He howled with pleasure when my tongue touched his anus and he 
ordered me to stick my tongue up his ass as far as I could. I twisted my 
tongue around and round and opened his anus as wide as I could with my 
fingers until my tongue was a good two inches up his ass. I made loud 
slurping sounds as I sucked him so that he knew I was trying hard to 
pleasure him. "Deeper!" he commanded and I pushed my tongue up his butt 
as far as I could, twisting it around in his rectum and using my lips to 
suck his large furrowed anus as he moaned and pulled my head deeper into 
his ass-crack and ordered "suck it, suck it bitch!" in a deep, gutteral 
voice that frightened me. 
After about ten minutes of sucking his ass-hole, he ordered me around to 
suck his cock again. "You liked that, didn't you, you little bitch! You 
liked sucking my ass, didn't you?" 
"Yes Master, I loved it. It really tasted good!" I croaked eagerly, my 
throat still burning from the poop he made me eat, and I started sucking 
his cock feverishly again, hoping I could get him to cum so that my anus 
could be saved from any more torture. 
I could feel his cock start to throb in the beginning throes of an 
orgasm, and he pulled it out of my mouth. "Not yet, little lady, not 
yet! I haven't fucked your ass yet!" And with those words he dragged me 
by the hair over to one of the toilets, pushed my face down into the 
dirty-looking, pee-smelling toilet water, and pulled my ass up into the 
air so that I was standing with my legs spread and my exposed ass at his 
waist level. I moved my head sideways in the toilet water so I could 
breath and I felt my hair getting soaked with the yellowish water. I was 
beginning to fear that he was going to hurt me or even kill me and I 
started hoping that the sheriff would make his rounds again, even though 
I knew he didn't come back after 9 o'clock. 
I noticed he had a small tube of lubricant now as he inserted his finger 
into my anus and lubed up my ass. Then he plunged his hard cock deep 
into my butt-hole with so much force that my nose and mouth were pushed 
under the water and I coughed for air. My anus blazed with fiery pain as 
he thrust his cock in and out of my ass with a vengeance. He moaned so 
loud that he was almost screaming with passion as he fucked me, slapping 
my ass-cheeks and digging his fingernails into my butt as he assaulted 
my poor, defenseless fanny. 
I moaned with pretended pleasure, begging him to fuck me harder. "Fuck 
me master, oh please, fuck me harder. Oh I love your cock in my butt!" I 
moaned over and over as he piston-fucked my painfully throbbing ass-
hole. Finally his moaning rose to a crescendo as he slapped my buttocks 
hard and plunged his cock as deep into my seat as he could, and I felt 
the warm surge of his semen inside me as he moaned loudly in the throes 
of an intense orgasm. 
"Oh thank you master!" I congratulated him as my insides blazed with 
pain, "thank you for cumming inside my butt! Thank you master!" When he 
pulled his cock out I noticed that I couldn't close my anus no matter 
how hard I tried, and it burned like he had stuck a red-hot poker inside 
"Up!" he ordered me, and he pulled me by the hair so that my face was in 
front of his cock again. "Suck it clean, you little whore!" he ordered 
me, and I sucked up and down his limpening cock, cleaning every last 
speck and stain of poop from his penis. Then I sucked his balls and 
pushed my head between his legs so I could slip my tongue between his 
hairy butt-cheeks into his anus again. He didn't resist and let me suck 
him for several minutes until he ordered me to stand up again. 
He dragged me by the hair back to the row of sinks and had me climb up 
on them again so that I was on my knees with my legs spread and my ass 
in the air like before. My heart sank as I saw him reach for the beer 
bottle and I feared the worst for my already ravaged and ravished ass. 
"Gotta clean that stinky pussy of yours out," he chuckled, showing me 
the ominous beer bottle and letting me sniff the stale beer odor from 
the mouth. He called me all kinds of disparaging names when he talked to 
me, many of which I can't remember. he wanted to totally humiliate me, 
as my friend Tim had (see the previous story "Please fuck my Poodie"). 
