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                   Breeding His Mother
                  By: Charlie "the drifter"

Brent stood there looking at his wife, Marie.  She was
naked, tied almost in a ball.  She was on her knees,
her legs spread wide.  She was on her elbows tied
there so that she couldn't move.  She couldn't
straighten out being tied so that her ass was in the air,
her pussy and ass fully exposed.

She couldn't speak, not with the ball gag in her mouth.
All she could do was take what ever he wanted to do
to or with her.

This was not the first time that she was experiencing
being tied in such a position.  For the last couple of
years, she and Brent had found that she actually
enjoyed being submissive and being forced to be
bound.   She even enjoyed the pain when he would
take a leather strap and whip her fully exposed ass,
until it was a bright red from being whipped.  She even
enjoyed the pain when ever he even happened to
bring the strap down hard on her fully exposed pussy
lips, the pain sending a shock through out her body.

She enjoyed most of the things he did to her, nipple
clips, clips on her pussy lips, on her sensitive clitoris.
Large viberator fillling her cunt and her ass at the same

She even enjoyed the pain when he would force a large
dildo up into her ass, stretching it so wide he could
almost get his hand up into her when he pulled it out.

She even enjoyed the pain of his using the strap to
whip her across her sensitive breasts, leaving red strips
across them from the strap.

She had even enjoyed the pain when one time he had
forced a sharpened knitting needle all of the way
through both of her breast, then hanging weights from

The pain always hightened her sexual arousal to the
point that when she did orgasm she would almost
pass out.  She would also have orgasm after orgasm.
He did not always fuck her whenever he tied and
submitted her to such things.  He would sometimes
make her suck him until he cum in her mouth and she
would have to swallow it.

This time, Brent had something different planned.  She
did not know it.  He knew that she would never
consent to it if she knew just what he planned.

Brent knew that this particular time, that Marie was
fertile.  One of the agreements was that when she was
tied and it was her fertile time, he would not fuck her
and cum in her pussy impregnating her.  He would
either make her suck his cock and swallow his cum
or he would fuck her in the ass, making her cum and
him cumming in her bowels fillig them with his hot
fertile sperm.

Brent and Marie had two children, Carl, twelve and
Talena, seven.  Brent had plans to increase their
family by at least one.  Marie did not know of his

This particular time when he had her tied and he
whipped her bare exposed ass with the strap and he
whipped her bare breasts, Then clipping tight nipple
clips on her nipples, both Carl and Talena were home.

They didn't know what their parents did when they
went into the basement room, which he had fixed up
for Marie's, you might say torture, the two of them
knew that they were not supposed to bother them.

After Brent had Marie tied, her ass and tits whipped,
and red with the welts from the beld, Brent left her
tied and left the room.

He went to Carl's room and told Carl that there was
something that he wanted Carl to do and that he was
sure that Carl would want to do it.  He talked to Carl
about sex and knew that Carl was still a virgin but he
had passed puberty and was fully able to impregnate
a girl.

Brent's plan was exactly that, letting Carl lose his
virginity and impregnating a woman at the same time.

Brent didn't know that Talena was listening in.  She
knew a little bit about sex, having sex education in
school and her mother talking to her about it already.

Brent ask Carl how far he was willing to go to be able
to have sex with a woman.  He even ask him if he
was willing to have sex with a woman that was tied up
and unable to stop him.  Carl admitted that he would
do it if he had the chance.  He even ask Carl how he
would like to fuck a woman and get her pregnant.  Carl
told him that he thought it would be exciting.

Talena listened in to all of it.  She didn't know what her
father was getting at, but she also knew that he was
actually telling Carl that  he was going to let him fuck

Finally Brent told Carl to follow him and not to be
surprised at what he was going to show him and have
him do.  They then left Carl's bedroom and Brent led
him downstairs.  They didn't know that Talena was
following them.

Brent actually thought that Talena was in bed asleep so
was a bit careless when they entered the room where
Marie was bound helpless and didn't get the door
shut.  Talena, gasp when she saw her mother bound her
ass in the air, her pussy fully exposed and her ass red
from the whipping she had received.  She could even
see the red welts acrossed her mothers firm small

She listened her father tell her brother that he wanted
him to fuck his own mother and fill her cunt with his
hot sperm.

Talena could see that her mother was not for it, she
was shaking her head no, no, but they were ignoring
her.  She watched her father have her brother fondle
his mothers breasts, rub and caress her wet pussy and
even slip a couple of fingers up into his mothers cunt
and finger her.  She even watched as her brother
leaned down and licked his mothers wet pussy, like his
father told him to do.

Then she heard her father tell her brother to fuck his
mother and cum in her hot wet, tight cunt.