He called me "Stinky-Butt" and "Miss Piggy" (I was somewhat flabby then, 
weighing about 175 pounds, 15 pounds heavier than at present). He kept 
slapping my butt and face constantly to get me to move faster or 
emphasize his commands. He never touched my penis or balls, probably 
pretending that they were not there (as was usual when I'm scared, thay 
had shrunken down to a very small size). My legs started shaking form 
fatique as I waited for the painful thrust of the beer bottle up my ass. 
I peeked back to see why he was hesitating and I could see him massaging 
his penis to hardness again as he contemplated what he would do to my 
ass next. 
After getting a stiff erection again, he lubed the beer bottle and 
inserted it into my anus. At first he put it just a short ways in, and 
started moving it around in circles to stretch my anus open wider. This 
was painful but not excruciating. As he pushed the bottle neck further 
up my rectum, continuing the circular movements to stretch the inner 
walls, the pain got worse, and finally became unbearable when he forced 
the whole neck inside me and started pushing the wide part of the bottle 
in. With my anus instinctively contracting to protect itself, he had to 
push the slippery bottle hard to get it through the resistance of my 
ass-hole and bolts of pain shot through my back, down my legs, and even 
up my arms as I writhed in agony and desperately wagged my ass in the 
air trying to find a position where the pain would subside just a 
little. I started crying again, sobbing loudly and begging him to have 
pity on me, but he just started fucking my ass with the bottle, shoving 
it in and out with great violence until my anus was completely 
overwhelmed and gave up all resistance. At one point he shoved the 
bottle so far up my ass that he had trouble getting it out again. He 
jokingly told me that I might have to go to the hospital to have it 
removed before he finally found some way to get it out again. 
He fucked my ass with the bottle for about 15 minutes, 15 minutes of 
hell while my whole bottom blazed with pain. He kept commenting on how 
stinky my ass was, and laughed at how I blushed when he commented on my 
personal hygiene. "Whew lady, your pussy really stinks! Did something 
die in there? You sure do blush little lady. You're blushing right down 
your back, even your ass is blushing! Yee-haw!" On and on he jabbered 
and mocked me as he pried my ass-hole open wide with the bottle and 
watched me squirm in pain and plead for mercy. When I thought I couldn't 
take any more he pulled the bottle out and showed it to me. "Smell it!" 
he ordered, and I sniffed the poopy odor and saw the little brown stains 
and small flecks of poop that it had drawn from the depths of my poor 
raped bottom. 
He put the bottle back on the sink and dragged me by the hair to the 
floor again. This time he had me lie flat on my back on the floor and 
parked his ass on my face so I could suck his anus again. He really 
liked having my tongue up his ass. I think he saw this as the most 
degrading thing he could do to me. I sucked his ass-crack and anus for 
what seemed forever, perhaps about twenty minutes, and I got my tongue 
about half-way up his ass again, twisting it around inside his butt to 
stimulate him as much as possible. He farted in my face twice and 
laughed gleefully. I hoped I could get him to ejaculate to save my ass 
from being assaulted again, so I tried to rub his penis while I sucked 
him but he pushed my hand away. He didn't seem to like me making hand 
contact with his cock, just my lips and "pussy". He only referred to my 
penis once when he called it my "little clit". 
When he had had enough of my ass-sucking, he turned me over on my belly 
and spread my legs apart so he could fuck me again. The restroom floor 
was dirty and smelled like pee and I kept my head facing sideways to try 
to avoid smelling it. My whole body felt filthy from top to bottom and I 
longed for the freedom to take a shower. He was totally naked know, 
having removed his shirt, and he started walking barefoot on top of my 
body. I'm sure he enjoyed the feeling of power as he walked on top of my 
bare back and neck, and stood on my ass, one foot on each buttock, 
admiring what he had done to my body. He started sticking his big toes 
in my anus, moving them around in my ass and snickering as I groaned in 
pain. "I think your pussy is about three sizes larger than before, 
little lady!" he laughed. "You're gonna need to get fucked by the big 
boys now! No little dicks'll excite you after tonight!" 