She held her breath when her brother moved up
behind their mother.  She could see him rubbing his
stiff cock up and down her wet slit, then she watched
his cock slowly slide up into their mother's pussy.

Talena, heard their father tell Carl to fuck his mother
and fill her full of his hot sperm.  Their mother was
shaking her head, no, no, to no avail.  She couldn't
speak because of her mouth being filled with the ball
gag.  Talena could see the almost fear in her mothers
eyes, she didn't know why, but she knew that her
mother was not wanting Carl to fuck her.

She watched as her brother fucked their mother's wet
cunt.  She could see his cock sliding in and out of her
wet cunt.   Suddenly Talena was shocked when she
found her own tight hairless virginal pussy was wet from
her own fluids, just watching her brother fuck their

Talena watched Carl fuck their mother and cum in
her three times, with their father more or less cheering
him on, telling him to fill his mothers cunt and womb
with his hot fertile cum.  To pump as much sperm up
into her as he could.

Talena couldn't help rubbing her own wet pussy with
her fingers, it was so wet and throbbing she couldn't
stop herself.

Talena didn't even realize that she had slowly pushed
the door open until she herself was fully exposed.  She
didn't realize that her father was watching her as she
stared at her brother fucking their mother as she
fondled and fingered her own pussy.  She was not
wearing any panties and her father could see her bare
hairless pussy, the way she had her legs spread and
her finger slipping in and out of it.

When he saw his young daughter watching and
fingerfucking herself, Brent knew that he was going to
fuck his own young daughter.  He was going to fuck
her and take her virginity.

Brent also was sure that little Talena was like her
mother and would enjoy being tied and punished.  He
was almost sure that she would, even as young as she
was, enjoy sexual pain.

As Carl fucked his mother, Brent slowly moved over to
Talena and took her by the arm pulling her into the
room with them.  At first she was frightened when he
took her arm and pulled her into the room, to stand
right beside her mother letting her watch her brother
fuck her.

Brent then pulled Talena's night gown off of her leaving
her standing there naked just like the rest of them were.
He grabbed some rope and quickly had her bound in
almost the same way her mother was bound.  He took
a smaller ball gag and forced it into her mouth.  Then
he fondled and played with her small just beginning
to develop tities and nipples.

Talena was bound right beside her mother only with her
head down so that she could watch her brothers cock
fucking in and out of his mothers wet cunt.

Her mother could also see Talena's tight hairless,
virginal cunt.  She had to watch and stare as Brent
began rubbing his daughters tight virginal pussy.  She
watched almost horrified as he slipped his finger up
into their little girls tight virginal cunt.  She heard him
say that he could feel Talena's hymen and that she
wouldn't be a virgin very long.

Marie had to watch as Brent licked and sucked his
daughters virginal young cunt.  Then she had to watch
as he moved up behind her and with their son's cock
fucking in and out of her, she had to watch as Brent
slowly forced his big stiff cock up into little Talena's
tight virginal cunt.

Talena, couldn't even cry out with the pain as her
fathers big stiff cock stretched her little cunt wide and
slipped up inside of her.  She couldn't even cry out
when his cock tore through her hymen, taking her
virginity from her.  She had tears flowing from her
eyes as her daddy, filled her tight little virginal cunt
full of  his big stiff daddy cock.

Then he slowly fucked her, taking his time, making sure
that he fucked her for a long time.  As he fucked his
daughter, he was also watching their son fuck his
mother and fill her full of his fertile sperm.

It was not long before Talena's tight little pussy,
stretched and adjusted to her daddy's big cock and the
pain slowly faded.  Talena found that the way she was
tied and her daddy fucking her was exciting.  She found
she even enjoyed the pain she was feeling spreading
out through her body from her abused tight little cunt.

Talena even tried to fuck her little cunt back at her
daddy's cock.  Brent could feel her squeezing her cunt
muscles on his cock.  He could even tell she was trying
to fuck her own little cunt back at his cock as he
plunged it in and out of her.

Brent fucked  and cum in his little girl four times, before
he was done.  He knew that she had orgasmed the last
time he had cum in her filling her full of his hot sperm.

At the same time, he had watched Carl, fuck his own
mother cumming in her three or four times.

Brent knew and was sure that Carl was impregnating
his own mother, which was what Brent wanted.  He
wanted Marie to have her own son's baby.  He also
wanted her to from this time on let her own son fuck
her whenever he wanted too.  Just like he himself was
going to be fucking little Talena whenever he wanted
too.  Of course he also knew that he was going to be
having her let her own brother fuck her also.  Both
Marie and Talena would be having both of them fuck
them whenever they wanted too.

As Brent pumped his last load of hot fertile sperm up
into his little girl the last time, he knew that when she
began her periods and her fertile times, he was going to
be the first to fuck her and pump her fertile womb
full of his hot sperm so that she would have his baby.

As he held his stiff cock up in her, he knew that the
younger she was the more exciting it would be
impregnating her.

After pumping their last load of hot sperm up into them,
Brent in his daughter and Carl in his mother, they left
them tied there, side by side.  Both of them full of hot
fertile sperm.  With Marie, knowing that she was fertile
and that the longer her son's sperm was in her the more
certain she was of having him get her pregnant.

She couldn't believe that Brent had their son fuck her,
knowing that she was fertile.  She couldn't believe that
he actually wanted her own son to get her pregnant or
even fuck her for that matter.

Marie also couldn't believe that he had fucked his own
little eight year old daughter taking her virginity and she
had had to watch him do it while her son was fucking

Brent kept the two of them tied up for two hours, with
Carls sperm filling his mothers fertile womb.  He also
knew that it only took a few minutes for hot fertile
sperm to be in a womb too impregnate her.  But he
wanted to make sure.

Before he untied either of them.  He had Carl fuck his
mother again and add even more sperm in her womb.
Brent again fucked his little girl, cumming in her.

Finally after another hour, Brent untied both of them.

Marie didn't know what to say to him or her son as
they sat watching both she and Talena.  Marie did not
even try to cover herself.  Not after being fucked and
probably impregnated by her own son.  There was
nothing to hide from him.

Talena, after she was untied, she hugged her daddy
and told him that she liked it even if it hurt so bad when
he first put it in her.  She even ask him if he was going
to do it to her again.  She was excited when he told her
that from then on he would be fucking her a lot.

Marie lay there watching her husband and their
daughter with her son right beside her.  She didn't try
to stop him when he began fondling and playing with
her breasts.  Why should she, he had already fully
enjoyed her naked body, even to fucking her and
filling her fertile womb with his young fertile sperm.

Marie knew that from this time on their life was
changed.  She knew that both she and her daughter
would both be fucking both Brent and Carl.

Having already been fucked and filled with her son's
cock and sperm, so many times, Marie didn't even try
to stop Carl from using her body over the next few
days.  For her three remaining fertile days, she let
her son fuck her anytime he wanted too.  He fucked
her three and four times a day, cumming in her every

She also watched Brent fuck Talena their little no
longer virginal daughter three and four times a day
during the next three or four days.  Talena's little cunt
was taking her daddy's big cock easily and she was
really enjoying having her daddy, fuck her her.  She
loved the feelling of his big cock sliding in and out of
her young cunt.

After Marie's fertile period, she and Brent then
watched as Carl fucked his own little sister.  They
both enjoyed it.  Talena enjoyed licking and sucking
both her daddy and her brothers cocks.  She enjoyed
feeling their cocks fucking in and out of her tight little

Marie was a bit shocked at herself when she finally
began to feel excitement when she would have her
son's cock, fucking in and out of her tight cunt, knowing
that she was probably even going to have his baby.
She even began enjoying licking and sucking his cock.

Then she began enjoying it when she was sucking
Brent's stiff cock as her son fucked her.  She could
also see that Talena enjoyed licking and sucking one
of their cocks as the other cock fucked her tight pussy.

Brent also proved his belief that Talena enjoyed the
pain just like her mother did.  She enjoyed having her
bare little ass and even her little pussy whipped with
the leather strap.  She even enjoyed the pain of his
whipping the strap across her small developing breasts.

She had no idea why she enjoyed the pain when her
ass, titties and pussy was whipped but she did, just
like her mother did.

When her daddy, had both Talena and Marie tied up
and forced a sharpened knitting needle through both
of their breasts, Talena couldn't believe, how it hurt but
how she actually enjoyed the pain as her daddy forced
it through her titties and then she watched him do the
same to her mother.

It was a month later that Marie knew that she was
pregnant.  She also knew that she was pregnant with
her own son's baby.  She was going to have her own
son's baby.

Marie and Brent and Talena and Carl enjoyed their
new lifestyle to the  fullest as her stomach swelled
with her own son's baby growing in her womb.

Then when Talena, suddenly had her first period
about two months before he ninth birthday, She
knew that her young eight year old daughter would
soon feel her own tummy swelling with her daddy's
baby developing in her little womb.

Marie found it exciting waiting for evening to
come.  She was eager to watch her little girl
being bred by her father. Tonight was the night.  The
night that little Talena would have the first egg
developed and delivered to her womb by her young
body would be fertilized by her own daddy's
very fertile sperm.  Talena knew what her mama and
daddy were doing and it excited her.

What none of them realized or thought about was
that it was Talena's generation, it seemed every third
generation the great grand daughters produced twins
or triplets.  Would this be the night that Talena's
young body followed the tradition?

Charlie "the drifter"

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