After walking around on my body and taking in the view from above, he 
knelt down on my ass so he could whisper in my ear. "Time to get fucked 
again sweetheart," he whispered with his hot breath in my ear. "You want 
my cock in your ass again honey?" 
I moaned as passionately as possible, "Oh yes, master, give it to me 
again! Please fuck my butt, oh please fuck me Master! I'm begging you!" 
He really got turned on by my submissive pleading and plunged his cock 
inside me again, fucking my ass with a vengeance born of an overpowering 
lust. I could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck and I was very 
afraid that he would want to hurt me in the lustful frenzy he was in. He 
fucked me so hard that my small testicles were getting squashed under 
our combined weight and I tried to position my legs and lift my butt 
slightly to protect them from the fearful assault I was enduring. 
"I'm gonna fuck... your... pussy... BITCH!" he howled passionately in my 
ear. "I'm gonna... fuck... your... PUSSY! Oooooo." Over and over he 
moaned such things as he fucked my ass, and after about fifteen minutes 
of painful fucking, I could feel his cock palpitating in my rectum as it 
started gushing warm semen into my bowels. He let out a howl of orgasmic 
delight as he ejaculated again inside my ass and bit his teeth into my 
shoulder near my neck. "Ooooooo!" he let out a muffled moan as his teeth 
dug into my flesh. Then finally it was over. 
He released the grip of his teeth on my neck, leaving bitemarks that 
would take months to heal. My butt-hole was throbbing with pain and was 
open wide. It would take months of "anal exercises", clenching and 
opening my anus over and over again, to get the poor little violated 
hole to close and regain its shape. 
Then, as he started washing his cock off in the sink, two guys suddenly 
walked into the restroom and looked in shocked amazement at my naked 
body lying prone on the floor and the naked biker washing his cock in 
the sink. 
"Looks like we walked in on something!" one of them laughed. "Did you 
fuck him, Ernie?" 
I was surprised that thay knew my attacker, who now had a name I could 
remember him by. 
"Yep, I found the bitch lying naked by the bike trail, waiting for 
someone to fuck her. So I performed my manly duties!" he laughed. "You 
guys gonna do it?" he asked. 
I got up and asked Ernie if I could take a shower and he motioned me 
with a quick movement of his arm to go. Both the new guys were watching 
my ass and penis. They both commented and laughed at how small my penis 
was as I walked away. I wondered if they were going to fuck me too. I 
gathered from the conversation I overheard that the two new guys, both 
about 30 years old and pretty good-looking, met here now and then to 
have sex. One of them looked a little like the young sheriff who checked 
out the park, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't him. I don't think Ernie 
ever had sex with them. They never mentioned it. When I was done Ernie 
told me it was time to "pay up" and he led me naked back to my tent, 
leaving the two other guys to have sex in privacy. I gave him the forty 
dollars I had in my wallet. He took my wallet and checked it for more 
money but couldn't find any. I actually had about $60 more in the trunk 
of my car, but of course I didn't tell him about it. He asked how much 
longer I was staying and I told him I would be leaving in the morning. 
He never asked if I had enough gas to get home. He just didn't care. He 
looked through my wallet and pulled out my driver's license to check my 
address. "Do you live here?" he asked, wanting to know if my address on 
my driver's license was correct, and I told him it was. He told me to 
get a pen so he could write down my address and I got him a pen and some 
After writing my name and address down he told me he visited Milwaukee 
occasionally and would stop by to fuck me again sometime. I told him 
that would be great. He also asked for my phone number but I told him I 
didn't have one because I couldn't afford a phone. He gave me my wallet 
back and I tucked it under my air mattress. 
I hoped that he was in a hurry to spend my $40 and would get going. I 
figured he was probably going to go to a local bar and get drunk. 
"I'd give you a kiss, little lady, but I'm not the kissing kind of guy. 
Just fucking." He smiled at me and I tried to look as impressed with him 
as possible. "You did a good job, Master!" I chirped. "My butt feels 
really good now! I wish I could be your girlfriend and get fucked by you 
every night!" 
"Yeah that would be great," he spoke cavalierly, with a newly found 
Elvis-like voice. He was so full of himself that there was no room left 
for an ounce of common sense. "But you know how it is- the other ladies 
have to get their time too. Old Johnson (he tapped his groin) needs a 
lot of action nowadays, and the more variety the better. You know it's 
getting late. I think I better keep you company tonight so you don't get 
lonely without me!"
My heart sank at those words. I feared my ordeal would continue all 
through the night into the next day. I asked Ernie if I could go back to 
the rest-room and take a shower and he agreed. He started rummaging 
through my tent as I put on a pair of shorts and disappeared into the 
night to take a shower. When I got to the shower building I took my 
shorts off and looked at my bare ass in the mirror. I was appalled at 
how discolored and scratched it was from the beating. I took a quick 
shower and then snuck back around the tent to retrieve my video camera. 
As I neared the tent, which Ernie was still searching through, I pulled 
the tape out and hid it in the bag I pack my tent in, which lay near a 
tree, and I tucked the video camera into a plastic bag that had 
contained my sleeping bag and blanket. 

That night Ernie slept next to me, both of us naked, on my sleeping bag. 
I had trouble sleeping becausue he snored, and sometimes she would wake 
up and turn me on my side so he could use my ass again. He kept sucking 
my ass-hole and pinching and twisting my butt-cheeks around in a crude 
manner, not caring at all that he would wake me up. 

I was startled awake in the dead of night when he felt him biting the 
skin above my anus just over my tail-bone and I let out a howl. "Shut up 
bitch!" he yelled at me and slapped the side of my as hard. "Do you want 
to wake up the neighbors?" he laughed to himself. Then he started 
twisting my butt-cheeks around roughly like putty and squeezing them in 
his hands. He bit his teeth into various parts of my butt and sucked 
hard on the skin. I was afraid he was sucking my blood and it was so 
painful I started moaning and crying. I heard him shuffle around in the 
dark to find the lubricant he had nearby, and he greased up his hard 
cock and pierced my poor swollen anus again and started fucking me hard. 
He bit his teeth into my shoulder as he fucked my ass and moaned and 
grunted like a wild animal, terrifying me once again with the force of 
his lust. Fortunately he ejaculated quickly this time, and with a cough 
and a hard slap on my ass, he turned over on his back and fell asleep 
again. After that I got to sleep for a few hours until dawn.

When the sun rose I got up and put my shorts back on. I slipped out of 
the tent while Ernie slept and started putting things away in my car. I 
hid the tape from my video camera under the seat of my car and put 
everything away that I could. Ernie woke up and poked his head out of 
the tent, asking where I thought I was going. I told him I was just 
putting the things away I didn't need any more. He put on his knickers 
and came out, his tired eyes blinking in the light. I had just picked up 
the bag that I put my sleeping bag in, hoping to start emptying the 
tent, when Ernide asked me what was in the bag.
"Just camping stuff." I said. I was going to put my sleeping bag and 
blanket away in it."
"Leave it," he ordered, and took the bag from my hand. Opening it, he 
found the camcorder and his eyes lit up. He examined it and saw there 
was no tape in it so he asked if I had a spare tape. I went and got one 
out of my trunk and haded it to him.
"Let's make a video!" He announced, and my heart sake again. I feared I 
was never going to get away from him and wondered if he was going to 
want to commandeer my car.

He asked what time it was, and when I looked at my car clock and told 
him, he announced that he had to leave for a while. "Wait for me here!" 
he poked me in the chest. "You can start packing your things but don't 
leave until I tell you! Got it?"
"Yes," I responded feebly. He went back into the tent and got the 
lubricant, and as he got on his bike he said he would be back in a half 
hour, and that I better be waiting for him. I told him I would be there 
for him, ready to do his bidding, which made him smile, and he rode off 
away from the trail down the highway.

I was surprised Ernie did not want me to drive him. He must have been 
doing something he didn't want me to see. I was hoping he just wanted to 
steal my video camera and wouldn't return, but my hopes got dashed 
again. I had my tent disassembled and almost put away, when I saw him 
scooting down the road toward me on his bike. I had put my jeans and 
shoes on while he was gone, and I had hoped to be gone in another five 
minutes, but such was not my fate.
When Ernie got off his bike, panting, he told me to take my pants and 
shoes off and just wear my shorts. As I undressed I noticed that he had 
a black paddle in his little bike carrier, and I feared he was going to 
use it on my butt. When I was down to my skimpy shorts again he told me 
to come with him and started riding slowly down the bike trail with me 
following quickly like a little dog. My heart was pounding with fear 
again as I rushed to keep up with him.

My memory is a little vague about what happened next. Ernie took me to a 
clearing in the woods just off the bike trail and ordered me to take my 
shorts off. Then he set up the video camera on a small tripod he pulled 
from his carrier and set it up, turned the camera on, and started to 
assault me with the black paddle. He beat my ass violently and kept 
pulling me around to show the damage he had done to my butt to the 
camera. At first I was stoic and even chatted with him as he beat me, 
but as the pain of his assault grew, I started to panic and started 
whimpering and crying in pain. He dragged me around by the hair, kicked 
me if I didn't move the way he wanted me to, and paused to bite my ass 
and nipples sometimes as I wailed in pain and tears streamed from my 
After beating me for about twenty minutes, he turned me on my stomach, 
spread my legs wide, and started fucking my ass again. He slapped the 
sides of my face and choked me as he fucked me, dug his finger nails 
deep into my ass-cheeks, moaned loudly in my ears and told me that he 
owned my ass permanently now. My hips got very sore from his body 
pounding down on mine, and my anus blazed with pain. I feared I would 
have permanent scars after this, (and I did from the bite-marks on my 
ass and shoulder). He pushed my face down into the grass and told me to 
eat it and I obeyed, filling my sobbing mouth with grass and chewing on 
it like a deer, and kept plunging his big cock in and out of my anus 
with loud squishy sounds and little pops when his cock-head got 
accidentally pulled out from his violent thrusts. He told me to start 
singing while he raped me, and when I croaked feebly, asking him what 
song, he grabbed me by the hair and pushed my face into the ground and 
yelled "any song!". The first song I though of was "Mary had a little 
lamb," for some reason and I started to sing it, my voice breaking and 
quavering between my sobs. "Louder!" he yelled, slapping my ass and 
riding me like a bucking bronco while I sang the song in a breaking 
falsetto. "More songs!" he yelled while he fucked me harder and harder. 
I started whimpering the lyrics and melody to "Jingle Bells", getting 
the lyrics all wrong, and then changed to "Love Me Do" by the Beatles, 
which suddenly popped into my dazed consciousness. Finally he order me 
to sing the Star-Spangled Banner and I struugled to remember the words 
and strained to reach the high notes with my squeaky, whimpering voice 
while the pain spread from my anus, all though my buttocks, and down my 
legs to the soles of my feet. I suddenly feared that he had split my 
butt apart, and stopped signing and started wailing in agony as I 
suddenly feared that I was going to die. Ernie was treating me like such 
trash now that I realized he was going to kill me on videotape, and I 
struggled to get to my feet. Ernie struck me hard on the back of my head 
and then reached his hands around my throat and started squeezing my 
throat and choking me as he continued to fuck my ass furiously. 
"Please Master!" I whimpered pitifully through my consticted throat. 
"I'll do anything you like. Please just don't hurt me!" My voice sounded 
so high-pitched and strained that it seemed alien to me. "Please don't 
hurt me! I'll give you anything you want!" I squealed as his hands 
tightened their grip around my throbbing neck. Finally, overcome with 
fear and short on air, I mercifully passed out." 

I was out only a few seconds, but the feel of my body going limp scared 
Ernie and he struggle to revive me, turning me on my back and slapping 
my face till I came to my senses again. "Wow, I thought you were dead 
for a moment there," he gasped. Losing consiousness had reduced my panic 
and terror a little, but my legs and hands were still trembling with 
When he could see that I was aware again, he ordered me to start singing 
the anthem again. I squealed the lyrics in my falsetto voice while he 
placed his bare ass over my face and told me to open my mouth wide and 
lick his ass-hole while I sang. When his big butt plopped down on my 
face I opened my mouth as wide as I could, still whimpering the song, 
and placed my tongue against his anus. "Louder!" he ordered, and I 
moaned and whined ths song in my throat as well as I could with his ass 
covering my face. "oh ey an oo ee..." the vibrations of the distorted 
words vibrated against Ernie's anus and made him moan with pleasure. He 
started to wiggle his ass around on my face as I licked and sang to his 
anus. Short on air again, I struggled to keep my nose out of his stinky 
butt-crack and I started to become faint again. Ernie's ass-hole slowly 
dilated until I could lick around the inside of it as my voice buzzed 
like the sound of a vibrator thjrough my licking tongue. Ernie started 
moaning loudly and yelled at me to stick my tongue up his ass, which I 
tried to do, but could only get it a short ways in. "Louder! Sing 
louder!" he commanded, "I want to hear your voice up my ass-hole!" He 
started slidding his ass-crack up and down my face, like he was using it 
to wipe his butt, and I gasped for air when my nose was uncovered. I 
could tell that Ernie was close to cumming as his anus was started to 
throb rhythmically in the throes of a immanent orgasm. 
Suddenly he lifted his ass from my face and flipped me over on my 
stomach, jamming his big throbbing cock up my ass again. I couldn't feel 
my anus at all now. My ass was completely numb, and I feared through my 
foggy consciousness that my body was partially paralyzed. In my dazed 
state I didn't feel much after that. I could vaguely feel Ernie 
ejaculating and the warm sperm entering my insides. When he dropped his 
head and rested it on my back, I hoped that the ordeal was finally over.
Ernie stayed with me until I was completely revived. He splashed water 
on my face that he got from a nearby puddle and washed some of the blood 
and grass and dirt from my face. He helped me put my shorts back on and 
cover up the sorry sight of my bruised and bloodied bottom. Ernie told 
me I had pooped a little when I passed out and he pulled his cock out, 
and thought that was funny. I could tell by the somewhat embarrassed 
look on his face that he realized he had gone overboard, and he 
aplogized before he got back onto his bike to leave. 
"You know how to get back," he tried to console me. "Just take a shower 
and clean up, and you'll be OK! I've got your address and I'll be in 
touch," he spoke cheerily. "Thanks, it was fun!"

And with that last comment, he plopped my camcorder and the black paddle 
into his bike carrier and rode off. 

After cleaning off my battered face and butt, I finished packing my 
things away and slept in my car for several hours. As time passed, I 
realized that I would probably have no permanent damage aside from some 
scars. I drove home as slowly as I could, stopping at several rest stops 
along the way. About a month later I got a letter from Ernie which I 
will post soon. In it he apologized for "overdoing it" and said he 
wanted to visit me soon. He also included a few framegrab photos from 
the video he took of us: "a couple of my favorites" as he put it. It was 
terrible to see the sight of my bruised and bloodied ass and face again. 
In another month Ernie would show up again at my apartment on Kane 
Place, but I will tell of that in another story. 

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